Quotes and Sayings about Greed



"There was certainly less profanity in the Godfather than in the Sopranos. There was a kind of respect. It's not that I totally agreed with it, but it was a great piece of art."
- Danny Aiello
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"People are people the world over. Some are good, some bad, some greedy and some generous. Nations are like people and act the same way."
- George Aiken
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"The Bible says that two cannot walk together unless they are agreed."
- Peter Akinola
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"Don't let the opinions of the average man sway you. Dream, and he thinks you're crazy. Succeed, and he thinks you're lucky. Acquire wealth, and he thinks you're greedy. Pay no attention. He simply doesn't understand."
- Robert G. Allen
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"I'm not being evasive but I am saying I'm not a scientist and I'm not directly involved in the consultation however the science must be sound, it must be agreed and the consultation must be of a high quality or no one will have any confidence in the process."
- John Anderson
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"I've been in Vegas. That's where you get into the money thing. Boy, you get greedy in Vegas, you know. That's the only place that you can bet $25, get it up to $500 and refuse to quit."
- Louie Anderson
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"A singer starts by having his instrument as a gift from God... When you have been given something in a moment of grace, it is sacrilegious to be greedy."
- Marian Anderson
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"There is a very fine line between loving life and being greedy for it."
- Maya Angelou
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"I didn't want to be greedy. It's a mark of bad character and I always believed that pigs go the slaughterhouse."
- Walter Annenberg
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"The riskiest thing you can do is get greedy."
- Lance Armstrong
"I think one of the most pervasive evils in this world is greed and acquiring money for money's sake. Once you have six houses and a plane, it's just about a number. It's never been anything I understood."
- Kevin Bacon
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"There is a lesson there about greed and it is a lesson I am willing to learn as well. Has it made me a distrustful person? I don't think so. But we probably look a bit more carefully at our financial situation now."
- Kevin Bacon
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"It has since been agreed that speeches given in English will be translated into French and vice versa, and even into German and Italian when necessary. No doubt translations into Esperanto will also soon be in demand."
- Fredrik Bajer
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"Do not follow vain desires; for verily he who prospers is preserved from lust, greed and anger."
- Abu Bakr
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"The writer's greed is appalling. He wants, or seems to want, everything and practically everybody, in another sense, and at the same time, he needs no one at all."
- James A. Baldwin
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"Because men believe not in Providence, therefore they do so greedily scrape and hoard. They do not believe in any reward for charity, therefore they will part with nothing."
- Isaac Barrow
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"There is no dream of love, however ideal it may be, which does not end up with a fat, greedy baby hanging from the breast."
- Charles Baudelaire
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"Although Ronald Reagan was somebody I disagreed with on most ideological things, he was a friend of mine, and he was a very, very likable man. Ronald Reagan, for instance, was maybe more able to get the very rich to do the right thing sometimes."
- Warren Beatty
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"There are a lot of people who really abused sampling and gave it a bad name, by just taking people's entire hit songs and rapping over them. It gave publishers license to get a little greedy."
- Beck
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"Everywhere that the struggle for national freedom has triumphed, once the authorities agreed, there were military coups d'etat that overthrew their leaders. That is the result time and time again."
- Ahmed Ben Bella
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"I never have really said much about the whole episode, which was endless. But his speech was a perfectly intelligent speech about fathers not being dispensable and nobody agreed with that more than I did."
- Candice Bergen
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"I think health care is more about love than about most other things. If there isn't at the core of this two human beings who have agreed to be in a relationship where one is trying to help relieve the suffering of another, which is love, you can't get to the right answer here."
- Donald Berwick
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"When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened.'"
- Joe Biden
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"Fifa cannot sit by and see greed rule the football world. Nor shall we."
- Sepp Blatter
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"The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion."
- Bodhidharma
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"But at a certain point, and I don't really know... people have asked me this. I don't know exactly what it was that pushed me towards directing, but I think it was a naive notion that if I directed I would be able to play all the roles. A kind of greed."
- Peter Bogdanovich
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"We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question which divides us is whether it is crazy enough to have a chance of being correct. My own feeling is that it is not crazy enough."
- Niels Bohr
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"History is a set of lies agreed upon."
- Napoleon Bonaparte
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"What is history but a fable agreed upon?"
- Napoleon Bonaparte
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"When Brian told me he grew up in New Mexico, I told him I thought it is cool that people from other countries play football. He corrected me on my geography and agreed to sit down with me anyway."
- Terry Bradshaw
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"I think the best actors are the most generous, the kindest, the greatest people and at their worst they are vain, greedy and insecure."
- Kenneth Branagh
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"And I was very comfortable with this band even when we disagreed. It takes a long time to feel comfortable enough to disagree with somebody. When everything happened, it just was really confusing. It's like our weaknesses were nurtured and brought out front by outsiders."
- Edie Brickell
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"Several unions have agreed to larger employee contributions for their members. Taxpayers are living with cuts and making sacrifices to deal with the reality of California's budget crisis, state workers are going to have to do the same."
- Jerry Brown
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"There is enough in the world for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed."
- Frank Buchman
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"We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful."
- Warren Buffett
"I have agreed to lend my voice to Nature's Guard, an animated series which hopefully will go into production in the near future. The characters are all animals. My voice will be for a character named Longtail."
- Jeremy Bulloch
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"And the basis on which we agreed to operate with them involved a manifesto, where it states that we proceed from different ideologies and policies. One thing that we insisted on was that they should take an oath to reject racism and discrimination."
- Mangosuthu Buthelezi
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"The conditions which now exist in Germany make it impossible for industrial production to reach the levels which the occupying powers agreed were essential for a minimum German peacetime economy."
