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"The most violent appetites in all creatures are lust and hunger; the first is a perpetual call upon them to propagate their kind, the latter to preserve themselves."
- Joseph Addison
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"It is folly for an eminent man to think of escaping censure, and a weakness to be affected with it. All the illustrious persons of antiquity, and indeed of every age in the world, have passed through this fiery persecution."
- Joseph Addison
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"Beslan, where the Russian authorities stopped live coverage of the school being stormed, was an illustration of the progress we still have to make."
- Kate Adie
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"If one wants another only for some self-satisfaction, usually in the form of sensual pleasure, that wrong desire takes the form of lust rather than love."
- Mortimer Adler
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"Erotic or sexual love can truly be love if it is not selfishly sexual or lustful."
- Mortimer Adler
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"It is love rather than sexual lust or unbridled sexuality if, in addition to the need or want involved, there is also some impulse to give pleasure to the persons thus loved and not merely to use them for our own selfish pleasure."
- Mortimer Adler
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"When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist."
- Akhenaton
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"Acting gave me the opportunity to do outrageous things. It allowed me to be sad, happy, angry and lustful even if it was just vicariously."
- Joan Allen
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"At first, I see pictures of a story in my mind. Then creating the story comes from asking questions of myself. I guess you might call it the 'what if - what then' approach to writing and illustration."
- Chris Van Allsburg
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"In our minds, love and lust are really separated. It's hard to find someone that can be kind and you can trust enough to leave your kids with, and isn't afraid to throw her man up against the wall and lick him from head to toe."
- Tori Amos
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"There is a broad cultural current that conveys the idea that a film is like a football team, it represents a nation, it is illustrated literature, filmed radio. These are outdated concepts, totally out of touch with today's realities."
- Jean-Jacques Annaud
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"My own view would be to let Saddam bluster, let him rant and rave all he wants. As long as he behaves himself within his own borders, we should not be addressing any attack or resources against him."
- Dick Armey
"It certainly is the duty of every true Christian, to esteem himself a stranger and pilgrim in this world; and as bound to use earthly blessings, not as means of satisfying lust or gratifying wantonness, but of supplying his absolute wants and necessities."
- Johann Arndt
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"Yet, so far from laboring to know the forbidden tree of worldly pleasures and its various fruits, man gives himself up to a careless and thoughtless state of life, and yields to the lust of the flesh, not considering that this lust is really the forbidden tree."
- Johann Arndt
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"Perhaps as good a classification as any of the main types is that of the three lusts distinguished by traditional Christianity - the lust of knowledge, the lust of sensation, and the lust of power."
- Irving Babbitt
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"As an undergraduate I held many small jobs as an illustrator."
- Robert T. Bakker
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"Do not follow vain desires; for verily he who prospers is preserved from lust, greed and anger."
- Abu Bakr
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"I'm always looking, as an actor, for activities. I think it's far more interesting to watch what people do than what they say. You always want to watch behavior, because the dialogue as written by our illustrious leaders is great. Eminently playable."
- Adam Baldwin
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"For the sake of argument and illustration I will presume that certain articles of ordinary diet, however beneficial in youth, are prejudicial in advanced life, like beans to a horse, whose common ordinary food is hay and corn."
- William Banting
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"Strength instead of being the lusty child of passion, grows by grappling with and subduing them."
- James M. Barrie
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"Interesting phenomena occur when two or more rhythmic patterns are combined, and these phenomena illustrate very aptly the enrichment of information that occurs when one description is combined with another."
- Gregory Bateson
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"Sam Walton was a master storyteller who used illustrative stories to reinforce his cultural standards."
- Michael Bergdahl
"It is the growth of advertising in this country which, more than any single element, has brought the American magazine to its present enviable position in points of literary, illustrative and mechanical excellence."
- Edward Bok
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"If a theme or idea is too near the surface, the novel becomes simply a tract illustrating an idea."
- Elizabeth Bowen
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"The earth has grown old with its burden of care, but at Christmas it always is young, the heart of the jewel burns lustrous and fair, and its soul full of music breaks the air, when the song of angels is sung."
- Phillips Brooks
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"On receiving from the people the sacred trust twice confided on my illustrious predecessor, and which he has discharged so faithfully and so well, I know that I can not expect to perform the arduous task with equal ability and success."
- Martin Van Buren
