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"The Indian Summer of life should be a little sunny and a little sad, like the season, and infinite in wealth and depth of tone, but never hustled."
- Henry Adams
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"Chicago's buoy was a couple of hundred yards astern of Arizona, and I was saddened to look at her."
- Jack Adams
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"It's a sad moment, really, when parents first become a bit frightened of their children."
- Ama Ata Aidoo
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"My lasting impression of Truman Capote is that he was a terribly gentle, terribly sensitive, and terribly sad man."
- Alvin Ailey
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"If there ever was a religious war full of terror, it was the crusades. But you can't blame Christianity because a few adventurers did this. That's my message."
- Moustapha Akkad
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"Israeli interests are not necessarily in harmony with the American interests."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"Armies are not only for offensives."
- Bashar al-Assad
"As far as we are concerned, we Syria have not changed."
- Bashar al-Assad
"As soon as the legitimate Lebanese government is convinced that the conditions have ripened and that Lebanon is able to maintain stability on its own... Then, the Syrian forces will return to their homeland."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"But the issue has to do with land, which is our land."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"Despite the ethnic diversity within each nation, the social fabric of the region by and large is one."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"Hizbullah is not a militia."
- Bashar al-Assad
"Is there an equality of power between America and Iraq? Definitely not; however, the Iraqi people are standing fast and are defending their land courageously."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"Israel ranks her priorities in the following way: security, land, and water."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"It is even more so when it comes to Iraq, which is a large Arab country with scientific, material, and human resources and is able to accomplish, at the least, what Lebanon accomplished, and more."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"America is interested in re-arranging the region as it sees fit."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"It should be known that Israel is based on treachery."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"Israel does not care about the international public opinion."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"It is natural that we should always expect an Israeli attack, even when it does not threaten."
- Bashar al-Assad
"The logical thing is to implement the Arab Defense Agreement."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"The problem is not the occupation, but how people deal with it."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"No doubt that the U.S. is a super-power capable of conquering a relatively small country, but is it able to control it?"
- Bashar al-Assad
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"None of us and none of the Arabs trust Israel."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"The Israeli lobby has clout in the U.S., which means that re-arranging the region and controlling its resources one way or another, will serve Israel through its control over the American administration."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"You in Lebanon, your power is no match to Israel. Israel, militarily, is more powerful than you and maybe it is more powerful than all the Arab countries, or most of them."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"Worry does not mean fear, but readiness for the confrontation."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"When we analyze this war in a materialistic way and ask when is it going to end and who will be the winner and the loser, it means that we do not see the endgame."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"Lebanon was under Israeli occupation, up to its capital, but we did not consider that a disaster. Why? Because it was very clear that there are ways to resist."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"The most significant indicator that there is no disaster in Iraq is the fact that there is no exodus."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"It would be a mistake to link anything that Israel does to a certain circumstance. And it is a mistake to feel comfortable in any circumstance just because Israel did not act on it."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"The U.S. and Britain are incapable of controlling all of Iraq."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"Today, the Iraqi citizen sees that America is coming and wants to occupy his country and kill him, and he is willing to experience for himself what happened in Palestine."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"We are dealing with treachery and threats, which accompanied the establishment of Israel."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"We believe that Lebanon has been the first real experience for all the Arabs."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"We, in Syria, our point of view stems from our experience."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"When Lebanon started its resistance it was a small and divided country."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"Since its very inception, Israel has been a threat."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"When our interests matched, the Americans have been good to us, and when the interests differed, they wanted us to mold ourselves to them, which we refused."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"I was approached by Oxfam to go to Mali as their ambassador and get involved in their various initiatives out there. But I felt that was missing the point of using me, a musician."
- Damon Albarn
"Saddam's goal is to achieve the lifting of U.N. sanctions while retaining and enhancing Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs. We cannot, we must not and we will not let him succeed."
- Madeleine Albright
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"The sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous."
- Shana Alexander
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"The sad souls of those who lived without blame and without praise."
- Dante Alighieri
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"Saddam Hussein's trial would not be public since he could name countries and persons whom he gave money."
- Iyad Allawi
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"We are safer, the region is safer, the world is safer without Saddam."
- Iyad Allawi
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"Life, in my estimation, is a biological misadventure that we terminate on the shoulders of six strange men whose only objective is to make a hole in one with you."
- Fred Allen
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"Acting gave me the opportunity to do outrageous things. It allowed me to be sad, happy, angry and lustful even if it was just vicariously."
- Joan Allen
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"I'd call him a sadistic, hippophilic necrophile, but that would be beating a dead horse."
- Woody Allen
"Personally, one of the down sides of founding a company is that there is always too much work to do, and sadly I find I don't have much time to code any more."
- Eric Allman
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"In fact, it was the women in our house who were in the saddle. If men are the gods, women are not only the presidents but all the ministers of the government."
- Pedro Almodovar
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"Search for the truth. I tell you things and I always ask you to verify what I say. I told you yesterday that there was an attack and a retreat at Saddam's airport."
- Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf
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"We made them drink poison last night and Saddam Hussein's soldiers and his great forces gave the Americans a lesson which will not be forgotten by history. Truly."
- Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf
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"Here in the United States, our profession is much maligned, people simply don't trust or like journalists anymore and that's sad."
- Christiane Amanpour
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"I'm certainly no victim in this. I don't want to come off as a sad sack; I pissed a lot of people off."
- Harry Anderson
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"Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have - life itself."
- Walter Anderson
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"Sadness is also a kind of defence."
- Ivo Andric
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"The sadness of the women's movement is that they don't allow the necessity of love. See, I don't personally trust any revolution where love is not allowed."
- Maya Angelou
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"I thought Nixon was getting ganged up on, but when I heard the tapes, I was shocked and terribly saddened."
- Walter Annenberg
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"I am sadly afraid that I must have done some wicked thing."
- Antisthenes
"I meant exactly what I said: that we are saddled with a culture that hasn't advanced as far as science."
- Michelangelo Antonioni
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"It's very simple, I just tell my sad story, and people weep."
- Corazon Aquino
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"When sadness happens in the middle of work, I separate my personal grief from my train of thought."
- Sergio Aragones
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"The sad events that occur in my life are the sad events that happen to everybody, with losing friends and family, but that is a natural occurrence, as natural as being born."
- Sergio Aragones
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"The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil."
- Hannah Arendt
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"It's incredible that they censor films. It's sad."
- Dario Argento
"My own view would be to let Saddam bluster, let him rant and rave all he wants. As long as he behaves himself within his own borders, we should not be addressing any attack or resources against him."
- Dick Armey
"Sad Patience, too near neighbour to despair."
- Matthew Arnold
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"I love music and musicians. And seeing great artists dropped from labels was really frustrating and sad to me."
- Rosanna Arquette
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"I have also been saddened, though hardly surprised, by the weakness of the EU's reaction to the criminal attack on the Danish embassy in Syria, which seems to have been permitted, if not actively encouraged, by the Syrian regime."
- Timothy Garton Ash
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"The poem is sad because it wants to be yours, and cannot be."
- John Ashbery
"I am formally accountable to the steering board of the PIC, and I meet with nine ambassadors from the PIC every week. I have to have the capitals' broad agreement with what I do."
- Paddy Ashdown
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"I see myself more as an ambassador of the game. And I hope to bring chess to a higher level in the United States. Making bigger tournaments, more interesting events. Making it a respectable profession for young people to be able to pursue in the future."
- Maurice Ashley
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"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom."
- Isaac Asimov
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"To be a Dumont actor was considered to be a great honor for an actor, yet it also had its disadvantages."
- Leon Askin
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"There's a certain amount of sympathy here for the Bush administration's problem, which is they would like to get rid of Saddam Hussein and they would like to have the Kurds autonomous."
- Les Aspin
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"That was not part of the U.N. resolution; it was not part of the mandate to go on to Baghdad and, frankly, if we had gone into Baghdad and pushed Saddam Hussein off, we would have inherited an even bigger mess than the mess we inherited with the refugee problem."
- Les Aspin
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"You know, they just don't make big movie stars the way they used to, maybe because the system has changed, the studio system, but it's sad to see people like Jimmy Stewart go, all the giants of the past."
- Tom Atkins
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"What I am sad about is that there is now, in America, no equivalent to the art circuit."
- Richard Attenborough
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"It is a sad fact about our culture that a poet can earn much more money writing or talking about his art than he can by practicing it."
- W. H. Auden
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"It's a sad fact about our culture that a poet can earn much more money writing or talking about his art than he can by practicing it."
- W. H. Auden
(Related: Art, Money, Culture, Fact, Talking, Writing)

"If I can procure three hundred good substantial names of persons, or bodies, or institutions, I cannot fail to do well for my family, although I must abandon my life to its success, and undergo many sad perplexities and perhaps never see again my own beloved America."
- John James Audubon
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"Informed by our sad experience of history, we require nothing short of a foundation for lasting democracy."
- Ibrahim Babangida
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"Democracy is now going forth on a crusade against imperialism."
- Irving Babbitt
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"I really believe that all of us have a lot of darkness in our souls. Anger, rage, fear, sadness. I don't think that's only reserved for people who have horrible upbringings. I think it really exists and is part of the human condition. I think in the course of your life you figure out ways to deal with that."
- Kevin Bacon
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"I think we all have a lot of darkness in our bellies. As an actor, the challenge of tapping into that, reaching down into that sadness or anger, is very therapeutic."
- Kevin Bacon
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"An ambassador is not simply an agent; he is also a spectacle."
- Walter Bagehot
"All pictures are unnatural. All pictures are sad because they're about dead people. Paintings you don't think of in a special time or with a specific event. With photos I always think I'm looking at something dead."
- David Bailey
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"We have newsreaders behaving like actors, lowering their voices if it's a sad story, as if we didn't know it's a sad story. There isn't a single cool newsreader."
- Tom Baker
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"The South is very beautiful but its beauty makes one sad because the lives that people live here, and have lived here, are so ugly."
- James Baldwin
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"Beauty is the disinterested one, without which the ancient world refused to understand itself, a word which both imperceptibly and yet unmistakably has bid farewell to our new world, a world of interests, leaving it to its own avarice and sadness."
- Hans Urs von Balthasar
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"I'm sad to say that stardom is a commodity in our culture."
- Christine Baranski
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"It is sad to grow old but nice to ripen."
- Brigitte Bardot
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"There are many advantages in their being accustomed to the use of arms, and no possible disadvantage."
- Joel Barlow
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"I would not know how I am supposed to feel about many stories if not for the fact that the TV news personalities make sad faces for sad stories and happy faces for happy stories."
- Dave Barry
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"Our religion is itself profoundly sad - a religion of universal anguish, and one which, because of its very catholicity, grants full liberty to the individual and asks no better than to be celebrated in each man's own language - so long as he knows anguish and is a painter."
- Charles Baudelaire
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"The sad thing about artificial intelligence is that it lacks artifice and therefore intelligence."
- Jean Baudrillard
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"One of the reasons I wanted to teach deaf children was because it made me very sad that they spoke so clumsily and that they moved with less grace that I knew was possible of deaf people."
- Stephanie Beacham
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"I must say also that it's never worked to my disadvantage that I have long, blond hair."
- Ann Beattie
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"I am writing a book about the Crusades so dull that I can scarcely write it."
- Hilaire Belloc
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"I love playing football, being out on the pitch with a ball, and I will be a little sad when that ends."
- Dennis Bergkamp
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"I'm not sad at all about turning 40."
- Halle Berry
"At this period the enthusiasm of the amateur was fast giving way to a more steady commercial instinct, and I let no opportunity slip of improving my position, but I felt that I was still labouring under the disadvantage of not having acquired some technical profession."
- Henry Bessemer
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"Many things have been said about what happened, but I don't know either. Maybe someday. One thing I'm sure of is that all the things that have happened to me, good and bad, happy and sad, have made me what I am today."
- Pete Best
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"I've never thought of my characters as being sad. On the contrary, they are full of life. They didn't choose tragedy. Tragedy chose them."
- Juliette Binoche
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"I know what it's like to have someone coming home who looks at you not in the way they used to in the old days, and I've seen my own face contorted with sadness and rage in the mirror."
- Jane Birkin
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"This administration and the leadership in Congress appear to be intent on valuing wealth over work, thereby placing working families at a distinct disadvantage."
- Tim Bishop
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"The sad thing is, when it comes to diet, is that even when well-intentioned Feds try to do right by us, they fail. Either they're outvoted by puppets of agribusiness, or they are puppets of agribusiness."
- Mark Bittman
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"I must have something to engross my thoughts, some object in life which will fill this vacuum, and prevent this sad wearing away of the heart."
- Elizabeth Blackwell
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"I was so sad from losing two of my dogs and my mother. I had this vision of all these animals sitting behind bars. They had no control and were scared. That's why I got into fostering and adopting animals out."
- Linda Blair
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"The threat from Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction - chemical, biological, potentially nuclear weapons capability - that threat is real."
- Tony Blair
(Related: Destruction, Weapons)

"I would've loved to have been in a band, but sadly I just wasn't good enough."
- Tony Blair
"I may find Saddam Hussein's regime abhorrent - any normal person would - but the survival of it is in his hands."
- Tony Blair
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"Conflict is not inevitable, but disarmament is... everyone now accepts that if there is a default by Saddam the international community must act to enforce its will."
- Tony Blair
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"Red is the ultimate cure for sadness."
- Bill Blass
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"And the sad truth is that nobody wants me to write comedy. The Exorcist not only ended that career, it expunged all memory of its existence."
- William Peter Blatty
(Related: Truth, Career, Comedy, Existence, Memory)

"I didn't want to be on the losing side. I was fed up with Jewish weakness, timidity and fear. I didn't want any more Jewish sentimentality and Jewish suffering. I was sickened by our sad songs."
- Lionel Blue
(Related: Fear, Losing, Sentimentality, Songs, Suffering, Timidity, Want, Weakness)

"At a time when 2500 American soldiers have given their lives for the cause of bringing democracy to Iraq, it is sad and frustrating to watch the Republican establishment disgrace the exercise of democracy in our own House of Representatives."
- Earl Blumenauer
(Related: Time, American, Cause, Democracy, Disgrace, Exercise, Iraq, Republican, Soldiers)

"You know how sad your life is when you know the release date of DVDs."
- Heston Blumenthal
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"I'm saddened to see that everyone's pitched out the baby with the bath, in that we say that it can't be one or the other, it could be both. I mean, just because we listen to classical music doesn't mean that we can't listen to jazz."
- Don Bluth
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"It has been a privilege beyond belief for me to have represented the State of Louisiana in Congress and to have been given the blessed assignment of U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See."
- Lindy Boggs
(Related: Belief, Congress, Privilege, State)

"There's nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child."
- Erma Bombeck
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"What saddens me is the corruption of youth and beauty, and the loss of soul, which is only replaced by money."
- Lisa Bonet
(Related: Money, Beauty, Soul, Corruption, Loss, Youth)

"It is not right to associate the fight against international terrorist networks with an imaginary crusade against Islam."
- Omar Bongo
(Related: Islam, Fight, Right)

"Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have."
- Louis E. Boone
(Related: Life, Fear, Failure)

"Truth, though it has many disadvantages, is at least changeless. You can always find it where you left it."
- Phyllis Bottome
(Related: Truth)

"We all remember where we were and we all remember what we were doing. I had a brother in New York, an uncle, lots of friends in New York. It made me angry, it made me sad; what could I do."
- Timothy Bottoms
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"Our government has made a number of promises to the men and women who served in our nation's armed forces. Sadly, these promises of health care, education and other benefits have existed more in rhetoric than in reality."
- Allen Boyd
(Related: Education, Government, Health, Men, Women, Benefits, Care, Nation, Promises, Reality, Rhetoric)

"As someone who has seen war first hand, and as a father of three young adults, it was my hope that we could have resolved this conflict and disarmed Saddam Hussein without war. However, this was not the case."
- Allen Boyd
(Related: War, Father, Hope, Conflict, First)

"People say you should read your criticism because it will make you a better person but it doesn't. It just makes you a sad bitter old showbiz nightmare."
- Jo Brand
(Related: People, Criticism, Old, Will)

"New Zealand, by the way, where I was ambassador, has had two women prime ministers - one from either party."
- Carol Moseley Braun
(Related: Women, Party)

"I'd come back after having served as ambassador to New Zealand and found that I had real concerns about the direction in which this country was headed."
- Carol Moseley Braun
(Related: Country, Direction)

"I know for works for me - those wonderful sad love songs."
- Toni Braxton
(Related: Love, Songs)

"Poverty makes you sad as well as wise."
- Bertolt Brecht
(Related: Poverty)

"We've thrown out Saddam and Saddam, dead or alive, is finished in Iraq."
- Paul Bremer
(Related: Iraq)

"Saddam spent 35 years stealing and wasting money, and all of these systems are very fragile and brittle, and you try to fix one thing and something else gets in trouble."
- Paul Bremer
(Related: Money, Trouble, Years)

"So to recap: we may or may not be going to war with Iraq because Saddam may or may not have weapons of mass destruction, which he may or may not use, or pass to other terrorists groups with whom he may or may not have links."
- Rory Bremner
(Related: War, Destruction, Iraq, May, Weapons)

"The function of a briefing paper is to prevent the ambassador from saying something dreadfully indiscreet. I sometimes think its true object is to prevent the ambassador from saying anything at all."
- Kingman Brewster, Jr.
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"I had no idea that mothering my own child would be so healing to my own sadness from my childhood."
- Susie Bright
(Related: Idea, Childhood, Healing, Sadness)

"My saddle horses are my friends. My dogs are my friends."
- Wilford Brimley
(Related: Dogs, Friends, Horses)

"Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves."
- Emily Bronte
(Related: People)

"The essence of romantic love is that wonderful beginning, after which sadness and impossibility may become the rule."
- Anita Brookner
(Related: Love, Beginning, Impossibility, May, Romantic, Sadness)

"Sad will be the day for any man when he becomes contented with the thoughts he is thinking and the deeds he is doing - where there is not forever beating at the doors of his soul some great desire to do something larger; which he knows he was meant and made to do."
- Phillips Brooks
(Related: Soul, Thoughts, Day, Deeds, Desire, Man, Thinking, Will)

"Nothing is sadder than having worldly standards without worldly means."
- Van Wyck Brooks
(Related: Nothing)

"Most poets in their youth begin in adolescent sadness. I find it more rewarding to end in gladness."
- James Broughton
(Related: End, Poets, Sadness, Youth)

"Even if you build the perfect reactor, you're still saddled with a people problem and an equipment problem."
- David R. Brower
(Related: People)

