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"The time to enjoy a European trip is about three weeks after unpacking."
- George Ade
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"Well, in 1947... in Europe and in Italy especially, we thought of America as all-powerful."
- Giovanni Agnelli
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"And the Marshall Plan, to us, meant a general who had turned into a secretary of state, and that the secretary of state saw the necessity of the reconstruction of these European countries that had suffered so heavily."
- Giovanni Agnelli
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"In the immediate postwar years, the whole of Europe was in a recession. So first of all, it helped us step out of a recession; it gave a certain amount of speed to the economy. But that was the first step."
- Giovanni Agnelli
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"I am very proud to be a part of the Livestrong Foundation. I am maybe only a member but I give everything I can to be sure that people understand that cancer is a disease for everybody - not only in France, in Europe, in Asia, it is all over the world. We must fight together, we must make something to fight the cancer, we must Livestrong."
- Greg Akcelrod
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"Apprentice is the beginner - the first years you work in a craft in the European sense you are an apprentice. That takes 3 or 4 years. Then you are a journeyman. You can go from one master to another and learn other tricks and other secrets."
- Josef Albers
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"I was in Europe and it was at this stage that I fell in love with Americans in uniform. And I continue to have that love affair."
- Madeleine Albright
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"To understand Europe, you have to be a genius - or French."
- Madeleine Albright
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"I confront the European elite's self-image as tolerant 'while under their noses women are living like slaves."
- Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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"Perhaps more than any other disease before or since, syphilis in early modern Europe provoked the kind of widespread moral panic that AIDS revived when it struck America in the 1980s."
- Peter Lewis Allen
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"We played the same thing in Europe we played in the States."
- Luther Allison
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"Well, I first started going to Europe in the late '70s."
- Luther Allison
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"Historians don't really like to carry on speculative debates, but you could certainly argue that the likelihood of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe was extremely, extremely low."
- Aldrich Ames
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"Since Europe is dependent on imports of energy and most of its raw materials, it can be subdued, if not quite conquered, without all those nuclear weapons the Soviets have aimed at it simply through the shipping routes and raw materials they control."
- Barbara Amiel
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"By now it is evident that the Soviet Union must gain control of Europe to maintain its empire."
- Barbara Amiel
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"Of course the barbarians' aim of world domination has not escaped the attention of the Europeans, perhaps because unlike us they are closer to the walls."
- Barbara Amiel
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"An important impression was my father's one Sabbatical year, spent in England and Europe in 1937."
- Philip Warren Anderson
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"I had to choose between American and British actors, and it didn't take me more than a second to decide: Russians are Europeans and should be played by other Europeans."
- Jean-Jacques Annaud
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"British actors behave like Europeans; they are also extremely well trained."
- Jean-Jacques Annaud
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"Thank God we're not like America: everyone wants to look like they're 20. In Europe we admire grown-up women. I think men revere older women."
- Francesca Annis
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"Maimed but still magnificent... Europe's mightiest medieval cathedral."
- R. W. Apple, Jr.
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"Oh yeah, our first tour in Europe they wouldn't give me the time off from work."
- Tom Araya
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"Why did I spend all these years playing boring Europeans? I was made for action movies."
- Asia Argento
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"The foreign accent was a promise, and indeed, all over the country, European imports added spice to the sciences, the arts, and other areas. What one had to give was not considered inferior to what one received."
- Rudolf Arnheim
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"To be in Florence is to reflect on Europe's intricate diversity - and its lost creativity."
- Timothy Garton Ash
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"Yet another thing Canadians and Europeans have in common is an obsession with the United States, and with distinguishing themselves from it, often by crude stereotyping."
- Timothy Garton Ash
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"No country in Europe has a larger proportion of men and women of immigrant descent, mainly from the African continent and mainly Muslim: an estimated six to seven million of them, or more than 10% of the population."
- Timothy Garton Ash
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"Canadians tend to be a bit more religious than most Europeans - though not more than the Poles or Ukrainians. Most important, their attitude to immigration and ethnic minorities is more positive than that of most Europeans."
- Timothy Garton Ash
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"After saying yes to Turkey, the EU is having difficulty finding clear and consistent grounds for saying no to other, still more remote candidates - but being in the general vicinity of Europe does seem to be a continuing requirement."
- Timothy Garton Ash
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"My second job has been to try to use my power to create institutions of a modern state that could enter the European Union, and there was very little time. The door was closing, and I wanted to get Bosnia through before it shut."
- Paddy Ashdown
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"I feel fully decided that we should all go to Europe together and to work as if an established Partnership for Life consisting of Husband Wife and Children."
- John James Audubon
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"After all, I long to be in America again, nay, if I can go home to return no more to Europe, it seems to me that I shall ever enjoy more peace of mind, and even Physical comfort than I can meet with in any portion of the world beside."
- John James Audubon
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"She saw too that man has the power of exceeding himself, of becoming himself more entirely and profoundly than he is, truths which have only recently begun to be seen in Europe and seem even now too great for its common intelligence."
- Sri Aurobindo
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"The papacy again, representing the traditional unity of European civilization, has also shown itself unable to limit effectively the push of nationalism."
- Irving Babbitt
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"I skated in ice shows all over Europe and South Africa for 20 years. I love to ice skate."
- Kenny Baker
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"The First World War, and especially the latest one, largely swept away what was left in Europe of feudalism and of feudal landlords, especially in Poland, Hungary, and the South East generally."
- Emily Greene Balch
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"Europe has what we do not have yet, a sense of the mysterious and inexorable limits of life, a sense, in a word, of tragedy. And we have what they sorely need: a sense of life's possibilities."
- James Baldwin
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"We can prevent Europe from becoming a spiritless machine that, in the end, grinds to a halt."
- Jan Peter Balkenende
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"The generation which lived through the Second World War is disappearing. Post-war generations see Europe's great achievements - liberty, peace and prosperity - as a given."
- Jan Peter Balkenende
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"Terrorism is an evil that threatens all the countries in Europe. Vigorous cooperation in the European Union and worldwide is crucial in order to meet this evil head on."
- Jan Peter Balkenende
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"In 1990 we ran across Europe through 13 countries and covering 7,130 miles."
- Dennis Banks
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"Who knows but that England may revive in New South Wales when it has sunk in Europe."
- Joseph Banks
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"In addressing you I feel that I am not so much speaking to the representatives of diverse States of Europe and America as to the exponents of principles and hopes that are common to us all, and without which our life on earth would be a life without horizon or prospect."
- Henry Campbell Bannerman
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"Jewish intellectuals contributed a great deal to insure that Europe became a continent of humanism, and it is with these humanist ideals that Europe must now intervene in the Middle East conflict."
- Daniel Barenboim
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"They have some pretty tough gun laws in Japan, as they do in any other civilized country in the world, and they're not killing each other off with firearms. You have very violent films in Europe, yet it's not causing the mayhem we see in our streets routinely here."
- Michael D. Barnes
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"And so by the fifteenth century, on October 8, the Europeans were looking for a new place to try to get to, and they came up with a new concept: the West."
- Dave Barry
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"I had always loved expressionist painting, like every European. In fact I admired it all the more because these were precisely the paintings despised by my father's generation."
- Georg Baselitz
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"San Francisco is perhaps the most European of all American cities."
- Cecil Beaton
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"I held a conference in Harvard where Americans said they didn't believe in risk. They thought it was just European hysteria. Then the terrorist attacks happened and there was a complete conversion. Suddenly terrorism was the central risk."
- Ulrich Beck
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"Europe itself is an embodiment of this diversity."
- Ulrich Beck
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"When they come to Europe, they are confronted by still closed borders. Thus, the concept of open borders is a very selective concept, one that is not taken seriously at all in the experience of non-Europeans."
- Ulrich Beck
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"Nonetheless, we continue to be obsessed with finding or inventing a European nation which, as in the nation state, guarantees homogeneity and thus an appropriate form of democracy and centralized government."
- Ulrich Beck
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"King Crimson will soon be touring parts of Europe."
- Adrian Belew
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"No matter who becomes chancellor, Poland and Germany will remain neighbours, strategic partners, not only within the European Union, but also world partners, and I don't believe anything could change in our relations."
- Marek Belka
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"The Holocaust committed by the Nazis turned this country, where most of the European Jews used to live and where their culture used to flourish, into a massive grave. This is why initiatives to revive Jewish culture in Poland is so important."
- Marek Belka
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"Europe, in legend, has always been the home of subtle philosophical discussion; America was the land of grubby pragmatism."
- Daniel Bell
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"Colonialism is an idea born in the West that drives Western countries - like France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain - to occupy countries outside of Europe."
- Ahmed Ben Bella
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"It may be said that modern Europe with teachers who inform it that its realist instincts are beautiful, acts ill and honors what is ill."
- Julien Benda
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"All Europe, including Erasmus, has followed Luther."
- Julien Benda
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"The fact that the church is convinced of not having the right to confer priestly ordination on women is now considered by some as irreconcilable with the European Constitution."
- Pope Benedict XVI
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"I am not 100% English, I am actually part Italian and even part Hungarian. Therefore I feel very much part of Europe both in my upbringing and outlook."
- Bruce Bennett
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"The average European does not seem to feel free until he succeeds in enslaving and oppressing others."
- Bernard Berenson
"If the cultural elite has its way, the U.S. will be much more like Europe."
- Peter L. Berger
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"Well, I think I was always sort of reflecting where I was and my sense of surroundings and ecology, urban or country, or foreign, living in Europe, very affected by all of that."
- Daniel Berrigan
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"In America, they shoot budgets and schedules, and they don't shoot films any more. There's more opportunity in Europe to make films that at least have a purity of intent."
- Paul Bettany
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"Taking the entire globe, if North America and Western Europe can be called the 'cities of the world', then Asia, Africa and Latin America constitute 'the rural areas of the world'."
- Lin Biao
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"But I think it's a little different in Europe, because 40 is really the best age for a woman. That's when we hit our peak and become this ripe fruit."
- Juliette Binoche
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"Whoever speaks of Europe is wrong: it is a geographical expression."
- Otto Von Bismarck
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"This film business, perhaps more so in America than in Europe, has always been about young sexuality. It's not true of theatre, but in America, film audiences are young. It's not an intellectual cinema in America."
- Jacqueline Bisset
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"Compared to America or Europe, God isn't a big part of our lives here. I don't know anyone here who goes to church when he's had a rough divorce or is going through depression. We go out into nature instead."
- Bjork
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"We have to withdraw from this undemocratic institution and ensure that these people no longer have any influence on British affairs. We would like to see other European nations do the same thing. I think that will happen."
- Steve Blake
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"I do not intend, we do not intend, that any party shall survive, if we can help it, that will lay the confiscating hand upon Americans in the interest of England or of Europe."
- Richard Parks Bland
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"The aristocracy of Western Europe has absolutely tabooed silver in those countries and driven it away from there. Here it finds its only resting place."
- Richard Parks Bland
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"Instead of explaining the sober facts of mechanics and electricity, I want to say a few words about the debt which we owe to youth; and with your permission I shall consider you as representing here not only the academic youth of Sweden nor even of Europe but also of America."
- Felix Bloch
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"While the United States has largely been missing in action from the diplomatic game, the European Union and Iran have been making progress at developing a formula that would lead to the suspension of Iran's nuclear enrichment program and the start of serious negotiations."
- Earl Blumenauer
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"I will buy any creme, cosmetic, or elixir from a woman with a European accent."
- Erma Bombeck
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"But it is important to observe that when Europe or the United Nations impose sanctions that are supposed to be aimed against a certain regime, usually generally millions of people end up being directly punished."
- Omar Bongo
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"Kosovo's destiny is clearly to join the European Union at some point."
- Emma Bonino
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"There aren't many people who say that Europe is a territory, or Asia is a territory - it'd be suicide. And there are even more people in America than in Europe. I think it's strange, really. I basically see it as loads of different places."
- Sean Booth
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"It's like night and day... to do business, in Europe, there is no bull, they are pretty straightforward."
- Caprice Bourret
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"Compared to the United States, physicians in Europe have a much more conservative approach to joint replacement in general."
- Allen Boyd
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"So, the international community are all the countries that are important: the United States definitely everywhere; the European Union because it is very important, and also, they do show a great deal of international responsibility; and then the local players."
- Lakhdar Brahimi
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"I do not overlook the fact that the appearance of these new, free nations in the European political community not only celebrates the return of the prodigal son but also creates new sources of friction here and there."
- Hjalmar Branting
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"Most African Americans, especially the men and women from my generation, would accept the nationalist gambit that says only European Americans can be racists, which is an interesting gambit."
- Anthony Braxton
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"But it is obvious that our fathers, whose efforts have planted these great and prosperous cities along the once lonely trails of our own broad land, received all the fundamentals of civilization as a heritage from their European ancestors."
- James H. Breasted
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"In the more recently disclosed field of history in the ancient Near East, however, there has been no such sense of responsibility displayed by historians either in Europe or America."
- James H. Breasted
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"Whatever else may divide us, Europe is our common home; a common fate has linked us through the centuries, and it continues to link us today."
- Leonid I. Brezhnev
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"This means that the search for a formula of European cooperation in connection with the League of Nations, far from weakening the authority of this latter must and can only tend to strengthen it, for it is closely connected with its aims."
- Aristide Briand
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"The European organisation contemplated could not oppose any ethnic group, on other continents or in Europe itself, outside of the League of Nations, any more than it could oppose the League of Nations."
- Aristide Briand
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"Among peoples who are geographically grouped together like the peoples of Europe there must exist a sort of federal link. It is this link which I wish to endeavour to establish."
- Aristide Briand
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"In some European theaters, it's still not uncommon to have a late start and three LONG intermissions, because people actually eat and drink and converse during the intermissions."
- Joe Bob Briggs
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"So an autobiography about death should include, in my case, an account of European Jewry and of Russian and Jewish events - pogroms and flights and murders and the revolution that drove my mother to come here."
- Harold Brodkey
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"My breakthrough as a reader was when I discovered the European adventure story writers - Alexander Dumas, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, to name a few."
- Terry Brooks
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"I wonder if those people shown protesting the deployment of nuclear weapons to western Europe during the Reagan era are feeling appropriately stupid today. 'Please don't take away our precious Soviet Union! - We demand the annihilation of all life on Earth!'"
- Craig Bruce
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"Well, as a general remark, I would say that I was discouraged by the physical and economic conditions in continental Europe after the war."
- David Bruce
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"Today osteoporosis affects more than 75 million people in the United States, Europe and Japan and causes more than 2.3 million fractures in the USA and Europe alone."
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
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"But our system of regulation must keep up with this. If it fails to keep up, it will hold back economic expansion. We need financial market regulation that works at national and European level."
- John Bruton
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"European investment in Texas alone exceeds all U.S. investment in China and Japan put together."
- John Bruton
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"U.S. companies rely on the European market for more than half of their global foreign profits."
- John Bruton
"The European Union is the world's most successful invention for advancing peace."
- John Bruton
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"The E.U. has moved to combat global terrorism by instituting common European arrest and evidence warrants and creating a joint situation center to pool and analyze intelligence."
- John Bruton
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"Since creation of the E.U. a half century ago, Europe has enjoyed the longest period of peace in its history."
- John Bruton
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"I have friends who have a CD mastering plant in Hollywood and they are very sceptical about European record labels' understanding of digital technology."
- Gavin Bryars
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"The first and most important is to emphasize the enduring nature of the alliance relationship particularly with Europe which does share our values and interests even if it disagrees with us on specific policies."
- Zbigniew Brzezinski
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"We should seek to cooperate with Europe, not to divide Europe to a fictitious new and a fictitious old."
- Zbigniew Brzezinski
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"We should be therefore supporting a larger Europe, and in so doing we should strive to expand the zone of peace and prosperity in the world which is the necessary foundation for a stable international system in which our leadership could be fruitfully exercised."
- Zbigniew Brzezinski
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"If the Europeans want to intervene, that's their business. But if I were president, I would remove every United States soldier from the Balkan peninsula."
- Pat Buchanan
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"These old ballparks are like cathedrals in America. We don't have big old Gothic cathedrals like they do in Europe. But we got baseball parks."
- Jimmy Buffett
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"ON the decline of the Roman power, about five centuries after Christ, the countries of Northern Europe were left almost destitute of a national government."
- Thomas Bulfinch
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"The history of England, who has always dealt most harshly with her vanquished foe in the few European wars in which she has taken part in modern times, gives us Germans an idea of the fate in store for us if defeated."
- Bernhard von Bulow
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"For the sake of our interests, as well as of our honour and dignity, we were obliged to see that we won for our international policy the same independence that we had secured for our European policy."
- Bernhard von Bulow
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"With European powers no new subjects of difficulty have arisen, and those which were under discussion, although not terminated, do not present a more unfavorable aspect for the future preservation of that good understanding which it has ever been our desire to cultivate."
- Martin Van Buren
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"But the age of chivalry is gone. That of sophisters, economists, and calculators has succeeded; and the glory of Europe is extinguished forever."
- Edmund Burke
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"The Gentlemen of England serve under the greatest cad in Europe."
- John Burns
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"I sometimes read in a gossip column that I was at a party when I was in Europe at the time. It sometimes feels I've got a Doppelganger somewhere."
- Candace Bushnell
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"John Paul II, above all, managed to contain the huge mass of frustration, of hate that had accumulated in that region, in favour of a peaceful transition. This was, without doubt, something that changed European history."
- Rocco Buttiglione
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"For Europe, the fall of Communism has to be taken into account, and the fact that in the fight against Communism the recovery of Europe's Christian roots was the driving force."
- Rocco Buttiglione
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"Important as economic unification is for the recovery of Germany and of Europe, the German people must recognize that the basic cause of their suffering and distress is the war which the Nazi dictatorship brought upon the world."
- James F. Byrnes
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"We intend to continue our interest in the affairs of Europe and of the world."
- James F. Byrnes
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"That's what George wrote! He wrote it. Why change it? There was this European company that I was speaking about awhile ago - course, didn't nobody know what Porgy was."
- Cab Calloway
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"All electoral laws in Europe are more democratic than they are in the United States."
- Peter Camejo
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"That's what they do in Europe. You go down to the city hall and you become legally connected. You have a civil union there. Then, if you're religious, you go down to the church, and the church blesses the union. That gets the problem solved."
- Tony Campolo
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"So Europe's a big driver. And at one point, if the euro hadn't devalued, they would have been making as much money as the US with half the stores. Returns were higher."
- Jim Cantalupo
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"The markets where we've got real good presence are the older, more mature markets like Australia, and Western Europe - where we've only got 6,000 stores, compared to the US with 13,000."
- Jim Cantalupo
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"We won the European Championship last September and now the world title. That is some year for French beach soccer! Now comes the hard part. We have to keep improving and that's difficult because it's tough to do better than winning a world title."
- Eric Cantona
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"Following the war in Europe a large increase of European immigration to the United States is to be expected, of which the largest part is and always has been made up of men skilled in farming."
- Arthur Capper
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"Europe cannot confine itself to the cultivation of its own garden."
- Juan Carlos
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"The European public has always been great to me."
- Kim Carnes
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"My sisters and I were fortunate to travel through Asia and Europe at very young ages. We confronted extraordinary beauty in Athens and unspeakable poverty in India."
- Mary Chapin Carpenter
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"Those who have always had faith in its final success can do no less than rejoice as if it was our own triumph after five years of daily struggle to impose Cuban music on the European continent."
- Alejo Carpentier
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"Soon, nostalgia will be another name for Europe."
- Angela Carter
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"I toured in Europe first, before I did any touring in the U.S. It was with Jimmy Nail and others."
- Deana Carter
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"Talking about a materialistic thing, I get about 13 times more royalties from Europe than I do from America."
- Elliott Carter
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"Since I'm allergic to various things, the army wouldn't accept me during the war, and I got into the Office of War Information, which sent music to Europe."
- Elliott Carter
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"I mean the public likes it more in Europe than they do here because the state supported organizations have felt that playing contemporary music was part of the education of the public."
- Elliott Carter
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"The inferior complex is now extended to all Europe, save Nordics."
- Emanuel Celler
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"Now, most of the new immigrants coming to this country are from Asia as opposed to Europe."
- Iris Chang
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"The United Nations was founded in the aftermath of World War II, just as the world was beginning to learn the full horrors of history's worst genocide, the Holocaust that consumed 6 million Jews and 3 million others in Europe."
- Linda Chavez
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"Romania and Bulgaria were particularly irresponsible. If they wanted to diminish their chances of joining Europe they could not have found a better way."
- Jacques Chirac
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"The construction of Europe is an art. It is the art of the possible."
- Jacques Chirac
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"In fact, Tibet is one of the most popular European tourist attraction of asia."
- Alex Chiu
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"The Goddess of Old Europe and Ancient Crete represented the unity of life in nature, delight in the diversity of form, the powers of birth, death and regeneration."
- Carol P. Christ
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"In Old Europe and Ancient Crete, women were respected for their roles in the discovery of agriculture and for inventing the arts of weaving and pottery making."
- Carol P. Christ
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"Germany is an economic giant but a political midget, and with the end of the Cold War she has started to muscle her presence throughout Europe and the world."
- Christo
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"You know, it's been President Clinton's dream that we'll have finally a fully integrated Europe; and the steps that NATO will take to expand to the East, that's a commitment."
- Warren Christopher
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"It will be undertaken, of course, in the June or July summit, and then to bring NATO closer to Russia or vice versa is a way to move toward integration - toward the integration of Europe."
- Warren Christopher
(Related: Europe, July, June, Russia, Vice, Will)

