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"Head Start is designed to ensure that all children - regardless of their family's income, race, or ethnic background - are able to enter kindergarten ready to learn."
- Lucille Roybal Allard
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"From the employees' standpoint, in 1935, Social Security was a big gamble. Employees would be required to participate in the program, contributing a percentage of their income for their entire adult working life."
- Wayne Allard
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"An income tax form is like a laundry list - either way you lose your shirt."
- Fred Allen
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"My total year's income from working as hard as I possibly could from writing went from like $30 one year to about $70 the next year. And it made me realize that maybe you couldn't really pay the rent that way."
- Kevin J. Anderson
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"A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of."
- Jane Austen
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"I could, I think, quite easily have gone to Oxford. I got four good A levels, but my father's income was such that I wouldn't have got a grant, and he wouldn't let me go to university, and that was the end of it."
- Colin Baker
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"When I became governor, spending actually increased 28 percent my first term. Revenue increased 42 percent my first term without raising anybody's taxes. We did it because we had more taxpayers with more taxable income. That's how you get the revenue up. We did that without raising anybody's taxes."
- Haley Barbour
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"If you or me go to the gas station to fill up our car and it costs us much more than we expected, it will zap our discretionary income. We won't have the extra money to buy that washing machine or new winter coat-all big ticket items that are important to economic growth."
- Maria Bartiromo
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"You're entitled to Medicaid regardless of your income. Don't worry about your health care."
- Max Baucus
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"The IRS is currently considering a rule that would make it easier for tax preparers to disclose the private information contained in tax returns - including name, address, Social Security number, employer, income, and charitable donations."
- Melissa Bean
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"The real solution is to improve the incomes of the poor and provide their children with decent education."
- Carol Bellamy
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"I just filled out my income tax forms. Who says you can't get killed by a blank?"
- Milton Berle
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"A lot of girls annoy me who go to university - one girl told me she was going to Oxford because it was something to do between leaving school and getting married. And I've got to pay for that being an income tax payer."
- Jeffrey Bernard
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"No one making less than $250,000 under Barack Obama's plan will see one single penny of their tax raised, whether it's their capital gains tax, their income tax, investment tax, any tax."
- Joe Biden
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"Right now, too many women who reach retirement age find themselves widowed or single, relying on their Social Security check for over half of their income."
- Judy Biggert
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"While the wealthiest families completely benefit from the tax cuts targeted towards the upper brackets, middle-income families were hit with the unwelcome surprise of higher taxes on tax day."
- Tim Bishop
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"We paid off our debts, we learned some, made friends and returned in 1950 with a larger view of life. I had, however, no home, no income of any kind and no prospects whatsoever."
- James W. Black
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"The profession of a prostitute is the only career in which the maximum income is paid to the newest apprentice."
- William Booth
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"My parents were laborers so we lived on South Park, which was a low-income region of Seattle. You had a choice - you either joined or formed a gang or you let others bully you."
- Jack Bowman
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"Since Bush has been in office, African-American women have fallen behind in terms of income and wages."
- Donna Brazile
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"Yes, free markets tend to produce unequal incomes. We should not be ashamed of that. On the contrary, our system is the envy of the world and should be a source of pride."
- Arthur C. Brooks
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"We will have bigger bureaucracies, bigger labor unions, and bigger state-run corporations. It will be harder to be an entrepreneur because of punitive taxes and regulations. The rewards of success will be expropriated for the sake of attaining greater income equality."
- Arthur C. Brooks
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"There is nothing inherently fair about equalizing incomes. If the government penalizes you for working harder than somebody else, that is unfair. If you save your money but retire with the same pension as a free-spending neighbor, that is also unfair."
- Arthur C. Brooks
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"The truth is that relative income is not directly related to happiness. Nonpartisan social-survey data clearly show that the big driver of happiness is earned success: a person's belief that he has created value in his life or the life of others."
- Arthur C. Brooks
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"Jobs for every American is doomed to failure because of modern automation and production. We ought to recognize it and create an income-maintenance system so every single American has the dignity and the wherewithal for shelter, basic food, and medical care. I'm talking about welfare for all. Without it, you're going to have warfare for all."
- Jerry Brown
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"I would like to electrocute everyone who uses the word "fair" in connection with income tax policies."
- William F. Buckley, Jr.
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"I started on an Apple II, which I had bought at the very end of 1978 for half of my annual income. I made $4,500 a year, and I spent half of it on the computer."
- Bill Budge
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"I just think that - when a country needs more income and we do, we're only taking in 15 percent of GDP, I mean, that - that - when a country needs more income, they should get it from the people that have it."
- Warren Buffett
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"In a system where the cost of care is hidden by taxes levied on your income, property, and business activities, it is no wonder why so many Americans rely on Medicaid to pay their long term care."
- Michael Burgess
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"And what's interesting, and I don't think a lot of Americans understand this fact, is that, one, most new jobs are created by small businesses; two, most small businesses pay tax at the individual income tax, or many small businesses pay tax there."
- George W. Bush
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"All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income."
- Samuel Butler
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"Income tax filing and payment day should be moved from April 15th to November 1st so it can be close to election day. People ought to have their tax bills fresh in mind as they go to vote."
- Steven G. Calabresi
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"We have to define and put into practice a better, more coherent and effective policy on income security."
- Kim Campbell
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"For too many, to work means having less income."
- Kim Campbell
