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"The war we are fighting today against terrorism is a multifaceted fight. We have to use every tool in our toolkit to wage this war - diplomacy, finance, intelligence, law enforcement, and of course, military power - and we are developing new tools as we go along."
- Richard Armitage
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"I waged war against my feelings."
- John James Audubon
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"The rapid growth in many of our suburbs has spawned a booming construction industry eager to hire low wage immigrants who gladly fill these jobs, many of them happy to be paid in cash, free of federal and state taxes."
- Spencer Bachus
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"It's a tragedy, but with your support and your help we will wage this fight and we're going to win it."
- Michael D. Barnes
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"Do not mistake a crowd of big wage-earners for the leisure class."
- Clive Bell
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"Inflation outstripped real wages for people who work for pay from others."
- Tim Bishop
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"In addition to joblessness, of course, by the working of supply and demand, when you have a larger number of people unemployed, wages do not rise at the normal level, so that we had last year a drop in real wages."
- Tim Bishop
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"Like any parents, mine wanted me to have a secure job with a regular wage and career prospects. And the one job my father knew of, that he'd had experience of himself, was the army, so he could help me in that direction."
- James Blunt
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"Mr. Speaker, the time for an increase in the minimum wage has not just arrived; it is long overdue."
- Sherwood Boehlert
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"The national minimum wage has not been increased in 9 years. By year's end, 21 States across America will have a minimum wage exceeding the Federal minimum wage."
- Sherwood Boehlert
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"We will never have real safety and security for wage earners unless we provide for safety and security for the wage payers and wage savers."
- William J. H. Boetcker
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"Similarly, today, we do not know what will happen as we wage the War on Terror. We do know that we can count on the strong support from our closest ally and friend in the world in winning this war to secure our freedoms and the freedoms for all peoples throughout the world."
- Kit Bond
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"I don't pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages."
- Robert Bosch
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"Since Bush has been in office, African-American women have fallen behind in terms of income and wages."
- Donna Brazile
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"The current minimum wage simply is not supporting Ohio's working families."
- Sherrod Brown
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"Thousands of Ohio families are going deeper and deeper in debt just trying to pay their heating bills, fill prescriptions, and buy groceries. The current minimum wage is simply not enough."
- Sherrod Brown
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"Raising the minimum wage means raising the living wage - and that's good news for Ohio."
- Sherrod Brown
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"Ohio is one of only two states that have a minimum wage below the federal level of $5.15 an hour."
- Sherrod Brown
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"Anyone who's tried to pay a heating bill, fill a prescription, or simply buy groceries knows all too well that the current minimum wage does not cut the mustard."
- Sherrod Brown
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"Since the German people, with unparalleled heroism, but also at the cost of fearful sacrifices, has waged war against half the world, it is our right and our duty to obtain safety and independence for ourselves at sea."
- Bernhard von Bulow
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"Socialism is good when it comes to wages, but it tells me nothing when it comes to other questions in life that are more private and painful, for which I must seek answers elsewhere."
- Karel Capek
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"6.6 million people will benefit from a rise in the minimum wage."
- Russ Carnahan
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"It is time this Congress listened to the American people and minimum-wage workers, and it is time that we act."
- Russ Carnahan
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"Congress has not raised the minimum wage since 1997. The minimum wage is now at its lowest level in 50 years adjusted for inflation."
- Russ Carnahan
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"Those wars are unjust which are undertaken without provocation. For only a war waged for revenge or defense can be just."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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"The market tends to pay as a wage what an individual laborer is worth. But the case last studied suggests the question how accurately the law operates in practice. May it not be an honest law, but be so vitiated in its working as to give a dishonest result?"
- John Bates Clark
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"The decree of a coercive tribunal would not need to conform to the true standard of wages, the final productivity of social labor. It would introduce into distribution a genuinely arbitrary element, with a very large ultimate power to pervert the natural system."
- John Bates Clark
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"Most of the slaves, who were thus unconditionally freed, returned without any solicitation to their former masters, to serve them, at stated wages; as free men. The work, which they now did, was found to better done than before."
- Thomas Clarkson
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"My home policy: I wage war; my foreign policy: I wage war. All the time I wage war."
- Georges Clemenceau
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"Keep up hope for a better economy, more jobs, better wages, affordable healthcare and all the issues we have brought into focus."
- Bob Clement
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"The bottom line is that five million low-income Americans working full time for minimum wage, deserve a raise."
- Jim Clyburn
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"If a man or a woman puts in an honest day's work, they should to be able to earn a living wage."
- Richard J. Codey
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"But we must not, if we are loyal, disperse our energies in a partisan warfare that is waged without regard to its consequences to the well being, security, or honor of the country."
- Bainbridge Colby
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"You get paid more at McDonald's than you do under the existing minimum wage."
