Quotes and Sayings about Mystery



"The union of the Word and the Mind produces that mystery which is called Life... Learn deeply of the Mind and its mystery, for therein lies the secret of immortality."
- Joseph Addison
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"Dark energy is perhaps the biggest mystery in physics."
- Steve Allen
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"The great mystery to me is how restaurant critics think they can get away with doing their job without anybody noticing who they are."
- Ted Allen
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"Yet, much of what lies beneath the ocean's surface remains a mystery, and our nation continues to rely on a confused, antiquated system of ocean governance."
- Tom Allen
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"I'm aware of the mystery around us, so I write about coincidences, premonitions, emotions, dreams, the power of nature, magic."
- Isabel Allende
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"A woman is always a mystery: one must not be fooled by her face and her hearts inspiration."
- Edmondo De Amicis
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"I have written a few children's books. The first book that I wrote was for children. It was called "The Package", and it was a mystery story in pictures. It had no words."
- Laurie Anderson
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"I have always loved horror very much. I used to write stories for DC's House of Mystery. It was one of my first jobs writing for comics, and I loved it."
- Sergio Aragones
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"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand."
- Neil Armstrong
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"I could write historical fiction, or science fiction, or a mystery but since I find it fascinating to research the clues of some little know period and develop a story based on that, I will probably continue to do it."
- Jean M. Auel
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"The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery."
- Francis Bacon
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"I do not yet know why plants come out of the land or float in streams, or creep on rocks or roll from the sea. I am entranced by the mystery of them, and absorbed by their variety and kinds. Everywhere they are visible yet everywhere occult."
- Liberty Hyde Bailey
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"The face of a lover is an unknown, precisely because it is invested with so much of oneself. It is a mystery, containing, like all mysteries, the possibility of torment."
- James A. Baldwin
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"I always feel the desire to look for the extraordinary in ordinary things; to suggest, not to impose, to leave always a slight touch of mystery in my paintings."
- Balthus
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"Suicide, moreover, was at the time in vogue in Paris: what more suitable key to the mystery of life for a skeptical society?"
- Honore De Balzac
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"As neither of these two great research scientists was able to find the solution to the mystery, it is small wonder that none of their contemporaries were able to do so either."
- Robert Barany
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"But the whole idea of the transformation... mystery, transformation, and manipulations - those were the things that Marcel was a magician at. That's his magic."
- Robert Barnes
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"I think that the ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery."
- Luis Barragan
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"Now comes the mystery."
- Henry Ward Beecher
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"I'm not a risk taker. I don't do plunging necklines or really short skirts. I try to stay as classy as possible and provide a little mystery."
- Kristen Bell
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"I'm not a risk taker. I don't do plunging necklines or really short skirts. I try to stay as classy as possible and provide a little mystery."
- Kristen Bell
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"As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to gather and grow."
- A. C. Benson
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"Twilight is about getting older and relationships - not about a murder mystery. It's about love when you reach a certain age; nothing is in primary colors."
- Robert Benton
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"The key to the mystery of a great artist is that for reasons unknown, he will give away his energies and his life just to make sure that one note follows another... and leaves us with the feeling that something is right in the world."
- Leonard Bernstein
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"But, you know, when I choose a film I need to believe in it and believe I can do something special with it, and after a while that means not trying to judge or analyze why I should do it. You have to follow this intuition thing, which is a mystery to me."
- Juliette Binoche
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"We put all these things together into a tangible product that is The Rock N' Roll Mystery Tour."
- Nina Blackwood
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"We are all, in a sense, experts on secrecy. From earliest childhood we feel its mystery and attraction. We know both the power it confers and the burden it imposes. We learn how it can delight, give breathing space and protect."
- Sissela Bok
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"No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye."
- Elizabeth Bowen
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"They've also asked me now to start on another series that we're gonna do after this Frontier Earth. But it's not science fiction, it's more in the Mystery and Crime division and that's another area I'm very interested in."
- Bruce Boxleitner
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"The gospel comprises indeed, and unfolds, the whole mystery of man's redemption, as far forth as it is necessary to be known for our salvation."
- Robert Boyle
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"We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the sermon on the mount."
- Omar N. Bradley
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"Don't look for obscure formulas or mystery in my work. It is pure joy that I offer you. Look at my sculptures until you see them. Those closest to God have seen them."
- Constantin Brancusi
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"These two are not two Love has made them one Amo Ergo Sum! And by its mystery Each is no less but more."
- Benjamin Britten
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"If there were no mystery left to explore life would get rather dull, wouldn't it?"
- Sidney Buchman
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"Religion points to that area of human experience where in one way or another man comes upon mystery as a summons to pilgrimage."
- Frederick Buechner
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"Fortunately, somewhere between chance and mystery lies imagination, the only thing that protects our freedom, despite the fact that people keep trying to reduce it or kill it off altogether."
- Luis Bunuel
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"How does my music connect to an audience? That is just a complete mystery to me."
- Carter Burwell
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"Mystery makes movie stars! If you see someone on the cover of the weeklies all the time, why would you want to pay to see them in a movie?"
- Sophia Bush
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"Where there is mystery, it is generally suspected there must also be evil."
- Lord Byron
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"Mystery is a resource, like coal or gold, and its preservation is a fine thing."
- Tim Cahill
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"Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise."
- Julia Cameron
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"I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery."
- Eric Cantona
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"I know there is much mystery, much question to what happened, and I must also say, many lies."
- Jennifer Capriati
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"Ballet is sort of a mystery to me. And I don't want to unravel that mystery."
- Robert Caro
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"With such evidence, as well as the sealed doorway between the two guardian statues of the King, the mystery gradually dawned upon us. We were but in the anterior portion of a tomb."
- Howard Carter
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"This is the great reward of service, to live, far out and on, in the life of others; this is the mystery of Christ, - to give life's best for such high sake that it shall be found again unto life eternal."
- Joshua Chamberlain
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"At least half the mystery novels published violate the law that the solution, once revealed, must seem to be inevitable."
- Raymond Chandler
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"The workings of the human heart are the profoundest mystery of the universe. One moment they make us despair of our kind, and the next we see in them the reflection of the divine image."
- Charles W. Chesnutt
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"Happiness is a mystery, like religion, and should never be rationalised."
- Gilbert K. Chesterton
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"Although the dream is a very strange phenomenon and an inexplicable mystery, far more inexplicable is the mystery and aspect our minds confer on certain objects and aspects of life."
- Giorgio de Chirico
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"Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."
- Winston Churchill
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"You are done for - a living dead man - not when you stop loving but stop hating. Hatred preserves: in it, in its chemistry, resides the mystery of life."
- Emile M. Cioran
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"It was a mystery to me, how the tuning was, or the style seemed to come out of nowhere, it obviously had roots in America going way back, there was nothing like it for me I'd ever seen before."
- Eric Clapton
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"Mystery has its own mysteries, and there are gods above gods. We have ours, they have theirs. That is what's known as infinity."
- Jean Cocteau
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"We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery."
- Paulo Coelho
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"Maybe there should be less of a mystique around making movies. I just don't think that there's any real mystery there."
- Joel Coen
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"The horrid mystery hanging over us in this house gets into my head like liquor, and makes me wild."
- Wilkie Collins
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"Mystery is not profoundness."
- Charles Caleb Colton
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"Selection of crews is always been somewhat of a mystery."
- Robert Crippen
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"The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us; and I for one must be content to remain an agnostic."
- Charles Darwin
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"Each time dawn appears, the mystery is there in its entirety."
- Rene Daumal
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"The ultimate mystery is one's own self."
- Sammy Davis, Jr.
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"It's a cosmic joke that I'm a lesbian, because I understand men so well but women are a complete mystery to me."
- Lea DeLaria
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"When you try to unravel something you've written, you belittle it in a way. It was created as a mystery."
- Don DeLillo
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"The promos with all of the beautiful women probably attracted some men, but the mystery story line is pretty cool. It's got that dark edge, and people will watch anything funny."
- James Denton
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"Man lives in a world of surmise, of mystery, of uncertainties."
- John Dewey
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"There's a mystery to writing, and you don't really know where most of it comes from."
- Neil Diamond
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"Everything I write comes from my childhood in one way or another. I am forever drawing on the sense of mystery and wonder and possibility that pervaded that time of my life."
- Kate DiCamillo
(Related: Life, Time, Possibility, Childhood, Mystery, Sense, Wonder)

