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"I consider myself a non-denominational Christian. I grew up in a Bible church and still hold those beliefs very close to me."
- Jensen Ackles
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"Every scientific truth goes through three states: first, people say it conflicts with the Bible; next, they say it has been discovered before; lastly, they say they always believed it."
- Louis Agassiz
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"We always had lutefisk for Christmas dinner, after which Dad read from the Norwegian Bible."
- Peter Agre
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"The Bible says that two cannot walk together unless they are agreed."
- Peter Akinola
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"No one ever became, or can become truly eloquent without being a reader of the Bible, and an admirer of the purity and sublimity of its language."
- Fisher Ames
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"Poe was a student of many things, and among those things he read and referred to in his work was the Bible."
- John Astin
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"It's not listed in the Bible, but my spiritual gift, my specific calling from God, is to be a television talk-show host."
- Jim Bakker
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"As I see with Lori's testimony, you say what good could come out of all these abortions and all what she's been through? But she has been a part of a new Bible for women, a mentoring Bible."
- Jim Bakker
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"I read Shakespeare and the Bible, and I can shoot dice. That's what I call a liberal education."
- Tallulah Bankhead
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"I first pitched the idea of doing a series of cartoons based on Bible stories. They didn't much like it."
- Joseph Barbera
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"Some quality performances and movies have a chance to be rewarded, but it's not like it's a bible."
- Javier Bardem
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"The Bible, as a revelation from God, was not designed to give us all the information we might desire, nor to solve all the questions about which the human soul is perplexed, but to impart enough to be a safe guide to the haven of eternal rest."
- Albert Barnes
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"It does not require great learning to be a Christian and be convinced of the truth of the Bible. It requires only an honest heart and a willingness to obey God."
- Albert Barnes
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"The Bible is not man's word about God, but God's word about man."
- John Barth
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"I'm a Catholic, but I used to love going to Vacation Bible School with my fundamentalist friends."
- Paul Begala
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"The Bible was a consolation to a fellow alone in the old cell. The lovely thin paper with a bit of matress stuffing in it, if you could get a match, was as good a smoke as I ever tasted."
- Brendan Behan
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"The great standard of literature as to purity and exactness of style is the Bible."
- Hugh Blair
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"Both read the Bible day and night, but thou read black where I read white."
- William Blake
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"Both of my parents would say they were atheists, so where I inherited my connection to God I don't know. But it's natural. No Bible, no Torah, just the love religion."
- Lisa Bonet
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"We follow the rules laid out in the Bible for running our church."
- William Brewster
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"We gather for prayer, and reading the Bible, and singing the songs of David."
- William Brewster
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"The American mind, unlike the English, is not formed by books, but, as Carl Sandburg once said to me... by newspapers and the Bible."
- Van Wyck Brooks
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"Brotherhood is not just a Bible word. Out of comradeship can come and will come the happy life for all."
- Heywood Broun
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"If the Bible had said that Jonah swallowed the whale, I would believe it."
- William Jennings Bryan
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"The Bible may be the truth, but it is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth."
- Samuel Butler
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"Put your nose into the Bible everyday. It is your spiritual food. And then share it. Make a vow not to be a lukewarm Christian."
- Kirk Cameron
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"So after the Lewinsky scandal, everything changed, and we moved from using the Bible to address the moral issues of our time, which were social, to moral issues of our time that were very personal. I have continued that relationship up until the present."
- Tony Campolo
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"I think there are other issues that the Democrats could use to rally evangelicals. There are a lot of us, for instance, who believe that the Bible calls us to be environmentally responsible."
- Tony Campolo
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"The Bible says, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
- Dyan Cannon
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"There are certain books in the world which every searcher for truth must know: the Bible, the Critique of Pure Reason, the Origin of Species, and Karl Marx's Capital."
- Al Capp
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"I was thinking about how people seem to read the Bible a whole lot more as they get older; then it dawned on me - they're cramming for their final exam."
- George Carlin
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"There are certain promises you make that are more sacred than anything that happens in a court of law, I don't care how many Bibles you put your hand on."
- Paul Castellano
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"The history of all the great characters of the Bible is summed up in this one sentence: They acquainted themselves with God, and acquiesced His will in all things."
- Richard Cecil
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"Political freedom is a political reading of the Bible."
- Whittaker Chambers
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"There's nothing written in the Bible, Old or New testament, that says, "If you believe in Me, you ain't going to have no troubles.""
- Ray Charles
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"The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people."
- Gilbert K. Chesterton
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"If you are an antichrist, you won't believe in the bible prophecy from the beginning. Which means, you won't believe that physical immortality will become possible."
- Alex Chiu
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"The people who were honored in the Bible were the false prophets. It was the ones we call the prophets who were jailed and driven into the desert."
- Noam Chomsky
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"The Bible is one of the most genocidal books in history."
- Noam Chomsky
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"I have continued systematically to study the Book of Mormon and Bible to understand even more deeply what God expects of me and my family while on this earth."
- Clayton Christensen
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"As I have studied the Bible and the Book of Mormon, I have come to know through the power of the Spirit of God, that these books contain the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ."
- Clayton Christensen
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"It was stumbling on to really the bible of the blues, you know, and a very powerful drug to be introduced to us and I absorbed it totally, and it changed my complete outlook on music."
- Eric Clapton
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"The Bible is proved to be a revelation from God, by the reasonableness and holiness of its precepts; all its commands, exhortations, and promises having the most direct tendency to make men wise, holy, and happy in themselves, and useful to one another."
