Quotes and Sayings about Prayer



"Courage is just fear, plus prayers, plus understanding."
- Edward Albert
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"The candidate was required to prepare himself by confession, fasting, and passing the night in prayer."
- Horatio Alger
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"Just the same way I'd say a prayer before going onstage, taking that even further and using the drum to inspire people. And using that as a vehicle for the intention."
- Rick Allen
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"From faith, hope, and love, the virtues of religion referring to God, there arises a double act which bears on the spiritual communion exercised between God and us; the hearing of the word and prayer."
- William Ames
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"Prayer begins where human capacity ends."
- Marian Anderson
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"One positive command he gave us: You shall love and honor your emperor. In every congregation a prayer must be said for the czar's health, or the chief of police would close the synagogue."
- Mary Antin
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"It is clear that he does not pray, who, far from uplifting himself to God, requires that God shall lower Himself to him, and who resorts to prayer not to stir the man in us to will what God wills, but only to persuade God to will what the man in us wills."
- Thomas Aquinas
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"Bernard always had a few prayers in the hall and some whiskey afterwards as he was rather pious."
- Daisy Ashford
"In a world of prayer, we are all equal in the sense that each of us is a unique person, with a unique perspective on the world, a member of a class of one."
- W. H. Auden
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"The desire is thy prayers; and if thy desire is without ceasing, thy prayer will also be without ceasing. The continuance of your longing is the continuance of your prayer."
- Saint Augustine
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"The sexual embrace can only be compared with music and with prayer."
- Marcus Aurelius
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"People would be surprised to know how much I learned about prayer from playing poker."
- Mary Austin
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"There are more tears shed over answered prayers than over unanswered prayers."
- Saint Teresa of Avila
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"But no nation can base its survival and development on luck and prayers alone while its leadership fritters away every available opportunity for success and concrete achievement."
- Ibrahim Babangida
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"Prayer is the spirit speaking truth to Truth."
- Philip James Bailey
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"I believe in prayer. It's the best way we have to draw strength from heaven."
- Josephine Baker
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"The man who says his evening prayer is a captain posting his sentinels. He can sleep."
- Charles Baudelaire
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"The fact that the Lord can work and act even with insufficient means consoles me, and above all I entrust myself to your prayers."
- Pope Benedict XVI
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"The real end of prayer is not so much to get this or that single desire granted, as to put human life into full and joyful conformity with the will of God."
- Charles Bent
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"Prayer is not so much the means whereby God's will is bent to man's desires, as it is that whereby man's will is bent to God's desires."
- Charles Bent
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"Intercessory prayer might be defined as loving our neighbour on our knees."
- Charles Bent
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"The wish to pray is a prayer in itself. God can ask no more than that of us."
- Georges Bernanos
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"Please know that my thoughts and prayers, as well as those of many, many others here in Alabama and around the country, are with each of you during this time."
- Jo Bonner
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"President Bush, Secretary of State Rice, and several cabinet level officials have visited Alabama's Gulf Coast in recent days to tour the devastation and to offer their continuing support and prayers for everyone affected by the storm."
- Jo Bonner
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"Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden."
- Corrie Ten Boom
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"By my definition, prayer is consciously hanging out with God. Being with God in a deliberate way."
- Malcolm Boyd
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"When you cease from labour, fill up your time in reading, meditation, and prayer: and while your hands are labouring, let your heart be employed, as much as possible, in divine thoughts."
- David Brainerd
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"The object of most prayers is to wangle an advance on good intentions."
- Robert Brault
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"Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again."
- Sarah Ban Breathnach
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"An authentic life is the most personal form of worship. Everyday life has become my prayer."
- Sarah Ban Breathnach
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"We gather for prayer, and reading the Bible, and singing the songs of David."
- William Brewster
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"Memory, so complete and clear or so evasive, has to be ended, has to be put aside, as if one were leaving a chapel and bringing the prayer to an end in one's head."
- Harold Brodkey
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"Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers."
- Garth Brooks
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"A prayer in its simplest definition is merely a wish turned Godward."
- Phillips Brooks
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"Prayer for many is like a foreign land. When we go there, we go as tourists. Like most tourists, we feel uncomfortable and out of place. Like most tourists, we therefore move on before too long and go somewhere else."
- Robert McAfee Brown
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"Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness."
- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
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"God answers sharp and sudden on some prayers, And thrusts the thing we have prayed for in our face, A gauntlet with a gift in it."
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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"The best prayers have often more groans than words."
- John Buchan
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"Prayer opens the heart to God, and it is the means by which the soul, though empty, is filled by God."
- John Buchan
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"In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words with out a heart."
- John Bunyan
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"There can be no doubt that the practice of opening legislative sessions with prayer has become part of the fabric of our society."
- Warren E. Burger
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"Mr. Tennyson has said that more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of, but he wisely refrains from saying whether they are good or bad things."
- Samuel Butler
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"When I have had such men before my camera my whole soul has endeavored to do its duty towards them in recording faithfully the greatness of the inner as well as the features of the outer man. The photograph thus taken has been almost the embodiment of a prayer."
- Julia Margaret Cameron
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"When the fire of prayer goes out, the barrenness of busyness takes over."
- George Carey
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"God's way of answering the Christian's prayer for more patience, experience, hope and love often is to put him into the furnace of affliction."
- Richard Cecil
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"Grudge no expense - yield to no opposition - forget fatigue - till, by the strength of prayer and sacrifice, the spirit of love shall have overcome ."
- Maria W. Chapman
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"I foresee the day when we shall read nothing but telegrams and prayers."
- Emile M. Cioran
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"Prayer requires more of the heart than of the tongue."
- Adam Clarke
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"It is my fervent hope and prayer that by exposing my mistakes and by pointing out the things that were a part of my early life, some who might be following the same paths might not make those same mistakes."
- John Clayton
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"A childish soul not inoculated with compulsory prayer is a soul open to any religious infection."
- Alexander Cockburn
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"Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts."
- Alan Cohen
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"Prayer is translation. A man translates himself into a child asking for all there is in a language he has barely mastered."
- Leonard Cohen
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"Thank you to all for your prayers and good wishes. It gave me the strength to persevere and warmed my heart."
- Steven Cojocaru
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"I used a lot of pancake makeup and a prayer, and a Buddhist chant."
- Steven Cojocaru
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"Prayer in private results in boldness in public."
- Edwin Louis Cole
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"Make your goals big and broad enough so that they never become answered prayers and boomerang to curse you."
- Doug Coupland
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"Prayers were held in Assembly Hall. We all perched in rows on wooden benches while teachers sat up on the platform in armchairs, facing us."
- Roald Dahl
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"We don't have a prayer of defeating the Red Threat of our generation without a long boom of almost unprecedented duration."
- Mitch Daniels
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"As I prepare for this next phase in my life, I ask that people continue to offer the prayers that have protected me thus far. I also pray that I will always see those who are not seen and easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of Washington politics."
- Artur Davis
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"Poetry was invented as an mnemonic device to enable people to remember their prayers."
- Peter Davison
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"It would be unthinkable in Canadian public life today for the public inauguration of our supreme political figures to be accompanied by prayer."
- Stockwell Day
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"In Lincoln's day a President's religion was a very private affair. There were no public prayer meetings, no attempts to woo the Religious Right. Few of Lincoln's countrymen knew anything at all of his religious beliefs."
- David Herbert Donald
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"I write quite a lot of sonnets, and I think of them almost as prayers: short and memorable, something you can recite."
- Carol Ann Duffy
"Poetry and prayer are very similar."
- Carol Ann Duffy
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"When I was a kid, I'd kneel down at the side of my bed every night before I went to sleep, and my mother and I would say a Greek prayer to the Virgin Mary."
- Olympia Dukakis
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"But a prayer that he sends from his heart's deep core."
- Paul Laurence Dunbar
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"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough."
- Meister Eckhart
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"Experience teaches us that we do not always receive the blessings we ask for in prayer."
- Mary Baker Eddy
(Related: Experience, Blessings, Prayer)