"A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other."
- Charles Dickens
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"Strangers are exciting, their mystery never ends. But, there's nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends."
- Ani DiFranco
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"Maybe I will write a memoir, perhaps I'll do some essays, or maybe I will write a mystery story."
- David Herbert Donald
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"I can't tell you what that little ingredient is which makes that first person want to go on and aggressively do more, and the other person be content to not do that. It's a mystery, but it does happen."
- Sam Donaldson
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"Acting is not a mystery. There's nothing that I know that other actors don't know. We all act, we're all actors, we all know the same thing. The only thing that separates us is experience."
- Vincent D'Onofrio
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"What teens will realize is always a mystery to me. I'm still realizing so many things myself, very belatedly, that it seems unwise to think I have any right to be showing people things in hopes that they'll realize them."
- Diane Duane
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"Sex is great until you die, but it's never as great as it was when you were a kid, when it was a mystery."
- David Duchovny
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"But that's why there are so few women stars today. Pornography has taken away the mystery."
- Irene Dunne
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"Digital media has destroyed much of the magic and mystery of the medium."
- John Dyer
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"Mystery is but another name for ignorance; if we were omniscient, all would be perfectly plain!"
- Tryon Edwards
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"It is not as though the process of production holds any mystery for me, I know exactly what it involves and I know the predominant concern in shooting one of those things is production values - or as they would say, seeing it all up there on screen."
- Atom Egoyan
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"It was the experience of mystery - even if mixed with fear - that engendered religion."
- Albert Einstein
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"One may say the eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility."
- Albert Einstein
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"Life holds one great but quite commonplace mystery. Though shared by each of us and known to all, seldom rates a second thought. That mystery, which most of us take for granted and never think twice about, is time."
- Michael Ende
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"What will happen to sex after liberation? Frankly, I don't know. It is a great mystery to all of us."
- Nora Ephron
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"It is the mystery of the creative act that something other than our conscious self takes over."
- Arthur Erickson
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"Mathematicians have tried in vain to this day to discover some order in the sequence of prime numbers, and we have reason to believe that it is a mystery into which the human mind will never penetrate."
- Leonhard Euler
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"Women! I have no idea. I don't know anything about women at all. They're a complete mystery to me."
- Bryan Ferry
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"Scientific views end in awe and mystery, lost at the edge in uncertainty, but they appear to be so deep and so impressive that the theory that it is all arranged as a stage for God to watch man's struggle for good and evil seems inadequate."
- Richard P. Feynman
(Related: God, Deep, End, Evil, Man, Mystery, Struggle, Theory, Uncertainty)