- Adam Clarke
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"In the Bible it says they asked Jesus how many times you should forgive, and he said 70 times 7. Well, I want you all to know that I'm keeping a chart."
- Hillary Clinton
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"If I try to understand what it means to be a Christian, I look at the two instructions that were given in the Bible that are paramount, and those are to love God with all your heart and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself. That's it."
- Bruce Cockburn
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"Intense study of the Bible will keep any writer from being vulgar, in point of style."
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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"I pastor a very large church in western Australia. We have about - over 2,000 people, which we have a Bible school, community services, a lot of things linked with it. So my life's very full today. Not enough days in the week."
- Margaret Smith Court
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"Objective journalism and an opinion column are about as similar as the Bible and Playboy magazine."
- Walter Cronkite
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"If one were to take the bible seriously one would go mad. But to take the bible seriously, one must be already mad."
- Aleister Crowley
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"Whatever your relationship is to your sacred tradition in the West, you have some relationship to the Bible if only through the names of the characters."
- Anita Diament
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"The Bible - it's sort of the other person in the room. There's this book, the reader, and the Bible."
- Anita Diament
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"Script for an actor is like a bible. You carry it with you, you read it over and over, you go to your passages."
- Cameron Diaz
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"We either accept weaknesses in good people or we have to tear pages out of the Bible."
- Robert Duvall
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"To what greater inspiration and counsel can we turn than to the imperishable truth to be found in this treasure house, the Bible?"
- Elizabeth II
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"On becoming more acquainted with the word of the Bible, I began to understand so much more of what I had been taught, and of what I had learned about life and about the people in mine."
- Duke Ellington
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"If I were doing something that the Bible condemns, I have two choices. I can straighten up my act, or I can somehow distort and twist and change the meaning of the Bible."
- Jerry Falwell
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"God himself preserved the Bible, and brought it down through the ages."
- Jerry Falwell
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"I believe with all my heart that the Bible is the infallible word of God."
- Jerry Falwell
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"People have the idea of missionaries as going out with the Bible and hitting natives with it. It's not really what they were doing. They were all doing something rather different."
- Colin Firth
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"The Bible has done more harm than any other book in the world."
- William Floyd
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"Conrad Hilton was very generous to me in the divorce settlement. He gave me 5000 Gideon Bibles."
- Zsa Zsa Gabor
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"The Bible shows the way to go to heaven, not the way the heavens go."
- Galileo Galilei
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"Read the Bible. Work hard and honestly. And don't complain."
- Billy Graham
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"I've read the last page of the Bible. It's all going to turn out all right."
- Billy Graham
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"I was taught a lot of Bible at home and had a voracious appetite for reading the Bible."
- Amy Grant
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"Hold fast to the Bible. To the influence of this Book we are indebted for all the progress made in true civilization and to this we must look as our guide in the future."
- Ulysses S. Grant
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"When you put your hand on the Bible, you are saying something much stronger than just telling your peers that you're going to tell the truth."
- Lee Greenwood
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"My grandparents knew it was important that I understood Christianity and the Bible. But they never took me to church; they sent me to church."
- Lee Greenwood
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"Oh, there's going to be debate because you're dealing with the Bible and religion is supposed to be separate from state and that to me is already a conflict before it even hits the gay issue."
- Pam Grier
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"Now the Bible tells us that we are all by nature, sinners, that we are slaves to sin and Satan, and that unless we are converted, or born again, we must be miserable forever."
- Jupiter Hammon
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"The Bible is a revelation of the mind and will of God to men. Therein we may learn, what God is."
- Jupiter Hammon
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"Those of you who can read I must beg you to read the Bible, and whenever you can get time, study the Bible, and if you can get no other time, spare some of your time from sleep, and learn what the mind and will of God is."
- Jupiter Hammon
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"If you see most people neglect the Bible, and many that can read never look into it, let it not harden you and make you think lightly of it, and that it is a book of no worth."
- Jupiter Hammon
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"If there was no Bible, it would be no matter whether you could read or not. Reading other books would do you no good."
- Jupiter Hammon
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"Fundamentalists are panicked by the apparent disintegration of the family, the disappearance of certainty and the decay of morality. Fear leads them to ask, if we cannot trust the Bible, what can we trust?"
- Garrett Hardin
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"My mother loved the Bible."
- Goldie Hawn
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"There are two methods for the literary study of any book - the first being the study of its thought and emotion; the second only that of its workmanship. A student of literature should study some of the Bible from both points of view."
- Lafcadio Hearn
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"It is no exaggeration to say that the English Bible is, next to Shakespeare, the greatest work in English literature, and that it will have much more influence than even Shakespeare upon the written and spoken language of the English race."
- Lafcadio Hearn
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"Accordingly the Northern races of Europe found their inspiration in the Bible; and the enthusiasm for it has not yet quite faded away."
- Lafcadio Hearn
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"Some persons have ventured to say that it is only since Englishmen ceased to believe in the Bible that they began to discover how beautiful it was."
- Lafcadio Hearn
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"But every great scripture, whether Hebrew, Indian, Persian, or Chinese, apart from its religious value will be found to have some rare and special beauty of its own; and in this respect the original Bible stands very high as a monument of sublime poetry and of artistic prose."
- Lafcadio Hearn
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"For this reason, to study English literature without some general knowledge of the relation of the Bible to that literature would be to leave one's literary education very incomplete."
- Lafcadio Hearn
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"The Bible is the great family chronicle of the Jews."