- Norm Coleman
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"No family gets rich from earning the minimum wage. In fact, the current minimum wage does not even lift a family out of poverty."
- Jon Corzine
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"It has now been over 7 years since Congress last raised the minimum wage to its current level of $5.15 per hour. Since that last increase, Congress's failure to adjust the wage for inflation has reduced the purchasing power of the minimum wage to record low levels."
- Jon Corzine
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"Except when war is waged in a desert, noncombatants, also known as civilians or "the people," constitute the great majority of those affected."
- Martin Van Creveld
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"Men who do things without being told draw the most wages."
- Rodney Dangerfield
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"Once again, the Republicans in the Senate have rejected an increase in the minimum wage. They support tax breaks for multi-millionaires, but they oppose helping the working poor to earn a decent income."
- Mark Dayton
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"President Kennedy understood the importance of equal pay for equal work and signed historic legislation that gave women around the country hope that one day their wages would be on par with that of their male counterparts."
- Rosa DeLauro
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"There are 20 million unemployed and what does the Constitution offer us in the Europe of 25, 27 and soon to be 30: policies of unrestricted competition to the detriment of production, wages, research and innovation."
- Laurent Fabius
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"The demographic weight of countries such as China and India exercise a massive pressure on our wages and salaries. They have accomplished massive technological advances and the revolution in information technology has reduced the costs of transport."
- Laurent Fabius
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"For a long time many believed that there would be an automatic adjustment and counted on a rapid increase in the wages of the emerging nations, on our advances in technology and the costs of transport preventing disruption. But this reassuring analysis is out of date."
- Laurent Fabius
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"An increase in the relative price of products from the low wage manufacturers in Asia and Latin America will also make those products less attractive to American consumers."
- Martin Feldstein
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"Now when the two armies met, many and fierce were the combats waged between them, and blows were given and received, and swords flashed and showers of arrows descended on all sides."
- Ferdowsi
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"When widows exclaim loudly against second marriages, I would always lay a wager than the man, If not the wedding day, is absolutely fixed on."
- Henry Fielding
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"These vessels are out of sight, out of mind. They are exempt from minimum-wage requirements, from Coast Guard inspections, OSHA regulations and other safety laws."
- Steve Finley
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"It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages."
- Henry Ford
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"There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible."
- Henry Ford
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"By providing outstanding economic leadership, this country can wage its attack successfully - and can thereby build the foundations of a peaceful world."
- James Forrestal
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"Hamas is responsible for countless homicide bombings that have killed hundreds of Israeli citizens. They have waged a terror war with the sole intent of murdering innocent people."
- Vito Fossella
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"Our brave soldiers and support personnel are engaged in a battle as important as any the United States has ever before waged, for the success of democracy in Iraq is a crucial test of the ideals this Nation was founded upon."
- Virginia Foxx
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"In this view, the role of the great majority of Americans is simply to buy the products produced, work happily for their wages, and leave all of the significant economic decisions to the capitalists."
- Barney Frank
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"The minimum wage was enacted in 1937 during the Great Depression and it has been increased 16 times. It's a well-established economic policy to help families."
- John Freeman
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"Many people would no more think of entering journalism than the sewage business - which at least does us all some good."
- Stephen Fry
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"Hospitals are closing across the country due to the burden of illegal immigration, college students find that summer jobs have dried up due to illegal immigration, and wages across the board are depressed by the overwhelming influx of cheap and illegal labor."
- Elton Gallegly
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"They do believe that if we do not wage this war against terror in places like Baghdad and Kabul, we are more likely to have it waged in Baltimore and Kansas."
- Ed Gillespie
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"New Orleans is a city whose basic industry is the service industry. That's why it makes its money. That's - it brings people to the city. People come to the city and experience the wonders of this extraordinary city and everything else. The question is that, how do we create jobs which are the jobs that have pay, that - living wages?"
- Danny Glover
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"When in some communities selling drugs is so lucrative that that's a pretty big enticement that we have to break down. Part of that is by making opportunities and paying decent wages."
- Matt Gonzalez
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"Certainly other things we can do, we gotta promote after-school employment, give kids an opportunity, raising the minimum wage was part of that, we can't expect that young people are going to feel they can make a living out there for such low wages."
- Matt Gonzalez
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"Melancholy has ceased to be an individual phenomenon, an exception. It has become the class privilege of the wage earner, a mass state of mind that finds its cause wherever life is governed by production quotas."
- Gunther Grass
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"Against the beautiful and the clever and the successful, one can wage a pitiless war, but not against the unattractive: then the millstone weighs on the breast."
- Graham Greene
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"Obviously, people with low or even moderate incomes could not afford such savings rates, and even diligent savings from their low wages would not be enough to pay for either retirement or healthcare."
