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"When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist."
- Akhenaton
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""Stay" is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary."
- Louisa May Alcott
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"You have a good many little gifts and virtues, but there is no need of parading them, for conceit spoils the finest genius. There is not much danger that real talent or goodness will be overlooked long, and the great charm of all power is modesty."
- Louisa May Alcott
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"Conceit spoils the finest genius. There is not much danger that real talent or goodness will be overlooked long; even if it is, the consciousness of possessing and using it well should satisfy one, and the great charm of all power is modesty."
- Louisa May Alcott
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"Brains, integrity, and force may be all very well, but what you need today is Charm. Go ahead and work on your economic programs if you want to, I'll develop my radio personality."
- Gracie Allen
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"Charm is the quality in others, that makes us more satisfied with ourselves."
- Henri Frederic Amiel
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"Where youth and diffidence are united, it requires uncommon steadiness of reason to resist the attraction of being called the most charming girl in the world."
- Jane Austen
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"There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart."
- Jane Austen
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"God gave us faculties for our use; each of them will receive its proper reward. Then do not let us try to charm them to sleep, but permit them to do their work until divinely called to something higher."
- Saint Teresa of Avila
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"I would do it today because the thing that appealed to me was not necessarily the mechanics of the robot, but it was his personality and how funny and charming he was."
- John Badham
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"The great charm and comfort of the system is, that its affects are palpable within a week of trial, which creates a natural stimulus to persevere for few weeks more, when the fact becomes established beyond question."
- William Banting
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"It's a very difficult thing losing a parent, but I think there's an added complication for me, because he was so well-loved and he had this very open charm that made people feel they had a personal relationship with him."
- Kate Beckinsale
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"The belief in charms for protecting newborn infants is very strong in Greece."
- James Theodore Bent
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"Beauty, n: the power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband."
- Ambrose Bierce
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"In two decades I've lost a total of 789 pounds. I should be hanging from a charm bracelet."
- Erma Bombeck
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"One day I undertook a tour through the country, and the diversity and beauties of nature I met with in this charming season, expelled every gloomy and vexatious thought."
- Daniel Boone
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"The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, Whose charms were broken if revealed."
- Charlotte Bronte
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"A man of such obvious and exemplary charm must be a liar."
- Anita Brookner
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"Charm is a glow within a woman that casts a most becoming light on others."
- John Mason Brown
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"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope."
- John Buchan
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"Thus we hope to teach mythology not as a study, but as a relaxation from study; to give our work the charm of a story-book, yet by means of it to impart a knowledge of an important branch of education."
- Thomas Bulfinch
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"Location work has its charms, and can seem glamorous on the outside, but I think living at home and having the stability of a home life once you've finished work is very underrated!"
- Saffron Burrows
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"It's a very charming movie about the mob - a real stretch for me."
- James Caan
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"You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer 'yes' without having asked any clear question."
- Albert Camus
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"Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question."
- Albert Camus
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"I have always loved truth so passionately that I have often resorted to lying as a way of introducing it into the minds which were ignorant of its charms."
- Giacomo Casanova
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"I enjoy doing press for something that I like, and I think the movie is very fun and charming and clever."
- Thomas Haden Church
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"Brevity is a great charm of eloquence."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
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"And all the charms of face or voice Which I in others see, Are but the recollected choice Of what I feel for thee."
- John Clare
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"I work with Sally and I can see Sally doing that. She is very aggressive. Very fun loving and charming... and pushy in a very competitive way and a very healthy way and a very good actress."
- Dabney Coleman
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"Beloved, till life can charm no more; And mourned, till Pity's self be dead."
- William Collins
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"Music has charms to sooth a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak."
- William Congreve
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"All charming people have something to conceal, usually their total dependence on the appreciation of others."
- Cyril Connolly
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"Bjorn was a different breed, I threw my best material at him, but he would never smile, but that added to the charm when he played me and Mac. We were going nuts and losing our mind and he was sitting back like he was on a Sunday stroll."
- Jimmy Connors
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"Innocence is thought charming because it offers delightful possibilities for exploitation."
- Mason Cooley
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"City people make most of the fuss about the charms of country life."
- Mason Cooley
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"The charms of women were never more powerful never inspired such achievements, as in those immortal periods, when they could neither read nor write."
- Hannah Cowley
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"O, popular applause! what heart of man is proof against thy sweet, seducing charms?"
- William Cowper
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"O solitude, where are the charms That sages have seen in thy face? Better dwell in the midst of alarms, Than reign in this horrible place."
- William Cowper
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"Specifically, we talked about making the character of the prince not so charming, at least in the beginning, and I'm playing around with the preconceptions attached to a character. That's really what intrigued me as well because I thought it would be fun to do it."
- Hugh Dancy
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"What a delightful thing is the conversation of specialists! One understands absolutely nothing and it's charming."
- Edgar Degas
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"A woman has to be intelligent, have charm, a sense of humor, and be kind. It's the same qualities I require from a man."
- Catherine Deneuve
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"I'd kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs."
- Cameron Diaz
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"I feel for Veronica Mars so much when I'm watching at home. It is a wonderful story. The writing is consistently funny, biting, charming, heart-wrenching, etc. I also like the look of it. The cinematography - different from any other show."
- Jason Dohring
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"I then realized that I could never be satisfied again with the mere natural charm of my voice, that I had to constantly paint when singing, melting all the colors, expressing reds and blacks that had to be less primary but bursting with subtly colored combinations."
- Placido Domingo
