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"When they talk of ghosts of the dead who wander in the night with things still undone in life, they approximate my subjective experience of this life."
- Jack Henry Abbott
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"When I talk to people in need, they tell me they want to hope; they are eager for opportunity; they are ready for better days. And I can tell you that every time their hopes are disappointed, all nations lose."
- Abdallah II
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"Land in Hawaii is money. What I'm talking about here is ceded land - land that belonged to the kingdom and was ceded to the republic and then to the state when we achieved statehood."
- Neil Abercrombie
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"You're talking serious money already in the bank, and millions of dollars coming in every year."
- Neil Abercrombie
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"Capturing any member of any terrorist cell or any insurgent cell that we may happen to come across is always very, very valuable, and the thing that interests me is that in most instances after a time people talk and they tell us what they know."
- John Abizaid
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"Suddenly I was the man who got the part that every actor in the English language was trying to get. I was really scared. I had talked the talk, and now I had to walk the walk. For three days, I couldn't answer the phone."
- F. Murray Abraham
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"I don't want to talk in terms of miracles. I think this is a very serious situation. But I do want to talk in terms of Bush becoming a man of the hour, and I think this is way to do it."
- F. Murray Abraham
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"You can be a great reporter and not be such a great talk show host."
- Dan Abrams
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"I'm not going to let people get away with either a dishonest or inaccurate premise to what we're talking about because I think that does the viewer a disturbance."
- Dan Abrams
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"I think that in the end, a talk show is a very different animal."
- Dan Abrams
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"I mean the idea of this is that it's a good thing for the public to hear interviews like this and that there will be an inevitable amount of fewer interviews if people that the press talks to wind up thinking, well, it's not really a CBS correspondent."
- Floyd Abrams
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"If the word gets out, if the perception exists that by speaking to a CBS journalist you are, therefore, inevitably, immediately speaking to the police, I don't think there's any doubt but that people won't talk. And, therefore, the public won't learn."
- Floyd Abrams
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"One of the reasons I think the ultra right-wing has such power in this country is that no one talks out."
- Kathy Acker
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"The literary culture, if you examine it, the high literary culture is that which preserves the government and you know it's really the talk for those who have."
- Kathy Acker
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"Hugging trees has a calming effect on me. I'm talking about enormous trees that will be there when we are all dead and gone. I've hugged trees in every part of this little island."
- Gerry Adams
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"When people talk of the freedom of writing, speaking or thinking I cannot choose but laugh. No such thing ever existed. No such thing now exists; but I hope it will exist. But it must be hundreds of years after you and I shall write and speak no more."
- John Adams
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"Talking with a friend is nothing else but thinking aloud."
- Joseph Addison
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"An ostentatious man will rather relate a blunder or an absurdity he has committed, than be debarred from talking of his own dear person."
- Joseph Addison
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"I have thought about the next steps, and you know, they still don't know that I can dance. They don't know it, and it's frustrating me because I feel that it's an edge that I have, and I'm not talking about I took this hip hop class, I'm talking about this is how people actually know me."
- Naima Adedapo
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"Ask others about themselves, at the same time, be on guard not to talk too much about yourself."
- Mortimer Adler
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"I hate the whole reluctant sex-symbol thing. It's such bull. You see these dudes greased up, in their underwear, talking about how they don't want to be a sex symbol."
- Ben Affleck
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"They wanted me to do Scream 2, and I hate talking about movies I turned down, because it sounds judgmental. There's nothing wrong with horror movies. I enjoy watching them. The main reason I turn a part down is if I think I won't be good."
- Casey Affleck
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"I love getting ready to do a scene, and thinking about it, and talking about it. But the rest of the time, I'm so nervous and obsessed. I'm just tearing my hair out in the trailer. The whole time I'm really tense."
- Casey Affleck
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"We are talking now of summer evenings in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the time that I lived there so successfully disguised to myself as a child."
- James Agee
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"I got along better with the guys than with the girls. Only two girls came up to talk to me. Later I found out they were telling their boyfriends, 'If you talk to her, I'll kill you.' It's always rough with that high school thing."
- Christina Aguilera
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"Clearly any film company that makes a film is always going to talk about sequels particularly if they see something as being successful, which Werewolf was."
- Jenny Agutter
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"I'm not a talker. I'm a formulator."
- Josef Albers
"You have to examine a scene on the page first. Then you get into the basics of acting: Who are you? Who are you talking to? How do you feel about that person?"
- Debbie Allen
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"During the Samuel Johnson days they had big men enjoying small talk; today we have small men enjoying big talk."
- Fred Allen
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"We're going to hear a lot of spirited discussion about the President's plan in the next few days and weeks and that's fine as long as everyone comes ready to talk and not just snipe, complain and argue."
- George Allen
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"When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half."
- Gracie Allen
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"Ice shelves in general have episodic carvings and there can be large icebergs breaking off - I'm talking 100km or 200km long - every 10 or 20 or 50 years."
- Ian Allison
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"The opportunity to create a small world between two pieces of cardboard, where time exists yet stands still, where people talk and I tell them what to say, is exciting and rewarding."
- Chris Van Allsburg
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"So, to prepare for the role, I had to take music lessons, talk to wives who had husbands overseas, and carefully study the reactions and mannerisms of a friend who was expecting."
- June Allyson
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"Yes, women are stronger than us. They face more directly the problems that confront them, and for that reason they are much more spectacular to talk about. I don't know why I am more interested in women, because I don't go to any psychiatrists, and I don't want to know why."
- Pedro Almodovar
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"They are sick in their minds. They say they brought 65 tanks into center of city. I say to you this talk is not true. This is part of their sick mind."
- Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf
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"I wouldn't say I'm a very controlling person. For instance, when I talk to the actors, I don't tell them exactly what I want because I want them to surprise me. I even encourage them to change some of the verses of the script if they need to."
- Alejandro Amenabar
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"I didn't write this song. Someone was talking in a room. I just wrote down everything they said."
- Jeff Ament
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"I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity of travelling across this country and enduring all the classic situations that go with talking to people."
- Barbara Amiel
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"It is not empty rhetoric to talk of the Free World."
- Barbara Amiel
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"Sometimes people mistake the way I talk for what I am thinking."
- Idi Amin
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"We sat around on a hotel balcony with a bottle of wine and tried to figure out how you would go about blowing up a planet. That's the kind of conversations science fiction writers have when they get together. We don't talk about football or anything like that."
- Kevin J. Anderson
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"The people who make policy decisions should damned well know what they are talking about before they make the decisions. There is nobody who is an expert on cloning who would be afraid after seeing Attack of the Clones."
- Kevin J. Anderson
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"I'm talking to you and it's basically a direct communication, whereas if I'm writing a letter to you and you read the letter, there are like 12 extra deconstruction and reconstruction steps in the communication."
- Kevin J. Anderson
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"The only stuff I don't like are Broadway musicals. I hate them. I don't even like to talk about it. I can't bear musicals."
- Laurie Anderson
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"I talk about acting to students making the transition from high school to UCLA. Kids going into this profession really need to know the reality of it."
- Loni Anderson
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"Tattoos are like stories - they're symbolic of the important moments in your life. Sitting down, talking about where you got each tattoo and what it symbolizes, is really beautiful."
- Pamela Anderson
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"Sarah will talk to me about someone and I don't know who she's talking about, but if she talks to my mother, the two of them will know exactly - and across several generations, too."
- Prince Andrew
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"I knew I wasn't a baseball writer. I was scared to death. I really was afraid to talk to players, and I didn't want to go into the press box because I thought I was faking it."
- Roger Angell
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"I've been lucky. I've met a lot of baseball people, and I've learned to value people who talk - people who talk well and in long sentences and even long paragraphs."
- Roger Angell
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"I think that, you know, when we start talking about the Tea Party, people want to marginalize that into some kind of organization or party, but it really isn't."
- Sharron Angle
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"Life is a wonderful thing to talk about, or to read about in history books - but it is terrible when one has to live it."
- Jean Anouilh
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"The Sophists' paradoxical talk pieces and their public debates were entertainment in 5th century Greece. And in that world, Socrates was an entertainer."
- David Antin
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"There are editing procedures for talks just as there are editing procedures in jazz improvisation."
- David Antin
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"Hollywood is like being nowhere and talking to nobody about nothing."
- Michelangelo Antonioni
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"I never thought I'd be in a position where people would be talking about my sexuality and saying how good I look in underwear."
- Fiona Apple
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"When you're surrounded by all these people, it can be even lonelier than when you're by yourself. You can be in a huge crowd, but if you don't feel like you can trust anybody or talk to anybody, you feel like you're really alone."
- Fiona Apple
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"Getting through the nights is the toughest part. Being alone. Not having her there to talk to."
- Stuart Appleby
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"That money talks, I'll not deny, I heard it once: It said, 'Goodbye'."
- Richard Armour
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"But as a result of that, there was, once the show ended, there was this talk for sort of four, five months about what was going to happen, and if we were going to move to Showtime, and if we were going to be bought by ABC or whatever."
- Will Arnett
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"Good art theory must smell of the studio, although its language should differ from the household talk of painters and sculptors."
- Rudolf Arnheim
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"I let my game do the talking. I've had incidents like that but when I compare my own story to the stories that have happened forty or fifty years ago particularly to Jackie Robinson for example."
- Maurice Ashley
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"Some people talk about screen kisses being strange or uncomfortable. But I think that I got along with Anna well enough that it just happened; it was a fun day of shooting."
- Shawn Ashmore
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"We get information in the mail, the regular postal mail, encrypted or not, vet it like a regular news organization, format it - which is sometimes something that's quite hard to do, when you're talking about giant databases of information - release it to the public and then defend ourselves against the inevitable legal and political attacks."
- Julian Assange
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"I think people enjoy reading about money, but the people who are in charge of giving me guidance tell me not to talk about it in interviews. Why not? That's what everybody thinks about."
- Sean Astin
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"You know, it is a terrible thing to appear on television, because people think that you actually know what you're talking about."
- David Attenborough
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"Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking."
- Clement Attlee
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"I'm going to insult a whole industry here, but it seems like TV is for people who can't do film. I'm not talking about actresses; I'm talking about lighting people. Lighting on TV is just so... it's sinful, it really is."
- Kevyn Aucoin
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"A professor is someone who talks in someone else's sleep."
- W. H. Auden
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"It is a sad fact about our culture that a poet can earn much more money writing or talking about his art than he can by practicing it."
- W. H. Auden
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"It's a sad fact about our culture that a poet can earn much more money writing or talking about his art than he can by practicing it."
- W. H. Auden
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"We talked a lot about The Best Intentions and how we could shoot certain scenes in different ways with slightly different bits of dialogue and information, so that later on, we could cut the piece more easily and it would still feel complete, even though it was shorter."
- Bille August
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"I spent almost 3 months with Bergman, four hours every afternoon. We sat and went through the whole script. To be honest, most of the time we talked about life and other different things. It was really a wonderful time."
- Bille August
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"If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more."
- Jane Austen
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"There has been much talk referencing what I consider conceptual reports like the Landscape of Choice and documents created as a result of the Great Valley Center."
- Alan Autry
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"I wish I could talk to Annette, but she doesn't even correspond at this point."
- Frankie Avalon
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"Why talk when you can paint?"
- Milton Avery
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"We had literary references, so we knew what we were talking about. We could quote things, talk about books we'd read; you can say something, you don't have to explain it."
- Kevin Ayers
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"When I was recording from '70 to '82, I always played piano and laid the tracks down. But I used to talk to the other musicians while the track was playing."
- Roy Ayers
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"Some people really trip on success or popularity. My friends would talk to me about that, about tripping on all this stuff, but you know what I tripped on? I started buying property."
- Roy Ayers
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"Most musicians count at the beginning, and never count and talk to their musicians after that. They only talk to them at the end of the song. But I would count with them and talk."
- Roy Ayers
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"I'm going to go out and get everybody together and say I think we ought to protect this for generations to come. Now, let's get down to work and walk the land and talk about the conflicts and get everybody involved."
- Bruce Babbitt
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"When you talk about a great actor, you're not talking about Tom Cruise."
- Lauren Bacall
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"I'd met Dr Dre, he was thinking about his next album, we talked a little and he said, 'Let me give you some of these loops and see what you come up with'."
- Burt Bacharach
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"No new projects at the moment. There are restrictions to how much I can take on. And I need to finish those that I am committed to do before thinking ahead. But I'd rather they take final shape before we talk of them."
- Amitabh Bachchan
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"I've given birth to five babies and I breastfed every single one of these babies. To think that government has to go out and buy my breast pump for my babies. You wanna talk about the nanny state? I think we just got the new definition of a nanny."
- Michele Bachmann
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"I don't watch the movies I make, so I haven't seen 'Footloose' since it came out. You see this young, hungry actor, it's pretty fun. I was the only one they screen tested. It was an attempt by the director and producer to talk the head of the studio into hiring me because they didn't want me."
- Kevin Bacon
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"I didn't get into this so I could talk about my work, my movies. You become an actor to act."
- Kevin Bacon
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"There are people who tell you to shut up because you're just a celebrity, but pundits, talking heads, they're every bit the celebrity and a lot of them aren't any more qualified than the average man on the street."
- Kevin Bacon
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"I, talking about my children, of course I wanted them to succeed in life, they have to choose whatever job or occupation that they want, I will not try to influence."
- Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
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"When she was in United States, we maintained contact, we talked to each other on the phone, almost every night. And there was one occasion I tried to fix this video conferencing but somehow it did not come out very well enough so better to talk on the phone."
- Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
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"If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk."
- Robert Baden-Powell
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"You may talk of the tyranny of Nero and Tiberius; but the real tyranny is the tyranny of your next-door neighbor."
- Walter Bagehot
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"To talk to someone who does not listen is enough to tense the devil."
- Pearl Bailey
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"In the book of Colossians, it talks about that because of what Christ did, we are pure. We are without judgment on ourselves. And only through him can we do something like this."
- Jim Bakker
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"It's not listed in the Bible, but my spiritual gift, my specific calling from God, is to be a television talk-show host."
- Jim Bakker
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"You should not quarrel with your neighbour, for he will remain where he is, but your high handedness will become the talk of the people."
- Abu Bakr
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"Live action writers will give you a structure, but who the hell is talking about structure? Animation is closer to jazz than some kind of classical stage structure."
- Ralph Bakshi
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"Sometimes there is a greater lack of communication in facile talking than in silence."
- Faith Baldwin
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"The General Strike has taught the working class more in four days than years of talking could have done."
- Arthur Balfour
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"Great companies have high cultures of accountability, it comes with this culture of criticism I was talking about before, and I think our culture is strong on that."
- Steve Ballmer
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"When we talk about stem cells, we are actually talking about a complicated series of things, including adult stem cells which are largely cells devoted to replacing individual tissues like blood elements or liver or even the brain."
- David Baltimore
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"Well, a lot of people within government and big business are nervous of Hip Hop and Hip Hop artists, because they speak their minds. They talk about what they see and what they feel and what they know. They reflect what's around them."
- Afrika Bambaataa
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"How you act, walk, look and talk is all part of Hip Hop culture. And the music is colorless. Hip Hop music is made from Black, brown, yellow, red and white."
- Afrika Bambaataa
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"When you talk about rap you have to understand that rap is part of the Hip-Hop culture."
- Afrika Bambaataa
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"I am quite surprised, that with all my work, and some of it is very, very good, that nobody talks about The Miracle Worker. We're talking about Mrs. Robinson. I understand the world... I'm just a little dismayed that people aren't beyond it yet."
- Anne Bancroft
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"I mean Iggy and The Stooges first couple of albums I think sold twenty five thousand between the two of them you know and so to talk in terms of an underground I mean you have to go really to the independent labels and things like that."
- Lester Bangs
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"Mr. Wrigley believed in this: Put all your eggs in one basket and watch the basket. They don't do that today. This is the old-fashioned way I'm talking about. He carried it on to his business. Do one thing and stay with it."
- Ernie Banks
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"I'm trying to build a strong business. I want to create new stars, new shows and new products for my audience and create a legacy that outlives me. There are so many other ways I want to reach women besides doing a talk show."
- Tyra Banks
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"From offstage until the moment I walk onstage, I constantly tweak my talk show and 'Top Model', but at the same time, I often leave my private life by the wayside."
- Tyra Banks
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"I talked about adopting a baby when I was 20 years old, before it became 'hip.'"
- Tyra Banks
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"When I'm talking to a large audience, I imagine that I'm talking to a single person."
- Red Barber
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"I have a record as governor. I have a record of cutting spending. And I talked yesterday not only about we ought to cut spending, I talked about how we've cut spending in Mississippi and how if you did the same things in the federal government, you would save tens of billions of dollars a year."
- Haley Barbour
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"The personal thing is something I have never talked about. And I never will. That is prohibited. My job is public. But that's it. When you're not working, you don't have an obligation to be public."
- Javier Bardem
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"Now, there are so many movies, so many festivals, and so many awards going on, each judged with each other, like your work is worse than others and that's not fair. How can you tell what's best and what's worst from these awards? We're talking about art."
- Javier Bardem
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"Sound is often talked about in a very subjective way, as if it had a colour. This is a bright sound, this is a dark sound. I don't believe in that because I think that is much too subjective."
- Daniel Barenboim
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"In my column series "The Main Thing," I often talk about how Internet technology can improve the way people communicate - both within a business and between a business and its customers and partners."
- Jim Barksdale
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"Candidates don't have to deal with reality. They talk about the wonderful things they can accomplish as if advocating them is the same as achieving them. They live in a world of political make-believe in which everything from reconciling conflicting interests to paying for costly programs is easy."
- Fred Barnes
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"You put funny people in funny costumes and paint them green and we could talk about anything we wanted to, because that was the only thing that fascinated Gene about this particular genre."
- Majel Barrett
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"I don't think I'm easy to talk about. I've got a very irregular head. And I'm not anything that you think I am anyway."
- Syd Barrett
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"I listen like mad to any conversation taking place next to me just trying to hear why this is funny. Women's restrooms are especially great. I wash my hands twice waiting for people to come in and start talking."
- Lynda Barry
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"News is important information that may influence your investments. Noise is talk or buzz or some headline that prevents you from seeing a story clearly. News is useful. Noise is a distraction. Calling what's noise and news after the fact is easy."
- Maria Bartiromo
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"It just seems that you were talking positively about McDonald's, that they are... attempting this healthy lifestyle, and yet when we're talking right now... it seems that you're saying they need to make more responsibility."
- Maria Bartiromo
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"You meet new people. We just spent two hours with people we didn't know before, just talking about the Badgers."
- Steve Bartlett
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"As I walk'd by myself, I talk'd to myself, And myself replied to me; And the questions myself then put to myself, With their answers I give to thee."
- Bernard Barton
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"Most of the successful people I've known are the ones who do more listening than talking."
- Bernard Baruch
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"You can talk about capitalism and communism and all that sort of thing, but the important thing is the struggle everybody is engaged in to get better living conditions, and they are not interested too much in government."
- Bernard Baruch
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"If it were possible to talk to the unborn, one could never explain to them how it feels to be alive, for life is washed in the speechless real."
- Jacques Barzun
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"But the leaders of the OIC could not even accept Mahathir's proposal, yet they talk about respect and honour."
- Abu Bakar Bashir
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"Anybody, providing he knows how to be amusing, has the right to talk about himself."
- Charles Baudelaire
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"There is nothing more mysterious than a TV set left on in an empty room. It is even stranger than a man talking to himself or a woman standing dreaming at her stove. It is as if another planet is communicating with you."
- Jean Baudrillard
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"I genuinely enjoy talking one-to-one. I have no shyness about that."
- Stephanie Beacham
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"I'm just talking specifically of women's friendships. If two women go to a bar and they are fighting over men, it makes it much easier for the men. If two women are very close and they act as it makes it very difficult for the men to pull one over on anybody."
- Jennifer Beals
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"It became very clear to the director that it would be foolish not to use our friendship. I had tried to talk to him about it because all the relationships in the film are so, not negative, but antagonistic. There's not a lot of love going around."
- Jennifer Beals
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"And I also serve on a caucus that addresses financial literacy for young people in this country. And it is so hypocritical that we want to talk to these kids about how to better manage their money when we are not doing a good job with our Nation's resources."
- Melissa Bean
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"I am the parent of teenagers, my daughters are 13 and 15, so the issue of Internet safety has been an important issue. I have been visiting middle schools to talk about some of the challenges that they face."
- Melissa Bean
(Related: Daughters, Internet, Safety, Schools, Talk, Teenagers)

"Much of what happens in Love Always is really from overheard conversations in the Russian Tea Room. It's an improvisation of the way certain Hollywood agents think and talk to each other."
- Ann Beattie
(Related: Love, Hollywood, Talk, Tea)

"I'm blessed with eight children - though I'm talking about eight adults now."
- Ned Beatty
(Related: Children, Now, Talking)

"The message that I gave on the - on the steps today was that you need to stand for those things that are right and empower the individual. Believe in the power of one person. Don't believe that you can't do it. Everybody wants - everybody wants a shot. That we can all agree on. Beyond that, it becomes politics. I'm not talking politics."
- Glenn Beck
(Related: Politics, Power, Right, Talking, Today)

"I go to my favourite tournament, I talk about my favourite sport and it's just a great month of parading."
- Boris Becker
(Related: Talk)

"I'm not about to talk about what's romantic in my life - I figure if you talk about it once - then that's an open invitation for everyone to dig into your personal life even further."
- James Van Der Beek
(Related: Life, Open, Romantic, Talk)

"We must stop talking about the American dream and start listening to the dreams of Americans."
- Max Beerbohm
(Related: Dreams, American, Americans, Listening, Talking)

"For example, after developing a sound similar to an elephant trumpeting, I wrote the song Elephant Talk which gave my elephant sound an appropriate place to live."
- Adrian Belew
(Related: Example, Song, Sound, Talk)

"Texas has a lot of challenges, but if I choose to run I will talk about opening democracy to mainstream Texans and not just to a closed circle of entrenched ideologues."
- Chris Bell
(Related: Democracy, Talk, Will)

"I would love it if every talk show let me say whatever I pleased."
- Chris Bell
(Related: Love, Talk)

"I'm carded for R-rated movies. And I get talked down to a lot. When I try to go rent a car or buy an airplane ticket or other stuff adults do, I get 'Okaaaaaay, honey.' I remember when I was 18, getting crayons in a restaurant."
- Kristen Bell
(Related: Car, Movies)

"I'm carded for R-rated movies. And I get talked down to a lot. When I try to go rent a car or buy an airplane ticket or other stuff adults do, I get 'Okaaaaaay, honey.' I remember when I was 18, getting crayons in a restaurant."
- Kristen Bell
(Related: Car, Movies)

"The moment a man talks to his fellows he begins to lie."
- Hilaire Belloc
(Related: Lie, Man)

"Most of the arguments to which I am party fall somewhat short of being impressive, owing to the fact that neither I nor my opponent knows what we are talking about."
- Robert Benchley
(Related: Arguments, Being, Fact, Party, Talking)

"We still want to idealize moms, and sometimes we want to idealize actresses who are moms, too. I know that's something I've experienced, but we're all just doing the best we can and we're all trying to raise our kids and talk to them about everything that needs to be discussed."
- Annette Bening
(Related: Kids, Needs, Talk, Trying, Want)

"Lohan and I talk about just things that happen. It's Lindsay. She's great. I went from not knowing who she was to not being able to get rid of her because she's everywhere. She's on everything."
- Jonathan Bennett
(Related: Being, Talk)

"I can talk to anybody but when it comes to somebody that I like, then I turn into like this five-year-old kindergartener in a sandbox."
- Jonathan Bennett
(Related: Talk)