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"I tread in the footsteps of illustrious men... in receiving from the people the sacred trust confided to my illustrious predecessor."
- Martin Van Buren
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"To enlarge or illustrate this power and effect of love is to set a candle in the sun."
- Robert Burton
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"Learning should be a joy and full of excitement. It is life's greatest adventure; it is an illustrated excursion into the minds of the noble and the learned."
- Taylor Caldwell
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"I was doing illustration work, and the cartooning slowly took over."
- Max Cannon
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"That's something I learned in art school. I studied graphic design in Germany, and my professor emphasized the responsibility that designers and illustrators have towards the people they create things for."
- Eric Carle
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"I've looked on many women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times. God knows I will do this and forgives me."
- Jimmy Carter
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"We must not be content to memorize the beautiful formulas of our illustrious predecessors. Let us go out and study beautiful nature."
- Paul Cezanne
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"Knowledge may give weight, but accomplishments give luster, and many more people see than weigh."
- Lord Chesterfield
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"The State acquires power... and because of its insatiable lust for power it is incapable of giving up any of it. The State never abdicates."
- Frank Chodorov
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"People never know how strong is their lust for being cheated."
- Joe Chung
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"To be awarded a prize which takes its name from an illustrious Dutchman who at the same time was a great citizen of Europe and through his writings did so much to open up our modern world of sensibility and thought is indeed a most signal honour."
- John G. D. Clark
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"I saw no African people in the printed and illustrated Sunday school lessons. I began to suspect at this early age that someone had distorted the image of my people. My long search for the true history of African people the world over began."
- John Henrik Clarke
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"He who truly believes that which prompts him to an action has looked upon the action to lust after it, he has committed it already in his heart."
- William Kingdon Clifford
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"He has a number of curious facts in illustration of the power of mere goodness to protect against outrage."
- George Combe
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"Words today are like the shells and rope of seaweed which a child brings home glistening from the beach and which in an hour have lost their luster."
- Cyril Connolly
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"There is too much illustrating of the news these days. I look at many editorial cartoons and I don't know what the cartoonists are saying or how they feel about a certain issue."
- Paul Conrad
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"There is no better illustration of that crisis than the fact that the president is openly violating our nation's laws by authorizing the NSA to engage in warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens."
- John Conyers
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"Lust and greed are more gullible than innocence."
- Mason Cooley
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"Love begins with an image; lust with a sensation."
- Mason Cooley
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"A sparkling house is a fine thing if the children aren't robbed of their luster in keeping it that way."
- Marcelene Cox
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"It's become another dimension to who I am. I don't think Sports Illustrated is going to be wanting me. But who cares? I'm at a different place in my life."
- Cindy Crawford
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"A wisely chosen illustration is almost essential to fasten the truth upon the ordinary mind, and no teacher can afford to neglect this part of his preparation."
- Howard Crosby
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"I can imagine myself on my death-bed, spent utterly with lust to touch the next world, like a boy asking for his first kiss from a woman."
- Aleister Crowley
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"Inflated descriptions by the pen or exaggerated illustrations by the pencil."
- Grace Darling
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"I brought samples in, because I didn't have any comic book samples, and I brought all these illustrations that I had influenced by Norman Rockwell and a couple of the other big boys. That's all I had, that's all I brought."
- Dan DeCarlo
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"The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear."
- Daniel Defoe
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"What Tim does is, he calls me and sends me the script. And then he sends me a drawing, an illustration of his image of me as the character. It's so great."
- Danny DeVito
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"I was lusted after walking down the streets of New York."
- Janice Dickinson
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"If you only do little clusters - three or four songs by one, and another, and then yet another - you lose the opportunity to think your way into the composer's mind, since, after all, most of these pieces are quite brief."
- Dietrich Fischer Dieskau
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"It was actually a very nice little book done by a gift book company. They illustrated it with pictures from 1920s football, before there were face guards."
- Gregg Easterbrook
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"The lust of avarice as so totally seized upon mankind that their wealth seems rather to possess them than they possess their wealth."