"But I don't like to, tell people how old I am. I like that to be a mystery."
- Calista Flockhart
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"I don't think there's any great mystery to writing female characters, so long as you talk to them. If you lived in a monastery and never met any women, maybe it would be difficult."
- Ken Follett
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"Anybody can direct a picture once they know the fundamentals. Directing is not a mystery, it's not an art. The main thing about directing is: photograph the people's eyes."
- John Ford
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"Married life requires shared mystery even when all the facts are known."
- Richard Ford
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"George Foreman. A miracle. A mystery to myself. Who am I? The mirror says back. The George you was always meant to be. Wasn't always like that. Used to look in the mirror and cried a river."
- George Foreman
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"Every human life involves an unfathomable mystery, for man is the riddle of the universe, and the riddle of man in his endowment with personal capacities."
- Harry Emerson Fosdick
(Related: Life, Man, Mystery, Universe)

"I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it."
- Harry Emerson Fosdick
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"I have no plans for a future Jemima Shore mystery, but would write one tomorrow if a good idea came to me."
- Antonia Fraser
(Related: Idea, Future, Mystery, Tomorrow)

"There's no mystery to it. Nothing more complicated than learning lines and putting on a costume."
- Morgan Freeman
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"We also maintain - again with perfect truth - that mystery is more than half of beauty, the element of strangeness that stirs the senses through the imagination."
- Richard Le Gallienne
(Related: Imagination, Beauty, Truth, Mystery, Senses)

"It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings."
- Mohandas Gandhi
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"The mystery is what prompted men to leave caves, to come out of the womb of nature."
- Stephen Gardiner
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"That was the crossover line for us, to be able to play that many shows, sell them out real quick and have that tribe queue up outside and still be a mystery to everybody else."
- Peter Garrett
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"It would certainly be interesting to know what the CIA knew about Oswald six weeks before the assassination, but the contents of this particular message never reached the Warren Commission and remain a complete mystery."
- Jim Garrison
(Related: Assassination, Mystery)

"There can be no prestige without mystery, for familiarity breeds contempt."
- Charles de Gaulle
(Related: Contempt, Familiarity, Mystery)

