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"I am a quick study - I can memorize a script in an hour - but I can't remember a name three seconds. I've even forgotten my wife's name on occasion."
- Don Adams
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"I want to feel passion, I want to feel pain. I want to weep at the sound of your name. Come make me laugh, come make me cry... just make me feel alive."
- Joey Lauren Adams
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"Therefore I do pray and entreat you in the name of Jesus Christ to do so much as to make my being here in Japan known to my poor wife, in a manner a widow and my two children fatherless; which thing only is my greatest grief of heart and conscience."
- Will Adams
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"Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue."
- Joseph Addison
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"I cried when I found out I was a finalist, I kind of went limp when they called my name. I felt like my spirit jumped out of my body, and I was just flesh - it was just amazing."
- Naima Adedapo
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"It wasn't glamorous in my day. In the regions, reporters were seen as such low life that they didn't merit their name in the Radio Times. Now people are interested in being famous. I never gave it a thought."
- Kate Adie
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"In English we must use adjectives to distinguish the different kinds of love for which the ancients had distinct names."
- Mortimer Adler
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"The most powerful person is he who is able to do least himself and burden others most with the things for which he lends his name and pockets the credit."
- Theodor Adorno
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"Well, you know, I've bonded with a lot of people over the years, you know. We played the same tournaments year after year and we go back to the same place and many times the seats have been full and that has meant the world to me for sure."
- Andre Agassi
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"But, I would say when I was four years old and I was at the Alan King Tennis Tournament and I was hitting with all the pros that would come to town. They would get me on the court or take notice and that stayed with me."
- Andre Agassi
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"I'm going to go down swinging... I'm sure as heck not going to go home and say I had a bad tournament."
- Andre Agassi
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"Not every man remembers the name of the cow which supplied him with each drop of milk he has drunk."
- Shmuel Y. Agnon
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"If DreamWorks and Disney need that name to sell the cartoon and get people in the seats, that's what they need. It's not fair, but there's plenty of other work for us to do."
- Carlos Alazraqui
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"I went to the Academy and studied with Stuck who was then a big man. But didn't interest me. I didn't know that before me there was Kandinsky and Klee who had also studied with Stuck. He had a good name at that time."
- Josef Albers
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"This is a story about a man named Eddie and it begins at the end, with Eddie dying in the sun."
- Mitch Albom
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"Our notion of the perfect society embraces the family as its center and ornament, and this paradise is not secure until children appear to animate and complete the picture."
- Amos Bronson Alcott
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"Let my name stand among those who are willing to bear ridicule and reproach for the truth's sake, and so earn some right to rejoice when the victory is won."
- Louisa May Alcott
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"Almost everybody that's well-known gets tagged with a nickname."
- Alan Alda
"It is more difficult to designate this form of conation on its practical side by a satisfactory name."
- Samuel Alexander
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"We should remember that there was once a discipline called natural philosophy. Unfortunately, this discipline seems not to exist today. It has been renamed science, but science of today is in danger of losing much of the natural philosophy aspect."
- Hannes Alfven
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"Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams - they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do - they all contain truths."
- Muhammad Ali
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"Worldly fame is but a breath of wind that blows now this way, and now that, and changes name as it changes direction."
- Dante Alighieri
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"Even though some in our government may claim that civil liberties must be compromised in order to protect the public, we must be wary of what we are giving up in the name of fighting terrorism."
- Lucille Roybal Allard
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"Saddam Hussein's trial would not be public since he could name countries and persons whom he gave money."
- Iyad Allawi
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"I always have trouble remembering three things: faces, names, and - I can't remember what the third thing is."
- Fred Allen
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"You know, I think when I reflect on it, I think there's certainly a sense of history. When you have ambitions to play this game, you want to be one of the best ever, and you want to play so well and be so effective that you want people to remember your name 100 years from now."
- Marcus Allen
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"To be a winner of that, and to fall in the long line of traditional great backs at USC, to have your name in perpetuity, the fact that your parents are like icons... that's the greatest thing."
- Marcus Allen
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"Naming a transition team varies with the intentions of the candidate; some candidates have been careful to name a transition team as much as a year in advance."
- Richard V. Allen
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"If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank."
- Woody Allen
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"Rock'n'roll has to be destroyed and rebuilt in my name if it's ever gonna accomplish anything."
- GG Allin
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"I look in music magazines now and see things on Luther Allison, and my name's getting out there more, thanks to all the good people at Alligator Records and at my management company."
- Luther Allison
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"But in a tournament, you can be said in for all your money at any point so you can't make any mistakes so you have to, it's all about where you're sitting at the table."
- Al Alvarez
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"Johnson had been the most powerful man in the world, yet the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong had resisted, overcome his power, broken his will."
- Stephen Ambrose
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"The only thing I ever withheld from the KGB were the names of two agents whom I personally had known and handled and had a particular feeling for."
- Aldrich Ames
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"When I handed over the names and compromised so many CIA agents in the Soviet Union, I had come to the conclusion that the loss of these sources to the U.S. would not compromise significant national defense, political, diplomatic interests."
- Aldrich Ames
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"I could have stopped it after they paid me the $50,000. I wouldn't even have had to go on to do more than I already had: just the double agents' names that I gave."
- Aldrich Ames
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"I handed over names and compromised so many CIA agents in the Soviet Union."
- Aldrich Ames
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"I knew quite well, when I gave the names of our agents in the Soviet Union, that I was exposing them to the full machinery of counterespionage and the law, and then prosecution and capital punishment."
- Aldrich Ames
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"My little scam in April '85 went like this: Give me $50,000; here's some names of some people we've recruited."
- Aldrich Ames
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"Observe which side resorts to the most vociferous name-calling and you are likely to have identified the side with the weaker argument and they know it."
- Charles R. Anderson
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"They are a fairly aggressive conservation organization that was started to protect the great whales particularly, but in general all marine life around the world. So those are the people I'm trying to attach my name to."
- Richard Dean Anderson
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"A myth is the name of a terrible lie told by a smelly little brown person to a man in a white suit with a pair of binoculars."
- David Antin
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"I think the show has sort of given me a name in this business and allowed a lot of people the opportunity to see what I can do, and it's just sort of like a sweet starting point."
- Shiri Appleby
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"The Masters is a very important tournament. You don't want to jeopardize your chances. The sponsors understand that."
- Stuart Appleby
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"We all say, 'You don't have to run around playing all these tournaments and trying to conquer the world like Dr. Evil.'"
- Stuart Appleby
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"I had to be at least 8 or 9; I was listening to everything on the radio. You name it, I heard every song."
- Tom Araya
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"Action without a name, a who attached to it, is meaningless."
- Hannah Arendt
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"Love is simply the name for the desire and the pursuit of the whole."
- Aristophanes
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"What the statesman is most anxious to produce is a certain moral character in his fellow citizens, namely a disposition to virtue and the performance of virtuous actions."
- Aristotle
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"Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity."
- Aristotle
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"Bashfulness is an ornament to youth, but a reproach to old age."
- Aristotle
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"So I had all the names, three names, and that's good to have on a soap."
- Joan Van Ark
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"I had started calling her Lucy shortly after we met; I didn't like the name Lucille. That's how our television show was called I Love Lucy, not Lucille."
- Desi Arnaz
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"This truth is a remedy against spiritual pride, namely, that none should account himself better before God than others, though perhaps adorned with greater gifts, and endowments."
- Johann Arndt
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"Home of lost causes, and forsaken beliefs, and unpopular names, and impossible loyalties!"
- Matthew Arnold
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"I look at myself objectively and in a way I see myself as a commodity. Your name becomes somehow outside yourself. Now, when I'm at home being Mrs. Scarfe, that's when I'm most myself."
- Jane Asher
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"Her name was called Lady Helena Herring and her age was 25 and she mated well with the earl."
- Daisy Ashford
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"I see myself more as an ambassador of the game. And I hope to bring chess to a higher level in the United States. Making bigger tournaments, more interesting events. Making it a respectable profession for young people to be able to pursue in the future."
- Maurice Ashley
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"These big-package releases. There should be a cute name for them."
- Julian Assange
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"Grant me the treasure of sublime poverty: permit the distinctive sign of our order to be that it does not possess anything of its own beneath the sun, for the glory of your name, and that it have no other patrimony than begging."
- Francis of Assisi
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"I technically have two last names, which is a lot of fun when you're making airline reservations."
- Mackenzie Astin
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"At my age the only problem is with remembering names. When I call everyone darling, it has damn all to do with passionately adoring them, but I know I'm safe calling them that. Although, of course, I adore them too."
- Richard Attenborough
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"The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love."
- Margaret Atwood
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"If I can procure three hundred good substantial names of persons, or bodies, or institutions, I cannot fail to do well for my family, although I must abandon my life to its success, and undergo many sad perplexities and perhaps never see again my own beloved America."
- John James Audubon
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"Nevertheless there are certain peaks, canons, and clear meadow spaces which are above all compassing of words, and have a certain fame as of the nobly great to whom we give no familiar names."
- Mary Austin
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"As we take our places in the General Assembly and at the Council meetings, let us begin all our work in the name of God, for the solution of all our problems is a spiritual one."
- Warren R. Austin
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"We can only learn to know ourselves and do what we can - namely, surrender our will and fulfill God's will in us."
- Saint Teresa of Avila
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"If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace."
- Gaston Bachelard
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"Studies serve for delight, for ornaments, and for ability."
- Francis Bacon
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"For my name and memory I leave to men's charitable speeches, and to foreign nations and the next ages."
- Francis Bacon
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"I'll be honest with you. My kids don't watch my movies and never have. I can maybe name a film one hand that they've seen, actually, all the way through."
- Kevin Bacon
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"Technique! The very word is like a shriek of outraged Art. It is the idiot name given to effort by those who are too weak, too weary, or too dull to play the game. The mighty have no theory of technique."
- Leonard Bacon
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"The theatre is a gross art, built in sweeps and over-emphasis. Compromise is its second name."
- Enid Bagnold
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"I think we always move from imitation to assimilation to innovation, but I can't name you 20 people outside those we've already recognized who ever got to point three: innovation."
- David Baker
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"I cannot consistently, with self respect, do other than I have, namely, to deliberately violate an act which seems to me to be a denial of everything which ideally and in practice I hold sacred."
- Roger Nash Baldwin
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"I think they are looking for publicity and they are looking for a name for themselves."
- David Baltimore
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"Models now need to promote themselves, think like businesswomen and diversify their careers by doing other things. Chances are very slim that a mere model will become a household name today."
- Tyra Banks
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"To name something is to wait for it in the place you think it will pass."
- Amiri Baraka
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"Kids are great. That's one of the best things about our business, all the kids you get to meet. It's a shame they have to grow up to be regular people and come to the games and call you names."
- Charles Barkley
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"We changed the names of our technical schools to colleges, we expanded the eligibility for HOPE scholarships for technical training, and we added some formula funding."
- Roy Barnes
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"The best way in the world to advertise is to get somebody else to run around with the name of your product on their person or showing it around somewhere and not only that but they're paying for it."
- Majel Barrett
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"Cartoonist was the weirdest name I finally let myself have. I would never say it. When I heard it I silently thought, what an awful word."
- Lynda Barry
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"If it is the duty of the State to educate, it is the duty of the State also to bear the burden of education, namely, the taxation out of which education is provided."
- Edmund Barton
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"First I shall name the eagle, of which there are three species: the great grey eagle is the largest, of great strength and high flight; he chiefly preys on fawns and other young quadrupeds."
- William Bartram
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"The name of my condition is Cartilage Hair Syndrome Hypoplasia, but you can just call me Billy."
- Billy Barty
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"I decided that I would be one of the biggest new names; and I actually had some little fancy business cards printed up to announce it, 'Count Basie. Beware, the Count is Here.'"
- Count Basie
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"I think it could be the biggest information problem that we face. 'If somebody is abroad and they even mention the name of an American citizen, bang, off goes the tap, and no more information is collected."
- Charles F. Bass
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"The IRS is currently considering a rule that would make it easier for tax preparers to disclose the private information contained in tax returns - including name, address, Social Security number, employer, income, and charitable donations."
- Melissa Bean
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"I don't even correct people when they mispronounce my name now."
- Ann Beattie
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"I could name a few songs and say exactly what summer they came out and what boy I thought I was in love with when I was fourteen years old, but I think that music used to be really more a part of the culture when people went out dancing in a different way than they do now."
- Ann Beattie
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"There are a lot of people who really abused sampling and gave it a bad name, by just taking people's entire hit songs and rapping over them. It gave publishers license to get a little greedy."
- Beck
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"'Hello my name is the Republican Party and I got a problem. I'm addicted to spending and big government.' I'd like one of them just to stand up and say that."
- Glenn Beck
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"The World Cup tournament overall and, naturally, the new stadiums at its heart, are the ideal platform to portray Germany as a positive and exceptional location, and above all of course, as a highly capable economic location."
- Franz Beckenbauer
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"A few years after my first son was born, he wanted to know how we chose his name, so I began reading him the story of Noah's Ark."
- Boris Becker
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"I go to my favourite tournament, I talk about my favourite sport and it's just a great month of parading."
- Boris Becker
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"We then went through the audition process and picked a guy named Richard Campbell and he is no secret to L.A. players as he was with Natalie Cole for years and Three Dog Night."
- Gerry Beckley
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"I know acts and I'm not going to name names but these people sold ten million copies the first time and the second album sells three million and it's considered a failure and they're dropped and that's really a shame."
- Gerry Beckley
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"It's the publicity function of Amnesty that I think has made its name so widely known, not only to readers in the world, but to governments - and that's what matters."
- Peter Benenson
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"I have fallen in love with American names, the sharp names that never get fat."
- Stephen Vincent Benet
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"I have a simple life. I mean, you just give me a drum roll, they announce my name, and I come out and sing. In my job I have a contract that says I'm a singer. So I sing."
- Tony Bennett
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"Experience is what you have after you've forgotten her name."
- Milton Berle
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"It's not name dropping, but not many people can say, like me, that they spent the day with the likes of Francis Bacon or that boring drunk Dylan Thomas. You don't forget things like that."
- Jeffrey Bernard
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"Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable."
- Leonard Bernstein
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"All of us are mad. If it weren't for the fact every one of us is slightly abnormal, there wouldn't be any point in giving each person a separate name."
- Ugo Betti
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"Though the names karma yoga and sannyasa are different, the truth at the heart of both is the same."
- Vinoba Bhave
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"I had a weird situation were someone used my name to extort money from a woman. He took her for 60 or 80 thousand dollars. He is in prison now. It was on Sally."
- Michael Biehn
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"Patriotism. Combustible rubbish ready to the torch of any one ambitious to illuminate his name."
- Ambrose Bierce
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"Clairvoyant, n.: A person, commonly a woman, who has the power of seeing that which is invisible to her patron - namely, that he is a blockhead."
- Ambrose Bierce
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"The small part of ignorance that we arrange and classify we give the name of knowledge."
- Ambrose Bierce
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"Since 1935, this has been a pay-as-you-go system, and I always believed when I first started talking about Social Security that there was a little box that had my name on it and it had my benefits for when I retired. That is not true."
- Judy Biggert
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"Without naming names, I think other movies look more realistic but they feel less real."
- Brad Bird
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"The thing about influence is that any composer worth anything will give you the same names."
- Harrison Birtwistle
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"I got married about three years ago again to a wonderful German woman. Her name is Monika and she is beautiful. She is one of the biggest women Zappa fans I have ever met in my life."
- Jimmy Carl Black
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"I went to work with a guy named Matt Fuller, who was a Mothers fan, and low and behold, Arthur was working for him also. We worked together for about six months and decided to strike out on our own."
- Jimmy Carl Black
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"The Royal Navy of England hath ever been its greatest defense and ornament; it is its ancient and natural strength; the floating bulwark of the island."
- William Blackstone
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"His imagination conceived and bore - worlds; but nothing in these worlds became alive until he discovered its true and living name. The name was the breath of life; and, sooner or later, he invariably found it."
- Algernon H. Blackwood
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"And so with all things: names were vital and important."
- Algernon H. Blackwood
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"The grave, dread thing! Men shiver when thou'rt named: Nature appalled, Shakes off her wonted firmness."
- Robert Blair
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"I have no name: I am but two days old. What shall I call thee? I happy am, Joy is my name. Sweet joy befall thee!"
- William Blake
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"A name doesn't make the music. It's just called that to differentiate it from other types of music."
- Art Blakey
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"I think my parents where high when they named me."
- Jolene Blalock
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"Poverty is everyone's problem. It cuts across any line you can name: age, race, social, geographic or religious. Whether you are black or white; rich, middle-class or poor, we are ALL touched by poverty."
- Kathleen Blanco
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"Any political party that undertakes to do it will, in God's name, be trampled, as it ought to be trampled, into the dust of condemnation, now and in the future."
- Richard Parks Bland
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"Liverpool have won everything but never a World Championship. I am sure in the future they will once again make the effort to win the tournament. They have had good rhythm in the Premier League this season."
- Sepp Blatter
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"As no outward motion or change, when normal, in man's external body can take place unless provoked by an inward impulse, given through one of the three functions named, so with the external or manifested Universe."
- H. P. Blavatsky
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"The ship was named the Bounty: I was appointed to command her on the 16th of August 1787."
- William Bligh
"I started out mopping floors, waiting tables, and tending bar at my dad's tavern. I put myself through school working odd jobs and night shifts. I poured my heart and soul into a small business. And when I saw how out-of-touch Washington had become with the core values of this great nation, I put my name forward and ran for office."
- John Boehner
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"You're not a star until they can spell your name in Karachi."
- Humphrey Bogart
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"In The Name of the King is the right title. To be honest, I don't know who had the final idea for the title but I liked it and it has a strong connection to the movie's story."
- Uwe Boll
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"One thing they never tell you about child raising is that for the rest of your life, at the drop of a hat, you are expected to know your child's name and how old he or she is."
- Erma Bombeck
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"There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed."
- Napoleon Bonaparte
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"It's not the name that makes the player. It's the player."
- Barry Bonds
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"Therefore, every country has to understand that fighting against international terrorism is not for the sake of the United States, but for the sake of themselves, and, to a larger extent, in the name of stability of international relations."
- Omar Bongo
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"I have lived through many major hurricanes during my lifetime: Camille, Frederic, and Ivan, to name just a very few. However, never have I seen destruction, panic, and fear on this massive scale."
- Jo Bonner
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"A sign of celebrity is that his name is often worth more than his services."
- Daniel J. Boorstin
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"Films and gramophone records, music, books and buildings show clearly how vigorously a man's life and work go on after his "death," whether we feel it or not, whether we are aware of the individual names or not. There is no such thing as death according to our view!"
- Martin Bormann
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"Even someone who works with me, like this girl who works with me, her name is Sue. She lives with me and holds the fort; she takes care of all these little things. She takes care of the money situation, and I would not be able to live without someone like that."
- Caprice Bourret
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"Sensitiveness is closely allied to egotism; and excessive sensibility is only another name for morbid self-consciousness. The cure for tender sensibilities is to make more of our objects and less of our selves."
- Christian Nestell Bovee
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"Yes, I've just bought a new horse, named Jedi."
- Bruce Boxleitner
"I know this golf tournament has my name on it but it's not about me. It's about the Louisiana Tech family. There is nothing greater than being a part of the Bulldog family."
- Terry Bradshaw
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"The reason I used a name was because I was a nurse at the time, and I didn't want my name in Timeout and people from working coming along and taking the piss."
- Jo Brand
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"One of the guys that used to run it - for some reason I've no idea why he used to call me the Sea Monster and I was just looking around for a name and thought that'll do. That lasted for a couple of years probably."
- Jo Brand
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"But when I was twelve years old I caught my first strong glimpse of one of the fundamental forces of existence, whose votary I was destined to be for life - namely, Beauty."
- Georg Brandes
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"The music industry is a strange combination of having real and intangible assets: pop bands are brand names in themselves, and at a given stage in their careers their name alone can practically gaurantee hit records."
- Richard Branson
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"Publishing a protocol under the name Atom that tries to capture all of the prior art in this stage and might provide a good basis for winding down the syndication wars."
- Tim Bray
(Related: Art, Name, Publishing)

"All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name."
- Andre Breton
(Related: Life, Heart, Name)

"First of all my real full name is Lloyd Vernet Bridges III."
- Beau Bridges
(Related: First, Name)

"You name the demonstration; I was at it."
- Susie Bright
(Related: Name)

"I had a hard time publishing my books in the beginning of my career, because editors were afraid what people would think of THEM, personally, if their name was associated with me."
- Susie Bright
(Related: Time, People, Beginning, Books, Career, Editors, Name, Publishing)

"The Crafty Cockney had a picture of the owner dressed up as a copper, so I brought it home, wore it on TV and the name just stuck."
- Eric Bristow
(Related: Home, Name)

"And I can't think of a reason I'd ever use a pseudonym, as I wouldn't want to publish something that I didn't like enough to put my name on it."
- Poppy Z. Brite
(Related: Name, Reason, Want)

"I had no real education because I was in and out of schools so I decided that I would completely change my look, change my image, change my name and move to New York."
- Morgan Brittany
(Related: Change, Education, Name, Schools)

"I thought I would keep the first name Susan and change the last name but I picked up this book and as I opened it the lead character in it was called Morgan Brittany."
- Morgan Brittany
(Related: Change, Thought, Character, First, Name)

"You're looking for players whose name on the front of the sweater is more important than the one on the back. I look for these players to play hard, to play smart and to represent their country."
- Herb Brooks
(Related: Country, Name, Play)

"Every human being has hundreds of separate people living under his skin. The talent of a writer is his ability to give them their separate names, identities, personalities and have them relate to other characters living with him."
- Mel Brooks
(Related: Talent, People, Ability, Being, Living, Names, Skin, Writer)

"My breakthrough as a reader was when I discovered the European adventure story writers - Alexander Dumas, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, to name a few."
- Terry Brooks
(Related: Adventure, Name, Writers)

"The market for short stories is hard to break into, but a magazine editor isn't always looking for big names with which to sell his magazine - they're more willing to try stories by newcomers, if those tales are good."
- Eric Brown
(Related: Names)

"You name it, we're out there with the latest and the best cutting edge."
- Helen Gurley Brown
(Related: Name)

