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"I really like to experiment. That's the only way I can work. It's instinctive."
- F. Murray Abraham
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"Today I trust my instinct, I trust myself. Finally."
- Isabelle Adjani
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"Freud's view is that all love is sexual in its origin or its basis. Even those loves which do not appear to be sexual or erotic have a sexual root or core. They are all sublimations of the sexual instinct."
- Mortimer Adler
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"In my ideal world, no child would suffer. Charitable instincts would prevail. There would be global acceptance of all different types of people."
- Clay Aiken
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"Who speaks to the instincts speaks to the deepest in mankind, and finds the readiest response."
- Amos Bronson Alcott
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"She had a womanly instinct that clothes possess an influence more powerful over many than the worth of character or the magic of manners."
- Louisa May Alcott
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"September 11 is one of our worst days but it brought out the best in us. It unified us as a country and showed our charitable instincts and reminded us of what we stood for and stand for."
- Lamar Alexander
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"In Blow-up I used my head instinctively!"
- Michelangelo Antonioni
"Actors are trusting souls, and we must go by gut-level instinct, even after our agents and business managers weigh all the odds."
- Anne Archer
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"The need of expansion is as genuine an instinct in man as the need in a plant for the light, or the need in man himself for going upright. The love of liberty is simply the instinct in man for expansion."
- Matthew Arnold
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"Instinct is untaught ability."
- Alexander Bain
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"Back through the ages of barbarism and civilization, in all tongues, we find this instinctive pleasure in the imitative action that is the very essence of all drama."
- George P. Baker
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"The instinct to impersonate produces the actor; the desire to provide pleasure by impersonations produces the playwright; the desire to provide this pleasure with adequate characterization and dialogue memorable in itself produces dramatic literature."
- George P. Baker
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"I am sure that, on the one hand, the Rothschilds appreciate the merits of Marx, and that on the other hand, Marx feels an instinctive inclination and a great respect for the Rothschilds."
- Mikhail Bakunin
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"To revolt is a natural tendency of life. Even a worm turns against the foot that crushes it. In general, the vitality and relative dignity of an animal can be measured by the intensity of its instinct to revolt."
- Mikhail Bakunin
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"I would rather trust a woman's instinct than a man's reason."
- Stanley Baldwin
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"Love has its own instinct, finding the way to the heart, as the feeblest insect finds the way to its flower, with a will which nothing can dismay nor turn aside."
- Honore De Balzac
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"The reason good women like me and flock to my pictures is that there is a little bit of vampire instinct in every woman."
- Theda Bara
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"An emotional performance is usually more instinctive to an actor."
- Alan Bates
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"Poetry and progress are like two ambitious men who hate one another with an instinctive hatred, and when they meet upon the same road, one of them has to give place."
- Charles Baudelaire
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"To destroy is still the strongest instinct in nature."
- Max Beerbohm
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"Men of genius are not quick judges of character. Deep thinking and high imagining blunt that trivial instinct by which you and I size people up."
- Max Beerbohm
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"It taught me that Clinton's instinct to make this about your life as a citizen, rather than his as a human being, was the right answer to these things."
- Paul Begala
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"All men have an instinct for conflict: at least, all healthy men."
- Hilaire Belloc
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"It may be said that modern Europe with teachers who inform it that its realist instincts are beautiful, acts ill and honors what is ill."
- Julien Benda
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"Looking back, I realize that nurturing curiosity and the instinct to seek solutions are perhaps the most important contributions education can make."
- Paul Berg
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"Instinct perfected is a faculty of using and even constructing organized instruments; intelligence perfected is the faculty of making and using unorganized instruments."
- Henri Bergson
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"At this period the enthusiasm of the amateur was fast giving way to a more steady commercial instinct, and I let no opportunity slip of improving my position, but I felt that I was still labouring under the disadvantage of not having acquired some technical profession."
- Henry Bessemer
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"Common sense is instinct, and enough of it is genius."
- Josh Billings
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"Style is primarily a matter of instinct."
- Bill Blass
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"I'm much more attracted personally to governments going their full term. It's very hard to have a fixed term election I know with ah... a parliamentary democracy, but I've always had an instinct to say there should be a fixed term."
- Jim Bolger
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"As a rock star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world. I have a chance to do both."
- Bono
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"Metaphysics is the finding of bad reasons for what we believe upon instinct; but to find these reasons is no less an instinct."
- F. H. Bradley
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"And only the photographer himself knows the effect he wants. He should know by instinct, grounded in experience, what subjects are enhanced by hard or soft, light or dark treatment."
- Bill Brandt
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"A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts."
- Richard Branson
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"Being varied is something I do instinctively and naturally. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment."
- Sarah Brightman
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"But death's acquisitive instincts will win."
- Harold Brodkey
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"I live on my gut instinct."
- Melanie Brown
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"Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work."
- Rita Mae Brown
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"To seek understanding before taking action, yet to trust my instincts when action is called for. Never to avoid danger from fear, never to seek out danger for its own sake. Never to conform to fashion from fear of eccentricity, never to be eccentric from fear of conformity."
- Steven Brust
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"I also learned to be more confident, to trust my instincts more."
- Lindsey Buckingham
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"Some of my instincts are reprehensible."
- William F. Buckley, Jr.
"Instinct taught me 20 years ago to pace a song or a concert performance. That translates into pacing a story, pleasing a reading audience."
- Jimmy Buffett
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"Humor has bailed me out of more tight situations than I can think of. If you go with your instincts and keep your humor, creativity follows. With luck, success comes, too."
- Jimmy Buffett
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"He had no failings which were not owing to a noble cause; to an ardent, generous, perhaps an immoderate passion for fame; a passion which is the instinct of all great souls."
- Edmund Burke
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"Passion for fame: A passion which is the instinct of all great souls."