- James F. Byrnes
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"That was the principle of reparations to which President Truman agreed at Potsdam. And the United States will not agree to the taking from Germany of greater reparations than was provided by the Potsdam Agreement."
- James F. Byrnes
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"What are facts but compromises? A fact merely marks the point where we have agreed to let investigation cease."
- Bliss Carman
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"I often wish... that I could rid the world of the tyranny of facts. What are facts but compromises? A fact merely marks the point where we have agreed to let investigation cease."
- Bliss Carman
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"We in the west are seen as godless, as greedy and as uncaring about the suffering of those in the developing world."
- Silvia Cartwright
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"Greed is the inventor of injustice as well as the current enforcer."
- Julian Casablancas
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"And not only my own brothers and sisters agreed so but my brothers and sisters in law; and their children, although but young, had the like agreeable natures and affectionate dispositions."
- Margaret Cavendish
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"So we are disappointed that some of our closest allies, including Canada, have not agreed with us on the urgent need for this military action against Iraq."
- Paul Cellucci
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"The happiness and peace attained by those satisfied by the nectar of spiritual tranquillity is not attained by greedy persons restlessly moving here and there."
- Chanakya
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"I am a greedy, selfish bastard. I want the fact that I existed to mean something."
- Harry Chapin
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"It is in fact agreed that I am the plague, the cholera of the benevolent and generous men who are interested in art and that, when I show myself with my plasters, even the Emperor of the Sahara would flee."
- Camille Claudel
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"We own almost all our knowledge not to those who have agreed but to those who have differed."
- Charles Caleb Colton
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"Greed, like the love of comfort, is a kind of fear."
- Cyril Connolly
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"Lust and greed are more gullible than innocence."
- Mason Cooley
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"If we go on the way we have, the fault is our greed and if we are not willing to change, we will disappear from the face of the globe, to be replaced by the insect."
- Jacques Yves Cousteau
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"We agreed to do it when I was drunk at his house one night, then on the day I had to have four large brandies - they didn't touch the sides at all. People just got on with it though. It didn't gather a crowd!"
- Daniel Craig
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"Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan had tremendous influence on generations of American because, even if people disagreed with them, they admired them because they made very strong commitments to things they believed in."
- Phil Crane
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"I think war is based in greed and there are huge karmic retributions that will follow. I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies."
- Sheryl Crow
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"I knew her work very well and I knew that if she offered me a role in her movie, it wouldn't be something stupid. So I agreed to do the film before I read the script."
- Beatrice Dalle
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"As time goes on we get closer to that American Dream of there being a pie cut up and shared. Usually greed and selfishness prevent that and there is always one bad apple in every barrel."
- Rick Danko
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"It has happened to me to meet many of the men of my day whom the world agreed to call great."
- Rebecca H. Davis
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"It is greed to do all the talking but not to want to listen at all."
- Democritus
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"I didn't do it because of the underlying greed that's prevailing, but it is about greed, doing the right thing at the right time using your clout when you have it and what for and what reason."
- Danny DeVito
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"We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter."
- Denis Diderot
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"While I have corrected agreed factual errors, I have not been inhibited from writing what I felt to be the truth about The Prince of Wales."
- Jonathan Dimbleby
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"We have not always agreed, but I have said repeatedly and publicly many times that Al Sharpton has never counseled violence, but he gets blamed for a whole lot of that."
- David Dinkins
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"The music industry's actions at the time of 9/11 and since have been actions driven by patriotism in most instances, and greed and stupidity to a lesser degree. Sounds like real life doesn't it?"
- Ronnie James Dio
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"But I have tried to go over it very carefully, not merely what the evidence is, but with psychoanalysts and psychologists, and I think we're just about all agreed that Lincoln and Speed did not have a homosexual relationship."
- David Herbert Donald
"We've been raised to compete, to want more! More! More! It's a way of life. It's about greed."
- Sandy Duncan
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"From the first day to this, sheer greed was the driving spirit of civilization."
- Friedrich Engels
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"I wanted to do Buddy Faro as a small budget movie. They said no. So I wanted to do it as a series of recurring TV movies, and they said no. So I agreed to do it as a series."
- Dennis Farina
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"I was extremely greedy and lost my moral compass."
- Andrew Fastow
"As much as the next person, I want to be approved of, but I'm not greedy for that stuff."
- Colin Firth
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"I don't think that fundamentalism has anything to do with Jesus Christ. They call themselves Christians, but if that's Christian, count me out. Fundamentalism is built on fear and greed. They're telling you to give them your money otherwise you're going to hell."
- Matthew Fox
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"I was at a meeting two years ago in Beijing, and I passed a bunch of women who were marching in a protest. Their signs were probably saying something I wouldn't have agreed with at all. But I was so glad to see women marching. And it's happening all over the world."
- Betty Friedan
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"The problem of social organization is how to set up an arrangement under which greed will do the least harm, capitalism is that kind of a system."
- Milton Friedman
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"Well first of all, tell me, is there some society you know of that doesn't run on greed? You think Russia doesn't run on greed? You think China doesn't run on greed? What is greed?"
- Milton Friedman
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"Michael Giles the first drummer of King Crimson, never agreed to the name King Crimson. But then, if you'd knew Michael, you would know he didn't agree to the album cover either. So maybe Michael didn't agree to the point of definition with many things."
- Robert Fripp
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"Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction."
- Erich Fromm
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"Most individuals have always thought themselves not big enough or significant enough to have an effect on the whole planet, a notion which conversely made them think they could afford big arrogance and big greed over its resources."
- Lynette Fromme
