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"It's possible to become so comfortable with one's style and structure that one ceases to grow."
- Lynn Abbey
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"The epic poet has behind him a tradition of matter and a tradition of style; and that is what every other poet has behind him too; only, for the epic poet, tradition is rather narrower, rather more strictly compelling."
- Lascelles Abercrombie
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"In the investigation of a neurotic style of life, we must always suspect an opponent, and note who suffers most because of the patient's condition. Usually this is a member of the family."
- Alfred Adler
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"I like to think that if I were gay I would be out. Rupert Everett-style."
- Ben Affleck
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"I have invented the Thermometer style."
- Josef Albers
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"People don't have fortunes left them in that style nowadays; men have to work and women to marry for money. It's a dreadfully unjust world."
- Louisa May Alcott
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"It goes back to a style of moviemaking I remember seeing as a child, in movies like The Man With The Golden Arm, which I think was shot all on a sound stage."
- Debbie Allen
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"Her hat is a creation that will never go out of style; it will just look ridiculous year after year."
- Fred Allen
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"I thinks it really interesting how they throw the world music samples in there. I often wonder what it would be like to do something like that, but use my lyrics and my kind of style."
- Marc Almond
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"Style is not neutral; it gives moral directions."
- Martin Amis
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"Until now, I've not done a project where the produce, rapper and singer has never worked together like this before, and I had a chance to try a variety of styles."
- Namie Amuro
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"A lot of artists who have a certain style are expected to more or less keep doing their style. It's so easy to get into that rut of production."
- Laurie Anderson
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"My way of remaining French was the financing scheme I used for Quest for Fire, with Fox funds, since it started as a 100% American production. The film was not in French and yet was French in style, reflecting my personality."
- Jean-Jacques Annaud
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"I demand that my books be judged with utmost severity, by knowledgeable people who know the rules of grammar and of logic, and who will seek beneath the footsteps of my commas the lice of my thought in the head of my style."
- Louis Aragon
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"I wanted to get back to my style of 20 years ago after a long period of exploring horror and fantasy themes."
- Dario Argento
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"The difference between style and fashion is quality."
- Giorgio Armani
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"There are a lot of bands who claim to be punk and they only play the music, they have no clue what it's all about. It's a lifestyle. It's not about popularity and all that crap."
- Billie Joe Armstrong
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"Punk will never be dead to me. It's my life. I can never just drop this lifestyle. It embodies me."
- Billie Joe Armstrong
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"Punk is not just the sound, the music. Punk is a lifestyle."
- Billie Joe Armstrong
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"I don't want to limit myself musically. It would be really limiting if we'd neglect something we really want to do, like explore other styles of music."
- Billie Joe Armstrong
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"Right-wing media and politicians are looking for any opportunity to be critical of the reporters who are here. Some reporters make judgments, but that is not my style. I present both sides and report what I see with my own eyes."
- Peter Arnett
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"The arts, as a reflection of human existence at its highest, have always and spontaneously lived up to this demand of plenitude. No mature style of art in any culture has ever been simple."
- Rudolf Arnheim
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"To speak as the common people do, to think as wise men do is style."
- Roger Ascham
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"Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality."
- Shawn Ashmore
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"The higher up you go, the more mistakes you are allowed. Right at the top, if you make enough of them, it's considered to be your style."
- Fred Astaire
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"As much as I didn't want to change, lifestyles do change."
- Christopher Atkins
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"I do care about style. I do care, but I only care about style that serves the subject."
- Richard Attenborough
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"Each simian had a much different body suit, so besides trying to define class across species, there was a definite attempt to dress each group in different styles."
- Colleen Atwood
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"Real style is not having a program - it's how one behaves in a crisis."
- Frank Auerbach
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"The unity in any painter's work arises from the fact that a person, brought to a desperate situation, will behave in a certain way... style."
- Frank Auerbach
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"One man's style must not be the rule of another's."
- Jane Austen
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"They look for the top note to end every song. They don't know what they are singing about. There is no style."
- Frankie Avalon
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"People are always defining and re-defining music. My style of playing has been characterized as smooth jazz and acid jazz. I listen as I play; I'm not caught up in defining the type of music I play."
- Roy Ayers
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"Each one of us, and, indeed, all those who aspire to national leadership must bring their own visions, views and styles to the business of reforming Nigeria, and the search for solutions."
- Ibrahim Babangida
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"Yet Aristotle's excellence of substance, so far from being associated with the grand style, is associated with something that at times comes perilously near jargon."
- Irving Babbitt
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"As Erykah Badu, it has nothing to do with me, the way I look, my hair wrap, my style, it's about you and what you feel for my music. If I can make you feel like the way that people who influenced me made me feel, that's completion."
- Erykah Badu
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"There are movies that require fantasy and slightly more fantastical acting. Lines that are good for certain movies, in real life circumstances, would be absolutely unbelievable things to really say, and you would look at these people like they're freaks for conversing that way. But somehow for certain styles of movies, it works, and it seems fine."
- Christian Bale
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"Actually freestyle really comes from 'Planet Rock'. If you listen to all the freestyle records you'll hear that they are based on 'Planet Rock'. All the Miami Bass records are based upon Planet Rock."
- Afrika Bambaataa
"I was backstage in Paris and saw Cindy Crawford doing House Of Style. I thought, I would love to to be in control of my career."
- Tyra Banks
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"I can play punk rock, and I love playing punk rock, but I was into every other style of music before I played punk rock."
- Travis Barker
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"Working with my husband, I thought we would be at each other. As close as we are, our styles are so different. But it didn't happen - we were surprised."
- Julia Barr
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"Though gay lifestyles have certainly moved into the open, there's little evidence that society has become more open in its basic attitudes or that entertainers should feel cozy in emerging from the velvet underground."
- Peter Bart
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"It just seems that you were talking positively about McDonald's, that they are... attempting this healthy lifestyle, and yet when we're talking right now... it seems that you're saying they need to make more responsibility."
- Maria Bartiromo
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"Cereal eating is almost a marker for a healthy lifestyle. It sets you up for the day, so you don't overeat."
- Bruce Barton
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"Except among those whose education has been in the minimalist style, it is understood that hasty moral judgments about the past are a form of injustice."
- Jacques Barzun
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"Well, that's the secret of commerciality, a simple style and you stick with it."
- Les Baxter
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"Taste is more to do with manners than appearances. Taste is both myth and reality; it is not a style."
- Stephen Bayley
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"We appropriately compared the lifestyle to that of drug addiction and alcoholism - lifestyles that one would be encouraged to seek help to leave - never encouraged to stay in."
- Stephen Bennett
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"Our institute's agenda is relatively simple. We study the relationship between social-economic change and culture. By culture we mean beliefs, values and lifestyles. We cover a broad range of issues, and we work very internationally."
- Peter L. Berger
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"I didn't know a damn thing about style."
- Michael Bergin
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"Today's smartest advertising style is tomorrow's corn."
- William Bernbach
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"I went through a big Alice Cooper phase, which was probably a major influence on my writing style later, especially after Plastic Surgery Disasters."
- Jello Biafra
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"It was a wild time - a time that I don't miss anymore. But then again, I'm 62 years old now and I think that lifestyle would probably put me where Frank's at now."
- Jimmy Carl Black
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"If you didn't know that I am an actress, I don't think you could tell from my lifestyle. I cook and cook and cook. I like to be with my daughter. She's 16, so of course I bore her."
- Karen Black
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"When I started writing it was kind of hard getting people to do my stuff. They' say they couldn't do my style."
- Otis Blackwell
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"We only live once, but once is enough if we do it right. Live your life with class, dignity, and style so that an exclamation, rather than a question mark signifies it!"
- Gary Ryan Blair
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"The great standard of literature as to purity and exactness of style is the Bible."
- Hugh Blair
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"Style is primarily a matter of instinct."
- Bill Blass
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"Sometimes the eye gets so accustomed that if you don't have a change, you're bored. It's the same with fashion, you know. And that, I suppose, is what style is about."
- Bill Blass
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"I think the work that they do and the style of 3D graphics is absolutely fabulous and I think it's a great brush to use for some stories. And there are other brushes that I think are exclusive to a different kind of story."
- Don Bluth
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"It's like Willie Nelson. You're an artist and you have different styles inside of you."
- Suzy Bogguss
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"It is quite true - in fact, obvious on the surface - that the vast majority of dramatic shows and comedies, as well, advocate a liberal and humanistic and relativistic lifestyle and concept."
- Pat Boone
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"Nineties style isn't."
- David Borenstein
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"So, my style has hopefully changed over the years and it is more relaxed, and I do tend to smile and have more than one expression these days hopefully - which I didn't at the beginning."
- Jo Brand
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"Over the years I attempted to make my style a bit more relaxed 'cause the initial style you couldn't watch for more than ten minutes without wanting to kill me."
- Jo Brand
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"I don't really consider myself to be an actor of any particular style. My aim with every role I undertake is to be truthful and honest in that particular portrayal. I don't have a particular methodology from any one school of thought or training."
- Benjamin Bratt
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"Peter, of the three of us, was our prince. He seemed so timeless. He had such elan and style."
- Tom Brokaw
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"I love sneakers on a girl. I don't know why, but I guess it's because I'm still a young. I really like just like a girl who has style - a girl who does her own thing, is unique in what she's wearing and works what she's got."
- Chris Brown
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"My wife and I came to Canada for the 1994 Commonwealth Games and we really liked the B.C. lifestyle and environment. The following year we applied to become permanent residents. We moved here in 1996 after the Atlanta Olympics."
- Jonathan Brown
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"Well, jazz is to me, a complete lifestyle. It's bigger than a word. It's a much bigger force than just something that you can say. It's something that you have to feel. It's something that you have to live."
- Ray Brown
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"Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance."
- Sam Brown
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"This amateurism however, can sometimes be helpful in forging a style; you have to work around your weaknesses."
- Bill Bruford
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"I saw it as a challenge to play with Pat and we put hours and hours into it, usually on the bus. The trick was to find something that we both wanted to play within our different styles which would add up to being greater than the sum of its parts."
- Bill Bruford
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"Such lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, little physical activity and low dietary calcium intake are risk factors for osteoporosis as well as for many other non-communicable diseases."
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
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"Color harmony was thrown out years ago, as restrictive chains were broken forming my free style."
- Frank Bruno
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"No matter how subtle the wizard, a knife between the shoulder blades will cramp his style."
- Steven Brust
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"All of my style came from listening to records."
- Lindsey Buckingham
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"Joan of Arc had style. Jesus had style."
- Charles Bukowski
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"To do a dull thing with style-now that's what I call art."
- Charles Bukowski
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"When a documentary filmmaker, working in the style that I do, suggests that there has been a shooting ratio of 40 hours to every one hour of finished film, that doesn't mean that the other 39 are bad."
- Ken Burns
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"I treat the photograph as a work of great complexity in which you can find drama. Add to that a careful composition of landscapes, live photography, the right music and interviews with people, and it becomes a style."
- Ken Burns
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"Hemingway was a prisoner of his style. No one can talk like the characters in Hemingway except the characters in Hemingway. His style in the wildest sense finally killed him."
- William Burroughs
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"We have the opportunity to provide the first FDA reviewed and approved over-the-counter option that can help people lose weight and make changes to their lifestyle and diet."
- Steve Burton
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"I never knew a writer yet who took the smallest pains with his style and was at the same time readable."
- Samuel Butler
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"Punk was defined by an attitude rather than a musical style."
- David Byrne
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"As the director of an opera, it is my responsibility to unify the style of the particular performance, but one can certainly approach the piece from different points of view. That's what makes it interesting and keeps it alive."
- Sarah Caldwell
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"A lot of times, when a band finds success with a certain style or sound, they have a really hard time breaking away from that to grow as artists."
- Matt Cameron
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"They've got this house style which is writer driven. I heard of one person who sent his script in, and Karen Berger said there weren't enough words in it. Put some more in."
- Eddie Campbell
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"I grew up in a military family, and there's something about that military-style uniform, all cleaned up, a brutal control effort the military necessarily breeds."
- Max Cannon
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"But you know the second month I was here I put out a healthy lifestyles directive. The pundits will say it was because we were sued. Well that's what they say. It was never about that."
- Jim Cantalupo
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"I think we'll still be a family restaurant, we'll be contemporary, we'll be lifestyle, we won't be old, we won't be 60 years old in the view of the consumer."
- Jim Cantalupo
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"I do not think I reinvent myself. Wearing my hair differently or changing my style of dress is playing dress-up. I don't take it too seriously."
- Mariah Carey
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"But at the same time, I think we recognize we can't impose democracy from without, particularly American-style democracy. We need to work with those elements in the region that are moving towards a reformed process and there are a number of them."
- Frank Carlucci
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"You know, I live a monastic lifestyle. No, I do. I do live in extremes, basically. I go back and forth. Once every six months, I'll have a day where I eat more chocolate than has ever been consumed by a human being."
- Jim Carrey
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"That was one of the big problems when I was at Harvard studying music. We had to write choral pieces in the style of Brahms or Mendelssohn, which was distressing because in the end you realized how good Brahms is, and how bad you are."
- Elliott Carter
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"Fashion fades, only style remains the same."
- Coco Chanel
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"After working as a journalist I went to a writing program at Johns Hopkins. It was interesting because it was neither journalistic nor historical, but it emphasized writing style, and afterwards I was asked to write my first book."
- Iris Chang
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"Country music is just country. It's going to shift around a little bit, doing some different instrumentations, different production styles. But it will always come back to what you heard at the Opry. Nobody wants it to change."
- Steven Curtis Chapman
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"I spent a few years here in Memphis, in the late '70s and early '80s, where I was studying a lot of country blues players and their styles. So it seems like every record I'll do, I will appropriate these blues styles that I remember."
- Alex Chilton
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"Adopting a new healthier lifestyle can involve changing diet to include more fresh fruit and vegetables as well as increasing levels of exercise."
- Linford Christie
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"Working with my new coach has helped a lot. I've been a lot more focused and I'm doing all the little things in order to get faster. It's been a total lifestyle change really."
- Tyler Christopher
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"There are no two countries with the same style of economic mechanism, with the same capitalism."
- Anatoly Chubais
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"I suppose I sometimes used to act like I wasn't a human being... Sometimes I look back at myself and remember things I used to say, or my hairstyle, and I cringe."
- Madonna Ciccone
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"It was a mystery to me, how the tuning was, or the style seemed to come out of nowhere, it obviously had roots in America going way back, there was nothing like it for me I'd ever seen before."
- Eric Clapton
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"If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle."
- Hillary Clinton
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"My style has been pretty much like a newspaper. It's got politics in it, it's got media, sports, family relations, you know, all the sections you would expect, and wonderful religion things."
- Kate Clinton
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"It's all a matter of hearing what I like and seeing if I can make it fit into my style."
- Joe Cocker
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"Style is a simple way of saying complicated things."
- Jean Cocteau
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"I see no marks of Wordsworths style of writing or style of thinking in my own work, yet Wordsworth is a constant presence when I write about human beings and their relations to the natural world."
- J. M. Coetzee
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"I want to be the first lady to land a quadruple jump in competition. As I grow older, I know that my skating style will develop and mature."
- Sasha Cohen
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"Follow your dreams, work hard, practice and persevere. Make sure you eat a variety of foods, get plenty of exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle."
- Sasha Cohen
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"Men cannot make Scripture conform to their lifestyle; they must make their lifestyle conform to Scripture."
- Edwin Louis Cole
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"Intense study of the Bible will keep any writer from being vulgar, in point of style."
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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"Do not copy my style! The first rule of writing is write about what you know, not what you think you know. So, think about what you've done in your life and write about that."
- Jackie Collins
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"The only time I would like to see was the 20s and 30s in America because I love the music and the style and the optimism, I wanted to see New York being built. I wanted to see all that, you know."
- Billy Connolly
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"Even the once simple home mortgage now has so many flavors and styles and variations that it is difficult for people to make a decision."
- Scott Cook
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"To understand a literary style, consider what it omits."
- Mason Cooley
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"What I think of as style - and I've gotten to this over years of really thinking about it - is that style is the unconscious choices I make."
- John Corigliano
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"We stand our best chance of leaving a legacy to those who want to learn, our children, by standing firm. In matters of style, hey, swing with the stream. But in matters of principle, you need to stand like a rock."
- Kevin Costner
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"Because there is actually something very interesting in Goodfellas, how the style of the film changes as time goes by and based on the mental state of the protagonist."
- Alex Cox
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"There are tons of people who are late to trends by nature and adopt a trend after it's no longer in fashion. They exist in mutual funds. They exist in clothes. They exist in cars. They exist in lifestyles."
- Jim Cramer
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"We wanted to create an environment where if a game player enjoyed the "writing style" of a particular game designer, he or she could look for the next game by that same author and not be disappointed."
- David Crane
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"It's no good running a pig farm badly for 30 years while saying, 'Really, I was meant to be a ballet dancer.' By then, pigs will be your style."
- Quentin Crisp
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"If at first you don't succeed, failure may be your style."
- Quentin Crisp
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"For example I don't work with William Hurt the same way that I will work with Viggo. They're different guys and they work in different ways. So a good sensitive director has his general style and technique and personality that he uses but you don't impose that on the actors."
- David Cronenberg
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"I am certain that most composers today would consider today's music to be rich, not to say confusing, in its enormous diversity of styles, technical procedures, and systems of esthetics."
- George Crumb
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"I thought, you know the food and the diet thing is one way to start yourself onto a healthy lifestyle, but if you don't move, if you don't start exercising you're gonna deteriorate."
- Warren Cuccurullo
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"I love the fashion world. I love clothes. I love style."
- Kaley Cuoco
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"Since Elizabeth, I certainly live a healthier lifestyle."
- Evan Dando
"Ignorance is never out of style. It was in fashion yesterday, it is the rage today and it will set the pace tomorrow."
- Frank Dane
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"Now that digital lifestyle devices, tablets, wireless phones, and other Internet appliances are beginning to come of age, we need to worry about presenting our content to these devices so that it is optimized for their display capabilities."
- Mike Davidson
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"For me, music and life are all about style."
- Miles Davis
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"But I've always been accused of being a bit tight with money, so it hasn't particularly changed my lifestyle."
- John Deacon
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"Trying to write books with a subject matter or in a genre or style you're not familiar with is the best way to find the Big Block looming."
- Jeffery Deaver
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"Sometimes I'd hear things on other people's records and I say I wanted it on my records, but Leslie Kong said, no, it wasn't right and that it wasn't my style."
- Desmond Dekker
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"Californians invented the concept of life-style. This alone warrants their doom."
- Don DeLillo
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"I think the clothes in Belle de Jour are very important to the style of the film. Even today, it is still timeless."
- Catherine Deneuve
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"It would be great to make a movie that had the style of a great '30's film."
- Laura Dern
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"My style of writing is to allow the story to unfold on its own. I try not to structure my work too rigidly."
- Anita Desai
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"Growing up, I was the plain one. I had no style. I was the tough kid with the comb in the back pocket and the feathered hair."
- Cameron Diaz
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"There are only two styles of portrait painting; the serious and the smirk."
- Charles Dickens
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"If I'm gonna go down I'm gonna do it with style. You won't hear me surrender, you won't hear me confess cause you've left me with nothing but I have worked with less."
- Ani DiFranco
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"A man may speak very well in the House of Commons, and fail very completely in the House of Lords. There are two distinct styles requisite: I intend, in the course of my career, if I have time, to give a specimen of both."
- Benjamin Disraeli
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"It's your body and you're going to have a much better life, you are going to have a quality life, better lifestyle, you're going to be healthier, you're going to be happier, you're going to enjoy the people around you and they're going to enjoy you more."
- Mike Ditka
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"Men with style are great because they have a sense of self."
- Lexa Doig
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"Young writers should definitely research the current sounds and styles."
- Lamont Dozier
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"You just sort of let them go for a while, but it was time to have something done to my teeth. I'm glad. It's going to be good. Tom Cruise has braces now, too. I'm right in style."
- Faye Dunaway
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"I love being a musician. I love the lifestyle. But I think it's probably as difficult and frustrating as anything."
- Trevor Dunn
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"I mean, I would hope that I have a style or personality that is evident wherever I go."
- Trevor Dunn
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"I appreciate what others have done in the past especially for my genre, and my style of singing. And they sure put a footprint - you know, they got the foot in the door, but I'm going to put my foot straight through the door."
- James Durbin
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"The lifestyle that an artist can have, the freedom to wander in the landscape with no real pressure or deadlines, was a very attractive one."
- John Dyer
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"Robert Benchley has a style that is weak and lies down frequently to rest."
- Max Eastman
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"Style is the perfection of a point of view."
- Richard Eberhart
(Related: Perfection, Style)

