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"I'm a writer first and an editor second... or maybe third or even fourth. Successful editing requires a very specific set of skills, and I don't claim to have all of them at my command."
- Lynn Abbey
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"The challenge for me has first been to see things as they are, whether a portrait, a city street, or a bouncing ball. In a word, I have tried to be objective."
- Berenice Abbott
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"Now, on the St. Louis team we have Who's on first, What's on second, I Don't Know is on third."
- Bud Abbott
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"The honest truth is that if this government were to propose the massacre of the first-born, it would still have no difficulty in getting it through the Commons."
- Diane Abbott
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"The first and continuing argument for the curtailment of working hours and the raising of the minimum age was that education was necessary in a democracy and working children could not attend school."
- Grace Abbott
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"For the stage displays the first vigorous expression, as the natural thing and without conspicuous restraint, of private individuality."
- Lascelles Abercrombie
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"The first epics were intended for recitation; the literary epic is meant to be read."
- Lascelles Abercrombie
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"I remember saying to the chairman after serving the first year, "Why are we doing this? Why don't the Hawaiians have control?" "Well, we have no mechanism to do it," I was told."
- Neil Abercrombie
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"Milos said, You're my first choice. From my point of view, that doesn't pay the rent. I said, Tell me what I have to do next because I'm busy painting my kitchen."
- F. Murray Abraham
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"With Connery, he does act. He is in complete command. He completely trusts the person first, then the instrument. I've worked with his son also, on a picture in Russia."
- F. Murray Abraham
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"There are some circumstances in which the First Amendment interest comes up against another interest that is really important and in which we have to make a decision in a particular case as to which is more important."
- Floyd Abrams
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"When I began we did not really have a lot of First Amendment law. It is really surprising to think of it this way, but a lot of the law - most of the law that relates to the First Amendment freedom of the press in America - is really within living memory."
- Floyd Abrams
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"It just seems to be a human trait to want to protect the speech of people with whom we agree. For the First Amendment, that is not good enough. So it is really important that we protect First Amendment rights of people no matter what side of the line they are on."
- Floyd Abrams
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"I try to do that in this book without preaching - to try to do as you just said that you really have to defend the First Amendment rights of everybody."
- Floyd Abrams
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"My first vocation was dance."
- Victoria Abril
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"The actress they'd hired had refused to appear naked in front of the camera. I didn't like to appear naked either, but the first thing I did was take off my clothes and jump into the pool completely naked."
- Victoria Abril
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"The career of a writer is comparable to that of a woman of easy virtue. You write first for pleasure, later for the pleasure of others and finally for money."
- Marcel Achard
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"The first requirement of a statesman is that he be dull."
- Dean Acheson
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"First of all, writing at best - certainly fiction writing - more and more I think is magic."
- Kathy Acker
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"I get nervous around girls for the first time. Once I'm in, I can take the reins and go. It's just the initial approach I'm really bad at."
- Jensen Ackles
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"When I died my hair red the first time, I felt as if it was what nature intended. I have been accused of being a bit of a spitfire, so in that way, I absolutely live up to the stereotype. The red hair suits my personality. I was a terrible blonde!"
- Amy Adams
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"The last months, weeks and days have seen accelerating discussions, involving the DUP for the first time, about a comprehensive agreement which would see all outstanding matters dealt with and the Good Friday Agreement implemented in full."
- Gerry Adams
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"A chief petty officer taught me shorthand, which got me promoted to yeoman first class."
- Jack Adams
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"When I was about 15... I made my first attempt as a leading lady, and was, of course, a complete failure."
- Maude Adams
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"New Jersey is the first state in the country to agree to treat gay and unmarried couples the same as married couples."
- Michael Adams
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"Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can."
- Samuel Adams
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"The most violent appetites in all creatures are lust and hunger; the first is a perpetual call upon them to propagate their kind, the latter to preserve themselves."
- Joseph Addison
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"True happiness arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one's self, and in the next, from the friendship and conversation of a few select companions."
- Joseph Addison
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"My first impression when I made it through was 'Good, because I'm going to prove to you that I deserve to be here', because they told me that sometimes I lack confidence in my performance and sometimes I'm not as consistent as they'd like me to be."
- Naima Adedapo
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"But in the first Gulf war the United Kingdom was not under any threat from Iraq, and is still less so in the second one. Then there is no justification for obstructing freedom of information, particularly as nations have a right to know what their soldiers are being used for."
- Kate Adie
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"My first record came out in 1961 and then I had one come out in 1962 and then I had two that came out in 1964."
- Hasil Adkins
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"One of the embarrassing problems for the early nineteenth-century champions of the Christian faith was that not one of the first six Presidents of the United States was an orthodox Christian."
- Mortimer Adler
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"The first and only principle of sexual ethics: the accuser is always in the wrong."
- Theodor Adorno
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"It is an ill thing to be the first to bring news of ill."
- Aeschylus
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"Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything."
- Aesop
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"If I ever woke up with a dead hooker in my hotel room, Matt would be the first person I'd call."
- Ben Affleck
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"The first movie was mostly about George and Julia. This one is mostly about me and Catherine and our love story and our whole history. So it's a very different movie."
- Casey Affleck
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"The first dog I had was owned by an abusive couple. He was very skittish. He wouldn't let me hold him. It was explained to me that it was because of how he was treated."
- Casey Affleck
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"Who wants to shake the hand of the first man to put it to America's sweetheart."
- John Agar
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"First of all, let me say, 1:15 in the morning, for 20,000 people to still be here, I wasn't the winner, tennis was. That's awesome. I don't know if I've ever felt so good here before."
- Andre Agassi
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"Every scientific truth goes through three states: first, people say it conflicts with the Bible; next, they say it has been discovered before; lastly, they say they always believed it."
- Louis Agassiz
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"Italy in the first years got food, for the first year or the first periods got food. Then we got raw materials and then we got tool machines, let's say, instruments for working."
- Gianni Agnelli
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"In the immediate postwar years, the whole of Europe was in a recession. So first of all, it helped us step out of a recession; it gave a certain amount of speed to the economy. But that was the first step."
- Giovanni Agnelli
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"I was five years old when I wrote my first song. It was out of longing for my father that I wrote it."
- Shmuel Y. Agnon
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"When I first began to combine letters other than Hebrew, I read every book in German that came my way, and from these I certainly received according to the nature of my soul."
- Shmuel Y. Agnon
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"It's a sad moment, really, when parents first become a bit frightened of their children."
- Ama Ata Aidoo
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"I wouldn't have made it past the first round of American Idol auditions. It was months before our first song was recorded. The guys were like, 'Just seeng!' And I was like, 'I don't know how to seeng! Can't I just play the triangle?'"
- Malin Akerman
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"Honor is the inner garment of the Soul; the first thing put on by it with the flesh, and the last it layeth down at its separation from it."
- Akhenaton
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"Be thou incapable of change in that which is right, and men will rely upon thee. Establish unto thyself principles of action; and see that thou ever act according to them. First know that thy principles are just, and then be thou."
- Akhenaton
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"We believe that Lebanon has been the first real experience for all the Arabs."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"I thought it was my job to give all the boys their first kiss."
- Jessica Alba
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"On the little money I had collected I lived in Berlin very cheaply, ate very cheaply. And already in 1920 I saved the first salaries I received to go to Munich."
- Josef Albers
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"Apprentice is the beginner - the first years you work in a craft in the European sense you are an apprentice. That takes 3 or 4 years. Then you are a journeyman. You can go from one master to another and learn other tricks and other secrets."
- Josef Albers
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"In times of life crisis, whether wild fires or smoldering stress, the first thing I do is go back to basics... am I eating right, am I getting enough sleep, am I getting some physical and mental exercise everyday."
- Edward Albert
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"In 1980, I moved to Chicago, and I recorded demo tapes for my friends' bands, and in 1981, the first Big Black record - the first thing I did that was an actual record."
- Steve Albini
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"First find the man in yourself if you will inspire manliness in others."
- Amos Bronson Alcott
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"I'm most at home on the stage. I was carried onstage for the first time when I was six months old."
- Alan Alda
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"No bird has ever uttered note That was not in some first bird's throat; Since Eden's freshness and man's fall No rose has been original."
- Thomas Bailey Aldrich
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"Chess first of all teaches you to be objective."
- Alexander Alekhine
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"I lived in England to learn English. When I went to England for the first time, it was like being on the Moon. I had no friends, I couldn't speak the language. I was very isolated."
- Jean Alesi
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"An object is not first imagined or thought about and then expected or willed, but in being actively expected it is imagined as future and in being willed it is thought."
- Samuel Alexander
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"I just saw the movie for the first time in its entirely last night. It's really cool when you're in with an audience that's so tuned in and plugged in to what's going on."
- Sasha Alexander
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"Stage work, that's all I have in my background. Wasteland was my first TV experience. Dawson's was my first long-term, I mean the entire season of 22 episodes."
- Sasha Alexander
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"The mark of a true crush... is that you fall in love first and grope for reasons afterward."
- Shana Alexander
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"First thoughts are not always the best."
- Vittorio Alfieri
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"To appreciate and use correctly a valuable maxim requires a genius; a vital appropriating exercise of mind closely allied to that which first created it."
- William R. Alger
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"My toughest fight was with my first wife."
- Muhammad Ali
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"I'm doing a play, a musical. The musical follows the Mamma Mia concept. It's my first LA theater project."
- Tatyana Ali
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"Always remember the first rule of power tactics; power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have."
- Saul Alinsky
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"A racially integrated community is a chronological term timed from the entrance of the first black family to the exit of the last white family."
- Saul Alinsky
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"With nearly 20 days until Iraq emerges as a free sovereign state for the first time in more than three decades, terrorists have increasingly targeted our country's infrastructure."
- Iyad Allawi
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"You have to examine a scene on the page first. Then you get into the basics of acting: Who are you? Who are you talking to? How do you feel about that person?"
- Debbie Allen
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"The production team's first meeting took place at my house. I had ideas and a color scheme in mind, how I wanted the movie to look, because that has to be a real collaboration."
- Debbie Allen
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"The first thing that strikes a visitor to Paris is a taxi."
- Fred Allen
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"We are living in the machine age. For the first time in history the comedian has been compelled to supply himself with jokes and comedy material to compete with the machine. Whether he knows it or not, the comedian is on a treadmill to oblivion."
- Fred Allen
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"Most of us spend the first six days of each week sowing wild oats; then we go to church on Sunday and pray for a crop failure."
- Fred Allen
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"The first time I sang in the church choir; two hundred people changed their religion."
- Fred Allen
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"Wilson thought in terms of the whole world; Harding was for America first. And, finally, whereas Wilson wanted America to exert itself nobly, Harding wanted to give it a rest."
- Frederick Lewis Allen
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"In a continent but recently settled, many parts of which have as yet little historical or cultural background, the material for this volume has been gathered from a section that was one of the first to be colonized."
- Hervey Allen
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"The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities."
- James Allen
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"I'm going to be a great film star. That is, if booze and sex don't get me first."
- Jay Presson Allen
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"I've never done anything for money. My first love is things of limited commercial appeal. I could be happy doing Shakespeare for the rest of my life."
- Karen Allen
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"Medical research in the twentieth century mostly takes place in the lab; in the Renaissance, though, researchers went first and foremost to the library to see what the ancients had said."
- Peter Lewis Allen
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"My first concern was to take care of my drawing. I did not have any knowledge in arts, especially Haitian arts, apart from the paintings I saw in my father's office."
- Ralph Allen
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"At the same time, the Reagan Administration assured that the main elements of policymaking were in the hands of competent loyalists, thus assuring a successful launch and a highly successful first year."
- Richard V. Allen
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"Certainly, the Bush Administration will rely in the first instance on its friends, since it would be both illogical and counterproductive to reward its adversaries."
- Richard V. Allen
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"I'll play first, third, left. I'll play anywhere - except Philadelphia."
- Richie Allen
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"I think being funny is not anyone's first choice."
- Woody Allen
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"Well, I first started going to Europe in the late '70s."
- Luther Allison
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"This is like the telephone problem - no one wants to have the first one. But we are seeing a lot of people who want some sort of technology to solve the spam problem."
- Eric Allman
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"I said, other people can write songs, let's see if I can. So the first 400 or 500 wound up on the floor somewhere. Then I wrote one called Melissa."
- Gregg Allman
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"At the Muddy Waters thing, I played the first song by myself on an acoustic guitar. I thought that was great that y'all did that tribute to Muddy Waters. I had a real good time."
- Gregg Allman
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"At first, I see pictures of a story in my mind. Then creating the story comes from asking questions of myself. I guess you might call it the 'what if - what then' approach to writing and illustration."
- Chris Van Allsburg
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"Lawyers are the first refuge of the incompetent."
- Aaron Allston
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"Violence is the first refuge of the violent."
- Aaron Allston
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"For the first time in my life I feel important. I'd like to have five babies."
- June Allyson
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"The first day I arrived, they told me to go home and get rid of that cold."
- June Allyson
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"It was my first straight dramatic role, and the most adult, intelligent one I have ever played."
- June Allyson
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"The silent film has a lot of meanings. The first part of the film is comic. It represents the burlesque feel of those silent films. But I think that the second part of the film is full of tenderness and emotion."
- Pedro Almodovar
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"I have always been very calm on the outside. I'm not too stressed now just because I'm in formula one. For me, tomorrow will be another day whether I finish first or last. I have to do the maximum and I cannot ask any more from myself."
- Fernando Alonso
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"About seven years later I was given a book about the periodic table of the elements. For the first time I saw the elegance of scientific theory and its predictive power."
- Sidney Altman
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"We are Indians, firstly and lastly."
- B. R. Ambedkar
"Washington's character was rock solid. He came to stand for the new nation and its republican virtues, which was why he became our first President by unanimous choice."
- Stephen Ambrose
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"American is the first democratic nation-state."
- Stephen Ambrose
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"My first book was the book that changed my life."
- Stephen Ambrose
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"Our first record didn't come out on vinyl, so I think that might have had something to do with actually being in a position to make sure that it came out in vinyl this time. It sounds way better."
- Jeff Ament
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"I appeal to all Britishers to answer this call to arms for the defence of all the principles that we Englishmen have been the first to proclaim in the world."
- John Amery
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"The first act of religion, therefore, concerns those things which are communicated to us from God. The other concerns those things which we yield to God."
- William Ames
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"In the exercise of God's efficiency, the decree of God comes first. This manner of working is the most perfect of all and notably agrees with the divine nature."
- William Ames
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"An idea in man is first impressed upon him and afterwards expressed in things, but in God it is only expressed, not impressed, because it does not come from anywhere else."
- William Ames
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"Although the whole man partakes of this grace, it is first and most appropriately in the soul and later progresses to the body, inasmuch as the body of the man is capable of the same obedience to the will of God as the soul."
- William Ames
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"Sympathy is the first condition of criticism."
- Henri Frederic Amiel
(Related: Sympathy, Criticism, First)

"In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties."
- Henri Frederic Amiel
(Related: Health, First, Freedom)

"Self criticism must be my guide to action, and the first rule for its employment is that in itself it is not a virtue, only a procedure."
- Kingsley Amis
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"Besides the actual reading in class of many poems, I would suggest you do two things: first, while teaching everything you can and keeping free of it, teach that poetry is a mode of discourse that differs from logical exposition."
- A. R. Ammons
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"I take the walk to be the externalization of an interior seeking so that the analogy is first of all between the external and the internal."
- A. R. Ammons
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"I'm a musician first, a food-lover second, a dirty mouth with feet, and a girl last time I checked."
- Tori Amos
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"I believe, along with many others, that you must first ask for what you want before you can have it."
- Wally Amos
(Related: First, Want)

"We must always remember with gratitude and admiration the first sailors who steered their vessels through storms and mists, and increased our knowledge of the lands of ice in the South."
- Roald Amundsen
(Related: Gratitude, Knowledge, Admiration, First, Storms)

"The first draught serveth for health, the second for pleasure, the third for shame, and the fourth for madness."
- Anacharsis
(Related: Health, First, Madness, Pleasure, Shame)

"No one told me about boys. I had to figure it out myself. The first thing I learned was that sometimes they grow slower than women mentally."
- Elena Anaya
(Related: Women, Boys, First)

"Romeo Must Die was the first film that I did where I was able to just be free as an actor."
- Anthony Anderson
(Related: Actor, Film, First)

"And what's interesting about the hybrids taking off is you've now introduced electric motors to the automobile industry. It's the first radical change in automobile technology in 100 years."
- Chris Anderson
(Related: Change, Technology, First, Now, Radical, Years)

"The first stage in a technology's advance is that it'll fall below a critical price. After it falls below a critical price, it will tend, if it's successful, to rise above a critical mass, a penetration."
- Chris Anderson
(Related: Technology, Successful, First, Will)

"For the first time in history, a private company is organizing a mission to the moon. This mission will inspire countries of the world, citizens, our youth."
- Eric Anderson
(Related: Time, History, Company, Countries, First, Mission, Moon, Will, World, Youth)

"The first time, where Fox Mulder and Scully met, she stands up for herself. She stands right there and gives it to him and that was extremely attractive."
- Gillian Anderson
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"We wanted to write the first prequels as a story that anyone could pick up."
- Kevin J. Anderson
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"Sure, President Bush can say that the U.S. government won't fund stem cell research, but believe me, Japan is applauding. Because they will just do it first and get all the patents."
- Kevin J. Anderson
(Related: Government, First, President, Research, Will)

"I sold my very first novel when I was 24 or 25 years old."
- Kevin J. Anderson
(Related: First, Old, Years)

"I have written a few children's books. The first book that I wrote was for children. It was called "The Package", and it was a mystery story in pictures. It had no words."
- Laurie Anderson
(Related: Books, Children, First, Mystery, Words)

"I see and write things first as an artist, second as a woman, and third as a New Yorker. All three have built-in perspectives that aren't neutral."
- Laurie Anderson
(Related: Artist, First, Woman)

"My mom started smoking when she was 11. She went to the hill next door to try her first cigarette. She set the entire hill on fire, but it didn't deter her."
- Loni Anderson
(Related: Mom, Fire, First, Smoking)

"Your lungs are changed forever from your first cigarette."
- Loni Anderson
(Related: First)

"Self-preservation is the first responsibility."
- Margaret Anderson
(Related: First, Responsibility, Self)

"There are many persons ready to do what is right because in their hearts they know it is right. But they hesitate, waiting for the other fellow to make the make the first move - and he, in turn, waits for you."
- Marian Anderson
(Related: First, Right, Waiting)

"There are just hundreds of people that have inspired and influenced me in a number of different ways. First of all, you can't forget your parents and all they've done to help you to get here."
- Michael P. Anderson
(Related: People, First, Forget, Help, Parents)

"The first months at Harvard were more than challenging, as I came to the realization that the humanities could be genuinely interesting, and, in fact, given the weaknesses of my background, very difficult."
- Philip Warren Anderson
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"I wrote the first book, Harvest of Stars, and as I was writing it, I saw that certain implications had barely been touched on... It's perfectly obvious that two completely revolutionary things are going on, with cybernetics, and biological science."
- Poul Anderson
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"They say the first World Series is the one you remember most. No, no no. I guarantee you don't remember that one because the fantasy world you always dreamed about is suddenly real."
- Sparky Anderson
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"Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves."
- Walter Anderson
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"With Geoffrey, it was the first time we did music together, we understood that everything could be well, and without any problem. And we didn't need to rehearse too much."
- Victoria de los Angeles
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"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."
- Maya Angelou
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"And that's really what's happening in this country is a violation of the First Commandment. We have become a country entrenched in idolatry, and that idolatry is the dependency upon our government. We're supposed to depend upon God for our protection and our provision and for our daily bread, not for our government."
- Sharron Angle
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"The first time I kissed Brad my knees went weak - I literally lost my breath!"
- Jennifer Aniston
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"If the United Nations does not attempt to chart a course for the world's people in the first decades of the new millennium, who will?"
- Kofi Annan
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"The first thing you have to do is accept that decay sets in and there's nothing you can do about it."
- Francesca Annis
(Related: First, Nothing)

"I didn't lose my virginity until I was 18 The first time was a nightmare. Who shows you how to use a condom?"
- Adam Ant
(Related: Time, First, Virginity)

"Be quiet, or my wife will take away your first born and make him or her work in one of her sweatshops!"
- Marc Anthony
(Related: Work, Wife, First, Quiet, Will)

"Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker series also shows the potential of lighter fantastic fiction. I read the first, and listened to a tape of a later one, and it's fun."
- Piers Anthony
(Related: Fiction, First, Fun, Potential)

"Keep writing, because not only does practice improve skill, it gives you more chances to score on the market. I did that for eight years before making my first sale."
- Piers Anthony
(Related: First, Practice, Skill, Writing, Years)

"Have a working spouse, because you won't earn a living from writing - not at first, if ever. My wife worked for years to support us."
- Piers Anthony
(Related: Wife, First, Living, Support, Writing, Years)

"I did not know at first that it would be a series; I discovered after the first novel that I had more to say about it, so I did another. And another, and then the readers demanded yet more."
- Piers Anthony
(Related: First)

"In the evening of the first day my father conducted us to the public baths."
- Mary Antin
(Related: Father, Day, Evening, First, Public)

"The first meal was an object lesson of much variety. My father produced several kinds of food, ready to eat, without any cooking, from little tin cans that had printing all over them."
- Mary Antin
(Related: Food, Father, Cooking, First, Printing, Variety)

"We are not born all at once, but by bits. The body first, and the spirit later; and the birth and growth of the spirit, in those who are attentive to their own inner life, are slow and exceedingly painful."
- Mary Antin
(Related: Life, Growth, Body, First, Spirit)

"Observe your enemies, for they first find out your faults."
- Antisthenes
(Related: Enemies, Faults, First)

"Pay attention to your enemies, for they are the first to discover your mistakes."
- Antisthenes
(Related: Attention, Enemies, First, Mistakes)

"She wasn't as naive and innocent as she was in the first season."
- Shiri Appleby
(Related: First)