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"For people on social assistance, the loss of free dental care, prescription drugs and subsidized housing can greatly outweigh additional income from working. We've all heard the stories."
- Kim Campbell
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"It would be naive to imagine we have solved all our income security problems simply because the roles of the federal and provincial governments in the area of skills training have been clarified."
- Kim Campbell
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"For me the greatest source of income is still movies. Nothing - stocks, financial speculation, real estate speculation or businesses - makes more money for me than making movies."
- Jackie Chan
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"A wise man will live as much within his wit as within his income."
- Lord Chesterfield
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"The fact is that one of the earliest lessons I learned in business was that balance sheets and income statements are fiction, cash flow is reality."
- Chris Chocola
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"Cannot people realize how large an income is thrift?"
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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"If a man were living in isolation his income would be literally his product. Make him the monarch and owner of an island, and the fruits that he raises and the clothing that he makes constitute, in themselves, his income. This ceases to be true when trading begins."
- John Bates Clark
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"The best measure of a man's honesty isn't his income tax return. It's the zero adjust on his bathroom scale."
- Arthur C. Clarke
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"The bottom line is that five million low-income Americans working full time for minimum wage, deserve a raise."
- Jim Clyburn
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"Did you know that they introduced the 15 percent flat tax on individual and corporate income in Iraq? Something that some politicians very much wanted to push in the United States without success but in Iraq they do it."
- Juan Cole
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"There's just one thing I can't figure out. My income tax!"
- Nat King Cole
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"I am not against hasty marriages where a mutual flame is fanned by an adequate income."
- Wilkie Collins
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"Our income are like our shoes; if too small, they gall and pinch us; but if too large, they cause us to stumble and trip."
- Charles Caleb Colton
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"Women do two thirds of the world's work. Yet they earn only one tenth of the world's income and own less than one percent of the world's property. They are among the poorest of the world's poor."
- Barber B. Conable, Jr.
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"I'd cap the total amount of income taxes paid by Americans to no more than 25 percent and tax all income only once."
- Cesar Conda
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"Well, today people have to be self-reliant if they want a secure retirement income."
- Scott Cook
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"I had a couple come in with a negative amortization mortgage on a house that costs way too much relative to their income. They're consuming real estate, not investing in it."
- Chris Cooper
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"While tax refunds amount to substantial income for many Americans, current IRS rules do not allow taxpayers to directly deposit their refund into more than one account."
- Jim Cooper
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"This is a simple change that will provide a huge financial boost for many Americans, particularly low- to moderate-income families. It is an important step in making sure we do everything we can to encourage all Americans to save and plan for the future."
- Jim Cooper
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"I have always paid income tax. I object only when it reaches a stage when I am threatened with having nothing left for my old age - which is due to start next Tuesday or Wednesday."
- Noel Coward
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"I'm living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart."
- e. e. cummings
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"Anger is an expensive luxury in which only men of certain income can indulge."
- George William Curtis
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"You can't live a positive life with a negative mind and if you have a positive outcome you have a positive income and just to have more positivity and just to kind of laugh it off."
- Miley Cyrus
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"We designed both our state employee health plans and the one we created for low-income Hoosiers as Health Savings Accounts, and now in the tens of thousands these citizens are proving that they are fully capable of making smart, consumerist choices about their own health care."
- Mitch Daniels
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"And before our current legislature adjourns, we intend to become the first state of full and true choice by saying to every low and middle-income Hoosier family, if you think a non-government school is the right one for your child, you're as entitled to that option as any wealthy family; here's a voucher, go sign up."
- Mitch Daniels
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"So tonight I propose one more step that I would rather not propose. I ask the most fortunate among us, those citizens earning over $100,000 per year, for one year, to pay an additional one percent on the income they receive."
- Mitch Daniels
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"Once again, the Republicans in the Senate have rejected an increase in the minimum wage. They support tax breaks for multi-millionaires, but they oppose helping the working poor to earn a decent income."
- Mark Dayton
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"Evening the playing field for women workers is a matter of fairness and with women now providing a significant share of their family's income, it is a family issue."
- Rosa DeLauro
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"Expanding eligibility of family planning services to low-income women will maximize cost-savings to both federal and state governments, reduce the disparities in access to family planning services for low-income women, and decrease the incidence of abortion in the U.S."
- Rosa DeLauro
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"The only thing that hurts more than paying an income tax is not having to pay an income tax."
- Thomas R. Dewar
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"The shortage of buyers, which the world is suffering from, is readily understood, not as due to people not wishing to obtain possession of goods, but as people being unwilling to part with something which might earn a regular income in exchange for those goods."
- Paul Dirac
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"Low-income taxpayers deserve the same rights as everyone else. It was wrong of the IRS to target low-income taxpayers, and I am please by the decision to correct this unfair practice."
- Christopher Dodd
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"Pell Grants are, and have been, critically important tools in making higher education a possibility for lower- and middle-income students."
- Christopher Dodd
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"The death tax destroys family businesses and stifles investment that leads to increases in jobs and personal income. As a result, 70 percent of family-owned businesses are not passed on to the next generation and 87 percent do not make it to the third generation."
- Jennifer Dunn
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"I am not against hasty marriages, where a mutual flame is fanned by an adequate income."
- Will Durant
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"The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax."
