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"When you're the spokeswoman for a weight-loss program, everything is witnessed. I weigh in once a week with a witness. I have to sign an affidavit saying I cannot have any surgeries."
- Kirstie Alley
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"I have been going to the gym instead of the bar, trying to get back down to my fighting weight."
- Gregg Allman
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"When women smoke, it is hard for them to quit because they are so worried about their weight; it's a vanity issue and a mindset."
- Loni Anderson
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"A system is in equilibrium when the forces constituting it are arranged in such a way as to compensate each other, like the two weights pulling at the arms of a pair of scales."
- Rudolf Arnheim
"Actors worry about bad breath, weight, receding hairlines and why their leading lady looks like their daughter."
- Matthew Ashford
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"It has long been known that the chemical atomic weight of hydrogen was greater than one-quarter of that of helium, but so long as fractional weights were general there was no particular need to explain this fact, nor could any definite conclusions be drawn from it."
- Francis William Aston
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"I was gaining weight very rapidly and read about the idea of restricting carbohydrates as an alternative to going hungry. I had a big appetite, so that was the only thing I would even consider."
- Robert Atkins
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"The proportion between the velocity with which men or animals move, and the weights they carry, is a matter of considerable importance, particularly in military affairs."
- Charles Babbage
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"Another mode of accumulating power arises from lifting a weight and then allowing it to fall."
- Charles Babbage
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"Fame is like a river, that beareth up things light and swollen, and drowns things weighty and solid."
- Francis Bacon
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"God hangs the greatest weights upon the smallest wires."
- Francis Bacon
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"The horrors of the Second World War, the chilling winds of the Cold War and the crushing weight of the Iron Curtain are little more than fading memories. Ideals that once commanded great loyalty are now taken for granted."
- Jan Peter Balkenende
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"I had had an extroverted personality with a lot of friends, but when I lost the weight and grew so tall, I withdrew within myself."
- Tyra Banks
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"It is true I gained muscular vigour, but with it a prodigious appetite, which I was compelled to indulge, and consequently increased in weight, until my kind old friend advised me to forsake the exercise."
- William Banting
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"The very gradual reductions in my weight which I am able to show, may be interesting to many, and I have great pleasure in stating them, believing that they serve to demonstrate further the merit of the system pursued."
- William Banting
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"I am now in that happy comfortable state that I do not hesitate to indulge in any fancy in regard to diet, but watch the consequences, and do not continue any course which adds to weight or bulk and consequent discomfort."
- William Banting
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"If the poor overweight jogger only knew how far he had to run to work off the calories in a crust of bread he might find it better in terms of pound per mile to go to a massage parlor."
- Christiaan Barnard
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"Although golf was originally restricted to wealthy, overweight Protestants, today it's open to anybody who owns hideous clothing."
- Dave Barry
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"Some people are born to lift heavy weights, some are born to juggle golden balls."
- Max Beerbohm
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"Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia. There may be legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not... with regard to abortion and euthanasia."
- Pope Benedict XVI
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"A German immersed in any civilization different from his own loses a weight equivalent in volume to the amount of intelligence he displaces."
- Jose Bergamin
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"The natural movement of one's soul is upwards. But just as any object is dragged down when a heavy weight is tied to it, the burden of the body drags down the soul."
- Vinoba Bhave
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"Adversity has the same effect on a man that severe training has on the pugilist: it reduces him to his fighting weight."
- Josh Billings
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"If you move something 10 pounds through space and then stop suddenly, there's a little overshoot. When you transfer weight from one leg to another, there's a certain way that it happens."
- Brad Bird
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"Everybody seized upon a bit of the beast. The Sultan claimed the liver, which, when dried and powdered, is worth twice its weight in gold as medicine."
- Isabella Bird
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"When I started studying for the arias it was like going into training for a heavyweight title fight."
- Michael Bolton
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"Youngsters of the age of two and three are endowed with extraordinary strength. They can lift a dog twice their own weight and dump him into the bathtub."
- Erma Bombeck
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"Never order food in excess of your body weight."
- Erma Bombeck
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"Every citizen of this country should be guaranteed that their vote matters, that their vote is counted, and that in the voting booth, their vote has a much weight as that of any CEO, any member of Congress, or any President."
- Barbara Boxer
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"I had to tell about my colonic, which expresses the fact why I'm so neat today as opposed to a few years ago. I never knew that the weight made that much difference."
- James Brown
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"The one noticeable similarity with almost all serial killer victims is their short height and low weight."
- Pat Brown
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"Behold a republic standing erect while empires all around are bowed beneath the weight of their own armaments - a republic whose flag is loved while other flags are only feared."
- William Jennings Bryan
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"You increase muscle bulk by training against resistance. For example, weights. And in ballet, this isn't the case."
- Deborah Bull
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"It's not about weight, it's about fitness, and one component of being fit is to have relatively low body fat, because fat is not very efficient, whereas muscle is."
- Deborah Bull
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"Actually, I think it's interesting that when I put the weight on, I was already with him. I don't know, maybe I felt safe. And he likes me like this. He likes me whatever size I am."
- Delta Burke
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"I put the weight on after we were together. I put on about 20 pounds when we got married, and people were flipping their lids. And then I put on more after that, and I've gone up and down since then."
- Delta Burke
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"Suspicion is a heavy armor and with its weight it impedes more than it protects."
- Robert Burns
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"We have the opportunity to provide the first FDA reviewed and approved over-the-counter option that can help people lose weight and make changes to their lifestyle and diet."
- Steve Burton
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"But without a caring society, without each citizen voluntarily accepting the weight of responsibility, government is destined to grow even larger, taking more of your money, burrowing deeper into your lives."
- Jeb Bush
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"I always loose a little weight on the road, so I constantly have to be on top of my nutrition and hydration."
- Matt Cameron
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"Ah, mon cher, for anyone who is alone, without God and without a master, the weight of days is dreadful."
- Albert Camus
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"The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight. They had thought with some reason that there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor."
- Albert Camus
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"In America today, the percentage of children and adolescents who are defined as overweight is more than double what it was in the early 1970s."
- Lois Capps
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"Most of the time I meet my trainer at the gym and we do a lot of everything: weights circuit with cardio, football drills, sprinting with weights on the treadmill."
- Charisma Carpenter
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"I'm the reason why I'm overweight. No one made me do it. I did it."
- Neil Cavuto
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"Be a terror to the butchers, that they may be fair in their weight; and keep hucksters and fraudulent dealers in awe, for the same reason."
- Miguel de Cervantes
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"They've never written a love story for me since I've been on the show and I think there's just more weight to it when two people love each other."
- Crystal Chappell
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"The weight that hangs upon our eyelids - is of lead."
- Mary Chesnut
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"Knowledge may give weight, but accomplishments give luster, and many more people see than weigh."
- Lord Chesterfield
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"When I try to get work in the US all they say is that I need to lose weight - but I bet they never said that to Mae West."
- Charlotte Church