"It's my first presenting role so I'll be nervous, but it's going to be great fun. I can't wait to sample the food and meet the celebrities. Hopefully I can inject some of my own glamour."
- Nicole Appleton
(Related: Food, First, Fun, Glamour)

"In order for a war to be just, three things are necessary. First, the authority of the sovereign. Secondly, a just cause. Thirdly, a rightful intention."
- Thomas Aquinas
(Related: War, Authority, Cause, First, Intention, Order)

"How can we live in harmony? First we need to know we are all madly in love with the same God."
- Thomas Aquinas
(Related: Love, God, First, Harmony)

"On the first movie we got good reviews, but we were still dealing with genre stuff. It's going away. Judge the movie - is it a good one or a bad one? We know we made a great movie and it's being judged for just being a good film."
- Avi Arad
(Related: Being, Film, First)

"I have always loved horror very much. I used to write stories for DC's House of Mystery. It was one of my first jobs writing for comics, and I loved it."
- Sergio Aragones
(Related: First, Horror, Jobs, Mystery, Writing)

"I would have to work on the song and figure out how they wanted the song done, because they're such high-intensity songs. We figure that out first, then I go back and listen to it and go over and rehearse stuff with it and try to get a feel for the words."
- Tom Araya
(Related: Work, First, Song, Songs, Words)

"Oh yeah, our first tour in Europe they wouldn't give me the time off from work."
- Tom Araya
(Related: Time, Work, Europe, First)

"We did like 12 shows, then we did the entire Ozzfest with the first half completely booked; then we did the second half with a couple days off here and there."
- Tom Araya
(Related: First)

"I always thought of photography as a naughty thing to do - that was one of my favorite things about it, and when I first did it, I felt very perverse."
- Diane Arbus
(Related: Thought, Favorite, First, Photography)

"I was in my thirteenth year when I heard a voice from God to help me govern my conduct. And the first time I was very much afraid."
- Joan of Arc
(Related: Time, God, First, Help, Voice)

"I spent my first three weeks there on a wing with 21 murderers. I met some very evil people there but also some men who'd had no upbringing, no chance in life."
- Jeffrey Archer
(Related: Life, Men, People, Chance, Evil, First)

"I wrote a million words in the first year, and I could never have done that outside of prison."
- Jeffrey Archer
(Related: First, Prison, Words)

"No punishment has ever possessed enough power of deterrence to prevent the commission of crimes. On the contrary, whatever the punishment, once a specific crime has appeared for the first time, its reappearance is more likely than its initial emergence could ever have been."
- Hannah Arendt
(Related: Power, Time, Crime, First, Punishment)

"But no one should have the right to manipulate my films in the first place."
- Dario Argento
(Related: First, Right)

"If you can believe this, I didn't fight for my first world title fight till I had 58 fights, so I really appreciated what I was fighting for and for whom as well."
- Alexis Arguello
(Related: Fight, Fighting, First, World)

"The spirit of Ubuntu, that once led Haiti to emerge as the first independent black nation in 1804, helped Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador attain liberty, and inspired our forefathers to shed their blood for the United States' independence, cannot die. Today, this spirit of solidarity must and will empower all of us to rebuild Haiti."
- Jean-Bertrand Aristide
(Related: Blood, First, Independence, Liberty, Nation, Solidarity, Spirit, states, Today, United, Will)

"For though we love both the truth and our friends, piety requires us to honor the truth first."
- Aristotle
(Related: Love, Truth, First, Friends, Honor, Piety)

"Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others."
- Aristotle
(Related: Quality, Courage, First)

"He who is to be a good ruler must have first been ruled."
- Aristotle
(Related: First)

"In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech."
- Aristotle
(Related: First, Language, Persuasion, Speech, Study)

"First and foremost, it was fun. Everybody involved with it made you feel like they were an important contributor to the process. We were made to feel valued."
- Adam Arkin
(Related: First, Fun)

"I think people tuned in a lot to see Barbara when she first came here and they just didn't like the show they saw. I think it was dull. It was sterile."
- Roone Arledge
(Related: People, First)

"Middle -age is the time of life, that a man first notices - in his wife."
- Richard Armour
(Related: Time, Life, Wife, First, Man)

"Retired is being tired twice, I've thought, first tired of working, then tired of not."
- Richard Armour
(Related: Thought, Being, First)

"When you meet someone for the first time, that's not the whole book. That's just the first page."
- Brody Armstrong
(Related: Time, First)

"Two things scare me. The first is getting hurt. But that's not nearly as scary as the second, which is losing."
- Lance Armstrong
(Related: First, Hurt, Losing)

"Yeah, I wasn't chosen to be first. I was just chosen to command that flight. Circumstance put me in that particular role. That wasn't planned by anyone."
- Neil Armstrong
(Related: Circumstance, First)

"Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon. July 1969 AD. We came in peace for all mankind."
- Neil Armstrong
(Related: Men, Peace, Earth, First, July, Mankind, Moon)

"I learned a lot in those first years in Miami, while struggling just for survival, by observing my father's fortitude."
- Desi Arnaz
(Related: Father, Survival, First, Years)

"The first war plan has failed because of Iraqi resistance. Now they are trying to write another war plan. Clearly, the American war planners misjudged the determination of the Iraqi forces."
- Peter Arnett
(Related: War, Determination, American, First, Now, Trying)

"Because I think a lot of people felt like, ultimately - and this isn't the first time I've said this, so I'll bore you again with it - but ultimately it was... I think it felt like homework a bit for people."
- Will Arnett
(Related: Time, People, First)

"My first movie was this independent that I did on the Erie Canal in 1995, called Erie, that I don't know if you could even get, actually with Felicity Huffman. And then from that I did this film that was eventually called The Broken Giant later that fall. And then I kind of started getting into doing pilots."
- Will Arnett
(Related: Film, First, canal)

"I mean, I gotta say one of the greatest victories on that show was when we got picked up for the back nine of the first season, and they made it a full order."
- Will Arnett
(Related: First, Order)

"In many instances, order is apprehended first of all by the senses."
- Rudolf Arnheim
(Related: First, Order, Senses)

"Entropy theory is indeed a first attempt to deal with global form; but it has not been dealing with structure. All it says is that a large sum of elements may have properties not found in a smaller sample of them."
- Rudolf Arnheim
(Related: First, May, Theory)

"First, we have to lower our costs to levels that are more competitive. This will prevent the lower-cost airlines from pushing us out of the markets we want to serve. We've made great progress on this front, but we need to keep pushing."
- Gerard Arpey
(Related: Progress, First, Want, Will)

"The first horror film I remember seeing in the theatre was Halloween and from the first scene when the kid puts on the mask and it is his POV, I was hooked."
- David Arquette
(Related: Film, First, Horror, Theatre)

"My assignment was exclusively in the research field, and my first published paper, On the Optimal Use of Winds for Flight Planning, was the outgrowth of that work."
- Kenneth Joseph Arrow
(Related: Work, First, Planning, Research)

"For ultimately, the only way to win wars, is to prevent them occurring in the first place."
- Owen Arthur
(Related: First)

"The weather was fine, the valleys literally covered with buffaloe, and everything seemed to promise a safe and speedy movement to the first grove of timber on my route, supposed to be about ten days' march."
- William Henry Ashley
(Related: First, March, Promise, Weather)

"The real excitement and big deal for me started when I got cast in the first X-Men, which was sort of a fluke."
- Shawn Ashmore
(Related: Excitement, First)

"Our first scene is sort of a reunion between the X-Men characters, which establishes everyone's relationship to one another, sort of like a recap for all those who have forgotten since the last movie."
- Shawn Ashmore
(Related: First)

"One of the experts bought his first piece at the age of four, so they did start very young, most of them. They did it out of genuine interest but today's kids are much more materialistic and there's a danger, I suppose, that they might just be out to make dosh."
- Michael Aspel
(Related: Age, Danger, Experts, First, Interest, Kids, Today)

"It's nice to witness these discoveries at first hand."
- Michael Aspel
(Related: First)

"In passing, also, I would like to say that the first time Adam had a chance he laid the blame on a woman."
- Nancy Astor
(Related: Time, Blame, Chance, First, Woman)

"The first time Adam had a chance, he laid the blame on women."
- Nancy Astor
(Related: Time, Women, Blame, Chance, First)

"One of my favorite stories is my first kissing scene with Linda Gray."
- Christopher Atkins
(Related: Favorite, First, Kissing)

"Don't be condescending to unskilled labor. Try it for a half a day first."
- Brooks Atkinson
(Related: Day, First, Labor)

"Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth-it really does establish who they are."
- Colleen Atwood
(Related: Impression, Character, First, Open)

"That's why I began doing makeup in the first place: I was hoping that through helping people see the beauty in themselves, I could try and find it in me."
- Kevyn Aucoin
(Related: Beauty, People, First, Makeup)

"Before people complain of the obscurity of modern poetry, they should first examine their consciences and ask themselves with how many people and on how many occasions they have genuinely and profoundly shared some experience with another."
- W. H. Auden
(Related: Experience, Poetry, People, First, Obscurity)

"My drawings at first were made altogether in watercolors, but they wanted softness and a great deal of finish."
- John James Audubon
(Related: First)

"From the beginning, when I first got an idea for a story and wondered if I could write it, it has always been the story that has driven me."
- Jean M. Auel
(Related: Idea, Beginning, First)

"Basketball is like war in that offensive weapons are developed first, and it always takes a while for the defense to catch up."
- Red Auerbach
(Related: War, Basketball, Defense, First, Weapons)

"The confession of evil works is the first beginning of good works."
- Saint Augustine
(Related: Beginning, Confession, Evil, First)

"Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility."
- Saint Augustine
(Related: Clouds, First, Humility, Will)

"Do you wish to be great? Then begin by being. Do you desire to construct a vast and lofty fabric? Think first about the foundations of humility. The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation."
- Saint Augustine
(Related: Being, Desire, First, Humility)

"Bad company is like a nail driven into a post, which, after the first and second blow, may be drawn out with little difficulty; but being once driven up to the head, the pincers cannot take hold to draw it out, but which can only be done by the destruction of the wood."
- Saint Aurelius Augustine
(Related: Being, Company, Destruction, Difficulty, First, May, Post, Wood)

"Let it be your constant method to look into the design of people's actions, and see what they would be at, as often as it is practicable; and to make this custom the more significant, practice it first upon yourself."
- Marcus Aurelius
(Related: Design, People, Actions, Custom, First, Practice)

"To look almost pretty is an acquisition of higher delight to a girl who has been looking plain for the first fifteen years of her life than a beauty from her cradle can ever receive."
- Jane Austen
(Related: Beauty, Life, Delight, First, Pretty, Years)

"I suppose no man becomes a pocket hunter by first intention."
- Mary Austin
(Related: First, Intention, Man)

"The prize money for first place was $2,800, but I didn't take it because I was still an amateur."
- Tracy Austin
(Related: Money, First)

"When I was 11, I won my first nationals at Savannah, defeating Kelly Henry in the finals."
- Tracy Austin
(Related: First)

"Winning that first game was so important; my mother always said that the first game of the second set was the chance to keep it going if you were ahead or change things if you were behind."
- Tracy Austin
(Related: Change, Mother, Winning, Chance, First)

"Now I get exposure first with people directly in the clubs. This is a unique situation for me."
- Roy Ayers
(Related: People, First, Now)

"As a proud Catholic, I know the impact that faith-based education can have in our society and have witnessed it first hand in my district."
- Joe Baca
(Related: Education, Society, Faith, First)

"My personal advice is to go to school first and get a liberal arts education, and then if you want to pursue acting, go to graduate school."
- Jillian Bach
(Related: Education, Acting, Advice, First, Liberal, School, Want)

"Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years."
- Richard Bach
(Related: First, Friends, Will, Years)

"My first band, Kid Wicked, we did half covers and half originals."
- Sebastian Bach
(Related: First)

"A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of."
- Burt Bacharach
(Related: Thought, First, Word)

"Those albums are so important to me because, for the first time, I was making my own music, paying for it, finding strengths in it, and going through the process of finding the right music for the record."
- Randy Bachman
(Related: Music, Time, First, Right)

"I don't think that bands that make it on their first album are as strong as bands that don't: there is nowhere to go but down."
- Randy Bachman
(Related: First)

"I listened to it last night for the first time since we started this project. I went out to my car and put it in and went to an empty parking lot and just listened and read the little pamphlet that came with it. After two or three songs I burst into tears."
- Randy Bachman
(Related: Car, Time, First, Night, Project, Songs, Tears)

"Many a man owes his success to his first wife and his second wife to his success."
- Jim Backus
(Related: Success, Wife, First, Man)

"Seek ye first the good things of the mind, and the rest will either be supplied or its loss will not be felt."
- Francis Bacon
(Related: First, Loss, Mind, Rest, Will)

"As the births of living creatures are at first ill-shapen, so are all innovations, which are the births of time."
- Francis Bacon
(Related: Time, First, Living)

"God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures."
- Francis Bacon
(Related: God, First, Garden)

"God's first creature, which was light."
- Francis Bacon
(Related: God, First, Light)

"I do better on the first three takes; I won't be better at 20 takes."
- Kevin Bacon
(Related: First)

"The first lines of defence against criminals are the victims themselves."
- Michael Badnarik
(Related: First, Victims)

"Oh, yeah, I see the world differently now. Actually, when I first had the baby, I was breast-feeding him for two years straight. So we were together for two years of his life, every single day, all hours of the day. So I was two people, and I eventually morphed back into one."
- Erykah Badu
(Related: Life, People, Baby, Day, First, Now, World, Years)

"I was trying to make something really hard, but then I thought I should make something really soft instead, that could be molded into different shapes. That was how I came up with the first plastic. I called it Bakelite."
- Leo Baekeland
(Related: Thought, First, Trying)

"The whole history of civilization is strewn with creeds and institutions which were invaluable at first, and deadly afterwards."
- Walter Bagehot
(Related: History, Civilization, First)

"If a dog doesn't put you first where are you both? In what relation? A dog needs God. It lives by your glances, your wishes. It even shares your humor. This happens about the fifth year. If it doesn't happen you are only keeping an animal."
- Enid Bagnold
(Related: God, Humor, First, Needs, Wishes)

"I was listening to the first record the other day, and it sounds remarkably contemporary."
- Chris Bailey
(Related: Day, First, Listening)

"The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat oneself."
- Gamaliel Bailey
(Related: First)

"The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat one's self. All sin is easy after that."
- Pearl Bailey
(Related: First, Self, Sin)

"Everybody wants to do something to help, but nobody wants to be first."
- Pearl Bailey
(Related: First, Help)

"Simplicity is natures first step, and the last of art."
- Philip James Bailey
(Related: Art, First, Simplicity)

"First, I have to thank God for giving me the gift that he did as well as a second chance for a better life."
- Oksana Baiul
(Related: Life, God, Chance, First, Giving)

"Today's date, the eighteenth of May, should sometime become an occasion of great international celebration, for on this day ten years ago the first Peace Conference opened at The Hague."
- Fredrik Bajer
(Related: Peace, Day, First, May, Today, Years)

"I would say that my peak was making my first million at the ripe age of 29, after the first album."
- Anita Baker
(Related: Age, First)

"This is what happens, when, for the first time in modern history, a candidate resorts to lawsuits to try to overturn the outcome of an election for president."
- James Baker
(Related: Time, History, First, President)

"Shoes are the first adult machines we are given to master."
- Nicholson Baker
(Related: First, Machines)

"The very first time I was on a car in Atlanta, I saw the conductor - all conductors are white - ask a Negro woman to get up and take a seat farther back in order to make a place for a white man. I have also seen white men requested to leave the Negro section of the car."
- Ray Stannard Baker
(Related: Car, Men, Time, First, Man, Order, Woman)

"At first everyone predicted that it would be impossible to hold these divergent people together, but aside from the skilled men, some of whom belonged to craft unions, comparatively few went back to the mills. And as a whole, the strike was conducted with little violence."
- Ray Stannard Baker
(Related: Men, People, First, Violence)

"When I first went to prison, I was even questioning where, God, where are you?"
- Jim Bakker
(Related: God, First, Prison, Questioning)

"If you want to control other people, first control yourself."
- Abu Bakr
(Related: People, Control, First, Want)

"I'm having the same problems today that I had when I first started, saying that outrageous adult animation works."
- Ralph Bakshi
(Related: Animation, First, Problems, Saying, Today)

"I'm the first to admit that I can't be as good as Tolkien, and a movie can never be as good as Tolkien."
- Ralph Bakshi
(Related: First)

"The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God. As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on earth."
- Mikhail Bakunin
(Related: God, Earth, First, Heaven, Theology, Tyranny, Will)

"In my ballets, woman is first. Men are consorts. God made men to sing the praises of women. They are not equal to men: They are better."
- George Balanchine
(Related: Men, Women, God, First, Woman)

"The First World War, and especially the latest one, largely swept away what was left in Europe of feudalism and of feudal landlords, especially in Poland, Hungary, and the South East generally."
- Emily Greene Balch
(Related: War, Europe, First, World, World war)

"No one can possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time."
- James A. Baldwin
(Related: Time, First)

"In the first place, Descartes stands for the most explicit and uncompromising dualism between mind and matter."
- James M. Baldwin
(Related: First, Mind)

"A statesman wants courage and a statesman wants vision; but believe me, after six months' experience, he wants first, second, third and all the time - patience."
- Stanley Baldwin
(Related: Time, Experience, Courage, Vision, First, Months, Patience)

"I mean, first of all, let me say whichever superhero first came up with the idea of wearing a cape, he wasn't really onto anything good. The number of times I'm treading on that damn thing or I throw a punch and it ends up covering my whole head. It's really not practical."
- Christian Bale
(Related: Idea, First)

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."
- Lucille Ball
(Related: Love, First, World)

"I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line."
- Lucille Ball
(Related: Love, Religion, First)

"The first attempt at a response: there must have been a fall, a decline, and the road to salvation can only be the return of the sensible finite into the intelligible infinite."
- Hans Urs von Balthasar
(Related: First, Infinite, Road, Salvation)

"It is, finally, a word is untimely in three different senses, and bearing it as one's treasure will not win one anyone's favours; one rather risks finding oneself outside everyone's camp... Beauty is the word that shall be our first."
- Hans Urs von Balthasar
(Related: Beauty, First, Senses, Treasure, Will, Word)

"The work with which we embark on this first volume of a series of theological studies is a work with which the philosophical person does not begin, but rather concludes."
- Hans Urs von Balthasar
(Related: Work, First)

"The Passion narratives are the first pieces of the Gospels that were composed as a unity."
- Hans Urs von Balthasar
(Related: First, Passion, Unity)

"A lover always thinks of his mistress first and himself second; with a husband it runs the other way."
- Honore de Balzac
(Related: HusbFirst)

"A good husband is never the first to go to sleep at night or the last to awake in the morning."
- Honore de Balzac
(Related: HusbFirst, Night, Sleep)

"First love is a kind of vaccination which saves a man from catching the complaint the second time."
- Honore de Balzac
(Related: Love, Time, Complaint, First, First love, Man)

"Women are tenacious, and all of them should be tenacious of respect; without esteem they cannot exist; esteem is the first demand that they make of love."
- Honore De Balzac
(Related: Love, Women, First, Respect)

"The prejudices of ignorance are more easily removed than the prejudices of interest; the first are all blindly adopted, the second willfully preferred."
- George Bancroft
(Related: First, Ignorance, Interest)

"Melanie is more of a disciplinarian with the little girl than me, probably because it's my first baby. She gets everything easy from Papa. I am more weak. She takes advantage of me."
- Antonio Banderas
(Related: Baby, First)

"The first mistake of art is to assume that it's serious."
- Lester Bangs
(Related: Art, Mistake, First)

"I mean Iggy and The Stooges first couple of albums I think sold twenty five thousand between the two of them you know and so to talk in terms of an underground I mean you have to go really to the independent labels and things like that."
- Lester Bangs
(Related: First, Talk)

"(On seeing a former lover for the first time in years) I thought I told you to wait in the car."
- Tallulah Bankhead
(Related: Car, Time, Thought, First)

"Many young Japanese were hearing for the first time the words of Native people from the West."
- Dennis Banks
(Related: Time, People, First, Hearing, Words)

"In 1978, the tradition of running from village to village with a message was revived. that first run was from Davis to Los Angeles, a distance of 500 miles."
- Dennis Banks
(Related: First, Running, Tradition)

"If at first you do succeed - try to hide your astonishment."
- Harry Banks
(Related: First, Succeed)

"If at first you don't succeed, try to hide your astonishment."
- Harry F. Banks
(Related: First, Succeed)

"That has always been it for me: family first."
- Leslie Banks
(Related: Family, First)

"John Brown first swam into my vision in the 1960s when I was a political activist in the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement at Chapel Hill, where I went to university."
- Russell Banks
(Related: Vision, Civil rights, First, University)

"First of all it's usually women who run these higher primate sanctuaries, rarely men. They are white. They come from privileged backgrounds. They are educated."
- Russell Banks
(Related: Women, First)

"There is no law that says a man who earned a hundred million dollars in his first half-dozen years on the job has to be a decent human being, but Mike Eisner is that and more."
- Joseph Barbera
(Related: Being, First, Job, Law, Man, Years)

"Bill Hanna and I owe an awful lot to television, but we both got our start and built the first phase of our partnership in the movies."
- Joseph Barbera
(Related: Movies, First, Partnership, Television)

"I first pitched the idea of doing a series of cartoons based on Bible stories. They didn't much like it."
- Joseph Barbera
(Related: Idea, Bible, Cartoons, First)

"My daddy died when I was two years old. My mother raised my two older brothers and me. And we couldn't have had a better situation. I mean, she was the - ran the concession stand at the Little League, and she was the first woman president of The Touchdown Club, the booster club for the high school football team. And so, I had a wonderful childhood."
- Haley Barbour
(Related: Mother, Brothers, Childhood, First, Football, Old, President, School, Woman, Years)

"When I became governor, spending actually increased 28 percent my first term. Revenue increased 42 percent my first term without raising anybody's taxes. We did it because we had more taxpayers with more taxable income. That's how you get the revenue up. We did that without raising anybody's taxes."
- Haley Barbour
(Related: First, Income, Taxes)

