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"Therefore, I think that in the celebration of the 50 years of the present reign, there must be research on the changes that the country has undergone, and in the future, it could be used as a lesson for our future actions."
- Bhumibol Adulyadej
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"My goal was to develop into an independent research scientist studying clinical problems at the laboratory bench, but I felt that postgraduate residency training in internal medicine was necessary."
- Peter Agre
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"Johns Hopkins introduced me to two defining events in my life: commitment to biomedical research and meeting my future wife, Mary."
- Peter Agre
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"New drugs and surgical techniques offer promise in the fight against cancer, Alzheimer's, tuberculosis, AIDS, and a host of other life-threatening diseases. Animal research has been, and continues to be, fundamental to advancements in medicine."
- Daniel Akaka
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"Medical research in the twentieth century mostly takes place in the lab; in the Renaissance, though, researchers went first and foremost to the library to see what the ancients had said."
- Peter Lewis Allen
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"Through their work with fetal tissue, researchers hope to find ways to harness embryonic stem cells which have the ability to become any type of human cell and could provide new treatments for many illnesses."
- Tom Allen
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"Under current federal policy on human embryonic stem cell research, only those stem cell lines derived before August 9, 2001 are eligible for federally funded research."
- Tom Allen
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"I do not believe that Congress or the Administration should prohibit the medical community from pursuing a promising avenue of research that may improve the lives of millions of Americans."
- Tom Allen
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"Stem cell research holds out the promise of finding cures and treatments for a wide range of diseases."
- Tom Allen
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"Furthermore, neither of our research groups set out in search of RNA catalysis."
- Sidney Altman
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"Sure, President Bush can say that the U.S. government won't fund stem cell research, but believe me, Japan is applauding. Because they will just do it first and get all the patents."
- Kevin J. Anderson
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"I did several interesting jobs, working in restaurants, I worked at a lab rat farm, feeding and watering all these rats. Then I got a full-time job as a technical writer for a large scientific research laboratory."
- Kevin J. Anderson
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"I got to spend all of my time every day at work reading and editing papers about cutting-edge technical research and getting paid for it. Then I'd go home at night and turn what I learned into science fiction stories."
- Kevin J. Anderson
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"To do the writing, I have to have time to do research."
- Jean-Jacques Annaud
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"In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or understand."
- Neil Armstrong
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"Research is creating new knowledge."
- Neil Armstrong
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"My assignment was exclusively in the research field, and my first published paper, On the Optimal Use of Winds for Flight Planning, was the outgrowth of that work."
- Kenneth Joseph Arrow
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"My research, even before 1972, moved in directions beyond those cited for the Nobel Memorial Prize. Most of it, in one way or another, deals with information as an economic variable, both as to its production and as to its use."
- Kenneth Joseph Arrow
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"The designs were based on quite a lot of research of what a movie musical is, filtered through the eyes of today. If we'd gone strictly with the '20s, the movement would have been impaired."
- Colleen Atwood
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"It took some time to gather the research and develop it into the storyline, and to finally finish an origin myth poem that I had been working on for twenty years."
- Jean M. Auel
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"The idea led me into the research, which continues to give me more ideas for the story."
- Jean M. Auel
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"From the beginning, the series has been story driven - I began with a story idea - but research feeds it."
- Jean M. Auel
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"I could write historical fiction, or science fiction, or a mystery but since I find it fascinating to research the clues of some little know period and develop a story based on that, I will probably continue to do it."
- Jean M. Auel
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"High tech companies that focus on research, development and production will learn that they can be the perfect complement to our world-renowned agriculture heritage."
- Alan Autry
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"I don't research anything."
- Derek Bailey
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"One researcher just determined that African and Indian elephants make each other sick. When a new animal or plant is introduced to a habitat bad things happen. The biggest danger to native wildlife is foreign wildlife."
- Robert T. Bakker
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"In my grandfather's lab, scientists did independent research, and peers reviewed and commented on its merits. Politics, he taught me, had no place in the scientific process."
- Tammy Baldwin
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"As neither of these two great research scientists was able to find the solution to the mystery, it is small wonder that none of their contemporaries were able to do so either."
- Robert Barany
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"I want my testimony to stand on that point. But I would point out that Zona Research Inc. showed we have increased market share among business users, educational users, and government users over the past several months - and that's more recent than the IDC report."
- Jim Barksdale
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"Some studies show that women can be better money managers than men because they tend to be more conservative and do their homework. Men tend to take more risks without the research."
- Maria Bartiromo
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"The committee's finding that China stole sensitive technology from U.S. weapons research labs is alarming."
- Charles Foster Bass
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"Like any good spy novel, the Cox Report alleges that Chinese spies penetrated four U.S. weapons research labs and stole important information on seven nuclear warhead designs."
- Charles Foster Bass
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"Research is the process of going up alleys to see if they are blind."
- Marston Bates
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"According to Teenage Research Unlimited, 51 percent of 13-15 year olds say they will be faced with making a decision regarding alcohol in the next three months."
- Xavier Becerra
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"Corporate partners help UNICEF fund our programmes for children, advocate with us on their behalf, or facilitate our work through logistical, technical, research or supply support."
- Carol Bellamy
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"I had already done a lot of research for Rough Riders, keeping notebooks and old photographs. Some of the books were antiques for that time period, with the covers falling off."
- Tom Berenger
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"Today, it is research with human embryonic stem cells and attempts to prepare cloned stem cells for research and medical therapies that are being disavowed as being ethically unacceptable."
- Paul Berg
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"By that time I was hooked on a career in academic research instead of one in the pharmaceutical industry that I had originally considered in deciding to get a PhD."
- Paul Berg
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"A part of sexuality may go to research, and a much larger part must lead to aesthetic creation. The art of the future will, because of the very opportunities and materials it will have at its command, need an infinitely stronger formative impulse than it does now."
- John Desmond Bernal
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"We shall be forced to attempt planned and directed research employing hundreds of workers for many years, and this cannot be done without risking the loss of independence and originality. This is a serious and fundamental obstacle but it may be overcome in two ways."
- John Desmond Bernal
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"There is no such thing as a good or bad ad in isolation. What is good at one moment is bad at another. Research can trap you into the past."
- William Bernbach
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"We don't ask research to do what it was never meant to do, and that is to get an idea."
- William Bernbach
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"As the Nation's primary supporter of research in the physical sciences, the DOE Office of Science led the way in creating a unique system of large-scale, specialized, often one-of-a-kind facilities for scientific discovery."
- Judy Biggert
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"Since coming to Congress, I have been advocating for increased resources for research in the physical sciences and for the Department of Energy Office of Science in particular."
- Judy Biggert
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"Research has shown time and time again that infants who receive the high-quality child care and early education programs do better in school, have more developed social skills, and display fewer behavior problems."
- Judy Biggert
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"Advances in science and medical research and public health policies have meant that life expectancy for Australians is one of the highest in the world."
- Julie Bishop
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"Australia is already a world leader in dementia research, treatment and care."
- Julie Bishop
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"During my six years with them Dr Garnet Davey (subsequently Research Director) constantly supported me and, I have no doubt, fought many battles on my behalf to keep the initially controversial programme going."
- James W. Black
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"Half-jokingly, I asked what was wrong with me. So we made a deal: I would run his biological research provided I had a free hand to run my new project."
- James W. Black
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"The Wellcome Foundation offered me the chance to establish a small academic research unit, modestly funded, but with total independence. The real opportunity, however, came from King's College, London."
- James W. Black
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"Well, the research into it affected me. And the novel, it very much strengthened my faith."
- William Peter Blatty
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"Enough research will tend to support your conclusions."
- Arthur Bloch
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"We all know scientists who in private life do not come up to the standard of truthfulness, but who, nevertheless, would not consciously falsify the results of their researches."
- Franz Boas
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"We can continue to make significant strides in the scientific community by exploring new stem cell research methods that do not include destroying human embryos."
- John Boehner
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"Stem cell research must be carried out in an ethical manner in a way that respects the sanctity of human life."
- John Boehner
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"In fact - statistically, as you know - people have done polls, research, and at least 80 percent or more or working media are liberal Democrats if they are involved with any party and certainly liberal in their philosophy."
- Pat Boone
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"For, behind the scenes, halfway around the world in Mexico, were two decades of aggressive research on wheat that not only enabled Mexico to become self-sufficient with respect to wheat production but also paved the way to rapid increase in its production in other countries."
- Norman Borlaug
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"I really wanted to do research. That has never changed."
- Amar Bose
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"We learned the value of research in World War II."
- Amar Bose
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"Research in this country is going down."
- Amar Bose
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"But today the quickest way to save your bottom line is to cut off research."
- Amar Bose
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"One hundred percent of our earnings are reinvested in the company, and a great deal of that goes to research."
- Amar Bose
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"This result was confirmed by different researchers using various experimental arrangements."
- Walther Bothe
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"The first legislation that I produced relating to the Internet was a bill to overturn a restriction inside of the law that prohibited the Internet backbone from being used for anything other than research and scientific and educational communication."
- Rick Boucher
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"The experience reminds me of a favorite saying: Most of the yield from research efforts comes from the coal that is mined while looking for diamonds."
- Paul D. Boyer
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"If our society continues to support basic research on how living organisms function, it is likely that my great grandchildren will be spared the agony of losing family members to most types of cancer."
- Paul D. Boyer
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"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing."
- Wernher von Braun
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"Our struggle is to identify the sources of revenue and the means to obtain the funds.Without funds, all the planning and research studies can't help us."
- John Breaux
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"I'm big on research."
- James L. Brooks
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"I was looking to do something non-fiction because I had done a strip, 'My Mom Was a Schizophrenic.' I really enjoyed the process of doing that strip, despite its subject matter. To do it I'd had to do a lot of research and reading and I figured I'd like to do that again."
- Chester Brown
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"Britain should be the world's number one center for genetic and stem cell research, building on our world leading regulatory regime in the area."
- Gordon Brown
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"It makes sense to invest in new work. It's almost like having a research department in a scientific laboratory. You have to try things out. You'll make some bad mistakes. Some things will fail but at least you'll energise the organisation."
- Gavin Bryars
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"If you steal from one author, it's plagiarism. If you steal from two, it's research."
- John Burke
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"I don't use composers. I research music the way I research the photographs or the facts in my scripts."
- Ken Burns
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"I talked to members of my family, and did some personal research that didn't really have anything to do with the time and place I was writing about, but that gave me a feeling of the experience of being black in a time and place where it was very difficult to be black."
- Octavia Butler
