Quotes and Sayings about Flying



"Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."
- Douglas Adams
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"When you launch in a rocket, you're not really flying that rocket. You're just sort of hanging on."
- Michael P. Anderson
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"Gliders, sail planes, they're wonderful flying machines. It's the closest you can come to being a bird."
- Neil Armstrong
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"Pilots take no special joy in walking. Pilots like flying."
- Neil Armstrong
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"But I don't think the popularity of flying has diminished a bit."
- Gerard Arpey
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"Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway."
- Mary Kay Ash
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"But hopes are Shy Birds flying at a great distance seldom reached by the best of Guns."
- John James Audubon
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"We've got ballots flying around, being counted by hand, arriving by truck and in God knows whose custody."
- David Axelrod
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"We were all flying around up and down the coast near Dunkirk looking for enemy aircraft which seemed also to be milling around with no particular cohesion."
- Douglas Bader
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"My greatest fear is flying. And I do a lot of flying, so that's a bummer."
- Kylie Bax
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"Flying is hours and hours of boredom sprinkled with a few seconds of sheer terror."
- Pappy Boyington
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"Well, the odds must be against anybody being able to fly around the world in a balloon on the first attempt. All of us who are attempting to go around the world in balloons are effectively flying in experimental craft because these craft cannot be tested."
- Richard Branson
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"As a physician and as a pilot, I think it lets me be a pretty good translator having one foot in the medical world and one foot in the flying world. Sometimes when the medical guys come in and speak medical stuff to the pilots, the pilots really don't know what they're saying."
- David M. Brown
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"And then, when I thought about joining the Air Force, flying seemed like a natural extension of the motorcycling experience. You're going faster, higher. You're operating a machine that's a lot more powerful than you are."
- Duane G. Carey
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"And, so I set my goals on astronaut because, as a military aviator, it was, I considered that to be about the peak of a flying career."
- Duane G. Carey
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"I was singing in a mall, and I picked a girl to come up onstage with me. As I was grabbing her hand, I fell off the stage. It felt like I was in the air forever, flying like Superman."
- Aaron Carter
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"Swift speedy time, feathered with flying hours, Dissolves the beauty of the fairest brow."
- Lord Chesterfield
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"I loved flying as much as I thought I would and continue to fly aircraft."
- Leroy Chiao
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"Life science research can be done on multiple platforms. Since we have a very small number of people flying into space, the more people you have, the better."
- Laurel Clark
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"I imagine a future aircraft, which will take off vertically, fly as usual, and land vertically. This flying machine should have no moving parts. This idea came from the huge power of cyclones."
- Henri Coanda
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"In my opinion, we should search for a completely different flying machine, based on other flying principles."
- Henri Coanda
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"I have found adventure in flying, in world travel, in business, and even close at hand... Adventure is a state of mind - and spirit."
- Jacqueline Cochran
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"I decided blacks should not have to experience the difficulties I had faced, so I decided to open a flying school and teach other black women to fly."
- Bessie Coleman
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"A word carries far, very far, deals destruction through time as the bullets go flying through space."
- Joseph Conrad
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"The stars are the great Gothic churches: spires, naves, delicate flying buttresses, massive conventional buttresses, stained glass and grandeur, grandeur, grandeur."
- John Corry
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"Flying dreams mean that you're doing the right thing with your life."
- Doug Coupland
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"We were flying on a winged vehicle that would do reentry different than we had ever done before. So all of those were firsts. Test pilots truly love firsts."
- Robert Crippen
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"Cool things happen. Ace's guitar flies through space, goes through a hole, and blows up. I throw drumsticks and they come flying at you."
- Peter Criss
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"I would never withhold information about the murder of my man Biggie, or anybody else. It's just silly and ridiculous. The accusations are just flying out. All I've been trying to do all my life is to make great music."
- Puff Daddy
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"I was a fighter pilot, flying Hurricanes all round the Mediterranean. I flew in the Western Desert of Libya, in Greece, in Syria, in Iraq and in Egypt."
- Roald Dahl
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"I was trying to spend it as quickly as possible. Because I'm so lazy, all that money created a block. I was flying around the world, staying at fancy hotels, having fun and trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible, so I could get on with some more work."
- Evan Dando
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"If you take one rivet out of an airplane, it will be all right, it'll keep flying. You take another rivet out of the airplane and it still flies. So what the heck, let's take more rivets out of the airplane, and sooner or later, the airplane drops from the sky."