"The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?""
- Jeremy Bentham
(Related: Question, Reason, Talk)

"It is vain to talk of the interest of the community, without understanding what is the interest of the individual."
- Jeremy Bentham
(Related: Community, Interest, Talk, Understanding)

"I remember seeing Bill Hurt in New York once. I talked to him on the phone around 1988 and that's about it. I was shooting in New York and somebody said Glenn Close came by the set."
- Tom Berenger
(Related: Hurt)

"I got to talking to an old actor, and he had a bunch of stories about the Rough Riders."
- Tom Berenger
(Related: Actor, Old, Talking)

"Do we have to talk in order to agree or agree in order to talk?"
- Jose Bergamin
(Related: Order, Talk)

"Hey kid, do you want to come and talk to Charlie?"
- Edgar Bergen
(Related: Talk, Want)

"Nothing in the nature around us is evil. This needs to be repeated since one of the human ways of talking oneself into inhuman acts is to cite the supposed cruelty of nature."
- John Berger
(Related: Nature, Cruelty, Evil, Needs, Nothing, Talking)

"I don't mind talking about my two daughters, but I don't feel comfortable denying them their privacy."
- Tom Bergeron
(Related: Daughters, Mind, Privacy, Talking)

"I made so many films which were more important, but the only one people ever want to talk about is that one with Bogart."
- Ingrid Bergman
(Related: People, Talk, Want)

"Others indeed may talk, and write, and fight about liberty, and make an outward pretence to it; but the free-thinker alone is truly free."
- George Berkeley
(Related: Fight, Liberty, May, Talk)

"It's like tabloid news programs that talk about how horrible something is, while at the same time they're glorifying it as their top story."
- Daisy Berkowitz
(Related: Time, News, Talk)

"If I, taking care of everyone's interests, also take care of my own, you can't talk about a conflict of interest."
- Silvio Berlusconi
(Related: Care, Conflict, Interest, Talk)

"The focus should not be on talking. Talk is cheap. It must be on action."
- Howard Berman
(Related: Action, Focus, Talk, Talking)

"It is longstanding U.S. policy that we will talk to the Iranians anytime, anywhere, on any subject, with no preconditions. So far, they have not taken us up on our offer."
- Howard Berman
(Related: Policy, Talk, Will)

"A loser doesn't know what he'll do if he loses, but talks about what he'll do if he wins, and a winner doesn't talk about what he'll do if he wins, but knows what he'll do if he loses."
- Eric Berne
(Related: Talk)

"In the olden days, everybody sang. You were expected to sing as well as talk. It was a mark of the cultured man to sing."
- Leonard Bernstein
(Related: Man, Talk)

"It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking too much."
- Yogi Berra
(Related: Conversation, Talking)

"Competition makes things come out right. Well, what does that mean in health care? More hospitals so they compete with each other. More doctors compete with each other. More pharmaceutical companies. We set up war. Wait a minute, let's talk about the patient. The patient doesn't need a war."
- Donald Berwick
(Related: Health, War, Care, Competition, Doctors, Hospitals, Right, Talk)

"The trouble with talking about acting is that it's like sex. It's enormously fun to do but just dreadfully embarrassing when you have to talk about it."
- Paul Bettany
(Related: Sex, Acting, Fun, Talk, Talking, Trouble)

"Let's talk of a system that transforms all the social organisms into a work of art, in which the entire process of work is included... something in which the principle of production and consumption takes on a form of quality. It's a Gigantic project."
- Joseph Beuys
(Related: Work, Art, Quality, Production, Project, Talk)

"When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened.'"
- Joe Biden
(Related: Greed, Talk, Television)

"Now, people when I say that look at me and say, 'What are you talking about, Joe? You're telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?'. The answer is yes, that's what I'm telling you."
- Joe Biden
(Related: Money, People, Now, Talking)

"Just talk to me as a father - not what the Constitution says. What do you feel?"
- Joe Biden
(Related: Father, Constitution, Talk)

"Admiral. That part of a warship which does the talking while the figurehead does the thinking."
- Ambrose Bierce
(Related: Talking, Thinking)

"Bore, n. A person who talks when you wish him to listen."
- Ambrose Bierce
"As children, many of us were taught never to talk to strangers. As parents and grandparents, our message must change with technology to include strangers on the Internet."
- Judy Biggert
(Related: Change, Technology, Children, Grandparents, Internet, Strangers, Talk)

"Since 1935, this has been a pay-as-you-go system, and I always believed when I first started talking about Social Security that there was a little box that had my name on it and it had my benefits for when I retired. That is not true."
- Judy Biggert
(Related: Benefits, First, Name, Security, Talking)

"Look, I think if you talk down to a kid or aim specifically at a kid, most kids aren't gonna like it, really, because most kids can feel when you are being patronizing."
- Brad Bird
(Related: Being, Kids, Talk)

"Well I'm still working on The Incredibles. So I'm going to take a little time off. I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve. I'm not ready to talk about them yet, but expect the unexpected."
- Brad Bird
(Related: Time, Talk)

"I really don't like talking about money. All I can say is that the Good Lord must have wanted me to have it."
- Larry Bird
(Related: Money, Talking)

"When I am working on a movie, all I want to talk about is the movie. All I want to be with are the movie people. It's like a clan. If I'm asked to people's houses for dinner, I hate to go, because they'll talk about other things."
- Jacqueline Bisset
(Related: People, Hate, Houses, Talk, Want)

"I'm not going to talk like I know about politics, because I'm a total amateur, but maybe I can be a spokesperson for people who aren't normally interested in politics."
- Bjork
(Related: Politics, People, Talk)

"Most people are really cool and I really don't mind talking to them and answering their questions."
- Jimmy Carl Black
(Related: People, Mind, Questions, Talking)

"There have been many times when I've been asked to appear and I'd say to myself, what am I going to talk about? Early on, when I did interviews, I'd tell everyone, Don't ask me about dates. I don't even remember what I did yesterday."
- Otis Blackwell
(Related: Talk, Yesterday)

"And, he'd seen me in Panama, and he talked about maybe doing something in New York so I hooked it up when I came here and I recorded in 1969 my first album with Pete Rodriguez."
- Ruben Blades
(Related: First, Panama)

"Many later commented on the fact that large numbers of those engaged in the most senseless acts of destruction were left well alone by cops, indeed people dressed as Black Block members were seen freely making their way across police lines and talking to cops."
- John Blair
(Related: People, Destruction, Fact, Numbers, Police, Talking)

"If I had children, I would be very selfish. I wouldn't be out doing things. But by not having kids, it makes me freer to travel the world and talk about things I feel are important."
- Linda Blair
(Related: Travel, Children, Kids, Talk, World)

"I live my life parallel with my work, and they are both equally important. I'm always amazed how much people talk about celebrity and fame. I don't understand the attraction."
- Cate Blanchett
(Related: Life, Work, People, Celebrity, Fame, Talk)

"Everyone the world over talks about British actors and British talent and I think that's because we were trained - until now - in theatre."
- Brenda Blethyn
(Related: Talent, Actors, Now, Theatre, World)

"In talking to you I feel very much more at ease than my colleagues who gave the speeches during the banquet."
- Felix Bloch
(Related: Talking)

"Shakespeare will not make us better, and he will not make us worse, but he may teach us how to overhear ourselves when we talk to ourselves... he may teach us how to accept change in ourselves as in others, and perhaps even the final form of change."
- Harold Bloom
(Related: Change, May, Shakespeare, Talk, Will)

"How can you have a director that doesn't go to work with the crew every day and talk to them?"
- Don Bluth
(Related: Work, Day, Talk)

"People in the world can never imagine the length of days to those in asylums. They seemed never ending, and we welcomed any event that might give us something to think about as well as talk of."
- Nellie Bly
(Related: People, Ending, Talk, World)

"I talked to a lot of employers who just are, are fearful of what's coming next out of Washington. It's all the spending, it's all the debt. It's their national energy tax, they want to call it cap and trade - more mandates, higher costs, more taxes. Their healthcare bill - more mandates, higher costs, higher taxes."
- John Boehner
(Related: Debt, Energy, Tax, Healthcare, Taxes, Trade, Want, Washington)

"And Hale was devoted to President Kennedy, and there was some talk following the assassination that Hale had warned the President not to go to Dallas, and the connotation was that it would be physically dangerous for him to do so."
- Lindy Boggs
(Related: Assassination, President, Talk)

"One guy that I wish was here right now, Ted Williams, helped me so much, our long talks, not about hitting but about fishing, one of Ted's passions, and I wish he was here today to share this with me because I owe so much to Ted Williams."
- Wade Boggs
(Related: Fishing, Now, Right, Today)

"I was definitely surprised when Talk Radio took off as a play. As a film it has become somewhere between a popular thing and a cult thing."
- Eric Bogosian
(Related: Film, Play, Popular, Talk)

"The last time I spoke with Robert was back in May. When his wife was murdered, I talked to several radio stations in defense of him because I know how Bobby Blake really is, and as far as I'm concerned, there's no murder in his heart."
- Tommy Bond
(Related: Time, Wife, Heart, Defense, May, Murder)

"We talked to the referees before the game; there's always new situations to adjust, for the refs and for us as well. Even on the ice, it's good for players to talk and interact with the referee."
- Peter Bondra
(Related: Talk)

"A group of us started a community center in Santa Monica. We've tried different programs, and three have worked really well. A poetry group. Once a week we visit Venice High and talk to girls at risk."
- Lisa Bonet
(Related: Poetry, Community, Girls, Risk, Talk, Venice, Visit)

"We use a Native American tradition of the talking stick. You sit and pass it around and whoever has the stick has to talk. Some people just hold it. Others really share."
- Lisa Bonet
(Related: People, American, Talk, Talking, Tradition)

"Once a week we go to juvenile hall and talk to boys there. Just go and spend a day in the juvenile courts."
- Lisa Bonet
(Related: Boys, Day, Talk)

"It is during difficult times like this that the true American spirit reveals itself. I am not talking only of the response of local, state, and federal governments, although they will each play an extremely important role in this effort."
- Jo Bonner
(Related: American, Effort, Play, Spirit, State, Talking, Will)

"So what we're talking about here is human rights. The right to live like a human. The right to live, period. And what we're facing in Africa is an unprecedented threat to human dignity and equality."
- Bono
(Related: Equality, Dignity, Rights, Human rights, Talking)

"We don't really talk about music that much, to be honest with you. It's not some I usually - I can't really talk about other people's tracks never mind my own."
- Sean Booth
(Related: Music, People, Mind, Talk)

"Two great talkers will not travel far together."
- George Borrow
(Related: Travel, Will)

"We could spend time together during the day and just kind of talk and enjoy each other and enjoy the moment. But it was interesting we both knew that once you walk through the gates of that stadium, then it was on, the game was on."
- Ralph Boston
(Related: Time, Day, Talk)

"The people in the villages had turned in on themselves. You can understand it. When you have a bad day on the field, what do you do? Talk to your teammates."
- Ian Botham
(Related: People, Day, Talk)

"I half knew what to expect when I saw the cricket ground in the morning. It was when I started to talk to people working out there, I began to find what I was looking for."
- Ian Botham
(Related: People, Cricket, Talk)

"Even though I was concentrating on that two-week period from September 11th to September 20th, I was seeing the policy for real, happening, that we were talking about in the film."
- Timothy Bottoms
(Related: Policy, Film, Talking)

"Booksellers are the most valuable destination for the lonely, given the numbers of books that were written because authors couldn't find anyone to talk to."
- Alain de Botton
(Related: Books, Lonely, Numbers, Talk)

"Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them."
- Dion Boucicault
(Related: Men, Time, Killing, Talk)

"You know, I have guys that are almost stalkers... it is very strange. I had this one guy that e-mailed me off my site, and thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend. He then came to my house in London, I do not know how he found it."
- Caprice Bourret
(Related: Thought, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, London)

"There is no end to the violations committed by children on children, quietly talking alone."
- Elizabeth Bowen
(Related: Children, End, Talking)

"Intimacies between women often go backwards, beginning in revelations and ending in small talk."
- Elizabeth Bowen
(Related: Women, Beginning, Ending, Talk)

"President Bush in his inaugural address talked about bringing freedom to countries that don't have it. He didn't specify how."
- Barbara Boxer
(Related: Countries, Freedom, President)

"We save paradise by an intense education program where you get people that you can trust to talk sanely about the environment and hope that the message will get through."
- Arthur Boyd
(Related: Education, Trust, People, Hope, Environment, Paradise, Talk, Will)

"If you can't protect yourself with talk, you won't be alive to protect yourself with guns."
- Arthur Boyd
(Related: Talk)

"I love talking about myself."
- Lara Flynn Boyle
(Related: Love, Talking)

"Oh, I don't talk about Jack and me. Some things are too good to share."
- Lara Flynn Boyle
(Related: Talk)

"When Shakespeare begins his exposition thus he generally at first makes people talk about the hero, but keeps the hero himself for some time out of sight, so that we await his entrance with curiosity, and sometimes with anxiety."
- Andrew Coyle Bradley
(Related: Time, People, Anxiety, Curiosity, First, Shakespeare, Sight, Talk)

"The Paris peace talks kept a roof over my head and food on the table and clothes on my back because if something was said going in or coming out, I had the rent for the month."
- Ed Bradley
(Related: Food, Peace, Clothes, Paris)

"I've been a schoolteacher. I always try to get the kids to finish talking before the next one starts."
- Marion Zimmer Bradley
(Related: Kids, Talking)

"There is a difficult leap between talking about balancing the budget and actually doing it."
- Kevin Brady
(Related: Talking)

"We are talking about predictable recurring flooding."
- Robert A. Brady
(Related: Talking)

"I could talk food all day. I love good food."
- Tom Brady
(Related: Food, Love, Day, Talk)

"I didn't necessarily have a total idea when I was writing the movie of where everything was going. I just wanted to have really realistic dialogue and write like people I knew talked. I tried to keep it very real."
- Zach Braff
(Related: People, Idea, Writing)

"Somebody was asking me the other day - President Bush is now talking about freedom for the Arab world. I say, well, that's great. I was talking about that fifty years ago."
- Lakhdar Brahimi
(Related: Day, Freedom, Now, President, Talking, World, Years)

"If you are talking about terrorism, you need to sit down and understand what is making these people put dynamite around their waists and blow themselves up."
- Lakhdar Brahimi
(Related: People, Talking, Terrorism)

"The third point is that for some time the UN has been talking about helping Afghanistan in the reconstruction of the country but there has never been any real commitment by the international community to provide resources for that."
- Lakhdar Brahimi
(Related: Time, Afghanistan, Commitment, Community, Country, Talking)

"There is a story which is not being told strongly enough of the Afghan employees of the UN inside the country who are saving hundreds of thousands of lives everyday by their bravery and nobody talks of them."
- Lakhdar Brahimi
(Related: Being, Bravery, Country, Employees)

"There is an element of luck, there is an element of trial and error, sometimes you fail, sometimes you succeed. It's not as beautifully simple as it may seem when we are talking about it."
- Lakhdar Brahimi
(Related: Error, Luck, May, Succeed, Talking)

"I board with a poor Scotchman: his wife can talk scarce any English."
- David Brainerd
(Related: Wife, English, Poor, Talk)

"Although there exist many thousand subjects for elegant conversation, there are persons who cannot meet a cripple without talking about feet."
- Ernest Bramah
(Related: Conversation, Feet, Talking)

"If there's anything unsettling to the stomach, it's watching actors on television talk about their personal lives."
- Marlon Brando
(Related: Actors, Talk, Television)

"An actor's a guy who, if you ain't talking about him, ain't listening."
- Marlon Brando
(Related: Actor, Listening, Talking)

"All I really want to be is boring. When people talk about me, I'd like them to say, Carol's basically a short Bill Bradley. Or, Carol's kind of like Al Gore in a skirt."
- Carol Moseley Braun
(Related: People, Talk, Want)

"The word music is a convenient way to talk about what I'm interested in, but actually, in some ways, it's a limitation."
- Anthony Braxton
(Related: Music, Talk, Word)

"But let's be clear. We're talking about a country where there's no opposition. As leader he can ignore Parliament and - sorry that's Tony Blair isn't it? Um, so he doesn't even have to ask the country before he goes to war - sorry that's still Tony Blair."
- Rory Bremner
(Related: War, Leader, Country, Opposition, Parliament, Talking)

"In a more intellectually rigorous age, I wouldn't be talked about as a satirist at all. I would just be a topical comedian."
- Rory Bremner
(Related: Age)

"Miller is not really a writer but a non-stop talker to whom someone has given a typewriter."
- Gerald Brenan
(Related: Writer)

"Those of Manhattan are the brokers on Wall Street and they talk of people who went to the same colleges; those from Queens are margin clerks in the back offices and they speak of friends who live in the same neighborhood."
- Jimmy Breslin
(Related: People, Friends, Talk)

"Speaks cheerful English and in the past has written this language with a paintbrush that talks."
- Jimmy Breslin
(Related: English, Language, Past)

"I knew absolutely nothing about acting, and had to be taught everything. Some people are born naturals and know how to walk, talk and hold themselves. I didn't and had to learn everything."
- Richard Briers
(Related: People, Acting, Nothing, Talk)

"I've already got my rent paid, and it's too late in my life for me to go around talking up stuff that I don't like or believe in."
- Wilford Brimley
(Related: Life, Talking)

"Self-righteous people can talk themselves into forgetting they are part of a civilization. They can then feed on that culture, bringing it down. It's happened many times in the past. It could happen to us."
- David Brin
(Related: People, Civilization, Culture, Past, Self, Talk)

"I don't like to talk about work in progress, but the novel I'm working on now is definitely not horror."
- Poppy Z. Brite
(Related: Work, Progress, Horror, Now, Talk)

"I know one husband and wife who, whatever the official reasons given to the court for the break up of their marriage, were really divorced because the husband believed that nobody ought to read while he was talking and the wife that nobody ought to talk while she was reading."
- Vera Brittain
(Related: Marriage, Wife, HusbCourt, Reading, Talk, Talking)

"You get to a point where the factual adjudication doesn't matter because there are all these other outlets that are far less responsible, all talking about the ad, some of which have a political reason for promoting it."
- David Brock
(Related: Reason, Talking)

"There's no conversation more boring than talking about what it's really like to live in Newport and how the show compares to the real thing. I just don't care."
- Adam Brody
(Related: Care, Conversation, Talking)

"When you cover politics, you realize that knowing how to talk about character matters more and more. The way we hold ideas is more important than the ideas."
- David Brooks
(Related: Politics, Ideas, Character, Talk)

"I like to follow my favorite team and talk sports with my band or fans. You won't believe how many musicians are sports fans. We have so much time on tour that we need these outlets for relaxation."
- Garth Brooks
(Related: Sports, Time, Fans, Favorite, Musicians, Relaxation, Talk)

"I am a writer perhaps because I am not a talker."
- Gwendolyn Brooks
(Related: Writer)

"Blues is a natural fact, is something that a fellow lives. If you don't live it you don't have it. Young people have forgotten to cry the blues. Now they talk and get lawyers and things."
- Big Bill Broonzy
(Related: People, Fact, Lawyers, Now, Talk)

"Nobody talks about God as those who insist that there is no God."
- Heywood Broun
(Related: God)

"We are in the business of gathering the news. We're not in the business of talking about the news."
- Aaron Brown
(Related: Business, News, Talking)

"I can't talk about anything or write about anything if I don't understand it. So a lot of the stuff that I go through and a lot of the time that I spend is understanding."
- Alton Brown
(Related: Time, Talk, Understanding)

"For me, it was kind of like going into the military or something. And anybody - any male - who has ever worked in a French kitchen knows what I am talking about when I say that."
- Alton Brown
(Related: Kitchen, Military, Talking)

"My first book is really about heat. That book, for me, was an exploration of heat as ingredient. Why we don't talk about heat as an ingredient, I don't quite understand, because it is the common ingredient to all cooking processes."
- Alton Brown
(Related: Cooking, Exploration, First, Talk)

"Girls are losing their virginity at 15, 16. I'm not promoting that. But my songs are talking... about me becoming a man."
- Chris Brown
(Related: Girls, Losing, Man, Songs, Talking, Virginity)

"We talking about revolution because that's the era that you're caught in."
- H. Rap Brown
(Related: Revolution, Talking)

"But black people fall for that same argument, and they go around talking about law breakers. We did not make the laws in this country. We are neither morally nor legally confined to those laws. Those laws that keep them up, keep us down."
- H. Rap Brown
(Related: People, Argument, Country, Law, Laws, Talking)

"Never fail to know that if you are doing all the talking, you are boring somebody."
- Helen Gurley Brown
(Related: Talking)

"Pension reform can be hard to talk about. In the long run, reform now means fewer demands for layoffs and less draconian measures in the future. It's in the best interest of all Californians to fix this system now."
- Jerry Brown
(Related: Future, Interest, Now, Reform, Talk)

"Jobs for every American is doomed to failure because of modern automation and production. We ought to recognize it and create an income-maintenance system so every single American has the dignity and the wherewithal for shelter, basic food, and medical care. I'm talking about welfare for all. Without it, you're going to have warfare for all."
- Jerry Brown
(Related: Medical, Food, Failure, American, Care, Dignity, Income, Jobs, Production, Talking, Welfare)

"If you are speaking about my own songs, I would think so because we were talking about that particular era and I was singing one of my songs that I recorded 50 years ago."
- Ruth Brown
(Related: Singing, Songs, Talking, Years)

"There are stories that people don't want to talk about that brought this music through."
- Ruth Brown
(Related: Music, People, Talk, Want)

"The more I like a book, the more slowly I read. this spontaneous talking back to a book is one of the things that makes reading so valuable."
- Anatole Broyard
(Related: Reading, Talking)

"People have no idea what a hard job it is for two writers to be friends. Sooner or later you have to talk about each other's work."
- Anatole Broyard
(Related: Work, People, Idea, Friends, Job, Talk, Writers)

"When you talk to yourself, at least you know that someone is listening."
- Craig Bruce
(Related: Listening, Talk)

"A vain man finds it wise to speak good or ill of himself; a modest man does not talk of himself."
- Jean de la Bruyere
(Related: Man, Talk)

"Nearly every coach I've talked with tells me that the attention you get from media and other people is the thing you miss most. I don't know if that's right."
- Bear Bryant
(Related: People, Attention, Coach, Media, Right)

"There's been a lot of talk of me being a one-man show but that's simply not the case. We win games when I score 40 points and we've won when I score 10."
- Kobe Bryant
(Related: Being, Games, Talk)

"Two people in a conversation amount to four people talking. The four are what one person says, what he really wanted to say, what his listener heard, and what he thought he heard."
- William Jennings Bryant
(Related: Thought, People, Conversation, Talking)

"It's rather like attending a university seminar where you are talking to a few gifted specialists who deliver a paper to an audience of their peers. That's one way of making music."
- Gavin Bryars
(Related: Music, Talking, University)

"I've just come back from Mississippi and over there when you talk about the West Bank they think you mean Arkansas."
- Patrick Buchanan
(Related: Talk)

"A bad liver is to a Frenchman what a nervous breakdown is to an American. Everyone has had one and everyone wants to talk about it."
- Art Buchwald
(Related: American, Talk)

"Have you ever seen a candidate talking to a rich person on television?"
- Art Buchwald
(Related: Talking, Television)

"The kind of corruption the media talk about, the kind the Supreme Court was concerned about, involves the putative sale of votes in exchange for campaign contributions."
- James L. Buckley
(Related: Corruption, Court, Media, Talk)

"We've used up a lot of bullets. And we talk about stimulus. But the truth is, we're running a federal deficit that's 9 percent of GDP. That is stimulative as all get out. It's more stimulative than any policy we've followed since World War II."
- Warren Buffett
(Related: War, Truth, Policy, Running, Talk, World, World war)

