Quotes and Sayings about Passion



"The part of me which wanders through my mind and never sees or feels actual objects, but which lives in and moves through my passions and my emotions, experiences this world as a horrible nightmare."
- Jack Henry Abbott
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"Patience is passion tamed."
- Lyman Abbott
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"You can fake your age or mask it, but the passion that moves the characters has to be real."
- Victoria Abril
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"Young men have a passion for regarding their elders as senile."
- Henry B. Adams
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"I want to feel passion, I want to feel pain. I want to weep at the sound of your name. Come make me laugh, come make me cry... just make me feel alive."
- Joey Lauren Adams
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"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."
- John Adams
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"Admiration is a very short-lived passion, that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object."
- Joseph Addison
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"Passion surprises. One doesn't search it. It can happen to you tomorrow."
- Isabelle Adjani
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"Passion is all but soft, it's not tender, it's violence to which you get hooked by pleasure."
- Isabelle Adjani
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"If I had not passed through trial - through passion, one could say - through these years so painful and so rich, I don't believe I could take on my life and my career as I do today."
- Isabelle Adjani
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"People get passionate about a song. It's been my experience if you put out radio candy, something commercial, it doesn't sell records."
- Trace Adkins
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"The passionate controversies of one era are viewed as sterile preoccupations by another, for knowledge alters what we seek as well as what we find."
- Freda Adler
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"Unions in wedlock are perverted by the victory of shameless passion that masters the female among men and beasts."
- Aeschylus
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"It is with our passions as it is with fire and water, they are good servants, but bad masters."
- Aesop
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"But my biggest passion is football."
- Greg Akcelrod
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"This was Shakespeare's form; who walked in every path of human life, felt every passion; and to all mankind doth now, will ever, that experience yield which his own genius only could acquire."
- Mark Akenside
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"Indulge not thyself in the passion of anger; it is whetting a sword to wound thine own breast, or murder thy friend."
- Akhenaton
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"Find people who think like you and stick with them. Make only music you are passionate about. Work only with people you like and trust. Don't sign anything."
- Steve Albini
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"Pursuing your passion is fulfilling and leads to financial freedom."
- Robert G. Allen
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"However, I was a restaurant critic at Chicago magazine before I worked at Esquire, and I've been a really enthusiastic home cook for a long time. It's just something I'm passionate about."
- Ted Allen
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"Heart is what drives us and determines our fate. That is what I need for my characters in my books: a passionate heart. I need mavericks, dissidents, adventurers, outsiders and rebels, who ask questions, bend the rules and take risks."
- Isabel Allende
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"I sort of feel sorry for the next man who gets me. I may just kill him with passion. He'd better be strong and have a good heart!"
- Kirstie Alley
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"I think that the consciousness of passion makes you act very differently."
- Pedro Almodovar
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"I am very proud of what we have built in Spain, because it is not a traditional Formula 1 country. I think we have found passionate fans, and built up a strong culture for the sport - and things are improving every day, with more and more people getting interested."
- Fernando Alonso
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"Indeed in the full flush of journalistic passion and conviction I once told an interviewer that of course I would never get married. And I most definitely would never have children."
- Christiane Amanpour
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"I was planning, I told everybody, to take him on the road with me. At the very least I fully expected to keep up my hectic pace, and my passion as a war correspondent."
- Christiane Amanpour
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"Even before Watergate and his resignation, Nixon had inspired conflicting and passionate emotions."
- Stephen Ambrose
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"Sacrifice, which is the passion of great souls, has never been the law of societies."
- Henri Frederic Amiel
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"Without passion man is a mere latent force and possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark."
- Henri Frederic Amiel
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"The mission of the playwright is to look in his heart and write, to write whatever concerns him at the moment; to write with passion and conviction. Of course the measure of the man will be the measure of the play."
- Robert Anderson
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"Collecting is my passion."
- Ursula Andress
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"Do it no matter what. If you believe in it, it is something very honorable. If somebody around you or your family does not understand it, then that's their problem. But if you do have a passion, an honest passion, just do it."
- Mario Andretti
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"I believe we are still so innocent. The species are still so innocent that a person who is apt to be murdered believes that the murderer, just before he puts the final wrench on his throat, will have enough compassion to give him one sweet cup of water."
- Maya Angelou
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"As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion."
- Antisthenes
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"Perfection of moral virtue does not wholly take away the passions, but regulates them."
- Thomas Aquinas
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"Temperance is simply a disposition of the mind which binds the passion."
- Thomas Aquinas
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"I'm passionate again about writing. This is important to me; it's got to be the comeback book."
- Jeffrey Archer
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"The law is reason, free from passion."
- Aristotle
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"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire."
- Aristotle
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"Our passion is our strength."
- Billie Joe Armstrong
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"Compassion is not a popular virtue."
- Karen Armstrong
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"Although I enjoyed writing Film Music it was always a means to an end, in that it enabled me to keep a wife and family and write my classical music, which has always been my passion."
- Malcolm Arnold
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"I try to live my life where I end up at a point where I have no regrets. So I try to choose the road that I have the most passion on because then you can never really blame yourself for making the wrong choices. You can always say you're following your passion."
- Darren Aronofsky
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"I'd like to do a lot of different stuff. I think it's important as a creative person to keep challenging yourself and keep doing new stuff. If you end up trying to repeat yourself it's death. It just becomes boring and takes the passion out of it. You gotta find stories and characters that you really want to hang out with."