"Keep a journal, and learn how to see how you as an individuals sees information so you can learn your own sign language. Meditate and practice psychic self defense and surrounding yourself with prayer."
- John Edward
(Related: Defense, Information, Language, Practice, Prayer, Self)

"Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is of life."
- Jonathan Edwards
(Related: Faith, Life, Expression, Prayer)

"Sincere friendship towards God, in all who believe him to be properly an intelligent, willing being, does most apparently, directly, and strongly incline to prayer; and it no less disposes the heart strongly to desire to have our infinitely glorious."
- Jonathan Edwards
(Related: Friendship, God, Heart, Being, Desire, Prayer)

"We must not sit still and look for miracles; up and doing, and the Lord will be with thee. Prayer and pains, through faith in Christ Jesus, will do anything."
- George Eliot
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"No white group has founded a major religion on this planet. The major religious were started in the Orient and the Middle East, not in Greece and Rome. I always knew you racists didn't have a prayer."
- Jane Elliot
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"The romantic embrace can only be compared with music and with prayer."
- Henry Ellis
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"Prayer holds together the shattered fragments of the creation. It makes history possible."
- Jacques Ellul
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"If God listened to the prayers of men, all men would quickly have perished: for they are forever praying for evil against one another."
- Epicurus
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"I'm for prayer in schools."
- Charles Evers
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"Whether the prayer of Seneca was granted we do not know; but, as we do not again hear of Marcus, it is probable that he died before his father, and that the line of Seneca, like that of so many great men, became extinct in the second generation."
- Frederic William Farrar
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"Many of our prayers were not answered, and for this we are now grateful."
- William Feather
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"My desk drawer is filled with all kinds of prayers."
- Geraldine Ferraro
"I do believe in the power of prayer."
- Geraldine Ferraro
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"I do believe we're all connected. I do believe in positive energy. I do believe in the power of prayer. I do believe in putting good out into the world. And I believe in taking care of each other."
- Harvey Fierstein
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"I am acutely aware that you have not elected me as your President by your ballots, so I ask you to confirm me with your prayers."
- Gerald R. Ford
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"Those whose lives were lost on September 11 will remain in our thoughts and prayers forever."
- Vito Fossella
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"I'll tell you right now. I'm for prayer in school."
- Kinky Friedman
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"Prayer: the key of the day and the lock of the night."
- Thomas Fuller
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"To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer."
- Mohandas Gandhi
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"In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart."
- Mohandas Gandhi
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"Let everyone try and find that as a result of daily prayer he adds something new to his life, something with which nothing can be compared."
- Mohandas Gandhi
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"Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening."
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Related: Evening, Key, Prayer)

"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart."
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Related: Soul, Heart, Longing, Prayer, Weakness, Words)