"If the world were a logical place, men would ride side-saddle."
- Rita Mae Brown
(Related: Men, World)

"I wrote the song For A Dancer for a friend of mine who died in a fire. He was in the sauna in a house that burned down, so he had no idea anything was going on. It was very sad."
- Jackson Browne
(Related: Idea, Friend, Fire, Song)

"The real duties of an ambassador are to enter into or follow negotiations between his own government and that of the country to which he is accredited."
- David Bruce
(Related: Government, Country)

"It is a sad thing when men have neither the wit to speak well nor the judgment to hold their tongues."
- Jean de la Bruyere
(Related: Men, Judgment, Wit)

"Sad and sweet and wise Here a child reposes; Dust is on his eyes, Quietly he lies - Satan, strew Roses."
- Robert Williams Buchanan
(Related: Eyes, Lies, Roses, Satan)

"There is no question at all that Manson was sending Tex, Sadie, Katie, and Linda out on his mission of murder."
- Vincent Bugliosi
(Related: Mission, Murder, Question)

"It is a sad commentary of our times when our young must seek advice and counsel from "Dear Abby" instead of going to Mom and Dad."
- Abigail Van Buren
(Related: Dad, Mom, Advice)

"In deep sadness there is no place for sentimentality."
- William S. Burroughs
(Related: Deep, Sadness, Sentimentality)

"Los Angeles is an industry town, and it has great facilities and personnel. The disadvantage is that everyone there seems to talk about the same subject matter."
- Carter Burwell
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"Saddam Hussein is a homicidal dictator who is addicted to weapons of mass destruction."
- George W. Bush
(Related: Destruction, Weapons)

"For all who love freedom and peace, the world without Saddam Hussein's regime is a better and safer place."
- George W. Bush
(Related: Love, Peace, Freedom, World)

"Man is born passionate of body, but with an innate though secret tendency to the love of Good in his main-spring of Mind. But God help us all! It is at present a sad jar of atoms."
- Lord Byron
(Related: Love, God, Atoms, Body, Help, Man, Mind, Present)

"I'm sad about this, but we shouldn't have been married in the first place."
- Nicolas Cage
(Related: First)

"The popular song is America's greatest ambassador."
- Sammy Cahn
(Related: America, Popular, Song)

"I felt a tremendous sadness for men who can't deal with a woman of their own age."
- Michael Caine
(Related: Age, Men, Sadness, Woman)

"There's a feeling of elation that comes after getting off stage and then there's a feeling of utter sadness that comes after getting off the stage."
- Neve Campbell
(Related: Feeling, Sadness)

"Women often postpone their lives, thinking that if they're not with a partner then it doesn't really count. They're still searching for their prince, in a way. And as much as we don't discuss that, because it's too embarrassing and too sad, I think it really does exist."
- Jane Campion
(Related: Women, Thinking)

"We always deceive ourselves twice about the people we love - first to their advantage, then to their disadvantage."
- Albert Camus
(Related: Love, People, First)

"This was an important part of my life. But it was also sad that we didn't play there, cause we had such alot of fans that were waiting for us and Brazilians are great people. It's now my second home."
- Jim Capaldi
(Related: Home, Life, People, Cause, Fans, Now, Play, Waiting)

"But, as you have intimated, I am among those who would be very wary of any military action in the light of Saddam Hussein's willingness to allow the weapons inspectors to go in."
- George Carey
(Related: Action, Light, Military, Weapons)

"If it was up to the U.N., Saddam Hussein would still be killing his own people."
- Tucker Carlson
(Related: People, Killing)

"And it's sad because it's like a surprise to people - almost an anomaly - when artists are actually refined and trained on an instrument. That's the last thing people think about."
- Vanessa Carlton
(Related: People, Artists)

"No sadder proof can be given by a man of his own littleness than disbelief in great men."
- Thomas Carlyle
(Related: Men, Man, Proof)

"Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness, and its power of endurance - the cheerful man will do more in the same time, will do it; better, will preserve it longer, than the sad or sullen."
- Thomas Carlyle
(Related: Power, Time, Strength, Cheerfulness, Endurance, Man, Will)

"A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune's inequality exhibits under this sun."
- Thomas Carlyle
(Related: Work, Fortune, Inequality, Man, Sight, Sun)

"It were a real increase of human happiness, could all young men from the age of nineteen be covered under barrels, or rendered otherwise invisible; and there left to follow their lawful studies and callings, till they emerged, sadder and wiser, at the age of twenty-five."
- Thomas Carlyle
(Related: Age, Men, Happiness)

"I made a series of wrong decisions about moderately recent books, and I've sold the rights to studios for ridiculous amounts of money and the films have never been made. That's the saddest thing of all, because they're locked up and no one else can make them."
- John Le Carre
(Related: Money, Books, Decisions, Rights, Wrong)

"One of the saddest realities is that we never know when our lives are at their peak. Only after it is over and we have some kind of perspective do we realize how good we had it a day, a month, five years ago."
- Jonathan Carroll
(Related: Day, Perspective, Years)

"When I was in Paris, all of the German refugees began to flow in and it was a very sad time."
- Elliott Carter
(Related: Time, Paris)

"I was sad that Corpse Bride was so short. I would've liked to have had her around for way longer. She doesn't actually have that many scenes."
- Helena Bonham Carter
"I think I've still got a bit of a sado-masochistic streak in me, because if I'm not going to be restricted by corsets and covered in lace, then I still wind up wearing an ape-mask over my face. I do wonder how I get myself in these situations!"
- Helena Bonham Carter
(Related: Wind, Wonder)

"Sadat was a great and good man, and his most bitter and dangerous enemies were people who were obsessed with hatred for his peaceful goals."
- Jimmy Carter
(Related: People, Goals, Enemies, Hatred, Man)

"However, we might oppose it, abortion is a sad feature of modern life."
- Robert Casey
(Related: Life, Abortion)

"I became the unnatural son of a few score of beaten men."
- Neal Cassady
(Related: Men, Son)

"I alone, as the sharer of their way of life, presented a replica of childhood."
- Neal Cassady
(Related: Life, Childhood)

"I have seen him set fire to his wigwam and smooth over the graves of his fathers... clap his hand in silence over his mouth, and take the last look over his fair hunting ground, and turn his face in sadness to the setting sun."
- George Catlin
(Related: Fathers, Fire, Hunting, Sadness, Silence, Sun)

"It's sad that we have become so accustomed to bad service that we're shocked when we get good service."
- Neil Cavuto
(Related: Service)

"A Church which has lost its memory is in a sad state of senility."
- Henry Chadwick
(Related: Church, Memory, State)

"I would be sad if it ended now. It's been the best job I've had by a long shot, especially creatively because the writing is so good. Every week I get the script and I laugh out loud and get excited for the different stuff we get to do."
- Sarah Chalke
(Related: Job, Now, Writing)

"Saddam Hussein has openly admitted to the rest of the world that he had weapons of mass destruction. He used those weapons to kill his own people."
- Saxby Chambliss
(Related: People, Destruction, Rest, Weapons, World)

"The saddest thing I can imagine is to get used to luxury."
- Charlie Chaplin
(Related: Luxury)

"I have a stepladder. It's a very nice stepladder but it's sad that I never knew my real ladder."
- Craig Charles
"Had the decision belonged to Senator Kerry, Saddam hussein would still be in power today in Iraq. In fact, Saddam Hussein would almost certainly still be in control of Kuwait."
- Dick Cheney
(Related: Power, Control, Decision, Fact, Iraq, Today)

"Mutual funds give people the sense that they're investing with the big boys and that they're really not at a disadvantage entering the stock market."
- Ron Chernow
(Related: People, Boys, Sense)

"I think this journal will be disadvantageous for me, for I spend my time now like a spider spinning my own entrails."
- Mary Bokin Chesnut
(Related: Time, Now, Will)

"Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness is its poison."
- Lord Chesterfield
(Related: Health, Humor, Soul, Poison, Sadness)

"A comfortable old age is the reward of a well-spent youth. Instead of its bringing sad and melancholy prospects of decay, it would give us hopes of eternal youth in a better world."
- Maurice Chevalier
(Related: Age, Melancholy, Old, Reward, World, Youth)

"What do I miss about the UK? Sadly, almost nothing. Maybe the midnight sun, in June in the north. That's all."
- Lee Child
(Related: June, Midnight, Nothing, Sun)

"We tell them that we believe it will be beautiful because that is our specialty, we only create joy and beauty. We have never done a sad work. Through the drawings, we hope a majority will be able to visualize it."
- Christo
(Related: Beauty, Work, Hope, Joy, Majority, Will)

"It is easy enough to praise men for the courage of their convictions. I wish I could teach the sad young of this mealy generation the courage of their confusions."
- John Ciardi
(Related: Men, Courage, Praise)

"Skepticism is the sadism of embittered souls."
- Emile M. Cioran
(Related: Skepticism)

"Well in the end the world can crank itself up to sanctions, as it has with Zimbabwe, another sad case."
- Helen Clark
(Related: End, World)

"I was very sad to hear of the death of Ronnie Barker, who was such a warm, friendly and encouraging presence to have when I started in television. He was also a great comic actor to learn from."
- John Cleese
(Related: Death, Encouraging, Actor, Television)

"Saddam Hussein didn't kill 3,100 people on Sept. 11. Osama bin Laden did, and as far as we know he's still alive."
- William J. Clinton
(Related: People, Osama bin laden)

"If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program."
- William J. Clinton
(Related: Peace, Purpose, Destruction, Force, Iraq, Want, Weapons)

"I was in a bar and I said to a friend, 'You know, we've become those 40-year-old guys we used to look at and say, 'Isn't it sad?'"
- George Clooney
(Related: Friend)

"I am told that the majority of Iraqis wanted Saddam removed from power, but they were unwilling and were incapable of doing the job themselves because they feared Saddam and knew the pain and torture he was capable of inflicting upon them."
- Howard Coble
(Related: Power, Job, Majority, Pain)

"I have a piece of great and sad news to tell you: I am dead."
- Jean Cocteau
(Related: News)

"Take the decision in early March to arrest Muqtada al-Sadr. It was made apparently without knowledge or understanding of the nature of his movement or how widespread it is."
- Juan Cole
(Related: Nature, Knowledge, Decision, March, Understanding)

"For instance, I was a little surprised that the Shiites didn't rise up against Saddam and the Baath party across most of the country when the Americans moved in March and April of 2003."
- Juan Cole
(Related: Americans, April, Country, March, Party)

"I love my past, I love my present. I am not ashamed of what I have had, and I am not sad because I no longer have it."
- Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
(Related: Love, Past, Present)

"I go to St. Matthews in Pacific Palisades, an Episcopal Church."
- Stephen Collins
(Related: Church)

"As repressed sadists are supposed to become policemen or butchers so those with an irrational fear of life become publishers."
- Cyril Connolly
(Related: Life, Fear)

"The American taxpayers should not have to send one more penny on the Administration's Iraq misadventure. Let's give our troops the supplies they need to get out of Iraq safely. Let's bring our troops home."
- John Conyers
(Related: Home, American, Iraq, Troops)

"Leo, sadly, has Parkinson's, but he used to cook all sorts of dazzling things."
- Jilly Cooper
"I think he Oswald felt he was a failure and for the United States and for President Kennedy and all of us. He knew he was a failure at everything he tried, frustrated, with a very sad life, but he was a Marxist."
- John Sherman Cooper
(Related: Life, Failure, President, states, United)

"We never taste happiness in perfection, our most fortunate successes are mixed with sadness."
- Pierre Corneille
(Related: Happiness, Perfection, Sadness, Taste)

"We never taste a perfect joy; our happiest successes are mixed with sadness."
- Pierre Corneille
(Related: Joy, Sadness, Taste)

"He who plays advisor is no longer ambassador."
- Pierre Corneille
"Sadly, every year hundreds of children are victimized by a convicted sexual offender. Convicted predators should be put in prison where they belong and kept away from our Nation's children."
- Jim Costa
(Related: Children, Nation, Prison)

"Whether they are defending the Soviet Union or bleating for Saddam Hussein, liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of America's self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant."
- Ann Coulter
(Related: America, Difference, Idiots, Liberals, Self)

"Christmas makes everything twice as sad."
- Doug Coupland
(Related: Christmas)

"Artistic development is a thing of the past, sadly."
- David Coverdale
(Related: Development, Past)

"With out art, without communicating, we wouldn't live beyond 30 because we'd be so sad and depressed."
- Wayne Coyne
(Related: Art)

"Music is amazing. There's some metaphysical comfort where it allows you to be isolated and alone while telling you that you are not alone... truly, the only cure for sadness is to share it with someone else."
- Wayne Coyne
(Related: Music, Comfort, Cure, Sadness)

"Being on your own would be sad, sick and weird. I don't trust myself. I need that balance."
- Daniel Craig
(Related: Trust, Balance, Being)

"The idea of regretting not doing this seemed insane to me. Sitting in the corner at a bar at age 60, saying: 'I could've been Bond. Buy me a drink.' That's the saddest place I could be. At least now at 60 I can say: 'I was Bond. Now buy me a drink.'"
- Daniel Craig
(Related: Age, Idea, Now)

"The subject matter is very tricky. It's about the Munich massacre and what Mossad did afterwards with the assassination squads. I think it's a turning point in history, especially for the Palestinians."
- Daniel Craig
(Related: History, Assassination)

"I have felt terribly from the beginning when I saw the problems and recognized that they would be ongoing. We were hired to put back the contours of the greens as closely as possible to George Thomas's designs and were real proud of what we did. It's a sad situation now."
- Ben Crenshaw
(Related: Beginning, Now, Problems)

"The great sadness of my life is that I never achieved the hour newscast, which would not have been twice as good as the half-hour newscast, but many times as good."
- Walter Cronkite
(Related: Life, Sadness)

"Every disadvantage has its advantage."
- Johan Cruijff
"Saddam has committed many crimes against humanity and against his own people."
- Tom Cruise
(Related: People, Humanity)

"More than 26,000 lives may be lost to the effects of drug abuse this year. This tragic impact is felt in communities across this great nation. Sadly many of these deaths occur among our young people."
- Elijah Cummings
(Related: People, Abuse, May, Nation)

"There are sadistic scientists who hurry to hunt down errors instead of establishing the truth."
- Marie Curie
(Related: Truth, Errors, Scientists)

"In these days when science is clearly in the saddle and when our knowledge of disease is advancing at a breathless pace, we are apt to forget that not all can ride and that he also serves who waits and who applies what the horseman discovers."
- Harvey Cushing
(Related: Science, Knowledge, Disease, Forget)

"You put a song on the record or on tape and you stop singing it. You just don't sit around and sing it anymore unless you're performing. That's kind of sad."
- Rick Danko
(Related: Singing, Song)

"The books are funny and sad, and that's what people respond to."
- Paula Danziger
(Related: Funny, People, Books)

"It's nice to be with someone, but I don't think you need to be in a relationship to feel complete. That would be really sad."
- Kristin Davis
"Don't Cry Daddy is a pretty sad song. He got to the end of it and it was just real quiet and Elvis says, I'm gonna cut that someday for my daddy. And, by God, he did. He lived up to his word."
- Mac Davis
(Related: God, End, Pretty, Quiet, Song, Word)

"Most orgies that you go to, I have found, most of it is sad. All that wildness, all those laughs were like the shining silver and gold paper on packages, but there was nothing inside."
- Sammy Davis, Jr.
(Related: Gold, Nothing)

"Isn't it sad to go to your grave without ever wondering why you were born? Who, with such a thought, would not spring from bed, eager to resume discovering the world and rejoicing to be part of it?"
- Richard Dawkins
(Related: Thought, Bed, Grave, Spring, World)

"Bob summed it up best when he was on his knees at the end of the night saying, 'Don't trust in Guided By Voices.' You were there; was the show awful or something? I know it was sloppy, but they're not really that tight anyway, but was it embarrassing, was it sad?"
- Kim Deal
(Related: Trust, End, Night, Saying)

"Art is the most beautiful deception of all. And although people try to incorporate the everyday events of life in it, we must hope that it will remain a deception lest it become a utilitarian thing, sad as a factory."
- Claude Debussy
(Related: Art, Life, People, Hope, Deception, Events, Will)

"Saddam Hussein was a brutal tyrant. I am glad he is now on trial for crimes against humanity. But, opposition to a dictator is not the measure I use when deciding whether to send our men and women in uniform off to war and possible death."
- Peter DeFazio
(Related: Death, Men, War, Women, Humanity, Measure, Now, Opposition)

"It was Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda who attacked the U.S. on September 11, 2001, not Saddam Hussein and Iraq."
- Peter DeFazio
(Related: Iraq, Osama bin laden)

"To the contrary, I believe the U.S. military has already done all that has been asked of them. Saddam Hussein is on trial. The threat from alleged weapons of mass destruction programs in Iraq has been neutralized."
- Peter DeFazio
(Related: Destruction, Iraq, Military, Weapons)

"Somehow, it seems that the sadder a song is, the happier I feel. The release of emotions that many would label as "negative" is actually a liberating process for me."
- Grey DeLisle
(Related: Emotions, Song)

"There were five writers on Blazing Saddles."
- Dom DeLuise
(Related: Writers)

"But you see, that's the gilded prison of fashion. We're riding in private jets, and meantime I was so incredibly, painfully sad and lonely."
- Janice Dickinson
(Related: Fashion, Lonely, Prison)

"Why has elegance found so little following? That is the reality of it. Elegance has the disadvantage, if that's what it is, that hard work is needed to achieve it and a good education to appreciate it."
- Edsger Dijkstra
(Related: Education, Work, Elegance, Hard work, Reality)

"The mistake that was made was, of course, leaving Saddam in charge of affairs over there."
- John Dingell
(Related: Mistake)

"I can support going in after Saddam Hussein, but I want to make sure I don't go alone."
- John Dingell
(Related: Support, Want)

"Saddam's fate should be in the hands of his country men. They were the major victims of his brutal reign and should decide his life, death, or permanent imprisonment. Personally, I would lock him away forever."
- Ronnie James Dio
(Related: Death, Life, Men, Country, Fate, Imprisonment, Victims)

"I've been getting into Nick Drake lately, the folk singer. Sad, gorgeous stuff."
- Anthony Doerr
(Related: Folk)

"In liberating Iraq, we have rid the nation and the rest of the world from the danger of Saddam Hussein."
- Elizabeth Dole
(Related: Danger, Iraq, Nation, Rest, World)

"As the Iraqi people better understand that Saddam Hussein and his regime are history, it is my hope that they will get behind the coalition effort to help them create a democratic government and rebuild their country."
- Pete Domenici
(Related: Government, History, People, Hope, Country, Effort, Help, Will)