"I thought I had a clear picture of death, but now I know it's a mystery and it will always be a mystery, although it is something we all have in common: everybody knows that life ends with death."
- Beth Gibbons
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"You know I was curious - I was interested in all kinds of mystery or deeper meanings in the paintings because I myself have not analyzed why they have turned out like this or like that."
- H. R. Giger
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"You know, I think that allowing somebody, one mere person to believe that he or she is like, the vessel you know, like the font and the essence and the source of all divine, creative, unknowable, eternal mystery is just a smidge too much responsibility to put on one fragile, human psyche. It's like asking somebody to swallow the sun."
- Elizabeth Gilbert
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"I spent the first twenty years of my writing career preparing for the mystery genre, which is my favorite literary form."
- Sue Grafton
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"When it began to grow dark, the Rat, with an air of excitement and mystery, summoned them back into the parlour, stood each of them up alongside of his little heap, and proceeded to dress them up for the coming expedition."
- Kenneth Grahame
(Related: Dress, Excitement, Mystery)

"I am a mystery to myself."
- Angelina Grimke
(Related: Mystery)

"Godliness, as well as the doctrine of our faith, is a mystery."
- William Gurnall
(Related: Faith, Doctrine, Mystery)

"It was 100 feet of 16 mm black-and-white film of a car coming to a stop sign, and driving off. I had to decide how to frame and light it. It was magic. There was a sense of mystery."
- Conrad Hall
(Related: Car, Driving, Feet, Film, Light, Magic, Mystery, Sense)

"Destiny is something not be to desired and not to be avoided. a mystery not contrary to reason, for it implies that the world, and the course of human history, have meaning."
- Dag Hammarskjold
(Related: History, Destiny, Meaning, Mystery, Reason, World)

"They become the keepers of the mystery. They place themselves between the communicants of the religion, and the immediate experience. And then they dictate the terms on which you can have contact with this wonderful mystery. We don't dictate those terms."
- Larry Harvey
(Related: Experience, Religion, Mystery)

"It's very important to reveal the mystery of the pyramid. Science in archaeology is very important. People all over the world are waiting to solve this mystery."
- Zahi Hawass
(Related: Science, People, Mystery, Waiting, World)

"A lot of the fun lies in trying to penetrate the mystery; and this is best done by saying over the lines to yourself again and again, till they pass through the stage of sounding like nonsense, and finally return to a full sense that had at first escaped notice."
- Anthony Hecht
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"That's what everyone said attracted them to Lantana - I call it an adult mystery, because it's not a thriller in the sense of that other way, but it is a mystery."
- Barbara Hershey
(Related: Mystery, Sense)

"I loved that it was about human relationships and then it was a mystery without falling into the trap of a thriller per se, because it pulled you in through people rather than through events or effects."
- Barbara Hershey
(Related: People, Events, Mystery, Relationships)

"What constitutes a real, live human being is more of a mystery than ever these days, and men each one of whom is a valuable, unique experiment on the part of nature are shot down wholesale."
- Hermann Hesse
(Related: Men, Nature, Being, Mystery)

"Well, really the way worked was that I had probably built fifty robots before Mystery Science Theater, and I had sold them in a store in Minneapolis in a store called Props, which was kind of a high end gift shop."
- Joel Hodgson
(Related: Science, End, Mystery, Theater)

"A lot of the shows that really become hit shows are often demonstrated, like Mystery Science Theater."
- Joel Hodgson
(Related: Science, Mystery, Theater)

"Mystery Science Theater is really a postmodern show, it's really derived of many influences."
- Joel Hodgson
(Related: Science, Mystery, Theater)

"Knowing that Gene and Morgan were playing those roles made it much easier to put the script together-we knew who we were writing it for. It took some mystery away."
- Stephen Hopkins
(Related: Mystery, Writing)

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain."
- Carl Jung
(Related: Intellect, Mystery, Will)

"I shot a lot of close-ups on this movie 'cause there's like a dual mystery, she's searching through her haunted past to find some truth and she's also following an external mystery where she comes to think she might be the killer."
- Philip Kaufman
(Related: Truth, Mystery, Past)

"Whatever hysteria exists is inflamed by mystery, suspicion and secrecy. Hard and exact facts will cool it."
- Elia Kazan
(Related: Facts, Mystery, Secrecy, Suspicion, Will)

"I think the media made Manson, turned him into some larger than life figure and surrounded him with mystery and some shady glamour."
- Maynard James Keenan
(Related: Life, Glamour, Media, Mystery)

"Emancipation of women has made them lose their mystery."
- Grace Kelly
(Related: Women, Mystery)

"When you read any great mystery, recorded in holy Writ, you are to prostrate your Reason to Divine Revelation."
- Thomas Ken
(Related: Mystery, Reason)

"I was never any good at cricket thought I love it as a, as a sort of mystery."
- Thomas Keneally
(Related: Love, Thought, Cricket, Mystery)

"Not for models. SuicideGirls is a mystery to me because I thought only women ran the site."
- Richard Kern
(Related: Women, Thought, Mystery)

