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"Hollywood looks to these young people now to say something to the world. I have nothing against that, I think a lot of people have things to say. But I think you need life experience."
- Sasha Alexander
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"You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood, place it in the navel of a fruit fly and still have room enough for three caraway seeds and a producer's heart."
- Fred Allen
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"Hollywood is a place where people from Iowa mistake each other for stars."
- Fred Allen
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"An associate producer is the only guy in Hollywood who will associate with a producer."
- Fred Allen
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"What's really exciting for me is communicating to other people and not just going somewhere to make a movie. That's Hollywood to me and it would mean nothing."
- Alejandro Amenabar
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"Independent films are where you really get to cut your teeth and have some fun and do the things that mainstream Hollywood doesn't want to do."
- Anthony Anderson
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"There's this perception sometimes around here that I'm this Hollywood guy."
- Harry Anderson
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"I'm not Hollywood. I'm a Quarter Rat. I belong here."
- Harry Anderson
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"I'm often asked if I regret not going to Hollywood. I'm glad I didn't go, because if I had I wouldn't have my extended family, which is the fabric of my life. Only recently have I realised how special and unusual it is."
- Francesca Annis
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"Hollywood is like being nowhere and talking to nobody about nothing."
- Michelangelo Antonioni
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"Mr. Reagan spent World War II, the global conflict fought and won by his generation, making training films in Hollywood."
- R. W. Apple, Jr.
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"In Hollywood there are a lot of very insecure men running the business."
- Rosanna Arquette
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"I don't champion the idea of being in a Hollywood movie. I never had fun in one of them."
- Armand Assante
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"I never pursued Hollywood banging my drum, because I was never in a film big enough to do that."
- Armand Assante
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"I stopped courting Hollywood a long time ago."
- Armand Assante
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"Hollywood wants press, any kind of press."
- Christopher Atkins
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"I figured that, if you do a vampire movie in Hollywood, you've made it."
- Christopher Atkins
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"In Hollywood, an equitable divorce settlement means each party getting fifty percent of publicity."
- Lauren Bacall
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"If I never do another movie, I will have had the privilege of working on one of the big Hollywood movies with top people, creating a world that can only be described as totally cinematic."
- Christine Baranski
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"Awards were made in Hollywood, in whatever the time it was created. They're to promote each other's movies. You give me an award, I give you an award and people will believe that we are great movies and they'll go to see them. It's still the same."
- Javier Bardem
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"Half the people in Hollywood are dying to be discovered and the other half are afraid they will be."
- Lionel Barrymore
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"Hollywood is tied hand and foot to the demands for artificiality of the masses all over the world."
- Lionel Barrymore
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"It's only in relatively recent years that Hollywood became the playground of multinational corporations which regard movies and TV shows as a minor irritant to their overall activity."
- Peter Bart
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"The biggest danger of Hollywood becoming a purely corporate town resides in the creative process."
- Peter Bart
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"Hollywood is going to have to find a way of meeting those profit goals."
- Peter Bart
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"I think any girl who comes to Hollywood with sex symbol or bombshell hanging over her has a rough road."
- Kim Basinger
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"Much of what happens in Love Always is really from overheard conversations in the Russian Tea Room. It's an improvisation of the way certain Hollywood agents think and talk to each other."
- Ann Beattie
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"I want to see the writers strike because the writers, god bless them, are the only true commies we have in Hollywood."
- Ned Beatty
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"That's all gone, now, the old, Hollywood."
- Warren Beatty
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"I love New York City. Everyone is busy with their own lives - and no one is interested in some Hollywood celebrity walking past in downtown Manhattan."
- James Van Der Beek
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"Hollywood today is all about being consistent. All thinking in mainstream film business takes place in one box."
- Dirk Benedict
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"Hollywood... a city I was to come back to time and again, in sickness and in health, in success and in failure, with anticipation and with dread."
- Dirk Benedict
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"There are plenty of lesbians in Hollywood, but they're not out. And that's their choice, but I can't do that, it's too important to me."
- Jill Bennett
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"I came in on the tail end of the old school of Hollywood."
- Tom Berenger
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"It's not just in Hollywood that women run the risk of being passed by once they reach 50. It happens in real life, too."
- Candice Bergen
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"Hollywood is like Picasso's bathroom."
- Candice Bergen
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"After 13 years of life on the half shell in Hollywood, I have made a trip where I wasn't a tourist."
- Edgar Bergen
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"I think that I used to love Hollywood movies. I remember great phases and moments. But, unfortunately, now is not the moment."
- Bernardo Bertolucci
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"A monoculture is not only Hollywood, but Americans trying to export democracy."
- Bernardo Bertolucci
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"I like travelling and if I have to come to Hollywood to make a movie I will, but otherwise I'd never move there. It's very much an industry town and that doesn't really interest me."
- Juliette Binoche
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"No one's ever happy with their position in Hollywood. You hear that from people you'd never dream would complain."
- Yasmine Bleeth
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"The strange thing is that since I've been offered lots of films I think that maybe they think that I've sold out to Hollywood. Which is not the case if anybody's listening."
- Brenda Blethyn
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"My first jam was at Hotel Diplomat opening for Hollywood."
- Kurtis Blow
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"Now while the German money is over for Hollywood, I still have $80 million to make movies, and we will have two things coming up: less major movies and the price for actors will go down."
- Uwe Boll
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"But Tommy Lee Jones is just smooth. He's just the real deal. I'm captivated by him because there's so little of that in Hollywood, and he just embodies it."
- Lara Flynn Boyle
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"I was in an awful lot of trouble in Hollywood."
- Eddie Bracken
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"The only reason I'm in Hollywood is that I don't have the moral courage to refuse the money."
- Marlon Brando
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"I think film had a terrible effect on horror fiction particularly in the 80s, with certain writers turning out stuff as slick and cliched as Hollywood movies."
- Poppy Z. Brite
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"My mother had been a country and western singer but when she moved out to Hollywood found it very difficult to get work so when I was born they put me into dance classes and singing classes as soon as I could walk actually."
- Morgan Brittany
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"I was looked at as weird, odd, not fitting in with the Hollywood crowd."
- Morgan Brittany
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"I can meet any producer in Hollywood and look them in the eye, knowing I didn't sleep with them, or do drugs with them."
- Morgan Brittany
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"Hollywood people want to build you up and make you famous only to knock you off you're the pedestal they built for you."
- Morgan Brittany
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"Hollywood has an obligation to watch what they put out there. Kids do imitate what they see - good or bad."
- Morgan Brittany
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"I have friends who have a CD mastering plant in Hollywood and they are very sceptical about European record labels' understanding of digital technology."
- Gavin Bryars
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"Fame is no sanctuary from the passing of youth... suicide is much easier and more acceptable in Hollywood than growing old gracefully."
- Julie Burchill
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"But I thought, I've just got to check out Hollywood, so I sent out pictures and resumes."
- Delta Burke
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"At the end. First start off and do your youth thing In Hollywood and then go to New York later. But it wound up being later, later than I thought it was going to be."
- Delta Burke
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"I was supposed to go to drama school and then go to New York and do theatre. But I grew up on all those fabulous movies and had read all the bold Hollywood books, and I thought I just had to take a look."
- Delta Burke
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"My grandmother and I followed my mother here, to a house a block north of Hollywood Boulevard but a million miles away from Hollywood, if you know what I mean. We would hang out behind the ropes and look at the movie stars arriving at the premieres."
- Carol Burnett
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"I began to feel that the drama of the truth that is in the moment and in the past is richer and more interesting than the drama of Hollywood movies. So I began looking at documentary films."
- Ken Burns
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"It devastates me now that I have been reduced to a Hollywood statistic - another joke marriage."
- Sophia Bush
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"Generally I don't like doing remakes, but I think that's more in the cynical world of Hollywood where normally remakes are purely for commercial reasons."
- Gerard Butler
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"There are a lot of guys in Hollywood who clap you on the back just a little too hard."
- James Caan
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"One night I went over to get some dope from some Hollywood tough guy. After I left, my son Scott, who was only fifteen, went over with a baseball bat to kill him. I was laughing out of one eye and crying out of the other. I thought, Who am I kidding?"
- James Caan
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"In Hollywood today, it's cool for guys to wear nail polish and earrings in their lips and tongues. I don't get it."
- Scott Caan
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"Hollywood didn't know if I was an actor or a nut or if I was this crazy character I was playing. I had developed an image of being a little bit unusual, different and wild."
- Nicolas Cage
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"There are MAYBE 30 years worth of ideas out there... watch for the feature version of ER in about 25 years... Hollywood has become hopelessly chained to the bottom line."
- Bruce Campbell
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"If you want to be in the automotive business, you go to Detroit, and you figure it out. If you want to be in entertainment, go to where it's at. Go to Hollywood, go to New York."
- Nick Cannon
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"I don't want to be in Terminator. I don't want to go to Hollywood."
- Eric Cantona
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"But we did the Pink Panther not in Hollywood, in Italy."
- Claudia Cardinale
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"Many other movies, but for me The Professionals is the best I did in Hollywood."
- Claudia Cardinale
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"Everybody in Hollywood loves symbolic gestures."
- Drew Carey
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"Hollywood people are filled with guilt: white guilt, liberal guilt, money guilt. They feel bad that they're so rich, they feel they don't work that much for all that money - and they don't, for the amount of money they make."
- Drew Carey
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"My mother thought Hollywood was a den of iniquity, and people came to terrible bad ends there."
- Kitty Carlisle
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"So I got caught up in the same wave as everybody else and went right out to Hollywood, to make movies."
- Kitty Carlisle
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"And I wasn't crazy about Hollywood in those days."
- Kitty Carlisle
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"In Hollywood, the rainbow hits the ground for composers."
- Hoagy Carmichael
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"I seemed to belong to three countries: I had an apartment in Paris, a house in Hollywood, and when I married British theater director Peter Hall, I moved to London."
- Leslie Caron
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"When I first came here, Hollywood was very closed-minded."
- Tia Carrere
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"Hollywood... was the place where the United States perpetrated itself as a universal dream and put the dream into mass production."
- Angela Carter
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"My faith doesn't go over real well in Hollywood."
- Jim Caviezel
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"In the past when I was in Hollywood, I was like a dog. I felt humiliated. My English was not good. People would even ask me 'Jackie Who?'."
- Jackie Chan
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"If my books had been any worse, I should not have been invited to Hollywood, and if they had been any better, I should not have come."
- Raymond Chandler
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"If you go out to Hollywood you'll find a lot of fantastic plastic people there in the business and a lot of people in life generally. They find it so hard to be themselves that they have to be plastic."
- Jimmy Cliff
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"The criteria, for me, is movie star. It's Hollywood. Not Somalia."