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"Here I was into astronomy, and here into anthropology, and there I go into geology. It was much more fun to be able to research and write about whatever I wanted to."
- Octavia Butler
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"The best research for playing a drunk is being a British actor for 20 years."
- Michael Caine
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"The bill would ban human cloning, and any attempts at human cloning, for both reproductive purposes and medical research. Also forbidden is the importing of cloned embryos or products made from them."
- Ken Calvert
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"Medical physicists work in cooperation with doctors. A few medical physicists devote their time to research and teaching. A few get involved with administrative duties."
- John Cameron
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"Many Nobel Prizes are awaiting good research to understand and explain the many mysteries of our bodies, such as the basic mechanism of memory or imagination."
- John Cameron
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"Research clearly shows us that the earlier women think about maintaining their bone mass and take the steps to do so, the better their health will be in the long run."
- Lois Capps
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"The refusal to acknowledge the scientific value of embryonic stem cell research is one more tragic misstep."
- Lois Capps
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"The pattern of things was that each of the research students would be doing some particular experiment on the accelerator, often involving the building of counters or a system like that."
- John Henry Carver
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"I do think actually in this case the government does get credit for funding some of the basic research."
- Steve Case
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"I think there is value in having practising scientists as leaders of research institutions."
- Thomas R. Cech
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"There should be more attention paid to scientific research in the ecology area, and I think that such attention to proper environmental concerns would make the public feel much better about it."
- Thomas R. Cech
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"The whole structure of science gradually grows, but only as it is built upon a firm foundation of past research."
- Owen Chamberlain
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"I do a great deal of research - particularly in the apartments of tall blondes."
- Raymond Chandler
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"I have certainly amassed many historical research gathering skills."
- Iris Chang
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"While I was writing Wild Swans I thought the famine was the result of economic mismanagement but during the research I realised that it was something more sinister."
- Jung Chang
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"I did some research and tried to pull out some old, classic Van Halen that they had not played in 10 or 15 years. I think that was Sammy's mistake. I he didn't want to do the Dave stuff."
- Gary Cherone
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"First, this isn't about telecommuting, because we still have offices that people will come to regularly when they need to brainstorm together, meet with clients, or do research in the library."
- Jay Chiat
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"Research we've done seems to indicate that people who are on the Net like the idea that they don't have to leave what they are reading to go buy something."
- Jay Chiat
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"I think even if I did the research mentioned above, it would be a total waste of money because if those people don't believe in the testimonials, they won't believe in the research at all. They would say that I made it all up. So why waste money?"
- Alex Chiu
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"Immortality Device has been tested and researched by medical researchers all over the world from time to time. They email me and told me what they found. I post their results sometimes on my site."
- Alex Chiu
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"After much diligent research, aided by other women, I gradually came to understand that beneath the familiar Goddesses of the patriarchy, there is a much more ancient Goddess."
- Carol P. Christ
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"It's such a long mission and we get to spend so much time in space... we're doing such exciting research. And I don't want to overemphasize the life science research, but as a physician the life science research that we're doing is extremely exciting."
- Laurel Clark
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"I feel blessed to be here representing our country and carrying out th research of scientists around the world... I hope you could feel the positive energy that beamed to the whole planet as we glided over."
- Laurel Clark
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"Life science research can be done on multiple platforms. Since we have a very small number of people flying into space, the more people you have, the better."
- Laurel Clark
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"I've always enjoyed traveling and having experience with different cultures and different people. But it's also a wonderful thing to be able to benefit and enable research, not only in our country but around the world."
- Laurel Clark
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"Scientific research and other studies have demonstrated that arts education can enhance American students' math and language skills and improve test scores which in turn increase chances of higher education and good jobs in the future."
- Thad Cochran
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"I don't accept the argument of people like David Horowitz that the government should impose some sort of predetermined political balance on academic research."
- Juan Cole
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"I don't believe in writing anything that I don't know about or haven't researched about personally. I like to transport the reader to places, and in order to do that I have to do the research."
- Jackie Collins
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"If you can help other people understand those truths - and in my mind, the only way I know to do that is with large scale, multi-year research projects, where you start with a question and then very rigorously and comprehensively answer that question."
- James Collins
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"I had a good time working with Russell Crowe, Ron Howard and Ed Harris. It was a great cast and Russell worked really hard, doing tons of research and questioning everything."
- Jennifer Connelly
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"I try to do a lot of research beforehand so I know where I want to go with a scene. I try not to get too stressed about it, because I find that's the worst thing."
- Jennifer Connelly
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"I've got research, I have my own life experience I can apply, and I have my imagination."
- Chris Cooper
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"One book at a time... though I'm usually doing the research for others while I'm writing, but that sort of research is fairly desultory and I like to stick to the book being written - and writing a book concentrates the mind so the research is more productive."
- Bernard Cornwell
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"Book tours and research provide a lot of travel - too much, I sometimes think, but we do take vacations."
- Bernard Cornwell
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"Brain research tells us that only twenty percent of human beings have a sense of irony, which means that eighty percent of the world takes everything at face value."
- Doug Coupland
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"To retain my fascination with chemistry, I have had to change my research fields about every 10 years."
- Donald Cram
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"An investigator starts research in a new field with faith, a foggy idea, and a few wild experiments. Eventually the interplay of negative and positive results guides the work. By the time the research is completed, he or she knows how it should have been started and conducted."
- Donald Cram
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"The Director of the Laboratory, George Reynolds, was most supportive of my efforts to work independently. There followed for ten years a glorious time for research."
- James Cronin
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"In addition to the research, I enjoyed learning French and assimilating the culture of another country."
- James Cronin
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"I was much involved in the development of the spark chamber as a practical research tool."
- James Cronin
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"My favorite moment of the whole thing was when John Belushi suggested that I get a hold of all the blues records I could so I could research the music."
- Steve Cropper
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"If anybody wanted to photograph my life, they'd get bored in a day. 'Heres Matt at home learning his lines. Here's Matt researching in aisle six of his local library'. A few hours of that and they'd go home."
- Matt Damon
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"Laura Bush went on national television during the week of my father's funeral and spoke out against embryonic stem cell research, pointing out that where Alzheimer's is concerned, we don't have proof that stem-cell treatment would be effective."
- Patti Davis
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"Even if the Bush Administration had flung open the gates to stem-cell research years ago, we would not be at the point of offering treatment today. Christopher Reeve would still have been taken from us. But we would be closer."
- Patti Davis
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"In fact, many nations currently refuse to support embryonic stem cell research of any kind."
- Nathan Deal
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"What is fetus farming? Simply put, it is the creation and development of a human fetus for the purposes of later killing it for research or for harvesting its organs."
- Nathan Deal
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"While advances in scientific research have led to some new and exciting treatments that have enlarged and enhanced the quality and length of human life, we must not lose sight as to what we are trying to accomplish."
- Nathan Deal
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"It means working harder to do the research but I don't really mind - I don't think I have what it takes to chase criminals through back alleys and wade through blood at crime scenes."
- Jeffery Deaver
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"I spend about eight months researching and outlining my book."
- Jeffery Deaver
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"I spend eight months outlining and researching the novel before I begin to write a single word of the prose."
- Jeffery Deaver
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"The Cowles Commission was the optimal environment for the type of research that I wanted to do."
- Gerard Debreu
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"It is this research into pure painting that is the problem at the present moment. I do not know any painters in Paris who are really searching for this ideal world."
- Robert Delaunay
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"Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, brain and spinal cord disorders, diabetes, cancer, at least 58 diseases could potentially be cured through stem cell research, diseases that touch every family in America and in the world."
- Rosa DeLauro
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"The moral issue here is whether the United States Congress is going to stand in the way of science and preclude scientists from doing lifesaving research."
- Rosa DeLauro
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"After all, the ultimate goal of all research is not objectivity, but truth."
- Helene Deutsch
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"As a journalist I'm comfortable doing library research, and I did a lot! I had a fellowship at Radcliff for a year which gave me access to the Harvard system."
- Anita Diament
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"Planning to write is not writing. Outlining, researching, talking to people about what you're doing, none of that is writing. Writing is writing."
- E. L. Doctorow
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"It took me about three years to write About Grace. I wasn't teaching two of those years, so I was working eight-hour days, five days a week. And it would include research and reading - it wasn't just a blank page, laying down words."
- Anthony Doerr
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"In Wisconsin, We're at the forefront of research that might one day bring cures for diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers, and we must seize its great potential."
- Jim Doyle
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"Young writers should definitely research the current sounds and styles."
- Lamont Dozier
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"I did as much research as I could and I took ownership of this illness, because if you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?"
- Karen Duffy
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"It has taken me years of struggle, hard work and research to learn to make one simple gesture, and I know enough about the art of writing to realize that it would take as many years of concentrated effort to write one simple, beautiful sentence."
- Isadora Duncan
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"If a student takes the whole series of my folklore courses including the graduate seminars, he or she should learn something about fieldwork, something about bibliography, something about how to carry out library research, and something about how to publish that research."
- Alan Dundes
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"There is more to folklore research than fieldwork. This is why in all of my other upper-division courses I require a term paper involving original research."
- Alan Dundes
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"I enjoy research; in fact research is so engaging that it would be easy to go on for years, and never write the novel at all."
- Helen Dunmore
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"Prior to penicillin and medical research, death was an everyday occurrence. It was intimate."
- Katherine Dunn
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"I think genetic research is a fascinating and fertile area."
- Katherine Dunn
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"Our science has become terrible, our research dangerous, our findings deadly. We physicists have to make peace with reality. Reality is not as strong as we are. We will ruin reality."
- Friedrich Durrenmatt
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"I got as much information as I could, so I wouldn't look stupid, but this is a post 9/11 world and there's only so much you can do with the FBI in terms of research."
- Aaron Eckhart
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"I think that we're foolhardy to not be engaging in federal funding of stem-cell research in the most aggressive way we possibly can."
- Elizabeth Edwards
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"If people think that you're throwing babies out, dissecting children, to do stem-cell research, I'm not for that."
- Elizabeth Edwards
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"I support stem cell research, including embryonic stem cell research."
- Bob Ehrlich
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"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"
- Albert Einstein
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"Because I am not formally trained in the medical sciences, I can bring in new ideas to AIDS research and the cross-fertilization of ideas from different fields could be a valuable contribution to finding the cure for AIDS."
- Philip Emeagwali
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"I wholeheartedly support umbilical stem cell research, but also support embryonic stem cell research."
- Eliot Engel
(Related: Research, Support)

