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"Land in Hawaii is money. What I'm talking about here is ceded land - land that belonged to the kingdom and was ceded to the republic and then to the state when we achieved statehood."
- Neil Abercrombie
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"You're talking serious money already in the bank, and millions of dollars coming in every year."
- Neil Abercrombie
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"When there wasn't any money involved, for all intents and purposes, nobody gave a damn. But now the land, supposedly worthless, is seen for what it really is: an incredibly valuable asset."
- Neil Abercrombie
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"So as soon as the land was worth something and there was money in the bank, all of a sudden everybody got interested in non-discrimination, in who's really going to administer this stuff."
- Neil Abercrombie
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"A good portion of the airport is on ceded lands, and lease money was paid for that. So the state's collecting lease money because all of a sudden "worthless" land now has an airport on it."
- Neil Abercrombie
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"The career of a writer is comparable to that of a woman of easy virtue. You write first for pleasure, later for the pleasure of others and finally for money."
- Marcel Achard
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"Success produces success, just as money produces money."
- Diane Ackerman
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"I'm not a driven businessman, but a driven artist. I never think about money. Beautiful things make money."
- Lord Acton
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"It was a special show that became a cult classic of sorts, and I made a lot of money for it."
- Don Adams
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"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."
- Douglas Adams
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"If time is money, it seems moral to save time, above all one's own, and such parsimony is excused by consideration for others. One is straight-forward."
- Theodor Adorno
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"God help me if I ever do another movie with an explosion in it. If you see me in a movie where stuff is exploding you'll know I've lost all my money."
- Ben Affleck
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"I cannot afford to waste my time making money."
- Louis Agassiz
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"I'm not really religious but very spiritual. I give money to this company that manufactures hearing aids on a regular basis. More people should really hear me sing. I have a gift from God."
- Christina Aguilera
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"But I was going to be a teacher my entire life, so I wasn't counting on money to much."
- Clay Aiken
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"It's not the money. It's not the fame. It's the influence."
- Clay Aiken
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"Money is a never-ending problem."
- Alvin Ailey
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"We will not, on the altar of money, mortgage our conscience, mortgage our faith, mortgage our salvation."
- Peter Akinola
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"On the little money I had collected I lived in Berlin very cheaply, ate very cheaply. And already in 1920 I saved the first salaries I received to go to Munich."
- Josef Albers
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"Hussein has chosen to spend his money on building weapons of mass destruction and palaces for his cronies."
- Madeleine Albright
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"People don't have fortunes left them in that style nowadays; men have to work and women to marry for money. It's a dreadfully unjust world."
- Louisa May Alcott
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"Money is the root of all evil, and yet it is such a useful root that we cannot get on without it any more than we can without potatoes."
- Louisa May Alcott
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"If I can't get the girl, at least give me more money."
- Alan Alda
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"If Mr. Bush and Mr. Forbes don't get most of the votes, they should be arrested for wasting money."
- Lamar Alexander
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"After I saved some money, I quit work and went to a local college."
- Lloyd Alexander
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"When I graduated college I needed to make money while I was pursuing acting, so I read screenplays and made a living writing coverage on them for studios."
- Sasha Alexander
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"The best way to make happy money is to make money your hobby and not your god."
- Scott Alexander
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"Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have, beautifully."
- Scott Alexander
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"Father, in spite of all this spending of money in learning Latin, I will be a painter."
- William Allan
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"Saddam Hussein's trial would not be public since he could name countries and persons whom he gave money."
- Iyad Allawi
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"The fact that the movement was carried on by women who, for the most part, had no money of their own and were totally inexperienced in organization, and that they won their fight in about two generations, makes a story often dramatic and always worth preserving."
- Florence E. Allen
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"If you real desire is to be good, there is no need to wait for the money before you do it; you can do it now, this very moment, and just where you are."
- James Allen
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"I've never done anything for money. My first love is things of limited commercial appeal. I could be happy doing Shakespeare for the rest of my life."
- Karen Allen
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"If a man works like a horse for his money, there are a lot of girls anxious to take him down the bridal path."
- Marty Allen
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"If we had loads of money as a family, things would be different and they'd come to visit more and I'd get to spend more time here. But I'm laying down roots in America so when I'm there, just being at home, it's harder to break away from that."
- Rick Allen
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"You know the great irony is that people think you have to have money to enjoy fine food, which is a shame."
- Ted Allen
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"Well, we don't take money from people and then show the product. It has to be a product that we like anyway, and that's true for all five of us, which is one of the really nice things about the way we make the show."
- Ted Allen
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"These kids understood what is not immediately obvious; that they were going to pay the bills for tax cuts that had been passed today or in the last 4 years, and for the war in Iraq, because essentially we are borrowing money to do those things."
- Tom Allen
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"I belong to a church and I try to do my Christian duty, so I am against alcohol... But we need the tax money."
- Walter Allen
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"Right now it's only a notion, but I think I can get the money to make it into a concept, and later turn it into an idea."
- Woody Allen
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"Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons."
- Woody Allen
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"I always feel like there is some dude out there with money that I could fall back on if I needed to."
- Kirstie Alley
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"I didn't think we would ever make enough money to pay rent by playing music."
- Gregg Allman
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"But in a tournament, you can be said in for all your money at any point so you can't make any mistakes so you have to, it's all about where you're sitting at the table."
- Al Alvarez
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"Our industry has invested so much money in technology that perhaps it's time to invest in talent, in people."
- Christiane Amanpour
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"Writing is not the easiest way to make a living. Your work long hours, usually all by yourself. It is not a way to make money."
- Stephen Ambrose
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"American corporations hate to give away money."
- Stephen Ambrose
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"When I got the money, the whole burden descended on me, and the realization of what I had done. And it led me then to make the further step, a change of loyalties."
- Aldrich Ames
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"There are three easy ways of losing money - racing is the quickest, women the most pleasant, and farming the most certain."
- Lord Amherst
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"Weapons are like money; no one knows the meaning of enough."
- Martin Amis
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"Money doesn't mind if we say it's evil, it goes from strength to strength. It's a fiction, an addiction, and a tacit conspiracy."
- Martin Amis
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"Cursed be he above all others Who's enslaved by love of money. Money takes the place of brothers, Money takes the place of parents, Money brings us war and slaughter."
- Anacreon
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"A lot of pop music is about stealing pocket money from children."
- Ian Anderson
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"Yes, yes, no one denies, for example, that you're going to be able to fix the Murray through the Living Murray process without money, no one denies that."
- John Anderson
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"I mean, I wasn't stupid. I knew we'd make money and sell a lot of Dune books."
- Kevin J. Anderson
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"I've never really had a hobby, unless you count art, which the IRS once told me I had to declare as a hobby since I hadn't made money with it."
- Laurie Anderson
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"I've been in Vegas. That's where you get into the money thing. Boy, you get greedy in Vegas, you know. That's the only place that you can bet $25, get it up to $500 and refuse to quit."
- Louie Anderson
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"I am a liberated woman. And I do believe if a woman does equal work she should be paid equal money. But personally I am feminine and I do like male authority to lean on."
- Julie Andrews
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"The music rights at the time cost me $12,000 in 1964 money, which is about double now or whatever. But I cleared everything. I had a lawyer in New York. And it was cleared for use in a short subject, not a feature."
- Kenneth Anger
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"I wouldn't be in a legitimate business for all the money in the world."
- Gennaro Angiulo
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"You can make more money on unemployment than you can going down and getting one of those jobs that is an honest job, but it doesn't pay as much. And so, that's what's happened to us is that we have put in so much entitlement into our government, that we really have spoiled our citizenry and said you don't want the jobs that are available."
- Sharron Angle
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"The greatest power is not money power, but political power."
- Walter Annenberg
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"I didn't feel the Depression at all. I always had a pocketful of money."
- Walter Annenberg
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"Some people find an interest in making money, and though they appear to be slaving, many actually enjoy every minute of their work."
- Walter Annenberg
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"Our blood will turn from red to blue, although our money is but new."
- Walter Annenberg
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"God is on everyone's side... and in the last analysis, he is on the side with plenty of money and large armies."
- Jean Anouilh
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"Fame is addictive. Money is addictive. Attention is addictive. But golf is second to none."
- Marc Anthony
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"If all the rich and all of the church people should send their children to the public schools they would feel bound to concentrate their money on improving these schools until they met the highest ideals."
- Susan B. Anthony
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"You pay your money, you take your choice. I get the audience my language attracts and I lose the ones it repels."
- David Antin
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"The holidays are also a time when people freak out about their finances. If you don't want to spend the money, why not try some of the other options instead of killing a bunch of animals?"
- Christina Applegate
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"He wasn't, but producers are by definition annoying because they have a different agenda from you. They're trying to stop you spending money and you're trying to not spend money, but at the same time we're great artists."
- Michael Apted
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"I also don't like films that are made just to make money, no this kind of film I don't like."
- Dario Argento
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"To try and raise a budget for a film that is strictly for adults and both strong and graphic in content is not easy, especially when there is pressure to spend serious money on good special effects."
- Dario Argento
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"When money comes into play then that's all it's about wanting money, who's making the most who can get the most, me, me me... and in the end it screws up the person and the sport."
- Alexis Arguello
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"When you put the interest of a kid on money instead of heart then you're destroying the beauty of our lives and our thought process, which should be about how much responsibilities you carry as an athlete and a citizen."
- Alexis Arguello
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"Not many people do at the age of 21 or younger even, know how to act nor could be concerned with anything other than fighting, women and money."
- Alexis Arguello
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"In fact, I had a series of offers which would have brought me a lot of money to make films and package TV programs. There were people who said to me, we'll put a million dollars in your bank account tomorrow, which is a hard thing to turn down."
- Roone Arledge
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"Three groups spend other people's money: children, thieves, politicians. All three need supervision."
- Dick Armey
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"That money talks, I'll not deny, I heard it once: It said, 'Goodbye'."
- Richard Armour
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"My mother, she had a very good attitude toward money. I'm very grateful for the fact that we had to learn to save. I used to get like 50 pence a week, and I'd save it for like five months. And then I'd spend it on Christmas presents. I'd save up like eight pounds. It's nothing, but we did that."
- Gemma Arterton
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"The extravagant expenditure of public money is an evil not to be measured by the value of that money to the people who are taxed for it."
- Chester A. Arthur
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"There are two things people want more than sex and money... recognition and praise."
- Mary Kay Ash
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"Why would people spend good money to have my pants?"
- Shawn Ashmore
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"We're kidding on that. One of the things I insisted upon when we went into this project was that we are full partners, going fifty-fifty, both on the money and on the say of what's going on with the books."
- Robert Asprin
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"At a certain point he was very popular, from THE RAVEN. He was never fully appreciated, never made the money, and you know he was looked upon with admiration by some people, but also as an oddball. But that was his point."
- John Astin
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"I think people enjoy reading about money, but the people who are in charge of giving me guidance tell me not to talk about it in interviews. Why not? That's what everybody thinks about."
- Sean Astin
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"The only thing I like about rich people is their money."
- Nancy Astor
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"Not so much in Canada, but certainly in the US, as I'm sure you know, money is all, and if they can get another 26 programs of the same thing even though it advances the culture or those actor's careers not at all it doesn't matter."
- Rowan Atkinson
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"Get that right, then- if you get the quality right, then the marketability or whatever; your ability to sell videos or your ability to earn money or whatever, will follow naturally. But try to be creatively lead rather than market lead. And that's important to me."
- Rowan Atkinson
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"The class distinctions proper to a democratic society are not those of rank or money, still less, as is apt to happen when these are abandoned, of race, but of age."
- W. H. Auden
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"It is a sad fact about our culture that a poet can earn much more money writing or talking about his art than he can by practicing it."
- W. H. Auden
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"It's a sad fact about our culture that a poet can earn much more money writing or talking about his art than he can by practicing it."
- W. H. Auden
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"I wanted to make Jerusalem as feature film. But we couldn't finance it only through theatrical release, we couldn't get all the money we needed. We had to get some money from television. So we said, ok, let's do it both ways. So we did it in four parts."
- Bille August
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"The best way to make a silk purse from a sow's ear is to begin with a silk sow. The same is true of money."
- Norman Ralph Augustine
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"People working in the private sector should try to save money. There remains the possibility that it may someday be valuable again."
- Norman Ralph Augustine
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"Business, you know, may bring you money, but friendship hardly ever does."
- Jane Austen
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"All I wanted to do was write - at the time, poems, and prose, too. I guess my ambition was simply to make money however I could to keep myself going in some modest way, and I didn't need much, I was unmarried at the time, no children."
- Paul Auster
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"I was always interested in French poetry sort of as a sideline to my own work, I was translating contemporary French poets. That kind of spilled out into translation as a way to earn money, pay for food and put bread on the table."
- Paul Auster
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"The prize money for first place was $2,800, but I didn't take it because I was still an amateur."
- Tracy Austin
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"Few women care to be laughed at and men not at all, except for large sums of money."
- Alan Ayckbourn
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"Property may be destroyed and money may lose its purchasing power; but, character, health, knowledge and good judgement will always be in demand under all conditions."
- Roger Babson
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"There's way easier ways to make money, let's just put it that way."
- Sebastian Bach
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"After the $700 billion bailout, the trillion-dollar stimulus, and the massive budget bill with over 9,000 earmarks, many of you implored Washington to please stop spending money we don't have. But, instead of cutting, we saw an unprecedented explosion of government spending and debt, unlike anything we have seen in the history of our country."
- Michele Bachmann
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"Money is like manure, of very little use except it be spread."
- Francis Bacon
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"I think one of the most pervasive evils in this world is greed and acquiring money for money's sake. Once you have six houses and a plane, it's just about a number. It's never been anything I understood."
- Kevin Bacon
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"Drug prohibition has caused gang warfare and other violent crimes by raising the prices of drugs so much that vicious criminals enter the market to make astronomical profits, and addicts rob and steal to get money to pay the inflated prices for their drugs."
- Michael Badnarik
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"The music business is motivated by money. Music is motivated by energy and feelings."
- Erykah Badu
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"An influential member of parliament has not only to pay much money to become such, and to give time and labour, he has also to sacrifice his mind too - at least all the characteristics part of it that which is original and most his own."
- Walter Bagehot
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"That a majority of the Abolitionists in this place would patronize a free labor store, in preference to others, I do not doubt; but we do not muster money in Cincinnati."
- Gamaliel Bailey
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"I've never been drawn to the feminist movement. I was brought up to believe that men had little to do with the home or children - except to bring in the money."
- Beryl Bainbridge
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"People really do spend a lot of money on their pets - sometimes more then themselves."
- Oksana Baiul
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"We have had such a letter movement on two occasions in Denmark when more than a quarter of the adult Danish population participated. Such an achievement, however, demands a really great effort and also a great deal of money."
- Fredrik Bajer
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"When I saw all those other drivers, I realized that they wanted to win that money just as much as I did. But I didn't have to worry. A tire came off my car and I was lucky I got it off the track."
- Buck Baker
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"Money tends to make people suspicious, if there's any money floating around."
- Mitchell Baker
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"People didn't stop spending money, they just spent it on things that complement their PCs."
- Stephen Baker
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"Painting pictures didn't make me a lot of money. I have to eat."
- Ralph Bakshi
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"God, I'd love to do a big commercial movie that made a lot of money and whose plot was interesting too."
- Bob Balaban
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"I was very much in my room with my marionette stage, you know, creating these incredibly boring things that I felt were so fascinating, and forcing my relatives to come, and charging money for them to see my little productions."
- Bob Balaban
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"Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex, you thought of nothing else if you didn't have it and thought of other things if you did."
- James A. Baldwin
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"I'm very focused on the world and my career and my Porsche turbo and making money and Stevie B. Inc. I'm just living according to the standards of the world."
- Stephen Baldwin
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"A community is a group of people who have come together, and they work and they live to try and improve the standard of living and quality of life - and I don't mean money."
- William Baldwin
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"There is actually a fair amount of money being put behind science today."
- David Baltimore
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"Since the pharmaceuticals don't make any money and they control the doctors. If the doctors don't make any money then all hell breaks loose. In communities like LA and New York they are using a lot of the youth for a test sight."
- Afrika Bambaataa
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"It was an honor and privilege to arrive to this country 16 years ago with almost no money in my pocket. A lot has happened since then."
- Antonio Banderas
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"The riches of the game are in the thrills, not the money."
- Ernie Banks
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"In all honesty, at that time, I never saw myself as an author... I was just a Mom in a state of panic, trying to enter a short story contest to win the prize money in order to keep the lights on in my home."
- Leslie Banks
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"But, gentlemen, can any of us say that as a result of such overwhelming sacrifices of money, of men, of ideals, and of civil dignity the sense of security has indeed been attained?"
- Henry Campbell Bannerman
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"A rich man told me recently that a liberal is a man who tells other people what to do with their money."
- Amiri Baraka
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"Money never prevented anyone from being happy or unhappy."
- Eddie Barclay
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"Money is the sovereign queen of all delights - for her, the lawyer pleads, the soldier fights."
- Richard Barnfield
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"Money is in some respects life's fire: it is a very excellent servant, but a terrible master."
- P. T. Barnum
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"I did a Broadway show with Alan Alda and how much money can Alan Alda have."
- Alice Barrett
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"I'd like to be rich. I'd like a lot of money to put into my physicals and to buy food for all my friends."
- Syd Barrett
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"It was Public Art, defined as art that is purchased by experts who are not spending their own personal money."
- Dave Barry
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"Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?"
- John Barrymore
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"The model today is that as much as 70 percent of the financing of the picture would come from overseas. Now we're beginning to run out of suckers, because there are not that many people overseas who are willing to put up more than half the money for a movie."
- Peter Bart
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"The institutional investor remains the bigger influence on individual trades simply because the institutional investor has more money to support the order and that will have more of an impact on the stock."
- Maria Bartiromo
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"Some studies show that women can be better money managers than men because they tend to be more conservative and do their homework. Men tend to take more risks without the research."
- Maria Bartiromo
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"Too many people say to their brokers, I can't deal with this. Take my money. Do what you want. That's the worst attitude you can have."
- Maria Bartiromo
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"A lot of people love Oreos. So their manufacturer is making money. That means more dividends for shareholders."
- Maria Bartiromo
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"I'm not a money manager, but I can tell you what the conventional wisdom is. The younger you are, the more risk you can take on."
- Maria Bartiromo
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"If you or me go to the gas station to fill up our car and it costs us much more than we expected, it will zap our discretionary income. We won't have the extra money to buy that washing machine or new winter coat-all big ticket items that are important to economic growth."
- Maria Bartiromo
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"Nobody ever lost money taking a profit."
- Bernard Baruch
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"I made my money by selling too soon."
- Bernard Baruch
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"I never lost money by turning a profit."
- Bernard Baruch
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"Arab leaders worry more about making money from the profits they get from oil and gas that they turn the other way when Lebanon is being destroyed right next to them. Their neighbours are being murdered, but they only make calculations for their own benefit."
- Abu Bakar Bashir
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"I always felt that I had anxiety of survival in terms of livelihood even when I was making plenty of money."
- Leonard Baskin
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"I had some money, I made the best paintings ever. I was completely reclusive, worked a lot, took a lot of drugs. I was awful to people."
- Jean-Michel Basquiat
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"Money is always transitively valued. More money is supposedly always better than less money."
- Gregory Bateson
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"I hesitate to deposit money in a bank. I am afraid I shall never dare to take it out again. When you go to confession and entrust your sins to the safe-keeping of the priest, do you ever come back for them?"
- Jean Baudrillard
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"The press don't like to say nice things because nice is boring. It's much better to label me the devil. What we do is not brain surgery. We are entertainers, plain and simple, and we're responsible to bring that money back, to make a profit."
- Michael Bay
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"One of the big challenges for our party is to demonstrate to people that we have an agenda for economic prosperity and that we can be trusted with their money."
- Birch Bayh
(Related: Money, People, Party, Prosperity)

"I think that's most unfortunate about our Democratic system, that you're confining it to people who are either very wealthy in their own right or have capacity to gain access to large amounts of money."
- Birch Bayh
(Related: Money, People, Gain, Right)

"I think everything depends on money."
- Alan Bean
(Related: Money)

"And I also serve on a caucus that addresses financial literacy for young people in this country. And it is so hypocritical that we want to talk to these kids about how to better manage their money when we are not doing a good job with our Nation's resources."
- Melissa Bean
(Related: Money, People, Financial, Country, Job, Kids, Nation, Talk, Want)

"Organized labor, if they're doing a responsible job, is going to organize the pooling of small amounts of money to protect the interests of the people who are not rich."
- Warren Beatty
(Related: Money, People, Job, Labor)

"My mother and my father were teachers. My grandmother and my grandfather were teachers. This is something I really know about. Even when I was a kid, it was a profession my father couldn't stay in, because he couldn't make enough money."
- Warren Beatty
(Related: Money, Mother, Father, Profession, Teachers)

"But the Republican right-wing agenda, these people - Arnold and his patrons - felt it could be accomplished by circumventing the Legislature and spending money and organizing and giving sound bites."
- Warren Beatty
(Related: Money, People, Giving, Republican, Right, Sound)

"You can get rich making fun of me. I know. I've made lots of money making fun of me."
- Glenn Beck
(Related: Money, Fun)

"The most important thing however is the money. What use would it be to us, to have a a mighty stadium but a useless team, because we couldn't afford anything better?"
- Franz Beckenbauer
(Related: Money)

"Don't judge me. I made a lot of money."
- Samantha Bee
(Related: Money)

"Good nature is worth more than knowledge, more than money, more than honor, to the persons who possess it."
- Henry Ward Beecher
(Related: Nature, Money, Knowledge, Honor, Worth)

