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"I came into the Agency with a set of ideas and attitudes that were quite typical of people coming into the Agency at that time. You could call it liberal anti-communism."
- Aldrich Ames
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"The labour Party has lost the last four elections. If they lose another, they get to keep the liberal party."
- Clive Anderson
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"Of all the varieties of virtues, liberalism is the most beloved."
- Aristotle
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"Every fundamentalist movement I've studied in Judaism, Christianity and Islam is convinced at some gut, visceral level that secular liberal society wants to wipe out religion."
- Karen Armstrong
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"What my future will not be is active politics in the Liberal Democrat party."
- Paddy Ashdown
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"Maybe it's legitimate criticism, though it can be hurtful. Maybe I haven't paid sufficient attention to the people with whom I would have a natural affinity as a liberal, and they feel let down by that."
- Paddy Ashdown
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"I can't believe the pro-choicers attitude toward unborn children-to me it's the ultimate liberal cause, to defend those without a voice."
- Michael Aston
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"We have established a new basis in our country in which economic liberalization would continue to flourish alongside democratic forces and deregulated power structure."
- Ibrahim Babangida
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"My personal advice is to go to school first and get a liberal arts education, and then if you want to pursue acting, go to graduate school."
- Jillian Bach
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"Liberal capitalism is not at all the Good of humanity. Quite the contrary; it is the vehicle of savage, destructive nihilism."
- Alain Badiou
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"I read Shakespeare and the Bible, and I can shoot dice. That's what I call a liberal education."
- Tallulah Bankhead
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"A rich man told me recently that a liberal is a man who tells other people what to do with their money."
- Amiri Baraka
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"A man who has both feet planted firmly in the air can be safely called a liberal as opposed to the conservative, who has both feet firmly planted in his mouth."
- Jacques Barzun
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"But the West is trying to weaken Islam from outside and inside. They attack our people and invade our countries from outside, and they weaken us from within with ideas like secularism, liberalism and democracy. This is all designed to contaminate our pure Islam."
- Abu Bakar Bashir
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"Why did the Clinton Administration continue to liberalize export controls on sensitive technologies even after it learned that China had stolen designs?"
- Charles Foster Bass
"Good for you, you have a heart, you can be a liberal. Now, couple your heart with your brain, and you can be a conservative."
- Glenn Beck
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"There's the great line: the definition of a liberal is someone who's afraid to take their own side in a fight. And that's my problem with my fellow liberals."
- Paul Begala
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"The problem with liberal Protestantism in America is not that it has not been orthodox enough, but that it has lost a lot of religious substance."
- Peter L. Berger
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"A large nose is the mark of a witty, courteous, affable, generous and liberal man."
- Cyrano de Bergerac
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"A liberal is a man or a woman or a child who looks forward to a better day, a more tranquil night, and a bright, infinite future."
- Leonard Bernstein
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"Conservative, n: A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal who wishes to replace them with others."
- Ambrose Bierce
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"Liberals say we should end employment discrimination. I say we should end employment."
- Bob Black
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"Liberals in Congress have spent the past three decades pandering to environmental extremists. The policies they have put in place are in large part responsible for the energy crunch we are seeing today. We have not built a refinery in this country for 30 years."
- Marsha Blackburn
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"The liberally educated person is one who is able to resist the easy and preferred answers, not because he is obstinate but because he knows others worthy of consideration."
- Allan Bloom
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"An aged rabbi, crazed with liberalism, once said to me, We Jews are just ordinary human beings. Only a bit more so!"
- Lionel Blue
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"My family had liberal positions."
- Emma Bonino
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"I mean to defend the rights of individuals in a liberal prospect."
- Emma Bonino
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"When political figures are shown on television or in movies, it's always the liberal Democrats that are shown to be humane, caring people."
- Pat Boone
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"In fact - statistically, as you know - people have done polls, research, and at least 80 percent or more or working media are liberal Democrats if they are involved with any party and certainly liberal in their philosophy."
- Pat Boone
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"It is quite true - in fact, obvious on the surface - that the vast majority of dramatic shows and comedies, as well, advocate a liberal and humanistic and relativistic lifestyle and concept."
- Pat Boone
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"You Liberals think that goats are just sheep from broken homes."
- Malcolm Bradbury
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"If God had been a liberal, we wouldn't have had the Ten Commandments - we'd have the Ten Suggestions."
- Malcolm Bradbury
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"Let's leave behind the predictable and stale debate between liberals and conservatives. Let's take the resources that we have, and prioritize, and manage, and focus our energy on just doing things that count - on real results."
- Phil Bredesen
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"I am for peace, retrenchment and reform, the watchword of the great Liberal Party thirty years ago."
- John Bright
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"Liberalism is financed by the dividends from Conservatism."
- Craig Bruce
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"The liberals can understand everything but people who don't understand them."
- Lenny Bruce
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"The EU and the U.S. often work together to develop international standards. This is the case in fighting terrorism and transnational crime, advancing trade liberalization, and combating piracy and intellectual property violations."
- John Bruton
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"Liberality consists less in giving a great deal than in gifts well-timed."
- Jean de la Bruyere
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"What distinguishes the campaign finance issue from just about every other one being debated these days is that the two sides do not divide along conventional liberal/ conservative lines."
- James L. Buckley
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"Liberals, it has been said, are generous with other peoples' money, except when it comes to questions of national survival when they prefer to be generous with other people's freedom and security."
- William F. Buckley, Jr.
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"Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views."
- William F. Buckley, Jr.
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"As with most liberal sexual ideas, what makes the world a better place for men invariably makes it a duller and more dangerous place for women."
- Julie Burchill
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"This is not about being liberal. This is not about being conservative. This is about making sure our government works for all Americans."
- Francine Busby
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"Only a liberal senator from Massachusetts would say that a 49 percent increase in funding for education was not enough."
- George W. Bush
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"I can think that you are mistaken, but I have to be ready to give my life to maintain your right to make mistakes. I have to, though, have the right to say that you're mistaken. This is the principal of the liberal society."
- Rocco Buttiglione
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"Investment banking has, in recent years, resembled a casino, and the massive scale of gambling losses has dragged down traditional business and retail lending activities as banks try to rebuild their balance sheets. This was one aspect of modern financial liberalisation that had dire consequences."
- Vince Cable
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"However many blessings we expect from God, His infinite liberality will always exceed all our wishes and our thoughts."
- John Calvin
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"No one of this nation ever begs, for the houses of all are common to all; and they consider liberality and hospitality amongst the first virtues."
- Giraldus Cambrensis
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"Hollywood people are filled with guilt: white guilt, liberal guilt, money guilt. They feel bad that they're so rich, they feel they don't work that much for all that money - and they don't, for the amount of money they make."
- Drew Carey
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"There has been only a civil rights movement, whose tone of voice was adapted to an audience of liberal whites."
- Stokely Carmichael
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"I'm a liberal arts junkie."
- Mary Chapin Carpenter
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"I was a liberal arts junkie and I figured, well, I'll go work for somebody somewhere. All I knew was that I was going to have to come home and figure it out."
- Mary Chapin Carpenter
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"I do think that a general liberal arts education is very important, particularly in an uncertain changing world."
- Steve Case
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"I am fairly certain that my abortion position hurt me, because in a Democratic primary, where turnout is relatively low, liberal voters turn out in disproportionately large numbers and thus exercise a disproportionate influence on the outcome."
- Robert Casey
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"The liberals are fighting so hard whenever President Bush appoints any federal judges."
- Steve Chabot
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"The Senate needs 60 votes to pass anything. They have to compromise with liberal Democrats to spend more money. Even though arguably we have control of the Senate, we really don't."
- Steve Chabot
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"Liberals believe they own the franchise on minorities and can't stand any Hispanic or black who breaks rank."
- Linda Chavez
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"In my mind, there is nothing so illiberal, and so ill-bred, as audible laughter."
- Lord Chesterfield
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"The liberals in the House strongly resemble liberals I have known through the last two decades in the civil rights conflict. When it comes time to show on which side they will be counted, they excuse themselves."
- Shirley Chisholm
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"Unlimited economic growth has the marvelous quality of stilling discontent while maintaining privilege, a fact that has not gone unnoticed among liberal economists."
- Noam Chomsky
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"Laws should be interpreted in a liberal sense so that their intention may be preserved."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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"In doubtful cases the more liberal interpretation must always be preferred."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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"Let's trace the birth of an idea. It's born as rampant radicalism, then it becomes progressivism, then liberalism, then it becomes moderated conservative, outmoded, and gone."
- Powell Clayton
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"Liberalism, on the other hand, regards life as an adventure in which we must take risks in new situations, in which there is no guarantee that the new will always be the good or the true, in which progress is a precarious achievement rather than inevitability."
- Morris Raphael Cohen
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"Liberalism regards life as an adventure in which we must take risks in new situation, in which there is no guarantee that the new will always be the good or the true, in which progress is a precarious achievement rather than inevitability."