- Heinrich Heine
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"There are people who eat the earth and eat all the people on it like in the Bible with the locusts. And other people who stand around and watch them eat."
- Lillian Hellman
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"The Holy Bible is an abyss. It is impossible to explain how profound it is, impossible to explain how simple it is."
- Ernest Hello
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"The Bible is worth all the other books which have ever been printed."
- Patrick Henry
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"How can a rabbi not live with doubt? The Bible itself is a book of doubt."
- Arthur Hertzberg
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"The Bible declares that on the sixth day God created man. Right then and there, God should have demanded a damage deposit."
- Jim Hightower
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"Where in the Bible does it say I have to drive a Honda?"
- Benny Hinn
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"Ronald Reagan used to alarm other constituencies by speaking freely about the End Times foreshadowed in the Bible."
- Christopher Hitchens
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"Captain Hale, alone, without sympathy or support, save that from above, on the near approach of death asked for a clergyman to attend him. It was refused. He then requested a Bible; that too was refused by his inhuman jailer."
- William Hull
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"The Bible has been the Magna Carta of the poor and of the oppressed."
- Thomas Huxley
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"The inspiration of the Bible depends upon the ignorance of the gentleman who reads it."
- Robert Green Ingersoll
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"The Bible is the rock on which this Republic rests."
- Andrew Jackson
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"There was a lot of Southern Baptist preachers and some yelling ones but mostly we had a pastor who didn't scream and I found a lot of comfort and joy and peace as a child hearing the Bible."
- Victoria Jackson
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"They're desperately searching for meaning in their lives but they will not crack the Bible open."
- Victoria Jackson
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"Left Behind takes what to some people may be unbelievable predictions from the Bible and shows how they might play out. It makes the events of biblical prophecy understandable and thus believable."
- Jerry B. Jenkins
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"Every nut who kills people has a Bible lying around. If you're looking for violent rape imagery, the Bible's right there in your hotel room. If you just want to look up ways to screw people up, there it is, and you're justified because God told you to."
- Penn Jillette
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"The Bible remained for me a book of books, still divine - but divine in the sense that all great books are divine which teach men how to live righteously."
- Joseph Joubert
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"The Bible is a sanctum; the world, sputum."
- Franz Kafka
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"The first syndicating I tried was when two partners and I created a production company in 1952. We wanted to syndicate famous Bible stories and sell them for $25 a show."
- Casey Kasum
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"The only theism worthy of our respect believes in God not because of the way the world is made but in spite of that. The only theism that is no less profound than the Buddha's atheism is that represented in the Bible by Job and Jeremiah."
- Walter Kaufmann
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"Unless we form the habit of going to the Bible in bright moments as well as in trouble, we cannot fully respond to its consolations because we lack equilibrium between light and darkness."
- Helen Keller
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"There are any number of people who profess to be good Christian people who are willing to believe all kinds of things on suspicion. Now that is not the way the Bible directs for Christian people to do."
- John Harvey Kellogg
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"Sodomy is in the Bible, to be read in churches. I wouldn't rule it out of Mr. Bruce's act if he cares to comment on it."
- Dorothy Kilgallen
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"Many of us view the bible and other religious teachings as mythology."
- Richard King
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"A man may learn from his Bible to be a more thorough gentleman than if he had been brought up in all the drawing-rooms in London."
- Charles Kingsley
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"We have used the Bible as if it were a mere special constable's handbook, an opium dose for keeping beasts of burden patient while they are overloaded."
- Charles Kingsley
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"Anonymous sources are a practice of American journalism in the 20th and 21st century, a relatively recent practice. The literary tradition of anonymity goes back to the Bible."
- Joe Klein
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"If you look at the Bible almost everything that was predicted, maybe everything, has come to pass."
- Evel Knievel
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"Yes, I think that when the Bible refers to a horse or a horseman, that's exactly what it means."
- Tim LaHaye
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"The tribulation period is seven years, and when the signing of the covenant occurs, people who know the Bible and take it literally will know that, seven years later, Christ is going to come in His power and glory."
- Tim LaHaye
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"What Jerry has done, in a masterful way, is go through and select portions of the Scripture and put words in Jesus' mouth that are legitimate because they already appear in the Bible."
- Tim LaHaye
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"You have to take Bible prophecy literally, just like everything else in the Bible."
- Tim LaHaye
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"But when you take the Bible literally, for what it says, you have to come back to the fact that there is only one way of salvation; there's only one Savior."
- Tim LaHaye
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"No writer of a portion of the Bible was perfect. It was the direct and miraculous operation of the Holy Spirit that what they wrote is without mistake."
- Walter Lang
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"Essentially this promise before curse, this superiority of God's love in Christ, must come from the Bible."
- Walter Lang
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"I like reading my bible, I like bible studies where I get together with others and talk about the word of God and how it relates to us and how we can change to become more like him."
- Bernhard Langer
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"The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision."
- Lynn Lavner
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"The book to read is not the one which thinks for you, but the one which makes you think. No book in the world equals the Bible for that."
- Harper Lee
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"In all my perplexities and distresses, the Bible has never failed to give me light and strength."
- Robert E. Lee
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"God created man in His own image, says the Bible; philosophers reverse the process: they create God in theirs."
- Georg C. Lichtenberg
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"I stand fearlessly for small dogs, the American Flag, motherhood and the Bible. That's why people love me."
- Art Linkletter
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"I keep everything that is most important to me close to me: my family, my bible, my X-Box - just kidding."
- Brian Littrell
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"We read Greek and Norse mythology until it came out of our ears. And the Bible."
- Penelope Lively
(Related: Bible, Mythology)