- William Greider
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"If US per capita income continues to grow at a rate of 1.5 percent a year, the country will have plenty of money to finance comfortable retirements and high-quality healthcare for all citizens, including those at the bottom of the wage ladder."
- William Greider
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"The tax laws are written by men with considerable net worth, and with little understanding of what wage-earners must do to make ends meet."
- Martin L. Gross
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"And with the money from your corn, from your rents, and from the issues of pleas in your courts, and from your stock, arrange the expenses of your kitchen and your wines and your wardrobe and the wages of servants, and subtract your stock."
- Robert Grosseteste
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"It is enough that we set out to mold the motley stuff of life into some form of our own choosing; when we do, the performance is itself the wage."
- Learned Hand
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"Wild animals are just as confused as people are now. You've got toxins in the water, oil, sewage, all sorts of things."
- Jack Hannah
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"There never has been a time in our history when work was so abundant or when wages were as high, whether measured by the currency in which they are paid or by their power to supply the necessaries and comforts of life."
- Benjamin Harrison
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"Besides paid white laborers, there was everywhere a class of white servants bound without wages for a term of years, and a more miserable class of Negro slaves."
- Albert Bushnell Hart
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"Guerrilla war is a kind of war waged by the few but dependent on the support of many."
- B. H. Liddell Hart
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"Today, the Federal minimum wage purchases less than it has at any point in the last 50 years. Let me repeat: The Federal minimum wage purchases less than it has at any point in the last 50 years."
- Alcee Hastings
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"We know, in other words, the general conditions in which what we call, somewhat misleadingly, an equilibrium will establish itself: but we never know what the particular prices or wages are which would exist if the market were to bring about such an equilibrium."
- Friedrich August von Hayek
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"The minimum wage was due for an increase, but it was important that we offset its cost to small businesses."
- J. D. Hayworth
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"In our modern world of interdependent nations, hardly any state can wage war successfully without raising loans and buying war materials of every kind in the markets of other nations."
- Arthur Henderson
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"There's enormous progressive activism and, more often than not, success at the grassroots level - everything from living wage campaigns to efforts to finance our elections are having terrific success."
- Jim Hightower
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"The issue isn't just jobs. Even slaves had jobs. The issue is wages."
- Jim Hightower
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"I even believe in helping an employer function more productively. For then, we will have a claim to higher wages, shorter hours, and greater participation in the benefits of running a smooth industrial machine."
- Sidney Hillman
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"Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless."
- Adolf Hitler
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"Generals think war should be waged like the tourneys of the Middle Ages. I have no use for knights; I need revolutionaries."
- Adolf Hitler
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"The influx of women into paid work and her increased power raise a woman's aspirations and hopes for equal treatment at home. Her lower wage and status at work and the threat of divorce reduce what she presses for and actually expects."
- Arlie Hochschild
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"We should wage war not to win war, but to win peace."
- Paul Hoffman
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"It's amazing to me that, in the 42 years since President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law, women today still receive fewer wages than men for the same work."
- Mike Honda
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"The power to wage war is the power to wage war successfully."
- Charles Evans Hughes
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"Destroy or take away the employment and wages of those artisans - which the corn laws in a great measure do - and you will, ere long, render the land in Great Britain of as little value as it is in other countries."
- Joseph Hume
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"Investing in industries and technology for the 21st century generates high-skilled, high-wage jobs for industries of the future."
- Jay Inslee
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"With millions of family wage manufacturing jobs lost since 2001, we need an energy bill that takes bold action to tap into American ingenuity in order to lead the world in new clean energy technology, rather than playing catch-up to the Japanese, Danish, and Germans."
- Jay Inslee
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"But only a brief moment is granted to the brave one breath or two, whose wage is the long nights of the grave."
- Muhammad Iqbal
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"An acting assistant stage manager in a theater in Canterbury, a rep theater. A small wage but just enough to get by on, and I made props and I walked on, and I changed scenery, and I realized that I just loved it."
- Jeremy Irons
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"The battle was first waged over the right of the Negro to be classed as a human being with a soul; later, as to whether he had sufficient intellect to master even the rudiments of learning; and today it is being fought out over his social recognition."
- James Weldon Johnson
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"The advance guard in the campaign for peace that America wages today must be the State Department."
- Louis A. Johnson
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"A market where chief executive officers make 262 times that of the average worker and 821 times that of the minimum-wage worker is not a market that is working well. And it is surely not working well enough to build a solid middle class."
- Marcy Kaptur
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"The Cold War was waged in a particularly brutal and cynical way in Africa, and Africa seemed powerless to do anything to stop it."
- Ryszard Kapuscinski