- Albert Einstein
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"With rising incomes, the share of expenditures for food products declines. The resulting shift in expenditures affects demand patterns and employment structures."
- Ernst Engel
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"It's nice to be in a situation where the two books that I write for a sort of regular monthly income are also works that I enjoy immensely, rather than them being some kind of bread and butter, do it because you have to do it."
- Garth Ennis
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"I am such a strong admirer and supporter of George W. Bush that if he suggested eliminating the income tax or doubling it, I would vote yes on first blush."
- Jerry Falwell
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"You could make a case that women addicted men to their sexuality and then withdrew their sexuality until we provided them with a source of income."
- Warren Farrell
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"Women lie about their age; men lie about their income."
- William Feather
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"I think we ought to ban earmarks. I think we ought to give citizens the opportunity to designate up to 10 percent of their federal income tax toward debt reduction. If we did that, we would reduce our debt by $95 billion a year."
- Carly Fiorina
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"The rate of interest acts as a link between income-value and capital-value."
- Irving Fisher
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"In today's economy, it's more common to need two incomes to raise a family."
- John Fisher
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"We're not as materialistic and income-tax conscious as we think. At the moment our superstitions are tucked away, but come out sometimes in strange ways sex crimes, black masses."
- Terence Fisher
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"We will attract more people to Kentucky by lowering our income tax rate. In fact, lowering the income tax rate is the single most important thing we can do to create opportunity."
- Ernie Fletcher
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"My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income."
- Errol Flynn
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"If you are born into a family below the national median income, we provide you with an additional $500, and for every contribution made to a child's account below the national median income, we match it dollar for dollar - the federal government will."
- Harold Ford
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"The question isn't at what age I want to retire, it's at what income."
- George Foreman
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"The Clinton tax increase - which was an increase in taxes primarily on upper-income people - not only made the tax code more nearly progressive, it preceded one of the most productive economic periods in American life."
- Barney Frank
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"Increasing inequality in income distribution in this country has broader policy implications, and there is also the growing problem of perverse incentives that result from executives receiving grossly disproportionate compensation based on decisions they themselves take."
- Barney Frank
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"Strictly speaking, every citizen above a certain level of income is guilty of some offense."
- Max Frisch
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"The New Deal was going to redistribute the national income according to ideals of social and economic justice."
- Garet Garrett
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"The world is likely to view any temporary extension of the income tax cuts for the top two percent as a prelude to a long-term or permanent extension, and that would hurt economic recovery as well by undermining confidence that we're prepared to make a commitment today to bring down our future deficits."
- Timothy Geithner
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"The major economic policy challenges facing the nation today - pick your favorites among the usual suspects of low public and household savings, concerns about educational quality and achievement, high and rising income inequality, the large imbalances between our social insurance commitments and resources - are not about monetary policy."
- Timothy Geithner
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"The natural capital is not income, but we spend our natural capital as if it were revenue, as if it were going to come back next year without any problems, whereas these renewals in nature can take hundreds of years."
- Susan George
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"Low-income seniors who choose to enroll in a drug discount plan will receive $600 of Federal assistance in 2004 and 2005 to further defray the costs of their medications."
- Jim Gerlach
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"I am indeed rich, since my income is superior to my expenses, and my expense is equal to my wishes."
- Edward Gibbon
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"Real poverty is less a state of income than a state of mind."
- George Gilder
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"The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government."
- Barry Goldwater
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"In general, anyone who paid the long distance telephone tax will get the refund on their 2006 federal income tax return. This includes individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations."
- Virgil Goode
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"Cutting taxes for very high income people an average of more than $100,000 a year for people that make more than a million dollars a year is not an effective way to get the economy going."
- Austan Goolsbee
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"If a lobbyist sets up shop, or a lawyer, in which they're receiving income through what is something like a tax loophole so that it's not counting as corporate income, that is what this is counting as a small business."
- Austan Goolsbee
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"I don't believe, the president doesn't believe, that the high income tax cuts work, period. I don't think the evidence supports that."
- Austan Goolsbee
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"At my public school I had hated every other face for fear the owner was a lord, at university, I was to court the rich while doubting whether there should be great inequalities between incomes."
- Henry Green
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"Obviously, people with low or even moderate incomes could not afford such savings rates, and even diligent savings from their low wages would not be enough to pay for either retirement or healthcare."
- William Greider
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"If US per capita income continues to grow at a rate of 1.5 percent a year, the country will have plenty of money to finance comfortable retirements and high-quality healthcare for all citizens, including those at the bottom of the wage ladder."
- William Greider
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"The left is being funded primarily by the drug traffickers who provide this tax money and that's why the guerrillas in Colombia, unlike the guerrillas anywhere else in Latin America, have been able to survive for 40 years because they have a hard, solid source of income."
- Alma Guillermoprieto
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"Let me respond with a few points, the first being that all immigrants pay taxes, income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, cigarette taxes, every tax when they make a purchase."
- Luis Gutierrez
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"As far as income tax payments go, sources vary in their accounts, but a range of studies find that immigrants pay between $90 billion and $140 billion in Federal, State, and local taxes."
- Luis Gutierrez