- Pliny the Elder
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"The martyr cannot be dishonored. Every lash inflicted is a tongue of fame; every prison a more illustrious abode."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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"Even if you can't draw, do a little doodle or rip an illustration from a magazine - these visuals will help bring your idea to life."
- John Emmerling
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"The Nixon years were trying. They honed my judgment for everything I did later on. The experience also illustrated for me the importance of training young lawyers properly."
- Fred F. Fielding
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"Most of the important composers in our country are clustered in the Northeast."
- Carlisle Floyd
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"Only a struggle twists sentimentality and lust together into love."
- E. M. Forster
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"The Milky Way is nothing else but a mass of innumerable stars planted together in clusters."
- Galileo Galilei
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"I will far rather see the race of man extinct than that we should become less than beasts by making the noblest of God's creation, woman, the object of our lust."
- Mohandas Gandhi
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"Let us all be brave enough to die the death of a martyr, but let no one lust for martyrdom."
- Mohandas Gandhi
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"My illustrious lordship, I'll show you what a woman can do."
- Artemisia Gentileschi
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"There are many who lust for the simple answers of doctrine or decree. They are on the left and right. They are not confined to a single part of the society. They are terrorists of the mind."
- A. Bartlett Giamatti
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"The lust for comfort, that stealthy thing that enters the house a guest, and then becomes a host, and then a master."
- Khalil Gibran
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"A graphic representation of data abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding."
- William Gibson
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"There is no sinfulness in the will and affections without some error in the understanding. All lusts which a natural man lives in, are lusts of ignorance."
- George Gillespie
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"It's like a candy store for an illustrator, I connected with Harry pretty quickly and loved the way J.K. described everything; she's such a visually thinking person. You can't pass that up."
- Mary Grandpre
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"The thing that makes me happiest about Simpsons Illustrated are all the drawings that we get from readers. I wish we could print them all. They're really imaginative. They show a lot of hard work."
- Matt Groening
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"As in nature, as in art, so in grace; it is rough treatment that gives souls, as well as stones, their luster."
- Thomas Guthrie
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"I started writing books for children because I could illustrate them myself and because, in my innocence, I thought they'd be easier."
- Mark Haddon
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"The plainer the dress, the greater luster does beauty appear."
- Edward F. Halifax
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"No, what I should really like to do right now, in the full blaze of lights, before this illustrious assembly, is to shower every one of you with gifts, with flowers, with offerings of poetry - to be young once more, to ride on the crest of the wave."
- Knut Hamsun
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"There is a lust in man no charm can tame: Of loudly publishing his neighbor's shame: On eagles wings immortal scandals fly, while virtuous actions are born and die."
- William Harvey
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"One shining quality lends a lustre to another, or hides some glaring defect."
- William Hazlitt
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"I've done illustration on the side. But other than that, comics have been my main things."
- Jaime Hernandez
"Knowledge may give weight, but accomplishments give lustre, and many more people see than weigh."
- Herodotus
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"Curiosity is the lust of the mind."
- Thomas Hobbes
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"The flesh endures the storms of the present alone; the mind, those of the past and future as well as the present. Gluttony is a lust of the mind."
- Thomas Hobbes
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"An illustration I use to get people to understand it is this: I'll ask major corporate audiences: Why don't you just take all your traditional beliefs about organizations, and apply them to the neurons in your brain?"
- Dee Hock
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"The Holocaust illustrates the consequences of prejudice, racism and stereotyping on a society. It forces us to examine the responsibilities of citizenship and confront the powerful ramifications of indifference and inaction."
- Tim Holden
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"The only people left in America who seem not to be artists are illustrators."
- Brad Holland
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"The more we are filled with thoughts of lust the less we find true romantic love."
- Douglas Horton
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"We may smile at these matters, but they are melancholy illustrations."
- Joseph Howe
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"A bit of lusting after someone does wonders for the skin."
- Elizabeth Hurley
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"Rising genius always shoots out its rays from among the clouds, but these will gradually roll away and disappear as it ascends to its steady luster."
- Washington Irving
