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"It was 1943. The U.S. had already entered World War II, so I decided to join the army."
- Lloyd Alexander
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"World War II, the atomic bomb, the Cold War, made it hard for Americans to continue their optimism."
- Stephen Ambrose
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"Winning the Revolutionary War, or the Civil War, or World War II were the turning points in our history, the sine qua non of our forward progress."
- Stephen Ambrose
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"Outside the walls, among others, is the Soviet Empire. It is malevolent, destructive and expanding. It has swallowed up over half a dozen countries since World War II."
- Barbara Amiel
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"Mr. Reagan spent World War II, the global conflict fought and won by his generation, making training films in Hollywood."
- R. W. Apple, Jr.
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"My graduate study was interrupted, like that of many others, by World War II."
- Kenneth Joseph Arrow
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"John Dalton's records, carefully preserved for a century, were destroyed during the World War II bombing of Manchester. It is not only the living who are killed in war."
- Isaac Asimov
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"Dalton's records, carefully preserved for a century, were destroyed during the World War II bombing of Manchester. It is not only the living who are killed in war."
- Isaac Asimov
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"We learned in World War II that no single nation holds a monopoly on wisdom, morality or right to power, but that we must fight for the weak and promote democracy."
- Joe Baca
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"Pearl Harbor caused our Nation to wholeheartedly commit to winning World War II, changing the course of our Nation's history and the world's future."
- Joe Baca
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"By interviewing at least one veteran, you can preserve memories that otherwise might be lost. My uncle was a downed fighter pilot and P.O.W. in World War II, and I am looking forward to recording his story for inclusion in the project."
- Spencer Bachus
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"The question is: how bad do things have to get before you will do something about it? Where is your line in the sand? If you don't enforce the constitutional limitations on your government very soon, you are likely to find out what World War III will be like."
- Michael Badnarik
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"The First World War, and especially the latest one, largely swept away what was left in Europe of feudalism and of feudal landlords, especially in Poland, Hungary, and the South East generally."
- Emily Greene Balch
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"The horrors of the Second World War, the chilling winds of the Cold War and the crushing weight of the Iron Curtain are little more than fading memories. Ideals that once commanded great loyalty are now taken for granted."
- Jan Peter Balkenende
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"The generation which lived through the Second World War is disappearing. Post-war generations see Europe's great achievements - liberty, peace and prosperity - as a given."
- Jan Peter Balkenende
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"February 19, 1942, is the year in which Executive Order 9066 was signed, and this was the order that called for the exclusion and internment of all Japanese Americans living on the west coast during World War II."
- Xavier Becerra
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"During the Second World War, evacuated to non-Jewish households, I encountered Christianity at home and in school."
- Lionel Blue
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"After World War II society had to settle back for a moment before it picked up the 20th century."
- Stella Blum
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"Remember, we know the end of the story of World War II and the Cold War. But day by day, living in fear of the Nazis and then in fear of the Soviets, the outcome was by no means certain."
- Kit Bond
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"We learned the value of research in World War II."
- Amar Bose
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"Fantasy is toxic: the private cruelty and the world war both have their start in the heated brain."
- Elizabeth Bowen
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"The World War broke out with such elemental violence, and with such resort to all means for leading or misleading public opinion, that no time was available for reflection and consideration."
- Hjalmar Branting
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"As a result of the World War and of a peace whose imperfections and risks are no longer denied by anyone, are we not even further away from the great aspirations and hopes for peace and fraternity than we were one or two decades ago?"
- Hjalmar Branting
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"I had the first integrated Army band in World War II."
- Dave Brubeck
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"Personally I believe that the courses we followed for some years after World War II were enlightened, surprisingly imaginative and extremely effective."
- David Bruce
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"We've used up a lot of bullets. And we talk about stimulus. But the truth is, we're running a federal deficit that's 9 percent of GDP. That is stimulative as all get out. It's more stimulative than any policy we've followed since World War II."
- Warren Buffett
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"In the 20th century, the United States endured two world wars and other traumatic and expensive military conflicts; the Depression; a dozen or so recessions and financial panics; oil shocks; a flu epidemic; and the resignation of a disgraced president. Yet the Dow rose from 66 to 11,497."
- Warren Buffett
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"I get offered a lot of science fiction work and there is a new project in the pipeline called Master Race, set in World War II, but that's a little way off yet."
- Jeremy Bulloch
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"The war against terror is every bit as important as our fight against fascism in World War II. Or our struggle against the spread of Communism during the Cold War."
- Jim Bunning
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"But let there be no misunderstanding. The war against terror is every bit as important as our fight against fascism in World War II. Or our struggle against the spread of Communism during the Cold War."
- Jim Bunning
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"You know, the period of World War I and the Roaring Twenties were really just about the same as today. You worked, and you made a living if you could, and you tired to make the best of things. For an actor or a dancer, it was no different then than today. It was a struggle."
- James Cagney
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"Since the end of the Second World War, our population has more than doubled to 27 million people."
- Kim Campbell
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"It took us 50 months in Germany, post World War II to go from the end of the war to a national election."
- Frank Carlucci