"Prayer is not an old woman's idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action."
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Related: Action, Amusement, Old, Prayer, Woman)

"Prayer is a confession of one's own unworthiness and weakness."
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Related: Confession, Prayer, Weakness)

"Old hands soil, it seems, whatever they caress, but they too have their beauty when they are joined in prayer. Young hands were made for caresses and the sheathing of love. It is a pity to make them join too soon."
- Andre Gide
(Related: Beauty, Love, Old, Pity, Prayer)

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the people in London and in Egypt. We're very concerned about it. We are providing our expertise to aid in the investigation in London."
- Alberto Gonzales
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"I'll do a little prayer here and there if I feel the need to."
- Jeff Gordon
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"God hears a mother's prayer."
- Victoria Gotti
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"The Christian life is not a constant high. I have my moments of deep discouragement. I have to go to God in prayer with tears in my eyes, and say, 'O God, forgive me,' or 'Help me.'"
- Billy Graham
(Related: Life, God, Christian, Deep, Discouragement, Eyes, Moments, Prayer, Tears)

"Prayer is simply a two-way conversation between you and God."
- Billy Graham
(Related: God, Conversation, Prayer)

"The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course."
- Billy Graham
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"The most eloquent prayer is the prayer through hands that heal and bless."
- Billy Graham
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"It is the prayer of my innermost being to realize my supreme identity in the liberated play of consciousness, the Vast Expanse. Now is the moment, Here is the place of Liberation."
- Alex Grey
(Related: Being, Consciousness, Identity, Now, Play, Prayer)

"It is not only our duty to pray for others, but also to desire the prayers of others for ourselves."
- William Gurnall
(Related: Desire, Duty)

"Never was a faithful prayer lost. Some prayers have a longer voyage than others, but then they return with their richer lading at last, so that the praying soul is a gainer by waiting for an answer."
- William Gurnall
(Related: Soul, Prayer, Waiting)

"Your cravings as a human animal do not become a prayer just because it is God whom you ask to attend to them."
- Dag Hammarskjold
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"Like many Americans my thoughts and prayers are with the people of London. My deepest sympathies are extended to those who lost a loved one in the recent terror attacks."
- Doc Hastings
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"I desire an special interest in your prayers that my faith fail not in the day of adversity."
- John Hawley
(Related: Faith, Adversity, Day, Desire, Interest)

"And for anyone who ever thought that Ellen and I broke it off because of sexuality, you couldn't be more mistaken. And for anyone who thought my mother's prayers had anything to do with me marrying a man, forget it."
- Anne Heche
(Related: Mother, Thought, Forget, Man, Sexuality)

"It is good for us to keep some account of our prayers, that we may not unsay them in our practice."
- Matthew Henry
(Related: May, Practice)

"Prayers not felt by us are seldom heard by God."
- Philip Henry
(Related: God)

"Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night."
- George Herbert
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"We have wasted our spirit in the regions of the abstract and general just as the monks let it wither in the world of prayer and contemplation."
- Alexander Herzen
(Related: Contemplation, Prayer, Spirit, World)

"The issue of prayer is not prayer; the issue of prayer is God."
- Abraham Joshua Heschel
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"Prayer indeed is good, but while calling on the gods a man should himself lend a hand."
- Hippocrates
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"To all my little Hulkamaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong."
- Hulk Hogan
(Related: Will, Wrong)

"He had one uniform practice, and a very bad one it was, during the time of family worship, and just three or four seconds before the conclusion of the prayer, he started to his feet, and ran barking round the apartment like a crazed beast."
- James Hogg
(Related: Family, Time, Feet, Practice, Prayer, Worship)

"God is waiting eagerly to respond with new strength to each little act of self-control, small disciplines of prayer, feeble searching after him. And his children shall be filled if they will only hunger and thirst after what he offers."
- Richard Holloway
(Related: God, Strength, Act, Children, Hunger, Prayer, Self, Waiting, Will)

"When prayer removes distrust and doubt and enters the field of mental certainty, it becomes faith; and the universe is built on faith."
- Ernest Holmes
(Related: Faith, Certainty, Distrust, Doubt, Prayer, Universe)

"Prayer is a thought, a belief, a feeling, arising within the mind of the one praying."
- Ernest Holmes
(Related: Thought, Belief, Feeling, Mind, Prayer)

"There are only two occasions when Americans respect privacy, especially in Presidents. Those are prayer and fishing."
- Herbert Hoover
(Related: Americans, Fishing, Prayer, Privacy, Respect)

"Our prayer and God's mercy are like two buckets in a well; while the one ascends the other descends."
- Mark Hopkins
(Related: God, Mercy, Prayer)

"I know no words of prayer - God help me because I can not help myself."
- Harold E. Hughes
(Related: God, Help, Prayer, Words)

"There are thoughts which are prayers. There are moments when, whatever the posture of the body, the soul is on its knees."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: Soul, Thoughts, Body, Moments)

"To give thanks in solitude is enough. Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go. Your prayer knows much more about it than you do."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: Prayer, Solitude, Thanksgiving)

"Prayer is an august avowal of ignorance."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: Ignorance, Prayer)

"Certain thoughts are prayers. There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: Soul, Attitude, Thoughts, Body, Moments)

"There is no greater distance than that between a man in prayer and God."
- Ivan Illich
(Related: God, Man, Prayer)