"When I was in top 40 bands, I always had to learn new material and new styles."
- Kenneth Edmonds
"Styles, like everything else, change. Style doesn't."
- Linda Ellerbee
(Related: Change, Style)

"When you turn on your radio, you don't always want to hear about someone shootin' some person. Even if that's the lifestyle they live, people don't always want to hear it."
- Missy Elliot
(Related: People, Want)

"If one takes all the styles in jazz harmonically from the earliest beginnings to the latest experiments, he still has a rather limited scope when compared to the rest of music in the world."
- Don Ellis
(Related: Music, Beginnings, Jazz, Rest, World)

"Eclecticism is the word. Like a jazz musician who creates his own style out of the styles around him, I play by ear."
- Ralph Ellison
(Related: Jazz, Play, Style, Word)

"The decisive moment in the defeat of upper class, capital-S, Society may have come when, in newspapers all over the nation, what used to be call the Society page was replaced by the Style section."
- Joseph Epstein
(Related: Society, Class, Defeat, May, Nation, Newspapers, Style)

"The purpose cannot be creating self-styled democracies, but rather encouraging steps that are conducive to establishing democratic rule at universal standards. Obviously, this would be a formidable journey."
- Recep Tayyip Erdogan
(Related: Encouraging, Purpose, Journey, Self)

"We will see a breakdown of the family and family values if we decide to approve same-sex marriage, and if we decide to establish homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle with all the benefits that go with equating it with the heterosexual lifestyle."
- Jerry Falwell
(Related: Family, Marriage, Values, Benefits, Homosexuality, Will)

"When I left Barcelona, staying in Spain was an important factor in my decision to join Madrid. I did not have to change country or learn a new language, adopt a different sort of lifestyle, and so on."
- Luis Figo
(Related: Change, Decision, Country, Language, Spain)

"What will we do in a globalised world? All human beings are equal, so they have the same right to have the same lifestyle-the same social security, jobs, education."
- Joschka Fischer
(Related: Education, Jobs, Right, Security, Will, World)

"Actually I like the idea of being a Renaissance hack. If tombstones were still in style, I would want to have the two words chiseled right under my name."
- Dennis Flanagan
(Related: Idea, Being, Name, Right, Style, Want, Words)

"But I had two very special people who helped to take my style to the next level. Thank God for my first MC Cowboy and my first student Grand Wizard Theodore, and to go out after creating this art form and finding everyone jamming to it - that too was pretty scary."
- Grandmaster Flash
(Related: Art, God, People, First, Pretty, Style)

"Style is as much under the words as in the words. It is as much the soul as it is the flesh of a work."
- Gustave Flaubert
(Related: Work, Soul, Style, Words)

"One never tires of what is well written, style is life! It is the very blood of thought!"
- Gustave Flaubert
(Related: Blood, Style)

"There are neither good nor bad subjects. From the point of view of pure Art, you could almost establish it as an axiom that the subject is irrelevant, style itself being an absolute manner of seeing things."
- Gustave Flaubert
(Related: Art, Being, Style)

"One arrives at style only with atrocious effort, with fanatical and devoted stubbornness."
- Gustave Flaubert
(Related: Effort, Style)

"A feel-good style can be a symptom of unawareness or lack of caring."
- Fernando Flores
(Related: Caring, Style)

"When I made Blue Moon Swamp, there was a lot of trial and error; I was trying to find people who would be simpatico with my style, and with what I had in mind for the album."
- John Fogerty
(Related: People, Error, Mind, Moon, Style, Trying)