- Morris Raphael Cohen
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"Liberalism is an attitude rather than a set of dogmas - an attitude that insists upon questioning all plausible and self-evident propositions, seeking not to reject them but to find out what evidence there is to support them rather than their possible alternatives."
- Morris Raphael Cohen
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"Conservatives truly love America and support the armed forces, while liberals are unpatriotic draft dodgers."
- Joe Conason
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"'Be faithful to your roots' is the liberal version of 'Stay in your ghetto.'"
- Mason Cooley
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"Liberals become indignant when you question their patriotism, but simultaneously work overtime to give terrorists a cushion for the next attack and laugh at dumb Americans who love their country and hate the enemy."
- Ann Coulter
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"Whether they are defending the Soviet Union or bleating for Saddam Hussein, liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of America's self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant."
- Ann Coulter
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"Political debate with liberals is basically impossible in America today because liberals are calling names while conservatives are trying to make arguments."
- Ann Coulter
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"Usually the nonsense liberals spout is kind of cute, but in wartime their instinctive idiocy is life-threatening."
- Ann Coulter
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"We've finally given liberals a war against fundamentalism, and they don't want to fight it. They would, except it would put them on the same side as the United States."
- Ann Coulter
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"Liberals are stalwart defenders of civil liberties - provided we're only talking about criminals."
- Ann Coulter
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"Whenever a liberal begins a statement with 'I don't know which is more frightening,' you know the answer is going to be pretty clear."
- Ann Coulter
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"While the form of treachery varies slightly from case to case, liberals always manage to take the position that most undermines American security."
- Ann Coulter
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"Democrats couldn't care less if people in Indiana hate them. But if Europeans curl their lips, liberals can't look at themselves in the mirror."
- Ann Coulter
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"Liberal soccer moms are precisely as likely to receive anthrax in the mail as to develop a capacity for linear thinking."
- Ann Coulter
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"A liberal is a man who will give away everything he doesn't own."
- Frank Dane
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"I was raised in a time where children were still seen and not heard basically, so I think a lot of us in my generation went the other way and just tried to be as much more liberal and open and we're still paying for it."
- Blythe Danner
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"Our two major parties are actually called the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party."
- Stockwell Day
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"The place to find the explanation for the liberal-activist mindset of the courts is in the political arena."
- Stockwell Day
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"Time and time again, history has proved that the conservatives are right and the liberals are wrong."
- Stockwell Day
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"If the Liberals' law is passed, will sex education in the schools, including elementary grades, include the same portrayals of sexual activity which presently exist in heterosexual instruction? Will there be the same presentation of homosexual activity? Of course there will."
- Stockwell Day
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"In the United States, commentators recognize that, generally speaking, most people who hold liberal positions over a range of issues will likely vote Democratic, while most people, again generally speaking, who hold conservative positions will vote Republican."
- Stockwell Day
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"It is said that a neo-conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality."
- Stockwell Day
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"The status quo helps liberals. We're going to change the country."
- Howard Dean
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"Bill Rehnquist makes Barry Goldwater look like a liberal."
- John Dean
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"The driving force behind the liberal counter-offensive in Europe has been a reaction against irresponsibility."
- Jacques Delors
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"The Liberals are the flying saucers of politics. No one can make head nor tail of them and they never are seen twice in the same place."
- John G. Diefenbaker
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"My objection to Liberalism is this that it is the introduction into the practical business of life of the highest kind namely, politics of philosophical ideas instead of political principles."
- Benjamin Disraeli
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"The right honourable gentleman caught the Whigs bathing, and walked away with their clothes. He has left them in the full enjoyment of their liberal positions, and he is himself a strict conservative of their garments."
- Benjamin Disraeli
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"There are some liberals eager to embrace a culture void of morals, but the majority of America is made up of honest, hard-working families who turned out in droves to protect the traditional way of life."
- John Doolittle
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"The two most common charges against the older fiction, that it pleased wickedly and that it taught nothing, had broken down before the discovery, except in illiberal sects, that the novel is fitted both for honest use and for pleasure."
- Carl Clinton Van Doren
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"My mom is this liberal, feminist, Mormon powerhouse. I just love her to death."
- Eliza Dushku
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"A liberal mind is a mind that is able to imagine itself believing anything."
- Max Eastman
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"My faith has been the driving thing of my life. I think it is important that people who are perceived as liberals not be afraid of talking about moral and community values."
- Marian Wright Edelman
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"If my parents had discouraged me, I would have turned out very differently. They raised me in an open-minded, liberal environment."
- Tom Ford
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"We must be both more conservative and more liberal than most students of Christian worship: conservative in holding exclusively to God's commands in Scripture as our rule of worship, and liberal in defending the liberty of those who apply those."
- John Frame
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"Before this learning experience, I had assumed that with regard to programs that sought to help people out of poverty, the political world was essentially divided into two camps: conservatives who opposed these for a variety of reasons, and liberals who supported them."
- Barney Frank
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"To make the argument that the media has a left- or right-wing, or a liberal or a conservative bias, is like asking if the problem with Al-Qaeda is do they use too much oil in their hummus."
- Al Franken
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"If you hear, day after day, liberals are rooting against armed forces, that is eventually going to have an effect on soldiers and troops who are actually going to believe that and it's wrong. It's just wrong."
- Al Franken
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"Yeah, but you need an experienced radio veteran who is a liberal advocate. And there just hadn't been any radio that did that. And so they weren't trained - they had developed all these bad habits of being objective and balanced and stuff like that."
- Al Franken
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"The biases the media has are much bigger than conservative or liberal. They're about getting ratings, about making money, about doing stories that are easy to cover."
- Al Franken
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"A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel."
- Robert Frost
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"Liberalism is, I think, resurgent. One reason is that more and more people are so painfully aware of the alternative."
- John Kenneth Galbraith
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"I'm a liberal inside a liberal's body."
- Ana Gasteyer
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"To have a liberal temperament is a kind of psychological boon, To be able to understand that someone you disagree with is not just a terrible creature but somebody with whom you disagree."
- Peter Gay
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"A liberal education is at the heart of a civil society, and at the heart of a liberal education is the act of teaching."
- A. Bartlett Giamatti
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"In choosing a president, we really don't choose a Republican or Democrat, a conservative or liberal. We choose a leader."
- Rudy Giuliani
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"Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear."
- William E. Gladstone
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"A liberal is a man who is willing to spend somebody else's money."
- Carter Glass
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"As I've gotten older, I've gotten more liberal, and my father is increasingly conservative. It's so shocking to me because I always thought we had the same politics. The day I realized we voted for different presidents, I practically fell out of my chair."
- Lauren Graham
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"Hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned."
- Dick Gregory
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"Women ought to feel a peculiar sympathy in the colored man's wrong, for, like him, she has been accused of mental inferiority, and denied the privileges of a liberal education."
- Angelina Grimke
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"I guess it was but I think peoples morality has changed. It's gotten more liberal and more diverse and even in a sense much more fundamental, you take the fundamental religious right in this country, its got to go back about 50 years."
- Larry Hagman
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"It didn't take long for the world to realize that the Shah was an enlightened liberal next to the bloody reactionary regime that followed, and which executed more people in three months than the Shah had done in 30 years."
- Alexander Haig
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"The youth of France do not want a new neo-liberal contract."
- Peter Hall
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"The primary purpose of a liberal education is to make one's mind a pleasant place in which to spend one's leisure."
- Sydney J. Harris
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"Yes, I'm of the old guard, liberal Republican."
- Mark Hatfield
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"Universal suffrage should rest upon universal education. To this end, liberal and permanent provision should be made for the support of free schools by the State governments, and, if need be, supplemented by legitimate aid from national authority."
- Rutherford B. Hayes
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"There's nothing worse, I guess, than being black in an all-white church or being southern and being a liberal."
- Lee Hazlewood
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"Liberal democracy must finally become the vital element of our society."
- Gustav Heinemann
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"Political tags - such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth - are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire."
- Robert A. Heinlein
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"Conservatism is a hard choice for a society that has become accustomed to big government and big entitlements promoted by liberals."
- Jesse Helms
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"I worked in the media from the late 30's through the early 70's. Politics in general became more liberal both nationally and within the state as the years passed."
- Jesse Helms
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"Men of polite learning and a liberal education."
- Matthew Henry
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"Liberalism, austere in political trifles, has learned ever more artfully to unite a constant protest against the government with a constant submission to it."
- Alexander Herzen
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"Universal education is the most corroding and disintegrating poison that liberalism has ever invented for its own destruction."
- Adolf Hitler
(Related: Education, Destruction, Liberalism, Poison)