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"According to the study, approximately 16.7 million U.S. workers born in Latin America had a combined gross income of $450 billion last year, of which 93 percent was spent locally."
- Luis Gutierrez
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"People try to live within their income so they can afford to pay taxes to a government that can't live within its income."
- Robert Half
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"My mother stopped working when she had my brother. She was a full time mom until I started getting heavily into ice skating lessons, and it got to the point where they really needed my mom to earn an income."
- Dorothy Hamill
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"The poor tread lightest on the earth. The higher our income, the more resources we control and the more havoc we wreak."
- Paul Harrison
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"When your outgo exceeds your income, the upshot may be your downfall."
- Paul Harvey
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"When it comes to the income of the ministry, I have no problem talking about it or what happens to the money."
- Benny Hinn
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"The closest thing to a law of nature in business is that form has an affinity for expense, while substance has an affinity for income."
- Dee Hock
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"Equal pay isn't just a women's issue; when women get equal pay, their family incomes rise and the whole family benefits."
- Mike Honda
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"Do you realize that if we could increase just by 50 percent the number of adults who have a college degree, it would add $5 billion to the economy and it would result in a net income to the state of Arkansas of $340 million a year?"
- Mike Huckabee
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"We've outpaced Japan and Europe in creating new jobs, but there's major competition from India and China. It's not enough to make income tax cuts permanent."
- Ernest Istook
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"HUD's mission is to provide decency and sanitary housing for low and moderate income people in this country."
- Alphonso Jackson
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"America is a place where you can be born into a low-income household but still lift yourself up, and it doesn't matter what color you are."
- Alphonso Jackson
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"We are beginning a new era in our government. I cannot too strongly urge the necessity of a rigid economy and an inflexible determination not to enlarge the income beyond the real necessities of the government."
- Andrew Jackson
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"Many states rely on sales tax as their principle source of revenue and do not have a State income tax."
- William L. Jenkins
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"Higher income taxes are a razor guillotine poised to descend on the bare neck of prosperity."
- Thomas H. Kean
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"The death tax causes one-third of all family-owned small businesses to liquidate after the death of the owner. It is also an unfair tax because the assets have already been taxed once at their income level."
- Ric Keller
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"Pell grants are the foundation of Federal student aid. As someone who attended college with the help of Pell grants and as chairman of the Pell Grant Caucus, I know how important they are for our Nation's low-income students."
- Ric Keller
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"Yet our small business owners across the country are unfairly losing potential interest income on a daily basis until the Business Checking Freedom Act becomes law."
- Sue Kelly
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"Our agricultural economy in the Hudson Valley continues to face historically low prices and producer income, as well as losses due to weather and other disasters."
- Sue Kelly
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"The income tax is a twentieth-century socialist experiment that has failed. Before the income tax was imposed on us just 80 years ago, government had no claim to our income. Only sales, excise, and tariff taxes were allowed."
- Alan Keyes
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"The right to private property meant at the same time the right and duty to be personally concerned about your own well-being, to be personally concerned about your family's income, to be personally concerned about your future. This is hard work."
- Mikhail Khodorkovsky
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"This is the time to pull together as a Nation, as different people from all over the States with different perspectives and different social statuses and different income brackets, to unify into one and help those on the ground who need our help the most."
- Jack Kingston
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"You need a very good financial person to keep you honest, and to keep track of income and outgo."
- Bill Kurtis
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"On my income tax 1040 it says "Check this box if you are blind." I wanted to put a check mark about three inches away."
- Tom Lehrer
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"There are thousands and thousands of free programs available for people of any income level."
- Matthew Lesko
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"The College Access and Opportunity Act addresses the important need to make higher education more affordable and easier to access for low and middle-income students."
- Ron Lewis
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"You replace it by 23 percent tax, a frank, transparent tax embedded in the cost at retail, and everybody gets to takes their whole check home. And the average income earner gets a 50 percent increase in take-home pay."
- John Linder
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"Our incomes are like our shoes; if too small, they gall and pinch us; but if too large, they cause us to stumble and to trip."
- John Locke
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"Proponents of the Central America Free Trade Agreement have conveniently ignored this fundamental fact: the effect of trade on incomes in Central America and how to alleviate the adverse consequences of trade liberalization on the poor."
- Stephen F. Lynch
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"Trade reform has also been linked to increased income disparity as skilled workers have captured more benefits from globalization than their unskilled counterparts."
- Stephen F. Lynch
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"I had accumulated some capital and was at an age at which I was interested in generating income. But even though I was risk averse, I was interested in growth stocks."
- James MacArthur
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"A child's geographic location, race or parent's income level should not predetermine their life's course and it's up to us to see that they don't."
- Joe Manchin
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"And very often the influence exerted on a person's character by the amount of his income is hardly less, if it is less, than that exerted by the way in which it is earned."
- Alfred Marshall
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"Eastern Washington families and businesses should be able to deduct every penny of state and local sales tax they pay throughout the year from their federal tax bill, especially when people in most states are deducting their state income taxes."
- Cathy McMorris
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"Wealth - any income that is at least one hundred dollars more a year than the income of one's wife's sister's husband."
- H. L. Mencken
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"Women would be disproportionately affected by the privatization of social security. It is one of the most important safety nets for American women in old age, or in times of disability, to insure financial income for their families."
- Barbara Mikulski
(Related: Women, Age, Financial, American, Disability, Income, Old, Safety, Security)