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"My mother learned that she was carrying me at about the same time the Second World War was declared; with the family talent for magic realism, she once told me she had been to the doctor's on the very day."
- Angela Carter
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"My entire life has really revolved around music that was written about the time that I was born, 1908, to just before the First World War and shortly after it. This music I've always known, and it is that music that's most important to me."
- Elliott Carter
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"We were thus led to organize ourselves, as men who had fought the war together, in order to support those statesmen who had truly understood the lessons of that World War, thus attempting to prevent its recurrence."
- Rene Cassin
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"As a privileged survivor of the First World War, I hope I may be allowed to interject here a deeply felt tribute to those who were not fortunate enough to succeed, but who shared the signal honor of trying to the last to salvage peace."
- Rene Cassin
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"As soon as I read that, it clicked: that's my theater of war. It was exciting to think that I could write about World War Two from a totally new place."
- Michael Chabon
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"The chief fruit of the First World War was the Russian Revolution and the rise of Communism as a national power."
- Whittaker Chambers
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"World War II... did not happen to everyone, but it happened to most. There were people from Germany who were throwing bombs at us."
- Graham Chapman
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"The United Nations was founded in the aftermath of World War II, just as the world was beginning to learn the full horrors of history's worst genocide, the Holocaust that consumed 6 million Jews and 3 million others in Europe."
- Linda Chavez
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"Probably the most useful thing I can do as secretary of state is to assist the president in adapting and renewing the transnational institutions that were created after World War II."
- Warren Christopher
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"The greatest crime since World War II has been U.S. foreign policy."
- Ramsey Clark
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"The modern assault on the environment began about 50 years ago, during and immediately after World War II."
- Barry Commoner
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"What is needed now is a transformation of the major systems of production more profound than even the sweeping post-World War II changes in production technology."
- Barry Commoner
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"These doomsday warriors look no more like soldiers than the soldiers of the Second World War looked like conquistadors. The more expert they become the more they look like lab assistants in small colleges."
- Alistair Cooke
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"My father took me back home, back to Greenwich Village, and he thought by taking me out of the orphanage he'd be out of the World War too. But no way - they got him anyway. He went in the Navy and then I lived on the streets."
- Gregory Corso
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"The advent of electronically synthesized sound after World War II has unquestionably had enormous influence on music in general."
- George Crumb
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"I do believe that the genre reached its peak before the First World War."
- Robyn Davidson
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"I could never understand how we could put 120,000 Japanese behind a fence in World War II. I remember being bewildered about that."
- Phil Donahue
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"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
- Albert Einstein
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"On the eve of World War I, an estimated two million Armenians lived in the Ottoman Empire. Well over a million were deported and hundreds of thousands were simply killed."
- Eliot Engel
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"World War II was a decisive time in our history and June 6, 1944, marked the decisive moment of the war."
- Lane Evans
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"I had done a lot of reading, relative for a kid, about World War Two, and I thought about Chamberlain a lot."
- Douglas Feith
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"The notion of a neutral, mainstream national media gained dominance only in World War II and in its aftermath, when what turned out to be a temporary moderate consensus came to govern the country."
- Howard Fineman
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"My favorite period is World War II, and I'm in the middle of writing my fourth novel set in that era."
- Ken Follett
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"World War II is the greatest drama in human history, the biggest war ever and a true battle of good and evil. I imagine writers will continue to get stories from it, and readers will continue to love them, for many more years."
- Ken Follett
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"When I went back to visit my native Berlin after World War II, I noticed that the only thing I really remembered from my childhood Berlin days is the shoe store."
- Lukas Foss
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"In the World War nothing was more dreadful to witness than a chain of men starting with a battalion commander and ending with an army commander sitting in telephone boxes, improvised or actual, talking, talking, talking, in place of leading, leading, leading."
- J. F. C. Fuller
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"We have been terrorised by what happened in America and we express our condolences to the American people who suffered from this unexpected catastrophe and a new world war."
- Muammar al Gaddafi
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"Nine g's is good, if the pilot can stand it. We couldn't stand it. Not in the airplanes of World War II."
- Adolf Galland
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"Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilisation in World War Two. We have everything we need except political will, but political will is a renewable resource."
- Al Gore
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"In the Europe which was created by the Second World War, divided into two blocks, each in need of a revolution that would end the abuses and injustices of capitalism and the privileges of a bureaucratic caste, collective faith does not exist."
- Juan Goytisolo
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"What can I say about the First World War, a war in which I served as an infantryman, a war I hated at the start and to which I never warmed as it proceeded?"
- George Grosz
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"I'm sure it is, I'm not for any kind of war, we've been engaged in several wars since the second world war and we lost in Korea, we lost in Vietnam, they are political wars, they have nothing to do with any real threat, nor does this one."
- Larry Hagman
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"We tend to think about fascism in terms of the Second World War."
- Ian Hart