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"My father knew the charming side of my mother, and my mother thought that he was attentive and pleasant and was an architect, which was a respectable profession, but I don't think that they actually got to know one another deeply."
- Christopher Durang
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"There is no personal charm so great as the charm of a cheerful temperament."
- Henry Van Dyke
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"The writers are writing human beings, and they're writing about the human condition and how difficult it is to function in that condition. I think it's one of the charms of the show, the idea of redemption and working towards becoming better people, for everybody involved."
- George Dzundza
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"An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit."
- Pliny the Elder
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"'Charm' - which means the power to effect work without employing brute force - is indispensable to women. Charm is a woman's strength just as strength is a man's charm."
- Henry Ellis
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"There's a difference between beauty and charm. A beautiful woman is one I notice. A charming woman is one who notices me."
- John Erskine
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"I always looked for a man to rescue me and bring me happiness. I bought into that myth, of course, and looked for my own Prince Charming."
- Linda Evans
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"Charming women can true converts make, We love the precepts for the teacher's sake."
- George Farquhar
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"Also, it's risky to try to duplicate earlier success. Magician had a certain charm to it, mostly due to my choice of lead characters, that I would be hard put to duplicate."
- Raymond E. Feist
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"When people are taken out of their depths they lose their heads, no matter how charming a bluff they may put up."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald
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"Riches have never fascinated me, unless combined with the greatest charm or distinction."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald
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"Men get to be a mixture of the charming mannerisms of the women they have known."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald
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"One mustn't look at the abyss, because there is at the bottom an inexpressible charm which attracts us."
- Gustave Flaubert
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"Charm, in most men and nearly all women, is a decoration."
- E. M. Forster
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"The truth is that life is delicious, horrible, charming, frightful, sweet, bitter, and that is everything."
- Anatole France
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"One thing above all gives charm to men's thoughts, and this is unrest. A mind that is not uneasy irritates and bores me."
- Anatole France
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"People may flatter themselves just as much by thinking that their faults are always present to other people's minds, as if they believe that the world is always contemplating their individual charms and virtues."
- Elizabeth Gaskell
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"The enchanting charms of this sublime science reveal only to those who have the courage to go deeply into it."
- Carl Friedrich Gauss
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"When the student has her voice under complete control, it is safe to take up the lyric repertoire of Mendelssohn, Old English Songs, etc. How simple and charming they are!"
- Alma Gluck
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"It's not charming to go on a show and say, I dunno. It doesn't fool anybody. There's nothing glamorous about it at all."
- Jeff Goldblum
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"Romance and novel paint beauty in colors more charming than nature, and describe a happiness that humans never taste. How deceptive and destructive are those pictures of consummate bliss!"
- Oliver Goldsmith
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"When lovely woman stoops to folly, and finds too late that men betray, what charm can soothe her melancholy, what art can wash her guilt away?"
- Oliver Goldsmith
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"Youth smiles without any reason. It is one of its chiefest charms."
- Thomas Gray
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"Evolution is what it is. The upper classes have always died out; it's one of the most charming things about them."
- Germaine Greer
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"An ideal wife is one who remains faithful to you but tries to be just as charming as if she weren't."
- Sacha Guitry
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"Remote villages and communities have lost their identity, and their peace and charm have been sacrificed to that worst of abominations, the automobile."
- James Norman Hall
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"I'm not a happy-ending person. I want to know what happens once Cinderella rides off with Prince Charming."
- Melissa Joan Hart
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"There is a lust in man no charm can tame: Of loudly publishing his neighbor's shame: On eagles wings immortal scandals fly, while virtuous actions are born and die."
- William Harvey
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"Of all the Beauties, it is that which attracts the most lasting Admiration, gives the greatest Charm to every thing we say or do, and renders us amiable in every Station, and thro' every Stage of Life."
- Eliza Haywood
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"Charm them with your presence as soon as they look at you."
- Anna Held
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"Age, like distance lends a double charm."
- Oliver Herford
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"Modesty: the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it."
- Oliver Herford
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"I'm a hopeless romantic. It's disgusting. It really is. I've seen 'While You Were Sleeping', like, twenty times, and I still believe in the whole Prince Charming thing."
- Jennifer Love Hewitt
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"Rhyme, that enslaved queen, that supreme charm of our poetry, that creator of our meter."
- Victor Hugo
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"I had hoped that he has mouth smell or something other repelling, but nothing! It was even charming."
- Michelle Hunziker
"Sons have always a rebellious wish to be disillusioned by that which charmed their fathers."
- Aldous Huxley
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"The charm of history and its enigmatic lesson consist in the fact that, from age to age, nothing changes and yet everything is completely different."
- Aldous Huxley
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"I succeeded on sort of chutzpah and charm. No technique at all, didn't know what I was doing, but it worked and the character suited me."
- Jeremy Irons
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"After all, it is the divinity within that makes the divinity without; and I have been more fascinated by a woman of talent and intelligence, though deficient in personal charms, than I have been by the most regular beauty."
- Washington Irving
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"The land of literature is a fairy land to those who view it at a distance, but, like all other landscapes, the charm fades on a nearer approach, and the thorns and briars become visible."
- Washington Irving
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"Because I think every child star suffers through this period because you're not the cute and charming child that you were. You start to grow, and they want to keep you little forever."
- Michael Jackson
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"Why can't you share your bed? The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone. It's very charming. It's very sweet. It's what the whole world should do."
- Michael Jackson
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"Knowing that we were doing good work and the stories were good. They were original and charming. They weren't particularly violent or sexy or any of that. They were just unique and that had a good feel to it."
- Derek Jacobi
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"Money's a horrid thing to follow, but a charming thing to meet."
- Henry James
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"He was incredibly good as Dr Who. He brought all his eccentricities to the role and was so charismatic and charming. He must be the fans firm favourite."
- Louise Jameson
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"There are charms made only for distant admiration."
- Samuel Johnson
(Related: Admiration)