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"I was lightweight - that was the whole point of me."
- Julian Clary
"Often times when you face such an overwhelming challenge as global climate change, it can be somewhat daunting - it's kind of like trying to lose weight, which I know something about."
- Hillary Clinton
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"I skate about 15 to 20 hours a week and also incorporate a lot of off-ice training. I take ballet and Pilates classes and lift weights with my physical therapist when I'm not on the ice."
- Sasha Cohen
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"If you look at my career, towards the end you will see I was fighting like once a year. I was not part of the Don King top heavyweights, so I was kind of kept out. His guys were getting three to four fights a year and I could only get one."
- Gerry Cooney
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"I've got a book coming out soon so I just must get some weight off."
- Jilly Cooper
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"There are six components of wellness: proper weight and diet, proper exercise, breaking the smoking habit, control of alcohol, stress management and periodic exams."
- Kenneth H. Cooper
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"If you look at body fat, it seems to increase with age, even though your weight does not. That's a physiological fact of aging, they say. Heck it is. It is an adaptive effect of aging."
- Kenneth H. Cooper
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"I don't criticize weight training - as long as it is not a substitute for aerobic training."
- Kenneth H. Cooper
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"Far too many times over the next 12 to 15 years, it was brought to my attention that people who followed my exercise guidelines exactly but ignored their diet, their weight and their cigarette smoking had heart attacks at age 55."
- Kenneth H. Cooper
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"From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free."
- Jacques Yves Cousteau
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"If I like myself at this weight, then this is what I'm going to be. I don't have an eating disorder."
- Courteney Cox
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"True as this is, it is also true that for one who won through there were many who gained nothing, and it was, and is, the sheer weight of numbers of those who failed of this that has made their influence on the modern life as pervasive and controlling as it is."
- Ralph A. Cram
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"We were only on orbit a little over two days, so we had no adverse effects from being weightless."
- Robert Crippen
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"The real pleasure was having the chance to enjoy being weightless, and the other was to spend some time looking out at this beautiful Earth that we're all lucky to inhabit."
- Robert Crippen
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"I don't like to boast, but I have probably skipped more poetry than any other person of my age and weight in this country."
- Will Cuppy
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"I'm gaining weight the right way: I'm drinking beer."
- Johnny Damon
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"Don't call me a mindless philosopher, you overweight glob of grease."
- Anthony Daniels
"And it has some weight, I mean, the whole history of the gargoyles, that's some wonderful stuff."
- Keith David
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"We worked so hard, spent so much time in weight room and in camps to be where we are today. We wanted to come out and be as good as any team in the state, to prove we could hang with any team at any time."
- Anthony Davis
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"I have no use for people who throw their weight around as celebrities, or for those who fawn over you just because you are famous."
- Walt Disney
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"I do some weights and I do a lot of stretching."
- Mike Ditka
"I'm very hard on myself because I know how good my body can look. Dorie has taught me to use less weight and more repetition so I don't become too muscular."
- Donna Dixon
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"When the weight of the paper equals the weight of the airplane, only then you can go flying."
- Donald Wills Douglas
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"Well, every time I get ready to do a job I want to lose weight."
- Fran Drescher
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"I have been dairy free for several years, and I started because I felt it was going to reduce my allergies, which it did, and help me lose weight, which it did."
- Fran Drescher
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"The other advantage is that in conventional manufacturing processes, it takes a long time for a factory to produce an amount of product equal to its own weight. With molecular machines, the time required would be something more like a minute."
- K. Eric Drexler
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"In some movies you feel like you're a very small part of a huge machine. Whereas in the theater you can have a very small part, but you can still feel the weight and the gravity of it. Given the nature of theater, it's a more concentrated and quiet experience."
- Minnie Driver
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"Finally, you get the job, and you think you'll be dancing on the ceiling, but I just wanted to go take a nap. It was just like a weight had been lifted off or something."
- Josh Duhamel
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"Writing poetry makes you intensely conscious of how words sound, both aloud and inside the head of the reader. You learn the weight of words and how they sound to the ear."
- Helen Dunmore
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"Oh leave the Wise our measures to collate. One thing at least is certain, light has weight. One thing is certain and the rest debate. Light rays, when near the Sun, do not go straight."
- Arthur Eddington
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"We can all put weight on or lose weight."
- Keith Emerson
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"When I went back to England after a year away, the country seemed stuck, dozing in a fairy tale, stifled by the weight of tradition."
- Brian Eno
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"The demographic weight of countries such as China and India exercise a massive pressure on our wages and salaries. They have accomplished massive technological advances and the revolution in information technology has reduced the costs of transport."
- Laurent Fabius
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"The great weight of the ship may indeed prevent her from acquiring her greatest velocity; but when she has attained it, she will advance by her own intrinsic motion, without gaining any new degree of velocity, or lessening what she has acquired."
- William Falconer
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"I ascribe a basic importance to the phenomenon of language. To speak means to be in a position to use a certain syntax, to grasp the morphology of this or that language, but it means above all to assume a culture, to support the weight of a civilization."
- Frantz Fanon
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"But then in April of 1985 the dollar began a sharp decline. The dollar's trade weighted value fell 23 percent in just 12 months and by a total of 37 percent by the beginning of 1988."
- Martin Feldstein
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"I couldn't get as big as a bodybuilder. I tried to put on as much weight in the right places as I could. My weightlifting was impressive for me, but not for some of the guys I see down at the gym."
- Ralph Fiennes
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"I like to keep fit, but I never lift very heavy weights."
- Ralph Fiennes
"The tendency of modern scientific teaching is to neglect the great books, to lay far too much stress upon relatively unimportant modern work, and to present masses of detail of doubtful truth and questionable weight in such a way as to obscure principles."
- Ronald Fisher
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"I have been on diets that were supervised by doctors, that were carefully supervised where I lost weight."
- Roberta Flack
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"I've been overweight all my life."
- Roberta Flack
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"The Internal Revenue Service is the real undefeated heavyweight champion."
- George Foreman
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"Suddenly in the end when it's over, you feel a big weight on your shoulders. That's the role of the captain. Unfortunately, it's sometimes like that in sport."
- Guy Forget
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"Well, you have your regular classes, like three hours every other day, three times a week. You get twice a week to have an ice practice. Once a week you have weight lifting. It was great."
- Peter Forsberg
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"Religion is not a burden, not a weight, it is wings."
- Harry Emerson Fosdick
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"If I were overweight because I ate too much, I would have far more of a complex. I would know if I just stopped eating and showed a little discipline I would be thin. But there's not a hell of a lot I can do about being short. You just gotta run with it."
- Michael J. Fox
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"I am not going to be the guy who's not pulling his weight."
- James Franco
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"I think the hardest thing is losing weight. That's the hardest thing more than anything else."
- Aretha Franklin
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"For lack of a better term, they've labeled me a sex symbol. It's flattering and it should happen to every bald, overweight guy."
- Dennis Franz
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"The doctors say it dates back to a film where I had these huge prosthetic breasts because my character was breast-feeding. The weight of them, and of the baby, did my back in."
- Anna Friel
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"Now, if King Crimson accepts responsibility for innovating its own tradition, you can't accept responsibility for the audience. And there is an enormous tangible weight of expectation, which comes from an audience attending a King Crimson concert."