"We can't put up a protectionist dam on our own against the neo-liberal world market either. However, we can try, together with our European partners, to maintain the social character of Europe as much as possible."
- Johan Huizinga
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"Liberalism, above all, means emancipation - emancipation from one's fears, his inadequacies, from prejudice, from discrimination, from poverty."
- Hubert H. Humphrey
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"There's something I've been wanting to say for a long time. I'm a liberal, and I'm proud of it. In fact, I was probably a little more liberal than Hubert was. I just wanted to say that."
- Muriel Humphrey
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"A liberal education... frees a man from the prison-house of his class, race, time, place, background, family and even his nation."
- Robert M. Hutchins
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"You can't get much more liberal than John Kerry is. I mean, he's my candidate, but, I mean, come on."
- Don Imus
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"Incredible that liberals aren't more concerned about the monopoly of information in South Dakota."
- Laura Ingraham
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"I don't believe in lobbying only progressives and liberal members of Congress. I don't believe in doing interviews only with those who share my views. I want to reach a wider audience."
- Bianca Jagger
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"Northern white people love the Negro in a sort of abstract way, as a race; through a sense of justice, charity, and philanthropy, they will liberally assist in his elevation."
- James Weldon Johnson
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"I was raised by the Christian Brothers, who believe in that, fortunately. They were, to me, the most rebellious arm of the Catholic Church - and one of the most liberal and forward thinking."
- Paul Kantner
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"I think Russians today have a distorted picture of capitalism, liberal democracy and market economy."
- Garry Kasparov
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"There was no doubt that there was a vast organization which was making fools of all the liberals in Hollywood and taking their money, that there was a police state among the Left element in Hollywood and Broadway."
- Elia Kazan
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"Three simple words - freedom, justice and honesty. These sum up what the Liberal Democrats stand for."
- Charles Kennedy
(Related: Honesty, Democrats, Freedom, Justice, Liberal, Words)