"My son don't have to say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud. He don't have to be called those crazy names."
- James Brown
(Related: Son, Names)

"I named my new son James Joseph Brown II. I think he's going to be a lot better than I was."
- James Brown
(Related: Son)

"When the farmer can sell directly to the consumer, it is a more active process. There's more contact. The consumer can know, who am I buying this from? What's their name? Do they have a face? Is the food they are selling coming out of Mexico with pesticides?"
- Jerry Brown
(Related: Food, Selling, Buying, Name)

"Education is a wonderful thing. If you couldn't sign your name you'd have to pay cash."
- Rita Mae Brown
(Related: Education, Name)

"When this boy was brought to Dr. Young, his name being William, the same as mine, my mother was ordered to change mine to something else. This, at the time, I thought to be one of the most cruel acts that could be committed upon my rights."
- William Wells Brown
(Related: Change, Time, Mother, Thought, Being, Rights, Name)

"Left-wing politicians take away your liberty in the name of children and of fighting poverty, while right-wing politicians do it in the name of family values and fighting drugs. Either way, government gets bigger and you become less free."
- Harry Browne
(Related: Family, Government, Values, Children, Drugs, Fighting, Liberty, Name, Politicians, Poverty, Right)

"The weeds keep multiplying in our garden, which is our mind ruled by fear. Rip them out and call them by name."
- Sylvia Browne
(Related: Fear, Garden, Mind, Name)

"He said true things, but called them by wrong names."
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
(Related: Names, Wrong)

"Evolution seems to close the heart to some of the plainest spiritual truths while it opens the mind to the wildest guesses advanced in the name of science."
- William Jennings Bryan
(Related: Science, Heart, Evolution, Mind, Name, Spiritual)

"I am writing something which I find satisfying and which I am prepared to put my name to as a composer."
- Gavin Bryars
(Related: Name, Writing)

"Although it was in primitive times and differently called the Lord's day or Sunday, yet it was never denominated the Sabbath; a name constantly appropriate to Saturday, or the Seventh day both by sacred and ecclesiastical writers."
- Charles Buck
(Related: Day, Name, Sabbath, Writers)

"Well, the teacher I studied with for nineteen and a half years was a man named Paul Gavert. He was a great lieder singer, so basically I'm a trained lieder singer because of that teacher. The teacher I currently study with - since 1995 - is Joan Lader, who also studied with Gavert."
- Betty Buckley
(Related: Man, Study, Years)

"I like the fact that we have all the teams in the tournament. When I first got here as an assistant, not everyone made the tournament and I think as a coach, you look at it from a job security standpoint, I think that hurt when you didn't have everybody in the tournament."
- Tim Buckley
(Related: Coach, Fact, First, Hurt, Job, Security)

"We believe that according the name 'investors' to institutions that trade actively is like calling someone who repeatedly engages in one-night stands a 'romantic.'"
- Warren Buffett
(Related: Name, Trade)

"I have agreed to lend my voice to Nature's Guard, an animated series which hopefully will go into production in the near future. The characters are all animals. My voice will be for a character named Longtail."
- Jeremy Bulloch
(Related: Nature, Character, Animals, Future, Production, Voice, Will)

"Bullock by name, and Bullock by nature."
- Alan Bullock
(Related: Nature, Name)

"There is no such thing as luck. It's a fancy name for being always at our duty, and so sure to be ready when good time comes."
- Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
(Related: Time, Being, Duty, Fancy, Luck, Name)

"In the name of Hippocrates, doctors have invented the most exquisite form of torture ever known to man: survival."
- Luis Bunuel
(Related: Survival, Doctors, Name)

"Vietnamese must be made to feel that they are racial inferiors with no right to national identity."
- Wilfred Burchett
(Related: Identity, Right)

"Ho joined the French socialist party, the first Vietnamese to be a member of a French political party."
- Wilfred Burchett
(Related: First, Party)

"And just as there was something of every Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh so there is something of Ho Chi Minh in almost every present-day Vietnamese, so strong is his imprint on the Vietnamese nation."
- Wilfred Burchett
(Related: Nation, Present)

"Nobility is a graceful ornament to the civil order. It is the Corinthian capital of polished society."
- Edmund Burke
(Related: Society, Nobility, Order)

"There is but one law for all, namely that law which governs all law, the law of our Creator, the law of humanity, justice, equity - the law of nature and of nations."
- Edmund Burke
(Related: Nature, Humanity, Justice, Law, Nations)

"I heard my name associated with the Peter Pan syndrome more than once. But really, what's so wrong with Peter Pan? Peter Pan flies. He is a metaphor for dreams and faith."
- Mark Burnett
(Related: Dreams, Faith, Flies, Metaphor, Name, Wrong)

"First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally, you forget to pull it down."
- George Burns
(Related: Faces, First, Forget, Names)

"Imagination is but another name for super intelligence."
- Edgar Rice Burroghs
(Related: Imagination, Intelligence, Name)

"Use power to help people. For we are given power not to advance our own purposes nor to make a great show in the world, nor a name. There is but one just use of power and it is to serve people."
- George W. Bush
(Related: Power, People, Help, Name, World)

"They say the test of literary power is whether a man can write an inscription. I say, 'Can he name a kitten?'"
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Power, Literary, Man, Name)

"Theist and atheist: the fight between them is as to whether God shall be called God or shall have some other name."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: God, Fight, Name)

"Yancy is actually a Native-American name, but I'm Irish. Go figure."
- Yancy Butler
(Related: Irish, Name)

"My father used to sing to me in my mother's womb. I think I can name about any tune in two beats."
- Yancy Butler
(Related: Mother, Father, Name)

"Shakespeare's name, you may depend on it, stands absurdly too high and will go down."
- George Byron
(Related: May, Name, Shakespeare, Will)

"'Tis pleasant, sure, to see one's name in print. A book's a book, although there's nothing in 't."
- Lord Byron
(Related: Name, Nothing)

"I love the name of honor, more than I fear death."
- Julius Caesar
(Related: Death, Love, Fear, Honor, Name)

"What opera isn't violent? Two things happen, violence and love. And other than that, name something else. You can't."
- Cab Calloway
(Related: Love, Name, Opera, Violence)

"Everybody that you could name would join in our audiences from, Laguardia on down. Everybody came. Everybody came to the Cotton Club."
- Cab Calloway
(Related: Audiences, Name)

"If I may take the liberty to speak for science at least, today his name and his prizes are without a peer in the world. He not only elevates science but he influences it as well."
- Melvin Calvin
(Related: Science, Liberty, May, Name, Prizes, Today, World)

"Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you're a director. Everything after that you're just negotiating your budget and your fee."
- James Cameron
(Related: Sister, Friends, Name, Now)

"I also want to announce that I'm changing my name. I haven't told anyone. You get the scoop."
- Luther Campbell
(Related: Name, Want)

"Methods of thought which claim to give the lead to our world in the name of revolution have become, in reality, ideologies of consent and not of rebellion."
- Albert Camus
(Related: Thought, Revolution, Name, Reality, Rebellion, World)

"People's fates are simplified by their names."
- Elias Canetti
(Related: People, Names)

"You then get into a period a few years ago, where a lot of external factors that we didn't have anything to do with did hit, and some of them at the same time... devaluations, weak economies, you name it, in various parts of the world."
- Jim Cantalupo
(Related: Time, Name, World, Years)

"The word of the mouth is a very powerful thing and you can say something about someone that is not necessarily true, but people will believe it and it will become a constant reminder and every time that your name is bought up, that will come up."
- Blu Cantrell
(Related: Time, People, Name, Will, Word)

"So the name of a group has to say something. The name has to be strong."
- Jim Capaldi
(Related: Name)

"They said pret-a-porter will kill your name, and it saved me."
- Pierre Cardin
(Related: Name, Will)

"I have a name, I have to take advantage of it."
- Pierre Cardin
(Related: Name)

"My name is more important than myself."
- Pierre Cardin
(Related: Name)

"But seek till ye find, and, whatever ye find for the present, let your last act be to lay and leave yourselves on the righteousness of His Son, expecting life through His name, according to the promise of the Father."
- Donald Cargill
(Related: Life, Father, Son, Act, Name, Present, Promise, Righteousness)

"I know Mother named me after a railroad man, but it's too late now, I'm afraid. Much, much too late."
- Hoagy Carmichael
(Related: Mother, Man, Now)

"The general fact of surplus value, namely that the workmen does not get the full value of his labours, and that he is taken advantage of by the capitalist, is obvious."
- Edward Carpenter
(Related: Fact, Obvious, Value)

"I made a decision back in 1978 that, in a trade off for money when I directed Halloween, I would have my name above the title in order to basically brand these movies my own."
- John Carpenter
(Related: Money, Movies, Decision, Name, Order, Trade)

"If I had to put a name to it, I would wish that all my books were entertainments. I think the first thing you've got to do is grab the reader by the ear, and make him sit down and listen. Make him laugh, make him feel. We all want to be entertained at a very high level."
- John Le Carre
(Related: Books, First, Name, Want)

"When I was 6 years old, I was in a rock band that was horrible called "Dead End." The name kind of described us. People liked us; we would go and perform at coffee houses and stuff."
- Aaron Carter
(Related: People, Coffee, End, Houses, Name, Old, Years)

"Soon, nostalgia will be another name for Europe."
- Angela Carter
(Related: Europe, Name, Nostalgia, Will)

"Those who kept their sanity and humanity intact in the face of awful adversity. Heroes named and unnamed, some known only to God."
- Silvia Cartwright
(Related: God, Adversity, Heroes, Humanity, Sanity)

"I wanted to know the name of every stone and flower and insect and bird and beast. I wanted to know where it got its color, where it got its life - but there was no one to tell me."
- George Washington Carver
(Related: Life, Name)

"Our creator is the same and never changes despite the names given Him by people here and in all parts of the world. Even if we gave Him no name at all, He would still be there, within us, waiting to give us good on this earth."
- George Washington Carver
(Related: People, Earth, Name, Names, Waiting, World)

"The truth is our country, our people, our liberties, and our way of life are under attack by radical Islamic terrorists who kill and destroy in the name of religion."
- Saxby Chambliss
(Related: Life, Religion, Truth, People, Country, Name, Radical)

"When a man and a woman have an overwhelming passion for each other, it seems to me, in spite of such obstacles dividing them as parents or husband, that they belong to each other in the name of Nature, and are lovers by Divine right, in spite of human convention or the laws."
- Nicolas de Chamfort
(Related: Nature, Husband, Laws, Lovers, Man, Name, Obstacles, Parents, Passion, Right, Woman)

"If one has a good disposition, what other virtue is needed? If a man has fame, what is the value of other ornamentation?"
- Chanakya
(Related: Virtue, Fame, Man, Value)

"God is another name for human intelligence raised above all error and imperfection, and extended to all possible truth."
- William Ellery Channing
(Related: Intelligence, God, Truth, Error, Imperfection, Name)

"Civilization, to be worthy of the name, must afford other methods of settling human differences than those of blood letting."
- Ralph Chaplin
(Related: Civilization, Blood, Name)

"Wart hogs should sue for libel. It is a terrible name and they are fine fellows and devoted family men and it is rare to see one by himself; the little woman and the kiddies are usually close at hand."
- Ilka Chase
(Related: Family, Men, Name, Woman)

"From George Washington to George W. Bush, presidents have invoked God's name in the performance of their official duties."
- Linda Chavez
(Related: God, Performance, Name, Washington)

"Further, a document names and identifies the actual Red Light Bandits (plural), because in fact there are two."
- Caryl Chessman
(Related: Fact, Light, Names)

"I went to Brooklyn College and met this beautiful Jewish girl named Merle, with dark hair, exotic looking and brilliant. So we got married and had three children."
- Dominic Chianese
(Related: Children, College, Hair)

"These irresponsible acts, which cannot have any justification whatsoever, are to be fully condemned. In these appalling circumstances, I want to offer you the most sincere condolences, both in my name and in that of the French people."
- Jacques Chirac
(Related: People, Circumstances, Justification, Name, Want)

"Obviously I was disappointed when it fell into disuse, because it was my own track named after me, but I am sure all those youngsters we lost will be coming back, and I certainly intend to be down here as much as I can, coaching and advising."
- Linford Christie
(Related: Coaching, Will)

"The decision to use only the name Christo was made deliberately when we were young because it is difficult for one artist to get established and we wanted to put all the chances on our side."
- Christo
(Related: Decision, Artist, Name)

"As the youngest, I wanted to be my father's son and perpetuate the family name."
- Connie Chung
(Related: Family, Son, Father, Name)

"We are motivated by a keen desire for praise, and the better a man is the more he is inspired by glory. The very philosophers themselves, even in those books which they write in contempt of glory, inscribe their names."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
(Related: Books, Contempt, Desire, Glory, Man, Names, Praise)

"I never heard of an old man forgetting where he had buried his money! Old people remember what interests them: the dates fixed for their lawsuits, and the names of their debtors and creditors."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
(Related: People, Man, Names, Old)

"At boarding school you had to wear your name across your chest and your back, and obviously I had a pretty funny name. It wasn't Brown or Smith or Hughes."
- Diane Cilento
(Related: Funny, Name, Pretty, School)

"What surrounds us we endure better for giving it a name - and moving on."
- Emile M. Cioran
(Related: Giving, Name)

"Anyone who speaks in the name of others is always an imposter."
- Emile M. Cioran
(Related: Name)

"I always tell people that I became a writer not because I went to school but because my mother took me to the library. I wanted to become a writer so I could see my name in the card catalog."
- Sandra Cisneros
(Related: Mother, People, Name, School, Writer)

"Clearness ornaments profound thoughts."
- Luc de Clapier
(Related: Thoughts)

"To be awarded a prize which takes its name from an illustrious Dutchman who at the same time was a great citizen of Europe and through his writings did so much to open up our modern world of sensibility and thought is indeed a most signal honour."
- John G. D. Clark
(Related: Time, Thought, Europe, Name, Open, Sensibility, World)

"In Georgia it's a little different because of the East Cobb program. It's such a strong program that we see a lot of kids that come through here on a lot of different teams from across the country that come here to play in tournaments."
- Roy Clark
(Related: Country, Kids, Play)

"Remember that the word of God is not sent to particular persons, as if by name; and do not think you have no part in it, because you are not named there."
- Adam Clarke
(Related: God, Name, Word)

"Small bodies, about half a micron in diameter, and later referred to under the name of 'mitochondria' were detected under the light microscope as early as 1894."
- Albert Claude
(Related: Light, Name)

"But, in the name of the experimental method and out of our poor knowledge, are we really entitled to claim that everything happens by chance, to the exclusion of all other possibilities?"
- Albert Claude
(Related: Knowledge, Chance, Name, Poor, Possibilities)

"I liked the name Frog Brigade because it lent itself to a lot of cool imagery with the whole frog thing."
- Les Claypool
(Related: Lent, Name)

"Namely, we have no right to believe a thing true because everybody says so unless there are good grounds for believing that some one person at least has the means of knowing what is true, and is speaking the truth so far as he knows it."
- William Kingdon Clifford
(Related: Truth, Right)

"Who would name their kid Jack with the last words 'off' at the end of the last name? No wonder that guy is screwed up."
- George Clooney
(Related: End, Name, Wonder, Words)

"It's gotten out of control. It's taking bigger and bigger names to make smaller and smaller films. I worry that important films without a big name attached won't get made at all."
- Glenn Close
(Related: Control, Name, Names, Worry)

"Another great evil arising from this desire to be thought rich; or rather, from the desire not to be thought poor, is the destructive thing which has been honored by the name of "speculation"; but which ought to be called Gambling."
- William Cobbett
(Related: Thought, Desire, Evil, Gambling, Name, Poor)

"You may keep Turkey on the map of Europe, you may call the country by the name of Turkey if you like, but do not think you can keep up the Mahommedan rule in the country."
- Richard Cobden
(Related: Country, Europe, May, Name, Turkey)

"I am not accustomed to pay fulsome compliments to the English, by telling them that they are superior to all the world; but this I can say, that they do not deserve the name of cowards."
- Richard Cobden
(Related: Compliments, Cowards, English, Name, World)

"I don't care what you say about me, as long as you say something about me, and as long as you spell my name right."
- George M. Cohan
(Related: Care, Name, Right)

"My favorite language for maintainability is Python. It has simple, clean syntax, object encapsulation, good library support, and optional named parameters."
- Bram Cohen
(Related: Favorite, Language, Support)

"Cruel persecutions and intolerance are not accidents, but grow out of the very essence of religion, namely, its absolute claims."
- Morris Raphael Cohen
(Related: Religion, Accidents, Intolerance)

"I'll name names, you know I won't hold back."
- Steven Cojocaru
(Related: Name, Names)

"I am going away with him to an unknown country where I shall have no past and no name, and where I shall be born again with a new face and an untried heart."
- Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
(Related: Heart, Country, Name, Past)

"No one should fear to undertake any task in the name of our Saviour, if it is just and if the intention is purely for His holy service."
- Christopher Columbus
(Related: Fear, Intention, Name, Service)

"I printed a list of Irish names from the Internet and my husband, Dave, saw Finley on the list. I really liked it but didn't want to scare Dave off with my enthusiasm. So I used a little reverse psychology and let him think it was his idea."
- Holly Marie Combs
(Related: HusbIdea, Enthusiasm, Internet, Irish, Names, Psychology, Want)

"My mother's very proud of the name she gave me. She thought it sounded rhythmically better. It doesn't really make a difference to me what people call me, but since my mother calls me Holly Marie when she's angry, I prefer just my first name."
- Holly Marie Combs
(Related: Mother, Thought, People, Difference, First, Holly, Name)

"Show me a better man. Name one and I am answered; but do not point, as a disqualification, to the very facts which make this man fit beyond all others."
- Roscoe Conkling
(Related: Facts, Man, Name)

"You know, the Oscar I was awarded for The Untouchables is a wonderful thing, but I can honestly say that I'd rather have won the U.S. Open Golf Tournament."
- Sean Connery
(Related: Golf, Open)

"If Jesus was a Jew, how come he has a Mexican first name?"
- Billy Connolly
(Related: First, Name)

"Idleness is only a coarse name for my infinite capacity for living in the present."
- Cyril Connolly
(Related: Idleness, Infinite, Living, Name, Present)

"You name it, we had it. It won't happen again. You're not going to duplicate this show."
- Robert Conrad
(Related: Name)

"We all agree that manufacturers have a right to ensure that fake goods are not marketed in their names and that their own goods are not marketed under fake names."
- John Conyers
(Related: Names, Right)

"The name of the Redskins will remain the Redskins."
- Jack K. Cooke
(Related: Name, Will)

"I have spoken to many, many Indian chiefs who say they have no objection whatsoever to the nickname."
- Jack K. Cooke
"Opportunity knocks, but doesn't always answer to its name."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Opportunity, Name)

"Reality is the name we give to our disappointments."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Disappointments, Name, Reality)

"He (Marilyn Manson) has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original."
- Alice Cooper
(Related: Makeup, Name, Woman)

"I suspect that a lot of studio executives still think of me as 'what's-his-name'."
- Chris Cooper
"I don't know how this company got the name National Shakespeare Company, because it was literally like retards employing retards."
- Rob Corddry
(Related: Company, Name, Shakespeare)

"I don't think that the Pulitzer should be given the way it is. I think the competition should be anonymous. I think completely different people would win it if the names were taken off because a lot of it is done on relationships and names."
- John Corigliano
(Related: People, Competition, Names, Relationships)

"There's not a wind but whispers of thy name; And not a flow'r that grows beneath the moon, But in its hues and fragrance tells a tale Of thee, my love."
- Barry Cornwall
(Related: Love, Moon, Name, Wind)

"I don't know whether John Roberts has a twin, perhaps a sister or, uh, someone with a Hispanic last name."
- John Cornyn
(Related: Sister, Name)

"They, that unnamed "they," they've knocked me down but I got up. I always get up-and I swear when I went down quite often I took the fall; nothing moves a mountain but itself. They, I've long ago named them me."
- Gregory Corso
(Related: Nothing)

"Now the Tombs, like the name says, are so horrible that they had to close it down. Today it doesn't exist and people go in the electric chair and all that."
- Gregory Corso
(Related: People, Name, Now, Today)

"Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry."
- Bill Cosby
(Related: End, Name, Will)

"As I have discovered by examining my past, I started out as a child. Coincidentally, so did my brother. My mother did not put all her eggs in one basket, so to speak: she gave me a younger brother named Russell, who taught me what was meant by "survival of the fittest.""
- Bill Cosby
(Related: Mother, Brother, Past)

"I'd been to Memphis before, but we stayed out of Memphis early on in the late 70s for obvious reasons. People were very sensitive about Elvis Presley, and my stage name obviously would be provocative to some people in that area at that time."
- Elvis Costello
(Related: Time, People, Name, Obvious, Provocative)

"Political debate with liberals is basically impossible in America today because liberals are calling names while conservatives are trying to make arguments."
- Ann Coulter
(Related: America, Arguments, Debate, Liberals, Names, Today, Trying)

"I think that in the future, clocks won't say three o'clock anymore. They'll just get right to the point and rename three o'clock 'Pepsi.'"
- Doug Coupland
(Related: Clocks, Future, Right)

"Quick. Name ten dead redheads."
- Doug Coupland
(Related: Name, Quick)

"I probably listen to Burn more than any of them, because it was so new me, so novel. To see my name on an actual record was such an incredible feeling."
- David Coverdale
(Related: Feeling, Name)

"Nature is a good name for an effect whose cause is God."
- William Cowper
(Related: Nature, God, Cause, Effect, Name)

"There's a passion about this because people take it very close to their hearts and they have grown up with James Bond - and so have I. But I was being criticized before I had presented anything, so it was name calling."
- Daniel Craig
(Related: People, Being, Name, Passion)

"Don't name it, as they say, because instantly you offer it to this peculiar authority."
- Robert Creeley
(Related: Authority, Name)

"It was expected of me that I was to bow to the name of Andrew Jackson... even at the expense of my conscience and judgement. such a thing was new to me, and a total stranger to my principles."
- Davy Crockett
(Related: Conscience, Name, Principles)