- Robert Fripp
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"We know that in order for us to turn this around, it doesn't matter how many coaches they bring in here, assistants, weight trainers, whoever, we're the ones that are going to have turn it around. And I think just took that responsibility on ourselves."
- Kevin Garnett
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"And I told her point blank, you've got everything to live for. You've got such talent. You're back singing great, lose the weight. And she went and did it, and look at her now!"
- David Gest
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"I will try to cram these paragraphs full of facts and give them a weight and shape no greater than that of a cloud of blue butterflies."
- Brendan Gill
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"The weight of the world is love. Under the burden of solitude, under the burden of dissatisfaction."
- Allen Ginsberg
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"I didn't think I was fat. I just thought I didn't need to gain any weight. But I would drop weight and then I would be comfortable with that number. Then I would lose more weight and that would become my new number."
- Tracey Gold
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"And, uh, I did that, and there was nothing more ridiculous to me than finding the weight of the earth because I didn't care how much the earth weighed."
- Rube Goldberg
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"Societies can be sunk by the weight of buried ugliness."
- Daniel Goleman
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"I did put on weight for the last half of the film, but the Ferris wheel scene was shot with a harness on me so that if I fell I wouldn't fall all the way."
- Ryan Gosling
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"I have always had good strength in my legs from working out with weights. I have also been riding a bike of some sort for most of my life and have good agility."
- Mark-Paul Gosselaar
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"I don't watch a lot of featherweight fights yet some of those fights are the best fights ever."
- Robert Goulet
"Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It's a miracle, and the dance is a celebration of that miracle."
- Martha Graham
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"We put out press releases to tell people what had happened to me and that I had a large weight gain but a lot of people still didn't know. The ones that didn't know were floored. That was a real humbling experience for me."
- Lou Gramm
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"Before a secret is told, one can often feel the weight of it in the atmosphere."
- Susan Griffin
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"You know looking back on it now I used the fight and after the fight as motivation, to make sure I was going to be the best middleweight in the world for a long time."
- Marvin Hagler
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"It becomes a giant's task to compute the result when the effect of cross seas, wind at all angles and ever varying force, arched surfaces, head resistance, ratio of weight to area, and the intelligence of the guiding power crop up."
- Lawrence Hargrave
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"Bent metal is worse than bent wood and weight for weight is more flexible."
- Lawrence Hargrave
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"We never did a lot of weights, but a lot of repetitions. The most I would use doing squats was 300 pounds."
- Eric Heiden
"We used to lift weights a couple of times a week, we did a lot of running. I enjoyed the variety."
- Eric Heiden
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"A raised weight can produce work, but in doing so it must necessarily sink from its height, and, when it has fallen as deep as it can fall, its gravity remains as before, but it can no longer do work."
- Hermann von Helmholtz
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"Those nations have a very great responsibility at this juncture of the world's affairs, for by throwing their joint weight into the scales of history on the right side, they may tip the balance decisively in favour of peace."
- Arthur Henderson
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"None knows the weight of another's burden."
- George Herbert
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"Knowledge may give weight, but accomplishments give lustre, and many more people see than weigh."
- Herodotus
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"Now that I'm more mature, in a funny way, I can even appreciate that I've bad to become more aware of my body. Since I've chosen acting as my career, I have to keep my weight down anyway-I've been used to it for years, so it's no problem. And there's nothing I can't do."
- Dana Hill
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"My goal is to be the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World."
- Evander Holyfield
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"Barley, where it succeeds, yields a larger weight of feed per acre than any other small grain crop."
- David F. Houston
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"I gained 60 pounds, and I'm proud of it. Why do I need to watch my weight when I'm pregnant? I could eat whatever the hell I want to eat."
- Kate Hudson
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"I'm trying to let winning the world championships settle in right now before I begin training again shortly. During the skating season, we skate on average 20 kilometres a day. On top of that, we're riding a lot and lifting a lot of weights."
- Clara Hughes
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"Patience and tenacity are worth more than twice their weight of cleverness."
- Thomas Huxley
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"The way to be a man if you're a little boy is to be willing to throw your weight around."
- Patricia Ireland
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"I Worked in the family auto body shop, lifted weights, and rode a few Victory Sports Indoors."
- Ben Jackson
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"Going to work around 8:00am at the body shop. After work it's either weight training or practicing afterwards."
- Ben Jackson
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"A few years ago, I thought, I'll never make it. I started to go to the doctor to help me lose weight."
- Etta James
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"I, for one, hope that youth will again revolt and again demoralize the dead weight of conformity that now lies upon us."
- Howard Mumford Jones
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"Yes and, you know, I can't use the nice words anymore because I used to chicken out by using them. I used to call myself plus size, used to call myself chubby. I used to call myself overweight."
- Star Jones
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"I had started losing weight. I mean he didn't know anything about the journey that I was on at that point obviously but from my highest weight of just over 300 pounds I lost about 45 pounds."
- Star Jones
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"The height of the pulleys from the ground was twelve yards, and consequently, when the weights had descended through that distance, they had to be wound up again in order to renew the motion of the paddle."
- James Prescott Joule
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"They have equal weight and you do the same work you'd do if you were playing a dramatic role."
- Harvey Keitel
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"There is no age, height, or weight requirement to skate. It is good exercise no matter what your age is. If you want to be competitive, most start young. But, I practice with many adult competitors."
- Nancy Kerrigan
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"Small miseries, like small debts, hit us in so many places, and meet us at so many turns and corners, that what they want in weight, they make up in number, and render it less hazardous to stand the fire of one cannon ball, than a volley composed of such a shower of bullets."
- Rudyard Kipling
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"The best way to lose weight is to close your mouth - something very difficult for a politician. Or watch your food - just watch it, don't eat it."
- Edward Koch
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"And if you cannot remain indifferent, you must resolve to throw your weight into that balance in which the fate and condition of man is weighed."
- Lajos Kossuth
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"The role of Charlie Eppes has changed me. I never imagined I would play a role like this. I lost some weight, grew my hair and now every woman in America over 40 wants to date me. It's their daughters I want to convince. The truth is all this talk makes me blush. Me, I look in the mirror and all I see is this Jewish kid from Queens."
- David Krumholtz
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"Let us come to the philosophers, whose authority is of greater weight, and their judgment more to be relied on, because they are believed to have paid attention, not to matters of fiction, but to the investigation of the truth."
- Lactantius
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"I never - you know also one of the things that would save me for a man my age, it was not that easy to lose that much weight and fall down and look like something draped."
- Karl Lagerfeld
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"I have now exactly the same weight I had when I was 18, 20."
- Karl Lagerfeld
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"What you need to do is get that tape measure out, and start measuring that gut. Then you start working out and you start eating properly till that gut gets down close to it was when you were in your 20's. Then you'll find out what your weight should be."
- Jack LaLanne
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"Prose on certain occasions can bear a great deal of poetry; on the other hand, poetry sinks and swoons under a moderate weight of prose."
- Walter Savage Landor
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"Owing to the difficulty of dealing with substances of high molecular weight we are still a long way from having determined the chemical characteristics and the constitution of proteins, which are regarded as the principal con-stituents of living organisms."
- Karl Landsteiner
(Related: Constitution, Difficulty, Living, Weight)