"Social Security, for example - I'm 43. I've paid into the system. You know what? That money has been stolen from me. I know that my parents who are on Social Security - they've got to continue to receive it. They're dependent on it. It is their primary source of income."
- Joe Miller
(Related: Money, Example, Income, Parents, Security)

"The body is ready to have babies. Nature wants it done then, when the body can handle it, not after 40, when the income can handle it."
- Toni Morrison
(Related: Nature, Babies, Body, Income)

"I never stopped making pictures. There were times when more of my income was coming from other sources, and I had to devote more time to television and movies and records."
- Martin Mull
(Related: Movies, Time, Income, Television)

"Because Social Security is specifically designed to boost the retirement income of low earners with a progressive benefit formula, the program has played an enormous and necessary role in keeping Latinas out of poverty."
- Grace Napolitano
(Related: Formula, Income, Poverty, Retirement, Security)

"The tax relief that this Congress has given now in terms of four tax cuts has overwhelmingly gone to the people at the very top of the income scale in America."
- Richard Neal
(Related: People, America, Congress, Tax, Income, Now, Tax cuts)

"Stars didn't have to worry as they were on long term contracts and were able to enjoy their vacations without worrying about tomorrow. Few had financial worries due to large incomes and little taxes."
- Pola Negri
(Related: Financial, Stars, Taxes, Tomorrow, Worry)

"Now, DVD can represent more income than the box office-and typically does."
- Michael Nesmith
(Related: Income, Now, Office)

"I can make a firm pledge, under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."
- Barack Obama
(Related: Family, Tax, Income, Taxes, Will)

"It takes as much imagination to create debt as to create income."
- Leonard Orr
(Related: Imagination, Debt, Income)

"High gas prices are eating away at consumer's disposal income and could lead to a further economic downturn, especially for those whose livelihood depend on gasoline and diesel fuel."
- Major R. Owens
(Related: Eating, Income)

"We are angry about paying the highest income taxes and property taxes in the nation and getting less and less for it. We are angry about our incompetent, dysfunctional government that pays no attention to the desires of the people. We are angry about the cesspool of corruption and conflicts of interests and self-dealing that is Albany."
- Carl Paladino
(Related: Government, People, Attention, Corruption, Income, Nation, Property, Self, Taxes)

"Expenditures rise to meet income."
- C. Northcote Parkinson
(Related: Income)

"We also have a program in place for low income people. A family of four making $26,000 a year can receive medical coverage, irrespective of citizenship or what documents."
- George Pataki
(Related: Family, Medical, People, Citizenship, Income)