- Darren Aronofsky
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"PETA has a proven track record of success. Each victory PETA wins for the animals is a stepping stone upon which we build a more compassionate world for all beings - and we will never give up our fight until all animals are treated with respect and kindness."
- Bea Arthur
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"Keep fighting for animals by making compassionate, cruelty-free choices every day and encouraging those around you to do the same."
- Bea Arthur
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"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."
- Francis of Assisi
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"The design of Rhetoric is to remove those Prejudices that lie in the way of Truth, to Reduce the Passions to the Government of Reasons; to place our Subject in a Right Light, and excite our Hearers to a due consideration of it."
- Mary Astell
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"Hitherto I have courted Truth with a kind of Romantick Passion, in spite of all Difficulties and Discouragements: for knowledge is thought so unnecessary an Accomplishment for a Woman, that few will give themselves the Trouble to assist us in the Attainment of it."
- Mary Astell
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"I'm a passionate trade unionist."
- Richard Attenborough
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"I am passionately opposed to capital punishment, and I have been all my life."
- Richard Attenborough
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"At my age the only problem is with remembering names. When I call everyone darling, it has damn all to do with passionately adoring them, but I know I'm safe calling them that. Although, of course, I adore them too."
- Richard Attenborough
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"There are two types of people in the world: people who are passionate about things, and people who've had their passion punched, beaten, or whatever out of them."
- Kevyn Aucoin
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"I'm very passionate about what I do."
- Kevyn Aucoin
"A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language."
- W. H. Auden
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"Like everything which is not the involuntary result of fleeting emotion but the creation of time and will, any marriage, happy or unhappy, is infinitely more interesting than any romance, however passionate."
- W. H. Auden
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"Passion is the evil in adultery. If a man has no opportunity of living with another man's wife, but if it is obvious for some reason that he would like to do so, and would do so if he could, he is no less guilty than if he was caught in the act."
- Saint Augustine
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"It's not getting any better, is it? I don't want my 19-year-old boy going into the army. I love these little kids. They understand how passionate I am."
- Burt Bacharach
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"Immigration in America is a highly polarized issue and there are passionate views on both sides."
- Spencer Bachus
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"I just feel passionately about a few things and particularly about helping artists get off the ground."
- Jane Badler
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"I miss animation very passionately. Not continuously, but every once in a while I would die to do another film."
- Ralph Bakshi
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"To my utter despair I have discovered, and discover every day anew, that there is in the masses no revolutionary idea or hope or passion."
- Mikhail Bakunin
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"The passion for destruction is also a creative passion."
- Mikhail Bakunin
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"The Passion narratives are the first pieces of the Gospels that were composed as a unity."
- Hans Urs von Balthasar
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"The fact is that love is of two kinds, one which commands, and one which obeys. The two are quite distinct, and the passion to which the one gives rise is not the passion of the other."
- Honore de Balzac
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"The duration of passion is proportionate with the original resistance of the woman."
- Honore de Balzac
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"Passion is universal humanity. Without it religion, history, romance and art would be useless."
- Honore de Balzac
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"For passion, be it observed, brings insight with it; it can give a sort of intelligence to simpletons, fools, and idiots, especially during youth."
- Honore De Balzac
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"All humanity is passion; without passion, religion, history, novels, art would be ineffectual."
- Honore de Balzac
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"Ideas devour the ages as men are devoured by their passions. When man is cured, human nature will cure itself perhaps."
- Honore de Balzac
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"Work? I never worked a day in my life. I always loved what I was doing, had a passion for it."
- Ernie Banks
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"It may take practice to think more positively and more compassionately, but just as you must train a puppy to behave the way you want it to, you must train your mind to behave itself. Otherwise, like the puppy, your mind will just make a lot of messes."
- Tom Barrett
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"Strength instead of being the lusty child of passion, grows by grappling with and subduing them."
- James M. Barrie
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"Kissing - and I mean like, yummy, smacking kissing - is the most delicious, most beautiful and passionate thing that two people can do, bar none. Better than sex, hands down."
- Drew Barrymore
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"What the public wants is the image of passion, not passion itself."
- Roland Barthes
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"We are people with all the hopes, dreams, passions, and faults of everyone else. Eighty percent of us are born into families with no history of dwarfism."
- Billy Barty
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"Only as you do know yourself can your brain serve you as a sharp and efficient tool. Know your own failings, passions, and prejudices so you can separate them from what you see."
- Bernard Baruch
"We are a Nation of peace and compassion, yet these people have and will devote every fiber of their beings to the destruction of Americans and our Country."
- Charles Foster Bass
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"The passion of the Italian or the Italian-American population is endless for food and lore and everything about it."
- Mario Batali
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"A frenzied passion for art is a canker that devours everything else."
- Charles Baudelaire
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"I'm proud of Lord of the Rings. I think it's a once in a lifetime role, and a once in a lifetime film. It was made with so much care and passion and meticulous detail and everybody was so behind it."
- Sean Bean
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"I'd been trying for a while to get parts that weren't just the English bad guy, so it was quite refreshing to be playing someone who was a compassionate, decent guy."
- Sean Bean
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"One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion."
- Simone de Beauvoir
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"It's great when you have people who will speak passionately and honestly about what they are doing."
- Samantha Bee
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"Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation."
- Henry Ward Beecher
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"I'm a geek who loves fashion. There's been a reinvention of the word geek. It means being passionate about anything that's under the radar or sort of frowned upon, like Comic-Con."
- Kristen Bell
(Related: Being, Fashion, Word)