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"We owe our World War II veterans - and all our veterans - a debt we can never fully repay."
- Doc Hastings
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"The more the history of the World War and what led up to it is studied, the more clearly those tragic years become revealed as a vast collapse of civilization."
- Arthur Henderson
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"We had four years of world war which the peoples endured only because they were told that their sufferings would free humanity forever from the scourge of war."
- Arthur Henderson
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"The vast upheaval of the World War set in motion forces that will either destroy civilization or raise mankind to undreamed of heights of human welfare and prosperity."
- Arthur Henderson
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"Four years of world war, at a cost in human suffering which our minds are mercifully too limited to imagine, led to the very clear realization that international anarchy must be abandoned if civilization was to survive."
- Arthur Henderson
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"Circumstances cause us to act the way we do. We should always bear this in mind before judging the actions of others. I realized this from the start during World War II."
- Thor Heyerdahl
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"They came out over the highway and they stopped and that's when Barney got out, with the binoculars to try and identify the craft. I mean, he'd been in the military in World War Two, he's puzzled."
- Betty Hill
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"I wrote as a very angry young man, believing he was going to be killed in a world war."
- John Edward Christopher Hill
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"From the world wars of Europe to the jungles of the Far East, from the deserts of the Middle East to the African continent, and even here in our own hemisphere, our veterans have made the world a better place and America the great country we are today."
- John Hoeven
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"In Finland, we learned quite a lot from our own civil war. The wounds were visible when I was a boy, but my generation went into the Second World War and it united the Finnish nation, so I do not see any more wounds."
- Harri Holkeri
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"My own family and thousands of other Japanese Americans were interned during World War II. It took our nation over 40 years to apologize."
- Mike Honda
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"I feel connected to the Second World War because my father lost his father in that war. So, through my dad and the effect it had on him of losing his father young, I always felt connected to the war. It goes back years, but it still feels to me as if we're completely living in it."
- Tom Hooper
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"Under the ominous shadow which the second World War and its attendant circumstances have cast on the world, peace has become as essential to civilized existence as the air we breathe is to life itself."
- Cordell Hull
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"Today we know that World War II began not in 1939 or 1941 but in the 1920's and 1930's when those who should have known better persuaded themselves that they were not their brother's keeper."
- Hubert H. Humphrey
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"There is no consensus even today on the merits of Napoleon - and certainly no agreement on the rights and wrongs of the origins of the First World War."
- Douglas Hurd
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"The first two Prime Ministers whom I served, Ted Heath and Margaret Thatcher drew strikingly different lessons from the Second World War."
- Douglas Hurd
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"In World War II the hostility and the exasperation resulting from the statification of the economy and the strain of the war have been directed as much against the government as against private capital."
- C. L. R. James
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"After World War I the resentment of the working class against all that it had to suffer was directed more against Morgan, Wall Street and private capital than the government."
- C. L. R. James
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"The United States has made a massive effort since the end of the Second World War to secure the dominance of its films in foreign markets - an achievement generally pushed home politically, by writing clauses into various treaties and aid packages."
- Fredric Jameson
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"What have we achieved since the end of the Second World War? We have allowed petty, bourgeois regimes in which everything is average, mediocre."
- Tahar Ben Jelloun
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"Even during the rationing period, during World War II, we didn't have the anxiety that we'd starve, because we grew our own potatoes, you know? And our own hogs, and our own cows and stuff, you know."
- James Earl Jones
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"World War I broke out largely because of an arms race, and World War II because of the lack of an arms race."
- Herman Kahn
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"In the First World War, there was the sudden passion of nationalism, and the killing took place because of these emotions. But the Soviet case is different, because you had systematic murder, like the Holocaust."
- Ryszard Kapuscinski
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"Of course, I also attribute some of my hearing loss to being in the infantry in World War II. It's probably a combination of heredity and noise exposure."
- George Kennedy
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"We prefer world law in the age of self-determination to world war in the age of mass extermination."
- John F. Kennedy
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"The '54 World Cup was the first time the people got the recognition back after the second World War and felt like they are proud of something you know it brought people back together and you know now we can keep our heads up again."
- Jurgen Klinsmann
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"After a Polish Pope, whose country was first to be invaded by the Germans in World War Two, we now have someone from the generation drafted at the close of the war."
- Horst Koehler
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"I was born in 1923 into a middle class Jewish family in Vienna, a few years after the end of World War I, which was disastrous from the Austrian point of view."
- Walter Kohn
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"However, while the Nazi barbarians and their collaborators threatened the entire world, I could not accept his philosophy and, after several earlier attempts, was finally accepted into the Canadian Infantry Corps during the last year of World War II."
- Walter Kohn
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"My father, who had lost a brother, fighting on the Austrian side in World War I, was a committed pacifist."
- Walter Kohn
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"I made a French film called "Merry Christmas" which is a very European film. It's a World War I piece."
- Diane Kruger
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"After two world wars, the collapse of fascism, nazism, communism and colonialism and the end of the cold war, humanity has entered a new phase of its history."