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"Two such as you with such a master speed, cannot be parted nor be swept away, from one another once you are agreed, that life is only life forevermore, together wing to wing and oar to oar."
- Robert Frost
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"I think the one thing that most stands out is that my father always did what he believed to be the right thing to do and he always told us that we had to go our own way even if he disagreed."
- Klaus Fuchs
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"). Dozens of nations have agreed to join in monitoring and, if necessary, intercepting and boarding ships on the high seas in the event they are suspected of engaging in one or both of these threatening activities."
- Frank Gaffney
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"There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed."
- Mohandas Gandhi
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"Microsoft is not about greed. It's about innovation and fairness."
- Bill Gates
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"What I loathe is the multi-national conglomerates who must take responsibility for the degradation and pollution of so much of our landscape with their factory farming and greed."
- Fay Godwin
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"Most of the time common stocks are subject to irrational and excessive price fluctuations in both directions as the consequence of the ingrained tendency of most people to speculate or gamble... to give way to hope, fear and greed."
- Benjamin Graham
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"The learned are not agreed as to the time when the Gospel of John was written; some dating it as early as the year 68, others as late as the year 98; but it is generally conceded to have been written after all the others."
- Simon Greenleaf
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"At a time when unbridled greed, malignant aggression, and existence of weapons of mass destruction threatens the survival of humanity, we should seriously consider any avenue that offers some hope."
- Stanislav Grof
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"Greed and globalization aren't just America's fault."
- Arlo Guthrie
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"We've talked to the Europeans about it. It's clear if those negotiations fail, then we are agreed with the Europeans that the next step is to take the matter to the U.N. Security Council."
- Stephen Hadley
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"The only kind of coercion I recommend is mutual coercion, mutually agreed upon by the majority of the people affected."
- Garrett Hardin
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"We both agreed that Stalin was determined to hold out against the Germans. He told us he'd never let them get to Moscow. But if he was wrong, they'd go back to the Urals and fight. They'd never surrender."
- W. Averell Harriman
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"Nothing makes us more vulnerable than loneliness, except greed."
- Thomas Harris
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"The Tort Tax adds to the cost of everything we buy because businesses and manufacturers have to cover themselves and their employees - just in case they get sued by a greedy personal injury lawyer."
- Dennis Hastert
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"To know ourselves, is agreed by all to be the most useful Learning; the first Lessons, therefore, given us ought to be on that Subject."
- Eliza Haywood
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"I never learned from a man who agreed with me."
- Robert A. Heinlein
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"John will never send a boy or girl in a uniform anywhere in the world because of our need and greed for oil."
- Teresa Heinz
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"It only worked for a little while; the morning after I agreed to go with Universal, an article came out in the Hollywood trade papers, and the secret was out."
- Laura Hillenbrand
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"Greed probably figures in my intellectual life as well, as I attempt to absorb a massive amount of information with consequent mental indigestion."
- Etty Hillesum
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"As far as the sovereignty of Bosnia-Hercegovina is concerned we agreed to have limited sovereignty for a limited time and that is clear from the Dayton Agreement."
- Alija Izetbegovic
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"And I agreed with that, and I couldn't wait to change my name anyway, because I'm not too fond of the name of Reginald. It's a very kind of '50s English name."
- Elton John
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"Some have said that the power of a Redeemer would depend upon two things: first, upon the richness of the self that was given; and second, upon the depths of the giving. Friend and foe alike are agreed on the question of the character of Jesus Christ."
- E. Stanley Jones
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"We soon found that the white men were growing rich very fast, and were greedy."
- Chief Joseph
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"In 2001-2002, I told the president that the election was supposed to take place when the war was over, at a time when we could return to peaceful life. We agreed upon that. However, I can see now that the election cannot be delayed any longer."
- Akhmad Kadyrov
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"Fortunately, President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy disagreed with the estimate and chose a course of action less ambitious and aggressive than recommended by their advisers."
- David Kay
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"Our relationship was cursed by the fact that we agreed on everything."
- Elia Kazan
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"They have stolen the public lands. They have grasped all to themselves, and by their unprincipled greed brought a crisis of unparalleled distress on forty millions of people, who have natural resources to feed, clothe and shelter the whole human race."
- Denis Kearney
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"Even in a time of elephantine vanity and greed, one never has to look far to see the campfires of gentle people."
- Garrison Keillor
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"France and Italy have not yet signed this treaty or agreed to naval limitation as between those nations, but I have confidence that in time they will do so."
- Frank B. Kellogg
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"Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed."
- Mwai Kibaki
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"We served on the editorial board of a literary monthly called Face in 1968 and 1969. He was a young writer, and I was also interested in broad cultural issues. We agreed on all major issues and became friends."
- Vaclav Klaus
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"Right action tends to be defined in terms of general individual rights and standards that have been critically examined and agreed upon by the whole society."
- Lawrence Kohlberg
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"There are a lot of people who are doing wonderful things, quietly, with no motive of greed, or hostility toward other people, or delusions of superiority."
- Charles Kuralt
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"The everyday kindness of the back roads more than makes up for the acts of greed in the headlines."
- Charles Kuralt
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"Movie directors, or should I say people who create things, are very greedy and they can never be satisfied... That's why they can keep on working. I've been able to work for so long because I think next time, I'll make something good."
- Akira Kurosawa
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"We did not find it difficult to deal with Bush and his administration, because it is similar to regimes in our countries - both types include many who are full of arrogance and greed."
- Osama bin Laden
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"All are agreed, that the increase of learning and good morals are great blessings to society."
- Joseph Lancaster
(Related: Society, Blessings, Learning, Morals)