"There's an air of mystery around the Masons, but the reality is that they're mostly a bunch of veterans getting drunk in a lodge that they've built to look like a temple. It's just a bunch of guys trying to get away from their wives."
- Jimmy Kimmel
(Related: Temple, Mystery, Reality, Trying, Veterans, Wives)

"I do not at all understand the mystery of grace - only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us."
- Anne Lamott
(Related: Grace, Mystery)

"Mystery is something that appeals to most everybody."
- Angela Lansbury
(Related: Mystery)

"There are still so many places on our planet that remain unexplored. I'd love to one day peel back the mystery and understand them."
- Annie Leibovitz
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"The reproduction of mankind is a great marvel and mystery. Had God consulted me in the matter, I should have advised him to continue the generation of the species by fashioning them out of clay."
- Martin Luther
(Related: God, Mankind, Mystery)

"I don't know who the hell Paul Lynde is, or why he's funny, and I prefer it to be a mystery to me."
- Paul Lynde
(Related: Funny, Hell, Mystery)

"Every branch of human knowledge, if traced up to its source and final principles, vanishes into mystery."
- Arthur Machen
(Related: Knowledge, Mystery, Principles)

"My painting is visible images which conceal nothing... they evoke mystery and indeed when one sees one of my pictures, one asks oneself this simple question 'What does that mean'? It does not mean anything, because mystery means nothing either, it is unknowable."
- Rene Magritte
(Related: Mystery, Nothing, Painting, Question)

"Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist."
- Rene Magritte
(Related: Art, Mystery, World)

"There's no great mystery to acting. It's a very simple thing to do but you have to work hard at it. It's about asking questions and using your imagination."
- Eddie Marsan
(Related: Imagination, Work, Acting, Mystery, Questions)

"When I think of art I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in the eye it is in the mind. In our minds there is awareness of perfection."
- Agnes Martin
(Related: Art, Beauty, Life, Awareness, Eye, Mind, Mystery, Perfection)

"It may interest you to know that my breakup with Terry and this mystery did not happen concurrently in real life. That is a writer's device, which places Gabriel under even greater pressure when the mystery begins to reveal itself."
- Armistead Maupin
(Related: Life, Interest, May, Mystery, Pressure, Writer)

"Savor the mystery, Stephen, we don't get enough of them."
- David McCallum
(Related: Mystery)

"The only mystery in life is why the kamikaze pilots wore helmets."
- Al McGuire
(Related: Life, Mystery)

"For tribal man space was the uncontrollable mystery. For technological man it is time that occupies the same role."
- Marshall McLuhan
(Related: Time, Man, Mystery, Space)

"I have two young children with autism. What could they have ever done to deserve that? What kind of a God allows the innocent to suffer? It's a mystery. Yet still, I believe in God."
- Fred Melamed
(Related: God, Children, Mystery)

"It is a great mystery that though the human heart longs for Truth, in which alone it finds liberation and delight, the first reaction of human beings to Truth is one of hostility and fear!"
- Anthony de Mello
(Related: Truth, Heart, Delight, First, Mystery)

"There is one knows not what sweet mystery about this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath."
- Herman Melville
(Related: Soul, Mystery, Sea)

"Let a man turn to his own childhood - no further - if he will renew his sense of remoteness, and of the mystery of change."
- Alice Meynell
(Related: Change, Childhood, Man, Mystery, Sense, Will)

"I would love to do some kind of mystery movie, or an action flick, something with that combination."
- Christina Milian
(Related: Love, Action, Mystery)

"Any genuine philosophy leads to action and from action back again to wonder, to the enduring fact of mystery."
- Henry Miller
(Related: Action, Fact, Mystery, Philosophy, Wonder)

"The legal system is often a mystery, and we, its priests, preside over rituals baffling to everyday citizens."
- Henry Miller
(Related: Legal, Mystery, Rituals)

"Until we accept the fact that life itself is founded in mystery, we shall learn nothing."
- Henry Miller
(Related: Life, Fact, Mystery, Nothing)

"No other acoustic instrument can match the piano's expressive range, and no electric instrument can match its mystery."
- Kenneth Miller
(Related: Mystery)

"He felt like the invisible boy. When he got to be part of the mystery Men he felt like he had a purpose."
- Kel Mitchell
(Related: Men, Purpose, Mystery)

"Mystery Men you can take grandma, you can take everyone to see this film."
- Kel Mitchell
(Related: Men, Film, Mystery)