"Action is the normal completion of the act of will which begins as prayer. That action is not always external, but it is always some kind of effective energy."
- Dean Inge
(Related: Action, Completion, Energy, Prayer, Will)

"Prayer gives a man the opportunity of getting to know a gentleman he hardly ever meets. I do not mean his maker, but himself."
- William Ralph Inge
(Related: Opportunity, Gentleman, Prayer)

"I have lived to thank God that all my prayers have not been answered."
- Jean Ingelow
(Related: God)

"The scientific observer of Nature is a kind of mystic seeker in the act of prayer."
- Muhammad Iqbal
(Related: Nature, Act, Prayer)

"Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them."
- Mahalia Jackson
(Related: Faith, Health, Soul, Man, Prayer)

"The sovereign cure for worry is prayer."
- William James
(Related: Cure, Prayer, Worry)

"And it is to rock the soul and lead the person to immorality, corruption - to forget their prayers, to forget their God. And thus the world has partaken of the spirit of the Negro race, accepting their ways."
- Warren Jeffs
(Related: God, Soul, Corruption, Forget, Race, Spirit, World)

"I read a poem every night, as others read a prayer."
- Tahar Ben Jelloun
(Related: Night, Prayer)

"In our home there was always prayer - aloud, proud and unapologetic."
- Lyndon B. Johnson
(Related: Home, Prayer)

"Prayer means that the total you is praying. Your whole being reaches out to God, and God reaches down to you."
- E. Stanley Jones
(Related: God, Being, Prayer)

"Prayer is commitment. We don't merely co-operate with God with certain things held back within. We, the total person, co-operate. This means that co-operation equals committment."
- E. Stanley Jones
(Related: God, Commitment, Prayer)

"Prayer is commission. Out of the quietness with God, power is generated that turns the spiritual machinery of the world. When you pray, you begin to feel the sense of being sent, that the divine compulsion is upon you."
- E. Stanley Jones
(Related: Power, God, Being, Prayer, Sense, Spiritual, World)

"Continuing a Lenten series on prayer: Prayer is co-operation with God. It is the purest exercise of the faculties God has given us - an exercise that links these faculties with the Maker to work out the intentions He had in mind in their creation."
- E. Stanley Jones
(Related: Work, God, Creation, Exercise, Intentions, Mind, Prayer)

"Prayer is aligning ourselves with the purposes of God."
- E. Stanley Jones
(Related: God, Prayer)

"The relationship to one's fellow man is the relationship of prayer, the relationship to oneself is the relationship of striving; it is from prayer that one draws the strength for one's striving."
- Franz Kafka
(Related: Strength, Man, Prayer)

"Prayer is more than meditation. In meditation the source of strength is one's self. When one prays he goes to a source of strength greater than his own."
- Chiang Kai-shek
(Related: Strength, Meditation, Prayer, Self)

"God, our Creator, has stored within our minds and personalities, great potential strength and ability. Prayer helps us tap and develop these powers."
- Abdul Kalam
(Related: God, Strength, Ability, Potential, Prayer)

"My mom taught us the Serenity Prayer at a young age."
- Toby Keith
(Related: Age, Mom, Prayer, Serenity)

"What most of all hinders heavenly consolation is that you are too slow in turning yourself to prayer."
- Thomas Kempis
(Related: Prayer)

"Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays."
- Soren Kierkegaard
(Related: Change, God, Prayer)

"The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays."
- Soren Kierkegaard
(Related: Change, Nature, God, Influence, Prayer)

"Just as in earthly life lovers long for the moment when they are able to breathe forth their love for each other, to let their souls blend in a soft whisper, so the mystic longs for the moment when in prayer he can, as it were, creep into God."
- Soren Kierkegaard
(Related: Life, Love, God, Lovers, Prayer, Whisper)

"To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
(Related: Christian, Prayer)

"Rather than set aside daily time for prayer, I pray constantly and spontaneously about everything I encounter on a daily basis. When someone shares something with me, I'll often simply say, 'let's pray about this right now.'"
- Thomas Kinkade
(Related: Time, Now, Prayer, Right)

"If I were dammed of body and soul, I know whose prayers would make me whole, mother o' mine o mother o' mine."
- Rudyard Kipling
(Related: Mother, Soul, Body)

"It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers, but in our daily lives. If we find we cannot help others, the least we can do is to desist from harming them."
- Dalai Lama
(Related: Help)

"Shakespeare is one of the last books one should like to give up, perhaps the one just before the Dying Service in a large Prayer book."
- Charles Lamb
(Related: Books, Dying, Prayer, Service, Shakespeare)

"I grew up a Catholic and I don't want to talk badly about the Catholic Church but there's a lot of routine stuff going on. You say the same prayers, you sit, you kneel, whatever."
- Bernhard Langer
(Related: Church, Routine, Talk, Want)

"My father was an Episcopalian minister, and I've always been comforted by the power of prayer."
- Anna Lee
(Related: Power, Father, Prayer)

"A simple grateful thought turned heavenwards is the most perfect prayer."
- Doris Lessing
(Related: Thought, Prayer)

"A single grateful thought toward heaven is the most perfect prayer."
- Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
(Related: Thought, Heaven, Prayer)

"We should not permit prayer to be taken out of the schools; that's the only way most of us got through."
- Sam Levenson
(Related: Prayer, Schools)

"I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life."
- Abraham Lincoln
(Related: Life, Mother)

"Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day - like writing a poem or saying a prayer."
- Anne Morrow Lindbergh
(Related: Day, Flowers, Prayer, Quiet, Saying, Sense, Writing)

"I still held fast to my determination to become a minister; it still seemed to me that that was my duty. I had pledged myself, in my prayers I had given my word to God. How could I therefore break my vow?"
- Pierre Loti
(Related: God, Determination, Duty, Vow, Word)

"The fewer the words, the better the prayer."
- Martin Luther
(Related: Prayer, Words)

"Prayer is a strong wall and fortress of the church; it is a goodly Christian weapon."
- Martin Luther
(Related: Christian, Church, Prayer)

"To gather with God's people in united adoration of the Father is as necessary to the Christian life as prayer."
- Martin Luther
(Related: Life, Father, People, God, Christian, Prayer, United)

"Anything large enough for a wish to light upon, is large enough to hang a prayer upon."
- George MacDonald
(Related: Light, Prayer)

"It's clearly more important to treat one's fellow man well than to be always praying and fasting and touching one's head to a prayer mat."
- Naguib Mahfouz
(Related: Man, Prayer)

"We can never know for certain where our prayers are likely to go, nor from whom the answers will come. Just when we think we are at our nearest to God, we could be assisting the Devil."
- Norman Mailer
(Related: God, Answers, Devil, Will)

"Our real work is prayer. What good is the cold iron of our frantic little efforts unless first we heat it in the furnace of our prayer? Only heat will diffuse heat."
- Mother Maribel
(Related: Work, First, Prayer, Will)

"If you get down and quarell everyday, you're saying prayers to the devil, I say."
- Bob Marley
(Related: Devil, Saying)

"God does say He will graciously entertain our prayers. He says that if we exercise faith, and if our request is in accordance with His will, He will hear us."
- Walter Martin
(Related: God, Faith, Exercise, Will)

"Religion is no more possible without prayer than poetry without language, or music without atmosphere."
- James Martineau
(Related: Music, Poetry, Religion, Language, Prayer)

"I don't know whether I believe in God or not. I think, really, I'm some sort of Buddhist. But the essential thing is to put oneself in a frame of mind which is close to that of prayer."
- Henri Matisse
(Related: God, Buddhist, Mind, Prayer)

"Basically I say a few prayers before a game and let that direct me, not superstitions."
- Brian McBride
"Prayer is talking with God. God knows your heart and is not so concerned with your words as He is with the attitude of your heart."
- Josh McDowell
(Related: God, Heart, Attitude, Prayer, Talking, Words)

"It takes me forever to say my prayers these days, but I don't care, because this time around, I want to make sure God doesn't have to do any guesswork."
- Terry McMillan
(Related: Time, God, Care, Want)

"Prayer does not use up artificial energy, doesn't burn up any fossil fuel, doesn't pollute. Neither does song, neither does love, neither does the dance."
- Margaret Mead
(Related: Love, Dance, Energy, Fossil fuel, Prayer, Song)

"Who rises from prayer a better man, his prayer is answered."
- George Meredith
(Related: Man, Prayer)

"As priests uphold their people in prayer, so their people are to uphold them with prayer and love, for he cannot work without his people."
- Arthur Middleton
(Related: Work, Love, People, Prayer)

"Cover this confirmation process with prayer. When they make it harder for us to pray, we just pray harder."
- Zell Miller
(Related: Prayer)

"Each heartfelt prayer, each Church meeting attended, each worthy friend, each righteous decision, each act of service perfomed all precede that goal of eternal life."
- Thomas S. Monson
(Related: Life, Friend, Decision, Goal, Church, Act, Meeting, Prayer, Service)

"The joining of the whole congregation in prayer has something exceedingly solemn and affecting in it."
- Karl Philipp Moritz
(Related: Prayer)

"Inaudible prayers, particularly of the Canon, which at first don't seem to have anything to do with music, end up being a very important part of the aesthetic of the traditional structure of the Mass."
- Richard Morris
(Related: Music, Being, End, First)

"It is a common temptation of Satan to make us give up the reading of the Word and prayer when our enjoyment is gone; as if it were of no use to read the Scriptures when we do not enjoy them, and as if it were no use to pray when we have no spirit of prayer."
- George Muller
(Related: Enjoyment, Prayer, Reading, Satan, Spirit, Temptation, Word)

"So I went in front of the judge, and I had my St. Jude prayer book in my pocket and my St. Jude medal. And I'm standing there and that judge said I was found guilty, so he sentenced me to what the law prescribed: one to 14 years."
- Aaron Neville
(Related: Law, Prayer, Years)

"When about fifteen I once made a great scandal by taking out my knife in prayer meeting and assaulting a young man who, while I was kneeling down during the prayer, stood above me and squeezed my neck."
- Simon Newcomb
(Related: Man, Meeting, Prayer, Scandal)

"I first began to read religious books at school, and especially the Bible, when I was eleven years old; and almost immediately commenced a habit of secret prayer."
- Francis W. Newman
(Related: Habit, Bible, Books, First, Old, Prayer, Religious, School, Years)

"God knows, we don't want prayer."
- Oliver North
(Related: God, Prayer, Want)

"An Atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church. An atheist believes that deed must be done instead of prayer said. An atheist strives for involvement in life and not escape into death. He wants disease conquered, poverty vanished, war eliminated."
- Madalyn Murray O'Hair
(Related: Life, War, Death, Church, Deed, Disease, Poverty, Prayer)