- Steven Cojocaru
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"I am a child of Hollywood and dreams. To me, to be on the red carpet is the best place in the world."
- Steven Cojocaru
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"I have this theory that people in Hollywood don't read. They read 'Vanity Fair' and then consider themselves terribly well read. I think I can basically write about anybody without getting caught."
- Jackie Collins
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"People are intrigued by fame, power and wealth and I think Hollywood is the only place where you get all three together."
- Jackie Collins
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"Acting coaches in Hollywood were always telling me to use my hands and body more. But that was never me. I just breathe and sometimes it doesn't look as if I'm doing that."
- Perry Como
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"In Hollywood through the 50s, there were black, English, and Middle European housekeepers and maids."
- Bill Condon
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"I try to stay focused on my life and do try not to be brought into the Hollywood fantasy."
- Jennifer Connelly
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"I've chosen not to live in Hollywood, and instead I live in Brooklyn, New York. It's how I like to live. I'd rather hang out with my kids and family when I'm not working. Going to premieres is not my idea of a fun night out."
- Jennifer Connelly
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"Hollywood grew to be the most flourishing factory of popular mythology since the Greeks."
- Alistair Cooke
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"In Hollywood if you're good looking, tall, have OK teeth and nice skin, the odds of being successful are great. If you're short and fat, it's a different story. But as long as you look like a leading man type, half your job is done already."
- John Corbett
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"I think for the last fifteen, twenty years or so, Hollywood has underestimated the appeal of the Western. I think there is still a huge market."
- Barry Corbin
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"Hollywood was born schizophrenic. For 75 years it has been both a town and a state of mind, an industry and an art form."
- Richard Corliss
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"Unfortunately my career began in Hollywood, doing a negative pickup for Universal pictures."
- Alex Cox
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"I don't think about Hollywood at all."
- Alex Cox
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"Hollywood is like life, you face it with the sum total of your equipment."
- Joan Crawford
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"The divorce was rough on all of us. I don't blame Hollywood for my family's problems. But having all of it reported in the press made it more of an ordeal."
- Kieran Culkin
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"Commuting from New York to Hollywood to do this show gets more interesting every week. Before I used to think the country was just New York on one end and Los Angeles on the other, with sand and mountains in the middle."
- Bill Cullen
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"I was invited to photograph Hollywood. They asked me what I would like to photograph. I said, Ugly men."
- Imogen Cunningham
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"Hollywood is the backdrop of my family, and I know that the movie business is incredibly cruel as you get older."
- Jamie Lee Curtis
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"New York's like a boxing match. In Hollywood, it's like a Fellini movie or something."
- John Cusack
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"I considered the years in Hollywood nothing but an interim. What I always wanted was to be was a musical comedy star."
- Arlene Dahl
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"In Hollywood, after you get a little success, the next thing you usually get is a divorce."
- Dan Dailey
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"You know, my hair is very upsetting to people, but it's upsetting on purpose. It is important to look old so that the young will not be afraid of dying. People don't like old women. We don't honor age in our society, and we certainly don't honor it in Hollywood."
- Tyne Daly
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"I don't think there's a back lot here in Hollywood anymore that has those streets, like a French Quarter."
- Glenn Danzig
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"I came across awful characters when I got some kind of status and came to Hollywood. Then you have directors trying to sleep with you, assuming that you will do things because of the way you dress."
- Stacey Dash
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"Hollywood always wanted me to be pretty, but I fought for realism."
- Bette Davis
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"I worked for a publishing company in Hollywood."
- Mac Davis
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"Later, my father died up in Marysville. So, my mother and I got in the car and came down to Hollywood."
- Marc Davis
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"I had some connections from the newspapers that I did work with up there, so there was a newspaper publisher in Hollywood, and they promised me work and so on."
- Marc Davis
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"I bought a house in the Hollywood Hills and brought my grandmother from Harlem to live in it with me."
- Sammy Davis, Jr.
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"Hollywood could use less instead of more of everything."
- Bruce Davison
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"But the West did not last long enough. Its folk myths and heroes became stage properties of Hollywood before the poets had begun to get to work on them."
- Christopher Dawson
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"People in Hollywood don't have that much sex, or at least I don't."
- Rosario Dawson
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"It's good to experience Hollywood in short bursts, I guess. Little snippets. I don't think I can handle being here all the time, it's pretty nutty."
- Johnny Depp
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"I really don't consider myself to be a conventional Hollywood star. I've never really been marketed by the big studios to do mass market box office films."
- Laura Dern
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"Luckily, I was raised by people who'd already seen all the yuck stuff, which is why they originally didn't want me to act. I understood the difference between getting a part at a Hollywood party and getting a job."
- Laura Dern
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"The real Mary Poppins got lost when Hollywood turned her into a cream puff."
- Anita Diament
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"Mickey Mouse popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad 20 years ago on a train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood at a time when business fortunes of my brother Roy and myself were at lowest ebb and disaster seemed right around the corner."
- Walt Disney
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"I'm impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work."
- Michael Douglas
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"Winning is everything in Hollywood."
- Olympia Dukakis
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"Hollywood is still the mecca for good or bad, but it isn't the beginning or end for filmmaking."
- Robert Duvall
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"If a movie isn't a hit right out of the gate, they drop it. Which means that the whole mainstream Hollywood product has been skewed toward violence and vulgar teen comedy."
- Roger Ebert
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"If Hollywood stars speak out, so do all sorts of other people. Now Hollywood stars can get a better hearing."
- Roger Ebert
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"We cannot escape that Hollywood is in the middle of a wave of technological change. The current angst over all the implications of new entertainment technology is nothing new."
- Michael Eisner
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"Any of these Vietnam vets that have been there and know the deal, they don't feel that any Hollywood endeavor about the Vietnam era has ever gotten it right yet."
- Sam Elliott
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"There's a rule in Hollywood: stay away from water and stay away from snow, and I had both."
- Roland Emmerich
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"I think sport in general affects what people see in movies. I always try to explain to people in Hollywood that we have to make movies more like sport because, in sport, everything can happen and it's so much better than movies in some ways."
- Roland Emmerich
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"There's not really much destruction in New York besides the weather and it's a natural force so it's not like any destruction. But LA gets leveled (laughs). That's my comment to Hollywood."
- Roland Emmerich
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"It's like everybody is obsessed with Hollywood movies worldwide. And even though everybody hates the Americans, they're still watching American movies."
- Roland Emmerich
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"And the inner dynamics of Hollywood are like politics. Say you give a script to a group of executives - they all sit around, afraid to voice an opinion, saying nothing, waiting to know what the consensus is. Just like focus groups, opinion polls or a cabinet."
- Joe Eszterhas
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"I was born in Connecticut. But my parents brought my sister and I to L.A. when-Hollywood, actually, when i was 6 months old."
- Linda Evans
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"I came to Hollywood and nobody knew me. I was on a coupla TV shows."
- Peter Falk
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"There couldn't have been a better Hollywood ending for us. It's beyond baseball. It's rooting for your family."
- Jimmy Fallon
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"I don't think I know a Scientologist except when I see one or two of their actors on the Hollywood screen."
- Jerry Falwell
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"Everyone is treating it like a Hollywood story. In Madison, it's a neighborhood story."
- Chris Farley
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"I do Broadway because I refuse to succumb to the stereotypical things that Hollywood does to a performer."
- Jamie Farr
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"I was raised in Hollywood and knew, from as early as grammar school, classmates who were in the business."
- Mike Farrell
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"The best thing I can think of would be to create a union between something as beautiful and powerful and wonderful as Hollywood films and a criticism of the status quo. That's my dream, to make such a German film."
- Rainer W. Fassbinder
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"Hollywood is a place where a man can get stabbed in the back while climbing a ladder."
- William Faulkner
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"It goes back to all of us wanting to be in Hollywood. We're all dying to win an Oscar."
- Jerry Della Femina
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"Women do feel like they're in a box. Society, Hollywood, some men-they want to wrap women up in a neat little package."
- Sherilyn Fenn
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"I was told once that I didn't play the Hollywood game, and that's why I wasn't a big star. What they meant when was that I don't go to parties, and when I go to an audition and I don't like the script, they know it."
- Sherilyn Fenn
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"Generally, Hollywood makes the same stories over and over. I've never wanted to do the same thing twice. If a script doesn't surprise me in some way, I simply can't commit to the project."
- Sherilyn Fenn
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"Hollywood and the recording industry argue that current law permits the copying of songs and movies, and sharing them on the Internet. This enables young people to grow up learning how to steal."
- Suzanne Fields
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"Hollywood hasn't aggressively pursued me. Neither have I aggressively pursued Hollywood."
- Colin Firth
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"You can't find any true closeness in Hollywood, because everybody does the fake closeness so well."
- Carrie Fisher
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"Hollywood's got its own particular environment."
- Harrison Ford
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"How did I get to Hollywood? By train."
- John Ford
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"Everything was in stark and dreadful contrast with the trivial crises and counterfeit emotions of Hollywood, and I returned to England deeply moved and emotionally worn out."
- C. S. Forester
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"I think everybody dreamt somehow to make a film in Hollywood, you know."
- Milos Forman
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"I think all women in Hollywood are known as sex symbols. That's what our purpose is in this business. You're merchandised, you're a product. You're sold and it's based on sex. But that's okay. I think women should be empowered by that, not degraded."
- Megan Fox
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"I think, unfortunately or fortunately, the reality of Hollywood is that if your movie makes money, they'll make another one."
- Jonathan Frakes
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"And in Hollywood, you know, everyone is an expert. Most of them are expert editors. They can't direct, they can't write, they can't act, but, by God, they all think they can edit."
- John Frankenheimer
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"In 1993 my birthday present was a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame."
- Annette Funicello
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"There was no way I could live in Hollywood and not become an actress."
- Eva Gabor
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"If only those who dream about Hollywood knew how difficult it all is."
- Greta Garbo
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"They spend an awful lot of money on I-don't-know-what in Hollywood movies; I certainly didn't get any of it. But they sure do love spending money."
- Adam Garcia
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"Broke is a Hollywood term!"
- David Geffen
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"In Hollywood people lie to each other and cheat each other and then go and play tennis. But I don't want to be a tennis player."
- David Geffen
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"I've seen it too many times in Hollywood. Talking about a relationship in public can jinx it. And if you have your picture taken together, you might as well start packing your bags."
- Gina Gershon
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"More than seven months ago, our country learned that the horrors portrayed in Hollywood's make-believe world could actually come to life before our very eyes."
- Paul Gillmor
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"My parents kept us sheltered from this world of Hollywood. I don't have any great memories of bouncing on Cary Grant's knee or something like that."
- Tony Goldwyn
(Related: Hollywood, Memories, Parents, World)