"In LA, I mean, here's this place full of desperate and sad people who take their only pleasure from destroying others for the purposes of their own self-aggrandizement."
- Heather Donahue
(Related: People, Pleasure, Self)

"A lot of our entertainment throws into detail the stagnation and illness of how we live today-it's sad and it's sick... and it's profitable."
- Heather Donahue
(Related: Detail, Entertainment, Illness, Today)

"Saddam was a bastard, but he was our bastard."
- Phil Donahue
"As virtuous men pass mildly away, and whisper to their souls to go, whilst some of their sad friends do say, the breath goes now, and some say no."
- John Donne
(Related: Men, Friends, Now, Whisper)

"Jessica Simpson is the youth ambassador for Operation Smile, and an episode of The Apprentice featured a team managing a charity concert she put on. Donald Trump came on stage and pledged a donation."
- Roma Downey
(Related: Charity, Smile, Youth)

"Elaine is just in pain. I think Elaine has become very, very sad woman. She is someone who is in deep need of many hours of analysis and I like to think that I'm not that type of person."
- Julia Louis Dreyfus
(Related: Deep, Pain, Woman)

"I often say the last role I played that really touched me and where I was able to access what I really am was Bonnie, which is kind of sad when you think how early in my career that was."
- Faye Dunaway
(Related: Career)

"So long as little children are allowed to suffer, there is no true love in this world."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Love, Children, World)

"With what price we pay for the glory of motherhood."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Glory, Motherhood)

"While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered animals, how can we expect any ideal living conditions on this earth?"
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Animals, Earth, Living)

"What one has not experienced, one will never understand in print."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Will)

"We may not all break the Ten Commandments, but we are certainly all capable of it. Within us lurks the breaker of all laws, ready to spring out at the first real opportunity."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Opportunity, First, Laws, May, Spring)

"The real American type can never be a ballet dancer. The legs are too long, the body too supple and the spirit too free for this school of affected grace and toe walking."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: American, Ballet, Body, Grace, School, Spirit, Walking)

"The first essential in writing about anything is that the writer should have no experience of the matter."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Experience, First, Writer, Writing)

"The finest inheritance you can give to a child is to allow it to make its own way, completely on its own feet."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Feet, Inheritance)

"So that ends my first experience of matrimony, which I always thought a highly over-rated performance."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Experience, Thought, Performance, First, Matrimony)

"You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you."
- Isadora Duncan
"Perhaps he was a bit different from other people, but what really sympathetic person is not a little mad?"
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: People)

"People don't live nowadays: they get about ten percent out of life."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Life, People)

"My motto - sans limites."
- Isadora Duncan
"Most human beings today waste some 25 to 30 years of their lives before they break through the actual and conventional lies which surround them."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Lies, Today, Waste, Years)

"It seems to me monstrous that anyone should believe that the jazz rhythm expresses America. Jazz rhythm expresses the primitive savage."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: America, Jazz)

"It has taken me years of struggle, hard work and research to learn to make one simple gesture, and I know enough about the art of writing to realize that it would take as many years of concentrated effort to write one simple, beautiful sentence."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Art, Work, Effort, Hard work, Research, Struggle, Writing, Years)

"Art is not necessary at all. All that is necessary to make this world a better place to live in is to love - to love as Christ loved, as Buddha loved."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Art, Love, Christ, World)

"Any intelligent woman who reads the marriage contract, and then goes into it, deserves all the consequences."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Marriage, Consequences, Woman)

"The dancer's body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul."
- Isadora Duncan
(Related: Soul, Body)

"You can never control who you fall in love with, even when you're in the most sad, confused time of your life. You don't fall in love with people because they're fun. It just happens."
- Kirsten Dunst
(Related: Love, Time, Life, People, Control, Fun)

"Since it's based on my parents, it's more emotionally close to me than some of my more surreal plays. And then I like the balance of the comic and the sad. It should play as funny, but you should care about the characters and feel sad for them."
- Christopher Durang
(Related: Funny, Balance, Care, Parents, Play)

"Sadness does not inhere in things; it does not reach us from the world and through mere contemplation of the world. It is a product of our own thought. We create it out of whole cloth."
- Emile Durkheim
(Related: Thought, Contemplation, Sadness, World)

"I don't know how the poor farmers deal with such situations in real life. It's really sad."
- Sanjay Dutt
(Related: Life, Poor)

"I think the saddest moment in my life just happened two months ago. My old nightclub partner passed away, Phil Erickson down in Atlanta. He - I owe him everything. He put me in the business and taught me about everything I know."
- Dick Van Dyke
(Related: Business, Life, Months, Old)

"Half of the secular unrest and dismal, profane sadness of modern society comes from the vain ideas that every man is bound to be a critic for life."
- Henry Van Dyke
(Related: Life, Society, Ideas, Man, Sadness)

"There's almost no way of doing importing honestly, because if you do you're at such a disadvantage competitively. So people spend huge amounts of effort getting around stupid laws and not paying taxes."
- Esther Dyson
(Related: People, Effort, Laws, Taxes)

"Any Ambassador or Foreign Service Officer who has his or her head screwed on right knows that the U.S. position in the world is far more dependent on our ability to compete in world markets."
- Lawrence Eagleburger
(Related: Ability, Right, Service, World)

"I believe that sooner or later we're going to have to deal with Saddam Hussein, because of his general reputation, because of what I'm convinced he's done with regard to terrorism and the support thereof. But I'm not at all sure I believe that it has to be right now."
- Lawrence Eagleburger
(Related: Now, Reputation, Right, Support, Terrorism)

"My own view of this, by the way, is, if the war on terrorism is successful over time, in its own way it's going to box Saddam in in a way that's going to make it much more difficult for him to maintain his power, and that he's going to become increasingly isolated. I think that's going to take time."
- Lawrence Eagleburger
(Related: Time, War, Power, Successful, Terrorism)

"Sadly the job security of lawyers has been ruined, so they are less willing to defend political defendants."
- Shirin Ebadi
(Related: Job, Lawyers, Security)

"I hope the example of Saddam Hussein will give a lesson to leaders of other countries where human rights are not respected."
- Shirin Ebadi
(Related: Hope, Countries, Example, Rights, Human rights, Leaders, Will)

"The musician writes for the orchestra what his inner voice sings to him; the painter rarely relies without disadvantage solely upon the images which his inner eye presents to him; nature gives him his forms, study governs his combinations of them."
- Hermann Ebbinghaus
(Related: Nature, Eye, Study, Voice)

"I think that the majority of messages are validating messages to confirm the survival of conscious. And many times that validation message is negative or sad."
- John Edward
(Related: Negative, Survival, Majority)

"Few women, I fear, have had such reason as I have to think the long sad years of youth were worth living for the sake of middle age."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower
(Related: Age, Women, Fear, Living, Middle age, Reason, Worth, Years, Youth)

"I hope to die in the saddle seat."
- Albert Ellis
(Related: Hope)

"I have had all of the disadvantages required for success."
- Larry Ellison
(Related: Success)

"The most disadvantageous peace is better than the most just war."
- Desiderius Erasmus
(Related: Peace, War)

"Compared to industry in Europe or Japan, where industry was based on a craft tradition, we are sadly behind."
- Arthur Erickson
(Related: Europe, Tradition)

"That was just my own personal program: I didn't want to get too high over the good moments because I didn't want to be saddened and depressed when things didn't go as I had planned."
- Julius Erving
(Related: Moments, Want)

"The sad truth is that opportunity doesn't knock twice."
- Gloria Estefan
(Related: Truth, Opportunity)

"The hardest thing is at the end you have to say bye to all these people who you have worked with for so many months. It was really sad not to see them anymore. But you have the parties that you go to and you get to see them, like the premieres and the screenings."
- Dakota Fanning
(Related: People, End, Months)

"No not really, it is just like real life. Not everyday you are happy and not everyday you are sad."
- Dakota Fanning
(Related: Life)

"I like everything perfect. Everything has to be neat. My sister is 5, and she's more messy than I am. I make my bed every morning, everything's perfect. My shoes are all arranged. It's sad. I'm a little like Ray, a little bit."
- Dakota Fanning
(Related: Sister, Bed)

"I never get scared making these kinds of movies because it's all make-believe, but I did cry when I saw the finished version of Man On Fire because it is so sad."
- Dakota Fanning
(Related: Movies, Fire, Man)

"If we don't make earnest moves toward real solutions, then each day we move one day closer to revolution and anarchy in this country. This is the sad, and yet potentially joyous, state of America."
- Louis Farrakhan
(Related: America, Anarchy, Country, Day, Revolution, State)

"African American children can't be educationally disadvantaged for 12 years and then experience a miracle cure when it comes time for admission into college."
- Chaka Fattah
(Related: Experience, Time, African, American, Children, College, Cure, Years)

"It was known in the mid 90s already that Saddam Hussein was a dangerous tyrant that he had already launched aggressions against Iran, he had invaded Kuwait."
- Douglas Feith
"The purpose of the UN mechanism, this inspection mechanism, is not to engage in a cat and mouse game with Saddam Hussein and try to find weapons that the Iraqi government is working on concealing."
- Douglas Feith
(Related: Government, Purpose, Mouse, Weapons)

"Do not make best friends with a melancholy sad soul. They always are heavily loaded, and you must bear half."
- Francois Fenelon
(Related: Soul, Friends, Melancholy)

"We all have sadness in our life and things that we can draw upon."
- Sherilyn Fenn
(Related: Life, Sadness)

"I've always been drawn to Marilyn Monroe, but certain aspects of her story may be too sad to tell."
- Sherilyn Fenn
(Related: May)

"I think that's very sad, that I haven't allowed my heart to be broken. I have broken a few."
- Sally Field
(Related: Heart)

"There's a sadness to the human condition that I think music is good for. It gives a counterpoint to the visual beauty, and adds depth to pictures that they wouldn't have if the music wasn't there."
- Mike Figgis
(Related: Music, Beauty, Sadness)

"The crusades of Vietnam and Watergate seemed like a good idea at the time, even a noble one, not only to the press but perhaps to a majority of Americans."
- Howard Fineman
(Related: Time, Idea, Americans, Majority, Press, Vietnam)

"When Americans invade Iraq, Bush says, we will be greeted as liberators by the Iraqi people, proving that taking out Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do."
- Howard Fineman
(Related: People, Americans, Iraq, Right, Will)

"To be a character who feels a deep emotion, one must go into the memory's vault and mix in a sad memory from one's own life."
- Albert Finney
(Related: Life, Character, Deep, Emotion, Memory)

"It is sadder to find the past again and find it inadequate to the present than it is to have it elude you and remain forever a harmonious conception of memory."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald
(Related: Memory, Past, Present)

"To avoid a military conflict, Saddam Hussein has no other choice than to leave the country."
- Ari Fleischer
(Related: Choice, Conflict, Country, Military)

"There is already a mountain of evidence that Saddam Hussein is gathering weapons for the purpose of using them. And adding additional information is like adding a foot to Mount Everest."
- Ari Fleischer
(Related: Purpose, Information, Weapons)

"The president welcomes peaceful protests - it is a time-honored tradition. The president agrees violence is not the answer in Iraq, and that's why he hopes Saddam Hussein will disarm."
- Ari Fleischer
(Related: Time, Iraq, President, Tradition, Violence, Will)

"In a way, the American side descended to Saddam's level, which happens often in these types of circumstances. That is why the people in Iraq do not accept the current state of affairs."
- Dario Fo
(Related: People, American, Circumstances, Iraq, State)

"I want to die in the saddle. I love writing, producing, acting, directing."
- Peter Fonda
(Related: Love, Acting, Want, Writing)

"Sadness flies away on the wings of time."
- Jean de La Fontaine
(Related: Time, Flies, Sadness)

"I've just got a new house in Pacific Palisades. It's really cute."
- Claire Forlani
(Related: Cute)

"The sadness of the incomplete, the sadness that is often Life, but should never be Art."
- E. M. Forster
(Related: Art, Life, Sadness)

"The sad fact is that the same terrorist scenarios, if they occurred in five different States, there could be five different sets of responses to the American people. We need, at a minimum, a level of coordination on communicating threats to the public."
- Vito Fossella
(Related: People, American, Fact, Public, states)

"I really enjoy having sex, and that's offensive to some people. Women are the quickest to call other women sluts, which is sad. I haven't met a lot of men who've said, "You like having sex? What a dirty whore you are!". That's because they wish their wives or girlfriends would have more sex with them."
- Megan Fox
(Related: Men, Women, Sex, People, Girlfriends, Wives)

"Martin Luther King said, and it is sadly still true, that one of the most segregated times in America is the hour of worship."
- Barney Frank
(Related: America, Martin, Worship)

"We all had lots of stories of our sad experiences - they mourned the death of my wife with me - but we were hopeful that the children would return."
- Otto Frank
(Related: Death, Wife, Children)

"I, for one, begin with intent. There is no question that, Saddam Hussein had intent to do harm to the Western alliance and to the United States of America."
- Tommy Franks
(Related: Alliance, America, Harm, Question, states, United)

"We are lagging far behind comparable countries in overcoming the disadvantages Indigenous people face."
- Malcolm Fraser
(Related: People, Countries, Overcoming)

"In the last twelve years, we have come some distance towards reconciliation and the breaking down of disadvantage. Let us take encouragement from what has been achieved and set our minds and hearts to end the remaining roadblocks."
- Malcolm Fraser
(Related: Encouragement, End, Years)

"Sadism is all right in its place, but it should be directed to proper ends."
- Sigmund Freud
(Related: Right)

"I've written several deeply personal songs this year, which I really love. Some of them came out of intense sadness. This has been an extremely difficult year for me."
- David Friedman
(Related: Love, Sadness, Songs)

"The ordinary man with extraordinary power is the chief danger for mankind - not the fiend or the sadist."
- Erich Fromm
(Related: Power, Danger, Man, Mankind)

"One cannot be deeply responsive to the world without being saddened very often."
- Erich Fromm
(Related: Being, World)

"I'm the kind of person who'll have a few drinks and fall asleep at 11."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Drinks)

"When I had my first boy it all started and that male energy seemed to keep me awake but since my daughter, who's incredibly serene, I can't seem to stop sleeping because she's asleep all the time. It's a pattern."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Time, Daughter, Energy, First)

"When you love someone so much that you are in pain when you are apart it ends up being destructive. I never want to be in that place again."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Love, Being, Pain, Want)

"There are people out there who want me to fail, who want Jude to fail, who want our relationship to fail."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: People, Want)

"My parents are from Manchester but I was brought up in London, Camden Town."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: London, Parents)

"Just to be remembered is good enough for me. Lots of people are forgotten."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: People)

"It is so important that you don't stay with someone just for the children and for the wrong reasons."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Children, Wrong)

"I've concentrated for a long time on English films because I've got two kids but my oldest son is 11 and I think I'm going to be away for about four months of year now."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Time, Son, English, Kids, Months, Now)

"I'm always the girl at the party who, within five minutes, has taken my heels off, hitched up my dress in my knickers, and probably spilt drink down my cleavage."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Dress, Party)

"I really fought to make my character not a stereotype. I play a soap star with dyed blonde hair."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Character, Hair, Play)

"I never thought I'd spend all my life with Gary. I suppose I was quite cynical about marriage. But with Jude, I knew right from the beginning: there was an electricity I'd never felt before. It was so easy, we talked for hours. It was a relief, really."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Life, Marriage, Thought, Electricity, Right)

"I haven't done an international film for a long time."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Time, Film)

"I find a lot of young filmmakers make too much of an effort to be trendy and they can be pretentious."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Effort)

"At home it's all Batman and Star Wars and they do gang up on me. Sometimes I don't want to dress up as Darth Vader or play train sets, so I'll go out for a drink with the girls."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Home, Dress, Girls, Play, Want)

"I'm playing a very strong character, it's the story of the woman Polish Jews out of the Warsaw ghetto. I've just begun my weapons training and the SAS type training that's getting me fit."
- Sadie Frost
(Related: Character, Training, Weapons, Woman)

"I always wear flat shoes, because I can't walk in anything else."
- Sadie Frost
"An ounce of cheerfulness is worth a pound of sadness to serve God with."
- Thomas Fuller
(Related: God, Cheerfulness, Sadness, Worth)

"I'm saddened to see that some have been misled into believing that Mr. Disney was something other than a kind, caring man."
- Annette Funicello
(Related: Caring, Disney, Man)

"But I'm not like sad, depressed miserable person. I guess sometimes I give off that impression."
- Edward Furlong
(Related: Impression)

"I am an opponent of Saddam Hussein, but an opponent also, of the sanctions that have killed a million Iraqi children and an opponent of the United States' apparent desire to plunge the Middle East into a new and devastating war."
- George Galloway
(Related: War, Children, Desire, states, United)

"The U.S. couldn't even get rid of Saddam Hussein. And we all know that the EU is just a passing fad. They'll be killing each other again in less than a year. I'm sick to death of all these fascist lawsuits."
- Bill Gates
(Related: Death, Killing)

"To govern is always to choose among disadvantages."
- Charles de Gaulle
"What's really sad is that a lot of very talented people are being forced to do things that are very embarrassing and I don't intend to be one of them."
- Boy George
(Related: People, Being)

"Was there ever such stuff as great as part of Shakespeare? Only one must not say so! But what think you? - What? - Is there not sad stuff? What? - What?"
- George III
(Related: Shakespeare)

"Since the ousting and capture of Saddam Hussein by U.S. forces, civil rights and personal freedoms have been restored in Iraq, as well as equal rights to all, not just to Saddam's entourage of terrorists."
- Jim Gerlach
(Related: Civil rights, Iraq)

"Lately, I've been a little sad that I'm not a gay man."
- Gina Gershon
(Related: Gay, Man)

"Sadness is but a wall between two gardens."
- Khalil Gibran
(Related: Gardens, Sadness)

"As a footballer I can't imagine life without the use of one of my legs... Sadly this is exactly what happens to thousands of children every year when they accidentally step on a landmine."
- Ryan Giggs
(Related: Life, Children)

"We foolishly did not realize Saddam was stupid."
- April Glaspie
"But sadly, one of the problems with being on public radio is that people tend to think you're being sincere all the time."
- Ira Glass
(Related: Time, People, Being, Problems, Public)

"When I was in Philadelphia during the Depression in 1930 or '31, I got a very sad job as a night watchman in a garage. The cars in the garage had been abandoned by their owners, since they had lost their jobs and couldn't keep up the payments."
- Tom Glazer
(Related: Depression, Job, Jobs, Night)