"Manufacturers account for nearly 60 percent of all industrial research and development."
- John Engler
(Related: Development, Research)

"Avant-garde music is sort of research music. You're glad someone's done it but you don't necessarily want to listen to it."
- Brian Eno
(Related: Music, Research, Want)

"We are stymied by regulations, limited choice and the threat of litigation. Neither consultants nor industry itself provide research which takes architecture forward."
- Arthur Erickson
(Related: Architecture, Choice, Research)

"I recognized that teaching and research institutions vitally depend on the involvement of active scientists also in management functions."
- Richard Ernst
(Related: Management, Research, Scientists, Teaching)

"In recent years, more and more of my time has become absorbed by administrative work for the research council of ETH-Z of which I am presently the president."
- Richard Ernst
(Related: Time, Work, President, Research, Years)

"We are the number one economy in the world, and we ought to continue to pursue those kinds of policies that ensure that we maintain that position, like innovation and like technology and like education and like just research and development and discovery."
- Donald Evans
(Related: Education, Technology, Development, Discovery, Economy, Innovation, Research, World)

"There are 20 million unemployed and what does the Constitution offer us in the Europe of 25, 27 and soon to be 30: policies of unrestricted competition to the detriment of production, wages, research and innovation."
- Laurent Fabius
(Related: Competition, Constitution, Europe, Innovation, Production, Research, Wages)

"Researches tested a new form of medical marijuana that treats pain but doesn't get the user high, prompting patients who need medical marijuana to declare, "Thank you?""
- Jimmy Fallon
(Related: Medical, Pain)

"Researches at Yale found a connection between brain cancer and work environment. The No. 1 most dangerous job for developing brain cancer? Plutonium hat model."
- Jimmy Fallon
(Related: Work, Cancer, Connection, Environment, Job)

"It is my hope that the number of stem cell lines available for federally-funded research will be expanded so that the government can continue to participate in this vital research and provide hope to the millions of Americans with diseases that might be cured."
- Dianne Feinstein
(Related: Government, Hope, Americans, Research, Will)

"America's doctors, nurses and medical researchers are the best in the world, but our health care system is broken."
- Mike Ferguson
(Related: Health, Medical, America, Care, Doctors, Nurses, World)

"I'm a happy camper because by doing this I have an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of research."
- Geraldine Ferraro
(Related: Opportunity, Research)

"I was only interested in my scene, and I had to go through thousands and thousands of other scenes. I got my scene and I read it many, many, many, many, many times. That was my research."
- Ralph Fiennes
(Related: Research)

"I hope to devote all of my spare time, which ordinarily would go to research, my summers, and every ounce of strength I can muster to further the project."
- Louis Finkelstein
(Related: Time, Hope, Strength, Project, Research)

"None of the great discoveries was made by a 'specialist' or a 'researcher'."
- Martin H. Fischer
"Research has been called good business, a necessity, a gamble, a game. It is none of these - it's a state of mind."
- Martin H. Fischer
(Related: Business, Mind, Necessity, Research, State)

"In scientific subjects, the natural remedy for dogmatism has been found in research."
- Ronald Fisher
(Related: Research)

"I believe sanity and realism can be restored to the teaching of Mathematical Statistics most easily and directly by entrusting such teaching largely to men and women who have had personal experience of research in the Natural Sciences."
- Ronald Fisher
(Related: Experience, Men, Women, Realism, Research, Sanity, Statistics, Teaching)

"Usually, if you have a new idea, you very rarely break through to anything like recognizable development or implementation of that idea the first time around - it takes two or three goes for the research community to return to the topic."
- Martin Fleischmann
(Related: Time, Idea, Development, Community, First, Research)

"So if I could just go back now to something which I am sure we should cover here regarding our original scenario: we have, in fact, four ways - four major potential lines of research."
- Martin Fleischmann
(Related: Fact, Now, Potential, Research)

"The CIA's research program is described in a book called The Search for the Manchurian Candidate."
- Ken Follett
(Related: Research)

"The research is the easiest. The outline is the most fun. The first draft is the hardest, because every word of the outline has to be fleshed out. The rewrite is very satisfying."
- Ken Follett
(Related: Draft, First, Fun, Research, Word)

"I use a professional researcher in New York who does all the legwork, all that stuff which would take me days and weeks of calling, waiting for people to call back."
- Ken Follett
(Related: People, Waiting)

"And I really do think that the difficulty of research makes it more real to you than punching a thing to find out how many men were killed at this particular action."
- Shelby Foote
(Related: Men, Action, Difficulty, Research)

"Space exploration is important research to our economic and national defense, and America's space program is a symbol of our success as a scientifically and technologically advanced nation."
- Randy Forbes
(Related: Success, America, Defense, Exploration, Nation, Research, Space, Symbol)

"How much research I have to do depends on the nature of the story. For fantasy, none at all."
- Alan Dean Foster
(Related: Nature, Fantasy, Research)

"Researchers have found very little difference between men and women in terms of the amount of time spent gossiping."
- Kate Fox
(Related: Men, Time, Women, Difference)

"There is an abundance of misinformation, exaggeration, and blatant lies being spread by interest groups regarding the prospects for embryonic stem cell research."
- Virginia Foxx
(Related: Abundance, Being, Exaggeration, Interest, Lies, Research)

"The first misconception is that embryonic stem cell research is not legal. The fact is, embryonic stem cell research is completely legal. Research on embryonic stem cells has taken place for years."
- Virginia Foxx
(Related: Legal, Fact, First, Research, Years)

"When I research a role it does get a little crazy and maybe even a little stupid."
- James Franco
(Related: Research)

"I become kind of obsessive about research."
- James Franco
(Related: Research)

"Everyone needs to be proactive and know the various warning signs of cancer. Early detection and research to make detection easier at earlier stages, along with the treatments needs, is still a must. I salute all those winning the battle."
- Dennis Franz
(Related: Winning, Battle, Cancer, Needs, Research)

"It can be a long gap between the emergence of fully researched historical biographies."
- Antonia Fraser
"Ian McKellen is brilliant with research. I paid really close attention to the sources he goes to. He's a very, very intelligent man."
- Brendan Fraser
(Related: Attention, Man, Research)

"The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is "What does a woman want?""
- Sigmund Freud
(Related: Soul, Question, Research, Want, Woman, Years)

"While it was a very interesting period in my life, I was happy to get back to more direct contact with students in the classroom and in my research projects."
- Jerome Isaac Friedman
(Related: Life, Classroom, Projects, Research, Students)

"Experimental high energy physics research is a group effort. I have been very fortunate to have had outstanding students and colleagues who have made invaluable contributions to the research with which I have been associated."
- Jerome Isaac Friedman
(Related: Effort, Energy, Physics, Research, Students)

"There is no substitute for face-to-face reporting and research."
- Thomas Friedman
(Related: Research)

"I basically did all the library research for this book on Google, and it not only saved me enormous amounts of time but actually gave me a much richer offering of research in a shorter time."
- Thomas Friedman
(Related: Time, Research)

"In particular, for younger researchers on whom the future of mankind may depend. We believe that they are working with all the scientific wisdom at their disposal for the preservation of the inheritance of the earth and for the lasting survival of mankind."
- Kenichi Fukui
(Related: Wisdom, Survival, Earth, Future, Inheritance, Mankind, May)

"We think that it is the best scientists working in the frontier fields of science who are best able to judge what is good and what is bad - if any - in the application of their scientific research."
- Kenichi Fukui
(Related: Science, Research, Scientists)

"As the new endogenous growth theory suggests, TFP growth is closely related to accumulation of the intangible capitals, such as human capital and research and development."
- Toshihiko Fukui
(Related: Development, Growth, Research, Theory)

"Research on child abuse suggests that religious beliefs can foster, encourage, and justify the abuse of children. When contempt for sex underlies teachings, this creates a breeding ground for abuse."
- Mary Garden
(Related: Sex, Abuse, Beliefs, Breeding, Children, Contempt, Religious, Research)

"I align myself with almost all researchers in assuming that anything we do is a composite of whatever genetic limitations were given to us by our parents and whatever kinds of environmental opportunities are available."
- Howard Gardner
(Related: Environmental, Limitations, Parents)

"There are many experiments and a great deal of research that can be performed on the station that make a difference in our lives and we are committed to supporting this important vocation."
- Marc Garneau
(Related: Difference, Research, Vocation)

"The space industry is developing and delivering benefits that tie into our immediate needs and priorities here on Earth-for example, medical and materials research, and satellite communications."
- Marc Garneau
(Related: Medical, Benefits, Earth, Example, Needs, Priorities, Research, Space)

"Now, I - for several years while I was researching this book, I felt quite obsessed by thoughts about sentencing, punishment, how judges arrive at their decisions."
- Helen Garner
(Related: Thoughts, Decisions, Judges, Now, Punishment, Years)

"Once you start to look into the guts of climate change you find that just about every scientific institution in the world is conducting research on the issue."
- Peter Garrett
(Related: Change, Climate, Climate change, Research, World)

"The point of literary criticism in anthropology is not to replace research, but to find out how it is that we are persuasive."
- Clifford Geertz
(Related: Anthropology, Criticism, Literary, Research)

"I've often been accused of making anthropology into literature, but anthropology is also field research. Writing is central to it."
- Clifford Geertz
(Related: Anthropology, Literature, Research, Writing)

"How in heaven's name can a nation with a $1 trillion surplus threaten so much scientific research so vital to its future?"
- David R. Gergen
(Related: Future, Heaven, Name, Nation, Research)

"I'm involved in Project ALS which is trying to get money for stem cell research. That's one I've been pretty involved with because if you can cure that, you can cure so many other diseases."
- Gina Gershon
(Related: Money, Cure, Pretty, Project, Research, Trying)

"Why do we do basic research? To learn about ourselves."
- Walter Gilbert
(Related: Research)

"It's important to do research. I do that in every play, every actor does."
- John Gilpin
(Related: Actor, Play, Research)

"A lot of these things will fly in later forms on the space station themselves, or a later form of that research will, once they kind of find out some of the basics from flying it on shuttle."
- Linda M. Godwin
(Related: Flying, Research, Space, Will)

"Research is starting to show that a child should be engaged at least 20 hours a week. I do not think it matters which program you choose as long as it keeps the child actively engaged with the therapist, teacher, or parent for at least 20 hours a week."
- Temple Grandin
(Related: Research)

"Research has shown that a barren environment is much more damaging to baby animals than it is to adult animals. It does not hurt the adult animals the same way it damages babies."
- Temple Grandin
(Related: Animals, Babies, Baby, Environment, Hurt, Research)

"Selling drug secrets violates a trust that is fundamental to the integrity of both scientific research and our financial markets."
- Charles Grassley
(Related: Trust, Financial, Selling, Integrity, Research, Secrets)

"It seems to me that man is made to act rather than to know: the principles of things escape our most persevering researches."
- Frederick The Great
(Related: Act, Man, Principles)

"There has always been a certain proportion of people who leave the Church on issues of authority and sex. That hasn't changed since we started doing research on it back in the early 1960s."
- Andrew Greeley
(Related: Sex, People, Church, Authority, Research)

"Most of the research which is done is determined by the requirement that it shall, in a fairly obvious and predictable way, reinforce the approved or fashionable theories."
- Celia Green
(Related: Obvious, Research, Theories)

"The way to do research is to attack the facts at the point of greatest astonishment."
- Celia Green
(Related: Facts, Research)

"Well, thank you and that's for them, but for me, I want to look back at a body of work where when you do the research and you explore the psyche of a character, where she's been, where she is and where she's going."
- Pam Grier
(Related: Work, Character, Body, Research, Want)

"Research challenges the materialistic understanding of death, according to which biological death represents the final end of existence and of all conscious activity."
- Stanislav Grof
(Related: Death, End, Existence, Research, Understanding)

"As long as I had easy access to psychedelics at the government-sponsored research project, most of my energy went into psychedelic sessions."
- Stanislav Grof
(Related: Government, Energy, Project, Research)

"Research is four things: brains with which to think, eyes with which to see, machines with which to measure and, fourth, money."
- Albert Szent Gyorgyi
(Related: Money, Eyes, Machines, Measure, Research)