"Gambling with cards or dice or stocks is all one thing. It's getting money without giving an equivalent for it."
- Henry Ward Beecher
(Related: Money, Cards, Gambling, Giving)

"Recommend virtue to your children; it alone, not money, can make them happy. I speak from experience."
- Ludwig van Beethoven
(Related: Experience, Money, Virtue, Children)

"The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less."
- Brendan Behan
(Related: Money, Sex, Difference)

"Money speaks sense in a language all nations understand."
- Aphra Behn
(Related: Money, Language, Nations, Sense)

"When someone came to ask us for help, it was sacred. We did not even think twice. We helped them, even if we had only meagre means; we offered them arms, a little bit of money, and in occasion, men."
- Ahmed Ben Bella
(Related: Men, Money, Help)

"Money gives me pleasure all the time."
- Hilaire Belloc
(Related: Money, Time, Pleasure)

"I'm tired of love; I'm still more tired of rhyme; but money gives me pleasure all the time."
- Hilaire Belloc
(Related: Money, Time, Love, Pleasure)

"There are evils that have the ability to survive identification and go on for ever... money, for instance, or war."
- Saul Bellow
(Related: War, Money, Ability)

"At fifteen one is first beginning to realize that everything isn't money and power in this world, and is casting about for joys that do not turn to dross in one's hands."
- Robert Benchley
(Related: Money, Power, Beginning, First, World)

"I write from my imagination, not from what I've read in books or seen on TV or to make money. I wrote from an idea I was passionate about."
- Dirk Benedict
(Related: Imagination, Money, Idea, Books)

"It is a good motive, fame and money, as it is tangible and measurable. Being an artist is neither measurable nor tangible and certainly not a way to become rich."
- Dirk Benedict
(Related: Money, Artist, Being, Fame, Motive)

"Time is money, as they say, and it was never more apropos than on a television show, where a minute is worth about $200!"
- Dirk Benedict
(Related: Time, Money, Television, Worth)

"Much ingenuity with a little money is vastly more profitable and amusing than much money without ingenuity."
- Arnold Bennett
(Related: Money)

"Anyone who wants to sell you overnight success or wealth is not interested in your success; they are interested in your money."
- Bo Bennett
(Related: Money, Success, Wealth)

"If you only do it for money, that's only what you get."
- Stephen Bennett
(Related: Money)

"Our schools should get five years to get back to where they were in 1963. If they're still bad maybe we should declare educational bankruptcy, give the people their money and let them educate themselves and start their own schools."
- William Bennett
(Related: Money, People, Schools, Years)

"California has set up regional collection offices around the world, staffed by California employees, specifically for out of state California businesses to collect the money and bring it back to California."
- Craig Benson
(Related: Money, Employees, State, World)

"When we were trying to get the money for Driving Miss Daisy, everyone kept saying no one could direct it well enough to entertain an audience for 100 minutes essentially watching three people chatting in the kitchen."
- Bruce Beresford
(Related: Money, People, Driving, Kitchen, Saying, Trying)

"You might make a lot of money, but it's very hard to get out from under that rug. The more you can reinvent yourself, the better - and unfortunately TV is designed not to let you redesign yourself."
- Peter Berg
(Related: Money)

"So many people are working in vaudeville today that I looked for three weeks to book enough acts for an hour bill and didn't have them until the night before we opened in Buffalo and money was no object!"
- Edgar Bergen
(Related: Money, People, Night, Today)

"I have grown up alone. I've taken care of myself. I worked, earned money and was independent at 18."
- Ingrid Bergman
(Related: Money, Care)

"There is such a desire to give everybody a piece, we're probably wasting a great deal of homeland security money trying to be politically correct, when we really need to make sure that our cities get the money they need."
- Shelley Berkley
(Related: Money, Cities, Desire, Security, Trying)

"The old problems - love, money, security, status, health, etc. - are still here to plague us or please us."
- Shelley Berman
(Related: Health, Love, Money, Old, Problems, Security)

"In Latin America, you don't do things for the money because there is no money."
- Gael Garcia Bernal
(Related: Money, America)

"Every decision that you make you have to be incredible congruent. It doesn't mean that you have to starve. If you need money, you do something that gives you money, that's normal."
- Gael Garcia Bernal
(Related: Money, Decision)

"But you've got to have money for comfort, which obviously doesn't matter as much when you're young, but even so. I always like to bloody eat well and be warm. Have a drink when I want it."
- Jeffrey Bernard
(Related: Money, Comfort, Want)

"A fool and his money get a lot of publicity."
- Al Bernstein
(Related: Money, Fool, Publicity)

"If you really want to be competitive in today's market you have to be in movies that make money."
- Halle Berry
(Related: Money, Movies, Today, Want)

"A good idea plus capable men cannot fail; it is better than money in the bank."
- John Berry
(Related: Men, Money, Idea)

"I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."
- George Best
(Related: Money, Birds, Rest)

"We didn't have money to put out everything we wanted to put out."
- Jello Biafra
(Related: Money)

"You can spend the money on new housing for poor people and the homeless, or you can spend it on a football stadium or a golf course."
- Jello Biafra
(Related: Money, People, Football, Golf, Poor)

"Now, people when I say that look at me and say, 'What are you talking about, Joe? You're telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?'. The answer is yes, that's what I'm telling you."
- Joe Biden
(Related: Money, People, Now, Talking)

"I've got my eye on a few things to spend my money on. I've got my own bank card but I am really good with money. I don't spend too much at all."
- Justin Bieber
(Related: Money, Eye)

"I had a weird situation were someone used my name to extort money from a woman. He took her for 60 or 80 thousand dollars. He is in prison now. It was on Sally."
- Michael Biehn
(Related: Money, Name, Now, Prison, Woman)

"Architect. One who drafts a plan of your house, and plans a draft of your money."
- Ambrose Bierce
(Related: Money, Draft)

"We got more provisions for our whiskey than the same money, which we paid for the liquor, would have bought; so after all it proved a very profitable investment."
- Buffalo Bill
(Related: Money, Investment, Liquor)

"The man whose only pleasure in life is making money, weighs less on the moral scale than an angleworm."
- Josh Billings
(Related: Life, Money, Man, Pleasure)

"Time is like money, the less we have of it to spare the further we make it go."
- Josh Billings
(Related: Time, Money)

"It ain't often that a man's reputation outlasts his money."
- Josh Billings
(Related: Money, Man, Reputation)

"I haven't got as much money as some folks, but I've got as much impudence as any of them, and that's the next thing to money."
- Josh Billings
(Related: Money)

"Money will buy a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail."
- Josh Billings
(Related: Money, Pretty, Will)

"Knowledge is like money: the more he gets, the more he craves."
- Josh Billings
(Related: Knowledge)

"The opera always loses money. That's as it should be. Opera has no business making money."
- Rudolf Bing
(Related: Business, Money, Opera)

"My ambition is to have beautiful encounters, not to make money."
- Juliette Binoche
(Related: Money, Ambition)

"I really don't like talking about money. All I can say is that the Good Lord must have wanted me to have it."
- Larry Bird
(Related: Money, Talking)

"Today you can go to a gas station and find the cash register open and the toilets locked. They must think toilet paper is worth more than money."
- Joey Bishop
(Related: Money, Open, Today, Worth)

"I firmly believe that the best way to stimulate our economy and create jobs is to let hard-working Americans keep more of their money - after all, the money belongs to them, not to Washington."
- Rob Bishop
(Related: Money, Americans, Economy, Jobs, Washington)

"If nothing else, I have money."
- Bjork
(Related: Money, Nothing)

"People go back to the stuff that doesn't cost a lot of money and the stuff that you don't have to hand money to over and over again. Stuff that you get for free, stuff that your older brother gives you, stuff that you can get out of the local library."
- Frank Black
(Related: Money, Brother, People)

"So I went to Miami in '74 with my family and while I was there it became obvious that we needed money and we needed to do something, because my family, we left without anything really, and we didn't have any money to begin with."
- Ruben Blades
(Related: Family, Money, Obvious)

"They're making a ton of money, and no one is getting a nickel."
- Ruben Blades
(Related: Money)

"Money is always on its way somewhere. What you do with it while it is in your keeping and the direction you send it in say much about you. Your treatment of and respect for money, how you make it, and how you spend it, reflect your character."
- Gary Ryan Blair
(Related: Money, Character, Direction, Respect, Treatment)

"Want of money and the distress of a thief can never be alleged as the cause of his thieving, for many honest people endure greater hardships with fortitude. We must therefore seek the cause elsewhere than in want of money, for that is the miser's passion, not the thief s."
- William Blake
(Related: Money, People, Cause, Miser, Passion, Thieving, Want)

"To the eyes of a miser a guinea is more beautiful than the sun, and a bag worn with the use of money has more beautiful proportions than a vine filled with grapes."
- William Blake
(Related: Money, Eyes, Miser, Sun)

"Film is different for me now. If the money is good and it's not totally revolting, I'll do it."
- Claire Bloom
(Related: Money, Film, Now)

"I started on a very high note and I was alwasy able to choose. I want to be able to do that until my last breath. And to do that, you have to have money."
- Claire Bloom
(Related: Money, Want)

"Generally speaking, we get the joke. We know that the free market is nonsense. We know that the whole point is to game the system, to beat the market or at least find someone who will pay you a lot of money, 'cause they're convinced that there is a free lunch."
- Ron Bloom
(Related: Money, Nonsense, Will)

"You know, if you look back in the 1930s, the money went to infrastructure. The bridges, the municipal buildings, the roads, those were all built with stimulus money spent on infrastructure. This stimulus bill has fundamentally gone, started out with a $500 rebate check, remember. That went to buy flat-screen TVs made in China."
- Michael Bloomberg
(Related: Money)

"And I think the more money you put in people's hands, the more they will spend And if they don't spend it, they invest it. And investing it is another way of creating jobs. It puts money into mutual funds or other kinds of banks that can go out and make loans, and we need to do that."
- Michael Bloomberg
(Related: Money, People, Banks, Jobs, Will)

"We were saving, saving, saving then going to France and blowing the money eating. She was a nurse and had never experienced fine dining but she loved it, too. Our mates thought it absurd."
- Heston Blumenthal
(Related: Money, Thought, Eating, France)

"You need to do the work to bring the money in, but not compromise standards."
- Heston Blumenthal
(Related: Money, Work, Compromise)

"The decision to join or not join a service union, political party or other organization should be left up to the individual. No such organization has the right to take money out of the pockets of state workers without their proper consent."
- Matt Blunt
(Related: Money, Decision, Party, Right, Service, State, Workers)

"The studios will go wherever they smell money. It's like sharks to the blood."
- Don Bluth
(Related: Money, Blood, Will)

"You just can't keep pouring money down an endless hole and never recoup any of it. It's got to be a business."
- Don Bluth
(Related: Business, Money)

"I cannot explain why they made that sequel to Secret of NIMH. Because they claim that it the original didn't make money, so what was the enthusiasm to make a sequel?"
- Don Bluth
(Related: Money, Enthusiasm)

"So we in Congress have a very clear choice. We can take largely symbolic action and sit back and fiddle while Americans burn more gasoline. Or we can pass concrete, effective legislation that will save consumers money while significantly reducing U.S. oil consumption."
- Sherwood Boehlert
(Related: Money, Action, Americans, Choice, Congress, Legislation, Oil, Will)

"The only point in making money is, you can tell some big shot where to go."
- Humphrey Bogart
(Related: Money)

"The actors are in control, getting outrageous amounts of money. The reason they're getting this kind of money is because the studios don't know what else to do. They don't have a clue about what to do except to pay an actor a lot of money."
- Peter Bogdanovich
(Related: Money, Control, Actor, Actors, Reason)

"I'd like to do things to make money to save myself but right now I can't do nothing. If they want to put me in jail, they can do that. It's kind of tough."
- Manute Bol
(Related: Money, Nothing, Now, Right, Want)

"Now while the German money is over for Hollywood, I still have $80 million to make movies, and we will have two things coming up: less major movies and the price for actors will go down."
- Uwe Boll
(Related: Money, Movies, Actors, Hollywood, Now, Will)

"It worried me when Britney snogged Madonna. It looked a bit fake. It screamed 'We're in this for the money."
- Simon Le Bon
(Related: Money)

"I write plays not to make money, but to stop myself from going mad. Because it's my way of making the world rational to me."
- Edward Bond
(Related: Money, World)

"What saddens me is the corruption of youth and beauty, and the loss of soul, which is only replaced by money."
- Lisa Bonet
(Related: Money, Beauty, Soul, Corruption, Loss, Youth)

"If we'd have said we were not upset, they would have thought we were so rich it meant nothing to us, and if we say we're upset about it, they'll say money is all we care about."
- John Bonham
(Related: Money, Thought, Care, Nothing)

"We spent a lot of money on some players."
- Bobby Bonilla
(Related: Money)

"We may not be able to control the Supreme Court... but we can control the money."
- Henry Bonilla
(Related: Money, Control, Court, May)

"Don't cling to fame. You're just borrowing it. It's like money. You're going to die, and somebody else is going to get it."
- Sonny Bono
(Related: Money, Borrowing, Fame)

"If it is wrong for you to take money from someone else who earned it, to take their money by force for your own needs, then it is certainly just as wrong for you to demand that the government step forward and do this dirty work for you."
- Neal Boortz
(Related: Government, Money, Work, Force, Needs, Wrong)

"Wouldn't it be great if you could only get AIDS by giving money to television preachers?"
- Elayne Boosler
(Related: Money, Giving, Television)

"It's OK, I guess, if you really need the money, but luckily, I'm not in that position."
- Shirley Booth
(Related: Money)

"I don't pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages."
- Robert Bosch
(Related: Money, Wages)

"Money is a good servant, but a poor master."
- Dominique Bouhours
(Related: Money, Poor)

"Even someone who works with me, like this girl who works with me, her name is Sue. She lives with me and holds the fort; she takes care of all these little things. She takes care of the money situation, and I would not be able to live without someone like that."
- Caprice Bourret
(Related: Money, Care, Name)

"You know, I wish the world well. I want Iraq to have democracy and the Haitians to have democracy. I want the people of Afghanistan to thrive. Lord knows, we spend enough money there to help them. What about people at home? Isn't that our first responsibility?"
- Barbara Boxer
(Related: Money, People, Home, Afghanistan, Democracy, First, Help, Iraq, Responsibility, Want, World)

"Music has always been my back door to life. It is important for people to find something that excites them. I like the concept that if you do what excites you, you will be rewarded generously, whatever form reward takes, which is not necessarily money."
- Brandon Boyd
(Related: Money, Music, Life, People, Reward, Will)

"The Democratic Party had no idea how to use the Internet. They treated it like free money and then kept on doing all the rest of the things they normally do."
- Wes Boyd
(Related: Money, Idea, Internet, Party, Rest)

"I spent three days a week for 10 years educating myself in the public library, and it's better than college. People should educate themselves - you can get a complete education for no money. At the end of 10 years, I had read every book in the library and I'd written a thousand stories."
- Ray Bradbury
(Related: Education, Money, People, College, End, Public, Years)

"Trying to take money out of politics is like trying to take jumping out of basketball."
- Bill Bradley
(Related: Money, Politics, Basketball, Trying)

"You know, I think I still have a sense that no matter what you do, no matter what you achieve, no matter how much success you have, no matter how much money you have, relationships are important."
- Ed Bradley
(Related: Money, Success, Relationships, Sense)

"If you take away money, if you take away the houses and things, who are we really? What is love really about? What is it to love each other? Why do we stay together, and why do all the kids split? All these questions I have really deep inside of me."
- Sonia Braga
(Related: Love, Money, Deep, Houses, Kids, Questions)

"People now realize that globalization is not only for the multi-nationals and the circulation of money."
- Lakhdar Brahimi
(Related: Money, People, Globalization, Now)

"A fly cannot go in unless it stops somewhere; therefore weapons, fuel, food, money will not go to Afghanistan unless the neighbors of Afghanistan are working, are cooperating, either being themselves the origin or the transit."
- Lakhdar Brahimi
(Related: Money, Food, Afghanistan, Being, Neighbors, Weapons, Will)

"The only reason I'm in Hollywood is that I don't have the moral courage to refuse the money."
- Marlon Brando
(Related: Money, Courage, Hollywood, Reason)

"I don't mind that I'm fat. You still get the same money."
- Marlon Brando
(Related: Money, Mind)

"Ridiculous yachts and private planes and big limousines won't make people enjoy life more, and it sends out terrible messages to the people who work for them. It would be so much better if that money was spent in Africa - and it's about getting a balance."
- Richard Branson
(Related: Life, Money, Work, People, Balance)

"The reason that minorities and women don't have a better shot at getting elected to the Senate or to statewide office is because the campaign finance rules are so skewed as to make it very difficult for non-traditional candidates to raise the money necessary to get elected."
- Carol Moseley Braun
(Related: Finance, Money, Women, Office, Reason, Rules, Senate)

"I sat with him for three hours and we did not exchange a single word. At the end he handed me, as he had done before, an envelope with money in it. It would have been much nicer if he had enclosed a greeting or a loving word. I would have been so pleased if he had."
- Eva Braun
(Related: Money, End, Word)

"I'm a businesswoman who's serious about her money. I want an empire."
- Toni Braxton
(Related: Money, Want)

"Look, Congress has allocated more money to finance the upcoming Iraqi elections than it has for the American elections. There's something wrong with that."
- Donna Brazile
(Related: Finance, Money, American, Congress, Elections, Wrong)

"If you're not out front defining your vision, your opponent will spend gobs of money to define it for you."
- Donna Brazile
(Related: Money, Vision, Will)

"Iraq has become, for better or for worse, the front on the war on terrorism, and so we've got to do this, and I can understand why congressmen and senators would take their responsibility seriously, but I think in the end we'll get the money."
- Paul Bremer
(Related: Money, War, End, Iraq, Responsibility, Senators, Terrorism)

"Saddam spent 35 years stealing and wasting money, and all of these systems are very fragile and brittle, and you try to fix one thing and something else gets in trouble."
- Paul Bremer
(Related: Money, Trouble, Years)

"Those who have some means think that the most important thing in the world is love. The poor know that it is money."
- Gerald Brenan
(Related: Money, Love, Poor, World)

"The professional arsonist builds vacant lots for money."
- Jimmy Breslin
(Related: Money)

"I could have played another year, but I would have been playing for the money, and baseball deserves better than that."
- George Brett
(Related: Money, Baseball)

"I mean, money people are usually quite brisk, but mine aren't, and they keep on giving me spaces so that I've been able to go on and do plays and films."
- Jeremy Brett
(Related: Money, People, Giving)

"And the problem is once you get into this campaign business and begin to have a lot of money, then the person on the bench begins to think - what's going to happen if I decide the case this way or that way?"
- Stephen Breyer
(Related: Business, Money)

"Basically he never went to work and didn't have a job. Of course I thought he did. I thought he was on the phone doing business deals instead of borrowing money from people."
- Christie Brinkley
(Related: Business, Money, Work, Thought, People, Borrowing, Deals, Job)

"You have to work in this business on your own terms. Don't sell out for money, fame, or notoriety."
- Morgan Brittany
(Related: Business, Work, Money, Fame)

"I just want the money and the fame and the adoration, and I don't want any of the other stuff."
- Matthew Broderick
(Related: Money, Fame, Want)

"I gotta make money - it all tends to disappear in this field."
- Josh Brolin
(Related: Money)

"If we had 3 million exhibitionists and only one voyeur, nobody could make any money."
- Albert Brooks
(Related: Money)

"There is nothing inherently fair about equalizing incomes. If the government penalizes you for working harder than somebody else, that is unfair. If you save your money but retire with the same pension as a free-spending neighbor, that is also unfair."
- Arthur C. Brooks
(Related: Government, Money, Nothing)

"If you think spreading money around by force seems like an odd definition of fairness, you're not alone."
- Arthur C. Brooks
(Related: Money, Force)

"The system that enables the most people to earn the most success is free enterprise, by matching up people's skills, interests, and abilities. In contrast, redistribution simply spreads money around. Even worse, it attenuates the ability to earn success by perverting economic incentives."
- Arthur C. Brooks
(Related: Money, Success, People, Ability, Contrast)

"You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy."
- Garth Brooks
(Related: Money)

"We couldn't be making as much money, if we had to deal with stranger behaviour. And right now, anybody who slows down our economic productivity, off they go. We have a place for them, the psychiatric institution. That's the main thing, they slow things down."
- Chester Brown
(Related: Money, Now, Productivity, Right)

"We continue to subsidize highways and aviation, but when it comes to our passenger rail system, we refuse to provide the money Amtrak needs to survive."
- Corrine Brown
(Related: Money, Aviation, Needs)

"Not only should we be giving Amtrak the money it needs to continue to provide services; we should be providing security money to upgrade their tracks and improve safety and security measures in the entire rail system."
- Corrine Brown
(Related: Money, Giving, Needs, Safety, Security)

"After you're older, two things are possibly more important than any others: health and money."
- Helen Gurley Brown
(Related: Health, Money)

"You can have your titular recognition. I'll take money and power."
- Helen Gurley Brown
(Related: Money, Power)

"Money, if it does not bring you happiness, will at least help you be miserable in comfort."
- Helen Gurley Brown
(Related: Happiness, Money, Comfort, Help, Will)

"I did the thing with bonds, which was about 30 million dollars, and didn't get none of the money on them."
- James Brown
(Related: Money)