"It's been President Clinton's dream that we'll have finally a fully integrated Europe."
- Warren Christopher
(Related: Dream, Europe, President)

"For the whole of Western Europe, I know the business community quite good."
- Anatoly Chubais
(Related: Business, Community, Europe)

"Baldwin thought Europe was a bore, and Chamberlain thought it was only a greater Birmingham."
- Winston Churchill
(Related: Thought, Europe)

"We are asking the nations of Europe between whom rivers of blood have flowed to forget the feuds of a thousand years."
- Winston Churchill
(Related: Blood, Europe, Forget, Nations, Rivers, Years)

"To be awarded a prize which takes its name from an illustrious Dutchman who at the same time was a great citizen of Europe and through his writings did so much to open up our modern world of sensibility and thought is indeed a most signal honour."
- John G. D. Clark
(Related: Time, Thought, Europe, Name, Open, Sensibility, World)

"Europe and America must act together in the face of evil. It's high time for Americans and Europeans to restore that unity and be able to take actions collectively together."
- Wesley Clark
(Related: Time, Act, Actions, America, Americans, Europe, Evil, Unity)

"I cannot remember a time in opposition - I am talking about the last four years - when we have done less work on policy and more on slogans. But because of my European views I wasn't allowed to participate."
- Kenneth Clarke
(Related: Time, Work, Policy, Opposition, Talking, Years)

"We don't have enough support for maternal leave and the kinds of things that some of the European countries do. So we still make it hard on women to go into the work force and feel that they can be good at work but then doing the most important job, which is raising your children in a responsible and positive way."
- Hillary Clinton
(Related: Women, Work, Positive, Children, Countries, Force, Job, Support)

"I also believe that we have an extraordinary opportunity for the United States and European Union to lead the world in developing and implementing new and more efficient technologies - smart electrical grids and electrical vehicles."
- Hillary Clinton
(Related: Opportunity, states, United, World)

"You may keep Turkey on the map of Europe, you may call the country by the name of Turkey if you like, but do not think you can keep up the Mahommedan rule in the country."
- Richard Cobden
(Related: Country, Europe, May, Name, Turkey)

"Europe is usually where I am usually galloping around."
- Joe Cocker
(Related: Europe)

"I say that I represent this movement because my intellectual allegiances are clearly European, not African."
- J. M. Coetzee
(Related: African)

"In 1977 we played America and Europe three times, and Japan - my marriage suffered as a result. My then wife took the kids to Canada to be near her parents."
- Phil Collins
(Related: Marriage, Wife, America, Canada, Europe, Kids, Parents, Result)

"When we're touring America or Europe, we use our own plane and a great advantage of that is it cuts out an awful lot of time checking in. You literally drive up to the plane, get on and then drive off at the other end."
- Phil Collins
(Related: Time, America, End, Europe)

"We stayed in some pretty shabby places in Europe."
- Phil Collins
(Related: Europe, Pretty)

"In Hollywood through the 50s, there were black, English, and Middle European housekeepers and maids."
- Bill Condon
(Related: English, Hollywood)

"I've had lengthy discussions with European farm leaders. It is clear they have an agricultural strategy to support their producers and gain dominance in world agricultural trade. They're gaining markets the old-fashioned way - they're buying them."
- Kent Conrad
(Related: Strategy, Buying, Gain, Leaders, Old, Support, Trade, World)

"Democrats couldn't care less if people in Indiana hate them. But if Europeans curl their lips, liberals can't look at themselves in the mirror."
- Ann Coulter
(Related: People, Care, Democrats, Hate, Liberals)

"I saw what Purple meant to people and I still hear it now when I'm in Europe. I'm always shocked that I'm still asked about Purple because it was such a long time ago."
- David Coverdale
(Related: Time, People, Europe, Now)

"It's hard to explain why I like Europe so much."
- Broderick Crawford
(Related: Europe)

"To the European immigrant - that is, to the aliens who have been converted into Americans by the advantages of American life - the Promise of America has consisted largely in the opportunity which it offered of economic independence and prosperity."
- Herbert Croly
(Related: Life, Opportunity, America, American, Americans, Independence, Promise, Prosperity)

"Yeah, about sixteen to twenty weeks a year. For example, we can do America in six or seven weeks. You can do Europe in three weeks; England in two weeks. South America you could do in three weeks; Asia you could do in three weeks."
- Warren Cuccurullo
(Related: America, EnglEurope, Example)

"When we fled from the oppressions of kings and parliaments in Europe, to found this great Republic in America, we brought with us the laws and the liberties, which formed a part of our heritage as Britons."
- Caleb Cushing
(Related: America, Europe, Kings, Laws)

"Certainly the existence of these huge nuclear force was important for the ultimate confrontation, let's say, over western Europe. You just can't use them to deal with a situation like Afghanistan."
- Lloyd Cutler
(Related: Afghanistan, Europe, Existence, Force)

"I've never really taken more than four days off, so it was a lot for me to go away for three-and-a-half months. I went all over Europe. I walked on a whole bunch of beaches and I did a lot of thinking."
- Puff Daddy
(Related: Europe, Months, Thinking)

"I know they are going to be doing a box set in Europe of Danzig 5 and 6 and some other stuff."
- Glenn Danzig
(Related: Europe)

"I don't enjoy being in Europe for weeks on end, so I just skip it."
- Lindsay Davenport
(Related: Being, End, Europe)

"We could ask artists from abroad to come in too, so that there could be a mixing and matching of skills from Europe, America and here which would widen our world."
- Siobhan Davies
(Related: America, Artists, Europe, World)

"With an ocean between you and your European friends, you have to keep them in your heart."
- Sammy Davis, Jr.
(Related: Heart, Friends, Ocean)

"The intercourse between the Mediterranean and the North or between the Atlantic and Central Europe was never purely economic or political; it also meant the exchange of knowledge and ideas and the influence of social institutions and artistic and literary forms."
- Christopher Dawson
(Related: Knowledge, Ideas, Europe, Influence, Literary)

"We were over in Europe all the time their posters were up. That's why I liked them. So now all of a sudden they're going to get a band hat on, and say people aren't acting the right way?"
- Kim Deal
(Related: Time, People, Acting, Europe, Now, Right)

"On the other hand, the vast majority of all westernized countries, including every single European country along with Israel and Japan, do not offer birthright citizenship."
- Nathan Deal
(Related: Citizenship, Countries, Country, Israel, Majority)

"In Europe the parents are included as with children. All three generations are together. I'm thinking of Italy. You go out on a Sunday afternoon and the whole family is there."
- Dana Delany
(Related: Family, Children, Europe, Generations, Italy, Parents, Thinking)

"I've come to think of Europe as a hardcover book, America as the paperback version."
- Don DeLillo
(Related: America, Europe)

"I think more than writers, the major influences on me have been European movies, jazz, and Abstract Expressionism."
- Don DeLillo
(Related: Movies, Jazz, Writers)

"Therefore one should speak at the same time of national citizenship and wider European citizenship."
- Jacques Delors
(Related: Time, Citizenship)

"Yes, the European model remains superior to that of America and Japan."
- Jacques Delors
(Related: America)

"I cannot resign myself to the decline of Europe, and of France."
- Jacques Delors
(Related: Europe, France)

"The driving force behind the liberal counter-offensive in Europe has been a reaction against irresponsibility."
- Jacques Delors
(Related: Driving, Europe, Force, Liberal)

"The European model is in danger if we obliterate the principle of personal responsibility."
- Jacques Delors
(Related: Danger, Responsibility)

"The European model is, first, a social and economic system founded on the role of the market, for no computer in the world can process information better than the market."
- Jacques Delors
(Related: Computer, First, Information, World)

"I was influenced by European movies, old Fellini, old Kurosawa - any sort of foreign film."
- Ted Demme
(Related: Movies, Film, Old)

"France, and the whole of Europe have a great culture and an amazing history. Most important thing though is that people there know how to live! In America they've forgotten all about it. I'm afraid that the American culture is a disaster."
- Johnny Depp
(Related: History, People, America, American, Culture, Disaster, Europe, France)

"Europe is merely powerful; India is beautiful."
- Savitri Devi
(Related: Europe)

"Infectious diseases introduced with Europeans, like smallpox and measles, spread from one Indian tribe to another, far in advance of Europeans themselves, and killed an estimated 95% of the New World's Indian population."
- Jared Diamond
(Related: Population, World)

"It's striking that Native Americans evolved no devastating epidemic diseases to give to Europeans, in return for the many devastating epidemic diseases that Indians received from the Old World."
- Jared Diamond
(Related: Americans, Native Americans, Old, World)

"These subsidies from four European governments, which include aircraft launch assistance, capital injections, debt forgiveness, have enabled Airbus to develop and range market airliners well below cost."
- Norm Dicks
(Related: Forgiveness, Debt)

"During the past 30 years, European governments have provided more than $15 billion in the form of low- and no-cost loans to Airbus for the specific purpose of developing new aircraft lines."
- Norm Dicks
(Related: Purpose, Past, Years)

"Over 30 years ago, Airbus was founded by a European consortium of French, German, and later Spanish and British companies to compete in the large commercial aircraft industry with U.S. companies."
- Norm Dicks
(Related: Years)

"Morals are in all countries the result of legislation and government; they are not African or Asian or European: they are good or bad."
- Denis Diderot
(Related: Government, African, Countries, Legislation, Morals, Result)

"Americans are uneasy with their possessions, guilty about power, all of which is difficult for Europeans to perceive because they are themselves so truly materialistic, so versed in the uses of power."
- Joan Didion
(Related: Power, Americans, Possessions)

"I've never seen anything like it since. Some of the Canada Cups came close, but by then a lot of European players came and played in our league so we were more familiar with them."
- Marcel Dionne
(Related: Canada)

"So I moved to Europe and only came back when directors like Robert Altman would call me after they'd seen my work in Full Metal Jacket."
- Vincent D'Onofrio
(Related: Work, Europe)

"In Europe, it's different - you eat soccer, you breathe soccer, you drink soccer. Everything is about soccer."
- Thomas Dooley
(Related: Europe, Soccer)

"Wilde is the greatest force for evil that has appeared in Europe during the last 350 years."
- Lord Alfred Douglas
(Related: Europe, Evil, Force, Years)

"I always thought security was a joke at New York airports, and in U.S. airports to begin with. You can go through any European or Middle Eastern airport and things are a lot tougher."
- Richard Drew
(Related: Thought, Security)

"You can find academic and industrial groups doing some relevant work, but there isn't a focus on building complex molecular systems. In that respect, Japan is first, Europe is second, and we're third."
- K. Eric Drexler
(Related: Work, Building, Europe, First, Focus, Respect)

"I don't call myself a white supremacist. I'm a civil rights activist concerned about European-American rights."
- David Duke
(Related: Civil rights)

"Absolutely committed to spending the rest of my life as a spokesman for the rights of European Americans."
- David Duke
(Related: Life, Americans, Rights, Rest)

"I also hope that with the assistance and expertise of Dome Records, that I will be able to further pierce the UK and European market. I really like playing there and I want to do more! I've found that the audiences get quite involved and really listen to what's happening."
- George Duke
(Related: Hope, Audiences, Expertise, Want, Will)

"I was traveling in Europe with Paul and suddenly realized my passport still said I was Mrs. Sampson."
- Shelley Duvall
(Related: Europe, Traveling)

"But thanks to the efforts, the initiative of the United States and of the several countries from the world, from Europe, including Turkey, it ended within a few weeks."
- Bulent Ecevit
(Related: Countries, Europe, states, Turkey, United, World)

"Our forces saved the remnants of the Jewish people of Europe for a new life and a new hope in the reborn land of Israel. Along with all men of good will, I salute the young state and wish it well."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower
(Related: Life, Men, People, Hope, Europe, Israel, Land, State, Will)

"In remembering the appalling suffering of war on both sides, we recognise how precious is the peace we have built in Europe since 1945."
- Queen Elizabeth II
(Related: Peace, War, Europe, Suffering)

"China is not only formidable, it is also aggressively building its own economic infrastructure. Just a few years from now, China will rival the U.S. and the European Union in global market power. It already has surpassed us in population."
- Jo Ann Emerson
(Related: Power, Building, Now, Population, Will, Years)

"Next year I'm going to be a guesting soloist with orchestras all over Europe, to start off with."
- Keith Emerson
(Related: Europe, Orchestras)

"Having been to Europe and working and traveling there, the restaurants my wife and I remember were always off the beaten trail restaurants. So I tried to seek a little 'off the beaten trail,' but cool area."
- Todd English
(Related: Wife, Europe, Restaurants, Traveling)

"I have got an anthology album out. The American version has got the same mixes but the European version, I remixed them in the studio and added a couple of things that I have always wanted to add."
- John Entwistle
(Related: American)

"I mean, Eighteen years old is the age of consent in Europe and you can go anywhere and do anything you like. In America, it is dumb. At eighteen you should be able to do anything that you like, except get married."
- John Entwistle
(Related: Age, America, Dumb, Europe, Old, Years)

"I enjoyed the two years I was with Clannad. I enjoyed touring. We toured a lot in Europe."
- Enya
(Related: Europe, Years)

"The US and the European Union needs to help in the translation of the demand for democracy into a political will."
- Recep Tayyip Erdogan
(Related: Democracy, Help, Needs, Will)

"Without Britain, Europe would remain only a torso."
- Ludwig Erhard
(Related: Europe)