"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought."
- Albert Szent Gyorgyi
(Related: Thought, Research)

"I think, however, that so long as our present economic and national systems continue, scientific research has little to fear."
- John B. S. Haldane
(Related: Fear, Present, Research)

"Under-representation of women and other inequality among researchers is a problem that will not solve itself as women acquire competence."
- Tarja Halonen
(Related: Women, Competence, Inequality, Will)

"I cannot say how strongly I object to people using other people's writing as research. Research is non-fiction, especially for horror, fantasy, science fiction. Do not take your research from other people's fiction. Just don't."
- Laurell K. Hamilton
(Related: Science, People, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Research, Writing)

"I find that when I play reality-based characters, it is only as fun for me if I have a lot of time to do research. If I don't it just isn't exciting but if I do, it can be fun because I can learn about that person and the world that they live in and I can become somebody else."
- Daryl Hannah
(Related: Time, Fun, Play, Reality, Research, World)

"Yes. I did more research than I ever wanted to and saw some things I wish I didn't. I went on ride-alongs, spent time with Homicide, Cold Case, and SVU detectives, hung out in subways learning how to spot pervs and pick-pockets, viewed an autopsy, went to a police firing range, and witnessed court cases and I read, read, read."
- Mariska Hargitay
(Related: Time, Court, Learning, Police, Research)

"Stem cell research holds enormous promise for easing human suffering, and federal support is critical to its success."
- Tom Harkin
(Related: Success, Promise, Research, Suffering, Support)

"My very, very first professional job was when I was 19 years old - I got a job doing an educational industrial film on Shell Motor Oil's oil products. I really put my heart into it - I wrote a script for it, I did a lot of research."
- Renny Harlin
(Related: Heart, Film, First, Job, Oil, Old, Research, Years)

"Yes, a general principle that comes out of research behind Good to Eat is that there are no world religions that have acted to decrease the potential for the nutritional well-being of their followers."
- Marvin Harris
(Related: Followers, Potential, Research, World)

"However, further research has shown that it is the normal condition for humans and for most other mammals. It seems pretty clear why this is the case for most mammals and for most human beings."
- Marvin Harris
(Related: Mammals, Pretty, Research)

"Alfred Nobel was much concerned, as are we all, with the tangible benefits we hope for and expect from physiological and medical research, and the Faculty of the Caroline Institute has ever been alert to recognize practical benefits."
- Haldan Keffer Hartline
(Related: Medical, Hope, Benefits, Research)

"What is research but a blind date with knowledge?"
- Will Harvey
(Related: Knowledge, Blind, Research)

"Programmers and marketing people know how to get into your subconscious - they spend millions of dollars researching colors, shapes, designs, symbols, that affect your preferences, and they can make you feel warm, trusting, like buying. They can manipulate you."
- Richard Hatch
(Related: People, Buying, Colors, Marketing)

"You can't imagine how much detail we know about brains. There were 28,000 people who went to the neuroscience conference this year, and every one of them is doing research in brains. A lot of data. But there's no theory. There's a little, wimpy box on top there."
- Jeff Hawkins
(Related: People, Detail, Research, Theory)

"The Internet was developed in large part by U.S. government research funding to develop new communications networks, starting with a network created by the Department of Defense."
- Robin Hayes
(Related: Government, Defense, Internet, Network, Research)

"Research has shown that even small amounts of processed food alter the chemical balance in our brain and cause negative mood swings along with noticeable dips ill energy."
- Marilu Henner
(Related: Food, Negative, Balance, Cause, Energy, Research)

"Every time I copy something, I can draw it for the rest of my life. But research is so painful - I mean just opening up a magazine looking for a picture of a car or looking out the window looking for a car is just hard!"
- Jaime Hernandez
(Related: Car, Time, Life, Research, Rest)

"The goal of physiological research is functional nature."
- Walter Rudolf Hess
(Related: Nature, Goal, Research)

"But with nonfiction, the task is very straightforward: Do the research, tell the story."
- Laura Hillenbrand
(Related: Research)

"We live in an age where the artist is forgotten. He is a researcher. I see myself that way."
- David Hockney
(Related: Age, Artist)

"The Nobel Prize is given as a personal award but it also honors the field of research in which I have worked and it also honors my students and colleagues."
- Robert Hofstadter
(Related: Research, Students)

"Coal research and development provides huge benefits for the nation, and pay for itself many times over through taxes flowing back to the Treasury from expanded economic activity."
- Tim Holden
(Related: Development, Benefits, Nation, Research, Taxes)

"We should be increasing research and development into our fossil fuel program."
- Tim Holden
(Related: Development, Fossil fuel, Research)

"Penn State University is also nationally recognized for the exceptional research and patient care provided at the College of Medicine, located in my Congressional District in Hershey, PA."
- Tim Holden
(Related: Care, College, Medicine, Research, State, University)

"I talked to ex-wives of musicians of the '70s for research. They're the funniest people in the world, yet there is this sad, beautiful thing in their eyes that says they've seen more than they could ever possibly tell you."
- Kate Hudson
(Related: People, Eyes, Musicians, Research, World)

"We started giving presentations at practitioner conferences in 1986, and since then all of our derivatives research has been stimulated by contact with practitioners."
- John Hull
(Related: Giving, Research)

"Our research led on to other things, such as the fact that exchange rates are not lognormally distributed."
- John Hull
(Related: Fact, Research)

"I have a book coming out in September, for example, where the plot concerns counterfeiting, and I had to do a lot of research on that. Or on any legal matters, for example, I have to do a lot of research online."
- Evan Hunter
(Related: Legal, Example, Research)

"Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose."
- Zora Neale Hurston
(Related: Purpose, Curiosity, Research)

"I am not an enormous believer in research being the be-all and end-all. I get suspicious when I read about actors spending six months in a clinic, say, in order to play someone who is sick."
- John Hurt
(Related: Actors, Being, End, Months, Order, Play, Research)

"Without troublesome work, no one can have any concrete, full idea of what pure mathematical research is like or of the profusion of insights that can be obtained from it."
- Edmund Husserl
(Related: Work, Idea, Research)

"The 1st Congressional District contains almost half of the biotech and biomedical companies in Washington, and my job often allows me to meet the people responsible for this exciting research."
- Jay Inslee
(Related: People, Job, Research, Washington)

"There's a lot of research behind the scenes that you don't get to see, but I have an instinct that my dad nurtured from when I was born. I was very lucky then."
- Steve Irwin
(Related: Dad, Instinct, Research)

"The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act would expand research on embryonic stem cells by increasing the number of lines stem cells that would be eligible for federally funded research."
- Steve Israel
(Related: Act, Research)

"There are many alternatives to embryonic stem cell research, alternatives with great potential. We need to support these and oppose creating life for the sole purpose of destroying it."
- Ernest Istook
(Related: Life, Purpose, Potential, Research, Support)

"Research and development needs permanent tax credits to build the technology that spurs our growth. But no government programs alone can get America's students to study more science and math; parents must push and help their children to meet this goal."
- Ernest Istook
(Related: Government, Science, Technology, Development, Goal, Growth, America, Children, Tax, Help, Needs, Parents, Research, Students, St)

"People doing the kind of sound research that I'm interested in still have a difficult time."
- Joseph Jarman
(Related: Time, People, Research, Sound)

"Research your idea. See if there's a demand. A lot of people have great ideas, but they don't know if there's a need for it. You also have to research your competition."
- Magic Johnson
(Related: People, Idea, Ideas, Competition, Research)

"Millions of American families affected by debilitating diseases have new hope today after the U.S. House passed legislation to support potentially life-saving stem cell research."
- Nancy L. Johnson
(Related: Life, Hope, American, Legislation, Research, Support, Today)

"Research! A mere excuse for idleness; it has never achieved, and will never achieve any results of the slightest value."
- Benjamin Jowett
(Related: Idleness, Results, Value, Will)

"Time spent researching varies from book to book. Some novels require months, even years of research, others very little. I try to do most of my research before I begin but inevitably questions emerge during the writing."
- Jonathan Kellerman
(Related: Time, Months, Questions, Research, Writing, Years)

"Much of outcomes research is a systematic attempt to exploit what is known and make it better."
- Kevin Kelly
(Related: Research)

"The more thoroughly I conduct scientific research, the more I believe that science excludes atheism."
- Lord Kelvin
(Related: Science, Atheism, Research)

"Most of the scientific community believes that for the full potential of embryonic stem cell research to be reached, the number of cell lines readily available to scientists must increase."
- Ron Kind
(Related: Community, Potential, Research, Scientists)

"From its earliest days, stem cell research has been important to the people of Wisconsin."
- Ron Kind
(Related: People, Research)

"I believe that we as the leader of the Free World must provide important leadership on the ethical parameters, the ethical constraints that this research requires."
- Ron Kind
(Related: Leadership, Research, World)

"More important is the fact that embryonic stem cell research could lead to new treatments and cures for the many Americans afflicted with life-threatening and debilitating diseases."
- Ron Kind
(Related: Life, Americans, Fact, Research)

"Harvard is first and foremost a university and not a consulting operation, and our job here is to teach and to research and to create knowledge on Asia in conjunction and in cooperation with scholars as well as with political, intellectual, and cultural leaders in Asia."
- William Kirby
(Related: Knowledge, Consulting, Cooperation, First, Job, Leaders, Research, University)

"Research has shown that people who volunteer often live longer."
- Allen Klein
(Related: People, Research)

"The funds from the sale were put into research and general teaching budgets at the university. Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates, Inc., is now a growing enterprise with many model and other econometric facilities."
- Lawrence R. Klein
(Related: Budgets, Now, Research, Teaching, University)

"The SSRC committee turned attention from team research for building a model of the United States to doing one for world trade in order to investigate the international transmission mechanism."
- Lawrence R. Klein
(Related: Attention, Building, Committee, Order, Research, states, Trade, United, World)

"During the early 1960s, I decided to supplement research support for quantitative economic studies at Pennsylvania by selling econometric forecasts to private and public sector buyers."
- Lawrence R. Klein
(Related: Selling, Public, Research, Support)

"The Broad research center represents the highest quality model of what Proposition 71 should be funding."
- Robert Klein
(Related: Quality, Research)

"However, I should perhaps add that during the 20 years I have been back in Cambridge, I have been actively involved in the teaching of undergraduates, as well as of course supervising research students."
- Aaron Klug
(Related: Research, Students, Teaching, Years)

"I went back and researched the history of gospel; where it came from, slavery times, communicating with each other without their master knowing what they are saying, and that gospel artists view themselves differently."
- Boris Kodjoe
(Related: History, Artists, Saying, Slavery)

"The right-to-life movement and the Roman Catholic Church are saying that it is better to destroy these embryos, or preferably have them adopted - which is not going to happen - than to use them for research."
- Mort Kondracke
(Related: Church, Research, Right, Saying)

"Research is what it's going to take to cure all these diseases."
- Mort Kondracke
(Related: Cure, Research)