"I can't see myself leaving the club I grew up supporting... it's one of those things, the money's great but I still get paid reasonably well from the Lions and at the end of the day I think job satisfaction is the No.1 priority and I just love it up here."
- Jonathan Brown
(Related: Love, Money, Day, End, Job, Satisfaction)

"I am neither a free-trade man, willing to collect all the money we have to raise by direct tax upon the people, nor am I willing to lay a tax simply for protection when the Government does not need the money."
- Joseph E. Brown
(Related: Government, Money, People, Tax, Man, Protection)

"In its famous paradox, the equation of money and excrement, psychoanalysis becomes the first science to state what common sense and the poets have long known - that the essence of money is in its absolute worthlessness."
- Norman O. Brown
(Related: Money, Science, Common sense, Famous, First, Paradox, Poets, Psychoanalysis, State)

"The music is fun and all that, but first and foremost it is a business, it's about money."
- Steve Brown
(Related: Money, Music, Business, First, Fun)

"We had gone out on the road in 94 and 95 for a three month American tour, and we realised, as did our manager and booking agent at the time, that we have really exhausted it, and we can't make money at this anymore."
- Steve Brown
(Related: Money, Time, Manager, American, Road)

"Let us all be happy, and live within our means, even if we have to borrow the money to do it with."
- Charles Farrar Browne
(Related: Money)

"Also, right at that particular time in the music business, because of people like the Beatles, people began owning their own publishing. I'll just say this really quickly - they used to divide the money for the music that was written in two, just equal halves."
- Jackson Browne
(Related: Money, Music, Time, Business, People, Publishing, Right)

"I told my father I wanted to play the banjo, and so he saved the money and got ready to give me a banjo for my next birthday, and between that time and my birthday, I lost interest in the banjo and was playing guitar."
- Jackson Browne
(Related: Money, Time, Birthday, Father, Guitar, Interest, Play)

"Musician jokes are a kind of joke that usually have to do with how much money someone makes. Musicians are always starving, so they're really mean to each other about who makes what."
- Jackson Browne
(Related: Money, Jokes, Musicians)

"It was a great time to be born, because I got to have my own publishing company right from the beginning, so I made more money than somebody would have doing what I did ten or fifteen years before."
- Jackson Browne
(Related: Money, Time, Beginning, Company, Publishing, Right, Years)

"Why are people unemployed? Because there is no work. Why is there no work? Because people are not buying products and services. Why are people not buying products and services? Because they have no money. Why do people have no money? Because they are unemployed."
- Craig Bruce
(Related: Money, Work, People, Buying)

"Geez, all that money we waste on space exploration; just think how many bombs that would buy!"
- Craig Bruce
(Related: Money, Bombs, Exploration, Space, Waste)

"As soon as you take money for playing sport, it isn't sport, it's work."
- Avery Brundage
(Related: Money, Work)

"An important lever for sustained action in tackling poverty and reducing hunger is money."
- Gro Harlem Brundtland
(Related: Money, Action, Hunger, Poverty)

"A man with money is no match against a man on a mission."
- Doyle Brunson
(Related: Money, Man, Mission)

"The parents have a right to say that no teacher paid by their money shall rob their children of faith in God and send them back to their homes skeptical, or infidels, or agnostics, or atheists."
- William Jennings Bryan
(Related: Faith, Money, God, Children, Parents, Right)

"It's nice to have the opportunity to play for so much money, but it's nicer to win it."
- Paul Bryant
(Related: Money, Opportunity, Play)

"I think that focusing on the money, on the business, is not enough."
- Sergei Bubka
(Related: Business, Money)

"I have bought pole vault equipment, the landing areas, posts, which costs a lot of money. We pay for coaches."
- Sergei Bubka
(Related: Money, Coaches)

"Because bankers measure their self-worth in money, and pay themselves a lot of it, they think they're fine fellows and don't need to explain themselves."
- James Buchan
(Related: Money, Measure, Self)

"When we leave money in the hands of taxpayers, they buy things, they pay taxes, they grow government."
- Ken Buck
(Related: Government, Money, Taxes)

"The people I used to have around me from Nashville was showing love to the Cash Money clique on the strength of Buck trying to make it; making sure Buck gets to where he gots to go."
- Young Buck
(Related: Love, Money, People, Strength, Trying)

"I was young and so eager to make some money as well as get exposed and show my talent."
- Young Buck
(Related: Money, Talent)

"What people fail to appreciate is that the currency of corruption in elective office is, not money, but votes."
- James L. Buckley
(Related: Money, People, Corruption, Office)

"In rendering its decision in our case, the Supreme Court equated money with speech because these days it takes the first to make yourself heard."
- James L. Buckley
(Related: Money, Decision, Court, First, Speech)

"Liberals, it has been said, are generous with other peoples' money, except when it comes to questions of national survival when they prefer to be generous with other people's freedom and security."
- William F. Buckley, Jr.
(Related: Money, People, Survival, Freedom, Liberals, Questions, Security)

"To buy very good wine nowadays requires only money. To serve it to your guests is a sign of fatigue."
- William F. Buckley, Jr.
(Related: Money, Fatigue, Guests, Wine)

"The world over, give a guy money and it goes to drinking, gambling, and women. When you give a woman money, it goes to feeding, clothing, helping people."
- Peter Buffett
(Related: Money, Women, People, Drinking, Gambling, Woman, World)

"The rich are always going to say that, you know, just give us more money and we'll go out and spend more and then it will all trickle down to the rest of you. But that has not worked the last 10 years, and I hope the American public is catching on."
- Warren Buffett
(Related: Money, Hope, American, Public, Rest, Will, Years)

"Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1."
- Warren Buffett
(Related: Money, Forget)

"I never attempt to make money on the stock market. I buy on the assumption that they could close the market the next day and not reopen it for five years."
- Warren Buffett
(Related: Money, Day, Years)

"Of the billionaires I have known, money just brings out the basic traits in them. If they were jerks before they had money, they are simply jerks with a billion dollars."
- Warren Buffett
(Related: Money)

"What white man can say I never stole his land or a penny of his money? Yet they say that I am a thief."
- Sitting Bull
(Related: Money, Land, Man)

"It seems proper, at all events, that by an early enactment similar to that of other countries the application of public money by an officer of Government to private uses should be made a felony and visited with severe and ignominious punishment."
- Martin Van Buren
(Related: Government, Money, Countries, Events, Public, Punishment)

"My conviction of the necessity of further legislative provisions for the safe-keeping and disbursement of the public moneys and my opinion in regard to the measures best adapted to the accomplishment of those objects have been already submitted to you."
- Martin Van Buren
(Related: Accomplishment, Conviction, Necessity, Opinion, Public)

"We all need money, but there are degrees of desperation."
- Anthony Burgess
(Related: Money, Desperation)

"We were using the record as a tool to invest money into real estate all through the South, because we were living in an era where the South was changing."
- Solomon Burke
(Related: Money, Living)

"I didn't need to borrow money from the record company, because if I had my own publishing company, and I had my own writers, I'd have enough to get and do whatever I wanted to do."
- Solomon Burke
(Related: Money, Company, Publishing, Writers)

"Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed."
- George Burns
(Related: Money, Bed)

"I can't afford to die; I'd lose too much money."
- George Burns
(Related: Money)

"Wynton told us that Miles sold out, just wanted to make more money, just wanted to sell more records. I don't believe that Miles sold out but I'm not in a position to say."
- Ken Burns
(Related: Money)

"Admittedly, a homosexual can be conditioned to react sexually to a woman, or to an old boot for that matter. In fact, both homo - and heterosexual experimental subjects have been conditioned to react sexually to an old boot, and you can save a lot of money that way."
- William S. Burroughs
(Related: Money, Fact, Old, Woman)

"I think that the change began... I made a film a few years ago called The Spitfire Grill, and that didn't make much money either, but it was a good film and an independent film."
- Ellen Burstyn
(Related: Change, Money, Film, Years)

"Their life is about getting enough money to put food on the table to feed their children, and that's it."
- Ellen Burstyn
(Related: Food, Life, Money, Children)

"Then in came this script with another very low offer, and another drug addict and a depressing and difficult part to play. I thought, 'Why should I put myself through that for hardly any money?'"
- Ellen Burstyn
(Related: Money, Thought, Play)

"It's a sin to have your films not to make money."
- Ellen Burstyn
(Related: Money, Sin)

"We didn't have a whole lot of money when I was growing up either. I would always ask for magic books or magic tricks for my birthday or for Christmas and the rest of the year I either had to mow lawns or find part time jobs to help supplement the cost of doing magic."
- Lance Burton
(Related: Birthday, Money, Time, Books, Christmas, Growing up, Help, Jobs, Magic, Rest)

"In almost every survey of consumers, they say they don't mind spending money. What they hate is the shopping experience."
- Alan Bush
(Related: Experience, Money, Hate, Mind)

"I know it's going to be the private sector that leads this country out of the current economic times we're in. You can spend your money better than the government can spend your money."
- George W. Bush
(Related: Government, Money, Country)

"But without a caring society, without each citizen voluntarily accepting the weight of responsibility, government is destined to grow even larger, taking more of your money, burrowing deeper into your lives."
- Jeb Bush
(Related: Government, Money, Society, Caring, Responsibility, Weight)

"Women with money and women in power are two uncomfortable ideas in our society."
- Candace Bushnell
(Related: Money, Power, Society, Women, Ideas)

"The bottom line is that these athletes tend to be safer investments because they really value their marketing opportunities. They don't make as much money as during their active careers."
- Dick Butkus
(Related: Money, Athletes, Careers, Marketing, Value)

"A drunkard would not give money to sober people. He said they would only eat it, and buy clothes and send their children to school with it."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Money, People, Children, Clothes, School)

"It has been said that the love of money is the root of all evil. The want of money is so quite as truly."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Love, Money, Evil, Want)

"Money is the last enemy that shall never be subdued. While there is flesh there is money or the want of money, but money is always on the brain so long as there is a brain in reasonable order."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Money, Enemy, Order, Want)

"Friendship is like money, easier made than kept."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Friendship, Money)

"Brigands demand your money or your life; women require both."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Money, Women, Life)

"We shall never get people whose time is money to take much interest in atoms."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Money, Time, People, Atoms, Interest)

"The three most important things a man has are, briefly, his private parts, his money, and his religious opinions."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Money, Man, Opinions, Religious)

"The seven deadly sins: Want of money, bad health, bad temper, chastity, family ties, knowing that you know things, and believing in the Christian religion."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Family, Religion, Health, Money, Christian, Chastity, Temper, Want)

"The sinews of art and literature, like those of war, are money."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Art, Money, War, Literature)

"The want of money is the root of all evil."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Money, Evil, Want)

"The worst thing that can happen to a man is to lose his money, the next worst his health, the next worst his reputation."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Health, Money, Man, Reputation)

"I've spent a lot of time and money trying to keep my anger in control."
- Yancy Butler
(Related: Anger, Money, Time, Control, Trying)

"Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things."
- Eric Butterworth
(Related: Money, Living, Poverty, Prosperity, Thinking)

"The money the president wants to borrow for Iraq will come directly out of the American taxpayer wallets in the form of Medicare and Social Security receipts. That's your money."
- Robert Byrd
(Related: Money, American, Iraq, President, Security, Will)

"It is money, money, money! Not ideas, not principles, but money that reigns supreme in American politics."
- Robert Byrd
(Related: Money, Politics, Ideas, American, Principles)

"Yes! ready money is Aladdin's lamp."
- George Byron
(Related: Money)

"There's a big difference between wanting to work and having to work. And I had to learn that the hard way. Now money is very important to me, because I ain't got it."
- James Caan
(Related: Money, Work, Difference, Now)

"I did this film for less money than it costs to stay in this hotel. We shot it in 20 days. We couldn't screw up takes for fun because we didn't have enough film."
- Dean Cain
(Related: Money, Film, Fun)

"Save your money. You're going to need twice as much money in your old age as you think."
- Michael Caine
(Related: Age, Money, Old)

"I never deviated from my grim determination to someday have all the money I needed and wanted."
- Taylor Caldwell
(Related: Money, Determination)

"It is a waste of money to help those who show no desire to help themselves."
- Taylor Caldwell
(Related: Money, Desire, Help, Waste)

"Money? I lost all taste for it."
- Taylor Caldwell
(Related: Money, Taste)

"I don't need the money, dear. I work for art."
- Maria Callas
(Related: Art, Work, Money)

"What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us."
- Julia Cameron
(Related: Money, Work, Open, Play, Want)

"From this process has emerged a parallel process of translating traditional working and living values into a new political and economic power - a power increasingly based upon the strength of money and those material things money can purchase."
- Alex Campbell
(Related: Money, Power, Strength, Values, Living)

"With the club now in administration and concern about where the money for land sale has gone, I know there are huge commercial difficulties to be resolved, but I hope that football will once again become the most important issue."
- Anne Campbell
(Related: Money, Hope, Concern, Difficulties, Football, Land, Now, Will)

"I think the person who takes a job in order to live - that is to say, for the money - has turned himself into a slave."
- Joseph Campbell
(Related: Money, Job, Order)

"I make a lot of money and I'm worth every cent."
- Naomi Campbell
(Related: Money, Worth)

"I make a lot of money, but I don't want to talk about that."
- Naomi Campbell
(Related: Money, Talk, Want)

"And we've got to ask ourselves some very serious questions as to whether or not certain religious leaders, in terms of raising money - I hate to bring this up - are pushing hot buttons."
- Tony Campolo
(Related: Money, Hate, Leaders, Questions, Religious)

"It's a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money."
- Albert Camus
(Related: Money, People, Snobbery, Spiritual)

"It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money."
- Albert Camus
(Related: Money, People, Snobbery, Spiritual)

"So Europe's a big driver. And at one point, if the euro hadn't devalued, they would have been making as much money as the US with half the stores. Returns were higher."
- Jim Cantalupo
(Related: Money, Europe)

"Look, we know we screwed up when we were in the majority. We fell in love with power. We spent way too much money - especially on earmarks. There was too much corruption when we ran this place. We were guilty. And that's why we lost."
- Eric Cantor
(Related: Love, Money, Power, Corruption, Majority)

"It's all about the fungibility and money. If Planned Parenthood accesses hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money and they use that for other purposes, then they can use other dollars to fund abortion."
- Eric Cantor
(Related: Money, Abortion, Parenthood)

"It is time for us to insist that we are accountable for the money that we are spending."
- Eric Cantor
(Related: Money, Time)

"And basically, the sense of the 'Pledge to America' is this: Republicans understand when we were in charge, we got fired in '06. We spent too much money. We defied the trust that the people had put in us. And we know that there is a better way."
- Eric Cantor
(Related: Trust, Money, People, America, Republicans, Sense)

"I mean, the Obama position has been, 'We think government ought to be spending this money, not the people who earn it.'"
- Eric Cantor
(Related: Government, Money, People)

"You know, there are people making a lot of money in this country who can actually afford their own health care. We are in a situation where we got a safety net in place in this country for people who frankly don't need one. We got to focus on making sure we got a safety net for those who actually need it."
- Eric Cantor
(Related: Health, Money, People, Care, Country, Focus, Safety)

"But the fact is, it's illegal for the Administration to spend North west taxpayers' money to develop this rate hike proposal, just so it can turn around and raise their energy rates."
- Maria Cantwell
(Related: Money, Energy, Fact)

"The farmers in Kansas are sorely in need of a credit system meeting their special requirements, that they may more readily obtain money on short or long time for their farming operations, or that they may become owners of farms."
- Arthur Capper
(Related: Money, Time, Credit, May, Meeting)

"We spend more than a million dollars a year on our colleges and university, and it is money well spent; but we must have education that fits not the few but the many for the business of life."
- Arthur Capper
(Related: Business, Education, Life, Money, University)

"I fell into playwriting accidentally, took some classes in it, and also took creative writing classes, but I really didn't expect it to be a career because I didn't believe there was a way to make money as a playwright without being lucky and I didn't feel particularly lucky."
- Orson Scott Card
(Related: Money, Being, Career, Writing)

"Hollywood people are filled with guilt: white guilt, liberal guilt, money guilt. They feel bad that they're so rich, they feel they don't work that much for all that money - and they don't, for the amount of money they make."
- Drew Carey
(Related: Money, Work, People, Guilt, Hollywood, Liberal)

"Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit."
- George Carlin
(Related: Money, Work, People)

"All my life I knew that there was all the money you could want out there. All you have to do is go after it."
- Curtis Carlson
(Related: Life, Money, Want)

"Is puppy love the reason so many Americans are blind to the incompetence and waste of Republicans - who at a minimum are supposed to be good money managers - running Iraq reconstruction?"
- Margaret Carlson
(Related: Love, Money, Americans, Blind, Incompetence, Iraq, Managers, Reason, Republicans, Running, Waste)

"Never play anything that don't sound right. You might not make any money, but at least you won't get hostile with yourself."
- Hoagy Carmichael
(Related: Money, Play, Right, Sound)

"There is no class so pitiably wretched as that which possesses money and nothing else."
- Andrew Carnegie
(Related: Money, Class, Nothing)

"I hate biographies which say, I was called to such and such an office, and he offered me so and so, and I got so and so money. I find that very tedious. The best biographies are written by other people."
- Leslie Caron
(Related: Money, People, Hate, Office)

"One could make money and get a career going with a low-budget horror film about killers attacking on holidays. It is always flattering to have somebody copy you."
- John Carpenter
(Related: Money, Career, Film, Holidays, Horror)

"I made a decision back in 1978 that, in a trade off for money when I directed Halloween, I would have my name above the title in order to basically brand these movies my own."
- John Carpenter
(Related: Money, Movies, Decision, Name, Order, Trade)

"I enjoy money."
- Karen Carpenter
(Related: Money)

"I enjoy money. Not enough people in this world are happy. I'm determined to be contented, and having plenty of money from working makes it easier for me."
- Karen Carpenter
(Related: Money, People, World)

"I'm determined to be contented, and having plenty of money from working makes it easier for me."
- Karen Carpenter
(Related: Money)

"You know, I didn't have enough money to quit my day job... the myth of the major label deal. Nowadays, you have a tour bus and a stylist and all this stuff. But back then, no way."
- Mary Chapin Carpenter
(Related: Money, Day, Job, Myth)

"I went to Montreal. My first gig went very badly. They just weren't laughing at anything. I found out they were a load of Christians, and it was a gig to raise money for a new church roof."
- Allan Carr
(Related: Money, Church, First)

"I made a series of wrong decisions about moderately recent books, and I've sold the rights to studios for ridiculous amounts of money and the films have never been made. That's the saddest thing of all, because they're locked up and no one else can make them."
- John Le Carre
(Related: Money, Books, Decisions, Rights, Wrong)

"The money can be a hindrance to someone like me because the danger is that you start thinking, 'Is that a $20 million take?' That kind of thing, and being self-critical."
- Jim Carrey
(Related: Money, Being, Danger, Self, Thinking)

"I haven't been as wild with my money as somebody like me might have been. I've been very safe, very conservative with investments. I don't blow money. I don't have a ton of houses. I know things can go away. I've already had that experience."
- Jim Carrey
(Related: Experience, Money, Conservative, Houses)

"That's the trouble with being me. At this point, nobody gives a damn what my problem is. I could literally have a tumor on the side of my head and they'd be like, 'Yeah, big deal. I'd eat a tumor every morning for the kinda money you're pulling down.'"
- Jim Carrey
(Related: Money, Being, Trouble)

"I refuse to feel guilty. I feel guilty about too much in my life but not about money. I went through periods when I had nothing, so somebody in my family has to get stinkin' wealthy."
- Jim Carrey
(Related: Family, Life, Money, Nothing)

"The only thing money gives you is the freedom of not worrying about money."
- Johnny Carson
(Related: Money, Freedom)

"Each of us, having received several hundred dollars, we passed the time gloriously, spending our money freely - never thinking that our lives were risked gaining it."
- Kit Carson
(Related: Money, Time, Thinking)

"It helps if you really enjoy your jobs. If you don't, then just think about the money."
- Lisa Nicole Carson
(Related: Money, Jobs)

"You have to take a huge loss financially to do a play. You have to put aside the commercials and the speeches and the other things that put money on the table, and really save up to do it. And that's what I've done here. But it's worth it to me to be in a really good play."
- Dixie Carter
(Related: Money, Loss, Play, Worth)

"Being appointed Elder Professor meant very much taking over the shop, in that the professor in those days controlled all the moneys."
- John Henry Carver
(Related: Being)

"Success is having to worry about every damn thing in the world, except money."
- Johnny Cash
(Related: Money, Success, World, Worry)

"It's not about the fame and the money because if you do good work all that stuff comes."
- David Cassidy
(Related: Money, Work, Fame)

"Capitalism is using its money; we socialists throw it away."
- Fidel Castro
(Related: Money, Capitalism)

"I don't think business news is just for old white men with money."
- Neil Cavuto
(Related: Business, Men, Money, News, Old)

"The Senate needs 60 votes to pass anything. They have to compromise with liberal Democrats to spend more money. Even though arguably we have control of the Senate, we really don't."
- Steve Chabot
(Related: Money, Control, Compromise, Democrats, Liberal, Needs, Senate)

"You have to starve the Beast. That's one of the most important things about tax cuts. If you leave the money in Washington, it's going to be spent."
- Steve Chabot
(Related: Money, Tax, Tax cuts, Washington)

"I remember an article, I can't recall who by, it was after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which said that now the Wall was down, there could be no more class war. Only someone with money could ever say such a thing."
- Claude Chabrol
(Related: Money, War, Class, Now)

"There's one thing which I hate about color films... people who use up a lot of their despairing producer's money by working in the laboratory to bring out the dominant hues, or to make color films where there isn't any color."
- Claude Chabrol
(Related: Money, People, Hate)