"Education can give you a skill, but a liberal education can give you dignity."
- Ellen Key
(Related: Education, Dignity, Liberal, Skill)

"The president's dream of a worldwide liberal utopia is going to undermine the security of the United States."
- Peter King
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"It wouldn't be fair to say that conservatives cherish property the way liberals cherish equality. But it would be fair to say that the takings clause is the conservatives' recipe for judicial activism just as they say liberals have misused the equal protection clause."
- Michael Kinsley
(Related: Equality, Activism, Liberals, Property, Protection)

"The "takings" clause of the Fifth Amendment is for conservatives what the equal protection clause of the 14th is for liberals."
- Michael Kinsley
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"Conservatives and liberals alike have been waiting for this moment for a third of a century."
- Michael Kinsley
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"In liberal democracy and anxious anarchy, the traditional classic dance, compact of aristocratic authority and absolute freedom in a necessity of order, has never been so promising as an independent expression as it is today."
- Lincoln Kirstein
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"I had a liberal arts education at Amherst College where I had two majors, mathematics and philosophy."
- Stephen Cole Kleene
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"I suspect that even today, with all the progress we have made in liberal thought, the quality of true tolerance is as rare as the quality of mercy."
- Frank Knox
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"A dog is like a liberal. He wants to please everybody. A cat really doesn't need to know that everybody loves him."
- William Kunstler
(Related: Liberal)

"A growing awareness of the depth of popular attachment to the family has led some liberals to concede that family is not just a buzzword for reaction."
- Christopher Lasch
(Related: Family, Awareness, Liberals, Popular)

"When liberals finally grasped the strength of popular feeling about the family, they cried to appropriate the rhetoric and symbolism of family values for their own purposes."
- Christopher Lasch
(Related: Family, Strength, Values, Feeling, Liberals, Popular, Rhetoric)

"News represents another form of advertising, not liberal propaganda."
- Christopher Lasch
(Related: Advertising, Liberal, News, Propaganda)

"Liberals subscribe to the new flexible, pluralistic definition of the family; their defense of families carries no conviction."
- Christopher Lasch
(Related: Family, Conviction, Defense, Liberals)

"Whoever lives in Berlin note, and doesn't die of Liberalism, will never die of vexation!"
- Ferdinand Lassalle
(Related: Liberalism, Will)

"Not a lot of conservatives on this list. Are more liberals than conservatives screwing up America?"
- Matt Lauer
(Related: America, Liberals)

"Liberals like using government to solve problems in OUR country and conservatives are using our government to solve problems in OTHER countries."
- Matthew Lesko
(Related: Government, Countries, Country, Liberals, Problems)

"The role of a liberal arts college within a university is to be a genuine part of that university, giving and responding to the other parts."
- Edward Levi
(Related: College, Giving, Liberal, University)

"Law builds upon and, I should like to claim, is one of the liberal arts. It uses words of persuasion and changing definitions for practical ends."
- Edward Levi
(Related: Law, Liberal, Persuasion, Words)

"Enraging liberals is simply one of the more enjoyable side effects of my wisdom."
- Rush Limbaugh
(Related: Wisdom, Liberals)

"Liberal Democrats are inexorably opposed to tax cuts, because tax cuts give people more power, and take away from the role of government."
- Rush Limbaugh
(Related: Government, Power, People, Democrats, Tax, Liberal, Tax cuts)

"The WTO has one of the most impressive records in global economic governance, by promoting trade liberalisation and economic development."
- Anna Lindh
(Related: Development, Trade)

"I've always been a liberal and I've always had strong socialist leanings."
- David Lloyd
(Related: Liberal)

"The mind of the scholar, if he would leave it large and liberal, should come in contact with other minds."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(Related: Liberal, Mind)

"Bill Clinton was a liberal who could appeal to conservative-leaning Bubba voters."
- Rich Lowry
(Related: Conservative, Liberal)

"Because liberalism typically doesn't sell in American presidential politics, liberal candidates tend to run as culturally conservative centrists."
- Rich Lowry
(Related: Politics, American, Conservative, Liberal, Liberalism)

"Proponents of the Central America Free Trade Agreement have conveniently ignored this fundamental fact: the effect of trade on incomes in Central America and how to alleviate the adverse consequences of trade liberalization on the poor."
- Stephen F. Lynch
(Related: Agreement, America, Consequences, Effect, Poor, Trade)

"Liberalism does not preclude an organisation of the flow of money in which some channels are used in decision making while others are only good for the payment of debts."
- Jean-Francois Lyotard
(Related: Money, Decision, Liberalism)

"Conservative New Testament studies could also provide an intellectually satisfying alternative to German biblical criticism and to the liberal theology that accompanied it."
- John Gresham Machen
(Related: Conservative, Criticism, Liberal, New testament, Theology)

"We have to stress our conservative credentials and emphasize that we are the natural, national alternative to the Liberals. Clearly the Alliance has shown it can't break out of its Western box. The Alliance is at single-digit support in three quarters of the country."
- Peter MacKay
(Related: Alliance, Conservative, Country, Liberals, Stress, Support)

"As usual the Liberals offer a mixture of sound and original ideas. Unfortunately none of the sound ideas is original and none of the original ideas is sound."
- Harold MacMillan
(Related: Ideas, Liberals, Sound)

"President Bush is supporting Arnold but a lot of Republicans are not, because he is actually quite liberal. Karl Rove said if his father wasn't a Nazi, he wouldn't have any credibility with conservatives at all."
- Bill Maher
(Related: Father, Credibility, Liberal, President, Republicans)

"The Negro revolution is controlled by foxy white liberals, by the Government itself. But the Black Revolution is controlled only by God."
- Malcolm X
(Related: Government, God, Revolution, Liberals)

"I certainly believe that we gain through open trade and liberalisation."
- Peter Mandelson
(Related: Gain, Open, Trade)

"Generosity during life is a very different thing from generosity in the hour of death; one proceeds from genuine liberality and benevolence, the other from pride or fear."
- Horace Mann
(Related: Life, Death, Fear, Benevolence, Generosity, Liberality, Pride)