"At NIH, what tends to happen is that the proven researchers tend to get the money. New researchers, younger researchers, or people on the cutting edge don't get the money until they have gray beards."
- Mort Kondracke
(Related: Money, People)

"Under normal conditions the research scientist is not an innovator but a solver of puzzles, and the puzzles upon which he concentrates are just those which he believes can be both stated and solved within the existing scientific tradition."
- Thomas Kuhn
(Related: Research, Tradition)

"Dream research is a wonderful field. All you do is sleep for a living."
- Stephen LaBerge
(Related: Dream, Living, Research, Sleep)

"I am now completing research supported by NSF and NEH that is mapping changes in the English language through all of North America, for both mainstream and minority communities."
- William Labov
(Related: America, English, Language, Minority, Now, Research)

"However, research in the years that followed found that in many of its important features, African American Vernacular English was becoming not less, but more different from other dialects."
- William Labov
(Related: African, American, English, Research, Years)

"When I came up, it was all about originality and collective research. There is an awful lot of imitation going on now."
- Steve Lacy
(Related: Imitation, Now, Originality, Research)

"It would be wrong to assume that one must stay with a research programme until it has exhausted all its heuristic power, that one must not introduce a rival programme before everybody agrees that the point of degeneration has probably been reached."
- Imre Lakatos
(Related: Power, Research, Wrong)

"Research programmes, besides their negative heuristic, are also characterized by their positive heuristic."
- Imre Lakatos
(Related: Negative, Positive, Research)

"The classical example of a successful research programme is Newton's gravitational theory: possibly the most successful research programme ever."
- Imre Lakatos
(Related: Successful, Example, Research)

"We must always emphasize research and development of science and mathematics, and I can think of no better way to achieve this than through our future in space."
- Nick Lampson
(Related: Science, Development, Future, Mathematics, Research, Space)

"Washington state's 2nd Congressional District is a major producer of small fruit crops such as raspberries and strawberries. This research center is doing important work to help farmers enhance the quality, yield and marketability of their small fruit crops."
- Rick Larsen
(Related: Work, Quality, Help, Research, State, Washington, Yield)

"Researchers have discovered that chocolate produces some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana. The researchers also discovered other similarities between the two but can't remember what they are."
- Matt Lauer
"When I moved to Stanford I began to pursue the line of research I have been following ever since, namely trying to understand the larger implications of fractional quantum hall discovery."
- Robert B. Laughlin
(Related: Discovery, Research, Trying)

"I started on the use of the Internet for scientific communication. Our research group was one of the very first to make really systematic use of it as a way of managing research projects."
- Joshua Lederberg
(Related: Communication, First, Internet, Projects, Research)

"When I have a full schedule like that, I don't see myself sitting there for a couple of months, doing the research, going through a painful process, it's just not my thing anymore."
- Ang Lee
(Related: Months, Research)

"Molecular collision dynamics has been a wonderful area of research for all practitioners. This is especially true for those who were following the footsteps of pioneers and leaders of the field twenty years ago."
- Yuan T. Lee
(Related: Footsteps, Leaders, Research, Years)

"Bush reiterated his stand to conservatives opposing his decision on stem cell research. He said today he believes life begins at conception and ends at execution."
- Jay Leno
(Related: Life, Decision, Execution, Research, Today)

"The first thing I do when I read a part is see if I can identify emotionally with a character. If I make that connection, everything else is just working on knowing their life circumstances and manifesting those through practice and research."
- Joshua Leonard
(Related: Life, Character, Circumstances, Connection, First, Practice, Research)

"I was working for the Socialist International, after I left university in 1959, as a researcher."
- Stephen Lewis
(Related: University)

"The way we're really going to grow the economy is to invest in people, to invest in innovation, to have the federal government put money in the kind of research that will create the new high-technology, biotechnology industries that will create the millions of new jobs."
- Joe Lieberman
(Related: Government, Money, People, Economy, Innovation, Jobs, Research, Will)

"And I managed to arrange to get some research support and to stay in Hong Kong for another year and a half, interviewing people coming out of China, both Westerners and Chinese. And that was my first real research study on thought reform or so-called brainwashing."
- Robert Jay Lifton
(Related: Thought, People, First, Reform, Research, Study, Support)

"I think sometimes I'm more fond of doing the research for the character because you learn so much. Sometimes shooting is really difficult because you wake up early and you're always hurrying. And sometimes I don't know what I'm doing. I'm here and there."
- Bai Ling
(Related: Character, Research)

"And I thought if I don't pre-interview - first of all, we couldn't afford it - but the second thing was it would force me to do my own research, which takes two weeks."
- James Lipton
(Related: Thought, First, Force, Research)

"In this metaphor we actually have a picture of the computational universe, a metaphor which I hope to make scientifically precise as part of a research program."
- Seth Lloyd
(Related: Hope, Metaphor, Research, Universe)

"One of the things that I've been doing recently in my scientific research is to ask this question: Is the universe actually capable of performing things like digital computations?"
- Seth Lloyd
(Related: Research, Universe)

"It was a show where you were given a quote out of current events and you had to identify who said it. I was reading eight newspapers a day and had compiled a file of about 300 quotes. I really had to do my research. The White House press didn't have to bone up on any of it."
- June Lockhart
(Related: Day, Events, Newspapers, Press, Quotes, Reading, Research)

"I came over here and worked for rock magazines, and I worked for Rolling Stone, which has a very high standard of journalism, a very good research department."
- Kurt Loder
(Related: Journalism, Research)

"Think on a 50-year scale, which is a much more natural time-scale for global warming. The US is right now spending about 200 million dollars annually on research into renewable energy."
- Bjorn Lomborg
(Related: Time, Energy, Global warming, Now, Research, Right)

"I think Nina Simone has had an amazing journey. She was spicy and she had attitude and she didn't care, she wanted her money in a paper bag and don't mess with me and I've been doing some research on that so."
- Nia Long
(Related: Money, Attitude, Care, Journey, Research, Spicy)

"It's a funny thing, but today the Titanic is probably much more - that is people are much more aware of it than they were in 1954, when I was doing my research."
- Walter Lord
(Related: Funny, People, Research, Today)

"It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet hypothesis every day before breakfast. It keeps him young."
- Konrad Lorenz
(Related: Pet, Day, Exercise, Research)

"Traditional market researchers are cold and calculating and scientific."
- Frank Luntz
"Some researchers sensibly suggest that rather than worrying too much about which programs our children are watching, we should concentrate on trying to reduce the total amount of time they spend in front of the screen."
- Hugh Mackay
(Related: Time, Children, Trying)

"But when researchers at Bell Labs discovered that static tends to come from particular places in the sky, the whole field of radio astronomy opened up."
- Murray Gell Mann
(Related: Astronomy, Sky)

"After a subsequent interview at Brooklyn Poly, I was hired, and life as a fully independent researcher began."
- Rudolph A. Marcus
(Related: Life)

"About 1960, it became clear that it was best for me to bring the experimental part of my research program to a close - there was too much to do on the theoretical aspects - and I began the process of winding down the experiments."
- Rudolph A. Marcus
(Related: Research)

"We said in our 21st Century Party paper there are 61 mosaic groups, which the market research people use as different socio-economic categories and half of our members come from just five of those groups and that is very narrow - too narrow."
- Francis Maude
(Related: People, Party, Research)

"Once I've got the first draft down on paper then I do five or six more drafts, the last two of which will be polishing drafts. The ones in between will flesh out the characters and maybe I'll check my research."
- Colleen McCullough
(Related: Draft, First, Research, Will)

"When I began, I thought that the way one should work was to do all the research and then write the book."
- David McCullough
(Related: Work, Thought, Research)

"There's an awful temptation to just keep on researching. There comes a point where you just have to stop, and start writing."
- David McCullough
(Related: Temptation, Writing)

"I had been writing for about twelve years. I knew pretty well how you could find things out, but I had never been trained in an academic way how to go about the research."
- David McCullough
(Related: Pretty, Research, Writing, Years)

"If your neighbor has a completely different view on abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, all of those things, you still are both Americans. Neither one of you is necessarily more patriotic than the other. Neither loves their country any more than the other one does."
- Phil McGraw
(Related: Marriage, Abortion, Americans, Country, Gay, Research)

"Today the tyrant rules not by club or fist, but disguised as a market researcher, he shepherds his flocks in the ways of utility and comfort."
- Marshall McLuhan
(Related: Comfort, Rules, Today)

"Eastern Washington has experienced a number of deadly forest fires this season, and it is crucial that we have bipartisan legislation that will expedite the research and restoration process."
- Cathy McMorris
(Related: Legislation, Research, Washington, Will)

"My thought was I should try to stick with names that people may recognize like Robert Johnson, Son House, and Hoagy Carmichael, so if somebody cared to research, they would find a wealth of material."
- John Mellencamp
(Related: Son, Thought, People, Wealth, May, Names, Research)

"Dedicated researchers seek better treatments and cures for diabetes, kidney disease, Alzheimer's and every form of cancer. But these scientists face an array of disincentives. We can do better."
- Michael Milken
(Related: Cancer, Disease, Scientists)

"My research interests since then have shifted strongly towards the economic and regulatory problems of the financial services industry, and especially of the securities and options exchanges."
- Merton Miller
(Related: Financial, Options, Problems, Research)

"We didn't know anything about comedy duos - Abbot and Costello, Martin and Lewis - we didn't know anything about that. Kim Fields showed us a tape of Martin and Lewis and their old shows and they come through the curtain so we started doing research on them."
- Kel Mitchell
(Related: Comedy, Martin, Old, Research)

"To be honest, I think we should find first the possibility to make it. Research is first - if you're not interested, you never can find something. Many things happen from forgotten machines - ones that are no longer used."
- Issey Miyake
(Related: Possibility, First, Machines, Research)

"If you steal from one author it's plagiarism; if you steal from many it's research."
- Wilson Mizner
(Related: Plagiarism, Research)

"AIDS win be our first priority, but in two years' time we don't know where AIDS research will stand, so we are also thinking of activity on other diseases."
- Luc Montagnier
(Related: Time, First, Research, Thinking, Will, Years)

"Basic research is very useful, but it should be more geared toward application than it was before."
- Luc Montagnier
(Related: Research)

"You definitely want to do the little films. They're always going to be harder, but you don't do them to make money. You do them so you can see what you can make with the research that you have."
- Marguerite Moreau
(Related: Money, Research, Want)

"You frighten a lot of scientists. If they say that climate is not changing, they lose their research grants. And some people cannot afford that; they become silent, or a few of us speak up, because we think that it's for the honesty of science, that we have to do it."
- Nils-Axel Morner
(Related: Science, People, Honesty, Climate, Research, Scientists)

"All the research shows that being married, with all its ups and downs, is by far the most effective way of making young men law-abiding and giving them a sense of purpose and self-worth."
- Ferdinand Mount
(Related: Men, Purpose, Being, Giving, Law, Research, Self, Sense)