- Ted Danson
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"It was as though all my hostilities, anxieties, and conflicts were in one ball that was flying away into space, farther from me all the time, leaving me content with myself."
- Bobby Darin
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"Portugal is a high hill with a white watch tower on it flying signal flags. It is apparently inhabited by one man who lives in a long row of yellow houses with red roofs, and populated by sheep who do grand acts of balancing on the side of the hill."
- Richard H. Davis
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"It pisses me off, people are idiots, but what are you going to do? The world is full of idiots. That's why we'll never have flying cars. People don't know how to drive."
- Dustin Diamond
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"The Liberals are the flying saucers of politics. No one can make head nor tail of them and they never are seen twice in the same place."
- John G. Diefenbaker
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"When the weight of the paper equals the weight of the airplane, only then you can go flying."
- Donald Wills Douglas
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"I ate a bug once. It was flying around me. I was trying to get it away. It went right in my mouth. It was so gross!"
- Hilary Duff
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"Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price."
- Amelia Earhart
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"There is no great sport in having bullets flying about one in every direction, but I find they have less horror when among them than when in anticipation."
- Umberto Eco
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"Flying back from New York, the flight attendant said 'God, I wished you were here yesterday, we had a stroke on the plane. I said, if I have a stroke on a plane, I hope the pretend doctor isn't the one on the plane. I want a real doctor."
- Anthony Edwards
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"Pop science goes flying off in all kinds of fashionable directions, and it often drags a lot of SF writers with it. I've been led astray like that myself at times."
- Greg Egan
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"Many psychoanalysts refused to let me speak at their meetings. They were exceptionally vigorous because I had previously been an analyst and they were very angry at my flying the coop."
- Albert Ellis
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"You've got to keep things flying."
- Keith Emerson
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"I seem to have been everywhere in the last 30 years, maybe not in the epicenter but flying around the periphery of extraordinary events and equally extraordinary people."
- Rupert Everett
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"The focus and the concentration and the attention to detail that flying takes is a kind of meditation. I find it restful and engaging, and other things slip away."
- Harrison Ford
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"The good thing about flying solo is it's never boring."
- Steve Fossett
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"I could have gone on flying through space forever."
- Yuri Gagarin
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"I was walking along and this chair came flying past me, and another, and another, and I thought, man, is this gonna be a good night."
- Liam Gallagher
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"I thought you were supposed to be flying this thing, not pleasuring it."
- Paul Gallagher
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"I could not claim them because I was not supposed to be flying in combat."
- Adolf Galland
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"In the early 1930s, flying from England to Australia was the longest flight in the world. It was considered extremely dangerous and hazardous, pushing pilots to the limits of mechanical skills and human endurance. Aviation was young."
- Mary Garden
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"I think I usually have quite ordinary dreams. Sometimes my dreams take me to other dimensions. I can travel in my mind especially when I'm dreaming I focus my mind on what I want to dream. If I want to fly, I focus on flying."
- Uri Geller
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"Now we are flying off into outer space, there is no clear curb on what can be done in the name of the economy."
- Susan George
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"All my life, I've never been able to get enough airplanes. This will keep me flying every day."
- Hoot Gibson
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"Boot Camp was great and very interesting. You got to use live rounds of ammunition and got to do a lot of crawling around with live rounds flying around you, so you really had to learn to keep your ass down - everything down for that matter."
- Mel Gibson
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"We took up the offer with the BBC, and that was Monty Python's Flying Circus. I didn't have to submit my ideas to the group. I used to turn up on the days we recorded with a can of film under my arm, and in it went."
- Terry Gilliam
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"A lot of these things will fly in later forms on the space station themselves, or a later form of that research will, once they kind of find out some of the basics from flying it on shuttle."
- Linda M. Godwin
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"Sleep is when all the unsorted stuff comes flying out as from a dustbin upset in a high wind."
- William Golding
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"Everything has changed. The flying changed. The airports have changed."
- Eydie Gorme
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"I'd like to have the flying car, I think that'd be really cool."
- Rupert Grint
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"There is no great invention, from fire to flying, which has not been hailed as an insult to some god."
- John B. S. Haldane
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"I can't tell you how much we laughed on the set to have Alec Guinness in a scene with a big, furry dog that's flying a space ship."