"I grew up in Hollywood. Saying my name here is like mentioning Ford in Detroit."
- Tony Goldwyn
(Related: Hollywood, Name, Saying)

"Hollywood has the idea that movies have to be dumb. But especially movies for or about teenagers have to be really dumb!"
- Joseph Gordon-Levitt
(Related: Movies, Idea, Dumb, Hollywood, Teenagers)

"Hollywood usually doesn't have strong woman in films like that, and it's stupid, so for the most part they're usually being directed and written by men."
- Ryan Gosling
(Related: Men, Being, Hollywood, Woman)

"After my years in Hollywood, I got tired of apologizing for work that really wasn't mine to begin with."
- Sue Grafton
(Related: Work, Hollywood, Years)

"No one has a closest friend in Hollywood."
- Sheilah Graham
(Related: Friend, Hollywood)

"I don't think I ever understood Hollywood."
- Gloria Grahame
(Related: Hollywood)

"The allure of Hollywood is huge when you don't know anything. You don't know the knives behind the smiles."
- Steve Guttenberg
(Related: Hollywood, Smiles)

"You know Hollywood is a weird and wonderful place, I didn't know I Dream of Jeanie had been cancelled after 5 years until I went back to go on the lot to pick up some clothes and things I had in my dressing room."
- Larry Hagman
(Related: Dream, Clothes, Hollywood, Years)

"I think it's even harder because I think as always, Hollywood is sort of glamour central for the world, and the entire world looks to it for not only entertainment, but the whole idea of the youth factor and youth being sold to our culture via young actors and actresses."
- Anthony Michael Hall
(Related: Idea, Actors, Being, Culture, Entertainment, Glamour, Hollywood, World, Youth)

"In the years since I worked with John Hughes, there were many years where I literally had hundred of doors slammed in my face because I wasn't that kid anymore, and I wasn't a character actor, and I wasn't a leading man, and I wasn't whatever Hollywood was looking for."
- Anthony Michael Hall
(Related: Character, Actor, Hollywood, Leading, Man, Years)

"I'm just a pack mule. I've played leads and I've played character roles. Any actress in Hollywood will tell you as your age climbs, the leads thin."
- Marcia Gay Harden
(Related: Age, Character, Hollywood, Will)

"I believe that God felt sorry for actors so he created Hollywood to give them a place in the sun and a swimming pool. The price they had to pay was to surrender their talent."
- Cedric Hardwicke
(Related: God, Talent, Actors, Hollywood, Sun, Surrender)

"I've continued to always keep in mind having a healthy does of that in Hollywood, now that I am part of the system and obviously have to follow the way the system works - you still have to have that crazy determination."
- Renny Harlin
(Related: Determination, Hollywood, Mind, Now)

"I decided that, somehow, I had to get out of there and go to Hollywood. I had never been to America."
- Renny Harlin
(Related: America, Hollywood)

"I saw a very good Hollywood film the other day. It was about Cole Porter."
- Julie Harris
(Related: Day, Film, Hollywood)

"I have to go back to my younger days, when I just adored Hollywood musicals."
- Julie Harris
(Related: Hollywood)

"Honestly, when I got to Hollywood I was trying to sell my songs."
- Gregory Harrison
(Related: Hollywood, Songs, Trying)

"Then when I got to Hollywood, the first musical I did was Festival in 1977."
- Gregory Harrison
(Related: First, Hollywood)

"Julia Roberts is a favorite. Everybody loves her in the Hollywood community. The public adores her."
- Mary Hart
(Related: Community, Favorite, Hollywood, Public)

"Hollywood is run by people who sit up in their executive office, who are not connected to Mississippi, Alabama, Chicago, South Carolina. They know nothing about that, they don't go to church, and they make their decisions about what they think is right."
- Steve Harvey
(Related: People, Church, Chicago, Decisions, Hollywood, Nothing, Office, Right)

"I still don't consider myself as going Hollywood. I did a movie because the opportunity presented itself and it was fun. When everything stops being fun, I'll go onto something else."
- Colleen Haskell
(Related: Opportunity, Being, Fun, Hollywood)

"The one thing that you simply have to remember all the time that you are there, is that Hollywood is an oriental city. As long as you do that you might survive. If you try to equate it with anything else you'll perish."
- Olivia De Havilland
(Related: Time, Hollywood)

"My driving abilities from Mexico have helped me get through Hollywood."
- Salma Hayek
(Related: Driving, Hollywood)

"When I first came to Hollywood I was told to go out with an agent because it was good for my career. So I went to a party with him because it was good for my 'career.' Well, he thought the whole thing was a big date. Needless to say, I was very upset."
- Salma Hayek
(Related: Thought, Career, First, Hollywood, Party)

"Plastic surgery is like a big elephant sitting in the Hollywood living room."
- Patricia Heaton
(Related: Hollywood, Living)

"And I think I have a perspective about Hollywood that you don't see very often in the press."
- Patricia Heaton
(Related: Hollywood, Perspective, Press)

"Are we changing the idea of what beauty is? Let's hope so. I'm not the typical Hollywood beauty. Let's hope we're looking at the insides of people a little more."
- Anne Heche
(Related: Beauty, People, Idea, Hope, Hollywood)

"People's sex habits are as well known in Hollywood as their political opinions, and much less criticized."
- Ben Hecht
(Related: Sex, People, Habits, Hollywood, Opinions)

"Hollywood held this double lure for me, tremendous sums of money for work that required no more effort than a game of pinochle."
- Ben Hecht
(Related: Money, Work, Effort, Hollywood)

"I'm a Hollywood writer, so I put on my sports jacket and take off my brain."
- Ben Hecht
(Related: Sports, Hollywood, Writer)

"In Hollywood, a starlet is the name for any woman under thirty who is not actively employed in a brothel."
- Ben Hecht
(Related: Hollywood, Name, Woman)

"It's a great challenge to come from little New Zealand and beat the odds in Hollywood."
- Martin Henderson
(Related: Challenge, Hollywood)

"I've watched the demise of the Hollywood orchestra, the house orchestras of the big studios."
- Skitch Henderson
(Related: Hollywood, Orchestras)

"I started off as a studio pianist in Hollywood."
- Skitch Henderson
(Related: Hollywood)

"And then I went into television; and then television moved from the East Coast to Hollywood."
- Skitch Henderson
(Related: Hollywood, Television)

"Where is this Hollywood scene, where is it? I'd like to find it one day... If I want to go out and have a good time, I go to New York."
- Natasha Henstridge
(Related: Time, Day, Hollywood, Want)

"I began as a model, but that did not really hold my interest for too long! I believe I stood out from the parade of models trying to make it in Hollywood, which helped launch my career beyond the one-night-stand horror movie."
- Natasha Henstridge
(Related: Career, Hollywood, Horror, Interest, Trying)

"The average Hollywood film star's ambition is to be admired by an American, courted by an Italian, married to an Englishman and have a French boyfriend."
- Katharine Hepburn
(Related: Boyfriend, Ambition, American, Film, Hollywood)

"I like the sensibility of Australian film a lot and the crews are fantastic. Great characters, wonderful people and no line between - I think in Hollywood they have this line between actors and crew a lot, and that just didn't exist, which I really appreciated."
- Barbara Hershey
(Related: People, Actors, Film, Hollywood, Sensibility)

"Some say Hollywood movies that are made about boxing are just metaphors for other things, I think I've made one that's actually about boxing and not a metaphor."
- Walter Hill
(Related: Movies, Boxing, Hollywood, Metaphor, Metaphors)

"It only worked for a little while; the morning after I agreed to go with Universal, an article came out in the Hollywood trade papers, and the secret was out."
- Laura Hillenbrand
(Related: Hollywood, Trade)

"I spoke to my agent and learned that a Hollywood scout had seen my proposal in one of the publishing houses, and had faxed it to Hollywood, where it was generating a lot of interest."
- Laura Hillenbrand
(Related: Hollywood, Houses, Interest, Publishing)

"Well, in Bradford I could say I was brought up in Bradford and Hollywood."
- David Hockney
(Related: Hollywood)

"I was bargaining for time away from Hollywood, and Columbia was bargaining for money. I got what I wanted and they got what they wanted. They knew I was so anxious to do Born Yesterday that I'd have done it for a dollar. They gave me the next best thing."
- Judy Holliday
(Related: Time, Money, Hollywood, Yesterday)

"It's tough when take 1 is technically okay and take 2 has better acting. Out here (Hollywood) they print the first one. That's the one where we all hit the mark on the floor and who cares about the acting."
- Judy Holliday
(Related: Acting, First)

"It's actually great to shoot far away from Hollywood because we don't have the distractions of the parties and premieres and all that. And, of course, you can save money - there are no good shoe stores."
- Katie Holmes
(Related: Money, Hollywood)

"Law students have taken over Hollywood. To them it's all about making money. They know people want to see what they've seen before. Also, remakes are places to showcase the new stars of tomorrow."
- Tobe Hooper
(Related: Money, People, Hollywood, Law, Stars, Students, Tomorrow, Want)

"They'll always be an England, even if it's in Hollywood."
- Bob Hope
(Related: England, Hollywood)

"I don't have to be an imitation of a white woman that Hollywood sort of hoped I'd become. I'm me, and I'm like nobody else."
- Lena Horne
(Related: Hollywood, Imitation, Woman)

"At the time I came along, Hollywood's idea of teen movies meant there had to be a lot of nudity, usually involving boys in pursuit of sex, and pretty gross overall. Either that or a horror movie. And the last thing Hollywood wanted in their teen movies was teenagers!"
- John Hughes
(Related: Movies, Teen, Time, Sex, Idea, Boys, Hollywood, Horror, Nudity, Pretty, Pursuit)

"It could be my downfall, but I don't think it is - Hollywood is run on perception, and if you stray off the path of what you want to do with your career, it's suicide."
- Charlie Hunnam
(Related: Perception, Career, Hollywood, Suicide, Want)

"Hollywood is what you make it; you have to choose company with care because you become what they are."
- Bonnie Hunt
(Related: Care, Company, Hollywood)