"You know, people talk about this being an uncertain time. You know, all time is uncertain. I mean, it was uncertain back in - in 2007, we just didn't know it was uncertain. It was - uncertain on September 10th, 2001. It was uncertain on October 18th, 1987, you just didn't know it."
- Warren Buffett
(Related: Time, People, Being, October, Talk)

"I have not been able to get any grain yet. It is all in the country, and the people talk instead of working."
- John Buford
(Related: People, Country, Talk)

"The less you talk, the more you're listened to."
- Abigail Van Buren
(Related: Talk)

"And I have to work so hard at talking positively to myself. If I don't, it's just real hard to get through the day, and I'll get really down, and just want to cry. My whole body language changes. I get more slumped over."
- Delta Burke
(Related: Work, Body, Day, Language, Talking, Want)

"Blanche talks about aging, and why should she be considered poor, because physical beauty is transitory and fading and she has such richness of the soul. I think that speech is so beautiful, and so telling and so true."
- Delta Burke
(Related: Beauty, Soul, Poor, Richness, Speech)

"I'm not supposed to talk about the snail. The snail is, well, congratulations to whoever noticed it. It's supposed to be a thing where you gotta look for it in every episode, and it's there three times in every episode."
- Steve Burns
(Related: Talk)

"Hemingway was a prisoner of his style. No one can talk like the characters in Hemingway except the characters in Hemingway. His style in the wildest sense finally killed him."
- William Burroughs
(Related: Sense, Style, Talk)

"Junk is the ideal product... the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk necessary. The client will crawl through a sewer and beg to buy."
- William S. Burroughs
(Related: Sales, Talk, Will)

"I talked to women who lived there, to get their speech patterns and outlook on life - and how narrow that is."
- Ellen Burstyn
(Related: Life, Women, Speech)

"Los Angeles is an industry town, and it has great facilities and personnel. The disadvantage is that everyone there seems to talk about the same subject matter."
- Carter Burwell
(Related: Talk)

"It's the No.1 issue with people I talk to, whether Republican, Democrat or independent. They want to see the way business is done in Washington change."
- Francine Busby
(Related: Business, Change, People, Republican, Talk, Want, Washington)

"When I was in pre-production for Trees Lounge, I was hearing the cinematographer talking with the production designer about colours and this and that, and feeling like I was losing control."
- Steve Buscemi
(Related: Control, Feeling, Hearing, Losing, Production, Talking, Trees)

"Communication is the key, and it's one thing I had to learn-to talk to the actors. I was so involved with the visual and technical aspects that I would forget about the actors."
- Steve Buscemi
(Related: Actors, Communication, Forget, Key, Talk)

"I talked with Quentin about where the character came from, and he told me Kansas City. I don't know how somebody talks from Kansas City, so I made him from New York."
- Steve Buscemi
(Related: Character)

"Steadman! Any guy that's got Oprah as a girlfriend, I mean that's a good dude. I want to talk to him."
- Billy Bush
(Related: Girlfriend, Talk, Want)

"But let me tell you, this gender thing is history. You're looking at a guy who sat down with Margaret Thatcher across the table and talked about serious issues."
- George H. W. Bush
(Related: History, Gender)

"So, I'm lying on the couch and Laura walks in and I say, 'Free at last,' and she says 'You're free all right, you're free to do the dishes.' So I say, 'You're talking to the former president, baby,' and she said, 'consider this your new domestic policy agenda.'"
- George W. Bush
(Related: Policy, Baby, Lying, President, Right, Talking)

"I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace."
- George W. Bush
(Related: Peace, War, Talk, Talking, Want)

"But we talk about issues, we talk about people, we talk about personalities. George is a very good reader of people, and he's very perceptive about people, and you know, that's fine."
- Laura Bush
(Related: People, Talk)

"I mean, we are facing so many very, very important issues and those are the issues that you heard talked about last night from the Republican convention, and that you'll hear my husband talk about. And those are the really important issues facing our country right now."
- Laura Bush
(Related: HusbCountry, Night, Now, Republican, Right, Talk)

"I mean, it's fun for us to talk about issues. You know, there's no one issue we spend a lot of time on probably, because he gets to do that all day with somebody else who's a lot more expert at issues than I am."
- Laura Bush
(Related: Time, Day, Fun, Talk)

"I have walked away from friendships when I've realized that someone smiles to someone's face and talks about them the minute they walk out of a room. I have no room in my life for that kind of negative energy anymore."
- Sophia Bush
(Related: Life, Negative, Energy, Smiles)

"Being a teenager is an amazing time and a hard time. It's when you make your best friends - I have girls who will never leave my heart and I still talk to. You get the best and the worst as a teen. You have the best friendships and the worst heartbreaks."
- Sophia Bush
(Related: Time, Teen, Heart, Being, Friends, Girls, Talk, Will)

"I have always believed in dialogue and in nonviolence, and if you look at my background you will see that it has always been my policy to talk to everyone."
- Mangosuthu Buthelezi
(Related: Policy, Nonviolence, Talk, Will)

"I talked to members of my family, and did some personal research that didn't really have anything to do with the time and place I was writing about, but that gave me a feeling of the experience of being black in a time and place where it was very difficult to be black."
- Octavia Butler
(Related: Experience, Time, Family, Being, Feeling, Research, Writing)

"I made lots of talks and challenged lots of people."
- Earl Butz
(Related: People)

"I created the characters from what I read in the script. I decided how I should talk, accent, no accent, my own voice, or a created voice. Then, I visualize what I should look like."
- Ruth Buzzi
(Related: Talk, Voice)

"I'm guarded; I don't talk much."
- David Byrne
(Related: Talk)

"Sometimes it's a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing in common with and still be fascinated by their presence."
- David Byrne
(Related: Love, Nothing, Talk)

"I couldn't talk to people face to face, so I got on stage and started screaming and squealing and twitching."
- David Byrne
(Related: People, Talk)

"In the housing projects, people talked of ways to reduce crime, relieve overcrowding, and they were good ideas that we plan to study, and possibly implement."
- Jane Byrne
(Related: People, Ideas, Crime, Projects, Study)

"The American people want peace. They have long since ceased to talk of a hard or a soft peace for Germany."
- James F. Byrnes
(Related: Peace, People, American, Germany, Talk, Want)

"There's nothing more boring than actors talking about acting."
- James Caan
(Related: Acting, Actors, Nothing, Talking)

"I get a lot of action scripts. I get low-budget vehicles that will end up right on the video shelf. I want to do movies that I want to talk about, that I'm proud of, but I also want to make a living."
- Dean Cain
(Related: Movies, Action, End, Living, Right, Talk, Want, Will)

"My relatives used to laugh when I talked of being a writer."
- Taylor Caldwell
(Related: Being, Relatives, Writer)

"Don't talk to me about rules, dear. Wherever I stay I make the goddam rules."
- Maria Callas
(Related: Rules, Talk)

"What are you gonna do, talk the alien to death?"
- James Cameron
(Related: Death, Talk)

"I've talked to some drummers who seem to have a very hard time staying in shape on the road, including some drummers touring with high-profile acts that don't have to live on fast food every night."
- Matt Cameron
(Related: Food, Time, Night, Road)

"I make a lot of money, but I don't want to talk about that."
- Naomi Campbell
(Related: Money, Talk, Want)

"It's almost better most times to not talk in a scene. I think you can actually express a lot more without words."
- Neve Campbell
(Related: Talk, Words)

"When you talk about evangelicals, don't forget that a significant proportion of the evangelical community is African American. And most African Americans - well over 90 percent, thoroughly evangelical, thoroughly biblical - will probably vote Democratic."
- Tony Campolo
(Related: African, American, Americans, Community, Forget, Talk, Vote, Will)

"Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturers talk while other people sleep."
- Albert Camus
(Related: People, Sleep, Talk)

"I want to try out for Playmate actually. I talked to one of the photographers about doing test shots."
- Trishelle Cannatella
(Related: Want)

"I talked about 12 to 18 months, and that's about reaffirming our foundation for sustained growth: getting the discipline back, getting the basics right, getting the customer focus back... so by the end of next year, I hope most of that's in place."
- Jim Cantalupo
(Related: Discipline, Hope, Customer, End, Focus, Months, Right)

"If dogs could talk, perhaps we would find it as hard to get along with them as we do with people."
- Karel Capek
(Related: People, Dogs, Talk)

"A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue. That's why there are so few good conversations: due to scarcity, two intelligent talkers seldom meet."
- Truman Capote
(Related: Conversation)

"I like to talk on TV about those things that aren't worth writing about."
- Truman Capote
(Related: Talk, Worth, Writing)

"The only one who is alive today and still being talked about is Pierre Cardin."
- Pierre Cardin
(Related: Being, Today)

"Talking to my wife, we stare at each other, saying, 'How is this happening? Why is this happening? Why now?' It's nothing I ever aspired to."
- Steve Carell
(Related: Wife, Nothing, Now, Saying, Talking)

"If someone talks about union, fidelity, a monogamous relationship, love, blessing; I would say it sounds like marriage to me. And blessing, you see, I think is undermining our sacrament of marriage."
- George Carey
(Related: Marriage, Love, Fidelity)

"It's hard to be someone that people talk about and write about, you know? They don't know me."
- Mariah Carey
(Related: People, Talk)

"Basically, I started singing when I started talking. Music has just been my saving grace my whole life."
- Mariah Carey
(Related: Life, Music, Grace, Singing, Talking)

"The reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers I accept."
- George Carlin
(Related: Answers, Reason, Talk)

"Talk that does not end in any kind of action is better suppressed altogether."
- Thomas Carlyle
(Related: Action, End, Talk)

"I don't like to talk much with people who always agree with me. It is amusing to coquette with an echo for a little while, but one soon tires of it."
- Thomas Carlyle
(Related: People, Echo, Talk)

"If you do not wish a man to do a thing, you had better get him to talk about it; for the more men talk, the more likely they are to do nothing else."
- Thomas Carlyle
(Related: Men, Man, Nothing, Talk)

"The royal road to a man's heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most."
- Dale Carnegie
(Related: Heart, Man, Road, Talk)

"Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners."
- Dale Carnegie
(Related: Life, Attention, Talk)

"It's like the code of living by yourself. People who are single know what I'm talking about. You eat standing up, reading the paper. Or you say to yourself, this isn't even cutting it, I'm taking a TV dinner and I'm getting in bed here."
- Mary Chapin Carpenter
(Related: People, Bed, Living, Reading, Talking)

"My big fight is not in the movie and I don't understand that decision but I know he's right about it, whatever it is. Quentin did not hire me because I'm a kung fu expert; he hired me because he liked to listen to me talk."
- David Carradine
(Related: Decision, Fight, Right, Talk)

"Quentin and I were constantly finding something new that we had in common and comic books were one of them. I think we were talking about comic books much earlier in our relationship, before I had the part."
- David Carradine
(Related: Books, Talking)

"Thank heaven, though, one of the few mistakes I haven't made is to talk about the unwritten book."
- John Le Carre
(Related: Heaven, Mistakes, Talk)

"Ever since I started to get recognition I've picked out certain fans and reverse-stalked them."
- Jim Carrey
(Related: Fans)

"I know this sounds strange, but as a kid, I was really shy. Painfully shy. The turning point was freshman year, when I was the biggest geek alive. No one, I mean no one, even talked to me."
- Jim Carrey
"You can talk about anything if you go about it the right way, which is never malicious."
- Rodney Carrington
(Related: Right, Talk)

"Why do people always gesture with their hands when they talk on the phone?"
- Jonathan Carroll
(Related: People, Talk)

"'The time has come,' the walrus said, 'to talk of many things: of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings.'"
- Lewis Carroll
(Related: Time, Kings, Ships, Talk)

"That is what I'm looking forward to the most, practical learning. I want to be a registered nurse so getting to talk to people who already work in those jobs can really teach me what to expect when I get out in the real world."
- Angela Carter
(Related: Work, People, Jobs, Learning, Talk, Want, World)

"At my age, I realize that my most precious possession is time, and I've got too much unfinished work to do to spend even a minute talking about myself."
- Benny Carter
(Related: Work, Age, Time, Possession, Talking)

"Talking about a materialistic thing, I get about 13 times more royalties from Europe than I do from America."
- Elliott Carter
(Related: America, Europe, Talking)

"Most of my relationships were people in the business. Having said that, me and Tim don't really talk that much about work. He comes into my bit of the house every so often to vent but we don't really have very high, cultured conversations."
- Helena Bonham Carter
(Related: Business, Work, People, Relationships, Talk)

"I enjoy those small chats you have when people come up and talk to you about your work. It only involves a few seconds of effort to be nice to those people, and I am very grateful for the kind words that people have taken the trouble to express to me in person."
- Helena Bonham Carter
(Related: Work, People, Effort, Talk, Trouble, Words)

"Globalization, as defined by rich people like us, is a very nice thing... you are talking about the Internet, you are talking about cell phones, you are talking about computers. This doesn't affect two-thirds of the people of the world."
- Jimmy Carter
(Related: Computers, People, Globalization, Internet, Talking, World)

"I can be shy when I talk to women. I'm a shy dude."
- Nick Carter
(Related: Women, Talk)

"A woman asking "Am I good? Am I satisfied?" is extremely selfish. The less women fuss about themselves, the less they talk to other women, the more they try to please their husbands, the happier the marriage is going to be."
- Barbara Cartland
(Related: Marriage, Women, Husbands, Talk, Woman)

"You can lead a team in a lot of different ways. It can be talking to somebody who is down or, during the course of a game, looking to penetrate and then dropping the ball off to someone else for an easy bucket."
- Bill Cartwright
(Related: Talking)

"If you love it enough, anything will talk with you."
- George Washington Carver
(Related: Love, Talk, Will)

"But the idea that some day people would want to be able to interact and get stock quotes and talk with other people or all these different things, I just believed that was going to happen."
- Steve Case
(Related: People, Idea, Day, Quotes, Talk, Want)

"There are things coming from me that I felt I wanted to talk about. My search for my own blend of spirituality, my acknowledgement of my sexuality, my being the single mother of a young man."
- Ana Castillo
(Related: Mother, Being, Man, Sexuality, Spirituality, Talk)

"And what always struck me about that war period was how even Churchill had to talk socialism to keep up people's morale."
- Barbara Castle
(Related: War, People, Socialism, Talk)

"They talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America?"
- Fidel Castro
(Related: Success, Failure, America, Capitalism, Socialism, Talk)

"In my position you have to read when you want to write and to talk when you would like to read."
- Catherine II
(Related: Talk, Want)

"When debts are not paid because they cannot be paid, the best thing to do is not talk about them, and shuffle the cards again."
- Camilo Jose Cela
(Related: Cards, Talk)

"I do want to try to put things in perspective today relative to the U.S.-Canada relationship. I would like to start by talking about how important this relationship is to the people of the United States."
- Paul Cellucci
(Related: People, Perspective, states, Talking, Today, United, Want)

"The media transforms the great silence of things into its opposite. Formerly constituting a secret, the real now talks constantly. News reports, information, statistics, and surveys are everywhere."
- Michel De Certeau
(Related: Information, Media, News, Now, Silence, Statistics)

"'Tis ill talking of halters in the house of a man that was hanged."
- Miguel de Cervantes
(Related: Man, Talking)

"It was an incredible resource. I'd sit with a big stack of bound New Yorkers in the library and read through, especially the 'Talk of the Town' sections."
- Michael Chabon
"Well, usually when you talk about a mandate, you're talking about an overwhelming win. I don't think by any measurement the 2004 election was an overwhelming win."
- Lincoln Chafee
(Related: Talk, Talking)

"I don't think that they have many of the scientists who were involved in the weapons program to talk to at this time, and there were thousands of people, engineers and scientists, they know where the weapons are."
- Ahmed Chalabi
(Related: Time, People, Scientists, Talk, Weapons)

"I just want people to remember me like I remember Buster Keaton. When they talk about Buster Keaton or Gene Kelly, people say, 'Ah yes, they good.' Maybe one day, they remember Jackie Chan that way."
- Jackie Chan
(Related: People, Day, Talk, Want)

"The moment a man begins to talk about technique that's proof that he is fresh out of ideas."
- Raymond Chandler
(Related: Ideas, Man, Proof, Talk)

"The minute you try to talk business with him he takes the attitude that he is a gentleman and a scholar, and the moment you try to approach him on the level of his moral integrity he starts to talk business."
- Raymond Chandler
(Related: Business, Attitude, Gentleman, Integrity, Talk)

"I don't mind solitude. I love talking to other people, but I do need my space."
- Iris Chang
(Related: Love, People, Mind, Solitude, Space, Talking)

"I was not allowed to take notes but my friend and I memorised those two and a half pages. Most people talked to me because of the warning. They knew this book was not going to be the official line."
- Jung Chang
(Related: People, Friend)

"If I talk about something I either talk about it or I DO it... the minute I talk about it it's lost all it's drive and all it's fun."
- Carol Channing
(Related: Fun, Talk)

"You're talking to someone who has been married to various people for the last 40 years of her life. Dating is not really something familiar. I've never really been a dater."
- Stockard Channing
(Related: Dating, Life, People, Talking, Years)

"It is chiefly through books that we enjoy intercourse with superior minds. In the best books, great men talk to us, give us their most precious thoughts, and pour their souls into ours."
- William Ellery Channing
(Related: Men, Thoughts, Books, Talk)

"I can't talk to a man who bears an undeserved animosity towards ferrets."
- Graham Chapman
(Related: Man, Talk)

"Tombstones don't talk back."
- Leland Chapman
(Related: Talk)

"When you feel like you've had a good show, you go backstage and you talk to yourself about it, and if you have a bad show you talk to yourself about it."
- Tracy Chapman
(Related: Talk)

"I learn all these things about the record talking about it after it's finished."
- Tracy Chapman
(Related: Talking)

"The guilty think all talk is of themselves."
- Geoffrey Chaucer
(Related: Talk)

"Artists don't talk about art. Artists talk about work. If I have anything to say to young writers, it's stop thinking of writing as art. Think of it as work."
- Paddy Chayefsky
(Related: Work, Art, Artists, Talk, Thinking, Writers, Writing)

"Women eat while they are talking; men talk while they are eating."
- Malcolm De Chazal
(Related: Men, Women, Eating, Talk, Talking)

"A women knows how to keep quiet when she is in the right, whereas a man, when he is in the right, will keep on talking."
- Malcolm De Chazal
(Related: Women, Man, Quiet, Right, Talking, Will)

"Ever see a little kid walking around talking to himself? I'm the same way."
- Chubby Checker
(Related: Talking, Walking)

"People who lead a lonely existence always have something on their minds that they are eager to talk about."
- Anton Chekhov
(Related: People, Existence, Lonely, Talk)

"A little tough talk in the midst of a campaign or as part of a presidential debate cannot obscure a record of 30 years of being on the wrong side of defense issues."
- Dick Cheney
(Related: Being, Debate, Defense, Talk, Wrong, Years)

"I have developed a very strong partiality for the dead: they don't talk back, they don't sue, and they don't have angry relatives."
- Ron Chernow
(Related: Relatives, Talk)

"Spitfire asked me if I had a problem talking about Van Halen or Extreme. I really don't. There are people who are just going to want to know what it was like to play with Eddie."
- Gary Cherone
(Related: People, Extreme, Play, Talking, Want)

"Women prefer to talk in twos, while men prefer to talk in threes."
- Gilbert K. Chesterton
(Related: Men, Women, Talk)

"Men always talk about the most important things to perfect strangers. In the perfect stranger we perceive man himself; the image of a God is not disguised by resemblances to an uncle or doubts of wisdom of a mustache."
- Gilbert K. Chesterton
(Related: Men, Wisdom, God, Man, Strangers, Talk)

"And I think from a male perspective, we have men talking about their feelings and it being okay."
- Morris Chestnut
(Related: Men, Feelings, Being, Perspective, Talking)

"I think that Mos Def is the best actor, but when you talk about rappers in films, I don't really think the quality of the acting is most important because most rappers are put in movies because of the personality and people want to see that."
- Morris Chestnut
(Related: Movies, Quality, People, Acting, Actor, Personality, Talk, Want)

"Eighty percent of what everyone's talking about never happens. I don't mean in terms of product development that's happening right now, I'm talking about the far-flung visions of the future."
- Jay Chiat
(Related: Development, Future, Now, Right, Talking, Visions)

"The people elected us to end the talk and to act decisively."
- Chris Christie
(Related: People, Act, End, Talk)

"Therefore, when we arrive in a place and talk to new people about a new image, it is very hard for them to visualize it. That's where the drawings are very important, because at least we can show a projection of what we believe it will look like."
- Christo
(Related: People, Talk, Will)

"I don't want to talk about intelligence matters. I will say, however, that intelligence-community estimates should not become public in the way of this city and in the way of Congress."
- Warren Christopher
(Related: Intelligence, Congress, Public, Talk, Want, Will)

"I think there is a good deal of promise in those discussions as well. I think there is a range of matters that might be discussed between NATO and Russia that can provide a mechanism for talking through these issues, a way to give reassurance on these issues."
- Warren Christopher
(Related: Promise, Reassurance, Russia, Talking)

"Just about any story we think about doing, whether we've read it in a newspaper, heard it on the radio or come upon it through word of mouth - by the time you get there, every other network, cable station and talk show is already racing to the scene."
- Connie Chung
(Related: Time, Network, Racing, Talk, Word)

"I love going to the feed store and drinking coffee and talking about how much rain we need."
- Thomas Haden Church
(Related: Love, Coffee, Drinking, Rain, Talking)

"Speech and silence. We feel safer with a madman who talks than with one who cannot open his mouth."
- Emile M. Cioran
(Related: Open, Silence, Speech)

"When you talk to crews that went to Mir or have gone up to International Space Station, they say that you go through different phases of adaptation or getting used to the space environment."
- Laurel Clark
(Related: Environment, Space, Talk)

"Everyone that I've talked to who's been to space has thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and what you often hear them say is: It was great, but we just had to come home."
- Laurel Clark
(Related: Home, Experience, Space)

"Many talk much, and indeed well, of what Christ has done for us: but how little is spoken of what he is to do in us! and yet all that he has done for us is in reference to what he is to do in us."
- Adam Clarke
(Related: Christ, Talk)

"I cannot remember a time in opposition - I am talking about the last four years - when we have done less work on policy and more on slogans. But because of my European views I wasn't allowed to participate."
- Kenneth Clarke
(Related: Time, Work, Policy, Opposition, Talking, Years)

"I knew that this was what I wanted to talk about on stage. There was no point being coy about it, or pretending that I wasn't gay. That was the substance of my whole act. If you took that away, there would be nothing left."
- Julian Clary
(Related: Act, Being, Gay, Nothing, Talk)

"There is a great deal of political pressure to only talk about abstinence, and to deny support for condoms and education on using them. This policy will lead to the unnecessary deaths of many people."
- Hillary Clinton
(Related: Education, People, Policy, Abstinence, Pressure, Support, Talk, Will)

"You make a lot of films, do you? You make a lot of films yourself? Yeah, I'd like to see you make a film first before you get to talk about it. What a jerk."
- George Clooney
(Related: Film, First, Talk)

"It's always a pleasure to talk about someone else's work."
- Chuck Close
(Related: Work, Pleasure, Talk)

"We were fortunate enough to have several good books detailing the camps and the women. Some were by the survivors. I also got to talk to some of the women who had been in the camp, survivors."
- Glenn Close
(Related: Women, Books, Talk)

"I get bored talking about myself, but I can talk about the work."
- Glenn Close
(Related: Work, Talk, Talking)