- Mark Hamill
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"I was very limited in what I could do with flying saucers, because they're just a metal disc. I had to try and put character in as if they were intelligently guided."
- Ray Harryhausen
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"When you have shot one bird flying you have shot all birds flying. They are all different and they fly in different ways but the sensation is the same and the last one is as good as the first."
- Ernest Hemingway
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"I started in live television and I've done a lot of live TV and that's really the thing that I love best. I love flying by the seat of my pants."
- Florence Henderson
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"If anyone wonders why the airlines are not doing well it is because flying has been made such an unpleasant and degrading experience."
- Keith Henson
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"It is a happy thing that there is no royal road to poetry. The world should know by this time that one cannot reach Parnassus except by flying thither."
- Gerard Manley Hopkins
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"I just find it thrilling, especially when I totally lock in to the person that I am doing and I'm really flying... I suppose I am hiding myself when I sing as these other people."
- Jane Horrocks
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"So, when I say 'match the hatch', if the fish are taking the nymph, and you're actually producing a replica of a flying insect, you'll catch fresh air."
- Rex Hunt
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"It was all about flying round the world, working hard, being on the cover of Vogue, making money. It wasn't fun. It was exhausting, but I was young and convinced I knew best."
- Rachel Hunter
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"I'm afraid of flying."
- Allison Janney
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"We had a very exhaustive, extensive search for the guy that is going lead our football team over the next few years. We spent about two months in an in-depth interview process, and Bret came out with flying colors. We are absolutely thrilled that he is our head coach."
- Ron Jaworski
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"Conditions were so hard. To send the news out, telex was the only means, but telex was very rare in Africa. So if somebody was flying to Europe, we gave him correspondence to send after he arrived."
- Ryszard Kapuscinski
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"Having the benefit to our society, not only here in the United States but throughout the world with the amount of invention you get from having a space program, is well worth the risk that an individual like myself has to take by flying in the vehicle."
- Mark Kelly
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"Later, after flying in the Navy for four or five years, spending some time on an aircraft carrier, I applied to and was accepted in a program where I went to graduate school first and then to the Naval Test Pilots School."
- Mark Kelly
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"After the loss of Columbia a couple of years ago, I think we were reminded of the risk. All of us, though, have always known that the Space Shuttle is a very risky vehicle, much more risky than even flying airplanes in combat."
- Mark Kelly
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"Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible."
- Lord Kelvin
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"I remember laughing an inordinate amount of time. Setting up scenes that involve ooze coming out basements, or pigs' heads flying through windows is really fun. How could you not laugh?"
- Margot Kidder
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"People who believe in flying saucers are the scrapings from the bottom."
- Nigel Kneale
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"I don't find slashing and blood flying everywhere to be scary. I just find it repulsive."
- Dean Koontz
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"Writings scatter to the winds blank checks in an insane charge. And were they not such flying leaves, there would be no purloined letters."
- Jacques Lacan
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"I've met the most interesting people while flying or on a boat. These methods of travel seem to attract the kind of people I want to be with."
- Hedy Lamarr
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"Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive. When I ride through Beverly Hills in the early morning, and all the sprinklers have turned off, the scents that wash over me are just heavenly. Being House is like flying, too. You're free of the gravity of what people think."
- Hugh Laurie
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"You always hear actresses talk about how unromantic it is to act a love scene or a sex scene - which it is. You're doing it with all these lights on and cameras flying around and people on the set."
- Sheryl Lee
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"I had that flying wheel tattooed on my forehead and on my butt."
- Ted Lindsay
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"I think flying planes into a building was a faith-based initiative. I think religion is a neurological disorder."
- Bill Maher
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"Have you ever, on a cloudless night, looked down from a passing aircraft flying over Canada? Endless, glowing strings of cities, towns, and homesteads. Stretching on and on, one province to the next. With only the stars in the distance."
- Paul Martin
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"I longed to fly. I was paid in flying lessons and, by the time I was 13, I'd logged 100 hours at the controls."
- Kent McCord
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"And the two planes that were taking the band and crew that we had taken out to San Diego were flying out after the show. And so I was never supposed to be on that plane."
- Reba McEntire
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"It's difficult to do that internally, because you're flying five, six hours."
- Vince McMahon
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"Old age is like a plane flying through a storm. Once you're aboard, there's nothing you can do."