"I think what Hollywood has done for so long, is make movies for themselves."
- David Hunt
(Related: Movies, Hollywood)

"The idea of making pictures abroad is exciting when you're in Hollywood and have never worked in foreign countries. You think you'll get to see the sights and have all the fun that goes with traveling. Actually, you spend so much time on the job that you don't do much else."
- Jeffrey Hunter
(Related: Time, Idea, Countries, Fun, Hollywood, Job, Traveling)

"When it comes to turning out movies, I'm for Hollywood."
- Jeffrey Hunter
(Related: Movies, Hollywood)

"Hollywood cools, and when it cools you have to go to where the work is. I ran off to Italy to do spaghetti westerns."
- Tab Hunter
(Related: Work, Hollywood, Italy)

"I wasn't an actor. They they take the externals. Here I was, a kid thrown into Hollywood with a brand-new name, starring in motion pictures."
- Tab Hunter
(Related: Actor, Hollywood, Name)

"One says also, it is one of the most faithful men in Hollywood, and makes again more interesting it equal."
- Michelle Hunziker
(Related: Men, Hollywood)

"Hollywood has always been a cage... a cage to catch our dreams."
- John Huston
(Related: Dreams, Hollywood)

"Do you know how many plastic surgeries are done to the actors and actresses in Hollywood?"
- Joseph Jackson
(Related: Actors, Hollywood)

"This is the place to see the stars - Hollywood Bowl."
- Mahalia Jackson
(Related: Hollywood, Stars)

"You know, let's put it this way, if all the people in Hollywood who have had plastic surgery, if they went on vacation, there wouldn't be a person left in town."
- Michael Jackson
(Related: People, Hollywood, Vacation)

"The bottom line of Hollywood is money."
- Victoria Jackson
(Related: Money, Hollywood)

"I think the reason they cast me as the good girls is because they couldn't find any in Hollywood."
- Victoria Jackson
(Related: Girls, Hollywood, Reason)

"I'm big and a lot of the stars are smaller so if you're big and mean looking, you play bad guys. After Blade Runner, I was the meanest guy in Hollywood."
- Brion James
(Related: Hollywood, Play, Stars)

"I'm not a braggart, but when I was a little girl people used to come from all over Hollywood to hear me sing."
- Etta James
(Related: People, Hollywood)

"Hollywood is very much an industry town. Your life becomes caught up in all of the parties and this list and that list. That's not something that I respond well to."
- Don Johnson
(Related: Life, Hollywood)

"I wanted to make the kind of records that I heard in the discos that I danced in at that time. Funky, electronic sounds, while the musicians in the band were more rock oriented. This I suppose created the sound we know as Frankie Goes To Hollywood."
- Holly Johnson
(Related: Time, Hollywood, Musicians, Sound)

"I was lucky enough to occasionally break out of that racist situation that prevails in the Hollywood film production community. But it was racist then and it will always be that way. It will never be otherwise."
- J. J. Johnson
(Related: Community, Film, Hollywood, Production, Will)

"I don't think the money people in Hollywood have ever thought I was normal, but I am dedicated to my work and that's what counts."
- Angelina Jolie
(Related: Money, Work, Thought, People, Hollywood)

"I was as content Off-Broadway as I was in a big Hollywood movie, and, I just try to be content wherever I am, you know."
- James Earl Jones
(Related: Content, Hollywood)

"The goal wasn't to be a millionaire or to be a Hollywood star. That was not the goal. The goal was something about - the goal was to find the goal, but I knew where it was."
- James Earl Jones
(Related: Goal, Hollywood)

"Where is Hollywood located? Chiefly between the ears. In that part of the American brain lately vacated by God."
- Erica Jong
(Related: God, American, Hollywood)

"Every country gets the circus it deserves. Spain gets bullfights. Italy gets the Catholic Church. America gets Hollywood."
- Erica Jong
(Related: Church, America, Country, Hollywood, Italy, Spain)

"It's nice to work with Hollywood because there is never any question of resources put at your disposal to make a film as long as it is the right thing to do."
- Neil Jordan
(Related: Work, Film, Hollywood, Question, Right)

"I truly believe that all power corrupts. Such is probably the thinking behind every political film ever made in Hollywood."
- Elia Kazan
(Related: Power, Film, Hollywood, Thinking)

"There was no doubt that there was a vast organization which was making fools of all the liberals in Hollywood and taking their money, that there was a police state among the Left element in Hollywood and Broadway."
- Elia Kazan
(Related: Money, Doubt, Fools, Hollywood, Liberals, Police, State)

"An audience is going to be able to find a little bit of Dorothy in themselves and relate to this woman.: roles like Dorothy Day are so rare in Hollywood."
- Moira Kelly
(Related: Day, Hollywood, Woman)

"Hollywood is a world all its own."
- Moira Kelly
(Related: Hollywood, World)

"I'll be a flop in movies. Besides, I don't like 'em, and I never did believe there was a place called Hollywood. Somebody made it up!"
- Patsy Kelly
(Related: Movies, Hollywood)

"I arrived in Hollywood and lived much of my life in America, but the fans did not really know me."
- Persis Khambatta
(Related: Life, America, Fans, Hollywood)

"Everybody told me to stay in Hollywood. This was the place they said I could have a big career. What they failed to mention was that no one would quite know what to do with me."
- Persis Khambatta
(Related: Career, Hollywood)

"You get to Hollywood and you are in the land of big money where they don't like to see only one screenwriter's name. It's much better if you've got four or five."
- Nigel Kneale
(Related: Money, Hollywood, Land, Name)

"So many directors are solely focused on their own success in Hollywood and multimillion dollar budgets and deals."
- Shirley Knight
(Related: Success, Budgets, Deals, Hollywood)

"Media companies, under the guise of piracy, are asking congress to give them more control over fair use. Hollywood wants to control innovation."
- Joe Krauss
(Related: Control, Congress, Hollywood, Innovation, Media)

"I'll probably never be the best actor in Hollywood, but I hope to be the hardest working."
- Ashton Kutcher
(Related: Hope, Actor, Hollywood)

"I'm the most insecure guy in Hollywood. If you had it good all your life, you figure it can't ever get bad, but when you had it bad, you wonder how long a thing like this will last."
- Alan Ladd
(Related: Life, Hollywood, Will, Wonder)

"That was my one big Hollywood hit, but, in a way, it hurt my picture career. After that, I was typecast as a lion, and there just weren't many parts for lions."
- Bert Lahr
(Related: Career, Hollywood, Hurt)

"Let any pretty girl announce a divorce in Hollywood and the wolves come running. Fresh meat for the beast, and they are always hungry."
- Hedy Lamarr
(Related: Divorce, Hollywood, Pretty, Running)

"The ladder of success in Hollywood is usually a press agent, actor, director, producer, leading man; and you are a star if you sleep with each of them in that order. Crude, but true."
- Hedy Lamarr
(Related: Success, Actor, Hollywood, Leading, Man, Order, Press, Sleep)

"I know when I'm working I seldom get into trouble. My educated guess is that boredom has caused most of the problems with Hollywood celebrities."
- Hedy Lamarr
(Related: Boredom, Hollywood, Problems, Trouble)

"Obviously I am not the young man who came to Hollywood in 1946."
- Burt Lancaster
(Related: Hollywood, Man)

"I'm fascinated by how Hollywood has changed since I started. Today it's about immediate delivery. There's less risk and less art."
- Diane Lane
(Related: Art, Hollywood, Risk, Today)

"Hollywood is fickle; your career can end pretty fast. If the acting jobs dry up, you have to have something to fall back on. In fact, that would be my advice to kids interested in acting - make sure you get an education too."
- Matthew Lawrence
(Related: Education, Acting, Advice, Career, End, Fact, Hollywood, Jobs, Kids, Pretty)

"Film-makers should remain true to their principles and never compromise, there is a real revival in the British film industry but there is a danger that we will become colonial servants of Hollywood. We need to maintain our own integrity."
- Mike Leigh
(Related: Compromise, Danger, Film, Hollywood, Integrity, Principles, Will)

"If God doesn't destroy Hollywood Boulevard, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology."
- Jay Leno
(Related: God, Apology, Hollywood)

"Strip away the phony tinsel of Hollywood and you'll find the real tinsel underneath."
- Oscar Levant
(Related: Hollywood)

"Behind the phony tinsel of Hollywood lies the real tinsel."
- Oscar Levant
(Related: Hollywood, Lies)

"I'm thinking, this is Robert Redford. You know, he's won an Academy Award, he's talking to me about directing a movie he's in. So you just think that it's Hollywood stuff or whatever."
- Barry Levinson
(Related: Hollywood, Talking, Thinking)

"English is my second language, but in Hong Kong, they don't know that I'm from China. They think I'm from Hollywood because all the films they see are from here. China and Hong Kong are very different places, but they're starting to merge. Still the culture is very different."
- Bai Ling
(Related: Culture, English, Hollywood, Language)

"I've never been a guy who had more than a toe in Hollywood anyway, so my toe is more easily lopped off than most."
- Richard Linklater
(Related: Hollywood)

"Yes, but Hollywood is the strangest place in that they'll torpedo their own film to prove an emotional point."
- Richard Linklater
(Related: Film, Hollywood)

"Hollywood has a way of sucking the world's talent to it."
- Richard Linklater
(Related: Talent, Hollywood, World)

"I think what destroys Hollywood marriages is our work schedule, not so much infidelity."
- Eva Longoria
(Related: Work, Hollywood, Infidelity)

"In Hollywood, she's revered, she gets nominated for Oscars, but I've never heard anyone in the public or among my friends say, 'Oh, I love Winona Ryder.'"
- Jennifer Lopez
(Related: Love, Friends, Hollywood, Public)

"Most Americans in both red and blue states reject and resent the message being sent by Hollywood and some in the media that values are subjective, to be defined by the individual and not by God."
- Trent Lott
(Related: God, Values, Americans, Being, Hollywood, Media, states)

"In Hollywood we acquire the finest novels in order to smell the leather bindings."
- Ernst Lubitsch
(Related: Hollywood, Order)

"I think that often times Hollywood panders to the cliches of small town life, specifically Southern small town life, and I think that this movie does the opposite."
- Josh Lucas
(Related: Life, Cliches, Hollywood)

"I spent an entire evening seated between Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, being charmed from either side. It was pure Hollywood magic."
- Lorna Luft
(Related: Being, Evening, Hollywood, Magic)