"Players lose you games, not tactics. There's so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes."
- Brian Clough
(Related: People, Games)

"I came here as a practical man, to talk, not simply on the question of peace and war, but to treat another question which is of hardly less importance - the enormous and burdensome standing armaments which it is the practice of modern Governments to sustain in time of peace."
- Richard Cobden
(Related: Peace, Time, War, Importance, Man, Practice, Question, Talk)

"Asking an artist to talk about his work is like asking a plant to discuss horticulture."
- Jean Cocteau
(Related: Work, Artist, Talk)

"When the movie's done, you talk about either the score or source music over a particular scene, what might work. You just throw a piece of music over the scene, and we both listen to it."
- Ethan Coen
(Related: Music, Work, Talk)

"I mean, Joel talks to the actors more than I do and I probably do production stuff a little more than he does."
- Ethan Coen
(Related: Actors, Production)

"You're doing it to make the character as specific as possible, so that it's a specific individual that you're talking about, not that whole class of people."
- Joel Coen
(Related: People, Character, Class, Talking)

"I'm very grateful to Jennifer Lopez, because I have something to talk about for the last couple of years."
- Steven Cojocaru
(Related: Talk, Years)

"You're surfing with all this glamour, and a lot of people are talking about Gwyneth, JLo, and Cameron."
- Steven Cojocaru
(Related: People, Glamour, Talking)

"Talk ought always to run obliquely, not nose to nose with no chance of mental escape."
- Frank Moore Colby
(Related: Chance, Talk)

"The people who know nothing about music are the ones always talking about it."
- Nat King Cole
(Related: Music, People, Nothing, Talking)

"I don't think that my parents even imagined that I would be exposed to drugs. In those days, for some reason, it was not talked about, just like sex was not talked about."
- Natalie Cole
(Related: Sex, Drugs, Parents, Reason)

"I think is very beneficial to relax yourself so that when you are doing it you are not staggering for lines and your concentration is not on what I am going to say - but the scene itself, the character that you are talking to."
- Dabney Coleman
(Related: Character, Relax, Talking)

"There is a fine line between serendipity and stalking."
- David Coleman
"I don't have any friends and don't have any intention of making any. People will stab you in the back, mistreat you, talk about me behind your back, steal from you. And they're not really your friends. They're only there because you're a celebrity or because they want to get something from you."
- Gary Coleman
(Related: People, Celebrity, Friends, Intention, Talk, Want, Will)

"That's what I was trying to say when we were talking about sound. I think that every person, whether they play music or don't play music, has a sound - their own sound, that thing that you're talking about."
- Ornette Coleman
(Related: Music, Play, Sound, Talking, Trying)

"No one has to learn to spell to talk, right? You see a little kid holding a conversation with an adult. He probably doesn't know the words he's saying, but he knows where to fit them to make what he's thinking logical to what you're saying."
- Ornette Coleman
(Related: Conversation, Right, Saying, Talk, Thinking, Words)

"I've been playing with Blackwell over 20 years. We used to play when I first went to Los Angeles. Blackwell plays the drums as if he's playing a wind instrument. Actually, he sounds more like a talking drum."
- Ornette Coleman
(Related: First, Play, Talking, Wind, Years)

"I'm having this conversation with you now. I'm talking, but I'm thinking, feeling, smelling, and moving. Yet I'm concentrating on what you're saying. So that means there's more things going on in the body than just the present thing that the person's got you doing."
- Ornette Coleman
(Related: Body, Conversation, Feeling, Now, Present, Saying, Talking, Thinking)

"Talk of the devil, and his horns appear."
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
(Related: Devil, Talk)

"A roast is like a get-together where people come down and talk about you and dog you out, the way you came up, the knucklehead things that you did, stuff like that."
- Bootsy Collins
(Related: People, Talk)

"I am still shocking people today, and I don't know why. Is it because I'm a woman talking about sex and men? One magazine said that no one writes sex in the back of a Bentley better than Jackie Collins."
- Jackie Collins
(Related: Men, Sex, People, Talking, Today, Woman)

"I am currently talking to one of the studios about making American Star as a TV series."
- Jackie Collins
(Related: American, Talking)

"My book 'Trust Your Heart', which is the story of my life, will be followed by 'Singing Lessons', a memoir of love, loss, hope, and healing, which talks about the death of my son and the hope that has been the aftermath of the healing from that tragedy."
- Judy Collins
(Related: Death, Life, Love, Son, Heart, Hope, Healing, Loss, Tragedy, Will)

"When inspiration does not come, I go for a walk, go to the movie, talk to a friend, let go... The muse is bound to return again, especially if I turn my back!"
- Judy Collins
(Related: Inspiration, Friend, Talk)

"I think suicide is sort of like cancer was 50 years ago. People don't want to talk about it, they don't want to know about it. People are frightened of it, and they don't understand, when actually these issues are medically treatable."
- Judy Collins
(Related: People, Cancer, Suicide, Talk, Want, Years)

"Italian girls are famous for being snobby and expecting men to make the first move. In America, if I don't make eye contact, the guys won't come over and talk. American girls just go for it. You men are spoiled."
- Silvia Colloca
(Related: Men, America, American, Being, Eye, Famous, First, Girls, Talk)

"The fact that this is getting released, and people are just now hearing it, kind of tickles me. This is just awesome that the media is excited to talk to me and find out what's happening."
- Jessi Colter
(Related: People, Fact, Hearing, Media, Now, Talk)

"I can't comment on any outside perception. I'm happy to come out and talk about movies that I've worked on in a setting like this. Otherwise, I have my own life that I live which is very different and private."
- Jennifer Connelly
(Related: Life, Movies, Perception, Talk)

"I do finish reading a script and say, Why are they making it and what are they talking about? I like to try and be responsible in my choices in that way."
- Jennifer Connelly
(Related: Choices, Reading, Talking)

"It's funny looking at yourself. You know how it is when you look back at old pictures? It's just funny looking back at yourself walking and talking at age 14."
- Jennifer Connelly
(Related: Age, Funny, Old, Talking, Walking)

"They talk of a man betraying his country, his friends, his sweetheart. There must be a moral bond first. All a man can betray is his conscience."
- Joseph Conrad
(Related: Conscience, Country, First, Friends, Man, Talk)

"To a teacher of languages there comes a time when the world is but a place of many words and man appears a mere talking animal not much more wonderful than a parrot."
- Joseph Conrad
(Related: Time, Man, Talking, Words, World)

"I've talked with John Cale for two decades about what to do about La Monte, and how to get copies of our work."
- Tony Conrad
(Related: Work)

"I wish people would turn off their computers, go outside, talk to people, touch people, lick people, enjoy each other's company and smell each other on the rump."
- Tre Cool
(Related: Computers, People, Company, Talk)

"Talk about yourself as much as you like, but do not expect others to listen."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Talk)

"The man of sensibility is too busy talking about his feelings to have time for good deeds."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Time, Feelings, Deeds, Man, Sensibility, Talking)

"There are different rules for reading, for thinking, and for talking. Writing blends all three of them."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Reading, Rules, Talking, Thinking, Writing)

"Jazz radio is not very friendly to pop singers who decide to make a jazz record. But a lot of people have been. A lot of the people I've talked to like the record."
- Rita Coolidge
(Related: People, Jazz)

"When we get together and rehearse, which is always living with each other, we always talk about what would make it better, what would mean more, what would say more. So we're always improving and growing."
- Alice Cooper
(Related: Living, Talk)

"I think you have to be yourself, and you have to be real and you have to admit what you don't know, and talk about what you do know, and talk about what you don't know as long as you say you don't know it."
- Anderson Cooper
(Related: Talk)

"I met Mr. Hoover socially. I never talked to him about anything connected with his work. We just met him."
- John Sherman Cooper
(Related: Work)

"I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies."
- Le Corbusier
(Related: Lies, Talking)

"The first year or so on The Daily Show is pretty intense in terms of travel. You're going to the worst places in the country, talking to the craziest people in the world."
- Rob Corddry
(Related: Travel, People, Country, First, Pretty, Talking, World)

"Your basic person wants to talk about material culture, internet culture. I think about God, cats, nature."
- Billy Corgan
(Related: Nature, God, Cats, Culture, Internet, Talk)

"I love watching people, and that's what I do; just go for a walk at about 4 o'clock, and go down a busy street, where you see people coming out of school and you get a glimpse of their lives, what they're talking about."
- Andrea Corr
(Related: Love, People, School, Talking)

"No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior, and I'm not talking about the kids. Their behavior is always normal."
- Bill Cosby
(Related: Parenting, Behavior, Bizarre, Kids, Talking, Will)

"They've hit us and we've got to hit back hard, and I'm not just talking about the terrorists."
- Ann Coulter
(Related: Talking)

"Liberals are stalwart defenders of civil liberties - provided we're only talking about criminals."
- Ann Coulter
(Related: Civil liberties, Liberals, Talking)

"We need to be around our families not because we have so many shared experiences to talk about, but instead because they know precisely which subjects to avoid."
- Doug Coupland
(Related: Talk)

"Now, if they're there to talk about something specifically, and I determine through my own editorial judgment, that another area isn't germane, or isn't an important part of it, that's something else. But we never agree to anything in advance, absolutely not."
- Katie Couric
(Related: Judgment, Now, Talk)

"They've got the singles and some people have burnt them from different web sites and stuff. So it was something that we talked about for a long, long time, and I just wanted to make sure that this remix album to be really special."
- Deborah Cox
(Related: Time, People)

"Sermons remain one of the last forms of public discourse where it is culturally forbidden to talk back."
- Harvey Cox
(Related: Forbidden, Public, Sermons, Talk)

"You don't see artists sitting around a lot, talking about ideology. They find out what they believe, and what they're doing, by doing it."
- Peter Coyote
(Related: Artists, Ideology, Talking)

"But I do know people that have stalkers and it's not nice."
- Daniel Craig
(Related: People)

"I finally got a chance to talk to my daughter from my previous marriage. I just got married May 3 to my beautiful wife, but we don't see each other much."
- Peter Criss
(Related: Marriage, Wife, Daughter, Chance, May, Talk)

"Do you remember when you found out you wouldn't live forever? People don't talk about this, but everybody had to go through it because you're not born with that knowledge."
- David Cronenberg
(Related: People, Knowledge, Talk)

"I guess lyrically they're similar because they're talking about escaping the kind of misery that likes company. 'The Last One Alive,' for me, is very simple. It's just about alienation, really, that causes anger."
- Jon Crosby
(Related: Anger, Alienation, Causes, Company, Misery, Talking)

"Occasionally I'll watch Fox News for as long as I can tolerate it, or CNN. I'll watch until I get infuriated, but you got to know what they're talking about and what they're not talking about."
- David Cross
(Related: News, Talking)

"The discussion of ideas as opposed to the American narcissistic obsession with what's going on with the self, that's the general thing people are talking about."
- Stanley Crouch
(Related: People, Ideas, American, Obsession, Self, Talking)

"And I liked that whole idea that energy comes from not disseminating your ideas and talking about them."
- Cameron Crowe
(Related: Idea, Ideas, Energy, Talking)

"There's nothing like sitting back and talking to your cows."
- Russell Crowe
(Related: Cows, Nothing, Talking)

"Meg Ryan is a beautiful and courageous woman. I grieve the loss of her companionship but I've not lost the friendship. We talk all the time and that was what our connection was about. She has a wonderful mind and we just like a chat."
- Russell Crowe
(Related: Time, Friendship, Companionship, Connection, Loss, Mind, Talk, Woman)

"Talk is over-rated as a means of settling disputes."
- Tom Cruise
(Related: Talk)

"I pick up the New York Times or Time and it's talking about the latest rock group, which I'm sure is exciting to some people, but it neglects a huge area of music."
- George Crumb
(Related: Music, Time, People, Talking)

"I write a good amount. I've been gathering up a backlog of stuff and maybe I'll do something with it someday, but I don't want to talk about it just yet because that would jinx it."
- Macaulay Culkin
(Related: Talk, Want)

"Michael Jackson and I talk all the time. I think we understand each other in a way that most people can't understand either of us."
- Macaulay Culkin
(Related: Time, People, Talk)

"I don't talk about success. I don't know what it is. Wait until I'm dead."
- Imogen Cunningham
(Related: Success, Talk)

"Before there was any talk of a movie, people would sometimes ask me what actors I would imagine playing these characters. And the only thing I could ever say is: I have such a clear idea of these characters that they'd have to play themselves."
- Michael Cunningham
(Related: People, Idea, Actors, Play, Talk)

"My whole family actually, but my parents. I had such a normal and amazing childhood. I've been so lucky. My parents are cool and normal. They don't talk about the business and I still have stuff to do at their house."
- Kaley Cuoco
(Related: Business, Family, Childhood, Parents, Talk)

"I talk and talk and talk, and I haven't taught people in fifty years what my father taught me by example in one week."
- Mario Cuomo
(Related: Father, People, Example, Talk, Years)

"When I can't talk sense, I talk metaphor."
- John Philpot Curran
(Related: Metaphor, Sense, Talk)

"I talk too much."
- Jamie Lee Curtis
(Related: Talk)

"I've seen the people who talk about their love lives in print invariably have doomed relationships with the person they're talking about."
- John Cusack
(Related: Love, People, Relationships, Talk, Talking)

"People try to keep their past, like kind of holding on to their past. Every Springsteen song talks about that."
- John Cusack
(Related: People, Past, Song)

"She had the kids during the day and I would have them at night. That way they were never alone. I would put the kids to bed, and then I had nothing to do and nobody to talk to, so I would write."
- Clive Cussler
(Related: Bed, Day, Kids, Night, Nothing, Talk)

"My dad says I could sing before I could talk, if that's possible. I was always humming and things like that."
- Miley Cyrus
(Related: Dad, Talk)

"Everybody's just been spilling their guts all over records and talking about how hard it is to be an entertainer and how much we get hated on and what we have to go through. But I ain't really got it that bad. I'm just happy to be here."
- Puff Daddy
(Related: Talking)

"If you're looking for a deep album or you're looking for me to talk about past situations, it's not even about that. It's just 14 hot records that are gonna make you dance."
- Puff Daddy
(Related: Dance, Deep, Past, Talk)

"I wouldn't abandon nobody. I would be lying if I said I was just talking to everybody."
- Puff Daddy
(Related: Lying, Talking)

"I'm in the studio 24 hours a day. It's true that once you get a certain level of success, you become a target. Talk magazine should be ashamed of themselves."
- Puff Daddy
(Related: Success, Day, Talk)

"We used to talk about wanting to get some money, but that's when hip-hop was based on your dreams and your fantasy. The whole thing now is the dreams and fantasies were achieved, and you don't want to make it the focal point. You can't keep beating that dead horse."
- Puff Daddy
(Related: Dreams, Money, Fantasy, Now, Talk, Want)

"It just gets draining on a person being in the papers every day. So I was like, I'm gonna come back here. I want to talk to all the people, the fans. I want to let them know how much I appreciate all their support."
- Puff Daddy
(Related: People, Being, Day, Fans, Support, Talk, Want)

"When I start playing I'm just a rollercoaster of sound. I don't know what's coming next, I never do, and I sit and sign and talk to the people afterwards."
- Dick Dale
(Related: People, Sound, Talk)

"My son now is 22 months old, he's been playing since he was 12 months old and he gets standing ovations on the drums. He's been with us since he was 10 weeks old, he's been on the drums. He's got blisters on his fingers before he can even talk."
- Dick Dale
(Related: Son, Months, Now, Old, Talk)

"We talk about theatre museums filled with old costumes and things. What we also need is a theatre museum of the old routines on videotape. We are only the custodians of those techniques, and they should be preserved."
- Jim Dale
(Related: Museums, Old, Talk, Theatre)

"If I talk about Charles Dance I am talking about something else, something I operate and wind up and have to make an impression with and use to transmit someone else's screenplay."
- Charles Dance
(Related: Dance, Impression, Talk, Talking, Wind)

"Specifically, we talked about making the character of the prince not so charming, at least in the beginning, and I'm playing around with the preconceptions attached to a character. That's really what intrigued me as well because I thought it would be fun to do it."
- Hugh Dancy
(Related: Thought, Character, Beginning, Fun)

"Blessed is he who talks in circles, for he shall become a big wheel."
- Frank Dane
"Time is money, especially when you are talking to a lawyer or buying a commercial."
- Frank Dane
(Related: Time, Money, Buying, Talking)

"Maybe philosophy - I love talking about ideas. Or maybe art history. I was thinking about psychology, then I got really afraid because everybody says it's terribly boring."
- Claire Danes
(Related: Art, Love, History, Ideas, Philosophy, Psychology, Talking, Thinking)

"Most of the arguments to which I am party fall somewhat short of being impressive, knowing to the fact that neither I nor my opponent knows what we are talking about."
- Rodney Dangerfield
(Related: Arguments, Being, Fact, Party, Talking)

"Years ago, we all talked about recycling and not dumping things down your drain and all of that, but talking doesn't help much. Basically, it's going to have to be legislation because the impact is so huge and diversified."
- Ted Danson
(Related: Help, Legislation, Recycling, Talking, Years)

"I did Vibe, and I felt old and paternal. I've got ties older than people in that audience. I had a talk with myself. I said, You've got to deal with this better."
- Tony Danza
(Related: People, Old, Talk)

"I think the key to being a journalist is getting your subject to feel comfortable enough to talk about stuff they want to talk about and the stuff they like and don't like, and still feel comfortable about it."
- Glenn Danzig
(Related: Being, Key, Talk, Want)

"I think my books talk about kids learning to like and respect themselves and each other. You can't write a message book; you just tell the best story you know how to tell."
- Paula Danziger
(Related: Books, Kids, Learning, Respect, Talk)

"Boy, I'd hate to shoot on tape or disc or whatever the hell they're talking about. I love film."
- Frank Darabont
(Related: Love, Film, Hate, Hell, Talking)

"I talked to everyone about the project: actors and extras, members of the crew and passers by."
- James D'arcy
(Related: Actors)

"What has been happening more lately - of course, I also put in my bio, I say I do the voice of Goliath, but some people go - you know, I say something, and it's a funny thing when you work in this business, people will talk out loud in front of you like you're not there."
- Keith David
(Related: Funny, Work, Business, People, Talk, Voice, Will)

"There's a sense of spontaneity, and no emphasis on jokes in this show. People generally talk the way they talk in life if you were in this particular situation."
- Larry David
(Related: Life, People, Jokes, Sense, Spontaneity, Talk)

"I'm a walking, talking enigma."
- Larry David
(Related: Talking, Walking)

"My approach to my subjects was very simple. I never had them pose, we just talked about everything in the world."
- Jo Davidson
(Related: World)

"Physical activity can get you going when you are immobilized. Get action in your life, and don't just talk about it. Get into the arena!"
- John Davidson
(Related: Life, Action, Talk)

"Recently I've been participating in radio and television talk programs doing broadcasts and conferences, and shooting my mouth off and really going to town."
- Peter Maxwell Davies
(Related: Talk, Television)

"We're talking about people who've already got 3-4, if not 5-6 years' experience or more, and it's about trying to help professionals develop, using us as a resource for that development."
- Siobhan Davies
(Related: Experience, People, Development, Help, professionals, Talking, Trying, Years)

"Why should I talk to you? I don't know where you're from."
- Al Davis
(Related: Talk)

"We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society."
- Angela Davis
(Related: Society, Talk)

"We know the road to freedom has always been stalked by death."
- Angela Davis
(Related: Death, Freedom, Road)

"You talk about the values that you have whether they're in favor or not in favor. That's how you lead. The reality is, we're losing more and more elections."
- Artur Davis
(Related: Values, Elections, Losing, Reality, Talk)

"I never did pal around with actresses. Their talk usually bored me to tears."
- Bette Davis
(Related: Talk, Tears)

"A woman as the leader of the Free World is an impossibility. Muslim countries won't talk to you."
- Geena Davis
(Related: Leader, Muslim, Countries, Impossibility, Talk, Woman, World)

"Two million dollars is only small when you're talking about Washington, D.C."
- Geoff Davis
(Related: Talking, Washington)

"When I first started acting, and we would all sit down and talk about Shakespeare and how great it was. I thought well, I suppose it is."
- Judy Davis
(Related: Thought, Acting, First, Shakespeare, Talk)

"Lorna was quite young when her mother died, and I think she's blocked out some of the memories. I talked to her a little bit about that, but I wasn't prepared to go around and poke and hurt her."
- Judy Davis
(Related: Mother, Hurt, Memories)

"Everyone would talk about their diets and working out and what it made me do was go to craft services where all the food for the cast and crew was and I would eat."
- Kristin Davis
(Related: Food, Talk)

"College ain't so much where you been as how you talk when you get back."
- Ossie Davis
(Related: College, Talk)

"I went to Concord, a young woman from the backwoods, firm in belief that Emerson was the first of living men. He was the modern Moses who had talked with God apart and could interpret Him to us."
- Rebecca H. Davis
(Related: God, Men, Belief, First, Living, Woman)

"It is a good rule never to see or talk to the man whose words have wrung your heart, or helped it, just as it is wise not to look down too closely at the luminous glow which sometimes shines on your path on a summer night, if you would not see the ugly worm below."
- Rebecca H. Davis
(Related: Heart, Man, Night, Summer, Talk, Ugly, Words)

"My friends never talk to me about my poetry because they're embarrassed that I write it or they're embarrassed by what I write about which are not such extraordinarily terrifying things, but they are the state of human existence."
- Peter Davison
(Related: Poetry, Existence, Friends, State, Talk)

"People are talking about the Internet as though it is going to change the world. It's not going to change the world. It's not going to change the way we think, and it's not going to change the way we feel."
- Peter Davison
(Related: Change, People, Internet, Talking, World)

"We talk of our mastery of nature, which sounds very grand; but the fact is we respectfully adapt ourselves, first, to her ways."
- Clarence Day
(Related: Nature, Fact, First, Talk)

"I have long since come to believe that people never mean half of what they say, and that it is best to disregard their talk and judge only their actions."
- Dorothy Day
(Related: People, Actions, Talk)

"I think there's a tendency for modern man to become dominated by gadgets and machines, taking us further and further away from the things I've been talking about."
- Robin Day
(Related: Machines, Man, Talking)

"If you want to make peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies."
- Moshe Dayan
(Related: Peace, Enemies, Friends, Talk, Want)

"I mean the only thing that is hopefully good about us is after the arguments we can actually still face each other the next day or the day after and talk about something else and sort of get over it."
- John Deacon
(Related: Arguments, Day, Talk)

"I was always talking about what I could and would do, and you would always make rhymes about the competion even though we werent thinking about competition."
- Kool Moe Dee
(Related: Competition, Talking, Thinking)

"I like to write songs about what's happening, what I see around me and what I hear. Everyday life. Someone may be talking to me and I may take it from that."
- Desmond Dekker
(Related: Life, May, Songs, Talking)

"What passes for real debate in Washington often seems more like an echo chamber, with politicians talking at politicians."
- Bill Delahunt
(Related: Debate, Echo, Politicians, Talking, Washington)

"I was always talking in weird voices from the time I was two. I guess I just found a way to keep doing it! I did get a degree in theater and took some voice-over classes... but most of it is just the same stuff I was doing as a kid!"
- Grey DeLisle
(Related: Time, Talking, Theater, Voice)

"It is greed to do all the talking but not to want to listen at all."
- Democritus
(Related: Greed, Talking, Want)

"Sex is a big question mark. It is something people will talk about forever."
- Catherine Deneuve
(Related: Sex, People, Question, Talk, Will)

"It slows down grocery shopping, because so many women at the store watch the show. I always end up talking to two or three people every time I go to Ralphs. It's fun."
- James Denton
(Related: Time, Women, People, End, Fun, Talking)