- Golda Meir
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"The American flag, Old Glory, standing tall and flying free over American soil for 228 years is the symbol of our beloved country. It is recognized from near and afar, and many lives have been lost defending it."
- Jeff Miller
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"I'm not sure I always feel like I'm in the seat. Sometimes I'm only holding on by one hand and flying out behind the roller coaster. I don't know anybody who doesn't feel that way."
- David Morse
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"And so, I was not a military test pilot, but as soon as NASA expressed an interest in flying scientists and people who were not military test pilots, that was an epiphany that just came like a stroke of lightning."
- Story Musgrave
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"Seat assignment didn't matter if you're flying Dallas to Houston and you did it 38 times a day. People just got on, you didn't sit next to your wife, and it was a 45-minute flight. It didn't matter."
- David Neeleman
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"He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying."
- Friedrich Nietzsche
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"Being away for the weekends, and me being the international player that I have been for those 30 years, I've spent a lot more time flying around the world, playing different golf tournaments around the world."
- Greg Norman
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"Cutting the deficit by gutting our investments in innovation and education is like lightening an overloaded airplane by removing its engine. It may make you feel like you're flying high at first, but it won't take long before you feel the impact."
- Barack Obama
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"The transformation scene, where man is becoming insect and insect has become at least man and beyond that - a flying, godlike, shimmering, diaphanous, beautiful creature."
- Michael O'Donoghue
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"All this flying around got on my nerves. But then I gave the script to Cathy to get her opinion. When she started to laugh, it was like 'That's it!'. I went to LA and I got the part."
- Ed O'Neill
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"As I write, highly civilized human beings are flying overhead, trying to kill me."
- George Orwell
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"Flying is the only active profession I would ever continue with enthusiasm after the War."
- Wilfred Owen
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"When I was flying to Rome, we flew over London; I felt like bursting into tears. It's part of me, so I can't leave London behind for good."
- Robert Pattinson
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"I think getting drunk is the key to flying comfortably. A couple of bloody marys or several glasses of champagne, and suddenly it's like you're on a roller coaster."
- Amanda Peet
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"It's only when you're flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is."
- Philippe Perrin
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"Flying is awful, there's nothing to do when you're up in the air. I bloat up, my skin gets dry, and when we hit turbulence, I'm terrified."
- Daniela Pestova
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"I think there's a little bit of sizzling here. Honestly, I can feel it. The ions are flying back and forth."
- Regis Philbin
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"My dad served in two wars has been flying airplanes for 60 years now. He was certainly quite an inspiration."
- John L. Phillips
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"If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I'm neurotic as hell. I'll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days."
- Sylvia Plath
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"The easiest gift to give my husband is anything to do with airlines and flying."
- Kelly Preston
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"I have to say that flying on Air Force One sort of spoils you for coach on a regular airline."
- Ron Reagan
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"I thought Erica Jong's Fear of Flying was one of the biggest pieces of crap that I've ever read in my life."
- Helen Reddy
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"The later it gets the more disturbed the city becomes. I go with Albert through the streets. Men are standing in groups at every corner. Rumours are flying. It is said that the military have already fired on a procession of demonstrating workers."
- Erich Maria Remarque
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"When you perform in front of an audience after only two days of rehearsal, you're flying by the seat of your pants - particularly when they're rewriting the show right up to the moment the camera goes on."
- Michael Richards
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"One of the most amazing things I got from the film, so much green screen, there are so many moments and it really taught me about how important it is to have an intention when flying, when going somewhere and having an intention."
- Brandon Routh
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"I get to pretend I'm flying into space, and hang out with my friends. That's what I do for a living."
- Jeri Ryan
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"Be able to blow out a dinner candle without sending wax flying across the table."
- Marilyn vos Savant
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"I see it all the time in politics. If a candidate gets caught in a lie, he quickly tries to change the subject by throwing more mud at his opponent. The mud keeps flying until some of the slanderous material sticks."
- Joe Scarborough
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"I saw the booster, not Sputnik, flying by, and I said, maybe this is the way we should be going, not just sitting back waiting for something to happen."
- Wally Schirra
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"We need to work our level best in this legislative session to help grow Montana's economy, so that grandchildren can stay in Montana, grandchildren can visit their grandmother and grandfather by driving across town, not flying across the country."
- Brian Schweitzer
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"I'm very phobic about flying, but I'm also drawn to it."