"And my father was a comic. He could play any musical instrument. He loved to perform. He was a wonderfully comedic character. He had the ability to dance and sing and charm and analyze poetry."
- Lynn Johnston
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"Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm."
- John F. Kennedy
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"You know what, I'm very attracted to someone who makes me laugh and is that charming. Really, I could be charmed by anyone. I'm just a sucker for somebody that is charming."
- Beyonce Knowles
"When you meet me, I can be charming and intelligent and reasonable."
- Ted Kotcheff
"Sympathy is charming, but it does not make up for pain."
- Lillie Langtry
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"I've always thought Prince Charming in 'Cinderella' was the most boring role; I'd rather be the Wicked Witch."
- Jude Law
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"Suddenly playing the charming bad guy was my thing."
- Ray Liotta
"The rarest of all things in American life is charm. We spend billions every year manufacturing fake charm that goes under the heading of public relations. Without it, America would be grim indeed."
- Anita Loos
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"I spent an entire evening seated between Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, being charmed from either side. It was pure Hollywood magic."
- Lorna Luft
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"Part of the charm of what I do is the fact that it's completely unrelated to everything that came before."
- Lydia Lunch
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"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage."
- Martin Luther
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"There comes a moment on a journey when something sweet, something irresistible and charming as wine raised to thirsty lips, wells up in the traveller's being."
- Patrick MacGill
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"Stephen King writes a lot of things that are really charming and quirky, and that are more ironic than horror."
- William H. Macy
(Related: Horror)