"I had a head start in acting. Because of my parents, I had a SAG card, an agent and a recognizable name. But I knew if I screwed up, people would never forget. I'd be dead."
- Mary Crosby
(Related: People, Acting, Forget, Name, Parents)

"In a very simple sense I want everything that's in a work to be there for the reason that it's needed. It's not an ornamentation. It's not there because I thought it looked nice but because it has to be there."
- Paul Cullen
(Related: Work, Thought, Reason, Sense, Want)

"My mind is vacant on names, but I know him as well as anything. When I need names they drop out of my head; when I don't need them they drop back."
- Imogen Cunningham
(Related: Mind, Names)

"When I need names they drop out of my head; when I don't need them they drop back."
- Imogen Cunningham
(Related: Names)

"Carson is an old family name, though my grandma used to watch Johnny all the time and was crazy about him."
- Carson Daly
(Related: Family, Time, Name, Old)

"The world is apt to judge of everything by the success; and whoever has ill fortune will hardly be allowed a good name."
- William Dampier
(Related: Success, Fortune, Name, Will, World)

"A car to pick me up every day, a chair with my name on it, everybody being very polite... what can you do except sit back and watch it all, try to take it all in?"
- Charles Dance
(Related: Car, Being, Day, Name)

"The destroyer Cork, like the useful hero for whom it is named, will be game to the last."
- Josephus Daniels
(Related: Will)

"Normally, I name my characters after famous comedians."
- Paula Danziger
(Related: Comedians, Famous, Name)

"Words are made for a certain exactness of thought, as tears are for a certain degree of pain. What is least distinct cannot be named; what is clearest is unutterable."
- Rene Daumal
(Related: Thought, Pain, Tears, Words)

"When I was living in New York and didn't have a penny to my name, I would walk around the streets and occasionally I would see an alcove or something. And I'd think, that'll be good, that'll be a good spot for me when I'm homeless."
- Larry David
(Related: Living, Name)

"There is only one governor, and his name is Gray Davis."
- Gray Davis
(Related: Name)

"I went to school at this log school house. A white woman was my teacher, I do not remember her name. My father had to pay her one dollar a month for me. Us kids that went to school did not have desks, we used slates and set on the hued down logs for seats."
- Joe Davis
(Related: Father, Kids, Name, School, Woman)

"His feeling was the name Walt Disney represented all of us. Walt was hanging by his teeth financially and really I think he was for most of his career. Not at all like today."
- Marc Davis
(Related: Career, Disney, Feeling, Name, Today)

"In the western part of England lived a gentleman of large fortune, whose name was Merton."
- Thomas Day
(Related: EnglFortune, Gentleman, Name)

"The trifle now inscribed with your name. was occasioned by a particular fact; but to the disgrace of human nature, the subject is sufficiently general to interest every heart not totally impenetrable."
- Thomas Day
(Related: Nature, Heart, Disgrace, Fact, Human nature, Interest, Name, Now, Trifle)

"Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist."
- Moshe Dayan
(Related: Blame, Books, Geography, Names)

"When the band begins to get a name for themselves, and the writers get assigned to bands, they'll hit somebody who just doesn't like that kind of music, or they love hip hop but hate guitar rock."
- Kim Deal
(Related: Love, Music, Guitar, Hate, Name, Writers)

"I don't even own my own name on the internet - somebody else bought it."
- Cat Deeley
(Related: Internet, Name)

"We believe, in fact, that the one act of respect has little force unless matched by the other - in balance with it... The acting out of that dual respect I would name as precisely the source of our power."
- Barbara Deming
(Related: Power, Act, Acting, Balance, Fact, Force, Name, Respect)

"After the revolution, let us hope, prisons simply would not exist - if by prisons we mean places that could be experienced by the men and women in them at all as every place that goes by that name now is bound to be experienced."
- Barbara Deming
(Related: Men, Women, Hope, Revolution, Name, Now)

"James was my given name, but I was a junior; so I was Jamie as a kid."
- James Denton
(Related: Name)

"I was ecstatic they re-named 'French Fries' as 'Freedom Fries'. Grown men and women in positions of power in the U.S. government showing themselves as idiots."
- Johnny Depp
(Related: Government, Men, Power, Women, Idiots)

"My most resolute opponents believe that I am too visible, that I am a little too alive, that my name echoes too much in the texts which they nevertheless claim to be inaccessible."
- Jacques Derrida
(Related: Name, Opponents)

"So it is fair enough that you are paying me what I ask for, because it is my name you are using to sell the film. If the producer gives me a guarantee that he will sell the film at a lower price to the distributors, fair enough, then I will charge less!"
- Ajay Devgan
(Related: Film, Name, Will)

"To make a film and to sell it to the distributors you need a name."
- Ajay Devgan
(Related: Film, Name)

"One American said that the most interesting thing about Holy Ireland was that its people hate each other in the name of Jesus Christ. And they do!"
- Bernadette Devlin
(Related: People, American, Christ, Hate, Ireland, Name)

"At the time, nobody knew what it was. It had no name. When everything else is out of your control, you can control your eating. You end up cutting a lot of things off. Nothing reaches you. I was very happy then - that was the oddity."
- Susan Dey
(Related: Time, Control, Eating, End, Name, Nothing)

"Whatever your relationship is to your sacred tradition in the West, you have some relationship to the Bible if only through the names of the characters."
- Anita Diament
(Related: Bible, Names, Tradition)

"Biblical names are hot again."
- Anita Diament
(Related: Names)

"Tasmanian history is a study of human isolation unprecedented except in science fiction - namely, complete isolation from other humans for 10,000 years."
- Jared Diamond
(Related: History, Science, Fiction, Isolation, Study, Years)

"The broadest pattern of history - namely, the differences between human societies on different continents - seems to me to be attributable to differences among continental environments, and not to biological differences among peoples themselves."
- Jared Diamond
(Related: History)

"Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration."
- Charles Dickens
(Related: Home, Name, Spirit, Word)

"I don't recall your name but you sure were a sucker for a high inside curve."
- Bill Dickey
(Related: Name)

"I do not like the man who squanders life for fame; give me the man who living makes a name."
- Emily Dickinson
(Related: Life, Fame, Living, Man, Name)

"When science, art, literature, and philosophy are simply the manifestation of personality they are on a level where glorious and dazzling achievements are possible, which can make a man's name live for thousands of years."
- Denis Diderot
(Related: Art, Science, Literature, Man, Name, Personality, Philosophy, Years)

"My mother gave me this book called Feature Films at Used Car Prices by a guy named Rick Schmidt. I gotta credit the guy, cuz he gave me the most practical advice. It empowers you."
- Vin Diesel
(Related: Car, Mother, Advice, Credit)

"America took me into her bosom when there was no longer a country worthy of the name, but in my heart I am German - German in my soul."
- Marlene Dietrich
(Related: Soul, Heart, America, Country, Name)

"I had very low expectations. Honestly, I think I had 11 rounds of golf the entire year in before this tournament, and I had hit balls maybe four or five times."
- Trent Dilfer
(Related: Expectations, Golf)

"Programme names have been changed, and we have Andrew Neil saying he won't be using long words."
- Jonathan Dimbleby
(Related: Names, Saying, Words)

"Being around all the great names of the game at a young age because they were my heroes; the fact this meant so much to Canada. It was just an incredible thing to be a part of."
- Marcel Dionne
(Related: Age, Being, Canada, Fact, Heroes, Names)

"My objection to Liberalism is this that it is the introduction into the practical business of life of the highest kind namely, politics of philosophical ideas instead of political principles."
- Benjamin Disraeli
(Related: Business, Life, Politics, Ideas, Liberalism, Principles)

"With me it was that defending the Communist Party was something worse than naming the names."
- Edward Dmytryk
(Related: Names, Party)

"Not a single person I named hadn't already been named at least a half-dozen times and wasn't already on he blacklist."
- Edward Dmytryk
"Seppuku is Japanese for ritual suicide. I thought, What a cute name for a coat."
- Lexa Doig
(Related: Thought, Cute, Name, Ritual, Suicide)

"It's been over 15 years since I toured... over 12 years since I did any recording under my own name. I never really intended to take that long of a hiatus."
- Thomas Dolby
(Related: Name, Years)

"Those who cultivate moral confusion for profit should understand this: we will name their names and shame them as they deserve to be shamed."
- Bob Dole
(Related: Confusion, Name, Names, Profit, Shame, Will)

"When we had been married five years, we had six children. What, in God's name, was wrong with me?"
- Phil Donahue
(Related: God, Children, Name, Wrong, Years)

"The crimes committed by the North Vietnamese regime against the Vietnamese people were minor compared to the crimes committed by the Khmer Rouge against the Cambodians, but for us on the left they were emotionally far more significant."
- James Donald
(Related: People)

"I am the Love that dare not speak its name."
- Lord Alfred Douglas
(Related: Love, Name)

"If you have donated, these children may never know your name, but they will never forget your kindness."
- Roma Downey
(Related: Children, Forget, Kindness, May, Name, Will)

"I've actually considered going with my married name, Julia Hall, but all the paperwork."
- Julia Louis Dreyfus
(Related: Name)

"He lives who dies to win a lasting name."
- Henry Drummond
(Related: Name)

"I have an older sister named Haley and she wanted to be an actress. So I wanted to be an actress. It's really funny the way that some people don't give kids enough credit for like really being driven, and really wanting to do things so badly."
- Hilary Duff
(Related: Funny, Sister, People, Being, Credit, Kids)

"I play a recurring role for a character named Doctor Imo. I assist the villain and show up from time to time."
- Keir Dullea
(Related: Time, Character, Play)

"Men have defined the parameters of every subject. All feminist arguments, however radical in intent or consequence, are with or against assertions or premises implicit in the male system, which is made credible or authentic by the power of men to name."
- Andrea Dworkin
(Related: Men, Power, Arguments, Name, Radical)

"There's Hezbollah, there's Hamas, there is a whole range of terrorist targets out there related to Palestine and to Israel that we ought to be trying to deal with. And there's a great deal of targets in the Philippines, Indonesia. You name it, there are a number of places where there are targets that we ought to be trying to deal with."
- Lawrence Eagleburger
(Related: Israel, Name, Palestine, Trying)

"Indian names were either characteristic nicknames given in a playful spirit, deed names, birth names, or such as have a religious and symbolic meaning."
- Charles Eastman
(Related: Deed, Meaning, Names, Religious, Spirit)

"A good deal of tyranny goes by the name of protection."
- Crystal Eastman
(Related: Name, Protection, Tyranny)

"My aim is to show that those governments that violate the rights of people by invoking the name of Islam have been misusing Islam."
- Shirin Ebadi
(Related: People, Islam, Rights, Name)

"Meanwhile the fact that the connection with the activity of memory in ordinary life is for the moment lost is of less importance than the reverse, namely, that this connection with the complications and fluctuations of life is necessarily still a too close one."
- Hermann Ebbinghaus
(Related: Life, Connection, Fact, Importance, Memory)

"The second host that I had was an actress I didn't know named Susan St. James."
- Dick Ebersol
"Little evil would be done in the world if evil never could be done in the name of good."
- Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
(Related: Evil, Name, World)

"You may call God love, you may call God goodness. But the best name for God is compassion."
- Meister Eckhart
(Related: God, Love, Compassion, Goodness, May, Name)

"Reed College required a thesis for a Bachelor's degree. Normally a Bachelor's is sort of like being stamped 'Prime US Beef.' They just walk you through, hand out the diplomas and you fill in your name later on."
- David Eddings
(Related: Being, College, Name)

"I understand the Saudis have been named because fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were from Saudi Arabia."
- Sibel Edmonds
"Mystery is but another name for ignorance; if we were omniscient, all would be perfectly plain!"
- Tryon Edwards
(Related: Ignorance, Mystery, Name)

"Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them!"
- Albert Einstein
(Related: Patriotism, Hate, Heroism, Name, Nonsense, Violence)

"I thought it completely absurd to mention my name in the same breath as the presidency."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower
(Related: Thought, Name, Presidency)

"Poetry may make us from time to time a little more aware of the deeper, unnamed feelings which form the substratum of our being, to which we rarely penetrate; for our lives are mostly a constant evasion of ourselves."
- T. S. Eliot
(Related: Poetry, Time, Feelings, Being, May)

"It's just that back then we didn't know that was considered being a coproducer. I would sit on the side and say what I wanted musically, but at the time we thought if you aren't the one playing it, you don't get the credit. Now you'll start seeing my name listed as producer."
- Missy Elliot
(Related: Time, Thought, Being, Credit, Name, Now)

"My name's Jennifer Ellison and one day I'm going to be famous!"
- Jennifer Ellison
(Related: Day, Name)

"One of the things that made me persist in the Antarctic in the face of sickening discouragements was my determination to name a portion of the earth's surface after my father."
- Lincoln Ellsworth
(Related: Father, Determination, Earth, Name)

"I've broken my nose, I've broken ribs. You name it. In fact, we just got back from South America, and I fell over a monitor speaker on the stage and almost ended up in the front row of the audience. I managed to sprain my wrist on that one but luckily nothing was broken."
- Keith Emerson
(Related: America, Fact, Name, Nothing)

"America is another name for opportunity."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Related: Opportunity, America, Name)

"What is popularly called fame is nothing but an empty name and a legacy from paganism."
- Desiderius Erasmus
(Related: Fame, Name, Nothing)

"The Renaissance is studded by the names of the artists and architects, with their creations recorded as great historical events."
- Arthur Erickson
(Related: Artists, Events, Names)

"A hamburger by any other name costs twice as much."
- Evan Esar
(Related: Name)

"A signature always reveals a man's character - and sometimes even his name."
- Evan Esar
(Related: Character, Man, Name)

"Women are not required in general to be named in rape cases because of the stigmas that go with being a rape complainant, and frankly, special burdens that rape complainants often face."
- Susan Estrich
(Related: Women, Being)

"The Democratic chairman doesn't need to be a household name. Most people didn't know who Ron Brown was when he was chairman of the Democratic Party, but he put the party in a position where Bill Clinton could come in and he had a solid base to run from."
- Susan Estrich
(Related: People, Name, Party)

"When I was 14, I played in a summer league. One night the chief umpire asked me if I would like to try umpiring. There was a Little League tournament coming up and he needed more umpires than he had."
- Jim Evans
(Related: Night, Summer, Umpire)

"A Harris poll I've seen says only 12 percent of the electorate names taxes as one of the most important issues facing the nation. Voters put tax cuts dead last, behind education, Social Security, health care, Medicare and poverty."
- Lane Evans
(Related: Health, Education, Care, Tax, Names, Nation, Poverty, Security, Tax cuts, Taxes)

"If I win seven tournaments in a row, I get so confident I'm in a cloud. A loss gets me eager again."
- Chris Evert
(Related: Loss)

"If I had to name the number one asset you could have for any sport I'd say speed. In baseball, all a guy with speed has to do is make contact."
- Ron Fairly
(Related: Baseball, Name)

"The head of a ship however has not always an immediate relation to her name, at least in the British navy."
- William Falconer
(Related: Name, Navy)

"My dad named me Dakota and my mom came up with my first name Hannah. So it's Hannah Dakota Fanning."
- Dakota Fanning
(Related: Dad, Mom, First, Name)

"That was really cool. I got to kiss a little boy. I was 7 and he was 10, and his name is Thomas Curtis. He was the first boy I've ever kissed in my entire life and he was three years older than me."
- Dakota Fanning
(Related: Life, Kiss, First, Name, Years)

"People don't want to talk about death, just like they don't want to talk about computer security. Maybe I should have named my workstation Fear. People are so motivated by fear."
- Dan Farmer
(Related: Death, People, Fear, Computer, Security, Talk, Want)

"Captain is a good travelling name and so I take it."
- George Farquhar
(Related: Name)

"Every time I hear the name Joe Louis my nose starts to bleed."
- Tommy Farr
(Related: Time, Name)

"I was never named in the early years as having anything to do with the assassination of Malcolm."
- Louis Farrakhan
(Related: Assassination, Years)

"The Jews don't like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that's a good name. Hitler was a very great man."
- Louis Farrakhan
(Related: Man, Name)

"There was living in the palace at this time a brother of the great Germanicus, and consequently an uncle of the late emperor, whose name was Claudius Caesar."
- Frederic William Farrar
(Related: Time, Brother, Living, Name)

"I guess in the independent market, I'd be getting offers, but in terms of big studio films, I still have to audition. I don't think my name is that well-known, I don't have much of a following to guarantee box office success yet."
- Michael Fassbender
(Related: Success, Name, Office)

"Everything I put my name to and take part in, I want to be good. That's not saying it will always happen. But I want to make bold choices."
- Michael Fassbender
(Related: Choices, Name, Saying, Want, Will)

"Well I would say that we're regular people first of all and we're normal and it's obvious by some of the things that have happened just because our name is famous we're not immune to tragedy."
- Brett Favre
(Related: People, Famous, First, Name, Obvious, Tragedy)

"He's a world-famous name to people who care about his music, but there are many people who have never heard of George Gershwin and those numbers increase."
- Michael Feinstein
(Related: Music, People, Care, Name, Numbers, World)

"Yeah, we held a junior carp tournament on the St. Lawrence River in New York last August. I hosted that along with a couple of other people."
- Tom Felton
(Related: People)

"There is a set of religious, or rather moral, writings which teach that virtue is the certain road to happiness, and vice to misery in this world. A very wholesome and comfortable doctrine, and to which we have but one objection, namely, that it is not true."
- Francois Fenelon
(Related: Happiness, Virtue, Doctrine, Misery, Religious, Road, Vice, World)

"You want to come home from a tournament with a winner's medal. That's not the fans or the media putting us under pressure, that's the pressure we put ourselves under."
- Rio Ferdinand
(Related: Home, Fans, Media, Pressure, Want)

"And the Blue Angels are coming back to scare the local population. I remember seeing old Vietnamese women ducking under the benches in Washington Square; they thought they were back in the war."
- Lawrence Ferlinghetti
(Related: War, Women, Thought, Angels, Old, Population, Washington)

"If I could remember the names of all these particles, I'd be a botanist."
- Enrico Fermi
(Related: Names)

"I'd call it a new version of voodoo economics, but I'm afraid that would give witch doctors a bad name."
- Geraldine Ferraro
(Related: Doctors, Economics, Name)

"I like the name Atomic Kitten. It's so great."
- Bryan Ferry
(Related: Name)

"I think it's quite extraordinary that people cast me as if I'm Warren Beatty: until I met my present wife, at the age of 35, you could name two girlfriends."
- Colin Firth
(Related: Age, Wife, People, Girlfriends, Name, Present)

"We were in opposition to the decision to go to war. But after the war happened, it was clear that you could not sit and look-there would be a breeding ground for terrorism or a new collapsed or failed state named Iraq!"
- Joschka Fischer
(Related: War, Decision, Breeding, Opposition, State, Terrorism)

"I like big, secure companies. I know what they do for a living. When I see their names on my monthly statement I know how they make their money."
- John Fisher
(Related: Money, Living, Names)

"Mr. Fitzgerald, I believe that is how he spells his name, seems to believe that plagiarism begins at home."
- Zelda Fitzgerald
(Related: Home, Name, Plagiarism)

"Actually I like the idea of being a Renaissance hack. If tombstones were still in style, I would want to have the two words chiseled right under my name."
- Dennis Flanagan
(Related: Idea, Being, Name, Right, Style, Want, Words)

"Here is true immorality: ignorance and stupidity; the devil is nothing but this. His name is Legion."
- Gustave Flaubert
(Related: Devil, Ignorance, Name, Nothing, Stupidity)

"It's so funny how my name has always been such a big deal. When I was growing up, my family was always moving. I had to meet new people all the time. And they'd laugh."
- Calista Flockhart
(Related: Family, Funny, Time, People, Growing up, Name)

"I guess what was going to come back came back on Monday. Of course now I've played a different golf course. I've played two practice rounds and two tournament rounds all kind of the same and now today I've played a different golf course."
- Raymond Floyd
(Related: Golf, Now, Practice, Today)

"Washburn's an old American name, but this one was assembled overseas."
- John Fogerty
(Related: American, Name, Old)

"The travel and tourism industry is the lifeblood of many states around the country - including Florida, California, New York and Nevada, to name a few."
- Mark Foley
(Related: Travel, Country, Name, states)

"If I have enough ego to say I'm a writer, a director, a producer, and an actor, I should have the energy and the knowledge to write a scene for this great actor named Henry Fonda and direct him in it and have it work."
- Peter Fonda
(Related: Work, Knowledge, Actor, Ego, Energy, Writer)

"I was named Beekeeper of the Year by the Florida State Beekeeping Association."
- Peter Fonda
(Related: State)

"Everyone calls himself a friend, but only a fool relies on it; nothing is commoner than the name, nothing rarer than the thing."
- Jean de La Fontaine
(Related: Friend, Fool, Name, Nothing)

"I had pro offers from the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, who were pretty hard up for linemen in those days. If I had gone into professional football the name Jerry Ford might have been a household word today."
- Gerald R. Ford
(Related: Football, Name, Pretty, Today, Word)

"You know you're getting old when all the names in your black book have M. D. after them."
- Harrison Ford
(Related: Names, Old)

"Put your name on something, it better be the best... you only get one shot."
- George Foreman
(Related: Name)

"When I die there may be a paragraph or two in the newspapers. My name will linger in the British Museum Reading Room catalogue for a space at the head of a long list of books for which no one will ever ask."
- C. S. Forester
(Related: Books, May, Name, Newspapers, Reading, Space, Will)

"The fact is we can only love what we know personally. And we cannot know much. In public affairs, in the rebuilding of civilization, something less dramatic and emotional is needed, namely tolerance."
- E. M. Forster
(Related: Love, Civilization, Fact, Public, Tolerance)

"All biologic phenomena act to adjust: there are no biologic actions other than adjustments. Adjustment is another name for Equilibrium. Equilibrium is the Universal, or that which has nothing external to derange it."
- Charles Fort
(Related: Act, Actions, Name, Nothing)

"Power is not an institution, and not a structure; neither is it a certain strength we are endowed with; it is the name that one attributes to a complex strategical situation in a particular society."
- Michel Foucault
(Related: Power, Society, Strength, Name)