"Compared to industry in Europe or Japan, where industry was based on a craft tradition, we are sadly behind."
- Arthur Erickson
(Related: Europe, Tradition)

"The new architecture of transparency and lightness comes from Japan and Europe."
- Arthur Erickson
(Related: Architecture, Europe)

"Liverpool without European football is like a banquet without wine."
- Roy Evans
(Related: Football, Wine)

"There are 20 million unemployed and what does the Constitution offer us in the Europe of 25, 27 and soon to be 30: policies of unrestricted competition to the detriment of production, wages, research and innovation."
- Laurent Fabius
(Related: Competition, Constitution, Europe, Innovation, Production, Research, Wages)

"We on the left who are pro-European and Internationalist wish to unite the peoples under a social model."
- Laurent Fabius
"This assumes an upward revision of the European Budget, which is precisely what Jacques Chirac refuses to do. On the contrary, he has demanded a reduction."
- Laurent Fabius
"The single currency should allow the European Union, and therefore France, to balance its monetary strength with the United States. It should help us adjust to the development of China."
- Laurent Fabius
(Related: Development, Strength, Balance, France, Help, states, United)

"I am a partisan and artisan of Europe. But I draw the lessons of my experience in government."
- Laurent Fabius
(Related: Experience, Government, Europe)

"This revision of the Constitution will not be perfect. But at least the Constitution will not be inflexible. It will be a step towards the Social Europe which we wish."
- Laurent Fabius
(Related: Constitution, Europe, Will)

"But Maastricht was not the end of history. It was a first step towards a Europe of growth, of employment, a social Europe. That was the vision of Francois Mitterrand. We are far from that now."
- Laurent Fabius
(Related: History, Growth, Vision, End, Europe, First, Now)

"At the same time the Constitution sets in stone the Stability Pact and risks preventing member States from implementing a policy of growth. So we are not able to do things at the European or the national level."
- Laurent Fabius
(Related: Time, Policy, Growth, Constitution, Stability, states)

"I am disgusted by the anti-Semitism of many Italians, of many Europeans."
- Oriana Fallaci
"Europe is no longer Europe, it is Eurabia, a colony of Islam, where the Islamic invasion does not proceed only in a physical sense, but also in a mental and cultural sense."
- Oriana Fallaci
(Related: Islam, Europe, Sense)

"I find it shameful that in nearly all the universities of Europe, Palestinian students sponsor and nurture anti-Semitism."
- Oriana Fallaci
(Related: Europe, Students)

"The increased presence of Muslims in Italy and in Europe is directly proportional to our loss of freedom."
- Oriana Fallaci
(Related: Europe, Freedom, Italy, Loss)

"What President Bush did in his doctrine of preemptive strike and in his war in Afghanistan and in Iraq was to turn even his allies in Europe negatively toward America."
- Louis Farrakhan
(Related: War, Afghanistan, America, Doctrine, Europe, Iraq, President)

"And then in 1956 or 1957 my family went over to Europe and I moved over with them, and immediately people in Europe thought my perspective on that issue was 100% correct."
- Warren Farrell
(Related: Family, Thought, People, Europe, Perspective)

"Europe is a collection of free countries."
- Douglas Feith
(Related: Countries, Europe)

"The United States has some people in Europe with whom we disagree on this matter and a large number of people in Europe, including governments in Europe, with whom we agree."
- Douglas Feith
(Related: People, Europe, states, United)

"It's the story of an American who wants to become a dictator and goes to Europe with a sidekick to interview various Fascists to find out how the Nazis and Mussolini got into power."
- Lawrence Ferlinghetti
(Related: Power, American, Europe)

"When I left Europe in 1987 I did so with the thought that my relevance as a composition teacher would benefit from a certain cool distance to certain tendencies I had been observing for several years with increasing disquiet."
- Brian Ferneyhough
(Related: Thought, Europe, Years)

"Many of the Europeans who want Israel to go away don't even know why they do. Nearly a third of those interviewed concede they have no idea what the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about. It's enough to know that Israelis are Jews."
- Suzanne Fields
(Related: Idea, Conflict, Israel, Want)

"American high school students trail teenagers from 14 European and Asian countries in reading, math and science. We're even trailing France."
- Suzanne Fields
(Related: Science, American, Countries, France, Reading, School, Students, Teenagers)

"I declare myself an Austrian and a European. A united Europe will be a peaceful Europe."
- Heinz Fischer
(Related: Europe, United, Will)

"The participation in European elections was always not very exciting. People are very interested in European issues, but they don't see the person who is representing Europe."
- Joschka Fischer
(Related: People, Elections, Europe, Participation)

"I don't believe, in the 21st century, in the balance of power system. This is a European idea of the 19th and 20th centuries."
- Joschka Fischer
(Related: Power, Idea, Balance)

"We have an interest in excellent relations because we are neighbours as Europeans with Russia. We are allies with the United States in the NATO framework."
- Joschka Fischer
(Related: Interest, Russia, states, United)

"You have one big mythology in your favor: Everyone believes that you Europeans are impeccable. But I know you are jerks."
- Fernando Flores
(Related: Mythology)

"The artist is something of an outsider in America. I have always felt that America does not value its artists, certainly not in the sense that the Europeans do."
- Carlisle Floyd
(Related: America, Artist, Artists, Sense, Value)

"When I've seen my operas in Europe, they have always struck me as more American than when I hear them here. I can't tell you what that phenomenon is."
- Carlisle Floyd
(Related: American, Europe)

"We must rid this nation of the United Nations, which provides the communist conspiracy with a headquarters here on our own shores, and which actually makes it impossible for the United States to form its own decisions about its conduct and policies in Europe and Asia."
- John T. Flynn
(Related: Decisions, Europe, Nation, Nations, states, United)

"Even before Europe was united in an economic level or was conceived at the level of economic interests and trade, it was culture that united all the countries of Europe. The arts, literature, music are the connecting link of Europe."
- Dario Fo
(Related: Music, Countries, Culture, Europe, Literature, Trade, United)

"I didn't tour Europe, because I didn't have any label support."
- Lita Ford
(Related: Europe, Support)

"If all Europe lies flat while the Russian mob tramps over it, we will then be faced with a war under difficult circumstances, and with a very good chance of losing it."
- James Forrestal
(Related: War, Chance, Circumstances, Europe, Lies, Losing, Mob, Will)

"I love European movies and I kind of grew up on European films."
- Jodie Foster
(Related: Love, Movies)

"After taking temporary charge last season he took us from looking down at the fringes of another relegation scrap, to within a kick of getting into Europe."
- Robbie Fowler
(Related: Europe)

"The European Union, which is not directly responsible to voters, provides an irresistible opportunity for European elites to seize power in order to impose their own vision on a newly socially regimented Europe."
- Maggie Gallagher
(Related: Power, Opportunity, Vision, Europe, Order)

"Europe, which gave us the idea of same-sex marriage, is a dying society, with birthrates 50 percent below replacement."
- Maggie Gallagher
(Related: Marriage, Society, Idea, Dying, Europe)

"In Europe, it appears that in the name of democracy, elites are pursuing an autocratic, centralized power, seeking economic control and social regimentation."
- Maggie Gallagher
(Related: Power, Control, Democracy, Europe, Name)

"I am not wrong in the belief that its public funds are more secure than those of all the European powers."
- Albert Gallatin
(Related: Belief, Public, Wrong)

"Horsemeat in many European and Asian countries is consumed as a delicacy."
- Elton Gallegly
(Related: Countries)

"Under the species of Syndicalism and Fascism there appears for the first time in Europe a type of man who does not want to give reasons or to be right, but simply shows himself resolved to impose his opinions."
- Jose Ortega y Gasset
(Related: Time, Europe, Fascism, First, Man, Opinions, Right, Want)

"I started writing and photographing for different publications and finally ended up being the correspondent in South Asia, for the Geneva-based Journal de Geneve, which at one time used to be one of the best international newspapers in Europe."
- Francois Gautier
(Related: Time, Being, Europe, Newspapers, Writing)

"If we wait for the U.S. to do something, we will be waiting for a very long time. It's Europe, it's Australia, it's the other developed and middle developing countries that have got to do the job."
- Susan George
(Related: Time, Countries, Europe, Job, Waiting, Will)

"I think we've got a lot players in the squad who are more suited to European football at the moment."
- Steven Gerrard
(Related: Football)

"But at the beginning, our definition of the genocide was what happened to Armenia in 1917 or 1919, it's happened to the Jew in Europe, and we were not realizing - In our point of view, they have not the tools to do a genocide."
- Boutros Boutros Ghali
(Related: Beginning, Europe, Genocide, Tools)

"A genocide in Africa has not received the same attention that genocide in Europe or genocide in Turkey or genocide in other part of the world. There is still this kind of basic discrimination against the African people and the African problems."
- Boutros Boutros Ghali
(Related: People, African, Attention, Discrimination, Europe, Genocide, Problems, Turkey, World)

"The manager sits down with me; I sit down with the board. We assess the success of the year. The manager assesses whose coming through the academy system. His job is to look at what is happening in European and world football."
- David Gill
(Related: Success, Manager, Football, Job, World)

"We're at the crossroads. Down one road is a European centralized bureaucratic socialist welfare system in which politicians and bureaucrats define the future. Down the other road is a proud, solid, reaffirmation of American exceptionalism."
- Newt Gingrich
(Related: American, Future, Politicians, Road, Welfare)

"I herewith commission you to carry out all preparations with regard to... a total solution of the Jewish question in those territories of Europe which are under German influence."
- Hermann Goering
(Related: Europe, Influence, Question, Solution)

"I turned pro and won Rookie of the Year on the South African Tour and then it took me two tries at the qualifying school on the European Tour and to get my card and the rest is history."
- Retief Goosen
(Related: History, African, Rest, School)

"If we don't do it, somebody else will. The Chinese, the Europeans and the Japanese all have the goal of going to the moon. Certainly we don't want to wake up and see that they have a base there before we do."
- Bart Gordon
(Related: Goal, Moon, Want, Will)

"In jazz, there is a lot of European influence harmonically."
- Dexter Gordon
(Related: Influence, Jazz)

"A single tree in the tropical forest in the south of Mexico has more different species than some European countries."
- Carlos Salinas de Gortari
(Related: Countries)

"You should not do this, Comrade. We are only in the introductory stage yet, here in Western Europe. And in that stage it is better to encourage the fighters than the rulers."
- Herman Gorter
(Related: Europe)

"What does it mean with regard to tactics, this fact that the proletariat of Western Europe stands all alone: that it has no prospect of any help whatsoever from any other class?"
- Herman Gorter
(Related: Class, Europe, Fact, Help)

"To judge from all Communist papers, magazines and brochures, and from all public assemblies, one might even surmise that a revolt of the poor peasants in Western Europe might break out at any moment!"
- Herman Gorter
(Related: Europe, Poor, Public)

"There is an enormous difference between Russia and Western Europe."
- Herman Gorter
(Related: Difference, Europe, Russia)

"The revolution in Russia was victorious with the help of the poor peasants. This should always be borne in mind here in Western Europe and all the world over. But the workers in Western Europe stand alone: this should never be forgotten in Russia."
- Herman Gorter
(Related: Europe, Revolution, Help, Mind, Poor, Russia, Workers, World)

"Because in Russia you were able to triumph with the help of a large class of poor peasants, you represent things in such a way, as if we in Western Europe are also going to have that help."
- Herman Gorter
(Related: Class, Europe, Help, Poor, Russia)

"Of course you know this difference as well as I do, only you failed to draw from it the conclusions for the tactics in Western Europe, at least as far as I am able to judge from your works."
- Herman Gorter
(Related: Difference, Europe)

"In the Europe which was created by the Second World War, divided into two blocks, each in need of a revolution that would end the abuses and injustices of capitalism and the privileges of a bureaucratic caste, collective faith does not exist."
- Juan Goytisolo
(Related: Faith, War, Capitalism, End, Europe, Revolution, World, World war)

"In 1958, I decided that I was going to live in Europe permanently. So in 1959 I moved to Lugano, Switzerland."
- Norman Granz
(Related: Europe)

"If you look at my audiences, even in Europe, they're hardly teenagers."
- Norman Granz
(Related: Audiences, Europe, Teenagers)

"I find myself more at peace when I live in Europe."
- Norman Granz
(Related: Peace, Europe)

"Germany is probably the richest country in Western Europe. Yet they wouldn't take any television with Duke and Ella, their reaction being that people weren't interested in it."
- Norman Granz
(Related: People, Being, Country, Europe, Germany, Television)

"I knew I couldn't live in America and I wasn't ready to move to Europe so I moved to an island off the coast of America - New York City ."
- Spalding Gray
(Related: America, Europe)

"As the criminal, sinful war in Iraq enters its third year, the president goes to Europe to heal the wounds between the United States and its former allies, on his own terms of course."
- Andrew Greeley
(Related: War, Europe, Iraq, President, states, United, Wounds)

"I think it does work. The fact that the law is there and injustices can be rectified, I think has a lot to do with the fact that the people in this country aren't as frustrated as they are in some of these places in Eastern Europe and don't resort to violent revolution."
- Harold H. Greene
(Related: Work, People, Country, Europe, Fact, Revolution, Law)

"I said to the German Ambassador that, as long as there was only a dispute between Austria and Serbia alone, I did not feel entitled to intervene; but that, directly it was a matter between Austria and Russia, it became a question of the peace of Europe, which concerned us all."
- Edward Grey
(Related: Peace, Europe, Question, Russia)

"From the material point of view the proposal is unacceptable, for France, without further territory in Europe being taken from her, could be so crushed as to lose her position as a Great Power, and become subordinate to German policy."
- Edward Grey
(Related: Power, Policy, Being, Europe, France)

"The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime."
- Edward Grey
(Related: Europe)

"The great Jewish scientists and philosophers of the last few generations - Spinoza, Einstein, Freud, Robert Oppenheimer and others - were natives of Europe and America."
- David Ben Gurion
(Related: America, Europe, Generations, Scientists)

"Since the intervention in Afghanistan, we suddenly began to notice when, in political discussions, we found ourselves only among Europeans or Israelis."
- Jurgen Habermas
(Related: Afghanistan)

"In the U.S.A. or Europe there is no realistic way to estimate the type, magnitude, or probability of the risk, nor any way to narrow down the potentially affected regions."
- Jurgen Habermas
(Related: Europe, Risk)

"After September 11, the European governments have completely failed. They are incapable of seeing beyond their own national scope of interests."
- Jurgen Habermas
"We've talked to the Europeans about it. It's clear if those negotiations fail, then we are agreed with the Europeans that the next step is to take the matter to the U.N. Security Council."
- Stephen Hadley
(Related: Security)

"I was traveling on our tour bus through Europe and I was thinking I want to have long blonde hair."
- Nina Hagen
(Related: Europe, Hair, Thinking, Traveling, Want)

"I strongly support European sanctions against Mugabe and his ruling clique. We must do all in our power to help the people of Zimbabwe achieve their freedom and prosperity once again."
- Peter Hain
(Related: Power, People, Freedom, Help, Prosperity, Support)

"I was always attracted by the European way of life, but I am deeply Swedish."
- Lasse Hallstrom
(Related: Life)

"I always try to preserve my cinematographic style, even while I work in the US. I wish to always be European."
- Lasse Hallstrom
(Related: Work, Style)

"It was impossible for me to believe that conditions in Europe could be worse than they were in the Polish section of Chicago, and in many Italian and Irish tenements, or that any workshops could be worse than some of those I had seen in our foreign quarters."
- Alice Hamilton
(Related: Chicago, Europe, Irish)

"Prime Minister, I see you've already mastered the essential craft of the European politician, namely, the ability to say one thing in this chamber and a very different thing to your home electorate."
- Daniel Hannan
(Related: Home, Ability)

"There's a myth that Roosevelt gave Stalin Eastern Europe. I was with Roosevelt every day at Yalta."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: Day, Europe, Myth)

"Roosevelt was determined to stop Stalin from taking over Eastern Europe. He thought they finally had an agreement on Poland. Before Roosevelt died, he realized that Stalin had broken his agreement."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: Thought, Agreement, Europe)

"Yet the whole preamble of the second authorization act for the Marshall Plan showed the direction Congress was ready to take about breaking down barriers within Europe."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: Act, Congress, Direction, Europe)

"We were talking about really getting Europe on its feet. It was our hope that there would be a breakdown of trade barriers in Europe first, and then eventually a breakdown internationally, which would help increase trade with Europe."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: Hope, Europe, Feet, First, Help, Talking, Trade)

"Poland, of course, was the key country. I remember Stalin telling me that the plains of Poland were the invasion route of Europe to Russia and always had been, and therefore he had to control Poland."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: Control, Country, Europe, Key, Russia)

"Actually I'd had a certain amount of experience in Europe in the inter-war period, as a banker, and I was also a member of the Board of Directors of the International Chamber of Commerce."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: Experience, Commerce, Europe)

"I think there are telegrams that may or may not be available, which indicated that I very much had in mind the need to give Europe substantial aid after the war, after Lend-Lease was over."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: War, Europe, May, Mind)

"I was quite ready to accept certain restrictions on the United States. After all, there was a great dollar shortage. It was quite clear that the more prosperous Europe became, the more business there would be in the United States."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: Business, Europe, states, United)

"It never occurred to me that we would have as grandiose a program as the Marshall Plan, but I felt that we had to do something to save Europe from economic disaster which would encourage the Communist takeover."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: Disaster, Europe)

"England and France were rivals, not only on the continent, but in the West Indies, in India, and in Europe."
- Albert Bushnell Hart
(Related: EnglEurope, France)