"Indeed, Miss Manners has come to believe that the basic political division in this country is not between liberals and conservatives but between those who believe that they should have a say in the love lives of strangers and those who do not."
- Judith Martin
(Related: Love, Country, Liberals, Manners, Strangers)

"Habituated from our Infancy to trample upon the Rights of Human Nature, every generous, every liberal Sentiment, if not extinguished, is enfeebled in our Minds."
- George Mason
(Related: Nature, Rights, Human nature, Liberal, Sentiment)

"Inside of many liberals is a fascist struggling to get out."
- John McCarthy
(Related: Liberals)

"The difference between a contemporary liberal and a socialist is that to a liberal the most beautiful word in the English language is 'forbidden', whereas to a socialist the most beautiful word is 'compulsory'."
- John McCarthy
(Related: Difference, English, Language, Liberal, Word)

"The left-leaning thinking that dominates the movie business follows a common liberal instinct to deny the spiritual dimension to every problem, thereby profoundly compounding the difficulties."
- Michael Medved
(Related: Business, Difficulties, Instinct, Liberal, Spiritual, Thinking)

"Conservatives, despite their increasingly powerful presence on cable TV and talk radio, feel excluded and disregarded by the longstanding preponderance of liberal voices on public television."
- Michael Medved
(Related: Liberal, Public, Talk, Television)

"Liberal whites are the greatest enemy of African Americans."
- James Meredith
(Related: African, Americans, Enemy, Liberal)

"Just put down 9/11... I think, on most things I'm liberal, except on defending ourselves and keeping half the money. Those things I'm kind of conservative on."
- Dennis Miller
(Related: Money, Conservative, Liberal)

"Liberals should not overplay this weapons of mass destruction card, because you want me to tell you the truth? Most of us are not going to care if they don't find these weapons of mass destruction. It's enough for a lot of us to see those kids smiling on that street again."
- Dennis Miller
(Related: Truth, Care, Destruction, Kids, Liberals, Want, Weapons)

"When I entered college, it was to study liberal arts. At the University of Pennsylvania, I studied English literature, but I fell in love with broadcasting, with telling stories about other people's exploits."
- Andrea Mitchell
(Related: Love, People, College, English, Liberal, Literature, Study, University)

"Discoveries made during the last hundred years have shown that liberalism is the best system to improve a country's well being."
- Marc Forne Molne
(Related: Being, Country, Liberalism, Years)

"The band has a liberal philosophy - that's sort of a given."
- Thurston Moore
(Related: Liberal, Philosophy)

"If a liberal political philosophy stands for anything, and I am no longer sure it does, then it must mean that we are committed to the leveling of the playing field for everyone."
- Daniel Keys Moran
(Related: Liberal, Philosophy)

"I'm a liberal where children are concerned, a libertarian where adults are concerned - and thinking very seriously about running for the House of Representatives, for whatever that's worth."
- Daniel Keys Moran
(Related: Children, Liberal, Running, Thinking, Worth)

"New Orleans may well have been the most liberal Deep South city in 1954 because of its large Creole population, the influence of the French, and its cosmopolitan atmosphere."
- Constance Baker Motley
(Related: Deep, Influence, Liberal, May, Population)

"Somehow liberals have been unable to acquire from life what conservatives seem to be endowed with at birth: namely, a healthy skepticism of the powers of government agencies to do good."
- Daniel P. Moynihan
(Related: Government, Life, Liberals, Skepticism)

"The liberal left can be as rigid and destructive as any force in American life."
- Daniel Patrick Moynihan
(Related: Life, American, Force, Liberal)

"The central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of a society. The central liberal truth is that politics can change a culture and save it from itself."
- Daniel Patrick Moynihan
(Related: Change, Politics, Success, Society, Truth, Conservative, Culture, Liberal)

"The Liberal State is a mask behind which there is no face; it is a scaffolding behind which there is no building."
- Benito Mussolini
(Related: Building, Liberal, State)

"The liberal intelligentsia has allowed its party to become a captive of corporate interests."
- Ralph Nader
(Related: Corporate, Liberal, Party)

"North Eurasia is one of the best examples of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence of Islam and Christianity. This is a rare thing in today's world, even in its most liberal parts."
- Nursultan Nazarbayev
(Related: Christianity, Islam, Liberal, Religious, Today, Tolerance, World)

"He was my favorite senator... I love him. He made the liberals squeal."
- Robert Novak
(Related: Love, Favorite, Liberals)

"A liberal is a man who is right most of the time, but he's right too soon."
- Gregory Nunn
(Related: Time, Liberal, Man, Right)

"I have an idealistic view of science as a liberalising and progressive force for humanity."
- Paul Nurse
(Related: Science, Force, Humanity)

"There is not a liberal America and a conservative America - there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and latino America and asian America - there's the United States of America."
- Barack Obama
(Related: America, Conservative, Liberal, states, United)

"There's not a liberal America and a conservative America - there's the United States of America."
- Barack Obama
(Related: America, Conservative, Liberal, states, United)

"Does defending liberalism leave you friendless and perhaps wondering about your breath?"
- Phil Ochs
(Related: Liberalism)

"So the idea that you could put Kurds, Shiite Arabs, and Sunni Arabs in a nice, liberal, federal system in Iraq in a short amount of time, six months or a year, boggles the mind."
- William Odom
(Related: Time, Idea, Iraq, Liberal, Mind, Months)

"But I think it's undeniable that the Times is a liberal paper."
- Daniel Okrent
(Related: Liberal)

"Is the New York Times a Liberal Newspaper? Of course it is."
- Daniel Okrent
(Related: Liberal)

"More people need to understand the games secular liberals play. Here's one rule-of-thumb: No matter how bad a story sounds - particularly if it sounds bad - recognize the pattern of defamation."
- Marvin Olasky
(Related: People, Games, Liberals, Play)

"Liberal: a power worshipper without power."
- George Orwell
(Related: Power)

"Note too that a faithful study of the liberal arts humanizes character and permits it not to be cruel."
- Ovid
(Related: Character, Liberal, Study)

"The liberal groups spent months raising money so they could take down anyone President Bush nominated. But they have not been able to touch judge Roberts."
- Michael Oxley
(Related: Money, Liberal, Months, President)

"My generation of the Sixties, with all our great ideals, destroyed liberalism, because of our excesses."
- Camille Paglia
(Related: Ideals, Liberalism)