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"The workingmen have perceived that women are in the field of industry to stay; and they see, too, that there can not be two standards of work and wages for any trade without constant menace to the higher standard."
- Florence Kelley
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"The very fact that women now form about one-fifth of the employes in manufacture and commerce in this country has opened a vast field of industrial legislation directly affecting women as wage-earners."
- Florence Kelley
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"It is fatal for any body of workers to have forever hanging from the fringes of its skirts other bodies on a level just below its own; for that means continual pressure downward, additional difficulty to be overcome in the struggle to maintain reasonable rates of wages."
- Florence Kelley
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"Modern cynics and skeptics... see no harm in paying those to whom they entrust the minds of their children a smaller wage than is paid to those to whom they entrust the care of their plumbing."
- John F. Kennedy
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"NAFTA recognizes the reality of today's economy - globalization and technology. Our future is not in competing at the low-level wage job; it is in creating high-wage, new technology jobs based on our skills and our productivity."
- John F. Kerry
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"It is not enough to say we must not wage war. It is necessary to love peace and sacrifice for it."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
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"My own experience in the third world was that even if people started to make more money, the cost of living and housing increased often faster than the wages."
- David Korten
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"If you look at the US economy over the last 15-20 years wages have been stagnating or even declining."
- David Korten
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"Justice is a whore that won't let herself be stiffed, and collects the wages of shame even from the poor."
- Karl Kraus
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"The theoretically unrestricted right to develop power, to wage war against other states, is antisocial and is doubly dangerous, because the state as a mass entity represents a low moral and intellectual level."
- Christian Lous Lange
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"The family wage has been eroded by the same developments that have promoted consumerism as a way of life."
- Christopher Lasch
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"The last three decades have seen the collapse of the family wage system."
- Christopher Lasch
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"It is no longer an unwritten law of American capitalism that industry will attempt to maintain wages at a level that allows a single wage to support a family."
- Christopher Lasch
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"The more I see of democracy the more I dislike it. It just brings everything down to the mere vulgar level of wages and prices, electric light and water closets, and nothing else."
- David Herbert Lawrence
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"President Bush has said that he does not need approval from the UN to wage war, and I'm thinking, well, hell, he didn't need the approval of the American voters to become president, either."
- David Letterman
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"Unionization, as opposed to communism, presupposes the relation of employment; it is based upon the wage system and it recognizes fully and unreservedly the institution of private property and the right to investment profit."
- John L. Lewis
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"In the steel industry the corporations generally have accepted collective bargaining and negotiated wage agreements with the Committee for Industrial Organization."
- John L. Lewis
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"I am now going from a prison to a palace: I have finished my work, and am now going to receive my wages."
- Christopher Love
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"Average real wages in Mexican manufacturing are lower than they were 10 years ago, if you can believe that."
- Stephen F. Lynch
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"If you consider that a typical Central American consumer earns only a small fraction of an average American worker's wages, it becomes clear that CAFTA's true goal is not to the increase U.S. exports."
- Stephen F. Lynch
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"Since NAFTA was put in place, Mexico has lost 1.9 million jobs and most Mexicans' real wages have fallen."
- Stephen F. Lynch
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"One cannot wage war under present conditions without the support of public opinion, which is tremendously molded by the press and other forms of propaganda."
- Douglas MacArthur
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"The struggles waged by nations are weak only when they lack support in the hearts of their women."
- Jose Marti
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"The more the division of labor and the application of machinery extend, the more does competition extend among the workers, the more do their wages shrink together."
- Karl Marx
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"Unquestionably, there is progress. The average American now pays out twice as much in taxes as he formerly got in wages."
- H. L. Mencken
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"She poured a little social sewage into his ears."
- George Meredith
"I thought in this country, the best social program was a job. Yet minimum wage jobs aren't paying enough to keep families out of poverty."
- Barbara Mikulski
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"The administration is using the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to cut the wages of people desperately trying to rebuild their lives and their communities."
- George Miller
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"Finally, I told them I'd drop out of the management program if they'd give me an entry-level job in the newsroom for union wages, about fifty dollars a week."
- Andrea Mitchell
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"It was the labor movement that helped secure so much of what we take for granted today. The 40-hour work week, the minimum wage, family leave, health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, retirement plans. The cornerstones of the middle-class security all bear the union label."
- Barack Obama
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"The wages of pedantry is pain."
- Carroll O'Connor
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"Belief is a wise wager. Granted that faith cannot be proved, what harm will come to you if you gamble on its truth and it proves false? If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then, without hesitation, that He exists."
- Blaise Pascal
(Related: Faith, Truth, Belief, Gain, Harm, Hesitation, Nothing, Will)