"That appropriation of resources and the transformation of them into goods and services through the European production system characterized, and characterizes to this day, all industrial systems including the information age."
- Paul Hawken
(Related: Age, Day, Information, Production)

"If it was Europe, I just picked a country that I hadn't been to, but I didn't try to check up on what was going on in the country or anything like that. I just went and had a good time and met a lot of very nice people who are still my friends."
- Lee Hazlewood
(Related: Time, People, Country, Europe, Friends)

"So anyway, I really enjoyed the European audiences."
- Lee Hazlewood
(Related: Audiences)

"The movie wasn't a hit, although it did well in Europe for some reason."
- Lee Hazlewood
(Related: Europe, Reason)

"It is true that short forms of poetry have been cultivated in the Far East more than in modern Europe; but in all European literature short forms of poetry are to be found - indeed quite as short as anything in Japanese."
- Lafcadio Hearn
(Related: Poetry, Europe, Literature)

"Of course, the simple explanation of the fact is that marriage is the most important act of man's life in Europe or America, and that everything depends upon it."
- Lafcadio Hearn
(Related: Life, Marriage, Act, America, Europe, Fact, Man)

"Accordingly the Northern races of Europe found their inspiration in the Bible; and the enthusiasm for it has not yet quite faded away."
- Lafcadio Hearn
(Related: Inspiration, Enthusiasm, Bible, Europe)

"I had to go to Europe to tour and he died on the second day of the tour."
- Percy Heath
(Related: Day, Europe)

"The time has come - and must come - for multilateral conversations about a secure peace in all of Europe."
- Gustav Heinemann
(Related: Peace, Time, Europe)

"While there used to be one or two Pops orchestras, now there are all kinds of European orchestras that suddenly look upon this as a golden wand that can enable them to make money recording this music."
- Skitch Henderson
(Related: Money, Music, Now, Orchestras)

"I might have played a little bit more in Europe than I have in Japan."
- Billy Higgins
(Related: Europe)

"Today, Germany is on the borders of Europe everywhere."
- Heinrich Himmler
(Related: Europe, Germany, Today)

"The fortress of Europe with its frontiers must be held and will be held too, as long as is necessary."
- Heinrich Himmler
(Related: Europe, Will)

"It will undoubtedly happen, that the enemy will make the attempt, today, tomorrow or the next day, at some time, to break into this fortress of Europe at one point or another. That will undoubtedly be the case."
- Heinrich Himmler
(Related: Time, Day, Enemy, Europe, Today, Tomorrow, Will)

"I would like to give it a name: it is the great fortress of Europe."
- Heinrich Himmler
(Related: Europe)

"Whoever lights the torch of war in Europe can wish for nothing but chaos."
- Adolf Hitler
(Related: War, Chaos, Europe, Nothing)

"From the world wars of Europe to the jungles of the Far East, from the deserts of the Middle East to the African continent, and even here in our own hemisphere, our veterans have made the world a better place and America the great country we are today."
- John Hoeven
(Related: African, America, Country, Europe, Today, Veterans, World)

"In its best prewar year, Europe with almost 300 million people had a gross national product of 150 billion dollars. In that same year, the United States with 150 million people had a gross national product of 300 billion dollars."
- Paul Hoffman
(Related: People, Europe, states, United)

"If there was to be a new Europe, there not only had to be a common market, but also great mobility in labor."
- Paul Hoffman
(Related: Europe, Labor)

"The Europeans had made two promises to the United States if Marshall Plan help was forthcoming. The first promise was maximum self-help on the part of every country; and second, maximum mutual aid."
- Paul Hoffman
(Related: Country, First, Help, Promise, Promises, Self, states, United)

"Yes, Jean Monnet was the father of the concept of a United States of Europe and his efforts more than those of any other single man helped change the thinking of European leaders."
- Paul Hoffman
(Related: Change, Father, Europe, Leaders, Man, states, Thinking, United)

"The magic was in the Marshall Plan itself. It provided an opportunity for appealing and constructive work. In a sense, the mission chiefs were given the opportunity to help act as architects for the new Europe that was envisioned."
- Paul Hoffman
(Related: Work, Opportunity, Act, Europe, Help, Magic, Mission, Sense)

"However, from the very beginning of the program, we made it perfectly clear that we would be out of Europe in four years; that whatever was to be accomplished had to be accomplished in that period of time."
- Paul Hoffman
(Related: Time, Beginning, Europe, Years)

"I came to a happy Jewish family in dark days in Europe."
- Roald Hoffmann
(Related: Family, Europe)

"One of the biggest development issues in the world is the education of girls. In the United States and Europe, it has been accepted, but not in Africa and the developing countries."
- Harri Holkeri
(Related: Education, Development, Countries, Europe, Girls, states, United, World)

"In every European nation, there have been problems in history when the society was too divided."
- Harri Holkeri
(Related: History, Society, Nation, Problems)

"You can go to Europe, and there's no turnin' back - any parts of Europe. Wherever you are, there is no stop and go for the blues. The blues go but it don't stop."
- John Lee Hooker
(Related: Europe)

"Never the less, it is no light thing to enter into a profession absolutely foreign and alien to the people among which one's lot is cast; a profession which seems as dim and faraway and unreal as the shores of Europe."
- Robert E. Howard
(Related: People, Europe, Light, Profession)

"In Europe life is histrionic and dramatized, and in America, except when it is trying to be European, it is direct and sincere."
- William Dean Howells
(Related: Life, America, Europe, Trying)

"We say that slavery has vanished from European civilization, but this is not true. Slavery still exists, but now it applies only to women and its name is prostitution."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: Women, Civilization, Name, Now, Prostitution, Slavery)

"A war between Europeans is a civil war."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: War)

"In Europe art has to a large degree taken the place of religion. In America it seems rather to be science."
- Johan Huizinga
(Related: Art, Science, Religion, America, Europe)

"We can't put up a protectionist dam on our own against the neo-liberal world market either. However, we can try, together with our European partners, to maintain the social character of Europe as much as possible."
- Johan Huizinga
(Related: Character, Europe, World)

"In the interest rate area, traders have for a long time used a version of what is known as Black's model for European bond options; another version of the same model for caps and floors; and yet another version of the same model for European swap options."
- John Hull
(Related: Time, Interest, Options)

"So you're quite right that when... as the Cold War grew and expanded out of Europe, we ourselves had to take refuge behind the shield of the Monroe Doctrine."
- E. Howard Hunt
(Related: War, Doctrine, Europe, Right)

"He is not someone who went off to play in Europe and only a few Americans follow. He has the potential to be on magazine covers and more newspaper coverage."
- Lamar Hunt
(Related: Americans, Europe, Play, Potential)

"It was this society and culture that among other things - including economic opportunities here and repression in Europe - attracted subsequent generations of immigrants to this country."
- Samuel P. Huntington
(Related: Society, Country, Culture, Europe, Generations, Repression)

"It was one thing to contain the Soviet Union in Europe because Britain, France, and Germany were all willing to join in. But will Japan and other Asian countries be willing to join in the containment of China?"
- Samuel P. Huntington
(Related: Countries, Europe, France, Germany, Will)

"And the big question for the West, of course, and to the Europeans is, what other countries, which were formerly part of the Soviet bloc, should be incorporated into western institutions?"
- Samuel P. Huntington
(Related: Countries, Question)

"Perhaps Europeans are a bit more skeptic whereas Americans are more believers."
- Isabelle Huppert
(Related: Americans)

"Margaret Thatcher, growing up in a bombed and battered Britain, derived a distrust which has grown with the years not just of Germany but of all continental Europe."
- Douglas Hurd
(Related: Distrust, Europe, Germany, Growing up, Years)

"Margaret Thatcher was fearful of German unification because she believed that this would bring an immediate and formidable increase of economic strength to a Germany which was already the strongest economic partner in Europe."
- Douglas Hurd
(Related: Strength, Europe, Germany)

"The tragedy of 9/11 galvanised the American superpower into action, leaving us in Europe divided in its wake."
- Douglas Hurd
(Related: Action, American, Europe, Tragedy)

"We can be proud of our record as an international beacon of liberty. From fostering democracies in Eastern Europe to the stabilization of Iraq and Afghanistan, we have been true to that calling and helped spread freedom to oppressed peoples everywhere."
- Kay Bailey Hutchison
(Related: Afghanistan, Europe, Freedom, Iraq, Liberty)

"We must seek to persuade member states and institutions that better regulation in Europe does not mean cutting health and safety in the workplace, nor does it mean dismantling social standards."
- John Hutton
(Related: Health, Europe, Safety, states)

"For many Europeans the next decade looks to be filled with threats rather than opportunities."
- John Hutton
"But we can turn challenges into opportunities if we look outwards to the realities of the global economy and modernise our internal institutions in ways that will equip Europe to meet that challenge and create confidence amongst the public."
- John Hutton
(Related: Challenge, Confidence, Economy, Europe, Public, Will)

"But let no one be under any doubt that the scale of the challenge that Europe faces in this emerging global economy is immense and the practical pace of our collective action to meet these challenge to date has just been too slow."
- John Hutton
(Related: Action, Challenge, Doubt, Economy, Europe, Faces)

"But effective regulation at the European Union level can make a massive contribution to achieving our shared goals of improving competitiveness, jobs and growth."
- John Hutton
(Related: Goals, Growth, Jobs)

"At the heart of these challenges lies the question of how the institutions of the European Union make laws, the types of laws they pass and the effectiveness with which those laws are implemented on civil society and the economy."
- John Hutton
(Related: Society, Heart, Economy, Laws, Lies, Question)

"Yet in order to make sure the European social model keeps up with the pace of economic change that is now necessary, the EU must embrace a new approach to lawmaking."
- John Hutton
(Related: Change, Now, Order)

"Western Europe GDP per capita - not taking into account the new accession counties - was lower in 2001 relative to that of the US than any time since the 1960's."
- John Hutton
(Related: Time, Europe)

"Our aim, during our Presidency in the next six months will be to lead this challenge, to show that Europe can function in a mature and responsible way, to start delivering tangible results that show we are taking people's concerns seriously."
- John Hutton
(Related: People, Challenge, Europe, Months, Presidency, Results, Will)

"Our objective must therefore be to ensure EU better regulation contributes towards delivering a modern European Union which relentlessly focuses on building a dynamic and innovative economy equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century."
- John Hutton
(Related: Building, Economy)

"Road testing the effects of regulation on European business must become second nature to the European Union."
- John Hutton
(Related: Business, Nature, Road, Testing)

"So that we focus not on competing visions for Europe but on what Europe can do to improve economic growth, to give us a cleaner environment, to create more jobs, to make us more secure."
- John Hutton
(Related: Growth, Environment, Europe, Focus, Jobs, Visions)

"The challenge to our national economies and the collective economy of Europe will become - with the growth of China and the continuing productivity growth of the US - even more intense in the decades to come."
- John Hutton
(Related: Growth, Challenge, Economy, Europe, Productivity, Will)

"As Tony Blair has made clear, our fundamental challenge is how to make Europe work better."
- John Hutton
(Related: Work, Challenge, Europe)

"Europe is so well gardened that it resembles a work of art, a scientific theory, a neat metaphysical system. Man has re-created Europe in his own image."
- Aldous Huxley
(Related: Work, Art, Europe, Man, Theory)

"We know that Europe loves President Obama. He had adoring crowds. The press loves Obama. The question is how will this date end? Okay? The question is, to what end? Why do they love President Obama? They love his personal story, they love his wife. North Korea, China and Russia don't really care about Michelle's arms and, you know, whether they gave an iPod to the Queen, okay?"
- Laura Ingraham
(Related: Love, Wife, Care, Crowds, End, Europe, President, Press, Queen, Question, Russia, Will)

"I remember a tour where we played 50 cities in 56 days. We also went to Europe a couple of times."
- Jack Irons
(Related: Cities, Europe)

"We got a chance to go and play in some places that the usual European tour by an American band didn't go to."
- Jack Irons
(Related: American, Chance, Play)

"We've outpaced Japan and Europe in creating new jobs, but there's major competition from India and China. It's not enough to make income tax cuts permanent."
- Ernest Istook
(Related: Competition, Europe, Tax, Income, Jobs, Tax cuts)

"I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from."
- Eddie Izzard
(Related: History, Europe)

"Americans are the most generous country on the planet. I've worked in Europe, I've worked in Australia. There is no where else where you get absolutely no attitude for being a foreigner. If you do your job well, they embrace you."
- Hugh Jackman
(Related: Attitude, Americans, Being, Country, Europe, Job)

"I am closer to a European viewpoint of the world than an American one. My ethics and ideals are based on European concepts."
- Bianca Jagger
(Related: American, Ethics, Ideals, World)

"In Europe, they're more demanding, the ones that rent the build ings."
- Helmut Jahn
(Related: Europe)

"In Europe, architects consider themselves artists. They think they're special when they win a competition."
- Helmut Jahn
(Related: Artists, Competition, Europe)

"Many fail to realize this great recording industry was built by so-called jazz artists. And at the other end of the spectrum, a base in European classical music as well."
- Ahmad Jamal
(Related: Music, Artists, End, Jazz)

"In the last quarter of the eighteenth century bourgeois Europe needed to emancipate itself from that combination of feudalism and commercial capitalism which we know as mercantilism."
- C. L. R. James
(Related: Capitalism, Europe)

"It's a complex fate, being an American, and one of the responsibilities it entails is fighting against a superstitious valuation of Europe."
- Henry James
(Related: American, Being, Europe, Fate, Fighting)

"In most of the European countries - France stands out in its resistance to this particular form of American cultural imperialism - the national film industries were forced onto the defensive after the war by such binding agreements."
- Fredric Jameson
(Related: War, American, Countries, Film, France)

"I decided that Europeans and Americans are like men and women: they understand each other worse, and it matters less, than either of them suppose."
- Randall Jarrell
(Related: Men, Americans)

"When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe."
- Thomas Jefferson
(Related: Cities, Europe)

"Peace and abstinence from European interferences are our objects, and so will continue while the present order of things in America remain uninterrupted."
- Thomas Jefferson
(Related: Peace, Abstinence, America, Order, Present, Will)

"New ideas should confront old ideas. We must refer to the example of Europe. People have fought to make Europe what it is today. Freedom is not something that is served up on a plate."
- Tahar Ben Jelloun
(Related: People, Ideas, Europe, Example, Freedom, Old, Today)

"The recent riots in France demonstrate the problem European countries face where second and third generation immigrants still do not consider themselves French, German, or English."
- Bobby Jindal
(Related: Countries, English, France)

"Although we were The Spice Girls of 1984 in Europe, My work has never been widely promoted in the U.S."
- Holly Johnson
(Related: Work, Europe, Girls)

"Long after this wonderful event in the Earth's history, when the human species was spread over a good deal of Asia, Europe, and Africa, migration to the American continents began in attempts to find new feeding grounds and unoccupied areas for hunting and fishing."
- Harry Johnston
(Related: History, American, Earth, Europe, Fishing, Hunting)

"Before my grandpa built his own church, we went to the neighboring town, and it was a white community. You know, up north, mostly middle European people and Indians, Chippewa Indians. We were welcome to that church, but once we got in, they didn't know what to do with us."
- James Earl Jones
(Related: People, Church, Community)

"I went with Lionel Hampton for three years. Out of that came a trip to Europe."
- Quincy Jones
(Related: Europe, Years)

"I do not separate France from Europe."
- Lionel Jospin
(Related: Europe, France)

"In the report made on behalf of the C.G.T. we affirmed that the Peace Treaty should, in accordance with the spirit of workers' organizations, lay the first foundations of the United States of Europe."
- Leon Jouhaux
(Related: Peace, Europe, First, Spirit, states, United, Workers)

"If Ireland is to become a new Ireland she must first become European."
- James Joyce
(Related: First, Ireland)

"The Christian missionary may preach the gospel to the poor naked heathen, but the spiritual heathen who populate Europe have as yet heard nothing of Christianity."
- Carl Jung
(Related: Christian, Christianity, Europe, May, Nothing, Poor, Spiritual)

"Well, I think he's right to notice that there is a difference in attitudes and even in the broadest sense of world view between Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Which is old and which is new is an interesting question, and I almost think that maybe he's got it backwards."
- Robert Kagan
(Related: Difference, Europe, Old, Question, Right, Sense, World)

"Conditions were so hard. To send the news out, telex was the only means, but telex was very rare in Africa. So if somebody was flying to Europe, we gave him correspondence to send after he arrived."
- Ryszard Kapuscinski
(Related: Europe, Flying, News)

"Whereas European films have traditionally been able to go into adult relationships. I think there's a huge audience in America for those kinds of films."
- Philip Kaufman
(Related: America, Relationships)

"A lot of names in America and Europe have their roots in Latin and Greek words. A lot of them go back to archetypes and their stories."
- Maynard James Keenan
(Related: America, Europe, Names, Words)

"I know of no more important subject to the peace of Europe and the world than the reasonable reduction of armaments, especially in Europe, and of naval armaments throughout the world."
- Frank B. Kellogg
(Related: Peace, Europe, World)

"I have often heard it said that the United States is isolated and is not interested in European affairs. I assure you that this is not the case."
- Frank B. Kellogg
(Related: states, United)

"Then, after I came home from Europe, I found I was under condemnation; and I was condemned at that time because I did not endorse the financial policy of the General Conference."
- John Harvey Kellogg
(Related: Home, Time, Policy, Financial, Europe)