"Evil is the shadow of angel. Just as there are angels of light, support, guidance, healing and defense, so we have experiences of shadow angels. And we have names for them: racism, sexism, homophobia are all demons - but they're not out there."
- Matthew Fox
(Related: Angels, Defense, Evil, Guidance, Healing, Light, Names, Racism, Sexism, Shadow, Support)

"When the Christians, upon these occasions, received martyrdom, they were ornamented, and crowned with garlands of flowers; for which they, in heaven, received eternal crowns of glory."
- John Foxe
(Related: Flowers, Glory, Heaven)

"Out of five hundred who speak glibly of love, not one can spell the first letter of his name."
- Marie de France
(Related: Love, First, Name)

"My name is James Edward Franco. Ted is a nickname for Edward. That's what my parents called me. I also got 'Teddy Ruxpin' a lot. It just got to a point where I got sick of it, so when a teacher called out 'James Franco' my junior year of high school, I didn't correct her."
- James Franco
(Related: Name, Parents, School)

"We knew we?d never find someone called Rock Hard, which was our ideal name, and for a while we toyed with the idea of just creating the character but never letting him get seen."
- James Frank
(Related: Idea, Character, Name)

"I wake up every morning at nine and grab for the morning paper. Then I look at the obituary page. If my name is not on it, I get up."
- Benjamin Franklin
(Related: Name)

"I was unwise enough to actually mention this in public a few times, and in fact to point out that there were two versions of the book now. One of them had somebody else's name on the cover, one had my name on the cover."
- Jonathan Franzen
(Related: Fact, Name, Now, Public)

"Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took and your name in the undertaker book."
- Joe Frazier
(Related: Money, Boxing, Name)

"Things are not as we would like them to be. There is only one way to deal with it, namely to try and be all right oneself."
- Anna Freud
(Related: Right)

"Michael Giles the first drummer of King Crimson, never agreed to the name King Crimson. But then, if you'd knew Michael, you would know he didn't agree to the album cover either. So maybe Michael didn't agree to the point of definition with many things."
- Robert Fripp
(Related: First, Name)

"In terms of an identity, an identity reflects an individuality, by definition. And, if there is a quality present, it is recognizable and it can be named. If you can't name it, it means you don't recognize it."
- Robert Fripp
(Related: Quality, Identity, Individuality, Name, Present)

"I wanted a name that would put us first in the phone directory, or second if you count ABBA."
- Martin Fry
(Related: First, Name)

"There is nobody I know by name who is concerned with collecting information for the Russian authorities. There are people whom I know by sight whom I trusted with my life."
- Klaus Fuchs
(Related: Life, People, Information, Name, Sight)

"What they fear, I think rightly, is that traditional Vietnamese society cannot survive the American economic and cultural impact."
- J. William Fulbright
(Related: Society, Fear, American)

"We are trying to remake Vietnamese society, a task which certainly cannot be accomplished by force and which probably cannot be accomplished by any means available to outsiders."
- J. William Fulbright
(Related: Society, Force, Trying)

"In the name of noble purposes men have committed unspeakable acts of cruelty against one another."
- J. William Fulbright
(Related: Men, Cruelty, Name)

"And I always read the English translation and always have conversations with my translator, for example about the names. I always have to approve it."
- Cornelia Funke
(Related: English, Example, Names)

"East Hampton happens to have been the first place in the world where I was a star, a real star with a star pasted above my name on the dressing-room door."
- Eva Gabor
(Related: First, Name, World)

"I call everyone 'Darling' because I can't remember their names."
- Zsa Zsa Gabor
(Related: Names)

"I don't remember anybody's name. How do you think the "dahling" thing got started?"
- Zsa Zsa Gabor
(Related: Name)

"The industry does have some influence on who gets other awards. With the Mercury Prize, they don't. Jon comes from the business, but his heart is still very much in the music. Currently, we have about 12 major names that have said they want to be a part of MUDDA."
- Peter Gabriel
(Related: Business, Music, Heart, Awards, Influence, Mercury, Names, Want)

"Lady Gaga is my name. If you know me, and you call me Stefani, you don't really know me at all."
- Lady Gaga
(Related: Lady, Name)

"We can safely abandon the doctrine of the eighties, namely that the rich were not working because they had too little money, the poor because they had much."
- John Kenneth Galbraith
(Related: Money, Doctrine, Poor)

"In Europe, it appears that in the name of democracy, elites are pursuing an autocratic, centralized power, seeking economic control and social regimentation."
- Maggie Gallagher
(Related: Power, Control, Democracy, Europe, Name)

"All roads indeed lead to Rome, but theirs also is a more mystical destination, some bourne of which no traveller knows the name, some city, they all seem to hint, even more eternal."
- Richard Le Gallienne
(Related: Name, Rome)

"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?"
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Related: Democracy, Destruction, Difference, Liberty, Name)

"Though we may know Him by a thousand names, He is one and the same to us all."
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Related: May, Names)

"There is no principle worth the name if it is not wholly good."
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Related: Name, Worth)

"The real ornament of woman is her character, her purity."
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Related: Character, Purity, Woman)

"My name is James Guckert. Well, when you read it, it's always pronounced some other way."
- Jeff Gannon
(Related: Name)

"I use a pseudonym, because my real name is very difficult to pronounce, to remember, and to spell. And many people who have been talking about me on television have yet to pronounce it correctly."
- Jeff Gannon
(Related: People, Name, Talking, Television)

"I went through baseball as "a player to be named later.""
- Joe Garagiola
(Related: Baseball)

"Who could look on these monuments without reflecting on the vanity of mortals in thus offering up testimonials of their respect for persons of whose very names posterity is ignorant?"
- Marguerite Gardiner
(Related: Monuments, Names, Posterity, Respect, Vanity)

"If the great Government of the United States were a private corporation no bank would take its name on a piece of paper, because it has cynically repudiated the words engraved upon its bonds."
- Garet Garrett
(Related: Government, Name, states, United, Words)

"I'm afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security."
- Jim Garrison
(Related: Experience, America, Fascism, Name, National security, Will)

"The difference between the old ballplayer and the new ballplayer is the jersey. The old ballplayer cared about the name on the front. The new ballplayer cares about the name on the back."
- Steve Garvey
(Related: Difference, Name, Old)

"In the name of the United States and President Bush, I want to thank the Mexican people, President Fox and his government for their friendship."
- Tony Garza
(Related: Friendship, Government, People, Name, President, states, United, Want)

"I think it's very important that we instill in our kids that it has nothing to do with their name or their situation that they're growing up in; it has to do with who they are as an individual."
- Melinda Gates
(Related: Growing up, Kids, Name, Nothing)

"A great country worthy of the name does not have any friends."
- Charles de Gaulle
(Related: Country, Friends, Name)

"Yes, the work comes out more beautiful from a material that resists the process, verse, marble, onyx, or enamel."
- Theophile Gautier
(Related: Work)

"On the choice of friends, Our good or evil name depends."
- John Gay
(Related: Choice, Evil, Friends, Name)

"Younger anthropologists have the notion that anthropology is too diverse. The number of things done under the name of anthropology is just infinite; you can do anything and call it anthropology."
- Clifford Geertz
(Related: Anthropology, Infinite, Name)

"Another one of the old poets, whose name has escaped my memory at present, called Truth the daughter of Time."
- Aulus Gellius
(Related: Time, Daughter, Truth, Memory, Name, Old, Poets, Present)

"I give the name violence to a boldness lying idle and enamored of danger."
- Jean Genet
(Related: Boldness, Danger, Lying, Name, Violence)

"Lots of people want to have written; they don't want to write. In other words, they want to see their name on the front cover of a book and their grinning picture on the back. But this is what comes at the end of a job, not at the beginning."
- Elizabeth George
(Related: People, Beginning, End, Job, Name, Want, Words)

"Now we are flying off into outer space, there is no clear curb on what can be done in the name of the economy."
- Susan George
(Related: Economy, Flying, Name, Now, Space)

"Born and educated in this country, I glory in the name of Briton."
- George III
(Related: Country, Glory, Name)

"How in heaven's name can a nation with a $1 trillion surplus threaten so much scientific research so vital to its future?"
- David R. Gergen
(Related: Future, Heaven, Name, Nation, Research)

"I think every player listens out for his name being sung and it's something I really enjoy."
- Steven Gerrard
(Related: Being, Name)

"In 1973 we moved to the British Isle of Man, and I put my first band together for one year, named Melody Fair."
- Andy Gibb
(Related: First, Man)

"The Bee Gees, to us, was the three brothers. In Maurice's name, we would respect that and not be the Bee Gees anymore."
- Robin Gibb
(Related: Brothers, Name, Respect)

"In the beginning, Barry and I couldn't decide if we were going got go forward with the name of the Bee Gees or just as Barry and Robin. Now we've decided to continue as the Bee Gees because we feel we can, and Maurice would have wanted it."
- Robin Gibb
(Related: Beginning, Name, Now)

"Namely the manager will assess what he believes a player is worth and he will discuss that with the board and then we will go after that target. If we can achieve it at that target, great, but if we can't we will have to move on to the next player."
- David Gill
(Related: Manager, Will, Worth)

"How small regard is had to the oath of God by men professing the name of God."
- George Gillespie
(Related: Men, God, Name)

"When a record co. finds a guy now, they want to own everything. They want to own the rights to market that person's particular name. They want a piece of the action all the way through."
- Mickey Gilley
(Related: Action, Rights, Name, Now, Want)

"I guess the nicest thing about being, I won't say famous but being popular is a more proper word for me to use would be that if you've got a recognizable name, a lot of times you can get people to do things for you ordinarily that you wouldn't get done."
- Mickey Gilley
(Related: People, Being, Famous, Name, Popular, Word)

"We did Holy Grail, and I got my name up there as one of the directors. After that, I started moving more and more down the line I wanted to, which was making movies."
- Terry Gilliam
(Related: Movies, Name)

"We're not good at propping up old carcasses. We want to be on top of what's vital at any particular time, and not just hold onto something because it has a name."
- Greg Ginn
(Related: Time, Name, Old, Want)

"I played at the Sainte Maxime Beach Soccer Tournament, which was brilliant fun as usual."
- David Ginola
(Related: Beach, Fun, Soccer)

"The mobilisation which Bush has been able to perform since 11 September 2001 has to be fought - at least by Americans - in the name of a wise, honourable and democratic patriotism."
- Todd Gitlin
(Related: Patriotism, Americans, Name)

"In my early days I was a contract player at Universal and I had a wonderful mentor named Monique James, who was head of talent there, and she used to drag me on sets to do parts."
- Sharon Gless
(Related: Talent)

"Everything that I write will be signed with my name."
- Elinor Glyn
(Related: Name, Will)

"What indeed is life, unless so far as it is enjoyed? It does not merit the name."
- William Godwin
(Related: Life, Merit, Name)

"I nicknamed everyone in the gym. It was easier than remembering their names."
- Joe Gold
(Related: Names)

"Hopes are like hair ornaments. Girls want to wear too many of them. When they become old women they look silly wearing even one."
- Arthur Golden
(Related: Women, Girls, Hair, Old, Silly, Want)

"I grew up in Hollywood. Saying my name here is like mentioning Ford in Detroit."
- Tony Goldwyn
(Related: Hollywood, Name, Saying)

"I will begin first to search out this right by that magna charta, that great and faithful charter which was made to Abraham, the father of the faithful, in the name of all his seed."
- Thomas Goodwin
(Related: Father, First, Name, Right, Will)

"I remember winning the first time, you know, suddenly everybody expects, well, okay, now he should win every time he tees it up, win six tournaments."
- Retief Goosen
(Related: Time, Winning, First, Now)

"Pretty much whoever wins the tournament at the end of the week is the guy that putted probably the best."
- Retief Goosen
(Related: End, Pretty)

"I keep lists of names of people that I have met, a list of things to do day by day as well as a log of how my time is consumed throughout the day. It's a very important part of my personal discipline."
- Bob Graham
(Related: Time, People, Discipline, Day, Names)

"The Wild Wood is pretty well populated by now; with all the usual lot, good, bad, and indifferent - I name no names. It takes all sorts to make a world."
- Kenneth Grahame
(Related: Name, Names, Now, Pretty, Wood, World)

"I'm an actor and I've created a lasting and memorable character named Frasier, who is not me, but who most people think is. So when I have a chance to play something that's different, I embrace it because it's fun; also in this case, he's a memorable character."
- Kelsey Grammer
(Related: People, Character, Actor, Chance, Fun, Play)

"A lot of very, very big stars were going down and not being seen or heard from again. Kirk took a huge chance in putting a blacklisted writer's name on the screen and somehow or other, he survived it, like he survives everything."
- Lee Grant
(Related: Being, Chance, Name, Stars, Writer)

"When I was doing jazz concerts in America, I would use the biggest names I could find."
- Norman Granz
(Related: America, Jazz, Names)

"The economic picture in the States today doesn't allow for jazz concerts in a tour fashion. People now are too used to the Festival, which gives them more names for the same price."
- Norman Granz
(Related: People, Fashion, Jazz, Names, Now, states, Today)

"Ella can work nightclubs that Duke might not be able to work, because of having the big band. Where they go now is strictly a matter of their own names and talents."
- Norman Granz
(Related: Work, Names, Now)

"I proceed with the proper subject of this discourse; namely, the further changes in scientific belief, which have occurred within my own recollection, even since the time when I first aspired to authorship, now forty- five years ago."
- Asa Gray
(Related: Time, Belief, Authorship, First, Now, Years)

"This substance, which is manifold in its forms and protean in its transformations, has, in its state of living matter, one physiological name which has become familiar, that of protoplasm."
- Asa Gray
(Related: Living, Name, State)

"How great are the dangers I face to win a good name in Athens."
- Alexander the Great
(Related: Athens, Name)

"The Shakespeare that Shakespeare became is the name that's attached to these astonishing objects that he left behind."
- Stephen Greenblatt
(Related: Name, Shakespeare)

"Every one of the world's dictatorships can and does claim to be acting in the name of the people."
- Harold H. Greene
(Related: People, Acting, Name, World)

"Altogether apart from that, it would be a disgrace to us to make this bargain with Germany at the expense of France, a disgrace from which the good name of this country would never recover."
- Edward Grey
(Related: Bargain, Country, Disgrace, France, Germany, Name)

"I mention this fact as tending to support what I have often heard stated, namely, that a shark's sense of smell is so keen that, if men ever bathe in seas where they are found, a shark is almost sure to appear directly afterwards."
- George Grey
(Related: Men, Fact, Sense, Support)

"Driving a cab is not really a nurturing type of relationship. You take people and they tip you, they may not tip you, you don't know their names, they don't care about you, you don't care about them."
- Pam Grier
(Related: People, Care, Driving, May, Names)

"Gwyneth Paltrow names her kid Apple. I'm not going to let that stand."
- Kathy Griffin
(Related: Names)

"The fact is that the Vietnamese held Americans after 1973."
- Bo Gritz
(Related: Americans, Fact)

"Libel actions, when we look at them in perspective, are an ornament of a civilized society. They have replaced, after all, at least in most cases, a resort to weapons in defense of a reputation."
- Henry Anatole Grunwald
(Related: Society, Actions, Defense, Perspective, Reputation, Weapons)

"I could give you some names of Workshop participants who are as good as many who are being published but haven't had the right editor recognize their merit or have not been adequately published."
- James Gunn
(Related: Being, Merit, Names, Right)

"God hath made it a debt which one saint owes to another to carry their names to a throne of grace."
- William Gurnall
(Related: God, Debt, Grace, Names)

"When people are nasty, it gets everybody's attention, and it gives them a name."
- Steve Guttenberg
(Related: People, Attention, Name)

"I had written lyrics to a song called The Silent Extreme, which Alex later renamed Humans Being."
- Sammy Hagar
(Related: Being, Extreme, Song)

"In the name of Hypocrites, doctors have invented the most exquisite form of torture ever known to man: survival."
- Edward Everett Hale
(Related: Survival, Doctors, Name)

"As he is one, so we call Him God, the Deity, the Divine Nature, and other names of the same signification."
- John Hales
(Related: God, Nature, Names)

"Nicknames stick to people, and the most ridiculous are the most adhesive."
- Thomas Chandler Haliburton
(Related: People)

"The invisible thing called a Good Name is made up of the breath of numbers that speak well of you."
- Edward F. Halifax
(Related: Name, Numbers)

"Call things by their right names - Glass of brandy and water! That is the current, but not the appropriate name; ask for a glass of liquid fire and distilled damnation."
- Robert Hall
(Related: Fire, Name, Names, Right)

"Religion is a strange, wonderful thing. More crimes have been committed in the name of righteousness than any other notion."
- Tom T. Hall
(Related: Religion, Name, Righteousness)

"Were I more conversant with literature and its great names, I could go on quoting them ad infinitum and acknowledge my debt for the merit you have been generous enough to find in my work."
- Knut Hamsun
(Related: Work, Debt, Literature, Merit, Names)

"A self-made man may prefer a self-made name."
- Learned Hand
(Related: Man, May, Name, Self)

"The name of my ailment was longing, and it was not cured till I finally went to the department store and counted out the money in small coins before the dismayed clerk. When I came to the house, I held up the instrument before the eyes of the astonished household."
- William Christopher Handy
(Related: Money, Eyes, Longing, Name)

"Prime Minister, I see you've already mastered the essential craft of the European politician, namely, the ability to say one thing in this chamber and a very different thing to your home electorate."
- Daniel Hannan
(Related: Home, Ability)

"Rome is my most favorite city, so I really enjoy to stay here and the whole tournament."
- Daniela Hantuchova
(Related: Favorite, Rome)

"Conferences at the top level are always courteous. Name-calling is left to the foreign ministers."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: Name)

"I'm very influenced by landscapes, not so much the way places look as the way the names sound. In this country we've got so many cultures, and the place names - the Spanish names and the Indian names, which are so incredibly musical."
- Emmylou Harris
(Related: Country, Names, Sound)

"He asked my girlfriend if we could come over and sing some of the songs that we had written, which we did. After he heard the songs, he said that he knew someone in the record business by the name of Bob Shad."
- Phil Harris
(Related: Business, Girlfriend, Name, Songs)

"If I write in my name to the agents of England and France residing in Asia and inform them that Japan is ready to make a commercial treaty with their countries, the number of steamers will be reduced from fifty to two or three."
- Townsend Harris
(Related: Countries, EnglFrance, Name, Will)

"I don't mind if my skull ends up on a shelf as long as it's got my name on it."
- Debbie Harry
(Related: Mind, Name)

"It's weird. Prior to having my first record, Corey Hart was just my name."
- Corey Hart
(Related: First, Name)

"Today America lost a great elder statesman, a committed public servant, and leader of the Senate. And today I lost a treasured friend. Ted Kennedy was an iconic, larger than life United States senator whose influence cannot be overstated. Many have come before, and many will come after, but Ted Kennedy's name will always be remembered as someone who lived and breathed the United States Senate and the work completed within its chamber."
- Orrin Hatch
(Related: Life, Work, Leader, Friend, America, Influence, Name, Public, Senate, states, Today, United, Will)

"It is one of the ironies of the ministry that the very man who works in God's name is often hardest put to find time for God. The parents of Jesus lost Him at church, and they were not the last ones to lose Him there."
- Vance Havner
(Related: Time, God, Church, Man, Name, Parents)

"A certain administration which I won't call by name took the arts out of the schools, and that left the brothers out on the street with nothing, so they went to the turntables and started rhyming. Then they had a way to express themselves, and that's the birth of hip-hop."
- Isaac Hayes
(Related: Brothers, Name, Nothing, Schools)

"Fame is the inheritance not of the dead, but of the living. It is we who look back with lofty pride to the great names of antiquity."
- William Hazlitt
(Related: Fame, Inheritance, Living, Names, Pride)

"A nickname is the heaviest stone that the devil can throw at a man. It is a bugbear to the imagination, and, though we do not believe in it, it still haunts our apprehensions."
- William Hazlitt
(Related: Imagination, Devil, Man)

"When I first encountered the name of the city of Stockholm, I little thought that I would ever visit it, never mind end up being welcomed to it as a guest of the Swedish Academy and the Nobel Foundation."
- Seamus Heaney
(Related: Thought, Being, End, First, Guest, Mind, Name, Visit)

"In Hollywood, a starlet is the name for any woman under thirty who is not actively employed in a brothel."
- Ben Hecht
(Related: Hollywood, Name, Woman)

"I wish my name was Brian because maybe sometimes people would misspell my name and call me Brain. That's like a free compliment and you don't even gotta be smart to notice it."
- Mitch Hedberg
(Related: People, Compliment, Name)

"We name time when we say: every thing has its time. This means: everything which actually is, every being comes and goes at the right time and remains for a time during the time allotted to it. Every thing has its time."
- Martin Heidegger
(Related: Time, Being, Name, Right)

"In subsequent years the groups you named had important roles in educating people about the real issues in Washington and Raleigh, and within the Democratic Party."
- Jesse Helms
(Related: People, Party, Washington, Years)

"I was with some Vietnamese recently, and some of them were smoking two cigarettes at the same time. That's the kind of customers we need!"
- Jesse Helms
(Related: Time, Smoking)

"Mickey is one of the prime examples: Mickey has never been suspected of being an American export. It was deja vu. They gave him a local name and he's been accepted everywhere he goes."
- John Hench
(Related: American, Being, Name)

"His name, Buzz, fits. He can buzz along at 40 miles an hour when his genetic memory moves him."
- Joe Henderson
(Related: Memory, Name)

"I play the unsinkable Molly Brown, which is where she got her name from, because she survived."
- Marilu Henner
(Related: Name, Play)

"It may be that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,' but I should be loath to see a rose on a maiden's breast substituted by a flower, however beautiful and fragrant it might be, that is went by the name of the skunk lily."
- Alexander Henry
(Related: May, Name)

"Visible Faith is an expression of my Christian faith which must be visible to be real! I gave the name to the collection of musicians who worked with me on the record."
- Ken Hensley
(Related: Faith, Christian, Expression, Musicians, Name)

"Darling: the popular form of address used in speaking to a member of the opposite sex whose name you cannot at the moment remember."
- Oliver Herford
(Related: Sex, Name, Popular)

"Palestine is our unforgettable historic home. The very name would be a force of marvelous potency for summoning our people together."
- Theodor Herzl
(Related: Home, People, Force, Name, Palestine)