"Studio 54 made Halloween in Hollywood look like a PTA meeting."
- Lorna Luft
(Related: Hollywood, Meeting)

"It will never be Hollywood, the same way people think it should be. I think it will grow and it will be healthy and it will expand into more than one production house."
- Ann Macbeth
(Related: People, Hollywood, Production, Will)

"Apart from earning an awful lot of money, why would you go to Hollywood?"
- Matthew MacFadyen
(Related: Money, Hollywood)

"Hollywood is not good when it comes to age."
- Kyle MacLachlan
(Related: Age, Hollywood)

"I've played heavies for years and years and years. I was bald. I came to Hollywood. I did a play about junk. I was a pusher, so I played pushers for years and years and years. I did war movies and things like that."
- Gavin MacLeod
(Related: Movies, War, Hollywood, Play, Years)

"But I did an awful lot of work in Hollywood, and in New York for that matter."
- Patrick Macnee
(Related: Work, Hollywood)

"Hollywood is kind of a bad world."
- Mia Maestro
(Related: Hollywood, World)

"I started out as a very young girl in Hollywood doing westerns portraying a mother with a couple of kids."
- Dorothy Malone
(Related: Mother, Hollywood, Kids)

"Hollywood executives believe that money is both the be-all and end-all to the moviemaking process."
- Leonard Maltin
(Related: Money, End, Hollywood)

"I think people in Hollywood are afraid of sentiment because they think audiences will reject it."
- Leonard Maltin
(Related: People, Audiences, Hollywood, Sentiment, Will)

"I teach at USC. I have a big class of 360 kids, only about a fifth of whom are film majors. I don't just show the Hollywood blockbusters. I show independent films, foreign films, documentaries."
- Leonard Maltin
(Related: Class, Film, Hollywood, Kids)

"I always thought the real violence in Hollywood isn't what's on the screen. It's what you have to do to raise the money."
- David Mamet
(Related: Money, Thought, Hollywood, Violence)

"Every citizen in every country in the world now grows up in two nations. Their own and Hollywood."
- Nick Mancuso
(Related: Country, Hollywood, Nations, Now, World)

"A few nights ago I went to a Hollywood screening of a small independent film made by Sally Kirkland, an old friend of mine who also did terrific job acting in it. There were other actors in it and they were all terrific."
- Nick Mancuso
(Related: Friend, Acting, Actors, Film, Hollywood, Job, Old)

"I know it's a film and all of that, and it's a Hollywood film, but it kind of feels like this sometimes, when you're in pain and it hurts, and you're desperate. Or you are about to cross some moral line and it's so seductive and you just do... and all that."
- Patrick Marber
(Related: Film, Hollywood, Pain)

"But I think the thing I'm proud of about the film is that there aren't many films - either independent films or mainstream Hollywood films - that are like this; it's of its own times, and it's the film Mike Nichols wanted to make."
- Patrick Marber
(Related: Film, Hollywood)

"I have friends who are leading men, and they're only ever allowed to play leading men of a certain type. But as a character actor, there's a wider variety of projects available. On the big Hollywood films, all they care about is having their lead in place, so it's actually easier for someone like me to slip in. And I'm happy to do so."
- Eddie Marsan
(Related: Men, Character, Actor, Care, Friends, Hollywood, Leading, Play, Projects, Variety)

"There's a statue of Jimmy Stewart in the Hollywood Wax Museum, and the statue talks better than he does."
- Dean Martin
(Related: Hollywood)

"But what I really like are old Hollywood movies. Very often I watch AMC."
- Olivier Martinez
(Related: Movies, Hollywood, Old)

"In Hollywood, brides keep the bouquets and throw away the groom."
- Groucho Marx
(Related: Hollywood)

"Hollywood is run by men who are big on vulnerability."
- Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
(Related: Men, Hollywood, Vulnerability)

"I was the center square on Hollywood Squares for about fifteen weeks."
- Jerry Mathers
(Related: Hollywood)

"What the Bleep Do We Know was not written with a deaf person in mind, but when they met me, it clicked with them to have me in it. But that happens with a lot of actors in Hollywood, not just with me."
- Marlee Matlin
(Related: Actors, Hollywood, Mind)

"Hollywood embraced me in the late '80s because there was a good project I was in and it was different. Nowadays, it's about corporate mentality, box office, youth."
- Marlee Matlin
(Related: Corporate, Hollywood, Office, Project, Youth)

"I got a good handshake. A lot of executives tell me I have the best handshake in Hollywood."
- Marlee Matlin
(Related: Hollywood)

"Hollywood is a place where the stars twinkle until they wrinkle."
- Victor Mature
(Related: Hollywood, Stars)

"In Hollywood, the women are all peaches. It makes one long for an apple occasionally."
- W. Somerset Maugham
(Related: Women, Hollywood)

"I live in Italy part time, and they're obsessed with what's happening in LA too. They make fun of Americans, but the world wants to know what's going on in Hollywood."
- Debi Mazar
(Related: Time, Americans, Fun, Hollywood, Italy, World)

"I don't think the Hollywood community is interested in what I can do. That's all right. I've never looked for a job in my life, and I'm not going to start now. I have plenty to keep me busy."
- Mercedes McCambridge
(Related: Life, Community, Hollywood, Job, Now, Right)

"True friendships don't fade in Hollywood, as so many myths about show business would have you insist."
- Kent McCord
(Related: Business, Hollywood, Myths)

"Meanwhile, Cynthia and I are busy fixing up a real old house that we just bought in Hollywood. With two children now, we just couldn't live in our small rented home any longer."
- Kent McCord
(Related: Home, Children, Hollywood, Now, Old)

"I'm sure those rumors are spread, but it's just ah - we're really good friend. We've been since day one in Hollywood. In class, we've been together in school. We've gotten really close, but I don't know about the more than friends stuff."
- Scotty McCreery
(Related: Friend, Class, Day, Friends, Hollywood, Rumors, School)

"What is the thing that Hollywood demands most? Sincerity. No place in the world will pay such a high price for this admirable trait."
- Hattie McDaniel
(Related: Hollywood, Sincerity, Will, World)

"We all respect sincerity in our friends and acquaintances, but Hollywood is willing to pay for it."
- Hattie McDaniel
(Related: Friends, Hollywood, Respect, Sincerity)

"My desire for the part of Mammy was not dominated by selfishness for Hollywood has been good to me and I am grateful."
- Hattie McDaniel
(Related: Desire, Hollywood, Selfishness)

"The attempt is that we want to get a couple of minutes under our belt, depending on how good the tests are and take that into Hollywood. The fallback is we're going to DVD anyways. We've got that covered."
- Todd McFarlane
(Related: Hollywood, Tests, Want)

"So, no, I'm not trying to crack into Hollywood, although I'll make films there if they're good scripts."
- Ewan McGregor
(Related: Hollywood, Trying)

"To this day, I don't know what shapes a Hollywood career."
- Dorothy McGuire
(Related: Career, Day, Hollywood)

"Once you've been booked, people in Hollywood say, 'Oh he must be good.' All the while you're the same actor."
- Joel McHale
(Related: People, Actor, Hollywood)

"In Hollywood you can't even smoke in a bar anymore and yet in the movies they're always showing people smoking. I don't get it."
- Gerald McRaney
(Related: Movies, People, Hollywood, Smoking)

"This same habitual blindness to spiritual, substantive dimensions of every significant challenge continues to handicap Hollywood."
- Michael Medved
(Related: Blindness, Challenge, Hollywood, Spiritual)

"The standard entertainment industry reaction to Hollywood's box office slump reveals the same shallow, materialistic mindset that helped create the problem in the first place."
- Michael Medved
(Related: Entertainment, First, Hollywood, Office)

"Michael Moore became an industry hero and the most visible symbol of the Hollywood left."
- Michael Medved
(Related: Hollywood, Symbol)

"I am not a Hollywood Jew and I won't ever be one."
- Jean-Marie Messier
(Related: Hollywood)

"Here in Hollywood you can actually get a marriage license printed on an Etch-A-Sketch."
- Dennis Miller
(Related: Marriage, Hollywood)

"It seems the farther away we are from Hollywood, the better the ratings."
- Martin Milner
(Related: Hollywood)

"Growing up in Hollywood it seemed like every kid was the child of some star."
- Liza Minelli
(Related: Growing up, Hollywood)

"Growing up in Hollywood it seemed like every kid was the child of some star. We had no idea that other people would think we were special, because there was no other lifestyle to compare it to."
- Liza Minnelli
(Related: People, Idea, Growing up, Hollywood)

"In Hollywood now when people die they don't say, 'Did he leave a will?' but 'Did he leave a diary?'"
- Liza Minnelli
(Related: People, Hollywood, Now, Will)

"Hollywood, it has treated me so nicely, I am ready to faint! As soon as I see Hollywood, I love it."
- Carmen Miranda
(Related: Love, Hollywood)

"I didn't even understand the whole idea of Hollywood."
- Radha Mitchell
(Related: Idea, Hollywood)

"I had a friend, and we always used to pretend to be twins. We had this fantasy about going to Hollywood together. We were about four."
- Radha Mitchell
(Related: Friend, Fantasy, Hollywood, Twins)

"I've spent several years in Hollywood, and I still think the movie heroes are in the audience."
- Wilson Mizner
(Related: Heroes, Hollywood, Years)

"Hollywood is a sewer with service from the Ritz Carlton."
- Wilson Mizner
(Related: Hollywood, Service)

"There are so many things I'd like to change in the industry. Everything from the reliance of style over substance to their reluctance to hire me for big budget blockbusters, but the thing I would love most would be if they understood people don't have to be Hollywood beautiful to be sexy or interesting."
- Colin Mochrie
(Related: Change, Love, People, Hollywood, Style)

"Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul."
- Marilyn Monroe
(Related: Kiss, Soul, Hollywood)

"Hollywood does not write parts for people like me, an elderly gentleman, and when they find out you're crippled, forget about it. No, I'll never work again."
- Ricardo Montalban
(Related: Work, People, Elderly, Forget, Gentleman, Hollywood)

"On the last couple of movies I made - big-budget Hollywood movies - I really missed being able to create my own material."
- Rick Moranis
(Related: Movies, Being, Hollywood)

"I was offered a free villa in Hollywood, but I said no thank you, I prefer to live in Italy."
- Ennio Morricone
(Related: Hollywood, Italy)

"It's a good time to be making movies, despite the cynicism people have about Hollywood."
- Rob Morrow
(Related: Time, Movies, People, Cynicism, Hollywood)