"And they didn't have to get into a lot of legal speak or talk ER terms, they were real people. I think that's why so many actresses were attracted to it. And it was just about problems that you could identify with so much, right off the bat."
- James Denton
(Related: Legal, People, Problems, Right, Talk)

"If there's any message to my work, it is ultimately that it's OK to be different, that it's good to be different, that we should question ourselves before we pass judgment on someone who looks different, behaves different, talks different, is a different color."
- Johnny Depp
(Related: Work, Judgment, Question)

"You're absolutely right: Bob Grant is a racist, Bob Grant is a bigot, he's a despicable talk show host and I agree with that."
- Alan Dershowitz
(Related: Talk)

"Travelling is almost like talking with those of other centuries."
- Rene Descartes
(Related: Talking)

"Well, as an artist, I think that Elvis's generosity to me he always talked very highly about me, he always spoke very highly about my work and singing and my writing."
- Jackie DeShannon
(Related: Work, Artist, Generosity, Singing, Writing)

"I never talk about my personal life. After these rumours, I definitely do not want to comment on anything."
- Ajay Devgan
(Related: Life, Talk, Want)

"We've got our own daylight to get bad thoughts away, and we talk with that light - our star in our heart. We take away what's unimportant."
- Indra Devi
(Related: Heart, Thoughts, Light, Talk)

"I got quite bored, serving in the bar. Since I was there, the customers wouldn't talk about women, and with half their subject matter denied them, it was: horses, silence; horses, silence."
- Bernadette Devlin
(Related: Women, Horses, Silence, Talk)

"When you're leading, don't talk."
- Thomas Dewey
(Related: Leading, Talk)

"They're talking about a movie I don't want to hold to that because in this business you can talk about things for years before they get done - god knows if the financing would happen."
- Caroline Dhavernas
(Related: Business, God, Talk, Talking, Want, Years)

"Talking back and being quite aggressive about stuff and not giving a care in the world about anyone. So it was more, I think, that way and I think that's what happened in that party when I stood in between two people."
- Caroline Dhavernas
(Related: People, Being, Care, Giving, Party, Talking, World)

"There's people that figure if they hang out with you, all of a sudden they're going to be successes. I've had two or three stalkers in my life."
- Dustin Diamond
(Related: Life, People)

"Hey bands, you're all welcome to fly me to some exotic location and I'll record you there, Y'know that right? You don't have to come to this God forsaken place. Hope I can visit you all in Australia one of these days that would be hot! We'll talk again soon."
- Jim Diamond
(Related: God, Hope, Right, Talk, Visit)

"I haven't deliberately set out to play the blonde bombshell in my movies. In fact, it's probably been quite the opposite. After the success of The Mask, I wasn't offered all that many blonde bombshell parts, to be honest. I think people believed from the beginning that I could actually walk and talk at the same time."
- Cameron Diaz
(Related: Success, Time, Movies, People, Beginning, Fact, Play, Talk)

"I have to remind my dad, 'Journalists - no matter how many cigars they smoke with you - are not your friends, so don't talk to them.'"
- Cameron Diaz
(Related: Dad, Friends, Talk)

"With Romeo and Juliet, you're talking about two people who meet one night, and get married the same night. I believe in love at first sight-but it hasn't happened to me yet."
- Leonardo DiCaprio
(Related: Love, People, First, Night, Sight, Talking)

"I have a spiritual advisor I call up, when I just feel lost. Lately, I've been talking to God. I developed this dialogue in rehab, this dialogue with God, and every day I talk to God."
- Andy Dick
(Related: God, Day, Spiritual, Talk, Talking)

"Science fiction writers, I am sorry to say, really do not know anything. We can't talk about science, because our knowledge of it is limited and unofficial, and usually our fiction is dreadful."
- Philip K. Dick
(Related: Science, Knowledge, Fiction, Talk, Writers)

"I have known a vast quantity of nonsense talked about bad men not looking you in the face. Don't trust that conventional idea. Dishonesty will stare honesty out of countenance any day in the week, if there is anything to be got by it."
- Charles Dickens
(Related: Men, Trust, Idea, Honesty, Day, Dishonesty, Nonsense, Quantity, Will)

"Watch out for the fellow who talks about putting things in order! Putting things in order always means getting other people under your control."
- Denis Diderot
(Related: People, Control, Order)

"It's hard for me to talk about Dom right now because I am Dom right now. So it's a really strange exercise to try to reflect on something that I am at the moment. But I guarantee you that when I'm done with the movie and you ask me that question, I'll be able to give you something insightful."
- Vin Diesel
(Related: Exercise, Now, Question, Right, Talk)

"The future? Like unwritten books and unborn children, you don't talk about it."
- Dietrich Fischer Dieskau
(Related: Books, Children, Future, Talk)

"People meet in bars after work all over the world and talk about the great problems of life and death and the world and politics and they don't take themselves seriously. They can do nothing else except chat about these things in bars after work."
- Whitfield Diffie
(Related: Death, Life, Politics, Work, People, Nothing, Problems, Talk, World)

"We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up."
- Phyllis Diller
(Related: Children, First, Months, Talk, Teaching)

"I was disappointed not to be able to interview Mr. Clinton. I met him two years ago. I was looking forward to talking with him about issues from Africa to terrorism."
- Jonathan Dimbleby
(Related: Talking, Terrorism, Years)

"My attitude towards drawing is not necessarily about drawing. It's about making the best kind of image I can make, it's about talking as clearly as I can."
- Jim Dine
(Related: Attitude, Talking)

"If you talk to any of my Democratic colleagues who lost that year, they would tell that gun control was one of the major contributory factors in the loss of their seats."
- John Dingell
(Related: Control, Loss, Talk)

"We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less."
- Diogenes
(Related: Talk, Tongue)

"A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money."
- Everett Dirksen
(Related: Money, Pretty, Talking)

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
- Walt Disney
(Related: Talking)

"We did it Disneyland, in the knowledge that most of the people I talked to thought it would be a financial disaster - closed and forgotten within the first year."
- Walt Disney
(Related: Thought, People, Knowledge, Financial, Disaster, First)

"Talking up a storm about food is so easy for me, it's second nature."
- Rocco DiSpirito
(Related: Food, Nature, Talking)

"Mediocrity can talk, but it is for genius to observe."
- Benjamin Disraeli
(Related: Genius, Mediocrity, Talk)

"Talk to a man about himself and he will listen for hours."
- Benjamin Disraeli
(Related: Man, Talk, Will)

"King Louis Philippe once said to me that he attributed the great success of the British nation in political life to their talking politics after dinner."
- Benjamin Disraeli
(Related: Life, Politics, Success, Nation, Talking)

"The more you are talked about the less powerful you are."
- Benjamin Disraeli
"People want a cop-out, listen I'm a realist and I talk about motivation, talk about all the things it takes to be greater or are important to win and people want to use excuses all the time."
- Mike Ditka
(Related: Time, Motivation, People, Excuses, Talk, Want)

"Planning to write is not writing. Outlining, researching, talking to people about what you're doing, none of that is writing. Writing is writing."
- E. L. Doctorow
(Related: People, Planning, Talking, Writing)

"To stay at my best, I have to stop talking during the preceding day."
- Placido Domingo
(Related: Day, Talking)

"Lincoln had no such person that he could talk with. Often, as a result, he debated with himself, and he would draw up a kind of list of the pros and cons of an argument, and carefully figure them out, and he might test them in public."
- David Herbert Donald
(Related: Argument, Public, Result, Talk)

"You really get the most out of sweet corn if you pick the corn off the stalk and rush it to a pot of boiling water. The longer you wait, the more sugar you lose. But if you get it in the first half hour, that is the sweetest corn ever."
- Sam Donaldson
(Related: First, Water)

"When you're a child you're able to assimilate so easily into any situation. You even start talking like the people you're around. I wasn't conscious that I was so good at that until I started to truly feel like an actor."
- Vincent D'Onofrio
(Related: People, Actor, Talking)

"Over and over again, financial experts and wonkish talking heads endeavor to explain these mysterious, 'toxic' financial instruments to us lay folk. Over and over, they ignobly fail, because we all know that no one understands credit default obligations and derivatives, except perhaps Mr. Buffett and the computers who created them."
- Richard Dooling
(Related: Computers, Financial, Credit, Experts, Folk, Talking)

"Democrats were simply hoping to win some political points by getting their outlandish rhetoric published in the newspapers and heard on the talk shows."
- John Doolittle
(Related: Democrats, Newspapers, Rhetoric, Talk)

"The job of the poet is to render the world - to see it and report it without loss, without perversion. No poet ever talks about feelings. Only sentimental people do."
- Mark Van Doren
(Related: People, Feelings, Job, Loss, World)

"If you talk about preemption you better know things rather than think things."
- Byron Dorgan
(Related: Talk)

"I'll talk about the Everglades at the drop of a hat."
- Marjory Stoneman Douglas
(Related: Talk)

"No matter how poor my eyes are I can still talk."
- Marjory Stoneman Douglas
(Related: Eyes, Poor, Talk)

"Whoever wants me to talk, I'll come over and tell them about the necessity of preserving the Everglades."
- Marjory Stoneman Douglas
(Related: Necessity, Talk)

"Don't make excuses and Don't talk about it. Do it."
- Melvyn Douglas
(Related: Excuses, Talk)

"I'm impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work."
- Michael Douglas
(Related: Work, People, Chicago, Hollywood, Talk)

"Instead of trying to come up and pontificate on what literature is, you need to talk with children, to teachers, and make sure they get poetry in the curriculum early."
- Rita Dove
(Related: Poetry, Children, Curriculum, Literature, Talk, Teachers, Trying)

"I was apprehensive. I feared every time I talked about poetry, it would be filtered through the lens of race, sex, and age."
- Rita Dove
(Related: Age, Time, Poetry, Sex, Race)

"I loved it, it's such fun. I like that people are seeing it and then talking about it. Like when I took my son and his friends to see Napoleon Dynamite last year, we spent the next six weeks trying to explain it."
- Robert Downey, Jr.
(Related: Son, People, Friends, Fun, Talking, Trying)

"I see people in terms of dialogue and I believe that people are their talk."
- Roddy Doyle
(Related: People, Talk)

"You know I think that going into therapy is a very positive thing, and talking about it is really helpful, because the more you talk the more your fears fade, because you get it out."
- Fran Drescher
(Related: Positive, Talk, Talking, Therapy)

"I do most of my business on that dirty Internet that you were just talking about, where I find there is a lot of freedom to report exactly what I want."
- Matt Drudge
(Related: Business, Freedom, Internet, Talking, Want)

"But far more numerous was the herd of such, Who think too little, and who talk too much."
- John Dryden
(Related: Talk)

"If you have Darwin, Christ and Nietzsche, they're all going to talk at once. You need somebody who listens."
- David Duchovny
(Related: Christ, Talk)

"People talk worse about people than they talk good about people, because a lot of people like drama."
- Hilary Duff
(Related: People, Drama, Talk)

"At first, when I got bad press and people would talk bad about my family or something like that, I would get really upset, but now it's just not worth my energy."
- Hilary Duff
(Related: Family, People, Energy, First, Now, Press, Talk, Worth)

"I think it's because most of us talk one way and live another. There are a few people who truly, truly walk the talk."
- Olympia Dukakis
(Related: People, Talk)

"I talk to women's groups all over the country and see women struggling with this. The fear of not being accepted, of being different, of not having a man, all make it hard for a woman to do what she really believes is right for her."
- Olympia Dukakis
(Related: Women, Fear, Being, Country, Man, Right, Talk, Woman)

"The doctors must tell you that one of the risks of surgery is that you might die. This poor doctor was talking to an actress. It was very dramatic to me. To him, it was just a thing he had to say."
- Patty Duke
(Related: Doctors, Poor, Talking)

"Right now we're in the middle of a cultural war between the Muslims and the Western world. The politicians get in the way, but if you put two people together in a room, they can talk it out and work it out, just like Anna and the King."
- Sandy Duncan
(Related: War, Work, People, Now, Politicians, Right, Talk, World)

"I just talk, and I guess some of my views came out."
- Sandy Duncan
(Related: Talk)

"Haiti itself was also photographed, some of the streets, some of the mountains, rivers, streams, etc. were photographed before talking with me about how I felt about Haiti. Then the camera went to our voodoo temple and saw a serious ceremony, a real ceremony."
- Katherine Dunham
(Related: Temple, Ceremony, Mountains, Rivers, Talking)

"You know, the purpose of reconciliation is to avoid the filibuster. The filibuster is an effort to talk something to death."
- Dick Durbin
(Related: Death, Purpose, Effort, Talk)

"My life isn't necessarily more important than anyone else's: I'm just better in talking about it."
- Adam Duritz
(Related: Life, Talking)

"We didn't have a TV in the living room and all my friends thought we were kind of weird. When they'd come over, my mom wanted to talk to them about current events."
- Eliza Dushku
(Related: Mom, Thought, Events, Friends, Living, Talk)

"I talk too quiet, and I have to yell on stage."
- Clea Duvall
(Related: Quiet, Talk)

"The components of anxiety, stress, fear, and anger do not exist independently of you in the world. They simply do not exist in the physical world, even though we talk about them as if they do."
- Wayne Dyer
(Related: Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Talk, World)

"Money doesn't talk, it swears."
- Bob Dylan
(Related: Money, Talk)

"In the dime stores and bus stations, people talk of situations, read books, repeat quotations, draw conclusions on the wall."
- Bob Dylan
(Related: People, Books, Quotations, Talk)

"All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die."
- Bob Dylan
(Related: Equality, People, Talk)

"In the space of three weeks, I met a fair bunch of the guys who were just starting those little programmers' co-ops, and everybody was talking about starting businesses."
- Esther Dyson
(Related: Space, Talking)

"Some day, somebody is going to have to start talking about what happens to us all a decade from now if we let these North Koreans and the Iranians go forward with their nuclear weapons program."
- Lawrence Eagleburger
(Related: Day, Now, Talking, Weapons)

"If we're talking about masculinity and tenderness, I don't look at Clinton."
- Aaron Eckhart
(Related: Masculinity, Talking, Tenderness)

"My faith has been the driving thing of my life. I think it is important that people who are perceived as liberals not be afraid of talking about moral and community values."
- Marian Wright Edelman
(Related: Faith, Life, People, Values, Community, Driving, Liberals, Talking)

"Some people talk of morality, and some of religion, but give me a little snug property."
- Maria Edgeworth
(Related: Religion, Morality, People, Property, Talk)

"On the other hand I have seen several, several top targets for these investigations of these terrorist activities that were allowed to leave the country - I'm not talking about weeks, I'm talking about months after 9/11."
- Sibel Edmonds
(Related: Country, Months, Talking)

"When you talk about changing the rules, that takes time, and it always involves more than just a committee."
- Al Edwards
(Related: Time, Committee, Rules, Talk)

"That's the problem with news interviews, you work your tail off to get prominent figures in the news on the radio, but once they've been on, the event passes, the urgency, the issues you talked about evaporate."
- Bob Edwards
(Related: Work, News)

"I'm still excited at being at a microphone and talking to listeners. I love that. It's the most basic element of what I do and I still enjoy it very much."
- Bob Edwards
(Related: Love, Being, Talking)

"I don't know if I believe in love at first sight, but of course I believe in two people having chemistry right away. A girl should be really easy to talk to. When I lose track of time because we've been talking, I think that's really fun."
- Zac Efron
(Related: Love, Time, People, First, Fun, Right, Sight, Talk, Talking)

"The most important and urgent appeal we have to make is for an immediate cease-fire. Initial reports from the cease-fire talks being held in N'Djamena in Chad are not very encouraging."
- Jan Egeland
(Related: Encouraging, Being)

"You can talk about Holocaust denial, but it's really marginal for the most part. What is compelling about the Armenian genocide, is how it has been forgotten."
- Atom Egoyan
(Related: Denial, Genocide, Talk)

"We who officially value freedom of speech above life itself seem to have nothing to talk about but the weather."
- Barbara Ehrenreich
(Related: Life, Freedom, Nothing, Speech, Talk, Value, Weather)

"We discussed politics, but we also talked about the importance of hard work, personal responsibility, living within your means, keeping your word. Those lessons stay with you throughout your life."
- Bob Ehrlich
(Related: Life, Politics, Work, Hard work, Importance, Living, Responsibility, Word)

"Look, I don't have a Facebook page because I have little interest in hearing myself talk about myself any further than I already do in interviews or putting any more about myself online than there already is. But if I wasn't in this position, I'm sure I would use it every day."
- Jesse Eisenberg
(Related: Day, Hearing, Interest, Talk)

"The best morale exist when you never hear the word mentioned. When you hear a lot of talk about it, it's usually lousy."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower
(Related: Talk, Word)

"It's been a strange day - a day when I thought I was on top of the world, planning my life. I planned all of my courses for the rest of the semester at Smith, and talked to my advisor about honoring in History."
- Julie Nixon Eisenhower
(Related: History, Life, Thought, Day, Planning, Rest, World)

"First of all, we were never not speaking. It's gotten so blown out of proportion. It was a very straightforward difference of opinion. I think because we were so private and refused to talk about it, these stories just got out of control."
- Julie Nixon Eisenhower
(Related: Control, Difference, First, Opinion, Talk)

"But human experience is usually paradoxical, that means incongruous with the phrases of current talk or even current philosophy."
- George Eliot
(Related: Experience, Philosophy, Talk)

"Also, as I lay there thinking of my vision, I could see it all again and feel the meaning with a part of me like a strange power glowing in my body; but when the part of me that talks would try to make words for the meaning, it would be like fog and get away from me."
- Black Elk
(Related: Power, Vision, Body, Meaning, Thinking, Words)

"There's so much talk about the drug generation and songs about drugs. That's stupid. They aren't songs about drugs; they're about life."
- Cass Elliot
(Related: Life, Drugs, Songs, Talk)

"We're talking to New Line. They've got a couple projects they're interested in me doing and I'm having meetings at MGM. There's a lot of available projects."
- David R. Ellis
(Related: Meetings, Projects, Talking)

"I don't mind you thinking I'm stupid, but don't talk to me like I'm stupid."
- Harlan Ellison
(Related: Mind, Talk, Thinking)

"During the week that I arrived in the United States, I saw an airport, used a telephone, used a library, talked with a scientist, and was shown a computer for the first time in my life."
- Philip Emeagwali
(Related: Life, Time, Computer, First, states, United)

"I guess when Rick is finished with his Journey to the Centre of the Earth, then we might have a go at something. We'd like to, we're open to it, and we've been talking about it."
- Keith Emerson
(Related: Earth, Journey, Open, Talking)

"I come from Detroit where it's rough and I'm not a smooth talker."
- Eminem
"I might talk about killing people, but that doesn't mean I do it."
- Eminem
(Related: People, Killing, Talk)

"Like anything, you don't force kids to cook. It just becomes part of life - have them be around it, keep them informed - talk about it. I try to relay my passion for it in these ways. The second you try to force anything on your own kid, they rebel."
- Todd English
(Related: Life, Force, Kids, Passion, Talk)

"The minuses of celebrity include having to live with security and the knowledge that you may be stalked."
- Enya
(Related: Knowledge, Celebrity, May, Security)

"Cedric, man, it's like if I'm working with you, like I'm sitting here now talking to you, I want to get along with you. That's how I am. I feel like if I get along with you, the work will be splendid."
- Mike Epps
(Related: Work, Man, Now, Talking, Want, Will)

"I got well by talking. Death could not get a word in edgewise, grew discouraged, and traveled on."
- Louise Erdrich
(Related: Death, Talking, Word)

"Every time I flicked channels, there I was, talking. I was talking too much and writing too little. So Naomi and I went to Hawaii. The phone was cut off and we lost touch. This gave me the chance to have a good think about my life."
- Joe Eszterhas
(Related: Life, Time, Chance, Talking, Writing)

"Being as versatile as I am, I take offense to the notion that no serious musician would not be doing a late night talk show gig. One has to be open enough in other areas to be able to contribute to a show like this."
- Kevin Eubanks
(Related: Being, Night, Open, Talk)

"Madam, I have come from a country where people are hanged if they talk."
- Leonhard Euler
(Related: People, Country, Talk)

"Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish."
- Euripides
(Related: Fool, Sense, Talk)

"This is my first opportunity to visit this part of North Africa, so I am going to be able to go back home and talk about this beautiful country and encourage Americans to travel here."
- Donald Evans
(Related: Home, Travel, Opportunity, Americans, Country, First, Talk, Visit)

"There are opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, so yes back home we are talking about investment opportunities in Morocco for various sectors of our economy and we will continue to do that."
- Donald Evans
(Related: Home, Economy, Investment, Talking, Will)

"Nothing is as frustrating as arguing with someone who knows what he's talking about."
- Sam Ewing
(Related: Nothing, Talking)

"No stranger ever comes up and talks to me. I'm the invisible woman."
- Siobhan Fahey
(Related: Woman)

"You talk about what a director, he was smart. He said, Turn the camera on!"
- Peter Falk
(Related: Talk)

"Listening is more important than talking. Just hit your mark and believe what you say. Just listen to people and react to what they are saying."
- Jimmy Fallon
(Related: People, Listening, Saying, Talking)

"I read the script and try not to bring anything personal into it. I make notes, talk to the director and we decide what kinds of shades should be in the character."
- Dennis Farina
(Related: Character, Talk)

"I don't like to be talked into anything. I don't want to be cajoled."
- Dennis Farina
(Related: Want)

"People don't want to talk about death, just like they don't want to talk about computer security. Maybe I should have named my workstation Fear. People are so motivated by fear."
- Dan Farmer
(Related: Death, People, Fear, Computer, Security, Talk, Want)

"I used to lie between cool, clean sheets at night after I'd had a bath, after I had washed my hair and scrubbed my knuckles and finger-nails and teeth. Then I could lie quite still in the dark with my face to the window with the trees in it, and talk to God."
- Frances Farmer
(Related: God, Lie, Hair, Night, Talk, Trees)

"The Sunday School teacher talked too much in the way our grade school teacher used to when she told us about George Washington. Pleasant, pretty stories, but not true."
- Frances Farmer
(Related: Pretty, School, Washington)

"I believe they talked of me, for they laughed consumedly."
- George Farquhar
"The die is set and Malcolm will not escape for the foolish talk he spoke against his benefactor, such a man, is worthy of death, and it would have been so, were it not for Muhammad's confidence that God would give him the victory over the enemies."
- Louis Farrakhan
(Related: God, Death, Victory, Confidence, Enemies, Man, Talk, Will)

"I consider myself more of a loner now and I think when you get older, especially in this game, and just talking with other players who have come and gone, I see what they were saying when I was a young guy in the locker room."
- Brett Favre
(Related: Now, Saying, Talking)

"Well, my closest friends are still the ones that I went to school with, but it's nice to go to work, at the studios, and have people there that you're willing to talk to and have a good conversation with."
- Tom Felton
(Related: Work, People, Conversation, Friends, School, Talk)

"Nothing is more despicable than a professional talker who uses his words as a quack uses his remedies."
- Francois Fenelon
(Related: Nothing, Remedies, Words)

"When Andrew went with the girls, we were talking all morning and he was saying, 'It's okay. Just remember we had such a good day. Our wedding was so perfect.' Because we're such a unit together. He made me feel very part of the day on April the 29th."
- Sarah Ferguson
(Related: Wedding, April, Day, Girls, Saying, Talking)

"The reason Saul Bellow doesn't talk to me anymore is because he knows his new novels are not worth reading."
- Leslie Fiedler
(Related: Reading, Reason, Talk, Worth)