"Work isn't to make money; you work to justify life."
- Marc Chagall
(Related: Life, Work, Money)

"I call on the international community to be fair to the Iraqi people. My position is that we respect international resolutions but in return demand justice and accountability for those who stole Iraq's money."
- Ahmed Chalabi
(Related: Money, People, Community, Iraq, Justice, Respect)

"First, people don't read novels off screens, and they don't have a tendency to shell out real money for books when they don't retain anything physically for their money."
- Jack L. Chalker
(Related: Money, People, Books, First)

"The man who won't loan money isn't going to have many friends - or need them."
- Wilt Chamberlain
(Related: Money, Friends, Man)

"What I see for the band by the end of this year is the Complex live at the Montreux Jazz Festival. I want my guys to be comfortable. I'm certainly not in this for the money, but I'd really like to see my guys make some money off of this stuff."
- Jimmy Chamberlin
(Related: Money, End, Jazz, Want)

"People just expect you to show up, be a cartoon character of yourself, take your money and go home. But don't screw up to the point where you're gonna be out of the picture."
- Jimmy Chamberlin
(Related: Money, Home, People, Character)

"Preoccupation with money is the great test of small natures, but only a small test of great ones."
- Nicolas de Chamfort
(Related: Money)

"For me the greatest source of income is still movies. Nothing - stocks, financial speculation, real estate speculation or businesses - makes more money for me than making movies."
- Jackie Chan
(Related: Money, Movies, Financial, Income, Nothing)

"There are people who have money and people who are rich."
- Coco Chanel
(Related: Money, People)

"I went into the business for the money, and the art grew out of it. If people are disillusioned by that remark, I can't help it. It's the truth."
- Charlie Chaplin
(Related: Art, Business, Money, Truth, People, Help)

"Every Vacation movie didn't just make the studio money. They each made the studio a lot of money."
- Chevy Chase
(Related: Money, Vacation)

"Who gets the risks? The risks are given to the consumer, the unsuspecting consumer and the poor work force. And who gets the benefits? The benefits are only for the corporations, for the money makers."
- Cesar Chavez
(Related: Money, Work, Benefits, Corporations, Force, Poor)

"The unions claim the deck is stacked against them when it comes to labor laws, but the truth is many private and public sector workers are forced to pay union dues as a condition of their employment, yet they have little say in how the unions spend their money."
- Linda Chavez
(Related: Money, Truth, Labor, Laws, Public, Workers)

"Money, like vodka, turns a person into an eccentric."
- Anton Chekhov
(Related: Money)

"When an actor has money he doesn't send letters, he sends telegrams."
- Anton Chekhov
(Related: Money, Actor, Letters)

"There are many ways you can make money. Certain ways will make you happy, certain other ways will make other people happy. But if you go in because there's money in there, you're bound to fail, bound to fail!"
- Joan Chen
(Related: Money, People, Will)

"So, I'm getting less chips, paying the same amount of money. Is that legal for them to do this?"
- Julie Chen
(Related: Legal, Money)

"A lot of the money in the stock market is really our national retirement plan, for better or worse."
- Ron Chernow
(Related: Money, Retirement)

"The Great Inflation of the 1970s destroyed faith in paper assets, because if you held a bond, suddenly the bond was worth much less money than it was before."
- Ron Chernow
(Related: Faith, Money, Inflation, Worth)

"I think those who invest in mutual funds want someone else to do the thinking for them. But the fact that they can move the money around the family of mutual funds just through a phone call lets them feel that they can play tycoons."
- Ron Chernow
(Related: Family, Money, Fact, Play, Thinking, Want)

"Mutual fund managers are trapped in this rather deadly vicious circle: the more successful they are, the more money flows into their mutual fund. Then, it is more difficult for them to beat the market averages or even to match their own past performance."
- Ron Chernow
(Related: Money, Successful, Performance, Managers, Past)

"Once the brokerage house, rather than the bank, became the locus for American savings, that money would find its way into the stock market, because the broker was someone with a much higher tolerance for risk than the banker."
- Ron Chernow
(Related: Money, American, Risk, Tolerance)

"The second thing we did was said, OK, we've now identified the risk, but what do you want to do with the money? Because it's not enough to have risk; you've got to have a meaningful use for the money we give you."
- Michael Chertoff
(Related: Money, Now, Risk, Want)

"The larger point is this: We've invested over half a billion dollars in New York since this department was stood up. We've given New York more money, by more than double, than any other city in the country."
- Michael Chertoff
(Related: Money, Country)

"Nobody leaves a hotel without getting a full measure of three months of rental assistance. So no one has been evicted - no one who's eligible has been evicted from a hotel without getting a significant amount of money to find - to pay for their rent."
- Michael Chertoff
(Related: Money, Measure, Months)

"And one of the things we did here was we put the maximum amount of money up front in those cities that were at the greater risk, but that doesn't mean that we keep rebuilding the same security over and over again."
- Michael Chertoff
(Related: Money, Cities, Risk, Security)

"And if we make the process political, if we start to make it personal, we're actually going to frustrate good public policy, in terms of managing this money."
- Michael Chertoff
(Related: Money, Policy, Public, Public policy)

"And I have to say, I agree with some of the criticisms that some have made about that state program which allocates the grant money on a very rigid formula all across the country, with a certain percentage to each state."
- Michael Chertoff
(Related: Money, Country, Formula, State)

"So that's why I said, if you look at the average, you would see the money New York got this year was in line with the average across the prior three years and substantially more, by a country mile, than the money given to any other city."
- Michael Chertoff
(Related: Money, Country, Years)

"To be clever enough to get all that money, one must be stupid enough to want it."
- Gilbert K. Chesterton
(Related: Money, Want)

"I've been in a situation where I was after the money."
- Morris Chestnut
(Related: Money)

"It's not always about the money."
- Morris Chestnut
(Related: Money)

"Second, we're spending a huge amount of money on technology so that everyone can check out laptops and portable phones. We're spending more money to write our existing information into databases or onto CD-ROM."
- Jay Chiat
(Related: Money, Technology, Information)

"I think even if I did the research mentioned above, it would be a total waste of money because if those people don't believe in the testimonials, they won't believe in the research at all. They would say that I made it all up. So why waste money?"
- Alex Chiu
(Related: Money, People, Research, Waste)

"Time and again we have learned that the best way to achieve growth and create jobs is for hardworking people to keep more of their own money in their own pockets."
- Chris Chocola
(Related: Money, Time, People, Growth, Jobs)

"Where large sums of money are concerned, it is advisable to trust nobody."
- Agatha Christie
(Related: Money, Trust)

"And I just think that we're at a point in our economic life here in our state - and - and, candidly, across the country, where increased taxes is just the wrong way to go. The people of our state are not convinced that state government, county government, local government has done all they can with the money we already give them, rather than the money that we have before."
- Chris Christie
(Related: Government, Life, Money, People, Country, State, Taxes, Wrong)

"There was no money in the sport but we'd be out there day in, day out, rain or shine, doing it."
- Linford Christie
(Related: Money, Day, Rain)

"Some of today's athletes do not have that kind of pride. They left school at 16, have never had a job in their life and are getting Lottery funding, earning money as an athlete."
- Linford Christie
(Related: Life, Money, Athletes, Job, Pride, School, Today)

"Money is the kind of instrument which is very speedily produced."
- Anatoly Chubais
(Related: Money)

"For the producers, there was no reason to produce. You get money, but you couldn't use this money. For consumers, you could have money, but you have no way to use it because you go to the shop and see nothing."
- Anatoly Chubais
(Related: Money, Nothing, Reason)

"The Bolsheviks started not just on the killing of private property; they were trying to abolish money itself."
- Anatoly Chubais
(Related: Money, Killing, Property, Trying)

"To some extent I could identify with that because I kind of just made my money and got out."
- Thomas Haden Church
(Related: Money)

"Gentility is what is left over from rich ancestors after the money is gone."
- John Ciardi
(Related: Money)

"Nothing is so strongly fortified that it cannot be taken by money."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
(Related: Money, Nothing)

"The sinews of war are infinite money."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
(Related: Money, War, Infinite)

"I never heard of an old man forgetting where he had buried his money! Old people remember what interests them: the dates fixed for their lawsuits, and the names of their debtors and creditors."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
(Related: People, Man, Names, Old)

"The most surprising thing for my mother and father was when I was actually earning more money than them by the time I was about 18. They thought I was going to be the ne'er do well, who they'd have to keep worrying about."
- Diane Cilento
(Related: Money, Time, Mother, Father, Thought)

"Suddenly I had a contract and I was earning lots of money."
- Diane Cilento
(Related: Money)

"Maybe a person's time would be as well spent raising food as raising money to buy food."
- Frank Howard Clark
(Related: Food, Money, Time)

"A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be, A father is someone who carries pictures where his money used to be."
- Frank Howard Clark
(Related: Money, Father, Son, Man)

"We're all generous, but with different things, like time, money, talent - criticism."
- Frank Howard Clark
(Related: Money, Time, Talent, Criticism)

"Many folks think they aren't good at earning money, when what they don't know is how to use it."
- Frank Howard Clark
(Related: Money)

"I would have preferred to be successful here with a piece that cost me a huge amount of money and effort... rather than sending to Bohemia some ordinary works."
- Camille Claudel
(Related: Money, Successful, Effort)

"San Francisco is an interesting place. It's always been such a nice culturally diverse environment, which it still is, but there's a lot of money there now and a lot of dot com's so it's a little different than it used to be."
- Les Claypool
(Related: Money, Environment, Now)

"If I steal money from any person, there may be no harm done from the mere transfer of possession; he may not feel the loss, or it may prevent him from using the money badly. But I cannot help doing this great wrong towards Man, that I make myself dishonest."
- William Kingdon Clifford
(Related: Money, Harm, Help, Loss, Man, May, Possession, Wrong)

"Where are the jobs going to come from?Small business, manufacturing and clean energy. Where's the money to finance them? The banks and the corporations in America today have lots of money that they can invest right now."
- William J. Clinton
(Related: Finance, Money, Business, America, Banks, Corporations, Energy, Jobs, Manufacturing, Now, Right, Today)

"Because primarily of the power of the Internet, people of modest means can band together and amass vast sums of money that can change the world for some public good if they all agree."
- William J. Clinton
(Related: Change, Money, Power, People, Internet, Public, World)

"The HUAC did a deal with me. I was pretty much worn down. I had no money. I couldn't borrow."
- Lee J. Cobb
(Related: Money, Pretty)

"The great trouble with baseball today is that most of the players are in the game for the money and that's it, not for the love of it, the excitement of it, the thrill of it."
- Ty Cobb
(Related: Love, Money, Baseball, Excitement, Today, Trouble)

"The power which money gives is that of brute force; it is the power of the bludgeon and the bayonet."
- William Cobbett
(Related: Money, Power, Force)

"I therefore declare, that if you wish any remission of the taxation which falls upon the homes of the people of England and Wales, you can only find it by reducing the great military establishments, and diminishing the money paid to fighting men in time of peace."
- Richard Cobden
(Related: Men, Money, Peace, Time, People, EnglFighting, Military, Taxation)

"The Pentagon can't even audit its own books. It doesn't even know where its money is going. And we refuse to have the tough forces go on the Pentagon so that at least they are efficient with the money they're spending."
- Tom Coburn
(Related: Money, Books)

"Money will determine whether the accused goes to prison or walks out of the courtroom a free man."
- Johnnie Cochran
(Related: Money, Man, Prison, Will)

"I want to be an advocate for the people who don't have time to read the newspaper... or the money to make a political contribution."
- Richard J. Codey
(Related: Money, Time, People, Want)

"As I said, I had no publisher for What a Carve Up! while I was writing it, so all we had to live off was my wife's money and little bits I was picking up for journalism."
- Jonathan Coe
(Related: Money, Wife, Journalism, Writing)

"I still manage to spend around 40 hours a week at work but it is a lot more focused on what can make money as opposed to what makes me look good in the papers."
- Benjamin Cohen
(Related: Money, Work)

"I started rooting - you know, sticking up joints - with some older guys. By now I had gotten a taste of what the racket world really was - the glamour, the way they dressed, the way they always had a pocketful of money."
- Mickey Cohen
(Related: Money, Glamour, Now, Taste, World)

"Let's not go through that again. Redirect it, reduce the amount of money spent, but let's not destroy it. Because you don't know 10 years out what you're going to face."
- William Colby
(Related: Money, Years)

"I like the fact that this kind of family has been seen in a movie a million times: teenage kids, the family is a bit strained and they don't have enough money, but in the background the guy used to be a Gene Simmons type."
- Gary Cole
(Related: Family, Money, Fact, Kids, Teenage)

"I make no claim to being a business genius. You can make so much money in this business that it loses its value."
- Nat King Cole
(Related: Business, Money, Genius, Being, Value)

"I'm in the music business for one purpose - to make money."
- Nat King Cole
(Related: Business, Money, Music, Purpose)

"I decided during my teens that I wasn't going to have the life of a concert pianist, much to the chagrin of a lot of people who had put a lot of money into me!"
- Cy Coleman
(Related: Life, Money, People)

"I didn't have any extra money. But I can't say that I had a hard early career."
- Dabney Coleman
(Related: Money, Career)

"But I did make some money doing commercials. I did fourteen in one year."
- Dabney Coleman
(Related: Money)

"I asked my mother could I have an instrument. She said, 'Well if you go out and save your money.' So I went and got - I made me a shine box. I went out and started shining shoes, and I'd bring whatever I made."
- Ornette Coleman
(Related: Money, Mother)

"All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas - not money."
- Robert Collier
(Related: Money, Ideas, Wealth, Mind)

"All of my books have the potential to become movies, it's just a question of finding a studio who wants to get behind me and put up the money to make the movie."
- Jackie Collins
(Related: Money, Movies, Books, Potential, Question)

"Don't try to start a career in LA, unless money is all you're interested in."
- Stephen Collins
(Related: Money, Career)

"What is important for kids to learn is that no matter how much money they have, earn, win, or inherit, they need to know how to spend it, how to save it, and how to give it to others in need. This is what handling money is about, and this is why we give kids an allowance."
- Barbara Coloroso
(Related: Money, Kids)

"Given the choice, children who don't want for anything will not save... We have an obligation as parents to give our children what they need. What they want we can give them as a special gift, or they can save their money for it."
- Barbara Coloroso
(Related: Money, Children, Choice, Obligation, Parents, Want, Will)

"I've already felt that I want to direct. Being an executive producer is like the best job in the world because you make all these executive decisions and then you leave the money to other people. You don't have to be on set and counting beans."
- Robbie Coltrane
(Related: Money, People, Being, Decisions, Job, Want, World)

"In many ways, that affection is the real reward for 56 years in the business. Although the money ain't exactly bad either."
- Perry Como
(Related: Money, Business, Affection, Reward, Years)

"The changing nature of money is only one facet of the financial services revolution."
- Scott Cook
(Related: Money, Nature, Financial, Revolution)

"Sincerity: willingness to spend one's own money."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Money)

"The passion for money is never fickle."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Money, Passion)

"To understand someone, find out how he spends his money."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Money)

"Money: power at its most liquid."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Power)

"Money is to my social existence what health is to my body."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Health, Money, Body, Existence)

"Kindness eases everything almost as much as money does."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Money, Kindness)

"So I'm in that half-hour business where the most money is, so that eventually I feel like the people that put on the Dupont show, like maybe my artistic effort is going to be a little different."
- Jackie Cooper
(Related: Business, Money, People, Effort)

"So I felt, well, I'll make the money and, with the money, do what I want to do."
- Jackie Cooper
(Related: Money, Want)

"Well, where is the money? Show me the money? Our allies have put up a few billion dollars, but the American taxpayer has been required to shoulder the burden of this war."
- Jim Cooper
(Related: War, Money, American, Burden)

"We are spending more money on bond holders than we are on our own citizens. It took 204 years to have this happen. The other party will not even allow a recorded vote on this issue so that we can see how people stand on that issue."
- Jim Cooper
(Related: Money, People, Party, Vote, Will, Years)

"If you need to put your money in a safe and secure place and you want it to earn interest, Treasury bonds are safer than putting it in any bank as a deposit or putting it anywhere else, because they are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government."
- Jim Cooper
(Related: Faith, Government, Money, Credit, Interest, states, United, Want)

"I have always recognized that the object of business is to make money in an honorable manner. I have endeavored to remember that the object of life is to do good."
- Peter Cooper
(Related: Business, Life, Money)

"We had access to too much money, too much equipment, and little by little, we went insane."
- Francis Ford Coppola
(Related: Money)

"Other writers, producers, and directors of low-budget films would often put down the film they were making, saying it was just something to make money with. I never felt that. If I took the assignment, I'd give it my best shot."
- Roger Corman
(Related: Money, Film, Saying, Writers)

"Agents will read unpublished work because they might make money, and that's their job. It isn't mine."
- Bernard Cornwell
(Related: Work, Money, Job, Will)

"Money isn't a major motivating force in my life. Nor is my profession. There are other things that I care more about than being an actor."
- Kevin Costner
(Related: Money, Life, Actor, Being, Care, Force, Profession)

"What are we blaming? Is this Vietnam? We made a movie, it didn't make much money. I'm gonna be really happy if somebody watches it in 10 years' time and really enjoys it."
- Kevin Costner
(Related: Time, Money, Vietnam, Years)

"If someone decides to be a musician now, it means because there is no hope of money at the end of it, it means they really want to be a musician. And if someone is writing now, there is no hope for money at the end of it."
- Doug Coupland
(Related: Money, Hope, End, Now, Want, Writing)

"I think money is due for some sort of collapse. People are going to realize that money has a half-life, like radioactive elements."
- Doug Coupland
(Related: Money, People)

"People will always choose more money over more sex."
- Doug Coupland
(Related: Money, Sex, People, Will)

"Skating everywhere is unpredictable, no amount of money or facilities is going to create a skating star. You have to have a skater who is dedicated, passionate, and willing to learn."
- Robin Cousins
(Related: Money)

"My biggest win was getting the meal money bumped from $5 to $7."
- Bob Cousy
(Related: Money)

"I never take on anything that is just for the money or just for, you know. I always have to connect with it in a very personal way because I believe the audience will sense whether I'm into it or not, so I don't take on projects that I'm not really passionate about."
- Deborah Cox
(Related: Money, Projects, Sense, Will)

"Anyway, Cat Stevens is never going to make much money out of us."
- Wayne Coyne
(Related: Money)

"Money is a way of creating scarcity."
- Peter Coyote
(Related: Money)

"The mutual fund industry provided the money for Intel and Motorola and Hewlett-Packard to crush the competitors."
- Jim Cramer
(Related: Money)

"The people who are buying stocks because they're going up and they don't know what they do deserve to lose money."
- Jim Cramer
(Related: Money, People, Buying)

"What I'm saying is that there are bargains right now, there are stocks right now that if you're shrewd enough, you will be able to buy them at the opening today and I you'll make money in a year from now."
- Jim Cramer
(Related: Money, Now, Right, Saying, Today, Will)

"When I come to work each day, whether as a commentator for TheStreet.com or a host of Mad Money With Jim Cramer, I have only one thought in mind: helping people with their money."
- Jim Cramer
(Related: Money, Work, Thought, People, Day)

"I made a small fortune. I made a lot of money and I made a lot of other people wealthy."
- Jim Cramer
(Related: Money, People, Fortune)

"It's the company itself, but most of these mutual fund companies, the guy who runs the company is just a fact totem and the guy who runs the money is the power. But we really don't know who they are."
- Jim Cramer
(Related: Money, Power, Company, Fact)

"I mean it's the most objective industry in the world. If your numbers stink, you're out. If your numbers are good, you get more money. It's the most Darwinian, it's beautiful, it's brutal, it works."
- Jim Cramer
(Related: Money, Numbers, World)

"I think that stocks have been this tremendous, tremendous equalizer for people in this country. Guys who can't make a lot of money at their jobs have been able to make a lot of money in the stock market."
- Jim Cramer
(Related: Money, People, Country, Jobs)

"I don't think Amber taped Scott or testified for money, but the opportunity certainly presented itself. It makes me a bit uncomfortable, but at least she never sold the story before trial to the tabloids."
- Catherine Crier
(Related: Money, Opportunity)

"There are three reasons for becoming a writer: the first is that you need the money; the second that you have something to say that you think the world should know; the third is that you can't think what to do with the long winter evenings."
- Quentin Crisp
(Related: Money, First, Winter, World)

"If one man in the country could take all the money, what was the use of passing any bills about it?"
- Davy Crockett
(Related: Money, Country, Man)

"We have the right as individuals to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to appropriate a dollar of the public money."
- Davy Crockett
(Related: Money, Charity, Congress, Public, Right)

"But with my last film, Spider it was agony. The money was always disappearing, nobody got paid, it was very difficult - and it's very distracting from the process of making the movie, of course. So I think things have been getting harder and harder."
- David Cronenberg
(Related: Money, Film)

"Recently I've been collecting Star Wars figures again. When I was a kid I couldn't afford them. Now I can so I've been buying them and keeping them in their box for a later date when they'll be worth a lot of money."
- Mackenzie Crook
(Related: Money, Buying, Now, Worth)

"I haven't got a car or a house. I've got a wife, but I didn't pay for her! I spend all my money on my glorious wife. She's here with a knife at my throat!"
- Mackenzie Crook
(Related: Car, Money, Wife)

"But just as I was ready to call it quits, I got the necessary money from a third party, who had been instructed by Bing to help me out, without letting me know where the help came from."
- Bob Crosby
(Related: Money, Help, Party)