"He that desireth to acquire any art or science seeketh first those means by which that art or science is obtained. If we ought to do so in things natural and earthly, how much more then in spiritual?"
- Robert Barclay
(Related: Art, Science, First, Spiritual)

"So the question is, First, Whether the civil magistrate hath power to force men in things religious to do contrary to their conscience, and if they will not to punish them in their goods, liberties, or lives? this we hold in the negative."
- Robert Barclay
(Related: Men, Power, Negative, Conscience, First, Force, Question, Religious, Will)

"I think we are living in selfish times. I'm the first one to say that I'm the most selfish. We live in the so-called 'first world,' and we may be first in a lot of things like technology, but we are behind in empathy."
- Javier Bardem
(Related: Technology, Empathy, First, Living, May, World)

"Now the first step has to be taken, the step towards democracy. This step is full of risks, and requires trust on all sides. We don't know where it will lead. But if we just stand still, we will have no chance of escaping the violence."
- Daniel Barenboim
(Related: Trust, Chance, Democracy, First, Now, Violence, Will)

"Nothing ever begins. There is no first moment; no single word or place from which this or any other story springs."
- Clive Barker
(Related: First, Nothing, Word)

"It's the first time I've ever done anything like that. It took longer than I expected. I've gotten a lot of E-mail since I got back, saying they thought I did a good job and presented the case well."
- Jim Barksdale
(Related: Time, Thought, First, Job, Saying)

"In Cyberspace, the First Amendment is a local ordinance."
- John Perry Barlow
(Related: First)

"Television is the first truly democratic culture - the first culture available to everybody and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want."
- Clive Barnes
(Related: People, Culture, First, Television, Want)

"The First Amendment rejects red tape, cover-up and double-speak."
- Roy Barnes
(Related: First)

"And one of the things I've tried to do in my first months in office is to give more Georgians - reporters and members of the general public alike - a closer look at how their government works."
- Roy Barnes
(Related: Government, First, Months, Office, Public)

"In my first year as governor, we solved some of the problems that had begun to undermine the Open Records Act. We gave the act teeth by providing criminal penalties for knowing violations."
- Roy Barnes
(Related: Act, First, Open, Problems)

"The advantage of love at first sight is that it delays a second sight."
- Natalie Clifford Barney
(Related: Love, First, Sight)

"A guy is a lump like a doughnut. So, first you gotta get rid of all the stuff his mom did to him. And then you gotta get rid of all that macho crap that they pick up from beer commercials. And then there's my personal favorite, the male ego."
- Roseanne Barr
(Related: Mom, Beer, Ego, Favorite, First)

"While war is never anyone first choice, sometimes it is a necessary choice."
- Gresham Barrett
(Related: War, Choice, First)

"You go through at least the first two years of Star Trek and you find some amazing stuff. Everything that was going on Gene put into the series. He just put strange costumes on the actors and painted them funny colours and left the same situation in."
- Majel Barrett
(Related: Funny, Actors, First, Years)

"We're having the first computer-generated comic strip in the United States."
- Majel Barrett
(Related: Computer, First, states, United)

"For several days after my first book was published, I carried it about in my pocket and took surreptitious peeps at it to make sure the ink had not faded."
- James M. Barrie
(Related: First)

"You grow up the day you have the first real laugh at yourself."
- Ethel Barrymore
(Related: Day, First)

"The green-light meeting, when I first started at Paramount, would consist of maybe three or four of us in a room. Perhaps two or three of us would have read the script under discussion."
- Peter Bart
(Related: First, Meeting)

"We consider Monteverdi the first composer of opera. There was someone before, but everything started with Monteverdi."
- Cecilia Bartoli
(Related: First, Opera)

"The first time I sang with David Daniels... I had never performed with a countertenor before. That first time was magic, it was so beautiful. And he's such a great artist."
- Cecilia Bartoli
(Related: Time, Artist, First, Magic)

"When I had my first voice lesson I was 15 years old. And I had a really good teacher. This is what made all the difference. A good teacher will teach you the technique, but also how to listen to your voice."
- Cecilia Bartoli
(Related: Difference, First, Old, Voice, Will, Years)

"I think, first of all, you need to love what you're doing, and then this helps in the comedian for its part in everything-but the moment you enjoy what you're doing, you try to express yourself, to find your way, and every time is different, of course."
- Cecilia Bartoli
(Related: Love, Time, First)

"The first serious applications were in triterpenoid chemistry."
- Derek Harold Richard Barton
(Related: First)

"The experiment of the poem is mostly intuitive. I write the first draft, pulling in the various elements that interest me, in the hope that their being combined will lead to some kind of insight."
- John Barton
(Related: Hope, Being, Draft, First, Interest, Will)

"The attention of a traveller, should be particularly turned, in the first place, to the various works of Nature, to mark the distinctions of the climates he may explore, and to offer such useful observations on the different productions as may occur."
- William Bartram
(Related: Nature, Attention, First, May)

"Animal substance seems to be the first food of all birds, even the granivorous tribes."
- William Bartram
(Related: Food, Birds, First)

"First I shall name the eagle, of which there are three species: the great grey eagle is the largest, of great strength and high flight; he chiefly preys on fawns and other young quadrupeds."
- William Bartram
(Related: Strength, First, Name)

"I am not the first straight dancer or the last."
- Mikhail Baryshnikov
(Related: First)

"Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules and realities of the game - and do it by watching first some high school or small-town teams."
- Jacques Barzun
(Related: Heart, America, Baseball, First, Mind, Rules, School)

"The first time I ask him, have you had your cheekbones raised, have you had your nose changed? He denied it all. I was asking him to compare his face with what it looked like years ago."
- Martin Bashir
(Related: Time, First, Years)

"The United States government first learned of the diversion of the W-88 nuclear warhead design in late 1995."
- Charles Foster Bass
(Related: Design, Government, First, states, United)

"Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place."
- Frederic Bastiat
(Related: Men, Life, Fact, First, Laws, Liberty, Property)

"The anguish of the neurotic individual is the same as that of the saint. The neurotic, the saint are engaged in the same battle. Their blood flows from similar wounds. But the first one gasps and the other one gives."
- Georges Bataille
(Related: Battle, Blood, First, Wounds)

"You know, when you get your first asparagus, or your first acorn squash, or your first really good tomato of the season, those are the moments that define the cook's year. I get more excited by that than anything else."
- Mario Batali
(Related: First, Moments)

"It was with deep interest that my companion and myself, both now about to see and examine the beauties of a tropical country for the first time, gazed on the land where I, at least, eventually spent eleven of the best years of my life."
- Henry Walter Bates
(Related: Life, Time, Country, Deep, First, Interest, Land, Now, Years)

"It is of first-class importance that our answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx should be in step with how we conduct our civilisation, and this should in turn be in step with the actual workings of living systems."
- Gregory Bateson
(Related: First, Importance, Living)

"The question is not... if art is enough to fulfill my life, but if I am true to the path I have set for myself, if I am the best I can be in the things I do. Am I living up to the reasons I became a singer in the first place?"
- Kathleen Battle
(Related: Art, Life, First, Living, Question)

"In order for the artist to have a world to express he must first be situated in this world, oppressed or oppressing, resigned or rebellious, a man among men."
- Charles Baudelaire
(Related: Men, Artist, First, Man, Order, World)

"Any newspaper, from the first line to the last, is nothing but a web of horrors, I cannot understand how an innocent hand can touch a newspaper without convulsing in disgust."
- Charles Baudelaire
(Related: Disgust, First, Nothing)

"Perhaps the world's second worst crime is boredom. The first is being a bore."
- Jean Baudrillard
(Related: Being, Boredom, Crime, First, World)

"It was my study of the two Corinthian letters that first caused me to concentrate my attention more directly on the relation of the apostle Paul to the older apostles."
- Ferdinand Christian Baur
(Related: Attention, First, Letters, Study)

"You look at the whole Human Rights questions, I happened to be there at just the right time when the country was awakening - this goes to the first question you asked - the whole country was awakening to a hundred years of injustice that hadn't been resolved yet."
- Birch Bayh
(Related: Time, Country, First, Rights, Human rights, Injustice, Question, Questions, Years)

"There is not less wit nor less invention in applying rightly a thought one finds in a book, than in being the first author of that thought."
- Pierre Bayle
(Related: Thought, Being, First, Invention, Wit)

"There is no less invention in aptly applying a thought found in a book, than in being the first author of the thought."
- Pierre Bayle
(Related: Thought, Being, First, Invention)

"I'm going to try to enjoy the All-Star break, hope my players reflect on what happened the first half of the season, come back with a different attitude, try to find our solution on how to win it."
- Don Baylor
(Related: Attitude, Hope, First, Solution)

"And yet, if we don't, first and foremost, act responsibly with the national tax dollars that we have, we can't properly address those regional priorities that we would like to."
- Melissa Bean
(Related: Act, First, Tax, Priorities)

"Hang 'em first, try 'em later."
- Roy Bean
(Related: First)

"My first years were spent living just as my forefathers had lived - roaming the green, rolling hills of what are now the states of South Dakota and Nebraska."
- Standing Bear
(Related: First, Living, Now, states, Years)

"All the lessons of history in four sentences: Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad with power. The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small. The bee fertilizes the flower it robs. When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."
- Charles A. Beard
(Related: History, Power, God, Gods, First, Stars)

"Perhaps the world's second-worst crime is boredom; the first is being a bore."
- Cecil Beaton
(Related: Being, Boredom, Crime, First, World)

"Well, a few years ago I think I could have given you a more enthusiastic answer about that but in the last few years, for the first time in my life, I really haven't listened to much music. I used to work with music on and now I don't."
- Ann Beattie
(Related: Music, Time, Work, Life, First, Now, Years)

"It is critical that parents and other trusted adults initiate conversations with kids about underage drinking well in advance of the first time they are faced with a decision regarding alcohol."
- Xavier Becerra
(Related: Time, Decision, Alcohol, Drinking, First, Kids, Parents)

"According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the first use of alcohol typically begins at age 12."
- Xavier Becerra
(Related: Age, Abuse, Alcohol, First)

"If someone is making a judgment when they don't have firsthand experience, it's intolerant. How can you make a judgment on something you don't know about?"
- Beck
(Related: Experience, Judgment)

"In the first instance, therefore, global terrorism created a kind of global community sharing a common fate, something we had previously considered impossible."
- Ulrich Beck
(Related: Community, Fate, First, Sharing, Terrorism)

"Accordingly, globalization is not only something that will concern and threaten us in the future, but something that is taking place in the present and to which we must first open our eyes."
- Ulrich Beck
(Related: Concern, Eyes, First, Future, Globalization, Open, Present, Will)

"That was the first major social sciences conference at which social scientists from all cultures wanted to reach a consensus on whether we can continue to pursue a national course in the social sciences or whether we need a cosmopolitan path that also connects us in a new way."
- Ulrich Beck
(Related: First, Scientists)

"The two designs are completely different. The first is totally futuristic, the second is more classical. You can of course get very excited about doing something completely out of the ordinary, just like the Olympic stadium in its time. But each to his or her own taste."
- Franz Beckenbauer
(Related: Time, First, Taste)

"Girls had never been important. I'd had a girlfriend or two and had liked them a lot but it wasn't love, because my first love was tennis."
- Boris Becker
(Related: Love, Girlfriend, First, First love, Girls, Tennis)

"A few years after my first son was born, he wanted to know how we chose his name, so I began reading him the story of Noah's Ark."
- Boris Becker
(Related: Son, First, Name, Reading, Years)

"I don't really care what the man on the street thinks. I never did anything to please him in the first place, and I'm not going to start now."
- Boris Becker
(Related: Care, First, Man, Now)

"Just under the surface I shall be, all together at first, then separate and drift, through all the earth and perhaps in the end through a cliff into the sea, something of me. A ton of worms in an acre, that is a wonderful thought, a ton of worms, I believe it."
- Samuel Beckett
(Related: Thought, Earth, End, First, Sea)

"It's wonderful to have the most important thing in the world there first thing in the morning. And especially in this business, where the opportunity to think everything is about you is there every day, now I really know that it isn't all about me."
- Kate Beckinsale
(Related: Business, Opportunity, Day, First, Now, World)

"The first year with the success that we had and let me point out that the time frame changes depending on which decade you look at it. In the seventies acts were kind of expected to do an album a year. If you look at the Beatles they were doing three a year."
- Gerry Beckley
(Related: Success, Time, First)

"I know acts and I'm not going to name names but these people sold ten million copies the first time and the second album sells three million and it's considered a failure and they're dropped and that's really a shame."
- Gerry Beckley
(Related: Time, People, Failure, First, Name, Names, Shame)

"The babe at first feeds upon the mother's bosom, but it is always on her heart."
- Henry Ward Beecher
(Related: Mother, Heart, First)

"So one important lesson of Vietnam is, the first casualty of an unwise and unjust war are the American troops called on to fight it. Their service should be honored."
- Paul Begala
(Related: War, American, Fight, First, Service, Troops, Vietnam)

"The question of how the eye works - that is, what happens when a photon of light first impinges on the retina - simply could not be answered at that time."
- Michael Behe
(Related: Time, Eye, First, Light, Question)

"It was only about sixty years ago that the expansion of the universe was first observed."
- Michael Behe
(Related: First, Universe, Years)

"I didn't make my first solo record until 1981 so I don't have any 60's or 70's recordings but I am working on a large boxed set called DUST to be released next year, the 20th anniversary of my first solo record."
- Adrian Belew
(Related: First)

"I pushed myself way too hard during the first year of Veronica Mars and I got moody and run-down. Now I'll go to bed early instead of going out with friends. It's not always the most fun option, but I know I need at least eight hours of sleep to feel balanced."
- Kristen Bell
(Related: Bed, First, Friends, Fun, Now, Sleep)

"I pushed myself way too hard during the first year of Veronica Mars and I got moody and run-down. Now I'll go to bed early instead of going out with friends. It's not always the most fun option, but I know I need at least eight hours of sleep to feel balanced."
- Kristen Bell
(Related: Bed, First, Friends, Fun, Now, Sleep)

"The first song that I wrote was when I was with The Del Rios. I was like 14 years old but I was always putting my thoughts down on paper even before then because it was like an escape - a way of unleashing all the stuff."
- William Bell
(Related: Thoughts, First, Old, Song, Years)

"When I came out of service, the first couple of releases didn't really hit so I just took a little hiatus and sat down to see what was happening. I just glued my ears to the radio and then I started writing - the first hit record that came out was "Everybody Loves a Winner.""
- William Bell
(Related: First, Service, Writing)

"Growing up in Memphis and listening to all kinds of music and dreaming... So that was one of the first times I wrote a complete song and set it to music and the whole bit. From then on, I was busy with it."
- William Bell
(Related: Music, First, Growing up, Listening, Song)

"The liberation movement which I led in Algeria, the organization that I created to fight the French army, was at first a small movement of nothing at all. We were but some tens of people throughout Algeria, a territory that is five times the size of France."
- Ahmed Ben Bella
(Related: People, Army, Fight, First, France, Nothing)

"I first saw the light in the city of Boston in the year 1857."
- Edward Bellamy
(Related: Boston, First, Light)

"If bread is the first necessity of life, recreation is a close second."
- Edward Bellamy
(Related: Life, First, Necessity, Recreation)

"I'd taken three years off to live as a normal person, so this was my first time back into it, and it was kind of shocking, but then it was fun."
- Camilla Belle
(Related: Time, First, Fun, Years)

"From quiet homes and first beginning, out to the undiscovered ends, there's nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends."
- Hilaire Belloc
(Related: Love, Winning, Beginning, First, Friends, Laughter, Nothing, Quiet, Worth)

"In America there are two classes of travel - first class, and with children."
- Robert Benchley
(Related: Travel, America, Children, Class, First)

"There is a note in the front of the volume saying that no public reading may be given without first getting the author's permission. It ought to be made much more difficult to do than that."
- Robert Benchley
(Related: First, May, Public, Reading, Saying)

"At fifteen one is first beginning to realize that everything isn't money and power in this world, and is casting about for joys that do not turn to dross in one's hands."
- Robert Benchley
(Related: Money, Power, Beginning, First, World)

"I believe that the first 8 years are most important and the time in a child's life when parents must be absolutely and completely present."
- Dirk Benedict
(Related: Life, Time, First, Parents, Present, Years)

"The life history of the individual is first and foremost an accommodation to the patterns and standards traditionally handed down in his community."
- Ruth Benedict
(Related: History, Life, Community, First)

"When I first saw a Fellini movie, I came out of the movie theatre and decided to become a lawyer! I thought to myself, it's impossible to make something so beautiful!"
- Roberto Benigni
(Related: Thought, First, Theatre)

"The first movie I saw - and I don't know if it influenced me - was Ben Hur. We watched it outside in a corn field, and it ran backwards, so the first movie I ever saw was Ben Hur backwards."
- Roberto Benigni
(Related: First)

"It's the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you're mad, then dangerous, then there's a pause and then you can't find anyone who disagrees with you."
- Tony Benn
(Related: Time, Progress, First)

"A first-rate organizer is never in a hurry. He is never late. He always keeps up his sleeve a margin for the unexpected."
- Arnold Bennett
(Related: First)

"My first three years of high school, I wasn't that cool."
- Jonathan Bennett
(Related: First, School, Years)

"Now I believe that people need to understand what's happening in my campaign, and they're going to get three or four snapshots of that, with plenty of time before the first disclosure happens in June."
- Craig Benson
(Related: Time, People, First, June, Now)

"My whole career from the early 70s on has been mind-blowing. I didn't imagine in my life that I would ever be considered a guitar player first of all because I started off as a singer."
- George Benson
(Related: Life, Career, First, Guitar, Mind)

"I first began to dry specimens for preservation carelessly perhaps at first, but before the season was over, I had collected between one and two hundred species."
- George Bentham
(Related: First)

"To us marriage is first, everything else is second."
- Julie Benz
(Related: Marriage, First)

"When I first started I was always known as The Girl on the Sitcom with the Funny Voice."
- Julie Benz
(Related: Funny, First, Voice)

"With Cold Sassy Tree having its first production, I saw no necessity to do anything other than produce it with the correct setting."
- Bruce Beresford
(Related: First, Necessity, Production)

"The first condition for making music is not to make a noise."
- Jose Bergamin
(Related: Music, First)

"Memory is the first casualty of middle age, if I remember correctly."
- Candice Bergen
(Related: Age, First, Memory, Middle age)

"The electroencephalogram represents a continuous curve with continuous oscillations in which... one can distinguish larger first order waves with an average duration of 90 milliseconds and smaller second order waves of an average duration of 35 milliseconds."
- Hans Berger
(Related: First, Order)

"I just wanted to get back to playing attacking football after my time in Italy. It was a little difficult at first but the atmosphere and the fans were just fantastic."
- Dennis Bergkamp
(Related: Time, Fans, First, Football, Italy)

"The same principles which at first view lead to skepticism, pursued to a certain point, bring men back to common sense."
- George Berkeley
(Related: Men, Common sense, First, Principles, Skepticism)

"We have first raised a dust and then complain we cannot see."
- George Berkeley
(Related: First)

"The first people totalitarians destroy or silence are men of ideas and free minds."
- Isaiah Berlin
(Related: Men, People, Ideas, First, Silence)

"My first job was at a Chicago night club called Mr. Kelly's."
- Shelley Berman
(Related: Chicago, First, Job, Night)

"Incidentally, I'm still looking for acting work, my first love."
- Shelley Berman
(Related: Love, Work, Acting, First, First love)

"The Steve Allen Sunday night show had the right to two options after my first performance."
- Shelley Berman
(Related: Performance, First, Night, Options, Right)

"The most memorable performance was my appearance in concert in Carnegie Hall. The first standup to do so."
- Shelley Berman
(Related: Performance, Appearance, First)

"Truth is meant to save you first, and the comfort comes afterward."
- Georges Bernanos
(Related: Truth, Comfort, First)

"The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that the end justifies the means."
- Georges Bernanos
(Related: Society, Corruption, End, First)

"Although all new ideas are born in France, they are not readily adopted there. It seems that they must first commence to prosper in a foreign country."
- Sarah Bernhardt
(Related: Ideas, Country, First, France)

"Once the curtain is raised, the actor is ceases to belong to himself. He belongs to his character, to his author, to his public. He must do the impossible to identify himself with the first, not to betray the second, and not to disappoint the third."
- Sarah Bernhardt
(Related: Character, Actor, First, Public)

"First, he must hold rational values, and to do this he must be a thinker."
- Andrew Bernstein
(Related: Values, First)

"For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norms, even our cultural ideal."
- Carl Bernstein
(Related: Time, First)

"The pressure to compete, the fear somebody else will make the splash first, creates a frenzied environment in which a blizzard of information is presented and serious questions may not be raised."
- Carl Bernstein
(Related: Fear, Environment, First, Information, May, Pressure, Questions, Will)

"The worst thing a man can ever do is kiss me on the first date."
- Halle Berry
(Related: Kiss, First, Man)

"First, it was not a strip bar, it was an erotic club. And second, what can I say? I'm a night owl."
- Marion Berry
(Related: First, Night)

"First of all, there's no mention of political parties in the Constitution, so you begin American history with not only no political conventions but also no parties."
- Michael Beschloss
(Related: History, American, Constitution, First)

"Faith is the first factor in a life devoted to service. Without it, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible."
- Mary McLeod Bethune
(Related: Faith, Life, First, Nothing, Service)

"For some ungodly reason, I end up being naked in a lot of stuff. But there is a certain grace and kudos that come with taking your clothes off on the first day, a respect that is given by the rest of the cast."
- Paul Bettany
(Related: Being, Clothes, Day, End, First, Grace, Reason, Respect, Rest)

"The first temptation, upon meeting an old friend after many years, is always to - look the other way."
- Ugo Betti
(Related: Friend, First, Meeting, Old, Temptation, Years)

"First you find a little thread, a little thread leads you to a string, and the string leads you to a rope. And from the rope you hang by the neck."
- A. I. Bezzerides
(Related: First)