"There are some guys you have problems beating because of their style - I always had difficulties with guys like Michael Chang and Andre Agassi because their returns were so good and they played so well in defence."
- Guy Forget
(Related: Difficulties, Problems, Style)

"I adapted an antiquated style and modernized it to something that was efficient. I didn't know anyone else in the world would be able to use it and I never imagined it would revolutionize the event."
- Dick Fosbury
(Related: Style, World)

"As you can probably tell, I like films and directors that bring a totally unique style to filming action."
- John Foster
(Related: Action, Style)

"When you work with a legend as I do, it's wonderful. There's so many things I've learned working with Keith. He's so patient, not only with me, but with everyone in our crew and with the audience and with the game. He has a style that is so easy and will never be copied."
- Dan Fouts
(Related: Work, Style, Will)

"I'm forever learning and that's why I'm always able to create new styles and new dimensions of hip-hop."
- Doug E. Fresh
(Related: Learning)

"Our lifestyle, our wildlife, our land and our water remain critical to our definition of Wyoming and to our economic future."
- Dave Freudenthal
(Related: Future, Land, Water, Wildlife)

"Style is something that's extremely important, but it must grow naturally out of who and what you are and what the material calls for. It cannot be superimposed."
- William Friedkin
(Related: Style)

"Style is that which indicates how the writer takes himself and what he is saying. It is the mind skating circles around itself as it moves forward."
- Robert Frost
(Related: Mind, Saying, Style, Writer)

"In music you have people exposing this very vulnerable part of themselves, and you also have the lifestyle is so fast that oftentimes people search for whatever the easiest way to feel relaxed in the midst of all of it, or the easiest way to have energy."
- John Frusciante
(Related: Music, People, Energy)

"I think my view is that whenever you project into the future you're never likely to be accurate in the details, or the paraphernalia and style."
- Stephen Fry
(Related: Future, Project, Style)

"Movement should be a counter, whether in action scenes or dialogue or whatever. It counters where your eye is going. This style thing, for me it's all fitted to the action, to the script, to the characters."
- Samuel Fuller
(Related: Action, Eye, Style)

"I think it is the weak and the young and the minorities that you need to look after to get a healthy creative environment - to get a lot of choices, a lot of different styles of music, a lot experimental stuff that everyone else feeds off."
- Peter Gabriel
(Related: Music, Choices, Environment)

"The American order reveals a method that was largely the outcome of material necessity, as exemplified by the Colonial style and the grid."
- Stephen Gardiner
(Related: American, Necessity, Order, Style)

"It is hardly surprising that the Georgian domestic style emerges as the most remarkable in the world."
- Stephen Gardiner
(Related: Remarkable, Style, World)

"Leaders come in many forms, with many styles and diverse qualities. There are quiet leaders and leaders one can hear in the next county. Some find strength in eloquence, some in judgment, some in courage."
- John W. Gardner
(Related: Courage, Strength, Eloquence, Judgment, Leaders, Quiet)

"I don't have the notion that everybody has to write in some single academic style."
- Clifford Geertz
(Related: Style)

"I don't smoke, don't drink much, and go to the gym five times a week. I live a healthy lifestyle and feel great. I can run a marathon, you know."
- Sarah Michelle Gellar
(Related: Marathon)

"I knew style and content went hand in hand."
- Boy George
(Related: Content, Style)

"It's true that I tend to daydream. I'm the same person in business as I am in music: I can be distracted and absentminded. It's my style."
- Gordon Getty
(Related: Business, Style)

"The Bee Gees were always heavily influenced by black music. As a songwriter, it's never been difficult to pick up on the changing styles of music out there, and soul has always been my favourite genre."
- Robin Gibb
(Related: Music, Soul)

"The style of an author should be the image of his mind, but the choice and command of language is the fruit of exercise."
- Edward Gibbon
(Related: Choice, Exercise, Language, Mind, Style)

"Style is the image of character."
- Edward Gibbon
(Related: Character, Style)

"Your English style will no doubt put all the other gentlemen to bed. I speak figuratively, of course."
- John Gielgud
(Related: Bed, Doubt, English, Gentlemen, Style, Will)

"Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself."
- Hubert de Givenchy
(Related: Hair, Style, Woman)

"To me style is just the outside of content, and content the inside of style, like the outside and the inside of the human body. Both go together, they can't be separated."
- Jean-Luc Godard
(Related: Body, Content, Style)

"However, it may occur that we will find ourselves using a variety of fuel sources to give us the energy we need support our lifestyles and boost our economy."
- Virgil Goode
(Related: Economy, Energy, May, Support, Variety, Will)

"Coming to understand a painting or a symphony in an unfamiliar style, to recognize the work of an artist or school, to see or hear in new ways, is as cognitive an achievement as learning to read or write or add."
- Nelson Goodman
(Related: Work, Achievement, Artist, Learning, Painting, School, Style)

"I don't know any other lifestyle. I get up in the morning and I really do feel that the world is my oyster, and I start that way, the same as I would if I were preparing to write a song: put a blank piece of paper up on the piano and you go for it."
- Lesley Gore
(Related: World)

"A contemporary artist can use the findings of all epochs and all styles, from the most primitive literary expressions up to the most refined products of the baroque."
- Juan Goytisolo
(Related: Artist, Literary)

"I definitely wanted to be an actor. I didn't want to be on TV, I didn't want to be famous, I didn't want to be anyone in particular; I just wanted to do it. I see young people now who look at magazines, or American Idol and their goal is to have that lifestyle - to have good handbags, or go out with cute guys from shows, or whatever. But I definitely wanted to be an actor."
- Lauren Graham
(Related: People, Goal, Actor, American, Cute, Famous, Now, Want)

"Without getting real personal, we liked our bass player Ed. He was a great guy and he was a good bass player but his playing was suited for a different style of band."
- Lou Gramm
(Related: Style)

"It was really terrific but Foreigner was nothing like Yes and that style did not suit our music."
- Lou Gramm
(Related: Music, Nothing, Style)

"If I have a style, I am not aware of it."
- Michael Graves
(Related: Style)

"I have no requirements for a style of architecture."
- Michael Graves
(Related: Architecture, Style)

"I could have closed down bits of British Home Stores to make more money but it's not my style. I want to make my money as a retailer, not by putting people out of work."
- Philip Green
(Related: Home, Money, Work, People, Style, Want)

"I hate it, it is tedious... when I write for my act, it is very improvisational, I write bullet points, I cannot sit in front of a computer; that is not my style."
- Kathy Griffin
(Related: Act, Computer, Hate, Style)

"A full, rich drawing style is a drawback."
- Bill Griffith
(Related: Style)

"But now with technology I could sit down and do a bunch of character drawings and scan them into a computer, and the computer using my exact style could bring it into life, where it would have been edited by various human beings before."
- Bill Griffith
(Related: Technology, Life, Character, Computer, Now, Style)

"We're starting to push the envelope in terms of the expectations, and you can also have your own style, personality and sense of humor, because now we're allowed to."
- Lisa Guerrero
(Related: Humor, Expectations, Now, Personality, Sense, Style)

"I don't know if there is any one secret to successful writing, but one important step is to move beyond imitation and discover what you can write that no one else can - that is, find out who you are and write that in an appropriate narrative and style."
- James Gunn
(Related: Successful, Imitation, Style, Writing)

"Why did they keep changing guitars and amplifiers when they were perfect? They did the same things with cars, if you ask me. They forgot how to make them right, because they focused on style and bells and whistles."
- Buddy Guy
(Related: Bells, Right, Style)

"Instead of the international police action we had hoped for during the war in Kosovo, there are wars again - conducted with state-of-the-art technology, but still in the old style."
- Jurgen Habermas
(Related: War, Technology, Action, Old, Police, State, Style)

"It's hard to say this about a guy like Eddie Van Halen, one of the greatest guitar players who ever lived, but he's really limited to a style and they're locked into it."
- Sammy Hagar
(Related: Guitar, Style)

"I always try to preserve my cinematographic style, even while I work in the US. I wish to always be European."
- Lasse Hallstrom
(Related: Work, Style)

"My writing style is very sensual, as in sensory detail."
- Laurell K. Hamilton
(Related: Detail, Style, Writing)

"It's not the style that motivates me, as much as an attitude of openness that I have when I go into a project."
- Herbie Hancock
(Related: Attitude, Project, Style)

"I've been using the same editor, thankfully, she's been sticking with me, but I've been doing it full-on guerilla style... I haven't gotten any public sponsor or anything, because I don't want to seem like I'm trying to sell any particular thing."
- Daryl Hannah
(Related: Public, Style, Trying, Want)

"I'd like to provide information, inspiration, and access to whatever goods and services are needed to make it super easy for everyone to change their lifestyle to a sustainable one."
- Daryl Hannah
(Related: Change, Inspiration, Information)

"You don't learn style from watching people on a runway. Fashion happens every morning when you wake up."
- Shalom Harlow
(Related: People, Fashion, Style)

"As long as the songs are strong, I think you can express yourself in any style and have it be soulful and have it be your own voice."
- Ben Harper
(Related: Songs, Style, Voice)

"I think it's a Blondie tradition that all of our albums sort of have a wide spread of styles."
- Debbie Harry
(Related: Tradition)

"I'm Owen Hart and I have my own identity and my own style."
- Owen Hart
(Related: Identity, Style)

"I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport."
- Tony Hawk
(Related: Art)

"I think an old style of addressing environmental problems is ebbing, but the rise of the so-called conservative, political movement in this country is not a trend towards the future but a reaction to this very broad shift that we are undergoing."
- Paul Hawken
(Related: Environmental, Conservative, Country, Future, Old, Problems, Style)

"I honestly can't characterize my style in words. It seems that whatever comes to me naturally, I play."
- Coleman Hawkins
(Related: Play, Style, Words)

"I understand them. I understand where they came from, what their lifestyle was there. But my parents didn't push us to be like them. They said do whatever you think right, but remember the important things in life."
- Ofra Haza
(Related: Life, Parents, Right)

"I progressed through so many different styles of music through my teen years, both as a player and a vocalist, particularly the jazz and pop of the early 20th Century."
- Jeff Healey
(Related: Music, Teen, Jazz, Years)

"Switzerland is a small, steep country, much more up and down than sideways, and is all stuck over with large brown hotels built on the cuckoo clock style of architecture."
- Ernest Hemingway
(Related: Architecture, Country, Style)

"I totally changed my life, changed my lifestyle."
- Marilu Henner
(Related: Life)

"I have never learned to read or write music so I am not a virtuoso musician like the others you mentioned. I am completely unable to play like them because I never learned classical music, I just developed my own crazy style!"
- Ken Hensley
(Related: Music, Play)

"No, there's not much competition between puppeteers in general because everybody's working their own style."
- Jim Henson
(Related: Competition, Style)

"Yeah, we pretty much had a form and a shape by that time - a style - and I think one of the advantages of not having any relationship to any other puppeteer was that it gave me a reason to put those together myself for the needs of television."
- Jim Henson
(Related: Time, Needs, Pretty, Reason, Style, Television)

"My style is to keep folks in place who are good managers and want to win."
- Tom Hicks
(Related: Managers, Style, Want)

"A little bit of this, a little bit of that. I never had any specific style."
- Al Hirt
(Related: Style)

"Self-plagiarism is style."
- Alfred Hitchcock
(Related: Self, Style)

"Practically everything from hairstyles to lifestyles is endorsed as some sort of drug to be taken Now for Instant Relief."
- Benjamin Hoff
(Related: Now)

"However, lifestyle intervention requires discipline with a tangible end result that is within reach. It requires personal resolve, a lifelong commitment."
- Tim Holden
(Related: Discipline, Commitment, End, Result)

"Style is the most valuable asset of the modern artist. That's probably why so many styles are reported lost or stolen each year."
- Brad Holland
(Related: Artist, Style)

"The whole point in developing your own style is to find your own voice."
- Dave Holland
(Related: Style, Voice)

"I'm trying to eliminate every vestige of my own personality, style, approach and get into somebody else's skin. Sometimes I feel I've accomplished it. But when I don't, I'm nobody at all, having left myself at home."
- Judy Holliday
(Related: Home, Personality, Skin, Style, Trying)