"1913 wasn't a very good year. 1913 gave us the income tax, the 16th amendment and the IRS."
- Ron Paul
(Related: Tax, Income)

"When there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income."
- Plato
(Related: Tax, Income, Man, Will)

"The idea that you earn things - that you earn respect, that you earn income, responsibility. the vote, punishment... these ideas are anathema to the liberal mind."
- Dennis Prager
(Related: Idea, Ideas, Income, Liberal, Mind, Punishment, Respect, Responsibility, Vote)

"I mean, the world has already done a big, big effort to forget debt to countries heavily indebted and with low income. And that has given good chances to countries to get out of poverty."
- Rodrigo Rato
(Related: Countries, Debt, Effort, Forget, Income, Poverty, World)

"I'm angry when we have to use state dollars to fill holes in our low-income heating assistance program because there isn't enough support from Washington."
- Jodi Rell
(Related: State, Support, Washington)

"According to our Christian ethics, we're supposed to love God, love each other and help take care of the poor. It is immoral to charge somebody making $5,000 an income tax."
- Bob Riley
(Related: Love, God, Christian, Care, Ethics, Tax, Help, Income, Poor)

"The increase in inequality in income is a longtime trend, but the pressure on middle- and low-income workers is going up rapidly. Especially if they live in an area where there are high housing and gas prices, like California."
- Alice Rivlin
(Related: Income, Inequality, Pressure, Workers)

"Capital, however capital may be defined, would practically cease to exist as an income producing fund, for the simple reason that if money, wherewith to buy capital, could be obtained for one-half of one per cent, capital itself could command no higher price."
- John Buchanan Robinson
(Related: Money, Income, May, Reason)

"You know, gentlemen, that I do not owe any personal income tax. But nevertheless, I send a small check, now and then, to the Internal Revenue Service out of the kindness of my heart."
- David Rockefeller
(Related: Heart, Tax, Gentlemen, Income, Kindness, Now, Service)

"The chief problem of low-income farmers is poverty."
- Nelson Rockefeller
(Related: Poverty)

"When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income."
- Chi Chi Rodriguez
(Related: Wife, Husband, Income, Man)

"The income tax has made liars out of more Americans than golf."
- Will Rogers
(Related: Americans, Tax, Golf, Income)

"Hating the Yankees is as American as pizza pie, unwed mothers, and cheating on your income tax."
- Mike Royko
(Related: American, Cheating, Tax, Income, Mothers)

"Are we interested in treating the symptoms of poverty and economic stagnation through income redistribution and class warfare, or do we want to go at the root causes of poverty and economic stagnation by promoting pro-growth policies that promote prosperity?"
- Paul Ryan
(Related: Causes, Class, Income, Poverty, Prosperity, Want)

"I suspect that writer's block afflicts mainly people who have some stable and ample source of income outside of writing. So far it hasn't been a problem."
- Fred Saberhagen
(Related: People, Income, Writer, Writing)

"The stark reality facing us today is that without the labour reforms, workers will get neither the income nor jobs in the face of cut-throat global economic competition."
- Kim Y. Sam
(Related: Competition, Income, Jobs, Reality, Today, Will, Workers)

"Small businesses are the backbone of job creation in South Carolina, but we're not maximizing our potential when we've got what's effectively the highest income tax rate in the Southeast holding us back."
- Mark Sanford
(Related: Creation, Tax, Income, Job, Potential)

"We simply have to become more competitive as a state if we're going to be successful in creating jobs, bringing capital investment and raising income levels here in South Carolina."
- Mark Sanford
(Related: Successful, Income, Investment, Jobs, State)

"We're going to look awfully stupid if we give income tax relief to people who do not pay income taxes."
- Joe Scarborough
(Related: People, Tax, Income, Taxes)

"It might be said that it is the ideal of the employer to have production without employees and the ideal of the employee is to have income without work."
- E. F. Schumacher
(Related: Work, Employees, Income, Production)

"Unequal funding resources also results in unequal educational opportunity when you consider studies that show that one half of low income students who are qualified to attend college do not attend because they can't afford to."
- Bobby Scott
(Related: Opportunity, College, Income, Results, Students)

"I like to say I'm more conservative than Goldwater. He just wanted to turn the clock back to when there was no income tax."
- Pete Seeger
(Related: Conservative, Tax, Income)

"Sadly, this is the same old Republican story of Robin Hood in reverse - tax cuts for the rich while programs for average and low income Americans suffer."
- Jose Serrano
(Related: Americans, Tax, Income, Old, Republican, Tax cuts)

"Captain Kirk has been a source of pleasure and income for a long time."
- William Shatner
(Related: Time, Income, Pleasure)