"You always love playing in finals at any tournament. The grand slams and stuff like that are obviously the priorities but any titles go on your record."
- Lleyton Hewitt
(Related: Love, Priorities, Titles)

"Agnes Darling, if such should be we never meet again, while firing my last shot, I will gently breathe the name of my wife - Agnes - and with wishes even for my enemies I will make the plunge and try to swim to the other shore."
- Wild Bill Hickok
(Related: Wife, Enemies, Name, Will, Wishes)

"Although I wasn't able to get a visa for Vietnam, I was able to talk with swift boat veterans to get a feel for the time and place, and I visited a tropical prison in the Philippines to get a sense of what a Vietnamese prison might have been like."
- Tony Hillerman
(Related: Time, Prison, Sense, Talk, Veterans, Vietnam)

"I'm following my dreams and doing what I love as a designer. I did not want to be one of those kids with a famous last name that doesn't do anything. That is very unfulfilling to me and I'm very happy."
- Nicky Hilton
(Related: Dreams, Love, Famous, Kids, Name, Want)

"These are clothes my friends and I could wear. This ain't Prada. I don't want to be one of those celebrities that slaps their name on a label and collects royalty checks. Everything on that runway reflects me."
- Nicky Hilton
(Related: Clothes, Friends, Name, Royalty, Want)

"All British people have plain names, and that works pretty well over there."
- Paris Hilton
(Related: People, Names, Pretty)

"I am not making spiteful assertions now but merely stating the facts-that, for instance, among Hungarian generals there is such a considerable percentage of men of German origin, who of course had, in most cases, to alter their names if they wanted to get anywhere."
- Heinrich Himmler
(Related: Men, Facts, Names, Now)

"I would like to give it a name: it is the great fortress of Europe."
- Heinrich Himmler
(Related: Europe)

"Any tournament you go to, you want to win it."
- Martina Hingis
(Related: Want)

"I like having a private name and a public name. It helps keep things straight."
- S. E. Hinton
(Related: Name, Public)

"An un-named song is like an un-named child, it has no identity."
- Robyn Hitchcock
(Related: Identity, Song)

"All Church power is, therefore, properly ministerial and administrative. Everything is to be done in the name of Christ, and in accordance with his directions."
- Charles Hodge
(Related: Power, Church, Christ, Name)

"The functions of these elders, therefore, determine the power of the people; for a representative is one chosen by others to do in their name what they are entitled to do in their own persons; or rather to exercise the powers which radically inhere in those for whom they act."
- Charles Hodge
(Related: Power, People, Act, Exercise, Name)

"The name Crow was inspired by a number of things. I thought it would be cool to have a robot with sort of a Native American feel to it."
- Joel Hodgson
(Related: Thought, American, Name)

"Gypsy was the name my brother gave a pet turtle he had. I always thought it was so peculiar."
- Joel Hodgson
(Related: Pet, Brother, Thought, Name)

"Postmodernists believe that truth is myth, and myth, truth. This equation has its roots in pop psychology. The same people also believe that emotions are a form of reality. There used to be another name for this state of mind. It used to be called psychosis."
- Brad Holland
(Related: Truth, People, Emotions, Mind, Myth, Name, Psychology, Reality, State)

"I am not a member of any organization listed by the Attorney General as subversive. In any instance where I lent my name in the past, it was certainly without knowledge that such an organization was subversive. I have always been essentially and foremost an American."
- Judy Holliday
(Related: Knowledge, American, Lent, Name, Past)

"They put their feelers out for all the names and then they'll cast you up to the point a name steps up, and then it doesn't matter how much they love you, there's a certain marketing value on that name, and there you go."
- Josh Holloway
(Related: Love, Marketing, Name, Names, Value)

"I'm not in the K-1 tournament. We thought about it but they really don't want me as they feel I might get hurt so that's fine with me but I do see a lot of guys out there that I feel I can take."
- Larry Holmes
(Related: Thought, Hurt, Want)

"My fans know the name Larry Holmes and that he always gave it his all."
- Larry Holmes
(Related: Fans, Name)

"One of the best ones out there was a guy named Howard Cosell. He was the best."
- Larry Holmes
"George Foreman is easier and has the bigger name and have you noticed that Foreman never calls me out or ever mentions my name? He is afraid of me like most fighters are and most people want to forget about Larry Holmes, like he never ever existed."
- Larry Holmes
(Related: People, Forget, Name, Want)

"How vain, without the merit, is the name."
- Homer
(Related: Merit, Name)

"There are three things which the public will always clamor for, sooner or later: namely, novelty, novelty, novelty."
- Thomas Hood
(Related: Novelty, Public, Will)

"Since you knew they was goin' to cheat you anyway, I recorded under any name with all of 'em."
- John Lee Hooker
(Related: Name)

"I wanted to make a human monster. His name is Coffin Baby. The idea is based on a group of people from Pasadena whose names I can't mention. His mother died and during the funeral, this baby came out of her in the coffin."
- Tobe Hooper
(Related: Mother, People, Idea, Baby, Name, Names)

"No greater nor more affectionate honor can be conferred on an American than to have a public school named after him."
- Herbert Hoover
(Related: American, Honor, Public, School)

"I'm the only person of distinction who has ever had a depression named for him."
- Herbert Hoover
(Related: Depression)

"When she started to play, Steinway came down personally and rubbed his name off the piano."
- Bob Hope
(Related: Name, Play)

"The right name is an advertisement in itself."
- Claude C. Hopkins
(Related: Name, Right)

"Suffering is but another name for the teaching of experience, which is the parent of instruction and the schoolmaster of life."
- Horace
(Related: Life, Experience, Name, Suffering, Teaching)

"You could mention my name in any hallway in any academic institution and you would have people foaming at the mouth."
- David Horowitz
(Related: People, Name)

"The tournament slipped through my hands."
- Eddie House
"The man who bears my name, and who claims to be me, was born on July 15, 1865, the sixth in a family of seven. He was an ugly child, and remained ugly till his eighteenth year, when his looks gradually improved."
- Laurence Housman
(Related: Family, July, Man, Name, Ugly)

"In the name of the constitution of Texas, which has been trampled upon, I refuse to take this oath. I love Texas too well to bring civil strife and bloodshed upon her."
- Sam Houston
(Related: Love, Constitution, Name)

"If you can't answer a man's arguments, all is not lost; you can still call him vile names."
- Elbert Hubbard
(Related: Arguments, Man, Names)

"I've had many nicknames over the years: V, Nessa, Nessy Poo, Nessy Bear and Van. Only my parents call me Van, though, and I hate it. I get embarrassed."
- Vanessa Hudgens
(Related: Hate, Parents)

"Never worry about bad press: All that matters is if they spell your name right."
- Kate Hudson
(Related: Name, Right, Worry)

"I had to overcome the name Rock. If I'd been as hip then as I am now, I would have never consented to be named Rock."
- Rock Hudson
(Related: Name, Now)

"We say that slavery has vanished from European civilization, but this is not true. Slavery still exists, but now it applies only to women and its name is prostitution."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: Women, Civilization, Name, Now, Prostitution, Slavery)

"In real life, unlike in Shakespeare, the sweetness of the rose depends upon the name it bears. Things are not only what they are. They are, in very important respects, what they seem to be."
- Hubert H. Humphrey
(Related: Life, Name, Shakespeare, Sweetness)

"I had brought up from Chile a contract agent whose cover was that of a newspaper publisher in Santiago, a young, very talented man, named Dave Phillips, who later on carved quite a career for himself in the agency."
- E. Howard Hunt
(Related: Career, Man)

"My name is E. Howard Hunt. I'm currently retired from more than 22 years in the profession of espionage."
- E. Howard Hunt
(Related: Name, Profession, Years)

"We had every kind of audience you could name. Young, old, not-so-old, some older than old, some younger than young: they were there, they were there! There was everything."
- John Hunter
(Related: Name, Old)

"I wasn't an actor. They they take the externals. Here I was, a kid thrown into Hollywood with a brand-new name, starring in motion pictures."
- Tab Hunter
(Related: Actor, Hollywood, Name)

"No military timetable should compel war when a successful outcome, namely a disarmed Iraq may be feasible without war, for example by allowing more time to the UN inspectors."
- Douglas Hurd
(Related: Time, War, Successful, Example, Iraq, May, Military)

"Any writer worth the name is always getting into one thing or getting out of another thing."
- Fannie Hurst
(Related: Name, Worth, Writer)

"Pure phenomenology claims to be the science of pure phenomena. This concept of the phenomenon, which was developed under various names as early as the eighteenth century without being clarified, is what we shall have to deal with first of all."
- Edmund Husserl
(Related: Science, Being, First, Names)

"You walk through a series of arches, so to speak, and then, presently, at the end of a corridor, a door opens and you see backward through time, and you feel the flow of time, and realize you are only part of a great nameless procession."
- John Huston
(Related: Time, End)

"The author of the Iliad is either Homer or, if not Homer, somebody else of the same name."
- Aldous Huxley
(Related: Name)

"If the universe is running down like a clock, the clock must have been wound up at a date which we could name if we knew it. The world, if it is to have an end in time, must have had a beginning in time."
- Dean Inge
(Related: Time, Beginning, End, Name, Running, Universe, World)

"I am going to do everything I can to clear my name."
- Michael Irvin
(Related: Name)

"The Earth reminded us of a Christmas tree ornament hanging in the blackness of space. As we got farther and farther away it diminished in size. Finally it shrank to the size of a marble, the most beautiful marble you can imagine."
- James Irwin
(Related: Christmas, Earth, Space)

"Potentially significant, by the way, because we don't know exactly what's in Matt Cooper's notes, and we don't know - and we don't still know the answer to the crucial question of whether it was Rove or somebody else that revealed Valerie Plame's name to him."
- Michael Isikoff
(Related: Name, Question)

"Bee to the blossom, moth to the flame; Each to his passion; what's in a name?"
- Helen Hunt Jackson
(Related: Name, Passion)

"Our marriage is strictly in name only. It has never been consummated."
- LaToya Jackson
(Related: Marriage, Name)

"I guess the worst day I have had was when I had to stand up in rehab in front of my wife and daughter and say 'Hi, my name is Sam and I am an addict.'"
- Samuel L. Jackson
(Related: Wife, Daughter, Day, Name)

"I had to think long and hard about what it would imply, what it would mean. Would it mean any alterations of one's lifestyle? Or, more than that, the way that people regarded you? The way they reacted to you if you had a Sir in front of your name?"
- Derek Jacobi
(Related: People, Name)

"Always it gave me a pang that my children had no lawful claim to a name."
- Harriet Ann Jacobs
(Related: Children, Name)

"I hate American simplicity. I glory in the piling up of complications of every sort. If I could pronounce the name James in any different or more elaborate way I should be in favor of doing it."
- Henry James
(Related: American, Glory, Hate, Name, Simplicity)

"I used to make up names when I used to catalog my stuff."
- Richard D. James
(Related: Names)

"'Pure experience' is the name I gave to the immediate flux of life which furnishes the material to our later reflection with its conceptual categories."
- William James
(Related: Life, Experience, Name, Reflection)

"A further point is that, little by little, in the current universe, everything is slowly being named; nor does this have anything to do with the older Aristotelian universals in which the idea of a chair subsumes all its individual manifestations."
- Fredric Jameson
(Related: Idea, Being, Universe)

"Robert De Niro... It seemed like a pretty cool thing to do to put his name on my resume next."
- Famke Janssen
(Related: Name, Pretty)

"These names: gay, queer, homosexual are limiting. I would love to finish with them. We're going to have to decide which terms to use and where we use them. For me to use the word "queer" is a liberation; it was a word that frightened me, but no longer."
- Derek Jarman
(Related: Love, Gay, Word)

"I use the term bar-room to represent every means for the sale and traffic in liquor, and I earnestly appeal to the people to put an end to the traffic, no matter under what name or guise it may be carried on."
- Thomas Jordan Jarvis
(Related: People, End, Liquor, May, Name)

"Friendship is but another name for an alliance with the follies and the misfortunes of others. Our own share of miseries is sufficient: why enter then as volunteers into those of another?"
- Thomas Jefferson
(Related: Friendship, Alliance, Name)

"Good will, like a good name, is got by many actions, and lost by one."
- Lord Jeffrey
(Related: Actions, Name, Will)

"You know, in the days when I started, if you had Chet Atkins' name on your record as a producer and it was on RCA, you could work the road. It didn't have to be a big hit record, it just had to have that on it."
- Waylon Jennings
(Related: Work, Name, Road)

"Whenever one reads of the determination of the species, or opens a book on natural science and history, in whatever language, one inevitably comes across the name of Linne."
- Johannes Vilhelm Jensen
(Related: Science, History, Determination, Language, Name)

"Action without a name, a "who" attached to it, is meaningless."
- St. Jerome
(Related: Action, Name)

"While the government can tell you that I am an innocent man, the government's letter cannot give me back my good name or my reputation."
- Richard Jewell
(Related: Government, Man, Name, Reputation)

"I want my name back."
- Richard Jewell
(Related: Name, Want)

"When I realized, in 1978, that Lucy did represent a new species of human ancestor, and that I had an opportunity to name this new species, I realized this was a revolutionary step in understanding human origins."
- Donald Johanson
(Related: Opportunity, Name, Understanding)

"Well, I was making a record, and I had to choose a name, because they said, you know, you can't make a record under the name of Reg Dwight, because it's never going to - you know, it's not attractive enough."
- Elton John
(Related: Name)

"And I agreed with that, and I couldn't wait to change my name anyway, because I'm not too fond of the name of Reginald. It's a very kind of '50s English name."
- Elton John
(Related: Change, English, Name)

"At noon, on the Fourth of July, 1826, while the Liberty Bell was again sounding its old message to the people of Philadelphia, the soul of Thomas Jefferson passed on; and a few hours later John Adams entered into rest, with the name of his old friend upon his lips."
- Allen Johnson
(Related: Soul, People, Friend, July, Liberty, Name, Old, Rest)

"I am financing the recording myself. So I have no big names to drop."
- Holly Johnson
(Related: Names)

"When I was young, poverty was so common that we didn't know it had a name."
- Lyndon B. Johnson
(Related: Name, Poverty)

"To get a name can happen but to few; it is one of the few things that cannot be brought. It is the free gift of mankind, which must be deserved before it will be granted, and is at last unwillingly bestowed."
- Samuel Johnson
(Related: Mankind, Name, Will)

"I liked the name of the amendment. I couldn't help feeling uneasy that the church was opposing something with a name as beautiful as the Equal Rights Amendment."
- Sonia Johnson
(Related: Church, Feeling, Rights, Help, Name)

"People think that I changed my name. I could've been an actress, a superhero, or a stripper."
- January Jones
(Related: People, Name)

"My dad liked how January went with Jones. My sisters' names are Jina and Jacey Jones."
- January Jones
(Related: Dad, Names, Sisters)

"I had done 25 motion pictures prior to The Partridge Family and nobody knew my name."
- Shirley Jones
(Related: Family, Name)

"The first white men of your people who came to our country were named Lewis and Clark. They brought many things that our people had never seen. They talked straight. These men were very kind."
- Chief Joseph
(Related: Men, People, Country, First)

"I was myself brought up with my brother, whose name was Matthias, for he was my own brother, by both father and mother; and I made mighty proficiency in the improvements of my learning, and appeared to have both a great memory and understanding."
- Flavius Josephus
(Related: Mother, Father, Brother, Learning, Memory, Name, Understanding)

"I think a child should be allowed to take his father's or mother's name at will on coming of age. Paternity is a legal fiction."
- James Joyce
(Related: Legal, Age, Mother, Father, Fiction, Name, Will)

"Then there was a kid in the neighborhood about three blocks away, his name was Bobby Beavis."
- Mike Judge
(Related: Name)

"I almost didn't name Butt-Head 'Butt-Head.' I came real close to calling him something else."
- Mike Judge
(Related: Name)

"In these momentous hours of our history we call on every Hungarian worker who is led by devotion to the people and the country to join our Party, the name of which is the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party."
- Janos Kadar
(Related: History, People, Country, Devotion, Name, Party, Workers)

"It is only our conception of time that makes us call the Last Judgement by this name. It is, in fact, a kind of martial law."
- Franz Kafka
(Related: Time, Fact, Law, Name)

"A Germany team should not be afraid going into a tournament. History shows that we can raise the level of our game when it matters."
- Oliver Kahn
(Related: History, Germany)

"The Oscar nomination made me a recognizable name to other actors and people in general."
- Carol Kane
(Related: People, Actors, Name)

"First of all there was a guy named Charles Nicholas, who used to do all of the inking that Jack and Simon didn't do. Simon used to do splashes and covers, but Charles Nicholas, after a while, did the inside of all of the stuff."
- Gil Kane
(Related: First)

"I'm still number one and I just recently won a major tournament ahead of my toughest rivals so I think I had a few years ahead of me if I decided to stay."
- Garry Kasparov
(Related: Years)

"This guy kept telling us that rock was the big thing, everyone's talking about the big thing, our band was the big thing. So he made us change our name to The Big Thing. Can you believe that?!"
- Terry Kath
(Related: Change, Name, Talking)

"Malice is only another name for mediocrity."
- Patrick Kavanagh
(Related: Malice, Mediocrity, Name)

"Here lies one whose name was writ in water."
- John Keats
(Related: Lies, Name, Water)

"If you take different mythologies from different cultures, the names may change and the story lines may vary but there is always something in common."
- Maynard James Keenan
(Related: Change, May, Names)

"A lot of names in America and Europe have their roots in Latin and Greek words. A lot of them go back to archetypes and their stories."
- Maynard James Keenan
(Related: America, Europe, Names, Words)

"My friends always said that I should be a comedienne - I was named my class clown."
- Sally Kellerman
(Related: Class, Friends)

"Thomas was my true name but everyone knew me as Mick, except my mother, who knew me as definitely Michael."
- Thomas Keneally
(Related: Mother, Name)

"Thus, the controversy about the Moral Majority arises not only from its views, but from its name - which, in the minds of many, seems to imply that only one set of public policies is moral and only one majority can possibly be right."
- Edward Kennedy
(Related: Controversy, Majority, Name, Public, Right)

"Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names."
- John F. Kennedy
(Related: Enemies, Forget, Names)

"But the best thing Washington can do for education is realize that our role is limited. Washington must keep its promises, but let those who know our childrens' names- parents, teachers and school board members- make education decisions."
- Mark Kennedy
(Related: Education, Decisions, Names, Parents, Promises, School, Teachers, Washington)

"You're basing your laws and your whole outlook on natural life on mythology. It won't work. That's why you have all these problems in the world. Name them: India, Pakistan, Ireland. Name them-all these problems. They're all religious problems."
- Jack Kevorkian
(Related: Life, Work, Ireland, Laws, Mythology, Name, Problems, Religious, World)

"He will therefore seek to establish for his country in the eyes of the world, such a character as shall make her not unworthy of the name of a Christian nation."
- Francis Scott Key
(Related: Character, Christian, Country, Eyes, Name, Nation, Unworthy, Will, World)

"A Minor is one of my all-time favorite keys to play in. It's a very moody key, and also 'A' is the first letter of my name. It just represents the songs through my eyes."
- Alicia Keys
(Related: Eyes, Favorite, First, Key, Name, Play, Songs)

"Win or lose today I am proud of the way my boys have played in the tournament."
- Imran Khan
(Related: Boys, Today)

"Generally the younger generation are not hard working. They will have to put in more effort to achieve results in tournaments. most of them can perform well but they cannot deliver when they play abroad."
- Jahangir Khan
(Related: Effort, Play, Results, Will)

"We say the name of God, but that is only habit."
- Nikita Khrushchev
(Related: God, Habit, Name)

"In real life, there are names that surprise us because they don't seem to suit the person at all."
- Krzysztof Kieslowski
(Related: Life, Names)

"When we took on the name The Drifters, we became the new Drifters, and signed a contract to be put on salary, which I think was like a hundred dollars a week, a piece, five hundred dollars for all five of us."
- Ben E. King
(Related: Name)

"Of course, the kids who had never heard of a person called Ben E. King were then aware of the name associated with the song. That gave a tremendous lift to me as an artist."
- Ben E. King
(Related: Artist, Kids, Name, Song)

"He was a manager, one of the singers, I guess talent coordinator for the local talent in Harlem. His name was Lover Patterson. He was living right across the street from where my dad had his restaurant. I guess he saw a lot of kids come in, a lot of my buddies."
- Ben E. King
(Related: Dad, Manager, Talent, Kids, Living, Name, Right)

"I was always in the tennis business-from 1968. I was in tournaments and also on World Team Tennis teams as well."
- Billie Jean King
(Related: Business, Tennis, World)

"The names are bigger, the show is worldwide, but I get a royal pass into life in the broadcasting business."
- Larry King
(Related: Business, Life, Names)

"I'm convinced that had I not changed my name, I don't think I would have had quite the same career curve that I eventually had."
- Ben Kingsley
(Related: Career, Name)

"In those days, the late 1970s, one of the leading politicians was a soon-to-be uncle by marriage of Arnold Schwarzenegger, named Ted Kennedy."
- Michael Kinsley
(Related: Marriage, Leading, Politicians)

"A leader does not deserve the name unless he is willing occasionally to stand alone."
- Henry A. Kissinger
(Related: Leader, Name)

"We went around and looked and talked to a lot of foundations with those charities and decided upon the Children's Hospital. They had a golf tournament at the time, but it was a small event that didn't raise a significant amount of money."
- Tom Kite
(Related: Money, Time, Children, Golf)

"I've met people who didn't even know there was a Calvin Klein; they thought it was just the name of a product."
- Calvin Klein
(Related: Thought, People, Name)

"I don't have my name on anything that I don't really do."
- Heidi Klum
(Related: Name)

"You get to Hollywood and you are in the land of big money where they don't like to see only one screenwriter's name. It's much better if you've got four or five."
- Nigel Kneale
(Related: Money, Hollywood, Land, Name)

"So why sign your name in blood for more? It seemed like a sensible arrangement for me. I didn't sell large numbers of records and the record company paid advances they rarely recouped."
- David Knopfler
(Related: Blood, Company, Name, Numbers)