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"What is character but the determination of incident? What is incident but the illustration of character?"
- Henry James
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"I write lustily and humorously. It isn't calculated; it's the way I think. I've invented a writing style that expresses who I am."
- Erica Jong
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"Neither do thou lust after that tawny weed tobacco."
- Ben Jonson
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"Good men are the stars, the planets of the ages wherein they live, and illustrate the times."
- Ben Jonson
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"The New Look of Batman is more illustrative and realistic."
- Bob Kane
"The main thing is healthy eating, exercise, which I do for special events, like if it's Sports Illustrated, or the swim suit catalogue for Victoria's Secret, or my own calendar that I did for the year 2000."
- Heidi Klum
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"Christian morality prefers remorse to precede lust, and then lust not to follow."
- Karl Kraus
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"The generic Canadian style of illustration is different from the generic American style."
- John Kricfalusi
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"Not very many people can draw who are illustrators today."
- John Kricfalusi
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"Open a magazine from the 1930s and '40s and look at the illustrations in it. There's nobody alive that could touch the way they could draw back then."
- John Kricfalusi
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"Cartoonists are untrained artists, while illustrators are more trained."
- John Kricfalusi
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"I wanted to become a cartoon artist, a portrait artist, and an illustrator. This was my first idea."
- Karl Lagerfeld
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"Society drives people crazy with lust and calls it advertising."
- John Lahr
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"Sometimes string figures were used to illustrate stories, as in the case of an Eskimo example that depicts a man catching a salmon. Sometimes they had magic or religious significance."
- Louis Leakey
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"The author knows just what he wants to illustrate and how he would like it to be done."
- Louis Leakey
"Before that I wanted to be a magazine illustrator - I probably would have painted Gothic scenes."
- Ira Levin
"That was in the days when everyone rode a bicycle, and the journal had a circulation of over one hundred and twenty-five thousand weekly, so my verses and illustrations became known to a fairly large public."
- Joseph C. Lincoln
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"Internationalism, illustrated by the Bolshevik and by the men to whom all countries are alike provided they can make money out of them, is to me repulsive."
- Henry Cabot Lodge
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"The fact that I have been successful merely means that I can write and illustrate in my own way."
- Hugh Lofting
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"I make no claim to be an authority on writing or illustrating for children."
- Hugh Lofting
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"Egypt, the Egypt of antiquity, at a later time, exercised a mysterious fascination over me. I recognized a picture of it immediately, without hesitation and astonishment, in an illustrated magazine."
- Pierre Loti
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"My reasons for declaring a sexual preference had to do less with the pursuit of personal freedom than with the lust for pure shock value."
- Lance Loud
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"Men of vision. Oh, I love the fine names men give each other to hide their greed and lust for adventure."
- Charles MacArthur
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"For a while I was on the cover of every Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, which was regarded as the pinnacle of success in America."
- Elle Macpherson
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"The capacity of the female mind for studies of the highest order cannot be doubted, having been sufficiently illustrated by its works of genius, of erudition, and of science."
- James Madison
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"The month of May was come, when every lusty heart beginneth to blossom, and to bring forth fruit."
- Thomas Malory
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"As a theoretical physicist, I feel at once proud and humble at the thought of the illustrious figures that have preceded me here to receive the greatest of all honors in science, the Nobel prize."
- Murray Gell Mann
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"If you take life at face value, it loses its luster pretty quickly. If you go after it, you get more out of it."
- Christopher Meloni
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"I got my diploma from Ealing College of Art, in graphics and illustration."
- Freddie Mercury
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"I wanted the press to become something of a movement. Not a movement committed to a particular "ism," but a gathering together of writers with an aesthetic approach to literature and with a lust for excellence."
- John Metcalf
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"To illustrate to the Indians the advantages the white race had in the telephone I divided a body of warriors from Sitting Bull's camp into two parties and had them talk to each other over the telephone line."
- Nelson A. Miles
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"Our financial services and insurance cluster is one of Delaware's key economic drivers in the state."
- Ruth Ann Minner
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"It is a monstrous thing that I will say, but I will say it all the same: I find in many things more restraint and order in my morals than in my opinions, and my lust less depraved than my reason."
- Michel de Montaigne
(Related: Lust, Morals, Opinions, Order, Reason, Restraint, Will)