"40 percent of North Korean children suffer from stunted growth. 20 percent are underweight."
- Tom Lantos
(Related: Growth, Children)

"I run six-to-eight miles a day, plus weights and aerobics in the lunch hour. I also lie a lot, which keeps me thin."
- Hugh Laurie
(Related: Lie, Day)

"I was in the gym five days a week, two hours a day. At one point, I was going seven days straight. I had put on a lot of weight, and then I started losing it drastically, so I was worried. It turned out I was overworking myself. My trainer told me that I couldn't break a sweat, because I was burning more calories than I was putting on."
- Taylor Lautner
(Related: Day, Losing, Weight)

"For 'X-Men' I was lifting a lot of weights. I actually lost a lot of mass when I quit "X-Men" because I was working out so much and very muscular and strong."
- Jennifer Lawrence
"It's a heavy weight, the camera. Now we have modern and lightweight, small plastic cameras, but in the '70s they were heavy metal."
- Annie Leibovitz
(Related: Now, Weight)

"For the first time ever, overweight people outnumber average people in America. Doesn't that make overweight the average then? Last month you were fat, now you're average - hey, let's get a pizza!"
- Jay Leno
(Related: Time, People, America, First, Now)

"To be the best, you need to spend hours and hours and hours running, hitting the speed bag, lifting weights and focusing on training."
- Sugar Ray Leonard
(Related: Running, Training)

"When I'm not in training. I'll walk around the streets at 153, but it's not solid; it's my socializing weight."
- Sugar Ray Leonard
(Related: Training, Weight)

"Generally, the more weight you put on, the less effective you are."
- Sugar Ray Leonard
(Related: Weight)

"Right now I'm 185, which is really good for me yet very hard for me to maintain. My weight seems high for the average woman, but I've got big bones and I'm maintaining muscle."
- Lisa Leslie
(Related: Now, Right, Weight, Woman)

"The whole thing of weight, I guess it's because there is a wider fascination we all have with weight."
- Daniel Day Lewis
(Related: Weight)

"Man is a masterpiece of creation if for no other reason than that, all the weight of evidence for determinism notwithstanding, he believes he has free will."
- Georg C. Lichtenberg
(Related: Creation, Determinism, Free will, Man, Reason, Weight)

"When I became of service to other people I stopped worrying about my weight so much."
- Judith Light
(Related: People, Service, Weight)

"My weight went up and down like a yo-yo."
- Judith Light
(Related: Weight)

"I'm not skinny for the wrong reasons. It's not because I'm bulimic or anorexic or doing drugs. Compared to a lot of actresses my age, I'm actually overweight."
- Lindsay Lohan
(Related: Age, Drugs, Wrong)

"I worked with a mime coach. I did weapons training. I did weight training."
- Kristanna Loken
(Related: Coach, Training, Weapons, Weight)

"I don't really lift weights. It's kind of a vanity thing that I don't get into."
- Jeremy London
(Related: Vanity)