"A broken heart is a very pleasant complaint for a man in London if he has a comfortable income."
- George Bernard Shaw
(Related: Heart, Complaint, Income, London, Man)

"The rubber industry is of much significance to our countries. For millions of our smallholders, the rubber tree is a tree of life, serving as a crucial source of income for earning a living and raising families."
- Thaksin Shinawatra
(Related: Life, Countries, Income, Living)

"While most Americans have access to the best oral health care in the world, low-income children suffer disproportionately from oral disease."
- Michael K. Simpson
(Related: Health, Americans, Care, Children, Disease, World)

"Recent demonstration projects have shown that with some Federal support, a little funding can go a long way toward ensuring that low-income children have access to good oral health care."
- Michael K. Simpson
(Related: Health, Care, Children, Projects, Support)

"Many poor and low-income women cannot afford to purchase contraceptive services and supplies on their own."
- Louise Slaughter
(Related: Women, Poor)

"There are few sorrows, however poignant, in which a good income is of no avail."
- Logan P. Smith
(Related: Income)

"Solvency is entirely a matter of temperament and not of income."
- Logan P. Smith
(Related: Income, Temperament)

"People who identify themselves as conservatives donate money to charity more often than people who identify themselves as liberals. They donate more money and a higher percentage of their incomes."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: Money, People, Charity, Liberals)

"Elections should be held on April 16th- the day after we pay our income taxes. That is one of the few things that might discourage politicians from being big spenders."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: April, Being, Day, Elections, Income, Politicians, Taxes)

"After the break up of the municipality and the loss of his income my father lost health and spirits."
- Catherine Helen Spence
(Related: Health, Father, Income, Loss, Spirits)

"There is nothing wrong with wanting pay for work, or seeking to maximize one's income, as long as one does not use means that are destructive."
- Richard Stallman
(Related: Work, Income, Nothing, Wrong)

"Since 1994, unemployment rates are lower. Median household income is higher. A greater percentage of Americans are graduating from college. Home ownership rates are higher. And the violent crime rate has decreased."
- Cliff Stearns
(Related: Home, Americans, College, Crime, Income, Ownership, Unemployment)

"I studied chemical engineering. I was a good student, but these were the hard times of the depression, my scholarship came to an end, and it was necessary to work to supplement the family income."
- Jack Steinberger
(Related: Family, Work, Depression, End, Engineering, Income)

"During that first year, I felt guilty that my wife was out working bringing in all our income, while I was at home playing on the computer, so I made myself treat writing like a job."
- George Stephen
(Related: Home, Wife, Computer, First, Income, Job, Writing)

"I've devoted a lot of my time and effort during the past few years to developing my advertising copywriting business to the point of where I can support my family and don't have to depend on writing fiction for my income."
- George Stephen
(Related: Business, Family, Time, Advertising, Effort, Fiction, Income, Past, Support, Writing, Years)

"On the other hand, now that I'm not dependent on fiction for my income, I've been writing more short stories despite the fact that there's no real paying market for short horror other than Cemetery Dance."
- George Stephen
(Related: Dance, Fact, Fiction, Horror, Income, Now, Writing)

"My research in this period centered around growth, technical change, and income distribution, both how growth affected the distribution of income and how the distribution of income affected growth."
- Joseph E. Stiglitz
(Related: Change, Growth, Income, Research)

"I tried for modelling work but it was a bit slow and that's when I took a part-time job at McDonalds. It gave me income while I was waiting for my big break and at the very least I could eat."
- Sharon Stone
(Related: Work, Income, Job, Waiting)

"I have a weird life because I live on songwriting royalties, which are a strange income. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn't."
- Joe Strummer
(Related: Life, Income)

"It's good to give seniors more choices and more options, let them choose a plan that's best for them and target assistance to the lowest income people."
- John Sununu
(Related: People, Choices, Income, Options)

"I'm at a point where I don't have to wait for the income from the record to survive, so I'm in a comfortable zone, but I'll make rap records as long as I feel I have something to rap about."
- Ice T
(Related: Income, Rap, Zone)

"I don't know if I can live on my income or not - the government won't let me try it."
- Bob Thaves
(Related: Government, Income)

"People who relieve others of their money with guns are called robbers. It does not alter the immorality of the act when the income transfer is carried out by government."
- Cal Thomas
(Related: Government, Money, People, Act, Income)

"If I can generate enough income, I'd like to get a castle, a historic castle that I can restore."
- Henry Thomas
(Related: Income)

"The income from sales now covers the expense of materials but I expect this to improve."
- Mike Thompson
(Related: Income, Now, Sales)

"Yet, individuals and corporations in Puerto Rico pay no federal income tax."
- Dick Thornburgh
(Related: Corporations, Tax, Income)