"The interesting thing about Bettie Page that I discovered was to leave the mystery. She always retained a little mystery. Let there be some unknowns."
- Gretchen Mol
(Related: Mystery)

"Wisdom and deep intelligence require an honest appreciation of mystery."
- Thomas Moore
(Related: Intelligence, Wisdom, Appreciation, Deep, Mystery)

"Everything is a mystery, ourselves, and all things both simple and humble."
- Giorgio Morandi
(Related: Mystery)

"Death is an absolute mystery. We are all vulnerable to it, it's what makes life interesting and suspenseful."
- Jeanne Moreau
(Related: Death, Life, Mystery)

"The mystery of that damn virus has been generated by the $2 billion a year they spend on it."
- Kary Mullis
(Related: Mystery)

"A day spent without the sight or sound of beauty, the contemplation of mystery, or the search of truth or perfection is a poverty-stricken day; and a succession of such days is fatal to human life."
- Lewis Mumford
(Related: Life, Beauty, Truth, Contemplation, Day, Mystery, Perfection, Poverty, Sight, Sound)

"All the details of the life and the quirks and the friendships can be laid out for us, but the mystery of the writing will remain. No amount of documentation, however fascinating, can take us there."
- V. S. Naipaul
(Related: Life, Mystery, Will, Writing)

"Remember that you don't choose love; love chooses you. All you really can do is accept it for all its mystery when it comes into your life. Feel the way it fills you to overflowing then reach out and give it away."
- Kent Nerburn
(Related: Love, Life, Mystery)

"The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery."
- Anais Nin
(Related: Knowledge, Mystery, Possession, Sense, Wonder)

"What I do is create an aura of mystery."
- George Noory
(Related: Mystery)

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present."
- Babatunde Olatunji
(Related: History, Mystery, Present, Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday)

"We've always been fans of a good mystery; we think all kids are, and there weren't any good mysteries out there these days for kids, so that's why we decided to do them."
- Mary-Kate Olsen
(Related: Fans, Kids, Mystery)

"Both the man of science and the man of action live always at the edge of mystery, surrounded by it."
- J. Robert Oppenheimer
(Related: Science, Action, Man, Mystery)

"For if the mystery concealed of old is made manifest to the Apostles through the prophetic writings, and if the prophets, being wise men, understood what proceeded from their own mouths, then the prophets knew what was made manifest to the Apostles."
- Origen
(Related: Men, Being, Mystery, Old)

"The mystery of government is not how Washington works but how to make it stop."
- P. J. O'Rourke
(Related: Government, Mystery, Washington)

"In 1986 we were trying to help women get in print, stay in print, and come to the attention of booksellers and libraries. At that time, books by men mystery writers were reviewed seven times as often as books by women."
- Sara Paretsky
(Related: Men, Women, Time, Attention, Books, Help, Libraries, Mystery, Trying, Writers)

"This summer, I'll be bringing out a mystery that involves a young lawyer and a court scene the likes of which I don't think you've ever seen. Hollywood said this is James Patterson meets John Grisham."
- James Patterson
(Related: Court, Hollywood, Mystery, Summer)

"The Eucharistic mystery stands at the heart and center of the liturgy since it is the fount of life by which we are cleansed and strengthened to live not for ourselves but for God and to be united in love among ourselves."
- Pope Paul VI
(Related: Life, Love, God, Heart, Mystery, United)

"Don't become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin."
- Ivan Pavlov
(Related: Facts, Mystery)

"Mystery writers' conventions are usually good, and this one has been excellent and extremely well prepared and thought out in advance. A lot of people have given their time and their skill, and a good deal of wit, and Anchorage has made us extraordinarily welcome."
- Anne Perry
(Related: Time, Thought, People, Mystery, Skill, Wit, Writers)

"I don't think the problem is that people don't read enough mystery books, but that people don't read."
- Thomas Perry
(Related: People, Books, Mystery)

"Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve."
- Max Planck
(Related: Science, Nature, Mystery, Trying)

"The great mystery is why robots come off so well in science-fiction films when the human characters are often so astoundingly wooden."
- John Podhoretz
(Related: Science, Mystery)

"The greatest writers of this age... are aware of the mystery of our existence."
- J. B. Priestley
(Related: Age, Existence, Mystery, Writers)

"What is it like to fall asleep? What happens? Where do we go? Why don't we remember? Since childhood most of us have wondered about the mystery of sleep."
- Henry Reed
(Related: Childhood, Mystery, Sleep)

"Mystery is gone to the certainty of technological principles. So the real terror, the real aggression against life comes in the form of the pursuit of our technological happiness."
- Godfrey Reggio
(Related: Happiness, Life, Aggression, Certainty, Mystery, Principles, Pursuit, Terror)