"But my deepest and most secret love belongs to the fair-haired and the blue-eyed, the bright children of life, the happy, the charming and the ordinary."
- Thomas Mann
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"Alan Ginsberg was fabulous. The man is so filled with energy. He's 65 years old and he's just loaded with energy and charm and wit and his mind is constantly racing."
- Ray Manzarek
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"You will also allow me to thank the Academy for inviting me to lecture in Stockholm, for its hospitality, and for the opportunity afforded me for admiring the charm of your people and the beauty of your country."
- Guglielmo Marconi
(Related: Beauty, People, Opportunity, Charm, Country, Hospitality, Will)

"Charm is a product of the unexpected."
- Jose Marti
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"We are born charming, fresh and spontaneous and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society."
- Judith Martin
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"I've worked with leading men so worried about losing their charm that they were always winking to the audience."
- Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
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"I remember that it was never that difficult for me to get a director to look up and pay attention to me. Mind you, I don't know if that's necessarily charm. But I've played roles where my character has to be charming and I've found it quite easy to do. I think some of it is in my bones, but some of it is more deliberate."
- James McAvoy
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"The shows are either 11 or 22 minutes and they move pretty quickly, and that's part of the charm of them - so it was just trying to keep that in mind and keep the energy of the story moving, even though we were dealing with a longer format."
- Craig McCracken
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"I read all the time. I was reading a book I admire very much by Alice McDermot called Charming Billy."
- John McGahern
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"It's innocence when it charms us, ignorance when it doesn't."
- Mignon McLaughlin
(Related: Ignorance, Innocence)

"Poetry has done enough when it charms, but prose must also convince."
- H. L. Mencken
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"But there is something seductive and the character, Alfie is so charming, and does make you think like you are the most important thing in the world but he's not that nice, is he."
- Sienna Miller
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"I want peace. I want to see if somewhere there isn't something left in life of charm and grace."
- Margaret Mitchell
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"It was kind of scary because working with Woody Allen becomes sort of a big deal in your mind. He directs in that Woody Allen character some of the time - he has these idiosyncrasies that are really charming and funny."
- Radha Mitchell
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"They seem to be charmed by my Southern accent."
- Cleo Moore
"In my opinion, I think sarcasm and humor in a song, without turning it into a novelty song, is really charming."
- Alanis Morissette
(Related: Humor, Novelty, Opinion, Sarcasm, Song)

"I now resolved to go to bed early, with a firm purpose of also rising early the next day to revisit this charming walk; for I thought to myself, I have now seen this temple of the modern world imperfectly; I have seen it only by moonlight."
- Karl Philipp Moritz
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"Even that crazy lunatic, my aunt the Empress, wa absolutely sweet and charming."
- Lord Mountbatten
"Nevertheless the passions, whether violent or not, should never be so expressed as to reach the point of causing disgust; and music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music."
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(Related: Music, Charm, Disgust, Horror)

"Falling out of love is chiefly a matter of forgetting how charming someone is."
- Iris Murdoch
(Related: Love)

"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open."
- Jawaharlal Nehru
(Related: Beauty, Adventure, Charm, End, Eyes, Open, World)

"There is an atmosphere about the picture theatre that speaks of entertainment and relaxation. The charming surroundings, good music, and the fact that each visitor is determined to enjoy a few hours of holiday all exert an influence on the mind."
- Ivor Novello
(Related: Music, Entertainment, Fact, Holiday, Influence, Mind, Relaxation, Theatre)

"I've had a pretty charmed life, so there's nothing that I need to take too seriously right now."
- Larisa Oleynik
(Related: Life, Nothing, Now, Pretty, Right)

"I think that one of Elvis' charms was that he could sing almost any kind of music. I am sure that in his heart, which I don't know what was there, but just from his singing I could feel that he was very partial to gospel music."
- Patti Page
(Related: Music, Heart, Singing)

"Everything has been homogenized. Over time, with television and jet travel, everybody has blended together. Some of our wonderful charm has been lost."
- Bruce Paltrow
(Related: Time, Travel, Charm, Television)

"Americans like the British kind of quirkiness and the strange accent. They find it kind of cute or something, with a certain charm."
- Nick Park
(Related: Americans, Charm, Cute)

"The charm of fame is so great that we like every object to which it is attached, even death."
- Blaise Pascal
(Related: Death, Charm, Fame)

"When we see a natural style, we are astonished and charmed; for we expected to see an author, and we find a person."
- Blaise Pascal
(Related: Style)