- Hans Kung
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"Following the Second World War, we are a country of one ethnicity. After the moving of the borders, after the tragedy of the Holocaust and the murder of Polish Jews, we don't have large minority groups."
- Aleksander Kwasniewski
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"Europe cannot survive another world war."
- Christian Lous Lange
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"In particular, the efforts to reestablish peace after the World War have been directed toward the formation of states and the regulation of their frontiers according to a consciously national program."
- Christian Lous Lange
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"What has happened to architecture since the second world war that the only passers-by who can contemplate it without pain are those equipped with a white stick and a dog?"
- Bernard Levin
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"I started studying what the nature of a monument is and what a monument should be. And for the World War III memorial I designed a futile, almost terrifying passage that ends nowhere."
- Maya Lin
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"I remember hearing the song when I was 12 or 14 in - it must have been in Chicago, 'cause we didn't have a radio on the farm, and it was during the second World War. I had three brothers in that war who went overseas."
- Abbey Lincoln
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"The primary, the fundamental, the essential purpose of the United Nations is to keep peace. Everything it does which helps prevent World War III is good. Everything which does not further that goal, either directly or indirectly, is at best superfluous."
- Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
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"Just after World War II, this country led the world in science by every way you could measure it, yet the number of scientists was a tiny proportion of what it is now."
- James Lovelock
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"The two World Wars came in part, like much modern literature and art, because men, whose nature is to tire of everything in turn... tired of common sense and civilization."
- F. L. Lucas
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"And in the Second World War, you didn't just read about it in the newspapers because you weren't allowed to read it in the newspapers. It was all censored, you know? So nobody knew what we were doing."
- Patrick Macnee
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"Well, you know, I was through the whole of the Second World War and saw all my friends killed."
- Patrick Macnee
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"Even I had no opportunity to conduct very many concerts after World War II."
- Kurt Masur
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"With the Truman book, I wrote the entire account of his experiences in World War I before going over to Europe to follow his tracks in the war. When I got there, there was a certain satisfaction in finding I had it right - it does look like that."
- David McCullough
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"We've suffered a war, and one thing we know: Whenever our nation's faced war, whether it was in the 1980s when we were winning the Cold War or in the 1940s during World War II, the responsible thing to do has been to borrow money to win the war."
- Ken Mehlman
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"Running for President is physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually the most demanding single undertaking I can envisage unless it's World War III."
- Walter F. Mondale
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"When I was born in 1942, World War II was still going. And I began to realize when I became a young adult that if we don't teach our kids a better way of relating to their fellow human beings, the very future of humanity on the planet is in jeopardy."
- Graham Nash
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"The battle for the mind of Ronald Reagan was like the trench warfare of World War I: never have so many fought so hard for such barren terrain."
- Peggy Noonan
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"If the world is disarmed, and remains disarmed, there will be no more world wars."
- George William Norris
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"I was opposed to World War II, and indeed on June 22, 1941 when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union I suddenly found myself the lone supporter of peace since everybody else had, because of their communist beliefs, shifted over to become supporters of the war."
- Douglass North
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"My brother and sister are both older than I am and were born before my father went off to World War I."
- Douglass North
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"In World War II, the book you have in front of you, it was said and it is probably true, that there was not a single American who did not know the name of somebody serving in uniform."
- Oliver North
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"And of course there is so much of World War II that is documented that we never have seen."
- Oliver North
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"And so, the youngsters you have today, even though there are far fewer of them - in World War II 16.5 million men and women in uniform, today roughly a million in uniform in spite of the fact that the country is almost twice as large a population as we had in World War II."
- Oliver North
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"When I was at Stratford, the very first thing that I was commissioned to work on was trying to make a musical out of the documentary material about the General Strike, which was the next big historical event in England, after the First World War."
- Trevor Nunn
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"In World War II in Germany, we had a ration for one U.S. soldier, or one allied soldier for every twenty inhabitants. The ratio in Iraq is about one for a hundred and sixty."
- William Odom
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"After the end of the Second World War it was a categorical imperative for us to declare that we renounced war forever in a central article of the new Constitution."
- Kenzaburo Oe
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"I grew up between the two world wars and received a rather solid general education, the kind middle class children enjoyed in a country whose educational system had its roots dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy."
- George Andrew Olah
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"After the First World War the economic problem was no longer one of production. It was the problem of finding markets to get the output of industry and agriculture dispersed and consumed."
- John Boyd Orr
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"As a soldier, I survived World War I when most of my comrades did not."
- Lester B. Pearson
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"The Second World War claimed tens of millions of victims."
- Jean-Marie Le Pen
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"When you write a two thousand page history of the Second World War, the deportations and the concentration camps will take up five pages, and the gas chambers perhaps 20 lines."
- Jean-Marie Le Pen
(Related: History, War, Will, World, World war)