"I've been a Goodwill Ambassador for the UNICEF and the UNICEF family for more than twelve years."
- Danny Glover
(Related: Family, Goodwill, Years)

"I have wondered sometimes if there are not perhaps some disadvantages in having really blue blood in one's veins, like grandmamma and me."
- Elinor Glyn
(Related: Blood)

"Our family has gone through a very difficult time. My husband and I have taken the brunt of it. I've never known what it truly felt like to be so sad and desperate inside."
- Tracey Gold
(Related: Family, Time, Husband)

"To the indefinite, uncertain mind of the American radical the most contradictory ideas and methods are possible. The result is a sad chaos in the radical movement, a sort of intellectual hash, which has neither taste nor character."
- Emma Goldman
(Related: Ideas, Character, American, Chaos, Mind, Radical, Result, Taste)

"With disadvantages enough to bring him to humility, a Scotsman is one of the proudest things alive."
- Oliver Goldsmith
(Related: Humility)

"I'm a crusader. I really believe in the First Amendment, and I use it fully, and I pay a price for that."
- Al Goldstein
(Related: First)

"The reason for the sadness of this modern age and the men who live in it is that it looks for the truth in everything and finds it."
- Edmond De Goncourt
(Related: Age, Men, Truth, Reason, Sadness)

"Iraq's search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power."
- Al Gore
(Related: Power, Destruction, Iraq, Weapons, Will)

"We are in possession of what I think to be compelling evidence that Saddam Hussein has, and has had for a number of years, a developing capacity for the production and storage of weapons of mass destruction."
- Bob Graham
(Related: Destruction, Possession, Production, Weapons, Years)

"Yes, more than 100 Democrats voted to authorize Bush to take the nation to war. Most of them did so in the belief that the president and his administration were truthful in their statements that Saddam Hussein was a gathering menace."
- Bob Graham
(Related: War, Belief, Democrats, Nation, President)

"Why did we go to war? Why did we pick people from South Carolina, California, and all the places in between to go to a foreign land and risk their lives and have some die? To make sure that Saddam Hussein could do no more damage to the region or us than he has already done."
- Lindsey Graham
(Related: War, People, Land, Risk)

"I will be sad. I've gotten very attached to Harry and all that goes on in his world, I guess I'll just be kind of tasting every bit of it because it will be the last one."
- Mary Grandpre
(Related: Will, World)

"It's sad and upsetting when you see somebody crying hysterically, but at the same time it's real funny."
- Seth Green
(Related: Funny, Time)

"Morality comes with the sad wisdom of age, when the sense of curiosity has withered."
- Graham Greene
(Related: Wisdom, Age, Morality, Curiosity, Sense)

"Women are reputed never to be disgusted. The sad fact is that they often are, but not with men; following the lead of men, they are most often disgusted with themselves."
- Germaine Greer
(Related: Women, Fact)

"I said to the German Ambassador that, as long as there was only a dispute between Austria and Serbia alone, I did not feel entitled to intervene; but that, directly it was a matter between Austria and Russia, it became a question of the peace of Europe, which concerned us all."
- Edward Grey
(Related: Peace, Europe, Question, Russia)

"I see so much more than I used to see. The effect has been to depress and sadden and hurt me terribly."
- Zane Grey
(Related: Effect, Hurt)

"Ginsberg's Collected Poems contains a wonderful poem about making it with Neal Cassady."
- Thom Gunn
(Related: Poems)

"I often heard about his cases and I often sat in on his trials. In the late 1960s when I was growing up I wanted to be a crusader like him but I didn't want to wear a suit and commute."
- David Guterson
(Related: Growing up, Trials, Want)

"Once I was checking to hotel and a couple saw my ring with Blues on it. They said, 'You play blues. That music is so sad.' I gave them tickets to the show, and they came up afterwards and said, 'You didn't play one sad song.'"
- Buddy Guy
(Related: Music, Play, Song)

"I am very sad for men and women trapped in any relationship where there is cruelty, dominance, inequity. I long for the liberation of all people."
- Jasmine Guy
(Related: Men, Women, People, Cruelty)

"All he cares about is going out there with his Jack Daniels bottle. Nothing has changed. That's kind of sad. If David was doing better than he used to be, then that would be different. But it was a joke and he made it that way."
- Sammy Hagar
(Related: Nothing)

"Everybody likes Johnny Cash. I think the sad part of it is his health is givin' him problems."
- Merle Haggard
(Related: Health, Problems)

"I was sad to see anybody leave, we had a very nice family on that show. I was very sad to see momma go, Victoria and especially Linda. My god that was my wife on the show, in fact my wife calls her wife."
- Larry Hagman
(Related: Family, Wife, God, Fact)

"Further, a defensive policy involves the loss of the initiative, with all the consequent disadvantages to the defender."
- Douglas Haig
(Related: Policy, Loss)

"I do a lot of work with the Dyslexia Institute because, for people with dyslexia who do not have parental support, it is a huge disadvantage. I was fortunate because my Mum was a teacher and she taught me to work hard."
- Susan Hampshire
(Related: Work, People, Support)

"It's both funny and sad which seem to me to be the two basic ingredients of good comedy."
- Tony Hancock
(Related: Funny, Comedy)

"We try to... we are, I suppose to a certain extent all affected and erm, that is both funny and sad I think."
- Tony Hancock
(Related: Funny)

"Zoo animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild."
- Jack Hanna
(Related: Animals)

"Unfortunately, I ended up kind of getting sadly duped, in a way. I haven't had an agent in 10 years, and now I'm doing some of the most interesting films I've ever had an opportunity to play in."
- Daryl Hannah
(Related: Opportunity, Now, Play, Years)

"I do not believe that the colour of one's skin determines whether you are disadvantaged."
- Pauline Hanson
(Related: Skin)

"And from a poise at this station the plane may swoop down, at great disadvantage if close to the back of the wave, at various slopes and directions till it cuts into the air that is being raised by the face of the following wave, which again enables it to resume its velocity."
- Lawrence Hargrave
(Related: Being, May)

"It's a sad and stupid thing to have to proclaim yourself a revolutionary just to be a decent man."
- David Harris
(Related: Man)

"We were sent to this country by the President, who desires to promote the welfare of Japan, and are quite different from the ambassadors of other countries."
- Townsend Harris
(Related: Countries, Country, President, Welfare)

"When the ambassadors of other foreign countries come to Japan to make treaties, they can be told that such and such a treaty has been made with the ambassador of the United States, and they will rest satisfied with this."
- Townsend Harris
(Related: Countries, Rest, states, United, Will)

"We get more dangerous as we accumulate knowledge, and that's both a sadness and something to control, try to learn to live with, make terms with."
- Lou Harrison
(Related: Knowledge, Control, Sadness)

"I can't say I'm happy to be talking about John Ritter and his passing. In my 21 years of Entertainment Tonight, this really was one of the most shocking and sad things to have happened."
- Mary Hart
(Related: Entertainment, Talking, Years)

"Sometimes I wonder if suicides aren't in fact sad guardians of the meaning of life."
- Vaclav Havel
(Related: Life, Fact, Meaning, Wonder)

"Angelina Jolie and I love each other. IF that's unusual these days, that's sad."
- James Haven
(Related: Love)

"For my wrap present, Colin Farrell gave me a first edition book. I got so involved with this character and I was so sad when the movie was over that when I got home and I tried to read the book I got really emotional and I started crying."
- Salma Hayek
(Related: Home, Character, First, Present)

"I like to express certain things that happen in my life, the joy of spring, the birds singing and young babies coming into the world. You know, the whole thing as well as the part I'm not happy with, the sad part."
- Roy Haynes
(Related: Life, Babies, Birds, Joy, Singing, Spring, World)

"But now Americans, they felt a sense of peace and protection because they've been separated by so many thousands of miles of ocean. And you know, the fact that it's come to the U.S. like this is so sad, and yet you know, what can you do? It's here."
- Patty Hearst
(Related: Peace, Americans, Fact, Now, Ocean, Protection, Sense)

"Any corporate policy and plan which is typical of the industry is doomed to mediocrity. Where this is not so, it should be possible to demonstrate that all other competitors are at a distinct disadvantage."
- Bruce Henderson
(Related: Policy, Corporate, Mediocrity)

"Some really good things kind of swing both ways and I like to see people that can swing really, really, really sad and horrible and terrible and really, really, really beautiful and funny."
- Beth Henley
(Related: Funny, People)

"What I loved about the acting class was that you got to think all day long about a person that wasn't you, and figure out why they were sad and what they wanted, what they dreamed."
- Beth Henley
(Related: Acting, Class, Day)

"I'm not on any crusade."
- Don Henley
"If my world were to cave in tomorrow, I would look back on all the pleasures, excitements and worthwhilenesses I have been lucky enough to have had. Not the sadness, not my miscarriages or my father leaving home, but the joy of everything else. It will have been enough."
- Audrey Hepburn
(Related: Home, Father, Joy, Sadness, Tomorrow, Will, World)

"What breadth, what beauty and power of human nature and development there must be in a woman to get over all the palisades, all the fences, within which she is held captive!"
- Alexander Herzen
(Related: Beauty, Nature, Power, Development, Human nature, Woman)

"The reality is, it will be a significant conflict going for many, many months, if not longer. Saddam Hussein is not a fool. He hasn't been sitting there waiting to get shot for 13 years."
- John Hewson
(Related: Conflict, Fool, Months, Reality, Waiting, Will, Years)

"Jackson went from the professor's chair to the officer's saddle. He carried with him the very elements of character which made him odious as a teacher; but I never saw him in an arbitrary mood."
- Daniel H. Hill
(Related: Character)

"I know me, and those close to me know me. But sadly, the outside world thinks I'm some kind of a crook."
- Benny Hinn
(Related: World)

"Tragically, the White House Task Force on Disadvantaged Youth reported that one-quarter of our young people are at serious risk of not achieving productive adulthood."
- Ruben Hinojosa
(Related: People, Adulthood, Force, Risk, Youth)

"Saturdays and Sundays, America in the year 2009 does not in some ways differ significantly from the country that existed almost 50 years ago. This is truly sad."
- Eric Holder
(Related: America, Country, Years)

"We live by encouragement and die without it - slowly, sadly, angrily."
- Celeste Holm
(Related: Encouragement)

"I wanted to make a human monster. His name is Coffin Baby. The idea is based on a group of people from Pasadena whose names I can't mention. His mother died and during the funeral, this baby came out of her in the coffin."
- Tobe Hooper
(Related: Mother, People, Idea, Baby, Name, Names)

"Sad people dislike the happy, and the happy the sad; the quick thinking the sedate, and the careless the busy and industrious."
- Horace
(Related: People, Quick, Thinking)

"Everything's complicated, even those things that seem flat in their bleakness or sadness."
- Nick Hornby
(Related: Sadness)

"Nuclear deterrence doesn't work outside of the Russian - U.S. context; Saddam Hussein showed that."
- Charles Horner
(Related: Work)

"I talked to ex-wives of musicians of the '70s for research. They're the funniest people in the world, yet there is this sad, beautiful thing in their eyes that says they've seen more than they could ever possibly tell you."
- Kate Hudson
(Related: People, Eyes, Musicians, Research, World)

"I so desperately hate to end these movies that the first thing I do when I'm done is write another one. Then I don't feel sad about having to leave and everybody going away."
- John Hughes
(Related: Movies, End, First, Hate)

"Death remains about the one certain fact in the lives of each one of us, and there will be suffering, sorrow, and sadness next week as there was last week."
- Basil C. Hume
(Related: Death, Fact, Sadness, Sorrow, Suffering, Will)

"In Great Britain the price of food is at a higher level than in any other country, and consequently, the British artisan labours at a disadvantage in proportion to the higher rate of his food."
- Joseph Hume
(Related: Food, Country)

"Being a good psychoanalyst, in short, has the same disadvantage as being a good parent: The children desert one as they grow up."
- Morton Hunt
(Related: Being, Children)

"All the things that happen to people in the industry today, the actors, what they have to put up with, all the people wanting to know every single moment of their lives - I think it's really sad."
- Tab Hunter
(Related: People, Actors, Today)

"Baghdad is determined to force the Mongols of our age to commit suicide at its gates."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: Age, Force, Suicide)

"Allah is on our side. That is why we will beat the aggressor."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: Will)

"I am not going to answer to this so-called court, out of respect for the truth and the will of the Iraqi people. I've said what I've said, and I'm not guilty."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: Truth, People, Court, Respect, Will)

"I am not guilty, I am innocent."
- Saddam Hussein
"I didn't say 'former president,' I said 'president,' and I have the constitutional rights according to the constitution, including immunity from prosecution."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: Constitution, Rights, President)

"We are not intimidated by the size of the armies, or the type of hardware the US has brought."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: Hardware)

"You know me... If you are Iraqi, you know me."
- Saddam Hussein
"We are ready to sacrifice our souls, our children and our families so as not to give up Iraq. We say this so no one will think that America is capable of breaking the will of the Iraqis with its weapons."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: Sacrifice, America, Children, Iraq, Weapons, Will)

"I said I'm the president of Iraq... I did not say deposed."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: Iraq, President)

"Those who fight in God's cause will be victorious."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: God, Cause, Fight, Will)

"If you are Iraqi, you know who I am... and you know that I do not tire. I am the president of Iraq and I refuse to answer these questions because this court is illegitimate."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: Court, Iraq, President, Questions)

"Remember the valiant Iraqi peasant and how he shot down an American Apache with an old weapon."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: American, Old)

"Politics is when you say you are going to do one thing while intending to do another. Then you do neither what you said nor what you intended."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: Politics)

"There is much to be said for having an experienced international jurist who is entirely unconnected with the allied invaders, on the tribunal."
- Saddam Hussein
"Who are you and what are you?... I need to know."
- Saddam Hussein
"De Sade is the one completely consistent and thoroughgoing revolutionary of history."
- Aldous Huxley
(Related: History)

"It is one of the most saddening things in life that, try as we may, we can never be certain of making people happy, whereas we can almost always be certain of making them unhappy."
- Thomas Huxley
(Related: Life, People, May)

"It's much easier to write when you're sad. But you can end up isolated and depressed because you almost need to put yourself in that situation to have that angst to write from."
- Natalie Imbruglia
(Related: End)

"Democracy is only an experiment in government, and it has the obvious disadvantage of merely counting votes instead of weighing them."
- Dean Inge
(Related: Government, Democracy, Obvious)

"I have to say when we talk about the treatment of these prisoners that I would guess that these prisoners wake up every morning thanking Allah that Saddam Hussein is not in charge of these prisons."
- James Inhofe
(Related: Talk, Treatment)

"Because the sad fact is that the Enron Corporation and others manipulated with unfortunately great effect the energy market in the West Coast starting in 2000."
- Jay Inslee
(Related: Effect, Energy, Enron, Fact)

"No society has been able to abolish human sadness, no political system can deliver us from the pain of living, from our fear of death, our thirst for the absolute. It is the human condition that directs the social condition, not vice versa."
- Eugene Ionesco
(Related: Society, Death, Fear, Living, Pain, Sadness, Vice)

"The sad thing about any business I suppose, but in mine you see it particularly, is that you're always asked to do what you've already done."
- Jeremy Irons
(Related: Business)

"I was not naturally intellectual, but somebody whose interest had to be whetted, still the case sadly."
- Jeremy Irons
(Related: Interest)

"Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart."
- Washington Irving
(Related: Heart, Memory, Sun)

"Some minds seem almost to create themselves, springing up under every disadvantage and working their solitary but irresistible way through a thousand obstacles."
- Washington Irving
(Related: Obstacles)

"I have always viewed my role as a sort of ambassador or bridge between groups to help provide a dialog."
- Joichi Ito
(Related: Help)

"Not one man will the State of Missouri furnish to carry on any unholy crusade."
- Claiborne Fox Jackson
(Related: Man, State, Will)

"Do you know most of the Jewish songs have the same trend of sadness as Negro spirituals?"
- Mahalia Jackson
(Related: Sadness, Songs)

"And I remember going to the record studio and there was a park across the street and I'd see all the children playing and I would cry because it would make me sad that I would have to work instead."
- Michael Jackson
(Related: Work, Children)

"But I now entered on my fifteenth year - a sad epoch in the life of a slave girl. My master began to whisper foul words in my ear. Young as I was, I could not remain ignorant of their import."
- Harriet Ann Jacobs
(Related: Life, Now, Whisper, Words)

"You will soon find that I am a bit obsessive about my work. And that is a little sad, one often feels strangely restricted, not finding time to simmer, although one actually has many interests."
- Arne Jacobsen
(Related: Time, Work, Will)

"George W. Bush and Tony Blair had to convince the world that Saddam Hussein represented an imminent threat. Tony Blair lied when he claimed that Iraq could launch a chemical or biological attack within 45 minutes."
- Bianca Jagger
(Related: Iraq, World)

"Saddam Hussein has been brutal against his people, but when he was committing those crimes, the international community did not come to the rescue of the Iraqis."
- Bianca Jagger
(Related: People, Community)

"I have been hunted for twenty-one years. I have literally lived in the saddle. I have never known a day of perfect peace."
- Frank James
(Related: Peace, Day, Years)

"There must be something solemn, serious, and tender about any attitude which we denominate religious. If glad, it must not grin or snicker; if sad, it must not scream or curse."
- William James
(Related: Attitude, Religious)

"The great disadvantage of our present electoral system is that it freezes the pattern of politics, and holds together the incompatible because everyone assumes that if a party splits it will be electorally slaughtered."
- Roy Jenkins
(Related: Politics, Party, Present, Will)

"I can see the humorous side of things and enjoy the fun when it comes; but look where I will, there seems to me always more sadness than joy in life."
- Jerome K. Jerome
(Related: Life, Fun, Joy, Sadness, Will)

"The word of God is full of sad and grave counsel, full of the knowledge of God, of examples of virtues, and of correction of vices, of the end of this life, and of the life to come."
- John Jewel
(Related: Life, God, Knowledge, Correction, End, Grave, Vices, Word)

"I'm not a very serious person. You know how they say that clowns are very funny in public and are really sad at home? I'm really kind of stupid at home and more serious in public."
- Roland Joffe
(Related: Funny, Home, Clowns, Public)

"It's sad that the most glorious of sexual experiences can make us feel guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, and abnormal."
- Sue Johanson
"Our first phase was inviting all the women Ambassadors who were here from other countries and trying to get in touch with all the peace centers around the country in order to focus on increasing the volume and activity toward peace."
- Eddie Bernice Johnson
(Related: Peace, Women, Countries, Country, First, Focus, Order, Trying)