"I always wanted to write something illustrated, and the Details strip finally gave me the opportunity."
- Rick Moody
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"The artist does not illustrate science (but) he frequently responds to the same interests that a scientist does."
- Lewis Mumford
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"The Bible and several other self help or enlightenment books cite the Seven Deadly Sins. They are: pride, greed, lust, envy, wrath, sloth, and gluttony. That pretty much covers everything that we do, that is sinful... or fun for that matter."
- Dave Mustaine
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"I lust love to play football."
- Ray Nitschke
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"Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you."
- Marsha Norman
(Related: Dreams, Soul, Writing)

"Some manufacturers illustrate their advertisements with abstract paintings. I would only do this if I wished to conceal from the reader what I was advertising."
- David Ogilvy
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"A surging, seething, murmuring crowd of beings that are human only in name, for to the eye and ear they seem naught but savage creatures, animated by vile passions and by the lust of vengeance and of hate."
- Baroness Orczy
(Related: Eye, Hate, Lust, Name, Vengeance)

"Some wars have been due to the lust of rulers for power and glory, or to revenge to wipe out the humiliation of a former defeat."
- John Boyd Orr
(Related: Power, Defeat, Glory, Lust, Revenge)

"Ambition is a lust that is never quenched, but grows more inflamed and madder by enjoyment."
- Thomas Otway
(Related: Ambition, Enjoyment, Lust)

"The man who has nothing to boast of but his illustrious ancestry is like the potato - the best part under ground."
- Thomas Overbury
(Related: Ancestry, Man, Nothing)

"If you live in rock and roll, as I do, you see the reality of sex, of male lust and women being aroused by male lust. It attracts women. It doesn't repel them."
- Camille Paglia
(Related: Women, Sex, Being, Lust, Reality)

"The work of art, just like any fragment of human life considered in its deepest meaning, seems to me devoid of value if it does not offer the hardness, the rigidity, the regularity, the luster on every interior and exterior facet, of the crystal."
- Pope Paul VI
(Related: Life, Work, Art, Meaning, Value)

"Love grows. Lust wastes by Enjoyment, and the Reason is, that one springs from an Union of Souls, and the other from an Union of Sense."
- William Penn
(Related: Love, Enjoyment, Lust, Reason, Sense)

"Sense shines with a double luster when it is set in humility. An able yet humble man is a jewel worth a kingdom."
- William Penn
(Related: Humility, Man, Sense, Worth)

"Reading a novel in which all characters illustrate patience, hard work, chastity, and delayed gratification could be a pretty dull experience."
- Thomas Perry
(Related: Experience, Work, Chastity, Hard work, Patience, Pretty, Reading)

"The keener the want the lustier the growth."
- Wendell Phillips
(Related: Growth, Want)

"The modern artist is working with space and time, and expressing his feelings rather than illustrating."
- Jackson Pollock
(Related: Time, Feelings, Artist, Space)

"I think some of the best reporters are the ones who can really illustrate the differences between societies, at the same time trying to connect the fact that there are a lot of shared values in addition to those differences."
- John Pomfret
(Related: Time, Values, Fact, Trying)

"In other words the pictures are in a kind of relationship with each other which is touching only at points rather than pictures being illustrations of poems or poems extrapolations of the pictures."
- Peter Porter
(Related: Being, Poems, Words)

"The image is more than an idea. It is a vortex or cluster of fused ideas and is endowed with energy."
- Ezra Pound
(Related: Idea, Ideas, Energy)

"The basis of tragedy is man's helplessness against disease, war and death; the basis of comedy is man's helplessness against vanity (the vanity of love, greed, lust, power)."
- Dawn Powell
(Related: War, Love, Death, Comedy, Disease, Greed, Lust, Man, Tragedy, Vanity)

"The wonders of the Grand Canyon cannot be adequately represented in symbols of speech, nor by speech itself. The resources of the graphic art are taxed beyond their powers in attempting to portray its features. Language and illustration combined must fail."
- John Wesley Powell
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"I write the poems first, with only a few exceptions for odd reasons, where I'm given the illustration first."
- Jack Prelutsky
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"Kafka truly illustrates the way the environment oppresses the individual. He shows how the unconscious controls our lives."
- Manuel Puig
(Related: Environment, Unconscious)

"Do not ever say that the desire to "do good" by force is a good motive. Neither power-lust nor stupidity are good motives."
- Ayn Rand
(Related: Power, Desire, Force, Motive, Motives, Stupidity)

"Some people have been kind enough to call me a fine artist. I've always called myself an illustrator. I'm not sure what the difference is. All I know is that whatever type of work I do, I try to give it my very best. Art has been my life."
- Norman Rockwell
(Related: Art, Life, Work, People, Artist, Difference)