"I like being small - I've known so many women with big boobs who feel overweight or end up with back problems."
- Eva Longoria
(Related: Women, Being, End, Problems)

"I'm clean and sober for over a year and no one seems to care! They're like, 'Oh, her dramatic weight gain.' So, stop making fun of me!"
- Courtney Love
(Related: Fun, Gain, Weight)

"Conventional wisdom notwithstanding, there is no reason either in football or in poetry why the two should not meet in a man's life if he has the weight and cares about the words."
- Archibald MacLeish
(Related: Life, Poetry, Wisdom, Football, Man, Reason, Weight, Words)

"I look at an ant and I see myself: a native South African, endowed by nature with a strength much greater than my size so I might cope with the weight of a racism that crushes my spirit."
- Miriam Makeba
(Related: Nature, Strength, African, Racism, Spirit, Weight)

"The only thing of weight that can be said against modern honor is that it is directly opposite to religion. The one bids you bear injuries with patience, the other tells you if you don't resent them, you are not fit to live."
- Bernard de Mandeville
(Related: Religion, Honor, Patience, Weight)

"My parents have always been offended by my weight, embarrassed maybe. It didn't fit with their sensibilities."
- Camryn Manheim
(Related: Parents, Weight)

"I hate overweight, because it implies that there's a weight standard I should be adhering to."
- Camryn Manheim
(Related: Hate, Weight)

"When it comes to boys and her weight, I think Ellenor is much more conservative than I am, and she has not had the dialogue I have had about my weight."
- Camryn Manheim
(Related: Boys, Conservative, Weight)

"If American men are obsessed with money, American women are obsessed with weight. The men talk of gain, the women talk of loss, and I do not know which talk is the more boring."
- Marya Mannes
(Related: Men, Women, Money, American, Gain, Loss, Talk, Weight)

"What could be better than walking down any street in any city and knowing you're the heavyweight champion of the world?"
- Rocky Marciano
(Related: Walking, World)

"That's the same in college. It's the same in high school. Kids are getting bigger, stronger, faster, more into the weightlifting, more into nutrition, more into size."
- Steve Mariucci
(Related: College, Kids, School)

"Bowed by the weight of centuries he leans upon his hoe and gazes on the ground, the emptiness of ages in his face, and on his back the burden of the world."
- Edwin Markham
(Related: Burden, Weight, World)

"That's about the 1000th and tenth time (I've been asked about my neck). It's OK. I'm been doing a little stuff. I got some stuff from UT, weights to build you back up."
- Sterling Marlin
(Related: Time)

"What Must I Do to Be Saved? It is impossible to ask a more weighty Question! It is deplorable that we hear it asked with no more Frequency, with nor more Agony."
- Cotton Mather
"Human freedom involves our capacity to pause, to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight."
- Rollo May
(Related: Freedom, Weight)

"Well, you know, I have always had an issue with the whole weight thing with people in general because I happen to love how big women look. I mean, it's all a perspective. It's all an opinion, and I think sort of the Rubenesque, voluptuous body is a lot sexier than the boney bag of bones with fake everything."
- Debi Mazar
(Related: Love, Women, People, Body, Opinion, Perspective, Weight)

"I think hard drugs are disgusting. But I must say, I think marijuana is pretty lightweight."
- Linda McCartney
(Related: Drugs, Pretty)

"I can honestly say this industry hasn't made me neurotic about my looks, except maybe my weight. I hope my clothes kind of reflect that. They're meant to make you feel good."
- Stella McCartney
(Related: Hope, Clothes, Weight)

"I've been very fortunate to be involved in all the Super Bowls, to see some World Series, to cover heavyweight championship fights; I've been to the Olympics and seen every sporting event there is."
- Will McDonough
(Related: World)

"Frank Marth also played many characters with us, and like George Petrie, he was worth his weight in gold."
- Audrey Meadows
(Related: Gold, Weight, Worth)

"But when you're a working actor - and that's what you keep saying in your head, how blessed you are to have a job - and you are working with heavyweights, working with the best guys in TV, it's pretty cool. Exhausting, but cool."
- Christopher Meloni
(Related: Actor, Job, Pretty, Saying)

"The magnitude of the atomic weight determines the character of the element, just as the magnitude of the molecule determines the character of a compound body."
- Dmitri Mendeleev
(Related: Character, Body, Weight)

"The elements, if arranged according to their atomic weights, exhibit an apparent periodicity of properties."
- Dmitri Mendeleev
"We must expect the discovery of many as yet unknown elements-for example, elements analogous to aluminum and silicon- whose atomic weight would be between 65 and 75."
- Dmitri Mendeleev
(Related: Discovery, Example, Weight)

"The elements which are the most widely diffused have small atomic weights."
- Dmitri Mendeleev
"Certain characteristic properties of elements can be foretold from their atomic weights."
- Dmitri Mendeleev
"Elements which are similar as regards their chemical properties have atomic weights which are either of nearly the same value (eg. Pt, Ir, Os) or which increase regularly (eg. K, Ru, Cs)."
- Dmitri Mendeleev
(Related: Value)

"Lighter computers and lighter sensors would let you have more function in a given weight, which is very important if you are launching things into space, and you have to pay by the pound to put things there."
- Ralph Merkle
(Related: Computers, Space, Weight)

"Ask everyone whether they're an actor or a doctor or a teacher or whatever is entitled to his or her opinion. But unfortunately, because actors are in the public eye, whether we want it or not, sometimes our opinions carry more weight or influence than they deserve."
- Debra Messing
(Related: Actor, Actors, Eye, Influence, Opinion, Opinions, Public, Want, Weight)

"I don't normally look like a twig and I do eat like a pig but the weight has just dropped off me."
- Sienna Miller
(Related: Weight)

"I think we should put the same weight now on the co-factors as we have on HIV."
- Luc Montagnier
(Related: Now, Weight)

"I found enormous opposition to my religion. It's like if you want to strengthen your biceps, you lift heavy weight, as heavy as you can handle, and work your muscles against resistance until it grows strong. I had to do that with my religion."
- Ricardo Montalban
(Related: Religion, Work, Opposition, Want, Weight)