"Google, Microsoft and Yahoo should be developing new technologies to bypass government sensors and barriers to the Internet; but instead, they agreed to guard the gates themselves."
- Tom Lantos
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"After mature consideration it was unanimously agreed, that, to prevent as much as possible their attempting to return and molest the settlers that may be set down on their lands, a sufficient number of vessels should be hired with all possible expedition for that purpose."
- Charles Lawrence
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"I think maybe when you live with someone who is really very ill for a long time, it somehow gives you more of a greedy appetite for life and maybe, yes, you are less measured in your behaviour than you would otherwise be."
- Nigella Lawson
(Related: Life, Time, Appetite)

"I'm writing what comes into my head, or through me, or from somewhere else, and it is the most extraordinary, exciting thing. I love it, and I'm very greedy, and I really enjoy it!"
- Tanith Lee
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"Italians know about human nature - they understand human nature perhaps better than anyone else does. They know that people are weak and greedy and lazy and dishonest and they just try to make the best of it; to work around it."
- Donna Leon
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"My head can get to murder and rape for profit because I can understand greed as a human motive, but I cannot understand the voyeuristic desire to watch such a film. I can comprehend one and I cannot comprehend the other."
- Donna Leon
(Related: Desire, Film, Greed, Motive, Murder, Profit)