"American-style iced tea is the perfect drink for a hot, sunny day. It's never really caught on in the UK, probably because the last time we had a hot, sunny day was back in 1957."
- Tom Holt
(Related: Time, American, Day, Tea)

"My style is all to myself."
- John Lee Hooker
(Related: Style)

"Americans can pretty much sing anything, whereas foreign singers are often limited in style, language, even composer."
- Marilyn Horne
(Related: Americans, Language, Pretty, Style)

"When I got started in New York, it wasn't like it is now. If you were different from Miles and Dizzy, it was very difficult to make gigs and make money with your own style."
- Freddie Hubbard
(Related: Money, Now, Style)

"I love funky styles. Not preppy or rock, just funky!"
- Vanessa Hudgens
(Related: Love)

"Style is the substance of the subject called unceasingly to the surface."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: Style)

"Concision in style, precision in thought, decision in life."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: Life, Thought, Decision, Style)

"I think the biggest thing for me is being able to adjust to the way the game has changed. It's basically a 180-degree turn from the style I like to play. That's what I think I'm most proud of, being able to fit into this style of game and still be fairly successful."
- Brett Hull
(Related: Successful, Being, Play, Style)

"I was a little bit wary of playing Nicholas. In the script, which I think is true of the novel and the film, he's the only character not singing and dancing in a musical style. Playing someone who is the personification of good is a little difficult."
- Charlie Hunnam
(Related: Character, Dancing, Film, Singing, Style)

"Yeah, it's more like playing what you think is appropriate for the moment. It's not about trying to force any particular style within the parameters - and the parameters we play in are pretty large!"
- Charlie Hunter
(Related: Force, Play, Pretty, Style, Trying)

"It's a matter of style. The Evan Hunter style and the Ed McBain style are very, very different."
- Evan Hunter
(Related: Style)

"I developed my style by pickin' a lot of cotton, plowin' that ole mule every day. I just got the rhythm, and any rhythm I need I know where it is; I know where to find it."
- John Hunter
(Related: Day, Style)

"You can be stern and forthright, and that's my management style, but when you lose it totally, that's a sign of weakness."
- Jon Huntsman, Jr.
(Related: Management, Style, Weakness)

"I look at Jagger and the like and if I see a good attitude I'll admire it but I wouldn't copy their style."
- Michael Hutchence
(Related: Attitude, Style)

"I don't have any style."
- Guillermo Cabrera Infante
(Related: Style)

"I am against the notion of style in itself."
- Guillermo Cabrera Infante
(Related: Style)

"I'm sorry if the following sounds combative and excessively personal, but that's my general style."
- Ian Jackson
(Related: Style)

"You get used to working with one choreographer. You kind of get stuck in that vein and you work your way out of it, picking up someone else's style, their flavor. It takes a bit of time."
- Janet Jackson
(Related: Time, Work, Style)

"Among those best known, their highest ambition is to build American homes, possess American furniture, dress in American clothes, adopt the American style of living and be American citizens."
- Sheldon Jackson
(Related: Ambition, American, Clothes, Dress, Living, Style)

"I had to think long and hard about what it would imply, what it would mean. Would it mean any alterations of one's lifestyle? Or, more than that, the way that people regarded you? The way they reacted to you if you had a Sir in front of your name?"
- Derek Jacobi
(Related: People, Name)

"And shooting things in a documentary style was a good way to create tension and energy without money."
- Michael Patrick Jann
(Related: Money, Energy, Style, Tension)

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."
- Thomas Jefferson
(Related: Style)

"I mean, Tool has a style, but we try to make all our songs sound different from each other."
- Adam Jones
(Related: Songs, Sound, Style)

"I definitely do like change. I don't know if my hairstyles reflect that, but I don't like the same old thing all the time."
- Cobi Jones
(Related: Time, Change, Old)

"I don't know if my hairstyles reflect that, but I am someone who enjoys change."
- Cobi Jones
(Related: Change)

"I write lustily and humorously. It isn't calculated; it's the way I think. I've invented a writing style that expresses who I am."
- Erica Jong
(Related: Style, Writing)

"When I was working on Eye of the Beholder, I played a character who is so aloof that my whole lifestyle became very aloof. If someone knocked on my door, there was a part of me that went into a rage, because I wanted to be isolated and alone."
- Ashley Judd
(Related: Character, Eye)

"I went whole hog at the actor's lifestyle - really embraced it. I had by then known how much I loved acting already, because I discovered acting from a teacher in the seminary - that's the first place I ever did it, in the seminary."
- Peter Jurasik
(Related: Acting, Actor, First)

"Coming into the business, you'd pass through these little agencies until you got to understand what was happening in the business, unless you were really able to have a style strong enough to go directly to the publishers."
- Gil Kane
(Related: Business, Style)

"Style? I have no style."
- Anatoly Karpov
(Related: Style)

"That was certainly true the first time, when I did Body Heat, the first movie that I directed. I was looking for a vessel to tell a certain kind of story, and I was a huge fan of Film Noir, and what I liked about it was that it was so extreme in style."
- Lawrence Kasdan
(Related: Time, Body, Extreme, Film, First, Style)

"When I go out to eat, it's usually something moderate in style."
- Thomas Keller
(Related: Style)

"But what I like to sing mostly is blues and cabaret style."
- Moira Kelly
(Related: Style)

"You know this old style of American family series? Well, I sit there and cry."
- Graham Kennedy
(Related: Family, American, Old, Style)

"Israel is one of the easiest places to play ball. When I say easy I am referring to the easy lifestyle an athlete has while in Israel. It's very easy to get around the country, because it's so small."
- Michael Kennedy
(Related: Country, Israel, Play)

"I like to try all kinds of styles so it always challenges me and forces me to try to look different."
- Nancy Kerrigan
"It is a process of finding the right music then planning a costume to fit that style of music."
- Nancy Kerrigan
(Related: Music, Planning, Right, Style)

"Adam Levine and I remade the Rolling Stones' classic Wild Horses, and it is right up my alley, that whole style. It has a style of its own but still stays very true to the classic arrangement, and I love it."
- Alicia Keys
(Related: Love, Horses, Right, Style)

"Yes, I tried to change the classical style in a way that people who don't understand it can enjoy."
- Nusrat F. A. Khan
(Related: Change, People, Style)

"I am not a grammarian. Maybe my style is eccentric."
- Dorothy Kilgallen
(Related: Style)

"It ain't about if he knocks a guy out. It's about how he knocks a guy out. It's the style, the improvisation."
- Don King
(Related: Style)

"I think that various styles and methods and approaches are an invention of people who don't understand the process of acting and who try very hard to label things."
- Ben Kingsley
(Related: People, Acting, Invention)

"My style is where you see the individual and where a personality is communicated through actions, decisions, single objects and facts, where the whole draws together to form a history."
- Martin Kippenberger
(Related: History, Actions, Decisions, Facts, Personality, Style)

"Assuming roles is something that simply won't work for me, since I don't have a style. None at all."
- Martin Kippenberger
(Related: Work, Style)

"When we want to have our own style of living, it is nobody's business but ours. What we do in private is our private business."
- Eartha Kitt
(Related: Business, Living, Style, Want)

"He has found his style, when he cannot do otherwise."
- Paul Klee
(Related: Style)

"I told her it was a bigger than life musical, that all the actors were going to be about the same age, late twenties into thirties. It would be a style; a kind of surreal high school."
- Randal Kleiser
(Related: Life, Age, Actors, School, Style)

"In order to do a musical now, a style must be developed that works for today's audience."
- Randal Kleiser
(Related: Now, Order, Style, Today)

"Diana Ross is a big inspiration to all of us. We all grew up watching everything about her - her mike placement, her grace, her style and her class."
- Beyonce Knowles
(Related: Inspiration, Class, Grace, Style)

"Style is a fraud. I always felt the Greeks were hiding behind their columns."
- Willem de Kooning
(Related: Fraud, Style)

"Readers will stay with an author, no matter what the variations in style and genre, as long as they get that sense of story, of character, of empathetic involvement."
- Dean Koontz
(Related: Character, Sense, Style, Will)

"Contrasting styles is always the most fun to watch."
- Richard Krajicek
(Related: Fun)

"We played together for so long and we got to the point where our styles blended together. Even today, sometimes I'll hear our records and I'm not really sure who played what. And we took a bunch of acid together too."
- Wayne Kramer
(Related: Today)

"I don't like to show my emotions at the board, not because they might give something away to an opponent, but because that's my style: I like to keep it to myself."
- Vladimir Kramnik
(Related: Emotions)

"Every top player has his own style, just as every painter has his own personal signature."
- Vladimir Kramnik
(Related: Style)

"The sound principle of a topsy-turvy lifestyle in the framework of an upside-down world order has stood every test."
- Karl Kraus
(Related: Order, Sound, World)

"It is the style of idealism to console itself for the loss of something old with the ability to gape at something new."
- Karl Kraus
(Related: Ability, Idealism, Loss, Old, Style)

"I don't think about the styles. I write whatever comes out and I use whatever kind of instrumentation works for those songs."
- Lenny Kravitz
(Related: Songs)

"I'm half Jewish, I'm half black, I look in-between. I dress funny. I play all these different styles of music on one record. It's like, What is he doing?"
- Lenny Kravitz
(Related: Music, Funny, Dress, Play)

"The generic Canadian style of illustration is different from the generic American style."
- John Kricfalusi
(Related: American, Style)

"My style is very strong poses and expressions."
- John Kricfalusi
(Related: Style)

"I'll let you in on a secret: I can't stand Jay Ward. I hate being compared to Rocky and Bullwinkle. It's just a different style of humor."
- John Kricfalusi
(Related: Humor, Being, Hate, Style)

"I influenced the BG style by not being able to draw perspective. The BG artists developed cool graphic painting styles to make my bad backgrounds look like they were that way on purpose."
- John Kricfalusi
(Related: Purpose, Artists, Being, Painting, Perspective, Style)

"I'm living my life, not buying a lifestyle."
- Barbara Kruger
(Related: Life, Buying, Living)

"No, I come for a hippy lifestyle, it's very open; my parents are both hippies."
- Shia LaBeouf
(Related: Hippies, Open, Parents)

"They're very, uh, you know, I don't come from the suburbs and a jolly, Disney type of lifestyle. I come from something totally different. And they're cool and bare minimum so it's not always a money issue for me."
- Shia LaBeouf
(Related: Money, Disney)

"I don't have to live this lavish lifestyle."
- Shia LaBeouf
"There is an awful lot of what I call recreational jazz going on, where people go out and learn a particular language or style and become real sharks on somebody else's language."
- Steve Lacy
(Related: People, Jazz, Language, Style)

"Apparently, there's this whole set of disgruntled people but obviously it's not my intention to offend anyone by changing the style of music that I've done."
- Jonny Lang
(Related: Music, People, Intention, Style)

"Style used to be an interaction between the human soul and tools that were limiting. In the digital era, it will have to come from the soul alone."
- Jaron Lanier
(Related: Soul, Style, Tools, Will)

"Nothing was a style first. Everything started as an idea. A guy did something with an idea. Someone copied him. Some copied all of them and it became trendy and then it became a style."
- Bill Laswell
(Related: Idea, First, Nothing, Style)

"It's the kind of clothes that mothers and daughters can wear, in terms of concept... It's not about age. It's about taste, and it's about lifestyle. I believe women of all ages can wear anything."
- Ralph Lauren
(Related: Women, Age, Clothes, Daughters, Mothers, Taste)

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."
- Yves Saint Laurent
(Related: Style)

"Scientists - the crowd that for dash and style make the general public look like the Bloomsbury set."
- Fran Lebowitz
(Related: Public, Scientists, Style)

"I hope I've lived a life of science whose style will encourage younger people."
- Joshua Lederberg
(Related: Life, Science, People, Hope, Style, Will)

"Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system."
- Bruce Lee
(Related: Living, Man, Style)

"I've created a vocabulary of different styles. I draw from many different ways to take a picture. Sometimes I go back to reportage, to journalism."
- Annie Leibovitz
(Related: Journalism, Vocabulary)

"The trappings of lifestyle are often that; traps."
- Thomas Leonard
"A lifestyle is what you pay for; a life is what pays you."
- Thomas Leonard
(Related: Life)