"Foucault was the one person I met in France that I could talk to. He was a mensch. You know whether you agree with him or not because you know what he is saying."
- Leslie Fiedler
(Related: France, Saying, Talk)

"I liked Camille Paglia. I liked her even better when I heard her talk."
- Leslie Fiedler
(Related: Talk)

"I have a lot of stuff I want to talk about and offer up. It would be odd not to have ideas about something."
- Ralph Fiennes
(Related: Ideas, Talk, Want)

"My play Safe Sex was picked apart because critics thought it was untrue. It was a play in which no one had AIDS, but the characters talked about how it was going to change their lives."
- Harvey Fierstein
(Related: Change, Sex, Thought, Play)

"How time files when you's doin' all the talking."
- Harvey Fierstein
(Related: Time, Talking)

"A political party is dying before our eyes-and I don't mean the Democrats. I'm talking about the mainstream media, which is being destroyed by the opposition."
- Howard Fineman
(Related: Being, Democrats, Dying, Eyes, Media, Opposition, Party, Talking)

"She is up there with the best of them. I can only talk about my experience, but it was genuinely special."
- Albert Finney
(Related: Experience, Talk)

"I'm doing another Churchill. I did a Churchill for HBO and that was up to 1939 and there's talk of the war years. They were going to do it this fall, but the script wasn't going to be ready."
- Albert Finney
(Related: War, Talk, Years)

"You can talk about movies all you want, but I have this porcelain fetish. I've had it since I was a kid, because there were so many kids in my family, the only place I had any solace was in the bathroom."
- Linda Fiorentino
(Related: Movies, Family, Kids, Talk, Want)

"Everybody is talking today about the economy."
- Joschka Fischer
(Related: Economy, Talking, Today)

"You must learn to talk clearly. The jargon of scientific terminology which rolls off your tongues is mental garbage."
- Martin H. Fischer
(Related: Jargon, Talk)

"Only remember west of the Mississippi it's a little more look, see, act. A little less rationalize, comment, talk."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald
(Related: Act, Talk)

"Predators will look for any way to talk to children online whether through sites like Myspace, instant messaging, or even online games."
- Mike Fitzpatrick
(Related: Children, Games, Talk, Will)

"Remember if people talk behind your back, it only means you're two steps ahead!"
- Fannie Flagg
(Related: People, Talk)

"One of the great problems of the world today is undoubtedly this problem of not being able to talk to scientists, because we don't understand science; they can't talk to us because they don't understand anything else, poor dears."
- Michael Flanders
(Related: Science, Being, Poor, Problems, Scientists, Talk, Today, World)

"I've never really been star struck. I was a little bit taken aback when I was doing a chat show recently and I was sat in the make-up chair chatting to a guy say next to me but I couldn't look round and see who it was, it was only when I got up I realised it had been Bryan Adams I'd been talking to!"
- Richard Fleeshman
(Related: Talking)

"From the time I was very young, maybe five or six, I thought a lot about being an actress. I didn't tell my friends about my ambitions, though, especially when I got older, because I thought they would not receive them well. I never talked about what I wanted to do."
- Louise Fletcher
(Related: Time, Thought, Being, Friends)

"It is extremely dangerous to talk about limits or borders. It is vital, instead, that we remain completely open, that we are always involved, and that we aim to contribute personally in social events."
- Dario Fo
(Related: Events, Limits, Open, Talk)

"We start out talking about the story, trying to figure out who is who and what should happen, taking notes the whole time. Then I do a rough layout of the issue, showing what happens on each page. Then we discuss that some more."
- Phil Foglio
(Related: Time, Talking, Trying)

"The important thing to remember is that bugs don't actually talk."
- Dave Foley
(Related: Bugs, Talk)

"I never took my SAT's. I never applied to college. I moved right out here and jumped into the thick of things. Whether that was the smart move or not, I'm sitting here talking to you now, so it paid off."
- Scott Foley
(Related: College, Now, Right, Talking)

"I don't think there's any great mystery to writing female characters, so long as you talk to them. If you lived in a monastery and never met any women, maybe it would be difficult."
- Ken Follett
(Related: Women, Mystery, Talk, Writing)

"Let ignorance talk as it will, learning has its value."
- Jean de La Fontaine
(Related: Ignorance, Learning, Talk, Value, Will)

"I've had an advantage; I've had a sort of open public acceptance in New York that doesn't happen to just anyone trying to make the transition you were talking about."
- Steve Forbert
(Related: Acceptance, Open, Public, Talking, Trying)

"I look forward to their convention and look forward to hearing the President talk about what he will do for the next four years. He hasn't done it up to this point."
- Harold Ford
(Related: Hearing, President, Talk, Will, Years)

"The reality is we talk a lot about it, but we really don't give everyone an opportunity to buy into it, and this combines both the best of Republican and Democratic ideals."
- Harold Ford
(Related: Opportunity, Ideals, Reality, Republican, Talk)

"So we have broad bipartisan support for the bill, and it's my hope that we can build on some of the things that have been talked about in Washington involving building a larger ownership society."
- Harold Ford
(Related: Society, Hope, Building, Ownership, Support, Washington)

"I look forward to the day that a lot of the folks that you all talk about and cover on this network will begin to market products for these families and for these kids coming out of junior high school and high school all across the country."
- Harold Ford
(Related: Country, Day, Kids, Network, School, Talk, Will)

"I have the ordinary experience of being anonymous when I'm in an airplane talking to air-traffic control, and they don't know who they're talking to. I have a lot of common experiences."
- Harrison Ford
(Related: Experience, Control, Being, Talking)

"At the time I perceived most religious men, particularly the pastors with all their talk about love, faith and relationship, as effeminate."
- Luke Ford
(Related: Faith, Time, Love, Men, Religious, Talk)

"I mean a song that's specifically for the girls. It's saying you know we talk about them night and day, we're constantly pondering on men and what they've done good and what they've done bad and all these things in our lives."
- Willa Ford
(Related: Men, Day, Girls, Night, Saying, Song, Talk)

"I believe honesty comes across in music because for people that music isn't just something to dance to. For people for whom music is something that they feel, they understand what I'm talking about."
- Willa Ford
(Related: Music, People, Dance, Honesty, Talking)

"I like the idea that people have formed their own opinions. And of course once people meet me or talk to me their opinion totally changes because I'm much more that girl that you hang out with than you think."
- Willa Ford
(Related: People, Idea, Opinion, Opinions, Talk)

"People talk about escapism as though it's something nasty but escapism is wonderful!"
- Margaret Forster
(Related: People, Escapism, Talk)

"I hate war... for the dictatorships it puts in the place of democracies, and for the starvation that stalks after it."
- Harry Emerson Fosdick
(Related: War, Hate, Starvation)

"I'm kind of a chatterbox and I talk really fast."
- Jodie Foster
(Related: Talk)

"So, yes, there's nothing I love more than listening to directors talk about their movies."
- Jodie Foster
(Related: Love, Movies, Listening, Nothing, Talk)

"I don't think we're going to save anything if we go around talking about saving plants and animals only; we've got to translate that into what's in it for us."
- Jim Fowler
(Related: Animals, Plants, Talking)

"Men gossip for just as long and about the same subjects as women, but tend to talk more about themselves."
- Kate Fox
(Related: Men, Women, Gossip, Talk)

"People who don't like me talk about it as though I'm trash because I have tattoos. I find that insane because it's 2008, not the 1950s. Tattoos aren't limited to sailors. It's a form of art I find beautiful. I love it."
- Megan Fox
(Related: Art, Love, People, Talk)

"When I talk about my husband, I feel as if people roll their eyes. It's like when you're 16 and order a martini, and the waiter says, 'Do you think I'm stupid?'. They can't grasp that I'm old enough to be married."
- Megan Fox
(Related: HusbPeople, Eyes, Old, Order, Talk)

"Our privacy is starting to be invaded and we can't get anything done. I'm happy with the fundraising but upset we don't have time to talk and meet with people."
- Terry Fox
(Related: Time, People, Privacy, Talk)

"It almost hurts me to walk down a road and have people grab my hand and ask for my autograph and not sit and talk. When I'm finished I'm not going to be on the front page, but I'm going to be just as happy without the publicity."
- Terry Fox
(Related: People, Publicity, Road, Talk)

"She still talks to me now, only now she talks to me in my dreams. And I can't wait to go to sleep tonight because we have a lot to talk about. I love you."
- Jamie Foxx
(Related: Love, Dreams, Now, Sleep, Talk)

"We reproach people for talking about themselves; but it is the subject they treat best."
- Anatole France
(Related: People, Talking)

"The left and the right live in parallel universes. The right listens to talk radio, the left's on the Internet and they just reinforce one another. They have no sense of reality. I have now one ambition: to retire before it becomes essential to tweet."
- Barney Frank
(Related: Internet, Now, Reality, Right, Sense, Talk)

"Let us not say that we will decide on a political basis at the national level that no State is competent to regulate the practice of medicine in that State if they decide to allow a doctor to prescribe marijuana, because that is what we are talking about."
- Barney Frank
(Related: Medicine, Practice, State, Talking, Will)

"These days, of course, the focus of talk about popular liberation through products is mostly associated with the Internet. I've been collecting computer ads and ads dealing with Internet industries."
- Thomas Frank
(Related: Computer, Focus, Internet, Popular, Talk)

"I don't know how much influence we really had, because we never put our pictures on the albums or anything and we never really promoted the Talking Heads connection, because we wanted to keep it separate from Talking Heads."
- Chris Frantz
(Related: Connection, Influence, Talking)

"As much as we love playing the small clubs, we'd really like to get ourselves in front of a larger audience. I'm not talking about arenas or anything, but nice theaters and larger clubs."
- Chris Frantz
(Related: Love, Talking)

"I was so emotional. Choked up. I could hardly talk all day. I'll be cleaning out my trailer and saying goodbye soon, realizing what a wonderful experience this has been."
- Dennis Franz
(Related: Experience, Day, Goodbye, Saying, Talk)

"If you're interested in how people behave, if you're interested in the way they talk about themselves, the way the conceive of themselves, it's very hard to ignore drugs nowadays, because that is so much part of the conversation."
- Jonathan Franzen
(Related: People, Conversation, Drugs, Talk)

"I don't see this planet being... they're talking about how they're turning around the environmental problems here, but I think it's already too late."
- Ace Frehley
(Related: Environmental, Being, Problems, Talking)

"Neurotics complain of their illness, but they make the most of it, and when it comes to talking it away from them they will defend it like a lioness her young."
- Sigmund Freud
(Related: Illness, Talking, Will)

"I'm tired of high policy talks. I want to focus on nuts and bolts."
- Dave Freudenthal
(Related: Policy, Focus, Want)

"We need to see men and women as equal partners, but it's hard to think of movies that do that. When I talk to people, they think of movies of forty-five years ago! Hepburn and Tracy!"
- Betty Friedan
(Related: Men, Movies, Women, People, Talk, Years)

"I was talking to my spiritual advisor. I got a letter from somebody who said that they were about to kill themselves, but they listened to a song of mine and it saved their lives."
- David Friedman
(Related: Song, Spiritual, Talking)

"When we talk about safety and security of the American people, politics falls aside pretty quickly."
- Bill Frist
(Related: Politics, People, American, Pretty, Safety, Security, Talk)

"Keep talking about moving toxic wastes, but never let it cross your mind to quit producing them. Keep Judging yourselves in Manson. Don't look in the mirror. You will serve the Earth as much as she serves you or you will commit suicide."
- Lynette Fromme
(Related: Earth, Mind, Suicide, Talking, Will)

"Talking is a hydrant in the yard and writing is a faucet upstairs in the house. Opening the first takes the pressure off the second."
- Robert Frost
(Related: First, Pressure, Talking, Writing)

"Forgive me my nonsense, as I also forgive the nonsense of those that think they talk sense."
- Robert Frost
(Related: Nonsense, Talk)

"I am a writer of books in retrospect. I talk in order to understand; I teach in order to learn."
- Robert Frost
(Related: Books, Order, Talk, Writer)

"Modern poets talk against business, poor things, but all of us write for money. Beginners are subjected to trial by market."
- Robert Frost
(Related: Business, Money, Poets, Poor, Talk)

"I never thought I'd spend all my life with Gary. I suppose I was quite cynical about marriage. But with Jude, I knew right from the beginning: there was an electricity I'd never felt before. It was so easy, we talked for hours. It was a relief, really."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Life, Marriage, Thought, Electricity, Right)

"But I have been avoiding talking about what I'm doing now because it's frustrating for people to hear about things that aren't available yet."
- John Frusciante
(Related: People, Now, Talking)

"We probably spend more time talking about individual players in our coaching sessions than anything else."
- Hayden Fry
(Related: Time, Coaching, Talking)

"I don't watch television, I think it destroys the art of talking about oneself."
- Stephen Fry
(Related: Art, Talking, Television)

"I love sitting down and talking to people. CNBC gave me a chance to do it in a way that I liked. They gave me a chance to also develop the skills to learn from my mistakes."
- Daisy Fuentes
(Related: Love, People, Chance, Mistakes, Talking)

"I thought that I was going to have to pay them to do what I wanted to do, that was how much fun I was having. You're 20 years old and you're hanging out with rock stars and going to fabulous parties, and then you talk about it!"
- Daisy Fuentes
(Related: Thought, Fun, Old, Stars, Talk, Years)

"In the World War nothing was more dreadful to witness than a chain of men starting with a battalion commander and ending with an army commander sitting in telephone boxes, improvised or actual, talking, talking, talking, in place of leading, leading, leading."
- J. F. C. Fuller
(Related: Men, War, Army, Ending, Leading, Nothing, Talking, World, World war)

"It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf."
- Thomas Fuller
(Related: Peace, Madness, Sheep, Talk)

"If I was in a room with a bunch of skinheads talking about racism, then I would be disturbed, but after we finished a take, we were normal people again."
- Edward Furlong
(Related: People, Racism, Talking)

"Everything Marilyn does is different from any other woman, strange and exciting, from the way she talks to the way she uses that magnificent torso."
- Clark Gable
(Related: Woman)

"If you are not being bullied all I would say - cause I like to talk about the other side of it as well - is you know, be someone that nurtures, and if there's someone in your class that maybe doesn't have a lot of friends, be the person that sits with them in the cafeteria sometimes; be the bigger person."
- Lady Gaga
(Related: Being, Cause, Class, Friends, Talk)

"So I went out and bought myself a copy of the Writer and Artist Yearbook, bought lots of magazines and got on the phone and talked to editors about ideas for stories. Pretty soon I found myself hired to do interviews and articles and went off and did them."
- Neil Gaiman
(Related: Ideas, Artist, Editors, Pretty, Writer)

"There are few ironclad rules of diplomacy but to one there is no exception. When an official reports that talks were useful, it can safely be concluded that nothing was accomplished."
- John Kenneth Galbraith
(Related: Diplomacy, Nothing, Rules)

"I use a pseudonym, because my real name is very difficult to pronounce, to remember, and to spell. And many people who have been talking about me on television have yet to pronounce it correctly."
- Jeff Gannon
(Related: People, Name, Talking, Television)

"The first thing I read was of my character on the phone talking to Sydney's fiance. Though short, it was so beautifully written, and it made me laugh. I thought if I wanted to play a character, this would be it."
- Victor Garber
(Related: Thought, Character, First, Play, Talking)

"One day, we were doing a serious scene and fast talking like we do and we could not stop laughing and the director had to stop the production. We had to go to our trailer and calm down and do it all again."
- Victor Garber
(Related: Day, Production, Talking)

"I think if the movie has resonance and stimulates the viewer to talk about it, you can have as large an audience as you want. The most important thing for me is that the movie exists. And that's success enough already."
- Andy Garcia
(Related: Success, Talk, Want)

"I don't understand people who like to work and talk about it like it was some sort of goddamn duty. Doing nothing feels like floating on warm water to me. Delightful, perfect."
- Ava Gardner
(Related: Work, People, Duty, Nothing, Talk, Water)

"A lot of knowledge in any kind of an organization is what we call task knowledge. These are things that people who have been there a long time understand are important, but they may not know how to talk about them. It's often called the culture of the organization."
- Howard Gardner
(Related: Time, People, Knowledge, Culture, May, Talk)

"Talking, talking. Spinning a web of words, pale walls of dreams, between myself and all I see."
- John Gardner
(Related: Dreams, Talking, Words)

"Kev has these old Boston drills, where you all have to talk to each other, and interact, and it's helped us."
- Kevin Garnett
(Related: Boston, Old, Talk)

"I have heard all kinds of stories about telling employers about MS and I really don't know what the answer is. I am a private person, but I have found support by talking to fellow MSrs in the community."
- Teri Garr
(Related: Community, Support, Talking)

"I understand how hard it is to talk to people about MS. You don't want pity or random advice."
- Teri Garr
(Related: People, Advice, Pity, Talk, Want)

"One of the problems that we face through the media attention that these artists receive is that there has been an awful lot of talk about opera and classical music being elite and being for an elitist group."
- Lesley Garrett
(Related: Music, Artists, Attention, Being, Media, Opera, Problems, Talk)

"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other."
- Bill Gates
(Related: Business, Technology, Information, Talk, Talking)

"I've got my feet firmly on the ground, I can't see life changing too much. I reckon more girls will talk to me at college and more people will look at me, but they know me for who I am."
- Gareth Gates
(Related: Life, People, College, Feet, Girls, Talk, Will)

"We talk a lot in our home together about where we're going, what I'm doing."
- Melinda Gates
(Related: Home, Talk)

"To such idle talk it might further be added: that whenever a certain exclusive occupation is coupled with specific shortcomings, it is likewise almost certainly divorced from certain other shortcomings."
- Carl Friedrich Gauss
(Related: Occupation, Talk)

"I was trained in the '50s as a New Critic. I remember what literature was like before the New Critics, when people stood up and talked about Shelley's soul and such things."
- Clifford Geertz
(Related: Soul, People, Literature)

"The way in which mathematicians and physicists and historians talk is quite different, and what a physicist means by physical intuition and what a mathematician means by beauty or elegance are things worth thinking about."
- Clifford Geertz
(Related: Beauty, Elegance, Historians, Intuition, Mathematicians, Talk, Thinking, Worth)

"The North African mule talks always of his mother's brother, the horse, but never of his father, the donkey, in favor of others supposedly more reputable."
- Clifford Geertz
(Related: Mother, Father, Brother, African)

"Why do people talk of the horrors of old age? It's great. I feel like a fine old car with the parts gradually wearing out, but I'm not complaining,... Those who find growing old terrible are people who haven't done what they wanted with their lives."
- Martha Gellhorn
(Related: Car, People, Age, Complaining, Old, Talk)

"An actor is a guy who, if you ain't talking about him, he ain't listening."
- Boy George
(Related: Actor, Listening, Talking)

"Some writers and producers are currently writing a sitcom for me, so we'll see what happens there. I'm somewhat reluctant to talk about some of the upcoming projects that I'm working on; I've a lot of stuff on the go, including five pictures that I'm looking at producing."
- Gil Gerard
(Related: Projects, Talk, Writers, Writing)

"No, I was talking to the network and Universal about plans for a third season where Buck would go back to Earth and would focus on stories around the planet and show what it was like 500 years later."
- Gil Gerard
(Related: Earth, Focus, Network, Talking, Years)

"I've seen it too many times in Hollywood. Talking about a relationship in public can jinx it. And if you have your picture taken together, you might as well start packing your bags."
- Gina Gershon
(Related: Hollywood, Public, Talking)

"I did the cover of Cigar Aficionado, so I'm supposed to talk about loving cigars. I've smoked them a couple of times. My father used to smoke cigars. I love the idea and the concept, and I love the smell of cigars."
- Gina Gershon
(Related: Love, Father, Idea, Talk)

"As a mom, I always feel I have to protect them. I talk about them because they are the most important things in my life but they are private people. I won't use them for my own press."
- Jami Gertz
(Related: Life, Mom, People, Press, Talk)

"I used to say I never talk about my successor, neither about my predecessor."
- Boutros Boutros Ghali
(Related: Talk)

"In the past I have never thought about loneliness when working, and I don't think about it now. Yet there must be a reason for the fact that so many people talk about it."
- Alberto Giacometti
(Related: Thought, People, Fact, Loneliness, Now, Past, Reason, Talk)

"I have a son, Mason, who is disabled - cerebral palsy - and he does not walk independently, sit independently or speak. He uses a talking computer. I started becoming an advocate for him when he was 3 years old."
- Laura San Giacomo
(Related: Son, Computer, Old, Talking, Years)

"Barry seems to be more flamboyant merely because he gets more interviews to talk about it."
- Maurice Gibb
(Related: Talk)

"The end comes when we no longer talk with ourselves. It is the end of genuine thinking and the beginning of the final loneliness."
- Edward Gibbon
(Related: Beginning, End, Loneliness, Talk, Thinking)

"I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers."
- Khalil Gibran
(Related: Kindness, Silence, Teachers)

"It's no secret that I love to talk, but the real secret is I love to listen, too."
- Kathie Lee Gifford
(Related: Love, Talk)

"Don't like small talk, love rainy days."
- Melissa Gilbert
(Related: Love, Talk)

"The rolling contract was designed to specifically take away some of that retirement talk and retirement issue."
- David Gill
(Related: Retirement, Talk)

"Frankly, Governor Romney in his career has created more jobs than the entire Obama cabinet combined, so he could actually talk about it."
- Newt Gingrich
(Related: Career, Jobs, Talk)

"What is the primary purpose of a political leader? To build a majority. If voters care about parking lots, then talk about parking lots."
- Newt Gingrich
(Related: Leader, Purpose, Care, Majority, Talk)

"The secular elites are so terrified of telling the truth about radical Islam. When you talk about the radical Islamists, we have got to get straight and get serious and talk about it in the right way."
- Newt Gingrich
(Related: Truth, Islam, Radical, Right, Talk)

"Parents often talk about the younger generation as if they didn't have anything to do with it."
- Haim Ginott
(Related: Parents, Talk)

"I think it was when I ran into Kerouac and Burroughs - when I was 17 - that I realized I was talking through an empty skull... I wasn't thinking my own thoughts or saying my own thoughts."
- Allen Ginsberg
(Related: Thoughts, Saying, Talking, Thinking)

"The best example of how impossible it will be for Major League Baseball to crack down on steroids is the fact that baseball and the media are still talking about the problem as "steroids.""
- Malcolm Gladwell
(Related: Baseball, Example, Fact, Media, Talking, Will)

"We can teach a lot of things, but if the teacher can't relate by talking to a group of friendly students, he'll never be a competent teacher."
- William Glasser
(Related: Students, Talking)

"Since there will be no one left to talk peace after the next war, it makes good sense to break with tradition and hold the peace conference first."
- William Glasser
(Related: Peace, War, First, Sense, Talk, Tradition, Will)

"Prior to being allowed to enter the profession, prospective teachers should be asked to talk with a group of friendly students for at least half an hour and be able to engage them in an interesting conversation about any subject the prospective teacher wants to talk about."
- William Glasser
(Related: Being, Conversation, Profession, Students, Talk, Teachers)

"I'm afraid I talk a lot, too much, perhaps. I should have been a lawyer or a college professor or a windy politician, though I'm glad I am not any of these."
- Tom Glazer
(Related: College, Talk)

"For hundreds of years people have talked about artists having inspiration, but often, some persons would say, write us a symphony or write us a song, on commission. The artists would come up with a masterpiece without waiting to have their muse inspire them."
- Tom Glazer
(Related: People, Inspiration, Artists, Song, Waiting, Years)

"This country has always been run by elite, and it's an elitist democracy. And that's not a radical concept. It's elitist democracy. When people talk about democracy, they don't talk - really talk about participatory democracy, until the point that we get us at Election Day."
- Danny Glover
(Related: People, Country, Day, Democracy, Radical, Talk)