"I was skeptical about doing Texas Chainsaw at first because it's such a cult classic. I'd seen some of the sequels and was not a fan of those."
- Jessica Biel
(Related: First)

"A person who doubts himself is like a man who would enlist in the ranks of his enemies and bear arms agains himself. He makes his failure certain by himself being the first person to be convinced of it."
- Ambrose Bierce
(Related: Failure, Being, Enemies, First, Man)

"When I made my first film, I didn't think of it as directing, so it wasn't like I set out to become a director."
- Kathryn Bigelow
(Related: Film, First)

"You never think the universe will reward your first choice - it just doesn't work like that."
- Kathryn Bigelow
(Related: Work, Choice, First, Reward, Universe, Will)

"Let me first state that I believe that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman."
- Judy Biggert
(Related: Marriage, First, Man, State, Woman)

"Since 1935, this has been a pay-as-you-go system, and I always believed when I first started talking about Social Security that there was a little box that had my name on it and it had my benefits for when I retired. That is not true."
- Judy Biggert
(Related: Benefits, First, Name, Security, Talking)

"We all had our reservations about possibly overdoing it but, you know, the script was great. Basically it stuck to the formula that worked for the first two movies, and for that reason I think this works as well."
- Jason Biggs
(Related: Movies, First, Formula, Reason)

"The first trip of the Pony Express was made in ten days - an average of two hundred miles a day. But we soon began stretching our riders and making better time."
- Buffalo Bill
(Related: Time, Day, First)

"The first presentation of my show was given in May, 1883, at Omaha, which I had then chosen as my home. From there we made our first summer tour, visiting practically every important city in the country."
- Buffalo Bill
(Related: Home, Country, First, May, Summer)

"My first plan of escape having failed, I now determined upon another."
- Buffalo Bill
(Related: First, Now)

"I made the first Moebius strip without knowing what it was."
- Max Bill
(Related: First)

"I have lived in this world just long enough to look carefully the second time into things that I am most certain of the first time."
- Josh Billings
(Related: Time, First, World)

"It is much the best way... to lay the emphasis on the first part of the bar in triple time, and on the first and third parts of the bar in common time."
- William Billings
(Related: Time, First)

"In the first place, you must pay great attention to the key note."
- William Billings
(Related: Attention, First, Key)

"The more aware a man is of a woman's body, the better. He needs to know he has to tend to a woman. She might not always return the favor, but a man always has to tend to a woman first."
- Rachel Bilson
(Related: Body, First, Man, Needs, Woman)

"There are two sighs of relief every night in the life of an opera manager. The first comes when the curtain goes up The second sigh of relief comes when the final curtain goes down without any disaster, and one realizes, gratefully, that the miracle has happened again."
- Rudolf Bing
(Related: Life, Manager, Disaster, First, Night, Opera)

"If there was a payment to the bank due, and we needed shoes, she'd get the shoes, and then deal with them guys at the bank. I don't mean she wouldn't pay the bank, but the children always came first."
- Larry Bird
(Related: Children, First)

"At first I was always cast as the girlfriend. It was a long time before I got to play characters who were people."
- Jacqueline Bisset
(Related: Time, People, Girlfriend, First, Play)

"I love England. It's no coincidence it's the first place I moved to for a more cosmopolitan life, which is the only thing Iceland lacks."
- Bjork
(Related: Love, Life, EnglFirst)

"It is the paradox of life that the way to miss pleasure is to seek it first. The very first condition of lasting happiness is that a life should be full of purpose, aiming at something outside self."
- Hugo Black
(Related: Happiness, Life, Purpose, First, Paradox, Pleasure, Self)

"First of all; Frank was the BOSS. We didn't question any of his motives or decisions at the time."
- Jimmy Carl Black
(Related: Time, Boss, Decisions, First, Motives, Question)

"I had pretty much raised my kids and my first wife and I were divorced, so I began, in earnest, to start my musical career again. Going for the big record deal and all of that."
- Jimmy Carl Black
(Related: Wife, Career, First, Kids, Pretty)

"I know I didn't like that dress 'cause it didn't fit but I thought it was a great picture. We weren't the first band to do a picture in drag; The Rolling Stones were. If it was good enough for them then it had to be good enough for us."
- Jimmy Carl Black
(Related: Thought, Dress, First)

"This majority is working for America, and one of those ways is we have tremendously low unemployment. This economy has created millions of new jobs, and we are expecting growth this first quarter of somewhere higher than 4 percent."
- Marsha Blackburn
(Related: Growth, America, Economy, First, Jobs, Majority, Unemployment)

"In order to get beyond racism, we must first take account of race. There is no other way. And in order to treat some persons equally, we must treat them differently."
- Harry A. Blackmun
(Related: First, Order, Race, Racism)

"First of all, you needed a budget to do the video. The record companies would pick and choose who got videos."
- Nina Blackwood
(Related: First)

"And, he'd seen me in Panama, and he talked about maybe doing something in New York so I hooked it up when I came here and I recorded in 1969 my first album with Pete Rodriguez."
- Ruben Blades
(Related: First, Panama)

"I was the first person to come into New York with a Latin American point of view which was also very much influenced by political happenings in Latin America."
- Ruben Blades
(Related: America, American, First)

"Winning doesn't always mean being first. Winning means you're doing better than you've ever done before."
- Bonnie Blair
(Related: Winning, Being, First)

"It is important that people support prisoners of the Italian state like Joe in whatever way they can. I was not allowed contact with a lawyer for the first 24 hours, and no phone calls were permitted, but apparently telegrams have been getting through to Joe."
- John Blair
(Related: People, First, State, Support)

"My first crush was Spock. I thought it didn't get any better than Spock."
- Selma Blair
(Related: Thought, First)

"Mine is the first generation able to contemplate the possibility that we may live our entire lives without going to war or sending our children to war."
- Tony Blair
(Related: War, Possibility, Children, First, May)

"We embrace policies that have, first and foremost, the continued survival of the British people at their core, and in that respect I think we are beyond left and right."
- Steve Blake
(Related: People, Survival, First, Respect, Right)

"Mother is the first word that occurs to politicians and columnists and popes when they raise the question, 'Why isn't life turning out the way we want it?'"
- Mary Kay Blakely
(Related: Life, Mother, First, Politicians, Question, Want, Word)

"The first light of day today revealed what we had feared. The devastation is greater than our worst fears. It's just totally overwhelming."
- Kathleen Blanco
(Related: Day, First, Light, Today)

"I'd sold the book first. Actually to a paperback publisher. I had nothing. I just had the idea."
- William Peter Blatty
(Related: Idea, First, Nothing)

"But the first differentiation of its reflection in the manifested World is purely Spiritual, and the Beings generated in it are not endowed with a consciousness that has any relation to the one we conceive of."
- H. P. Blavatsky
(Related: Consciousness, First, Reflection, Spiritual, World)

"My first album is playful."
- Mary J. Blige
(Related: First)

"On the night of the 1st of September we observed for the first time signs of the natives being in the neighbourhood. Fires were seen on the low land near Cape Frederick Henry, and at daylight we saw the natives with our glasses."
- William Bligh
(Related: Time, Being, First, Land, Night)

"This was the first day of our beginning to take up plants: we had much pleasure in collecting them for the natives offered their assistance and perfectly understood the method of taking them up and pruning them."
- William Bligh
(Related: Beginning, Day, First, Pleasure)

"The Ninety-Ninety Rule of Project Schedules - the first ninety percent of the task takes ninety percent of the time, and the last ten percent takes the other ninety percent."
- Arthur Bloch
(Related: Time, First, Project)

"What is supposed to be the very essence of Judaism - which is the notion that it is by study that you make yourself a holy people - is nowhere present in Hebrew tradition before the end of the first or the beginning of the second century of the Common Era."
- Harold Bloom
(Related: People, Beginning, End, First, Judaism, Present, Study, Tradition)

"Lord of the Rings was my first experience making movies and at the time, I had no ideas how movies were done. I thought that's the way they're done, so in a way, I had nothing to compare it to."
- Orlando Bloom
(Related: Experience, Movies, Time, Thought, Ideas, First, Nothing)

"Although it is a fantasy film, it's as real as it can be. You have to imagine that an audience will buy their ticket to a cinema and get on a first-class flight and journey to Middle Earth."
- Orlando Bloom
(Related: Cinema, Earth, Fantasy, Film, First, Journey, Will)

"When I saw the first I couldn't believe I was in another great movie that would be made into a trilogy. This movie is quite visible and I think it will stand the test of time. I think kids and parents will love this movie for a long time."
- Orlando Bloom
(Related: Love, Time, First, Kids, Parents, Will)

"My first jam was at Hotel Diplomat opening for Hollywood."
- Kurtis Blow
(Related: First, Hollywood)

"Pete Dj Jones was the first person that I saw with 2 turntables. This was 1972."
- Kurtis Blow
(Related: First)

"On the contrary, it might even be a projection of what the truth is of the Bush Administration's complacency and ineptitude on the terrorism in its first 9 months in office."
- Sidney Blumenthal
(Related: Truth, First, Months, Office, Terrorism)

"I said it's impossible to have an amnesty without ID cards and a clean database, because you firstly don't have any incentives for people to actually come up front and register, and make themselves available, and secondly you have no means of tracking them."
- David Blunkett
(Related: People, Cards)

"I remember when we were doing the first Dragon's Lair, I got really involved with coming up with all the little rooms and what was the danger in the room and going into it with bats and spiders and snakes."
- Don Bluth
(Related: Danger, First, Spiders)

"Hill Street Blues might have been the first television show that had a memory. One episode after another was part of a cumulative experience shared by the audience."
- Steven Bochco
(Related: Experience, First, Memory, Television)

"First, we should not be opening our coasts, all of our coasts, to oil drilling when we have not taken the first step, not the first step, to conserve oil."
- Sherwood Boehlert
(Related: Drilling, First, Oil)

"Since its first day as a nation, Israel has lived under a cloud of aggression from militant extremists and hostile neighboring governments."
- John Boehner
(Related: Aggression, Day, First, Israel, Nation)

"Well, Hale was one of the first people who suggested to President Johnson that there should be a commission."
- Lindy Boggs
(Related: People, First, President)

"My first solo was in church when I was five."
- Suzy Bogguss
(Related: Church, First)

"Aledo will always be home to me because I spent the first 27 years of my life there - it's such a special place - and because of the experiences I had there, I've become the person I am today."
- Suzy Bogguss
(Related: Home, Life, First, Today, Will, Years)

"If you say city to people, people have no problem thinking of the city as rife with problematic, screwed-up people, but if you say suburbs - and I'm not the first person to say this, it's been said over and over again in literature - there's a sense of normalcy."
- Eric Bogosian
(Related: People, First, Literature, Sense, Thinking)

"If anybody says he can think about quantum physics without getting giddy, that only shows he has not understood the first thing about them."
- Niels Bohr
(Related: First, Physics)

"When you think of Napster, you think of music. But the first thing that struck me was that this was an important case not only for the music industry but for the whole Internet."
- David Boies
(Related: Music, First, Internet)

"And once I know what the first page is, then the rest will come."
- William Bolcom
(Related: First, Rest, Will)

"The shortest and surest way of arriving at real knowledge is to unlearn the lessons we have been taught, to mount the first principles, and take nobody's word about them."
- Henry Bolingbroke
(Related: Knowledge, First, Principles, Word)

"House was the first film where I had no influence on the script. I had to buy the script with the game rights."
- Uwe Boll
(Related: Film, First, Rights, Influence)

"My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint."
- Erma Bombeck
(Related: Bed, Being, Favorite, First)

"Did you ever notice that the first piece of luggage on the carousel never belongs to anyone?"
- Erma Bombeck
(Related: First)

"The first virtue in a soldier is endurance of fatigue; courage is only the second virtue."
- Napoleon Bonaparte
(Related: Courage, Virtue, Endurance, Fatigue, First)

"First there was the theatre of people and animals, then of people and the devil. Now we need the theatre of people and people."
- Edward Bond
(Related: People, Animals, Devil, First, Now, Theatre)

"Any time someone carries a picket sign in front of the White House, that is the First Amendment in action."
- Julian Bond
(Related: Time, Action, First)

"The First Amendment means everything to me."
- Julian Bond
(Related: First)

"My mother's studies stopped with the third year of primary school, my father with the first. They taught me a deep sense of duty. But nobody was involved in politics in my family."
- Emma Bonino
(Related: Family, Politics, Father, Mother, Deep, Duty, First, School, Sense)

"Drafting a constitution is only the first step. The constitution has to be granted legitimacy by open discussion and a fair, representative referendum."
- Emma Bonino
(Related: Constitution, First, Open)

"The fact is that ours is the first generation that can look disease and extreme poverty in the eye, look across the ocean to Africa, and say this, and mean it. We do not have to stand for this. A whole continent written off - we do not have to stand for this."
- Bono
(Related: Disease, Extreme, Eye, Fact, First, Ocean, Poverty)

"Removing the faults in a stage-coach may produce a perfect stage-coach, but it is unlikely to produce the first motor car."
- Edward de Bono
(Related: Car, Faults, First, May)

"When I heard about the first Tomb Raider, I was very interested and I would have liked to have directed that. When I was approached for the second film, I was delighted."
- Jan de Bont
(Related: Film, First)

"The first step on the way to victory is to recognize the enemy."
- Corrie Ten Boom
(Related: Victory, Enemy, First)

"Most of the memorable events I have myself been exercised in; and, for the satisfaction of the public, will briefly relate the circumstances of my adventures, and scenes of life, from my first movement to this country until this day."
- Daniel Boone
(Related: Life, Circumstances, Country, Day, Events, First, Public, Satisfaction, Will)

"When I first came down stairs, for two or three minutes I went down cellar to the water closet."
- Lizzie Andrew Borden
(Related: First, Stairs, Water)

"I said I thought first I was on the stairs; then I remembered I was in the kitchen when he came in."
- Lizzie Andrew Borden
(Related: Thought, First, Kitchen, Stairs)

"Almost certainly, however, the first essential component of social justice is adequate food for all mankind."
- Norman Borlaug
(Related: Food, First, Justice, Mankind)

"Being the first to cross the finish line makes you a winner in only one phase of life. It's what you do after you cross the line that really counts."
- Ralph Boston
(Related: Life, Being, First)

"The first and most important step toward success is the feeling that we can succeed."
- Nelson Boswell
(Related: Success, Feeling, First, Succeed)

"The other day a friend called and told me they made a porn film using the title of my first movie. I guess you know you've made it when there's a porn parody of a movie you've done."
- Kate Bosworth
(Related: Friend, Day, Film, First)

"To demonstrate this simultaneity is by no means trivial, because it may for example happen that the product nucleus always forms in an activated state at first."
- Walther Bothe
(Related: Example, First, May, State)

"Rossi was the first to describe another system working with valves in parallel; it has the advantage that it can easily be extended to coincidences between more than two events, and is therefore predominantly used today."
- Walther Bothe
(Related: Events, First, Today)

"The first legislation that I produced relating to the Internet was a bill to overturn a restriction inside of the law that prohibited the Internet backbone from being used for anything other than research and scientific and educational communication."
- Rick Boucher
(Related: Being, Communication, First, Internet, Law, Legislation, Research)

"I told them, you can succeed - it's not likely the first time, maybe 25 per cent, but you CAN succeed. You can also die. By April 16 they had already been to camp III, well ahead of most teams."
- Anatoli Boukreev
(Related: Time, April, First, Succeed)

"Well, one of the first things is to restore the rule of law, to place the government back under the cage of law. Another thing is to stop falling for the myth of democracy."
- James Bovard
(Related: Government, Democracy, First, Law, Myth)

"Music is the fourth great material want, first food, then clothes, then shelter, then music."
- Christian Nestell Bovee
(Related: Music, Food, Clothes, First, Want)

"Our first and last love is self-love."
- Christian Nestell Bovee
(Related: Love, First, Self)

"The importance to the writer of first writing must be out of all proportion of the actual value of what is written."
- Elizabeth Bowen
(Related: First, Importance, Value, Writer, Writing)

"When you think about it, Adolf Hitler was the first pop star."
- David Bowie
(Related: First)

"You know, I wish the world well. I want Iraq to have democracy and the Haitians to have democracy. I want the people of Afghanistan to thrive. Lord knows, we spend enough money there to help them. What about people at home? Isn't that our first responsibility?"
- Barbara Boxer
(Related: Money, People, Home, Afghanistan, Democracy, First, Help, Iraq, Responsibility, Want, World)

"Basically I started to jot notes, lots of faxes back and forth to my writer, we faxed ideas throughout the whole first draft, and started all over again."
- Bruce Boxleitner
(Related: Ideas, Draft, First, Writer)

"As someone who has seen war first hand, and as a father of three young adults, it was my hope that we could have resolved this conflict and disarmed Saddam Hussein without war. However, this was not the case."
- Allen Boyd
(Related: War, Father, Hope, Conflict, First)

"When Shakespeare begins his exposition thus he generally at first makes people talk about the hero, but keeps the hero himself for some time out of sight, so that we await his entrance with curiosity, and sometimes with anxiety."
- Andrew Coyle Bradley
(Related: Time, People, Anxiety, Curiosity, First, Shakespeare, Sight, Talk)

"In the first place, it must be remembered that our point of view in examining the construction of a play will not always coincide with that which we occupy in thinking of its whole dramatic effect."
- Andrew Coyle Bradley
(Related: Effect, First, Play, Thinking, Will)

"A relationship has to be cultivated. There have to be feelings of love for another first. But then you have to really like the person."
- Eric Braeden
(Related: Love, Feelings, First)

"I've had songs written during the Falklands war, and during the first Gulf war I got letters from soldiers saying they were listening to these songs, like Island of no return."
- Billy Bragg
(Related: War, First, Letters, Listening, Saying, Soldiers, Songs)

"First, Resolve upon, and daily endeavour to practise, a life of seriousness and strict sobriety."
- David Brainerd
(Related: Life, First, Seriousness)

"If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable."
- Louis D. Brandeis
(Related: Desire, First, Law, Respect)

"The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance."
- Nathaniel Branden
(Related: Change, Acceptance, Awareness, First)

"My first experiences of academic friendship made me smile in after years when I looked back on them. But my circle of acquaintances had gradually grown so large that it was only natural new friendships should grow out of it."
- Georg Brandes
(Related: Friendship, First, Smile, Years)

"But when I was twelve years old I caught my first strong glimpse of one of the fundamental forces of existence, whose votary I was destined to be for life - namely, Beauty."
- Georg Brandes
(Related: Beauty, Life, Existence, First, Old, Years)

"Because the series is situated in the next century, and for the most part under water, there are many innovative technical gadgets. It's a kind of StarTrek. When I first came there, I was really impressed myself."
- Jonathan Brandis
(Related: First, Water)

"It is part of the photographer's job to see more intensely than most people do. He must have and keep in him something of the receptiveness of the child who looks at the world for the first time or of the traveler who enters a strange country."
- Bill Brandt
(Related: Time, People, Country, First, Job, World)

"Well, the odds must be against anybody being able to fly around the world in a balloon on the first attempt. All of us who are attempting to go around the world in balloons are effectively flying in experimental craft because these craft cannot be tested."
- Richard Branson
(Related: Balloons, Being, First, Flying, World)

"We must remember that the people for whom this change represents a first taste of freedom and a new and brighter future did not allow their resolution to falter, no matter how great the suffering by which they bought this independence."
- Hjalmar Branting
(Related: Change, People, First, Freedom, Future, Independence, Resolution, Suffering, Taste)

"All in all, the League of Nations is not inevitably bound, as some maintain from time to time, to degenerate into an impotent appendage of first one, then another of the competing great powers."
- Hjalmar Branting
(Related: Time, First, Nations)

"People just want to hear some common sense... and I bring to bear the experience in local government and state government and national government - I was the first woman in history on the Senate Finance Committee - not to mention the diplomatic international experience."
- Carol Moseley Braun
(Related: Experience, Finance, Government, History, People, Committee, Common sense, First, Senate, State, Want, Woman)

"For my confirmation, I didn't get a watch and my first pair of long pants, like most Lutheran boys. I got a telescope. My mother thought it would make the best gift."
- Wernher von Braun
(Related: Mother, Thought, Boys, First)

"There was an age, however, when the transition from savagery to civilization, with all its impressive outward manifestations in art and architecture, took place for the first time."
- James H. Breasted
(Related: Art, Time, Age, Architecture, Civilization, First)

"In any case, in so far as our knowledge of the universe carries us, the advent of civilization for the first time on our globe represents the highest ascent of the life processes to which evolution had anywhere attained."
- James H. Breasted
(Related: Life, Time, Civilization, Knowledge, Evolution, First, Universe)

"The man who first gave history a recognized place in science was an ancient historian."
- James H. Breasted
(Related: History, Science, First, Man)

"Faith is the very first thing you should pack in a hope chest."
- Sarah Ban Breathnach
(Related: Faith, Hope, First)

"There is nothing wrong where we reach a point where maybe everybody could claim a victory. I think it would be good for the American people, which should be our first priority."
- John Breaux
(Related: People, Victory, American, First, Nothing, Wrong)

"I'll bet your father spent the first year of your life throwing rocks at the stork."
- Irving Brecher
(Related: Life, Father, First)

"Grub first, then ethics."
- Bertolt Brecht
(Related: Ethics, First)

"From the cradle to the coffin underwear comes first."
- Bertolt Brecht
(Related: First)

"Obviously if Gates turns out missing the first game because of this, that's disappointing for everyone in this locker room because he is big part of our team and we don't want to see that happen."
- Drew Brees
(Related: First, Want)

"My first public impression was my French teacher, Derek Swift."
- Rory Bremner
(Related: Impression, First, Public)

"So that's when I saw the DNA model for the first time, in the Cavendish, and that's when I saw that this was it. And in a flash you just knew that this was very fundamental."
- Sydney Brenner
(Related: Time, First)

"I completed the first three years of primary school in one year and was admitted to the local school the age of six directly into the fourth year, some two years younger than all my contemporaries."
- Sydney Brenner
(Related: Age, First, School, Years)

"When you stop drinking, you have to deal with this marvelous personality that started you drinking in the first place."
- Jimmy Breslin
(Related: Drinking, First, Personality)