"The Bible is one of the greatest blessings bestowed by God on the children of men. It has God for its author; salvation for its end, and truth without any mixture for its matter. It is all pure."
- John Locke
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"The one book necessary to be understood by a divine, is the Bible; any others are to be read, chiefly, in order to understand that."
- Francis Lockier
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"God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars."
- Martin Luther
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"The Bible is the cradle wherein Christ is laid."
- Martin Luther
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"The English Bible - a book which, if everything else in our language should perish, would alone suffice to show the whole extent of its beauty and power."
- Thomas B. Macaulay
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"The Bible looks like it started out as a game of Mad Libs."
- Bill Maher
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"Do not imagine that what we have said of the insufficiency of our understanding and of its limited extent is an assertion founded only on the Bible: for philosophers likewise assert the same, and perfectly understand it,- without having regard to any religion or opinion."
- Maimonides
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"Continuous persecution of widows and orphans is a crime. Even the Bible says there is a specific place in hell for those who oppress widows."
- Imelda Marcos
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"However, the Bible is called the Word of God because the whole transcript is an inspired, faithful, and infallible record of what God determined essential for us to know about Himself, the cosmos in which we live, our spiritual allies and adversaries, and our fellow man."
- Walter Martin
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"And to me, it was interesting, some of the people I had interviewed who knew the insides to this program said that they also, to create anxiety and upset in the soldiers, they take Bibles and they trash them."
- Jane Mayer
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"After I set out to refute Christianity intellectually and couldn't, I came to the conclusion the Bible was true and Jesus Christ was God's Son."
- Josh McDowell
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"The rosary was said every evening. I always liked that sentence about the medieval Churches, that they were the Bibles of the poor. The Church was my first book and I would think it is still my most important book."
- John McGahern
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"I love the description of Gothic churches before the printed word, that they were the bibles of the poor."
- John McGahern
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"In vain, without the Bible, we increase penal laws and draw entrenchments around our institutions."
- James McHenry
(Related: Bible, Laws)