"No god ever gave any man anything, nor ever answered any prayer at any time - nor ever will."
- Madalyn Murray O'Hair
(Related: Time, God, Man, Prayer, Will)

"I'm pretty much a good Catholic girl at heart, and I believe in family. I also have a basic belief that God takes care of me. I believe in prayer, even though I'm not that religious. I just have that foundation from my family. I mean when you think that you're just a human being and one of God's creatures, you can't take anything that seriously."
- Catherine O'Hara
(Related: God, Family, Heart, Belief, Being, Care, Prayer, Pretty, Religious)

"Practical prayer is harder on the soles of your shoes than on the knees of your trousers."
- Austin O'Malley
(Related: Prayer)

"I close my eyes, then I drift away, into the magic night I softly say. A silent prayer, like dreamers do, then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you."
- Roy Orbison
(Related: Dreams, Eyes, Magic, Night, Prayer)

"The physical voice we use in prayer need not be great nor startling; even should we not lift up any great cry or shout, God will yet hear us."
- Origen
(Related: God, Prayer, Voice, Will)

"The prayers of cowards fortune spurns."
- Ovid
(Related: Cowards, Fortune)

"I'm just one of many moms who will say an extra prayer each night for our sons and daughters going into harm's way."
- Sarah Palin
(Related: Daughters, Harm, Night, Prayer, Sons, Will)

"It was the courts, of course, that took away prayer from our schools, that took away Bible reading from our schools. It's the courts that gave us same-sex marriage. So it is quite a battlefield, and the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land."
- Rod Parsley
(Related: Marriage, Bible, Court, Land, Prayer, Reading, Schools)

"The unworthy successor of Peter who desires to benefit from the immeasurable wealth of Christ feels the great need of your assistance, your prayers, your sacrifice, and he most humbly asks this of you."
- Pope John Paul II
(Related: Sacrifice, Wealth, Christ, Unworthy)

"Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil... prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun. Eat leaden death, demon."
- Terry Prachett
(Related: Death, Thought, Evil, Mankind, Prayer)

"He knows the tax code as thoroughly as the pope knows the Lord's Prayer."
- William Proxmire
(Related: Tax, Prayer)

"As a people of faith, we know that prayer is a powerful instrument. And as one Nation under God, we know that many times our most powerful tool is prayer."
- Nick Rahall
(Related: God, Faith, People, Nation, Prayer)

"Today we thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon this great Country and ask Him to continue to heal our land and meet our needs - and we do so through the power of prayer."
- Nick Rahall
(Related: Power, God, Blessings, Country, Land, Needs, Prayer, Today)

"With that in mind and in celebration of National Prayer Day, today I have proposed in the House of Representatives a Constitutional Amendment that would restore voluntary prayer in our Nation's schools."
- Nick Rahall
(Related: Day, Mind, Nation, Prayer, Schools, Today)

"For hundreds of millions of Americans who believe in God, prayer is our bridge between Earth and Heaven, our way of opening our hearts to the Lord. Through this intimate relationship we find peace and guidance."
- Nick Rahall
(Related: Peace, God, Americans, Earth, Guidance, Heaven, Prayer)

"Every year we celebrate the holy season of Advent, O God. Every year we pray those beautiful prayers of longing and waiting, and sing those lovely songs of hope and promise."
- Karl Rahner
(Related: God, Hope, Longing, Promise, Songs, Waiting)

"The fact that the Lord can work and act even with insufficient means consoles me, and above all I entrust myself to your prayers."
- Joseph Ratzinger
(Related: Work, Act, Fact)

"One of the misperceptions that exists in the Muslim world, which needs to be fixed, is the perception that Muslims in America are - are - are living in - in very, very, very bad circumstances. They cannot practice religion freely. It is not the truth at all. The fact is, we are practicing. We fast, we pray, we do our prayers."
- Feisal Abdul Rauf
(Related: Religion, Truth, Perception, Muslim, America, Circumstances, Fact, Living, Needs, Practice, World)

"I pray for miracles. I have always found prayer to bring quick results."
- Martha Reeves
(Related: Miracles, Prayer, Quick, Results)

"My impression, is that prayer is one of the most basic forms of magic. That it's harnessing the powers of your mind."
- Boyd Rice
(Related: Impression, Magic, Mind, Prayer)

"As long as algebra is taught in school, there will be prayer in school."
- Cokie Roberts
(Related: Prayer, School, Will)

"The Divine wisdom has given us prayer, not as a means whereby to obtain the good things of earth, but as a means whereby we learn to do without them; not as a means whereby we escape evil, but as a means whereby we become strong to meet it."
- Frederick William Robertson
(Related: Wisdom, Earth, Evil, Prayer)

"Pray till prayer makes you forget your own wish, and leave it or merge it in God's will."
- Frederick William Robertson
(Related: God, Forget, Prayer, Will)

"Well the basic thesis is that there's a god in heaven who is all powerful who wants to help people. And that - he will answer prayer, and does miraculous things in people's lives. And so I've documented some of these wonderful things."
- Pat Robertson
(Related: God, People, Heaven, Help, Prayer, Will)

"I mean, George Bush is a man of prayer. He talks to the lord. He tries to get his direction from the lord."
- Pat Robertson
(Related: Direction, Man, Prayer)