"Only actions give life strength; only moderation gives it charm."
- Jean Paul
(Related: Life, Strength, Actions, Charm, Moderation)

"Early in the morning, I fell in love with the girl that later on became my wife. At that time, we were so naive. I wanted to charm her, so I read her Capital by Marx. I thought somehow she would be convinced by the strength of his criticism about capital."
- Shimon Peres
(Related: Love, Time, Wife, Thought, Strength, Charm, Criticism)

"The Prince, charmed with these words, and much more with the manner in which they were spoken, knew not how to show his joy and gratitude; he assured her that he loved her better than he did himself."
- Charles Perrault
(Related: Gratitude, Joy, Words)

"I used to be a real prince charming if I went on a date with a girl. But then I'd get to where I was likely to have a stroke from the stress of keeping up my act. I've since learned the key to a good date is to pay attention on her."
- Matthew Perry
(Related: Act, Attention, Key, Stress)

"I don't think there's been any writer like Samuel Beckett. He's unique. He was a most charming man and I used to send him my plays."
- Harold Pinter
(Related: Man, Writer)

"Democracy... is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder; and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequals alike."
- Plato
(Related: Equality, Government, Democracy, Disorder, Variety)

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."
- Plato
(Related: Life, Music, Imagination, Soul, Charm, Law, Mind, Universe)

"Here is Mike Wallace, who is visible to the public, and I have been watching him since the early '50s. Smoking up a storm and insulting his guests and being absolutely wonderfully evil and charming too."
- Christopher Plummer
(Related: Being, Evil, Guests, Public, Smoking)

"The first time my father saw me in the flesh was on the stage, which is a bit weird. We went out to dinner, and he was charming and sweet, but I did all the talking."
- Christopher Plummer
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"Beauties in vain their pretty eyes may roll; charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul."
- Alexander Pope
(Related: Soul, Eyes, May, Merit, Pretty, Sight)

"Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul."
- Alexander Pope
(Related: Soul, Merit, Sight)

"The charms of the passing woman are generally in direct proportion to the swiftness of her passing."
- Marcel Proust
(Related: Woman)

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
- Marcel Proust
(Related: People)

"As we celebrate President Reagan's remarkable career and historic legacy, we also celebrate a man of strong character, deep conviction, unforgettable charm, and wonderful wit."
- Jim Ramstad
(Related: Character, Career, Charm, Conviction, Deep, Man, President, Remarkable, Wit)

"No, sir, I'm not saying that charming, witty and warm copy won't sell. I'm just saying I've seen thousands of charming, witty campaigns that didn't sell."
- Rosser Reeves
(Related: Saying, Witty)

"I'm a charming coward; I fight with words."
- Carl Reiner
(Related: Fight, Words)

"There's no secret to working with kids. They either charm you and you can work with them, or they don't charm you and you feel you're stuck with them."
- Jerome Robbins
(Related: Work, Charm, Kids)

"George Pal had total control, and he was there on the set every day. You never met a more charming man in your entire lifetime - what a lovely gentleman."
- Ann Robinson
(Related: Control, Day, Gentleman)

"When a man spends his time giving his wife criticism and advice instead of compliments, he forgets that it was not his good judgment, but his charming manners, that won her heart."
- Helen Rowland
(Related: Time, Wife, Heart, Advice, Compliments, Criticism, Giving, Judgment, Man, Manners)

"A man can become so accustomed to the thought of his own faults that he will begin to cherish them as charming little "personal characteristics.""
- Helen Rowland
(Related: Thought, Faults, Man, Will)

"The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming, and seeks to be feared rather than loved. To this type belong many lunatics and most of the great men of history."
- Bertrand Russell
(Related: History, Men, Fact, Wishes)