"Bibles are strong entrenchments. Where they abound, men cannot pursue wicked courses, and at the same time enjoy quiet conscience."
- James McHenry
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"The whole Bible is the story of men and women trying to get back to God, to overcome that sin with sacrifices, good works, sermons, prophesy, witnessing, giving all kinds of things. It never worked."
- Keith Miller
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"Great dislike to the Bible was shown by those who conversed with me about it, and several have remarked to me, at different times, that if it were not for that book, Catholics would never be led to renounce their own faith."
- Maria Monk
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"Where one man reads the Bible, a hundred read you and me."
- Dwight L. Moody
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"The Bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible."
- Dwight L. Moody
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"There's no better book with which to defend the Bible than the Bible itself."
- Dwight L. Moody
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"I know the Bible is inspired because it inspires me."
- Dwight L. Moody
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"Why do they put the Gideon bibles only in the bedrooms, where it's usually too late?"
- Christopher Morley
"When science and the Bible differ, science has obviously misinterpreted its data."
- Henry M. Morris
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"The first pages of memory are like the old family Bible. The first leaves are wholly faded and somewhat soiled with handling. But, when we turn further, and come to the chapters where Adam and Eve were banished from Paradise, then, all begins to grow clear and legible."
- Max Muller
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"The Bible and several other self help or enlightenment books cite the Seven Deadly Sins. They are: pride, greed, lust, envy, wrath, sloth, and gluttony. That pretty much covers everything that we do, that is sinful... or fun for that matter."
- Dave Mustaine
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"The nice thing about the Bible is it doesn't give you too many facts. Two an a half lines and it tells you the whole story and that leaves you a great deal of freedom to elaborate on how it might have happened."
- Howard Nemerov
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"I first began to read religious books at school, and especially the Bible, when I was eleven years old; and almost immediately commenced a habit of secret prayer."
- Francis W. Newman
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"Jesus Christ is our supreme commander, but He operates only through His word, which is unquestionably a training manual. However, He has many interpreters, and few people see the Bible as a true training manual."
- Gary North
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"I try to speak in everyday language. I feel like God has gifted me to take Bible principles and make them practical."
- Joel Osteen
(Related: God, Bible, Language, Principles)