- Edmund Burke
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"Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule."
- Samuel Butler
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"To live is like to love - all reason is against it, and all healthy instinct for it."
- Samuel Butler
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"There is no instinct like that of the heart."
- Lord Byron
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"It is human nature to instinctively rebel at obscurity or ordinariness."
- Taylor Caldwell
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"For centuries the death penalty, often accompanied by barbarous refinements, has been trying to hold crime in check; yet crime persists. Why? Because the instincts that are warring in man are not, as the law claims, constant forces in a state of equilibrium."
- Albert Camus
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"Retaliation is related to nature and instinct, not to law. Law, by definition, cannot obey the same rules as nature."
- Albert Camus
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"Robots do not hold on to life. They can't. They have nothing to hold on with - no soul, no instinct. Grass has more will to live than they do."
- Karel Capek
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"I had an instinct before and maybe now I don't have that instinct as much as knowing what to do, what shots to hit, where to place the ball, things like that."
- Jennifer Capriati
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"Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity."
- Coco Chanel
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"The radio was my big influence. Comedy came from the instinctual feel I had for language."
- Dominic Chianese
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"None speak of the bravery, the might, or the intellect of Jesus; but the devil is always imagined as a being of acute intellect, political cunning, and the fiercest courage. These universal and instinctive tendencies of the human mind reveal much."
- Lydia M. Child
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"You know, I left the country when Reagan got in; I went to France. And when George Bush Jr. got in, my instincts told me it was time to go - I'd felt that we had grown above that, you know?"
- Tommy Chong
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"The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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"The instinct of nearly all societies is to lock up anybody who is truly free. First, society begins by trying to beat you up. If this fails, they try to poison you. If this fails too, the finish by loading honors on your head."
- Jean Cocteau
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"I gravitated to acting out of a mixture of instinct, naivete and opportunity."
- Jeffrey Combs
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"Bullies are always cowards at heart and may be credited with a pretty safe instinct in scenting their prey."
- Anna Julia Cooper
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"You have to really be courageous about your instincts and your ideas. Otherwise you'll just knuckle under, and things that might have been memorable will be lost."
- Francis Ford Coppola
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"Usually the nonsense liberals spout is kind of cute, but in wartime their instinctive idiocy is life-threatening."
- Ann Coulter
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"Reasoning at every step he treads, Man yet mistakes his way, Whilst meaner things, whom instinct leads, Are rarely known to stray."
- William Cowper
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"I had this instinct and I just knew it. It was a very strange thing and as soon as I finished recording it, we were all in the studio saying we have something really special here."
- Deborah Cox
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"It has taken a great deal of energy, which has not been so difficult to summon as the necessary patience to wait, simply wait much of the time - until my instincts assured me that I had assembled my materials in proper order for a final welding into their natural form."
- Hart Crane
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"Modern morality and manners suppress all natural instincts, keep people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales."
- Aleister Crowley
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"If an animal does something, we call it instinct; if we do the same thing for the same reason, we call it intelligence."
- Will Cuppy
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"If a cat does something, we call it instinct; if we do the same thing, for the same reason, we call it intelligence."
- Will Cuppy
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"Singing and being truthful to a song... I've developed that skill, and I know how to do that real instinctively, that's all I've been doing for the last 25 years."
- Taylor Dane
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"The very essence of instinct is that it's followed independently of reason."
- Charles Darwin
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"Reason is the servant of instinct."
- Clarence Day
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"I love acting and I still want to do it, but I've such an instinct for directing, it's something that comes naturally to me. It's why I'm here on this planet."
- Julie Delpy
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"David was the kind of guy who was totally supportive of the actors and instructed the writing staff to trust the actor's instincts, since after all, it's the actors playing the character."
- William Devane
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"I don't like formal gardens. I like wild nature. It's just the wilderness instinct in me, I guess."
- Walt Disney
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"Our civilization is still in a middle stage, scarcely beast, in that it is no longer wholly guided by instinct; scarcely human, in that it is not yet wholly guided by reason."
- Theodore Dreiser
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"On the one hand, people think they own kids; they feel that they have the right to tell the kids what to do. On the other hand, people envy kids. We'd like to be kids our whole lives. Kids get to do what they do. They live on their instincts."
- David Duchovny
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"Love between a man and a woman is founded on the mating instinct and is not free from desire and self-seeking. But to have a friend and to be true under any and all trials is the mark of a man!"
- Charles Alexander Eastman
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"Humor is the instinct for taking pain playfully."
- Max Eastman
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"How can you defy fear? Fear is a human instinct, just like hunger. Whether you like it or not, you become hungry. Similarly with fear. But I have learned to train myself to live with this fear."
- Shirin Ebadi
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"I used my instincts. It's very easy to imagine how you'd feel, actually. I just had to tell the narrative."
- Christopher Eccleston
"I'm pretty instinctive. I'm a quick learner."
- Shannon Elizabeth
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"The husband - by primitive instinct partly, certainly by ancient tradition - regards himself as the active partner in matters of love and his own pleasure as legitimately the prime motive for activity."
- Havelock Ellis
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"Trust your instinct to the end, though you can render no reason."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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"The parent knows instinctively that if they're working and setting an example for their child that means that child is more likely to be in school, more likely to stay out of trouble and more likely to complete their education."
- John Engler
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"A lot of directors are overbearing and tend to make you doubt your instincts."
- Omar Epps
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"Inspiration in Science may have to do with ideas, but not in Art. In art it is in the senses that are instinctively responsive to the medium of expression."
- Arthur Erickson
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"Looking back on those games, I probably hustled out of position as much as I hustled into position since I really never had any real training. I was working on instincts alone."