"I've never done work for money ever. If your choices are based on grosses and the film doesn't do well, what does that mean? It leaves you with nothing."
- Tom Cruise
(Related: Money, Work, Choices, Film, Nothing)

"I've had it happen to me before where it turns out that they never had the money and couldn't have made the movie in the first place. And these are the things you have to look for when trying to read the behavior of the people you sit down with."
- Robert Culp
(Related: Money, People, Behavior, First, Trying)

"When you do portraits professionally it's not a desire, it's for money."
- Imogen Cunningham
(Related: Money, Desire, Portraits)

"All the work built my fame and certainly made me more money, but the toll it took in my home was not good."
- Jamie Lee Curtis
(Related: Home, Work, Money, Fame)

"The government gave me enough money to go to acting school."
- Tony Curtis
(Related: Government, Money, Acting, School)

"The film is not a success until it makes money. It's only good when there's a dollar figure attached to the box office."
- John Cusack
(Related: Success, Money, Film, Office)

"You see I don't like to be really too commercial about things but in this business you've just got to be commercial otherwise the films don't make money and you don't make films and as a long as a commodity is selling it's silly to kill it dead."
- Peter Cushing
(Related: Business, Money, Selling, Silly)

"We used to talk about wanting to get some money, but that's when hip-hop was based on your dreams and your fantasy. The whole thing now is the dreams and fantasies were achieved, and you don't want to make it the focal point. You can't keep beating that dead horse."
- Puff Daddy
(Related: Dreams, Money, Fantasy, Now, Talk, Want)

"Well, the problem of the federal government is that they print money and go in debt. That's their national policy, Democrats and Republicans it doesn't matter. And this is where I differ."
- Richard M. Daley
(Related: Government, Money, Policy, Debt, Democrats, Republicans)

"Why should a city be mandated to do something by the federal government or state government without the money to do it?"
- Richard M. Daley
(Related: Government, Money, State)

"Liking money like I like it, is nothing less than mysticism. Money is a glory."
- Salvador Dali
(Related: Money, Glory, Nothing)

"Business people have been made into these rock stars because they've made a lot of money."
- James Daly
(Related: Business, Money, People, Stars)

"You have to go to where you can make money, and you see in the service area, in the technological area, those are the areas where we're going to create jobs."
- Al D'Amato
(Related: Money, Jobs, Service)

"As for poker, I've stayed away from that, even though when I was in Vegas for Ocean's Eleven, I would get accosted by these guys begging me to play. They just want to take my money. They see me, think "actor" and see some easy money."
- Matt Damon
(Related: Money, Ocean, Play, Poker, Want)

"I've not as yet found one hobby that would absorb me completely when I'm not working, but I have just bought a new apartment and didn't quite bargain for the amount of effort and time and money that that absorbs."
- Hugh Dancy
(Related: Money, Time, Bargain, Effort)

"I need the money. People don't understand how little money you make in a band."
- Evan Dando
(Related: Money, People)

"I was trying to spend it as quickly as possible. Because I'm so lazy, all that money created a block. I was flying around the world, staying at fancy hotels, having fun and trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible, so I could get on with some more work."
- Evan Dando
(Related: Money, Work, Fancy, Flying, Fun, Trying, World)

"Time is money, especially when you are talking to a lawyer or buying a commercial."
- Frank Dane
(Related: Time, Money, Buying, Talking)

"When business leaders ask me what they can do for Indiana, I always reply: 'Make money. Go make money. That's the first act of corporate citizenship. If you do that, you'll have to hire someone else, and you'll have enough profit to help one of those non-profits we're so proud of.'"
- Mitch Daniels
(Related: Business, Money, Act, Citizenship, Corporate, First, Help, Leaders, Profit)

"We say that anytime budgets are balanced and an ample savings account has been set aside, government should just stop collecting taxes. Better to leave that money in the pockets of those who earned it, than to let it burn a hole, as it always does, in the pockets of government."
- Mitch Daniels
(Related: Government, Money, Budgets, Taxes)

"We Hoosiers hold to some quaint notions. Some might say we 'cling' to them, though not out of fear or ignorance. We believe in paying our bills. We have kept our state in the black throughout the recent unpleasantness, while cutting rather than raising taxes, by practicing an old tribal ritual - we spend less money than we take in."
- Mitch Daniels
(Related: Money, Fear, Ignorance, Old, Ritual, State, Taxes)

"Our main task is not to see that people of great wealth add to it, but that those without much money have a greater chance to earn some."
- Mitch Daniels
(Related: Money, People, Wealth, Chance)

"Among the weeds choking out growth and good government are the hundreds of boards, commissions, and advisory committees that have sprouted over the years. They devour time, money, and energy far beyond any real contribution they make."
- Mitch Daniels
(Related: Government, Money, Time, Growth, Energy, Years)

"Napoleon had been fighting this army of slaves and free people in Haiti and it depleted his forces. And after the Revolution, when the French were driven out, they stopped and sold this big chunk of North America to the Americans for very little money."
- Edwidge Danticat
(Related: Money, People, America, Americans, Army, Fighting, Revolution)

"The reason I wanted to be an actor is that I don't want to play me for the rest of my life and make money out of that."
- James D'arcy
(Related: Life, Money, Actor, Play, Reason, Rest, Want)

"I suppose that one of the reasons I wrote "In Contempt" was because of the money. After the trial I came to realize that there were things that I needed to do if I was to protect myself and my family, so there were some selfish reasons for it."
- Christopher Darden
(Related: Family, Money)

"A group or an artist shouldn't get his money until his boss gets his."
- Bobby Darin
(Related: Money, Boss, Artist)

"While teaching, I also worked undercover in the lower courts by saying I was a young law teacher wanting experience in criminal law. The judges were happy to assist me but what I learned was how corrupt the lower courts were. Judges were accepting money right in the courtroom."
- Samuel Dash
(Related: Experience, Money, Judges, Law, Right, Saying, Teaching)

"I've always been driven by the concept of equal justice under the law, but only the rich can pay great sums of money for legal assistance and that puts them at an advantage over the poor."
- Samuel Dash
(Related: Legal, Money, Justice, Law, Poor)

"I wanted to make a living, but I really was not interested in money at all. I was interested in being a great comedian."
- Larry David
(Related: Money, Being, Living)

"I think that what went wrong with religion is the same thing that went wrong with politics. Is that it became too money based and too controlling. It's just a weakness that we human beings have for control - we want one thing and then we want more and then we want more."
- Dave Davies
(Related: Money, Religion, Politics, Control, Want, Weakness, Wrong)

"Money and corruption are ruining the land, crooked politicians betray the working man, pocketing the profits and treating us like sheep, and we're tired of hearing promises that we know they'll never keep."
- Ray Davies
(Related: Money, Corruption, Hearing, Land, Man, Politicians, Promises, Sheep)

"To fulfill a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given a chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. The money is the gravy."
- Bette Davis
(Related: Money, Life, Dream, Chance, Labor, Lonely)

"Meanwhile, people have to join us and fight back against the federal government that has dropped the ball, that is in bed with these energy companies, that wants them to make more money than they've made before."
- Gray Davis
(Related: Government, Money, People, Bed, Energy, Fight)

"Where I come from, a lot of people didn't have money, but they didn't have gangs or drugs either."
- Kristin Davis
(Related: Money, People, Drugs)

"Disney had made such a great deal of money on Snow White that the banks gave him the go-ahead on the next three films. But he was heavily dependent on the foreign market."
- Marc Davis
(Related: Money, Banks, Disney, Snow)

"We have grown used to money. The handling, the increase of it, is the chief business of life now with most of us."
- Rebecca H. Davis
(Related: Business, Life, Money, Now)

"Every child was taught from his cradle that money was Mammon, the chief agent of the flesh and the devil."
- Rebecca H. Davis
(Related: Money, Devil, Mammon)

"What have I got? No looks, no money, no education. Just talent."
- Sammy Davis, Jr.
(Related: Education, Money, Talent)

"I had more clothes than I had closets, more cars than garage space, but no money."
- Sammy Davis, Jr.
(Related: Money, Clothes, Space)

"A moderate addiction to money may not always be hurtful; but when taken in excess it is nearly always bad for the health."
- Clarence Day
(Related: Health, Money, Addiction, Excess, May)

"We are the nation the most powerful, the most armed and we are supplying arms and money to the rest of the world where we are not ourselves fighting. We are eating while there is famine in the world."
- Dorothy Day
(Related: Money, Eating, Famine, Fighting, Nation, Rest, World)

"It is easier to have faith that God will support each House of Hospitality and Farming Commune and supply our needs in the way of food and money to pay bills, than it is to keep a strong, hearty, living faith in each individual around us - to see Christ in him."
- Dorothy Day
(Related: Faith, Food, Money, God, Christ, Hospitality, Living, Needs, Support, Will)

"Our American friends offer us money, arms, and advice. We take the money, we take the arms, and we decline the advice."
- Moshe Dayan
(Related: Money, Advice, American, Friends)

"But I've always been accused of being a bit tight with money, so it hasn't particularly changed my lifestyle."
- John Deacon
(Related: Money, Being)

"We've not had one Republican president in 34 years balance the budget. You can't trust right-wing Republicans with your money. You ought to hire somebody who has balanced a budget. I'm much more conservative with money than George Bush is."
- Howard Dean
(Related: Money, Trust, Balance, Conservative, President, Republican, Republicans, Right, Years)

"When you - when you - and this is still going on today - are making your money by pushing paper around, when you should be making your money by investing venture capital in various job-creating things, that makes it much harder to recover."
- Howard Dean
(Related: Money, Job, Today)

"Not one Republican president has balanced the budget in 34 years. You can not trust Republicans with your money."
- Howard Dean
(Related: Money, Trust, President, Republican, Republicans, Years)

"I made more money yesterday than I ever thought I'd make in an entire lifetime. But it's like somebody's going to take it all away from me and I'll be back in Texas, installing them damned irrigation wells. I didn't like that when I was sixteen. And I know I wouldn't like it when I'm eighty."
- Jimmy Dean
(Related: Money, Thought, Yesterday)

"I've seen so many people in this business that made a fortune. They get old and broke and can't make any money. I tell you something... no one's going to play a benefit for Jimmy Dean."
- Jimmy Dean
(Related: Business, Money, People, Fortune, Old, Play)

"I don't know if people understand that there are different ways to raise money for great causes."
- Rick Dees
(Related: Money, People, Causes)

"Essentially, when we run a deficit, we are borrowing money to buy things that are made overseas."
- Peter DeFazio
(Related: Money, Borrowing)

"Cast away care, he that loves sorrow Lengthens not a day, nor can buy tomorrow; Money is trash, and he that will spend it, Let him drink merrily, fortune will send it."
- Thomas Dekker
(Related: Money, Care, Day, Fortune, Sorrow, Tomorrow, Will)

"Turn off the TV and start digging around for information that's not from a corporation trying to make money."
- Iris DeMent
(Related: Money, Information, Trying)

"Most of the music you hear on the radio today is developed for making money. It doesn't feel true or honest. You can feel it in the music."
- Iris DeMent
(Related: Music, Money, Today)

"Motorists who want to save money on gas will demand and buy more fuel-efficient vehicles. We should not limit their freedom with more government regulations."
- Jim DeMint
(Related: Government, Money, Freedom, Want, Will)

"When Silence of the Lambs did well commercially it was more than anything. My partner Ed Saxon and I were just so relieved that finally we had made a movie that had made some money!"
- Jonathan Demme
(Related: Silence)

"I admire directors so much, I find them incredible: they manage such a huge number of people of different characters, think of the money involved."
- Catherine Deneuve
(Related: Money, People)

"I hope to goodness I would not still be working in the corporate world - the money is OK but it is no life at all."
- Nigel Dennis
(Related: Life, Money, Hope, Corporate, Goodness, World)

"I still treat every job as if I might never get hired again as far as the way I save money and live really modestly."
- James Denton
(Related: Money, Job)

"You use your money to buy privacy because during most of your life you aren't allowed to be normal."
- Johnny Depp
(Related: Life, Money, Privacy)

"There are necessary evils. Money is an important thing in terms of representing freedom in our world. And now I have a daughter to think about. It's really the first time I've thought about the future and what it could be."
- Johnny Depp
(Related: Money, Time, Daughter, Thought, First, Freedom, Future, Now, World)

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."
- Bo Derek
(Related: Happiness, Money)

"Sports betting is all about money management, so the most money won on one event is not the most important thing."
- Bruce Dern
(Related: Money, Sports, Management)

"Poetry asks people to have values, form opinions, care about some other part of experience besides making money and being successful on the job."
- Toi Derricotte
(Related: Experience, Money, Poetry, People, Successful, Values, Being, Care, Job, Opinions)

"In the industry, you do need some ethics - if one film does well, then thousands get work and money comes back to the industry. I guess the bottomline is, if there are two versions, then the better one will click."
- Ajay Devgan
(Related: Money, Work, Ethics, Film, Will)

"Money cannot buy peace of mind. It cannot heal ruptured relationships, or build meaning into a life that has none."
- Richard M. DeVos
(Related: Life, Money, Peace, Meaning, Mind, Relationships)

"No man's credit is as good as his money."
- John Dewey
(Related: Money, Credit, Man)

"The law is bigger than money - but only if the law works hard enough."
- Thomas Dewey
(Related: Money, Law)

"No man should be in public office who can't make more money in private life."
- Thomas Dewey
(Related: Life, Money, Man, Office, Public)

"There are a lot of girls that will try to hook up with you, then try to have your kid because they figure they're going to get all this money from you."
- Dustin Diamond
(Related: Money, Girls, Will)

"The civility which money will purchase, is rarely extended to those who have none."
- Charles Dickens
(Related: Money, Will)

"Major labels blow all their money massively and blame it on the band."
- Bruce Dickinson
(Related: Money, Blame)

"Money is like hormones. It's just how you feel on any given day."
- Janice Dickinson
(Related: Money, Day)

"What's my motto when it comes to money? Don't put so much emphasis on it!"
- Janice Dickinson
(Related: Money)

"Green is my favorite. And it's my favorite because it's the color of my wife's eyes, grass, trees, life, and money, and mother earth!"
- Casper Van Dien
(Related: Life, Money, Mother, Wife, Eyes, Favorite, Trees)

"The whole year I was in LA I got into telemarketing and learned how to make money. Five years later that skill helped me make my first film."
- Vin Diesel
(Related: Money, Film, First, Skill, Years)

"There is a gigantic difference between earning a great deal of money and being rich."
- Marlene Dietrich
(Related: Money, Being, Difference)

"There's so little money in my bank account, my scenic checks show a ghetto."
- Phyllis Diller
(Related: Money, Bank account)

"My buddies wanted to be firemen, farmers or policemen, something like that. Not me, I just wanted to steal people's money!"
- John Dillinger
(Related: People)

"If we're going to spend a lot of money to deal with the problem of 200 million guns in the country owned by 65 million gun owners, we ought to have a system which will work and catch criminals."
- John Dingell
(Related: Money, Work, Country, Will)

"We borrowed money, it helped us with bonds and what not, and the Federal Government backed it, but it was a guarantee, it was not a grant. And we not only paid it off, but we paid it off ahead of time."
- David Dinkins
(Related: Government, Time, Money)

"So it's a mistake for someone to think that they bailed New York out. They did assist us, for which we are grateful, but it's a mistake to say we bailed New York out by giving them a grant of money to help those poor people who throw it away on welfare."
- David Dinkins
(Related: Money, Mistake, People, Giving, Help, Poor, Welfare)

"A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money."
- Everett Dirksen
(Related: Money, Pretty, Talking)

"You reach a point where you don't work for money."
- Walt Disney
(Related: Money, Work)

"I'd say it's been my biggest problem all my life... it's money. It takes a lot of money to make these dreams come true."
- Walt Disney
(Related: Dreams, Money, Life)

"Disneyland is a work of love. We didn't go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money."
- Walt Disney
(Related: Money, Work, Love, Idea)

"Be curious, learn and read as much as you can about food. Don't worry about making money. Focus on learning at various venues before you settle down for a steady position."
- Rocco DiSpirito
(Related: Food, Money, Focus, Learning, Worry)

"Success isn't measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace."
- Mike Ditka
(Related: Money, Peace, Power, Success, Discipline, Rank)

"If I had money, I would like to get an old building, have music performances, do lithographs, have shows of paintings, and do those things that I'm interested in doing."
- Bill Dixon
(Related: Music, Money, Building, Old)

"It's actually not unlike Google at that stage of development. They had an up-and-running site. It wasn't losing very much money, it wasn't making very much money, but it was growing."
- John Doerr
(Related: Money, Development, Losing)

"The hardware manufacturers, game designers, cable companies and computer companies and, in fact, film studios are going to ensure that this thing marches on. They know that they are going to make an enormous amount of money from it."
- Thomas Dolby
(Related: Money, Computer, Fact, Film, Hardware)

"If money was my only motivation, I would organize myself differently."
- Placido Domingo
(Related: Money, Motivation)

"Let us be clear: I take ten times more money for a concert than for an opera performance."
- Placido Domingo
(Related: Money, Performance, Opera)

"Writing is turning one's worst moments into money."
- J. P. Donleavy
(Related: Money, Moments, Writing)

"People have to pay a lot of money to play soccer here."
- Thomas Dooley
(Related: Money, People, Play, Soccer)

"Let's take care of mothers and infants first, and then let's see what's left over for everybody over 50. I'm over 50. If I get sick, I would rather have money spent on children before it's spent on me."
- Richard Dooling
(Related: Money, Care, Children, First, Mothers)

"When you're on a series, it's tough to go on and do something else afterward. If you're smart, save your money and you can wait out the bad times, until something else comes along."
- Michael Dorn
(Related: Money)

"Money doesn't make the man. Some people have money, and some people are rich."
- Thomas A. Dorsey
(Related: Money, People, Man)

"A real gentleman, even if he loses everything he owns, must show no emotion. Money must be so far beneath a gentleman that it is hardly worth troubling about."
- Fyodor Dostoevsky
(Related: Money, Emotion, Gentleman, Worth)

"I also know how to ask people for money and I have no shame about doing that."
- Roma Downey
(Related: Money, People, Shame)

"It is tradition in Ireland that you're given money for your first communion."
- Roma Downey
(Related: Money, First, Ireland, Tradition)

"Money is only a vehicle that provides you with options, and I say there's only one thing that money can't buy - poverty."
- Jerry Doyle
(Related: Money, Options, Poverty)

"I did a terrible television pilot that was so badly written and dumb that it became a turning point for me and I decided that I would never accept a job just because I needed the money."
- Fran Drescher
(Related: Money, Dumb, Job, Television)

"Business, that's easily defined - it's other people's money."
- Peter Drucker
(Related: Money, Business, People)

"Go miser go, for money sell your soul. Trade wares for wares and trudge from pole to pole, So others may say when you are dead and gone. See what a vast estate he left his son."
- John Dryden
(Related: Money, Son, Soul, May, Miser, Trade)

"We're in the money, the skies are sunny; old man depression, you are through, you done us wrong!"
- Al Dubin
(Related: Money, Depression, Man, Old)

"Fame does lead to money, which I don't have a close relationship with. I'm the kind of guy who never sees the money - it all goes somewhere else. I don't understand it, I don't like to deal with it. I have a fear of not having it, because I grew up without it."
- David Duchovny
(Related: Money, Fear, Fame)

"Business? It's quite simple; it's other people's money."
- Alexandre Dumas
(Related: Money, Business, People)

"I worry when athletes are simply used by their universities to produce revenue, to make money for them, nothing to show at the back end. I grew up with a lot of players who had very, very tough lives after the ball started bouncing for them. And that's why I'm going to continue to fight."
- Arnie Duncan
(Related: Money, Athletes, End, Fight, Nothing, Worry)

"If the government is going to mandate levels and punish schools for failing, they should send that money to the school system."
- Robert Duncan
(Related: Government, Money, School, Schools)

"One of the strangest things about life is that the poor, who need the money the most, are the ones that never have it."
- Finley Peter Dunne
(Related: Life, Money, Poor)

"I'm being told it saves money to shoot in Toronto, because of tax benefits, the crews are cheaper, but what I save in the bottom line, I lose in a million other ways."
- Griffin Dunne
(Related: Money, Being, Benefits, Tax)

"In the '80s, I can't say that Amy and I were aware of an independent film community. We could only get a certain amount of money for our pictures, which made them low budget movies, but they were distributed through studios."
- Griffin Dunne
(Related: Money, Movies, Community, Film)

"And I like being able to go back and forth, and I don't really care if it's a small budget or big budget or studio or independent, as long as it's got a story that's compelling and there's enough money to make the picture."
- Griffin Dunne
(Related: Money, Being, Care)

"And there was no money in Chicago for a band."
- Santiago Durango
(Related: Money, Chicago)

"Until these college students came into town, we were all very poor and didn't have money to do anything."
- Santiago Durango
(Related: Money, College, Poor, Students)

"There is nothing in socialism that a little age or a little money will not cure."
- Will Durant
(Related: Age, Money, Cure, Nothing, Socialism, Will)

"Bankers know that history is inflationary and that money is the last thing a wise man will hoard."
- Will Durant
(Related: History, Money, Man, Will)

"There just is exponentially more money in the movie business than in the music business. As a result there are more people involved in the creative process."
- Adam Duritz
(Related: Business, Money, Music, People, Result)

"When so much money is involved in these movies, someone somewhere is going to try to screw you."
- Adam Duritz
(Related: Money, Movies)