"My parents were liberal intellectuals but even they expected me to stay at home and look after my younger siblings and do the housework."
- Sara Paretsky
(Related: Home, Housework, Intellectuals, Liberal, Parents)

"I wanted to go to a liberal arts college, I wanted to have that experience."
- Mandy Patinkin
(Related: Experience, College, Liberal)

"The reality is the cap-and-trade legislation offered by the Democrats amounts to an economic declaration of war on the Midwest by liberals on Capitol Hill."
- Mike Pence
(Related: War, Democrats, Legislation, Liberals, Reality)

"In Michigan, a liberal democrat raised taxes and kept their government programs at the same level. And guess what? Their economy continued into the toilet, it continued down."
- Rick Perry
(Related: Government, Economy, Liberal, Taxes)

"It seems to me that in our lifetime we have passed from the wreck of liberal humanism to the beginning of a new recognition of dogma: isn't it rather tremendous?"
- Ruth Pitter
(Related: Beginning, Humanism, Liberal)

"I don't know about liberal bias, but people of a liberal mentality are probably attracted in greater numbers to the arts than people of a conservative mentality."
- Sydney Pollack
(Related: People, Conservative, Liberal, Numbers)

"Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others."
- Jon Postel
(Related: Conservative, Liberal)

"Conservatives were griping for decades about liberal media and nobody paid attention. Now, all of a sudden, one news channel has gotten a whole new community of people freaked out."
- Michael K. Powell
(Related: People, Attention, Community, Liberal, Media, News, Now)

"Conservatives divide the world in terms of good and evil while liberals do it in terms of the rich and poor."
- Dennis Prager
(Related: Evil, Liberals, Poor, World)

"Liberals tend to put the onus of your success on society and conservatives on you and your family."
- Dennis Prager
(Related: Family, Society, Success, Liberals)

"The idea that you earn things - that you earn respect, that you earn income, responsibility. the vote, punishment... these ideas are anathema to the liberal mind."
- Dennis Prager
(Related: Idea, Ideas, Income, Liberal, Mind, Punishment, Respect, Responsibility, Vote)

"Russia will not soon become, if it ever becomes, a second copy of the United States or England - where liberal value have deep historic roots."
- Vladimir Putin
(Related: Deep, England, Liberal, Russia, states, United, Value, Will)

"Time, which wears down and diminishes all things, augments and increases good deeds, because a good turn liberally offered to a reasonable man grows continually through noble thought and memory."
- Francois Rabelais
(Related: Time, Thought, Deeds, Man, Memory)

"Conservative humor is frankly harder than liberal humor. You get points for just being liberal. You can get more points if you make fun of your own side sometimes."
- Ted Rall
(Related: Humor, Being, Conservative, Fun, Liberal)

"Liberals are concerned about the concentration of wealth because it almost inevitably leads to a concentration of power that undermines democracy."
- Robert Reich
(Related: Power, Wealth, Democracy, Liberals)

"The liberal ideal is that everyone should have fair access and fair opportunity. This is not equality of result. It's equality of opportunity. There's a fundamental difference."
- Robert Reich
(Related: Equality, Opportunity, Difference, Liberal, Result)

"The silent majority really is a liberal majority, even though the word liberal has taken a real beating over the last 20 years by radical conservatives."
- Robert Reich
(Related: Liberal, Majority, Radical, Word, Years)

"A conservative is a liberal who got mugged the night before."
- Frank Rizzo
(Related: Conservative, Liberal, Night)

"It is the Democratic Congress, the liberal-biased media and the homosexuals who want to destroy all Christians."
- Pat Robertson
(Related: Congress, Liberal, Media, Want)

"The problem we have in America is the systematic erosion of our religious values in an attempt by certain liberal groups to expunge our Christian heritage from the public square."
- Pat Robertson
(Related: Values, Christian, America, Liberal, Public, Religious)

"The one thing people are the most liberal with, is their advice."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: People, Advice, Liberal)

"Men give away nothing so liberally as their advice."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: Men, Advice, Nothing)

"Sometimes I wonder whether Washington's liberal politicians truly understand the greatness that is America."
- Mitt Romney
(Related: Greatness, America, Liberal, Politicians, Washington, Wonder)

"I believe that in every country the people themselves are more peaceably and liberally inclined than their governments."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
(Related: People, Country)

"A large nose is in fact the sign of an affable man, good, courteous, witty, liberal, courageous, such as I am."
- Edmond Rostand
(Related: Fact, Liberal, Man, Witty)

"Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers."
- Karl Rove
(Related: War, Liberals, Therapy, Understanding)

""Empathy" is the latest code word for liberal activism, for treating the Constitution as malleable clay to be kneaded and molded in whatever form justices want. It represents an expansive view of the judiciary in which courts create policy that couldn't pass the legislative branch or, if it did, would generate voter backlash."
- Karl Rove
(Related: Policy, Activism, Constitution, Liberal, Want, Word)

"Has there ever been a more revealing moment this year? Let me just put this in fairly simple terms: Al Jazeera now broadcasts the words of Senator Durbin to the Mideast, certainly putting our troops in greater danger. No more needs to be said about the motives of liberals."
- Karl Rove
(Related: Danger, Liberals, Motives, Needs, Now, Troops, Words)

"What Mr. Obama wants in a nominee isn't really "empathy" and "understanding." He wants a liberal, activist Supreme Court justice."
- Karl Rove
(Related: Court, Justice, Liberal)

"By the end, everybody had a label - pig, liberal, radical, revolutionary... If you had everything but a gun, you were a radical but not a revolutionary."
- Jerry Rubin
(Related: End, Liberal, Radical)

"2010 is not just a choice between Republicans and Democrats. 2010 is not just a choice between liberals and conservatives. 2010 is a referendum on the very identity of our nation."
- Marco Rubio
(Related: Choice, Democrats, Identity, Liberals, Nation, Republicans)

"Liberals feel unworthy of their possessions. Conservatives feel they deserve everything they've stolen."
- Mort Sahl
(Related: Liberals, Possessions, Unworthy)

"Journalism students need to understand it and need a solid background in the liberal arts, in sociology, economics, literature and language, because they won't get it later on."
- Harrison Salisbury
(Related: Economics, Journalism, Language, Liberal, Literature, Students)

"If the most liberal man that's ever been in office can get elected when 20 percent of the population identifies as liberal then I think we can elect a conservative when 40 percent of the population identifies themselves as conservative."
- Rick Santorum
(Related: Conservative, Liberal, Man, Office, Population)