"I'm a geek who loves fashion. There's been a reinvention of the word geek. It means being passionate about anything that's under the radar or sort of frowned upon, like Comic-Con."
- Kristen Bell
(Related: Being, Fashion, Word)

"I write from my imagination, not from what I've read in books or seen on TV or to make money. I wrote from an idea I was passionate about."
- Dirk Benedict
(Related: Imagination, Money, Idea, Books)

"Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector's passion borders on the chaos of memories."
- Walter Benjamin
(Related: Chaos, Memories, Passion)

"A kind and compassionate act is often its own reward."
- William Bennett
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"Compassion has no place in the natural order of the world which operates on the basis of necessity. Compassion opposes this order and is therefore best thought of as being in some way supernatural."
- John Berger
(Related: Thought, Being, Compassion, Necessity, Order, Supernatural, World)

"That neither our thoughts, nor passions, nor ideas formed by the imagination, exist without the mind, is what every body will allow."
- George Berkeley
(Related: Imagination, Ideas, Thoughts, Body, Mind, Will)

"He who is incapable of feeling strong passions, of being shaken by anger, of living in every sense of the word, will never be a good actor."
- Sarah Bernhardt
(Related: Anger, Actor, Being, Feeling, Living, Sense, Will, Word)

"Liberty is a great celestial Goddess, strong, beneficent, and austere, and she can never descend upon a nation by the shouting of crowds, nor by arguments of unbridled passion, nor by the hatred of class against class."
- Annie Besant
(Related: Arguments, Class, Crowds, Hatred, Liberty, Nation, Passion)