"The organization and constant onward sweep of this movement exemplifies the resentment of the many toward the selfishness, greed and the neglect of the few."
- John L. Lewis
(Related: Greed, Neglect, Resentment, Selfishness)

"The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep's for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as his liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty. Plainly, the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of liberty."
- Abraham Lincoln
(Related: Act, Liberty, Sheep)

"Of this they drank half a pint every day, and sometimes more or less, as it operated, by way of gentle physic. Two others had each two oranges and one lemon given them every day. These they ate with greediness, at different times, upon an empty stomach."
- James Lind
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"The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea."
- Anne Morrow Lindbergh
(Related: Lie, Beach, Open, Reward, Sea, Waiting)

"It is considered a major sin to break a contract, if you agreed, especially with military situations."
- John Walker Lindh
(Related: Military, Sin)

"Every mind which has given itself to self-expression in art is aware of a directing agency outside its conscious control which it has agreed to label 'inspiration'."
- Norman Lindsay
(Related: Art, Control, Mind, Self)

"All the knowing ones were consulted as to the issue, and they all agreed, to a man, in one of two opinions: either that Bob would flog Billy, or Billy would flog Bob."
- Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
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"Climatologists are all agreed that we'd be lucky to see the end of this century without the world being a totally different place, and being 8 or 9 degrees hotter on average."
- James Lovelock
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"Time! Joyless emblem of the greed of millions, robber of the best which earth can give."
- Amy Lowell
(Related: Earth, Greed)

"Truth, after all, wears a different face to everybody, and it would be too tedious to wait till all were agreed."
- James Russell Lowell
(Related: Truth)

"Men of vision. Oh, I love the fine names men give each other to hide their greed and lust for adventure."
- Charles MacArthur
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"Of mankind we may say in general they are fickle, hypocritical, and greedy of gain."
- Niccolo Machiavelli
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"I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me."
- Dudley Field Malone
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"I certainly understand that we're all trying to make a living, but I'm not thinking about that when I'm making it. And if that's your sole motivation, it's going to reflect that narcissistic greed, and you're going to hear it in the music."
- Aimee Mann
(Related: Music, Motivation, Greed, Living, Thinking, Trying)

"The curse of the romantic is a greed for dreams, an intensity of expectation that, in the end, diminishes the reality."
- Marya Mannes
(Related: Dreams, End, Expectation, Greed, Reality, Romantic)

"But love, like the sun that it is, sets afire and melts everything. what greed and privilege to build up over whole centuries the indignation of a pious spirit, with its natural following of oppressed souls, will cast down with a single shove."
- Jose Marti
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"If a few companies were less greedy, the people at the bottom woud have a lot more."
- Chris Martin
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"As much as I value an union of all the states, I would not admit the southern states into the union, unless they agreed to the discontinuance of this disgraceful trade, because it would bring weakness and not strength to the union."
- George Mason
(Related: Strength, states, Trade, Value, Weakness)

"The abortionist I worked for, he's a very greedy man, a selfish man."
- Norma McCorvey
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"Yes, but also one of the problems for a novelist in Ireland is the fact that there are no formal manners. I mean some people have beautiful manners but there's no kind of agreed form of manners."
- John McGahern
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"He who is silent must be agreed with, for what shall the wings of opposition thresh upon, without the winds of conversation to shoulder them."
- Bryant H. McGill
(Related: Conversation, Opposition)

"Once you've agreed the script, you must be willing to go as far as it needs to go on set."
- Ewan McGregor
(Related: Needs)