"That's what I like about acting. When you're preparing for a role, you do your research, and the bonus is you get to learn these skills. Now, it's on to whatever the next thing is I have to learn."
- Parminder Nagra
(Related: Acting, Now, Research)

"Though I had success in my research both when I was mad and when I was not, eventually I felt that my work would be better respected if I thought and acted like a 'normal' person."
- John Forbes Nash
(Related: Success, Work, Thought, Research)

"I would finally renounce my delusional hypotheses and revert to thinking of myself as a human of more conventional circumstances and return to mathematical research."
- John Forbes Nash, Jr.
(Related: Circumstances, Research, Thinking)

"Small science, which includes most research in the life sciences all over the world, is science directed usually by an individual senior scientist and a small team of junior associates, perhaps three, ten, fifteen, something in that order."
- Daniel Nathans
(Related: Life, Science, Order, Research, World)

"I also found out that I liked biochemical research and that I could do it."
- Daniel Nathans
(Related: Research)

"If men liked shopping, they'd call it research."
- Cynthia Nelms
(Related: Men, Research)

"There's a certain logic to systems, and that logic is fairly self-evident. It's very straightforward, usually. It might take a little research, it might take a little bit of industry to prize it out, but it's there to be seen."
- Michael Nesmith
(Related: Logic, Research, Self)

"And as soon as I did the research, I realized the law seemed to be on my side and I filed the suit."
- Michael Newdow
(Related: Law, Research)

"It did not seem likely that I was destined to undertake research on typhus."
- Charles Jules Henry Nicole
(Related: Research)

"At the time when I was conducting my research there was no known method for taking the guinea pig's temperature. I demonstrated a technique which is now widely used."
- Charles Jules Henry Nicole
(Related: Time, Now, Research)

"What I'm exploring right now is the subject of my own mortality. It's an area that I'm curious about, and I'm researching it to see if there's a photographic essay in it for me. If images don't start to come, I'll go to something else."
- Leonard Nimoy
(Related: Mortality, Now, Right)

"We slow the progress of science today for all sorts of ethical reasons. Biomedicine could advance much faster if we abolished our rules on human experimentation in clinical trials, as Nazi researchers did."
- Paul Nitze
(Related: Science, Progress, Rules, Today, Trials)

"My wife and I now live in the summers in northern Michigan in an environment which is wonderfully conducive to research, and where most of my work in the last 15 years has been done."
- Douglass North
(Related: Work, Wife, Environment, Now, Research, Years)

"I would be remiss if I left the impression that my life has been totally preoccupied with scholarly research."
- Douglass North
(Related: Life, Impression, Research)

"I spend a year at the Hoover Institute at Stanford, researching market approaches to air pollution control."
- Gale Norton
(Related: Control, Pollution)

"My 6 years with Murdoch were pivotal for my entire research career."
- Paul Nurse
(Related: Career, Research, Years)

"This time at Birmingham turned me into a general biologist, and ever since then I have always tried to take a biological approach to any research project that I have undertaken."
- Paul Nurse
(Related: Time, Project, Research)

"In a prime-time address, President Bush said he backed limited federal funding for stem cell research. That's right, the President said, this is a quote, the research could help cure brain diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and whatever it is I have."
- Conan O'Brien
(Related: Cure, Help, President, Research, Right)

"Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals."
- David Ogilvy
(Related: People, Advertising, Enemy, Research)

"I notice increasing reluctance on the part of marketing executives to use judgment; they are coming to rely too much on research, and they use it as a drunkard uses a lamp post for support, rather than for illumination."
- David Ogilvy
(Related: Judgment, Marketing, Post, Research, Support)

"I was invited to join the newly established Central Chemical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1954 and was able to establish a small research group in organic chemistry, housed in temporary laboratories of an industrial research institute."
- George Andrew Olah
(Related: Research)

"It was in 1969 that I was able to give up my administrative responsibility. As I worked hard my research never suffered during this period and as a matter of fact these were probably some of my most productive years."
- George Andrew Olah
(Related: Fact, Research, Responsibility, Years)

"My Cleveland years were both scientifically and personally most rewarding. My wife Judy was able to rejoin me in our research and my research group grew rapidly."
- George Andrew Olah
(Related: Wife, Research, Years)

"As this body of knowledge has evolved, a much more critical job for researchers and scientists has evolved into explaining and educating policy makers and the public to the risks of global warming and the possible consequences of action or of no action."
- John Olver
(Related: Policy, Knowledge, Action, Body, Consequences, Global warming, Job, Public, Scientists)

"The scientists who do climate research understand that much of the ever increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere since 1850 must be attributed to burning those fossil fuels to produce the energy that drives industrialization."
- John Olver
(Related: Climate, Energy, Research, Scientists)

"Research can be a big clunker. It's difficult to know how you can make the historical light."
- Michael Ondaatje
(Related: Light, Research)

"I worked with the March of Dimes to enact legislation for a national birth defects prevention program to provide surveillance, research and preventive services aimed at reducing the rate of birth defects."
- Solomon Ortiz
(Related: Legislation, March, Prevention, Research)

"I'm not the kind of actor who goes into exhaustive research for each role."
- Clive Owen
(Related: Actor, Research)

"You know, when people want to get any information, research information, it will all exist on these Web sites."
- Brian De Palma
(Related: People, Information, Research, Want, Will)

"I started in a research lab for TV cameras, then I worked at a tape duplication facility. That was the first introduction for me to recorded music and hi-fi."
- Alan Parsons
(Related: Music, First, Research)

"When actors talk about research, they're just patting themselves on the back."
- Jason Patric
(Related: Actors, Research, Talk)

"Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them."
- Linus Pauling
(Related: People, Cancer, Fraud, Research, Support)

"I allowed the scriptwriter to come to my parties for research and it's a good thing he did otherwise I don't think Personal Services would've been so good."
- Cynthia Payne
(Related: Research)

"I'm doing research for a large comic book on the Beat Generation guys - Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac and those guys."
- Harvey Pekar
(Related: Research)

"To date, embryonic stem cell research has not produced a single medical treatment, where ethical, adult stem cell research has produced some 67 medical miracles."
- Mike Pence
(Related: Medical, Miracles, Research, Treatment)

"We are here simply to decide whether Congress should take the taxpayer dollars of millions of pro-life Americans and use them to fund the destruction of human embryos for research."
- Mike Pence
(Related: Americans, Congress, Destruction, Research)

"Sadly, embryonic stem cell research is completely legal in this country and has been going on at universities and research facilities for years."
- Mike Pence
(Related: Legal, Country, Research, Years)

"As we begin this debate, I am confident that we will hear the supporters of this bill argue in the name of Ronald Reagan that this research is consistent with his long-held views about the sanctity of life."
- Mike Pence
(Related: Life, Debate, Name, Research, Will)

"This was good training for research, because large parts of experimental work are sometimes boring or involve the use of skills in which one is not particularly gifted."
- Martin Lewis Perl
(Related: Work, Research, Training)

"Even with only two people on board, where maintenance is a large piece of our working day, we still have time to do scientific research. We have to be ready to support those Shuttle visits in a lot of different ways."
- John L. Phillips
(Related: Time, People, Day, Research, Support)

"Researchers can measure what kind of angles your legs take up during the day when they're just trailing around behind you in weightless conditions, and what kind of impacts you feel during your exercise. They're going to compare that with what we do on the ground."
- John L. Phillips
(Related: Day, Exercise, Measure)

"The Arthritis Prevention, Control and Cure Act of 2005 is bipartisan legislation directing funding and promoting education and research toward the goal of preventing, treating and curing arthritis."
- Charles W. Pickering
(Related: Education, Control, Goal, Act, Cure, Legislation, Prevention, Research)

"In recent years, research into the prevention and treatment of arthritis has led to measures that successfully reduce pain and improve the quality of life for millions."
- Charles W. Pickering
(Related: Life, Quality, Pain, Prevention, Research, Treatment, Years)

"This required the development of a view which allowed one to integrate research with belief, thing with person, fact with aesthetics, knowledge with application of knowledge."
- Kenneth L. Pike
(Related: Knowledge, Development, Belief, Aesthetics, Fact, Research)

"The valid research for the future is on the inner side, on the spiritual side."
- Peace Pilgrim
(Related: Future, Research, Spiritual)

"But the newest research is showing that many properties of the brain are genetically organized, and don't depend on information coming in from the senses."
- Steven Pinker
(Related: Information, Research, Senses)

"People ask me how I do research for my science fiction. The answer is, I never do any research."
- Frederik Pohl
(Related: Science, People, Fiction, Research)

"Leaving England was a painful decision, and we still have some regrets about it. However, at that time, the research environment for theoretical chemistry was clearly better in the U.S."
- John Pople
(Related: Time, Decision, EnglEnvironment, Research)

"In the war, most young men were inducted into the armed forces at the age of 17. A group of students was permitted to attend university before taking part in wartime research projects."
- John Pople
(Related: Age, Men, War, Projects, Research, Students, University)

"Tonight I should like to thank all those who have shared my work and to acknowledge the debt that I owe to my wife whose encouragement to put research before all other things has been a great strength to me."
- George Porter
(Related: Work, Wife, Strength, Debt, Encouragement, Research)

"We must work to ensure that the Nevada Cancer Institute continues to receive the dollars necessary to make it a vibrant source of research and clinical assistance for cancer victims throughout the state of Nevada and the nation."
- Jon Porter
(Related: Work, Cancer, Nation, Research, State, Victims)

"Then I started graduate school at UCLA. I got a part time research assistant job as a programmer on a project involving the use of one computer to measure the performance of another computer."
- Jon Postel
(Related: Time, Performance, Computer, Job, Measure, Project, Research, School)

"You see, I used to do a certain amount of market research by going to the local drugstore and seeing what the truck drivers would put up. Now it's all just copies from the latest best-seller list and damn little of anything else."
- Jerry Pournelle
(Related: Now, Research)

"You travel across the country, you visit departments, you give talks, you talk about the work at your laboratory - what's going on, what the opportunities are there - you talk about your own research."
- Frank Press
(Related: Travel, Work, Country, Research, Talk, Visit)

"The research included neutron resonance spectroscopy, the angular distribution of pion elastic and inelastic scattering on nuclei with optical model fitting."
- James Rainwater
(Related: Research)

"Embryonic stem cell research will prolong life, improve life and give hope for life to millions of people."
- Jim Ramstad
(Related: Life, People, Hope, Research, Will)

"Those market researchers... are playing games with you and me and with this entire country. Their so-called samples of opinion are no more accurate or reliable than my grandmother's big toe was when it came to predicting the weather."
- Dan Rather
(Related: Country, Games, Opinion, Weather)

"I have been raising money for the past 14 years for diabetes research."
- John Ratzenberger
(Related: Money, Past, Research, Years)

"Now, ignorance is one thing, ignorance can be cured. But many of the Republican leaders opposing this research know better."
- Ron Reagan
(Related: Ignorance, Leaders, Now, Republican, Research)

"Stem cell research can revolutionize medicine, more than anything since antibiotics."
- Ron Reagan
(Related: Medicine, Research)