"No man with a conscience can just bat out illustrations. He's got to put all his talent and feeling into them!"
- Norman Rockwell
(Related: Talent, Conscience, Feeling, Man)

"That difficult place to put your finger on about the world - it needs to be illustrated."
- Elisabeth Rohm
(Related: Needs, World)

"The Bible illustrated by Dore occupied many of my hours - and I think probably gave me many nightmares."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
(Related: Bible)

"For me archaeology is not a source of illustrations for written texts, but an independent source of historical information, with no less value and importance, sometimes more importance, that the written sources."
- Michael I. Rostovtzeff
(Related: Importance, Information, Value)

"You cannot eat a cluster of grapes at once, but it is very easy if you eat them one by one."
- Jacques Roumain
"This preparatory sort of idealism is the one that, as I just suggested, Berkeley made prominent, and, after a fashion familiar. I must state it in my own way, although one in vain seeks to attain novelty in illustrating so frequently described a view."
- Josiah Royce
(Related: Fashion, Idealism, Novelty, State)

"An enemy to whom you show kindness becomes your friend, excepting lust, the indulgence of which increases its enmity."
- Saadi
(Related: Friend, Enemy, Kindness, Lust)

"Variety, multiplicity are the two most powerful vehicles of lust."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Lust, Multiplicity, Variety)

"Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Life, Strength, Ambition, Cruelty, Lust, Revenge)

"Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Lust, Passion, Will)

"Between Scott on the earlier side and Dickens and Thackeray on the other, there was an immense production of novels, illustrated by not a few names which should rank high in the second class, while some would promote more than one of them to the first."
- George Saintsbury
(Related: Class, First, Names, Production, Rank)

"All who consult on doubtful matters, should be void of hatred, friendship, anger, and pity."
- Sallust
(Related: Anger, Friendship, Hatred, Pity)

"Those most moved to tears by every word of a preacher are generally weak and a rascal when the feelings evaporate."
- Sallust
(Related: Feelings, Tears, Word)

"A good man would prefer to be defeated than to defeat injustice by evil means."
- Sallust
(Related: Defeat, Evil, Injustice, Man)

"All those who offer an opinion on any doubtful point should first clear their minds of every sentiment of dislike, friendship, anger or pity."
- Sallust
(Related: Anger, Friendship, First, Opinion, Pity, Sentiment)

"To like and dislike the same things, this is what makes a solid friendship."
- Sallust
(Related: Friendship)

"Every bad precedent originated as a justifiable measure."
- Sallust
(Related: Measure)

"We employ the mind to rule, the body to serve."
- Sallust
(Related: Body, Mind)

"In my opinion it is less shameful for a king to be overcome by force of arms than by bribery."
- Sallust
(Related: Bribery, Force, Opinion)

"In battle it is the cowards who run the most risk; bravery is a rampart of defense."
- Sallust
(Related: Battle, Bravery, Cowards, Defense, Risk)

"He that will be angry for anything will be angry for nothing."
- Sallust
(Related: Nothing, Will)

"He only seems to me to live, and to make proper use of life, who sets himself some serious work to do, and seeks the credit of a task well and skillfully performed."
- Sallust
(Related: Work, Life, Credit)

"Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay."
- Sallust
(Related: Harmony)

"Few men desire liberty; most men wish only for a just master."
- Sallust
(Related: Men, Desire, Liberty)

"In my own case, who have spent my whole life in the practice of virtue, right conduct from habitual has become natural."
- Sallust
(Related: Life, Virtue, Practice, Right)

"Every man is the architect of his own fortune."
- Sallust
(Related: Fortune, Man)

"It is a law of human nature that in victory even the coward may boast of his prowess, while defeat injures the reputation even of the brave."
- Sallust
(Related: Nature, Victory, Defeat, Human nature, Law, May, Reputation)

"Do as much as possible, and talk of yourself as little as possible."
- Sallust
(Related: Talk)

"Distinguished ancestors shed a powerful light on their descendants, and forbid the concealment either of their merits or of their demerits."
- Sallust
(Related: Light)

"By union the smallest states thrive. By discord the greatest are destroyed."
- Sallust
(Related: states)

"Before you act, consider; when you have considered, tis fully time to act."
- Sallust
(Related: Time, Act)