- Jim Evans
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"I have always had strong maternal instincts. Even when I was still a child I cut out pictures of prams from newspapers and imagined the feeling of pushing my own pram through fresh winter snow and seeing the wheels' tracks behind me in the snow."
- Agnetha Faltskog
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"I believe that all of us are born heterosexual, physically created with a plumbing that's heterosexual, and created with the instincts and desires that are basically, fundamentally, heterosexual."
- Jerry Falwell
"Like the winds that we come we know not whence and blow whither soever they list, the forces of society are derived from an obscure and distant origin. They arise before the date of philosophy, from the instincts, not the speculations of men."
- Adam Ferguson
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"All you have in comedy, in general, is just going with your instincts. You can only hope that other people think that what you think is funny is funny. I don't have an answer but I just try to plough straight ahead."
- Will Ferrell
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"I think a lot of the instincts you have doing comedy are really the same for doing drama, in that it's essentially about listening. The way I approach comedy, is you have to commit to everything as if it's a dramatic role, meaning you play it straight."
- Will Ferrell
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"Both the historian and the novelist view history as the struggle of a tiny minority, able and determined to make judgments, which is up against a vast and densely packed majority of the blind, who are led by their instincts and unable to think for themselves."
- Lion Feuchtwanger
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"The herd instinct among forecasters makes sheep look like independent thinkers."
- Edgar R. Fiedler
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"Within two weeks of working with her, I realized how good she was for the role because she was absolutely with it and she has got terrific instincts, I think, as an artist, too."
- Albert Finney
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"My primary instinct as an actor is not the big transformation. It's thrilling if a performer can do that well, but that's not me. Often with actors, it's a case of witnessing a big party piece but wondering afterwards, where's the substance?"
- Colin Firth
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"When the going got tough, I really had to draw on many of the same competitive instincts I did when I was skating. I really had to put my head down and stay positive. I had to fight."
- Peggy Fleming
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"In all my public and private acts as your president, I expect to follow my instincts of openness and candor with full confidence that honesty is always the best policy in the end."
- Gerald R. Ford
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"In art as in love, instinct is enough."
- Anatole France
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"Religion is an illusion and it derives its strength from the fact that it falls in with our instinctual desires."
- Sigmund Freud
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"It is impossible to overlook the extent to which civilization is built upon a renunciation of instinct."
- Sigmund Freud
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"We believe that civilization has been created under the pressure of the exigencies of life at the cost of satisfaction of the instincts."
- Sigmund Freud
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"The tendency to aggression is an innate, independent, instinctual disposition in man... it constitutes the powerful obstacle to culture."
- Sigmund Freud
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"Action is no less necessary than thought to the instinctive tendencies of the human frame."
- Mohandas Gandhi
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"Everything I do in my life is very instinctual and in the moment. If I'm attracted to something, that's it. If I have reservations, those don't change till they're resolved. My first impression is how I go."
- Andy Garcia
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"My instincts are always against people who want to fasten some sort of hegemony onto things."
- Clifford Geertz
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"Men have been found to deny woman intellect; they have credited her with instinct, with intuition, with a capacity to correlate cause and effect much as a dog connects its collar with a walk."
- W. L. George
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"There is no morality by instinct. There is no social salvation in the end without taking thought; without mastery of logic and application of logic to human experience."
- Katharine Fullerton Gerould
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"Simplicity is an acquired taste. Mankind, left free, instinctively complicates life."
- Katharine Fullerton Gerould
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"Teaching is an instinctual art, mindful of potential, craving of realizations, a pausing, seamless process."
- A. Bartlett Giamatti
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"And, for an instant, she stared directly into those soft blue eyes and knew, with an instinctive mammalian certainty, that the exceedingly rich were no longer even remotely human."
- William Gibson
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"Instinct is the nose of the mind."
- Delphine de Girardin
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"I like working with actresses, and I like women a lot, not for obvious reasons, but just in that that there's so much about what they bring to the scene that keeps it so interesting. Their instincts are so different, and they never explain them to you."
- Ryan Gosling
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"It's a perfectly human instinct to want to be near water."
- Stone Gossard
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"I focus on the writing and let the rest of the process take care of itself. I've learned to trust my own instincts and I've also learned to take risks."
- Sue Grafton
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"My instinct was that it was Sidney's childhood in the Bahamas that gave him the fearlessness to fight racism. So this documentary was a kind of rounding out of what had begun in that scene in In the Heat of the Night."
- Lee Grant
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"I loved being asked 2,000 questions a day, storyboarding every move, knowing as though by instinct exactly where the camera had to be, because it was my story."
- Richard Grant
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"I was thinking about doing another film at the same time, which was the sequel to Basic Instinct and I just had a feeling that wasn't going to happen. You know, I just kind of read the writing on the wall."
- Bruce Greenwood
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"Developing the muscles of the soul demands no competitive spirit, no killer instinct, although it may erect pain barriers that the spiritual athlete must crash through."
- Germaine Greer
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"I believe that when people have an occupation that allows them to provide for their families, the social dimension of human nature will emerge instinctively and lead people to help and organize others less privileged."
- Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao
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"I wasn't popular in the home office because I wasn't chicken. I'm just a risk taker. I have gut instincts."
- Gary Gygax
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"Shakespeare reveals human nature brilliantly: he shines a light on our instinctive desire to dominate each other."
- Edward Hall
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"To be womanly is one thing, and one only; it is to be sensitive to man, to be highly endowed with the sex instinct; to be manly is to be sensitive to woman."
- Jane Harrison
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"If you let your fear of consequence prevent you from following your deepest instinct, your life will be safe, expedient and thin."
- Katharine Butler Hathaway
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"Billy not only had a distinguished career in the Legislature, but he also has great business instincts and has done exceedingly well making investment decisions in both stocks and private ventures such as real estate."
- Christie Hefner
(Related: Business, Career, Decisions, Investment)