"If you take a book of a thousand pages on the Second World War, in which 50 million people died, the concentration camps occupy two pages and the gas chambers ten or 15 lines, and that's what one calls a detail."
- Jean-Marie Le Pen
(Related: War, People, Detail, World, World war)

"We've built the largest empire in the history of the world. It's been done over the last 50 years since World War II with very little military might, actually. It's only in rare instances like Iraq where the military comes in as a last resort."
- John Perkins
(Related: History, War, Iraq, Military, World, World war, Years)

"I was brought up in the War. I was an adolescent in the Second World War. And I did witness in London a great deal of the Blitz."
- Harold Pinter
(Related: War, London, World, World war)

"But through world wars and a Great Depression, through painful social upheaval and a Cold War, and now through the attacks of September 11, 2001, our Nation has indeed survived."
- Nick Rahall
(Related: War, Depression, Nation, Now, World)

"We need only look to our Navajo Code Talkers during World War II to see the value that Native languages bring not only to their culture, but to the security of all Americans."
- Rick Renzi
(Related: War, Americans, Culture, Security, Value, World, World war)

"She doesn't understand the concept of Roman numerals. She thought we just fought in world war eleven."
- Joan Rivers
(Related: War, Thought, World, World war)

"Yes, peace can and must be won, to save the world from the terrible destruction of World War III."
- Paul Robeson
(Related: Peace, War, Destruction, World, World war)

"As the Pentagon makes plans for the largest troop rotation since World War II, I will work with the Armed Services Committee to help make this proposal a reality."
- Mike Rogers
(Related: War, Work, Committee, Help, Reality, Will, World, World war)