"It's also important for those who promote those issues within the white community - the somewhat privileged community - to talk about issues affecting people of color."
- Danny Glover
(Related: People, Community, Talk)

"If we talk about the environment, for example, we have to talk about environmental racism - about the fact that kids in South Central Los Angeles have a third of the lung capacity of kids in Santa Monica."
- Danny Glover
(Related: Environmental, Example, Fact, Kids, Racism, Talk)

"If we talk about literacy, we have to talk about how to enhance our children's mastery over the tools needed to live intelligent, creative, and involved lives."
- Danny Glover
(Related: Children, Talk, Tools)

"If I go to a seminar and someone like you or someone like him is talking, I'm never part of the group that rushes him directly afterward. I always wait in the back corner with my head down until everyone is gone, and then I go up and do my thing."
- Arthur Godfrey
(Related: Talking)

"No one would talk much in society if they knew how often they misunderstood others."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(Related: Society, Talk)

"Talk well of the absent whenever you have the opportunity."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(Related: Opportunity, Talk)

"You can stay in therapy your whole life, but you've got to live life and not talk about life."
- Tracey Gold
(Related: Life, Talk, Therapy)

"Talk when you talk, walk when you walk, and die when you die."
- Natalie Goldberg
(Related: Talk)

"If any movie people are watching this show, please, for me, have some respect. You wanna sell some tickets, act like you know what you're talking about."
- Jeff Goldblum
(Related: People, Act, Respect, Talking)

"He who talks much cannot talk well."
- Carlo Goldoni
(Related: Talk)

"If you were to make little fishes talk, they would talk like whales."
- Oliver Goldsmith
(Related: Talk)

"I was ever of the opinion, that the honest man who married and brought up a large family, did more service than he who continued single, and only talked of population."
- Oliver Goldsmith
(Related: Family, Man, Opinion, Population, Service)

"Hubert Humphrey talks so fast that listening to him is like trying to read Playboy magazine with your wife turning the pages."
- Barry Goldwater
(Related: Wife, Listening, Trying)

"We're talking about the lawyers for the United States of America. And I think it's very, very important that the lawyers be comfortable being very candid and open about their views on very sensitive issues affecting the United States."
- Alberto Gonzales
(Related: America, Being, Lawyers, Open, states, Talking, United)

"I think that when we're talking about youth violence, we're talking about kids who don't have opportunities, so they're engaged in a certain degree of lawlessness, because we as a society have failed them."
- Matt Gonzalez
(Related: Society, Kids, Talking, Violence, Youth)

"I'm so used to talk-show hosts just giving you a sound bite and not really being interested."
- Genevieve Gorder
(Related: Being, Giving, Sound, Talk)

"The last thing in the world I should have done was go into the theater because was inordinately shy as a young man. I couldn't open my mouth. At a party, I was the one stuck up against the wall. I was embarrassed about talking. I felt that I couldn't talk well."
- Gale Gordon
(Related: Man, Open, Party, Talk, Talking, Theater, World)

"I'm not really allowed to talk about the Dead though. I think when we are at our best, we definitely do things that the Dead or no other band could do. We explore things and take things to the extreme."
- Mike Gordon
(Related: Extreme, Talk)

"You're talking to someone who really understands rock music."
- Tipper Gore
(Related: Music, Talking)

"I have a friend that is a WWII buff, and we sat and talked a lot about stuff like the war and the reasons behind it, and you now it's all in the uniform. Once you're in it, it usually does all the work for you."
- Ryan Gosling
(Related: War, Work, Friend, Now)

"But Eddie does not make all the decisions. Eddie can listen to reason; Eddie can be swayed or talked in or out of certain things. Eddie allows other people to lead in this band and to have certain roles that are very fundamental to the decision-making process."
- Stone Gossard
(Related: People, Decision, Decisions, Reason)

"Commercials on television are similar to sex and taxes; the more talk there is about them, the less likely they are to be curbed."
- Jack Gould
(Related: Sex, Talk, Taxes, Television)

"I can tell jokes. I can talk to the audience. I can relax. I can change my songs whenever I want. I can change the tempos. I can change the mood, because I'm in charge."
- Robert Goulet
(Related: Change, Jokes, Relax, Songs, Talk, Want)

"People are talking of his susceptibility to the rising delivery, but let me tell you that when you are out of form, every ball looks like a hand grenade."
- David Gower
(Related: People, Talking)

"I don't talk about my personal life with the press."
- Topher Grace
(Related: Life, Press, Talk)

"Be content to act, and leave the talking to others."
- Baltasar Gracian
(Related: Act, Content, Talking)

"Toad talked big about all he was going to do in the days to come, while stars grew fuller and larger all around them, and a yellow moon, appearing suddenly and silently from nowhere in particular, came to keep them company and listen to their talk."
- Kenneth Grahame
(Related: Company, Moon, Stars, Talk)

"I can remember the frustration of not being able to talk. I knew what I wanted to say, but I could not get the words out, so I would just scream."
- Temple Grandin
(Related: Being, Frustration, Talk, Words)

"I can look back at different times in my life when I felt I could not find my way out of whatever it was. I'm not necessarily talking about marriage, but I wanted to pack it in. I wanted to disappear. A lot of that has to do with being in the public eye."
- Amy Grant
(Related: Life, Marriage, Being, Eye, Public, Talking)

"I'm talking as a professional impresario. I'm not judging anybody at all."
- Norman Granz
(Related: Talking)

"Never use the word 'audience.' The very idea of a public, unless the poet is writing for money, seems wrong to me. Poets don't have an 'audience'. They're talking to a single person all the time."
- Robert Graves
(Related: Time, Money, Idea, Poets, Public, Talking, Word, Writing, Wrong)

"As to Bell's talking telegraph, it only creates interest in scientific circles... its commercial values will be limited."
- Elisha Gray
(Related: Values, Interest, Talking, Will)

"Talk of joy: there may be things better than beef stew and baked potatoes and home-made bread - there may be."
- David Grayson
(Related: Home, May, Talk)

"You know, there're no rules between Russell and I. We don't want to have to have to talk too much, because it's really precious, really special to play music."
- Benny Green
(Related: Music, Play, Rules, Talk, Want)

"I've just had some of the worst situations with the most beautiful girls who I just could not stand talking to anymore. The physical only lasts for so long."
- Brian Austin Green
(Related: Girls, Talking)

"Talk of unusual swell of waist In maid of honor loosely laced."
- Matthew Green
(Related: Honor, Talk)

"But, if you observe children learning in their first few years of life, you can see that they can and do learn on their own - we leave them alone to crawl, walk, talk, and gain control over their bodies. It happens without much help from parents."
- Daniel Greenberg
(Related: Life, Control, Children, First, Gain, Help, Learning, Parents, Talk, Years)

"Nobody thinks in terms of human beings. Governments don't, why should we? They talk about people and the proletariat; I talk about the suckers and the mugs. It's the same thing."
- Graham Greene
(Related: People, Talk)

"People talk about the courage of condemned men walking to the place of execution: sometimes it needs as much courage to walk with any kind of bearing towards another person's habitual misery."
- Graham Greene
(Related: Men, People, Courage, Misery, Needs, Talk, Walking)

"There is such a thing as tempting the gods. Talking too much, too soon and with too much self-satisfaction has always seemed to me a sure way to court disaster. The forces of retribution are always listening. They never sleep."
- Meg Greenfield
(Related: Gods, Court, Disaster, Listening, Self, Sleep, Talking)

"Even the frankest and bravest of subordinates do not talk with their boss the same way they talk with colleagues."
- Robert Greenleaf
(Related: Boss, Talk)

"I don't know where the stock market is going, but I will say this, that if it continues higher, this will do more to stimulate the economy than anything we've been talking about today or anything anybody else was talking about."
- Alan Greenspan
(Related: Economy, Talking, Today, Will)

"You're talking to somebody who two years ago couldn't figure out how to use e-mail and who now has carpal tunnel. It has totally changed in that these films would not be getting out to people the way they're getting out without the Internet."
- Robert Greenwald
(Related: People, Internet, Now, Talking, Years)

"Over and over again-in the movie, I have nine different people who have worked for Fox News network who have come forward and talked on camera, three of them anonymously, by the way."
- Robert Greenwald
(Related: People, Network, News)

"It's like that scene from The Player when they talk about merging Star Wars and Kramer vs. Kramer, or whatever. You could do that with music and it would just be awful."
- Jonny Greenwood
(Related: Music, Talk)

"The sight of women talking together has always made men uneasy; nowadays it means rank subversion."
- Germaine Greer
(Related: Men, Women, Rank, Sight, Talking)

"I grew up in a family where we weren't allowed to talk about beauty or to put any emphasis on physical appearance."
- Pam Grier
(Related: Beauty, Family, Appearance, Talk)

"A lot of celebrities, especially when you're talking about the really big ones, live in what I call the fame bubble. Nobody ever says no to them or challenges them or even teases them."
- Kathy Griffin
(Related: Fame, Talking)

"When I was 34, people would say, What's going to happen to you when you're 40? What are you going to do? You don't have much time left. And I was like, what are you talking about?"
- Melanie Griffith
(Related: Time, People, Talking)

"Prose talks and poetry sings."
- Franz Grillparzer
(Related: Poetry, Prose)

"Race prejudice can't be talked down, it must be lived down."
- Francis J. Grimke
(Related: Prejudice, Race)

"Many instances exist of small children who seem to remember and describe their previous life in another body, another place, and with other people. These memories emerge usually shortly after these children begin to talk."
- Stanislav Grof
(Related: Life, People, Body, Children, Memories, Talk)

"I don't even like to talk about it. I hated being a number and not merely because I was a very small one. I let them bellow at me for just as long as it took me to find enough pluck to bellow back at them."
- George Grosz
(Related: Being, Talk)

"Does any art have a practical value? People love to talk about how expensive a painting is. That's the only way we can talk about paintings in this century."
- John Guare
(Related: Art, Love, People, Painting, Talk, Value)

"There are a million things I can think of that I would I want to do. Reporting like you, would be one. A talk show host maybe, also. I want to do a lot."
- Justin Guarini
(Related: Talk, Want)

"On my morning run, I listen to sports talk radio."
- Lisa Guerrero
(Related: Sports, Talk)

"I'm looking forward to talking to Bill Parcells, too, and to seeing how that marriage with Jerry Jones goes."
- Lisa Guerrero
(Related: Marriage, Talking)

"I was so afraid that the athletes wouldn't talk to me because I'm a woman."
- Lisa Guerrero
(Related: Athletes, Talk, Woman)

"Talking in one language and talking in another, I think inevitably, produce two different personalities, as far as I've seen in other people. I assume it does the same for me."
- Alma Guillermoprieto
(Related: People, Language, Talking)

"My dog was with me all the time. I talked to my dog. She was my best buddy. I shared all my secrets with her, but I don't think I every really tried jokes out with the dog."
- Cathy Guisewite
(Related: Time, Jokes, Secrets)

"You get people talking about being worried about their art, and dances... their culture being wiped out or taken over, and yet these same people are taking advantage of their people to use them as cheap labour."
- Arlo Guthrie
(Related: Art, People, Being, Culture, Talking)

"We were talking about the kissing in the movie just recently. Clearly, it's pretty challenging material, but Ang said two men herding sheep was far more sexual than two men having sex on screen."
- Jake Gyllenhaal
(Related: Men, Sex, Kissing, Pretty, Sheep, Talking)

"I think Secretary's funny, it is about sex, and there's a lot of sex in it, sex is the key, but you're talking about a lot of other complicated things."
- Maggie Gyllenhaal
(Related: Funny, Sex, Key, Talking)

"It's funny, when people talk about the 70s I can tell you the year of every album but when it comes to the later efforts I can't remember the exact years, it's funny isn't it?"
- Steve Hackett
(Related: Funny, People, Talk, Years)

"Our generals talk a good game about taking care of their grunts, and the majority of our Beltway politicians bay with moralistic fervor about how they, too, support the troops."
- David Hackworth
(Related: Care, Majority, Politicians, Support, Talk, Troops)

"Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well."
- Mark Haddon
(Related: Books, Conversation, Reading, Talk)

"We've talked to the Europeans about it. It's clear if those negotiations fail, then we are agreed with the Europeans that the next step is to take the matter to the U.N. Security Council."
- Stephen Hadley
(Related: Security)

"I don't want to talk about negative, dark things. The only thing I've got against stuff like Marilyn Manson is, they make unbelievable videos and unbelievable images."
- Sammy Hagar
(Related: Negative, Talk, Want)

"I meet many people, I talk with them, like a TV show host. I show what's going on with Greenpeace, interesing political things, I have artists, musicians and bands."
- Nina Hagen
(Related: People, Artists, Musicians, Talk)

"I was 48-years old before anybody talked me into it for medicinal purposes, instead of some of these drugs that they give you that will lead you to heart surgery and things of that nature."
- Merle Haggard
(Related: Nature, Heart, Drugs, Old, Will)

"I was trying to talk about where we are right now as a society, and talk about the fear we all live in, and certainly since 9-11, how it's affected us and the world."
- Paul Haggis
(Related: Society, Fear, Now, Right, Talk, Trying, World)

"You hear about constitutional rights, free speech and the free press. Every time I hear these words I say to myself, 'That man is a Red, that man is a Communist!' You never hear a real American talk like that."
- Frank Hague
(Related: Time, American, Free speech, Rights, Man, Press, Talk, Words)

"Billy Graham talks about how he doesn't judge people. I don't either. Some people I am just pissed at."
- Jessica Hahn
(Related: People)

"But one led to two, two led to four, four led to eight, until at the end it was about 85 a day - the doctors could not believe I was taking that much. And that was just the valium - I'm not talking about the other pills I went through."
- Corey Haim
(Related: Day, Doctors, End, Talking)

"We now have a political process, we've had a period of parties that have been fighting each other quite literally with bombs and bullets, talking to each other, and having sat together in the assembly and sharing government with each other."
- Peter Hain
(Related: Government, Bombs, Fighting, Now, Sharing, Talking)

"There's nothing worse than having everybody thinking alike, talking alike and having the same direction in mind. It gets stale that way."
- Alex Van Halen
(Related: Direction, Mind, Nothing, Talking, Thinking)

"When you start about family, about lineage and ancestry, you are talking about every person on earth."
- Alex Haley
(Related: Family, Ancestry, Earth, Talking)

"Mick Jagger and I just really liked each other a lot. We talked all night. We had the same views on nuclear disarmament."
- Jerry Hall
(Related: Night)

"Ultimately, I'm a mess. I don't mean I'm a mess, like, emotionally - I mean, I think probably everybody's a mess. David's a mess. But. I'm talking about... I'm messy."
- Michael C. Hall
(Related: Talking)

"I got to work with my wife, Lena Olin, for the first time, which was great. I thought it might be difficult in some way to talk to one's wife in a different way but it was so not forced."
- Lasse Hallstrom
(Related: Work, Time, Wife, Thought, First, Talk)

"I imagined that it might be awkward to talk to your wife about her performance, so going into it I was a little nervous. But doing it was actually a wonderfully inspiring experience."
- Lasse Hallstrom
(Related: Experience, Wife, Performance, Inspiring, Talk)

"Some persons talk simply because they think sound is more manageable than silence."
- Margaret Halsey
(Related: Silence, Sound, Talk)

"I was passionate. I found something that I loved. I could be all alone in a big old skating rink and nobody could get near me and I didn't have to talk to anybody because of my shyness. It was great. I was in my fantasy world."
- Dorothy Hamill
(Related: Fantasy, Old, Shyness, Talk, World)

"When I talked to my medical friends about the strange silence on this subject in American medical magazines and textbooks, I gained the impression that here was a subject tainted with Socialism or with feminine sentimentality for the poor."
- Alice Hamilton
(Related: Medical, Impression, American, Friends, Poor, Sentimentality, Silence, Socialism)

"I've lost track of the number of people who want to be writers but never actually write anything. Talking about writing, dreaming about writing, can be very fun, but it won't get a book written. You've got to write."
- Laurell K. Hamilton
(Related: People, Fun, Talking, Want, Writers, Writing)

"When you're talking with a person at this level of the government, at the very highest level, I think you have to be very discreet because he, President Clinton, is very aware that anything he says publicly can have a profound impact on American politics and on world politics."
- Lee H. Hamilton
(Related: Politics, Government, American, President, Talking, World)

"It was very hard to get any records, so the only source for us to really hear what was happening was listening to the Voice of America. We would be taping all the broadcast and then sharing the tapes and talking about it."
- Jan Hammer
(Related: America, Listening, Sharing, Talking, Voice)

"I know the world is filled with troubles and many injustices. But reality is as beautiful as it is ugly. I think it is just as important to sing about beautiful mornings as it is to talk about slums. I just couldn't write anything without hope in it."
- Oscar Hammerstein II
(Related: Hope, Reality, Talk, Ugly, World)

"Playing is my way of thinking, talking, communicating."
- Lionel Hampton
(Related: Talking, Thinking)

"More than ever, we as parents and a nation must do something about the growth of obesity in our children. We must do more than just talk, we must be concerned enough to act."
- Lee Haney
(Related: Growth, Act, Children, Nation, Obesity, Parents, Talk)

"A trillion here, a trillion there and pretty soon you're talking about real money."
- Daniel Hannan
(Related: Money, Pretty, Talking)

"I think when people talk about ambition and talking to him, it might have seemed that he wasn't ambitious."
- Alan Hansen
(Related: People, Ambition, Talk, Talking)

"I never let my subject get in the way of what I want to talk about."
- Mark Victor Hansen
(Related: Talk, Want)

"When actors are talking, they are servants of the dramatist. It is what they can show the audience when they are not talking that reveals the fine actor."
- Cedric Hardwicke
(Related: Actor, Actors, Talking)

"What hypocrites we seem to be whenever we talk of ourselves! Our words sound so humble, while our hearts are so proud."
- Augustus Hare
(Related: Sound, Talk, Words)

"Happy the boy whose mother is tired of talking nonsense to him before he is old enough to know the sense of it."
- Augustus Hare
(Related: Mother, Nonsense, Old, Talking)

"This was in '79. I got pretty restless there, sitting around with a lot of people sitting around smoking cigarettes and talking about films, but nobody really doing anything."
- Renny Harlin
(Related: People, Pretty, Smoking, Talking)

"Sometimes I think to talk too much about music almost cheapens it."
- Ben Harper
(Related: Music, Talk)

"We were talking about really getting Europe on its feet. It was our hope that there would be a breakdown of trade barriers in Europe first, and then eventually a breakdown internationally, which would help increase trade with Europe."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: Hope, Europe, Feet, First, Help, Talking, Trade)

"When Bush first got elected, the very first time there was talk of going to war with Iraq, the mainstream media gave his position total credibility. I didn't get it then, and I don't get it now."
- Ed Harris
(Related: Time, War, Credibility, First, Iraq, Media, Now, Talk)

"So when we start talking about the state and all those that are so important and engaged and supportive around Florida, we've gotten overwhelming support, and it's so exciting."
- Katherine Harris
(Related: State, Support, Talking)

"We were talking about the space between us all and the people who hide themselves behind a wall of illusion. Never glimpse the truth - then it's far too late when they pass away."
- George Harrison
(Related: Truth, People, Illusion, Space, Talking)

"There is a neurologist, a woman over at Harvard who wanted me to come talk to them, and in France I have a lot of readers in the sciences. I can't tell you why."
- Jim Harrison
(Related: France, Talk, Woman)

"It always weirds me out and makes me unhappy that some people think I'm Justin. I'm not. People can be talking to me and I know they think they are talking to Justin. It's hard to explain."
- Randy Harrison
(Related: People, Talking)

"I actually have more respect for people who are in the closet. You end up exposing so much of yourself because you have to talk about your sexual life. You shouldn't have to talk about it."
- Randy Harrison
(Related: Life, People, End, Respect, Talk)

"We will often talk to Liz Smith about couples and relationships because she always has an inside track, too."
- Mary Hart
(Related: Relationships, Talk, Will)

"I can't say I'm happy to be talking about John Ritter and his passing. In my 21 years of Entertainment Tonight, this really was one of the most shocking and sad things to have happened."
- Mary Hart
(Related: Entertainment, Talking, Years)

"Some guys can do more talking in the ring, other guys do posing, body building, whatever the hell they do in the ring. But I don't have the big body, and I'm not the big smooth talker, but I can get in the ring and wrestle."
- Owen Hart
(Related: Body, Building, Hell, Talking)

"It's kind of beating a dead horse if you're talking about going out and saying wrestling's fake, or this or that. People don't want to hear that. They want to hear, they wanted to find an inside story."
- Owen Hart
(Related: People, Saying, Talking, Want, Wrestling)

"It's a terrific... you can't put it down. So I phoned him back and I said I'd love to do it. I went over to Paris for a meeting, and we just talked very generally about the approach."
- Ronald Harwood
(Related: Love, Meeting, Paris)

"Some people are like wheelbarrows; useful only when pushed, and very easily upset. The time to stop talking is when the other person nods his head affirmatively but says nothing."
- Henry S. Haskins
(Related: Time, People, Nothing, Talking)

"Getting in shape for this role, which is incredibly demanding, vocally, has been a lot of hard work, but I'm nailing it. I'm even kind of, at times, blowing my own mind, because I am even able to talk right now."
- David Hasselhoff
(Related: Work, Hard work, Mind, Now, Right, Talk)

"Logan was talking about the Civil War, which claimed the lives of more than 500,000 Americans. He wanted to provide Civil War veterans with a day to pay respects to their fellow soldiers who did not live to see the end of the war, without losing a day's pay."
- Doc Hastings
(Related: War, Americans, Day, End, Losing, Soldiers, Talking, Veterans)

"My parents are really well intended, and I think their way of dealing with things is denial and guilt. Nobody wanted to talk about it. But all I did was blame myself."
- Teri Hatcher
(Related: Blame, Denial, Guilt, Parents, Talk)

"Doing leads more surely to talking than talking to doing."
- Vance Havner
(Related: Talking)

"Our bodies are hanging along for the ride, but my brain is talking to your brain. And if we want to understand who we are and how we feel and perceive, we really understand what brains are."
- Jeff Hawkins
(Related: Talking, Want)

"We must not always talk in the market-place of what happens to us in the forest."
- Nathaniel Hawthorne
(Related: Talk)

"One has to grow up with good talk in order to form the habit of it."
- Helen Hayes
(Related: Habit, Order, Talk)

"Dr. Johnson was a lazy learned man who liked to think and talk better than to read or write; who, however, wrote much and well, but too often by rote."
- William Hazlitt
(Related: Man, Talk)

"Look up, laugh loud, talk big, keep the color in your cheek and the fire in your eye, adorn your person, maintain your health, your beauty and your animal spirits."
- William Hazlitt
(Related: Beauty, Health, Eye, Fire, Spirits, Talk)

"I like a friend the better for having faults that one can talk about."
- William Hazlitt
(Related: Friend, Faults, Talk)

"We all sing about the things we're thinking; musicals are about expressing those emotions that you can't talk about. It works a real treat."
- Anthony Head
(Related: Emotions, Talk, Thinking)

"I'm always dissing Ray and making fun of him, talking about his money."
- Patricia Heaton
(Related: Money, Fun, Talking)

"It's important to talk about loving yourself and looking at your tragedies and the stuff that makes you grow."
- Anne Heche
(Related: Talk)

"Talking and eloquence are not the same: to speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks."
- Heinrich Heine
(Related: Eloquence, Fool, Man, May, Talk, Talking)

"I have never seen an ass who talked like a human being, but I have met many human beings who talked like asses."
- Heinrich Heine
(Related: Being)