"You instinctively discover how to entertain an audience."
- Anna Held
"Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing."
- Ben Hogan
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"Every genuine boy is a rebel and an anarch. If he were allowed to develop according to his own instincts, his own inclinations, society would undergo such a radical transformation as to make the adult revolutionary cower and cringe."
- John Andrew Holmes
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"God forgive me if I do wrong in following with ardor the strongest instincts of my nature."
- Julia Ward Howe
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"Reason is a passion; an instinct, a drive."
- Bette Howland
(Related: Instinct, Passion, Reason)

"Animals of all classes, old and young, shrink with instinctive fear from any strange object approaching them."
- William Henry Hudson
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"If I'd seen a grown man beating a crippled boy, of course I'd intervene. If my father died and left my mother destitute, it's your instinct to take care of her. So when I started to think about it in those terms, it started to make sense to me."
- Charlie Hunnam
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"It is not to be forgotten that what we call rational grounds for our beliefs are often extremely irrational attempts to justify our instincts."
- Thomas Huxley
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"Man is primarily governed by passion and instinct."
- Muhammed Iqbal
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"There's a lot of research behind the scenes that you don't get to see, but I have an instinct that my dad nurtured from when I was born. I was very lucky then."
- Steve Irwin
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"Snakes are just very instinctive to me. I've been playing with snakes since before I could walk. It doesn't matter where or what it is, from the biggest to the most venomous."
- Steve Irwin
"Growing up human is uniquely a matter of social relations rather than biology. What we learn from connections within the family takes the place of instincts that program the behavior of animals; which raises the question, how good are these connections?"
- Elizabeth Janeway
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"President Obama celebrates diversity, yet instinctively seeks common ground and builds on that common ground to make progress."
- Valerie Jarrett
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"A dislike of death is no proof of the want of religion. The instincts of nature shrink from it, for no creature can like its own dissolution. But though death is not desired, the result of it may be, for dying to the Christian is the way to life eternal."
- William Jay
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"I'd thought sexuality was instinctive or natural, but it's profoundly linked to inner security and cultural context."
- Tahar Ben Jelloun
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"The Labour Party is and always has been an instinctive part of my life."
- Roy Jenkins
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"I've realized that being happy is a choice. You never want to rub anybody the wrong way or not be fun to be around, but you have to be happy. When I get logical and I don't trust my instincts - Thats when I get in trouble."
- Angelina Jolie
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"When I get logical, and I don't trust my instincts - that's when I get in trouble."
- Angelina Jolie
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"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves."
- Carl Jung
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"In every man there is an instinctive and passionate reaction if his person or liberty is attacked."
- Arthur Keith
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"When times get tough, at some point, people instinctively know they need to lighten up in order to get through it."
- Allen Klein
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"I think one of the important evolutions is that we no longer feel compulsively the need to argue, or to justify things on a kind of rational level. We are much more willing to admit that certain things are completely instinctive and others are really intellectual."
- Rem Koolhaas
"Be willing to trust your instincts, especially if you cannot find answers elsewhere."
- Brian Koslow
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"I think one of the coolest things about the job is the level of trust we have for each other. The actors fully trust that the writers will write amazing episodes, and the writers trust that the actors will follow their instincts with the characters."
- John Krasinski
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"I guess I feel that I was following my instincts, and at the same time being guided by the best. I became totally intrigued with Louisiana - the people, the food. It is a part of my life. Everything that has happened for me since moving here has just been icing on the cake."
- Emeril Lagasse
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"I'm not a marketing person. I don't ask myself questions. I go by instinct."
- Karl Lagerfeld
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"Making movies is all about instinct."
- Dino De Laurentiis
(Related: Movies, Instinct)