"Invest three percent of your income in yourself (self-development) in order to guarantee your future."
- Brian Tracy
(Related: Future, Income, Order)

"Poverty is multidimensional. It extends beyond money incomes to education, health care, political participation and advancement of one's own culture and social organisation."
- Atal Bihari Vajpayee
(Related: Health, Money, Education, Care, Culture, Participation, Poverty)

"Economists report that a college education adds many thousands of dollars to a man's lifetime income - which he then spends sending his son to college."
- Bill Vaughan
(Related: Education, Son, College, Income, Man)

"Look, we play the Star Spangled Banner before every game. You want us to pay income taxes, too?"
- Bill Veeck
(Related: Income, Play, Taxes, Want)

"I would also certainly continue to keep loan repayment interest rates as low as possible. And I would spread the financial aid a little less thinly across all income brackets."
- Charles Vest
(Related: Financial, Income, Interest)

"Nearly all educational expenditure should be considered a capital outlay, whether it provides a future return in the form of enhanced taxable income or in terms of an enhanced quality of life."
- William Vickrey
(Related: Life, Quality, Future, Income)

"On the other end of the spectrum, these women who do live long enough to collect Social Security face the challenge of being disproportionately dependent on the Social Security system for retirement income."
- Ginny B. Waite
(Related: Women, Being, Challenge, End, Income, Retirement, Security)

"In fact, Social Security is the only source of income nationwide for 29 percent of unmarried elderly women."
- Ginny B. Waite
(Related: Women, Elderly, Fact, Income, Security)

"A $1.7 billion average increase in electricity costs is estimated to result in a $1.3 billion decrease in personal income and a loss of 13,000 more jobs in the region."
- Greg Walden
(Related: Electricity, Income, Jobs, Loss, Result)

"That fallacy flies in the face of studies that show, every day, in every way, things are getting a little worse for America's minorities relative to the progress made by those in the top percentiles of assets and income."
- Harold Washington
(Related: Progress, America, Day, Flies, Income)

"Among seniors, Social Security is the sole source of income for 26 percent of nonmarried women."
- Diane Watson
(Related: Women, Income, Security)

"Social Security makes up a much larger share of total retirement income for unmarried women and minorities than it does for married couples, unmarried men and whites."
- Diane Watson
(Related: Men, Women, Income, Retirement, Security)

"Here's the truth. The proposed top rate of income tax is not 50 per cent. It is 50 per cent plus 1.5 per cent national insurance paid by employees plus 13.3 per cent paid by employers. That's not 50 per cent. Two years from now, Britain will have the highest tax rate on earned income of any developed country."
- Andrew Lloyd Webber
(Related: Truth, Country, Employees, Tax, Income, Now, Will, Years)

"At a time when the GOP is playing games with the debt limit, a member of the Supreme Court is refusing to recuse himself from matters he has a financial interest in, and middle class incomes are stagnant, many want to change the subject. I don't. This was a prank, and a silly one. I'm focused on my work."
- Anthony Weiner
(Related: Change, Time, Work, Financial, Class, Court, Debt, Games, Interest, Middle class, Silly, Want)

"It was under Wilson, of course, that the first huge parts of the Marxist program, such as the progressive income tax, were incorporated into the American system."
- Robert Welch
(Related: American, First, Tax, Income)

"Speaking of tax fairness, it was Senator Kerry who voted to increase the income tax on senior citizens on Social Security, earning as little as $32,000 a year."
- Bill Weld
(Related: Tax, Income, Security)

"It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating."
- Oscar Wilde
(Related: Income)

"In the lexicon of the political class, the word "sacrifice" means that the citizens are supposed to mail even more of their income to Washington so that the political class will not have to sacrifice the pleasure of spending it."
- George Will
(Related: Sacrifice, Class, Income, Mail, Pleasure, Washington, Will, Word)

"Economists are coming to acknowledge that measures of national wealth and poverty in terms strictly of average income tell you little that is significant of the health or viability of a society."
- Rowan D. Williams
(Related: Health, Society, Wealth, Income, Poverty)

"There is nothing more demoralizing than a small but adequate income."
- Edmund Wilson
(Related: Income, Nothing)

"These days an income is something you can't live without - or within."
- Tom Wilson
(Related: Income)

"Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today."
- Herman Wouk
(Related: Being, Fiction, Tax, Income, Today)

"The only imaginative fiction being written today is income tax returns."
- Herman Wouk
(Related: Being, Fiction, Tax, Income, Today)

"Now, I do think when we move into 2012 and '13 when, presumably, the economy is on firmer ground, I would allow the tax rates for upper-income individuals to revert back to where they were before the cuts in the 1990s. I think at that point it makes perfect sense."
- Mark Zandi
(Related: Economy, Tax, Now, Sense)