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"The good news was that Enterprise and the newly arrived Yorktown had attacked the Marshall and Gilbert islands. Those attacks had a great effect on morale."
- Jack Adams
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"Our task force put to sea in early January 1942, to attack the Japanese in the Marshall and Gilbert islands, but the mission was called off on the eve of the attack."
- Jack Adams
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"On December 5, 1941, Chicago led a task force built around the carrier Lexington to Midway Island, at the western end of the Hawaiian Islands, about 1,000 miles from Pearl Harbor."
- Jack Adams
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"More varied than any landscape was the landscape in the sky, with islands of gold and silver, peninsulas of apricot and rose against a background of many shades of turquoise and azure."
- Cecil Beaton
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"In the islands of the Aegean Sea, every island is full of graves."
- James Theodore Bent
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"If the people of New Zealand want to be part of our world, I believe they should hop off their islands, and push 'em closer."
- Lewis Black
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"There are no countries in the world less known by the British than those selfsame British Islands."
- George Borrow
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"Little islands are all large prisons: one cannot look at the sea without wishing for the wings of a swallow."
- Richard Burton
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"The other exception where we did not at all restore the place to its original condition is the Surrounded Islands. Before we installed our fabric, we had our workers remove 42 tons of garbage off the beaches of those islands. We never brought the garbage back."
- Christo
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"Artificial Intelligence leaves no doubt that it wants its audiences to enter a realm of pure fantasy when it identifies one of the last remaining islands of civilization as New Jersey."
- Godfried Danneels
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"I don't want to go to the Bahamas on holiday. I hate islands. I want to go to Brittany, where it's cold and raining, and there's nothing fancy about it."
- Julie Delpy
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"Lest those islands still seem to you too remote in space and time to be relevant to our modern societies, just think about the risks... of our increasing globalization and increasing worldwide economic interdependence."
- Jared Diamond
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"We're performing several shows in the Canary Islands."
- George Duke
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"I cannot lead you into battle. I do not give you laws or administer justice but I can do something else - I can give my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the peoples of our brotherhood of nations."
- Elizabeth II
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"I got space from Travis Air Force Base, went back to the Philippine Islands and made it a point to meet the only American casting director in the Philippines. I was off and running."
- R. Lee Ermey
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"A nice pop star would do you nice on one of those deserted islands."
- Tom Felton
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"No doubt these rocky islands have suggested the idea worked out in gardens, and they have been well imitated."
- Robert Fortune
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"I love giving gifts and I love receiving them. I really like giving little kids extravagant gifts. You see their little faces light up and they get excited. If it's a really good gift, I love receiving it, like jewels, small islands."
- Gina Gershon
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"Islands are known to differ in the food supply available to ground finches, mainly seeds."
- Peter R. Grant
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"My boyhood saw Greek islands floating over Harvard Square."
- Horace Gregory
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"In front of us lay a smooth sandy beach, beyond which rose gradually a high wooded country, and behind us was the sea, studded with numerous islands of every variety of form."
- George Grey
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"My goal is to be living back in Canada as soon as I can, hopefully somewhere in the Gulf Islands."
- Nicholas Lea
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"The rain, which had continued yesterday and last night, ceased this morning. We then proceeded, and after passing two small islands about ten miles further, stopped for the night at Piper's landing, opposite another island."
- Meriwether Lewis
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"I feel we are all islands - in a common sea."
- Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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"California is an island, and New York's an island. Maybe it's time for me to change islands."
- Paul Mazursky
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"It has been popular to threaten "small islands and low-lying coasts" with scenarios of disastrous future flooding. The Maldives has been the most utilised target. We have undertaken a careful analysis of actual sea level changes in the Maldives. No rise has been recorded either in the present or the past centuries."
- Nils-Axel Morner
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"When I'm not working, my family and I have a house in the San Juan Islands. We've been here since '94."
- Elizabeth Pena
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"We got orders to strike the Marshall and Gilbert Islands. We had a task force with the Enterprise. We had two or three cruisers and probably eight or 10 destroyers."
- Barney Ross
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"The advice I am giving always to all my students is above all to study the music profoundly... music is like the ocean, and the instruments are little or bigger islands, very beautiful for the flowers and trees."
- Andres Segovia
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"My father used to run auctions. He's now a singer in the Canary Islands."
- Jason Statham
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"I looked along the San Juan Islands and the coast of California, but I couldn't find the palette of green, granite, and dark blue that you can only find in Maine."
- Parker Stevenson
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"If I read not amiss, this powerful race will move down upon Mexico, down upon Central and South America, out upon the islands of the sea, over upon Africa and beyond. And can any one doubt that the results of this competition of races will be the "survival of the fittest?""
- Josiah Strong
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"Every article on these islands has an almost personal character, which gives this simple life, where all art is unknown, something of the artistic beauty of medieval life."
- John Millington Synge
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"In a sense, each of us is an island. In another sense, however, we are all one. For though islands appear separate, and may even be situated at great distances from one another, they are only extrusions of the same planet, Earth."
- J. Donald Walters
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"Natural erosion had reduced the critical barrier islands in the Gulf, the result of the destruction of some 300,000 acres of wetlands. This amounted to 30 miles of marshlands."
- Mortimer Zuckerman
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