"I consider myself a student of Hollywood."
- Rob Morrow
(Related: Hollywood)

"Last summer a second unit production crew went to France and shot scenes for several of this season's episodes. They shot costumed actors in and around real castles and landmarks, we couldn't possibly have duplicated here in Hollywood."
- Vic Morrow
(Related: Actors, France, Hollywood, Production, Summer)

"I don't think Hollywood per se is supposed to be taken seriously, otherwise, dear Lord, that would be frightening."
- Brittany Murphy
(Related: Hollywood)

"I don't even take myself seriously, so how could I possibly take Hollywood seriously?"
- Brittany Murphy
(Related: Hollywood)

"Curb Your Enthusiasm, is not so much about Hollywood. It's more about Larry's weaknesses."
- Kevin Nealon
(Related: Enthusiasm, Hollywood)

"People ask me if I ever feel outside the Hollywood loop, and I never do, because both of us do a lot of theatre, so it's great for New York and it's also half-way between Europe and the west coast, so it's the best of both worlds."
- Liam Neeson
(Related: People, Europe, Hollywood, Theatre)

"Of course, Hollywood is still making some excellent pictures which reflect the great artistry that made Hollywood famous throughout the world, but these films are exceptions, judging from box office returns and press reviews."
- Pola Negri
(Related: Famous, Hollywood, Office, Press, World)

"It would be far to general a statement to try and describe the daily life of an actor in Hollywood, but I am quite certain that cappucinos have something to do with it."
- Corin Nemec
(Related: Life, Actor, Hollywood)

"I learned a long time ago in Hollywood that the only person I should vote for is myself."
- Jack Nicholson
(Related: Time, Hollywood, Vote)

"I think Hollywood has a class system. The actors are like the inmates, but the truth is they're running the asylum."
- Robert De Niro
(Related: Truth, Actors, Class, Hollywood, Running)

"Most politicians - those people who live, eat and breathe politics - like to sit around and talk about politics and tell political war stories. Reagan didn't do that. His war stories were movie war stories and Hollywood war stories. He loved that."
- Lyn Nofziger
(Related: Politics, War, People, Hollywood, Politicians, Talk)

"I always felt Jimmy was trapped in Hollywood. He felt it himself. He loved aviation so much and he wanted to be able to do more of that. He somehow just got stuck here."
- Kim Novak
(Related: Aviation, Hollywood)

"I don't feel that I was a Hollywood-created star."
- Kim Novak
(Related: Hollywood)

"After working for years in Hollywood where the actors have taken over, it was a real relief to get down there and not only have some children, but also have some actors that had no attitude."
- Phillip Noyce
(Related: Attitude, Actors, Children, Hollywood, Years)

"Writers never get a very good deal in Hollywood."
- Richard O'Brien
(Related: Hollywood, Writers)

"My professional life in Hollywood has been filled with joy and laughter."
- Carroll O'Connor
(Related: Life, Hollywood, Joy, Laughter)

"After I got to Hollywood, I resented that I didn't get a crack at more dramatic roles because I photographed so beautifully."
- Maureen O'Hara
(Related: Hollywood)

"As the 1960s began, a new breed of Hollywood leading lady was emerging. She was elegant, international, and wonderfully comedic."
- Maureen O'Hara
(Related: Lady, Hollywood, Leading)

"I remained Ryan's companion on the Hollywood party circuit, growing inured to sex and drugs before I was in my teens."
- Tatum O'Neal
(Related: Sex, Drugs, Hollywood, Party)

"I would rather have gotten married than have a Hollywood contract."
- Jennifer O'Neill
(Related: Hollywood)

"A lot of people got lost in Hollywood while trying to become a star. They lost themselves."
- Jennifer O'Neill
(Related: People, Hollywood, Trying)

"Hollywood views regular people as children, and they think they're the smart ones who need to tell the idiots out there how to be."
- Trey Parker
(Related: People, Children, Hollywood, Idiots)

"Mostly I do films that mainstream Hollywood wouldn't touch."
- Jason Patric
(Related: Hollywood)

"Training Day was such a Hollywood movie; I didn't like it."
- Jason Patric
(Related: Day, Hollywood, Training)

"This summer, I'll be bringing out a mystery that involves a young lawyer and a court scene the likes of which I don't think you've ever seen. Hollywood said this is James Patterson meets John Grisham."
- James Patterson
(Related: Court, Hollywood, Mystery, Summer)

"Hollywood films have become a cesspool of formula and it's up to us to try to change it... I feel like a preacher! But it's really true. I feel personally responsible for the future of American cinema. Me personally."
- Alexander Payne
(Related: Change, American, Cinema, Formula, Future, Hollywood)

"Hollywood is a suction for your confidence or your faith or your togetherness. Just walking on the street you can feel it."
- Robin Wright Penn
(Related: Faith, Confidence, Hollywood, Walking)

"I am not successful, in terms of Hollywood."
- Robin Wright Penn
(Related: Successful, Hollywood)

"I've always wanted to work with Blair, and finally the timing was right. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. I think he's a hugely underrated actor in Hollywood."
- Tyler Perry
(Related: Work, Actor, Hollywood, Respect, Right)

"Corporate Hollywood thinks I'm a geek to go back and do theater. They don't understand why I don't want to be a movie star, why I'm not pursuing Mel Gibson's roles."
- William Petersen
(Related: Corporate, Hollywood, Theater, Want)

"Tarantino's stuff in its inception was all about finding a way for him to break into Hollywood."
- Ryan Phillippe
(Related: Hollywood)

"Hollywood is a place that attracts people with massive holes in their souls."
- Julia Phillips
(Related: People, Hollywood)

"I personally have never made a movie in Hollywood, because I don't want to get up in my own bed and then go to the movie set, and then come home at night to my real life."
- Sydney Pollack
(Related: Home, Life, Bed, Hollywood, Night, Want)

"But, I've made films in Japan, in Yugoslavia, all over Europe, all over the United States, Mexico, but not Hollywood."
- Sydney Pollack
(Related: Europe, Hollywood, states, United)

"I sure lost my musical direction in Hollywood. My songs were the same conveyer belt mass production, just like most of my movies were."
- Elvis Presley
(Related: Movies, Direction, Hollywood, Production, Songs)

"Later on they send me to Hollywood. To make movies. It was all new to me. I was only 21 years old."
- Elvis Presley
(Related: Movies, Hollywood, Old, Years)

"You know, I had my mother and my father convincing me that he would be going back to Hollywood and he'd be back with the actresses and dating them and that he wasn't serious about me at all. So I had him saying one thing to me and my parents telling me something else."
- Priscilla Presley
(Related: Dating, Mother, Father, Hollywood, Parents, Saying)

"I don't want to be the Hollywood girl... I'm Southern and old-fashioned."
- Jaime Pressly
(Related: Hollywood, Old, Want)

"It doesn't matter that the way of life shown by Hollywood was phony. It helped you hope."
- Manuel Puig
(Related: Life, Hope, Hollywood)

"In Europe an actor is an artist. In Hollywood, if he isn't working, he's a bum."
- Anthony Quinn
(Related: Actor, Artist, Europe, Hollywood)

"As much as we'd like to believe that our work is great and that we're infallible, we're not. Hollywood movies are made for the audience. These are not small European art films we're making."
- Harold Ramis
(Related: Art, Movies, Work, Hollywood)

"As far as film goes, I enjoy all Hollywood films and all Horror films like The Bride of Frankenstein, which also might be my favorite. I like 60's and 70's Italian and Spanish Horror films."
- Johnny Ramone
(Related: Favorite, Film, Hollywood, Horror)

"So many people aren't ready for Hollywood - professionally or practically."
- John Ratzenberger
(Related: People, Hollywood)

"Hollywood has lost touch with their audience a long time ago."
- John Ratzenberger
(Related: Time, Hollywood)

"If you tell people your ambitions, they usually laugh at you. When I told my girlfriends when I was 12 that I was going to Hollywood, they all laughed. And here I am!"
- Helen Reddy
(Related: People, Girlfriends, Hollywood)

"In Hollywood, if you don't have happiness, you send out for it."
- Rex Reed
(Related: Happiness, Hollywood)

"You were there all day long, 12 hours a day. So there was none of this, 'I'm going back to my trailer, my trailer's bigger than your trailer,' that kind of Hollywood nonsense."
- John C. Reilly
(Related: Day, Hollywood, Nonsense)

"I make movies for grownups. When Hollywood starts making them again, I'll start acting in them again."
- Lee Remick
(Related: Movies, Acting, Hollywood)

"I knew that for this movie to work it had to be very hot and very real, and it wasn't going to be a case of doing it Hollywood all covered with a nice little sheet."
- Natasha Richardson
(Related: Work, Hollywood)

"Getting married and then having children just centered me and grounded my values. It was like a whole new world. It started happening in New York with a little play called Cruise Control, where I relaxed, and then I kept getting work in Hollywood till this series happened."
- Patricia Richardson
(Related: Work, Control, Values, Children, Hollywood, Play, World)

"Hollywood have been in touch; they want to make a movie of my life."
- Mark Roberts
(Related: Life, Hollywood, Want)

"On a scale of the United States, the Hollywood influence on what comes out, that's not the majority views of across the country. What we read in Us Weekly or People magazine, or Entertainment Tonight, it's not what the majority of the country is thinking."
- Kid Rock
(Related: People, Country, Entertainment, Hollywood, Influence, Majority, states, Thinking, United)

"The world changed. Hollywood changed. I think we've lost something, and we don't know how to get it back."
- Roy Rogers
(Related: Hollywood, World)

"People in Hollywood are going make pictures where ever it's the least expensive to make them."
- Wayne Rogers
(Related: People, Hollywood)

"In Hollywood you can see things at night that are fast enough to be in the Olympics in the day time."
- Will Rogers
(Related: Time, Day, Hollywood, Night)

"In Hollywood the woods are full of people that learned to write but evidently can't read. If they could read their stuff, they'd stop writing."
- Will Rogers
(Related: People, Hollywood, Writing)

"If you can believe it, Hollywood wanted to change my birthdate. I was born after Valentine's Day, so they wanted to change it to February 14. A Latin lover should be born on Valentine's Day. I said no."
- Cesar Romero
(Related: Change, Day, February, Hollywood)

"Everybody in Hollywood was in Around the World in 80 Days. If you weren't, you left town and made up an excuse."
- Cesar Romero
(Related: Hollywood, World)