"Nobody taught Picasso how to paint - he learned for himself. And nobody can teach you to be a producer. You can learn the mechanics, but you can't learn what's right about a script or a director or an actor. That comes from instinct and intuition. It comes from inside you."
- Dino De Laurentiis
(Related: Actor, Instinct, Intuition, Right)

"Be a good animal, true to your animal instincts."
- David Herbert Lawrence
"Not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct."
- Denis Leary
(Related: Decision, Eating, Instinct)

"It was an instinct to put the world in order that powered her mending split infinitives and snipping off dangling participles, smoothing away the knots and bumps until the prose before her took on a sheen, like perfect caramel."
- David Leavitt
(Related: Instinct, Order, Prose, World)

"My first instinct was to cast as close to the short story as possible, but then I realized that I needed actors who could go for it and that they had to function well as a couple in a love story."
- Ang Lee
(Related: Love, Actors, First, Instinct)

"Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one's potential."
- Bruce Lee
(Related: Quality, Development, Growth, Being, Duty, Potential)

"Boxing brings out my aggressive instinct, not necessarily a killer instinct."
- Sugar Ray Leonard
(Related: Boxing, Instinct)

"The ugly is very appealing to man. It's instinct. One shrinks from the ugly, yet wants to look at it. There's a devilish fascination in it. We extract pleasure from horror."
- Sonya Levien
(Related: Horror, Instinct, Man, Pleasure, Ugly)

"We all have different musical instincts, and I think they're precious and should be respected."
- Tony Levin
"Telling us to obey instinct is like telling us to obey 'people.' People say different things: so do instincts. Our instincts are at war... Each instinct, if you listen to it, will claim to be gratified at the expense of the rest."
- C. S. Lewis
(Related: War, People, Instinct, Rest, Will)

"All the learning in the world cannot replace instinct."
- Robert Ley
(Related: Instinct, Learning, World)

"Prejudices are so to speak the mechanical instincts of men: through their prejudices they do without any effort many things they would find too difficult to think through to the point of resolving to do them."
- Georg C. Lichtenberg
(Related: Effort)

"I always sensed instinctively from the earliest age that I was being lied to."
- Richard Linklater
(Related: Age, Being)

"The properties which differentiate living matter from any kind of inorganic imitation may be instinctively felt, but can hardly be formulated without expert knowledge."
- Oliver Joseph Lodge
(Related: Knowledge, Imitation, Living, May)

"My mum says, 'Go with your first instinct,' but this can lead to impulse buying!"
- Lindsay Lohan
(Related: First, Instinct)

"Gardeners instinctively know that flowers and plants are a continuum and that the wheel of garden history will always be coming full circle."
- Francis Cabot Lowell
(Related: History, Flowers, Garden, Plants, Will)

"Every man feels instinctively that all the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action."
- James Russell Lowell
(Related: Action, Man, World)

"My instincts are not comedic."
- Josh Lucas
"Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight."
- Henry R. Luce
(Related: Business, Exercise, Foresight, Future, Occupation)

"Their every instinct - and I have to say this is without exception - is to iron out the bumps, and It's always the bumps that are the most interesting stuff."
- Adrian Lyne
(Related: Instinct)

"I am sure that instinctively we wish to be everything, to possess it-why cut the rose or marry the man, otherwise?"
- Ella Maillart
(Related: Man)

"Literature... is the union of suffering with the instinct for form."
- Thomas Mann
(Related: Instinct, Literature, Suffering)

"Poetry proceeds from the totality of man, sense, imagination, intellect, love, desire, instinct, blood and spirit together."
- Jacques Maritain
(Related: Poetry, Imagination, Love, Blood, Desire, Instinct, Intellect, Man, Sense, Spirit)

"Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun."
- Don Marquis
(Related: Ideas, Instinct)

"One of the things that I loved about listening to Miles Davis is that Miles always had an instinct for which musicians were great for what situations. He could always pick a band, and that was the thing that separated him from everybody else."
- Branford Marsalis
(Related: Instinct, Listening, Musicians)

"An insatiable appetite for glory leads to sacrifice and death, but innate instinct leads to self-preservation and life."
- Jose Marti
(Related: Life, Death, Sacrifice, Appetite, Glory, Instinct, Self)

"Instinct must be thwarted just as one prunes the branches of a tree so that it will grow better."
- Henri Matisse
(Related: Instinct, Will)

"I think that instinct, that storytelling instinct, rescued me most of my life."
- Armistead Maupin
(Related: Life, Instinct)

"So I am totally aware that when I defend the autonomy of art I'm going counter to my own development. It's more an instinctive reaction, meant to protect the private aspect of the work, the part I am most interested in and which nowadays is at risk in our culture."
- Thom Mayne
(Related: Art, Work, Development, Culture, Risk)

"When I see a slippery slope, my instinct is to build a terrace."
- John McCarthy
(Related: Instinct)

"Well, I don't know what Ron has in mind, but I do know about the arc of the show. Looking at how intuitive and instinctive Eddie and I play, that is the sort of thing that leads into sexual chemistry. I wouldn't be surprised if it emerged."
- Mary McDonnell
(Related: Mind, Play)

"Actually I've never had formal training, I was lucky enough to continue working most of my career and aside from sitting in on a couple of classes, here and there, I basically just use my own instincts."
- Nancy McKeon
(Related: Career, Training)

"The left-leaning thinking that dominates the movie business follows a common liberal instinct to deny the spiritual dimension to every problem, thereby profoundly compounding the difficulties."
- Michael Medved
(Related: Business, Difficulties, Instinct, Liberal, Spiritual, Thinking)

"There can be no doubt that the average man blames much more than he praises. His instinct is to blame. If he is satisfied he says nothing; if he is not, he most illogically kicks up a row."
- Golda Meir
(Related: Blame, Doubt, Instinct, Man, Nothing)

"The only power deserving the name is that of masses, and of governments while they make themselves the organ of the tendencies and instincts of masses."
- John Stuart Mill
(Related: Power, Name)