"When we arrived in London, my sadness at leaving Paris was turned into despair. After my long stay in the French capital, huge, ponderous, massive London seemed to me as ugly a thing as man could contrive to make."
- James Weldon Johnson
(Related: Despair, London, Man, Paris, Sadness, Ugly)

"One of the disadvantages of wine is that it makes a man mistake words for thoughts."
- Samuel Johnson
(Related: Mistake, Thoughts, Man, Wine, Words)

"I didn't really want to live, so anything that was an investment in time made me angry... but also I just felt sad. When the hopelessness is hurting you, it's the fixtures and fittings that finish you off."
- Angelina Jolie
(Related: Time, Investment, Want)

"Country fans need to support country music by buying albums and concert tickets for traditional artists or the music will just fade away. And that would be really sad."
- George Jones
(Related: Music, Artists, Buying, Country, Country music, Fans, Support, Will)

"Out of labor's struggle in Arizona came better conditions for the workers, who must everywhere, at all times, under advantage and disadvantage work out their own salvation."
- Mary Harris Jones
(Related: Work, Labor, Salvation, Struggle, Workers)

"Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever."
- Chief Joseph
(Related: Heart, Fight, Now, Sun, Will)

"The word "happiness" would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness."
- Carl Jung
(Related: Meaning, Sadness, Word)

"Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity."
- Carl Jung
(Related: Life, Darkness, Meaning, Measure, Patience, Sadness, Word)

"I'm proud of my invention, but I'm sad that it is used by terrorists."
- Mikhail Kalashnikov
(Related: Invention)

"Amin managed to invite both the US and Soviet ambassadors to his palace at the very same time and then deliberately kept them together in his waiting room."
- Ryszard Kapuscinski
(Related: Time, Waiting)

"If you are charged with this responsibility of enhancing interrogations, or using soldiers to enhance interrogations to find Saddam, and you're above the law for all practical purposes, you might try some unusual techniques. Now we know that, in fact, they did."
- Janis Karpinski
(Related: Fact, Law, Now, Responsibility, Soldiers)

"After they killed Uday and Qusay, the focus centered on Saddam: Find him, kill him, capture him, whatever it takes. To me, it was a false sense of security: If we get Saddam, we're going to win this war."
- Janis Karpinski
(Related: War, Focus, Sense)

"Military intelligence interrogators, however, their goal is to get information, to save lives, to stop the war, to find Saddam - whatever the information is going to be used for, at whatever cost."
- Janis Karpinski
(Related: Intelligence, War, Goal, Information, Military)

"Shortly after we arrived in Baghdad, we had another conversation with the ambassador. He said that he wanted us to give him the timeline, because we had 90 days to get these prisons operational and transfer responsibility back to the Iraqis."
- Janis Karpinski
(Related: Conversation, Responsibility)

"The capture of Saddam Hussein has proven to the bad ones, to the guilty ones, to the sinful ones that they cannot run forever. Sooner or later, the other criminals will also be found from their hideouts."
- Hamid Karzai
(Related: Will)

"I just want real reactions. I want people to laugh from the gut, be sad from the gut-or get angry from the gut."
- Andy Kaufman
(Related: People, Want)

"My mother sent me to psychiatrists since the age of four because she didn't think little boys should be sad. When my brother was born, I stared out the window for days. Can you imagine that?"
- Andy Kaufman
(Related: Age, Mother, Brother, Boys)

"Whatever you think of de Sade, he was a complex figure and we should not look for easy answers with him. He was, strangely perhaps, against the death penalty, and he was never put in prison for murders or anything like that."
- Philip Kaufman
(Related: Death, Answers, Prison)

"And I liked this extreme character of de Sade."
- Philip Kaufman
(Related: Character, Extreme)

"They say such nice things about people at their funerals that it makes me sad that I'm going to miss mine by just a few days."
- Garrison Keillor
(Related: People, Funerals)

"Of course I'm a publicity hound. Aren't all crusaders? How can you accomplish anything unless people know what you are trying to do?"
- Vivien Kellems
(Related: People, Publicity, Trying)

"I seldom think about my limitations, and they never make me sad. Perhaps there is just a touch of yearning at times; but it is vague, like a breeze among flowers."
- Helen Keller
(Related: Flowers, Limitations, Yearning)

"Shamefully we now learn that Saddam's torture chambers reopened under new management, U.S. management."
- Edward Kennedy
(Related: Management, Now)

"It's now clear that from the very moment President Bush took office, Iraq was his highest priority as unfinished business from the first Bush Administration. His agenda was clear: find a rationale to get rid of Saddam."
- Edward Kennedy
(Related: Business, First, Iraq, Now, Office, President)

"We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction."
- Edward Kennedy
(Related: Destruction, Weapons, Years)

"The one thing I do not want to be called is First Lady. It sounds like a saddle horse."
- Jackie Kennedy
(Related: First, Lady, Want)

"What is sad for women of my generation is that they weren't supposed to work if they had families. What were they going to do when the children are grown - watch the raindrops coming down the window pane?"
- Jackie Kennedy
(Related: Women, Work, Children)

"The United States armed forces and coalition troops deserve recognition and support for their work to remove Saddam Hussein from power, and ensure the safety and security of the American people, civilians abroad, and the people of Iraq."
- Mark Kennedy
(Related: Work, Power, People, American, Iraq, Safety, Security, states, Support, Troops, United)

"The flag that was the symbol of slavery on the high seas for a long time was not the Confederate battle flag, it was sadly the Stars and Stripes."
- Alan Keyes
(Related: Time, Battle, Slavery, Stars, Symbol)

"With any group of people in life, sad things happen, and crazy things, and happy things. When you're in the public eye, it's just amplified, that's all."
- Margot Kidder
(Related: Life, People, Eye, Public)

"Having gone through all of this, I feel in some ways calmer now. It's strange, but sad. I think I'll always be sad."
- Nicole Kidman
(Related: Now)

"I think I would be very sad if I wasn't able to have a baby."
- Nicole Kidman
(Related: Baby)

"New rumors that Saddam Hussein is planning to flee to a castle in Libya with 10 billion dollars. Now President Bush doesn't know whether to nuke him or give him a tax cut."
- Craig Kilborn
(Related: Tax, Now, Planning, President, Rumors)

"Democrats were quick to point out that President Bush's budget creates a 1 trillion dollar deficit. The White House quickly responded with 'Hey, look over there, it's Saddam Hussein.'"
- Craig Kilborn
(Related: Democrats, President, Quick)

"President Bush spent last night calling world leaders to support the war with Iraq and it is sad when the most powerful man on earth is yelling, 'I know you're there, pick up, pick up."
- Craig Kilborn
(Related: War, Earth, Iraq, Leaders, Man, Night, President, Support, World)

"Women get the attention when we get into the men's arena, and that's sad."
- Billie Jean King
(Related: Women, Attention)

"I was sad Jon Ronson, who wrote in the Guardian and has made a TV show for Channel 4, took against me."
- Jonathan King
"We went into Iraq because Saddam Hussein refused to account for his weapons of mass destruction, consistently violated UN resolutions and in a post-9/11 world no American president could afford to give Saddam Hussein the benefit of the doubt."
- Peter King
(Related: American, Destruction, Doubt, Iraq, Post, President, Weapons, World)

"In the post-9/11 world you cannot give him the benefit of the doubt. As a result of our going into Iraq, not only is Saddam Hussein gone, but Qaddafi has given up his weapons of mass destruction and tremendous progress is being made in Iraq."
- Peter King
(Related: Progress, Being, Destruction, Doubt, Iraq, Post, Result, Weapons, World)

"My father was trained as a saddler, but in fact as a young man worked in his father's business of rearing and selling cattle, so he grew up in the countryside."
- Aaron Klug
(Related: Business, Father, Selling, Fact, Man)

"Mainly, I thought of Barney as a kid. You can always look into the faces of kids and see what they're thinking, if they're happy or sad. That's what I tried to do with Barney."
- Don Knotts
(Related: Thought, Faces, Kids, Thinking)

"Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion."
- Arthur Koestler
(Related: Death, Illusion, Nothing)

"I happen to believe that the preemption school is correct, that the risks of allowing Saddam Hussein to acquire his weapons will only grow with time."
- Charles Krauthammer
(Related: Time, School, Weapons, Will)

"Look, we're all saddled with things that make us better or worse. This world is a crazy place, and I've chosen to make my work about that insanity."
- Barbara Kruger
(Related: Work, Insanity, World)

"What I really tried to do with Helen was make her show this sad side of her. She was married off at 16, was so young and living in this castle that can't leave because of how she looks, and married to a man she hates and three times her age."
- Diane Kruger
(Related: Age, Living, Man)

"Since I had the baby I can't tolerate anything violent or sad, I saw the Matrix and I had my eyes closed through a lot of it, though I didn't need to. I would peek, and then think, oh OK, I can see that."
- Lisa Kudrow
(Related: Baby, Eyes)

"It is a sad commentary that today we face a choice between having schools that are a monument to our past - or schools that will be the lifeblood of our future. But since that is our choice, let us resolve to choose wisely."
- Ted Kulongoski
(Related: Choice, Future, Monument, Past, Schools, Today, Will)

"There is the glamour side of it, which allows you to meet great variety of people with whom you simply can have a good time, but there's also the sad side of it that drags you into a superficial and artificial world."
- Karolina Kurkova
(Related: Time, People, Glamour, Variety, World)

"You have to sound sad first of all, then maybe later you can sound good."
- Steve Lacy
(Related: First, Sound)

"It is very kind of you to consider the possibility of my working in Pasadena, an idea which certainly is attractive, especially since it would hold out the prospect of your cooperation or advice."
- Karl Landsteiner
(Related: Idea, Possibility, Advice, Cooperation)

"I am not a sad clown. I am not a sad clown."
- Nathan Lane
"Vegas means comedy, tragedy, happiness and sadness all at the same time."
- Artie Lange
(Related: Happiness, Time, Comedy, Sadness, Tragedy)

"Then, of course, there are those sad occasions when a poet or a writer has not grown, and one has to let them go because they're just not making headway. But we have a very clear personal relationship with the authors."
- James Laughlin
(Related: Writer)

"It is a sound principle of finance, and a still sounder principle of government, that those who have the duty of expending the revenue of a country should also be saddled with the responsibility of levying and providing it."
- Wilfrid Laurier
(Related: Finance, Government, Country, Duty, Responsibility, Sound)

"Melancholy and sadness are the start of doubt... doubt is the beginning of despair; despair is the cruel beginning of the differing degrees of wickedness."
- Isidore Ducasse Lautreamont
(Related: Beginning, Despair, Doubt, Melancholy, Sadness, Wickedness)

"They say geniuses mostly have great mothers. They mostly have sad fates."
- David Herbert Lawrence
(Related: Mothers)

"Sadly, I am not able to take part in the fieldwork myself so much anymore, as both of my legs were amputated following an airplane crash twelve years ago."
- Richard Leakey
(Related: Years)

"More coming out about Saddam Hussein. We now know he takes Viagra and he has as many as six mistresses. No wonder Congress is reluctant to take action against this guy - he's one of their own."
- Jay Leno
(Related: Action, Congress, Now, Wonder)

"The real sadness of fifty is not that you change so much but that you change so little."
- Max Lerner
(Related: Change, Sadness)

"I don't think it's so much of a disadvantage setting up from scratch."
- David Leslie
"The big debate right now is if Saddam is alive or dead. He's dead, then he's alive, then dead, then alive. It's just confusing. Today they showed videotape, and Saddam was speaking at his own funeral."
- David Letterman
(Related: Debate, Now, Right, Today)

"We have defeated Saddam Hussein and Iraq. The good news is Iraq is ours, and the bad news is Iraq is ours."
- David Letterman
(Related: Iraq, News)

"No one knows if Saddam is still alive. They keep showing old footage of him on TV saying that it's live. You know, it's like the same thing we do with Dick Cheney."
- David Letterman
(Related: Old, Saying)

"Last night the United States dropped four 2,000 pound bombs on Saddam Hussein. I don't know anything about explosives, but, my God, do those things even need to explode?"
- David Letterman
(Related: God, Bombs, Night, states, United)

"We begin with the common belief that Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a threat to the peace and stability of the region. He has ignored the mandated of the United Nations and is building weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering them."
- Carl Levin
(Related: Peace, Belief, Building, Destruction, Nations, Stability, United, Weapons)

"Sadly, the President's budget proposal for the upcoming year once again puts cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans over addressing our country's severe fiscal problems."
- Carl Levin
(Related: Americans, Country, President, Problems, Taxes)

"I believe that the artist's involvement in the capitalist structure is disadvantageous to the artist and forces him to produce objects in order to live."
- Sol LeWitt
(Related: Artist, Order)

"Every day Saddam remains in power with chemical weapons, biological weapons, and the development of nuclear weapons is a day of danger for the United States."
- Joe Lieberman
(Related: Power, Development, Danger, Day, states, United, Weapons)

"I often feel like I have this spirit living inside of me, always dressing in like short mini skirts... but then I start to discover myself. So there are eight spirits, mischievous ones, sad ones, handsome ones, wise ones, and crazy ones."
- Bai Ling
(Related: Living, Spirit, Spirits)

"Good schools, good jobs, good government. These are not unreasonable demands. But sadly, some of our people have already lost heart and have left Hawaii to look for these things elsewhere."
- Linda Lingle
(Related: Government, People, Heart, Jobs, Schools)

"Real men are sadly lacking in this world, for when they are put to the test they prove worthless."
- Franz Liszt
(Related: Men, World)

"We'd play at the Ambassador's house for an invited group of dignitaries from the government that might have gone to school in America; to the U.S. Consulate that invites certain people that they're trying to target."
- Bob Livingston
(Related: Government, People, America, Play, School, Trying)

"I don't wanta do any Blues or any sad songs."
- Bob Livingston
(Related: Songs)

"Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(Related: Man, World)

"I once witnessed more ardent emotions between men at an Elks' Rally in Pasadena than they could ever have felt for the type of woman available to an Elk."
- Anita Loos
(Related: Men, Emotions, Woman)

"I am sure that the sad days and happenings were rare, and that I lived the joyous and careless life of other children; but just because the happy days were so habitual to me they made no impression upon my mind, and I can no longer recall them."
- Pierre Loti
(Related: Life, Impression, Children, Mind)

"Sadly, it's much easier to create a desert than a forest."
- James Lovelock
"Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change."
- James Russell Lowell
(Related: Change, People)

"Wrap parties can be really sad, actually, disorienting."
- Josh Lucas
"You get used to sadness, growing up in the mountains, I guess."
- Loretta Lynn
(Related: Growing up, Mountains, Sadness)

"Walt Disney was not a merchant of sadness."
- James MacArthur
(Related: Disney, Sadness)

"There is no such thing as death. In nature nothing dies. From each sad remnant of decay, some forms of life arise so shall his life be taken away before he knoweth that he hath it."
- Charles Mackay
(Related: Life, Nature, Death, Nothing)

"Sadat made us feel more secure."
- Naguib Mahfouz
"The flesh, alas, is sad, and I have read all the books."
- Stephane Mallarme
(Related: Books)

"The Bourbon King was first ambassador of reason and human happiness."
- Heinrich Mann
(Related: Happiness, First, Reason)

"The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow."
- Bob Marley
(Related: Thoughts, Today, Tomorrow)

"I'm sad to see the passing of the great drug warriors. I certainly did my part in that battle and I don't regret any of it."
- Marc Maron
(Related: Battle, Regret)

"I'm happy, I would say that I'm one of the happiest people I know but I've certainly had periods of profound sadness, depression and heartache and those are the kind of things that are interesting to me to write about."
- Richard Marx
(Related: People, Depression, Sadness)

"I'd like to think Helen very much understood what it was to be disadvantaged in the medical field. And that that was something that she never let dictate her choices."
- Mary Stuart Masterson
(Related: Medical, Choices)

"Once it was suggested that Saddam Hussein might give his weaponry to terrorists, or might use weapons himself in the region, then it became hard for the Democrats to say, 'Well, that can't happen.'"
- Chris Matthews
(Related: Democrats, Weapons)

"Even when I begin with a situation that's basically funny or sad, I like to keep poking around in it. I like to get into the middle of a relationship, to explore the subtle places."
- Paul Mazursky
(Related: Funny)

"When this sad war is over we will all return to our homes, and feel that we can ask no higher honor than the proud consciousness that we belonged to the Army of the Potomac."
- George B. McClellan
(Related: War, Army, Consciousness, Honor, Will)

"I've got so much to do, I don't have time to sit down and be sad."
- Norma McCorvey
(Related: Time)

"Cancer Boy probably has the saddest, noblest, sweetest heart of any character I've ever done."
- Bruce McCulloch
(Related: Heart, Character, Cancer)

"For me, singing sad songs often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open into the light, out of the darkness."
- Reba McEntire
(Related: Darkness, Healing, Hurt, Light, Open, Singing, Songs)

"By concentrating on what is good in people, by appealing to their idealism and their sense of justice, and by asking them to put their faith in the future, socialists put themselves at a severe disadvantage."
- Ian Mcewan
(Related: Faith, People, Future, Idealism, Justice, Sense)

"I think often sadness is a great place to get songs from."
- Sarah McLachlan
(Related: Sadness, Songs)

"It is sad that the Republican leadership is not as interested as they say they are in protecting the institution of marriage as they are in waging a campaign to divide and distract the American people from the real issues that need to be addressed."
- Kendrick Meek
(Related: Leadership, Marriage, People, American, Republican)

"Heaven have mercy on us all - Presbyterians and Pagans alike - for we are all somehow dreadfully cracked about the head, and sadly need mending."
- Herman Melville
(Related: Heaven, Mercy)

"Well, the musicals give emphasis to love, longing, melancholy, sadness. All of that is always there."
- Ismail Merchant
(Related: Love, Longing, Melancholy, Sadness)

"When I was leaving I kind of felt a little bit sad, because I made some friends down in skid row."
- Pras Michel
(Related: Friends)

"I would like to be the first ambassador to the United States from the United States."
- Barbara Mikulski
(Related: First, states, United)

"Sadism is not an infectious disease that strikes a person all of a sudden. It has a long prehistory in childhood and always originates in the desperate fantasies of a child who is searching for a way out of a hopeless situation."
- Alice Miller
(Related: Childhood, Disease)

"Save for thee and thy lessons, man in society would everywhere sink into a sad compound of the fiend and the wild beast; and this fallen world would be as certainly a moral as a natural wilderness."
- Hugh Miller
(Related: Society, Man, Wilderness, World)