"How you play the game is for college ball. When you're playing for money, winning is the only thing that matters."
- Leo Durocher
(Related: Money, Winning, College, Play)

"Acting is the easiest money you'll ever make in your life, and directing is probably the hardest money."
- Charles S. Dutton
(Related: Money, Life, Acting)

"I still make more money as I do as an actor than director, however I don't want to be a commercial director."
- Charles S. Dutton
(Related: Money, Actor, Want)

"I just don't want to do a movie because it paid me a lot of money."
- Charles S. Dutton
(Related: Money, Want)

"The money part is one of the most difficult things. Coppola always said I should do a tango movie. If it hadn't been for him, I don't know where we would have gotten the money."
- Robert Duvall
(Related: Money)

"Money speaks, but it speaks with a male voice."
- Andrea Dworkin
(Related: Money, Voice)

"Successful people make money. It's not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do."
- Wayne Dyer
(Related: Money, Success, People, Successful)

"When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous."
- Wayne Dyer
(Related: Life, Money, Purpose, Giving)

"Money doesn't talk, it swears."
- Bob Dylan
(Related: Money, Talk)

"What's money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do."
- Bob Dylan
(Related: Success, Money, Bed, Man, Night)

"Don't matter how much money you got, there's only two kinds of people: there's saved people and there's lost people."
- Bob Dylan
(Related: Money, People)

"And the Russians certainly don't have it. If a woman shows up in a fur coat, I just assume she's a crook. And that's me, the nice American. The assumption that you can't make money honestly is a killer."
- Esther Dyson
(Related: Money, American, Woman)

"Everyone needs a certain amount of money. Beyond that, we pursue money because we know how to obtain it. We don't necessarily know how to obtain happiness."
- Gregg Easterbrook
(Related: Happiness, Money, Needs)

"This film cost $31 million. With that kind of money I could have invaded some country."
- Clint Eastwood
(Related: Money, Country, Film)

"I used practically all the money I had available."
- Bernie Ebbers
(Related: Money)

"The money is better in films and television. But in terms of acting, theatre is more rewarding."
- Christopher Eccleston
(Related: Money, Acting, Television, Theatre)

"We are willing to spend the least amount of money to keep a kid at home, more to put him in a foster home and the most to institutionalize him."
- Marian Wright Edelman
(Related: Home, Money)

"Never work just for money or for power. They won't save your soul or help you sleep at night."
- Marian Wright Edelman
(Related: Money, Work, Power, Soul, Help, Night, Sleep)

"If we think we have ours and don't owe any time or money or effort to help those left behind, then we are a part of the problem rather than the solution to the fraying social fabric that threatens all Americans."
- Marian Wright Edelman
(Related: Money, Time, Americans, Effort, Help, Solution)

"We do not have a money problem in America. We have a values and priorities problem."
- Marian Wright Edelman
(Related: Money, Values, America, Priorities)

"One might think that the money value of an invention constitutes its reward to the man who loves his work. But... I continue to find my greatest pleasure, and so my reward, in the work that precedes what the world calls success."
- Thomas A. Edison
(Related: Money, Success, Work, Invention, Man, Pleasure, Reward, Value, World)

"You get to a point where it gets very complex, where you have money laundering activities, drug related activities, and terrorist support activities converging at certain points and becoming one."
- Sibel Edmonds
(Related: Money, Support)

"But I can tell you that the issue, on one side, boils down to money - a lot of money. And it boils down to people and their connections with this money, and that's the portion that, even with this book, has not been mentioned to this day."
- Sibel Edmonds
(Related: Money, People, Day)

"Any outfit that has to beg its listeners for money is an organization that has to constantly please its listeners or it will dry up and go away. It shouldn't work when you think about it."
- Bob Edwards
(Related: Money, Work, Will)

"At the time I attempted to purchase the rights back for the 3 Homestead records, but the owner demanded an outrageous sum in the neighborhood of $10,000, about 10 times more money than I could get my hands on at the time."
- Mark Edwards
(Related: Money, Time, Rights)

"I pretty much ignored politics all through my 20's and 30's... I had other things on my mind... the band, finding a meaningful relationship, getting enough money to eat and pay the rent."
- Mark Edwards
(Related: Money, Politics, Mind, Pretty)

"A fan sent me a letter and a $10 bill. It's a short letter - all she said was, "Hey, since it's harder for you to go out these days without getting photographed, here $10 for a pizza." I was like, "Aww, she sent me money for a pizza so I could eat at home!""
- Zac Efron
(Related: Money)

"That's a very odd notion because it involves seeing money up there on the screen - if something cost $5 million to make, they want to see that $5 million up there."
- Atom Egoyan
(Related: Money, Want)

"I think the situation in Toronto is such that there are funding organizations which make it easy for a film to raise more money than it needs and very often that works against a film."
- Atom Egoyan
(Related: Money, Film, Needs)

"The one regret I have about my own abortions is that they cost money that might otherwise have been spent on something more pleasurable, like taking the kids to movies and theme parks."
- Barbara Ehrenreich
(Related: Money, Movies, Kids, Regret)

"I think that there's a lot more freedom in the low budget, the independent films where, unfortunately, you don't have the money, necessarily, to get the orchestras in there to play a lot of stuff. But, you have a lot more freedom, very often."
- Danny Elfman
(Related: Money, Freedom, Orchestras, Play)

"There is hardly any money interest in art, and music will be there when money is gone."
- Duke Ellington
(Related: Money, Music, Art, Interest, Will)

"They're paying me an outrageous sum of money; $40,000 a week, which is totally silly."
- Cass Elliot
(Related: Money, Silly)

"I mean, you have a general tone of it but it's pretty much you get to come in and you're going to flip this car and it's going to blow up and you're going to come out on fire and you go oh, that's cool, and then you get paid a lot of money."
- David R. Ellis
(Related: Car, Money, Fire, Pretty)

"Thinking in its lower grades, is comparable to paper money, and in its higher forms it is a kind of poetry."
- Henry Ellis
(Related: Poetry, Money, Thinking)

"A corporation's primary goal is to make money. Government's primary role is to take a big chunk of that money and give it to others."
- Larry Ellison
(Related: Money, Government, Goal)

"Money often costs too much."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Related: Money)

"A man is usually more careful of his money than he is of his principles."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Related: Money, Man, Principles)

"One of my favorite things - and I am sure everybody else's in this Chamber - is to give away money. You really don't get much opposition when you give away money."
- Michael Enzi
(Related: Money, Favorite, Opposition)

"The President sends us a billion-page paper that shows how he would spend the money if he were spending the money. He doesn't have the authority to spend the money. He doesn't spend $1 of the money."
- Michael Enzi
(Related: Money, Authority, President)

"When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes."
- Desiderius Erasmus
(Related: Food, Money, Books, Clothes)

"When you try to find funding for a VVA function, it doesn't seem like it's any trouble at all. People come out of the woodwork with their money to help out because we went over and fought a war."
- R. Lee Ermey
(Related: Money, War, People, Help, Trouble)

"America believes in education: the average professor earns more money in a year than a professional athlete earns in a whole week."
- Evan Esar
(Related: Money, America)

"Educate yourself. Understand what you're dealing with. Then figure out how to fight it. Then figure out how to raise money for that fight. It'll help you cope. It'll help your child."
- Boomer Esiason
(Related: Money, Fight, Help)

"I might say that in retrospect, looking at where the community college system is today, I think we may have gone too far. The community college system is so big, so broad, so consuming of tax money."
- Daniel J. Evans
(Related: Money, College, Community, Tax, May, Today)

"Money to me is just the biggest blessing in the world that allows me freedom."
- Linda Evans
(Related: Money, Freedom, World)

"I never saved my money. Whenever I worked in the past, I would spend it on my family or my husbands."
- Linda Evans
(Related: Family, Money, Husbands, Past)

"The government deficit is the difference between the amount of money the government spends and the amount it has the nerve to collect."
- Sam Ewing
(Related: Government, Money, Difference)

"If you print money like in Zimbabwe... the purchasing power of money goes down, and the standards of living go down, and eventually, you have a civil war."
- Marc Faber
(Related: Money, Power, War, Living)

"Regarding fame, fortune and Oregon I do wish I had more money."
- John Fahey
(Related: Money, Fame, Fortune)

"Everybody thought I was crazy. They thought I should take the money and run. But there was just something special about being a senior at Chapel Hill. I just couldn't leave."
- Lorrie Fair
(Related: Money, Thought, Being)

"This idea of trying to repeat a success doesn't interest me. It's only really done to make money."
- Agnetha Faltskog
(Related: Money, Success, Idea, Interest, Trying)

"We are the men of intrinsic value, who can strike our fortunes out of ourselves, whose worth is independent of accidents in life, or revolutions in government: we have heads to get money, and hearts to spend it."
- George Farquhar
(Related: Men, Life, Money, Accidents, Value, Worth)

"Money is the sinews of love, as of war."
- George Farquhar
(Related: Money, War, Love)

"Qaddafi is hated because he is the leader of a small country that is rich, but he uses his money to finance liberation struggles."
- Louis Farrakhan
(Related: Finance, Money, Leader, Country)

"I'd rather have happiness than money. People ask for it. Sometimes when I don't have it. I make other people's problems my problem because they want me to; they ask me to."
- Brenda Fassie
(Related: Happiness, Money, People, Problems, Want)

"There's not an appropriations bill in the last 10 years that the-that Democrats passed in the Congress. We haven't spent any money of your taxes in the last decade."
- Chaka Fattah
(Related: Money, Congress, Democrats, Taxes, Years)

"I basically believe the medical insurance industry should be nonprofit, not profit-making. There is no way a health reform plan will work when it is implemented by an industry that seeks to return money to shareholders instead of using that money to provide health care."
- Diane Feinstein
(Related: Health, Medical, Money, Work, Care, Profit, Reform, Will)

"It is my belief that tax credits only go to people who are making money, and they generally keep it."
- Diane Feinstein
(Related: Money, People, Belief, Tax)

"Money can't buy poverty."
- Marty Feldman
(Related: Money, Poverty)

"Money is everywhere but so is poetry. What we lack are the poets."
- Federico Fellini
(Related: Money, Poetry, Poets)

"No matter how much money you have or what kind of cocoon you live in, the reality is that you have lost a game of football and let England's fans down. We are bothered."
- Rio Ferdinand
(Related: Money, EnglFans, Football, Reality)

"We were just a one-room bookstore; we didn't have any money for lawyers."
- Lawrence Ferlinghetti
(Related: Money, Lawyers)

"The real literary editors have mostly been fired. Those that remain are all "bottom line" editors; everything depends on the money."
- Lawrence Ferlinghetti
(Related: Money, Editors, Literary)

"I suppose young people think football is glamorous - soccer - it's big money and the stars of it, they look good and have a great big house and a huge Ferrari."
- Bryan Ferry
(Related: Money, People, Football, Soccer, Stars)

"If you make money your god, it will plague you like the devil."
- Henry Fielding
(Related: Money, God, Devil, Will)

"Make money your god and it will plague you like the devil."
- Henry Fielding
(Related: Money, God, Devil, Will)

"Money is the fruit of evil, as often as the root of it."
- Henry Fielding
(Related: Money, Evil)

"If you're going to be at a job environment, you should love it. You shouldn't do it just for money. You should do it because you love it. And the money comes naturally."
- Debbi Fields
(Related: Love, Money, Environment, Job)

"Keep it in tune with the times, but don't write with the specific purpose of trying to create a hit. If you're doing it strictly to make money, you're crazy. There are easier ways to make money."
- Dorothy Fields
(Related: Money, Purpose, Trying)

"It's morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money."
- W. C. Fields
(Related: Money, Wrong)

"A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money."
- W. C. Fields
(Related: Money, Man, Nothing, Poor)

"Men who accomplish great things in the industrial world are the ones who have faith in the money producing power of ideas."
- Charles Fillmore
(Related: Faith, Men, Money, Power, Ideas, World)

"We have seen that, in another unfunded mandate, the so-called No Child Left Behind Act, which created tougher standards, and we all support that, but Congress did not provide the money to attract and hire the best teachers."
- Bob Filner
(Related: Money, Act, Congress, Support, Teachers)

"The GAO just released a report that said 22 percent of federal programs fail to meet their objectives. The truth is we don't know how taxpayer money is spent in Washington, D.C., which is why I think we ought to put every agency budget up on the Internet for everyone to see."
- Carly Fiorina
(Related: Money, Truth, Internet, Objectives, Washington)

"Thought, not money, is the real business capital."
- Harvey S. Firestone
(Related: Business, Money, Thought)

"I can walk through the front door of any factory and out the back and tell you if it's making money or not. I can just tell by the way it's being run and by the spirit of the workers."
- Harvey S. Firestone
(Related: Money, Being, Spirit, Workers)

"I like big, secure companies. I know what they do for a living. When I see their names on my monthly statement I know how they make their money."
- John Fisher
(Related: Money, Living, Names)

"The estate tax punishes years of hard work and robs families of part of their heritage by imposing a huge penalty on inheritance after death - a tax on money that has already been taxed."
- Mike Fitzpatrick
(Related: Death, Money, Work, Tax, Hard work, Inheritance, Years)

"I buy newspapers to make money to buy more newspapers to make more money."
- Lord Thomson of Fleet
(Related: Money, Newspapers)

"I've got money so I'm a Conservative."
- Lord Thomson of Fleet
(Related: Money, Conservative)

"I lost money, coaching jobs, a shot at the Hall of Fame."
- Curt Flood
(Related: Money, Coaching, Fame, Jobs)

"I was told by the general manager that a white player had received a higher raise than me. Because white people required more money to live than black people. That is why I wasn't going to get a raise."
- Curt Flood
(Related: Money, Manager, People)

"I wasn't really aware that my father was working for quite a while. I thought it was my mother who had all the money!"
- Peter Fonda
(Related: Mother, Father, Thought)

"There is something fundamentally unfair about a government that takes away so much of people's money, power, and personal control while telling them that life will be better as a result."
- Steve Forbes
(Related: Government, Life, Money, Power, People, Control, Result, Will)

"When we're in a peak, we make a ton of money, and as soon as we make a ton of money, we're desperately looking for a way to spend it. And we diversify into areas that, frankly, we don't know how to run very well."
- Bill Ford
(Related: Money)

"I suddenly realized that the fellow who didn't show up was getting about fifty-times more money than I was getting. So I thought, 'this is silly,' and became an actor. I certainly never thought I'd wind up in motion pictures. That was far beyond anything I'd ever dreamed of."
- Glenn Ford
(Related: Money, Thought, Actor, Silly, Wind)

"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business."
- Henry Ford
(Related: Business, Money, Nothing, Poor)

"Money is like an arm or leg - use it or lose it."
- Henry Ford
(Related: Money)

"It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages."
- Henry Ford
(Related: Money, Customer, Wages)

"If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability."
- Henry Ford
(Related: Money, Experience, Knowledge, Hope, Ability, Independence, Man, Security, Will, World)

"Time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving."
- Henry Ford
(Related: Men, Money, Time, Giving)

"The highest use of capital is not to make more money, but to make money do more for the betterment of life."
- Henry Ford
(Related: Life, Money)

"Speculation is only a word covering the making of money out of the manipulation of prices, instead of supplying goods and services."
- Henry Ford
(Related: Money, Manipulation, Word)

"One of the evils of money is that it tempts us to look at it rather than at the things that it buys."
- E. M. Forster
(Related: Money)

"It's easier for me to get three times the amount of money I really want."
- Bill Forsyth
(Related: Money, Want)

"That is why the analogy of stealing does not work. With a thief, we want to know how much money he stole, and from whom. With the artist it is not how much he took and from whom, but what he did with it."
- Lukas Foss
(Related: Money, Work, Artist, Want)

"From the Bush Administration to the 9-11 Commission, there is an urgent and universally recognized need to change the broken formula through which Homeland Security grant money currently is allocated to our first responders."
- Vito Fossella
(Related: Change, Money, First, Formula, Security)

"You know, it's funny... when you're making money, people don't think you're playing jazz. Now when you're not making money, people think that you're a good jazz musician."
- Pete Fountain
(Related: Funny, Money, People, Jazz, Now)

"I don't think that fundamentalism has anything to do with Jesus Christ. They call themselves Christians, but if that's Christian, count me out. Fundamentalism is built on fear and greed. They're telling you to give them your money otherwise you're going to hell."
- Matthew Fox
(Related: Money, Fear, Christian, Greed, Hell)

"I believe Mexico should dedicate 100% of its oil revenues to developing human capital and technological development. None of us politicians should be able to touch that money."
- Vicente Fox
(Related: Money, Development, Oil, Politicians)

"Find something in life that you love doing. If you make a lot of money, that's a bonus, and if you don't, you still won't hate going to work."
- Jeff Foxworthy
(Related: Life, Love, Work, Money, Hate)

"I like the idea of giving workers control and putting their money into their personal accounts."
- Virginia Foxx
(Related: Money, Idea, Control, Giving, Workers)

"I think, unfortunately or fortunately, the reality of Hollywood is that if your movie makes money, they'll make another one."
- Jonathan Frakes
(Related: Money, Hollywood, Reality)

"But when others suggested that the poor should not simply be the objects of these programs but also the subjects - that they should be actively involved in shaping the programs, making decisions about how to spend the money etc. - some of the previous supporters reconsidered."
- Barney Frank
(Related: Money, Decisions, Poor)

"The biases the media has are much bigger than conservative or liberal. They're about getting ratings, about making money, about doing stories that are easy to cover."
- Al Franken
(Related: Money, Conservative, Liberal, Media)

"Yeah, we shot ourselves in the foot right out of the gate. The guy who ran it at first misled pretty much everybody about how much capital we had. He said we had enough to go three years without making money, and we had enough to go three weeks."
- Al Franken
(Related: Money, First, Pretty, Right, Years)

"There are two things I will never do in my life. I will never climb Mount Everest, and I will never work with Val Kilmer again. There isn't enough money in the world."
- John Frankenheimer
(Related: Money, Work, Life, Will, World)

"And I kind of feel that I have a responsibility to the people that invest their time and money with me to show up on the set every day and do the best of which I am capable."
- John Frankenheimer
(Related: Money, Time, People, Day, Responsibility)

"The use of money is all the advantage there is in having it."
- Benjamin Franklin
(Related: Money)

"Remember that credit is money."
- Benjamin Franklin
(Related: Money, Credit)

"Time is money."
- Benjamin Franklin
(Related: Money, Time)

"There are three faithful friends - an old wife, an old dog, and ready money."
- Benjamin Franklin
(Related: Money, Wife, Friends, Old)

"He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money."
- Benjamin Franklin
(Related: Money, May, Opinion, Will)

"If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some."
- Benjamin Franklin
(Related: Money, Value)

"Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants."
- Benjamin Franklin
(Related: Money, Nature, Happiness, Man, Nothing, Will)

"Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took and your name in the undertaker book."
- Joe Frazier
(Related: Money, Boxing, Name)

"Money makes life easier but I don't want to be rich, not at all."
- Cathy Freeman
(Related: Life, Money, Want)

"The safest course for public officials is simply to throw all of the money in a sack."
- Dave Freudenthal
(Related: Money, Public)

"Money should not, and must not, change our commitment to solving problems and building this state."
- Dave Freudenthal
(Related: Change, Money, Building, Commitment, Problems, State)

"If the Eagles were to get back together, it would have to be for the right reasons. I think it would look awful if it were just for the money."
- Glenn Frey
(Related: Money, Eagles, Right)

"If you have millions of dollars you are not going to get to continue doing what you want. You are into a world of commitment to that money and all the people that helped you get that money."
- Jonathan Frid
(Related: Money, People, Commitment, Want, World)

"Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail."
- Kinky Friedman
(Related: Love, Money)

"I've always said money may buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail."
- Kinky Friedman
(Related: Love, Money, May)

"I look at being an actress as being like a mummy: You're bandaged up and preserved as soon as you start making other people money."
- Anna Friel
(Related: Money, People, Being)

"Television was supposed to be a national park. Instead it has become a money machine. It's a commodity now, just like pork bellies."
- Fred W. Friendly
(Related: Money, Machine, Now, Television)

"Many musicians will say they don't care about the money yet they must commit themselves to appear at given times and places, and to produce what sells, whether they believe in it or not. It depends on contracts."
- Lynette Fromme
(Related: Money, Care, Musicians, Will)

"Modern poets talk against business, poor things, but all of us write for money. Beginners are subjected to trial by market."
- Robert Frost
(Related: Business, Money, Poets, Poor, Talk)

"The people who run a university are far more qualified and intelligent in handling people than someone who inherited his money and used it to buy a pro team."
- Hayden Fry
(Related: Money, People, University)

"Americans like to make money; Canadians like to audit it. I know no other country where accountants have a higher social and moral status."
- Northrop Frye
(Related: Money, Americans, Country)

"It will be a great day when our schools have all the money they need, and our air force has to have a bake-sale to buy a bomber."
- Robert Fulghum
(Related: Money, Day, Force, Schools, Will)

"I've always thought anyone can make money. Making a life worth living, that's the real test."
- Robert Fulghum
(Related: Life, Money, Thought, Living, Worth)

"Be the business never so painful, you may have it done for money."
- Thomas Fuller
(Related: Business, Money, May)

"A drinker has a hole under his nose that all his money runs into."
- Thomas Fuller
(Related: Money)

"It's not worth it, it's not about money, especially when you're dealing with a culture. It should be about elevating the idea of what we are and who we are as people in the cinema, and that kind of stuff keeps dragging us back down."
- Antoine Fuqua
(Related: Money, People, Idea, Cinema, Culture, Worth)