"You cannot be against embryonic stem cell research and be intellectually and therefore morally consistent, if you're not also against in vitro fertilization."
- Ron Reagan
(Related: Research)

"Most people come out of their Ph.D. experience trying to prove themselves, trying to get ahead, trying to get published. You're scared everybody else is going to do your research and get your topic."
- Bernice Johnson Reagon
(Related: Experience, People, Research, Trying)

"One of the biggest things I understood in a program like that was that it allowed more young African American scholars to do field research in the Caribbean and in Africa than had ever happened before in the history of the country and since."
- Bernice Johnson Reagon
(Related: History, African, American, Country, Research)

"The first job I had with the Smithsonian was as a field researcher among African American communities in Southwest Louisiana and Arkansas for the festival."
- Bernice Johnson Reagon
(Related: African, American, First, Job)

"But I'm a historian. I wasn't interested in just being a producer, I was interested in doing research and presenting that research to a general public."
- Bernice Johnson Reagon
(Related: Being, Public, Research)

"My priorities are to make sure we get the prescription drug bill, that we fund the research in NIH adequately, and that we fund the Center for Disease Control adequately."
- Ralph Regula
(Related: Control, Disease, Priorities, Research)

"This line of research continued when I went, and brought my research group with me, to the new University of California, Irvine campus in 1966 to become the founding Dean of the School of Physical Sciences."
- Frederick Reines
(Related: Founding, Research, School, University)

"I served as Dean until 1974, when I stepped down to return to full time teaching and research."
- Frederick Reines
(Related: Time, Research, Teaching)

"During my participation in the Manhattan Project and subsequent research at Los Alamos, encompassing a period of fifteen years, I worked in the company of perhaps the greatest collection of scientific talent the world has ever known."
- Frederick Reines
(Related: Talent, Company, Participation, Project, Research, World, Years)

"If oil companies were to invest their high profits into alternative fuel research it will help America move toward new forms of energy."
- Rick Renzi
(Related: America, Energy, Help, Oil, Research, Will)

"I wouldn't say I'm a method actor. I do research when I feel I don't have enough experience for the part I'm playing."
- Tim Robbins
(Related: Experience, Actor, Research)

"I find I use the Internet more and more. It's just an invaluable tool. I do most of my research on the Net now - and certainly do the bulk of my communicating through email."
- Nora Roberts
(Related: Internet, Now, Research)

"We conclude that, simultaneously with the organization of the colleges, there should be at Santa Cruz an organization by disciplines, whose units would have a voice in appointments and promotions, in course of programs, and in the allocation of funds for research."
- Abraham Robinson
(Related: Research, Voice)

"Nevada has a world-class economy. It will only build a world-class culture with world-class research universities coupled with the Desert Research Institute."
- James E. Rogers
(Related: Culture, Economy, Research, Will, World)

"I am in favor of stem-cell research. I am not in favor of creating new human embryos through cloning."
- Mitt Romney
(Related: Research)

"The federal government has sponsored research that has produced a tomato that is perfect in every respect, except that you can't eat it. We should make every effort to make sure this disease, often referred to as 'progress', doesn't spread."
- Andy Rooney
(Related: Government, Disease, Effort, Research, Respect)

"At a time when science plays such a powerful role in the life of society, when the destiny of the whole of mankind may hinge on the results of scientific research, it is incumbent on all scientists to be fully conscious of that role, and conduct themselves accordingly."
- Joseph Rotblat
(Related: Life, Science, Time, Society, Destiny, Mankind, May, Research, Results, Scientists)

"I'm publicizing the book that's done. I'm writing the book that's in the hopper, and I'm doing a little advance research on the book to come."
- Ann Rule
(Related: Research, Writing)

"Mr. Speaker, the goal of stem cell research should be to help our fellow human beings. The debate on this issue has, unfortunately, moved into dangerous unethical territory when perfectly moral alternatives exist."
- Jim Ryun
(Related: Goal, Debate, Help, Research)

"Research is of considerable importance in certain fields, such as science and history."
- Fred Saberhagen
(Related: History, Science, Importance, Research)

"All my knowledge comes from research."
- Stan Sakai
(Related: Knowledge, Research)

"In 1947 I defended my thesis on nuclear physics, and in 1948 I was included in a group of research scientists whose task was to develop nuclear weapons."
- Andrei Sakharov
(Related: Physics, Research, Scientists, Weapons)

"When I accepted the commission, I had something of an epiphany in the research I did about the agency, actually the science of espionage. I realized there is a connection between the sciences and the invisible forces of man."
- James Sanborn
(Related: Science, Connection, Man, Research)

"One of the joys about acting is researching."
- William Sanderson
(Related: Acting)

"And indeed this theme has been at the centre of all my research since 1943, both because of its intrinsic fascination and my conviction that a knowledge of sequences could contribute much to our understanding of living matter."
- Frederick Sanger
(Related: Knowledge, Conviction, Living, Research, Understanding)

"Scientific research is one of the most exciting and rewarding of occupations."
- Frederick Sanger
(Related: Occupations, Research)

"It was Neuberger who first taught me how to do research, both technically and as a way of life, and I owe much to him."
- Frederick Sanger
(Related: Life, First, Research)

"One can spend too much of one's life locked in stuffy rooms seeking out obscure truths, searching, researching, until one is too old to enjoy life."
- Jimmy Sangster
(Related: Life, Old)

"All psychological research is completely barred by the interpretations of the psychoanalysts. Everything happens in the unconscious, and I don't know what this unconscious is."
- Nathalie Sarraute
(Related: Research, Unconscious)

"No, this customary aim of research by excavators is completely foreign to the historical work with which I am occupied... my sole and only aim is to be able to establish a historical fact, on which I disagree with some eminent historians and geographers."
- Heinrich Schliemann
(Related: Work, Fact, Historians, Research)

"I've spent a lot of time researching the subject and government deception. So to be involved in Star Trek is perfect for me. I enjoy meeting the fans and discussing my interests with them."
- Dwight Schultz
(Related: Government, Time, Deception, Fans, Meeting)

"But the idea that I should be a teacher and a researcher of some sort did not vary over the years."
- Amartya Sen
(Related: Idea, Years)

"I bring other constituencies - I also have ties to minority communities. And obviously, to the world of world-class research universities. So I can bring some constituencies that I'm used to working with."
- Donna Shalala
(Related: Minority, Research, World)

"I will not write about anyplace in the world unless I've been there to personally research it."
- Sidney Sheldon
(Related: Research, Will, World)

"I think that's because believable action is based on authenticity, and accuracy is very important to me. I always spend time researching my novels, exploring the customs and attitudes of the county I'm using for their setting."
- Sidney Sheldon
(Related: Time, Action, Accuracy)

"And I think that still is true of this business - which is basically research and development - that you probably spend more time in planning and training and designing for things to go wrong, and how you cope with them, than you do for things to go right."
- Alan Shepard
(Related: Business, Time, Development, Planning, Research, Right, Training, Wrong)

"The 150th anniversary of Penn State will highlight what is important and good about this distinguished institution and the fine people and research that it produces."
- Don Sherwood
(Related: People, Research, State, Will)

"No. Better research needed. Fire your research person. No fishnet stockings. Never. Not in this band."
- Gene Simmons
(Related: Fire, Research)

"While I recognize the great value and importance of prescription drugs and strongly support a continued U.S. focus on pharmaceutical research and development, our nation's seniors cannot be asked to subsidize the drug costs of other wealthy industrialized nations any longer."
- Michael K. Simpson
(Related: Development, Drugs, Focus, Importance, Nation, Nations, Research, Support, Value)

"While American taxes pay for much of the research and development that goes into creating the new, life-saving drugs, American consumers continue to subsidize the cost of the drugs for consumers across the world."
- Michael K. Simpson
(Related: Life, Development, American, Drugs, Research, Taxes, World)

"Modern medical advances have helped millions of people live longer, healthier lives. We owe these improvements to decades of investment in medical research."
- Ike Skelton
(Related: Medical, People, Investment, Research)

"The goal of NIH research is to acquire new knowledge to help prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat disease and disability, from the rarest genetic disorder to the common cold."
- Ike Skelton
(Related: Knowledge, Goal, Disability, Disease, Disorder, Help, Research)

"In addition to relieving patient suffering, research is needed to help reduce the enormous economic and social burdens posed by chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, cancer, heart disease, and stroke."
- Ike Skelton
(Related: Heart, Cancer, Disease, Help, Research, Suffering)

"See, I have no journalism in my background, so I wasn't practised at research or writing non-fiction, nor at handling the truth in a journalistic way. Journalists know when to call a halt and write something, but I kept on looking for answers."
- John Sladek
(Related: Truth, Answers, Journalism, Research, Writing)

"We have a responsibility to promote stem cell research which could lead to treatments and cures for diseases affecting millions of Americans."
- Louise Slaughter
(Related: Americans, Research, Responsibility)

"The U.S. has the finest research scientists in the world, but we are falling far behind other countries, like South Korea and Singapore, that are moving forward with embryonic stem cell research."
- Louise Slaughter
(Related: Countries, Research, Scientists, World)

"This invisibility, however, means that the opportunities for creative research are infinite."
- Barbara Smith
(Related: Infinite, Research)

"We had to depend on other institutions to do research on our behalf. We had to use the information that already existed to craft the best practices to distribute throughout the country. And we had to do all of that in ten months."
- DeForest Soaries
(Related: Country, Information, Months, Research)

"You have a specific, defined audience-at MTV, they assume the audience to the news is 15 to 30 years old and they do a lot of research about the things they're interested in."
- Tabitha Soren
(Related: News, Old, Research, Years)

"If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine."
- Arlen Specter
(Related: War, Cancer, Nixon, President, Research, Today)

"The research rat of the future allows experimentation without manipulation of the real world. This is the cutting edge of modeling technology."
- John Spencer
(Related: Technology, Future, Manipulation, Research, World)

"Believe it or not, very little research has ever been funded to search for natural mechanisms of warming... it has simply been assumed that global warming is manmade. Climate change - it happens, with or without our help."
- Roy Spencer
(Related: Change, Climate, Climate change, Global warming, Help, Research)

"We have a lot to gain through furthering stem cell research, but medical breakthroughs should be fundamentally about saving, not destroying, human life. Therefore, I support stem cell research that does not destroy the embryo."
- Michael Steele
(Related: Medical, Life, Gain, Research, Support)

"I like to get paid for doing basic research, so it's pleasant to write some nonfiction about it."
- Bruce Sterling
(Related: Research)

"But what many psychologists have done, probably because they did well on a test themselves and everyone wants high self esteem, is to create this little box and then do their research inside it."
- Robert Sternberg
(Related: Research, Self, Self esteem)

"Two years later, I went to the University of Minnesota from which I was on leave for several years during the war as a member of Statistical Research Group at Columbia University."
- George Stigler
(Related: War, Research, University, Years)

"My research in this period centered around growth, technical change, and income distribution, both how growth affected the distribution of income and how the distribution of income affected growth."
- Joseph E. Stiglitz
(Related: Change, Growth, Income, Research)