"If you gain, you gain all. If you lose, you lose nothing. Wager then, without hesitation, that He exists."
- Blaise Pascal
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"House Republican leadership have refused to allow a clean minimum wage vote. Close to 15 million Americans will be affected if we did this. Do Republicans really expect a family to live on less than $11,000 a year?"
- Bill Pascrell
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"Today a minimum wage earner has to work a day and a half just to pay for a full tank of gas. That is simply shameful."
- Bill Pascrell
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"Working-class Americans have waited too long, close to a decade in fact, for an increase in the minimum wage. This has been the second longest period without a pay raise since the Federal minimum wage law was first enacted in 1938."
- Bill Pascrell
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"It is shameful that millions of Americans are suffering the economic injustice of working a full-time job and earning a wage that leaves them below the poverty line."
- Bill Pascrell
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"While prices of goods continue to rise, American worker's wages remain stagnant."
- Ed Pastor
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"The whole course of human history may depend on a change of heart in one solitary and even humble individual - for it is in the solitary mind and soul of the individual that the battle between good and evil is waged and ultimately won or lost."
- M. Scott Peck
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"If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely, and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy but just wage a total war, our children will sing great songs about us years from now."
- Richard Perle
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"I had watched for many years and seen how a few rich families held much of Argentina's wealth and power in their hands. So Peron and the government brought in an eight hour working day , sickness pay and fair wages to give poor workers a fair go ."
- Evita Peron
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"It is impossible to forget the sense of dignity which marks the hour when one becomes a wage-earner... I felt that I had suddenly acquired value to myself, to my family, and to the world."
- Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
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"The wages of sin are death, but by the time taxes are taken out, it's just sort of a tired feeling."
- Paula Poundstone
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"Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages."
- Terry Pratchett
(Related: Dreams, Time, Rest, Wages)