"There is no direct evidence that nuclear weapons prevented a world war. Conversely, it is known that they nearly caused one."
- Joseph Rotblat
(Related: War, Weapons, World, World war)

"This is the reality of nuclear weapons: they may trigger a world war; a war which, unlike previous ones, destroys all of civilization."
- Joseph Rotblat
(Related: War, Civilization, May, Reality, World, World war)

"The great leaders of the second world war alliance, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, understood the twin sides of destruction and salvation. Their war aims were not only to defeat fascism, but to create a world of shared prosperity."
- Jeffrey Sachs
(Related: War, Alliance, Defeat, Destruction, Fascism, Leaders, Prosperity, Salvation, World, World war)

"Subsequently, the Japanese people experienced a variety of vicissitudes and were involved in international disputes, eventually, for the first time in their history, experiencing the horrors of modern warfare on their own soil during World War II."
- Eisaku Sato
(Related: Time, War, History, People, First, Variety, World, World war)

"All through the years since World War II, the Japanese people have, I am convinced, made strenuous efforts to preserve and promote world peace, contributing to the progress and prosperity of mankind."
- Eisaku Sato
(Related: War, Peace, People, Progress, Mankind, Prosperity, World, World war, Years)

"The international order established at the end of World War II could certainly have been worse. However, this order did contain certain factors which bore within them the seeds of instability."
- Eisaku Sato
(Related: War, End, Order, World, World war)

"I could not have the honour of being a German soldier because of my imprisonment in the First World War. And in this world war the Fuehrer refuses to allow me to serve as a soldier."
- Fritz Sauckel
(Related: War, Being, First, Imprisonment, World, World war)

"In fact, the converse is true: At a time when the United States has been called on for a level of moral leadership, vision and inspiration not seen since World War II, we cannot afford to dissemble about crimes against humanity."
- Adam Schiff
(Related: Time, War, Leadership, Inspiration, Vision, Fact, Humanity, states, United, World, World war)

"There must be people who remember World War II and the Holocaust who can help us get out of this rut."
- Martin Scorsese
(Related: War, People, Help, World, World war)

"I was brought in touch with developing post World War I ideas in Europe."
- Frank Scott
(Related: War, Ideas, Europe, Post, World, World war)

"After World War II great strides were made in modern Japanese architecture, not only in advanced technology, allowing earthquake resistant tall buildings, but expressing and infusing characteristics of traditional Japanese architecture in modern buildings."
- Harry Seidler
(Related: Architecture, War, Technology, World, World war)

"What we know from World War I is that some of our troops had acute symptoms of exposure to chemicals, had bad health and died because of chemical exposure in World War I."
- Christopher Shays
(Related: Health, War, Troops, World, World war)

"World War II had been such a tremendous success story for this country that the political and military leadership began to assume that they would prevail simply because of who they were. We were like the British at the turn of the 19th century."
- Neil Sheehan
(Related: Leadership, Success, War, Country, Military, World, World war)

"Americans, particularly after World War II, tended to romanticize war because in World War II our cause was the cause of humanity, and our soldiers brought home glory and victory, and thank God that they did. But it led us to romanticize it to some extent."
- Neil Sheehan
(Related: Home, War, God, Victory, Americans, Cause, Glory, Humanity, Soldiers, World, World war)

"I had seen the films out of World War II, the great 82nd Airborne, the 101st, and all of those of you in the greatest generation and the service that you had provided."
- Hugh Shelton
(Related: War, Service, World, World war)

"They said it was against the rules to take sides on a controversial issue. I said, 'I wish you had told me that during World War II, when I took sides against Hitler.'"
- Howard K. Smith
(Related: War, Rules, World, World war)

"During the first six years of my life, Hungary was one of the most important components of the Habsburg dynasty's vast Austro-Hungarian Empire, but after World War I it became an independent national entity."
- Georg Solti
(Related: War, Life, First, World, World war, Years)

"I think the reaction to a World War II situation would be the same today as it was in 1942. Initially, people would question, but once patriotism got stirred up, the whole thing would gather momentum and we'd all pull together."
- Parker Stevenson
(Related: Patriotism, War, People, Question, Today, World, World war)