"Having proceeded to this length, for which they are now ripe, we shall have a formidable rebellion against reason, the principle of all government, and against the very name of liberty."
- Henry Knox
(Related: Government, Liberty, Name, Now, Reason, Rebellion)

"The most important thing in the programming language is the name. A language will not succeed without a good name. I have recently invented a very good name and now I am looking for a suitable language."
- Donald Knuth
(Related: Language, Name, Now, Programming, Succeed, Will)

"Religious tolerance is something we should all practice; however, there have been more persecution and atrocities committed in the name of religion and religious freedom than anything else."
- Walter Koenig
(Related: Religion, Freedom, Name, Persecution, Practice, Religious, Tolerance)

"Names and theoretical things don't occur to me. If they do, I'm not doing my real playing mode."
- Lee Konitz
(Related: Names)

"Labels don't mean anything to me. I'm trying to play as passionately as I'm able to. If they want to call that cool, that's fine. Just spell the name right, is the formula."
- Lee Konitz
(Related: Formula, Name, Play, Right, Trying, Want)

"The great problem of the concert hall is that the shoebox is the ideal shape for acoustics but that no architect worth their names wants to build a shoebox."
- Rem Koolhaas
(Related: Names, Worth)

"But now sustainability is such a political category that it's getting more and more difficult to think about it in a serious way. Sustainability has become an ornament."
- Rem Koolhaas
(Related: Now)

"If you want to publish two books a year under your own name and your publisher doesn't, maybe you need a different publisher."
- Dean Koontz
(Related: Books, Name, Want)

"If you have to pay the bills, and you write something you're not proud of, use a pen-name for that."
- Dean Koontz
(Related: Pen)

"Every time I win a tournament I have to think that there is something wrong with modern chess."
- Viktor Korchnoi
(Related: Time, Chess, Wrong)

"Upon this the Hungarian ministers resigned, but the names submitted by the president of the council, at the demand of the king, were not approved of for successors."
- Lajos Kossuth
(Related: Names, President)

"I came not to your glorious shores to enjoy a happy rest - I came not to gather triumphs of personal distinction, but as a humble petitioner, in my country's name, as its freely chosen constitutional leader, to entreat your generous aid."
- Lajos Kossuth
(Related: Leader, Country, Name, Rest)

"My dad sacrificed many things in life for me. He abandoned a very promising and lucrative career of an army officer just so that he could continue helping me with my chess and accompanying me to tournaments."
- Alexandra Kosteniuk
(Related: Dad, Life, Army, Career, Chess)

"Now that I have retired, and even though I wanted to play more, I can always look back and say that at least I won Wimbledon; also, winning the tournament in Rotterdam in 1995."
- Richard Krajicek
(Related: Winning, Now, Play)

"Maybe, one other match better; but if you look at the tournament as a whole, I played very high quality tennis for seven matches and raised my game when I needed to."
- Richard Krajicek
(Related: Quality, Tennis)

"When you drive by Radio City and you see your name up there and it's only 'your' name. I just went 'ooh'. I thought this is really like looking at another person."
- Diana Krall
(Related: Thought, Name)

"My name was originally John Collins, but I just didn't think it had the flair I needed. I found out the poet laureate of Poland was named Krasinski and so it seemed like a shoe-in for show business."
- John Krasinski
(Related: Business, Name)

"In the late 30s the name Pollock was totally unknown and unheard of."
- Lee Krasner
(Related: Name)

"Proper names are rigid designators."
- Saul Kripke
(Related: Names)

"It really is quite remarkable that Darfur has become a household name. I am gratified that's the case."
- Nicholas D. Kristof
(Related: Name, Remarkable)

"War can be so impersonal yet when we put a name, a face, a place and match it to families, then war is not impersonal."
- Dennis Kucinich
(Related: War, Name)

"Allowing children to spew forth whatever is on their minds in the name of openness only creates an illusion of family closeness."
- Neil Kurshan
(Related: Family, Children, Illusion, Name)

"Through leadership of the fight against French colonialism, Ho Chi Minh had made a name for himself in the international political arena."
- Nguyen Cao Ky
(Related: Leadership, Fight, Name)

"It is often in the name of cultural integrity as well as social stability and national security that democratic reforms based on human rights are resisted by authoritarian governments."
- Aung San Suu Kyi
(Related: Rights, Human rights, Integrity, Name, National security, Stability)

"We live in a disposable society. It's easier to throw things out than to fix them. We even give it a name - we call it recycling."
- Neil LaBute
(Related: Society, Name, Recycling)

"A geometry implies the heterogeneity of locus, namely that there is a locus of the Other. Regarding this locus of the Other, of one sex as Other, as absolute Other, what does the most recent development in topology allow us to posit?"
- Jacques Lacan
(Related: Sex, Development, Geometry)

"It is possible that Mount Olympus may have supplied the poets with the hint for saying that Jupiter obtained the kingdom of heaven, because Olympus is the common name both of the mountain and of heaven."
- Lactantius
(Related: Heaven, May, Name, Poets, Saying)

"It's easy to set a story anywhere if you get a good guidebook and get some basic street names, and some descriptions, but, for me, yes, I am indebted to my travels to India for several of the stories."
- Jhumpa Lahiri
(Related: Names)

"If I were to name my favorite pastime, I'd have to say talking about myself. I love it and I think most other people do too. We need, people like us, more listeners and less talkers."
- Hedy Lamarr
(Related: Love, People, Favorite, Name, Talking)

"When I was a kid, I was surrounded by girls: older sisters, older girl cousins just down the street... except for an older boy named Vito who threw rocks. Each year I would wish for a baby brother. It never happened."
- Wally Lamb
(Related: Brother, Baby, Sisters)

"Ambition has but one reward for all: A little power, a little transient fame; A grave to rest in, and a fading name!"
- Walter Savage Landor
(Related: Power, Ambition, Fame, Grave, Rest, Reward)

"I thought it was pretty good to be mentioned in a big paper, so I decided to keep the nickname."
- Dick Lane
(Related: Thought, Pretty)

"People always think I'm Jewish and changed my last name from Rabinowitz."
- Nathan Lane
(Related: People, Name)

"On the contrary. Internationalism also recognizes, by its very name, that nations do exist. It simply limits their scope more than one-sided nationalism does."
- Christian Lous Lange
(Related: Limits, Name, Nationalism, Nations)

"I'm nervous when I play in the Masters or most other tournaments."
- Bernhard Langer
(Related: Play)

"You wouldn't believe how the town was named for me. I was met by the whole population, headed by the mayor."
- Lillie Langtry
(Related: Population)

"Let me start with Yahoo. As we meet today, a Chinese citizen who had the courage to speak his mind on the Internet is in prison because Yahoo chose to share his name and address with the Chinese Government."
- Tom Lantos
(Related: Government, Courage, Internet, Mind, Name, Prison, Today)

"George Orwell's contention was that it is a sure sign of trouble when things can no longer be called by their right names and described in plain, forthright speech."
- Christopher Lasch
(Related: Contention, Names, Right, Speech, Trouble)

"Behold, I am become a reproach to thy holy name, by serving any ambition and the sins of others; which though I did by the persuasion of other men, yet my own conscience did cheek and upbraid me in it."
- William Laud
(Related: Men, Ambition, Conscience, Name, Persuasion)

"When I moved to Stanford I began to pursue the line of research I have been following ever since, namely trying to understand the larger implications of fractional quantum hall discovery."
- Robert B. Laughlin
(Related: Discovery, Research, Trying)

"Believe me, when an actress is told that her very name is synonymous with bad acting, she's had it."
- Piper Laurie
(Related: Acting, Name)

"Back then, everyone was Lana and Rock. No one had ethnic names."
- Piper Laurie
(Related: Names)

"I never forget, remember that. Not an action, not a name, not a face."
- Piper Laurie
(Related: Action, Forget, Name)

"I'm not called Jude Law, I have three names; I'm called 'Hunk Jude Law' or 'Heartthrob Jude Law'. In England anyway, that's my full name. That's the cheap language that's thrown around, that sums you up in one little bracket. It doesn't look at your life. But if one looks beyond, there is actually a little bit more."
- Jude Law
(Related: Life, England, Language, Law, Name, Names)

"All the revision in the world will not save a bad first draft: for the architecture of the thing comes, or fails to come, in the first conception, and revision only affects the detail and ornament, alas!"
- T. E. Lawrence
(Related: Architecture, Detail, First, Will, World)

"The Allegator is the same, as the Crocodile, and differs only in Name."
- John Lawson
(Related: Name)

"It is to be observed that 'angling' is the name given to fishing by people who can't fish."
- Stephen Leacock
(Related: People, Fish, Fishing, Name)

"I would never do crack... I would never do a drug named after a part of my own ass, okay?"
- Denis Leary
"They have decided to tour under the name of Ten Years After which I don't think is very cool. To be honest, they have had to do that as it's the only way they can get any work."
- Alvin Lee
(Related: Work, Name, Years)

"I took the name Green Destiny from - well there is such a sword called Green Destiny. It is green because you keep twisting it, it's an ancient skill, you keep twisting it and knocking it and twisting it until it is very elastic and light."
- Ang Lee
(Related: Destiny, Light, Name, Skill)

"I like to be able to come and go as I please, and I don't really like having my face and name plastered around. I think it's a bit weird to have your name plastered on every page in a magazine, where in each case you're using a different piece of equipment."
- Geddy Lee
(Related: Name)

"What she did was to open our eyes to details of country life such as teaching us names of wild flowers and getting us to draw and paint and learn poetry."
- Laurie Lee
(Related: Life, Poetry, Country, Eyes, Flowers, Names, Open, Teaching)

"The devil's name is dullness."
- Robert E. Lee
(Related: Devil, Name)

"The Domain Name Server (DNS) is the Achilles heel of the Web. The important thing is that it's managed responsibly."
- Tim Berners Lee
(Related: Name)

"John legend is a nickname that somebody started calling me a while ago and part of it is 'cos I sound like an old man when I sing."
- John Legend
(Related: Man, Old, Sound)

"My solution to the problem would be to tell the North Vietnamese Communists frankly that they've got to drawn in their horns and stop their aggression or we're going to bomb them into the stone age."
- Curtis Lemay
(Related: Age, Aggression, Solution)

"I just travel all the time. And I was just looking at the schedules now and starting the first week of October I will be every weekend with somebody at tournaments through Christmas. So it gets very difficult to just go away and not do that."
- Ivan Lendl
(Related: Travel, Time, Christmas, First, Now, October, Weekend, Will)

"If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry'."
- John Lennon
(Related: Name)

"The Pentagon still has not given a name to the Iraqi war. Somehow 'Operation Re-elect Bush' doesn't seem to be popular."
- Jay Leno
(Related: War, Name, Popular)

"The Washington Bullets are changing their name. They don't want their team to be associated with crime. From now on, they'll just be known as the Bullets."
- Jay Leno
(Related: Crime, Name, Now, Want, Washington)

"This is your silly web browser doing that. The file is correctly named."
- Rasmus Lerdorf
(Related: Silly)

"Iraq's elite Republican Guard is doing so badly they're changing their name to the Democratic Guard."
- David Letterman
(Related: Iraq, Name, Republican)

"I may be the most recognizable name in the cast, but I can guarantee that I am not the most talented."
- Huey Lewis
(Related: May, Name)

"When your name is out there like that, guys are going to want to see what you're about."
- Jamal Lewis
(Related: Name, Want)

"What if Whitney was at her top, and we brought in a name like Whitney Houston, it would sell."
- Jenifer Lewis
(Related: Houston, Name)

"Apart from being Jennifer Lewis. The name pulls people in."
- Jenifer Lewis
(Related: People, Being, Name)

"Social Security Number Cards by themselves were never intended to be personal identity documents because they cannot confirm that a person presenting a card is actually the person whose name appears on the card."
- Ron Lewis
(Related: Cards, Identity, Name, Security)

"A hundred things are done today in the divine name of Youth, that if they showed their true colors would be seen by rights to belong rather to old age."
- Wyndham Lewis
(Related: Age, Colors, Rights, Name, Old, Today, Youth)

"To do the opposite of something is also a form of imitation, namely an imitation of its opposite."
- Georg C. Lichtenberg
(Related: Imitation)

"All that remains is the faces and the names of the wives and the sons and the daughters."
- Gordon Lightfoot
(Related: Daughters, Faces, Names, Sons, Wives)

"It was a requirement by the veterans to list the 57,000 names. We're reaching a time that we'll acknowledge the individual in a war on a national level."
- Maya Lin
(Related: Time, War, Names, Veterans)

"There is another old poet whose name I do not now remember who said, "Truth is the daughter of Time.""
- Abraham Lincoln
(Related: Time, Daughter, Name, Now, Old)

"To live in mankind is far more than to live in a name."
- Vachel Lindsay
(Related: Mankind, Name)

"Yeah, well my name is Bai Ling. That means white spirit, and I really feel like sometimes I'm not existing."
- Bai Ling
(Related: Name, Spirit)

"All I know for certain is that reading is of the most intense importance to me; if I were not able to read, to revisit old favorites and experiment with names new to me, I would be starved - probably too starved to go on writing myself."
- Penelope Lively
(Related: Importance, Names, Old, Reading, Writing)

"Lincoln did more than any other man to put the stamp of righteousness, to put the stamp of compassion, on the name of America."
- Henry Cabot Lodge
(Related: America, Compassion, Man, Name, Righteousness)

"After all these years I had the privilege of naming my private part, cause we have nicknames. So I named my private part pride... it's not much but at least I have my pride."
- Jay London
(Related: Cause, Pride, Privilege, Years)

"I'd be stupid not to take into consideration that there are certain things people will not consider me for because my name is Lopez. And I know I can do any kind of role. I don't want anybody to say, Oh, she can't pull this off. So those are barriers that you have to overcome."
- Jennifer Lopez
(Related: People, Consideration, Name, Want, Will)

"I still have in my memory, almost agonizing impressions of a serious illness which I had when I was about eight years old. Those about me called it scarlet fever, and its very name seemed to have a diabolical quality."
- Pierre Loti
(Related: Quality, Illness, Memory, Name, Old, Years)

"When you don't work for a while, immediately you get a little black mark next to your name."
- Lori Loughlin
(Related: Work, Name)

"The United States of America have taken their name from the United States of the Netherlands."
- Seth Low
(Related: America, Name, states, United)

"These are some of the things for which we believe the American people owe no little gratitude to the Dutch; and these are the things for which today, speaking in the name of the American people, we venture to express their heartfelt thanks."
- Seth Low
(Related: Gratitude, People, American, Name, Today)

"You could name the great stars of the silent screen who were finished; the great directors gone; the great title writers who were washed up. But remember this, as long as you live: the producers didn't lose a man. They all made the switch. That's where the great talent is."
- Ernst Lubitsch
(Related: Talent, Man, Name, Stars, Writers)

"Some men by ancestry are only the shadow of a mighty name."
- Lucan
(Related: Men, Ancestry, Name, Shadow)

"There stands the shadow of a glorious name."
- Lucan
(Related: Name, Shadow)

"I used to think feminism was a liberating force - now I see many of those people are just censors under a different name."
- Lydia Lunch
(Related: People, Feminism, Force, Name, Now)

"I don't understand why people don't remember my name."
- Paul Lynde
(Related: People, Name)

"The doctor's name was Sylvia. I told her she'd have a problem with me because Sylvia was my mother's name."
- Paul Lynde
(Related: Mother, Name)

"The bungalow had more to do with how Americans live today than any other building that has gone remotely by the name of architecture in our history."
- Russell Lynes
(Related: Architecture, History, Americans, Building, Name, Today)

"I was the first woman ever named Entertainer of the Year in country music."
- Loretta Lynn
(Related: Music, Country, Country music, First, Woman)

"Men of vision. Oh, I love the fine names men give each other to hide their greed and lust for adventure."
- Charles MacArthur
(Related: Love, Men, Vision, Adventure, Greed, Lust, Names)

"And some poets are far better read off the page because they're very bad speakers. I'm thinking of one in particular whom I won't name, a good poet, and he reads in such a dry, boring way, your eyes start drooping."
- Norman MacCaig
(Related: Eyes, Name, Poets, Thinking)

"There has been only one manager, and his name is John McGraw."
- Connie Mack
(Related: Manager, Name)

"I'm in total sympathy with Dick Smith's sentiments; I only wish there were grounds for saying we Australians would never tolerate such appalling treatment of refugees being carried out in our name."
- Hugh Mackay
(Related: Sympathy, Being, Name, Saying, Treatment)

"Well, if I am not vulgar, neither is my book. I wrote myself. Suggestiveness is always vulgar. But truth never. My book is not even remotely suggestive. I call things by their names. That is all."
- Mary MacLane
(Related: Truth, Names)

"It is a fact that all women contribute more to marriage than men; for the most part they have to change their place of living, their method of work, a great many women today changing their occupation entirely on marriage; and they must even change their name."
- Agnes Macphail
(Related: Change, Marriage, Women, Work, Fact, Living, Name, Occupation, Today)

"A celebrity name is never enough for an intelligent mass market... truly successful businesses are born of passion and heartfelt interest."
- Elle Macpherson
(Related: Successful, Celebrity, Interest, Name, Passion)

"Jim Bakker spells his name with two k's because three would be too obvious."
- Bill Maher
(Related: Name, Obvious)

"The most superficial student of Roman history must be struck by the extraordinary degree in which the fortunes of the republic were affected by the presence of foreigners, under different names, on her soil."
- Henry James Sumner Maine
(Related: History, Foreigners, Names)

"Self-improvement is the name of the game, and your primary objective is to strengthen yourself, not to destroy an opponent."
- Maxwell Maltz
(Related: Name, Self)

"One girl who stands out was this Miami stripper. She still lives with her mother and father, and they know she strips. They call her by her stripper name, Freaky Red."
- Method Man
(Related: Mother, Father, Name)

"Death is a displaced name for a linguistic predicament."
- Paul de Man
(Related: Death, Name)

"I've been chased. I've been pushed. I've been screamed at. I've been verbally abused. I've been afraid for my safety. But I did it all in the name of entertainment."
- Howie Mandel
(Related: Entertainment, Name, Safety)

"If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of these roads could be named Goodness and Forgiveness."
- Nelson Mandela
(Related: Dreams, Forgiveness, Goal, Goodness)

"Of course the word chaos is used in rather a vague sense by a lot of writers, but in physics it means a particular phenomenon, namely that in a nonlinear system the outcome is often indefinitely, arbitrarily sensitive to tiny changes in the initial condition."
- Murray Gell Mann
(Related: Chaos, Physics, Sense, Word, Writers)

"An art whose medium is language will always show a high degree of critical creativeness, for speech is itself a critique of life: it names, it characterizes, it passes judgment, in that it creates."
- Thomas Mann
(Related: Art, Judgment, Language, Names, Speech, Will)

"Marilyn Monroe wasn't even her real name, Charles Manson isn't his real name, and now, I'm taking that to be my real name. But what's real? You can't find the truth, you just pick the lie you like the best."
- Marilyn Manson
(Related: Truth, Lie, Name, Now)

"I went to work. That was a turning point. When you have to do eight shows a week and your name is on the marquee, no matter what is going on at home or what's on the cover of the newspapers, you've got to do your job."
- Marla Maples
(Related: Home, Work, Job, Name, Newspapers)

"Tiffany is very proud to have the last name and she's proud of her dad."
- Marla Maples
(Related: Dad, Name)

"Bob Marley isn't my name. I don't even know my name yet."
- Bob Marley
(Related: Name)

"In the sixties and seventies you could probably name all the great comics. It was still special."
- Marc Maron
(Related: Name)

"The transponder requirements have three major sections, namely the chip; the antenna; and the assembly of the chip and the antenna onto the goods being labelled."
- Mike Marsh
(Related: Being)

"Producer's Surplus is a convenient name for the genus of which the rent of land is the leading species."
- Alfred Marshall
(Related: Land, Leading, Name)

"Kevin Keegan said if he had a blank sheet of paper, five names would be on it."
- Alvin Martin
(Related: Names)

"I love women, but I feel like you can't trust some of them. Some of them are liars, you know? Like I was in the park and I met this girl, she was cute and she had a dog. And I went up to her, we started talking. She told me her dog's name. Then I said, 'Does he bite?' She said, 'No.' And I said, 'Oh yeah? Then how does he eat?' Liar."
- Demetri Martin
(Related: Love, Trust, Women, Cute, Name, Talking)

"Every man's highest, nameless though it be, is his 'living God'."
- James Martineau
(Related: God, Man)

"Whoever named it necking was a poor judge of anatomy."
- Groucho Marx
(Related: Poor)

"In the fall of 1943 we brought home our second son, whom we named Alexander."
- Harpo Marx
(Related: Home, Son)

"Greek philosophy seems to have met with something with which a good tragedy is not supposed to meet, namely, a dull ending."
- Karl Marx
(Related: Ending, Philosophy, Tragedy)

"Each year we look for a big name that is attractive to the public and pleasant for the girls."
- Marcello Mastroianni
(Related: Girls, Name, Public)

"My Life in CIA is the first time that I've ever written a story in my own name."
- Harry Mathews
(Related: Life, Time, First, Name)

"Watch me when people say deaf and dumb, or deaf mute, and I give them a look like you might get if you called Denzel Washington the wrong name."
- Marlee Matlin
(Related: People, Dumb, Name, Washington, Wrong)

"In our daily lives as programmers, we process text strings a lot. So I tried to work hard on text processing, namely the string class and regular expressions. Regular expressions are built into the language and are very tuned up for use."
- Yukihiro Matsumoto
(Related: Work, Class, Language)

"You have to bear in mind that Mr. Autry's favorite horse was named Champion. He ain't ever had one called Runner Up."
- Gene Mauch
(Related: Favorite, Mind)

"Well, I guess I needed this tough first round to really put me into that tournament, to really erase what happened at Indian Wells, which is now the case, you know."
- Amelie Mauresmo
(Related: First, Now)

"When you start off a new tournament, you want to do well."
- Amelie Mauresmo
(Related: Want)

"Yes, I have had difficult times on court and at certain tournaments but you need to forget about it and go forward because that's the way it works in our world."
- Amelie Mauresmo
(Related: Court, Forget, World)