"I've never personally criticized anyone else's music, but I know that the public's real problem is not the music I make but the perception that I play simple music for money only and for the notoriety and to increase my popularity."
- Kenny G
(Related: Money, Music, Perception, Play, Popularity, Public)

"Libya has had to put up with too much from the Arabs for whom it has poured forth both blood and money."
- Muammar al Gaddafi
(Related: Money, Blood)

"What I've learned is that you really don't need to be a celebrity or have money or have the paparazzi following you around to be famous."
- Lady Gaga
(Related: Money, Celebrity, Famous)

"The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled."
- John Kenneth Galbraith
(Related: Money, Banks, Mind)

"We can safely abandon the doctrine of the eighties, namely that the rich were not working because they had too little money, the poor because they had much."
- John Kenneth Galbraith
(Related: Money, Doctrine, Poor)

"Money differs from an automobile or mistress in being equally important to those who have it and those who do not."
- John Kenneth Galbraith
(Related: Money, Being)

"I need them, need them to give me a kick up the arse. Otherwise I'd just be sat-in getting fat, counting me money. It's good people living on your doorstep and looking through your bins. Gives you energy."
- Liam Gallagher
(Related: Money, People, Energy, Living)

"Charter schools are public schools that operate, to a certain extent, outside the system. They have more control over their teachers, curriculum and resources. They also have less money than public schools."
- Maggie Gallagher
(Related: Money, Control, Curriculum, Public, Schools, Teachers)

"Meanwhile, parents, students and teachers all report higher satisfaction with charter schools. People like them. They cost less money. They raise the academic achievement of poor kids. Go ahead, get a little enthused."
- Maggie Gallagher
(Related: Money, People, Achievement, Kids, Parents, Poor, Satisfaction, Schools, Students, Teachers)

"Marketers are out there trying to figure out how to get your money out of your child."
- Maggie Gallagher
(Related: Money, Trying)

"I don't care about money. I really don't care. I just want to do what I do."
- John Galliano
(Related: Money, Care, Want)

"I have never solicited nor received money from Iraq for our campaign against war and sanctions. I have never seen a barrel of oil, never owned one, never bought one, never sold one."
- George Galloway
(Related: Money, War, Iraq, Oil)

"I am a theatre actor, but the last ten years I've taken parts in movies because it keeps me in money."
- Michael Gambon
(Related: Money, Movies, Actor, Theatre, Years)

"One must beware of ministers who can do nothing without money, and those who want to do everything with money."
- Indira Gandhi
(Related: Money, Nothing, Want)

"They spend an awful lot of money on I-don't-know-what in Hollywood movies; I certainly didn't get any of it. But they sure do love spending money."
- Adam Garcia
(Related: Love, Money, Movies, Hollywood)

"People do more important jobs than acting in film that should be recognised, but for some reason it's big money, so people are elevated in status. If I was a bus driver, I'm sure you wouldn't be interviewing me."
- Adam Garcia
(Related: Money, People, Acting, Film, Jobs, Reason)

"I think it's too bad that everybody's decided to turn on drugs, I don't think drugs are the problem. Crime is the problem. Cops are the problem. Money's the problem. But drugs are just drugs."
- Jerry Garcia
(Related: Money, Crime, Drugs)

"If you don't give your kid freedom to make choices with money, including stupid choices, he'll make plenty when he gets to college."
- John Gardner
(Related: Money, Choices, College, Freedom)

"Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce."
- James A. Garfield
(Related: Money, Commerce, Country)

"He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation."
- James A. Garfield
(Related: Money, Nation)

"I've seen the ticket, and I still can't believe it. When I see the money, I hope I don't hit the floor."
- Judy Garland
(Related: Money, Hope)

"I can live without money, but I cannot live without love."
- Judy Garland
(Related: Love, Money)

"Well, I'm at some kind of crossroads in my life and I don't know which way to take. It's not about money, I mean, because I'm established enough now as a writer to get a reasonable advance if I wanted to do fiction."
- Helen Garner
(Related: Life, Money, Fiction, Now, Writer)

"In our early period we pretty much survived or perished on our capacity to reach people, and on getting into the pattern of having no money and playing lots of shows."
- Peter Garrett
(Related: Money, People, Pretty)

"It's rather naive, apart from being ethically objectionable, to assume that our investigators travel around the country with bags of money trying to bribe witnesses to lie on the witness stand. We just don't operate that way."
- Jim Garrison
(Related: Money, Travel, Lie, Being, Country, Trying)

"Starting out to make money is the greatest mistake in life. Do what you feel you have a flair for doing, and if you are good enough at it, the money will come."
- Greer Garson
(Related: Money, Life, Mistake, Will)

"I've got a bit of money in the bank. I'm quite comfortable."
- Paul Gascoigne
(Related: Money)

"I actually thought that it would be a little confusing during the same period of your life to be in one meeting when you're trying to make money, and then go to another meeting where you're giving it away."
- Bill Gates
(Related: Life, Money, Thought, Giving, Meeting, Trying)

"We've got to put a lot of money into changing behavior."
- Bill Gates
(Related: Money, Behavior)

"But money, wife, is the true Fuller's Earth for reputations, there is not a spot or a stain but what it can take out."
- John Gay
(Related: Money, Wife, Earth)

"It's up to the courage of the filmmakers to make art in cinema, not just business. John was rejected by studios, he borrowed money and did movies with his own money. You're either courageous or not. You have to find a way."
- Ben Gazzara
(Related: Art, Money, Movies, Business, Courage, Cinema)

"My father thought sport was something fun - he didn't know it was a way to make money. Then I won a Mercedes at the world championships and I gave it to him. From the moment it arrived my father said: 'Good, you can support not just yourself but me too'."
- Haile Gebrselassie
(Related: Money, Father, Thought, Fun, Support, World)

"Happy is harder than money. Anybody who thinks money will make you happy hasn't got money."
- David Geffen
(Related: Money, Will)

"Anybody who thinks money will make you happy, hasn't got money."
- David Geffen
(Related: Money, Will)

"Steven Spielberg and I have tremendous amounts of money."
- David Geffen
(Related: Money)

"I would say that Bob Dylan is as interested in money as any person I've known in my life. That's just the truth."
- David Geffen
(Related: Money, Life, Truth)

"There is a basic lesson on financial crises that governments tend to wait too long, underestimate the risks, want to do too little. And it ultimately gets away from them, and they end up spending more money, causing much more damage to the economy."
- Timothy Geithner
(Related: Money, Financial, Economy, End, Want)

"And though various organizations in America and England collected money and sent food parcels to these refugees, nothing was ever received by the Spanish."
- Martha Gellhorn
(Related: Food, Money, America, England, Nothing)

"Crafts make us feel rooted, give us a sense of belonging and connect us with our history. Our ancestors used to create these crafts out of necessity, and now we do them for fun, to make money and to express ourselves."
- Phyllis George
(Related: Money, History, Fun, Necessity, Now, Sense)

"The most popular labor-saving device is still money."
- Phyllis George
(Related: Money, Labor, Popular)

"I would love to do a big studio movie, just because they're going to put the money into distributing it. A lot of times you do these little movies, you love them and they never get seen by anyone."
- Gina Gershon
(Related: Love, Money, Movies)

"I'm involved in Project ALS which is trying to get money for stem cell research. That's one I've been pretty involved with because if you can cure that, you can cure so many other diseases."
- Gina Gershon
(Related: Money, Cure, Pretty, Project, Research, Trying)

"She was making great money at personal appearances."
- David Gest
(Related: Money)

"Life started getting good when I started making money."
- Balthazar Getty
(Related: Life, Money)

"If you have more money than you need, you have to give it away. It's a duty. I get to choose whom to sponsor, and I like to give to the areas that I know something about."
- Gordon Getty
(Related: Money, Duty)

"Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells."
- J. Paul Getty
(Related: Money)

"If you can actually count your money, then you're not a rich man."
- J. Paul Getty
(Related: Money, Man)

"If you can count your money, you don't have a billion dollars."
- J. Paul Getty
(Related: Money)

"By going solo I could lose a fortune but money is not important."
- Barry Gibb
(Related: Money, Fortune)

"It is not the money but the self-respect and wanting to create good music."
- Barry Gibb
(Related: Money, Music, Self)

"We worked for 11 years to get where we are today, and I want to take our work seriously so that later on I'll be able to appreciate the money we've made."
- Maurice Gibb
(Related: Money, Work, Today, Want, Years)

"To set the record straight for the God knows millionth time, we certainly didn't sign to Atlantic just for the money."
- Ben Gibbard
(Related: Money, Time, God)

"With roadracing, it takes a lot more time and money."
- Sete Gibernau
(Related: Money, Time)

"I think I'm actually quite a materialistic person, I value what it takes to make a car or build a nice house. Money does change things, but how it changes people depends on how they react to it."
- Roland Gift
(Related: Car, Change, Money, People, Value)

"It's the same with the ballplayers. Babe Ruth spent a lot, too and the ballplayers make a lot more money now."
- Mickey Gilley
(Related: Money, Now)

"I try to stay ahead of things, if you know what I mean. I take the money I make and reinvest it."
- Mickey Gilley
(Related: Money)

"All my money was made doing the dates and selling products when I was out there on the road."
- Mickey Gilley
(Related: Money, Selling, Road)

"'Cause I can make more money going in and doing my recordings and selling them through my entities that I have, rather than going to a record co. and them release a record and pay me 5 percent of what they make off it."
- Mickey Gilley
(Related: Money, Selling)

"I had seventeen No. 1 songs and I didn't see anything like that kind of money."
- Mickey Gilley
(Related: Money, Songs)

"I had some airline stock, but the airlines tanked. I didn't have a lot of money in them, though."
- Mickey Gilley
(Related: Money)

"People who make money often make mistakes, and even have major setbacks, but they believe they will eventually prosper, and they see every setback as a lesson to be applied in their move towards success."
- Jerry Gillies
(Related: Money, Success, People, Mistakes, Will)

"The idea that a congressman would be tainted by accepting money from private industry or private sources is essentially a socialist argument."
- Newt Gingrich
(Related: Money, Idea, Argument)

"I didn't want to wait around for some business entity to come around and give me money and tell me what to do. We just started releasing records as best we could."
- Greg Ginn
(Related: Business, Money, Want)

"I know the game wasn't a classic, but the night was about more than that-it was about bringing back the memories and raising money for former heroes who have now fallen on hard times."
- David Ginola
(Related: Money, Heroes, Memories, Night, Now)

"Business is other people's money."
- Delphine de Girardin
(Related: Business, Money, People)

"Time is money says the proverb, but turn it around and you get a precious truth. Money is time."
- George Gissing
(Related: Money, Time, Truth)

"Money is time. With money I buy for cheerful use the hours which otherwise would not in any sense be mine; nay, which would make me their miserable bondsman."
- George Gissing
(Related: Money, Time, Sense)

"A liberal is a man who is willing to spend somebody else's money."
- Carter Glass
(Related: Money, Liberal, Man)

"We're Jews, my family, and Jews break down into two distinct subcultures: book Jews and money Jews. We were money Jews."
- Ira Glass
(Related: Money, Family)

"I wrote the Brotherhood song for no money out of my deep feelings about humanity, and because I was flattered that whatever talents I had, had been recognized."
- Tom Glazer
(Related: Money, Feelings, Brotherhood, Deep, Humanity, Song)

"New Orleans is a city whose basic industry is the service industry. That's why it makes its money. That's - it brings people to the city. People come to the city and experience the wonders of this extraordinary city and everything else. The question is that, how do we create jobs which are the jobs that have pay, that - living wages?"
- Danny Glover
(Related: Experience, Money, People, Jobs, Living, Question, Service, Wages, Wonders)

"I pity the French Cinema because it has no money. I pity the American Cinema because it has no ideas."
- Jean-Luc Godard
(Related: Money, Ideas, American, Cinema, Pity)

"I'm proud to pay taxes in the United States; the only thing is, I could be just as proud for half the money."
- Arthur Godfrey
(Related: Money, states, Taxes, United)

"And it turns out that tribes, not money, not factories, that can change our world, that can change politics, that can align large numbers of people. Not because you force them to do something against their will. But because they wanted to connect."
- Seth Godin
(Related: Change, Money, Politics, People, Force, Numbers, Will, World)

"Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(Related: Money, Time, People, Care, End)

"Anyone who thinks you can pay $3,100 to the federal government and thinks you can get that money back completely in services - like I said - he may go to M-I-T but he is an N-U-T."
- Louie Gohmert
(Related: Government, Money, May)

"Why should people go out and pay money to see bad films when they can stay at home and see bad television for nothing?"
- Samuel Goldwyn
(Related: Home, Money, People, Nothing, Television)

"Spare no expense to save money on this one."
- Samuel Goldwyn
(Related: Money)

"Here I am paying big money to you writers and what for? All you do is change the words."
- Samuel Goldwyn
(Related: Change, Money, Words, Writers)

"No race of barbarians ever existed yet offered up children for money."
- Samuel Gompers
(Related: Money, Children, Race)

"I don't think the schools are getting as much money as they should."
- Matt Gonzalez
(Related: Money, Schools)

"As a society we're always so quick and able to spend money on lawyers for someone for incarceration, but we don't make the corresponding commitment to the preventative components of it."
- Matt Gonzalez
(Related: Money, Society, Commitment, Lawyers, Quick)

"I have voted to make tough decisions in budgetary times, I've served on two recessionary budgets, my opponent has never served on any a budget committee where there was less money to spend than the year before."
- Matt Gonzalez
(Related: Money, Budgets, Committee, Decisions)

"As a small child in England, I had this dream of going to Africa. We didn't have any money and I was a girl, so everyone except my mother laughed at it. When I left school, there was no money for me to go to university, so I went to secretarial college and got a job."
- Jane Goodall
(Related: Money, Mother, Dream, College, England, Job, School, University)

"Now, I have big-money offers on three movies, and I have director approval. That's kind of scary,' he says. 'No directors have been attached. That's a lot of pressure on me."
- Cuba Gooding, Jr.
(Related: Movies, Approval, Now, Pressure)

"If you had asked people in 1929, 'Here is what is about to happen. How much would you pay to avoid the Great Depression from occurring?' The answer is they would have paid a lot. They would have borrowed money if it could be used to prevent the Great Depression."
- Austan Goolsbee
(Related: Money, People, Depression)

"It's about the power of design and the power of the human spirit. It's above paying anybody to do something stupid for money like reality television does - like ambushing people."
- Genevieve Gorder
(Related: Design, Money, Power, People, Reality, Spirit, Television)

"As I have said for many years throughout this land, we're borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the future of human civilization. Every bit of that has to change."
- Al Gore
(Related: Change, Money, Civilization, Borrowing, Future, Land, Oil, Years)

"With money, who needs friends?"
- Frank Gorshin
(Related: Money, Friends, Needs)

"I'm always worried about my money for some reason."
- Mark-Paul Gosselaar
(Related: Money, Reason)

"There is a lot of things to weigh up when a transfer happens, and money is a big factor."
- Richard Gough
(Related: Money)

"I don't know the time frame exactly, but it's clear they're all going to want to start spending money again."
- Andrew Gould
(Related: Money, Time, Want)

"I don't care about money or fame or anything like that, but it would be a perk."
- Lucas Grabeel
(Related: Money, Care, Fame)

"If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life."
- Billy Graham
(Related: Life, Money, Attitude, Help, Will)

"I dare say there may be some men and women in the Armed Forces who are so decent that they would say: Give the Iraqi people money, we do not want to be paid back. That is the strength of our country."
- Lindsey Graham
(Related: Men, Women, Money, People, Strength, Country, May, Want)

"I have the most reliable friend you can have in American politics, and that is ready money."
- Phil Gramm
(Related: Money, Politics, Friend, American)

"The only football players in my time were fellows who really loved to play football. They were not in it for the money. There wasn't much money there. They would have played football for nothing."
- Red Grange
(Related: Money, Time, Football, Nothing, Play)

"I think maybe in a way it gets worse because you come in with a real reputation and they've paid you lots of money and all that."
- Hugh Grant
(Related: Money, Reputation)

"There are very few groups that really stay together. The leaders of groups make enough money to be able to afford to work a maximum of 35-40 weeks a year."
- Norman Granz
(Related: Money, Work, Leaders)

"The Fed has the ability to put money out, it's got the ability to take money back in, and if they don't do that, we will have hyperinflation worse than we had in 1980 and 1981."
- Chuck Grassley
(Related: Money, Ability, Will)

"There's no money in poetry, but then there's no poetry in money, either."
- Robert Graves
(Related: Money, Poetry)

"Never use the word 'audience.' The very idea of a public, unless the poet is writing for money, seems wrong to me. Poets don't have an 'audience'. They're talking to a single person all the time."
- Robert Graves
(Related: Time, Money, Idea, Poets, Public, Talking, Word, Writing, Wrong)

"Marriage, like money, is still with us; and, like money, progressively devalued."
- Robert Graves
(Related: Marriage, Money)

"If there's no money in poetry, neither is there poetry in money."
- Robert Graves
(Related: Money, Poetry)

"The darkest hour in any man's life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it."
- Horace Greeley
(Related: Life, Money, Man)

"I feel sick if I have to do something for the money. I can't breathe. I'm not proud of myself."
- Eva Green
(Related: Money)

"I thought I had too much money to be happy and normal. Thousand of pounds is just too much for a working person to handle all of a sudden, and I felt I didn't deserve it."
- Peter Green
(Related: Money, Thought)

"I could have closed down bits of British Home Stores to make more money but it's not my style. I want to make my money as a retailer, not by putting people out of work."
- Philip Green
(Related: Home, Money, Work, People, Style, Want)

"We measured our success not just by how much money we made, but by how much we contributed to the community. It was a two-part bottom line."
- Jerry Greenfield
(Related: Money, Success, Community)

"Look, I'm very much in favor of tax cuts, but not with borrowed money. And the problem that we've gotten into in recent years is spending programs with borrowed money, tax cuts with borrowed money, and at the end of the day that proves disastrous. And my view is I don't think we can play subtle policy here."
- Alan Greenspan
(Related: Money, Policy, Day, End, Tax, Play, Tax cuts, Years)

"If US per capita income continues to grow at a rate of 1.5 percent a year, the country will have plenty of money to finance comfortable retirements and high-quality healthcare for all citizens, including those at the bottom of the wage ladder."
- William Greider
(Related: Finance, Money, Country, Healthcare, Income, Wage, Will)

"I like serious films, the moneymaking blockbusters that don't make any kind of sense and John Carpenter films."
- Pam Grier
(Related: Sense)

"The return from cows and sheep in cheese is worth much money every day in the season, without calves and lambs, and without the manure, which all return corn and fruit."
- Robert Grosseteste
(Related: Money, Cows, Day, Sheep, Worth)

"And with the money from your corn, from your rents, and from the issues of pleas in your courts, and from your stock, arrange the expenses of your kitchen and your wines and your wardrobe and the wages of servants, and subtract your stock."
- Robert Grosseteste
(Related: Money, Kitchen, Pleas, Wages)

"I mean New York City is the financial capital of the world. It's where all the money passes through, the Dow Jones, whatever, that's where all the money goes."
- John Guare
(Related: Money, Financial, World)

"Well, yes, as I was a rather bad actor then and I wasn't making enough money, I thought, to make enough money to not make money as an actor, I'd better do some writing."
- Val Guest
(Related: Money, Thought, Actor, Writing)

"I look forward to the end of all this money-making part of the career, to be truthful."
- Paul Guilfoyle
(Related: Money, Career, End)

"The left is being funded primarily by the drug traffickers who provide this tax money and that's why the guerrillas in Colombia, unlike the guerrillas anywhere else in Latin America, have been able to survive for 40 years because they have a hard, solid source of income."
- Alma Guillermoprieto
(Related: Money, America, Being, Tax, Income, Years)

"Writing became an obsessive compulsive habit but I had almost no money so I thought about being an urban firefighter and having lots of free time in which to write or becoming an English teacher and thinking about books and writers on a daily basis. That swayed me."
- David Guterson
(Related: Money, Time, Thought, Habit, Being, Books, English, Thinking, Writers, Writing)

"I love the fame and the money and the power. You have to keep working to have that."
- Steve Guttenberg
(Related: Love, Money, Power, Fame)

"I've made a lot of people a lot of money, and I've made a lot of people really happy. I've entertained millions and millions of people."
- Steve Guttenberg
(Related: Money, People)

"If you put down a list of jobs, doctor, lawyer, janitor, teacher or movie star, everybody would pick the movie star. And why? So you could lie around the pool, drink margaritas and send money to your parents. So that's what I did."
- Steve Guttenberg
(Related: Money, Lie, Jobs, Parents)

"Listen to the lyrics - we're singing about everyday life: rich people trying to keep money, poor people tying to get it, and everyone having trouble with their husband or wife!"
- Buddy Guy
(Related: Money, HusbPeople, Poor, Singing, Trouble, Trying)

"I'm like, 'What world am I living in?' Aren't movies made to have something to say? Why make a movie if you don't have something to say? What are you doing it for? Are you doing it because you want to make a lot of money?"
- Jake Gyllenhaal
(Related: Money, Movies, Living, Want, World)

"Research is four things: brains with which to think, eyes with which to see, machines with which to measure and, fourth, money."
- Albert Szent Gyorgyi
(Related: Money, Eyes, Machines, Measure, Research)

"It's easier to force feed people than it is to give 'em what they want. It makes more money."
- Merle Haggard
(Related: Money, People, Force, Want)

"Later on when it became a routine it was not as exciting I'll admit that. The first three years were wonderful, the rest were just money making and having fun."
- Larry Hagman
(Related: Money, First, Fun, Rest, Routine, Years)