"The first funeral for Andrew Goodman was at night and it was a lot of work. To begin with they had to kill him."
- Jimmy Breslin
(Related: Work, First, Night)

"My movie is born first in my head, dies on paper; is resuscitated by the living persons and real objects I use, which are killed on film but, placed in a certain order and projected on to a screen, come to life again like flowers in water."
- Robert Bresson
(Related: Life, Film, First, Flowers, Living, Order, Water)

"I regard sports first and foremost as entertainment, so dry documentary narration is not for me."
- Jack Brickhouse
(Related: Sports, Entertainment, First)

"Yeah, I'm very impressed with Lifetime, this is the first time I've worked with them. I really like the kind of programming that they're into, so I'm hoping that I will."
- Beau Bridges
(Related: Time, First, Programming, Will)

"First of all my real full name is Lloyd Vernet Bridges III."
- Beau Bridges
(Related: First, Name)

"I've had really great experiences working with first-time directors. They come at filmmaking with fresh ideas. I've been very lucky that way."
- Jeff Bridges
(Related: Ideas, First)

"Sea Hunt was the first time anyone tackled a show that took place underwater. The stories were sort of exciting for kids, like cops and robbers underwater."
- Lloyd Bridges
(Related: Time, First, Kids, Sea)

"So sweet love seemed that April morn. When first we kissed beside the thorn, So strangely sweet, it was not strange We thought that love could never change."
- Robert Bridges
(Related: Change, Love, Thought, April, First)

"When first we met we did not guess That Love would prove so hard a master."
- Robert Bridges
(Related: Love, First)

"Much as we may wish to make a new beginning, some part of us resists doing so as though we were making the first step toward disaster."
- William Throsby Bridges
(Related: Beginning, Disaster, First, May)

"I was 20, I was an amateur from 14 but my first professional role was at 22."
- Richard Briers
(Related: First)

"It was in the year 1820, when I was nearly nine years old, that I first went to a regular school."
- John Bright
(Related: First, Old, School, Years)

"I followed him at the time and thought he was hysterical. He was the first serial killer, a new kettle of fish, because we didn't have the detection techniques in those days."
- Matthew Bright
(Related: Time, Thought, First, Fish)

"The worst mistake of first contact, made throughout history by individuals on both sides of every new encounter, has been the unfortunate habit of making assumptions. It often proved fatal."
- David Brin
(Related: History, Mistake, Habit, First)

"My first duty to write a gripping yarn. Second is to convey credible characters who make you feel what they feel. Only third comes the idea."
- David Brin
(Related: Idea, Duty, First)

"After the first miscarriage, I tried to take the attitude that it was my body's way of telling me that this pregnancy wasn't meant to be."
- Christie Brinkley
(Related: Attitude, Body, First, Pregnancy)

"This is the first convention of the space age - where a candidate can promise the moon and mean it."
- David Brinkley
(Related: Age, First, Moon, Promise, Space)

"In the Netherlands I read the first chapter of Exquisite Corpse to an audience that laughed in all the places I thought were funny - an experience I've never had in America!"
- Poppy Z. Brite
(Related: Experience, Funny, Thought, First)

"I certainly wanted to write a book that was honest about New Orleans without explaining it to death, so much so that the first draft contained references absolutely incomprehensible to anyone who hasn't lived here for several years."
- Poppy Z. Brite
(Related: Death, Draft, First, Years)

"I thought I would keep the first name Susan and change the last name but I picked up this book and as I opened it the lead character in it was called Morgan Brittany."
- Morgan Brittany
(Related: Change, Thought, Character, First, Name)

"It's all a sham: I have seen, and I know firsthand, indeed from my own pen, how the organized Right has sabotaged not only journalism but also democracy and truth."
- David Brock
(Related: Truth, Democracy, Journalism, Pen, Right)

"For the first time in history, we declared war without financing it. Americans have not been asked to pay for it through taxes."
- David Broder
(Related: Time, War, History, Americans, First, Taxes)

"Almost the first thing I did when I became ill was to buy a truly good television set."
- Harold Brodkey
(Related: First, Television)

"I am in an adolescence in reverse, as mysterious as the first, except that this time I feel it as a decay of the odds that I might live for a while, that I can sleep it off."
- Harold Brodkey
(Related: Time, Adolescence, First, Sleep)

"The real history of consciousness starts with one's first lie."
- Joseph Brodsky
(Related: History, Lie, Consciousness, First)

"This is the generation whose first cry of life was the Hungarian uprising."
- Joseph Brodsky
(Related: Life, First)

"The world is full of people who never quite get into the first team and who just miss the prizes at the flower show."
- Jacob Bronowski
(Related: People, First, Prizes, World)

"The world is made up of people who never quite get into the first team and who just miss the prizes at the flower show."
- Jacob Bronowski
(Related: People, First, Prizes, World)

"The fear really hits you. That's what you feel first. And then it's the anger and frustration. Part of the problem is how little we understand about the ultimate betrayal of the body when it rebels against itself."
- Charles Bronson
(Related: Anger, Fear, Betrayal, Body, First, Frustration)

"Consistency, madam, is the first of Christian duties."
- Charlotte Bronte
(Related: Consistency, Christian, First)

"When I die, if the word 'thong' appears in the first or second sentence of my obituary, I've screwed up."
- Albert Brooks
(Related: First, Word)

"First fight. Then fiddle."
- Gwendolyn Brooks
(Related: Fight, First)

"Anyway, several rewrites later, Del Rey Books did publish my first novel, and it did become the first work of fiction on the New York Times trade paperback bestseller list."
- Terry Brooks
(Related: Work, Books, Fiction, First, Trade)

"No matter how love-sick a woman is, she shouldn't take the first pill that comes along."
- Joyce Brothers
(Related: Love, First, Woman)

"A technical objection is the first refuge of a scoundrel."
- Heywood Broun
(Related: First)

"I doubt whether the world holds for any one a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice-cream."
- Heywood Broun
(Related: Soul, Adventure, Doubt, First, World)

"Bring diversity back to agriculture. That's what made it work in the first place."
- David R. Brower
(Related: Work, Agriculture, Diversity, First)

"The more we pour the big machines, the fuel, the pesticides, the herbicides, the fertilizer and chemicals into farming, the more we knock out the mechanism that made it all work in the first place."
- David R. Brower
(Related: Work, First, Machines)

"I have no problem with the security... It's something that must be done for the times in which we live. Safety first."
- Aaron Brown
(Related: First, Safety, Security)

"My first book is really about heat. That book, for me, was an exploration of heat as ingredient. Why we don't talk about heat as an ingredient, I don't quite understand, because it is the common ingredient to all cooking processes."
- Alton Brown
(Related: Cooking, Exploration, First, Talk)

"Art, in the first place, has to connect with yourself."
- Andrew Brown
(Related: Art, First)

"The whole schizophrenia angle interested me. When I first started working on it, I thought I would play up that angle more than I ended up doing. The religious aspect of the story was also a draw."
- Chester Brown
(Related: Thought, First, Play, Religious)

"There's a bit of debate about that; some say it was really Matthew, but the popular consensus is that Mark was the first one, so that's why I did that one first. And I was planning on doing all four."
- Chester Brown
(Related: Debate, First, Planning, Popular)

"My first album was me finding myself and my voice, finding how I sing. I was rolling with the punches because everything was new to me."
- Chris Brown
(Related: First, Voice)

"Take, therefore, what modern technology is capable of: the power of our moral sense allied to the power of communications and our ability to organize internationally.That, in my view, gives us the first opportunity as a community to fundamentally change the world."
- Gordon Brown
(Related: Change, Power, Technology, Opportunity, Ability, Community, First, Sense, World)

"The first and by far the most likely pattern is a return to agrarian existence."
- Harrison Brown
(Related: Existence, First)

"Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things he's got it all."
- James Brown
(Related: First, Hair, Man)

"Yep, I'll stay a Brisbane Lion, you've heard it first."
- Jonathan Brown
(Related: First)

"I've completed the first part of my preparations without injury problems. My speed is good and I'm doing lots of volume for strength."
- Jonathan Brown
(Related: Strength, First, Injury, Problems)

"In its famous paradox, the equation of money and excrement, psychoanalysis becomes the first science to state what common sense and the poets have long known - that the essence of money is in its absolute worthlessness."
- Norman O. Brown
(Related: Money, Science, Common sense, Famous, First, Paradox, Poets, Psychoanalysis, State)

"The music is fun and all that, but first and foremost it is a business, it's about money."
- Steve Brown
(Related: Money, Music, Business, First, Fun)

"First time he kissed me, he but only kissed The fingers of this hand wherewith I write; And, ever since, it grew more clean and white."
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
(Related: Time, First)

"That's the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over, lest you should think he never could recapture the first fine careless rapture!"
- Robert Browning
(Related: First, Song)

"I had the first integrated Army band in World War II."
- Dave Brubeck
(Related: War, Army, First, World, World war)

"The difference between being able to understand something and inventing it in the first place... is called genius."
- Craig Bruce
(Related: Genius, Being, Difference, First)

"When anarchy is declared, the first thing we do, let's kill all the anarchists."
- Craig Bruce
(Related: Anarchy, First)

"When trying to locate something, search your mind first."
- Craig Bruce
(Related: First, Mind, Trying)

"When you are finished with it, put it back in the first place that you looked for it."
- Craig Bruce
(Related: First)

"Well I like everything but my first love has always been piano because when I started out there was a piano in my house and it was there so I just started tinkling on it really so it's always been my first love."
- Jack Bruce
(Related: Love, First, First love)

"If you can take the hot lead enema, then you can cast the first stone."
- Lenny Bruce
(Related: First)

"Each book first begins with a little idea."
- Dick Bruna
(Related: Idea, First)

"Let me first say that I don't think the millennium target of cutting global poverty in half is an impossible or abstract target. I think it is a real and achievable goal."
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
(Related: Goal, First, Poverty)

"The first day one is a guest, the second a burden, and the third a pest."
- Jean de la Bruyere
(Related: Burden, Day, First, Guest)

"The Opera is obviously the first draft of a fine spectacle; it suggests the idea of one."
- Jean de la Bruyere
(Related: Idea, Draft, First, Opera)

"Those who make the worst use of their time are the first to complain of its shortness."
- Jean de la Bruyere
(Related: Time, First)

"The groves were God's first temples."
- William C. Bryant
(Related: God, First)

"When Philip Glass asked me if I would be interested in doing a new recording of Jesus' Blood he assumed that I would do something similar to the first version and wanted to know what other pieces would be on the same CD."
- Gavin Bryars
(Related: Blood, First)

"My first rule of consumerism is never to buy anything you can't make your children carry."
- Bill Bryson
(Related: Children, First)

"The first and most important is to emphasize the enduring nature of the alliance relationship particularly with Europe which does share our values and interests even if it disagrees with us on specific policies."
- Zbigniew Brzezinski
(Related: Nature, Values, Alliance, Europe, First)

"War on terrorism defines the central preoccupation of the United States in the world today, and it does reflect in my view a rather narrow and extremist vision of foreign policy of the world's first superpower, of a great democracy, with genuinely idealistic traditions."
- Zbigniew Brzezinski
(Related: War, Policy, Vision, Democracy, First, Foreign policy, states, Terrorism, Today, Traditions, United, World)

"They tried to get me to use a pick when I first joined the band. They had certain things they thought were appropriate. I tried to adapt as much as I could."
- Lindsey Buckingham
(Related: Thought, First)

"I was playing a Fender Telecaster when I first joined."
- Lindsey Buckingham
(Related: First)

"I'm also married for the first time, and I have two kids. So there's some kind of good karma right now."
- Lindsey Buckingham
(Related: Time, First, Karma, Kids, Now, Right)

"T Bone and I grew up together in Fort Worth, Texas. He had his own recording studio by the time he was seventeen years old. When we were both nineteen he made the first archival recording of my voice."
- Betty Buckley
(Related: Time, First, Old, Voice, Worth, Years)

"As a consequence, the Court ruled that the limits on campaign spending violated the First Amendment, but it accepted the $1,000 limit on individual contributions on the ground that the need to avoid the appearance of corruption justified this limited constraint on speech."
- James L. Buckley
(Related: Appearance, Corruption, Court, First, Limits, Speech)

"In rendering its decision in our case, the Supreme Court equated money with speech because these days it takes the first to make yourself heard."
- James L. Buckley
(Related: Money, Decision, Court, First, Speech)

"I like the fact that we have all the teams in the tournament. When I first got here as an assistant, not everyone made the tournament and I think as a coach, you look at it from a job security standpoint, I think that hurt when you didn't have everybody in the tournament."
- Tim Buckley
(Related: Coach, Fact, First, Hurt, Job, Security)

"I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University."
- William F. Buckley, Jr.
(Related: Government, People, Boston, First, states, United, University)

"To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him."
- Buddha
(Related: Happiness, Peace, Wisdom, Family, Health, Control, Discipline, Virtue, First, Man, Mind, Will)

"Love and esteem are the first principles of friendship; it is always imperfect if either of these two are wanting."
- Eustace Budgell
(Related: Love, Friendship, First, Principles)

"I can only say the first thing that pops into my mind is I remember, years ago, seeing kind of a has-been country singer working - when I first moved to Nashville - in a bar in a Holiday Inn."
- Jimmy Buffett
(Related: Country, First, Holiday, Mind, Years)

"The first rule is not to lose. The second rule is not to forget the first rule."
- Warren Buffett
(Related: First, Forget)

"The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting."
- Charles Bukowski
(Related: Time, Democracy, Dictatorship, Difference, First, Vote, Voting, Waste)

"There will always be something to ruin our lives, it all depends on what or which finds us first. We are always ripe and ready to be taken."
- Charles Bukowski
(Related: First, Ruin, Will)

"The other classes of which society was composed were, first, freemen, owners of small portions of land, independent, though they sometimes voluntarily became the vassals of their more opulent neighbors, whose power was necessary for their protection."
- Thomas Bulfinch
(Related: Power, Society, First, Land, Neighbors, Protection)

"They want us to give up another chunk of our tribal land. This is not the first time or the last time."
- Sitting Bull
(Related: Time, First, Land, Want)

"If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man, he would have made me so in the first place."
- Sitting Bull
(Related: First, Man, Spirit)

"I am a red man. If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man he would have made me so in the first place."
- Sitting Bull
(Related: First, Man, Spirit)

"I have also just finished three weeks on a soap opera in England. The soap opera is a rather famous one called Crossroads. It was first on television 25 years ago, and it has recently been brought back. I play the part of a businessman called David Wheeler."
- Jeremy Bulloch
(Related: EnglFamous, First, Opera, Play, Television, Years)

"My first review for the TV movie The Bionic Showdown said I was as interesting as a bus ride."
- Sandra Bullock
(Related: First)

"O be very sure That no man will learn anything at all, Unless he first will learn humility."
- Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
(Related: First, Humility, Man, Will)

"How many of us have been attracted to reason; first learned to think, to draw conclusions, to extract a moral from the follies of life, by some dazzling aphorism."
- Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
(Related: Life, First, Reason)

"It was my first scene. My first day. We could have started with me drinking a beer, something a little less than having Barbies touching each other. But they started with that."
- Gisele Bundchen
(Related: Beer, Day, Drinking, First)

"In this first testing ground of the atomic bomb I have seen the most terrible and frightening desolation in four years of war. It makes a blitzed Pacific island seem like an Eden. The damage is far greater than photographs can show."
- Wilfred Burchett
(Related: War, First, Testing, Years)

"The police chief of Hiroshima welcomed me eagerly as the first Allied correspondent to reach the city."
- Wilfred Burchett
(Related: First, Police)

"My anger with the US was not at first, that they had used that weapon - although that anger came later."
- Wilfred Burchett
(Related: Anger, First)

"Ho joined the French socialist party, the first Vietnamese to be a member of a French political party."
- Wilfred Burchett
(Related: First, Party)

"Whenever I am sent a new book on the lively arts, the first thing I do is look for myself in the index."
- Julie Burchill
(Related: First)

"Those who have wrought great changes in the world never succeeded by gaining over chiefs; but always by exciting the multitude. The first is the resource of intrigue and produces only secondary results, the second is the resort of genius and transforms the universe."
- Martin Van Buren
(Related: Genius, First, Results, Universe, World)

"It is not unprofessional to give free legal advice, but advertising that the first visit will be free is a bit like a fox telling chickens he will not bite them until they cross the threshold of the hen house."
- Warren E. Burger
(Related: Legal, Advertising, Advice, First, Visit, Will)

"When Medicare was first enacted in 1965, it provided coverage for hospitalization, doctor visits and surgeries, but there was no coverage for prescription medications."
- Michael Burgess
(Related: First)

"On January 1, 2006, Medicare will begin to offer a prescription drug benefit, and for the first time, it will place an emphasis on preventive care and early treatment of disease."
- Michael Burgess
(Related: Time, Care, Disease, First, Treatment, Will)

"At the end. First start off and do your youth thing In Hollywood and then go to New York later. But it wound up being later, later than I thought it was going to be."
- Delta Burke
(Related: Thought, Being, End, First, Hollywood, Youth)

"The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind, is curiosity."
- Edmund Burke
(Related: Curiosity, Emotion, First, Mind)

"Using a first-person narrator is simply a matter of hearing the voice inside yourself."
- James Lee Burke
(Related: First, Hearing, Voice)

"A youthful mind is seldom totally free from ambition; to curb that, is the first step to contentment, since to diminish expectation is to increase enjoyment."
- Frances Burney
(Related: Ambition, Contentment, Enjoyment, Expectation, First, Mind)

"First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally, you forget to pull it down."
- George Burns
(Related: Faces, First, Forget, Names)

"I have made all my films for my children with the exception of my first film because my oldest daughter wasn't born when I was making the film about the Brooklyn Bridge."
- Ken Burns
(Related: Daughter, Children, Film, First)

"I knew early on after the first couple episodes were fully scored and animated that we had a real quality show here. But I always questioned whether or not it would work."
- Steve Burns
(Related: Work, Quality, First)

"Which came first the intestine or the tapeworm?"
- William S. Burroughs
(Related: First)

"Well my taste wasn't very good when I first started out. But later, when I began to appreciate the art of acting, I would say the actress I most admire is Vanessa Redgrave."
- Ellen Burstyn
(Related: Art, Acting, First, Taste)

"She loses 50 pounds in the film, and goes from fairly sane to totally out of her mind. So for the first part of the film I was wearing a 40 pound fat suit, which is very, very uncomfortable. But the worst part was the neck."
- Ellen Burstyn
(Related: Film, First, Mind)

"The interesting thing about doing a play is to find a way to make it fresh and do it as though you were doing it for the first time."
- Ellen Burstyn
(Related: Time, First, Play)

"The dove act? I'm still working on it. I don't think it's perfect yet. I got my first pair of doves when I was 14 years old. That was the beginning of the formation of that act. So it's been 24 years now that I've been working on it."
- Lance Burton
(Related: Act, Beginning, Doves, First, Now, Old, Years)

"Harry Collins was the first magician I ever saw back in 1965 when I was five years old. He was doing a magic show and I was the volunteer from the audience."
- Lance Burton
(Related: First, Magic, Old, Years)

"When I started out back in Louisville, there was Harry Collins. He was my first teacher. He saw that I was so obsessed with magic that he taught me the love of magic."
- Lance Burton
(Related: Love, First, Magic)

"Almost in every kingdom the most ancient families have been at first princes' bastards."
- Robert Burton
(Related: First)

"We have the opportunity to provide the first FDA reviewed and approved over-the-counter option that can help people lose weight and make changes to their lifestyle and diet."
- Steve Burton
(Related: Diet, People, Opportunity, First, Help, Weight)

"I do comedy shows. I make fun of myself, first of all."
- Steve Burton
(Related: Comedy, First, Fun)

"John Barry was the first film composer I was aware of. As a teenager I owned several of his Bond soundtracks."
- Carter Burwell
(Related: Film, First)

"The first movie I had a featured role in was Parting Glances."
- Steve Buscemi
(Related: First, Parting)

"I married the first man I ever kissed. When I tell this to my children, they just about throw up."
- Barbara Bush
(Related: Children, First, Man)

"The winner of the hoop race will be the first to realize her dream, not society's dream, her own personal dream."
- Barbara Bush
(Related: Society, Dream, First, Race, Will)

"America is a friend to the people of Iraq. Our demands are directed only at the regime that enslaves them and threatens us. When these demands are met, the first and greatest benefit will come to Iraqi men, women and children."
- George W. Bush
(Related: Women, People, Friend, America, Children, First, Iraq, Will)

"And the cornerstone of my economic policies, when I first got elected, was cutting taxes on everybody on who paid taxes."
- George W. Bush
(Related: First, Taxes)

"I'm just not political. I have opinions, but there's nothing about the process that has ever interested me. I'm 22, and this is the first interview I've ever done in my life."
- Jenna Bush
(Related: Life, First, Nothing, Opinions)

"My first Top of the Pops I didn't want to do. I was terrified. I'd never done television before. Seeing the video afterwards was like watching myself die."
- Kate Bush
(Related: First, Television, Want)

"Any first lady can do whatever they want to do. In this country, people expect them to work on whatever they want or to have a career of their own."
- Laura Bush
(Related: Work, People, Career, Country, First, Lady, Want)

"I wanted to be a doctor when I was a kid, but I started doing theater in high school because it was a requirement. At first, I was completely irritated. But I ended up loving it."
- Sophia Bush
(Related: First, School, Theater)

"To be happy, it first takes being comfortable being in your own shoes. The rest can work up from there."
- Sophia Bush
(Related: Work, Being, First, Rest)

"By that point, I had started taking singing lessons. And after the first session, I mean, I was surprised that the windows didn't shatter. And after the third session, I really didn't know where this voice had come from."
- Gerard Butler
(Related: First, Singing, Voice, Windows)

"The Phantom, as well as being backed up by that music, it just so was a role that I identified with so powerfully. From the first second that I walked on to perform."
- Gerard Butler
(Related: Music, Being, First)