"Keep it simple, keep it sexy, keep it sad."
- Mitch Miller
"I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend, Dudley Moore."
- Liza Minelli
(Related: Death, Friend)

"It is sad to see a woman sacrificing the ties of the affections even to do good."
- Maria Mitchell
(Related: Woman)

"I'd like to be the ambassador to the Bahamas."
- Eleanor Mondale
"I'm trying to make sure that there's comedy as well as sadness. It makes the sadness more memorable."
- Rick Moody
(Related: Comedy, Sadness, Trying)

"Among the reasons people keep sad stories to themselves is that they do not want anyone to feel sorry for them. I don't. I don't want you to feel sorry for me."
- Judith Moore
(Related: People, Want)

"A lot of my reading over the next few months will be the works of Hans Christian Andersen - I have been appointed an ambassador for the bicentenary celebrations of his birth next year."
- Roger Moore
(Related: Christian, Months, Reading, Will)

"Of course I do not regret the Bond days, I regret that sadly heroes in general are depicted with guns in their hands, and to tell the truth I have always hated guns and what they represent."
- Roger Moore
(Related: Truth, Heroes, Regret)

"Although his crusade in 1957 occurred at a time in our nation's history when race divided all, Reverend Graham refused to preach in segregated audiences."
- Jerry Moran
(Related: History, Time, Audiences, Nation, Race)

"There's no excuse to be bored. Sad, yes. Angry, yes. Depressed, yes. Crazy, yes. But there's no excuse for boredom, ever."
- Viggo Mortensen
(Related: Boredom)

"51st State was one that I loved doing because the character was so out there, and in a way I was sad to leave the character behind. I'm afraid I could never be that cool in real life!"
- Emily Mortimer
(Related: Character, State)

"One disadvantage of being a hog is that at any moment some blundering fool may try to make a silk purse out of your wife's ear."
- J. B. Morton
(Related: Wife, Being, Fool, May)

"The crusades made great improvement in the condition of the serfs."
- John Lothrop Motley
(Related: Improvement)

"I do believe that if you haven't learnt about sadness, you cannot appreciate happiness."
- Nana Mouskouri
(Related: Happiness, Sadness)

"If I was sad or afraid, I would sit in a corner and sing. If I was happy I would jump into the middle of the room and sing. It was how I expressed my emotions."
- Nana Mouskouri
(Related: Emotions)

"Of these years nought remains in memory but the sad feeling that we have advanced and only grown older."
- Max Muller
(Related: Feeling, Memory, Years)

"In Trinidad, where as new arrivals we were a disadvantaged community, that excluding idea was a kind of protection; it enabled us - for the time being, and only for the time being - to live in our own way and according to our own rules, to live in our own fading India."
- V. S. Naipaul
(Related: Time, Idea, Being, Community, Protection, Rules)

"It's a sad day when a cartoon is doing more and cares more and pays more attention to the environment than our president."
- Kathy Najimy
(Related: Attention, Day, Environment, President)

"Beauty makes idiots sad and wise men merry."
- George Jean Nathan
(Related: Beauty, Men, Idiots)

"Right, well I am, I was a career diplomat for 37 years from 1960 until 1997 during the early 1980s from 1981 to 1985 I was the United States Ambassador to Honduras."
- John Negroponte
(Related: Career, Right, states, United, Years)

"The sad duty of politics is to establish justice in a sinful world."
- Reinhold Niebuhr
(Related: Politics, Duty, Justice, World)

"Howard Dean is not the first politician to distort facts in his own interests. But many activists in the party he now leads are puzzled over what he thinks he is accomplishing politically. Is it good politics to contend that Iraq was better off under Saddam Hussein than even a flawed Islamic republic?"
- Robert Novak
(Related: Politics, Facts, First, Iraq, Now, Party)

"I've cried, and you'd think I'd be better for it, but the sadness just sleeps, and it stays in my spine the rest of my life."
- Conor Oberst
(Related: Life, Rest, Sadness)

"They say it's better to bury your sadness in a graveyard or garden that waits for the spring to wake from its sleep and burst into green."
- Conor Oberst
(Related: Garden, Sadness, Sleep, Spring)

"CBS news anchor Dan Rather has interviewed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. When asked what it was like to talk to a crazy man, Saddam said, 'It's not so bad.'"
- Conan O'Brien
(Related: Man, News, Talk)

"All you'd have to do is get a sad look, and he'd try to do something for you."
- Margaret O'Brien
"It is a sad day for our country when the moral foundation of our law and the acknowledgment of God has to be hidden from public view to appease a federal judge."
- Soledad O'Brien
(Related: God, Country, Day, Law, Public)

"I love walking down the street and seeing faces and drama and happiness and sadness and dirt and cleanliness."
- Ric Ocasek
(Related: Happiness, Love, Cleanliness, Drama, Faces, Sadness, Walking)

"I enjoyed in every way my 12 years of playing Archie, and I wasn't personally sad about finishing a long job."
- Carroll O'Connor
(Related: Job, Years)

"It was, however, in the interest of Osama bin Laden for us to destroy a secular Arab leader; it was very much in the interest of the Iranians because they wanted revenge against Saddam Hussein for Iraq's invasion in 1980."
- William Odom
(Related: Leader, Interest, Iraq, Osama bin laden, Revenge)

"Once we destroyed the Saddam regime, we knew there was going to be a civil war."
- William Odom
(Related: War)

"The opponents and I are really one. My strength and skills only half of the equation. The other half is theirs. An opponent is someone whose strength joined to yours creates a certain result."
- Sadaharu Oh
(Related: Strength, Opponents, Result)

"My baseball career was a long, long initiation into a single secret: At the heart of all things is love."
- Sadaharu Oh
(Related: Love, Heart, Baseball, Career)

"The efforts you make will surely be rewarded. If not, then you are simply not ready to call them efforts."
- Sadaharu Oh
(Related: Will)

"John Wayne was one of the greatest ambassadors for the United States that ever lived."
- Maureen O'Hara
(Related: states, United)

"One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness."
- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
(Related: Sadness)

"One should either be sad or joyful. Contentment is a warm sty for eaters and sleepers."
- Eugene O'Neill
(Related: Contentment)

"If the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it's clean, he has nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush administration again."
- Bill O'Reilly
(Related: Trust, Americans, Nation, Nothing, Will)

"You see so many artists who are so talented end up living sad, empty lives. This industry takes so much out of you that without the accountability and leaving God in the center, you can be left so empty and void."
- Stacie Orrico
(Related: God, Artists, End, Living)

"Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence. In other words, it is war minus the shooting."
- George Orwell
(Related: War, Hatred, Jealousy, Nothing, Play, Pleasure, Rules, Violence, Words)

"I didn't know my mother had it. I think a lot of women don't know their mothers had it; that's the sad thing about depression. You know, you don't function anymore. You shut down. You feel like you are in a void."
- Marie Osmond
(Related: Women, Mother, Depression, Mothers)

"It's a sad day when the leaders of the free world engage in such deception and trickery. I voted against this unnecessary war and will continue to argue that the best way to support our troops is to bring them home."
- Major R. Owens
(Related: Home, War, Day, Deception, Leaders, Support, Troops, Will, World)

"I know of no book which has been a source of brutality and sadistic conduct, both public and private, that can compare with the Bible."
- James Paget
(Related: Bible, Public)

"I want everyone in the Republican party who opposed me to know this: you are welcome to join this people's crusade. Come aboard. You are both welcome and needed. If we unite, we'll win - and we'll rebuild New York."
- Carl Paladino
(Related: People, Party, Republican, Want)

"It is very sad for a man to make himself servant to a single thing; his manhood all taken out of him by the hydraulic pressure of excessive business."
- Theodore Parker
(Related: Business, Man, Pressure)

"There is some sadness for me now about acting because it used to be that there was a reverence for actors."
- Estelle Parsons
(Related: Acting, Actors, Now, Sadness)

"What makes old age so sad is not that our joys but our hopes cease."
- Jean Paul
(Related: Age, Old)

"In time it will become clear to everyone that support for the policies of pre-emptive war and interventionist nation-building will have much greater significance than the removal of Saddam Hussein itself."
- Ron Paul
(Related: Time, War, Nation, Support, Will)

"The historical experience of socialist countries has sadly demonstrated that collectivism does not do away with alienation but rather increases it, adding to it a lack of basic necessities and economic inefficiency."
- Pope John Paul II
(Related: Experience, Alienation, Countries, Inefficiency)

"The occasion of this sadness is expressed in a word, but must be considered in many more, as being the principal concernment both of the Text and Time."
- John Pearson
(Related: Time, Being, Sadness, Word)

"The Chavez-Obama pictures will join a postmodern photo array that includes Donald Rumsfeld gifting Saddam Hussein with spurs from President Reagan."
- Christine Pelosi
(Related: President, Will)

"Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process."
- Nancy Pelosi
(Related: Technology, Development, Countries, Destruction, Weapons)

"We're sad about some of the losses of members of great seniority and distinction in the Congress, and some very new members, who will no longer be serving with us."
- Nancy Pelosi
(Related: Congress, Will)

"Sadly, embryonic stem cell research is completely legal in this country and has been going on at universities and research facilities for years."
- Mike Pence
(Related: Legal, Country, Research, Years)

"And in Iraq we tried to implement the same policy that was so successful in Saudi Arabia, but Saddam Hussein didn't buy. When the economic hit men fail in this scenario, the next step is what we call the jackals."
- John Perkins
(Related: Men, Policy, Successful, Iraq)

"I think it's a terrible thing to write and not enjoy it. It's a sad thing. But of course a lot of people do work because they need to eat. And we all need to eat, but that's not the only reason to work. You couldn't have paid me not to write."
- Anne Perry
(Related: Work, People, Reason)

"I am personally saddened and stunned by the tragic events that took place in Red Lake."
- Collin C. Peterson
(Related: Events)

"Our hope, and it's a sad hope, is that... well, I mean we need a tip. That's why we have such a big reward. We just hope that someone is holding her for her child and that we can, you know, get her back with a tip."
- Scott Peterson
(Related: Hope, Reward)

"Today, many fans are saddened and upset by the lack of integrity they see in professional boxing that has significantly weakened the sport - the most deplorable problem of which is the treatment of the sport's athletes."
- Charles W. Pickering
(Related: Athletes, Boxing, Fans, Integrity, Today, Treatment)

"I love the script and I just thought it was a great role. Like I say, it's like this - the script is like this sad, funny, desperate love song to the lost American man."
- Oliver Platt
(Related: Love, Funny, Thought, American, Man, Song)

"Those who gave away their wings are sad not to see them fly."
- Antonio Porchia
"Some days, you feel like a 22-year-old and some days you feel like a 40-year-old."
- Jorge Posada
"I think when I'm in love, I really am very good with calling, little faxes, and visiting and I really put a lot of effort into it. I'm really not the one that's not available because of work and I'm very sad when I actually leave."
- Franka Potente
(Related: Work, Love, Effort)

"Nobody can push me aside."
- Rajendra Prasad
"Actors cannot go on for over running around the trees."
- Rajendra Prasad
(Related: Actors, Running, Trees)

"Age is very important in the entertainment industry."
- Rajendra Prasad
(Related: Age, Entertainment)

"I know I cannot do all the stuff that I did ten years ago."
- Rajendra Prasad
(Related: Years)

"More importantly, I also understand my age and am in a better position to appreciate it."
- Rajendra Prasad
(Related: Age)

"Now I am careful about the kind of roles that I do."
- Rajendra Prasad
(Related: Now)

"What I mean is that today's films lay lot of emphasis on glamour and associated emotions."
- Rajendra Prasad
(Related: Emotions, Glamour, Today)

"One must learn to play one's age."
- Rajendra Prasad
(Related: Age, Play)

"I'm more prone to his '70s material, which is what I was around for and watched a lot. I listen to a lot of that stuff. It probably influenced me quite a bit. I'm more drawn to the darker, sadder songs."
- Lisa Marie Presley
(Related: Songs)

"It's not too good to have this attitude in F1. It could be a disadvantage."
- Alain Prost
(Related: Attitude)

"The last few years have been my happiest. I'm happy in the years that most people are blue and sad and waiting to die. I don't feel that a bit. Smiling has a lot to do with it. You can just lift your spirits by smiling a little bit."
- William Proxmire
(Related: People, Spirits, Waiting, Years)

"If I get the forty additional years statisticians say are likely coming to me, I could fit in at least one, maybe two new lifetimes. Sad that only one of those lifetimes can include being the mother of young children."
- Anna Quindlen
(Related: Mother, Being, Children, Years)

"It was just like Howlin' Wolf. Once you arrive at the point that you understand it, the emotional factor is darker than some of the saddest blues stuff."
- Robert Quine
"In a world where there is so much sadness and so much to be afraid of, good things do happen to people. Romance is still something we can find even if we're not consciously looking for it."
- Kathleen Quinlan
(Related: Romance, People, Sadness, World)

"A tragedy need not have blood and death; it's enough that it all be filled with that majestic sadness that is the pleasure of tragedy."
- Jean Racine
(Related: Death, Blood, Pleasure, Sadness, Tragedy)

"Today, our actions must be motivated only by our intense desire to achieve a just and lasting peace. The compassion and charity of the American people should be reflected in this legislation, though sadly, they are silenced."
- Nick Rahall
(Related: Peace, People, Actions, American, Charity, Compassion, Desire, Legislation, Today)

"Simply put, I believe we should not seek the lowest common denominator when it comes to wilderness and saddle a wilderness designation with exceptions, exclusions, and exemptions."
- Nick Rahall
(Related: Wilderness)

"There were no weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein was not involved in the September 11th attack."
- Charles Rangel
(Related: Destruction, Weapons)

"Today we bury his remains in the earth as a seed of immortality. Our hearts are full of sadness, yet at the same time of joyful hope and profound gratitude."
- Joseph Ratzinger
(Related: Time, Gratitude, Hope, Earth, Immortality, Sadness, Today)

"I'm sad and blue, about nobody but you. I told you that I loved you right from the start, you told me the same and now you try to break my little heart."
- Leon Redbone
(Related: Heart, Now, Right)

"Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings can master their sadistic destructiveness."
- Wilhelm Reich
(Related: Love)

"You listen to a piece of music and it will remind you of something-it might make you happy, it might make you sad, but it is very emotive. And I think that Duran Duran have always understood that."
- Nick Rhodes
(Related: Music, Will)

"What's sad is that there is an addictive quality to that, to believing your own hype; to allowing yourself to become validated by others and no longer by yourself. That's the danger of celebrity."
- Giovanni Ribisi
(Related: Quality, Celebrity, Danger)

"The problem here is that there will always be some uncertainty about how quickly Saddam can acquire nuclear weapons. But we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."
- Condoleezza Rice
(Related: Smoking, Uncertainty, Want, Weapons, Will)

"It has been, after all, 11 years, more than a decade now, of defiance of U.N. resolutions by Saddam Hussein. Every obligation that he signed onto after the Gulf War, so that he would not be a threat to peace and security, he has ignored and flaunted."
- Condoleezza Rice
(Related: Peace, War, Defiance, Now, Obligation, Security, Years)

"But I want to just caution, it is not incumbent on the United States to prove that Saddam Hussein is trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction. He's already demonstrated that he's trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction."
- Condoleezza Rice
(Related: Caution, Destruction, states, Trying, United, Want, Weapons)

"I don't think anybody can take the word of Saddam Hussein and his regime, and certainly an American president and allies who are obligated to worry about the safety and security of our countries, cannot take the word of this dictator, who lies, pathologically lies."
- Condoleezza Rice
(Related: American, Countries, Lies, President, Safety, Security, Word, Worry)

"It is high time that the international community tell Saddam Hussein and his regime that this is not an issue of negotiation with the U.N. about obligations that they undertook in 1991."
- Condoleezza Rice
(Related: Time, Community, Negotiation)

"Any time you have a situation in which you are calling for more time rather than calling for Iraq to immediately comply, it plays into the hands of Saddam Hussein."
- Condoleezza Rice
(Related: Time, Iraq)

"We live in the country, and I have a huge library there. When we go to London for the winter I never know which books to take. I never know what I am going to need. That's the only disadvantage."
- Mordecai Richler
(Related: Books, Country, London, Winter)

"I used to sit near Marilyn Monroe in the Actor's Studio. She'd get dressed up because that was her identity. Sad. Those cameras wouldn't leave her alone. She didn't know where to hide."
- Doris Roberts
(Related: Actor, Identity)

"It's the sad thing about entertainment, it's not always about who is the best."
- Jake Roberts
(Related: Entertainment)

"It's a sad commentary when I have to say that sometimes in our country we are real sensitive to race."
- Oscar Robertson
(Related: Country, Race)

"Sad old blokes, I'm told, now dream of me with a whip in hand."
- Anne Robinson
(Related: Dream, Now, Old)

"I am convinced that material things can contribute a lot to making one's life pleasant, but, basically, if you do not have very good friends and relatives who matter to you, life will be really empty and sad and material things cease to be important."
- David Rockefeller
(Related: Life, Friends, Relatives, Will)

"We were told by the president that we had no alternative but to go into Iraq because of the threat that Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction posed, but to date, these weapons have not been found."
- Jay Rockefeller
(Related: Destruction, Iraq, President, Weapons)

"I am still looking for the modern equivalent of those Quakers who ran successful businesses, made money because they offered honest products and treated their people decently... This business creed, sadly, seems long forgotten."
- Anita Roddick
(Related: Business, Money, People, Successful, Quakers)

"I've been looking forward to doing an album, but it's really sad to see how many doors have been closed because of the gay thing. I thought it was about the music."
- Jai Rodriguez
(Related: Music, Thought, Gay)

"How sad it is that we give up on people who are just like us."
- Fred Rogers
(Related: People)

"I've grown as a person. The dynamics on this set are very demanding because we work a lot of hours, it's very sad material, so there's always someone upset because it's really heavy stuff."
- Elisabeth Rohm
(Related: Work)

"The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy."
- Jim Rohn
(Related: Joy, Sadness)

"It's sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew."
- Henry Rollins
"The future battle on the ground will be preceded by battle in the air. This will determine which of the contestants has to suffer operational and tactical disadvantages and be forced throughout the battle into adoption compromise solutions."
- Erwin Rommel
(Related: Adoption, Battle, Compromise, Future, Will)

"The closing of a door can bring blessed privacy and comfort - the opening, terror. Conversely, the closing of a door can be a sad and final thing - the opening a wonderfully joyous moment."
- Andy Rooney
(Related: Comfort, Privacy, Terror)