"But I do not admit the comparison between your slaves and even the lowest class of European free labourers, for the former are allowed the exercise of no faculties but those which they enjoy in common with the brutes that perish."
- Fanny Kemble
(Related: Class, Exercise)

"In Europe you can be Sophia, you can be these older women who are considered very sexy."
- Sally Kirkland
(Related: Women, Europe)

"I really think that women should be allowed to be more European, in this country."
- Sally Kirkland
(Related: Women, Country)

"I think I'm more European in personality."
- Sally Kirkland
(Related: Personality)

"I'm sure Church got some of his ideas from this trip to Europe."
- Stephen Cole Kleene
(Related: Ideas, Church, Europe)

"I think that after Church got his Ph.D. he studied in Europe, maybe in the Netherlands, for a year or two."
- Stephen Cole Kleene
(Related: Church, Europe)

"Germany's fate is decided first and foremost in Europe. Reconciliation and cooperation in Europe have brought us freedom, peace and prosperity. Who would have dared to believe so much 50 years ago?"
- Horst Koehler
(Related: Peace, Cooperation, Europe, Fate, First, Freedom, Germany, Prosperity, Years)

"You didn't just pay lip service to the goal of overcoming the division of Europe and Germany... Rather, you put yourself at the forefront of those who encouraged us on the way to unity."
- Helmut Kohl
(Related: Goal, Europe, Germany, Overcoming, Service, Unity)

"I just completed a tour in Europe. I played every night. This requires traveling some days for six hours in a van or a train or a car. After six weeks of that, I checked into the hotel and just fell apart."
- Lee Konitz
(Related: Car, Europe, Night, Traveling)

"I'd been ready too, because before Olympic Games, I wasn't compete in big competition like, World Championship, like European Championship. I just competed in national competition."
- Olga Korbut
(Related: Competition, Games, World)

"Then I was lucky I met with my future husband, and I started new life with my husband, and I was happy again. He was a musician. I start to travel with him through Europe also and around the former Soviet Union."
- Olga Korbut
(Related: Life, Travel, HusbEurope, Future)

"We should be moving toward local currencies not global or European currencies."
- David Korten
"Europeans say they are proud of their social fabric, of strong rights for workers and the weak in society."
- David Korten
(Related: Society, Rights, Workers)

"A trait which differentiated New York from European cities was the incredible freedom and ease in which life, including sexual life, could be carried on, on many levels."
- Jerzy Kosinski
(Related: Life, Cities, Freedom)

"Now since France has three times in sixty years failed to obtain practical results from Political revolutions, all Europe is apt to press forward into new Social doctrine to regulate the future."
- Lajos Kossuth
(Related: Doctrine, Europe, France, Future, Now, Press, Results, Years)

"The principle of evil in Europe is the enervating spirit of Russian absolutism."
- Lajos Kossuth
(Related: Europe, Evil, Spirit)

"Even in political considerations, now-a-days, you have stronger motives to feel interested in the fate of Europe than in the fate of the Central or Southern parts of America."
- Lajos Kossuth
(Related: America, Europe, Fate, Motives, Now)

"It is chiefly in New York that I feel induced to urge this, because New York is, by innumerable ties, connected with Europe - more connected than several parts of Europe itself."
- Lajos Kossuth
(Related: Europe)

"When I was 21, I got into a motorcycle accident while traveling in Europe and I had to lie around a lot in the aftermath, which was really the first time in my life that I became really focused and inspired to write."
- Chantal Kreviazuk
(Related: Life, Time, Lie, Accident, Europe, First, Traveling)

"I made a French film called "Merry Christmas" which is a very European film. It's a World War I piece."
- Diane Kruger
(Related: War, Film, World, World war)

"To be in the EU, it means to have same rules of... for economy, for social life, to be together in the majority of European countries."
- Aleksander Kwasniewski
(Related: Life, Countries, Economy, Majority, Rules)

"So I think that is from the European perspective, for the European future, this engagement can be one of the most important and effective decisions in the last 50 years maybe."
- Aleksander Kwasniewski
(Related: Decisions, Future, Perspective, Years)

"But unlike European countries, America has never finished a map of the United States, only the eastern United States is covered and a few spots here and there."
- William Labov
(Related: America, Countries, states, United)

"No, I'm not a French designer either. I'm from nowhere. I'm a European, old European is all I am."
- Karl Lagerfeld
(Related: Old)

"It is easier for women to succeed in business, the arts, and politics in America than in Europe."
- Hedy Lamarr
(Related: Politics, Women, Business, America, Europe, Succeed)

"I fancy our chances at the European Championships."
- Frank Lampard
(Related: Fancy)

"Only recently, during the nineteenth century, and then only in Europe, do we meet forms of the state which have been created by a deliberate national feeling."
- Christian Lous Lange
(Related: Europe, Feeling, State)

"The territorial state is such an ancient form of society - here in Europe it dates back thousands of years - that it is now protected by the sanctity of age and the glory of tradition. A strong religious feeling mingles with the respect and the devotion to the fatherland."
- Christian Lous Lange
(Related: Age, Society, Devotion, Europe, Feeling, Glory, Now, Religious, Respect, State, Tradition, Years)

"Europe cannot survive another world war."
- Christian Lous Lange
(Related: War, Europe, World, World war)

"In Germany air became generally accepted Berlin in this area. It operated with 45 airplanes within the Low Cost range from Germany, and is one the most successful carriers in Europe."
- Niki Lauda
(Related: Successful, Airplanes, Europe, Germany)

"Vienna is the gate to Eastern Europe."
- Niki Lauda
(Related: Europe)

"It is in order that France may find her place in the new Europe that you will respond to my appeal."
- Pierre Laval
(Related: Europe, France, May, Order, Will)

"In the event of a victory over Germany by Soviet Russia and England, Bolshevism in Europe would inevitably follow. Under these circumstances I would prefer to see Germany win the war."
- Pierre Laval
(Related: War, Victory, Circumstances, EnglEurope, Germany, Russia)

"I feel that an understanding could be reached with Germany which would result in a lasting peace with Europe and believe that a German victory is preferable to a British and Soviet victory."
- Pierre Laval
(Related: Peace, Victory, Europe, Germany, Result, Understanding)

"We have given most of Europe to Hitler. Let us try to hold on to what we have got left."
- Pierre Laval
(Related: Europe)

"I defy anyone - and I have said this to the Germans - to build a solid, articulated, and viable Europe without France's consent."
- Pierre Laval
(Related: Europe, France)

"Europe's the mayonnaise, but America supplies the good old lobster."
- David Herbert Lawrence
(Related: America, Europe, Old)

"The American grips himself, at the very sources of his consciousness, in a grip of care: and then, to so much of the rest of life, is indifferent. Whereas, the European hasn't got so much care in him, so he cares much more for life and living."
- David Herbert Lawrence
(Related: Life, American, Care, Consciousness, Living, Rest)

"The children are taught more of the meanest state in Europe than of the country they are born and bred in, despite the singularity of its characteristics, the interest of its history, the rapidity of its advance, and the stupendous promise of its future."
- Henry Lawson
(Related: History, Children, Country, Europe, Future, Interest, Promise, State)

"I kept an open mind on the question of whether a hominid had been present in Europe in the early Pleistocene."
- Louis Leakey
(Related: Europe, Mind, Open, Present, Question)

"More than any other in Western Europe, Britain remains a country where a traveler has to think twice before indulging in the ordinary food of ordinary people."
- Joseph Lelyveld
(Related: Food, People, Country, Europe)

"I can't see America any other way than with a European's eyes. It fascinates me and terrifies me at the same time."
- Sergio Leone
(Related: Time, America, Eyes)

"I have a sense that many Americans, especially those like me with European or foreign parents, feel they have to invent their families just as they have to invent themselves."
- Philip Levine
(Related: Americans, Parents, Sense)

"We had several hits in the States but probably only one big one in Europe. The crowds are smaller."
- Huey Lewis
(Related: Crowds, Europe, states)

"Only through acknowledgment of the erasure and void of Jewish life can the history of Berlin and Europe have a human future."
- Daniel Libeskind
(Related: History, Life, Europe, Future)

"Incendiary capitalism is carrying its out evil works more dangerously than ever, and is doing so in the increasingly dangerous neighborhood of the powder kegs that are the great European military powers."
- Karl Liebknecht
(Related: Capitalism, Evil, Military)

"I worked for a newspaper in Europe for, I lived in Europe for about seven years, so I worked in this sort of a yellow journalism kind of a thing, it was like a scandal sheet."
- Kurt Loder
(Related: Europe, Journalism, Scandal, Years)

"The United States is the world's best hope, but if you fetter her in the interests and quarrels of other nations, if you tangle her in the intrigues of Europe, you will destroy her power for good and endanger her very existence."
- Henry Cabot Lodge
(Related: Power, Hope, Europe, Existence, Nations, Quarrels, states, United, Will, World)

"We should never suffer Cuba to pass from the hands of Spain to any other European power."
- Henry Cabot Lodge
(Related: Power, Spain)

"Does this boat go to Europe, France?"
- Anita Loos
(Related: Europe, France)

"I could sooner reconcile all Europe than two women."
- Louis XIV
(Related: Women, Europe)

"The only difference between the Bel Air of the '90s and the Bel Air of my childhood is that now the nannies are Latina instead of British, and the cars European instead of American."
- Lorna Luft
(Related: American, Childhood, Difference, Now)

"Because of my language and the pantomime with which most Europeans accompany their speech, I was catalogued as a heavy."
- Bela Lugosi
(Related: Language, Speech)

"As one went to Europe to see the living past, so one must visit Southern California to observe the future."
- Alison Lurie
(Related: Europe, Future, Living, Past, Visit)

"That ere long, now that curiosity has been so much excited on this subject, some human remains will be detected in the older alluvium of European valleys, I confidently expect."
- Charles Lyell
(Related: Curiosity, Now, Will)

"It is time we in Scotland put England in its proper place and instead of our leaning on England and taking inspiration from her, we should lean and turn to Europe, for it is there our future prosperity lies."
- Hugh MacDiarmid
(Related: Time, Inspiration, EnglEurope, Future, Lies, Prosperity, Scotland)

"The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe with blood for centuries."
- James Madison
(Related: Purpose, Church, Blood, Europe, Separation, State)

"In spite of overwhelming evidence, it is most difficult for a citizen of western Europe to bring thoroughly home to himself the truth that the civilisation which surrounds him is a rare exception in the history of the world."
- Henry James Sumner Maine
(Related: History, Home, Truth, Europe, World)

"My fiancee and I recently eloped. We went on a fabulous honeymoon to Europe, and I was able to see and do everything I wanted without worrying about taking it easy."
- Lee Majors
(Related: Europe)

"What we have to do is reinvent the idea of Europe."
- Peter Mandelson
(Related: Idea, Europe)

"What is most important for Europe is economic growth and jobs, security at home and safety in the world."
- Peter Mandelson
(Related: Home, Growth, Europe, Jobs, Safety, Security, World)

"Having viewed Europe as an extension and projection of itself, France now finds Europe developing a mind and identity of its own which embraces France but is not controlled by France."
- Peter Mandelson
(Related: Europe, France, Identity, Mind, Now)

"If the constitutional treaty is rejected it will be back to square one, just at a time when we want Europe to be a more effective force for good in the world, when we need to buttress ourselves against the pressures and insecurities of globalization."
- Peter Mandelson
(Related: Time, Europe, Force, Globalization, Want, Will, World)

"We've got to demonstrate why European unity and integration, our vast single market, our single currency, equip us with the strength to embrace globalization."
- Peter Mandelson
(Related: Strength, Globalization, Unity)

"Europe has to address people's needs directly and reflect their priorities, not our own preoccupations."
- Peter Mandelson
(Related: People, Europe, Needs, Priorities)

"I do not share the half-in, half-out attitude to the EU of some in Britain. Britain's place is in Europe."
- Peter Mandelson
(Related: Attitude, Europe)

"I think Europe is going in the right direction and we shouldn't be set back."
- Peter Mandelson
(Related: Direction, Europe, Right)

"And the young people in the 1960's identified with it immediately, because, I guess the young people had been having years of repression really. They felt that the, you know, after the war everything was very austere, particularly in Europe."
- George Martin
(Related: War, People, Europe, Repression, Years)

"For my own part, I had rather suffer any inconvenience from having to work occasionally in chambers and kitchen... than witness the subservience in which the menial class is held in Europe."
- Harriet Martineau
(Related: Work, Class, Europe, Kitchen)

"My father was champion of North Africa and he beat the European champ. He was very good, a professional for 12 years. We're from a big family of boxers. My father has seven brothers."
- Olivier Martinez
(Related: Family, Father, Brothers, Years)

"There is a specter haunting Europe, the specter of Communism."
- Karl Marx
(Related: Communism, Europe)

"A specter is haunting Europe - the specter of communism."
- Karl Marx
(Related: Communism, Europe)

"Eighty percent of married men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe."
- Jackie Mason
(Related: Men, America, Europe, Rest)

"I graduated in 1952 and went to Europe, with Niki and our first child Laura, who was then a year old."
- Harry Mathews
(Related: Europe, First, Old)

"In a few hundred years you have achieved in America what it took thousands of years to achieve in Europe."
- David McCallum
(Related: America, Europe, Years)

"Life for the European is a career; for the American it is a hazard."
- Mary McCarthy
(Related: Life, American, Career)

"Europe is the unfinished negative of which America is the proof."
- Mary McCarthy
(Related: Negative, America, Europe, Proof)

"When an American heiress wants to buy a man, she at once crosses the Atlantic. The only really materialistic people I have ever met have been Europeans."
- Mary McCarthy
(Related: People, American, Man)

"The immense popularity of American movies abroad demonstrates that Europe is the unfinished negative of which America is the proof."
- Mary McCarthy
(Related: Movies, Negative, America, American, Europe, Popularity, Proof)

"The American character looks always as if it had just had a rather bad haircut, which gives it, in our eyes at any rate, a greater humanity than the European, which even among its beggars has an all too professional air."
- Mary McCarthy
(Related: Character, American, Eyes, Humanity)

"With the Truman book, I wrote the entire account of his experiences in World War I before going over to Europe to follow his tracks in the war. When I got there, there was a certain satisfaction in finding I had it right - it does look like that."
- David McCullough
(Related: War, Europe, Right, Satisfaction, World, World war)

"We didn't realize there were that many boy bands until we started touring in Europe. I don't think we were ever affected by it since a lot of the groups in Europe didn't really sing live, but we did and would perform a cappella as well."
- A. J. McLean
(Related: Europe)

"In Europe we could do it, if we fly as soon as the event is over."
- Vince McMahon
(Related: Europe)

"The old Fleetwood Mac was much better; they did some beautiful and, to my mind, very authentic blues. Chicken Shack did pretty well in Europe, but after I left, it was over."
- Christine McVie
(Related: Europe, Mind, Old, Pretty)

"The European nations take climate change very seriously."
- Donella Meadows
(Related: Change, Climate, Climate change, Nations)

"On the one hand, the financial projection is on the agenda - we will see if this problem can be resolved or not. I think it is a right idea to stage a special summit, which would deal with the question of priorities of European politics."
- Angela Merkel
(Related: Politics, Idea, Financial, Priorities, Question, Right, Will)

"I am not an expert in this field but I do try to keep up to date with the Bundesliga. And I do follow World Cups and European Championships more closely."
- Angela Merkel
(Related: World)

"Above all it is important to point out that we can only maintain our prosperity in Europe if we belong to the most innovative regions in the world."
- Angela Merkel
(Related: Europe, Prosperity, World)

"It certainly is dangerous that there are only a few clubs left in Europe that can afford to pay millions. At the end of the day however, the spectators decide the rates of pay - by watching the games and consuming the goods and services advertised on sports TV programmes."
- Angela Merkel
(Related: Sports, Day, End, Europe, Games)

"I have just explained my idea of how a constructive period of reflection, one that would send a clear message to the citizens of Europe: You should now what our priorities are. For Germany this means: Unemployment is one of one of our biggest problems."
- Angela Merkel
(Related: Idea, Germany, Now, Priorities, Problems, Reflection, Unemployment)

"In Europe it is particularly important that we build good relations to everyone who holds political responsibility because Europe can only be build together."
- Angela Merkel
(Related: Europe, Responsibility)

"Croatia did not want Europe to be divided as to the start of Croatia's EU entry talks."
- Stjepan Mesic
(Related: Europe, Want)

"I think we can find a formula that would be to everyone's satisfaction, which would make it possible for Croatia to take some more steps and for Europe to accept us into its midst, and for the talks to start."
- Stjepan Mesic
(Related: Europe, Formula, Satisfaction)

"When Paris sneezes, Europe catches cold."
- Prince Metternich
(Related: Europe, Paris)

"In Europe the right wing is bogged down in Nationalism in most cases and still fighting so called Reds."
- Tom Metzger
(Related: Europe, Fighting, Nationalism, Right)

"To meet the shortage of supplies from America, due to lack of shipping, the representatives of the different supply departments were constantly in search of available material and supplies in Europe."
- Kelly Miller
(Related: America, Europe)

"For a century after the reign of Frederick, Prussia remained the most prominent Germanic state in Europe."
- Kelly Miller
(Related: Europe, State)

"I don't understand why Europeans and South Americans can take more sophistication. Why is it that Americans need to hear their happiness major and their tragedy minor, and as jazzy as they can handle is a seventh chord? Are they not experiencing complex emotions?"
- Joni Mitchell
(Related: Happiness, Americans, Emotions, Sophistication, Tragedy)