"In the Muslim world, there are many people who have been vocal and we have been very vocal against extremists. But how to win this battle is an ongoing battle. And we must continue to wage the battle for peace."
- Feisal Abdul Rauf
(Related: Peace, People, Muslim, Battle, Wage, World)

"He thinks with regret of the great days when he could at harvest time at least go down into Hungary and work on the big estates and bring back, as his wage, a side of bacon for the winter. That was wealth, to him."
- Douglas Reed
(Related: Time, Work, Wealth, Harvest, Regret, Wage, Winter)

"Median wages of production workers, who comprise 80 percent of the workforce, haven't risen in 30 years, adjusted for inflation."
- Robert Reich
(Related: Inflation, Production, Wages, Workers, Years)

"It is not by the absolute quantity of produce obtained by either class, that we can correctly judge of the rate of profit, rent, and wages, but by the quantity of labour required to obtain that produce."
- David Ricardo
(Related: Class, Profit, Quantity, Wages)

"The rise or fall of wages is common to all states of society, whether it be the stationary, the advancing, or the retrograde state."
- David Ricardo
(Related: Society, State, states, Wages)

"But a rise in the wages of labour would not equally affect commodities produced with machinery quickly consumed, and commodities produced with machinery slowly consumed."
- David Ricardo
(Related: Wages)

"A rise in wages, from an alteration in the value of money, produces a general effect on price, and for that reason it produces no real effect whatever on profits."
- David Ricardo
(Related: Money, Effect, Reason, Value, Wages)

"A rise of wages from this cause will, indeed, be invariably accompanied by a rise in the price of commodities; but in such cases, it will be found that labour and all commodities have not varied in regard to each other, and that the variation has been confined to money."
- David Ricardo
(Related: Money, Cause, Wages, Will)

"The mother's battle for her child with sickness, with poverty, with war, with all the forces of exploitation and callousness that cheapen human life needs to become a common human battle, waged in love and in the passion for survival."
- Adrienne Rich
(Related: Life, Love, War, Mother, Survival, Battle, Exploitation, Needs, Passion, Poverty, Sickness)

"The smartest thing we can do to create high-wage jobs and grow our economy is to keep our focus on education."
- Bill Richardson
(Related: Education, Economy, Focus, Jobs)

"Businesses should no longer be allowed to depress wages by hiring illegal labor and then falsely claim that Americans don't want to do the jobs."
- Dana Rohrabacher
(Related: Americans, Hiring, Jobs, Labor, Wages, Want)

"At the current $5.15 an hour, the federal minimum wage has become a poverty wage. A full-time worker with one child lives below the official poverty line."
- Bernie Sanders
(Related: Poverty, Wage)

"Women of the working class, especially wage workers, should not have more than two children at most. The average working man can support no more and and the average working woman can take care of no more in decent fashion."
- Margaret Sanger
(Related: Women, Care, Children, Class, Fashion, Man, Support, Wage, Woman, Workers)

"When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die."
- Jean-Paul Sartre
(Related: War, Poor, Wage)

"Total war is no longer war waged by all members of one national community against all those of another. It is total... because it may well involve the whole world."
- Jean-Paul Sartre
(Related: War, Community, May, World)