"The ultimate aim of all science to penetrate the unknown. Do you realize we know less about the earth we live on than about the stars and the galaxies of outer space? The greatest mystery is right here, right under our feet."
- Walter Reisch
(Related: Science, Earth, Feet, Mystery, Right, Space, Stars)

"Don't you see what's at stake here? The ultimate aim of all science to penetrate the unknown. Do you realize we know less about the earth we live on than about the stars and the galaxies of outer space? The greatest mystery is right here, right under our feet."
- Walter Reisch
(Related: Science, Earth, Feet, Mystery, Right, Space, Stars)

"We spend our lives talking about this mystery. Our life."
- Jules Renard
(Related: Life, Mystery, Talking)

"It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit."
- Antoine Rivarol
(Related: Mystery, Pursuit)

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God's gift, that's why we call it the present."
- Joan Rivers
(Related: God, History, Mystery, Present, Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday)

"The first step towards vice is to shroud innocent actions in mystery, and whoever likes to conceal something sooner or later has reason to conceal it."
- Jean Jacques Rousseau
(Related: Actions, First, Mystery, Reason, Vice)

"I hear the singing of the lives of women. They clear mystery, the offering, and pride."
- Muriel Rukeyser
(Related: Women, Mystery, Pride, Singing)

"Forgive me, Spirit of my spirit, for this, that I have found it easier to read the mystery told in tears and understood Thee better in sorrow than in joy."
- George William Russell
(Related: Joy, Mystery, Sorrow, Spirit, Tears)

"Here is my theory on this one. If you write things down, if there is a mystery and you try and explain it, once you've written it down for permanent, in due time, it'll be proven stupid."
- Joey Santiago
(Related: Time, Mystery, Theory)

"Lawyers enjoy a little mystery, you know. Why, if everybody came forward and told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth straight out, we should all retire to the workhouse."
- Dorothy L. Sayers
(Related: Truth, Lawyers, Mystery, Nothing)

"The moment at which music reveals its true nature is contained in the ancient exercise of the theme with variations. The complete mystery of music is explained right there."
- Pierre Schaeffer
(Related: Music, Nature, Exercise, Mystery, Right)

"It is a mystery why any Americans would support the concept of the EU."
- Phyllis Schlafly
(Related: Americans, Mystery, Support)

"This book is pointing the way into it for people that see it as daunting or a mystery. Some people just do it, but others need help with the mindset, permission almost to listen to themselves. Understanding how things work is the key."
- Sally Schneider
(Related: Work, People, Help, Key, Mystery, Understanding)

"There is therefore a tremendous mystery in the fact that God may be united with man and the man with God."
- Michael Servetus
(Related: God, Fact, Man, May, Mystery, United)

"Time is still the great mystery to us. It is no more than a concept; we don't know if it even exists."
- Clifford D. Simak
(Related: Time, Mystery)

"The whole mystery of temptation is to have sins suggested to us, and to be swept after them by a sudden enthusiasm, which sometimes feels as strong as the Spirit of God ever made in us the enthusiasm for virtue."
- George A. Smith
(Related: God, Enthusiasm, Virtue, Mystery, Spirit, Temptation)

"To us sin has not become any less of a mystery or a pain."
- George A. Smith
(Related: Mystery, Pain, Sin)

"For those who live neither with religious consolations about death nor with a sense of death (or of anything else) as natural, death is the obscene mystery, the ultimate affront, the thing that cannot be controlled. It can only be denied."
- Susan Sontag
(Related: Death, Mystery, Religious, Sense)

"It's a great thriller or mystery, but on another level it's a film about the fact that, if you only look at a person through one lens, or only believe what you're told, you can often miss the truth that is staring you in the face."
- Kevin Spacey
(Related: Truth, Fact, Film, Mystery)

"Nobody reads a mystery to get to the middle. They read it to get to the end. If it's a letdown, they won't buy anymore. The first page sells that book. The last page sells your next book."
- Mickey Spillane
(Related: End, First, Mystery)

"Sir, you have tasted two whole worms; you have hissed all my mystery lectures and been caught fighting a liar in the quad; you will leave by the next town drain."
- W. A. Spooner
(Related: Fighting, Mystery, Will)

"The mystery of existence is the connection between our faults and our misfortunes."
- Madame de Stael
(Related: Connection, Existence, Faults, Mystery)

"Heisenberg, Max Plank and Einstein, they all agreed that science could not solve the mystery of the universe."
- Harry Dean Stanton
(Related: Science, Mystery, Universe)