"It is the weight, not numbers of experiments that is to be regarded."
- Isaac Newton
(Related: Numbers, Weight)

"The only weights I lift are my dogs."
- Olivia Newton-John
(Related: Dogs)

"I felt the weight of the past at the beginning of my career of singer."
- Yannick Noah
(Related: Beginning, Career, Past, Weight)

"You need to become more than one type of athlete. You have to be a sprinter, a weight man and a distance guy all in one."
- Dan O'Brien
(Related: Man, Weight)

"I was captain and should have set the example. I would lift a minimum of weights. Mine was natural physical strength. I always thought quickness and agility were much more important."
- Merlin Olsen
(Related: Thought, Strength, Example)

"I am not naturally that thin, so I had to go through everything from using drugs to diet pills to laxatives to fasting. Those were my main ways of controlling my weight."
- Carre Otis
(Related: Diet, Drugs, Weight)

"But aesthetics is not religion, and the origins of religion lie somewhere completely different. They lie anyway, these roses smell too sweet and the deep roar of the breaking waves is too splendid, to do justice to such weighty matters now."
- Rudolf Otto
(Related: Religion, Lie, Aesthetics, Deep, Justice, Now, Roses)

"Tears at times have the weight of speech."
- Ovid
(Related: Speech, Tears, Weight)

"I want more muscles! I go to the gym three or four times a week with a personal trainer. I can afford that now. I can't put on weight though, no matter how much I eat."
- Christopher Parker
(Related: Now, Want, Weight)

"I've been knocked down more than any heavyweight champion in history."
- Floyd Patterson
(Related: History)

"When younger, I was thin as a rail. As I've grown older, I've put on weight. I have continued to love myself in all those roles. Part of my spirituality, I always tell people, is to accept yourself for who you are."
- Troy Perry
(Related: Love, People, Spirituality, Weight)

"Researchers can measure what kind of angles your legs take up during the day when they're just trailing around behind you in weightless conditions, and what kind of impacts you feel during your exercise. They're going to compare that with what we do on the ground."
- John L. Phillips
(Related: Day, Exercise, Measure)

"Although a lot of pain for a little screen time; Shaving legs, waxing eyebrows, high heels, trying to put on a bra, losing weight because women's clothes are SO revealing - Ladies you have my respect."
- Lou Diamond Phillips
(Related: Time, Women, Clothes, Ladies, Losing, Pain, Respect, Trying, Weight)

"Why are empirical questions about how the mind works so weighted down with political and moral and emotional baggage?"
- Steven Pinker
(Related: Mind, Questions)

"Weight doesn't matter as long as you're happy with yourself."
- Billie Piper
(Related: Weight)

"The comparison to the old world is something to get excited about. We have the potential for more choice and innovation, and a different regulatory environment that doesn't place as much weight on economic regulations of terms and conditions."
- Michael K. Powell
(Related: Choice, Environment, Innovation, Old, Potential, Weight, World)

"Beauty doesn't need ornaments. Softness can't bear the weight of ornaments."
- Munshi Premchand
(Related: Beauty, Weight)

"But Italy can only have any real influence on world affairs if it carries weight in Europe."
- Romano Prodi
(Related: Europe, Influence, Italy, Weight, World)

"In a country like France, so ancient, their history is full of outstanding people, so they carry a heavy weight on their back. Who could write in French after Proust or Flaubert?"
- Manuel Puig
(Related: History, People, Country, France, Weight)

"There is little premium in poetry in a world that thinks of Pound and Whitman as a weight and a sampler, not an Ezra, a Walt, a thing of beauty, a joy forever."
- Anna Quindlen
(Related: Poetry, Beauty, Joy, Weight, World)

"And it's also producing a growth in debt to the United States that will weight very heavily in a country that has to address issues like having more old people to be covered by Social Security or by pension in the future."
- Rodrigo Rato
(Related: People, Growth, Country, Debt, Future, Old, Security, states, United, Weight, Will)

"Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia. There may be legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not... with regard to abortion and euthanasia."
- Joseph Ratzinger
(Related: Death, War, Abortion, Diversity, May, Opinion, Weight)

"Again, I think we have much greater diplomatic weight by having all of us sit on the same side of the table wanting the same thing, and putting it to the North Koreans."
- Mitchell Reiss
(Related: Weight)

"It's a nice visual. I had just done Blade and I put on more weight for Blade and I thought I might as well use it so I kept it and added a little more. I wanted him to be a big bear."
- Ryan Reynolds
(Related: Thought, Weight)

"Acting has given me a way to channel my angst. I feel like an overweight, pimply faced kid a lot of the time - and finding a way to access that insecurity, and put it toward something creative is incredibly rewarding. I feel very lucky."
- Ryan Reynolds
(Related: Time, Acting, Insecurity)

"The Death of Advertising? I think that's in the book of Revelation. It's the day when people everywhere become satisfied with their weight, their hair, their skin, their wardrobe, and their aroma."
- Jef I. Richards
(Related: Death, People, Advertising, Day, Hair, Skin, Weight)

"I am constantly working out-circuit training, jumping rope, and stair-stepping, and sticking to 1200 calories a day. It can't be something that you're doing to lose weight, and then once you do, you're done. I do it every day of my life."
- LeAnn Rimes
(Related: Life, Day, Training, Weight)

"Sitting in this chair, my recommendation would carry too much weight."
- Michael Ritchie
(Related: Weight)

"I've played with all of the heavyweights in the modern jazz, progressive jazz movement. I've been fortunate enough to play with them, a who's who. All of those guys, I've been fortunate enough to have performed with."
- Sonny Rollins
(Related: Jazz, Play)

"Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry is own weight, this is a frightening prospect."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
(Related: Being, Freedom, Responsibility, Want, Weight)

"The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his own weight."
- Theodore Roosevelt
(Related: First, Weight)

"I wanted to write a battle song for the Judeans but so far I can think of nothing noble and weighty enough."
- Isaac Rosenberg
(Related: Battle, Nothing, Song)

"Being overweight and obesity are major risk factors for many chronic diseases for South Dakotans of all ages. When people are overweight or obese, they have more health problems and more serious health problems, in addition to higher health care costs."
- Mike Rounds
(Related: Health, People, Being, Care, Obesity, Problems, Risk)