"It perhaps has a chance, a commercial chance, this film. It's funny, it's charming, the idea is original, it's unusual and it makes fun of the movie industry in a way that it needs to be poked fun at."
- Mark Rydell
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"A really plain woman is one who, however beautiful, neglects to charm."
- Edgar Saltus
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"We were watching the first series recently, and it has a charm, a kind of amateur charm. At that point we didn't involve ourselves technically at all - we just messed about and told our jokes - and it looks a bit like that."
- Jennifer Saunders
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"Surely these women won't lose any more of their beauty and charm by putting a ballot in a ballot box once a year than they are likely to lose standing in foundries or laundries all year round. There is no harder contest than the contest for bread, let me tell you that."
- Rose Schneiderman
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"Faces that have charmed us the most escape us the soonest."
- Walter Scott
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"Time's stern tide, with cold Oblivion's wave, Shall soon dissolve each fair, each fading charm."
- Anna Seward
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"I bear a charmed life."
- William Shakespeare
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"Charming people live up to the very edge of their charm, and behave as outrageously as the world lets them."
- Logan P. Smith
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"I was raised to be charming, not sincere."
- Stephen Sondheim
"Depression is melancholy minus its charms - the animation, the fits."
- Susan Sontag
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"A show that no one thought had a chance has just finished its fifth year: Charmed. I think it's tougher for the younger networks, so I think they have a little more patience for the sake of the show. But who knows?"
- Aaron Spelling
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"The French are the wittiest, the most charming, and up to the present, at all events, the least musical race on Earth."
- Stendhal
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"Do you know the difference between a beautiful woman and a charming one? A beauty is a woman you notice, a charmer is one who notices you."
- Adlai E. Stevenson
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"A beauty is a woman you notice; a charmer is one who notices you."
- Adlai E. Stevenson
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"First, there is the bare beauty of the logs themselves with their long lines and firm curves. Then there is the open charm felt of the structural features which are not hidden under plaster and ornament, but are clearly revealed, a charm felt in Japanese architecture."
- Gustav Stickley
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"Michael was very specific during rehearsals. When he was pleased, he always had this charming grin."
- Madeleine Stowe
"The name of Jesus, like a secret charm, awakened similar emotions in the hearts of all the converts, and called immediately into action every feeling of moral loveliness, and every desire of dutiful obedience, which constitute Christian purity."
- John Strachan
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"This terrifying world is not devoid of charms, of the mornings that make waking up worthwhile."
- Wislawa Szymborska
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"Things forbidden have a secret charm."
- Tacitus
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"Reservoir Dogs is a small film, and part of its charm was that it was a small film. I'd probably make it for $3 million now so I'd have more breathing room."
- Quentin Tarantino
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"No siren did ever so charm the ear of the listener as the listening ear has charmed the soul of the siren."
- Henry Taylor
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"She ne'er was really charming till she died."
- Terence
"I'm not sure I can explain the nature of Jack Kennedy's charm, but he took life just as it came."
- Gene Tierney
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"There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable."
- Mark Twain
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"I guess I'm a little charmed. I never thought this would happen so quick."
- Skeet Ulrich
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"Power without abuse loses its charm."
- Paul Valery
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"I find that acrylics dry very fast - which is supposed to be its charm; however, I find that because of that quality they don't blend as nicely as the oils. The oils, for one thing, are softer and more flexible than the acrylics. Also, the colors are brighter with oils."
- Boris Vallejo
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"What is the use of theorizing as to wherein lies the charm that moves us?"
- Alfred de Vigny
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"Do you know that charming part of our country which has been called the garden of France - that spot where, amid verdant plains watered by wide streams, one inhales the purest air of heaven?"
- Alfred de Vigny
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"I had lived a charmed life, and then I lost a beautiful woman I loved with all my heart."
- Robert Wagner
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"I don't carry lucky charms, but I believe in those things."
- Christopher Walken
"I keep a lucky red rag in my pocket when I bat, which has been a good luck charm for a few years."
- Steve Waugh
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"The best of a book is not the thought which it contains, but the thought which it suggests; just as the charm of music dwells not in the tones but in the echoes of our hearts."
- John Greenleaf Whittier
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"The one charm about marriage is that it makes a life of deception absolutely necessary for both parties."
- Oscar Wilde
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"It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."
- Oscar Wilde
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"Charm is the ability to make someone else think that both of you are pretty wonderful."
- Kathleen Winsor
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"But I was very, very unhappy because my mother was very charming and generous, but to me, very dominating."
- Beatrice Wood
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"What is this powerful have over my tub? Surely, I am transfixed by your firecracker charm and your suspended electrified wit."
- Isabel Yosito
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"A charming woman is a busy woman."
- Loretta Young
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"A charming woman... doesn't follow the crowd. She is herself."
- Loretta Young
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"When I first met Sean Connery he was as charming and wonderful as I first anticipated. I left Rome thinking: even if I don't do this, at least I have had a day with Sean."
- Catherine Zeta-Jones
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