"I have a liberal definition of news because I think news can be what excites people. I'm not very sanctimonious about what news is and isn't."
- Diane Sawyer
(Related: People, Liberal, News)

"First there was racism. Then liberals created institutional racism and coded racism. You can only hear it with a dog whistle."
- Evan Sayet
(Related: First, Liberals, Racism)

"Contrast that with the call of the Liberal Democrats in April, when they were prepared to call upon the British people to participate in a 24-hour strike. It shows how far to the right the Labour Party's gone."
- Arthur Scargill
(Related: People, April, Contrast, Democrats, Liberal, Party, Right)

"There is a strong correlation between belief in evolution and liberal views on government control, pornography, prayer in schools, abortion, gun control, economic freedom, and even animal rights."
- Phyllis Schlafly
(Related: Government, Belief, Control, Abortion, Evolution, Freedom, Rights, Liberal, Pornography, Prayer, Schools)

"Novels are the Socratic dialogues of our time. Practical wisdom fled from school wisdom into this liberal form."
- Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
(Related: Wisdom, Time, Liberal, School)

"In the world of language, or in other words in the world of art and liberal education, religion necessarily appears as mythology or as Bible."
- Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
(Related: Art, Religion, Education, Bible, Language, Liberal, Mythology, Words, World)

"If you're a liberal, anything you say is protected. If you're a conservative, anything you say is hateful."
- Laura Schlessinger
(Related: Conservative, Liberal)

"Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, whether you are a liberal or a conservative, we know that neither this President nor prior Presidents of both parties did everything right or we would not have had a 9/11."
- Charles Schumer
(Related: Conservative, Liberal, President, Republican, Right)

"Berkeley had a liberal element in the student body who tended to be quite active. I think that's in general a feature of intellectually active places."
- John Searle
(Related: Body, Liberal)

"It's not that conservatives don't care. We do. We just have different answers than liberals do. It's a difference of the mind, not of the heart."
- Tom Selleck
(Related: Heart, Answers, Care, Difference, Liberals, Mind)

"I don't trust liberals, I trust conservatives."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(Related: Trust, Liberals)

"I think anyone that thought that we were coming in as a bunch of liberal Democrats to deliver more large-scale social programs was nuts. I sure didn't expect it."
- Donna Shalala
(Related: Thought, Democrats, Liberal)

"The Liberals have been pressing for the brief on the basis of which he said there was authority for war."
- Clare Short
(Related: War, Authority, Liberals)

"President Bush has a record of cutting taxes, has provided a prescription drug benefit for seniors, has upheld the Second Amendment and remains committed to stopping liberal activists judges who are redefining marriage."
- Bill Shuster
(Related: Marriage, Judges, Liberal, President, Taxes)

"The word liberal distinguishes whatever nourishes the mind and spirit from the training which is merely practical or professional or from the trivialities which are no training at all."
- Alan K. Simpson
(Related: Liberal, Mind, Spirit, Training, Word)

"Any education that matters is liberal. All the saving truths, all the healing graces that distinguish a good education from a bad one or a full education from a half empty one are contained in that word."
- Alan K. Simpson
(Related: Education, Healing, Liberal, Word)

"The reason to split a court is for administrative purposes, and in the past there has been much debate about the liberal decisions of the Ninth Circuit and so forth; and people have wanted to get out of the Ninth Circuit for that reason."
- Michael K. Simpson
(Related: People, Court, Debate, Decisions, Liberal, Past, Reason)

"When I'm asked who my audience is, I say someone with an open mind, which is not a vacant one and sometimes a liberal mind is not the same thing as an open one."
- Todd Solondz
(Related: Liberal, Mind, Open)

"I think Democrats made a mistake running away from liberalism. Liberalism, uh, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John and Robert Kennedy - that's what the Democratic party ought to reach for."
- Theodore C. Sorensen
(Related: Mistake, Democrats, Liberalism, Party, Running)

"People who identify themselves as conservatives donate money to charity more often than people who identify themselves as liberals. They donate more money and a higher percentage of their incomes."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: Money, People, Charity, Liberals)

"One of the most pervasive political visions of our time is the vision of liberals as compassionate and conservatives as less caring."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: Time, Vision, Caring, Liberals, Visions)

"If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: Liberal, Play, Radical, Rules, Today, Years)

"Liberalism is totalitarianism with a human face."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: Liberalism)

"Liberals seem to assume that, if you don't believe in their particular political solutions, then you don't really care about the people that they claim to want to help."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: People, Care, Help, Liberals, Want)

"Freedom is absolutely necessary for the progress in science and the liberal arts."
- Baruch Spinoza
(Related: Science, Progress, Freedom, Liberal)

"No man can call himself liberal, or radical, or even a conservative advocate of fair play, if his work depends in any way on the unpaid or underpaid labor of women at home, or in the office."
- Gloria Steinem
(Related: Women, Work, Home, Conservative, Labor, Liberal, Man, Office, Play, Radical)

"Amherst is a liberal arts college, committed to providing students with a broad education."
- Joseph E. Stiglitz
(Related: Education, College, Liberal, Students)

"It's interesting that when economic times were the hardest, that's when many people embraced liberalism."
- Oliver Stone
(Related: People, Liberalism)

"I think experience will teach you a combination of liberalism and conservatism. We have to be progressive and at the same time we have to retain values. We have to hold onto the past as we explore the future."
- Oliver Stone
(Related: Experience, Time, Values, Conservatism, Future, Liberalism, Past, Will)

"In vain shall Great Britain confer upon her colonies the free government and liberal principles of legislation, for which she is distinguished, if she do not carry with her the revelations of God."
- John Strachan
(Related: Government, God, Legislation, Liberal, Principles)

"The openness of rural Nebraska certainly influenced me. That openness, in a way, fosters the imagination. But growing up, Lincoln wasn't a small town. It was a college town. It had record stores and was a liberal place."
- Matthew Sweet
(Related: Imagination, College, Growing up, Liberal)

"You can bring down governments, you can do a lot of things that are in your own interests even though liberals will get very antsy when you start talking about it."
- Tom Tancredo
(Related: Liberals, Talking, Will)

"This person should not be directly connected with the President Ford Committee nor should he be seen as a member of the liberal wing of the Republican Party. He should be someone like Laird or Rogers Morton."
- Robert Teeter
(Related: Committee, Liberal, Party, President, Republican)