"Then came a big strike. About 100 girls went out. The result was a victory, which netted us - I mean the girls - $2 increase in our wages on the average."
- Rose Schneiderman
(Related: Victory, Girls, Result, Wages)

"Because the truth is our wages are really competitive and they're good."
- Lee Scott
(Related: Truth, Wages)

"And what I am trying to say to them that through our ads and through our discussions is if you don't want us in your community, that's your choice, but don't say it's because of wages."
- Lee Scott
(Related: Choice, Community, Trying, Wages, Want)

"I was unaware of the dispute in Brooklyn. I would never knowingly wear any clothes or support any company who produced clothing with alleged wage and labor violations."
- Shakira
(Related: Clothes, Company, Labor, Support, Wage)

"Around me I saw women overworked and underpaid, doing men's work at half men's wages, not because their work was inferior, but because they were women."
- Anna H. Shaw
(Related: Women, Work, Wages)

"We've always been in favor of improved wages for workers. When you have a strong middle class, they want to buy more stuff at Costco."
- James Sinegal
(Related: Class, Middle class, Wages, Want, Workers)

"We always strive to be the best in the wage package."
- James Sinegal
(Related: Wage)

"If you do your fair day's work, you are certain to get your fair day's wage - in praise or pudding, whichever happens to suit your taste."
- Alexander Smith
(Related: Work, Day, Praise, Taste, Wage)

"Nearly every study shows that competition from cheap foreign labor undercuts the wages of American workers and legal immigrants."
- Lamar S. Smith
(Related: Legal, American, Competition, Labor, Study, Wages, Workers)

"In the 9th grade I began my first wage work for the West Side Drug store delivering prescriptions and sundries on my bicycle to customers who called in orders."
- Vernon L. Smith
(Related: Work, First, Wage)

"Hopefully, 21 years later, Judge Roberts possesses an openness with respect to issues of gender-based wage discrimination."
- Olympia Snowe
(Related: Discrimination, Gender, Respect, Wage, Years)

"Above all, we shall wage no more unilateral, ill-planned, ill-considered, and ill-prepared invasions of foreign countries that pose no actual threat to our security."
- Theodore C. Sorensen
(Related: Countries, Security, Wage)

"The real minimum wage is zero."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: Wage)

"Stopping illegal immigration would mean that wages would have to rise to a level where Americans would want the jobs currently taken by illegal aliens."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: Americans, Jobs, Wages, Want)

"With no other security forces on hand, U.S. military was left to confront, almost alone, an Iraqi insurgency and a crime rate that grew worse throughout the year, waged in part by soldiers of the disbanded army and in part by criminals who were released from prison."
- John Spratt
(Related: Army, Crime, Military, Prison, Security, Soldiers)

"It is probable that for a long time to come the mass of mankind in civilized countries will find it both necessary and advantageous to labor for wages, and to accept the condition of hired laborers."
- Leland Stanford
(Related: Time, Countries, Labor, Mankind, Wages, Will)

"Man's idea of God, and a God's collusion, is an essential part of the equation to wage war."
- Ralph Steadman
(Related: War, God, Idea, Man, Wage)

"American workers won't be able to compete fairly for jobs until companies have to pay higher wages in countries like China and India."
- Andy Stern
(Related: American, Countries, Jobs, Wages, Workers)

"I think the economic logic behind dumping a load of toxic waste in the lowest wage country is impeccable and we should face up to it."
- Lawrence Summers
(Related: Country, Logic, Wage, Waste)

"I do not support raising the minimum wage, and the reason is as follows. When the minimum wage is raised, workers are priced out of the market. That is the economic reality that seems, at least so far, to be missing from this discussion."
- John Sununu
(Related: Reality, Reason, Support, Wage, Workers)

"The war we have to wage today has only one goal and that is to make the world safe for diversity."
- U. Thant
(Related: War, Goal, Diversity, Today, Wage, World)

"Today, there are more Americans working than ever before in the history of our Nation, and the average wage of those workers is higher than it has ever been in the history of our Nation."
- Todd Tiahrt
(Related: History, Americans, Nation, Today, Wage, Workers)