"Once Playboy came to me, all the preachers ran. I needed to pose in Playboy to make money."
- Jessica Hahn
(Related: Money)

"In order to make money the first thing is to have no need of it."
- Ludovic Halevy
(Related: Money, First, Order)

"Those who are of the opinion that money will do everything may reasonably be expected to do everything for money."
- Edward F. Halifax
(Related: Money, May, Opinion, Will)

"My two favorite things about being a pro player are Sunday afternoons being able to excite many fans and the money because I get to treat my family and friends and myself to nice things."
- Dante Hall
(Related: Family, Money, Being, Fans, Favorite, Friends)

"A journey by Sea and Land, Five Hundred Miles, is not undertaken without money."
- Lewis Hallam
(Related: Money, Journey, Land, Sea)

"They're still considered Olympic eligibles, so there's never an issue whether they're going to turn pro or not. When they get to that level, money is never an issue. They make so much money now."
- Dorothy Hamill
(Related: Money, Now)

"My parents didn't have a lot of money, but we never knew that. They really did the best they could."
- Dorothy Hamill
(Related: Money, Parents)

"Putting together a counter- terrorism policy, it's very easy to look at law enforcement or defense, military action or stopping the money flows or whatever, but the really difficult part is integrating all aspects of the policy, and I think she put a lot of emphasis on that."
- Lee H. Hamilton
(Related: Money, Policy, Action, Defense, Law, Military, Terrorism)

"I'll get to make a lot of money and do some bad sitcoms."
- Darrell Hammond
(Related: Money)

"The companies that survive longest are the one's that work out what they uniquely can give to the world not just growth or money but their excellence, their respect for others, or their ability to make people happy. Some call those things a soul."
- Charles Handy
(Related: Money, Work, Soul, People, Growth, Ability, Excellence, Respect, World)

"The name of my ailment was longing, and it was not cured till I finally went to the department store and counted out the money in small coins before the dismayed clerk. When I came to the house, I held up the instrument before the eyes of the astonished household."
- William Christopher Handy
(Related: Money, Eyes, Longing, Name)

"I must say that I do wrestle with the amount of money I make, but at the end of the day what am I gonna say? I took less money so Rupert Murdoch could have more?"
- Tom Hanks
(Related: Money, Day, End)

"There are horses people use for competition, and if they don't perform well or go lame, then people ask the vet to put them down to get the insurance money. And my vet knows I love horses, so he gives them to me."
- Daryl Hannah
(Related: Love, Money, People, Competition, Horses)

"A trillion here, a trillion there and pretty soon you're talking about real money."
- Daniel Hannan
(Related: Money, Pretty, Talking)

"The truth, Prime Minister, is that you have run out of our money. The country as a whole is now in negative equity. Every British child is born owing around 20,000 pounds. Servicing the interest on that debt is going to cost more than educating the child."
- Daniel Hannan
(Related: Money, Truth, Negative, Country, Debt, Interest, Now)

"I think the reality is that, that money was probably badly spent."
- Alan Hansen
(Related: Money, Reality)

"We have one of the highest interest rates in the world, and we owe more money per capita than any other country. All we need is a nail hole in the bottom of the boat and we're sunk."
- Pauline Hanson
(Related: Money, Country, Interest, World)

"In this financial year we will be spending at least $1.5 billion on foreign aid and we cannot be sure that this money will be properly spent, as corruption and mismanagement in many of the recipient countries are legend."
- Pauline Hanson
(Related: Money, Financial, Corruption, Countries, Will)

"Your team has to understand that coming into the ABA, you have to have your investments right and sponsorships and people ready to give you money so they can back you up."
- Tim Hardaway
(Related: Money, People, Right)

"The President must stop gambling with taxpayers' money and get the country back on the path of fiscal sanity."
- Tom Harkin
(Related: Money, Country, Gambling, President, Sanity)

"Several times we were stranded in strange places without any money and with our credit cards cancelled - trapped in a hotel that we couldn't check out of because we had no money to check out."
- Renny Harlin
(Related: Money, Cards, Credit)

"Eventually I did that, but it took a lot of twists and turns, and there were a year or two there where I was living with no money at all - no home, no car, no nothing. I was living in somebody's garage in Los Angeles at that point - for a year."
- Renny Harlin
(Related: Money, Car, Home, Living, Nothing)

"A government institution called the Finnish Film Foundation funds filmmaking there, and I wrote several screenplays but never got any money. They were sent back to me, and they said that they were too commercial for them."
- Renny Harlin
(Related: Government, Money, Film)

"How could you justify giving Holland twice the amount of money that you gave Belgium? Well, finally, I put it up to them. They said that they couldn't do it; it would destroy them. I said they had to do it. And I finally got support from Hoffman on it."
- W. Averell Harriman
(Related: Money, Belgium, Giving, Support)

"I liked Live and Let Die, where money was no object."
- Julie Harris
(Related: Money)

"Many kids turn to selling drugs. It's not a good career choice, but they see it as a way to get money."
- Richard Harris
(Related: Money, Selling, Career, Choice, Drugs, Kids)

"Men make counterfeit money; in many more cases, money makes counterfeit men."
- Sydney J. Harris
(Related: Men, Money)

"So when I made some money, I didn't have any idea how one handled such a situation because no one in our family ever had any money."
- Jim Harrison
(Related: Family, Money, Idea)

"Success and money can really be quite blinding."
- Jim Harrison
(Related: Money, Success)

"When you look at what we spend on entertainment, whether it's on CDs, music, DVDs, there is so much money invested in that, people want to know a little more about the stars they're paying to see or hear."
- Mary Hart
(Related: Money, Music, People, Entertainment, Stars, Want)

"I certainly would have regretted not getting into wrestling. It's been very lucrative for me and I've been fortunate to get into it and make money and not do anything stupid where I invested in something that collapsed."
- Owen Hart
(Related: Money, Wrestling)

"I find too often in the wrestling business, you just wrestle, get to the hotel, make your money. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself to enjoy my life and not just rush through."
- Owen Hart
(Related: Life, Business, Money, Wrestling)

"I am fiercely loyal to those willing to put their money where my mouth is."
- Paul Harvey
(Related: Money)

"One way we gave small businesses more money to invest was by extending tax provisions on expensing. This allows businesses to immediately write off things like equipment, without being burdened by depreciation requirements."
- Dennis Hastert
(Related: Money, Being, Tax)

"In 2001, Congress passed much needed tax relief to allow Americans to keep more of their hard earned money and spend it as they see fit - rather than how the federal government sees fit."
- Doc Hastings
(Related: Government, Money, Americans, Congress, Tax)

"In mid-May, the House of Representatives approved the full amount of money that the Veterans Administration said was needed for next year - plus an additional $1 billion increase for veterans' health care."
- Doc Hastings
(Related: Health, Money, Care, Veterans)

"Now Congress learns that the Veterans Administration failed to provide complete, accurate information on the money it needs for both this year and next year."
- Doc Hastings
(Related: Money, Congress, Information, Needs, Now, Veterans)

"I'm a firm believer in putting your money where your mouth is."
- Teri Hatcher
(Related: Money)

"I don't really care about money. I find money boring and accounting boring, so I'm probably not going to ever make a lot of money."
- Juliana Hatfield
(Related: Money, Care)

"It's a little weird exchanging pictures for money. You know what I mean. It makes me a little uncomfortable."
- Noah Hathaway
(Related: Money)

"That inefficiency is masked because growth and progress are measured in money, and money does not give us information about ecological systems, it only gives information about financial systems."
- Paul Hawken
(Related: Money, Progress, Financial, Growth, Inefficiency, Information)

"I spent ninety percent of my money on wine, women and song and just wasted the other ten percent."
- Ronnie Hawkins
(Related: Money, Women, Song, Wine)

"Wind to a sailor is what money is to life on shore."
- Sterling Hayden
(Related: Life, Money, Wind)

"Already this war on gangs in California is taking money from universities to build prisons, and the universities have some clout."
- Tom Hayden
(Related: Money, War)

"When you have a country that can boast that more than 95 percent of its eligible workforce is employed and pumping money back into economy, that's exceptionally good news, especially as we prepare to observe Labor Day."
- J. D. Hayworth
(Related: Money, Country, Day, Economy, Labor, News)

"The first requisite of a sound monetary system is that it put the least possible power over the quantity or quality of money in the hands of the politicians."
- Henry Hazlitt
(Related: Money, Power, Quality, First, Politicians, Quantity, Sound)

"In suggesting gifts: Money is appropriate, and one size fits all."
- William Randolph Hearst
(Related: Money)

"I'm always dissing Ray and making fun of him, talking about his money."
- Patricia Heaton
(Related: Money, Fun, Talking)

"Hollywood held this double lure for me, tremendous sums of money for work that required no more effort than a game of pinochle."
- Ben Hecht
(Related: Money, Work, Effort, Hollywood)

"I didn't think any amount of money was worth something that would take away what you believed in or what you stood for. I didn't want to do something my parents and daughter couldn't be proud of."
- Tippi Hedren
(Related: Money, Daughter, Parents, Want, Worth)

"You can win, it'll just cost you some money."
- Bobby Heenan
(Related: Money)

"The money's the same, whether you earn it or scam it."
- Bobby Heenan
(Related: Money)

"It's important not to limit the amount of their own money that candidates can spend, but to give other people access to enough money to run competitive races."
- Christie Hefner
(Related: Money, People)

"In college, my big money memory was saving up to buy a car with my boyfriend, whom I lived with."
- Christie Hefner
(Related: Car, Money, Boyfriend, College, Memory)

"No, I never thought about my father's money as my money."
- Christie Hefner
(Related: Money, Thought, Father)

"I never have to this day, because my money is the money I earn."
- Christie Hefner
(Related: Money, Day)

"Some, but much of my money is tied up in Playboy stock."
- Christie Hefner
(Related: Money)

"We don't fight about money... I hate to see people fight about money."
- Christie Hefner
(Related: Money, People, Fight, Hate)

"Even though money seems such an objective topic, it can also be the most intimate, and possibly harmful, part of a relationship."
- Christie Hefner
(Related: Money)

"I had an allowance, but I had to do things around the house to earn it. I think I always wanted my own money."
- Christie Hefner
(Related: Money)

"From the time that I can remember, I worked to make money - either baby-sitting, or one year wrapping gifts at a department store at Christmas, so I could have my own money."
- Christie Hefner
(Related: Money, Time, Baby, Christmas, Gifts)

"I'd rather get a nice warmup suit. That's something I can use. Gold medals just sit there. When I get old, maybe I could sell them if I need the money."
- Eric Heiden
(Related: Money, Gold)

"The fundamental evil of the world arose from the fact that the good Lord has not created money enough."
- Heinrich Heine
(Related: Money, Evil, Fact, World)

"I do not care for the money, just for the glory."
- Anna Held
(Related: Money, Care, Glory)

"Such schemes take money from people who can least afford to spend it to support an unneeded bureaucracy that eats money people thought they were providing for education."
- Jesse Helms
(Related: Education, Money, Thought, People, Bureaucracy, Support)

"While there used to be one or two Pops orchestras, now there are all kinds of European orchestras that suddenly look upon this as a golden wand that can enable them to make money recording this music."
- Skitch Henderson
(Related: Money, Music, Now, Orchestras)

"I tried to start a theatre in LA and failed miserably, but I was probably not meant to raise money."
- Beth Henley
(Related: Money, Theatre)

"At the beginning, you are 20 and you can just imagine... don't get me wrong, but having money. Then you realise that it's not only about you and what you are doing but that you have to give back."
- Thierry Henry
(Related: Money, Beginning, Wrong)

"And also there wasn't much money in television in those days anyhow."
- Jim Henson
(Related: Money, Television)

"A man must love a thing very much if he not only practices it without any hope of fame and money, but even... without any hope of doing it well."
- Oliver Herford
(Related: Love, Money, Hope, Fame, Man)

"The Tom Strong thing was totally for the money. I plan to get looser after I finish this Maggie saga."
- Jaime Hernandez
(Related: Money)

"You have to follow every melodic line, every emotional idea, or you don't get your money's worth."
- Kristin Hersh
(Related: Money, Idea, Worth)

"I put my money in the bank: I have to think of life after modeling, when I'm not famous any more."
- Eva Herzigova
(Related: Life, Money, Famous)

"Vesco was always on the trail in search of money."
- Arthur Herzog
(Related: Money)

"The only way to make money as a manager is to win in one place, get fired and hired somewhere else."
- Whitey Herzog
(Related: Money, Manager)

"The rules are changed now, there's not any way to build a team today. It's just how much money you want to spend. You could be the world champions and somebody else makes a key acquisition or two and you're through."
- Whitey Herzog
(Related: Money, Key, Now, Rules, Today, Want, World)

"You cut their money back, for one thing... I go back a long way with the NEA."
- Charlton Heston
(Related: Money)

"Well, we have certainly produced great art before we did this. In my view, there are any number of areas of government which tax money should not be spent."
- Charlton Heston
(Related: Art, Government, Money, Tax)

"I would argue that's because we had a bunch of smart people running around here. They were coming in and working very hard and many of them had left jobs in which they made significantly more money."
- John Hickenlooper
(Related: Money, People, Jobs, Running)

"For me, the risks in terms of opening that brewpub were fairly high. I put my house up as collateral, I invested the liquid money I had and two years of my time to get it over, but that's really not much of a risk for what the potential reward was if it worked."
- John Hickenlooper
(Related: Money, Time, Potential, Reward, Risk, Years)

"I would argue that one of the issues which the public should be much more emphatic about with all politicians... is patronage, appointing people to high positions because they supported your campaign or helped you raise money."
- John Hickenlooper
(Related: Money, People, Politicians, Public)

"I was always looking to record, but how much I actually pursued it was another thing. The major labels weren't that interested in me, and the smaller labels didn't have any money to do anything."
- Dan Hicks
(Related: Money)

"We need to spend more money to insure that our troops are properly equipped."
- Brian Higgins
(Related: Money, Troops)

"Everybody's over here to make money for themselves."
- Betty Hill
(Related: Money)

"Money without brains is always dangerous."
- Napoleon Hill
(Related: Money)

"Nobody climbs mountains for scientific reasons. Science is used to raise money for the expeditions, but you really climb for the hell of it."
- Edmund Hillary
(Related: Money, Science, Hell, Mountains)

"I've made all my money on my own without my family and I work very hard."
- Paris Hilton
(Related: Family, Money, Work)

"When it comes to the income of the ministry, I have no problem talking about it or what happens to the money."
- Benny Hinn
(Related: Money, Income, Talking)

"I'd be a fool to be in this for the money."
- Benny Hinn
(Related: Money, Fool)

"I have no idea why I write. The old standards are: I like to express my feelings, stretch my imagination, earn money."
- S. E. Hinton
(Related: Money, Imagination, Feelings, Idea, Old)

"It'd be nice to make lots of money but it's quite difficult, because every time I make lots of money I make a bigger piece that costs lots of money."
- Damien Hirst
(Related: Money, Time)

"I always ignore money."
- Damien Hirst
(Related: Money)

"Words are the counters of wise men, and the money of fools."
- Thomas Hobbes
(Related: Money, Men, Fools, Words)

"Words are the money of fools."
- Thomas Hobbes
(Related: Money, Fools, Words)

"Words are wise men's counters, they do but reckon with them, but they are the money of fools."
- Thomas Hobbes
(Related: Money, Men, Fools, Words)

"Money motivates neither the best people, nor the best in people. It can move the body and influence the mind, but it cannot touch the heart or move the spirit; that is reserved for belief, principle, and morality."
- Dee Hock
(Related: Money, Morality, People, Heart, Belief, Body, Influence, Mind, Spirit)

"Well, we had more money and more time the first season than we did at TV 23."
- Joel Hodgson
(Related: Money, Time, First)

"That's what unions do. They can get money, they can get support, they can get manpower."
- James P. Hoffa
(Related: Money, Support)

"We must have more union members in this country to fight the political and business forces that are undermining workers in this country. The AFL-CIO has chosen the opposite approach by planning to throw even more money at politicians."
- James P. Hoffa
(Related: Business, Money, Country, Fight, Planning, Politicians, Workers)

"I believe - though I may be wrong, because I'm no expert - that this war is about what most wars are about: hegemony, money, power and oil."
- Dustin Hoffman
(Related: Power, War, Money, May, Oil, Wrong)

"I didn't go nightclubbing much as a teenager in Bournemouth because my friends and I didn't have the money - but we spent a lot of time on the beach, having barbecues, and running into the sea in the middle of the night."
- Amanda Holden
(Related: Money, Time, Beach, Friends, Night, Running, Sea)

"Well the wedding in the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury was a fairy tale and there was a huge public impress, investment of goodwill, affection and indeed money in this Institution. It was a huge success at the time."
- Anthony Holden
(Related: Money, Success, Time, Wedding, Affection, Goodwill, Investment, Public, Words)

"I was bargaining for time away from Hollywood, and Columbia was bargaining for money. I got what I wanted and they got what they wanted. They knew I was so anxious to do Born Yesterday that I'd have done it for a dollar. They gave me the next best thing."
- Judy Holliday
(Related: Time, Money, Hollywood, Yesterday)

"We gained a great deal of prestige, but not much money. We liked to work so much we couldn't hide it and the club owners paid us accordingly."
- Judy Holliday
(Related: Work, Money)

"It's actually great to shoot far away from Hollywood because we don't have the distractions of the parties and premieres and all that. And, of course, you can save money - there are no good shoe stores."
- Katie Holmes
(Related: Money, Hollywood)

"We put our life on the line to fight for them, put on a show and these guys take our money so whatever happens to Bob Arum, Don King or anyone else is fine with me."
- Larry Holmes
(Related: Life, Money, Fight)

"Bob Arum and Don King can do their thing but if I fought for those guys and they put the money up like they are supposed to then I don't have a problem."
- Larry Holmes
(Related: Money)

"Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes
(Related: Money, Trust)

"A man is usually more careful of his money than of his principles."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
(Related: Money, Man, Principles)

"I think people expect mud at festivals, I think you'd be asking for your money back if you didn't get it."
- Peter Hook
(Related: Money, People)

"Over the last decade, at considerable cost to me in money and effort, confronted with ridicule and intimidation, I have brought more than a dozen lawsuits challenging the corruption in the election process in Tennessee."
- John Jay Hooker
(Related: Money, Corruption, Effort, Ridicule)

"I've got enough money to live me two lifetimes so I don't have to do nothing I don't want to."
- John Lee Hooker
(Related: Money, Nothing, Want)

"I have heartaches, I have blues. No matter what you got, the blues is there. 'Cause that's all I know - the blues. And I can sing the blues so deep until you can have this room full of money and I can give you the blues."
- John Lee Hooker
(Related: Money, Deep)

"They wasn't gonna give you nothin'. I didn't care as long as they let me play my music. Cash on the spot... You cheat me and I'm gonna get me some money, too."
- John Lee Hooker
(Related: Money, Music, Care, Play)

"Like you and your woman ain't gettin' along and you're in love. You can't sleep at nights. Your mind is on her - on whatever. You know, that's the blues. You can't hug that money at night. You can't kiss it."
- John Lee Hooker
(Related: Money, Love, Kiss, Mind, Night, Sleep, Woman)

"Law students have taken over Hollywood. To them it's all about making money. They know people want to see what they've seen before. Also, remakes are places to showcase the new stars of tomorrow."
- Tobe Hooper
(Related: Money, People, Hollywood, Law, Stars, Students, Tomorrow, Want)

"The thing that fascinates me is that the way I came to film and television is extinct. Then there were gatekeepers, it was prohibitively expensive to make a film, to be a director you had to be an entrepreneur to raise money."
- Tom Hooper
(Related: Money, Film, Television)

"Banks are an almost irresistible attraction for that element of our society which seeks unearned money."
- J. Edgar Hoover
(Related: Money, Society, Banks)

"A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it."
- Bob Hope
(Related: Money, Will)

"I have too much money invested in sweaters."
- Bob Hope
(Related: Money)

"I love to go to Washington - if only to be near my money."
- Bob Hope
(Related: Love, Money, Washington)

"If money, education, and honesty will not bring to me as much privilege, as much equality as they bring to any American citizen, then they are to me a curse, and not a blessing."
- John Hope
(Related: Equality, Education, Money, Honesty, American, Privilege, Will)

"That's wonderful. And what did you do with the money?"
- Miriam Hopkins
(Related: Money)

"You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset."
- Tom Hopkins
(Related: Money, Time, Encouraging, Effort, Training)

"At one time I thought he wanted to be an actor. He had certain qualifications, including no money and a total lack of responsibility."
- Hedda Hopper
(Related: Money, Time, Thought, Actor, Responsibility)

"Money is a handmaiden, if thou knowest how to use it; a mistress, if thou knowest not."
- Horace
(Related: Money)

"We have already significant sums of money in our petroleum fund, a fund created by law that includes all the revenues received from the Timor Sea, and invests in conservative, safe, long-term investment portfolios - right now in US Treasury Bonds."
- Jose Ramos Horta
(Related: Money, Conservative, Investment, Law, Now, Right, Sea)

"I make the most money, I think, in Russia and Paris, for the people of those countries are so willing to be amused, so eager to see something new and out of the ordinary."
- Harry Houdini
(Related: Money, People, Countries, Paris, Russia)

"I think that in a year I may retire. I cannot take my money with me when I die and I wish to enjoy it, with my family, while I live. I should prefer living in Germany to any other country, though I am an American, and am loyal to my country."
- Harry Houdini
(Related: Money, Family, American, Country, Germany, Living, May)