"So fantasy was fine early on, and when I discovered science fiction, I was very happy with it, because my first interest in science fiction came with an interest in astronomy."
- Octavia Butler
(Related: Science, Astronomy, Fantasy, Fiction, First, Interest)

"And I have this little litany of things they can do. And the first one, of course, is to write - every day, no excuses. It's so easy to make excuses. Even professional writers have days when they'd rather clean the toilet than do the writing."
- Octavia Butler
(Related: Day, Excuses, First, Writers, Writing)

"Fantasy is totally wide open; all you really have to do is follow the rules you've set. But if you're writing about science, you have to first learn what you're writing about."
- Octavia Butler
(Related: Science, Fantasy, First, Open, Rules, Writing)

"A man should be just cultured enough to be able to look with suspicion upon culture at first, not second hand."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Culture, First, Man, Suspicion)

"One of the first businesses of a sensible man is to know when he is beaten, and to leave off fighting at once."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Fighting, First, Man)

"Self-preservation is the first law of nature."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Nature, First, Law, Self)

"The first duty to children is to make them happy. If you have not made them so, you have wronged them. No other good they may get can make up for that."
- Charles Buxton
(Related: Children, Duty, First, May)

"Success soon palls. The joyous time is when the breeze first strikes your sails, and the waters rustle under your bows."
- Charles Buxton
(Related: Success, Time, First)

"I have come to Germany to learn at first hand the problems involved in the reconstruction of Germany and to discuss with our representatives the views of the United States Government as to some of the problems confronting us."
- James F. Byrnes
(Related: Government, First, Germany, Problems, states, United)

"Adversity is the first path to truth."
- Lord Byron
(Related: Truth, Adversity, First)

"The poor dog, in life the firmest friend. The first to welcome, foremost to defend."
- Lord Byron
(Related: Life, Friend, First, Poor)

"Man's love is of man's life a part; it is a woman's whole existence. In her first passion, a woman loves her lover, in all the others all she loves is love."
- Lord Byron
(Related: Life, Love, Existence, First, Man, Passion, Woman)

"People wonder why first-time directors can make a brilliant picture, then suck on the second one. It's because they're a little terrified the first time. So they listen to all the experts around them."
- James Caan
(Related: Time, People, Experts, First, Wonder)

"They say that the commons of England would first destroy the king's friends and afterward himself, and then bring the Duke of York to be king so that by their false means and lies they may make him to hate and destroy his friends, and cherish his false traitors."
- Jack Cade
(Related: EnglFirst, Friends, Hate, Lies, May)

"A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew."
- Herb Caen
(Related: Time, Wisdom, First, Man)

"I had rather be first in a village than second at Rome."
- Julius Caesar
(Related: First, Rome)

"The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot. The guy who invented the other three, he was a genius."
- Sid Caesar
(Related: Genius, First)

"The first question I ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful is why do I think it's not beautiful. And very shortly you discover that there is no reason."
- John Cage
(Related: First, Question, Reason)

"I'm sad about this, but we shouldn't have been married in the first place."
- Nicolas Cage
(Related: First)

"You have to first be a writer and somebody who loves to write. If I couldn't travel, I would still write."
- Tim Cahill
(Related: Travel, First, Writer)

"The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself."
- Mark Caine
(Related: Success, Environment, First)

"Oh, what a shock. My career must be slipping. This is the first time I've been available to pick up an award."
- Michael Caine
(Related: Time, Career, First)

"The first actor I ever saw was The Lone Ranger. I thought, That's what I want to do."
- Michael Caine
(Related: Thought, Actor, First, Want)

"Alfie was the first time I was above the title; the first time I became a star in America."
- Michael Caine
(Related: Time, America, First)

"First I lost my voice, then I lost my figure and then I lost Onassis."
- Maria Callas
(Related: First, Voice)

"No one of this nation ever begs, for the houses of all are common to all; and they consider liberality and hospitality amongst the first virtues."
- Giraldus Cambrensis
(Related: First, Hospitality, Houses, Liberality, Nation)

"I was the candidate first time a Green or any progressive third party has ever been in a national televised debate. I was in five of them. And the response from the public was overwhelming."
- Peter Camejo
(Related: Time, Debate, First, Party, Public)

"I mean, you have to be able - you have to have made the commitment within yourself to do whatever it takes to get the job done and to try to inspire other people to do it, because obviously the first rule is you can't do it by yourself."
- James Cameron
(Related: People, Commitment, First, Job)

"I was the Chair of the first department of medical physics in a medical school in the U.S."
- John Cameron
(Related: Medical, First, Physics, School)

"From the first moment I handled my lens with a tender ardour."
- Julia Margaret Cameron
(Related: First)

"Our first priority is our kids."
- Kirk Cameron
(Related: First, Kids)

"When I first went on tour with PJ in '98, I was still in shock having gone through the Soundgarden break up."
- Matt Cameron
(Related: First)

"Indians were here first - it's about time. We're way behind the African Americans and Hispanic Americans in getting politically involved, but we're beginning to take a page out of their notebook."
- Ben Nighthorse Campbell
(Related: Time, African, Americans, Beginning, First)

"I came in on the decline. Phil Elliot was in first, he got his book out, he sold thirteen thousand, I think he got two issues out before I got mine in, this was March '87. He was out in December '86."
- Eddie Campbell
(Related: December, First, March)

"Some people have said that I can 'hear' a hit song, meaning that I can tell the first time a song is played for me if it has potential. I have been able to hear some of the hits that way, but I can also 'feel' one."
- Glen Campbell
(Related: Time, People, First, Meaning, Potential, Song)

"The world has changed profoundly since our programs were first established."
- Kim Campbell
(Related: First, World)

"Our first Prime Minister saw a country that would be known for its generosity of spirit. And so it is."
- Kim Campbell
(Related: Country, First, Generosity, Spirit)

"After Versace was murdered, the first person to call me was Mandela."
- Naomi Campbell
(Related: First)

"The first time I ever screamed at someone was in a scene, and I'd never screamed at someone in my life."
- Neve Campbell
(Related: Life, Time, First)

"Truly fertile Music, the only kind that will move us, that we shall truly appreciate, will be a Music conducive to Dream, which banishes all reason and analysis. One must not wish first to understand and then to feel. Art does not tolerate Reason."
- Albert Camus
(Related: Art, Music, Dream, First, Reason, Will)

"We always deceive ourselves twice about the people we love - first to their advantage, then to their disadvantage."
- Albert Camus
(Related: Love, People, First)

"We call first truths those we discover after all the others."
- Albert Camus
(Related: First)

"A man's work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened."
- Albert Camus
(Related: Work, Art, Heart, First, Man, Nothing)

"The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth."
- Albert Camus
(Related: Truth, First)

"Rulers who want to unleash war know very well that they must procure or invent a first victim."
- Elias Canetti
(Related: War, First, Want)

"I am a gambler. I decided to go in with Company E in the first wave."
- Robert Capa
(Related: Company, First)

"They gave it to us for about five bucks a week, and we just went there to live. Probably the first band that ever did that back then and it became the famous cottage."
- Jim Capaldi
(Related: Famous, First)

"I have to confess that a strong contributing factor was that I had just taken what was probably the first acid ever made, given to me by a guy called Johnny Fellows, who had just returned from America."
- Jim Capaldi
(Related: America, First)

"You can have a revolution wherever you like, except in a government office; even were the world to come to an end, you'd have to destroy the universe first and then government offices."
- Karel Capek
(Related: Government, End, First, Revolution, Office, Universe, World)

"Like all New York hotel lady cashiers she had red hair and had been disappointed in her first husband."
- Al Capp
(Related: HusbFirst, Lady, Hair)

"Nurses serve their patients in the most important capacities. We know that they serve as our first lines of communication when something goes wrong or when we are concerned about health."
- Lois Capps
(Related: Health, Communication, First, Nurses, Wrong)

"Your work is first, learning is first, winning is everything because without it there is nothing."
- Orson Scott Card
(Related: Work, Winning, First, Learning, Nothing)

"Everything important in sci-fi showed up in the magazines first. It's the proving ground for new writers and new ideas."
- Orson Scott Card
(Related: Ideas, First, Writers)

"I realized that everything important in sci-fi showed up in the magazines first. It's the proving ground for new writers and new ideas."
- Orson Scott Card
(Related: Ideas, First, Writers)

"As an adoptive parent myself of foster children, I have seen firsthand the glaring problems of the system currently facing this Nation."
- Dennis Cardoza
(Related: Children, Nation, Problems)

"The first Monopoly game I played with my brothers, I hated losing so much, I just had to beat them."
- Drew Carey
(Related: Brothers, First, Losing)

"One of the jokes on our flight is that, if we have a normal entry day going, the plan is for me... to actually take the orbiter first and fly it for maybe 10 or 15 seconds and then hand it on over to Scooter."
- Duane G. Carey
(Related: Day, First, Jokes)

"You know, Scooter's going to do the first separation burn; I'm going to do the second separation burn."
- Duane G. Carey
(Related: First, Separation)

"So, whenever Scooter was the Pilot, he never had a chance to fly the orbiter. So, the joke is: I'm going to have a chance to fly it first and hand it over to him."
- Duane G. Carey
(Related: Chance, First)

"And, actually it was interesting because I had done a lot of traveling in the United States and Canada and Mexico on my motorcycle; and I was really, it was the first time I had really gotten out of the Minnesota area to speak of."
- Duane G. Carey
(Related: Time, Canada, First, states, Traveling, United)

"The system has for its object an increase of persons that are to intervene between the producer and the consumer, living on the product of the land and labour of others, diminishing the power of the first, and increasing the number of the last."
- Henry Charles Carey
(Related: Power, First, Land, Living)

"The first of all commodities to be exchanged is labour, and the freedom of man consists only in the exercise of the right to determine for himself in what manner his labour shall be employed, and how he will dispose of its products."
- Henry Charles Carey
(Related: Exercise, First, Freedom, Man, Right, Will)

"In comic strips, the person on the left always speaks first."
- George Carlin
(Related: First)

"I learned a lot from that first record and I learned a lot from my experiences touring, but really the biggest education I got over the past two years was learning the importance of arrangements."
- Vanessa Carlton
(Related: Education, First, Importance, Learning, Past, Years)

"A lot of people give in to those pressures and let others influence the process on their second albums because they want to achieve the success they had with their first again, but they don't know how to do it."
- Vanessa Carlton
(Related: Success, People, First, Influence, Want)

"And we ought to work our diplomacy first and I think it's a reason it's going to respond increasingly to our diplomacy particularly with the president's direct involvement in the peace process, and I think that's extraordinarily important."
- Frank Carlucci
(Related: Peace, Work, Diplomacy, First, President, Reason)

"The first duty of man is to conquer fear; he must get rid of it, he cannot act till then."
- Thomas Carlyle
(Related: Fear, Act, Duty, First, Man)

"Every noble work is at first impossible."
- Thomas Carlyle
(Related: Work, First)

"The Xbox 360 is the first console that I've ever worked with that actually has development tools that are better for games than what we've had on PC."
- John Carmack
(Related: Development, First, Games, Tools)

"The first need of a free people is to define their own terms."
- Stokely Carmichael
(Related: People, First)

"Before a group can enter the open society, it must first close ranks."
- Stokely Carmichael
(Related: Society, First, Open)

"The first man gets the oyster, the second man gets the shell."
- Andrew Carnegie
(Related: First, Man)

"Concentration is my motto - first honesty, then industry, then concentration."
- Andrew Carnegie
(Related: Honesty, First)

"Do the hard jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves."
- Dale Carnegie
(Related: Care, First, Jobs, Will)

"First ask yourself: What is the worst that can happen? Then prepare to accept it. Then proceed to improve on the worst."
- Dale Carnegie
(Related: First)

"I was trying to learn about Lyndon Johnson when he was young and creating his first political machine in the Texas hill country. I moved there for three years. You had to learn that world."
- Robert Caro
(Related: Country, First, Machine, Trying, World, Years)

"The moment the curtain rose on that first ballet, I knew something wonderful and new had come into my life. I can still see the first scene. The ballet was Divertimento No. 15."
- Robert Caro
(Related: Life, Ballet, First)

"It's the first film that I made where the director was not present under the camera, and it threw me."
- Leslie Caron
(Related: Film, First, Present)

"James Ivory comes close to the actors for the first rehearsal. He more or less lets you direct yourself and then will only correct you if he finds it incorrect."
- Leslie Caron
(Related: Actors, First, Will)

"When I was first starting out, and I was less established, I was really concerned about being typecast."
- Charisma Carpenter
(Related: Being, First)

"I had been warned not to get on a motorcycle, sort of. I think there is a clause in most general basic contracts to keep yourself in one piece and not alter your looks without telling them first."
- Charisma Carpenter
(Related: First)

"Where there had been only jeers or taunts at first, crowds come to listen with serious and sympathetic men."
- Edward Carpenter
(Related: Men, Crowds, First)

"If you go on stage with the wrong attitude, or something in your performance is off, you can lose an audience in the first minute. That first minute is crucial."
- Allan Carr
(Related: Attitude, Performance, First, Wrong)

"We had our first meeting yesterday, and we just laughed all the way through, so if we can bottle that, then I'll be happy. We just get on, and that's half the battle."
- Allan Carr
(Related: Battle, First, Meeting, Yesterday)

"I went to Montreal. My first gig went very badly. They just weren't laughing at anything. I found out they were a load of Christians, and it was a gig to raise money for a new church roof."
- Allan Carr
(Related: Money, Church, First)

"In the second installment, I pretty much dominate the show. Somehow or another, though, I manage to apparently dominate the first show pretty well with just my voice and my hands and a shot of my boots kicking cartridges out of the way."
- David Carradine
(Related: First, Pretty, Voice)

"If I had to put a name to it, I would wish that all my books were entertainments. I think the first thing you've got to do is grab the reader by the ear, and make him sit down and listen. Make him laugh, make him feel. We all want to be entertained at a very high level."
- John Le Carre
(Related: Books, First, Name, Want)

"The first duty of society is to give each of its members the possibility of fulfilling his destiny. When it becomes incapable of performing this duty it must be transformed."
- Alexis Carrel
(Related: Society, Possibility, Destiny, Duty, First)

"At first we got along real well. Now... it's pretty much just a professional relationship."
- Jose Carreras
(Related: First, Now, Pretty)

"When I first came here, Hollywood was very closed-minded."
- Tia Carrere
(Related: First, Hollywood)

"When I first met my agent, I said, If something comes up and it fits my age range and personality, I would like you to send me up for it, even if it specifies blonde or brunette."
- Tia Carrere
(Related: Age, First, Personality)

"When the first big paycheque with 'Dumb And Dumber' hit, I went: 'Gosh, I wonder if this will affect my performance. Will I do a take and think, was that worth $7 million?' But that never happened. If anything, it made me rebel against that thing when people who get rich start playing it safe."
- Jim Carrey
(Related: People, Performance, First, Will, Wonder, Worth)

"Creative people don't behave very well generally. If you're looking for examples of good relationships in show business, you're gonna be depressed real fast. I don't have time for anything else right now but work and my daughter. She's my first priority."
- Jim Carrey
(Related: Time, Work, Business, Daughter, People, First, Now, Relationships, Right)

"I'm the first to admit this whole salary thing is getting out of control. In the final analysis, it's still about the work."
- Jim Carrey
(Related: Work, Control, First)

"My report card always said, 'Jim finishes first and then disrupts the other students'."
- Jim Carrey
(Related: First, Students)

"Sentence first, verdict afterwards."
- Lewis Carroll
(Related: First)

"In camp was found a book, the first of the kind I had ever seen, in which I was made a great hero, slaying Indians by the hundreds."
- Kit Carson
(Related: First)

"Mother goddesses are just as silly a notion as father gods. If a revival of the myths of these cults gives woman emotional satisfaction, it does so at the price of obscuring the real conditions of life. This is why they were invented in the first place."
- Angela Carter
(Related: Life, Mother, Father, Gods, First, Myths, Satisfaction, Silly, Woman)

"I toured in Europe first, before I did any touring in the U.S. It was with Jimmy Nail and others."
- Deana Carter
(Related: Europe, First)

"I think the themes in my songs are very similar from the first album to the newest one. It's all about the human condition and how we are all trying to learn to live with each other and survive love and life."
- Deana Carter
(Related: Life, Love, First, Songs, Trying)

"Any album that I ever put out I'm going to send it to country radio first."
- Deana Carter
(Related: Country, First)

"I never excluded any genre on my first record."
- Deana Carter
(Related: First)

"Learning can take place in the backyard if there is a human being there who cares about the child. Before learning computers, children should learn to read first. They should sit around the dinner table and hear what their parents have to say and think."
- Dixie Carter
(Related: Computers, Being, Children, First, Learning, Parents)

"My entire life has really revolved around music that was written about the time that I was born, 1908, to just before the First World War and shortly after it. This music I've always known, and it is that music that's most important to me."
- Elliott Carter
(Related: Life, Music, Time, War, First, World, World war)

"People have lots of misconceptions about me. My mum, who is half French and half Spanish, gets outraged when I'm called quintessentially English. I owe my looks to my mum-which was 90 percent of getting my first job. And, some people would argue, 90 percent of my entire career."
- Helena Bonham Carter
(Related: People, Career, English, First, Job)

"After clearing 9 metres of the descending passage, in about the middle of the afternoon, we came upon a second sealed doorway, which was almost the exact replica of the first."
- Howard Carter
(Related: First)

"The awareness that health is dependent upon habits that we control makes us the first generation in history that to a large extent determines its own destiny."
- Jimmy Carter
(Related: Health, History, Control, Awareness, Destiny, First, Habits)

"Singling out political opponents for working against the ruling party is precisely the tactic of every tyrannical government from Red China to Venezuela. The first step in the process is creating unfounded public suspicion of political opponents, followed by arresting and jailing any who continue speaking against the regime."
- John Carter
(Related: Government, First, Opponents, Party, Public, Suspicion)

"When I first found out I had diabetes I denied it."
- Nell Carter
(Related: First)

"My first dunk was actually in sixth grade."
- Vince Carter
(Related: First)

"There are two births: the one when light, First strikes the new awakened sense; The other when two souls unite, And we must count our life from thence, When you loved me and I loved you, Then both of us were born anew."
- William Cartwright
(Related: Life, First, Light, Sense)

"The first thing to do in life is to do with purpose what one purposes to do."
- Pablo Casals
(Related: Life, Purpose, First)

"I am bound to add that the excess in too little has ever proved in me more dangerous than the excess in too much; the last may cause indigestion, but the first causes death."
- Giacomo Casanova
(Related: Death, Cause, Causes, Excess, First, Indigestion, May)

"When I first got started in the late '70s, early '80s, and first was thinking about the interactive world, I believed so fervently that it was the next big thing, I thought it would happen quickly."
- Steve Case
(Related: Thought, First, Thinking, World)

"One of the biggest challenges we had in the first decade was not that many people had personal computers. There weren't that many people to sell to, and it was hard to identify them."
- Steve Case
(Related: Computers, People, First)

"This is the bunch of songs I did first, and it's just the type of thing I do. I am a Carter Family girl, so the record is book-ended with Carter Family songs."
- June Carter Cash
(Related: Family, First, Songs)

"For the first time in 23 years I'm enjoying the process of supporting it, of going out and doing shows, and doing the interviews, and doing everything."
- Rosanne Cash
(Related: Time, First, Years)

"Well, the first year I lost my voice I didn't mind so much because I was going to have a baby and I was distracted with him anyway, I didn't even think about it that much, well, OK, this is what's happening."
- Rosanne Cash
(Related: Baby, First, Mind, Voice)

"Similarly, the problem of the rights of the state in the disposition of inheritances left by individuals presents social aspects of the first importance."
- Rene Cassin
(Related: First, Rights, Importance, State)

"In less than eighteen months, it prepared a first draft which it submitted to the General Assembly and which, at the end of one hundred sessions of elevated, often impassioned discussion, was adopted in the form of thirty articles on December 10, 1948."
- Rene Cassin
(Related: December, Draft, End, First, Months)

"As a privileged survivor of the First World War, I hope I may be allowed to interject here a deeply felt tribute to those who were not fortunate enough to succeed, but who shared the signal honor of trying to the last to salvage peace."
- Rene Cassin
(Related: Peace, War, Hope, First, Honor, May, Succeed, Tribute, Trying, World, World war)

"They were often the first students in their family to go to college and the very idea of higher education was still foreign to them. They had to make a conscious and often difficult decision to come to college."
- Michael N. Castle
(Related: Education, Family, Idea, Decision, College, First, Students)

"Upon arriving, meeting their teachers and signing up for classes, these students began to realize that their attendance at Delaware State University was not a goal achieved, but rather a dream being sewn - a first step, if you will."
- Michael N. Castle
(Related: Dream, Goal, Being, First, Meeting, State, Students, Teachers, University, Will)

"The Crows are very handsome and gentlemanly Indians in their personal appearance: and have been always reputed, since the first acquaintance made with them, very civil and friendly."
- George Catlin
(Related: Acquaintance, Crows, First)

"An Indian's dress of deer skins, which is wet a hundred times upon his back, dries soft; and his lodge also, which stands in the rains, and even through the severity of winter, is taken down as soft and as clean as when it was first put up."
- George Catlin
(Related: Dress, First, Winter)

"The first professional play I ever saw was The Importance Of Being Earnest, and I just fell in love."
- Kim Cattrall
(Related: Love, Being, First, Importance, Play)

"I first wanted to be an actress after seeing a play - not a movie."
- Kim Cattrall
(Related: First, Play)

"First, they were bred when I was not capable to observe or before I was born; likewise the breeding of men is of a different manner from that of women."
- Margaret Cavendish
(Related: Men, Women, Breeding, First)

"The first step towards knowledge is to know that we are ignorant."
- Richard Cecil
(Related: Knowledge, First)

"First of all, in terms of investment in Internet-related developments, venture capitalists - once burned - are now very cautious and are investing in areas that actually make business sense."
- Vinton Cerf
(Related: Business, First, Internet, Investment, Now, Sense)

