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"Products made in China are cheap through the exploitation of the workforce. Every time we shop, we are driving the nail further into the coffin of American manufacturing jobs."
- Joe Baca
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"China has legally purchased high performance computers, advanced machine tools, and semiconductor-manufacturing equipment from several American companies."
- Charles Foster Bass
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"I've criticized President Bush for his failure to use his veto pen. There's plenty of blame to go around. The question is how to solve problems. It's not bailouts. What made America great? Free markets, free enterprise, manufacturing, job creation. That's how we're gonna do it, not by enlarging government."
- Scott Brown
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"Madam Speaker, before being elected to Congress, I ran a manufacturing business that did a significant percentage of our sales outside the United States."
- Chris Chocola
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"Where are the jobs going to come from?Small business, manufacturing and clean energy. Where's the money to finance them? The banks and the corporations in America today have lots of money that they can invest right now."
- William J. Clinton
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"I am no party man in this matter in any degree; and if I have any objection to the motion it is this, that whereas it is a motion to inquire into the manufacturing distress of the country, it should have been a motion to inquire into manufacturing and agricultural distress."
- Richard Cobden
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"Since 2000, we have lost 2.7 million manufacturing jobs, of which 500,000 jobs were in high-tech industries such as telecommunications and electronics."
- Jerry Costello
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"There has been loss of steel manufacturing. Those people need jobs. Where you have to build the third airport is where people are. So you're right; if his site isn't playable, then our site is right next to it."
- Richard M. Daley
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"The other advantage is that in conventional manufacturing processes, it takes a long time for a factory to produce an amount of product equal to its own weight. With molecular machines, the time required would be something more like a minute."
- K. Eric Drexler
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"Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, causes economic expansion that reduces unemployment, and increases productivity and job creation."
- Larry Elder
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"China is crippling our manufacturing economy and eliminating our jobs by illegally flooding our markets."
- Virginia Foxx
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"The American consumer is also the American worker, and if we don't do something to protect our manufacturing base here at home, it is going to be hard to buy any retail goods."
- Lindsey Graham
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"Do we want in this nation to lose the backbone of manufacturing in this country? Do we want to be a nation that doesn't want to manufacture anything?"
- Jennifer M. Granholm
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"A manufacturing district... sends out, as it were, suckers into all its neighbourhood."
- Henry Hallam
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"This was the period when I used all the influence I had to get the British to abandon their export trade, and as much as possible convert all of their manufacturing facilities to the immediate needs of the war, including civilian, as well as military requirements."
- W. Averell Harriman
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"Among the reasons for this was the fact that the U.S.A. is one mass market. It is only when you have a mass market that large-scale manufacturing which involves very substantial expenditures can be justified."
- Paul Hoffman
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"Renewable energy also creates more jobs than other sources of energy - most of these will be created in the struggling manufacturing sector, which will pioneer the new energy future by investment that allows manufacturers to retool and adopt new technologies and methods."
- Jay Inslee
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"With millions of family wage manufacturing jobs lost since 2001, we need an energy bill that takes bold action to tap into American ingenuity in order to lead the world in new clean energy technology, rather than playing catch-up to the Japanese, Danish, and Germans."
- Jay Inslee
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"Furniture manufacturing in plastics requires very costly machinery, which the Danish market is not big enough to justify. Or so they say. But show me a plastics manufacturer who dares to take on the experiment."
- Arne Jacobsen
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"We need to ensure our men and women in uniform are equipped with the very best money can buy. We also have to make sure critical military technologies are developed in America and that the U.S. defense manufacturing base remains healthy and strong."
- Joe Lieberman
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"Only now did I recognize the reciprocal relationship which exits between manufacturing power and the national system of transportation, and that the one can never develop to its fullest without the other."
- Friedrich List
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"The rarest of all things in American life is charm. We spend billions every year manufacturing fake charm that goes under the heading of public relations. Without it, America would be grim indeed."
- Anita Loos
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"Average real wages in Mexican manufacturing are lower than they were 10 years ago, if you can believe that."