"The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time."
- Henry David Thoreau
(Related: Time, Leisure, Liberal, Tools, Water, Workers)

"God reigns when we take a liberal view, when a liberal view is presented to us."
- Henry David Thoreau
(Related: God, Liberal)

"The due process of law as we use it, I believe, rests squarely on the liberal idea of conflict and resolution."
- June L. Trapp
(Related: Idea, Conflict, Law, Liberal, Resolution)

"I have the greatest sympathy with the growth of the socialist party. I think they understand the evils that surround us and hammer them into people's minds better than we Liberals."
- Charles E. Trevelyan
(Related: Sympathy, People, Growth, Liberals, Party)

"We who are liberal and progressive know that the poor are our equals in every sense except that of being equal to us."
- Lionel Trilling
(Related: Being, Liberal, Poor, Sense)

"I am certainly a liberal."
- Kathleen Turner
(Related: Liberal)

"Of all those in the army close to the commander none is more intimate than the secret agent; of all rewards none more liberal than those given to secret agents; of all matters none is more confidential than those relating to secret operations."
- Sun Tzu
(Related: Army, Liberal)

"My father felt that his world of ideas was too liberal for traditional rabbinical teachings, and he looked for a chance to find a way in life."
- Immanuel Velikovsky
(Related: Life, Father, Ideas, Chance, Liberal, World)

"They're building a bridge over the Potomac for all the white liberals fleeing to Virginia."
- George C. Wallace
(Related: Building, Liberals)

"If this liberal potential is properly channeled, we may expect the area of freedom of the United States to increase. The problem is to spend up our rate of social invention in the service of the welfare of all the people."
- Henry A. Wallace
(Related: People, Freedom, Invention, Liberal, May, Potential, Service, states, United, Welfare)

"A liberal knows that the only certainty in this life is change but believes that the change can be directed toward a constructive end."
- Henry A. Wallace
(Related: Change, Life, Certainty, End, Liberal)

"I think Hillary and Bill are really liberals at heart. I think that, in addition to being liberals, they are very practical. They have made some decisions about what it takes to win."
- Maxine Waters
(Related: Heart, Being, Decisions, Liberals)

"The thirst to know and understand, a large and liberal discontent."
- William Watson
(Related: Discontent, Liberal)

"Liberals often don't see the problems, and conservatives don't see the promise, of government."
- William Weld
(Related: Government, Liberals, Problems, Promise)

"I'm short, I'm Jewish and I'm a liberal."
- Paul Wellstone
(Related: Liberal)

"This liberal progressive agenda... is the antithesis of who we are as a constitutional republic."
- Allen West
(Related: Liberal)

"I think that this liberal progressive agenda is not the thing that the American people want and it's antithesis to who we are as a constitutional republic."
- Allen West
(Related: People, American, Liberal, Want)

"Lord Chamberlain's readers or controllers, which were a handful of people working directly to him, were a very assorted group of people and some of them tried very hard to be as liberal as they could."
- Timothy West
(Related: People, Liberal)

"If a liberal News channel were launched it would fall flat on its face."
- Paul Weyrich
(Related: Liberal, News)

"If liberals want to send tens of millions of dollars down the drain, I have no problem with that."
- Paul Weyrich
(Related: Liberals, Want)

"Self-professed liberals are only 15 to 20% of the electorate."
- Paul Weyrich
(Related: Liberals, Self)

"Second, a quarter to a third of those who listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are liberals."
- Paul Weyrich
(Related: Liberals)

"Politics aside, it will be hard for any new liberal radio network to outdo the professionalism of NPR."
- Paul Weyrich
(Related: Politics, Liberal, Network, Will)

"A liberal is a person who believes that water can be made to run uphill. A conservative is someone who believes everybody should pay for his water. I'm somewhere in between: I believe water should be free, but that water flows downhill."
- Theodore White
(Related: Conservative, Liberal, Water)

"You know, I think, people of all stripes in California, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, frankly, as I have traveled the state, the number one issue is jobs. And they are looking for which candidate can get the economy back on track."
- Meg Whitman
(Related: People, Democrats, Economy, Jobs, Liberals, Republicans, State)

"Those who are born of parents broken with old age, or of such as are not yet ripe or are too young, or of drunkards, soft or effeminate men, want a great and liberal ingenuity or wit."
- Thomas Willis
(Related: Age, Men, Liberal, Old, Parents, Want, Wit)

"There aren't any liberals left in New York. They've all been mugged by now."
- James Q. Wilson
(Related: Liberals, Now)

"There are no more liberals They've all been mugged."
- James Q. Wilson
(Related: Liberals)

"It only takes 20 years for a liberal to become a conservative without changing a single idea."
- Robert Anton Wilson
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"A liberal is a conservative who has been arrested."
- Tom Wolfe
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"If a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged, a liberal is a conservative who's been arrested."
- Tom Wolfe
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"Do you think I want to be the one lone voice against the Hollywood liberal establishment? It's not going to do me any good."
- James Woods
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"When you practice reporting for as long as I have, you keep yourself at a distance from True Believers. Either conservatives or liberals or Democrats or Republicans."
- Bob Woodward
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"Why is it that right-wing bastards always stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity, while liberals fall out among themselves?"
- Yevgeny Yevtushenko
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"The independence of the economic sphere was a tenet of faith with Liberalism."
- Francis Parker Yockey
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"The purest expression of the doctrine of Liberalism was probably that of Benjamin Constant."
- Francis Parker Yockey
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"A moment's reflection shows that Liberalism is entirely negative. It is not a formative force, but always and only a disintegrating force."
- Francis Parker Yockey
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"Liberalism can only be defined negatively. It is a mere critique, not a living idea."
- Francis Parker Yockey
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"Liberalism is a most important by-product of Rationalism, and its origins and ideology must be clearly shown."
- Francis Parker Yockey
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"Liberalism is Rationalism in politics."
- Francis Parker Yockey
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"Judges pretty much act independently once they get on the bench so I'm not really sure why Harper's concerned that the court is currently being stacked with a lot of Liberal appointments."
- Alan Young
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"Liberalism seems to be related to the distance people are from the problem."
- Whitney M. Young
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"Liberal democracy - as you know, in the old days, we were saying we want socialism with a human face. Today's left effectively offers global capitalism with a human face, more tolerance, more rights and so on. So the question is, is this enough or not? Here I remain a Marxist: I think not."
- Slavoj Zizek
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