"The best performers in Europe are those who use their welfare states to help people adjust to change."
- John Monks
(Related: Change, People, Europe, Help, states, Welfare)

"We are demonstrating for services for all the people and not just services for money. It's very important that this message goes to the European Parliament today."
- John Monks
(Related: Money, People, Parliament, Today)

"Our relations with the other powers of Europe have experienced no essential change since the last session."
- James Monroe
(Related: Change, Europe)

"In the wars of the European powers in matters relating to themselves we have never taken any part, not does it comport with our policy so to do. It is only when our rights are invaded or seriously menaced that we resent injuries or make preparation for our defence."
- James Monroe
(Related: Policy, Rights, Preparation)

"There is no government in Europe where ministers go through that kind of confirmation process, which in fact is modeled on the way the U.S. cabinet members are confirmed."
- Mario Monti
(Related: Government, Europe, Fact)

"I have the most profound respect for the Department of Justice and the FTC. We in Europe are a younger and I would say junior institution to the historical antitrust experience of the US."
- Mario Monti
(Related: Experience, Europe, Justice, Respect)

"As to the question of elected or not elected, each member of the European Commission has been appointed jointly by the governments of the 15 member states, and undergone individual scrutiny and a vote of confidence from the European Parliament."
- Mario Monti
(Related: Confidence, Parliament, Question, states, Vote)

"If all our comrades of Europe, America and other countries, who do not understand what we are doing to Spanish Anarchism, would come to Spain, we could then see how they would react."
- Frederica Montseny
(Related: America, Countries, Europe, Spain)

"None of the European girls, including Anita Ekberg, has anything not found on American girls as well."
- Cleo Moore
(Related: American, Girls)

"In becoming an American, from Europe, what one has in common with that other immigrant is contempt for me-it's nothing else but color."
- Toni Morrison
(Related: American, Contempt, Europe, Nothing)

"For a time during the 1980s the Royal Family were not just the most influential family in Britain but probably in Europe and Prince Charles specifically was very much like a defacto Cabinet member and what he said actually had impact on public policy."
- Andrew Morton
(Related: Family, Time, Policy, Europe, Public, Public policy)

"Most painting in the European tradition was painting the mask. Modern art rejected all that. Our subject matter was the person behind the mask."
- Robert Motherwell
(Related: Art, Painting, Tradition)

"At the very least we should be given a bit of credit and a little bit of space, and maybe the media should think we could help them discover why English teams do not win European competitions."
- Jose Mourinho
(Related: Credit, English, Help, Media, Space)

"But I think it's more normal for my team to have no success than it is to win two consecutive European cups."
- Jose Mourinho
(Related: Success)

"The idea of the European community is never face a war again."
- Nana Mouskouri
(Related: War, Idea, Community)

"We don't mind having sanctions banning us from Europe. We are not Europeans."
- Robert Mugabe
(Related: Europe, Mind)

"The land is ours. It's not European and we have taken it, we have given it to the rightful people... Those of white extraction who happen to be in the country and are farming are welcome to do so, but they must do so on the basis of equality."
- Robert Mugabe
(Related: Equality, People, Country, Land)

"When you're writing these things, you're in a room making each other laugh, you really have very little sense of political correctness or incorrectness. This is a question that Europe tends to ask and America doesn't."
- Mike Myers
(Related: America, Europe, Question, Sense, Writing)

"Europe is scooters. Europe is five young people on one bench sharing a chocolate bar. Their idea of entertainment and fun is so much different than ours, which is exactly why a movie about them would be funny."
- Mike Myers
(Related: Funny, People, Idea, Entertainment, Europe, Sharing)

"Europe is weird songs that would never make it in America."
- Mike Myers
(Related: America, Europe, Songs)

"Europe to me is young people trying to appear middle-aged and middle-aged people trying to appear young."
- Mike Myers
(Related: People, Europe, Trying)

"There is extraordinary similarities between the Midwest in America and Europe in that there is this sense of vast, open sky and loneliness and cold."
- Ajay Naidu
(Related: America, Europe, Loneliness, Open, Sense, Sky)

"Living in Europe, I was surprised to find out just how little everyone knows about Japan."
- Hidetoshi Nakata
(Related: Europe, Living)

"I notice that teams are now more interested in Japanese players than when I first went to Europe."
- Hidetoshi Nakata
(Related: Europe, First, Now)

"People ask me if I ever feel outside the Hollywood loop, and I never do, because both of us do a lot of theatre, so it's great for New York and it's also half-way between Europe and the west coast, so it's the best of both worlds."
- Liam Neeson
(Related: People, Europe, Hollywood, Theatre)

"My name was on the list very early after these announcements were made through the newspapers in Europe."
- Claude Nicollier
(Related: Europe, Name, Newspapers)

"Who says I'm gonna marry another guy? In Europe it's not like in America, where you set a date."
- Brigitte Nielsen
(Related: America, Europe)

"An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris."
- Friedrich Nietzsche
(Related: Home, Artist, Europe, Paris)

"Two great European narcotics, alcohol and Christianity."
- Friedrich Nietzsche
(Related: Christianity, Alcohol)

"Women have no sympathy and my experience of women is almost as large as Europe."
- Florence Nightingale
(Related: Experience, Women, Sympathy, Europe)

"I think we have really integrated well around Manchester. This is the place where we feel at home. We like it here, we love the English way of life and we prefer it much, much more than the south of Europe."
- Ruud van Nistelrooy
(Related: Life, Love, Home, English, Europe)

"I did not support any more New York. I lived 10 years there, and after September 11, I felt very European. I did not share the opinion of people in the street, who were deeply influenced by what they heard in the media."
- Yannick Noah
(Related: People, Media, Opinion, Support, Years)

"In the villages in Europe, there are still healers who tell stories."
- Yannick Noah
(Related: Europe)

"Downtown, one has less time. But there are in Europe much people who have the faith, in South America, too."
- Yannick Noah
(Related: Faith, Time, People, America, Europe)

"In America, there's a failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world."
- Barack Obama
(Related: Failure, America, Europe, Leading, World)

"I think it is important for Europe to understand that even though I am president and George Bush is not president, Al Qaeda is still a threat."
- Barack Obama
(Related: Europe, President)

"I will not say the fact that there are no European Union observers at an election means that it will not be fair and free."
- Olusegun Obasanjo
(Related: Fact, Will)

"In fact, it struck me when we invaded last year that if we did it without European and East Asian support, we were risking losing our alliance in Europe in exchange for Iraq, and that is a very undesirable exchange."
- William Odom
(Related: Alliance, Europe, Fact, Iraq, Losing, Support)

"The whole notion of land property rights in the Arab world is different from that in Europe."
- William Odom
(Related: Europe, Rights, Land, Property, World)

"And, granted, for a long time, the European has been dominant in certain parts of this Western Hemisphere, but by the end of the 21st century, it's over."
- Edward James Olmos
(Related: Time, End)

"There is a grace of life which is still yours, my dear Europe."
- Charles Olson
(Related: Life, Europe, Grace)

"I was playing catch with the European audience."
- Charles Olson
"Very few cinematographers, other than the Europeans, know how to light women like they used to in the old days."
- Jennifer O'Neill
(Related: Women, Light, Old)

"You hear all the time about European players playing the game. These players that come over at 17, 18 and 19, they just don't all of a sudden become skilled. From the time they were little fellas, they learned the fundamentals of the game. Let them create."
- Bobby Orr
(Related: Time)

"Measured in time of transport and communication, the whole round globe is now smaller than a small European country was a hundred years ago."
- John Boyd Orr
(Related: Time, Communication, Country, Now, Years)

"In recent times, European nations, with the use of gunpowder and other technical improvements in warfare, controlled practically the whole world. One, the British Empire, brought under one government a quarter of the earth and its inhabitants."
- John Boyd Orr
(Related: Government, Earth, Nations, World)

"I took a bottle of pills. I'd been in Europe and I had a lot of absinthe and I was just drinking and drinking, trying to, you know, just shut my body down."
- Jack Osbourne
(Related: Body, Drinking, Europe, Trying)

"Most Europeans have no idea how wild life can be in north America."
- Tom G. Palmer
(Related: Life, Idea, America)

"Well, on the one hand the Turks have the legitimate need to defend their national dignity - and this includes being recognized as a part of the west and Europe."
- Orhan Pamuk
(Related: Being, Dignity, Europe)

"I see Turkey's future as being in Europe, as one of many prosperous, tolerant, democratic countries."
- Orhan Pamuk
(Related: Being, Countries, Europe, Future, Turkey)

"America, when it became known to Europeans, was, as it had long been, a scene of wide-spread revolution."
- Francis Parkman
(Related: America, Revolution)

"I was there less than a year before I was assigned to the Paris bureau. I spent two years there and, in fact, before I even went on the staff I was sent to Europe to do assignments which they wouldn't normally do for a young photographer just starting out."
- Gordon Parks
(Related: Europe, Fact, Paris, Years)

"When I follow the finals of the European Cups, I look at all the aspects surrounding protocol, to get some ideas. I am interested in personalities, sponsors and the stands. But as soon as the whistle goes, it's all on the pitch."
- Michel Patini
(Related: Ideas)

"The team which I led to the 1992 European Championship Finals is the only one in the history of the entire competition to have won every single one of its qualifying matches."
- Michel Patini
(Related: History, Competition)

"We were the best team in the world: European champions in 1984, we qualified without a hitch and 86 was to be the swan song for a very experienced side."
- Michel Patini
(Related: Song)

"The 1984 European Championships were held in France and that was something important. I felt on form then, even though I was practically always injured at all the World Cups. It's a great memory. But in any case, the past is past."
- Michel Patini
(Related: France, Memory, Past, World)

"In my view the European culture carries a very heavy responsibility for the creation of Israel... it is a product of both British and Stalin's anti- Semitism, but the British never faced their own complicity in its construction."
- Tom Paulin
(Related: Creation, Culture, Israel, Responsibility)

"Every time I work with a European director, I find they hire the person that captures the spirit of the role. Americans tend to hire the best face. The person that looks more like the role, whether they can perform the role or not is a bonus."
- Elizabeth Pena
(Related: Time, Work, Americans, Spirit)

"The same European governments that hesitated to confront terrorists were more than prepared to oppose us."
- Richard Perle
"We should force European governments to choose between Paris and Washington."
- Richard Perle
(Related: Force, Paris, Washington)

"We must do our utmost to preserve our British ally's strategic independence from Europe."
- Richard Perle
(Related: Europe, Independence)

"Acknowledge that a more closely integrated Europe is no longer an unqualified American interest."
- Richard Perle
(Related: American, Europe, Interest)

"And everything stopped quite rapidly because I knew that nobody in Europe was able to go to space. It was the privilege of being either American or Russian."
- Philippe Perrin
(Related: American, Being, Europe, Privilege, Space)

"Remember one thing - that Sweden is performing better than the rest of Europe."
- Goran Persson
(Related: Europe, Rest)

"It is the hope of the European Union that Ariel Sharon will keep the peace process alive and continue the dialogue according to the wishes of all the parties involved."
- Goran Persson
(Related: Peace, Hope, Will, Wishes)

"Classic nineteenth century European imperialists believed they were literally on a mission. I don't believe that the imperialists these days have that same sense of public service. They are simply pirates."
- John Pilger
(Related: Mission, Public, Sense, Service)

"I have quite a lot of fans in Holland because that is where my mother is from, in fact I have a fan club there, and the fans don't always get the chance to see us drive the cars because getting to races across Europe isn't always possible for them."
- Nelson Piquet
(Related: Mother, Chance, Europe, Fact, Fans)

"Our pat-down approach is very similar to what is being utilized in Europe and, as we know, around the world. It's even much more thorough in other parts of the world."
- John Pistole
(Related: Being, Europe, World)

"But, I've made films in Japan, in Yugoslavia, all over Europe, all over the United States, Mexico, but not Hollywood."
- Sydney Pollack
(Related: Europe, Hollywood, states, United)

"Without the potato, the balance of European power might never have tilted north."
- Michael Pollan
(Related: Power, Balance)

"Jewish immigration in the 20th century was fueled by the Holocaust, which destroyed most of the European Jewish community. The migration made the United States the home of the largest Jewish population in the world."
- Jon Porter
(Related: Home, Community, Population, states, United, World)

"Somebody said that I am the last American living the tragedy of Europe."
- Ezra Pound
(Related: American, Europe, Living, Tragedy)

"The choice is not normally between the north and south. It might be between Britain and Europe."
- John Prescott
(Related: Choice, Europe)

"But Italy can only have any real influence on world affairs if it carries weight in Europe."
- Romano Prodi
(Related: Europe, Influence, Italy, Weight, World)

"The Italian economy is certainly the weakest of the big European countries."
- Romano Prodi
(Related: Countries, Economy)

"Moreover, resolving the mother of all problems - the Israeli-Palestinian question - requires cooperation between Europe and the U.S."
- Romano Prodi
(Related: Mother, Cooperation, Europe, Problems, Question)

"I am not a newcomer, you know, so I want to be judged for what I did when I was prime minister last time in Italy and president of the European Commission for more than five years."
- Romano Prodi
(Related: Time, Italy, President, Want, Years)

"I believe that the capital of the Republic of Albania is a suitable venue for discussing the dialogue among religions and civilizations, notably in the countries of South East Europe, because we are well familiar with this country's track record of religious tolerance."
- Georgi Purvanov
(Related: Countries, Country, Europe, Religious, Tolerance)

"Russia is a part of European culture. Therefore, it is with difficulty that I imagine NATO as an enemy."
- Vladimir Putin
(Related: Culture, Difficulty, Enemy, Russia)

"If I can just see the European war out I think I might feel justified in quitting the war."
- Ernie Pyle
(Related: War, Quitting)

"Europeans know the importance of the Resistance; it has been the shining example of the modern conscience."
- Salvatore Quasimodo
(Related: Conscience, Example, Importance)

"I am busy touring all over Europe, Japan, and Australia."
- Suzi Quatro
(Related: Europe)

"We have a firm commitment to NATO, we are a part of NATO. We have a firm commitment to Europe. We are a part of Europe."
- Dan Quayle
(Related: Commitment, Europe)

"In Europe an actor is an artist. In Hollywood, if he isn't working, he's a bum."
- Anthony Quinn
(Related: Actor, Artist, Europe, Hollywood)

"Not too many people in America know about me, but all of Europe knows about me."
- Sun Ra
(Related: People, America, Europe)

"The next challenge for Christianity is to remind Europeans that we are called to seek the truth."
- Timothy Radcliffe
(Related: Truth, Christianity, Challenge)

"What can the Church do? If she stands by her moral teaching, then she will be seen as standing in judgement over a vast percentage of Europeans."
- Timothy Radcliffe
(Related: Church, Teaching, Will)

"Christians can bring peace to multi-religious Europe because we are able to understand the role of faith in the lives of other believers better than atheists."
- Timothy Radcliffe
(Related: Faith, Peace, Europe)

"When I see the cultural diversity that exists today, I feel that we must defend it, and we need Europe, because otherwise we are going to live in a society with a single model, the Anglo-American model."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Society, Diversity, Europe, Today)

"We believe that the European Union is facing a truly historic choice."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Choice)

"There have been major disagreements within the European Union."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Disagreements)

"The United States, for a French citizen, is a friend, an ally, to whom we owe, along with most Europeans, our freedom."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Friend, Freedom, states, United)

"We must stress that the euro has been beneficial to the European Union because, otherwise, in this context of international turmoil, every country would have to devalue their currencies."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Country, Stress)

"The Europe we are in the process of building is the Europe of the 21st century; it's not the Europe of the 20th century."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Building, Europe)

"I think that the proposed constitution is one of the European legal documents with the strongest social dimension I have seen since I began following European issues."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Legal, Constitution)

"I think that we must come together progressively, with the British, the Germans, the Spanish, the Italians and with the new members of the European Union, we must make an effort to forge closer links."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Effort)

"I was a Member of the European Parliament for a period of time and I saw a lot of European laws and treaties."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Time, Laws, Parliament)

"It's true that the question of Iraq divided Europe."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Europe, Iraq, Question)

"Obviously, there is diversity, but Europe is a union of diversity."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Diversity, Europe)

"Europe started out with six countries; three small countries and three large countries."
- Jean-Pierre Raffarin
(Related: Countries, Europe)

"I believe the main solution is to gain the trust of Europe and America and to remove their concerns over the peaceful nature of our nuclear industry and to assure them that there will never be a diversion to military use."
- Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
(Related: Nature, Trust, America, Europe, Gain, Military, Solution, Will)

"As much as we'd like to believe that our work is great and that we're infallible, we're not. Hollywood movies are made for the audience. These are not small European art films we're making."
- Harold Ramis
(Related: Art, Movies, Work, Hollywood)

"European films were what it was about for me - the sensations I needed, the depth, the storytelling, the characters, the directors, and the freedom that you can't really find in American films."
- Charlotte Rampling
(Related: American, Freedom, Sensations)

"Now is the time for the U.S. and the nations of Western Europe who engaged in the slave trade throughout this hemisphere to come forward in a positive way to assist in undoing the harm that was caused by their past colonial policies in the hemisphere."
- Charles Rangel
(Related: Time, Positive, Europe, Harm, Nations, Now, Past, Trade)

"Europe should stick to an open economy, to competition and we should refuse protectionism. It will not save one single job in the long run to protect non-competitive industries."
- Anders Fogh Rasmussen
(Related: Competition, Economy, Europe, Job, Open, Will)