"As the blessings of health and fortune have a beginning, so they must also find an end. Everything rises but to fall, and increases but to decay."
- Sallust
(Related: Health, Beginning, Blessings, End, Fortune)

"Ambition drove many men to become false; to have one thought locked in the breast, another ready on the tongue."
- Sallust
(Related: Men, Thought, Ambition, Tongue)

"Ambition breaks the ties of blood, and forgets the obligations of gratitude."
- Sallust
(Related: Gratitude, Ambition, Blood)

"Everything that rises sets, and everything that grows, grows old."
- Sallust
(Related: Old)

"Small communities grow great through harmony, great ones fall to pieces through discord."
- Sallust
(Related: Harmony)

"They envy the distinction I have won; let them therefore, envy my toils, my honesty, and the methods by which I gained it."
- Sallust
(Related: Honesty, Envy)

"The higher your station, the less your liberty."
- Sallust
(Related: Liberty)

"The glory that goes with wealth is fleeting and fragile; virtue is a possession glorious and eternal."
- Sallust
(Related: Virtue, Wealth, Glory, Possession)

"In my opinion, he only may be truly said to live and enjoy his being who is engaged in some laudable pursuit, and acquires a name by some illustrious action, or useful art."
- Sallust
(Related: Art, Action, Being, May, Name, Opinion, Pursuit)

"The fame that goes with wealth and beauty is fleeting and fragile; intellectual superiority is a possession glorious and eternal."
- Sallust
(Related: Beauty, Superiority, Wealth, Fame, Possession)

"Think like a man of action, and act like a man of thought."
- Sallust
(Related: Thought, Action, Man)

"No mortal man has ever served at the same time his passions and his best interests."
- Sallust
(Related: Time, Man)

"No man underestimates the wrongs he suffers; many take them more seriously than is right."
- Sallust
(Related: Man, Right, Wrongs)

"Neither soldiers nor money can defend a king but only friends won by good deeds, merit, and honesty."
- Sallust
(Related: Money, Honesty, Deeds, Friends, Merit, Soldiers)

"Necessity makes even the timid brave."
- Sallust
(Related: Necessity)

"Most honorable are services rendered to the State; even if they do not go beyond words, they are not to be despised."
- Sallust
(Related: State, Words)

"Kings are more prone to mistrust the good than the bad; and they are always afraid of the virtues of others."
- Sallust
(Related: Kings, Mistrust)

"Just to stir things up seemed a great reward in itself."
- Sallust
(Related: Reward)

"It is better to use fair means and fail, than foul and conquer."
- Sallust
"The firmest friendship is based on an identity of likes and dislikes."
- Sallust
(Related: Friendship, Identity)

"French and German illustrate the misleading character of apparent grammatical simplicity just as well."
- Edward Sapir
(Related: Character, Misleading, Simplicity)

"Be able to draw an illustration as least well enough to get your point across to another person."
- Marilyn vos Savant
"The Architect is just one of a series of works which examine the confrontation of innocence and experience, illustrating the complex ethics of power that exist between reader and writer, critic and artist, the human and the divine."
- John Scott
(Related: Power, Experience, Artist, Ethics, Innocence, Writer)

"One of the tragedies of modern times is that people have come to believe that something said by someone in the past, perhaps for illustrative or provocation purposes, actually represents that person's beliefs at the time."
- Idries Shah
(Related: Time, People, Beliefs, Past)

"The basic quality that any great story must have is a story that illustrates the human condition."
- William Shatner
(Related: Quality)

"There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!"
- Percy Bysshe Shelley
(Related: Autumn, Harmony, Sky, Summer)

"After that I jumped, especially being in art school, to the illustrators."
- Bill Sienkiewicz
(Related: Art, Being, School)

"Passing into practical life, illustrations of this fact are found everywhere; the distant, or the unseen, steadies and strengthens us against the rapid whirl of things around us."
- Matthew Simpson
(Related: Life, Fact)

"Yet, it ought to be obvious that good music generally occupies a higher plane that mere politics. Great writers can express moods through melody and capture experiences we share most powerfully - love, lust, longing; joy, rage, fear; triumph, yearning and confusion."
- Tony Snow
(Related: Music, Love, Politics, Fear, Confusion, Joy, Longing, Lust, Moods, Obvious, Writers, Yearning)