"We are all born brave, trusting and greedy, and most of us remain greedy."
- Mignon McLaughlin
"I am not greedy, so I would gladly give a song to someone else to sing if it makes more sense."
- Christina Milian
(Related: Sense, Song)

"Money is neither my god nor my devil. It is a form of energy that tends to make us more of who we already are, whether it's greedy or loving."
- Dan Millman
(Related: Money, God, Devil, Energy)

"We wanted to be certain they didn't have a bigger deficit, and Kennedy agreed with me."
- Wilbur Mills
"The Bible and several other self help or enlightenment books cite the Seven Deadly Sins. They are: pride, greed, lust, envy, wrath, sloth, and gluttony. That pretty much covers everything that we do, that is sinful... or fun for that matter."
- Dave Mustaine
(Related: Bible, Books, Envy, Fun, Gluttony, Greed, Help, Lust, Pretty, Pride, Self, Wrath)

"Homeowners and business owners across the country agreed to pay premiums, communities agreed to adopt building codes to mitigate flood dangers, and the Federal Government agreed to provide insurance coverage to policyholders after a disaster."
- Bob Ney
(Related: Business, Government, Building, Country, Disaster)

"I've agreed to do several Star Trek conventions this coming year."
- Nichelle Nichols
"The beast for me is greed. Whether you read Dante, Swift, or any of these guys, it always boils down to the same thing: the corruption of the soul."
- Ben Nicholson
(Related: Soul, Corruption, Greed)

"We didn't become the most prosperous country in the world just by rewarding greed and recklessness. We didn't come this far by letting the special interests run wild. We didn't do it just by gambling and chasing paper profits on Wall Street. We built this country by making things, by producing goods we could sell."
- Barack Obama
(Related: Country, Gambling, Greed, World)

"In December, I agreed to extend the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans because it was the only way I could prevent a tax hike on middle-class Americans. But we cannot afford $1 trillion worth of tax cuts for every millionaire and billionaire in our society. We can't afford it. And I refuse to renew them again."
- Barack Obama
(Related: Society, Americans, December, Tax, Tax cuts, Worth)

"Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power."
- P. J. O'Rourke
(Related: Love, Power, Society, People, Alcohol, Causes, Drugs, Greed, Ignorance, Stupidity)

"However difficult it may be to bring it about, some form of world government, with agreed international law and means of enforcing the law, is inevitable."
- John Boyd Orr
(Related: Government, Law, May, World)

"Are we like late Rome, infatuated with past glories, ruled by a complacent, greedy elite, and hopelessly powerless to respond to changing conditions?"
- Camille Paglia
(Related: Past, Rome)

"I talked with Brian Stokes Mitchell, who agreed with me that if you have a gift there is always stuff to do."
- Estelle Parsons
"I agreed on condition that we found a completely new concept that had nothing to do with the latest books."
- Bernard Pivot
(Related: Books, Nothing)

"All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry."
- Edgar Allan Poe
(Related: Poetry, Imagination, Religion, Fear, Friend, Fraud, Greed)

"Corn is a greedy crop, as farmers will tell you."
- Michael Pollan
(Related: Will)

"Calm self-confidence is as far from conceit as the desire to earn a decent living is remote from greed."
- Channing Pollock
(Related: Conceit, Desire, Greed, Living, Self)

"It cannot be assumed that equity was following common law whenever they agreed, any more than the converse."
- Frederick Pollock
(Related: Law)

"The basis of tragedy is man's helplessness against disease, war and death; the basis of comedy is man's helplessness against vanity (the vanity of love, greed, lust, power)."
- Dawn Powell
(Related: War, Love, Death, Comedy, Disease, Greed, Lust, Man, Tragedy, Vanity)

"So I went to George and told him I had the opportunity to become the figurehead of a government safety campaign, and he agreed to give me the week off and reschedule shooting!"
- David Prowse
(Related: Government, Opportunity, Safety)

"My cameraman and I devised a method, which we started using from my second film, which applies mainly to day scenes shot in the studio, where we used bounced light instead of direct light. We agreed with this thing of four or five shadows following the actors is dreadful."
- Satyajit Ray
(Related: Actors, Day, Film, Light, Shadows)

"We have seen that in this country in the last few years, particularly on Wall Street, with the rise of the old human frailty of greed. This occurs when people begin to serve only their own needs to the detriment of everyone else."
- Lee R. Raymond
(Related: People, Country, Greed, Needs, Old, Years)