"More than forty years of Communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe resulted in an unhappy and artificial division of Europe. It is this dark chapter of European history that we now have the opportunity to close."
- Anders Fogh Rasmussen
(Related: History, Opportunity, Europe, Now, Years)

"The fact that the church is convinced of not having the right to confer priestly ordination on women is now considered by some as irreconcilable with the European Constitution."
- Joseph Ratzinger
(Related: Women, Church, Constitution, Fact, Now, Right)

"At the age when Bengali youth almost inevitably writes poetry, I was listening to European classical music."
- Satyajit Ray
(Related: Age, Music, Poetry, Listening, Youth)

"We need to remind our core supporters that we have not forgotten their concern with the way our democracy is being replaced by European bureaucracy in so many areas."
- John Redwood
(Related: Being, Bureaucracy, Concern, Democracy)

"The news in Europe, West and East, is still showing America in flames, flood, etc. Cities are shown underwater; befuddled American officials are shown trying to explain why we are winning the war on terrorism."
- Richard Reeves
(Related: War, Winning, America, American, Cities, Europe, News, Terrorism, Trying)

"Europe has a press that stresses opinions; America a press, radio, and television that emphasize news."
- James Reston
(Related: America, Europe, News, Opinions, Press, Television)

"I'm definitely more influenced by European writers than I am by American writers, there's no doubt about that."
- Anne Rice
(Related: American, Doubt, Writers)

"Europe will not accept genetically modified foods. It doesn't make any difference in the final analysis what Brussels does, what Washington does, or what the World Trade Organization does."
- Jeremy Rifkin
(Related: Difference, Europe, Trade, Washington, Will, World)

"The electronic media introduced this idea to the larger audience very, very quickly. We spent years and years and years meeting with activists all over Europe to lay the groundwork for a political response, as we did here."
- Jeremy Rifkin
(Related: Idea, Europe, Media, Meeting, Years)

"In this country, the health concerns and the environmental concerns are as deep as in Europe. All the surveys show that. But here, we didn't have the cultural dimension. This is a fast-food culture."
- Jeremy Rifkin
(Related: Environmental, Health, Country, Culture, Deep, Europe)

"The education, the cultural awareness, is different in Europe, especially in France, from that in the United States. So I think the public will be much more appreciative of many images."
- Herb Ritts
(Related: Education, Awareness, Europe, France, Public, states, United, Will)

"I have to make this love affair believable enough. It's very European."
- Chita Rivera
(Related: Love)

"In sum, as we enter the 21st century, the Euro-Atlantic community - North America and Europe together - has to face some tough challenges when it comes to improving our capability."
- Lord Robertson
(Related: America, Community, Europe)

"If we get the capabilities, NATO, along with the European Union, can do amazing things."
- Lord Robertson
"For years, European leaders have pointed out that Europe is an economic giant, but a military pygmy."
- Lord Robertson
(Related: Europe, Leaders, Military, Years)

"For years, we have heard warnings that Europe needs to contribute more to NATO's capability."
- Lord Robertson
(Related: Europe, Needs, Years)

"Europeans don't seem to have the groupie mentality."
- Kid Rock
"Mother's taste was eclectic and ranged from the ancient world to the contemporary from Europe to the U.S."
- David Rockefeller
(Related: Mother, Europe, Taste, World)

"When I go to farms or little towns, I am always surprised at the discontent I find. And New York, too often, has looked across the sea toward Europe. And all of us who turn our eyes away from what we have are missing life."
- Norman Rockwell
(Related: Life, Discontent, Europe, Eyes, Sea)

"I learned that you can make a sci-fi film that is satisfying overseas. European people have everything in check. I'd make every sci-fi film in Europe. They only work 14 hours a day. After that, it's overtime."
- Michelle Rodriguez
(Related: Work, People, Day, Europe, Film)

"Over the last several quarters we have been growing faster in Asia and Europe than any other place on the planet. We have 18 percent of the global PC share, about 12 percent in Europe, and 8 percent in Asia."
- Kevin Rollins
(Related: Europe)

"What I can say is that for may years jazz musicians had to go to Europe, for instance, to be respected and to be sort of treated not in a discriminatory way. I don't think there is anything controversial about me saying that. This is just a fact."
- Sonny Rollins
(Related: Europe, Fact, Jazz, May, Musicians, Saying, Years)

"Europeans really provided many venues over there and hailed the jazz artists, and a lot of musicians went over there and stayed over there for a long time. A lot of them moved over there, lived over there, and died over there."
- Sonny Rollins
(Related: Time, Artists, Jazz, Musicians)

"Even the most jingoistic person would have to admit that even American cultural music comes from Europe. That's what classical music is, real European music."
- Sonny Rollins
(Related: Music, American, Europe)

"Anyone who has to fight, even with the most modern weapons, against an enemy in complete command of the air, fights like a savage against modern European troops, under the same handicaps and with the same chances of success."
- Erwin Rommel
(Related: Success, Enemy, Fight, Troops, Weapons)

"Anyone who knows history, particularly the history of Europe, will, I think, recognize that the domination of education or of government by any one particular religious faith is never a happy arrangement for the people."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
(Related: Education, Faith, Government, History, People, Europe, Religious, Will)

"American time has stretched around the world. It has become the dominant tempo of modern history, especially of the history of Europe."
- Harold Rosenberg
(Related: History, Time, American, Europe, World)

"I had a bonding problem when I went off and boxed for five years. I was over in Europe and Asia fighting because I wanted to do something different; I was tired of acting. But the thing is, when I was done doing that, I couldn't get a job."
- Mickey Rourke
(Related: Acting, Europe, Fighting, Job, Years)

"Europe and the U.K. are yesterday's world. Tomorrow is in the United States."
- R. W. Tiny Rowland
(Related: Europe, states, Tomorrow, United, World, Yesterday)

"We have used the presence of UNMIK, as well as other European and American agencies to establish a legal framework compatible with the European Union and that is already an advantage. We have seen the positive effects of this and our parliament will continue to go this way."
- Ibrahim Rugova
(Related: Legal, Positive, American, Parliament, Will)

"We have the EURO as a currency, which means a lot. It has not just stabilized the situation in Kosovo politically and economically, but also facilitated the direct contact that we have with Europe."
- Ibrahim Rugova
(Related: Europe)

"Kosovo today is closer to Europe than other countries in the region of South Eastern Europe."
- Ibrahim Rugova
(Related: Countries, Europe, Today)

"You're thinking of Eurpoe as Germany and France. I don't. I think that's old Europe."
- Donald Rumsfeld
(Related: Europe, France, Germany, Old, Thinking)

"Georgia is not just a European country, but one of the most ancient European countries."
- Mikhail Saakashvili
(Related: Countries, Country)

"If we did go into a recession, something that's always possible for the U.S. or Europe, we could lower interest rates and expand the money supply without worrying about the price of gold."
- Jeffrey Sachs
(Related: Money, Europe, Gold, Interest)

"Since the time of Homer every European, in what he could say about the Orient, was a racist, an imperialist, and almost totally ethnocentric."
- Edward Said
(Related: Time)

"One of the best known, and one of the least intelligible, facts of literary history is the lateness, in Western European Literature at any rate, of prose fiction, and the comparative absence, in the two great classical languages, of what we call by that name."
- George Saintsbury
(Related: History, Absence, Facts, Fiction, Literary, Literature, Name, Prose)

"No, I worked a lot for European television, doing documentaries in Brazil."
- Walter Salles
(Related: Brazil, Television)

"In Europe, there is so much tradition, and everyone has established ideas as to what art should be and what it has always been."
- Esa-Pekka Salonen
(Related: Art, Ideas, Europe, Tradition)

"Companies are not charitable enterprises: They hire workers to make profits. In the United States, this logic still works. In Europe, it hardly does."
- Paul Samuelson
(Related: Europe, Logic, states, United, Workers)

"You can't build Europe against anyone."
- Jacques Santer
(Related: Europe)

"In fact, from then on scholars engaged in a kind of game of comparing different Indo-European languages with one another, and eventually they could not fail to wonder what exactly these connections showed, and how they should be interpreted in concrete terms."
- Ferdinand de Saussure
(Related: Fact, Wonder)

"The trouble with the Labour Party leadership and the trade union leadership, they're quite willing to applaud millions on the streets of the Philippines or in Eastern Europe, without understanding the need to also produce millions of people on the streets of Britain."
- Arthur Scargill
(Related: Leadership, People, Europe, Party, Trade, Trouble, Understanding)

"We should never forget that Hollywood was built by Europeans, and the old Jewish boys from Eastern Europe."
- Maximilian Schell
(Related: Boys, Europe, Forget, Hollywood, Old)

"Except here it's more power, more energy, younger and also in Europe it's still not only entertainment. Theater or films are looked at as a moral institution. That's why maybe they're so poetic. Here it's clear entertainment."
- Maximilian Schell
(Related: Power, Energy, Entertainment, Europe, Theater)

"The European nations' loss of sovereignty to the EU should be a warning to Americans."
- Phyllis Schlafly
(Related: Americans, Loss, Nations)

"Of course, the way writers think about those things is almost certain to be affected by their own cultural background, and it would be hard to deny that, for whatever reasons, a lot of SF writers come from Anglo or European backgrounds."
- Stanley Schmidt
(Related: Writers)

"And, of course, some SF is set close enough to here and now that Anglo and European do apply. Since many of the writers come from those backgrounds, so does much of the fiction."
- Stanley Schmidt
(Related: Fiction, Now, Writers)

"We made a decision that monetary policy will be made by an independent European Central Bank."
- Gerhard Schroder
(Related: Policy, Decision, Will)

"Whatever the details of union may be, there's no doubt we need more policy coordination in Europe."
- Gerhard Schroder
(Related: Policy, Doubt, Europe, May)

"We really believe our national interests are identical with European interests."
- Gerhard Schroder
"I met the Queen, the Pope, and we went all over Europe and Asia. I just wish I was older when I did all this. Then I could appreciate it more."
- Rick Schroder
(Related: Europe, Queen)

"Europe has always represented a major strategic opportunity to achieve our goal of creating and building an enduring global brand."
- Howard Schultz
(Related: Opportunity, Goal, Building, Europe)

"Then, in 1983 I went on a very long concert tour all over Europe."
- Klaus Schulze
(Related: Europe)

"Jews are not part of a European ruling class imposed on helpless natives, but are caught up in a tragedy in which two peoples are struggling for the same piece of land."
- Jack Schwartz
(Related: Class, Land, Tragedy)

"Aside from rabid Islamists, no one who wishes to be taken seriously can publicly say anything bad about the old Jews of Europe without sounding like reactionary troglodytes."
- Jack Schwartz
(Related: Europe, Old, Wishes)

"I was born in Europe... and I've traveled all over the world. I can tell you that there is no place, no country, that is more compassionate, more generous, more accepting, and more welcoming than the United States of America."
- Arnold Schwarzenegger
(Related: America, Country, Europe, states, United, World)

"I was brought in touch with developing post World War I ideas in Europe."
- Frank Scott
(Related: War, Ideas, Europe, Post, World, World war)

"Europeans are familiar with terrorism and violence. We have not experienced a true conflict on our soil in a hundred years, and especially not one that involved 3,000 dead."
- Brent Scowcroft
(Related: Conflict, Terrorism, Violence, Years)

"If Iraq were to descend into chaos, the Europeans would feel the effects just as much as we would."
- Brent Scowcroft
(Related: Chaos, Iraq)

"The Europeans must finally understand the incredible shock triggered by the attacks of September 11."
- Brent Scowcroft
"Can you imagine that Cuba and Europe's youth, who had forgotten about traditional music, who only thought of rock music, are now looking back towards their grandparents? That is a phenomenon."
- Compay Segundo
(Related: Music, Thought, Europe, Grandparents, Now, Youth)

"After about the first Millennium, Italy was the cradle of Romanesque architecture, which spread throughout Europe, much of it extending the structural daring with minimal visual elaboration."
- Harry Seidler
(Related: Architecture, Europe, First, Italy)

"From the early days of European migration to America, in the 17th Century, the prototype of buildings was based on English precedent, even if mostly translated into the locally available material in abundance: timber."
- Harry Seidler
(Related: America, English)

"I speak on due consideration because Britain, France, and Mexico, have abolished slavery, and all other European states are preparing to abolish it as speedily as they can."
- William H. Seward
(Related: Consideration, France, Slavery, states)

"In Europe, a writer is supposed to improve up until he's about 75."
- Irwin Shaw
(Related: Europe, Writer)

"It was a particularly interesting and exciting time, and the European political and artistic establishment was turned on by the Civil Rights Movement and the artistic revolution that was becoming a part of jazz."
- Archie Shepp
(Related: Time, Civil rights, Revolution, Jazz)

"Now, the entire world community recognizes Georgia. We are members of the United Nations and the Council of Europe. Everything is being prepared so that we will soon enter the European Union."
- Eduard Shevardnadze
(Related: Being, Community, Europe, Nations, Now, United, Will, World)

"There's no question that Stalin broke the agreements made at Yalta completely about elections that were supposed to be held immediately in Poland, and Eastern Europe was plunged into slavery as a consequence."
- Mark Shields
(Related: Elections, Europe, Question, Slavery)

"No student of Chinese history can say that the Chinese are incapable of religious experience, even when judged by the standards of medieval Europe or pious India."
- Hu Shih
(Related: History, Experience, Europe, Religious)

"The Jesuits had learned that a Christian mission to China could never succeed if it were not in a position to show and convince the Chinese intelligentsia of the superiority of the European culture."
- Hu Shih
(Related: Superiority, Christian, Culture, Mission, Succeed)

"Various Turkish people invaded southwest Asia during the Middle Ages and carved an empire for themselves from lands occupied by the indigenous Semitic and Indo-European inhabitants."
- John Shimkus
(Related: People)

"In Europe, people in the arts are considered part of the intelligentsia; they are considered part of the elite."
- Ron Silver
(Related: People, Europe)

"Imagine - four years you could have spent travelling around Europe meeting people, or going to the Far East of Africa or India, meeting people, exchanging ideas, reading all you wanted to anyway, and instead I wasted it at Roosevelt."
- Shel Silverstein
(Related: People, Ideas, Europe, Meeting, Reading, Years)

"My favorite thing in the world is a box of fine European chocolates which is, for sure, better than sex."
- Alicia Silverstone
(Related: Sex, Favorite, World)

"There is no disputing the fact that American consumers pay 30 to 300 percent more for the same prescription drugs as our counterparts in Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world."
- Michael K. Simpson
(Related: American, Canada, Drugs, Europe, Fact, Rest, World)

"I believe that nationalism is a very strong force, but there are other forces operating; there are tendencies pushing towards a larger picture, especially in Europe, I think; but I still think nationalism is real."
- Peter Singer
(Related: Europe, Force, Nationalism)

"Socialism is undoubtedly in the throes of a crisis greater than at any time since 1917. The last half of 1989 saw the dramatic collapse of most of the communist party governments of Eastern Europe."
- Joe Slovo
(Related: Time, Crisis, Europe, Party, Socialism)

"More and more do I see that only a successful revolution in India can break England's back forever and free Europe itself. It is not a national question concerning India any longer; it is purely international."
- Agnes Smedley
(Related: Successful, EnglEurope, Revolution, Question)

"As a Republican, I voted with President Clinton consistently in our efforts to bail out our European friends in Kosovo to stop genocide. I am proud of those votes. I am proud of President Clinton for that."
- Gordon Smith
(Related: Friends, Genocide, President, Republican)

"The views of the European Union are fully reflected in this text, particularly the key objective of the EU, namely vigorously to address the disarmament of Iraq and to do so within the framework of the UN Security Council."
- Javier Solana
(Related: Iraq, Key, Security)

"The reserve currency role seems to add prestige to an area and some people in Europe have talked about the desirability of the euro becoming an international reserve currency."
- Robert C. Solomon
(Related: People, Europe)

"There has been talk in Europe about American hegemony being somehow based upon the use of the dollar in the world. I just don't see that connection at all."
- Robert C. Solomon
(Related: American, Being, Connection, Europe, Talk, World)

"There is a European Central Bank, of course, established and it has the structure similar to the Federal Reserve system, not precisely the same but similar."
- Robert C. Solomon
"On private transactions, I'll just go very quickly now, a major difference between the United States and Euroland is that in Europe banks are much more important in financial transactions than in the United States."
- Robert C. Solomon
(Related: Financial, Banks, Difference, Europe, Now, states, United)

"In the United States, securities markets are much more developed than they are in Europe."
- Robert C. Solomon
(Related: Europe, states, United)

"Another question has been raised rather widely in Europe, in Japan as well as in the United States is what, to what extent will the euro become a reserve currency."
- Robert C. Solomon
(Related: Europe, Question, states, United, Will)

"Some countries that are close to Europe that already hold Deutschemarks, clearly would automatically hold euros, those are countries in Eastern Europe mainly, a few countries in Africa."
- Robert C. Solomon
(Related: Countries, Europe)

"There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to that. It's not specifically anti-Semitism, but it does manifest itself in anti-Semitism as well."
- George Soros
(Related: Europe)

"I profess accurately to describe native Africa - Africa in those places where it has not received the slightest impulse, whether for good or evil, from European civilisation."
- John H. Speke
(Related: Evil)

"The Europeans and Americans residing in the town of Zanzibar are either Government officials, independent merchants, or agents for a few great mercantile houses in Europe and America."
- Henry Morton Stanley
(Related: Government, America, Americans, Europe, Houses)