"It was the same in World War I, when Woodrow Wilson, also a tool of the Jews, maneuvered it into the war."
- Julius Streicher
(Related: War, World, World war)

"As a result of the World War, this old Germany collapsed. It collapsed in its constitution, in its social order, in its economic structure. Its thinking and feeling changed."
- Gustav Stresemann
(Related: War, Constitution, Feeling, Germany, Old, Order, Result, Thinking, World, World war)

"I was born in the Second World War during the Nazi invasion of my country."
- Antonio Tabucchi
(Related: War, Country, World, World war)

"I vividly remember the stories my grandfather told me about the carnage of the First World War, which people tend to forget was one of the worst massacres in human history."
- Antonio Tabucchi
(Related: History, War, People, First, Forget, World, World war)

"Fifty years after half a million gypsies were exterminated in the Second World War - thousands of them in Auschwitz - we're again preparing the mass killing of this minority."
- Antonio Tabucchi
(Related: War, Killing, Minority, World, World war, Years)

"Lenin was the first to discover that capitalism 'inevitably' caused war; and he discovered this only when the First World War was already being fought. Of course he was right. Since every great state was capitalist in 1914."
- A. J. P. Taylor
(Related: War, Being, Capitalism, First, Right, State, World, World war)

"How vivid is the suffering of the few when the people are few and how the suffering of nameless millions in two world wars is blurred over by numbers."
- Edwin Way Teale
(Related: People, Numbers, Suffering, World)

"All the other books ask, 'What's it like?' What was World War II like for the young kid at Normandy, or what is work like for a woman having a job for the first time in her life? What's it like to be black or white?"
- Studs Terkel
(Related: Time, War, Work, Life, Books, First, Job, Woman, World, World war)

"In the months leading up to World War II, there was a tendency among many Americans to talk absently about the trouble in Europe. Nothing that happened an ocean away seemed very threatening."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: War, Americans, Europe, Leading, Months, Nothing, Ocean, Talk, Trouble, World, World war)

"No one is immune from the larger events of his or her time - the Depression, World War II, civil rights, Vietnam, the spring of 1989 in China. These events intrude upon our lives and radically affect our directions."
- Paul Tsongas
(Related: Time, War, Civil rights, Depression, Events, Spring, Vietnam, World, World war)

"We've committed many war crimes in Vietnam - but I'll tell you something interesting about that. We were committing war crimes in World War II, before the Nuremberg trials were held and the principle of war crimes was stated."
- George Wald
(Related: War, Trials, Vietnam, World, World war)

"In the Second World War, they're talking about the Japanese traitors and putting them into concentration camps. But companies like DuPont had factories in Germany turning out stuff for the German Army."
- Rob Walton
(Related: War, Army, Germany, Talking, World, World war)

"I wonder how many people would have thought at the end of World War II that the capitalist system would be one that was meeting the challenges and making things better for people as we approach the 21st century."
- Sanford I. Weill
(Related: War, Thought, People, End, Meeting, Wonder, World, World war)

"My wife was my greatest asset. I didn't marry her until after World War II, but she has complemented me in every job I've ever had."
- William Westmoreland
(Related: War, Wife, Job, World, World war)

"World War II was the last government program that really worked."
- George Will
(Related: Government, War, World, World war)

"We experienced similiar fears in the 1880s, at the end of World War I and II. And we ran out in the 1970s."
- Daniel Yergin
(Related: War, End, World, World war)

"Well, I've been reading a lot about the fifty years since the Second World War, about Western foreign policy and all that. I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes I just think that there's no hope."
- Thom Yorke
(Related: War, Policy, Hope, Foreign policy, Reading, World, World war, Years)

"I am not saying that Hitler was a choir boy. But I am saying, let him who was innocent in the Second World War cast the first stone."
- Ernst Zundel
(Related: War, First, Saying, World, World war)

"I am not saying that during the Second World War Germany did not, under the leadership of the National Socialist government, commit crimes."
- Ernst Zundel
(Related: Leadership, War, Government, Germany, Saying, World, World war)

"For an event that was wholly created in the poisonous psychological warfare kitchens of the Second World War, run by the ministries of propaganda in many countries, not just by the British or the Americans, but also the Russians and undoubtedly the world Jewish organizations."
- Ernst Zundel
(Related: War, Americans, Countries, Propaganda, World, World war)