"I had to have my first kiss in front of, like, a hundred people. I didn't know what to do. So my sisters told me to, like, practice on a pillow, you know? But it didn't kiss me back so I didn't know what to expect."
- Lacey Chabert
(Related: Kiss, People, First, Practice, Sisters)

"The First Amendment has the same role in my life as a citizen and a writer as the sun has in our ecosystem."
- Michael Chabon
(Related: Life, First, Sun, Writer)

"First I went to the Sorbonne to do my licence en lettres, but I also started to study law."
- Claude Chabrol
(Related: First, Law, Study)

"The first time I lived in L.A. I was too young. I really wanted to be back home in Vancouver."
- Sarah Chalke
(Related: Home, Time, First)

"So the first season about halfway through he just sort of put us together and then broke us up all within one episode. One of the ideas is to have us do that once a year - to have everything blow up in our faces and not work out."
- Sarah Chalke
(Related: Work, Ideas, Faces, First)

"First, people don't read novels off screens, and they don't have a tendency to shell out real money for books when they don't retain anything physically for their money."
- Jack L. Chalker
(Related: Money, People, Books, First)

"Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities - because it is the quality which guarantees all others."
- Joseph Chamberlain
(Related: Quality, Courage, First)

"At first it was a bit daunting, but once I started to do it, the more I got into it, the more I started enjoying it and being able to say things lyrically that I would normally have to say musically."
- Jimmy Chamberlin
(Related: Being, First)

"The chief fruit of the First World War was the Russian Revolution and the rise of Communism as a national power."
- Whittaker Chambers
(Related: Power, War, Communism, First, Revolution, World, World war)

"Intelligence is our first line of defense against terrorism, and we must improve the collection capabilities and analysis of intelligence to protect the security of the United States and its allies."
- Saxby Chambliss
(Related: Intelligence, Defense, First, Security, states, Terrorism, United)

"Most of those who make collections of verse or epigram are like men eating cherries or oysters: they choose out the best at first, and end by eating all."
- Nicolas De Chamfort
(Related: Men, Eating, End, First)

"The only thing that stops God from sending another flood is that the first one was useless."
- Nicolas de Chamfort
(Related: God, First)

"On recovering my senses, I hastened to quit a place where I hoped there was nothing further to detain me. I first filled my pockets with gold, then fastened the strings of the purse round my neck, and concealed it in my bosom."
- Adelbert von Chamisso
(Related: First, Gold, Nothing, Senses)

"My first care the following morning was, to devise some means of discovering the man in the grey cloak."
- Adelbert von Chamisso
(Related: Care, First, Man)

"After a prosperous, but to me very wearisome, voyage, we came at last into port. Immediately on landing I got together my few effects; and, squeezing myself through the crowd, went into the nearest and humblest inn which first met my gaze."
- Adelbert von Chamisso
(Related: First)

"Two weeks later, we played our first concert and had 100 people there. It was pretty cool."
- Will Champion
(Related: People, First, Pretty)

"The first time we all played as a band, I think it was in January 1998, in Jonny's bedroom."
- Will Champion
(Related: Time, First)

"I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan."
- Jackie Chan
(Related: First)

"For the first time in history we can track the evolution of a pandemic in real time. Influenza viruses are notorious for their rapid mutation and unpredictable behaviour."
- Margaret Chan
(Related: History, Time, Evolution, First)

"Treat your kid like a darling for the first five years. For the next five years, scold them. By the time they turn sixteen, treat them like a friend. Your grown up children are your best friends."
- Chanakya
(Related: Time, Friend, Children, First, Friends, Years)

"A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first."
- Chanakya
(Related: People, First, Trees)

"Alcohol is like love. The first kiss is magic, the second is intimate, the third is routine. After that you take the girl's clothes off."
- Raymond Chandler
(Related: Love, Kiss, Alcohol, Clothes, First, Magic, Routine)

"Your first duty as a writer is to write to please yourself. And you have no duty towards anyone else."
- Iris Chang
(Related: Duty, First, Writer)

"When the Chinese first came to San Francisco, they were actually welcomed by the mayor and they had special ceremonies for them-again this is when their colony was very small, only a few Chinese."
- Iris Chang
(Related: First)

"After working as a journalist I went to a writing program at Johns Hopkins. It was interesting because it was neither journalistic nor historical, but it emphasized writing style, and afterwards I was asked to write my first book."
- Iris Chang
(Related: First, Style, Writing)

"I no longer have the terrible nightmares that I used to have. Mao had just died in 1976, and China began to open up. For the first time scholarships to go to the West to study were awarded on academic merit."
- Jung Chang
(Related: Time, First, Merit, Open, Study)

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, try again."
- Michael Chang
(Related: First, Succeed)

"It's funny, I had dinner with my dear friend John Spencer last night and I'm not in the first episode, but he's at the beginning of it and he was telling me about it and I thought this sounds very hot because I think this is definitely the last year of West Wing."
- Stockard Channing
(Related: Funny, Thought, Friend, Beginning, First, Night)

"Undoubtedly a man is to labor to better his condition, but first to better himself."
- William Ellery Channing
(Related: First, Labor, Man)

"The working class owes all honor and respect to the first men who planted the standard of labor solidarity on the hostile frontier of unorganized industry."
- Ralph Chaplin
(Related: Men, Class, First, Honor, Labor, Respect, Solidarity)

"My older sister encouraged me from early on and bought me one of the first guitars I had. She listened to all of the crappy songs that I wrote when I was 8 years old and encouraged me to keep doing it."
- Tracy Chapman
(Related: Sister, First, Old, Songs, Years)

"I am a lefty, though I bat right-handed... When I was a kid I pitched, played first, outfield and shortstop as well. Now it's mainly softball with some friends."
- Josh Charles
(Related: First, Friends, Now, Right)

"Do you seriously expect me to be the first Prince of Wales in history not to have a mistress?"
- Prince Charles
(Related: History, First)

"There are many spokes on the wheel of life. First, we're here to explore new possibilities."
- Ray Charles
(Related: Life, First, Possibilities)

"There are few successful adults who were not first successful children."
- Alexander Chase
(Related: Successful, Children, First)

"The first thing that happens is that you're overwhelmed by so much attention. It's just so unnatural. Only people who've been in that position can realize what it's like. I mean, you have to be there."
- Chevy Chase
(Related: People, Attention, First)

"The very first law in advertising is to avoid the concrete promise and cultivate the delightfully vague."
- Stuart Chase
(Related: Advertising, First, Law, Promise)

"First he wrought, and afterward he taught."
- Geoffrey Chaucer
(Related: First)

"Convinced as I am and as I am from my government that the world needs a new moral architecture over all I believe that this should be the first topic to debate in our world of today, ethics, moral."
- Hugo Chavez
(Related: Architecture, Government, Debate, Ethics, First, Needs, Today, World)

"It's always the generals with the bloodiest records who are the first to shout what a hell it is. And it's always the war widows who lead the Memorial Day parades."
- Paddy Chayefsky
(Related: War, Day, First, Hell, Widows)

"Animals awaken, first facially, then bodily. Men's bodies wake before their faces do. The animal sleeps within its body, man sleeps with his body in his mind."
- Malcolm De Chazal
(Related: Men, Animals, Body, Faces, First, Man, Mind)

"This doctrine of Christ and of the apostles, from which the true faith of the primitive church was received, the apostles at first delivered orally, without writing, but later, not by any human counsel but by the will of God, they handed it on in the Scriptures."
- Martin Chemnitz
(Related: Faith, God, Church, Christ, Doctrine, First, Will, Writing)

"In the first place, our faith ought to lay hold on Christ as God and man in that nature by which He has been made our neighbor, kinsman, and brother."
- Martin Chemnitz
(Related: Faith, Nature, Brother, God, Christ, First, Man)

"Thus first of all in His own person He sanctified, restored, and blessed human nature."
- Martin Chemnitz
(Related: Nature, First, Human nature)

"Expecting to be able to get rid of the competitive drive, first of all, flies in the face of human nature - and little girls certainly have this drive, as much as little boys do, or at least the little girls I have observed in my immediate family have it."
- Lynne Cheney
(Related: Family, Nature, Boys, First, Flies, Girls, Human nature)

"I'm not sure when I first knew that I was gay."
- Mary Cheney
(Related: First, Gay)

"Women have to harness their power - its absolutely true. It's just learning not to take the first no. And if you can't go straight ahead, you go around the corner."
- Cher
(Related: Power, Women, First, Learning)

"For the very first time, viewers will be able to watch their favorite shows before the rest of the world."
- Peter Chernin
(Related: Time, Favorite, First, Rest, Will, World)

"When I was singing Jamie's Cryin', people were going out of their mind because it was the first time they got to see Eddie, Michael and Alex play those songs. That was a thrill."
- Gary Cherone
(Related: Time, People, First, Mind, Play, Singing, Songs)

"My favorite Extreme records were the last two. I can't listen to the first one."
- Gary Cherone
(Related: Extreme, Favorite, First)

"Well, I think first of all there was a failure to have real, clear information at our disposal. There was a real lack of situational awareness. We didn't have the capabilities on the ground to give us real-time, accurate assessments of the physical condition of the city."
- Michael Chertoff
(Related: Failure, Awareness, First, Information)

"So, all during the '90s and, you know, for the first half of this decade, we had opportunities to get evacuation plans in place, better communications in place."
- Michael Chertoff
(Related: First)

"First, we did rank everybody by risk, and New York comes out number one."
- Michael Chertoff
(Related: First, Rank, Risk)

"First and foremost, I consider myself a songwriter."
- Kenny Chesney
(Related: First)

"He makes people pleased with him by making them first pleased with themselves."
- Lord Chesterfield
(Related: People, First)

"Vice, in its true light, is so deformed, that it shocks us at first sight; and would hardly ever seduce us, if it did not at first wear the mask of some virtue."
- Lord Chesterfield
(Related: Virtue, First, Light, Sight, Vice)

"I had done everything I could do as an astronaut, and we have a long line of inexperienced astronauts waiting for their first missions, and so my role really should be to step aside and help them prepare for their missions, rather than to try to get another mission."
- Leroy Chiao
(Related: First, Help, Mission, Waiting)

"First, this isn't about telecommuting, because we still have offices that people will come to regularly when they need to brainstorm together, meet with clients, or do research in the library."
- Jay Chiat
(Related: People, Clients, First, Research, Will)

"Transferring successfully to the next generation means producing work that's as good as or better than the work of the first generation that founded the agency."
- Jay Chiat
(Related: Work, First)

"So, how to stay inside the world of entertainment without actually getting another job? I felt the only logical answer was to become a novelist. So I wrote the first book - driven by some very real feelings of desperation - and it worked."
- Lee Child
(Related: Feelings, Desperation, Entertainment, First, Job, World)

"It's a tough case and the first time Reacher needs to recruit somebody to help him out. He uses a woman he knew in the army she's a fascinating character."
- Lee Child
(Related: Time, Character, Army, First, Help, Needs, Woman)

"I write in the afternoon, from about 12 until 6 or 7. I use an upstairs room as my office. Once I get going I keep at it, and it usually takes about six months from the first blank screen until 'The End.'"
- Lee Child
(Related: End, First, Months, Office)

"I had been coming to America very frequently for many, many years, so I had plenty of exposure - and maybe the best kind of exposure, because I think first impressions are very important. Maybe I notice stuff that is just subliminal to people who live here all the time."
- Lee Child
(Related: Time, People, America, First, Years)

"I guess that my life has been a series of flukes in the record business. The first thing I ever did was the biggest record that I'll ever have."
- Alex Chilton
(Related: Life, Business, First)

"We won a contest at the teen fair in Vancouver and the first prize was a recording contract and we recorded at a radio station on the stairway, and we did a record and it got put out."
- Tommy Chong
(Related: Teen, First)

"I first became interested in women and religion when I was one of the few women doing graduate work in Religious Studies at Yale University in the late 1960's."
- Carol P. Christ
(Related: Religion, Women, Work, First, Religious, University)

"At first the ancient images of the Goddess did not interest me."
- Carol P. Christ
(Related: First, Interest)

"Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone."
- Jesus Christ
(Related: First, Sin)

"Good stories flow like honey. Bad stories stick in the craw. A bad story? One that cannot be absorbed on the first time of reading."
- Arthur Christiansen
(Related: Time, First, Reading)

"Too much mercy... often resulted in further crimes which were fatal to innocent victims who need not have been victims if justice had been put first and mercy second."
- Agatha Christie
(Related: First, Justice, Mercy, Victims)

"Given my last position, that I was the first U.S attorney post 9/11 in New Jersey, I understand acutely the pain and sorrow and upset of the family members who lost loved ones that day at the hands of radical Muslim extremists. And their sensitivities and concerns have to be taken into account."
- Chris Christie
(Related: Family, Muslim, Day, First, Pain, Post, Radical, Sorrow)

"If we make the tough decisions now, we will be one year ahead of 80 percent of the states in the race to economic growth. If we fail to act, we will fall even further behind... by going first, we can become first."
- Chris Christie
(Related: Growth, Act, Decisions, First, Now, Race, states, Will)

"The little things that made up the fabric of the first six years of my life were suddenly ripped away, and I didn't have anyone around me who loved me. Not one single person."
- Julie Christie
(Related: Life, First, Years)

"My first love is the sport, and it will always be my priority."
- Linford Christie
(Related: Love, First, First love, Will)

"I've often wondered about people that come to the profession late in life. I've wanted to be an actor since the first grade. I watched a play being performed by the third grade class, and it was... magic."
- William Christopher
(Related: Life, People, Actor, Being, Class, First, Magic, Play, Profession)

"Geometry was the first exciting course I remember."
- Steven Chu
(Related: First, Geometry)

"During the election in 1989, there was the first Soviet election with alternative candidates to local government. I myself arranged special training for them."
- Anatoly Chubais
(Related: Government, First, Training)

"In 1995 the whole political situation was very complicated. I was the first deputy prime minister, and at the same time I had very low influence in the government."
- Anatoly Chubais
(Related: Government, Time, First, Influence)

"For instance, he says I let him play golf, and he says, he lets me be miserable in my job. Now - that doesn't quite sound right, does it? But nonetheless, I think for the first time in my life, I'm not going to be miserable in my life when I come and work at CNN."
- Connie Chung
(Related: Life, Time, Work, First, Golf, Job, Now, Play, Right, Sound)

"It was quite natural - the first day I got to the set I was really nervous, but I loved the whole experience."
- Charlotte Church
(Related: Experience, Day, First)

"In examining the CIA's past and present use of the U.S. media, the Committee finds two reasons for concern. The first is the potential, inherent in covert media operations, for manipulating or incidentally misleading the American public."
- Frank Church
(Related: American, Committee, Concern, First, Media, Misleading, Past, Potential, Present, Public)

"When I moved to L.A. in 1989, the very first thing I did was this horrific pilot called To Protect And Surf."
- Thomas Haden Church
(Related: First)

"Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of champagne; knowing him was like drinking it."
- Winston Churchill
(Related: Drinking, First, Meeting)

"Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities... because it is the quality which guarantees all others."
- Winston Churchill
(Related: Quality, Courage, First)

"The first quality that is needed is audacity."
- Winston Churchill
(Related: Quality, First)

"If any of you have seen my shows, you know that I don't skimp on them and the same is true for the gym. We spend what it takes to make a globally first-class gym."
- Madonna Ciccone
(Related: First)

"Our first intuitions are the true ones."
- Emile M. Cioran
(Related: First)

"Negation is the mind's first freedom, yet a negative habit is fruitful only so long as we exert ourselves to overcome it, adapt it to our needs; once acquired it can imprison us."
- Emile M. Cioran
(Related: Habit, Negative, First, Freedom, Mind, Needs)

"I was one of the first generations to watch television. TV exposes people to news, to information, to knowledge, to entertainment. How is it bad?"
- Tom Clancy
(Related: People, Knowledge, Entertainment, First, Generations, Information, News, Television)

"Yeah, it is, because it's a real discovery of your inner resources, you know. That's what my character is all about and what my playing is all about. But to get up there and just go inside and draw out something that makes you feel good first and foremost."
- Eric Clapton
(Related: Character, Discovery, First)

"The first one was quite cheap, but that was expensive for us. For my folks to buy on the Never Never. It was quite, you know, a rare object to have and I gained quite a lot of status by having this."
- Eric Clapton
(Related: First)

"Leave bands, go back to obscurity if I choose to, without a great sense of loss of security because it's all been based on the fact that I did it on my own or was doing, enjoying doing it on my own in the first place."
- Eric Clapton
(Related: Fact, First, Loss, Obscurity, Security, Sense)

"It's just something I've always done. In South Texas, the first guitar you get is a Mexican guitar. And the first one I got, the first thing I did was take it apart."
- Guy Clark
(Related: First, Guitar)

"All gut strings. That's just the first kind of guitar I played, it was a nylon string guitar. And to me, it's the purest form of guitar making, and I just enjoy doing it."
- Guy Clark
(Related: First, Guitar)

"The first issue to be settled is whether socialism has a right to exist Are its allegations concerning the present system true? Is industry proceeding on a principle of fraud? I wish to test the power of recent economic theory to give an exact answer to this question."
- John Bates Clark
(Related: Power, First, Fraud, Present, Question, Right, Socialism, Theory)

"The Navy's paid for you to go through school, and then they need doctors to go out and take care of people who are in various different parts of the world. I decided to pay back my time first as an undersea medical officer. I was stationed in Scotland."
- Laurel Clark
(Related: Medical, Time, People, Care, Doctors, First, Navy, School, Scotland, World)

"This has been a great experience for me. The first couple of days you don't always feel too well. You adjust to the fluid shifting, how to fly through space without hitting things or anybody else. But then you get in a groove."
- Laurel Clark
(Related: Experience, First, Space)

"The first four months of writing the book, my mental image is scratching with my hands through granite. My other image is pushing a train up the mountain, and it's icy, and I'm in bare feet."
- Mary Higgins Clark
(Related: Feet, First, Months, Writing)

"Our first concern is the security of the lawyers because without security you can't possibly have a fair trial, if trial at all, and that's not been adequately attended to."
- Ramsey Clark
(Related: Concern, First, Lawyers, Security)

"This is the first age that's ever paid much attention to the future, which is a little ironic since we may not have one."
- Arthur C. Clarke
(Related: Age, Attention, First, Future, May)

"A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson."
- John Henrik Clarke
(Related: Attention, First)

"I always try to approach character first and foremost viscerally."
- Patricia Clarkson
(Related: Character, First)

"When mankind first saw the necessity of government, it is probable that many had conceived the desire of ruling."
- Thomas Clarkson
(Related: Government, Desire, First, Mankind, Necessity)

"It appears first, that liberty is a natural, and government an adventitious right, because all men were originally free."
- Thomas Clarkson
(Related: Government, Men, First, Liberty, Right)

"In spring they lie flat at the first warmth, they ruin my summer and in autumn they smell of women."
- Hugo Claus
(Related: Women, Lie, Autumn, First, Ruin, Spring, Summer)

"Two qualities are indispensable: first, an intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner light which leads to truth; and second, the courage to follow this faint light wherever it may lead."
- Karl Von Clausewitz
(Related: Truth, Courage, First, Intellect, Light, May)

"Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior."
- Karl Von Clausewitz
(Related: Quality, Courage, First)

"There's no environment. Use your imagination. There's no fourth wall, whether it's the first time you've told this story about her life, or the sixth time."
- Jill Clayburgh
(Related: Time, Imagination, Life, Environment, First)

"It was an exciting time for me personally because the number of times I've been to the playoffs, that was the opportunity to obtain the first ring. That was special, that's for sure."
- Roger Clemens
(Related: Time, Opportunity, First)

"When I look back at the tapes, your first everything, your first All-Star Game, your first playoff experience, it just seems like it went by really fast."
- Roger Clemens
(Related: Experience, First)

"It's a matter of choosing what is most important to you and putting that first. Once you have recognized your true purpose in life, this becomes much easier."
- Clarence Clemons
(Related: Life, Purpose, First)

"At the unveiling at the White House of the presidential portrait, President Bush pointed out that Hillary Clinton was the first sitting Senator in history to have her portrait hanging in the White House."
- Eleanor Clift
(Related: History, First, President)

"I know that I'm going to have to work hard, keep working hard, and not because of this victory think, "I'm back." I don't think like that. I'll definitely work hard. Things are not going to be easy. I might lose first round next week. You never know."
- Kim Clijsters
(Related: Work, Victory, First)

"I'd like to do my first record I ever made, A Church, a Courtroom, and Then Goodbye."
- Patsy Cline
(Related: Church, First, Goodbye)

"Well, first of all, I think that a lot of the voters who are voting for the tea party candidates have really good impulses. That is, they believe that for years and years and years, the people with wealth and power or government power have done well and ordinary people have not. That's true."
- William J. Clinton
(Related: Government, Power, People, Wealth, First, Impulses, Party, Tea, Voting, Years)

"My plan after office is to get up and spend that entire first day helping my wife move into her new senatorial office."
- William J. Clinton
(Related: Wife, Day, First, Office)

"You make a lot of films, do you? You make a lot of films yourself? Yeah, I'd like to see you make a film first before you get to talk about it. What a jerk."
- George Clooney
(Related: Film, First, Talk)

"I wanted to translate from one flat surface to another. In fact, my learning disabilities controlled a lot of things. I don't recognize faces, so I'm sure it's what drove me to portraits in the first place."
- Chuck Close
(Related: Faces, Fact, First, Learning, Portraits)

"If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask someone else first."
- Kurt Cobain
(Related: First)

"I'm too busy acting like I'm not Naive. I've seen it all, I was here first."
- Kurt Cobain
(Related: Acting, First)

"The base paths belonged to me, the runner. The rules gave me the right. I always went into a bag full speed, feet first. I had sharp spikes on my shoes. If the baseman stood where he had no business to be and got hurt, that was his fault."
- Ty Cobb
(Related: Business, Fault, Feet, First, Hurt, Right, Rules)

"It was the desire to do the complete thing. I only took taking acting lessons because my whole thing, really, was to direct. But my first jobs were acting jobs."
- James Coburn
(Related: Acting, Desire, First, Jobs)

"First job I went out on in new York I got, and when I came back, the first job I went out on, I got."
- James Coburn
(Related: First, Job)