- Martin Scorsese
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"Howard Hughes was this visionary who was obsessed with speed and flying like a god... I loved his idea of what filmmaking was."
- Martin Scorsese
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"I never really did Christmas before. Christmas Day? I mean - what's that? What's it all about? I was always flying on Christmas Day."
- Monica Seles
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"I hate flying, flat out hate its guts."
- William Shatner
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"I feel very confident that Americans flying in the air are safe and that only under the most dire of circumstances would our pilots ever even request permission to do that."
- Hugh Shelton
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"He was mostly leaping tall buildings in the beginning. There were cases where he would leap off a tall building or swoop down, and at that point he would look like he was flying, I suppose. It was just natural to draw him like that."
- Joe Shuster
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"And I agreed the feeling of action as he was flying or jumping or leaping - a flowing cape would give it movement. It really helped, and it was very easy to draw."
- Joe Shuster
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"In 1975 I decided that there was no future in flying (airline jobs were impossible to get, and who wants a job where you are judged only by seniority?) and headed off to grad school."
- W. Richard Stevens
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"Having played many roles of scientific intellect I do have an empathy for that world. It's been hard on me because flying the Enterprise for seven years in Star Trek and sitting in Cerebro in X-men has led people to believe that I know what I'm talking about. But I'm still trying to work out how to operate the air conditioning unit on my car."
- Patrick Stewart
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"They said, 'If we put you in first class with Brian, will you do it?' So I flew after not having flown in eight years. If there's one person who doesn't like flying as much as me, it's Brian."
- Matthew Sweet
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"I felt like I was flying without a net. But once I realized that the audience was my partner, I was flying a jet, because the people would allow me to develop the character on stage."
- Loretta Swit
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"Sure, you would lose more bombers without fighters, but, flying in formation, you could get the job done."
- Stuart Symington
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"They forbade me from flying, despite all my protests and arguments. After being once in space, I was desperately keen to go back there. But it didn't happen."
- Valentina Tereshkova
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"I don't have a fear of flying; I have a fear of crashing."
- Billy Bob Thornton
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"I quit flying years ago. I don't want to die with tourists."
- Billy Bob Thornton
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"Man is flying too fast for a world that is round. Soon he will catch up with himself in a great rear end collision."
- James Thurber
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"I want to do feature films. I am flying to Malaysia to be in another feature film. We will be filming that in Malaysia, the Phillipines, and back in California."
- Thuy Trang
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"I was nicknamed Skeeter in Little League because I was small and fast, like a mosquito flying across the outfield."
- Skeet Ulrich
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"Time is flying never to return."
- Virgil
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"I am flying back to New York as I write this. I will never forget these wonderful 35 days and I would go back to Copenhagen in a heartbeat to work there again."
- Tony Visconti
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"The time to worrying about flying is when you're on the ground. When you're up in the air, it's too late. No point in worrying about it then."
- Denzel Washington
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"To me, flying free is doing what I want to do, even if it's different from what everybody expects me to do. I'm flying free when I win the battle between me and the people who thought I should go down this road and I find my own road."
- Crystal Waters
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"The essential is to excite the spectators. If that means playing Hamlet on a flying trapeze or in an aquarium, you do it."
- Orson Welles
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"Everybody should have an equal chance - but they shouldn't have a flying start."
- Harold Wilson
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"Of course, the wind sort of swept up and the music was flying around in mid air and they were trying to play off it. You had to be there. It was quite funny."
- Roy Wood
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"The English have an extraordinary ability for flying into a great calm."
- Alexander Woollcott
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"You know, I'm an eagle, flying around in the mountains."
- Link Wray
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"No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris."
- Orville Wright
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"The fact that the great scientist believed in flying machines was the one thing that encouraged us to begin our studies."
- Wilbur Wright
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"I am an enthusiast, but not a crank in the sense that I have some pet theories as to the proper construction of a flying machine. I wish to avail myself of all that is already known and then, if possible, add my mite to help on the future worker who will attain final success."
- Wilbur Wright
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"If you clean it up, get analytical, all the subtle joy and emotion you felt in the first place goes flying out the window."
- Andrew Wyeth
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"I was always afraid of dying. Always. It was my fear that made me learn everything I could about my airplane and my emergency equipment, and kept me flying respectful of my machine and always alert in the cockpit."
- Chuck Yeager
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