"And I don't like books which are full of name dropping."
- Daphne du Maurier
(Related: Books, Name)

"Robinson was important to all blacks. To make it into the majors and to take all the name calling, he had to be something special. He had to take all this for years, not just for Jackie Robinson, but for the nation."
- Willie Mays
(Related: Name, Nation, Years)

"My name is real, which probably explains why I never became a superstar... how would that look in lights?"
- Mercedes McCambridge
(Related: Name)

"Asking a critic to name his favorite book is like asking a butcher to name his favorite pig."
- John McCarthy
(Related: Favorite, Name)

"So the system we have in radio and television today is the direct result of government policies that have been made in our name, in the name of the people, on our behalf, but without our informed consent."
- Robert McChesney
(Related: Government, People, Name, Result, Television, Today)

"The first clothing line I had was called Very Rue. Then we changed the name and moved to QVC, and the name became A Touch of Rue."
- Rue McClanahan
(Related: First, Name)

"What you think of a name depends so much on the people you know by that name."
- Doug McClure
(Related: People, Name)

"I used the name Jane Roe because I didn't want my personal name to be involved in it."
- Norma McCorvey
(Related: Name, Want)

"Why don't the names of Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius offend people? The reason is that these others didn't claim to be God, but Jesus did."
- Josh McDowell
(Related: God, People, Names, Reason)

"There's something deeply satisfying when it succeeds, but I'm not going to do another book just to put my name on something and make some money if it's not something I deeply care about."
- John McEnroe
(Related: Money, Care, Name)

"To be involved in a senior tournament back in the States is very satisfying."
- John McEnroe
(Related: states)

"Being named a great school at a great price means that we offer both high-quality academic programs and real affordability for families. We offer a personal touch that's hard to match at a big school but without a big price tag."
- David McFadden
(Related: Being, School)

"Fanatic is often the name given to people of action by people who are lazy."
- Bryant H. McGill
(Related: People, Action, Name)

"In this country, when you finish second, no one knows your name."
- Frank McGuire
(Related: Country, Name)

"Love is the silent saying and saying of a single name."
- Mignon McLaughlin
(Related: Love, Name, Saying)

"The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers."
- Marshall McLuhan
(Related: Man, Name)

"It's very hard to step into a job when people are just dismissing you as a pretty face, and saying you got your job only because your surname is McMahon."
- Julian McMahon
(Related: People, Job, Pretty, Saying)

"My job was to teach the whole corpus of economic theory, but there were two subjects in which I was especially interested, namely, the economics of mass unemployment and international economics."
- James Meade
(Related: Economics, Job, Theory, Unemployment)

"In all, dozens upon dozens of groups and organizations have prioritized stopping the killing in Darfur before there is no one left to be killed. It is high time that we, the U.S. Congress, join our name to that list."
- Kendrick Meek
(Related: Time, Congress, Killing, Name)

"I didn't care whose name was on it, I just wanted to get in that Top Ten."
- Terry Melcher
(Related: Care, Name)

"My thought was I should try to stick with names that people may recognize like Robert Johnson, Son House, and Hoagy Carmichael, so if somebody cared to research, they would find a wealth of material."
- John Mellencamp
(Related: Son, Thought, People, Wealth, May, Names, Research)

"I feel very proud that we have managed to stay together. In these forty years we have made forty-six films. Each one has brought a certain name and contribution to cinema."
- Ismail Merchant
(Related: Cinema, Name, Years)

"We say to the British government: you have kept those sculptures for almost two centuries. You have cared for them as well as you could, for which we thank you. But now in the name of fairness and morality, please give them back."
- Melina Mercouri
(Related: Morality, Name, Now)

"In the world over, the very name of our country is immediately associated with the Parthenon."
- Melina Mercouri
(Related: Country, Name, World)

"Years ago, I thought up the name Queen. It's just a name. But it's regal, obviously, and -sounds splendid."
- Freddie Mercury
(Related: Thought, Name, Queen, Years)

"Please accept a promise from me in his name that I will always live in the religion in which he died."
- Giacomo Meyerbeer
(Related: Religion, Name, Promise, Will)

"Spirit of place! It is for this we travel, to surprise its subtlety; and where it is a strong and dominant angel, that place, seen once, abides entire in the memory with all its own accidents, its habits, its breath, its name."
- Alice Meynell
(Related: Travel, Accidents, Habits, Memory, Name, Spirit)

"I hate to play a tournament in which I'm not contending. It's just not any fun for me."
- Phil Mickelson
(Related: Fun, Hate, Play)

"The fact is that more people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than for any other single reason. That, THAT my friends, is true perversion."
- Harvey Milk
(Related: Religion, People, Fact, Friends, Name, Reason)

"My name is Harvey Milk and I'm here to recruit you."
- Harvey Milk
(Related: Name)

"More people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than for any other single reason. That, my friends, that is true perversion."
- Harvey Milk
(Related: Religion, People, Friends, Name, Reason)

"The duty of man is the same in respect to his own nature as in respect to the nature of all other things, namely not to follow it but to amend it."
- John Stuart Mill
(Related: Nature, Duty, Man, Respect)

"The only power deserving the name is that of masses, and of governments while they make themselves the organ of the tendencies and instincts of masses."
- John Stuart Mill
(Related: Power, Name)

"The only freedom which deserves the name is that of pursuing our own good, in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it."
- John Stuart Mill
(Related: Freedom, Name)

"Whatever crushes individuality is despotism, by whatever name it may be called and whether it professes to be enforcing the will of God or the injunctions of men."
- John Stuart Mill
(Related: Men, God, Individuality, May, Name, Will)

"We religious controllers control in the name of Jesus and it is really painful to people."
- Keith Miller
(Related: People, Control, Name, Religious)

"I'm very pleased with being a part of the Bean Pole family. It's a relationship that makes sense to me. I'm very pleased to have my name associated with Bean Pole Jeans."
- Wentworth Miller
(Related: Family, Being, Name, Sense)

"There is but one man to whom I am willing to entrust their future and that man's name is George Bush."
- Zell Miller
(Related: Future, Man, Name)

"With the first act of cruelty committed in the name of revolution, with the first murder, with the first purge and execution, we have lost the revolution."
- Kate Millett
(Related: Act, Cruelty, Execution, First, Revolution, Murder, Name)

"If one is to be called a liar, one may as well make an effort to deserve the name."
- A. A. Milne
(Related: Effort, May, Name)

"Well, I think first of all, probably the most fundamental thing is that we are a mixed-signal analog semiconductor company, which, along with some of the other well-known names in the industry, enjoys very good economics."
- David Milne
(Related: Company, Economics, First, Names)

"I don't really like to talk specifically about customers by name - but we work with nearly all the leading manufacturers of consumer products worldwide and at quite a detailed engineering level."
- David Milne
(Related: Work, Engineering, Leading, Name, Talk)

"I believe firmly in reconciliation among Vietnamese to avoid unnecessary shedding of the blood of Vietnamese."
- Duong Van Minh
(Related: Blood)

"The object of my relationship with Vietnam has been to heal the wounds that exist, particularly among our veterans, and to move forward with a positive relationship,... Apparently some in the Vietnamese government don't want to do that and that's their decision."
- Ho Chi Minh
(Related: Government, Decision, Positive, Veterans, Vietnam, Want, Wounds)

"I only follow one party: the Vietnamese party."
- Ho Chi Minh
(Related: Party)

"The Vietnamese people deeply love independence, freedom and peace. But in the face of United States aggression they have risen up, united as one man."
- Ho Chi Minh
(Related: Love, Peace, People, Aggression, Freedom, Independence, Man, states, United)

"Many things we need can wait. The child cannot. Now is the time his bones are formed, his mind developed. To him we cannot say tomorrow, his name is today."
- Gabriela Mistral
(Related: Time, Mind, Name, Now, Today, Tomorrow)

"So my father grew up in an orphanage in Boston. He was then adopted by an elderly childless couple from Maine, who gave him the name of Mitchell. He moved to Maine, and there he met my mother and was married."
- George J. Mitchell
(Related: Mother, Father, Boston, Elderly, Name)

"My name had gone stale, and no matter how progressive I got, it was my time to die."
- Joni Mitchell
(Related: Time, Name)

"I therefore named this isolated and remarkable feature Swan Hill."
- Thomas Mitchell
(Related: Remarkable)

"Hey, Ryan, if Sting retires, will he change his name to Stung?"
- Colin Mochrie
(Related: Change, Name, Will)

"Before I took the veil, I was ornamented for the ceremony, and was clothed in a rich dress belonging to the Convent, which was used on such occasions; and placed not far from the altar in the chapel, in the view of a number of spectators who had assembled, perhaps about forty."
- Maria Monk
(Related: Ceremony, Dress)

"One of my other nicknames was Thomas Edison, because I invented so many moves."
- Earl Monroe
"There was my name up in lights. I said, 'God, somebody's made a mistake.' But there it was, in lights. And I sat there and said, 'Remember, you're not a star.' Yet there it was up in lights."
- Marilyn Monroe
(Related: Mistake, Name)

"Human beings are the only creatures who are able to behave irrationally in the name of reason."
- Ashley Montagu
(Related: Name, Reason)

"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice."
- Charles de Montesquieu
(Related: Justice, Law, Name, Tyranny)

"We have confirmed something we only knew in theory, namely that revolution, in which uncontrolled and uncontrollable forces operate imperiously, is blind and destructive, grandiose and cruel."
- Frederica Montseny
(Related: Blind, Revolution, Theory)

"Unless a player goes in for intensive play and tournament competition, two racquets are sufficient."
- Helen Wills Moody
(Related: Competition, Play)

"The seeded draw came into being. This means that the two best players of the tournament are placed in opposite halves in the draw, and cannot possibly meet until the finals, if they come through successfully against all the rest of the participants."
- Helen Wills Moody
(Related: Being, Rest)

"I see my body as an instrument, rather than an ornament."
- Alanis Morissette
(Related: Body)

"As I passed along the side walls of Westminster Abbey, I hardly saw any thing but marble monuments of great admirals, but which were all too much loaded with finery and ornaments, to make on me at least, the intended impression."
- Karl Philipp Moritz
(Related: Impression, Monuments)

"Names were not so much dropped as thrown in a perpetual game of catch."
- Robert Morley
(Related: Names)

"I pondered all these things, and how men fight and lose the battle, and the thing that they fought for comes about in spite of their defeat, and when it comes turns out not to be what they meant, and other men have to fight for what they meant under another name."
- William Morris
(Related: Men, Battle, Defeat, Fight, Name)

"Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names. They want to divorce themselves from their predecessors."
- Jim Morrison
(Related: People, Divorce, Names, Want)

"Skiffle was a name that was attached to what was, in essence, American folk music with a beat."
- Van Morrison
(Related: Music, American, Folk, Name)

"When I started studying tenor saxophone as a kid in Belfast, I did so with a guy named George Cassidy, who was also a big inspiration."
- Van Morrison
(Related: Inspiration)

"You see the names of places roundabout? They're mine now, and I've turned them inside out."
- Andrew Motion
(Related: Names, Now)

"Somehow liberals have been unable to acquire from life what conservatives seem to be endowed with at birth: namely, a healthy skepticism of the powers of government agencies to do good."
- Daniel P. Moynihan
(Related: Government, Life, Liberals, Skepticism)

"No matter what name we give it or how we judge it, a candidate's character is central to political reporting because it is central to a citizen's decision in voting."
- Roger Mudd
(Related: Character, Decision, Name, Voting)

"You cannot name a Canadian prime minister who has done as many significant things as I did, because there are none."
- Brian Mulroney
(Related: Name)

"Any political party that includes the word 'democratic' in its name, isn't."
- Patrick Murray
(Related: Name, Party, Word)

"It's not how big your pencil is; it's how you write your name."
- Dave Mustaine
(Related: Name)

"John D. Rockefeller wanted to dominate oil, but Microsoft wants it all, you name it: cable, media, banking, car dealerships."
- Ralph Nader
(Related: Car, Media, Name, Oil)

"Till I was 13, I thought my name was "Shut Up.""
- Joe Namath
(Related: Thought, Name)

"Sing the songs of joy to the Lord, serve the Name of the Lord, and become the servant of His servants."
- Guru Nanak
(Related: Joy, Name, Songs)

"I try not to name too many labels - not because it's not cool, but because it starts getting political."
- Nelly
(Related: Name)

"My character and good name are in my own keeping. Life with disgrace is dreadful. A glorious death is to be envied."
- Horatio Nelson
(Related: Death, Life, Character, Disgrace, Name)

"They all knew my name, but no one heard the music - I didn't look the same."
- Ricky Nelson
(Related: Music, Name)

"Until I was four years old I lived in the house of my paternal grandfather, about two miles from the pretty little village of Wallace, at the mouth of the river of that name."
- Simon Newcomb
(Related: Name, Old, Pretty, Years)

"The beginning of 1856 found me teaching in the family of a planter named Bryan, residing in Prince George County, Md., some fifteen or twenty miles from Washington."
- Simon Newcomb
(Related: Family, Beginning, Teaching, Washington)

"Any art worthy of its name should address 'life', 'man', 'nature', 'death' and 'tragedy'."
- Barnett Newman
(Related: Art, Name)

"To holy people the very name of Jesus is a name to feed upon, a name to transport. His name can raise the dead and transfigure and beautify the living."
- John Henry Newman
(Related: People, Living, Name)

"I miss the personalization that Vegas was - there were showroom captains and all the dealers knew the gamblers by their first names."
- Wayne Newton
(Related: First, Names)

"Louis Braille created the code of raised dots for reading and writing that bears his name and brings literacy, independence, and productivity to the blind."
- Bob Ney
(Related: Blind, Independence, Name, Productivity, Reading, Writing)

"All the people in Star Trek will always be known as those characters. And what characters to have attached to your name in life! The show is such a phenomenon all over the world."
- Nichelle Nichols
(Related: People, Name, Will, World)

"My name was on the list very early after these announcements were made through the newspapers in Europe."
- Claude Nicollier
(Related: Europe, Name, Newspapers)

"I shall go the way of the open sea, to the lands I knew before you came, and the cool ocean breezes shall blow from me the memory of your name."
- Adela Florence Nicolson
(Related: Memory, Name, Ocean, Open, Sea)

"It was a boy's name first."
- Leslie Nielsen
(Related: First, Name)

"My problem with new writers is that it takes me five or six years to memorise the right names."
- Larry Niven
(Related: Names, Right, Writers, Years)

"So my game is solid. So that obviously makes me feel confident, that like anybody else in this field, you name them, I feel like I've got the ability to win the golf tournament just as much as they have, and that's the way I'm going to take it."
- Greg Norman
(Related: Ability, Golf, Name)

"What's a good tournament for him? Winning it. He's good enough."
- Greg Norman
(Related: Winning)

"I've really got no complaints about the way I played, just extremely frustrating with the putter and I'm sure there's a lot of other players saying the same thing except the guy who's going to win the golf tournament."
- Greg Norman
(Related: Complaints, Golf, Saying)

"I'm not interested at all in playing more than 12, 15 tournaments a year on an annual basis because like all the old guys out here on this Tour, we've played golf for nearly 30 years of our lives."
- Greg Norman
(Related: Golf, Old, Years)

"I don't see myself playing or adjusting my schedule for senior tournament golf."
- Greg Norman
(Related: Golf)

"Being away for the weekends, and me being the international player that I have been for those 30 years, I've spent a lot more time flying around the world, playing different golf tournaments around the world."
- Greg Norman
(Related: Time, Being, Flying, Golf, World, Years)

"In World War II, the book you have in front of you, it was said and it is probably true, that there was not a single American who did not know the name of somebody serving in uniform."
- Oliver North
(Related: War, American, Name, World, World war)

"Today, only 2 percent of the people know the name of someone serving in uniform. That means 2 percent of your listeners can actually conjure up the image of someone wearing the uniform of the military of the United States."
- Oliver North
(Related: People, Military, Name, states, Today, United)

"I did decide that you have to put your name about a bit, and so, although I would have preferred to have never done publicity or an interview or a fashion shoot for a magazine or a chat show."
- Jeremy Northam
(Related: Fashion, Name, Publicity)

"I didn't dig it out, it was given to me. They thought it was significant, they gave me the name and I used it."
- Bob Novak
(Related: Thought, Name)

"Well, I'm Czech, but Polish, Czech, no matter, it's my name."
- Kim Novak
(Related: Name)

"The first time I was in his office was when they called me in to tell me they had changed my name. I had a feeling that if I'd gone along with the name they'd chosen, I'd never be seen again. I'd be swallowed up by that name, because it was a false name: Kit Marlowe."
- Kim Novak
(Related: Time, Feeling, First, Name, Office)

"I was maybe only 13 or 14 when I started to play junior tournaments."
- Jana Novotna
(Related: Play)

"We should have an easier name to pronounce."
- John Oates
(Related: Name)

"I couldn't begin to name names... in general I have found racers to be some of the most competitive people on the planet... and some of the nicest as well."
- John Oates
(Related: People, Name, Names)

"My parents shared not only an improbable love, they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation. They would give me an African name, Barack, or blessed, believing that in a tolerant America your name is no barrier to success."
- Barack Obama
(Related: Faith, Success, Love, African, America, Name, Nation, Parents, Possibilities)

"And I will do everything that I can as long as I am President of the United States to remind the American people that we are one nation under God, and we may call that God different names but we remain one nation."
- Barack Obama
(Related: God, People, American, May, Names, Nation, President, states, United, Will)

"In New York, we had primary elections for mayor. To improve their chances, all five candidates changed their name to Rudy Giuliani."
- Conan O'Brien
(Related: Elections, Name)

"Will they attack us? Yes. Will they smear our backgrounds and distort our records? Undoubtedly. Will they lie about us, harass our families, namecall to try to intimidate us? They will. There's nothing safe about it. But is it worth it? Well, let me ask you. Is freedom worth it? Is America worth it?"
- Christine O'Donnell
(Related: Lie, America, Freedom, Nothing, Will, Worth)

"There certainly is a good 'Tex Mex' restaurant very close to our office. My office is around 100 yards from it. I call it Tex Mex because every couple of years it's changed hands and changed name, I'm not exactly sure why!"
- Andrew Oliver
(Related: Name, Office, Years)

"I think we have the same goals in mind. We are not planning on just all of a sudden taking a film and separating. Hopefully one day she can direct me in something, or I will direct her. Or we'll produce a movie under our company's name."
- Mary-Kate Olsen
(Related: Goals, Company, Day, Film, Mind, Name, Planning, Will)

"We said we would leave no stone unturned to get to Germany and now we are applying the same philosophy towards our tournament preparations."
- John O'Neill
(Related: Germany, Now, Philosophy)

"A surging, seething, murmuring crowd of beings that are human only in name, for to the eye and ear they seem naught but savage creatures, animated by vile passions and by the lust of vengeance and of hate."
- Baroness Orczy
(Related: Eye, Hate, Lust, Name, Vengeance)

"I have a St. Bernard named B."
- Heather O'Rourke
"The kids wait for it to be organized. They want to go play all of these tournaments, for a little practice time. I learned my skills by dropping the puck just with the kids. I think that's missing today."
- Bobby Orr
(Related: Time, Kids, Play, Practice, Today, Want)

"But I think I can sincerely declare that I cheerfully submit myself to every odious name for conscience' sake; and from my soul I despise all those whose guilt, malice, or folly has made them my foes."
- James Otis
(Related: Soul, Conscience, Folly, Guilt, Malice, Name)

"Down below the broad, roaring waves of the sea break against the deep foundation of the rock. But high above the mountain, the sea, and the peaks of rock the eternal ornamentation blooms silently from the dark depths of the universe."
- Rudolf Otto
(Related: Deep, Sea, Universe)

"The house built on the sand may oftentimes be built higher, have more fair parapets and battlements, windows and ornaments, than that which is built upon the rock; yet all gifts and privileges equal not one grace."
- John Owen
(Related: Gifts, Grace, May, Windows)

"Fulfill - you can far more than fulfill - the brightest anticipations of those who, in the name of human freedom, and in the face of threats that have ripened into terrible realities since, fought that battle which placed you where you now stand."
- Robert Dale Owen
(Related: Battle, Freedom, Name, Now)

"The key to online play really is multi-table tournaments."
- Tim Page
(Related: Key, Play)

"My feet ain't got nothing to do with my nickname, but when folks get it in their heads that a feller's got big feet, soon the feet start looking big."
- Satchel Paige
(Related: Feet, Nothing)

"It is not a God, just and good, but a devil, under the name of God, that the Bible describes."
- Thomas Paine
(Related: God, Bible, Devil, Name)

"Titles are but nicknames, and every nickname is a title."
- Thomas Paine
(Related: Titles)

"The first census in 1790 asked just six questions: the name of the head of the household, the number of free white males older than 16, the number of free white males younger than 16, the number of free white females, the number of other free persons, and the number of slaves."
- Tom G. Palmer
(Related: First, Name)

"Names and individuals are unimportant when Germany's final fate is at stake."
- Franz von Papen
(Related: Fate, Germany, Names)

"The best source for finding an agent is called Literary Agents of North America. It's a complete list of agents, not only by name and address, but by type of book they represent and by what their submission criteria are."
- Sara Paretsky
(Related: America, Literary, Name)

"It has not been an easy name, yet it has brought me many a laugh."
- Sister Parish
(Related: Name)

"Gromit was the name of a cat. When I started modeling the cat I just didn't feel it was quite right, so I made it into a dog because he could have a bigger nose and bigger, longer legs."
- Nick Park
(Related: Name, Right)

"And since all things have been named light and night and things corresponding to their powers for each, everything is full alike of light and invisible night, both equal since nothing has a share in neither."
- Parmedides
(Related: Light, Night, Nothing)

"By the early '70s I had gotten reasonable and I started to get in hundreds of groups that rehearsed and never played at all. I mean, the most important thing was to look good and have a great name."
- Andy Partridge
(Related: Name)

"There does not exist a category of science to which one can give the name applied science. There are science and the applications of science, bound together as the fruit of the tree which bears it."
- Louis Pasteur
(Related: Science, Name)

"The name on the front of the jersey is what really matters, not the name on the back."
- Joe Paterno
(Related: Name)

"Its the name on the front of the jersey that matters most, not the one on the back."
- Joe Paterno
(Related: Name)