"Please do not ask me to talk about my divorce. Mr. Ziegfeld and I are such very good friends. It is only a little matter quite between ourselves."
- Anna Held
(Related: Divorce, Friends, Talk)

"They're fancy talkers about themselves, writers. If I had to give young writers advice, I would say don't listen to writers talking about writing or themselves."
- Lillian Hellman
(Related: Advice, Fancy, Talking, Writers, Writing)

"If I had to give young writers advice, I would say don't listen to writers talking about writing or themselves."
- Lillian Hellman
(Related: Advice, Talking, Writers, Writing)

"Lonely people, in talking to each other, can make each other lonelier."
- Lillian Hellman
(Related: People, Lonely, Talking)

"When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen."
- Ernest Hemingway
(Related: People, Talk)

"For instance, some early ideas for Florida were done only recently. The idea of a little village was there from the beginning and now we have this "Celebration" village. Same thing for the Disney Institute. Walt talked about this idea in the very first."
- John Hench
(Related: Idea, Ideas, Beginning, Disney, First, Now)

"I took anatomy classes. I went to medical libraries and talked to doctors and nutritionists. I did the whole thing before using myself as a human guinea pig."
- Marilu Henner
(Related: Medical, Doctors, Libraries)

"What I always meant by that was that I do believe that a lot of directors, and writers, and sometimes producers just lose their edge because they haven't seen anybody or talked to anybody or been with anybody who isn't a kind of replica of themselves for a long period of time."
- Buck Henry
(Related: Time, Writers)

"It is not talking but walking that will bring us to heaven."
- Matthew Henry
(Related: Heaven, Talking, Walking, Will)

"I have to say that when I was young, when any politician was talking I wasn't even interested. Maybe they were saying some nice stuff, but then if you put Michael Jordan on TV, I was interested!"
- Thierry Henry
(Related: Saying, Talking)

"It's difficult to talk about Pele because I didn't see him."
- Thierry Henry
(Related: Talk)

"Actually the copies of characters is something I don't particularly like to talk about in articles but just for your information, most characters there's only one."
- Jim Henson
(Related: Information, Talk)

"If you're doing a large, complicated character with radio controls, it might take a number of people several months to make it and if you're talking about a quick little hand puppet, it could be made in 2 days, so there's enormous range there, and no real easy generalities."
- Jim Henson
(Related: People, Character, Months, Quick, Talking)

"If nobody said anything unless he knew what he was talking about, a ghastly hush would descend upon the earth."
- Alan Patrick Herbert
(Related: Earth, Talking)

"Stop talking. Start walking."
- L. M. Heroux
(Related: Talking, Walking)

"Bush can talk about 100,000 people wanting to go work in the police or in the army. It's because there's nothing else for them to do. They're willing to stand in line to get bombed because they want to take care of their family."
- Seymour Hersh
(Related: Family, Work, People, Army, Care, Nothing, Police, Talk, Want)

"I know actors come around and they always talk like that, but I don't do publicity if I don't like the film."
- Barbara Hershey
(Related: Actors, Film, Publicity, Talk)

"You don't repair that relationship by sitting down and talking about trust or making promises. Actually, what rebuilds it is living it and doing things differently - and I think that is what is going to make the difference."
- Patricia Hewitt
(Related: Trust, Difference, Living, Promises, Talking)

"I think we're in good shape, but the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina is in some small way mitigated by the fact that we now have more people talking about it, thinking about it and working on it, so that we will be more vigilant and ready."
- John Hickenlooper
(Related: People, Fact, Now, Talking, Thinking, Tragedy, Will)

"People talk about revelation, and say it has ceased; but what ignorance it bespeaks, when man knows not the least thing on earth without revelation."
- Elias Hicks
(Related: People, Earth, Ignorance, Man, Talk)

"There are people who can talk sensibly about a controversial issue; they're called humorists."
- Cullen Hightower
(Related: People, Talk)

"Talk is cheap - except when Congress does it."
- Cullen Hightower
(Related: Congress, Talk)

"My parents are older, and they lead a somewhat sheltered life. It was difficult to talk with them about things that were embarrassing to me, and that I had never spoken to them about."
- Anita Hill
(Related: Life, Parents, Talk)

"Because I was extremely uncomfortable talking about sex with him at all and particularly in such a graphic way, I told him that I did not want to talk about these subjects."
- Anita Hill
(Related: Sex, Talk, Talking, Want)

"Always do something that requires you and your date to talk."
- Steven Hill
(Related: Talk)

"I'll talk about these things, but it's just, you know, you only get so much time and I'm much more interested in what I'm going to be doing next year than in something I did 10 years ago."
- Walter Hill
(Related: Time, Talk, Years)

"Although I wasn't able to get a visa for Vietnam, I was able to talk with swift boat veterans to get a feel for the time and place, and I visited a tropical prison in the Philippines to get a sense of what a Vietnamese prison might have been like."
- Tony Hillerman
(Related: Time, Prison, Sense, Talk, Veterans, Vietnam)

"When they talk about family values, it's in a repressive way, as if our American tradition were only the Puritan tradition or the 19th century oppressive tradition. The Christian tradition."
- James Hillman
(Related: Family, Values, Christian, American, Talk, Tradition)

"The word power has such a generally negative implication in our society. What are people talking about? Are they talking about muscles, or control?"
- James Hillman
(Related: Power, Society, People, Control, Negative, Talking, Word)

"I talk in that baby talk voice when I'm on TV, it's a put on."
- Paris Hilton
(Related: Baby, Talk, Voice)

"I don't remember not dancing. When I realized I was alive and these were my parents, and I could walk and talk, I could dance."
- Gregory Hines
(Related: Dance, Dancing, Parents, Talk)

"They were very generous with me. Everybody was willing to talk about their particular accident, what they had to deal with and how they got back in touch with their competitors' spirit."
- Gregory Hines
(Related: Accident, Spirit, Talk)

"The top players talk more now, and we have more meetings. We're just trying to get things better. But we still need somebody who could make a difference."
- Martina Hingis
(Related: Difference, Meetings, Now, Talk, Trying)

"When it comes to the income of the ministry, I have no problem talking about it or what happens to the money."
- Benny Hinn
(Related: Money, Income, Talking)

"If you're playing the character, you could say to yourself in 16 different ways, What if that didn't bother me? What if I knew exactly what he was talking about? What if I didn't get excited?"
- Judd Hirsch
(Related: Character, Talking)

"Advertising is salesmanship mass produced. No one would bother to use advertising if he could talk to all his prospects face-to-face. But he can't."
- Morris Hite
(Related: Advertising, Talk)

"I am happy for people to talk about my pictures, but I wish devoutly that I was not expected to talk about them myself."
- Howard Hodgkin
(Related: People, Talk)

"A lot of times when I sit down with the other comics and try to talk theory, they say I'm being too serious."
- Joel Hodgson
(Related: Being, Talk, Theory)

"Lots of people talk to animals... Not very many listen, though... That's the problem."
- Benjamin Hoff
(Related: People, Animals, Talk)

"The leader has to be practical and a realist, yet must talk the language of the visionary and the idealist."
- Eric Hoffer
(Related: Leader, Language, Talk)

"When you have a child, as anyone knows who has them, that's basically all you want to talk about."
- Philip Seymour Hoffman
(Related: Talk, Want)

"Though race-related issues continue to occupy a significant portion of our political discussion, and though there remain many unresolved racial issues in this nation, we, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about things racial."
- Eric Holder
(Related: Americans, Nation, Race, Talk)

"I could talk about him all day. He's one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to me."
- Judy Holliday
(Related: Day, Talk)

"The most important thing in the face is the eyes, and if you can make the eyes talk, you're halfway there."
- Ian Holm
(Related: Eyes, Talk)

"Fortunately we've been shooting in North Carolina which means we're not in LA where you can hear people talking about you and you know so much about what's going on in the business."
- Katie Holmes
(Related: Business, People, Talking)

"I have a lot of friends and fans in Canada and as a matter of fact I met a fan from there that came down to my office. It was nice and we took pictures and had a nice talk."
- Larry Holmes
(Related: Canada, Fact, Fans, Friends, Office, Talk)

"I type even faster than I talk. I'm very proud of that. I type so fast. And I have to because the characters are living in real time and I've got to keep up with them. It's a miracle they even give me a royalty."
- Rupert Holmes
(Related: Time, Living, Royalty, Talk)

"People talk fundamentals and superlatives and then make some changes of detail."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
(Related: People, Detail, Talk)

"I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions."
- Lou Holtz
(Related: Questions, Talking)

"Sometimes you actually get caught in the web of things where people are talking about... what kind of breakfast cereal you like."
- Joshua Homme
(Related: People, Talking)

"We need to talk about what we are going to do and see and decide. We'll have to wait and see."
- Peter Hook
(Related: Talk)

"Through a blog, an ordinary citizen such as myself can use the Internet, this thing invented by Albert Gore, to talk from my house to the U.S. capital and to make use of my right to point out to government officials and to the media when they are wrong."
- John Jay Hooker
(Related: Government, Internet, Media, Right, Talk, Wrong)

"Attending that Convention and talking with those people and many others convinced me that I should become a blogger in my efforts to reform the government and uphold the integrity of the Constitution and the laws made in furtherance thereof."
- John Jay Hooker
(Related: Government, People, Constitution, Integrity, Laws, Reform, Talking)

"Many spiritual teachers - in Buddhism, in Islam - have talked about first-hand experience of the world as an important part of the path to wisdom, to enlightenment."
- Bell Hooks
(Related: Experience, Wisdom, Islam, Buddhism, First, Spiritual, Teachers, World)

"No other group in America has so had their identity socialized out of existence as have black women... When black people are talked about the focus tends to be on black men; and when women are talked about the focus tends to be on white women."
- bell hooks
(Related: Women, People, America, Existence, Focus, Identity)

"People were talking while I was playing, so I got up and left the stage. I've gotten to the point where I'm not really very patient with patrons rapping during the show. And the people were all nice and quiet when I cam back."
- Bruce Hornsby
(Related: People, Quiet, Talking)

"In every person we meet there's this little piece of God in them and that's who you talk to. And that's the only person that you allow to talk to you. When something else is speaking, you walk away from that. If it's not good, if it's not love, you walk away from it."
- Terrence Howard
(Related: God, Love, Talk)

"Half the time men think they are talking business, they are wasting time."
- Edgar Watson Howe
(Related: Men, Time, Business, Talking)

"Many people would be more truthful were it not for their uncontrollable desire to talk."
- Edgar Watson Howe
(Related: People, Desire, Talk)

"No man would listen to you talk if he didn't know it was his turn next."
- Edward W. Howe
(Related: Man, Talk)

"I am in discussions with a label. We are talking about doing something."
- Freddie Hubbard
(Related: Talking)

"It ain't a bad plan to keep still occasionally even when you know what you're talking about."
- Kin Hubbard
(Related: Talking)

"Getting talked about is one of the penalties for being pretty, while being above suspicion is about the only compensation for being homely."
- Kin Hubbard
(Related: Being, Pretty, Suspicion)

"They talk about those All-Star Games being exhibition affairs, and maybe they are, but I've seen very few players in my life who didn't want to win, no matter whom they were playing or what for."
- Carl Hubbell
(Related: Life, Being, Games, Talk, Want)

"The reason I dislike talking about the creative process is that I do have a creative process that is a winner and it's a sure thing."
- Garth Hudson
(Related: Reason, Talking)

"I talked to ex-wives of musicians of the '70s for research. They're the funniest people in the world, yet there is this sad, beautiful thing in their eyes that says they've seen more than they could ever possibly tell you."
- Kate Hudson
(Related: People, Eyes, Musicians, Research, World)

"It's like being at the kids' table at Thanksgiving - you can put your elbows on it, you don't have to talk politics... no matter how old I get, there's always a part of me that's sitting there."
- John Hughes
(Related: Politics, Being, Kids, Old, Talk, Thanksgiving)

"I used to always run off at the mouth and talk about people. I just didn't know that it would make a living for me."
- D. L. Hughley
(Related: People, Living, Talk)

"Stupidity talks, vanity acts."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: Stupidity, Vanity)

"When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: Eyes, Talking, Woman)

"The only thing I shall talk about is my sporting achievements at school. My primary sporting achievement at school was that I dodged games for two complete years and was well through the third year before they discovered that I had completely avoided all games."
- John Hume
(Related: Achievement, Games, School, Talk, Years)

"My mother says I was vaccinated with a phonograph needle. I love to talk. I just love to talk."
- Jerry Hunt
(Related: Love, Mother, Talk)

"All I can say to the kids is if you've a problem in fishing or life, if you talk to an older person, you're gonna end up alright, because nine times out of 10, they've been through the same thing."
- Rex Hunt
(Related: Life, End, Fishing, Kids, Talk)

"I agree that Ruskin has done much harm to counter balance much good in giving people the trick of talking about Art instead of really doing a little of it to enable them to understand."
- William H. Hunt
(Related: Art, People, Balance, Giving, Harm, Talking)

"I'm very girly. I love to talk about diets, exercise, kids, make-up."
- Rachel Hunter
(Related: Love, Exercise, Kids, Talk)

"I would vote to increase the debt limit if there was a corresponding level of cuts. And if there was some serious talk about a balanced budget amendment, which we as governors always had to deal with."
- Jon Huntsman, Jr.
(Related: Debt, Talk, Vote)

"That's what governors do, they wrestle with the issues, they find solutions and they move the agenda forward. At the appropriate time we'll talk about all of these issues, while remembering that our party is a big tent party. We lose when we try to become exclusive to one particular set of issues."
- Jon Huntsman, Jr.
(Related: Time, Party, Talk)

"It's no use of talking unless people understand what you say."
- Zora Neale Hurston
(Related: People, Talking)

"He's dangerous because when God talks to him Bob will do whatever God asks him to do at great cost, even if no one agrees, if it's contrary to the way the stream is going, if Bob feels God is in it he will do it."
- Bill Hybels
(Related: God, Will)

"Talk to people in their own language. If you do it well, they'll say, 'God, he said exactly what I was thinking.' And when they begin to respect you, they'll follow you to the death."
- Lee Iacocca
(Related: Death, People, Language, Respect, Talk, Thinking)

"One of my very greatest fears as a child was being ridiculed in public. And there it was coming true. As a television presenter, I'd been respected. People come up to you in the street and shake your hand and talk to you in a respectful way."
- David Icke
(Related: People, Being, Public, Talk, Television)

"Rock isn't art, it's the way ordinary people talk."
- Billy Idol
(Related: Art, People, Talk)

"When the President was asked about global warming at a public appearance yesterday, he responded by talking about America's addiction to oil. You make the connection."
- Gwen Ifill
(Related: Addiction, America, Appearance, Connection, Global warming, Oil, President, Public, Talking, Yesterday)

"Yeah, exactly, you can talk about politics in music, you can talk about something else, but that's always going to change, and love is never going to change."
- Enrique Iglesias
(Related: Change, Love, Politics, Music, Talk)

"Musicians always come off sounding a little bit pretentious, and a little bit... I don't know, hypocritical, from what they do, talking about strong issues."
- James Iha
(Related: Musicians, Talking)

"I have to say when we talk about the treatment of these prisoners that I would guess that these prisoners wake up every morning thanking Allah that Saddam Hussein is not in charge of these prisons."
- James Inhofe
(Related: Talk, Treatment)

"It was sort of that in-between area when people don't talk about their personal lives. That's the kind of life I think Kerry would be living now if it weren't for the Lopez character sort of outing her."
- Laura Innes
(Related: Life, People, Character, Living, Now, Talk)

"Some of us may just, in one-on-one conversations with our family, with our friends, over the back fence with our neighbors, talk about the reality of our lives and realize that we're not alone, that we have a right to be physically safe and emotionally safe in our own homes."
- Patricia Ireland
(Related: Family, Friends, May, Neighbors, Reality, Right, Talk)

"I've talked to law enforcement officials at the state and local level who say that violence against women is going up. In any case, we think that it's an important issue whether it's going up or not. And we are determined to stop it."
- Patricia Ireland
(Related: Women, Law, State, Violence)

"They plan to ride into the White House on the Sweet Talk Express. Well, think again. Bush and Cheney are not compassionate conservatives. They are ruthless reactionaries."
- Patricia Ireland
(Related: Talk)

"I mean, I've been in a hundred and fifty films; I don't want to just sit around and talk about things."
- Michael Ironside
(Related: Talk, Want)

"A woman never forgets her sex. She would rather talk with a man than an angel, any day."
- Washington Irving
(Related: Sex, Day, Man, Talk, Woman)

"When I talk to the camera, mate, it's not like I'm talking to the camera, I'm talking to you because I want to whip you around and plunk you right there with me."
- Steve Irwin
(Related: Right, Talk, Talking, Want)

"I can't tell you too much about it because I'm not even meant to tell you that I'm in it. In fact, I might never work again now that I've been talking to you. I'm not in it for very long, let's put it that way."
- Jason Isaacs
(Related: Work, Fact, Now, Talking)

"I talk to people who are musicians, and they go, Oh this is hell. And I go, Are you kidding me? You never put tar paper on a roof, did ya?"
- Chris Isaak
(Related: People, Hell, Musicians, Talk)

"I felt slightly superior to student politics, for instance. I had no reason to think this, but I thought of myself as slightly more seasoned. I became quite cynical talking to my student friends."
- Kazuo Ishiguro
(Related: Politics, Thought, Friends, Reason, Talking)

"There's a lot of exaggerated talk about CAFTA, but it's actually a fairly routine trade agreement. Although it involves fairly small nations, they're still more important trade partners than places like Australia or many other larger nations."
- Ernest Istook
(Related: Agreement, Nations, Routine, Talk, Trade)

"We talked about the Internet and Wikipedia and how facts and history are being collectively created online."
- Joichi Ito
(Related: History, Being, Facts, Internet)

"I talked about the barriers created by monopolies. I said that it was the role of government to break up these monopolies and that we couldn't do it alone."
- Joichi Ito
(Related: Government)

"Two days ago, I was killed in LA. CNN reported that. What if my grandmother had seen that and had a heart attack? People talk about lyrical content. There is no media responsibility. Movies, the porn industry, it has to be across the board or it's ineffective."
- Curtis Jackson
(Related: Movies, People, Heart, Content, Media, Responsibility, Talk)

"I've talked about sex a great deal in my music for a great while now. I feel very comfortable with it."
- Janet Jackson
(Related: Music, Sex, Now)

"I wanted to talk about my life. There is so much. I was 18 when I made the record, and I had a lot to say."
- Janet Jackson
(Related: Life, Talk)

"I'll never stop dreaming that one day we can be a real family, together, all of us laughing and talking, loving and understanding, not looking at the past but only to the future."
- LaToya Jackson
(Related: Family, Day, Future, Past, Talking, Understanding)

"Michael and I talk at least every two weeks. He understands why I've done the things I have."
- LaToya Jackson
(Related: Talk)

"Baby, black promoters oppressed me before white promoters ever got hold of me. Don't talk skin to me."
- Mahalia Jackson
(Related: Baby, Skin, Talk)

"It's a complete lie, why do people buy these papers? It's not the truth I'm here to say. You know, don't judge a person, do not pass judgement, unless you have talked to them one on one. I don't care what the story is, do not judge them because it is a lie."
- Michael Jackson
(Related: Truth, Lie, People, Care)

"When I was six years old, my mother died; and then, for the first time, I learned, by the talk around me, that I was a slave."
- Harriet Ann Jacobs
(Related: Time, Mother, First, Old, Talk, Years)

"We're developing things, but I don't know what we'll go with for the show, so I don't like to talk about it."
- Marc Jacobs
(Related: Talk)

"A man who gets divorced is not forever going to be talked about for it. There are very different standards that we have for women than we have for men."
- Bianca Jagger
(Related: Men, Women, Man)

"Today, we talk a lot about terrorism, but we rarely talk about state terrorism."
- Bianca Jagger
(Related: State, Talk, Terrorism, Today)

"The new fashion is to talk about the most private parts of your life; other fashion is to repent of your excesses and to criticize the drugs that made you happy in the other times."
- Mick Jagger
(Related: Life, Drugs, Fashion, Talk)

"People love talking about when they were young and heard Honky Tonk Women for the first time. It's quite a heavy load to carry on your shoulders, the memories of so many people."
- Mick Jagger
(Related: Love, Women, Time, People, First, Memories, Talking)

"You don't know what the Chinese expect in the way of beauty. The presentation is just a farce. You come into a room filled with 50 people and they don't talk to you. There's very little interaction."
- Helmut Jahn
(Related: Beauty, People, Talk)

"I could talk about Blade Runner forever."
- Brion James
(Related: Talk)

"I talked to the record company about what I had in mind. They said they wanted something lush. I figured the best thing to do was let them hear what I had in mind."
- Etta James
(Related: Company, Mind)

"People talk about the conscience, but it seems to me one must just bring it up to a certain point and leave it there. You can let your conscience alone if you're nice to the second housemaid."
- Henry James
(Related: People, Conscience, Talk)

"For when we talk about the spreading power and influence of globalization, aren't we really referring to the spreading economic and military might of the US?"
- Fredric Jameson
(Related: Power, Globalization, Influence, Military, Talk)

"The impossible talked of is less impossible from the moment words are laid to it."
- Storm Jameson
(Related: Words)

"We can go on talking about racism and who treated whom badly, but what are you going to do about it? Are you going to wallow in that or are you going to create your own agenda?"
- Judith Jamison
(Related: Racism, Talking)

"It was a wealthy family, and they heard me talk about movies, and they told me I should go into movies. That's the benefit of hanging out with rich people; they have no sense of what is or isn't possible."
- Michael Patrick Jann
(Related: Family, Movies, People, Sense, Talk)

"Usually you talk about directors in terms of the way they choose camera lenses or a kind of light to create a certain effect. But to me the most valuable commodity for a movie to create is a feeling of life, and that's what A Hard Day's Night has in spades."
- Michael Patrick Jann
(Related: Life, Day, Effect, Feeling, Light, Night, Talk)

"Cricket makes no sense to me. I find it beautiful to watch and I like that they break for tea. That is very cool, but I don't understand. My friends from The Clash tried to explain it years and years ago, but I didn't understand what they were talking about."
- Jim Jarmusch
(Related: Cricket, Friends, Sense, Talking, Tea, Years)

"I have to tell everyone that when I finish a film and it goes out and is released, I never look at my films again. I don't like looking back. I don't even like talking about 'em! So I'm really digging back in my memory because I don't like to sit and look at my films again."
- Jim Jarmusch
(Related: Film, Memory, Talking)

"I'm not talking ideas, or even presentation. It's like in politics: You have to sell something to become an electric player - like your skin or your heart."
- Keith Jarrett
(Related: Heart, Ideas, Skin, Talking)

"Back in the day, if someone said that hip hop and rap was a fad, that was a joke to me because they just didn't know what they were talking about. In reality, there were so many people who didn't know what they were talking about it."
- Jam Master Jay
(Related: People, Day, Rap, Reality, Talking)

"Me and my father went through a war period where we wasn't talking. He wanted me to go to theology school - I didn't want to go. I wanted to do music. I told him I was a minister through music."
- Wyclef Jean
(Related: Music, War, Father, School, Talking, Theology, Want)

"If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour?"
- Thomas Jefferson
(Related: People, Body, Congress, Lawyers, Nothing, Present, Question, Talk, Talking, Trade, Yield)

"Don't talk about what you have done or what you are going to do."
- Thomas Jefferson
(Related: Talk)

"He just kind of talks them through, and then I get the fun part cause I get to make up the stories."
- Jerry B. Jenkins
(Related: Cause, Fun)