"I always wanted to know what lens they were on, how close they were. I didn't do it with a plan in mind, but I would instinctively gear what I was doing toward what lenses they were using."
- Donna Mills
(Related: Mind)

"I think that women just have a primeval instinct to make soup, which they will try to foist on anybody who looks like a likely candidate."
- Dylan Moran
(Related: Women, Instinct, Will)

"And I think because of the passion of every English player and every English supporter, and every English journalist for the game, most of the game is played with passion, love for football and instinct, but in football you also have to think."
- Jose Mourinho
(Related: Love, English, Football, Instinct, Passion)

"This horror of pain is a rather low instinct and... if I think of human beings I've known and of my own life, such as it is, I can't recall any case of pain which didn't, on the whole, enrich life."
- Malcolm Muggeridge
(Related: Life, Horror, Instinct, Pain)

"He's simply got the instinct for being unhappy highly developed."
- Hector Hugh Munro
(Related: Being, Instinct)

"You needn't tell me that a man who doesn't love oysters and asparagus and good wines has got a soul, or a stomach either. He's simply got the instinct for being unhappy highly developed."
- Hector Hugh Munro
(Related: Love, Soul, Being, Instinct, Man, Oysters)

"Sticking to your values, listening to your instincts, making your own choices is so important."
- Brittany Murphy
(Related: Values, Choices, Listening)

"The active part of man consists of powerful instincts, some of which are gentle and continuous; others violent and short; some baser, some nobler, and all necessary."
- Francis W. Newman
(Related: Man)

"Morality is the herd-instinct in the individual."
- Friedrich Nietzsche
(Related: Morality)

"I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman."
- Anais Nin
(Related: Courage, Strength, Doubt, Instinct, Man, Woman)

"I have never been a quitter. To leave office before my term is completed is opposed to every instinct in my body. But as president I must put the interests of America first Therefore, I shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow."
- Richard M. Nixon
(Related: America, Body, First, Instinct, Office, Presidency, President, Tomorrow)

"The best actors instinctively feel out what the other actors need, and they just accommodate it."
- Christopher Nolan
(Related: Actors)

"The artist need not know very much; best of all let him work instinctively and paint as naturally as he breathes or walks."
- Emil Nolde
(Related: Work, Artist)

"As I said, I began losing confidence in my instincts, which is tough and very bad for an instinctive person."
- Kim Novak
(Related: Confidence, Losing)

"People just don't laugh when their family is violated, and you don't shrug it off. You band together and you defend together. It's a funny, primitive instinct."
- Phillip Noyce
(Related: Family, Funny, People, Instinct)

"A lot of performing instincts are involved in the business of direction, but so is analysis and having a sense of literature."
- Trevor Nunn
(Related: Business, Direction, Literature, Sense)

"Surely we have always acted; it is an instinct inherent in all of us. Some of us are better at it than others, but we all do it."
- Laurence Olivier
(Related: Instinct)

"Not to expose your true feelings to an adult seems to be instinctive from the age of seven or eight onwards."
- George Orwell
(Related: Age, Feelings)

"The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink."
- George Orwell
(Related: Enemy, Insincerity, Language, Words)

"I usually go with the first instinct, and then build upon that."
- John Otto
(Related: First, Instinct)

"What is now reason was formerly impulse or instinct."
- Ovid
(Related: Instinct, Now, Reason)

"Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule. Nevertheless one had better know the rules, for they sometimes guide in doubtful cases, though not often."
- Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus
(Related: Life, Music, Feeling, Instinct, Rules)

"Two things control men's nature, instinct and experience."
- Blaise Pascal
(Related: Experience, Nature, Men, Control, Instinct)

"I think comedy is more my instinct and more what I'm geared towards."
- Austin Peck
(Related: Comedy, Instinct)

"Your instinct, rather than precision stabbing, is more about just random bludgeoning."
- Simon Pegg
(Related: Instinct)

"Physical bravery is an animal instinct; moral bravery is much higher and truer courage."
- Wendell Phillips
(Related: Courage, Bravery, Instinct)

"Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon. When we love a woman we don't start measuring her limbs."
- Pablo Picasso
(Related: Art, Beauty, Love, Instinct, Woman)

"I remember that, although I was full of fervour, I didn't have the slightest inkling, even at forty, of the deeper side to the movement we were pursuing by instinct. It was in the air!"
- Camille Pissarro
(Related: Instinct)

"My films are the expression of momentary desires. I follow my instincts, but in a disciplined way."
- Roman Polanski
(Related: Expression)

"A general loathing of a gang or sect usually has some sound basis in instinct."
- Ezra Pound
(Related: Instinct, Sound)

"The assumption is that the right kind of society is an organic being not merely analogous to an organic being, but actually a living structure with appetites and digestions, instincts and passions, intelligence and reason."
- Herbert Read
(Related: Intelligence, Society, Being, Living, Reason, Right)

"Religion is not a popular error; it is a great instinctive truth, sensed by the people, expressed by the people."
- Ernest Renan
(Related: Religion, Truth, People, Error, Popular)

"Of course no one thought of anything except of attacking the enemy. It lies in the instinct of every German to rush at the enemy wherever he meets him, particularly if he meets hostile cavalry."
- Manfred von Richthofen
(Related: Thought, Enemy, Instinct, Lies)

"I think there's a natural system in your own head about how much violence the scene warrants. It's not an intellectual process, it's an instinctive process."
- Guy Ritchie
(Related: Violence)