"I certainly wanted to maintain some sense of mystery about Picard and that's why we never allowed certain situations to fully evolve, like the relationship between Picard and Beverly Crusher."
- Patrick Stewart
(Related: Mystery, Sense)

"I'm tired of being this solemn poet of the masses, the enigma shrouded in a mystery."
- Michael Stipe
(Related: Being, Mystery)

"There were a lot of adventure books for boys, historical novels by Kenneth Roberts, and whatever mystery novels the alarmed librarian imagined might not corrupt an eager but innocent youth."
- Peter Straub
(Related: Adventure, Books, Boys, Mystery, Youth)

"Love is an endless mystery, for it has nothing else to explain it."
- Rabindranath Tagore
(Related: Love, Mystery, Nothing)

"A religion without mystery must be a religion without God."
- Jeremy Taylor
(Related: Religion, God, Mystery)

"Acting is a sense of wonder and magic and mystery for me and when life takes me on a new journey, I simply remember the smile my first ballet recital put on my face and I move forward."
- Andrea Thompson
(Related: Life, Acting, Ballet, First, Journey, Magic, Mystery, Sense, Smile, Wonder)

"Having soon discovered to be great, I must appear so, and therefore studiously avoided mixing in society, and wrapped myself in mystery, devoting my time to fasting and prayer."
- Nat Turner
(Related: Time, Society, Mystery, Prayer)

"It seems to me that good novels celebrate the mystery in ordinary life, and summing it all up in psychological terms strips the mystery away."
- Anne Tyler
(Related: Life, Mystery)

"Community begins in mystery and ends in administration. Leaders move away from people and into paper."
- Jean Vanier
(Related: People, Community, Leaders, Mystery)

"From the wrestling of his own soul with the great enemy, comes that depth and mystery which startles us in Hamlet."
- Jones Very
(Related: Soul, Enemy, Mystery, Wrestling)

"Veiling truth in mystery."
- Virgil
(Related: Truth, Mystery)

"There is no greater mystery to me than that of light traveling through darkness."
- Alexander Volkov
(Related: Darkness, Light, Mystery, Traveling)

"Evil being the root of mystery, pain is the root of knowledge."
- Simone Weil
(Related: Knowledge, Being, Evil, Mystery, Pain)

"All genius is a conquering of chaos and mystery."
- Otto Weininger
(Related: Genius, Chaos, Mystery)

"Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery."
- Adam Weishaupt
(Related: Men, Mystery)

"It's like with a girl: it's more fun to meet and slowly, gradually learn things about each other. A little mystery is always nice and it's interesting to still learn new things about someone you are involved with."
- Larry Wilcox
(Related: Fun, Mystery)

"The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible."
- Oscar Wilde
(Related: Mystery, World)

"Some mystery should be left in the revelation of character in a play, just as a great deal of mystery is always left in the revelation of character in life, even in one's own character to himself."
- Tennessee Williams
(Related: Life, Character, Mystery, Play)

"The thing I wonder about is where does Brian's creative spark come from? Not his subjects or anything, but his spark. What makes it so great for me is that I really don't know. There's a mystery behind Brian, even to me."
- Dennis Wilson
(Related: Mystery, Wonder)

"Whether you want to call it God or the mystery of the cosmos doesn't matter to me."
- Jeanette Winterson
(Related: God, Cosmos, Mystery, Want)

"Why if I had half a chance, I could make an entire movie using this stock footage. The story opens on these mysterious explosions. Nobody knows what's causing them, but it's upsetting all the buffalo. So, the military are called in to solve the mystery."
- Ed Wood
(Related: Chance, Military, Mystery)

"I can't say too much about it because I don't know a lot. We're not told what's in store for our characters until we turn up to shoot the episode. But it's fair to say that Betty and her son bring a brand new mystery to the street and they will be around all season."
- Alfre Woodard
(Related: Son, Mystery, Will)

"A tree is an incomprehensible mystery."
- Jim Woodring
(Related: Mystery)

"As a male writer, women are always what men pursue, and their world is always a mystery. So I always tried to present as many views as possible on women's worlds."
- Gao Xingjian
(Related: Men, Women, Mystery, Present, World, Writer)

"Give me a mystery - just a plain and simple one - a mystery which is diffidence and silence, a slim little bare-foot mystery: give me a mystery - just one!"
- Yevgeny Yevtushenko
(Related: Mystery, Silence)

"There is something about poetry beyond prose logic, there is mystery in it, not to be explained but admired."
- Edward Young
(Related: Poetry, Logic, Mystery, Prose)