"We arrived in Argentina with a lot of injured players, including our goalkeeper. Also we were unlucky to be drawn in the same group as the two tournament favourites Italy and Argentina."
- Michel Patini
(Related: Italy)

"I do identify with St. Patrick, not just in name. He drove the snakes out of Ireland. I intend to drive the snakes out of the State House."
- Deval Patrick
(Related: Ireland, Name, State)

"There are people and nations, Mother, that I would like to say to you by name. I entrust them to you in silence, I entrust them to you in the way that you know best."
- Pope John Paul II
(Related: Mother, People, Name, Nations, Silence)

"There is a group of individuals who are radical jihadists. We need to call them by name. They believe it is OK to kill people in the name of their religion. It is not all of Islam. It is not all Muslims. But there is a subgroup who believe it is OK. In fact, it is their plan and design to kill people."
- Tim Pawlenty
(Related: Design, Religion, People, Islam, Fact, Name, Radical)

"Names are changed more readily than doctrines, and doctrines more readily than ceremonies."
- Thomas Love Peacock
(Related: Names)

"Great was the name of Abraham, but all his Sons were not accepted; only Isaac was in the Covenant."
- John Pearson
(Related: Name, Sons)

"I never liked the name Eldred. Since nobody knew me in New York, I just changed to my middle name."
- Gregory Peck
(Related: Name)

"It's a clique and I think a clique exists in every business. There's a circle of people that are guaranteed to open a movie and we all know their names and whether they're right or wrong for the role."
- Elizabeth Pena
(Related: Business, People, Names, Open, Right, Wrong)

"As we begin this debate, I am confident that we will hear the supporters of this bill argue in the name of Ronald Reagan that this research is consistent with his long-held views about the sanctity of life."
- Mike Pence
(Related: Life, Debate, Name, Research, Will)

"I have a girlfriend, but I don't really want to talk about her. I won't name her. She isn't in show business, has nothing to do with it. So I'd rather just keep her out of it."
- Luke Perry
(Related: Business, Girlfriend, Name, Nothing, Talk, Want)

"I would say you feel a lot more pressure at a national tournament than a state tournament. This is more of a fun weekend out with the guys. The national tournament is more business."
- Mike Peters
(Related: Business, Fun, Pressure, State, Weekend)

"What name to call thee by, O virgin fair, I know not, for thy looks are not of earth And more than mortal seems thy countenances."
- Petrarch
(Related: Earth, Name)

"In a change of masters the poor change nothing except their master's name."
- Phaedrus
(Related: Change, Name, Nothing, Poor)

"I've made up so many stores about my name, I can't remember."
- Joaquin Phoenix
(Related: Name)

"When I go out with the ladies, I don't force them to pronounce my name. I tell them I like to go by the nickname of Kitten."
- Joaquin Phoenix
(Related: Force, Ladies, Name)

"When I was in first grade, everyone made fun of my name, of course. I think it's kind of a big name to hold up when you're nine years old. It seemed goofy. I used to tell people I wanted to change the world and they used to think, 'This kid's really weird'."
- River Phoenix
(Related: Change, People, First, Fun, Name, Old, World, Years)

"Rich kids gave us their old clothes. They were the best clothes we ever had. We were these very pure, naive, poor children. The rich kids called us a lot of names but it never bothered us because we didn't know what the words meant."
- River Phoenix
(Related: Children, Clothes, Kids, Names, Old, Poor, Words)

"I sometimes lie, especially about personal things, because what does it matter? I am a kind of minute commodity, my name is no longer my own."
- River Phoenix
(Related: Lie, Name)

"The first year I was on the show, it took an interviewer about 45 minutes to get it out of me that I even had a dog, and even then I wouldn't tell him the dog's name."
- David Hyde Pierce
(Related: First, Name)

"If success attends my steps, honor and glory await my name-if defeat, still shall it be said we died like brave men, and conferred honor, even in death, on the American Name."
- Zebulon Pike
(Related: Success, Death, Men, American, Defeat, Glory, Honor, Name)

"I phoned my grandparents and my grandfather said 'We saw your movie.' 'Which one?' I said. He shouted 'Betty, what was the name of that movie I didn't like?"
- Brad Pitt
(Related: Grandparents, Name)

"A good education is another name for happiness."
- Ann Plato
(Related: Education, Happiness, Name)

"They do certainly give very strange, and newfangled, names to diseases."
- Plato
(Related: Names)

"They certainly give very strange names to diseases."
- Plato
(Related: Names)

"Bad conduct soils the finest ornament more than filth."
- Titus Maccius Plautus
"Were I called on to define, very briefly, the term Art, I should call it 'the reproduction of what the Senses perceive in Nature through the veil of the soul.' The mere imitation, however accurate, of what is in Nature, entitles no man to the sacred name of 'Artist.'"
- Edgar Allan Poe
(Related: Nature, Art, Soul, Imitation, Man, Name, Senses)

"Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things."
- Henri Poincare
(Related: Art, Giving, Mathematics, Name)

"A scientist worthy of his name, about all a mathematician, experiences in his work the same impression as an artist; his pleasure is as great and of the same nature."
- Henri Poincare
(Related: Nature, Work, Impression, Artist, Name, Pleasure)

"I, therefore, O Caesar, do not publish this work, merely prefixing my name to a treatise which of right belongs to others, nor think of acquiring reputation by finding fault with the works of any one."
- Marcus V. Pollio
(Related: Work, Fault, Name, Reputation, Right)

"If you're in charge of managing domain name space you should treat everybody who asks for a registration the same. Whatever that is - whether it's nice or ugly or whatever - just be fair, treat them all the same."
- Jon Postel
(Related: Name, Space, Ugly)

"A name indicates what we seek. An address indicates where it is. A route indicates how we get there."
- Jon Postel
(Related: Name)

"I also administer the Internet Assigned Names Authority, which is the central coordinator for the Internet address space, domain names and Internet protocol conventions essential to the use and operation of the Internet."
- Jon Postel
(Related: Authority, Internet, Names, Space)

"Yes, there is some thought about making a film of My Name Is Asher Lev."
- Chaim Potok
(Related: Thought, Film, Name)

"God, I'm such a lazy writer - I can't even think up new names."
- Dennis Potter
(Related: God, Names, Writer)

"I don't have a bank account because I don't know my mother's maiden name."
- Paula Poundstone
(Related: Mother, Bank account, Name)

"How much more must this be so in my own case for I am conscious not only of the great names and achievements of those who have preceded me, but also of the living presence of many of my masters and teachers."
- Cecil Frank Powell
(Related: Living, Names, Teachers)

"The only love worthy of a name is unconditional."
- John Powell
(Related: Love, Name)

"What scared me in that debate is that it's not about the ownership rules at all. The vast majority of people don't even know what the rules say, to be perfectly candid. Name all six of them."
- Michael K. Powell
(Related: People, Debate, Majority, Name, Ownership, Rules)

"It is a grievous sin in the sight of God for any man to presume to baptize, unless God has authorized him by new revelation to baptize in his name."
- Orson Pratt
(Related: God, Man, Name, Sight, Sin)

"Do not suffer any man to baptize or minister unto you, unless God has spoken unto him by the voice of his servants, and authorized him to minister in his name."
- Orson Pratt
(Related: God, Man, Name, Voice)

"Beauty doesn't need ornaments. Softness can't bear the weight of ornaments."
- Munshi Premchand
(Related: Beauty, Weight)

"The name of Peru was not known to the natives."
- William Prescott
(Related: Name)

"I'm more of a tomboy than anything and then you see your name on these Top 50 Most Beautiful People lists and you're like, "What?""
- Lisa Marie Presley
(Related: People, Name)

"I had been inspired by an organ player named Earl Grant, who played organ and piano together. My mom took me to see him. So I went home, put my piano and organ together, too."
- Billy Preston
(Related: Mom, Home)

"Why don't they go ahead and change the name of the White House to the West House. They want to do away with the heritage of White Settlement and destroy the history of White Settlement."
- Alan Price
(Related: Change, History, Name, Want)

"There is nothing wrong with the name White Settlement, and the majority here is proud of the name."
- Alan Price
(Related: Majority, Name, Nothing, Wrong)

"Once your name becomes well known, politicians come courting."
- Charley Pride
(Related: Name, Politicians)

"Age makes all things greater after their death; a name comes to the tongue easier from the grave."
- Sextus Propertius
(Related: Age, Death, Grave, Name, Tongue)

"Words do not change their meanings so drastically in the course of centuries as, in our minds, names do in the course of a year or two."
- Marcel Proust
(Related: Change, Names, Words)

"I don't want to name names, but the least I can say about rock and roll is that I'm suspicious."
- Manuel Puig
(Related: Name, Names, Want)

"After moving to England I did some recording and eventually formed an English band, this was together for quite a few years with only a keyboard replacement. The band had no name, just my name."
- Suzi Quatro
(Related: EnglEnglish, Name, Years)

"I mean, a Mexican boy couldn't be anything else but an Indian. And why did you take the name of Quinn, they used to say to me. Hey, you're an Indian, so I played Indians."
- Anthony Quinn
(Related: Name)

"The glory of my name increases my shame. Less known by mortals, I could better escape their eyes."
- Jean Racine
(Related: Eyes, Glory, Name, Shame)

"I stepped on a land mine named Jayson Blair."
- Howell Raines
(Related: Land)

"At the time, there were very few foreign names in the press and they were all factory workers. I thought I'd never get a job at a university with a foreign name."
- Carl Rakosi
(Related: Time, Thought, Job, Name, Names, Press, University, Workers)

"Pray to God that your attachment to such transitory things as wealth, name, and creature comforts may become less and less every day."
- Ramakrishna
(Related: God, Wealth, Day, May, Name)

"Many are the names of God and infinite the forms through which He may be approached."
- Ramakrishna
(Related: God, Infinite, May, Names)

"More are the names of God and infinite are the forms through which He may be approached. In whatever name and form you worship Him, through them you will realise Him."
- Ramakrishna
(Related: God, Infinite, May, Name, Names, Will, Worship)

"What in heaven's name is strange about a grandmother dancing nude? I'll bet lots of grandmothers do it."
- Sally Rand
(Related: Dancing, Heaven, Name)

"Don't put my name on it. These are simply documents I make."
- Man Ray
(Related: Name)

"Down time is not the name of the game."
- Usher Raymond
(Related: Time, Name)

"I know of no better name than Anarchism."
- Herbert Read
(Related: Name)

"You know my father as governor, as president, but I knew him as dad. I was so proud to have the Reagan name and to be Ronald Reagan's son."
- Michael Reagan
(Related: Dad, Father, Son, Name, President)

"I'm also doing constant book readings, movies. You name it, I'm doing it."
- Lynn Redgrave
(Related: Movies, Name)

"If you can get a laugh out of a name, you're ahead of the game."
- Carl Reiner
(Related: Name)

"If my life had to be a song I would name it, 'Live every day like its your best day ever', because it pretty much is."
- Haley Reinhart
(Related: Life, Day, Name, Pretty, Song)

"We had the boy's name picked out, but we didn't have a girl's. When he turned out to be a boy, we were so relieved. Literally, in the middle of contracting and pushing, and with my wife being drugged - out and half - lucid, we were still coming up with names."
- Paul Reiser
(Related: Wife, Being, Contracting, Name, Names)

"We want to live at any price; so we cannot burden ourselves with feelings which, though they might be ornamental enough in peace-time, would be out of place here."
- Erich Maria Remarque
(Related: Peace, Feelings, Burden, Want)

"All the great things of humanity have been accomplished in the name of absolute principles."
- Ernest Renan
(Related: Humanity, Name, Principles)

"The moment that I realized my name was going to be said in the same sentence as children and sex, that's really intense. That's something I knew from that very moment, whatever happens past that point, something's out there in the air that is really bad."
- Paul Reubens
(Related: Sex, Children, Name, Past)

"It's the only sport that's played in every country in the world. It's played and watched all over the world, it's the most popular sport in probably 90% of the countries, and then with the World Cup, you have the most viewed tournament of any sport in the world."
- Claudio Reyna
(Related: Countries, Country, Popular, World)

"Being a new band, I just can't think of a better way to get your name out to all of the Hard-Rock crowd than playing with twenty of the biggest Hard-Rock bands in the world."
- Adam Rich
(Related: Being, Name, World)

"Every drummer that had a name, had a name because of his individual playing. He didn't sound like anybody else, So everybody that I ever listened to, in some form, influenced my taste."
- Buddy Rich
(Related: Name, Sound, Taste)

"I never heard nobody in my audience call me any kind of names."
- Little Richard
(Related: Names)

"Incidentally, the usual designation of the magnitude scale to my name does less than justice to the great part that Dr. Gutenberg played in extending the scale to apply to earthquakes in all parts of the world."
- Charles Francis Richter
(Related: Justice, Name, World)

"I don't have any nicknames."
- Sally Ride
"Jake Green isn't just Jake Green. Jake represents all of us. The colour green is the central column of the spectrum and the name Jake has all sorts of numerical values. All things come back to him within the film's world of cons and games."
- Guy Ritchie
(Related: Values, Film, Games, Name, World)

"I think knowing people by first names, not by what they do sexually, is really what it's about. Not being afraid. Fear is the enemy. I've always been comfortable with being gay."
- Herb Ritts
(Related: People, Fear, Being, Enemy, First, Gay, Names)

"I'd like to give divorce a good name."
- Geraldo Rivera
(Related: Divorce, Name)

"What was the name of that dog on 'Rin Tin Tin'?"
- Mickey Rivers
(Related: Name)

"Is Walt turning over in his grave? A man named Joe Roth runs Disney right now-he gave me the go-ahead and total freedom to do whatever I wanted to do."
- Tim Robbins
(Related: Disney, Freedom, Grave, Man, Now, Right)

"If it is committed in the name of God or country, there is no crime so heinous that the public will not forgive it."
- Tom Robbins
(Related: God, Country, Crime, Name, Public, Will)

"We loved being in Russia and would love to go back again, especially to visit my namesake."
- Eric Roberts
(Related: Love, Being, Russia, Visit)

"I'm a guy who just wanted to see his name in the lineup everyday. To me, baseball was a passion to the point of obsession."
- Brooks Robinson
(Related: Baseball, Name, Obsession, Passion)

"I don't say what God is, but a name That somehow answers us when we are driven To feel and think how little we have to do With what we are."
- Edwin A. Robinson
(Related: God, Answers, Name)

"The name and pretense of virtue is as serviceable to self-interest as are real vices."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: Virtue, Name, Self, Vices)

"Perhaps being old is having lighted rooms inside your head, and people in them, acting. People you know, yet can't quite name."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: People, Acting, Being, Name, Old)

"I think I did every drug known to mankind, smoked crack, boozed, dropped acid, you name it."
- Kid Rock
(Related: Mankind, Name)

"To any artist, worthy of the name, all in nature is beautiful, because his eyes, fearlessly accepting all exterior truth, read there, as in an open book, all the inner truth."
- Auguste Rodin
(Related: Nature, Truth, Artist, Eyes, Name, Open)

"You're not allowed to give yourself a nickname. This holds true in life as well as in poker."
- Richard Roeper
(Related: Life, Poker)

"I think I'm going to put together a compilation under Disney's name of my songs that I've done for them - because I've done six or seven by now! The latest was for the Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack. So that's the next thing that's coming out."
- Christy Romano
(Related: Diaries, Disney, Name, Songs)

"That is perceptive of you, because in this country men dancers have always been viewed with suspicion. If you were an actor, a star, and a dancer, you had to be, or have a name like someone "mainstream.""
- Cesar Romero
(Related: Men, Actor, Country, Name, Suspicion)

"George Murphy tagged that name "Butch" on me years ago. We were all at a party and he went around tagging names on people that didn't fit them."
- Cesar Romero
(Related: People, Name, Names, Party, Years)

"The guy that made me wanna make movies... and this is off the wall-is a guy named Michael Pal, the British director."
- George A. Romero
(Related: Movies)

"I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
(Related: Bed)

"It is really quite amazing that all of the folks supporting privatization, from the president on down, keep invoking the name of my grandfather, Franklin Delano Roosevelt."
- James Roosevelt
(Related: Name, President)

"There has never yet been a man in our history who led a life of ease whose name is worth remembering."
- Theodore Roosevelt
(Related: History, Life, Man, Name, Worth)

"The one thing I want to leave my children is an honorable name."
- Theodore Roosevelt
(Related: Children, Name, Want)

"Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering."
- Theodore Roosevelt
(Related: History, Life, Man, Name, Worth)

"If there is not the war, you don't get the great general; if there is not a great occasion, you don't get a great statesman; if Lincoln had lived in a time of peace, no one would have known his name."
- Theodore Roosevelt
(Related: Time, Peace, War, Name)

"In the laws of the land, she has no rights; in government she has no voice. And in spite of another principle recognized in this Republic, namely, that 'taxation without representation is tyranny,' she is taxed without being represented."
- Ernestine Rose
(Related: Government, Being, Rights, Land, Laws, Tyranny, Voice)

"The main cause is a pernicious falsehood propagated against her being, namely that she is inferior by her nature. Inferior in what? What has man ever done that woman, under the same advantages could not do?"
- Ernestine Rose
(Related: Nature, Being, Cause, Falsehood, Man, Woman)

"I never knew any painter worthy of the name who paid the smallest attention to what a critic says, even in conversation."
- Robert Baldwin Ross
(Related: Attention, Conversation, Name)

"When I was 15, I changed my name legally. I think it was largely due to my struggle about being gay. Everything just didn't fit, and I was trying to find things I could identify myself with, and it started with my name."
- Portia de Rossi
(Related: Being, Gay, Name, Struggle, Trying)

"The conscience of an artist worthy of the name is like an incurable disease which causes him endless torment but occasionally fills him with silent joy."
- Georges Rouault
(Related: Artist, Causes, Conscience, Disease, Joy, Name)

"We call that person who has lost his father, an orphan; and a widower that man who has lost his wife. But that man who has known the immense unhappiness of losing a friend, by what name do we call him? Here every language is silent and holds its peace in impotence."
- Joseph Roux
(Related: Peace, Father, Wife, Friend, Language, Losing, Man, Name, Unhappiness)

"Remember the Tea Party movement didn't get started in September of 2008 when the bank bailout was passed. It really began on Feb. 19th, 2009 when a television commentator named Rick Santelli stood up and said what the hell are we doing bailing out people who couldn't afford a mortgage by taking money from people like me who are prudent?"
- Karl Rove
(Related: Money, People, Hell, Party, Tea, Television)

"Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself."
- J. K. Rowling
(Related: Fear, Name)

"The only thing that would change would be the year, the names. It just got to be a repetitious life."
- Darrell Royal
(Related: Change, Life, Names)

"We raised almost 2 million dollars at the last golf tournament that can be used for minority scholarships and Junior Golf programs. The payoff for the work we do is so much more valuable than the work we actually do for it."
- Darius Rucker
(Related: Work, Golf, Minority)

"When I eventually met Mr. Right I had no idea that his first name was Always."
- Rita Rudner
(Related: Idea, First, Name, Right)

"You know, I once leased a Mercedes because I got a good deal on it because of my first name."
- Mercedes Ruehl
(Related: First, Name)

"Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit."
- Salman Rushdie
(Related: Habit, Being, Earth, Names)

"A poet's work is to name the unnameable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it going to sleep."
- Salman Rushdie
(Related: Work, Arguments, Name, Sleep, World)

"There's a difference between the blues of the New Orleans guys and anyone else and the difference is in a chord, but I can't figure the name of it. It's a different chord, and they all make it."
- Jimmy Rushing
(Related: Difference, Name)

"I believe the right question to ask, respecting all ornament, is simply this; was it done with enjoyment, was the carver happy while he was about it?"
- John Ruskin
(Related: Enjoyment, Question, Right)

"To understand a name you must be acquainted with the particular of which it is a name."
- Bertrand Russell
(Related: Name)

"The Temple will not be completed until every living stone is there. And then what? The next thing will be that which our Masonic friends make so much of, and which we make so much of namely: the glorification of the temple."
- Charles T. Russell
(Related: Temple, Friends, Living, Will)

"The name Air Supply sort of came from nowhere. I get a lot of my things in dreams and I just had a dream about it one night, and I woke up and said that's just got to be the name. That was in 1975."
- Graham Russell
(Related: Dreams, Name, Night)

"The name 'reservation' has a negative connotation among Native Americans - an intern camp of sorts."
- John Russell
(Related: Negative, Americans, Name, Native Americans)

"God created the first man, whom he called Adam. Then God created a woman, whom ho named Eve; and this man and woman were given the power from Jehovah God to reproduce their kind, that is to say, to cause conception and birth of children."
- Joseph Franklin Rutherford
(Related: Power, God, Cause, Children, First, Man, Woman)

"I would feel horrible to think I had put my name on a pistol permit and allowed someone to carry around a gun and they committed another crime."
- Mike Rutherford
(Related: Crime, Name)

"And when I went to Houston, they had a conditioning coach by the name of Gene Coleman. And that was the first time I had gone to an organization that had a program with a weight room and designed specifically for pitchers."
- Nolan Ryan
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"One of the best known, and one of the least intelligible, facts of literary history is the lateness, in Western European Literature at any rate, of prose fiction, and the comparative absence, in the two great classical languages, of what we call by that name."
- George Saintsbury
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"Between Scott on the earlier side and Dickens and Thackeray on the other, there was an immense production of novels, illustrated by not a few names which should rank high in the second class, while some would promote more than one of them to the first."
- George Saintsbury
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"America Held Hostage won 24 Emmys for ABC News, but someone forgot to include my name on the list of people responsible for the show."
- Pierre Salinger
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"In my opinion, he only may be truly said to live and enjoy his being who is engaged in some laudable pursuit, and acquires a name by some illustrious action, or useful art."
- Sallust
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"I never intended to be a professional writer; as the story developed, the one thing I had in my hopes was that this would be something tangible to separate me from the nameless, numbered masses."
- R. A. Salvatore
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"Hit a home run - put your head down, drop the bat, run around the bases, because the name on the front is more - a lot more important than the name on the back."
- Ryne Sandberg
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"Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds."
- George Santayana
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"Inside us there is something that has no name, that something is what we are."
- Jose Saramago
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