"Long before the terrifying potential of the arms race was recognized, there was a widespread instinctive abhorrence of nuclear weapons, and a strong desire to get rid of them."
- Joseph Rotblat
(Related: Abhorrence, Desire, Potential, Race, Weapons)

"Every man wants a woman to appeal to his better side, his nobler instincts, and his higher nature - and another woman to help him forget them."
- Helen Rowland
(Related: Nature, Forget, Help, Man, Woman)

"Be yourself. Follow your instincts. Success depends, at least in part, on the ability to "carry it off.""
- Donald Rumsfeld
(Related: Success, Ability)

"Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd."
- Bertrand Russell
(Related: Fear, Instinct)

"What does it say about us that people who are considered defective are instinctively caring and compassionate?"
- Morley Safer
(Related: People, Caring)

"Feminism is a political mistake. Feminism is a mistake made by women's intellect, a mistake which her instinct will recognize."
- Valentine de Saint-Point
(Related: Women, Mistake, Feminism, Instinct, Intellect, Will)

"The diseases which destroy a man are no less natural than the instincts which preserve him."
- George Santayana
(Related: Man)

"I really just followed my musical instincts every step of my life."
- Boz Scaggs
(Related: Life)

"Art and works of art do not make an artist; sense and enthusiasm and instinct do."
- Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
(Related: Art, Enthusiasm, Artist, Instinct, Sense)

"A criminal is a person with predatory instincts without sufficient capital to form a corporation."
- Howard Scott
"I feel constricted if I become too much aware of the act of making. Liberty is lost and instead of an instinctual lyrical expression the whole thing becomes arid."
- William Scott
(Related: Act, Expression, Liberty)

"She has good instincts, but wrong judgments. She'll rue the day."
- David O. Selznick
(Related: Day, Wrong)

"And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high."
- Ayrton Senna
(Related: Experience, Power, Determination, Instinct, Mind)

"And suddenly I realised that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension."
- Ayrton Senna
(Related: Car, Driving, Instinct)

"Few of us have vitality enough to make any of our instincts imperious."
- George Bernard Shaw
(Related: Vitality)

"Fame is empowering. My mistake was that I thought I would instinctively know how to handle it. But there's no manual, no training course."
- Charlie Sheen
(Related: Thought, Mistake, Fame, Training)

"You just have to trust your instincts and hope that if someone doesn't like your idea, you can prove them wrong in the final process. In the end, you can please some of the people some of the time, but that's about all you can do."
- Bryan Singer
(Related: Trust, Time, People, Idea, Hope, End, Wrong)

"My mother listened to all the news from the camp during the strike. She said little, especially when my father or the men who worked for him were about I remember her instinctive and unhesitating sympathy for the miners."
- Agnes Smedley
(Related: Men, Mother, Father, Sympathy, News)

"There are people who claim to be instinctive cooks, who never follow recipes or weigh anything at all. All I can say is they're not very fussy about what they eat. For me, cooking is an exact art and not some casual game."
- Delia Smith
(Related: Art, People, Cooking)

"I decided that it was not wisdom that enabled poets to write their poetry, but a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean."
- Socrates
(Related: Wisdom, Poetry, Inspiration, Instinct, Poets)

"What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all."
- Benjamin Spock
(Related: Babies, Fathers, Mothers)

"The more people have studied different methods of bringing up children the more they have come to the conclusion that what good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is the best after all."
- Benjamin Spock
(Related: People, Babies, Children, Fathers, Mothers)

"Baseball for me was instinctive, born within me, given to me as a gift from God."
- Willie Stargell
(Related: God, Baseball)

"Instinct is intelligence incapable of self-consciousness."
- John Sterling
(Related: Intelligence, Instinct, Self)

"I rely on my instincts and intuition, and I feel it's so imperative for people to follow not the path but their path."
- Emma Stone
(Related: People, Intuition)

"Most mothers are instinctive philosophers."
- Harriet Beecher Stowe
(Related: Mothers)

"I generally wade in blind and trust to fate and instinct to see me through."
- Peter Straub
(Related: Trust, Blind, Fate, Instinct)

"I go by instinct - I don't worry about experience."
- Barbra Streisand
(Related: Experience, Instinct, Worry)

"The most important thing is to follow your instinct and get involved with some friends who have similar tastes and aspirations and like music as much as you do."
- Mick Taylor
(Related: Music, Aspirations, Friends, Instinct)

"They've pursued their own agendas, and they've done what they've wanted to do and not pursued traditional careers in the music industry. They've followed their own instincts, and they are in many ways maverick performers."
- Neil Tennant
(Related: Music, Careers)

"I'm not an instinctive actor."
- John Thaw
(Related: Actor)

"The instinct to worship is hardly less strong than the instinct to eat."
- Dorothy Thompson
(Related: Instinct, Worship)

"The animals that depend on instinct have an inherent knowledge of the laws of economics and of how to apply them; Man, with his powers of reason, has reduced economics to the level of a farce which is at once funnier and more tragic than Tobacco Road."
- James Thurber
(Related: Knowledge, Animals, Economics, Instinct, Laws, Man, Reason, Road)

"But when I would see the surrogate, my first instinct, my first reaction would be jealousy, because she was doing what I wanted to do."
- Cheryl Tiegs
(Related: First, Instinct, Jealousy)