"The notion that every well educated person would have a mastery of at least the basic elements of the humanities, sciences, and social sciences is a far cry from the specialized education that most students today receive, particularly in the research universities."
- Joseph E. Stiglitz
(Related: Education, Research, Students, Today)

"I have the right to interpretation as a dramatist. I research. It's my responsibility to find the research. It's my responsibility to digest it and do the best that I can with it. But at a certain point that responsibility will become an interpretation."
- Oliver Stone
(Related: Research, Responsibility, Right, Will)

"I think George just nailed the whole thing, the whole time period, the whole look and feel of what that newsroom was like. I did a lot of research for the role and believe me, it's all pretty genuine, down to the very last cigarette butt."
- David Strathairn
(Related: Time, Pretty, Research)

"I've developed a huge regard for Toyota for its environmental awareness, for its immense commitment to research and development in this field, and for its leadership in developing hybrids which others are now following."
- Maurice Strong
(Related: Environmental, Leadership, Development, Awareness, Commitment, Now, Research)

"Research has shown that the perceived style of leadership is by far the most important thing to most voters in evaluating officeholders and candidates."
- Robert Teeter
(Related: Leadership, Research, Style)

"Right now I am doing my residency in orthopedic research."
- Debi Thomas
(Related: Now, Research, Right)

"We are a research center and treatment facility all under one roof."
- Marlo Thomas
(Related: Research, Treatment)

"There are no projects per se in the Computing Sciences Research Center."
- Ken Thompson
(Related: Projects, Research)

"We must continue research into new forms of energy and into more efficient use of existing energy sources."
- Mac Thornberry
(Related: Energy, Research)

"At the time, my personal research objectives were to provide Keynesian economics with more rigorous foundations and to tighten and elaborate the logic of macroeconomic and monetary theory."
- James Tobin
(Related: Time, Economics, Logic, Objectives, Research, Theory)

"So history is fertile territory for me and I think I could feel happy with any period of history, provided I had the right sources and the necessary time for the initial research."
- Rose Tremain
(Related: History, Time, Research, Right)

"Any setting can potentially acquire this vividness. It slowly arrives during the period of research, until it is as immediate to me as my own real surroundings."
- Rose Tremain
(Related: Research)

"A novel usually takes me two years. A year to research and plan and dream. Then a year to write."
- Rose Tremain
(Related: Dream, Research, Years)

"It's more interesting because you get to research the history of the period, and all the different aesthetic elements that make a film, particularly this film, so stunning."
- Stanley Tucci
(Related: History, Film, Research)

"He does all research now, but he put me on some medication, Zoloft, and, I tell you what, a lot of people have had pros and cons about it, but it was my wonder drug."
- Tanya Tucker
(Related: People, Now, Research, Wonder)

"The minister and the priest teach that the organization is greater. No great philosophy has ever come from an organization, but from an individual whose research has been a personal study of God and ITS ways."
- Paul Twitchell
(Related: God, Philosophy, Research, Study)

"The skeptic does not mean him who doubts, but him who investigates or researches, as opposed to him who asserts and thinks that he has found."
- Miguel de Unamuno
"Research to me is as important or more important than the writing. It is the foundation upon which the book is built."
- Leon Uris
(Related: Research, Writing)

"We need your help. I need your help. We need money for research. It may not save my life. It may save my children's life. It may save someone you love. And it's very important."
- Jim Valvano
(Related: Money, Life, Love, Children, Help, May, Research)

"And I'm going to work as hard as I can... for cancer research and hopefully, maybe, we'll have some cures and some breakthroughs. I'd like to think I'm going to fight my brains out to be back here again next year for the Arthur Ashe recipient. I want to give it next year!"
- Jim Valvano
(Related: Work, Cancer, Fight, Research, Want)

"Money won't buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries of a large research staff to study the problem."
- Bill Vaughan
(Related: Money, Happiness, Research, Study, Will)

"The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before."
- Thorstein Veblen
(Related: Questions, Research)

"It is difficult to describe in short the enthusiasm and devotion provoked by and given to my research. We lived almost in poverty. I used pencils, two for a nickel, and could not buy a fountain pen, when I lost mine."
- Immanuel Velikovsky
(Related: Enthusiasm, Devotion, Pen, Poverty, Research)

"Our goal has been to more effectively promote the value of publicly-supported research at our universities, both to the Congress and to the general public."
- Charles Vest
(Related: Goal, Congress, Public, Research, Value)

"The thing that we at MIT must understand is the amount of real damage that is being done to us in the fine structure of how research funds are expended."
- Charles Vest
(Related: Being, Research)

"The Science Coalition, which grew out of an initial concept at Harvard and at MIT, has now grown to an informal group of about 60 research universities."
- Charles Vest
(Related: Science, Now, Research)

"Nonetheless, the research budgets of the Department of Defense are under enormous stress-and they are extremely important because they support more than 40 percent of all federal funding for engineering schools across the country. So the threat was and is real."
- Charles Vest
(Related: Budgets, Country, Defense, Engineering, Research, Schools, Stress, Support)

"Looking ahead, I believe that the underlying importance of higher education, of science, of technology, of research and scholarship to our quality of life, to the strength of our economy, to our security in many dimensions will continue to be the most important message."
- Charles Vest
(Related: Education, Life, Science, Technology, Quality, Strength, Economy, Importance, Research, Security, Will)

"Literally from the moment I came in the door of MIT, it was very clear that a highly productive 40-year partnership between U.S. research universities and the federal government was badly eroding."
- Charles Vest
(Related: Government, Partnership, Research)

"Note that I am not proposing that AI research be ignored or less funded."
- Vernor Vinge
(Related: Research)

"I am suggesting that we recognize that in network and interface research there is something as profound (and potential wild) as Artificial Intelligence."
- Vernor Vinge
(Related: Intelligence, Network, Potential, Research)

"I use the city because it saves time, I don't have to do a lot of research on the setting."
- Walter Wager
(Related: Time, Research)

"Everything I know, I write about. My only research is what I did."
- Mort Walker
(Related: Research)

"Research shows that parents are the single biggest influence on children - if you are worried about your teen and drugs, talk to them."
- John Walters
(Related: Teen, Children, Drugs, Influence, Parents, Research, Talk)

"I enjoy doing the research of nonfiction; that gives me some pleasure, being a detective again."
- Joseph Wambaugh
(Related: Being, Pleasure, Research)

"I see myself as a true modernist. Even when I do a traditional gown, I give it a modern twist. I go to the past for research. I need to know what came before so I can break the rules."
- Vera Wang
(Related: Past, Research, Rules)

"Take young researchers, put them together in virtual seclusion, give them an unprecedented degree of freedom and turn up the pressure by fostering competitiveness."
- James D. Watson
(Related: Freedom, Pressure)

"We don't devote enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks."
- Bill Watterson
(Related: Cure, Research)

"Research promoted by NARA within a major coalition of Federal and private sector research partners has at last demonstrated that an Electronic Records Archives can be built."
- Allen Weinstein
(Related: Research)

"I think young writers should get other degrees first, social sciences, arts degrees or even business degrees. What you learn is research skills, a necessity because a lot of writing is about trying to find information."
- Irvine Welsh
(Related: Business, First, Information, Necessity, Research, Trying, Writers, Writing)

"Whereas fiction is a continual discovery of what one wants to say, what one feels, what one means, and is, in that sense, a performance art, biography requires different skills - research and organization."
- Edmund White
(Related: Art, Performance, Biography, Discovery, Fiction, Research, Sense)

"The irony here is this administration is spending more money on climate change research and development than any administration in all the rest of the industrialized world combined."
- Christine Todd Whitman
(Related: Change, Money, Development, Climate, Climate change, Irony, Research, Rest, World)

"The choice is not between conducting the stem cell research or not conducting it. That is not the choice."
- Roger Wicker
(Related: Choice, Research)

"The private sector can go forward, if it must, with destruction of embryos for questionable and ethically challenged science. But spend the people's money on proven blood cord, bone marrow, germ cell, and adult cell research."
- Roger Wicker
(Related: Money, Science, People, Blood, Destruction, Research)

"Embryonic stem cell research is legal in America, and nothing in the administration's current policy affects that legality; 400 lines are currently being used to conduct embryonic stem cell research, both in the private sector and by the Federal Government."
- Roger Wicker
(Related: Government, Legal, Policy, America, Being, Nothing, Research)

"It is false to suggest that medical breakthroughs come only through government research."
- Roger Wicker
(Related: Government, Medical, Research)

"Asthma research is a lot better and new medicines are always coming out to help young people."
- Dominique Wilkins
(Related: People, Help, Research)

"I started this foundation when I was diagnosed. It was established for one reason, and that was to try to find a cure for MS. Every penny, 100% of the public donations that come into this are given back out in the form of grants to colleges and researchers around the world."
- Montel Williams
(Related: Cure, Public, Reason, World)

"Industry now should become a full partner of government in supporting longrange basic research."
- Kenneth G. Wilson
(Related: Government, Now, Research)

"But as my brother was doing his research for a book about my father, it became his opinion that the most influential anti-semitism my father encountered when he was growing up was from Jews, because his relatives were German Jews, and doctors."
- Tobias Wolff
(Related: Father, Brother, Doctors, Growing up, Opinion, Relatives, Research)

"I see my job as being to facilitate the life of clinical researchers so that they can be more productive, and trying to keep the bureaucracy from getting in their way."
- Alastair Wood
(Related: Life, Being, Bureaucracy, Job, Trying)

"If they are, then the only ultimate truths are the particulars of concrete experience, and no postulate or general assumption is inherent in science until its proceedings become systematic, or the truths already reached give direction to further research."
- Chauncey Wright
(Related: Science, Experience, Direction, Research)

"I typically go overboard when I research new projects."
- Will Wright
(Related: Projects, Research)

"I want to increase our spending on research and development by 25%. That's something the U.S. does very well. That dynamism alongside a welfare state in the European community - that's the synthesis I want to achieve."
- Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
(Related: Development, Community, Research, State, Want, Welfare)

"If I get blocked, it is generally because I don't know enough about some aspect of the story or the characters. The answer for this is generally more research, or making more background notes, so the place and person can be more fully realized inside my own mind."
- Sarah Zettel
(Related: Mind, Research)

"Now, Venus is an extremely hostile environment, and as such presents a lot of challenges for a science fiction author who wants to create life there. However, as I began to research it more thoroughly, I found myself intrigued by the possibilities the world offers."
- Sarah Zettel
(Related: Life, Science, Environment, Fiction, Now, Possibilities, Research, World)

"I have to do more close research and fact checking for the science fiction. This is not however to say that writing good fantasy does not involve doing good research."
- Sarah Zettel
(Related: Science, Fact, Fantasy, Fiction, Research, Writing)

"Academic success depends on research and publications."
- Philip Zimbardo
(Related: Success, Research)

"I started studying shyness in adults in 1972. Shyness operates at so many different levels. Out of that research came the Stanford shyness clinic in 1977."
- Philip Zimbardo
(Related: Research, Shyness)