"I also pray for favor and His anointing on my life and ministry that I might have spiritual blessing when I minister to people. They're my principal prayers; I don't have a prayer list that I go down."
- Pat Robertson
(Related: Life, People, Prayer, Spiritual)

"I've found that prayers work best when you have big players."
- Knute Rockne
(Related: Work)

"About all I can say for the United States Senate is that it opens with a prayer and closes with an investigation."
- Will Rogers
(Related: Investigation, Prayer, Senate, states, United)

"The 1928 Republican Convention opened with a prayer. If the Lord can see His way clear to bless the Republican Party the way it's been carrying on, then the rest of us ought to get it without even asking."
- Will Rogers
(Related: Party, Prayer, Republican, Rest)

"The prayers of a lover are more imperious than the menaces of the whole world."
- George Sand
(Related: World)

"Prayer, among sane people, has never superseded practical efforts to secure the desired end."
- George Santayana
(Related: People, End, Prayer)

"One cannot help being impressed by the protesters. They have begun each day of the protest in Kiev in prayer and all activities are accomplished with a collective sense of respect, kindness, and an intention to conduct a peaceful revolution."
- Bob Schaffer
(Related: Being, Day, Revolution, Help, Intention, Kindness, Prayer, Protest, Respect, Sense)

"There is a strong correlation between belief in evolution and liberal views on government control, pornography, prayer in schools, abortion, gun control, economic freedom, and even animal rights."
- Phyllis Schlafly
(Related: Government, Belief, Control, Abortion, Evolution, Freedom, Rights, Liberal, Pornography, Prayer, Schools)

"I never force myself to be devout except when I feel so inspired, and never compose hymns of prayers unless I feel within me real and true devotion."
- Franz Schubert
(Related: Devotion, Force)

"Prayer should be short, without giving God Almighty reasons why he should grant this, or that; he knows best what is good for us."
- John Selden
(Related: God, Giving, Prayer)

"The right wing always mobilizes around constitutional amendments: the right to bear arms, school prayer."
- Al Sharpton
(Related: Prayer, Right, School)

"Scientific prayer makes God a celestial lab rat, leading to bad science and worse religion."
- Michael Shermer
(Related: Religion, Science, God, Leading, Prayer)

"We spend millions of dollars per year supplying more than adequate meals and a Koran to every detainee along with a prayer rug that meets their religious standards."
- Bill Shuster
(Related: Koran, Prayer, Religious)

"You often feel that your prayers scarcely reach the ceiling; but, oh, get into this humble spirit by considering how good the Lord is, and how evil you all are, and then prayer will mount on wings of faith to heaven."
- Charles Simeon
(Related: Faith, Evil, Heaven, Prayer, Spirit, Will)

"Basically, I'm for anything that gets you through the night - be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels."
- Frank Sinatra
(Related: Night, Prayer)

"I sang at the Inaugural prayer service at the National Cathedral."
- Michael W. Smith
(Related: Prayer, Service)

"The best way to obtain truth and wisdom is not to ask from books, but to go to God in prayer, and obtain divine teaching."
- Joseph Smith, Jr.
(Related: Wisdom, God, Truth, Books, Prayer, Teaching)

"Our prayers should be for blessings in general, for God knows best what is good for us."
- Socrates
(Related: God, Blessings)

"I began to pray those same fervent prayers, lying in bed at night, hoping to see a scroll unrolled from the ceiling with a message from God just for me."
- James Green Somerville
(Related: God, Bed, Lying, Night)

"If any of you should ask me for an epitome of the Christian religion, I should say that it is in one word - prayer. Live and die without prayer, and you will pray long enough when you get to hell."
- Charles Spurgeon
(Related: Religion, Christian, Hell, Prayer, Will, Word)

"Prayer is more than meditation. In meditation, the source of strength is one's self. When one prays, he goes to a source of strength greater than his own."
- Madame de Stael
(Related: Strength, Meditation, Prayer, Self)

"My longing for truth was a single prayer."
- Edith Stein
(Related: Truth, Longing, Prayer)

"Every true prayer is a prayer of the Church; by means of that prayer the Church prays, since it is the Holy Spirit living in the Church, Who in every single soul 'prays in us with unspeakable groanings'."
- Edith Stein
(Related: Soul, Church, Living, Prayer, Spirit)

"The limitless loving devotion to God, and the gift God makes of Himself to you, are the highest elevation of which the heart is capable; it is the highest degree of prayer. The souls that have reached this point are truly the heart of the Church."
- Edith Stein
(Related: God, Heart, Church, Devotion, Prayer)

"Of all duties, prayer certainly is the sweetest and most easy."
- Laurence Sterne
(Related: Prayer)

"But I used to have a bit of a gambling problem. And that would have been the answer to my prayers. It got worse when I started playing this character, too."
- Fisher Stevens
(Related: Character, Gambling)

"Prayer is mans greatest power!"
- W. Clement Stone
(Related: Prayer)

"Everytime someone ends a prayer in the Western world they say Amen - that is the name of an Egyptian god associated with completion. So we're still praying to their gods."
- Whitley Strieber
(Related: God, Gods, Completion, Name, Prayer, World)

"Music is a form of prayer."
- Toru Takemitsu
(Related: Music, Prayer)

"Every one should find some suitable time, day or night, to sink into his depths, each according to his own fashion. Not every one is able to engage in contemplative prayer."
- Johannes Tauler
(Related: Time, Day, Fashion, Night, Prayer)