"Well, you know what they say in Hollywood - the most important thing is being sincere, even if you have to fake it."
- Cesar Romero
(Related: Being, Hollywood)

"If I fail, the film industry writes me off as another statistic. If I succeed, they pay me a million bucks to fly out to Hollywood and fart."
- George A. Romero
(Related: Film, Hollywood, Succeed)

"In Hollywood a marriage is a success if it outlasts milk."
- Rita Rudner
(Related: Marriage, Success, Hollywood)

"Yeah, there's a tendency to get pigeonholed in Hollywood."
- Mark Ruffalo
(Related: Hollywood)

"West Hollywood is predominantly gay, so every man that came into the grocery store was shopping for his boyfriend."
- Jeri Ryan
(Related: Boyfriend, Gay, Hollywood, Man)

"My husband is someone who's in the real world. It's a big help that I don't have both feet in Hollywood."
- Jeri Ryan
(Related: HusbFeet, Help, Hollywood, World)

"It's the unusual leading man. Most of the Hollywood leading men are powerful and capable and strong, heroes. He has this vulnerability, he's fragile, he struggles to find a way to live from day to day that we can identify with, that we can understand."
- Mark Rydell
(Related: Men, Day, Heroes, Hollywood, Leading, Man, Vulnerability)

"So that, to me, is important that audiences are treated with an amount of respect toward their intelligence. Most Hollywood films don't respect their intelligence."
- Eriq La Salle
(Related: Intelligence, Audiences, Hollywood, Respect)

"You know, when you don't go on TV and talk about how many women you sleep with, some people in Hollywood, that are supposedly 'in the know,' start whispering that you're gay. If I were gay, I wouldn't be ashamed to admit it, but I'm not."
- Adam Sandler
(Related: Women, People, Gay, Hollywood, Sleep, Talk)

"I don't really worry about being typecast much. I mean, everyone in Hollywood is typecast to a degree."
- Peter Sarsgaard
(Related: Being, Hollywood, Worry)

"Hollywood will accept actresses playing ten years older, but actors can play ten years younger."
- Greta Scacchi
(Related: Actors, Hollywood, Play, Will, Years)

"We should never forget that Hollywood was built by Europeans, and the old Jewish boys from Eastern Europe."
- Maximilian Schell
(Related: Boys, Europe, Forget, Hollywood, Old)

"Hollywood is an extraordinary kind of temporary place."
- John Schlesinger
(Related: Hollywood)

"Silence is the sure sign that you're on your way out in Hollywood."
- Budd Schulberg
(Related: Hollywood, Silence)

"The trap is that you then just start doing stuff about Hollywood, which I don't really want to do."
- Josh Schwartz
(Related: Hollywood, Want)

"Hollywood movies are run on fear and they don't want to make bold choices. They, generally, speaking want to keep things status quo. That's not really interesting for me."
- Kyra Sedgwick
(Related: Movies, Fear, Choices, Hollywood, Want)

"Hollywood is sexist and age-ist, and that covers all the bases, I guess."
- Kyra Sedgwick
(Related: Age, Hollywood)

"I've learned by hanging out in Hollywood, where I disagree politically with most people, that most people's hearts are in the right place, and the only thing we have to argue about is the way to solve the problems."
- Tom Selleck
(Related: People, Hollywood, Problems, Right)

"You know, there's so much imitation and so much pandering in Hollywood."
- Tom Selleck
(Related: Hollywood, Imitation)

"Then if your movie clicks with real audiences, you'll be sucked into some sort of Hollywood orbit. It's a devil of a place where the only religion that really counts is box office."
- Yahoo Serious
(Related: Religion, Audiences, Devil, Hollywood, Office)

"We cheer everyone who goes off to Hollywood and tells American stories but telling Australian stories is the greatest thing you can do."
- Yahoo Serious
(Related: American, Hollywood)

"Hollywood is horrible... it's beyond satire."
- Yahoo Serious
(Related: Hollywood, Satire)

"Hollywood is just like high school. The popular people only like the other popular people. And the thing is, some people aren't nice - or they're nice, but only to your face, not elsewhere."
- Amanda Seyfried
(Related: People, Hollywood, Popular, School)

"Hollywood is the definition of sexual discrimination."
- Ally Sheedy
(Related: Discrimination, Hollywood)

"I worked in Hollywood as a reader and a would-be writer for about 6 years before I sold my first story."
- Sidney Sheldon
(Related: First, Hollywood, Writer, Years)

"In Hollywood if you are not working, you are a leper. True, you are probably living in the most expensive leper colony in the world."
- Allan Sherman
(Related: Hollywood, Living, World)

"That's the biggest rule in Hollywood: Don't spend your own money."
- Pauly Shore
(Related: Money)

"Few if any teenagers can relate to getting up for school and finding famous comics like Pryor and Williams hanging out in your living room after a hard night of partying. But that's Hollywood."
- Pauly Shore
(Related: Famous, Hollywood, Living, Night, School, Teenagers)

"A director in Hollywood in my time couldn't do what he wanted to do."
- Douglas Sirk
(Related: Time, Hollywood)

"I didn't come to Hollywood to drink or get high, and I don't want to be considered a cool actor - I want to be a great actor."
- Tom Sizemore
(Related: Actor, Hollywood, Want)

"This is what Hollywood tends to do. It tends to disregard tradition, history and anything factual, twisting it and turning it and making it all okay regardless of what the English may think of it."
- Christian Slater
(Related: History, English, Hollywood, May, Tradition)

"How could a New Yorker possibly take something called the Hollywood String Quartet seriously?"
- Leonard Slatkin
(Related: Hollywood)

"The new artists coming through were very materialistic and Hollywood, not so engaged in communication."
- Patti Smith
(Related: Artists, Communication, Hollywood)

"In my mind, I've always been an A-list Hollywood superstar. Y'all just didn't know yet."
- Will Smith
(Related: Hollywood, Mind)

"Hollywood sold its stars on good looks and personality buildups. We weren't really actresses in a true sense, we were just big names - the products of a good publicity department."
- Ann Sothern
(Related: Hollywood, Names, Personality, Publicity, Sense, Stars)

"It's so crazy in Hollywood."
- David Spade
(Related: Hollywood)

"To be quite honest, I've been very blessed when I've worked with Hollywood. The studios that have purchased my work to be adapted to film have really liked the work and wanted to stay as close as they could to what the book was."
- Nicholas Sparks
(Related: Work, Film, Hollywood)

"There are thousands of directors in Hollywood."
- Penelope Spheeris
(Related: Hollywood)

"I live on this nice three acres in Hollywood."
- Penelope Spheeris
(Related: Hollywood)

"I wanted to do another movie that could make us laugh and cry and feel good about the world. I wanted to do something else that could make us smile. This is a time when we need to smile more and Hollywood movies are supposed to do that for people in difficult times."
- Steven Spielberg
(Related: Movies, Time, People, Hollywood, Smile, World)

"I know an awful lot of Hollywood people, who are so self-important, I can't understand it."
- Mickey Spillane
(Related: People, Hollywood, Self)

"It was a few days later I came out to Hollywood for a screen test, and so did a lot of other people. So, I really didn't think I would get it. I was definitely the one that was least likely to get it, because everyone else was an already established star."
- Mary Steenburgen
(Related: People, Hollywood)

"The whole idea of doing the Hollywood thing never even occurred to me. When you grow up on the East coast, Hollywood seems like this fantasy land and you don't think that people can actually make a living there."
- David Steinberg
(Related: People, Idea, Fantasy, Hollywood, Land, Living)

"My grandfather was running Hillcrest Country Club, and that's where a whole group of Hollywood comedians hung out."
- Leigh Steinberg
(Related: Comedians, Country, Hollywood, Running)

"I tell you, I'm really not what you'd call into your basic kink, even though we do live in Hollywood, which is a little bit like living in a box of granola."
- McLean Stevenson
(Related: Hollywood, Living)

"I like being in movies that have a great story. I'm not so interested in being a Hollywood star. It's a job, you know. When you wake up at six in the morning every day for a week, it feels like hard work."
- Kristen Stewart
(Related: Movies, Work, Being, Day, Hard work, Hollywood, Job)

"I wasn't campaigning for a role in a Hollywood television series, it was a fluke. So you've got to have a measure of good luck, you really have, being in the right place at the right time."
- Patrick Stewart
(Related: Time, Being, Hollywood, Luck, Measure, Right, Television)

"As the captain, I was going to be having the dominant role in most of the episodes, and that was appealing. I wasn't interested in coming to Hollywood to sit around."
- Patrick Stewart
(Related: Hollywood)

"It's rare to be treated like a friend you haven't met in a Hollywood meeting."
- David Ogden Stiers
(Related: Friend, Hollywood, Meeting)

"I had a meeting in LA in which they took a really overstuffed hour and a half. It was as close to old Hollywood as I remembered it in the last 20 years."
- David Ogden Stiers
(Related: Hollywood, Meeting, Old, Years)

"There's an old saying in Hollywood: It's not the length of your film, it's how you use it."
- Ben Stiller
(Related: Film, Old, Saying)

"Hollywood never knew there was a Vietnam War until they made the movie."
- Jerry Stiller
(Related: War, Hollywood, Vietnam)

"When I was 14 -years-old, I made this PowerPoint presentation, and I invited my parents into my room and gave them popcorn. It was called 'Project Hollywood 2004' and it worked. I moved to L.A. in January of 2004."
- Emma Stone
(Related: Hollywood, Parents)

"At early previews, the theater gossips are there, wishing you ill every night. They don't grant you any slack. Agents are in from Hollywood. Your friends are there. People who are going to spread the word-of-mouth. If something doesn't work, everyone will know."
- Peter Stone
(Related: Work, People, Friends, Hollywood, Night, Theater, Will, Wishing, Word)

"I arrived in Hollywood without having my nose fixed, my teeth capped, or my name changed. That is very gratifying to me."
- Barbra Streisand
(Related: Hollywood, Name)

"In Hollywood - in Hollywood, you're as good as your last picture."
- Erich von Stroheim
(Related: Hollywood)

"There's a real separation between actors and all the other functions of Hollywood. If you're an actor you're somehow not a member of the crew. You're somehow more special. I hate that."
- Rider Strong
(Related: Actor, Actors, Hate, Hollywood, Separation)

"Sunset Boulevard opened in August 1950, and it was pronounced the best movie ever made about Hollywood."
- Gloria Swanson
(Related: Hollywood, Sunset)

"In Hollywood they usually cast me as villains or priests."
- Max von Sydow
(Related: Hollywood)