"I think there's a supreme power behind the whole thing, an intelligence. Look at all of the instincts of nature, both animals and plants, the very ingenious ways they survive. If you cut yourself, you don't have to think about it."
- Clyde Tombaugh
(Related: Power, Intelligence, Nature, Animals, Plants)

"I do not know whether there be, as a rule, more vocal expression of the sentiment of love between a man and a woman, than there is between two thrushes. They whistle and call to each other, guided by instinct rather than by reason."
- Anthony Trollope
(Related: Love, Expression, Instinct, Man, Reason, Sentiment, Thrushes, Woman)

"Work hard, use your common sense and don't be afraid to trust your instincts."
- Fred L. Turner
(Related: Trust, Work, Common sense)

"As long as man labors for a physical existence, though an act of necessity almost, he is yet natural; it is life, though that of this world, for which he instinctively works."
- Jones Very
(Related: Life, Act, Existence, Man, Necessity, World)

"There was nothing in all Douglas's powerful effort that appealed to the higher instincts of human nature, while Lincoln always touched sympathetic cords. Lincoln's speech excited and sustained the enthusiasm of his audience to the end."
- Henry Villard
(Related: Nature, Enthusiasm, Effort, End, Human nature, Nothing, Speech)

"It has been generally the custom of writers on natural history to take the habits and instincts of animals as the fixed point, and to consider their structure and organization as specially adapted to be in accordance with them."
- Alfred Russel Wallace
(Related: History, Animals, Custom, Habits, Writers)

"To destroy a standing crop goes against the soundest instincts of human nature."
- Henry Cantwell Wallace
(Related: Nature, Human nature)

"I think comedy's something you can't learn. It's an instinct, which makes it rather elusive."
- Julie Walters
(Related: Comedy, Instinct)

"In this choice, as I look back over more than half a century, I can only follow - and trust - the same sort of instinct that one follows in the art of fiction."
- Mary A. Ward
(Related: Art, Trust, Choice, Fiction, Instinct)

"Mud-pies gratify one of our first and best instincts. So long as we are dirty, we are pure."
- Charles Dudley Warner
(Related: First)

"I have no acting technique I act instinctively. That's why I can't play any role that isn't based on something in my life."
- Ethel Waters
(Related: Life, Act, Acting, Play)

"He was gifted with the sly, sharp instinct for self-preservation that passes for wisdom among the rich."
- Evelyn Waugh
(Related: Wisdom, Instinct, Self)

"I had an instinctive feeling that the people who have little or no school training should have something coming into their homes weekly which dealt with their problems in a simple, helpful way... so I wrote in a plain, common-sense way on the things that concerned our people."
- Ida B. Wells
(Related: People, Feeling, Problems, School, Training)

"Love isn't an emotion or an instinct - it's an art."
- Mae West
(Related: Art, Love, Emotion, Instinct)

"Stick to your instincts."
- Tina Weymouth
"The only sense that is common in the long run, is the sense of change and we all instinctively avoid it."
- E. B. White
(Related: Change, Sense)

"Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else's."
- Billy Wilder
(Related: Trust, Instinct, Mistakes)

"If we listen human instinct actually tells us what we need, but advertising makes us want things we don't need and things we can't have."
- Kit Williams
(Related: Advertising, Instinct, Want)

"Some of their best songs don't have bridges and choruses. So that made me think I should trust my instincts. My songs were okay, I figured. I didn't need to change anything."
- Lucinda Williams
(Related: Change, Trust, Songs)

"Yet otters have not been hunters in water long enough for the habit to become an instinct."
- Henry Williamson
(Related: Habit, Instinct, Water)

"I have long enjoyed the friendship and companionship of Republicans because I am by instinct a teacher, and I would like to teach them something."
- Woodrow Wilson
(Related: Friendship, Companionship, Instinct, Republicans)

"Follow your instincts. That's where true wisdom manifests itself."
- Oprah Winfrey
(Related: Wisdom)

"Your mind knows only some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path."
- Henry Winkler
(Related: Instinct, Mind, Right, Voice, Will)

"As an adult (after college) and as an artist I thought about what was real, what sustained me - it was Christian Science. I was using that when I didn't know it. Saying yes to the Light and your better instinct."
- Alfre Woodard
(Related: Science, Thought, Christian, Artist, Instinct, Light, Saying)

"If you insist upon fighting to protect me, or 'our' country, let it be understood soberly and rationally between us that you are fighting to gratify a sex instinct which I cannot share; to procure benefits where I have not shared and probably will not share."
- Virginia Woolf
(Related: Sex, Benefits, Country, Fighting, Instinct, Will)

"It is curious how instinctively one protects the image of oneself from idolatry or any other handling that could make it ridiculous, or too unlike the original to be believed any longer."
- Virginia Woolf
"The people of western Missouri are, in some respects, very peculiar. We will take Jackson county where I was born for instance. In that section the people seemed to be born fighters, the instinct being inherited from a long line of ancestors."
- Cole Younger
(Related: People, Being, Instinct, Will)

"For me it's always about first impressions. I trust my instincts. I love to prepare if it's something that requires training. But I don't like to prepare the psychology too much. I enjoy the psychology of the character but I work better from a first impression."
- Billy Zane
(Related: Love, Trust, Work, Impression, Character, First, Psychology, Training)

"My instinct as a philosopher is that we are effectively approaching a multicentric world, which means we need to ask new, and for the traditional left, unpleasant questions."
- Slavoj Zizek
(Related: Instinct, Questions, World)