"We agreed that we cannot let personal political attacks get in the way of doing the very best we can for California's children."
- Rob Reiner
(Related: Children)

"So on May 1, 1987, at Gary's invitation, I agreed to see him one last time - to confront him face-to-face about his sincerity and with the intention of ending our brief relationship."
- Donna Rice
(Related: Time, Ending, Intention, May, Sincerity)

"But men are so full of greed today, they'll sell anything for a little piece of money."
- Little Richard
(Related: Men, Money, Greed, Today)

"Greed has taken the whole universe, and nobody is worried about their soul."
- Little Richard
(Related: Soul, Greed, Universe)

"Two thousand years ago there was One here on this earth who lived the grandest life that ever has been lived yet - a life that every thinking man, with deeper or shallower meaning, has agreed to call divine."
- Frederick William Robertson
(Related: Life, Earth, Man, Meaning, Thinking, Years)

"NATO and the EU have also agreed on permanent arrangements on consultation and cooperation between themselves."
- Lord Robertson
(Related: Cooperation)

"Democrats never agree on anything, that's why they're Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they would be Republicans."
- Will Rogers
(Related: Democrats, Republicans)

"But on the extremist side I didn't get any rejections at all. Everyone agreed to talk to me."
- Jon Ronson
(Related: Talk)

"Fear tends to manifest itself much more quickly than greed, so volatile markets tend to be on the downside. In up markets, volatility tends to gradually decline."
- Philip Roth
(Related: Fear, Greed)

"An intriguing paradox of the 1990s is that it isn't called a decade of greed."
- Paul Samuelson
(Related: Greed, Paradox)

"I wrote poems in my corner of the Brooks Street station. I sent them to two editors who rejected them right off. I read those letters of rejection years later and I agreed with those editors."
- Carl Sandburg
(Related: Brooks, Editors, Letters, Poems, Rejection, Right, Years)

"It was also during my tenure of office that the Japanese Government agreed to the conclusion of a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and signed it, pursuing a policy in harmony with the avowed desire of the people."
- Eisaku Sato
(Related: Government, People, Policy, Desire, Harmony, Office)

"No, United Artists was a very extraordinary organization, because once they had agreed on the director, they believed in letting him have his way. They trusted me, and that doesn't often happen."
- John Schlesinger
(Related: Artists, United)

"With the recent news that the State of Florida has agreed to purchase 181,000 acres of U.S. Sugar land, we have an historic opportunity for our larger restoration efforts and for the people of Florida. This too will not come without difficult challenges, but it reminds us that anything is possible."
- Debbie Wasserman Schultz
(Related: People, Opportunity, Land, News, State, Will)

"Success is not greedy, as people think, but insignificant. That is why it satisfies nobody."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(Related: Success, People)

"For greed all nature is too little."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(Related: Nature, Greed)

"And I agreed the feeling of action as he was flying or jumping or leaping - a flowing cape would give it movement. It really helped, and it was very easy to draw."
- Joe Shuster
(Related: Action, Feeling, Flying)

"Greed has driven the world crazy. And I think I'm lucky that I have a place over here that I can call home."
- Nina Simone
(Related: Home, Greed, World)

"Societies depend on agreed rules."
- John M. Smith
(Related: Rules)

"There's a stability and growth pact which was agreed for the eleven countries which tries to limit the size of budget deficits among the eleven countries."
- Robert C. Solomon
(Related: Growth, Countries, Stability)

"Heisenberg, Max Plank and Einstein, they all agreed that science could not solve the mystery of the universe."
- Harry Dean Stanton
(Related: Science, Mystery, Universe)

"It has always seemed strange to me... the things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty, understanding and feeling, are the concomitants of failure in our system. And those traits we detest, sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self-interest, are the traits of success. And while men admire the quality of the first they love the produce of the second."
- John Steinbeck
(Related: Love, Men, Success, Quality, Failure, Honesty, Egotism, Feeling, First, Generosity, Greed, Kindness, Self, Understanding)

"Looking so cool, his greed is hard to conceal, he's fresh out of law school, you gave him a license to steal."
- Al Stewart
(Related: Greed, Law, School)

"These days, there are a great many books about childhood trauma and its effects, but at the time all the experts agreed that one should forget about it as quickly as possible and pick up where you left off."
- Peter Straub
(Related: Time, Books, Childhood, Experts, Forget)