"I think Bible principles are principles for life."
- Joel Osteen
(Related: Life, Bible, Principles)

"In this one book are the two most interesting personalities in the whole world - God and yourself. The Bible is the story of God and man, a love story in which you and I must write our own ending, our unfinished autobiography of the creature and the Creator."
- Fulton Oursler
(Related: Love, God, Bible, Autobiography, Ending, Man, World)

"I know of no book which has been a source of brutality and sadistic conduct, both public and private, that can compare with the Bible."
- James Paget
(Related: Bible, Public)

"It is not a God, just and good, but a devil, under the name of God, that the Bible describes."
- Thomas Paine
(Related: God, Bible, Devil, Name)

"That God cannot lie, is no advantage to your argument, because it is no proof that priests can not, or that the Bible does not."
- Thomas Paine
(Related: God, Lie, Bible, Argument, Proof)

"There are matters in the Bible, said to be done by the express commandment of God, that are shocking to humanity and to every idea we have of moral justice."
- Thomas Paine
(Related: God, Idea, Bible, Humanity, Justice)

"It was the courts, of course, that took away prayer from our schools, that took away Bible reading from our schools. It's the courts that gave us same-sex marriage. So it is quite a battlefield, and the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land."
- Rod Parsley
(Related: Marriage, Bible, Court, Land, Prayer, Reading, Schools)

"The Bible was written in several languages, embraces many literary forms, and reflects cultures very different from our own. These are important considerations for properly understanding the Bible in its context."
- Troy Perry
(Related: Bible, Literary, Understanding)

"You can learn more about human nature by reading the Bible than by living in New York."
- William Lyon Phelps
(Related: Nature, Bible, Human nature, Living, Reading)

"A book is sent out into the world, and there is no way of fully anticipating the responses it will elicit. Consider the responses called forth by the Bible, Homer, Shakespeare - let alone contemporary poetry or a modern novel."
- Chaim Potok
(Related: Poetry, Bible, Shakespeare, Will, World)

"I would even go to Washington, which is saying something for me, just to glimpse Jane Q. Public, being sworn in as the first female president of the United States, while her husband holds the Bible and wears a silly pill box hat and matching coat."
- Anna Quindlen
(Related: HusbBible, Being, First, President, Public, Saying, Silly, states, United, Washington)

"Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face."
- Ronald Reagan
(Related: Men, Bible, Answers, Problems)

"Someone recommended that I read the Bible, and it was then I discovered that I knew nothing about it."
- Cliff Richard
(Related: Bible, Nothing)

"The more I read my Bible the more I veered away from the Jehovah's Witnesses."
- Cliff Richard
(Related: Bible)

"We need to pray and read the Bible every day, and regardless of whatever else happens to you, that tends to keep you close to Him, because you are constantly in touch through His Word."
- Cliff Richard
(Related: Bible, Day, Word)

"I have tried to have a regular daily intake from my Bible, regardless of how late it is."
- Cliff Richard
(Related: Bible)

"There is no shorter path for joining a neutral existential anthropology, according to philosophy, with the existential decision before God, according to the Bible."
- Paul Ricoeur
(Related: God, Decision, Bible, Anthropology, Philosophy)

"The accepted versions of the Bible are all substantially correct."
- William B. Riley
(Related: Bible)

"Oddly enough, George Pal always began and ended something with The Bible. All his pictures had a religious undertone. God was always there, protecting us."
- Ann Robinson
(Related: God, Bible, Religious)

"The Bible illustrated by Dore occupied many of my hours - and I think probably gave me many nightmares."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
(Related: Bible)

"A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education."
- Theodore Roosevelt
(Related: Education, Knowledge, Bible, College, Worth)

"To me it seems as plain as can be that the Bible declares that all the wicked will God destroy; again, that those who, during the Millennial age when brought to a knowledge of the truth, shall prove willful sinners will be punished with everlasting destruction."
- Charles T. Russell
(Related: Age, God, Truth, Knowledge, Bible, Destruction, Will)

"The Bible is God's Word expressed and revealed to his creature, man."
- Joseph Franklin Rutherford
(Related: God, Bible, Man, Word)

"The Bible is the fountain of truth."
- Joseph Franklin Rutherford
(Related: Truth, Bible)

"The Bible is the only credible guide either as to the real relationship between man and the earth and the great Creator of both or concerning the purpose of the creation of both."
- Joseph Franklin Rutherford
(Related: Purpose, Bible, Creation, Earth, Man)

"The Bible shows the clear statement of God's purposes concerning the earth, and man once made its prince. Its opening chapters show that it was intended for man's instruction."
- Joseph Franklin Rutherford
(Related: God, Bible, Earth, Man)

"The holy spirit means the invisible power of Jehovah, holy because he is holy. This power of Jehovah operated upon the minds of honest men who loved and who were devoted to righteousness, directing them in the writing of the Bible."
- Joseph Franklin Rutherford
(Related: Men, Power, Bible, Righteousness, Spirit, Writing)

"The Bible is God's sacred Word of truth."
- Joseph Franklin Rutherford
(Related: God, Truth, Bible, Word)