"It was my care to make my life illustrious not by words more than by deeds."
- Sophocles
(Related: Life, Care, Deeds, Words)

"In my youth I dreamed of being an illustrator."
- Terence Stamp
(Related: Being, Youth)

"But, after all, the aim of art is to create space - space that is not compromised by decoration or illustration, space within which the subjects of painting can live."
- Frank Stella
(Related: Art, Painting, Space)

"I have a private press. I'm a book artist. I publish books of other authors and artists. I do the illustrating. I set the type. I print it myself on my press. I do everything but bind it."
- Gloria Stuart
(Related: Artist, Artists, Books, Press)

"Today's tax cuts provide yet another illustration of the Republicans' fiscally irresponsible economic policies that ignore the needs of America's middle class, students, and working families."
- Ellen Tauscher
(Related: America, Class, Tax, Middle class, Needs, Republicans, Students, Tax cuts, Today)

"People accuse me of being Methody, but I'm not at all. The one thing I don't want people to see is me. I don't want them to be able to recognize my faults and failures and qualities, and I won't use those things to spark off emotions or to illustrate."
- Kristin Scott Thomas
(Related: People, Being, Emotions, Faults, Want)

"Black frost. The ground is hard, the air tastes bitter. Your stars cluster in evil signs."
- Georg Trakl
(Related: Evil, Stars)

"There have been many different artists that have been inspirational. I suppose the question is directed to what was the reason why I went into fantasy illustration."
- Boris Vallejo
(Related: Inspirational, Artists, Fantasy, Question, Reason)

"Lust is what keeps you wanting to do it even when you have no desire to be with each other. Love is what makes you want to be with each other even when you have no desire to do it."
- Judith Viorst
(Related: Love, Desire, Lust, Want)

"A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends."
- Henry A. Wallace
(Related: Money, Power, Deceit, Intolerance, Lust, Nations, Violence)

"Illustrious acts high raptures do infuse, And every conqueror creates a muse."
- Edmund Waller
"The love of domination and an uncontrolled lust of arbitrary power have prevailed among all nations and perhaps in proportion to the degrees of civilization."
- Mercy Otis Warren
(Related: Love, Power, Civilization, Lust, Nations)

"Mom was the greatest influence of my childhood. She wanted to save me from the vice, lust, and drinking that was all about me."
- Ethel Waters
(Related: Mom, Childhood, Drinking, Influence, Lust, Vice)

"Though lust do masque in ne'er so strange disguise she's oft found witty, but is never wise."
- John Webster
(Related: Disguise, Lust, Witty)

"Whether we fall by ambition, blood, or lust, like diamonds we are cut with our own dust."
- John Webster
(Related: Ambition, Blood, Lust)

"What critics call dirty in our pictures, they call lusty in foreign films."
- Billy Wilder
"Life magazine ran a page featuring me and three other girls that was clearly the precursor of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues."
- Esther Williams
(Related: Life, Sports, Girls)

"On one level the sixties revolt was an impressive illustration of Lenin's remark that the capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with."
- Ellen Willis
(Related: Will)

"When I was a kid, my dream was to be a farmer and marry Charlie Brown. I wanted to rescue him and make him happy. Besides, he was always lusting after the little redhead girl."
- Alicia Witt
(Related: Dream)

"When you feel a connection, a gut connection, a heart connection, it's a very special thing. What's familiar to everyone is watching people falling in love; it doesn't happen on screen that often. People fall in lust, then they're suddenly together."
- Alfre Woodard
(Related: Love, People, Heart, Connection, Lust)

"Bluster, sputter, question, cavil; but be sure your argument be intricate enough to confound the court."
- William Wycherley
(Related: Argument, Court, Question)

"And I like the way Cain writes his women. Very strong. They're kind of lusty, they know what they want, they're full of conviction. Cain's women are sexual."
- Pia Zadora
(Related: Women, Conviction, Want)

"To illustrate what I mean, an apt dancer may be in thorough unison with the others in that particular group, and at the same time reveal a difference in dancing temperament, rhythm or technique; she may phrase, accentuate or actually interpret differently."
- Florenz Ziegfeld
(Related: Time, Dancing, Difference, May, Temperament)