"And also it was a process of, we lifted weights as well, in an effort to train my body to then be able to lift heavier weights when I got in Australia. So that was the first couple of months."
- Brandon Routh
(Related: Body, Effort, First, Months)

"And then once in Australia, I really hit the weights hard."
- Brandon Routh
"At present, however, I don't think the Net is a very good medium for books, books should really be inexpensive lightweight paperbacks you can bang around."
- Rudy Rucker
(Related: Books, Present)

"And when I went to Houston, they had a conditioning coach by the name of Gene Coleman. And that was the first time I had gone to an organization that had a program with a weight room and designed specifically for pitchers."
- Nolan Ryan
(Related: Time, Coach, First, Houston, Name, Weight)

"Among the many problems which beset the novelist, not the least weighty is the choice of the moment at which to begin his novel."
- Vita Sackville-West
(Related: Choice, Problems)

"Armaments; extremely useful for fighting wars, a deadweight in any civil economy."
- John Ralston Saul
(Related: Economy, Fighting)

"I had all kinds of food issues, including health concerns and weight concerns."
- Sally Schneider
(Related: Food, Health, Weight)

"What we face may look insurmountable. But I learned something from all those years of training and competing. I learned something from all those sets and reps when I didn't think I could lift another ounce of weight. What I learned is that we are always stronger than we know."
- Arnold Schwarzenegger
(Related: May, Training, Weight, Years)

"Japan's humid and warm summer climate, as well as frequent earthquakes resulted in lightweight timber buildings raised off the ground that are resistant to earth tremors."
- Harry Seidler
(Related: Climate, Earth, Summer)

"Precepts or maxims are of great weight; and a few useful ones on hand do more to produce a happy life than the volumes we can't find."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(Related: Life, Maxims, Weight)

"Light troubles speak; the weighty are struck dumb."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(Related: Dumb, Light)

"When you're dead weight, in the right position, you win. And in reality, you wouldn't see someone my size kicking seven martial arts experts and winning."
- Joan Severance
(Related: Winning, Experts, Reality, Right, Weight)

"Songwriting is the other weight on the opposite side of the scale from touring. They balance me out creatively."
- Tommy Shaw
(Related: Balance, Weight)

"It's a massive motor in a tiny, lightweight car."
- Carroll Shelby
(Related: Car)

"Right now, any opinion anyone has about whether dogs can or cannot really tell when their owner is coming home by some unknown means... nobody knows. The weight of evi dence suggests they can."
- Rupert Sheldrake
(Related: Home, Dogs, Now, Opinion, Right, Weight)

"The smallest number, with God and truth on their side, are weightier than thousands."
- Charles Simmons
(Related: God, Truth)

"You're lucky you had that when you were 20. I sure didn't. I was overweight, and I had acne."
- Carly Simon
"Well, obviously, as soon as I'd finished the script I read a lot of books on Winston Churchill, and started to gain weight and really prepare emotionally, mentally and physically for the role."
- Christian Slater
(Related: Books, Gain, Weight)

"To be totally honest, if I could be thinner without it causing a lot of pain and anxiety in my life, I would be. But today the reality is my life is more important to me than my weight - and thank God for that."
- Courtney Thorne Smith
(Related: Life, God, Anxiety, Pain, Reality, Today, Weight)

"A measuring jug is also vital when cooking rice, as this is always measured by volume rather than by weight."
- Delia Smith
(Related: Cooking, Weight)

"It seems every year, people make the resolution to exercise and lose weight and get in shape."
- Ed Smith
(Related: People, Exercise, Resolution, Weight)

"It became obvious in 1957 that I was endangering my health by carrying so much weight."
- Kate Smith
(Related: Health, Obvious, Weight)

"My short game's not that good. It just becomes a matter of getting that weight moving."
- Ozzie Smith
(Related: Weight)

"I have to confess that there have been some times when I was less than glad to be a minister, and some Sundays still when I tremble under the weight of trying to speak a word for God."
- James Green Somerville
(Related: God, Trying, Weight, Word)

"One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love."
- Sophocles
(Related: Love, Life, Pain, Weight, Word)

"I see the state of all of us who live, nothing more than phantoms or a weightless shadow."
- Sophocles
(Related: Nothing, Shadow, State)

"I want to get back to my fighting weight of 98 pounds. I have the exact measurements of that guy from the movie, Powder. Right now, I am the reigning West Coast Powder."
- David Spade
(Related: Fighting, Now, Right, Want, Weight)

"I'm more focused and have a greater sense of challenge, because I constantly feel the weight of time."
- Sylvester Stallone
(Related: Time, Challenge, Sense, Weight)

"The whole basis of the United Nations is the right of all nations - great or small - to have weight, to have a vote, to be attended to, to be a part of the twentieth century."
- Adlai E. Stevenson
(Related: Nations, Right, United, Vote, Weight)

"Each word bears its weight, so you have to read my poems quite slowly."
- Anne Stevenson
(Related: Poems, Weight, Word)

"Also, with information having just come out at the time about J. Edgar Hoover's electronic surveillance of Dr. King, it gave greater weight to the statements of those persons who were alleging involvement of the FBI."
- Louis Stokes
(Related: Time, Information, Weight)

"I don't think I could've carried the weight that Murrow carried."
- David Strathairn
(Related: Weight)

"So I've never in my whole life really been teased about my weight."
- Ruben Studdard
(Related: Life, Weight)

"At first I threw my weight upon my heels, as one does naturally in a boot, and was a good deal bruised, but after a few hours I learned the natural walk of man, and could follow my guide in any portion of the island."
- John Millington Synge
(Related: First, Man, Weight)

"Take it not amiss, O speech, that I borrow weighty words, and later try hard to make them seem light."
- Wislawa Szymborska
(Related: Light, Speech, Words)

"You are - all your experience just kind of accumulates, and the novel takes a richness of its own simply because it has the weight of all those years that one's put into it."
- Donna Tartt
(Related: Experience, Richness, Weight, Years)