"It has to be able to play at the maximum expression and communication in every style, and the only way you can do that is - like Verdi said - working with a file, every day, little by little, until the orchestra's collective qualities emerge."
- James Levine
(Related: Communication, Day, Expression, Play, Style)

"I am the common man. I'm polite, I love my family and I play by the rules. And sometimes I get pushed around. That's my lifestyle, and that's what I try to bring to characters."
- Eugene Levy
(Related: Family, Love, Man, Play, Rules)

"Endeavour to be faithful, and if there is any beauty in your thought, your style will be beautiful; if there is any real emotion to express, the expression will be moving."
- George Henry Lewes
(Related: Beauty, Thought, Emotion, Expression, Style, Will)

"We need improvement in the style of performance. There is no more advantage in a musician who plays and conducts than in one who is only a beater of rhythm."
- Franz Liszt
(Related: Performance, Improvement, Style)

"Men, when they fight in movies, it's a very different style. Harrison Ford was so cool when he had the whip, and Bruce Lee was such an artist that you couldn't take your eyes off of him."
- Lucy Liu
(Related: Men, Movies, Artist, Eyes, Fight, Style)

"It's gonna be short if it's news; put it at the top. Style's not an issue, just make it news."
- Kurt Loder
(Related: News, Style)

"Well, in features, and in writing especially, it's often the style of the writer comes in."
- Kurt Loder
(Related: Style, Writer, Writing)

"I'm sure any vocal teacher that listens to me would rather cut my throat than do anything - I do everything all wrong - but I think for me that's the best - because I don't think I have a voice so I think what I project would be style - if I learned to sing I'd lose my style."
- Julie London
(Related: Project, Style, Voice, Wrong)

"I want to tap into different styles. Something definitely mature, sultry, sensual, easy listening that everyone can enjoy. Every one of every race and everyone that likes different styles."
- LaToya London
(Related: Listening, Race, Want)

"I think she has more gospel style than I do. I think I'm more, umm, you know mainstream I guess. I don't know if we split the vote. That could be possible but I don't think we are the same at all."
- LaToya London
(Related: Style, Vote)

"Simplicity in character, in manners, in style; in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(Related: Character, Excellence, Manners, Simplicity, Style)

"In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(Related: Character, Excellence, Simplicity, Style)

"Ned made a tremendous rattling, at which Bullet took fright, broke his bridle, and dashed off in grand style; and would have stopped all farther negotiations by going home in disgust, had not a traveller arrested him and brought him back; but Kit did not move."
- Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
(Related: Home, Disgust, Style)

"David Bowie and Boy George created a safely contained theatrical expression of gay style."
- Lance Loud
(Related: Expression, Gay, Style)

"Coming out is a means of redefining oneself, of claiming membership in a lifestyle and a social order with distinct values. Chief among these values is honesty."
- Lance Loud
(Related: Honesty, Values, Order)

"Most style is not honest enough."
- F. L. Lucas
(Related: Style)

"Arguments over grammar and style are often as fierce as those over IBM versus Mac, and as fruitless as Coke versus Pepsi and boxers versus briefs."
- Jack Lynch
(Related: Arguments, Grammar, Style)

"That's what I so admired about Johnny Cash and June Carter. Their music wasn't a big influence on me. It was their character, their individual styles, what they were like as people. They weren't afraid to stick out."
- Shelby Lynne
(Related: Music, People, Character, Influence, June)

"We used the Western style to express our own themes and stories. But don't forget that our heritage includes The Thousand and One Nights."
- Naguib Mahfouz
(Related: Forget, Style)

"Winning Nobel imposed on me a lifestyle to which I am not used and which I would not have preferred."
- Naguib Mahfouz
(Related: Winning)

"I was able to work out all sorts of attitudes to style and event and character, all of which affected the way I came to think about my own writing. I believe that all good writers are original."
- Margaret Mahy
(Related: Work, Character, Style, Writers, Writing)

"For the moment, the snow is quite wet and soft. If it was hard or icy, it would be a perfect downhill for my style, because I could fight even harder."
- Hermann Maier
(Related: Fight, Snow, Style)

"The style depends on the subject."
- Mohsen Makhmalbaf
(Related: Style)

"If I make two films in a year, they'll be different. This is my style - I can't have just one way."
- Mohsen Makhmalbaf
(Related: Style)

"Always, however brutal an age may actually have been, its style transmits its music only."
- Andre Malraux
(Related: Age, Music, May, Style)

"For me Brazilian music is the perfect mix of melody and rhythm. It just bubbles rhythmically. If I had to pick just one music style to play if would be Brazilian."
- Herbie Mann
(Related: Music, Play, Style)

"Firstly the cars aren't too complicated. They have no traction control, for example, which means you can spin if you try too hard and damage your tires if you're not careful with your driving style."
- Nigel Mansell
(Related: Control, Driving, Example, Style)

"My lifestyle is bizarre, but the only thing you need to know is where the darkroom is."
- Robert Mapplethorpe
(Related: Bizarre)

"If I have to change my lifestyle, I don't want to live."
- Robert Mapplethorpe
(Related: Change, Want)

"The roughest part of that lifestyle is the travel and early mornings."
- Josie Maran
(Related: Travel)

"Serious art has been the work of individual artists whose art has had nothing to do with style because they were not in the least connected with the style or the needs of the masses. Their work arose rather in defiance of their times."
- Franz Marc
(Related: Art, Work, Artists, Defiance, Needs, Nothing, Style)

"I have designed my style pantomimes as white ink drawings on black backgrounds, so that man's destiny appears as a thread lost in an endless labyrinth. I have tried to shed some gleams of light on the shadow of man startled by his anguish."
- Marcel Marceau
(Related: Destiny, Light, Man, Shadow, Style)

"Taste is changing, style is changing, and players' abilities are changing."
- Neville Marriner
(Related: Style, Taste)

"Don't settle for style. Succeed in substance."
- Wynton Marsalis
(Related: Style, Succeed)

"But once you have some success in one style, the business wants to lock you in that vein forever."
- Richard Marx
(Related: Business, Success, Style)

"An artist must never be a prisoner. Prisoner? An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success, etc."
- Henri Matisse
(Related: Success, Artist, Reputation, Style)

"Style is the hallmark of a temperament stamped upon the material at hand."
- Andre Maurois
(Related: Style, Temperament)

"I think my recognizability ebbs and flows. I don't lead a particularly celebrity lifestyle or anything like that. I don't go to showbiz parties or red-carpet events, so it all depends on whether I've got a film out. I've not been very visible in the last year or so and as a result hardly anyone stops me in the street."
- James McAvoy
(Related: Celebrity, Events, Film, Result)

"I like to smile when its natural. I'm not mad or anything. That's my style."
- Jesse McCartney
(Related: Smile, Style)

"I guess my style is a cross between David Bowie and Clint Eastwood."
- Dylan McDermott
(Related: Style)

"It's not my job to try and alter the director's style - he's in charge, and I'll always give him my trust."
- Ewan McGregor
(Related: Trust, Job, Style)

"And there was a real shedding of the old dogma, like boundaries of morality were being broken down and everybody was into the new party mode of just loving on each other. Which destroyed thousands of us. I lost 16 of my personal friends through that lifestyle."
- Barry McGuire
(Related: Morality, Being, Friends, Old, Party)

"I'm kind of the town pump. I think I have a pretty good ear for what sounds good in this style."
- Michael McKean
(Related: Pretty, Style)

"You have to have a lifestyle if you live in LA, otherwise it's deadly."
- Jacqueline McKenzie
"I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern - wearing head-to-toe designer has become a bit passe. It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together."
- Alexander McQueen
(Related: Idea, Fashion, Luxury, Rules, Style)

"I love my lifestyle now, but at the end of nine months, you're toast. You are toast. It's like running a marathon. You can't think while you're doing it. Especially when different directors come in who are not part of the posse, the circle."
- Christopher Meloni
(Related: Love, End, Marathon, Months, Now, Running)

"The characters are trapped within the lifestyle. It's about what goes on before the movie starts."
- Sam Mendes
"I wanted to keep exploring... I'm not about to choose a series of movies in which I can use the same bag of tricks and style that I used in the first film."
- Sam Mendes
(Related: Movies, Film, First, Style)

"I can't pretend to be enjoying this. I can't pretend I'm enjoying going out there and playing this style."
- Tiffeny Milbrett
(Related: Style)

"Matter of fact, the style that people use today, I invented in a way."
- John Milius
(Related: People, Fact, Style, Today)

"Television preachers extract money from the poor to live in a style and to indulge in shameful acts which equal or outdo the worst of the Renaissance Popes."
- J. Irwin Miller
(Related: Money, Poor, Style, Television)

"Confidence is at the root of so many attractive qualities, a sense of humor, a sense of style, a willingness to be who you are no matter what anyone else might think or say and it's true, I do have a certain fondness for women that have dark hair."
- Wentworth Miller
(Related: Women, Humor, Confidence, Hair, Sense, Style)

"Growing up in Hollywood it seemed like every kid was the child of some star. We had no idea that other people would think we were special, because there was no other lifestyle to compare it to."
- Liza Minnelli
(Related: People, Idea, Growing up, Hollywood)

"West Side Story was terribly important because of the style of the dancing and the gangs of New York."
- Vincente Minnelli
(Related: Dancing, Style)

"There are so many things I'd like to change in the industry. Everything from the reliance of style over substance to their reluctance to hire me for big budget blockbusters, but the thing I would love most would be if they understood people don't have to be Hollywood beautiful to be sexy or interesting."
- Colin Mochrie
(Related: Change, Love, People, Hollywood, Style)

"Do you want to tear your life apart and get rid of everything you've known as a lifestyle? Like seeing your family? Being with your friends? A fishing trip? A hunting trip? A night's sleep?"
- Walter F. Mondale
(Related: Life, Family, Being, Fishing, Friends, Hunting, Night, Sleep, Want)

"My contention is that that style is just as stylized as an ornate style."
- Rick Moody
(Related: Contention, Style)

"The church of St. Peter at Berlin, notwithstanding the total difference between them in the style of building, appears in some respects to have a great resemblance to St. Paul's in London."
- Karl Philipp Moritz
(Related: Church, Building, Difference, London, Style)

"I have been robbed of three million dollars all told. Everyone today is playing my stuff and I don't even get credit. Kansas City style, Chicago style, New Orleans style hell, they're all Jelly Roll style."
- Jelly Roll Morton
(Related: Chicago, Credit, Hell, Style, Today)

"Not only the style, but the way in which you don't exactly know what on earth has happened or is happening till about page two hundred - then it all becomes apparent in a blinding flash."
- Nicholas Mosley
(Related: Earth, Style)

"As far as the style, I was fascinated by surrealism."
- Mark Mothersbaugh
(Related: Style, Surrealism)

"It was a very bizarre experience for me, to get the songs together, go in there, and try to deliver them as I would perhaps in a live setting. But I realized that I couldn't take on that coffeehouse style that I came from and go in there and burn it up."
- Jason Mraz
(Related: Experience, Bizarre, Songs, Style)

"In Japan they prefer the realistic style. They like answers and conclusions, but my stories have none. I want to leave them wide open to every possibility. I think my readers understand that openness."
- Haruki Murakami
(Related: Possibility, Answers, Open, Style, Want)

"It's not a company of exponents of my style."
- Graeme Murphy
(Related: Company, Style)

"Where words can be translated into equivalent words, the style of an original can be closely followed; but no translation which aims at being written in normal English can reproduce the style of Aristotle."
- Gilbert Murray
(Related: Being, English, Style, Words)

"For better or worse, I've always tried to march to my own drum and tell it like it is, while preserving some integrity and style. God, I'm fabulous!"
- Michael Musto
(Related: God, Integrity, March, Style)

"I'm just a simple kid from Brooklyn who landed into the most enchanted lifestyle imaginable."
- Michael Musto
"All my stories are webs of style and none seems at first blush to contain much kinetic matter. For me style is matter."
- Vladimir Nabokov
(Related: Blush, First, Style)

"You can always count on a murderer for a fancy prose style."
- Vladimir Nabokov
(Related: Fancy, Prose, Style)