- Stephen F. Lynch
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"They will therefore not be in a hurry to risk their entire business by expanding too rapidly, but they are the major indicator of whether the manufacturing industry accepts there is a sustainable business in RFID production."
- Mike Marsh
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"One of the concepts essential to molecular manufacturing is that of a self-replicating manufacturing system. That concept has lagged behind in its acceptance."
- Ralph Merkle
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"We can grow crops less expensively because molecular manufacturing technology is inherently low cost."
- Ralph Merkle
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"Manufacturing takes place in very large facilities. If you want to build a computer chip, you need a giant semiconductor fabrication facility. But nature can grow complex molecular machines using nothing more than a plant."
- Ralph Merkle
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"A potato can grow quite easily on a very small plot of land. With molecular manufacturing, we'll be able to have distributed manufacturing, which will permit manufacturing at the site using technologies that are low-cost and easily available."
- Ralph Merkle
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"A molecular manufacturing technology will let us build molecular surgical tools, and those tools will, for the first time, let us directly address the problems at the very root level."
- Ralph Merkle
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"Manufacturing and commercial monopolies owe their origin not to a tendency imminent in a capitalist economy but to governmental interventionist policy directed against free trade and laissez faire."
- Ludwig von Mises
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"The networks are not some chicken-coop manufacturing lobby whose calls nobody returns."
- Ralph Nader
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"President Bush is manufacturing a crisis by suggesting that Social Security is in imminent danger. It is not."
- Richard Neal
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"Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing... layout, processes, and procedures."
- Tom Peters
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"Nanotechnology is manufacturing with atoms."
- William Powell
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"The administration is manufacturing a crisis that does not exist in order to dismantle Social Security."
- Jack Reed
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"Until the Chinese decide to compete fairly it will be up to us to do what we can to further protect our manufacturing base, and ensure we keep the good paying jobs we already have."
- Mike Rogers
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"You know, IBM was almost knocked out of the box by other types of computer software and manufacturing."
- Roy Romer
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"We are confronting a situation in which the Administration, in my view, is once again manufacturing a crisis. There is no crisis in the Social Security system. The system is not on the verge of bankruptcy."
- Paul Sarbanes
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"The administration in my view is once again manufacturing a crisis. There is no crisis in the Social Security system. The system is not on the verge of bankruptcy."
- Paul Sarbanes
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"There are the manufacturing multitudes of England; they must have work, and find markets for their work; if machines and the Black Country are ugly, famine would be uglier still."
- Goldwin Smith
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"At a time when we are losing manufacturing jobs in this country, we should be doing everything we can to help our manufacturers stay competitive. They are the backbone of our economy."
- Debbie Stabenow
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"We've lost 3,000 jobs in Beaufort County. We've lost half of our manufacturing workforce."
- Tommy Thompson
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"Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event."
- Brian Tracy
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"I remember very clearly at the first budget review having a pretty direct conversation with the head of manufacturing... We began to get huge improvements in productivity and responsiveness. I got a chance to see that firsthand."
- Rick Wagoner
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"Our chemical and other manufacturing concerns are all too often ready to let the Germans have Latin American markets, provided the American companies can work out an arrangement which will enable them to charge high prices to the consumer inside the United States."
- Henry A. Wallace
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"Agriculture was the first manufacturing industry in America and represents the best of all of us."
- Zack Wamp
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"Republicans are manufacturing a Social Security crisis that does not exist in order to dismantle Social Security."
- Diane Watson
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"Tax reform and expanded trade are going to be so important to the economy of Illinois, particularly the 11th Congressional District, which is a major manufacturing and a major agricultural district."
- Jerry Weller
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"His daughter returned from her boarding school, improved in fashionable airs and expert in manufacturing fashionable toys; but, in her conversation, he sought in vain for that refined and fertile mind which he had fondly expected."
- Emma Willard
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"About the only thing that I'll probably end up doing is I made this amplifier with Peavey. It's in the manufacturing stages right now, and there are a lot of orders that we just got for it."
- Dweezil Zappa
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