"The great armies, accumulated to provide security and preserve the peace, carried the nations to war by their own weight."
- A. J. P. Taylor
(Related: War, Peace, Nations, Security, Weight)

"A lot of people are doing something about their weight, but by their own reckoning, it isn't enough to get the results they want."
- Paul Taylor
(Related: People, Results, Want, Weight)

"Is it a surprise that into the vessel, in which the mercury has no inclination and no repugnance, not even the slightest, to being there, it should enter and should rise in a column high enough to make equilibrium with the weight of the external air which forces it up?"
- Evangelista Torricelli
(Related: Being, Mercury, Weight)

"Upon awakening in the morning, I wondered if the proceedings of the night before had been a dream. It was hard to believe that I was the world's heavyweight champion."
- Gene Tunney
(Related: Dream, Night, World)

"You can usually tell when I'm happy by the fact that I've put on weight."
- Christy Turlington
(Related: Fact, Weight)

"I'm fighting a losing battle here: I'm trying to lose some weight. I love chocolate; that's one of my biggest downfalls. I haven't gotten a whole lot of chocolate, thank goodness, because I'd probably be about 300 pounds."
- Carrie Underwood
(Related: Love, Battle, Fighting, Goodness, Losing, Trying, Weight)

"A healthy male adult bore consumes each year one and a half times his own weight in other people's patience."
- John Updike
(Related: People, Patience, Weight)

"You are talking to a man who can only play a plastic keyboard. Give me anything weighted and I've had it. I haven't got the strength in my fingers to push them down. So I don't get a lot of expression on the keyboard."
- Midge Ure
(Related: Strength, Expression, Man, Play, Talking)

"When I was larger, people said I was fat. Now that I've lost weight, they say I died."
- Luther Vandross
(Related: People, Now, Weight)

"The ecosystem of our world is a closed system: it would run out of gas, collapse of its own weight."
- Joan D. Vinge
(Related: Weight, World)

"The rat stops gnawing in the wood, the dungeon walls withdraw, the weight is lifted your pulse steadies and the sun has found your heart, the day was not bad, the season has not been bad, there is sense and even promise in going on."
- Bernard De Voto
(Related: Heart, Day, Promise, Sense, Sun, Weight, Wood)

"For a couple of days after chemotherapy, food tastes really bland, even the best foods. I haven't been sick, but have been a little tired. I haven't lost any weight."
- Grete Waitz
(Related: Food, Weight)

"I could never gain much weight. I've always had a fast metabolism."
- Marc Wallice
(Related: Gain, Weight)

"I feel good now. I've gained all my weight back after getting stoned for three weeks and not eating and not sleeping much. I've been coming by my mom's and eating food."
- Marc Wallice
(Related: Food, Mom, Eating, Now, Weight)

"The reason why I have lost weight is that I looked at the international schedule and thought that I wanted to play for another two years. It is a very hectic schedule and if I want to get through that then I have to be in the best shape that I can."
- Shane Warne
(Related: Thought, Play, Reason, Want, Weight, Years)

"I have been trying to lose weight for the last two-three months and it has gone really well. In the last 6-12 months I have been in the best form in quite a while."
- Shane Warne
(Related: Months, Trying, Weight)

"They sent me to these places to get the weight off. The diets never worked; the diets actually made it worse."
- Lisa Whelchel
(Related: Weight)

"God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight."
- Reggie White
(Related: God, Burden, Weight)

"The record company really pissed me off when they told me to lose weight. I couldn't be bothered with looking a certain way. So I left the business. I don't regret it."
- Kim Wilde
(Related: Business, Company, Regret, Weight)

"I've been watching what I eat. When I was putting on all the weight, I was drinking Guinness and not eating. I didn't have room to because I was drinking all the time."
- Robbie Williams
(Related: Time, Drinking, Eating, Weight)

"The surgery will always be a huge part of my life. I'm going to need to help people with weight problems for the rest of my life so that I can maintain my weight."
- Carnie Wilson
(Related: Life, People, Help, Problems, Rest, Weight, Will)

"I think it's time for the people and the press, in particular, to be more vigilant about not giving equal weight to lies as they give the truth."
- Joe Wilson
(Related: Time, Truth, People, Giving, Lies, Press, Weight)

"I'm not overweight. I'm just nine inches too short."
- Shelley Winters
"Because the more you write the more you're aware of the weight of your tradition and the difficulties of the form and the more you have already done that you do not want to do again."
- Tobias Wolff
(Related: Difficulties, Tradition, Want, Weight)

"Everything has to be pulling weight in a short story for it to be really of the first order."
- Tobias Wolff
(Related: First, Order, Weight)

"The telephone, which interrupts the most serious conversations and cuts short the most weighty observations, has a romance of its own."
- Virginia Woolf
(Related: Romance)

"With twelve horse power at our command, we considered that we could permit the weight of the machine with operator to rise to 750 or 800 pounds, and still have as much surplus power as we had originally allowed for in the first estimate of 550 pounds."
- Orville Wright
(Related: Power, First, Machine, Weight)

"I always carry lots of stuff with me wherever I roam, always weighted down with books, with cassettes, with pens and paper, just in case I get the urge to sit down somewhere, and oh, I don't know, read something or write my masterpiece."
- Elizabeth Wurtzel
(Related: Books)

"Had an awesome time. You tell me to show up and all I have to do is drink beer, play guitar all day and I can lift weights and you're going to pay me for this!"
- Zakk Wylde
(Related: Time, Beer, Day, Guitar, Play)

"I used to be a fighter and I'm used to taking weight off."
- Burt Young
(Related: Weight)

"For reforms ameliorate the situation of the working class, they lighten the weight of the chains labour is burdened with by capitalism, but they are not sufficient to crush capitalism and to emancipate the workers from their tyranny."
- Clara Zetkin
(Related: Capitalism, Class, Tyranny, Weight, Workers)

"It's really unfair to working women in America who read celebrity news and think, 'Why can't I lose weight when I've had a baby?' Well, everyone you're reading about has money for a trainer and a chef. That doesn't make it realistic."
- Rachel Zoe
(Related: Money, Women, America, Baby, Celebrity, News, Reading, Weight)