"Republicans should simply focus on first principles and give the American people what they want - an honest party dedicated to common sense, fiscal responsibility and limited government. If we govern to save the country, we'll do well as a party."
- Tom Coburn
(Related: Government, People, American, Common sense, Country, First, Focus, Party, Principles, Republicans, Responsibility, Want)

"I think if you're a good songwriter, that's what you are first - not a star or celebrity."
- Tom Cochrane
(Related: Celebrity, First)

"The First Law of Journalism: to confirm existing prejudice, rather than contradict it."
- Alexander Cockburn
(Related: First, Law, Prejudice)

"They keep telling us that in war truth is the first casualty, which is nonsense since it implies that in times of peace truth stays out of the sick bay or the graveyard."
- Alexander Cockburn
(Related: Peace, War, Truth, First, Nonsense)

"I did a lot of writing for a lot of different kinds of bands that I was in and out of during those five years and that left me with a little body of songs that I liked better when I played alone, so I ended up going out solo and very soon made my first album."
- Bruce Cockburn
(Related: Body, First, Songs, Writing, Years)

"The instinct of nearly all societies is to lock up anybody who is truly free. First, society begins by trying to beat you up. If this fails, they try to poison you. If this fails too, the finish by loading honors on your head."
- Jean Cocteau
(Related: Society, First, Instinct, Poison, Trying)

"Commissions suit me. They set limits. Jean Marais dared me to write play in which he would not speak in the first act, would weep for joy in the second and in the last would fall backward down a flight of stairs."
- Jean Cocteau
(Related: Act, First, Joy, Limits, Play, Stairs)

"Postpartum depression is a very real and very serious problem for many mothers. It can happen to a first time mom or a veteran mother. It can occur a few days... or a few months after childbirth."
- Richard J. Codey
(Related: Mom, Time, Mother, Depression, First, Months, Mothers)

"And when you see it the first time you put the film together, the roughest cut, is when you want to go home and open up your veins and get in a warm tub and just go away. And then it gradually, maybe, works its way back, somewhere toward that spot you were at before."
- Joel Coen
(Related: Home, Time, Film, First, Open, Want)

"The characters are the result of two things-first, we elaborate them into fairly well-defined people through their dialogue, then they happen all over again, when the actor interprets them."
- Joel Coen
(Related: People, Actor, Result)

"The point at which we worked with some of these actors, they weren't really stars yet. Nicolas Cage was not a big star when we did Raising Arizona. A lot of these people were also virtually unknown, too, when we worked with them first."
- Joel Coen
(Related: People, Actors, First, Stars)

"The first profile piece on myself came about after my Rabbi sent information to the Jewish Chronicle on what I was up to. The story was then picked up by one of the nationals and things grew from there."
- Benjamin Cohen
(Related: First, Information)

"I didn't kill anyone that didn't deserve killing in the first place."
- Mickey Cohen
(Related: First, Killing)

"I want to be the first lady to land a quadruple jump in competition. As I grow older, I know that my skating style will develop and mature."
- Sasha Cohen
(Related: Competition, First, Lady, Land, Style, Want, Will)

"I was born with this. It's a hereditary genetic condition. This is something you can go your whole life without really knowing that something's wrong. I had high blood pressure, and that was the first sign."
- Steven Cojocaru
(Related: Life, Blood, First, Pressure, Wrong)

"You cannot be responsible for salvation until first you've been responsible for sin."
- Edwin Louis Cole
(Related: First, Salvation, Sin)

"I was a little nervous coming in mostly because my first scene was with Martin Sheen, who I'm a huge fan of."
- Gary Cole
(Related: First, Martin)

"Forgive your enemies, but first get even."
- Lester Cole
(Related: Enemies, First)

"We're doing a workshop over the first two weeks of December, I believe, with Graciella Daniele directing it."
- Cy Coleman
(Related: December, First)

"Then I took 8 years of French Horn, first jazz, and then classical."
- Jim Coleman
(Related: First, Jazz, Years)

"First, I'm trying to edit down about 7 hours of material which I made prior to the Cop days and find some way to get it out. This stuff is pretty out there, mostly sonic collages and tape manipulations."
- Jim Coleman
(Related: First, Pretty, Trying)

"When I get recognized, every time feels like the first time."
- Monique Coleman
(Related: Time, First)

"I've been playing with Blackwell over 20 years. We used to play when I first went to Los Angeles. Blackwell plays the drums as if he's playing a wind instrument. Actually, he sounds more like a talking drum."
- Ornette Coleman
(Related: First, Play, Talking, Wind, Years)

"Jealousy is not at all low, but it catches us humbled and bowed down, at first sight."
- Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
(Related: First, Jealousy, Sight)

"On this narrow planet, we have only the choice between two unknown worlds. One of them tempts us - ah! what a dream, to live in that! - the other stifles us at the first breath."
- Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
(Related: Dream, Choice, First)

"That was the most exciting period, I think: at first, when you get the success on that really large scale."
- Phil Collen
(Related: Success, First)

"The first essentials, of course, is to know what you want."
- Robert Collier
(Related: First, Want)

"Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. But the first essential is that you begin. Once the battle is startled, all that is within and without you will come to your assistance."
- Robert Collier
(Related: Battle, First, Mind, Will)

"The first principle of success is desire - knowing what you want. Desire is the planting of your seed."
- Robert Collier
(Related: Success, Desire, First, Want)

"Do not copy my style! The first rule of writing is write about what you know, not what you think you know. So, think about what you've done in your life and write about that."
- Jackie Collins
(Related: Life, First, Writing)

"I was never confident about finishing a book, but friends encouraged me. When I finished my first book, it was accepted by a publisher right away and became an instant bestseller. One male critic called it the most shocking book he ever read."
- Jackie Collins
(Related: First, Friends, Right)

"The first is that instead of writing a sequel, which is what most people do, this is in fact a prequel. Although we didn't know that when we began the process."
- James Collins
(Related: People, Fact, First, Writing)

"And then I wrote my first autobiography when I - well, it was 23 years ago. And since then I've written about one book every two years."
- Joan Collins
(Related: Autobiography, First, Years)

"I'm older than my sister so I started writing first. I started writing at school. I was always top of my class in composition, essays, English Lit and all of that."
- Joan Collins
(Related: Sister, Class, English, First, School, Writing)

"I feel so very grateful to have the voice God gave me. It takes a lot of rest and training to sing, and I was lucky that I found a great teacher when I first moved to New York."
- Judy Collins
(Related: God, First, Rest, Training, Voice)

"Let every man or woman here, if you never hear me again, remember this, that if you wish to be great at all, you must begin where you are and with what you are. He who would be great anywhere must first be great in his own Philadelphia."
- Kitty O'Neill Collins
(Related: First, Man, Woman)

"In Genesis we saw ourselves as song-writers. After Peter Gabriel left I was the first to say: 'It's OK - we can just do instrumentals.'"
- Phil Collins
(Related: First, Song)

"I can't remember much about the early flights, except that it was ages before we got into First Class."
- Phil Collins
(Related: Class, First)

"It is incumbent upon us to respond to the unique needs of military women and ensure they receive proper care during the first year following childbirth."
- Susan Collins
(Related: Women, Care, First, Military, Needs)

"Italian girls are famous for being snobby and expecting men to make the first move. In America, if I don't make eye contact, the guys won't come over and talk. American girls just go for it. You men are spoiled."
- Silvia Colloca
(Related: Men, America, American, Being, Eye, Famous, First, Girls, Talk)

"The first 20 stories written about a public figure set the tone for the next 2,000 and it is almost impossible to reverse it."
- Charles W. Colson
(Related: First, Public)

"The first requisite for success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem incessantly without growing weary."
- Charles Caleb Colton
(Related: Success, Ability, First)

"There are two way of establishing a reputation, one to be praised by honest people and the other to be accused by rogues. It is best, however, to secure the first one, because it will always be accompanied by the latter."
- Charles Caleb Colton
(Related: People, First, Reputation, Will)

"I think I was first awakened to musical exploration by Dizzy Gillespie and Bird. It was through their work that I began to learn about musical structures and the more theoretical aspects of music."
- John Coltrane
(Related: Music, Work, Exploration, First)

"I consider myself as a singer first, but something that really helped me come into my own is that there's not a separation between me singing and me playing the guitar. The two fed off the other."
- Shawn Colvin
(Related: First, Guitar, Separation, Singing)

"Of course, most people remember that I received the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics competition."
- Nadia Comaneci
(Related: People, Competition, First)

"I have had a few turning points, the first day I entered a gymnastics school at age 6."
- Nadia Comaneci
(Related: Age, Day, First, School)

"The interval allowed was only five minutes, at the end of which I resumed the lecture; but so refreshing was the effects of the brief rest and, above all, the admission of pure air, that during the second hour the attention was as completely sustained as during the first."
- George Combe
(Related: Attention, End, First, Rest)

"I requested the gentlemen to put on their hats, and the ladies their shawls, to avoid catching cold, and then had the windows widely opened. This proceeding caused some astonishment and alarm at first; for the Americans generally have a dread of cold air."
- George Combe
(Related: Americans, First, Ladies, Gentlemen, Windows)

"When you become a mom you just learn how to function sleep deprived and you do get used to it. I came back to work when Finley was three months old and the first few months were rough. Then somehow you learn to exist on no sleep and now when he does upon occasion sleep through the night, which is like a full six hours, you're pretty sure he's suffocating. So you don't sleep anyway."
- Holly Marie Combs
(Related: Mom, Work, First, Months, Night, Now, Old, Pretty, Sleep)

"My mother's very proud of the name she gave me. She thought it sounded rhythmically better. It doesn't really make a difference to me what people call me, but since my mother calls me Holly Marie when she's angry, I prefer just my first name."
- Holly Marie Combs
(Related: Mother, Thought, People, Difference, First, Holly, Name)

"You know, I've done this show for six years, and this could be the first time that I had a person that actually got no points, and I think it's a damn fine way to go out. I thought I was a loser until you walked up here; you made me feel like a man."
- Ray Combs
(Related: Time, Thought, First, Man, Years)

"I'm real excited about being on CBS and hosting this show. I have been studying all of the great CBS shows. I think I'm prepared, so if you're ready, let's have the first item up for bids."
- Ray Combs
(Related: Being, First)

"The first law of ecology is that everything is related to everything else."
- Barry Commoner
(Related: Ecology, First, Law)

"My first feeling about the paper and the attitude is that it is absurd."
- Arthur Holly Compton
(Related: Attitude, Feeling, First)

"First of all, just knowing people who grew up in the movie business at that time, no one had Mexican maids."
- Bill Condon
(Related: Business, Time, People, First)

"While that wasn't first and foremost in my mind, you can't get into this without being struck, on one side, by how far we've come, and then the other side, by how little things have changed."
- Bill Condon
(Related: Being, First, Mind)

"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."
- Confucius
(Related: Experience, First, Imitation, May, Reflection)

"There are three methods to gaining wisdom. The first is reflection, which is the highest. The second is limitation, which is the easiest. The third is experience, which is the bitterest."
- Confucius
(Related: Experience, Wisdom, First, Reflection)

"The superior man makes the difficulty to be overcome his first interest; success only comes later."
- Confucius
(Related: Success, Difficulty, First, Interest, Man)

"The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools."
- Confucius
(Related: Life, Work, Diligence, Expectations, First, Tools)

"I think I would spend the first 30 weeks not writing, just clearing my head and seeing parts of the world I haven't seen and going back to places I have seen and love."
- Michael Connelly
(Related: Love, First, World, Writing)

"If Jesus was a Jew, how come he has a Mexican first name?"
- Billy Connolly
(Related: First, Name)

"Whom the gods wish to destroy they first call promising."
- Cyril Connolly
(Related: Gods, First)

"They talk of a man betraying his country, his friends, his sweetheart. There must be a moral bond first. All a man can betray is his conscience."
- Joseph Conrad
(Related: Conscience, Country, First, Friends, Man, Talk)

"The flight was extremely normal... for the first 36 seconds then after that got very interesting."
- Pete Conrad
(Related: First)

"Losing faith in your own singularity is the start of wisdom, I suppose; also the first announcement of death."
- Peter Conrad
(Related: Death, Faith, Wisdom, First, Losing)

"First things first, second things never."
- Shirley Conran
(Related: First)

"At first I wanted to be a jockey. I rode horses in Cleveland but I kept falling off and I was afraid of horses. So there wasn't much of a future in it."
- Tim Conway
(Related: First, Future, Horses)

"I sang for my family. And I think probably the first time I sang and got paid for it, I was about 6 or 7."
- Barbara Cook
(Related: Time, Family, First)

"When I first hit the scene, it was just a lot of go, go, go, go, go. I have a lot of natural energy anyway, but it was over the top."
- Dane Cook
(Related: Energy, First)

"We're still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution."
- Scott Cook
(Related: Day, First, Revolution, Internet)

"People, when they first come to America, whether as travelers or settlers, become aware of a new and agreeable feeling: that the whole country is their oyster."
- Alistair Cooke
(Related: People, America, Country, First)

"Promiscuity is like never reading past the first page. Monogamy is like reading the same book over and over."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: First, Past, Reading)

"First literature came to refer only to itself, the literary theory."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: First, Literary, Literature, Theory)

"I recorded my first jazz record in the '70s."
- Rita Coolidge
(Related: First, Jazz)

"Actually my first eight books were historical novels, but they were never published."
- Caroline B. Cooney
(Related: Books, First)

"When I first started editing GQ, it gave the impression of being, and in fact was, a gay magazine. There were female models in it and there were women on the cover, but the boys were always much, much more beautiful than the girls."
- Art Cooper
(Related: Women, Impression, Being, Boys, Fact, First, Gay, Girls)

"Remember the first rule of gunfighting... "have a gun.""
- Jeff Cooper
(Related: First)

"First, the year 2004, the year past, the Comptroller General of the United States, David A. Walker, said that arguably it was the worst year in American fiscal history, clearly setting our Nation on an unsustainable path."
- Jim Cooper
(Related: History, American, First, Nation, Past, states, United)

"It took the first 204 years of our Nation's history to accumulate $1 trillion in debt. And now we are doing that every 2 or 3 years."
- Jim Cooper
(Related: History, Debt, First, Nation, Now, Years)

"Take the veto. Bush is the first president since James Garfield in 1881 not to veto a single bill. Garfield only had six months in office; Bush has had over four years."
- Jim Cooper
(Related: First, Months, Office, President, Years)

"Therefore, in the course of the work I have followed this plan: I describe in the first book all the positions of the orbits together with the movements which I ascribe to the Earth, in order that this book might contain, as it were, the general scheme of the universe."
- Nicolaus Copernicus
(Related: Work, Earth, First, Order, Universe)

"First of all, we must note that the universe is spherical."
- Nicolaus Copernicus
(Related: First, Universe)

"It's not the case that carbon dioxide drives temperatures. When you leave Ice Ages, it's the other way around: The temperatures go up first, and then carbon dioxide levels go up."
- Piers Corbyn
(Related: First)

"The first year or so on The Daily Show is pretty intense in terms of travel. You're going to the worst places in the country, talking to the craziest people in the world."
- Rob Corddry
(Related: Travel, People, Country, First, Pretty, Talking, World)

"My dream was to be known as a writer and to be able to produce at least one book that would be read by people. That dream came true with the publication of my first novel - and all the rest has been a sweet bonus."
- Robert Cormier
(Related: People, Dream, First, Rest, Writer)

"The beautiful part of writing is that you don't have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon. You can always do it better, find the exact word, the apt phrase, the leaping simile."
- Robert Cormier
(Related: Time, First, Right, Word, Writing)

"Brave men are brave from the very first."
- Pierre Corneille
(Related: Men, First)

"A first impulse was never a crime."
- Pierre Corneille
(Related: Crime, First)

"Six months after that, I left Taiwan, first for Hong Kong and then for mainland China, where I spent another three months studying still more Chinese and generally kicking around the country."
- Eric Allin Cornell
(Related: Country, First, Months)

"My fellow students there were very smart, but the really novel thing was that they actually seemed to put a lot of effort into their school work. By the end of my first semester there, I began to get into that habit as well."
- Eric Allin Cornell
(Related: Work, Habit, Effort, End, First, School, Students)

"I sometimes wonder what would have happened if the first book had not sold... doesn't bear thinking about, but I suppose we'd have made it work somehow."
- Bernard Cornwell
(Related: Work, First, Thinking, Wonder)

"I remember my first show was a live TV show in Ireland, and I was just petrified. It was horrific."
- Caroline Corr
(Related: First, Ireland)

"Immortality is a long shot, I admit. But somebody has to be first."
- Bill Cosby
(Related: First, Immortality)

"Should we attempt border security first, which I believe we should, we still need to face the fact that comprehensive reform is necessary. This must include a guest worker program and dealing with the 11 million people who are here today that are contributing to our economy."
- Jim Costa
(Related: People, Economy, Fact, First, Guest, Reform, Security, Today)

"Well, T Bone's had a remarkable career as a producer since the time that we first worked together. He was dividing his time between recording and producing when we first met, and touring. We toured together and we were great friends."
- Elvis Costello
(Related: Time, Career, First, Friends, Remarkable)

"I'm a big fan of dreams. Unfortunately, dreams are our first casualty in life - people seem to give them up, quicker than anything, for a 'reality.'"
- Kevin Costner
(Related: Dreams, Life, People, First)

"The first thing I have to do to erase my French accent is think that it is actually possible, whereas for the moment, I think it's not. I have a lot of work."
- Marion Cotillard
(Related: Work, First)

"Clinton's attempt to socialize healthcare was the second most disgusting thing he did in the oval office. I can't remember was the first thing was."
- Ann Coulter
(Related: First, Healthcare, Office)

"Ironically, since Obama was elected, for the first time in my life I'm sometimes not proud of my country."
- Ann Coulter
(Related: Life, Time, Country, First)

"Life always kills you in the end, but first it prevents you from getting what you want."
- Doug Coupland
(Related: Life, End, First, Want)

"French was my first language."
- Bob Cousy
(Related: First, Language)

"Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out."
- Stephen Covey
(Related: Leadership, Discipline, Management, First)

"I'll go through life either first class or third, but never in second."
- Noel Coward
(Related: Life, Class, First)

"God the first garden made, and the first city Cain."
- Abraham Cowley
(Related: God, First, Garden)

"When David Arquette and I got engaged we started therapy together. I'd heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest, so we decided to work through all that stuff early."
- Courteney Cox
(Related: Marriage, Work, First, Therapy)

"When I first heard that song, it was a ballad but it had a lot more. It felt like a gospel song when I first heard it and it just moved me."
- Deborah Cox
(Related: First, Song)

"I have two favorite songs. My first is called 'Dance of The Robe' and it's a very powerful number where she is feeling the pressure from her people to take on the responsibility of leading them."
- Deborah Cox
(Related: People, Favorite, Feeling, First, Leading, Pressure, Responsibility, Songs)

"Life begins when a person first realizes how soon it will end."
- Marcelene Cox
(Related: Life, End, First, Will)

"If at first you don't succeed, blame your parents."
- Marcelene Cox
(Related: Blame, First, Parents, Succeed)

"When Blur first started and we were playing Manchester the Hacienda was the place to go. That was where a lot of exciting stuff was happening and London was pretty dead."
- Graham Coxon
(Related: First, London, Pretty)

"Kennedy invited us into the White House-the first time in the history of the White House picketers had been invited inside. This made front page headlines."
- Peter Coyote
(Related: History, Time, First)

"Laws protecting the United States flag do not cut away at the freedom of speech guaranteed in the First Amendment... Congress made this position clear upon passage of the Flag Protection Act of 1989, which prohibited desecration of the flag."
- Larry Craig
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"Plus, I was a math and science whiz from my first introduction to the subjects."
- David Crane
(Related: Science, First)

"I certainly respect privacy and privacy rights. But on the other hand, the first function of government is to guarantee the security of all the people."
- Phil Crane
(Related: Government, People, First, Rights, Privacy, Respect, Security)

"I always enjoyed politics. I worked at the White House recently, primarily for the First Lady. Because of my experience running my travel agency, I was in charge of the files she kept on the Travel Office."
- Joseph Force Crater
(Related: Experience, Travel, Politics, First, Lady, Office, Running)

"I learned to take the first job that you have in the business that you want to get into. It doesn't matter what that job is, you get your foot in the door."
- Wes Craven
(Related: Business, First, Job, Want)

"The first monster you have to scare the audience with is yourself."
- Wes Craven
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"It's important for moms to have alone time. However, that's the first thing that goes on a busy day. Fortunately for me, because of my job, I have to find the time to do it. At least that's the way my mind sees it."
- Cindy Crawford
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"First you wonder if they're separate stories, but no, they're not, they're contingent stories and they form a pattern. And you begin with some of the island as the place to which the heroine of the book returns."
- Robert Creeley
(Related: First, Wonder)

"Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled."
- Michael Crichton
(Related: Debate, First)

"Donald Beardslee is set for execution this week in California. His crimes were about twenty years ago, but it will be the first execution in California in quite some time."
- Catherine Crier
(Related: Time, Execution, First, Will, Years)

"We were flying on a winged vehicle that would do reentry different than we had ever done before. So all of those were firsts. Test pilots truly love firsts."
- Robert Crippen
(Related: Love, Flying)

"If you want to go into space first time on a new vehicle that's never been flown, you want to go with a pro."
- Robert Crippen
(Related: Time, First, Space, Want)

"Having the opportunity to fly the first flight of something like a space shuttle was the ultimate test flight."
- Robert Crippen
(Related: Opportunity, First, Space)

"India has indeed a great and free future before her, in which she can make her special contribution to the well-being of mankind. The first and indispensable part of that contribution is to work with the United Nations for the defeat of fascism and of brutal aggression."
- Stafford Cripps
(Related: Work, Aggression, Defeat, Fascism, First, Future, Mankind, Nations, United)

"There are three reasons for becoming a writer: the first is that you need the money; the second that you have something to say that you think the world should know; the third is that you can't think what to do with the long winter evenings."
- Quentin Crisp
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"There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn't get any worse."
- Quentin Crisp
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