"I've always thought John Travolta is one of the greatest movie stars Hollywood has ever produced."
- Quentin Tarantino
(Related: Thought, Hollywood, Stars)

"I'm not a Hollywood basher because enough good movies come out of the Hollywood system every year to justify its existence, without any apologies."
- Quentin Tarantino
(Related: Movies, Apologies, Existence, Hollywood)

"I sort of became infatuated with soldiers. I got to know some of them and got a little perturbed with Hollywood making a spectacle out of them and making them look like they have screwed up somehow."
- Channing Tatum
(Related: Hollywood, Soldiers)

"Because someone stole Gregory Peck's star on Hollywood Blvd., I have hired a Brink's guard to protect my star!"
- Rip Taylor
(Related: Hollywood)

"The first thing I think of when I hear the name of Lucille Ball is a Hollywood legend. I have fond memories of growing up at her house, but she was a different person off the set than she was on the set."
- Keith Thibodeaux
(Related: First, Growing up, Hollywood, Memories, Name)

"Hollywood can be hard on women, but it did not cause my problems."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Women, Cause, Hollywood, Problems)

"Everyone should see Hollywood once, I think, through the eyes of a teenage girl who has just passed a screen test."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Eyes, Hollywood, Teenage)

"In my early days in Hollywood I tried to be economical. I designed my own clothes, much to my mother's distress."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Mother, Clothes, Hollywood)

"The Hollywood structure was monopolistic, run by four or five big studios."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Hollywood)

"My departure from Hollywood was described as a walk-out. No one understood that I was cracking up."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Departure, Hollywood)

"I had been offered a Hollywood contract before my 18th birthday. It gave me the spark I needed."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Birthday, Hollywood)

"I had known Cole Porter in Hollywood and New York, spent many a warm hour at his home, and met the talented and original people who were drawn to him."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Home, People, Hollywood)

"I loved to eat. For all of Hollywood's rewards, I was hungry for most of those 20 years."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Hollywood, Years)

"If you meet people who have been successful in Hollywood, or look a their photographs, you see a haunted look in their eyes, you sense a trapped feeling."
- Meg Tilly
(Related: People, Successful, Eyes, Feeling, Hollywood, Sense)

"All of us have read the stories about young people in Hollywood and all the challenges they have to confront there, and I think that artistically, I really didn't understand the commercial side of the film business, so I went back to a purely artistic setting."
- Marisa Tomei
(Related: Business, People, Film, Hollywood)

"Because Chicago was to radio what Hollywood was to films and Broadway was to the theatre: it was the hub of radio."
- Mel Torme
(Related: Chicago, Hollywood)

"Don't ever humiliate a man. If you're gonna have to dress him out, you take him aside and do it that way. That's the one thing I don't like about Hollywood: They go in for public humiliation. You shouldn't do that to a man."
- Rip Torn
(Related: Dress, Man, Public)

"Hollywood has lost an enormous amount of quality."
- Claire Trevor
(Related: Quality, Hollywood)

"I always thought the point was to have a bigger life, to meet more people. So I don't understand Hollywood."
- Kathleen Turner
(Related: Life, Thought, People, Hollywood)

"I never took to Hollywood."
- Kathleen Turner
(Related: Hollywood)

"It's said in Hollywood that you should always forgive your enemies - because you never know when you'll have to work with them."
- Lana Turner
(Related: Work, Enemies, Hollywood)

"Pearl is a disease of oysters. Levant is a disease of Hollywood."
- Kenneth Tynan
(Related: Disease, Hollywood, Oysters)

"Maybe when I'm 75 and living in the south of France, after everyone I want to bitch about is already dead, then I may want to talk about my life in Hollywood."
- Tracey Ullman
(Related: Life, France, Hollywood, Living, May, Talk, Want)

"Hollywood is loneliness beside the swimming pool."
- Liv Ullmann
(Related: Hollywood, Loneliness)

"Hollywood needs to recognise all shades of African American beauty."
- Gabrielle Union
(Related: Beauty, African, American, Hollywood, Needs)

"My opposition to the Vietnam War. I was the first Hollywood actor to speak out against it."
- Robert Vaughn
(Related: War, Actor, First, Hollywood, Opposition, Vietnam)

"Nothing seems to come up to your expectations. But nothing I had heard about Hollywood was enough."
- Conrad Veidt
(Related: Expectations, Hollywood, Nothing)

"In the middle of my third Hollywood picture The Magician, the earthquake hit Hollywood. Not the real earthquake. Just the talkies."
- Conrad Veidt
(Related: Hollywood)

"If Washington is a two-party town, why can't Hollywood be one too?"
- Jon Voight
(Related: Hollywood, Washington)

"Richard Donner is one of the few directors in Hollywood that can make whatever movie he wants exactly the way he wants it. No one will stop him."
- Larry Wachowski
(Related: Hollywood, Will)

"I'm of course disillusioned with what has happened to World cinema. Now cinemas in both Eastern and Western Europe are filled with the same blockbusters from Hollywood."
- Alexander Walker
(Related: Cinema, Europe, Hollywood, Now, World)

"Well, I was getting a lot of money then, and I wasn't getting any Hollywood films, so I just did those. I'd always do a play in between. Whenever I ran low on funds, I'd always rush off to do a movie somewhere."
- Eli Wallach
(Related: Money, Hollywood, Play)

"What I didn't know was that if I didn't stand with my back to the wall, Hollywood people would unscrew my ass and sell it down the river."
- Joseph Wambaugh
(Related: People, Hollywood)

"As a cop, I dealt with every kind of bum and criminal. They all have more integrity than some Hollywood people."
- Joseph Wambaugh
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"I remember having to take detours around the Hollywood sign to avoid having to see this grotesque poster of myself on Sunset Boulevard."
- Rachel Ward
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"I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They're beautiful. Everybody's plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic."
- Andy Warhol
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"I think the bottom of the totem pole is African-American women, or women of colour. I think they get the least opportunities in Hollywood."
- Denzel Washington
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"It was total naivety that got me to Hollywood. I thought it was going to happen straight away. I told myself 'give it 5 years, there's no way I'll be here after that if it doesn't happen'. Cut to ten years later!"
- Naomi Watts
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"If I have to produce movies, direct movies, whatever to change the way Hollywood treats older women, I'll do it. If I have to bend the rules, I will. If I have to break them, I will."
- Naomi Watts
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"I think I have always tried to do the smaller films. I like to jump around and there is something really nice for acting in a smaller film. But I think now, Hollywood's movies certainly involve a younger generation for the most part and so... I love going back and forth."
- Sigourney Weaver
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"I began to think, now is the time. I found quite a lot of opposition in Hollywood about the idea of doing a film musical and we ended up having to buy the rights back. I'm glad we did because it meant John and I were able to make exactly the movie we wanted."
- Andrew Lloyd Webber
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"National film industries tend to move in cycles. In Australia right now, we're on a high, a feeling of potential, which as yet shows no sign of flagging. But the word "industry" is misleading. A small national cinema has no industry in the Hollywood sense."
- Peter Weir
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"There's not much room for eccentricity in Hollywood, and eccentricity is what's sexy in people."
- Rachel Weisz
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"I find Hollywood really toxic."
- Rachel Weisz
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"Hollywood is the only industry, even taking in soup companies, which does not have laboratories for the purpose of experimentation."
- Orson Welles
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"You don't want to become one of those Hollywood idiots who is just blathering about anything."
- Bradley Whitford
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"Hollywood didn't kill Marilyn Monroe, it's the Marilyn Monroes who are killing Hollywood."
- Billy Wilder
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"I always took it for granted that there would be life after Hollywood."
- Esther Williams
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"The question now is does Obama have any hope of raising money? I don't think he'll raise it out of the New York people, I don't think he's going to raise it out the Hollywood people, so where's the money going to come from for Barack Obama?"
- Juan Williams
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"If you want to surf, move to Hawaii. If you like to shop, move to New York. If you like acting and Hollywood, move to California. But if you like college football, move to Texas."
- Ricky Williams
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"All Hollywood corrupts; and absolute Hollywood corrupts absolutely."
- Edmund Wilson
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"You can think of Hollywood as high school. TV actors are freshmen, comedy actors are maybe juniors, and dramatic actors - they're the cool seniors."
- Owen Wilson
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"Hollywood is a place where they place you under contract instead of under observation."
- Walter Winchell
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"Hollywood is where they shoot too many pictures and not enough actors."
- Walter Winchell
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"In Hollywood, all marriages are happy. It's trying to live together afterwards that causes the problems."
- Shelley Winters
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"I'm Anna May Wong. I come from old Hong Kong. But now I'm a Hollywood star."
- Anna May Wong
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"Unfortunately, all the cliches we see about Hollywood are true."
- Douglas Wood
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"Working in Hollywood can be tumultuous, with incredible highs and lows and you need to be grounded."
- Douglas Wood
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"Do you think I want to be the one lone voice against the Hollywood liberal establishment? It's not going to do me any good."
- James Woods
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"My attitude about Hollywood is that I wouldn't walk across the street to pull one of those executives out of the snow if he was bleeding to death. Not unless I was paid for it. None of them ever did me any favors."
- James Woods
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"There is a lot of strength and intelligence in Hollywood."
- Fay Wray
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"It's a miserable life in Hollywood. You're up at five or six o'clock in the morning to be ready to start shooting at nine."
- William Wyler
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"You know, it's not the people in Hollywood who go to see movies that will make a movie successful; it's the people all around the country; it's word-of-mouth."
- Pia Zadora
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"I remember just lying in the grass, staring at the clouds, wondering where they drifted off to after they floated over Texas. I never would have imagined that one day I would follow one of those clouds and find myself in Hollywood."
- Renee Zellweger
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"In Hollywood everything is so documented. If you go for a drink with somebody, it's passed around the world so quickly."
- Catherine Zeta-Jones
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"At North Hollywood High School, I was shunned by everyone. I would sit down in the cafeteria, and students would get up from the table and walk away. They thought I was from the Mafia."
- Philip Zimbardo
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"Yes. Otherwise I could have done a lot of Hollywood movies. After Crouching Tiger I got a lot of offers, but I turned them down because they were all victim roles - poor girls sold to America to be a wife or whatever. I know I have the ability to go deeper, to take on more original roles than that."
- Zhang Ziyi
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"It'd be like what would happen if Hollywood took over porno: 'If we keep their clothes on and they didn't have sex, we'd be able to sell it to a lot more people'."
- Rob Zombie
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