"War is so unjust and ugly that all who wage it must try to stifle the voice of conscience within themselves."
- Leo Tolstoy
(Related: War, Conscience, Ugly, Voice, Wage)

"Practically, the desirable situation ought to be one in which any reasonably responsible person willing to accept available employment can find a job paying a living wage within 48 hours."
- William Vickrey
(Related: Job, Living, Wage)

"I met an American woman and got married so I had to get a job."
- Walter Wager
(Related: American, Job, Woman)

"In France, I learned about wine and cheese."
- Walter Wager
(Related: France, Wine)

"I passed the Bar on the first shot, But I have never practiced law."
- Walter Wager
(Related: First, Law)

"I keep working under the delusion that someday a library will ask for my manuscripts."
- Walter Wager
(Related: Delusion, Will)

"I always liked spy stories."
- Walter Wager
"I use the city because it saves time, I don't have to do a lot of research on the setting."
- Walter Wager
(Related: Time, Research)

"The fascists in most Latin American countries tell the people that the reason their wages will not buy as much in the way of goods is because of Yankee imperialism. The fascists in Latin America learn to speak and act like natives."
- Henry A. Wallace
(Related: People, Act, America, American, Countries, Reason, Wages, Will, Yankee)

"You know, this is a business where only 15% make a living wage and only 9% of those are women. But I figured somebody has to be that 15%, somebody's got to be one of those women."
- Marcia Wallace
(Related: Business, Women, Living, Wage)

"The concept of minimum wage is crazy, if you really stop to think about it. If $8 an hour seems right, why not $20 an hour? If it's coming by order of the government, why stop at any level? Why not just say everyone should get what Gates gets?"
- Malcolm Wallop
(Related: Government, Order, Right, Wage)

"The War has been waged with success, although there have been in some instances errors and misfortunes. But the heart of the nation is sounder and its hopes brighter."
- Gideon Welles
(Related: War, Success, Heart, Errors, Nation)

"If workmen are denied any increase in real wages and they can look forward only to a better standard of living through reduction of prices, progress for them is terribly slow, and they become impatient and dissatisfied."
- Charles E. Wilson
(Related: Progress, Living, Wages)

"Many people do not realize that where unions have bargaining rights employers cannot raise wages or improve benefit plans any more than they can reduce them without of the consent of the union."
- Charles E. Wilson
(Related: People, Rights, Wages)

"No one should be so naive as to think that wages among organized groups will not be increased, under pressure if necessary, to make up for increases in the cost-of-living, nor should anyone ordinarily object to such adjustments."
- Charles E. Wilson
(Related: Pressure, Wages, Will)

"A study of the history of wages back through the years indicates clearly that when the cost-of-living rises appreciably wages have shortly been adjusted upward also."
- Charles E. Wilson
(Related: History, Study, Wages, Years)

"Every major religion today is a winner in the Darwinian struggle waged among cultures, and none ever flourished by tolerating its rivals."
- E. O. Wilson
(Related: Religion, Struggle, Today)

"One man's wage increase is another man's price increase."
- Harold Wilson
(Related: Man, Wage)

"Now, wages in the automobile industry are made up of two components, what we call base rates and the cost of living factor which is fed in by the operation of the escalator."
- Leonard Woodcock
(Related: Living, Now, Wages)

"We made a demand for the the same wage rates to be paid in the Canadian plants as in the U.S. plants."
- Leonard Woodcock
(Related: Plants, Wage)

"In individual industries where female labour pays an important role, any movement advocating better wages, shorter working hours, etc., would not be doomed from the start because of the attitude of those women workers who are not organized."
- Clara Zetkin
(Related: Women, Attitude, Wages, Workers)

"The capitalists speculate on the two following factors: the female worker must be paid as poorly as possible and the competition of female labour must be employed to lower the wages of male workers as much as possible."
- Clara Zetkin
(Related: Competition, Wages, Workers)