"Style and Structure are the essence of a book; great ideas are hogwash."
- Vladimir Nabokov
(Related: Ideas, Style)

"I seem to be thinking rationally again in the style that is characteristic of scientists. However, this is not entirely a matter of joy as if someone returned from physical disability to good physical health."
- John Forbes Nash, Jr.
(Related: Health, Disability, Joy, Scientists, Style, Thinking)

"Latin music has many international influences - pop, rock, country, Brazilian sounds, and alternative styles."
- Ednita Nazario
(Related: Music, Country)

"My life style in a sense is kind of private."
- Marc Newson
(Related: Life, Sense, Style)

"As you know, the business is cyclic with styles. It's no different from clothing styles."
- Juice Newton
(Related: Business)

"The violence or the vaudeville style of comedy is a technique all by itself. You get up there, and you are a comedian, and you're doing one thing. That is, you're going to make the audience laugh."
- Leslie Nielsen
(Related: Comedy, Style, Violence)

"I think it was the right time for me to retire because nowadays tennis is too incredibly fast and you can say that my style tennis went out of fashion."
- Jana Novotna
(Related: Time, Fashion, Right, Style, Tennis)

"I just wanted to play tennis. I started because I wanted to pick up another sport and then as I was slowly getting better I wanted to see how far I can go but I always wanted to be myself. I wanted to be original. I didn't want to copy anybody's style."
- Jana Novotna
(Related: Play, Style, Tennis, Want)

"If you look over the years, the styles have changed - the clothes, the hair, the production, the approach to the songs. The icing to the cake has changed flavors. But if you really look at the cake itself, it's really the same."
- John Oates
(Related: Clothes, Hair, Production, Songs, Years)

"The thing is, we've changed our style but we've never changed the actual roots of what we've done."
- John Oates
(Related: Style)

"However, please allow me to say that the fundamental style of my writing has been to start from my personal matters and then to link it up with society, the state and the world."
- Kenzaburo Oe
(Related: Society, State, Style, World, Writing)

"Interesting things come your way but as you get older, your lifestyle changes. I don't want to travel; I don't want to be in a hotel room away from my family."
- Gary Oldman
(Related: Family, Travel, Want)

"Oh, never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one's own, it is always twenty times better."
- Margaret Oliphant
(Related: Fashion, Mind, Style)

"So many cartoonists draw the same year after year. When they find a style, they stick with it. They don't mess with innovation, and they become boring."
- Pat Oliphant
(Related: Innovation, Style)

"I was punished for blowing the whistle on my father's lifestyle."
- Tatum O'Neal
(Related: Father)

"I just go with the flow, so any style can be in my music - that makes it exciting."
- Yoko Ono
(Related: Music, Style)

"Forget about style; worry about results."
- Bobby Orr
(Related: Forget, Results, Style, Worry)

"Somebody said to me this morning, 'To what do you attribute your longevity?' I don't know. I mean, I couldn't have planned my life out better. By all accounts I should be dead! The abuse I put my body through: the drugs, the alcohol, the lifestyle I've lived the last 30 years!"
- Ozzy Osbourne
(Related: Life, Abuse, Alcohol, Body, Drugs, Longevity)

"Folk rock was my real roots. I did a few gigs as a folk artist, in the style of Fairport Convention."
- Alan Parsons
(Related: Artist, Folk, Style)

"When we see a natural style, we are astonished and charmed; for we expected to see an author, and we find a person."
- Blaise Pascal
(Related: Style)

"I'm very out of style... or I should say I have my own style."
- Alexandra Paul
(Related: Style)

"I occasionally got called the Rush Limbaugh of Indiana, but most people knew that my style was different."
- Mike Pence
(Related: People, Style)

"All writers are mimics, and I'm not interested in picking up somebody else's style or voice."
- Thomas Perry
(Related: Style, Voice, Writers)

"I have no one style."
- Oscar Peterson
(Related: Style)

"Too many jazz pianists limit themselves to a personal style, a trademark, so to speak. They confine themselves to one type of playing."
- Oscar Peterson
(Related: Jazz, Style)

"Like, I kind of developed my musical style in a vacuum. Even though I listen to a lot of stuff, the way I wrote was in my bedroom, really privately. It's still the way I write, actually."
- Liz Phair
(Related: Style)

"My identity has everything to do with me and my instrument. It doesn't have to do with what production style I use, or how many people played on it, whether it's sparse or grandiose or whatever. And I'm social, frankly."
- Liz Phair
(Related: People, Identity, Production, Style)

"God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephantand the cat. He has no real style, He just goes on trying other things."
- Pablo Picasso
(Related: God, Artist, Style, Trying)

"Once people start making comparisons to a player of the past, they want you to be that player. I try to go out there and create my own image, my own style, my own type of game. Right now I can't even think of one guy I've been compared to."
- Paul Pierce
(Related: People, Comparisons, Now, Past, Right, Style, Want)

"Money is not everything. My ambition was football itself, not the money I'd make from it. If that brings me and my family a more comfortable lifestyle, then that's fine. But I don't spend my time between games and training sessions thinking about figures."
- Alessandro Del Piero
(Related: Family, Money, Time, Ambition, Football, Games, Thinking, Training)

"My vocal style I haven't tried to copy from anyone. It just developed until it became the girlish whine it is today."
- Robert Plant
(Related: Style, Today)

"For the introduction of a new kind of music must be shunned as imperiling the whole state; since styles of music are never disturbed without affecting the most important political institutions."
- Plato
(Related: Music, State)

"I remember being awed by it - the uniqueness and nicety of style - and I suspect I was a bit jealous because we were more or less of the same generation."
- George Plimpton
(Related: Being, Style, Uniqueness)

"People ask me where I got my singing style. I didn't copy my style from anybody."
- Elvis Presley
(Related: People, Singing, Style)

"I would rather have one article a day of this sort; and these ten or twenty lines might readily represent a whole day's hard work in the way of concentrated, intense thinking and revision, polish of style, weighing of words."
- Joseph Pulitzer
(Related: Work, Day, Hard work, Style, Thinking, Words)

"Last week I did a piece for Style on advice to Laura Bush about how to help her husband. This week it's religion. It just depends on what I find interesting at the moment."
- Sally Quinn
(Related: Religion, HusbAdvice, Help, Style)

"The consolidation of the music business has made it difficult to encourage styles like the blues, all of which deserve to be celebrated as part of our most treasured national resources."
- Bonnie Raitt
(Related: Business, Music)

"He can develop sense and style, in the manner of distinguished modern prose, in which event he may be sure that the result will not fall into any objective form."
- John C. Ransom
(Related: May, Prose, Result, Sense, Style, Will)

"When critics are waiting to pounce upon poetic style on exactly the same grounds as if it were prose, the poets tremble."
- John C. Ransom
(Related: Poets, Prose, Style, Waiting)

"Despite what many Americans think, most Soviets do not yearn for capitalism or Western-style democracy."
- Dan Rather
(Related: Americans, Capitalism, Democracy)

"It's important we win and because of the players we have we should win some matches in style."
- Jamie Redknapp
(Related: Style)

"In the late '70s I started to search for the perfect sound - whatever that might be, before that I was mainly interested in drugs, insanity and the rock'n'roll lifestyle."
- Lou Reed
(Related: Drugs, Insanity, Sound)

"A style is not a matter of camera angles or fancy footwork, it's an expression, an accurate expression of your particular opinion."
- Karel Reisz
(Related: Expression, Fancy, Opinion, Style)

"I never like to do parodies. I never do. It's just not my style of comedy."
- Ivan Reitman
(Related: Comedy, Style)

"What I've noticed in this game is how EA has even duplicated my moves and my style of play perfectly. It is really incredible and a lot of fun to play."
- Claudio Reyna
(Related: Fun, Play, Style)

"Style has always been very important to us. We grew up in the '70s. Music was glam rock, punk rock and a very stylish movement."
- Nick Rhodes
(Related: Music, Punk, Style)

"It would be easier to say, what was the difference in style from many years ago. Many years ago, the old violinists, they also had a good technique, they were not tonally as good."
- Ruggiero Ricci
(Related: Difference, Old, Style, Years)

"Every violinist has a different style, so it's important to be able to recognise their styles. You don't have to like everyone's style but you have to know these styles."
- Ruggiero Ricci
(Related: Style)

"Pornography changes the attitudes and lifestyles of those who consume it, no matter how old a person is."
- Donna Rice
(Related: Old, Pornography)

"There were so many individual styles thirty or forty years ago."
- Buddy Rich
(Related: Years)

"I thinned them out real thin once and it just didn't look like me. I know it was in style to have really thin eyebrows, but it didn't look right on my face."
- Denise Richards
(Related: Right, Style)

"I set about seeking a thread, a theme, a style, in the realm of legend. Something that might allow me to give free rein to my juvenile sense of romanticism and the beautiful image."
- Leni Riefenstahl
(Related: Sense, Style)

"When I cut my hair, the whole sound changed, my style changed."
- Rihanna
(Related: Hair, Sound, Style)

"The trick is to have my own particular taste and feel for the theater to audiences who have been used to one particular style and taste for nearly 40 years."
- Michael Ritchie
(Related: Audiences, Style, Taste, Theater, Years)

"Once you develop your own style, you know when you're able to give your best. Feeling at home is part of it, and I don't think that's an L.A. thing. It's a matter of the environment and of what affects you."
- Herb Ritts
(Related: Home, Environment, Feeling, Style)

"I think one can achieve a very pleasant lifestyle by treating human beings, fellow human beings, very well."
- Rene Rivkin
"My biggest role as director on the film is keeping a sense of the overview - how to cast the movie and shoot it in such a way that it will cut together. And how to design the style and tone."
- Jay Roach
(Related: Design, Film, Sense, Style, Will)

"My definition of success is to live your life in a way that causes you to feel a ton of pleasure and very little pain - and because of your lifestyle, have the people around you feel a lot more pleasure than they do pain."
- Tony Robbins
(Related: Life, Success, People, Causes, Pain, Pleasure)

"With Stacy, it was interesting because you know he was within all this chaos, all these different lives that were so broken and so much anger and so much frustration and their skating came out of that, their different styles came out of that."
- John Robinson
(Related: Anger, Chaos, Frustration)

"Stacy had this more fluid style. You meet him, he's just such a nice guy. Tony's an awesome guy too, but back then, he was a real aggressive kid and they were in such a different place. Stacy was so sensitive and at the same time so competitive when it came to his skating."
- John Robinson
(Related: Time, Style)

"Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people."
- Jim Rohn
(Related: People, Opportunity, Clarity, Communication, Emotions, Practice, Style, Will)

"I've been in the studio experimenting on making a CD of my own. I'm trying out different producers, styles, sounds. With music, as opposed to acting, you are not playing a character. You are showing people who you are. I really want to have my spirit in it."
- Emily Rossum
(Related: Music, People, Character, Acting, Spirit, Trying, Want)

"I cannot now change my style, which I acquired, as you can imagine, by dint of labour."
- Henri Rousseau
(Related: Change, Now, Style)

"This business switching styles can't be done honestly by one man. As soon as he can play his instrument well, he can express himself, and all his life he has only one self."
- Jimmy Rushing
(Related: Business, Life, Man, Play, Self)

"But I've always felt a need to have a life which is completely separate - at least as far as possible - from the kind of illusory lifestyle that comes with being a celebrity."
- Winona Ryder
(Related: Life, Being, Celebrity)

"But even gold is not everything: and only a fanatic, and a rather foolish fanatic, would say that this style of fiction summed up and exhausted all the good that fiction could give and do."
- George Saintsbury
(Related: Fiction, Gold, Style)

"I make it clear why I write as I do and why other poets write as they do. After hundreds of experiments I decided to go my own way in style and see what would happen."
- Carl Sandburg
(Related: Poets, Style)

"I took to wearing a black tie known as the Ascot, with long drooping ends. I had seen pictures of painters, sculptors, poets, wearing this style of tie."
- Carl Sandburg
(Related: Poets, Style)

"Feels good to try, but playing a father, I'm getting a little older. I see now that I'm taking it more serious and I do want that lifestyle."
- Adam Sandler
(Related: Father, Now, Want)