"It is to be deeply regretted that the clergymen would oppose an effort to teach the people the Bible truths; nevertheless, we find much opposition everywhere, and many clergymen will attempt to prevent the people from reading what is here written."
- Joseph Franklin Rutherford
(Related: People, Bible, Effort, Opposition, Reading, Will)

"There have been more books alone written about Hamlet than have been written about the Bible."
- Mark Rylance
(Related: Bible, Books)

"The Bible is a wonderful source of inspiration for those who don't understand it."
- George Santayana
(Related: Inspiration, Bible)

"The Bible is literature, not dogma."
- George Santayana
(Related: Bible, Literature)

"The style of the Bible in general is singularly adapted to men of every class and grade of culture, affording the child the simple nourishment for its religious wants, and the profoundest thinker inexhaustible matter of study."
- Philip Schaff
(Related: Men, Bible, Class, Culture, Religious, Study, Style)

"In the world of language, or in other words in the world of art and liberal education, religion necessarily appears as mythology or as Bible."
- Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
(Related: Art, Religion, Education, Bible, Language, Liberal, Mythology, Words, World)

"Here, you can walk into a bookstore and pick up a Bible or Christian literature and learn. Over there, they are lucky if they have one Bible for a whole village."
- Michael Scott
(Related: Christian, Bible, Literature)

"No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says: He is always convinced that it says what he means."
- George Bernard Shaw
(Related: Bible, Man)

"I'm 0 for 3 with marriage - the scoreboard doesn't lie, never has. So what we all have is a marriage of the heart. To sully or contaminate or radically disrespect this union with a shameful contract is something that I will leave to the amateurs and the Bible grippers."
- Charlie Sheen
(Related: Marriage, Lie, Heart, Bible, Will)

"Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy."
- Frank Sinatra
(Related: Love, Bible, Alcohol, Enemy, Man, May)

"The greatest block today in the way of woman's emancipation is the church, the canon law, the Bible and the priesthood."
- Elizabeth Cady Stanton
(Related: Church, Bible, Law, Today, Woman)

"The Bible and the Church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of women's emancipation."
- Elizabeth Cady Stanton
(Related: Women, Church, Bible)

"If poetry should address itself to the same needs and aspirations, the same hopes and fears, to which the Bible addresses itself, it might rival it in distribution."
- Wallace Stevens
(Related: Poetry, Bible, Aspirations, Needs)

"But the God of the Bible is not only One, but the only possible One."
- Leo Strauss
(Related: God, Bible)

"God is therefore unknowable. This is the fundamental premise of the Bible."
- Leo Strauss
(Related: God, Bible)

"I believe the Bible is the word of God from cover to cover."
- Billy Sunday
(Related: God, Bible, Word)

"The rivers of America will run with blood filled to their banks before we will submit to them taking the Bible out of our schools."
- Billy Sunday
(Related: Bible, America, Banks, Blood, Rivers, Schools, Will)

"I loved fairy tales when I was a kid. Grimm. The grimmer the better. I loved gruesome gothic tales and, in that respect, I liked Bible stories, because to me they were very gothic."
- Amy Tan
(Related: Bible, Respect)

"The ideals of the party were close to me, and I have tried to adhere to those principles all my life. In essence, they are the same as in the Ten Commandments in the Bible. I will never change my convictions."
- Valentina Tereshkova
(Related: Change, Life, Bible, Ideals, Party, Principles, Will)

"If you want to understand Jesus, you have to study the whole Bible. Christian duty is not defined solely by the words in red."
- Randall Terry
(Related: Christian, Bible, Duty, Study, Want, Words)

"George Washington understood that the Bible is the place where God's records of right and wrong are kept."
- Randall Terry
(Related: God, Bible, Right, Washington, Wrong)

"Unfortunately, a lot of the concepts in the Bible are based on ancient mythology that doesn't fit the findings of science."
- Clyde Tombaugh
(Related: Science, Bible, Mythology)

"The Word of God well understood and religiously obeyed is the shortest route to spiritual perfection. And we must not select a few favorite passages to the exclusion of others. Nothing less than a whole Bible can make a whole Christian."
- Aiden Wilson Tozer
(Related: God, Christian, Bible, Favorite, Nothing, Perfection, Spiritual, Word)

"For me, having come to study and understand some of the Bible and finally getting saved made a huge difference in me, because my wife was a big influence on that. I saw in her, when I first met her, a person's soul at peace with everything and everybody around her."
- Randy Travis
(Related: Peace, Wife, Soul, Bible, Difference, First, Influence, Study)