"Undoubtedly there are, in connection with each of these things, cases of fraud, swindling, and other financial crimes; that is to say, the greed and selfishness of men are perpetual."
- William Graham Sumner
(Related: Men, Financial, Connection, Fraud, Greed, Selfishness)

"I'm getting too old to play some parts, but I'm still greedy."
- Max von Sydow
(Related: Old, Play)

"For the next century, the Republicans have agreed that we will promote the dignity and future of every individual by building a free society under a limited, accountable government that protects liberty, security and prosperity for a brighter American dream."
- Todd Tiahrt
(Related: Government, Society, Dream, American, Building, Dignity, Future, Liberty, Prosperity, Republicans, Security, Will)

"The point is that you can't be too greedy."
- Donald Trump
"Aching all over, we reached level ground again, and Mr. Christy withdrew his claims, and agreed that no road anywhere else could possibly be so bad as a Mexican road; a decision which later experiences only served to confirm."
- Edward Burnett Tylor
(Related: Decision, Road)

"When Jesus comes back, these crazy, greedy, capitalistic men are gonna kill him again."
- Mike Tyson
(Related: Men)

"Seeing that our thirst was increasing and the water was killing us, while the storm did not abate, we agreed to trust to God, Our Lord, and rather risk the perils of the sea than wait there for certain death from thirst."
- Alvar N. C. de Vaca
(Related: Death, Trust, God, Killing, Risk, Sea, Water)

"Our embedded reporters during the war agreed to guidelines established by the military."
- Jim Walton
(Related: War, Military)

"Which is a wonderful irony, I have property there. I go back every chance I get. One of the main reasons I actually wrote the book, agreed to write it having never wanted to do that in my life, very intimidating by the way to write a book."
- Sela Ward
(Related: Life, Chance, Irony, Property)

"What I would like to be remembered for is that Walter Washington changed the spirit of the people of this city, that he came in as mayor when there was hate and greed and misunderstanding among our people and the races were polarized."
- Walter Washington
(Related: People, Greed, Hate, Spirit, Washington)

"As we learn from the New Testament, the Jews and the Samaritans in the days of Jesus were not agreed on the question which was the proper place of worship, but that there could be only one was taken to be as certain as the unity of God Himself."
- Julius Wellhausen
(Related: God, New testament, Question, Unity, Worship)

"Neither Rainer Werner, nor any of us could have succeeded, or produced the number of films that we did, just on our own. We showed our films to each other, discussed them vigorously and rarely agreed."
- Wim Wenders
"It is commonly agreed that children spend more hours per year watching television than in the classroom, and far less in actual conversation with their parents."
- Paul Weyrich
(Related: Children, Classroom, Conversation, Parents, Television)

"In our daily life, we encounter people who are angry, deceitful, intent only on satisfying their own needs. There is so much anger, distrust, greed, and pettiness that we are losing our capacity to work well together."
- Margaret J. Wheatley
(Related: Work, Anger, Life, People, Distrust, Greed, Losing, Needs)

"Violence is not to be undertaken by private persons. If a state or administration acts without due and visible attention to agreed international process, it acts in a way analogous to a private person. It purports to be judge of its own interest."
- Rowan Williams
(Related: Attention, Interest, State, Violence)

"Everybody was tellin' me that I had to do something different, and I kind of agreed that I did need to vary it a little bit. I still love some rock 'n' roll too."
- Johnny Winter
(Related: Love)

"All observers not laboring under hallucinations of the senses are agreed, or can be made to agree, about facts of sensible experience, through evidence toward which the intellect is merely passive, and over which the individual will and character have no control."
- Chauncey Wright
(Related: Experience, Character, Control, Facts, Intellect, Senses, Will)

"New York City is a great monument to the power of money and greed... a race for rent."
- Frank Lloyd Wright
(Related: Money, Power, Greed, Monument, Race)

"The most important thing is that Milosevic agreed to sit at the negotiating table with the Kosovo Albanians."
- Boris Yeltsin
"Quarreling over food and drink, having neither scruples nor shame, not knowing right from wrong, not trying to avoid death or injury, not fearful of greater strength or of greater numbers, greedily aware only of food and drink - such is the bravery of the dog and boar."
- Xun Zi
(Related: Death, Food, Strength, Bravery, Injury, Numbers, Right, Shame, Trying, Wrong)