"I'm a junkie. I like drugs, I like the whole lifestyle, but it just didn't pay off."
- Gus Van Sant
(Related: Drugs)

"It's the duty of all novelists, all painters, all musicians, all people who try to make art move: to look for something they feel authentically, without paying attention to styles."
- Nathalie Sarraute
(Related: Art, People, Attention, Duty, Musicians)

"I'd very much like to create my own style as a photographer, even if it's just for myself."
- Graeme Le Saux
(Related: Style)

"I never thought about being a writer as I grew up. A writer wasn't something I wanted to be. An outfielder was something to be. Most of what I know about style I learned from Roberto Clemente."
- John Sayles
(Related: Thought, Being, Style, Writer)

"My songwriting and my style became more complex as I listened, learned, borrowed and stole and put my music together."
- Boz Scaggs
(Related: Music, Style)

"As a guitar player, you can gravitate to the blues because you can play it easily. It's not a style that's difficult to pick up. It's purely emotive and dead easy to get a start with."
- Boz Scaggs
(Related: Guitar, Play, Style)

"The New Testament evinces its universal design in its very, style, which alone distinguishes it from all the literary productions of earlier and later times."
- Philip Schaff
(Related: Design, Literary, New testament, Style)

"The style of the Bible in general is singularly adapted to men of every class and grade of culture, affording the child the simple nourishment for its religious wants, and the profoundest thinker inexhaustible matter of study."
- Philip Schaff
(Related: Men, Bible, Class, Culture, Religious, Study, Style)

"Well, I did Marlene 15 years ago and that's in the style. It's somehow similar and not similar because Marlene was much more aggressive, funny and sad."
- Maximilian Schell
(Related: Funny, Style, Years)

"Every day each of us wakes up, reaches into drawers and closets, pulls out a costume for the day and proceeds to dress in a style that can only be called preposterous."
- Mary Schmich
(Related: Day, Dress, Style)

"The hairstyles of most Heavy Metal bands are pretty horrendous."
- Fred Schneider
(Related: Pretty)

"Style, no matter how outrageous it is, is still an expression of someone's personality. And my personality is somewhere stuck in the classics."
- Liev Schreiber
(Related: Expression, Personality, Style)

"The older I get, the more I seek to use a plain prose style, concentrating more on story."
- John Scott
(Related: Prose, Style)

"One of the things that strikes me is so many of the critics are people whose lifestyle doesn't change when the price of fuel changes, or if they keep a Wal-Mart store out of their area."
- Lee Scott
(Related: Change, People)

"Where questions of style and exposition are concerned I try to follow a simple maxim: if you can't say it clearly you don't understand it yourself."
- John Searle
(Related: Questions, Style)

"I was wildly out of style when that television theme song suddenly pushed its way onto the Top Ten. It was certainly not the record company trying to make that happen."
- John Sebastian
(Related: Company, Song, Style, Television, Trying)

"My style is a very universal sound, which is very close to where I grew up."
- Jon Secada
(Related: Sound, Style)

"While it is challenging working with a kid, because they're so of the moment all the time. My acting style is to try to take something from my life that the character can relate to and that I can relate the character to."
- Kyra Sedgwick
(Related: Life, Time, Character, Acting, Style)

"When an author is too meticulous about his style, you may presume that his mind is frivolous and his content flimsy."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(Related: Content, May, Mind, Style)

"Of course there are moments that you wonder how long you should be doing it because there are other aspects which are not nice, of this lifestyle. But I just love winning."
- Ayrton Senna
(Related: Love, Winning, Moments, Wonder)

"We weren't afraid to mix some crazy styles into the standard rockabilly look. We also took a lot of different musical influences that were part of that era."
- Brian Setzer
"Personally, I think young musicians need to learn to play more than one style. Jazz can only enhance the classical side, and classical can only enhance the jazz. I started out playing classical, because you have to have that as a foundation."
- Doc Severinsen
(Related: Jazz, Musicians, Play, Style)

"What I learned in jail is that I can't change. I can't live a different lifestyle-this is it. This is the life that they gave and this is the life that I made."
- Tupac Shakur
(Related: Life, Change)

"All I'm trying to do is survive and make good out of the dirty, nasty, unbelievable lifestyle that they gave me."
- Tupac Shakur
(Related: Trying)

"Once you've done one style, you leave it for a while."
- Fiona Shaw
(Related: Style)

"I haven't stuck to any formula. Most great writers stick to the same style, but I wanted to be more various."
- Irwin Shaw
(Related: Formula, Style, Writers)

"You must avoid giving hostages to fortune, like getting an expensive wife, an expensive house, and a style of living that never lets you aford the time to take the chance to write what you wish."
- Irwin Shaw
(Related: Time, Wife, Chance, Fortune, Giving, Living, Style)

"I'm a fan of many different styles of classical and symphonic music."
- Billy Sheehan
(Related: Music)

"I didn't follow the standard rules of bass playing, and many musicians on many different instruments who became noteworthy for their unique or particular style did a very similar thing."
- Billy Sheehan
(Related: Musicians, Rules, Style)

"It was my mom and I against the world. We lived in New York in this bohemian lifestyle where an extended group of artists and photographers were like my aunts and uncles."
- Brooke Shields
(Related: Mom, Artists, World)

"His name, even, is part of the marketing scheme, I mean, Thelonious Sphere Monk - how can you think of a better name to fit his style of playing?"
- Matthew Shipp
(Related: Marketing, Name, Style)

"I have seen many ladies displaying different styles and different styles displaying ladies."
- Navjot Singh Sidhu
(Related: Ladies)

"Do the story in the way it really demands to be done, which may mean using several different styles or only one style; but it's still about respecting the story."
- Bill Sienkiewicz
(Related: May, Style)

"Well, Peter has a writing style, but again, time changes subject matters and attitudes."
- Josh Silver
(Related: Time, Style, Writing)

"No, because I've never really changed my style that much."
- Carly Simon
(Related: Style)

"An educated man is thoroughly inoculated against humbug, thinks for himself and tries to give his thoughts, in speech or on paper, some style."
- Alan K. Simpson
(Related: Thoughts, Man, Speech, Style)

"Well I am from Annapolis Maryland. I went to High school in Baltimore, but I grew up in Annapolis. It was a cute town. We lived on a waterfront community. It was good, even though I don't really fit the preppy boater kind of style."
- Christian Siriano
(Related: Community, Cute, School, Style)

"There arose a belief in style - and in banality. Banality encompassed politics, too, because it was a common belief that politics were not worthy of art."
- Douglas Sirk
(Related: Art, Politics, Belief, Style)

"I never regarded my pictures as very much to be proud of, except in this, the craft, the style."
- Douglas Sirk
(Related: Style)

"I've obviously made a very nice amount of money. I have a very nice lifestyle. I get to do what I love. Very few actors get to do that, and even fewer are lucky enough to work steadily for 24 years."
- Erika Slezak
(Related: Work, Love, Money, Actors, Years)

"It's easy to write a good column if you've got good information. It's hard if you have to depend on style alone. I suppose there are people who can get away with styling on a regular basis. I'm not one of them. You're probably not, either."
- Allan Sloan
(Related: People, Information, Style)

"We're traditional and don't do cutting-edge styles, but after 17 years we're holding our own."
- Jaclyn Smith
(Related: Years)

"I think worship is a lifestyle, first of all."
- Michael W. Smith
(Related: First, Worship)

"In composing, as a general rule, run your pen through every other word you have written; you have no idea what vigor it will give your style."
- Sydney Smith
(Related: Idea, Pen, Style, Will, Word)

""Camp" is a vision of the world in terms of style - but a particular style. It is the love of the exaggerated."
- Susan Sontag
(Related: Love, Vision, Style, World)

"In the final analysis, style is art. And art is nothing more or less than various modes of stylized, dehumanized representation."
- Susan Sontag
(Related: Art, Nothing, Style)

"I have no detectable hair style."
- David Spade
(Related: Hair, Style)

"You know, that's kind of the thing, I can't freestyle and I used to always wonder why I couldn't, and when I would try once out of every six months, but I was always a great writer!"
- Bubba Sparxxx
(Related: Months, Wonder)

"When I am in form, my style is a little bit stubborn, almost brutal. Sometimes I feel a great spirit of fight which drives me on."
- Boris Spassky
(Related: Fight, Spirit, Style)

"I would say that the surest measure of a man's or a woman's maturity is the harmony, style, joy, and dignity he creates in his marriage, and the pleasure and inspiration he provides for his spouse."
- Benjamin Spock
(Related: Marriage, Inspiration, Dignity, Harmony, Joy, Man, Maturity, Measure, Pleasure, Style, Woman)

"I think that was one thing I definitely brought to the table, my aggressiveness and my style of play, and I think that's one of the reasons why the fans here really appreciated the way that I went out and played, just because I think they kind of liked that."
- Latrell Sprewell
(Related: Fans, Play, Style)

"Sometimes, I write '60s or '80s style pop songs."
- Peter Steele
(Related: Songs, Style)

"I had read the novel and I had heard David Lean was going to direct it - and it came as a surprise to me because American actors, if given the chance, can do style as well as anybody and speak as well as anybody."
- Rod Steiger
(Related: Actors, American, Chance, Style)

"Only great minds can afford a simple style."
- Stendhal
(Related: Style)

"It is the nobility of their style which will make our writers of 1840 unreadable forty years from now."
- Stendhal
(Related: Nobility, Now, Style, Will, Writers, Years)

"In those days a concert was a personal experience. I wanted to be as close as possible to the audience, and of course big stadiums didn't enable you to do that. It wasn't my style."
- Cat Stevens
(Related: Experience, Style)

"Style is not something applied. It is something that permeates. It is of the nature of that in which it is found, whether the poem, the manner of a god, the bearing of a man. It is not a dress."
- Wallace Stevens
(Related: Nature, God, Dress, Man, Style)

"California lacks a lot of the rules and restrictions the East has. Every house is a different style, different material, different color. There's a lot of craziness out there."
- Parker Stevenson
(Related: Rules, Style)

"The web, then, or the pattern, a web at once sensuous and logical, an elegant and pregnant texture: that is style, that is the foundation of the art of literature."
- Robert Louis Stevenson
(Related: Art, Literature, Style)

"William Shatner has one style. We have completely contrasting personalities. We're very good friends. I adore him, but we're very different people, so they were smart enough to write characters that reflected that."
- Patrick Stewart
(Related: People, Friends, Style)

"There are several books that I have-the Physics of Star Trek, Star Trek and Business, there are manuals on command style and countless scholarly papers that have been written about the significance of Next Generation."
- Patrick Stewart
(Related: Business, Books, Physics, Style)

"Read. Read. Read. Just don't read one type of book. Read different books by various authors so that you develop different styles."
- R. L. Stine
(Related: Books)

"Yoga introduced me to a style of meditation. The only meditation I would have done before would be in the writing of songs."
- Sting
(Related: Meditation, Songs, Style, Writing, Yoga)

"So there is a personal sense of style for a given work - I don't like a general style, but every work has its own style, and I want to create a style for every work."
- Karlheinz Stockhausen
(Related: Work, Sense, Style, Want)

"Just a whole different style, just a whole different way of going about an audience and a way about skating. And they are so brilliant in their own way, which is great, and that's what Brian was saying; is the styles are different, and it's the whole mentality."
- Elvis Stojko
(Related: Saying, Style)

"My style will be management by being on the street, management by walking around. Third persons won't have to tell me what's going on in our city. I'll hear it, I'll see it, I'll touch it myself."
- Carl Stokes
(Related: Management, Being, Style, Walking, Will)

"Modern as the style of Pascal's writing is, his thought is deeply impregnated with the spirit of the Middle Ages. He belonged, almost equally, to the future and to the past."
- Lytton Strachey
(Related: Thought, Future, Past, Spirit, Style, Writing)

"A shift is necessary toward lifestyles less geared to environmental damaging consumption patterns."
- Maurice Strong
(Related: Environmental)

"We mostly feel fearful because we feel powerless. We feel powerless, I contend, because of a style of thinking that splits information in two poles that makes us lose all the operative information we need to solve the problem."
- Patricia Sun
(Related: Information, Style, Thinking)