"When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said "Let us pray." We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land."
- Desmond Tutu
(Related: Bible, Eyes, Land, Missionaries)

"The Christian's Bible is a drug store. Its contents remain the same, but the medical practice changes."
- Mark Twain
(Related: Medical, Christian, Bible, Practice)

"It ain't those parts of the Bible that I can't understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand."
- Mark Twain
(Related: Bible)

"I have a really great relationship with God. I pray. I read the Bible."
- Hunter Tylo
(Related: God, Bible)

"I'd usually read the Bible a lot. Read little short Bible stories. And today, whenever I give speeches, I bring up a few of those Bible stories, because those are inspirations to me."
- Herschel Walker
(Related: Bible, Today)

"If the president is going to use so much language of theology and the Bible, then let's use that language for a serious discussion about the war in Iraq. And that was never done."
- Jim Wallis
(Related: War, Bible, Iraq, Language, President, Theology)

"As we move into the 21st century, there's what the Bible calls a 'quickening of the spirit.'"
- Neale Donald Walsch
(Related: Bible, Spirit)

"It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible."
- George Washington
(Related: God, Bible, Nation)

"The Bible must be considered as the great source of all the truth by which men are to be guided in government as well as in all social transactions."
- Noah Webster
(Related: Government, Men, Truth, Bible)

"It is the sincere desire of the writer that our citizens should early understand that the genuine source of correct republican principles is the bible, particularly the New Testament or the Christian religion."
- Noah Webster
(Related: Religion, Christian, Bible, Desire, New testament, Principles, Republican, Writer)

"All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery and war, proceed from their despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible."
- Noah Webster
(Related: Men, War, Bible, Ambition, Crime, Injustice, Oppression, Slavery, Vice)

"When I commit, I commit with my whole heart, my whole being. I know the Bible like the back of my hand."
- Barry White
(Related: Heart, Bible, Being)

"But God will have a people upon the earth to maintain the Bible, and the Bible only, as the standard of all doctrines and the basis of all reforms."
- Ellen G. White
(Related: God, People, Bible, Earth, Will)

"The Bible is our rule of faith and doctrine."
- Ellen G. White
(Related: Faith, Bible, Doctrine)

"The words of the Bible, and the Bible alone, should be heard from the pulpit."
- Ellen G. White
(Related: Bible, Words)

"But the Bible speaks against it, and because the Bible speaks against it, we allow rampant sin including homosexuality and lying, and to me lying is just as b ad as homosexuality, and we've allowed this sin to run rampant in our nation."
- Reggie White
(Related: Bible, Homosexuality, Lying, Nation, Sin)

"The total absence of humor from the Bible is one of the most singular things in all literature."
- Alfred North Whitehead
(Related: Humor, Bible, Absence, Literature)

"The man I lived with is a Christian, so I would talk to him about it. What would this person do in the Bible? What's the story around this person? Generally, when people talk about characters in the Bible, there's one thing they're known for, like Job."
- Lucinda Williams
(Related: People, Christian, Bible, Job, Man, Talk)

"Christian teaching about sex is not a set of isolated prohibitions; it is an integral part of what the Bible has to say about living in such a way that our lives communicate the character of God."
- Rowan D. Williams
(Related: God, Sex, Character, Christian, Bible, Living, Teaching)

"Einstein was searching for String Theory. It not only reconciles General Relativity to Quantum Mechanics, but it reconciles Science and the Bible as well."
- Roy H. Williams
(Related: Science, Bible, Relativity, Theory)

"The Bible tells us to be like God, and then on page after page it describes God as a mass murderer. This may be the single most important key to the political behavior of Western Civilization."
- Robert Anton Wilson
(Related: God, Civilization, Bible, Behavior, Key, May)

"Never preach a sermon without a text from the Bible, a text containing the theme which you can elaborate. The text is the best proof in support of your argument. A sermon without a text is an argument without a proof."
- Isaac Mayer Wise
(Related: Bible, Argument, Proof, Support)

"This Bible is for the government of the people, by the people and for the people'"
- John Wycliffe
(Related: Government, People, Bible)

"Is it experimental to have been influenced by the Bible? By Saint Augustine?"
- Marguerite Young
(Related: Bible)