"I know that some endeavor to throw the mantle of romance over the subject and treat woman like some ideal existence, not liable to the ills of life. Let those deal in fancy who have nothing better to deal in; we have to do with sober, sad realities, with stubborn facts."
- Ernestine Rose
(Related: Life, Romance, Existence, Facts, Fancy, Nothing, Woman)

"Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes, work never begun."
- Christina G. Rossetti
(Related: Work)

"Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad."
- Christina G. Rossetti
(Related: Forget, Smile)

"Better by far you should forget and smile that you should remember and be sad."
- Christina Rossetti
(Related: Forget, Smile)

"It's astonishing what some women will put up with just to have a warm body. Some of the brightest women I know are just obsessed with that search. It's very sad."
- Judith Rossner
(Related: Women, Body, Will)

"Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth."
- Jean Rostand
(Related: Wealth, Nothing)

"Absolute silence leads to sadness. It is the image of death."
- Jean Jacques Rousseau
(Related: Death, Sadness, Silence)

"Don't Make Assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life."
- Miguel Angel Ruiz
(Related: Life, Courage, Agreement, Drama, Questions, Sadness, Want)

"It's sad when girls think they don't have anything going on except being pretty."
- Keri Russell
(Related: Being, Girls, Pretty)

"I sometimes use a lot of light greens and greys when I feel there is sadness in the painting."
- Robert Ryan
(Related: Light, Painting, Sadness)

"It's sad - it's sad for us old enough to remember when directors ruled, and films were substantially better than they are today. But it's hard to argue with those kinds of grosses."
- Mark Rydell
(Related: Old, Today)

"It's an indication of how cynical our society has become that any kind of love story with a sad theme is automatically ridiculed as sentimental junk."
- Winona Ryder
(Related: Love, Society)

"When Karim and his group heard about Saddam coming, they wanted to kill him, but fate had other ideas."
- Saadi
(Related: Ideas, Fate)

"Peace is much more precious than a piece of land... let there be no more wars."
- Anwar Sadat
(Related: Peace, Land)

"Most people seek after what they do not possess and are enslaved by the very things they want to acquire."
- Anwar Sadat
(Related: People, Want)

"Russians can give you arms but only the United States can give you a solution."
- Anwar Sadat
(Related: Solution, states, United)

"There can be hope only for a society which acts as one big family, not as many separate ones."
- Anwar Sadat
(Related: Society, Family, Hope)

"Fear is, I believe, a most effective tool in destroying the soul of an individual - and the soul of a people."
- Anwar Sadat
(Related: Soul, People, Fear)

"There is no happiness for people at the expense of other people."
- Anwar Sadat
(Related: Happiness, People)

"The ultimate triumph of philosophy would be to cast light upon the mysterious ways in which Providence moves to achieve the designs it has for man."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Light, Man, Philosophy, Providence)

"One weeps not save when one is afraid, and that is why kings are tyrants."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Kings)

"Religions are the cradles of despotism."
- Marquis de Sade
"Sensual excess drives out pity in man."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Excess, Man, Pity)

""Sex" is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Appetite, Drinking, Eating, Modesty, Restraint)

"She had already allowed her delectable lover to pluck that flower which, so different from the rose to which it is nevertheless sometimes compared, has not the same faculty of being reborn each spring."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Being, Spring)

"So long as the laws remain such as they are today, employ some discretion: loud opinion forces us to do so; but in privacy and silence let us compensate ourselves for that cruel chastity we are obliged to display in public."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Chastity, Laws, Opinion, Privacy, Public, Silence, Today)

"The idea of God is the sole wrong for which I cannot forgive mankind."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: God, Idea, Mankind, Wrong)

"One is never so dangerous when one has no shame, than when one has grown too old to blush."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Blush, Old, Shame)

"The primary and most beautiful of Nature's qualities is motion, which agitates her at all times, but this motion is simply a perpetual consequence of crimes, she conserves it by means of crimes only."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Nature)

"Social order at the expense of liberty is hardly a bargain."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Bargain, Liberty, Order)

"There is no God, Nature sufficeth unto herself; in no wise hath she need of an author."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Nature, God)

"There is no more lively sensation than that of pain; its impressions are certain and dependable, they never deceive as may those of the pleasure women perpetually feign and almost never experience."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Experience, Women, May, Pain, Pleasure)

"They declaim against the passions without bothering to think that it is from their flame philosophy lights its torch."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Philosophy)

"'Til the infallibility of human judgements shall have been proved to me, I shall demand the abolition of the penalty of death."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Death)

"To judge from the notions expounded by theologians, one must conclude that God created most men simply with a view to crowding hell."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Men, God, Hell)

"Truth titillates the imagination far less than fiction."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Imagination, Truth, Fiction)

"Variety, multiplicity are the two most powerful vehicles of lust."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Lust, Multiplicity, Variety)

"What is more immoral than war?"
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: War)

"Woman's destiny is to be wanton, like the bitch, the she-wolf; she must belong to all who claim her."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Destiny, Woman)

"Your body is the church where Nature asks to be reverenced."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Nature, Church, Body)

"The more defects a man may have, the older he is, the less lovable, the more resounding his success."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Success, Man, May)

"Are wars anything but the means whereby a nation is nourished, whereby it is strengthened, whereby it is buttressed?"
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Nation)

"The imagination is the spur of delights... all depends upon it, it is the mainspring of everything; now, is it not by means of the imagination one knows joy? Is it not of the imagination that the sharpest pleasures arise?"
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Imagination, Joy, Now)

"No lover, if he be of good faith, and sincere, will deny he would prefer to see his mistress dead than unfaithful."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Faith, Will)

"All universal moral principles are idle fancies."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Principles)

"Are not laws dangerous which inhibit the passions? Compare the centuries of anarchy with those of the strongest legalism in any country you like and you will see that it is only when the laws are silent that the greatest actions appear."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Actions, Anarchy, Country, Laws, Will)

"Between understanding and faith immediate connections must subsist."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Faith, Understanding)

"Destruction, hence, like creation, is one of Nature's mandates."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Nature, Creation, Destruction)

"Happiness is ideal, it is the work of the imagination."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Happiness, Imagination, Work)

"Happiness lies neither in vice nor in virtue; but in the manner we appreciate the one and the other, and the choice we make pursuant to our individual organization."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Happiness, Virtue, Choice, Lies, Vice)

"I've already told you: the only way to a woman's heart is along the path of torment. I know none other as sure."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Heart, Woman)

"Never lose sight of the fact that all human felicity lies in man's imagination, and that he cannot think to attain it unless he heeds all his caprices. The most fortunate of persons is he who has the most means to satisfy his vagaries."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Imagination, Fact, Lies, Man, Sight)

"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Pain, Pleasure)

"It is not my mode of thought that has caused my misfortunes, but the mode of thought of others."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Thought)

"Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Life, Strength, Ambition, Cruelty, Lust, Revenge)

"Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Lust, Passion, Will)

"Man's natural character is to imitate; that of the sensitive man is to resemble as closely as possible the person whom he loves. It is only by imitating the vices of others that I have earned my misfortunes."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Character, Man, Vices)

"My manner of thinking, so you say, cannot be approved. Do you suppose I care? A poor fool indeed is he who adopts a manner of thinking for others!"
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Care, Fool, Poor, Thinking)

"All, all is theft, all is unceasing and rigorous competition in nature; the desire to make off with the substance of others is the foremost - the most legitimate - passion nature has bred into us and, without doubt, the most agreeable one."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Nature, Competition, Desire, Doubt, Passion, Theft)

"Nature has not got two voices, you know, one of them condemning all day what the other commands."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Nature, Day)

"Nature, who for the perfect maintenance of the laws of her general equilibrium, has sometimes need of vices and sometimes of virtues, inspires now this impulse, now that one, in accordance with what she requires."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Nature, Laws, Now, Vices)

"In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Virtue, First, Order, Vice)

"Everything that happens is determined by God."
- Muqtada al Sadr
(Related: God)

"For us, holding on to religious rules, and following them, and refraining from what's forbidden, and being diligent with our duties, what do we call that? That's what we call freedom."
- Muqtada al Sadr
(Related: Being, Forbidden, Freedom, Religious, Rules)

"I am a part of the political process whether the multinational forces are present or not. Politics is serving the people, not chairs and positions."
- Muqtada al Sadr
(Related: Politics, People, Present)

"So, if I were arrested or if I were killed, then after me the issues that American fears about me wouldn't exist anymore - and I couldn't tell you what those issues are."
- Muqtada al Sadr
(Related: American)

"Soon I knew the craft of experimental physics was beyond me - it was the sublime quality of patience - patience in accumulating data, patience with recalcitrant equipment - which I sadly lacked."
- Abdus Salam
(Related: Quality, Patience, Physics)

"Every word, facial expression, gesture, or action on the part of a parent gives the child some message about self-worth. It is sad that so many parents don't realize what messages they are sending."
- Virginia Satir
(Related: Action, Expression, Parents, Self, Word)

"There were a lot of areas we didn't cover that I'm hoping to cover if we do some specials. One is to see more of Patsy's home and her home life, which is just the saddest thing."
- Jennifer Saunders
(Related: Home, Life)

"Although spoken English doesn't obey the rules of written language, a person who doesn't know the rules thoroughly is at a great disadvantage."
- Marilyn vos Savant
(Related: English, Language, Rules)

"So war is an extremely sad business, because the majority of people don't want to be in it."
- Gerald Scarfe
(Related: War, Business, People, Majority, Want)

"I have been to several wars to draw. I went to Vietnam. And made drawings in Vietnam during that period of the war there, and found that to be a very very sad situation."
- Gerald Scarfe
(Related: War, Vietnam)

"What happened was very sad. Mr. Lacey told the staff that he was disappointed and appalled that the front of the book was all commentary and that he wanted hard news."
- Sydney Schanberg
(Related: News)

"Well, I did Marlene 15 years ago and that's in the style. It's somehow similar and not similar because Marlene was much more aggressive, funny and sad."
- Maximilian Schell
(Related: Funny, Style, Years)

"I don't know whether there is anyone else at all who remembers my noble father with such sadness."
- Egon Schiele
(Related: Father, Sadness)

"Unquestionably, the world is better off without Saddam."
- Adam Schiff
(Related: World)

"It is now conventional wisdom that Americans do not care why we went to war in Iraq, that it is enough that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein."
- Adam Schiff
(Related: War, Wisdom, Americans, Care, Iraq, Now, World)

"All around the world one heard or read that there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda."
- Peter Schuyler
(Related: Connection, World)

"Dying is only one thing to be sad over... Living unhappily is something else."
- Morrie Schwartz
(Related: Dying, Living)

"I find America falling in love with a TV show flattering and interesting, but at the same time a little sad."
- David Schwimmer
(Related: Love, Time, America)

"What was the reason for invading Iraq' Was it a humanitarian crusade or an economic one' I would be inclined to say the latter. It was the same with the Civil War, because the landed gentry's money was being stolen by the king."
- Dougray Scott
(Related: Money, War, Being, Iraq, Reason)

"To sum up, the position we took was that since we didn't know the internal situation in Iraq nor Saddam Hussein, that our best bet was to take counsel from the people who did know him and who did deal with him."
- Brent Scowcroft
(Related: People, Iraq)

"Saddam is a familiar dictatorial aggressor, with traditional goals for his aggression."
- Brent Scowcroft
(Related: Goals, Aggression)

"It is beyond dispute that Saddam Hussein is a menace."
- Brent Scowcroft
"Many Sunnis, who are still stuck in the Saddam era mindset and believe Iraq belongs to them, are trying to prevent a new country from developing at all."
- Brent Scowcroft
(Related: Country, Iraq, Trying)

"My point was that removing Saddam should not have been our highest priority. Fighting terrorism should have been our number one concern, followed by the Palestinian peace process."
- Brent Scowcroft
(Related: Peace, Concern, Fighting, Terrorism)

"Saddam's ouster will not necessarily lead to the same result, since Iraq lacks democratic traditions. Democracy doesn't just consist of holding elections."
- Brent Scowcroft
(Related: Democracy, Elections, Iraq, Result, Traditions, Will)

"But there is scant evidence to tie Saddam to terrorist organizations, and even less to the Sept. 11 attacks."
- Brent Scowcroft
"But figuring out Saddam Hussein was one our greatest mysteries. He marched to his own drummer and frequently as this unfolded he made decisions which were sometimes inexplicable to us and sometimes didn't look very smart."
- Brent Scowcroft
(Related: Decisions, Inexplicable)

"It always makes me sad when I think of how I saw Wagner wasting his vitality, not only by singing their parts to some of his artists, but acting out the smallest details, and of how few they were who were responsive to his wishes."
- Anton Seidl
(Related: Acting, Artists, Singing, Vitality, Wishes)

"The display of grief makes more demands than grief itself. How few men are sad in their own company."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(Related: Men, Company, Grief)

"Sadly, this problem of steroid use is not isolated to baseball."
- Jim Sensenbrenner
(Related: Baseball)

"In a sad twist of fate, the bill to reauthorize the Patriot Act was debated on the floor of the House of Representatives the same day that terrorists struck again."
- Jim Sensenbrenner
(Related: Act, Day, Fate)

"Sadly, this is the same old Republican story of Robin Hood in reverse - tax cuts for the rich while programs for average and low income Americans suffer."
- Jose Serrano
(Related: Americans, Tax, Income, Old, Republican, Tax cuts)

"From cell phones to computers, quality is improving and costs are shrinking as companies fight to offer the public the best product at the best price. But this philosophy is sadly missing from our health-care insurance system."
- John Shadegg
(Related: Computers, Health, Quality, Fight, Philosophy, Public)

"I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano; A stage where every man must play a part, And mine is a sad one."
- William Shakespeare
(Related: Man, Play, World)

"I had rather have a fool to make me merry than experience to make me sad and to travel for it too!"
- William Shakespeare
(Related: Experience, Travel, Fool)

"Everybody has a right to like or dislike anything or anyone. From a flower to a flavor to a book or a composition but it is very sad that in our country we actually fight over such things in an unseemly manner."
- Ravi Shankar
(Related: Country, Fight, Right)

"When I did the film Generations, in which the character died, I felt like a guest for the first time. That made me very sad."
- William Shatner
(Related: Time, Character, Film, First, Generations, Guest)

"We wanted to see this country win the war just as much as those advisors did. We felt we would help to do that by reporting the truth. And so there was the moral outrage over this general and the ambassador in Saigon who kept denying the truth we would see."
- Neil Sheehan
(Related: War, Truth, Country, Help)

"I actually think sadness and darkness can be very beautiful and healing."
- Duncan Sheik
(Related: Darkness, Healing, Sadness)

"Saddam Hussein has been tenacious in his pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and, unless he is removed from power, he will eventually harm our nation and our allies. Every moment we delay allows him to grow stronger."
- Richard Shelby
(Related: Power, Delay, Destruction, Harm, Nation, Pursuit, Weapons, Will)

"Change is certain. Peace is followed by disturbances; departure of evil men by their return. Such recurrences should not constitute occasions for sadness but realities for awareness, so that one may be happy in the interim."
- Percy Bysshe Shelley
(Related: Change, Men, Peace, Awareness, Departure, Evil, May, Sadness)

"Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought."
- Percy Bysshe Shelley
(Related: Thought, Songs)

"We look before and after, And pine for what is not; Our sincerest laughter With some pain is fraught; Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought."
- Percy Bysshe Shelley
(Related: Thought, Laughter, Pain, Songs)

"I'm sure that was the right step, even though, formally speaking, it may seem disadvantageous for a president to resign. But, looking into what is happening today and what is going to happen in the future, I think history will show I made the right decision."
- Eduard Shevardnadze
(Related: History, Decision, Future, May, President, Right, Today, Will)

"My father's death, my move, and my frightening and difficult delivery created a tremendous amount of stress, pain, and sadness for me. I was practically devastated beyond recovery."
- Brooke Shields
(Related: Death, Father, Pain, Sadness, Stress)

"The Peace Corps is guilty of enthusiasm and a crusading spirit. But we're not apologetic about it."
- Sargent Shriver
(Related: Peace, Enthusiasm, Spirit)

"If Michael Steele doesn't make you sad, well, then there's radio host Rush Limbaugh, no longer content with wanting the President to fail, Rush is now calling out Mr. Obama as a girly man."
- David Shuster
(Related: Content, Man, Now, President)

"The only disadvantage of an honest heart is credulity."
- Philip Sidney
(Related: Heart, Credulity)

"One of the sad things about contemporary journalism is that it actually matters very little. The world now is almost inured to the power of journalism. The best journalism would manage to outrage people. And people are less and less inclined to outrage."
- David Simon
(Related: Power, People, Journalism, Now, World)

"You were doing a sadistic little disservice to your country."
- Alan K. Simpson
(Related: Country)

"When employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors."
- James Sinegal
(Related: Employees)

"Live by this credo: have a little laugh at life and look around you for happiness instead of sadness. Laughter has always brought me out of unhappy situations."
- Red Skelton
(Related: Happiness, Life, Laughter, Sadness)

"His death was the first time that Ed Wynn ever made anyone sad."
- Red Skelton
(Related: Death, Time, First)

"If you have ever been in a real tragic or sad situation, the words that come out are hopelessly inadequate and kind of cliched."
- Erika Slezak
(Related: Words)

"The saddest thing that befalls a soul Is when it loses faith in God and woman."
- Alexander Smith
(Related: Faith, God, Soul, Woman)

"The old know what they want; the young are sad and bewildered."
- Logan P. Smith
(Related: Old, Want)

"There is here, as in all countries, advantages and disadvantages."
- Nathaniel Smith
(Related: Countries)

"Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire."
- Patti Smith
(Related: Desire, Sadness)

"I had never felt so lonely and so sad in my entire life."
- Susan Smith
(Related: Life, Lonely)

"So far, at least, I haven't found a way to tell my kind of stories without making them both sad and funny."
- Todd Solondz
(Related: Funny)

"I would never have become music director of the Chicago Symphony, which would have been an extremely sad loss."
- Georg Solti
(Related: Music, Chicago, Loss)

"The ambassador was never present, but his presence was never absent."
- Theodore C. Sorensen
(Related: Present)

"I find it sad that by not talking about who I sleep with, that makes me mysterious. There was a time when I would have been called a gentleman."
- Kevin Spacey
(Related: Time, Gentleman, Sleep, Talking)

"There was endless action - not just football, but sailboats, tennis and other things: movement. There was endless talk - the ambassador at the head of the table laying out the prevailing wisdom, but everyone else weighing in with their opinions and taking part."
- Charles Spalding
(Related: Wisdom, Action, Football, Opinions, Talk, Tennis)

"There's such good writing now on television and I don't see a lot of great writing on films sadly."
- Scott Speedman
(Related: Now, Television, Writing)