"Our personal consumer choices have ecological, social, and spiritual consequences. It is time to re-examine some of our deeply held notions that underlie our lifestyles."
- David Suzuki
(Related: Time, Choices, Consequences, Spiritual)

"I found it liberating of necessity to devise my own style and my own tactics and to look for a voice on the instrument because there weren't really any that impacted strongly on me."
- Steve Swallow
(Related: Necessity, Style, Voice)

"The proper words in the proper places are the true definition of style."
- Jonathan Swift
(Related: Style, Words)

"I'm a big fan of all styles, even Biggie and Wu-Tang, but I gotta do my thing."
- Ice T
"Storytelling and elegant style don't always go hand in hand."
- Donna Tartt
(Related: Style)

"The storytelling gift is innate: one has it or one doesn't. But style is at least partly a learned thing: one refines it by looking and listening and reading and practice - by work."
- Donna Tartt
(Related: Work, Listening, Practice, Reading, Style)

"Football is not part of that lifestyle anymore."
- Lawrence Taylor
(Related: Football)

"I have a whole different type of lifestyle."
- Lawrence Taylor
"The Stones are a different kind of group. I realized that when I joined them. It's not really so much their musical ability, it's just they have a certain kind of style and attitude which is unique."
- Mick Taylor
(Related: Attitude, Ability, Style)

"Research has shown that the perceived style of leadership is by far the most important thing to most voters in evaluating officeholders and candidates."
- Robert Teeter
(Related: Leadership, Research, Style)

"This is easy to say with the benefit of hindsight, but I think it once again points out how very important style of leadership, that is the way he does what he does, is to his perception."
- Robert Teeter
(Related: Leadership, Perception, Hindsight, Style)

"Every individual has his own style, his own way of presenting himself on and off the field."
- Sachin Tendulkar
(Related: Style)

"We've been working on a new album, which is going to come out next spring, which is very different, a change of style for us - it's going to be almost like rock music."
- Neil Tennant
(Related: Change, Music, Spring, Style)

"I've come up with another formulation about style: that it's essentially a manifestation of a certain habitual set of limitations. It's what a composer does NOT do that defines a style."
- James Tenney
(Related: Limitations, Style)

"I enjoy all aspects of singing and I'm luckily given the choice to be part of different styles of music."
- Bryn Terfel
(Related: Music, Choice, Singing)

"Music is pretty much the lifestyle, not the music itself. The lifestyle really pulled me off the street. Made me want to do something organized and positive."
- Brandon Thomas
(Related: Music, Positive, Pretty, Want)

"Oh, I don't think Tom Sowell would tell anybody to join the administration. That's not his style. But I think his attitude has always been if it had to be done he'd prefer me to do it than somebody else."
- Clarence Thomas
(Related: Attitude, Style)

"My favorite thing to do is still to go back to Peoria, go to my cabin and hunt with the boys. This is a great lifestyle, don't get me wrong. But fun for me is going back with my buddies I grew up with."
- Jim Thome
(Related: Boys, Favorite, Fun, Wrong)

"Going to trial with a lawyer who considers your whole life-style a Crime in Progress is not a happy prospect."
- Hunter S. Thompson
(Related: Life, Progress, Crime)

"Segregation in the South is honest, open and aboveboard. Of the two systems, or styles of segregation, the Northern and the Southern, there is no doubt whatever in my mind which is the better."
- Strom Thurmond
(Related: Doubt, Mind, Open)

"I will go through these style phases. I think it's confusing in some ways. People like bands to be really consistent."
- Mary Timony
(Related: People, Style, Will)

"He never chooses an opinion; he just wears whatever happens to be in style."
- Leo Tolstoy
(Related: Opinion, Style)

"I shed many a tear when the steam engines went out of style on the railroads. I'd like to seem them come back, but I realize the diesels are more efficient."
- Clyde Tombaugh
(Related: Style)

"I am really not of the school of naturalism. I like style, and you can use more style in theater than in film roles. I love to sink my teeth into a part."
- Marisa Tomei
(Related: Love, Film, School, Style, Theater)

"I would say old school cats like Redman and Wu-tang. My style is my style, those are just cats that I liked."
- Obie Trice
(Related: Cats, Old, School, Style)

"I've been trying for some time to develop a lifestyle that doesn't require my presence."
- G. B. Trudeau
(Related: Time, Trying)

"I think it is important for software to avoiding imposing a cognitive style on workers and their work."
- Edward Tufte
(Related: Work, Software, Style, Workers)

"They have all different names for music. I think the music I'm going to change the style with is going to be really, really big-years and years after I'm gone."
- Ike Turner
(Related: Change, Music, Names, Style, Years)

"I mean, as long as it doesn't have a bra attached, guys can take a risk and wear stylish things that went out of style 30 years ago. As things go around, they come around."
- Steven Tyler
(Related: Risk, Style, Years)

"As you know, I'm androgynous. I can wear a jacket that most guys wouldn't put on. But you make it in guys' sizes, and suddenly they're wearing them. I think styles should get back to getting people to wear things that look so good that they don't care."
- Steven Tyler
(Related: People, Care)

"I have always tended toward a lush prose style, but I take care to modulate it from story to story and to strip it down entirely when necessary."
- Jeff Vandermeer
(Related: Care, Prose, Style)

"And I learned a lot from working with this kid, and I think he's gonna be a big star. Remember the name, Tim Dark, because he has something about his voice that's different from all the other rappers, even though his style is similar."
- Alan Vega
(Related: Name, Style, Voice)

"I think people are sexy when they have a sense of humor, when they are smart, when they have some sense of style, when they are kind, when they express their own opinions, when they are creative, when they have character."
- Suzanne Vega
(Related: Humor, People, Character, Opinions, Sense, Style)

"You need a routine, to be able to spend some time with a person, and my lifestyle is constantly on the move."
- Patricia Velasquez
(Related: Time, Routine)

"I also believe that government has no business telling us how we should live our lives. I think our lifestyle choices should be left up to us. What we do in our private lives is none of the government's business. That position rules out the Republican Party for me."
- Jesse Ventura
(Related: Business, Government, Choices, Party, Republican, Rules)

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn."
- Gore Vidal
(Related: Giving, Style, Want)

"I agree with you about the music of today. It lacks style and emotion."
- Vinnie Vincent
(Related: Music, Emotion, Style, Today)

"The flowery style is not unsuitable to public speeches or addresses, which amount only to compliment. The lighter beauties are in their place when there is nothing more solid to say; but the flowery style ought to be banished from a pleading, a sermon, or a didactic work."
- Voltaire
(Related: Work, Compliment, Nothing, Public, Style)

"All styles are good except the tiresome kind."
- Voltaire
"Billy Wilder is really is a heavy influence on Bound. We felt that film noir was a genre where you could create a really contained story. We wanted to be on a set as much as we could to get the kind of style level we were looking for."
- Larry Wachowski
(Related: Film, Influence, Style)

"I work with structure, but I go outside the box and give it my own spin. I adore the challenge of creating truly modern clothes - where a woman's personality and sense of style are realized."
- Vera Wang
(Related: Work, Challenge, Clothes, Personality, Sense, Style, Woman)

"During my Austin years, I was drawing a regular strip for the University Of Texas newspaper, going to school, delivering blood, and trying to change my approach and "style" as much as I could, since I knew that I'd calcify as I got older."
- Chris Ware
(Related: Change, Blood, School, Trying, University, Years)

"Punk is not really a style of music. It was more like a state of mind."
- Mike Watt
(Related: Music, Mind, Punk, State, Style)

"Imitation is being rewarded. They're learning that if you fit right in the mold, you get rewarded. Music is no longer a form of expression - it's a means to a lifestyle."
- Mike Watt
(Related: Music, Being, Expression, Imitation, Learning, Right)

"The style of God venerated in the church, mosque, or synagogue seems completely different from the style of the natural universe."
- Alan Watts
(Related: God, Church, Mosque, Style, Universe)

"The next few years are going to be horrendous in the UK. The last thing we need is a Somali pirate-style raid on the few wealth creators who still dare to navigate Britain's gale-force waters."
- Andrew Lloyd Webber
(Related: Wealth, Years)

"Not after the big bust in '92, there's no big drug lifestyle anymore. I can't talk about it. Pretty ugly."
- Gene Ween
(Related: Pretty, Talk, Ugly)

"On the other hand when you are someone who records their own songs you are basically stuck writing for one voice and for one style that can stifle you a bit. It's a real trade off."
- Cynthia Weil
(Related: Songs, Style, Trade, Voice, Writing)

"I never lost a freestyle race. Never. Not even in the YMCA."
- Johnny Weissmuller
(Related: Race)

"Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others."
- Orson Welles
(Related: Style)

"It was around the summer of 1982 when the drug problem really impacted. It became a lifestyle rather than a recreation. When you start lying and stealing, you cannot con yourself you're in control any more."
- Irvine Welsh
(Related: Control, Lying, Recreation, Summer)

"What is generally referred to as American-style films are, in fact, studio productions."
- Wim Wenders
(Related: American, Fact)

"Style is the dress of thought; a modest dress, Neat, but not gaudy, will true critics please."
- Samuel Wesley
(Related: Thought, Dress, Style, Will)

"I think dress, hairstyle and make-up are the crucial factors in projecting an attractive persona and give one the chance to enhance one's best physical features."
- Vivienne Westwood
(Related: Chance, Dress)

"I was the first person to have a punk rock hairstyle."
- Vivienne Westwood
(Related: First, Punk)

"He most honors my style who learns under it to destroy the teacher."
- Walt Whitman
(Related: Style)

"I was very pleased that the positive things about me and my game outshone the aggressive style of play I use. I would never tone that down, because I believe in that style of play, and I believe that you can play rough on the court and still be a good sport."
- Sue Wicks
(Related: Positive, Court, Play, Style)

"A society that thinks the choice between ways of living is just a choice between equally eligible "lifestyles" turns universities into academic cafeterias offering junk food for the mind."
- George Will
(Related: Food, Society, Choice, Living, Mind)

"His style has the desperate jauntiness of an orchestra fiddling away for dear life on a sinking ship."
- Edmund Wilson
(Related: Life, Style)

"I'm a child of the 70's; influenced mostly by albums that had a wide variety of style."
- Kip Winger
(Related: Style, Variety)

"Many people tend to look at programming styles and languages like religions: if you belong to one, you cannot belong to others. But this analogy is another fallacy."
- Niklaus Wirth
(Related: People, Programming)

"Radical Chic, after all, is only radical in Style; in its heart it is part of Society and its traditions."
- Tom Wolfe
(Related: Society, Heart, Radical, Style, Traditions)

"Todd and I have a very complementary working style ."
- Sam Wood
(Related: Style)

"It isn't a band. It's bigger than a band. It's a lifestyle."
- Zakk Wylde
"Don't get me wrong, I think bikes are terrific. I own several of my own, including a trendy mountain style, and ride them for pleasure and light exercise."
- Brock Yates
(Related: Exercise, Light, Pleasure, Style, Wrong)

"A man is free to go up as high as he can reach up to; but I, with all my style and pep, can't get a man my equal because a girl is always judged by her mother."
- Anzia Yezierska
(Related: Mother, Man, Style)

"A Christian is the highest style of man."
- Edward Young
(Related: Christian, Man, Style)

"I would never write realistic prose. I don't like people who try to write in a poetic style, but in the course of their book abandon it for realism, and weave back and forth like drunkards between the surreal and the real."
- Marguerite Young
(Related: People, Prose, Realism, Style)

"You know raising a family in the lifestyle of a professional athlete can be very difficult."
- Robin Yount
(Related: Family)

"No change in musical style will survive unless it is accompanied by a change in clothing style. Rock is to dress up to."
- Frank Zappa
(Related: Change, Dress, Style, Will)

"Once you've reached the point where you can pay rent, you can go to the vet and you can go to the grocery store, after that point it's all the same. I don't have the appetite for a decadent lifestyle."
- Renee Zellweger
(Related: Appetite)

"I've always been obsessed with style and glamor and if I want anyone to get anything out of my book, it's how we can all have them in our lives."
- Rachel Zoe
(Related: Style, Want)

"One forges one's style on the terrible anvil of daily deadlines."
- Emile Zola
(Related: Style)