"If we really want to achieve true prayer, we must turn our backs upon everything temporal, everything external, everything that is not divine."
- Johannes Tauler
(Related: Prayer, Want)

"In prayerful silence you must look into your own heart. No one can tell you better than yourself what comes between you and God. Ask yourself. Then listen!"
- Johannes Tauler
(Related: God, Heart, Silence)

"Never believe that true prayer consists in mere babbling, reciting so many psalms and vigils, saying your beads while you allow your thoughts to roam."
- Johannes Tauler
(Related: Thoughts, Prayer, Saying)

"When you lie down with a short prayer, commit yourself into the hands of your Creator; and when you have done so, trust Him with yourself, as you must do when you are dying."
- Jeremy Taylor
(Related: Trust, Lie, Dying, Prayer)

"For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God."
- Saint Teresa
(Related: Friendship, God, Being, Nothing, Prayer)

"More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones."
- Saint Teresa
(Related: Tears)

"Prayer is the slender nerve that moves the muscle of omnipotence."
- Martin Farquhar Tupper
(Related: Prayer)

"Whatever a person may pray for, that person prays for a miracle. Every prayer comes down to this - Almighty God, grant that two times two not equal four."
- Ivan Turgenev
(Related: God, May, Prayer)

"Having soon discovered to be great, I must appear so, and therefore studiously avoided mixing in society, and wrapped myself in mystery, devoting my time to fasting and prayer."
- Nat Turner
(Related: Time, Society, Mystery, Prayer)

"I believe in prayer and in strong belief."
- Tina Turner
(Related: Belief, Prayer)

"Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer."
- Mark Twain
(Related: Circumstances, Prayer, Profanity)

"I really feel like life will dictate itself. You should allow it to unfold as naturally as possible. Just go with the flow. When you're really desperate, you say a few prayers and hope for the best. That's the way I've always lived my life."
- Shania Twain
(Related: Life, Hope, Will)

"God is much in the difficult home problems as in the times of quiet and prayer."
- Evelyn Underhill
(Related: Home, God, Prayer, Problems, Quiet)

"Some people think that prayer just means asking for things, and if they fail to receive exactly what they asked for, they think the whole thing is a fraud."
- Gerald Vann
(Related: People, Fraud, Prayer)

"Cease to think that the decrees of the gods can be changed by prayers."
- Virgil
(Related: Gods)

"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it."
- Voltaire
(Related: God, Enemies, Prayer)

"I have only ever made one prayer to God, a very short one: O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it."
- Voltaire
(Related: God, Enemies, Prayer)

"After much prayerful consideration, I feel that I must say I have climbed my last political mountain."
- George C. Wallace
(Related: Consideration)

"Thank you for the sacrifices you and your families are making. Our Vietnam Veterans have taught us that no matter what are positions may be on policy, as Americans and patriots, we must support all of our soldiers with our thoughts and our prayers."
- Zack Wamp
(Related: Policy, Thoughts, Americans, May, Soldiers, Support, Veterans, Vietnam)

"God is looking for people to use, and if you can get usable, he will wear you out. The most dangerous prayer you can pray is this: 'Use me.'"
- Rick Warren
(Related: God, People, Prayer, Will)

"The Lord's prayer contains the sum total of religion and morals."
- Arthur Wellesley
(Related: Religion, Morals, Prayer)

"Of all things, guard against neglecting God in the secret place of prayer."
- William Wilberforce
(Related: God, Prayer)

"When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers."
- Oscar Wilde
(Related: Gods)

"Every Teen Challenge ministry is responsible for raising its own finances, but we assist these works with finances, prayer and counseling, especially overseas in areas such as Siberia, Africa, South America."
- David Wilkerson
(Related: Teen, America, Challenge, Prayer)

"Patients describing the benefits of prayer often talk about how it provides a sense of well being."
- Armstrong Williams
(Related: Being, Benefits, Prayer, Sense, Talk)

"I deepen my experience of God through prayer, meditation, and forgiveness."
- Marianne Williamson
(Related: Experience, Forgiveness, God, Meditation, Prayer)

"I believe if we introduced the Lord's Prayer here, senators would propose a large number of amendments to it."
- Henry Wilson
(Related: Prayer, Senators)

"Business underlies everything in our national life, including our spiritual life. Witness the fact that in the Lord's Prayer, the first petition is for daily bread. No one can worship God or love his neighbor on an empty stomach."
- Woodrow Wilson
(Related: Business, Love, Life, God, Fact, First, Prayer, Spiritual, Worship)

"In the Lord's Prayer, the first petition is for daily bread. No one can worship God or love his neighbor on an empty stomach."
- Woodrow Wilson
(Related: Love, God, First, Prayer, Worship)

"My hope and prayer is that the body of Christ in America will awake with holy boldness, a boldness content neither with silence nor mere words but that backs up those words with action and results."
- Frank R. Wolf
(Related: Action, Hope, America, Body, Boldness, Christ, Content, Prayer, Results, Silence, Will, Words)

"There are many things that are essential to arriving at true peace of mind, and one of the most important is faith, which cannot be acquired without prayer."
- John Wooden
(Related: Peace, Faith, Mind, Prayer)

"I believe that prayer is our powerful contact with the greatest force in the universe."
- Loretta Young
(Related: Force, Prayer, Universe)

"There is no problem with the opening of new houses of prayer for Lutherans and Pentecostals."
- Vladimir Zhirinovsky
(Related: Houses, Prayer)