"I suppose that's the European way, dangerous and hairy."
- Jason Statham
"It seems to be that southern Europeans are just more intimate socially, whereas I like a lot of personal space - like, a mile from the nearest person is fine for me."
- Peter Steele
(Related: Space)

"Though times have changed, it's a nice surprise to see that youthful feeling of anti-war sentiment returning once more to the cobbled main streets of Europe."
- Cat Stevens
(Related: Europe, Feeling, Sentiment)

"This thing is for the game of golf, yeah, but trust me, the Europeans don't have that mentality."
- Payne Stewart
(Related: Trust, Golf)

"Russia will occupy most of the good food lands of central Europe while we have the industrial portions. We must find some way of persuading Russia to play ball."
- Henry L. Stimson
(Related: Food, Europe, Play, Russia, Will)

"I think I had a more European outlook about the body and sex. The body is in no way dirty, and sex is something beautiful to give to and share with a lover. It has nothing to do with promiscuity, because I only believe in being in love with one man at a time."
- Dorothy Stratten
(Related: Love, Time, Sex, Being, Body, Man, Nothing)

"The descendants of European immigrants do not govern the United States of America today. The foreign and domestic policies of the country are made by the Jews and their lackeys."
- Julius Streicher
(Related: America, Country, states, Today, United)

"One has to be foolish or irredeemably stupid to believe that anything good can come to Europe from the land of presumed opportunity."
- Julius Streicher
(Related: Opportunity, Europe, Land)

"Voices were heard from the United States of America which made it clear that America wanted a peaceful and united Europe as a basis for mutual cooperation."
- Gustav Stresemann
(Related: America, Cooperation, Europe, states, United)

"This is due partly to the fact that Americans are much better fed than Europeans, and partly to the undeveloped resources of a new country, but more largely to our climate, which acts as a constant stimulus."
- Josiah Strong
(Related: Americans, Climate, Country, Fact)

"We have seen... that, although England is by far the richest nation of Europe, we have already outstripped her in the race after wealth, and we have only begun the development of our vast resources."
- Josiah Strong
(Related: Development, Wealth, EnglEurope, Nation, Race)

"Our aristocracy, unlike that of Europe, is open to all comers."
- Josiah Strong
(Related: Aristocracy, Europe, Open)

"The time is coming when the pressure of population on the means of subsistence will be felt here as it is now felt in Europe and Asia. Then will the world enter upon a new stage of its history - the final competition of races, for which the Anglo-Saxon is being schooled."
- Josiah Strong
(Related: History, Time, Being, Competition, Europe, Now, Population, Pressure, Will, World)

"In Europe the various ranks of society are, like the strata of the earth, fixed and fossilized. There can be no great change without a terrible upheaval, a social earthquake."
- Josiah Strong
(Related: Change, Society, Earth, Europe)

"It was wrong to allow Stalin to shape the European landscape of the 20th century. It would be even more wrong to let him shape the landscape of the 21st century."
- Larry Summers
(Related: Wrong)

"I was the first celebrity in pictures to be marrying a titled European."
- Gloria Swanson
(Related: Celebrity, First)

"The absence of the heavy boot of Europe has preserved to these people the agile walk of the wild animal, while the general simplicity of their lives has given them many other points of physical perfection."
- John Millington Synge
(Related: People, Absence, Europe, Perfection, Simplicity)

"In a novel, my feelings and sense of outrage can find a broader means of expression which would be more symbolic and applicable to many European countries."
- Antonio Tabucchi
(Related: Feelings, Countries, Expression, Sense)

"She's been a smack addict, she's had big success in Europe in the '70s, and she's lost everything. She's been rediscovered in the '80s, and as we meet her she's just about to sign a new recording contract."
- Neil Tennant
(Related: Success, Europe)

"I spent another six years in Europe covering sporting events such as the Tour de France."
- John Tesh
(Related: Europe, Events, France, Years)

"Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy."
- Margaret Thatcher
(Related: History, America, Europe, Philosophy)

"When I first was conducting as guest conductor in Europe 25 years ago, I would propose doing American pieces and grudgingly it would be accepted from time to time."
- Michael Tilson Thomas
(Related: Time, American, Europe, First, Guest, Years)

"There are no European voices at Geneva, there are no European voices at START."
- E. P. Thompson
"What a different world it was when I first sailed for Europe in 1930, with my mother, sister, and brother to spend six months abroad."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Mother, Sister, Brother, Europe, First, Months, World)

"We cannot calculate the numbers of people who left, fled or were fished out of Europe just ahead of the Holocaust."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: People, Europe, Numbers)

"In the months leading up to World War II, there was a tendency among many Americans to talk absently about the trouble in Europe. Nothing that happened an ocean away seemed very threatening."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: War, Americans, Europe, Leading, Months, Nothing, Ocean, Talk, Trouble, World, World war)

"The reason was the failure of both Japan and China to understand each other and the inability of America and the European powers to sympathize, without prejudice, with the peoples of East Asia."
- Hideki Tojo
(Related: Failure, America, Prejudice, Reason)

"England is nothing but the last ward of the European madhouse, and quite possibly it will prove to be the ward for particularly violent cases."
- Leon Trotsky
(Related: England, Nothing, Will)

"I think Europeans have enough tradition and respect for the experience and body of work of an actress that they don't sell out to the new ones."
- Kathleen Turner
(Related: Experience, Work, Body, Respect, Tradition)

"Even if severe wounds are given, the Indian has many chances in his favor, for his organization is somewhat different from that of white men, and he recovers easily from wounds that would kill any European outright."
- Edward Burnett Tylor
(Related: Men, Wounds)

"And it's very strange, but I think there is something very common - not only in Celtic music - but there is a factor or element in Celtic music that is similar in music that we find in Japan, the United States, Europe, and even China and other Asian countries."
- Nobuo Uematsu
(Related: Music, Countries, Europe, states, United)

"Most of my father's life consisted of traveling to almost every part of Europe."
- Sigrid Undset
(Related: Life, Father, Europe, Traveling)

"I shall strive not to be guilty of adding any fuel to the flames of hatred and passion which, if continued to be fed, promise to burn up whatever is left by the war of decent human feeling in Europe."
- Eamon de Valera
(Related: War, Europe, Feeling, Hatred, Passion, Promise)

"I haven't travelled that much before so this is the first time I get to see the big cities of Europe. I've never even been to US."
- Ville Valo
(Related: Time, Cities, Europe, First)

"We've all learned about this disease since it was first discovered several years ago in Europe. And so I think we've learned from the European experience."
- Ann Veneman
(Related: Experience, Disease, Europe, First, Years)

"There's no question that we need tougher drunk-driving laws for repeat offenders. We need to take a lesson from European countries where driving isn't a right but a privilege."
- Jesse Ventura
(Related: Countries, Driving, Laws, Privilege, Question, Right)

"We don't want protectionism at the heart of the European Union."
- Guy Verhofstadt
(Related: Heart, Want)

"In August most of Europe goes on holiday."
- Tony Visconti
(Related: Europe, Holiday)

"I was pretty much prepared because I was already playing in extremely good ways when I arrived from Europe because I played jazz four or five years before I arrived here."
- Miroslav Vitous
(Related: Europe, Jazz, Pretty, Years)

"I am touring in Europe. I am putting together a trio and a quartet. I am playing solo concerts with my symphonic sounds. I am very much engaged back to playing and recording and everything."
- Miroslav Vitous
(Related: Europe)

"I didn't come from any kind of academic background, but I lived in a college town and I knew people who weren't without pretense. There was this idea in the town that if something was European it would be good."
- Sarah Vowell
(Related: People, Idea, College)

"I remain optimistic. What we've seen in Europe and the rest of the world is that freedom has a much stronger attraction than radical fundamentalism."
- Gijs de Vries
(Related: Europe, Freedom, Radical, Rest, World)

"Europe has a long and tragic history of mostly domestic terrorism."
- Gijs de Vries
(Related: History, Europe, Terrorism)

"The European Borders Agency in Warsaw has been created to help border forces in Europe cooperate more."
- Gijs de Vries
(Related: Europe, Help)

"Muslim organisations tend to have a low level of organisation. The communities in Europe are quite diverse."
- Gijs de Vries
(Related: Muslim, Europe)

"Terrorists have failed to trigger mass conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe. We should draw strength from that fact."
- Gijs de Vries
(Related: Strength, Conflict, Europe, Fact)

"I went to Europe with Spencer Tracy. What a thrill, working with John Ford when I was a kid."
- Robert Wagner
(Related: Europe)

"Ford, as I understand it, had done away with the concept of regional management, and now they've re-introduced that in Europe, so it's kind of a two-way street."
- Rick Wagoner
(Related: Management, Europe, Now)

"The food in Europe is pretty disappointing. I like fried chicken. But other than that Europe is great."
- Donnie Wahlberg
(Related: Food, Europe, Pretty)

"In Europe, there is no television filmmaking legislation that could assist film production because private broadcasters are not interested in supporting Polish film."
- Andrzej Wajda
(Related: Europe, Film, Legislation, Production, Television)

"My country is in the grips of a major economic crisis. This is causing dramatic consequences for the very existence of Polish families. A permanent economic crisis in Poland may also have serious repercussions for Europe. Thus, Poland ought to be helped and deserves help."
- Lech Walesa
(Related: Consequences, Country, Crisis, Europe, Existence, Help, May)

"I'm of course disillusioned with what has happened to World cinema. Now cinemas in both Eastern and Western Europe are filled with the same blockbusters from Hollywood."
- Alexander Walker
(Related: Cinema, Europe, Hollywood, Now, World)

"The European brand of fascism will probably present its most serious postwar threat to us via Latin America."
- Henry A. Wallace
(Related: America, Fascism, Present, Will)

"Admitting, however, for the sake of argument, that I am prime and sole minister in this country, am I, therefore, prime and sole minister of all Europe? Am I answerable for the conduct of other countries as well as for that of my own?"
- Robert Walpole
(Related: Argument, Countries, Country, Europe)

"Some day, following the example of the United States of America, there will be a United States of Europe."
- George Washington
(Related: America, Day, Europe, Example, states, United, Will)

"The ecclesiastical establishments of Europe which serve to support tyrannical governments are not the Christian religion but abuses and corruptions of it."
- Noah Webster
(Related: Religion, Christian, Europe, Support)

"I am not a Catholic; but I consider the Christian idea, which has its roots in Greek thought and in the course of the centuries has nourished all of our European civilization, as something that one cannot renounce without becoming degraded."
- Simone Weil
(Related: Thought, Civilization, Idea, Christian)

"If Germany, thanks to Hitler and his successors, were to enslave the European nations and destroy most of the treasures of their past, future historians would certainly pronounce that she had civilized Europe."
- Simone Weil
(Related: Europe, Future, Germany, Historians, Nations, Past)

"In this age of consumerism film criticism all over the world - in America first but also in Europe - has become something that caters for the movie industry instead of being a counterbalance."
- Wim Wenders
(Related: Age, America, Being, Criticism, Europe, Film, First, World)

"So I am getting a little bored with defining one type of film as American and the other European or from somewhere else because the division is no longer true."
- Wim Wenders
(Related: American, Film)

"For years all I seemed to be doing was lobbying politicians and others to persuade them that European culture needed movies, and that we had to protect it."
- Wim Wenders
(Related: Movies, Culture, Politicians, Years)

"But I think that the spirit of protectionism would be the grave of European cinema. You cannot protect something by building a fence around it and thinking that this will help it survive."
- Wim Wenders
(Related: Building, Cinema, Grave, Help, Spirit, Thinking, Will)

"In fact, it is amazing how much European films - Italian, French, German and English - have recovered a certain territory of the audience in their countries over the last few years."
- Wim Wenders
(Related: Countries, English, Fact, Years)

"I think the idea of having the show divided into two parts was that Tom Tom Club opened for Talking Heads in Europe, and it was the best we'd ever had as an opening act."
- Tina Weymouth
(Related: Idea, Act, Europe, Talking)

"The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato."
- Alfred North Whitehead
(Related: Tradition)

"Most metaphysical words in Hopi are verbs, not nouns as in European languages."
- Benjamin Whorf
(Related: Words)

"When I went to college, we had a very good local following, but stations only televised two or three NCAA games a season. And when I went to Europe, once in a while we had a good crowd, but usually not."
- Sue Wicks
(Related: College, Europe, Games)

"With the rise of America, the global balance of power shifted away from the old European powers."
- Armstrong Williams
(Related: Power, America, Balance, Old)

"Let's be careful when we start comparing American to European tolerance because there isn't necessarily a lot of European tolerance."
- Montel Williams
(Related: American, Tolerance)

"I have visited some places where the differences between black and white are not as profound as they used to be, but I think there is a new form of racism growing in Europe and that is focused on people who are Middle Eastern. I see it."
- Montel Williams
(Related: People, Europe, Racism)

"I travel Europe every couple of weeks. I just came back from London, Holland and Denmark. Every nation on this planet has its issues with race, and I am not sure if everyone has figured out how to deal with it."
- Montel Williams
(Related: Travel, Denmark, Europe, London, Nation, Race)

"If the British Fleet were lost or captured, the Atlantic might be dominated by Germany, a power hostile to our way of life, controlling in that event most of the ships and shipbuilding facilities of Europe."
- Wendell Willkie
(Related: Power, Life, Europe, Germany, Ships)

"But if we had to trade with a Europe dominated by the present German trade policies, we might have to change our methods to some totalitarian form. This is a prospect that any lover of democracy must view with consternation."
- Wendell Willkie
(Related: Change, Democracy, Europe, Present, Trade)

"I was just going more for what I've always been influenced by, European music."
- Kip Winger
(Related: Music)

"In the same proportion Russia is the misfortune of Europe and the Israelites."
- Isaac Mayer Wise
(Related: Europe, Misfortune, Russia)

"Russia contains one fourth of the inhabitants of all Europe, and one half of the entire number of Israelites."
- Isaac Mayer Wise
(Related: Europe, Russia)

"The particular feature of Berlin - well, all you need to do is look at the map: the geographical position of the city right in the heart of Europe, and the separation of the most powerful two blocs we've ever had in history, which went all the way through Germany."
- Markus Wolf
(Related: History, Heart, Europe, Germany, Right, Separation)

"Japanese architecture is very much copied in this country and in Europe."
- Minoru Yamasaki
(Related: Architecture, Country, Europe)

"We did not fight the Americans or the Europeans. We fight only the Israeli enemy that took our homes and homeland."
- Ahmed Yassin
(Related: Americans, Enemy, Fight)

"We all have an equal interest in stability and security throughout Europe. The years the OSCE has existed, and particularly this year, have given rise to great expectations and at the same time to powerful disappointments."
- Boris Yeltsin
(Related: Time, Disappointments, Europe, Expectations, Interest, Security, Stability, Years)

"We, Russia, are prepared to work with others. I am convinced that stability and security in Europe cannot be considered without taking Russia into account."
- Boris Yeltsin
(Related: Work, Europe, Russia, Security, Stability)

"Europe has found itself confronted with fresh challenges - challenges of a global character, the nature of which is directly connected with changes in the international climate and the difficulties of seeking new models for co-operation."
- Boris Yeltsin
(Related: Nature, Character, Climate, Difficulties, Europe)

"The Russians are turning east to the Chinese - to the Europeans' surprise. It always seemed to me that the relationship between Russia and China would shift from being based in Marx and Lenin to being based in oil and gas."
- Daniel Yergin
(Related: Being, Oil, Russia)

"First, we have to find a common vocabulary for energy security. This notion has a radically different meaning for different people. For Americans it is a geopolitical question. For the Europeans right now it is very much focused on the dependence on imported natural gas."
- Daniel Yergin
(Related: People, Americans, Dependence, Energy, First, Meaning, Now, Question, Right, Security, Vocabulary)

"If you have a guy like Jermaine, it's a pain in the neck. When we were on the road together in Europe, Jesus, I had to kick the girls off of him. I mean, they throw themselves on the floor and take off their hats."
- Pia Zadora
(Related: Europe, Girls, Pain, Road)

"America is God's Crucible, the great Melting-Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and re-forming!"
- Israel Zangwill
(Related: God, America, Europe)

"I want to increase our spending on research and development by 25%. That's something the U.S. does very well. That dynamism alongside a welfare state in the European community - that's the synthesis I want to achieve."
- Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
(Related: Development, Community, Research, State, Want, Welfare)

"It's true that the war in Iraq opened a distance in relations between part of Europe and the U.S. government, but our basic ties are stronger than that. We share democracy, free markets and a commitment to Western security. We differ on how to guarantee that security."
- Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
(Related: War, Government, Commitment, Democracy, Europe, Iraq, Security)

"So, one of the things I was doing with the aliens in The Quiet Invasion was creating that advanced society which had ideas about morality and proper use of natural resources that were radically different from ours, as the Europeans were from the American Indians."
- Sarah Zettel
(Related: Society, Morality, Ideas, American, Quiet)

"Europe has united, China is growing speedily and Russia possesses immense power in terms of fuel resources. The US administration cannot do anything about it."
- Vladimir Zhirinovsky
(Related: Power, Europe, Russia, United)

"That generation of Germans, along with volunteers from Denmark, Holland, even England and the Free India division and so on, we Europeans were alert and awake to the danger of Bolshevism."
- Ernst Zundel
(Related: Danger, Denmark, England)

"I am, as a European, absolutely shocked by European people. I am also shocked by European nationalist people. They have allowed themselves to be so emasculated so silently."
- Ernst Zundel
(Related: People)