"If Bush, as I believe, has reliable information on the fact that Saddam Hussein is making weapons of mass destruction, I cannot not support the policies of his government."
- Steven Spielberg
(Related: Government, Destruction, Fact, Information, Support, Weapons)

"It's a sad man my friend who's livin' in his own skin and can't stand the company."
- Bruce Springsteen
(Related: Friend, Company, Man, Skin)

"Someone once accused me of being like Eliot Ness. I sad no sir, I'm not E.N., but I can promise you that I'm not Al Capone!"
- Robert Stack
(Related: Being, Promise)

"You want people to feel something when you tell a story, whether they feel happy or whether they feel sad."
- Harry Dean Stanton
(Related: People, Want)

"It makes me so desperately sad to witness just how unforgivably wretched our world has become."
- Ralph Steadman
(Related: World)

"During the crusades all were religious mad, and now all are mad for want of it."
- J. G. Stedman
(Related: Now, Religious, Want)

"Well, darkness with humor... I'm not an extremely suicidal or sad person."
- Peter Steele
(Related: Humor, Darkness)

"I don't know what to say to that, but I have to agree with Johnny that, yeah, we do touch upon things that most men would rather not admit: That we feel pain, we cry, get sad and sometimes don't deal well with disappointment."
- Peter Steele
(Related: Men, Disappointment, Pain)

"It is so friendly so simply friendly and though inevitable not a sadness and though occurring not a shock."
- Gertrude Stein
(Related: Sadness)

"A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ."
- John Steinbeck
(Related: Soul)

"Sad things happen. They do. But we don't need to live sad forever."
- Mattie Stepanek
"If we can kill Saddam, we should."
- George Stephanopoulos
"They may not be conscripted against their will as the foot soldiers in a federal crusade."
- John Paul Stevens
(Related: May, Soldiers, Will)

"My earlier poems were sadder than my poems are today, perhaps because I wrote them in confusion or when I was unhappy. But I am not a melancholy person, quite the contrary, no one enjoys laughing more than I do."
- Anne Stevenson
(Related: Confusion, Melancholy, Poems, Today)

"Whenever the lion fish in the fish tank in the captain's ready room died it was always a sad moment."
- Patrick Stewart
(Related: Fish)

"I love New York. I was sad, depressed and incredibly moved by our fellow countrymen and what they've done. I wanted to give people a chance to see something funny, have a distraction."
- Ben Stiller
(Related: Love, Funny, People, Chance)

"It can make you sad to look at pictures from your youth. So there's a trick to it. The trick is not to look at the later pictures."
- Jerry Stiller
(Related: Youth)

"I don't need to manufacture trauma in my life to be creative. I have a big enough reservoir of sadness or emotional trauma to last me."
- Sting
(Related: Life, Sadness)

"I was commanding officer of a supersonic fighter squadron, FA Crusaders."
- James Stockdale
"To every disadvantage there is a corresponding advantage."
- W. Clement Stone
"My own early crusade for same-sex marriage, for example, is now mainstream gay politics. It wasn't when I started."
- Andrew Sullivan
(Related: Marriage, Politics, Example, Gay, Now)

"We all like stories that make us cry. It's so nice to feel sad when you've nothing in particular to feel sad about."
- Anne Sullivan
(Related: Nothing)

"Don't let that weapon technology proliferate. Don't let Saddam Hussein get capability for nuclear or chemical weapons, because he's already shown a willingness to use any weapon at his disposal."
- John Sununu
(Related: Technology, Weapons)

"For the saddest epitaph which can be carved in memory of a vanished freedom is that it was lost because its possessors failed to stretch forth a saving hand while there was still time."
- George Sutherland
(Related: Time, Freedom, Memory)

"My father comes from a generation of film that actors my age don't even know about, which is really sad."
- Amber Tamblyn
(Related: Age, Father, Actors, Film)

"Everything takes me longer than I expect. It's the sad truth about life."
- Donna Tartt
(Related: Life, Truth)

"The crusade against Communism was even more imaginary than the specter of Communism."
- A. J. P. Taylor
(Related: Communism)

"Though I know he loves me, tonight my heart is sad; his kiss was not so wonderful as all the dreams I had."
- Sara Teasdale
(Related: Dreams, Kiss, Heart)

"I think sadly that Morse thinks that he can exist on his own and he only realises at the end that he can't and never really has been able to. I feel sorry for him."
- John Thaw
(Related: End)

"The day Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I'll kill myself. All we need is another liar... I think he'd like to run, but it would be a sad day for the country if he does."
- Helen Thomas
(Related: Country, Day, President)

"It's fun to sing sad songs. And it's fun to listen to sad songs. Enjoyable. Satisfying. Something."
- Richard Thompson
(Related: Fun, Songs)

"Man, I was drowning in sadness. And Angelina, she lifted me right up out of there."
- Billy Bob Thornton
(Related: Man, Right, Sadness)

"Sadly, I've seen a lot of bands hit that sort of peak and then eventually start supporting again, you know, which we will never do. We always put a lot of thought into the way that we are going to go, and we always change."
- Glenn Tipton
(Related: Change, Thought, Will)

"Come to think of it, Pasadena's as good a place to die as any."
- Michael Tolkin
"Actually, the moment of victory is wonderful, but also sad. It means that your trip is ended."
- Bill Toomey
(Related: Victory)

"Even modern English people are imperious, superior, ridden by class. All of the hypocrisy and the difficulties that are endemic in being British also make it an incredibly fertile place culturally. A brilliant place to live. Sad but true."
- Pete Townshend
(Related: People, Being, Class, Difficulties, English, Hypocrisy)

"The saddest songs are written when a person is happy."
- Merle Travis
(Related: Songs)

"One of the disadvantages of being a patrician is that occasionally you're obliged to act like one."
- Dalton Trumbo
(Related: Act, Being)

"Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken."
- Donald Trump
"There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist."
- Mark Twain
(Related: Sight)

"I'll always be sad that my marriage ended."
- Shania Twain
(Related: Marriage)

"It's the poignancy and sadness in things that gets to me."
- Tracey Ullman
(Related: Sadness)

"It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love."
- Miguel de Unamuno
(Related: Love)

"I am an optimist, unrepentant and militant. After all, in order not to be a fool an optimist must know how sad a place the world can be. It is only the pessimist who finds this out anew every day."
- Peter Ustinov
(Related: Day, Fool, Order, World)

"I feel a sense of sadness and joy. Mostly sadness though about what I've experienced and sadness about what others have experienced in reference to the stroke."
- Luther Vandross
(Related: Joy, Sadness, Sense)

"That's what so sad about a lot of modern music, in my opinion, so many young bands never stay around long enough to fulfill their ultimate promise. They only get halfway there or a quarter of the way there."
- Alan Vega
(Related: Music, Opinion, Promise)

"A marriage is no amusement but a solemn act, and generally a sad one."
- Queen Victoria
(Related: Marriage, Act, Amusement)

"That is sad until one recalls how many bad books the world may yet be spared because of the busyness of writers."
- Gore Vidal
(Related: Books, Busyness, May, World, Writers)

"He is a hard man who is only just, and a sad one who is only wise."
- Voltaire
(Related: Man)

"He who is not just is severe, he who is not wise is sad."
- Voltaire
"So I wanted to show what I did with the money. So I got red silk shirts, beautiful hats, wonderful saddles, a great horse, and two gold teeth. So that was the way I did it."
- Eli Wallach
(Related: Money, Gold)

"The sad part about our past is that religions, ironically enough, are responsible for creating the most destructive idea that has ever been visited upon the human race: the idea that there is such a thing as 'better.'"
- Neale Donald Walsch
(Related: Idea, Past)

"That was one of the great successes of removing Saddam Hussein, as we took Iraq out of the picture of having a sovereign nation from which the terrorists could operate. But this war has not gone perfectly."
- Zach Wamp
(Related: War, Iraq, Nation)

"We had an interesting thing at that first dinner. It was prior to the availability of several new hotels in Los Angeles, and we were more or less committed to the old Ambassador Hotel that has the famous Coconut Grove."
- Lew Wasserman
(Related: Famous, First, Old)

"It's the most extraordinary and saddest thing, the amount of talent out there not being seen."
- Gedde Watanabe
(Related: Talent, Being)

"One of the sad commentaries on the way women are viewed in our society is that we have to fit one category. I have never felt that I had to be in one category."
- Faye Wattleton
(Related: Society, Women)

"I can't do anything too serious like Saddam Hussein, but I would like to do Bill Clinton. That'd be fun."
- Ruby Wax
(Related: Fun)

"Saddam Hussein has systematically violated, over the course of the past 11 years, every significant UN resolution that has demanded that he disarm and destroy his chemical and biological weapons, and any nuclear capacity. This he has refused to do."
- Henry Waxman
(Related: Past, Resolution, Weapons, Years)

"Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway."
- John Wayne
(Related: Death, Courage, Being)

"Saddle your dreams before you ride em."
- Mary Webb
(Related: Dreams)

"I think the thing's that perhaps sad really is that younger people haven't come in and I think it must have been absolutely fantastic to have worked in the 50's when you had all of the great Broadway composers and when West Side Story didn't win the Tony Award."
- Andrew Lloyd Webber
(Related: People, Composers)

"Most of our fans seem to be very intelligent people who don't stand out too much, but they're still total freaks. I like that - they're smart and sadistic, which I think is a reflection at us."
- Gene Ween
(Related: People, Fans, Reflection)

"I've exchanged messages and photos of an explicit nature with about six women over the last three years. For the most part, these communications took place before my marriage, though some have sadly took place after. To be clear, I have never met any of these women or had physical relationships at any time."
- Anthony Weiner
(Related: Nature, Time, Women, Marriage, Relationships, Years)

"But alas, they are all sadly deficient, because they leave us under the domination of political and religious prejudices; and they are as inefficient as the sleepy dose of an ordinary sermon."
- Adam Weishaupt
(Related: Religious)

"There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Saddam Hussein had and used significant weapons of mass destruction on his own people, both the Kurds and the Iranians."
- Curt Weldon
(Related: People, Destruction, Doubt, Mind, Weapons)

"Saddam Hussein wrote the book on human rights violations."
- Curt Weldon
(Related: Rights, Human rights)

"I finished my studies in England, I opened my studio in London, and the first one-man exhibit I had on Bond Street, which was opened by the Austrian ambassador."
- Felix de Weldon
(Related: EnglFirst, London)

"Next to a lost battle, nothing is so sad as a battle that has been won."
- Arthur Wellesley
(Related: Battle, Nothing)

"Affliction comes to us, not to make us sad but sober; not to make us sorry but wise."
- H. G. Wells
(Related: Affliction)

"There's all this stuff that is happening in Edinburgh now, it's a sad attempt to create an Edinburgh society, similar to a London society, a highbrow literature celebrity society."
- Irvine Welsh
(Related: Society, Celebrity, Literature, London, Now)

"We had our unhappy moments but they got channelled into the kind of sadness that was necessary for singing a song about going nowhere. So it worked out very well I think."
- Tina Weymouth
(Related: Moments, Sadness, Singing, Song)

"I'm sad to report that in the past few years, ever since uncertainty became our insistent 21st century companion, leadership has taken a great leap backwards to the familiar territory of command and control."
- Margaret J. Wheatley
(Related: Leadership, Control, Past, Uncertainty, Years)

"When I was a child people simply looked about them and were moderately happy; today they peer beyond the seven seas, bury themselves waist deep in tidings, and by and large what they see and hear makes them unutterably sad."
- E. B. White
(Related: People, Deep, Today)

"It's pretty sad when you have to choose between the lesser of two evils."
- Meg White
(Related: Pretty)

"Among the many reasons assignable for the sad decay of true Christianity, perhaps the neglecting to assemble ourselves together, in religious societies, may not be one of the least."
- George Whitefield
(Related: Christianity, May, Religious)

"The genius of the United States is not best or most in its executives or legislatures, nor in its ambassadors or authors or colleges, or churches, or parlors, nor even in its newspapers or inventors, but always most in the common people."
- Walt Whitman
(Related: Genius, People, Churches, Newspapers, states, United)

"For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been'."
- John Greenleaf Whittier
(Related: Pen, Tongue, Words)

"I recently turned down a film that I didn't want my kids to see. Priorities shift. Sometimes I'm sad about that, but not enough to do anything about it."
- Dianne Wiest
(Related: Film, Kids, Priorities, Want)

"I had to choose, I'd be so sad. They are flip sides of the same coin. I love both comedy and drama."
- Dianne Wiest
(Related: Love, Comedy, Drama)

"So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind while just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs."
- Ella Wheeler Wilcox
(Related: Art, Gods, Being, Needs, Wind, World)

"It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information."
- Oscar Wilde
(Related: Information)

"Just because I'm talking about something that might have been a sad or painful situation doesn't mean that I'm sad or tortured 24 hours a day any more than anybody else is."
- Lucinda Williams
(Related: Day, Talking)

"Sade's stuff is real deceptive. She's got stuff about prostitutes, poverty and people on the streets."
- Lucinda Williams
(Related: People, Poverty)

"You've got a beautiful country with so many beautiful people and so many beautiful things happening and stuff like that lets it down. I feel sad for them."
- Robbie Williams
(Related: People, Country)

"If you catch him, just give me four seconds with Saddam Hussein."
- Bruce Willis
"This Party is a moral crusade or it is nothing."
- Harold Wilson
(Related: Nothing, Party)

"I like 'Bewitched' off the first album because it's one of the happiest songs I've ever written and, as any writer will tell you, happy songs are a million times more difficult to write than sad songs."
- Malcolm Wilson
(Related: First, Songs, Will, Writer)

"Dwight is a sad clown. You've seen those paintings of sad clown."
- Rainn Wilson
"Every war results from the struggle for markets and spheres of influence, and every war is sold to the public by professional liars and totally sincere religious maniacs, as a Holy Crusade to save God and Goodness from Satan and Evil."
- Robert Anton Wilson
(Related: War, God, Evil, Goodness, Influence, Public, Religious, Results, Satan, Struggle)

"This crusade is much more important than the anti- lynching movement, because there would be no lynching if it did not start in the schoolroom."
- Carter G. Woodson
"Watergate provides a model case study of the interaction and powers of each of the branches of government. It also is a morality play with a sad and dramatic ending."
- Bob Woodward
(Related: Government, Morality, Ending, Play, Study)

"After I had given up to go, the thoughts of the journey were often attended with unusual sadness, at which times my heart was frequently turned to the Lord with inward breathings for his heavenly support, that I might not fail to follow him wheresoever he might lead me."
- John Woolman
(Related: Heart, Thoughts, Journey, Sadness, Support)

"For I have learned to look on nature, not as in the hour of thoughtless youth, but hearing oftentimes the still, sad music of humanity."
- William Wordsworth
(Related: Music, Nature, Hearing, Humanity, Youth)

"An ambassador is an honest man sent abroad to lie and intrigue for the benefit of his country."
- Henry Wotton
(Related: Lie, Country, Man)

"I was never able to get through Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I've never been able to make it through. And I love the Smashing Pumpkins, they're one of my favorite bands ever, but I've never been able to listen to the whole thing all the way through."
- John Wozniak
(Related: Love, Favorite, Infinite, Sadness)

"Atari is a very sad story."
- Steve Wozniak
"People say, oh it's a shame, you're not nostalgic about the '60s. Well actually, it's quite good, when you think of it. Wouldn't it be sad if I was sitting here wishing it back?"
- Robert Wyatt
(Related: People, Shame, Wishing)

"There is an old saying that all roads lead to Rome. It seems the administration so often clearly believes that no matter what the evidence was at any particular time, essentially everything led to Saddam Hussein."
- Ron Wyden
(Related: Time, Old, Rome, Saying)

"I know some people say I can be funny. But there is always a deeper meaning to what I say. I am a socialist at heart and have the interests of the poor in mind. When people see how I manage to work my way out of tough situations, it gives them hope in their own life."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: Life, Work, Funny, People, Heart, Hope, Meaning, Mind, Poor)

"My mother always told me not to handle a buffalo by its tail, but always catch it by its horns. And I have used that lesson in everything in my life, including the Railways."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: Life, Mother)

"Why should I tell you where I am going to get funds from? If I were to do that then all the vested interests would get alerted. You must be aware that railways are full of such elements and my fight is against them."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: Fight)

"When people see how I manage to work my way out of tough situations, it gives them hope in their own life."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: Life, Work, People, Hope)

"Today in India there are all sections of people, as the BJP realized when the poor voted them out."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: People, Poor, Today)

"The lower caste people were killed as part of a conspiracy to dismiss my party's government."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: Government, People, Party)

"Our mass movement will shatter this communal, fascist and autocratic center."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: Will)

"It is because of me that today the union government has sanctioned special funds for the development of Bihar."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: Government, Development, Today)

"Everyone should play their role in tearing down the wall of hatred."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: Hatred, Play)

"I work so much. If I don't get all the comforts, I will turn mad."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: Work, Will)

"Musharraf is a good man and wants to improve relations with India."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: Man)

"I do not rule out the possibility of being prime minister of India one day, but there is still time."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
(Related: Time, Possibility, Being, Day)

"If you do not milk the cow fully, it falls sick."
- Lalu Prasad Yadav
"Designs in connection with postage stamps and coinage may be described, I think, as the silent ambassadors on national taste."
- William Butler Yeats
(Related: Connection, May, Taste)

"Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts."
- Paramahansa Yogananda
(Related: Soul, Heart, Eyes, May, Smile, Smiles)

"With the other fellow actors who have gone astray, I think it's sad that society wants to label the business as doing this to people. It's really not true."
- Tina Yothers
(Related: Business, Society, People, Actors)

"I think I have a dark view of the world. I have to make everything funny, otherwise it all seems so sad."
- Moon Unit Zappa
(Related: Funny, World)

"Throughout our courtship, Kenny told me that he had proof that Saddam Hussein was a threat because he possessed weapons of mass destruction. I told him, 'You had me at weapons.'"
- Renee Zellweger
(Related: Courtship, Destruction, Proof, Weapons)

"They're not willing to admit that I've also shed blood and tears and often paid dearly for my success. This makes me feel extremely sad."
- Zhang Ziyi
(Related: Success, Blood, Tears)

"What if the Soviet intervention was a blessing in disguise? It saved the myth that if the Soviets were not to intervene, there would have been some flowering authentic democratic socialism and so on. I'm a little bit more of a pessimist there. I think that the Soviets - it's a very sad lesson - by their intervention, saved the myth."
- Slavoj Zizek
(Related: Disguise, Myth, Socialism)