"Curiosity, n. An objectionable quality of the female mind. The desire to know whether or not a woman is cursed with curiosity is one of the most active and insatiable passions of the masculine soul."
- Ambrose Bierce
(Related: Quality, Soul, Curiosity, Desire, Mind, Woman)

"I know for certain of only one commandment, one obligation, that God imposes upon us, and that is to be compassionate toward other human beings."
- Theodore Bikel
(Related: God, Obligation)

"I am a universalist, passionately devoted to the cause of equality within the human family."
- Theodore Bikel
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"I did help to set up an undergraduate course in medicinal chemistry and made progress in modelling and analysing pharmacological activity at the tissue level, my new passion."
- James W. Black
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"But the wicked passions of men's hearts alone seem strong enough to leave pictures that persist; the good are ever too luke-warm."
- Algernon H. Blackwood
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"My reading is always about musical biographies. I have an innate interest and passion for that."
- Nina Blackwood
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"We aim to express the passion of our members in something actionable that we can all in fact do."
- Joan Blades
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"Even though mother's issues are not front page news, they touch us all personally, some more than others, and I believe passionately in the power of grassroots engagement."
- Joan Blades
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"Moveon is not a one-way broadcast media. The Internet, when used best, is a two-way media. We have a forum in which people can post comments and those comments can be rated. We get a sense of what people feel most passionately about."
- Joan Blades
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"I am a passionate believer that Britain has benefited the whole world and that our heritage, our culture, our values and more importantly our people who created those things, are worth fighting for."
- Steve Blake
(Related: People, Values, Culture, Fighting, World, Worth)

"Want of money and the distress of a thief can never be alleged as the cause of his thieving, for many honest people endure greater hardships with fortitude. We must therefore seek the cause elsewhere than in want of money, for that is the miser's passion, not the thief s."
- William Blake
(Related: Money, People, Cause, Miser, Passion, Thieving, Want)

"Passion and standing up for things can help create a sense of unity. But you still have to act a certain way."
- Arthur Blank
(Related: Act, Help, Passion, Sense, Unity)

"My commitment to Atlanta and passion for sports and competition make this acquisition a perfect fit for me."
- Arthur Blank
(Related: Sports, Commitment, Competition, Passion)

"Criticism starts - it has to start - with a real passion for reading. It can come in adolescence, even in your twenties, but you must fall in love with poems."
- Harold Bloom
(Related: Love, Adolescence, Criticism, Passion, Poems, Reading)

"Human it is to have compassion on the unhappy."
- Giovanni Boccaccio
(Related: Compassion)

"I began when I was a child, because I was born and grew up in a little village. And many people ride the horses. So, it was a big - it has been a big passion for me."
- Andrea Bocelli
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"The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion."
- Bodhidharma
(Related: Anger, Delusion, Greed, Infinite, Mind)

"One guy that I wish was here right now, Ted Williams, helped me so much, our long talks, not about hitting but about fishing, one of Ted's passions, and I wish he was here today to share this with me because I owe so much to Ted Williams."
- Wade Boggs
(Related: Fishing, Now, Right, Today)

"It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding."
- Erma Bombeck
(Related: Mother, Compassion, Judgment, Understanding)

"Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them."
- Napoleon Bonaparte
(Related: Character, Ambition, May, Passion, Principles)

"The war in Iraq has as much to do with terrorism as the administration has to do with compassion."
- Julian Bond
(Related: War, Compassion, Iraq, Terrorism)

"Touch'd either the Passions of Rage or Grief to a Miracle."
- Barton Booth
(Related: Grief)

"I passionately believe that's it's not just what you say that counts, it's also how you say it - that the success of your argument critically depends on your manner of presenting it."
- Alain de Botton
(Related: Success, Argument)

"The essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, passion."
- Nadia Boulanger
(Related: Love, Choice, Passion)

"It is hard to know how many people do, but given that the people are so docile towards the rulers, nowadays, very few Americans show the passion for freedom that our forefathers had."
- James Bovard
(Related: People, Americans, Freedom, Passion)

"The passions are like fire, useful in a thousand ways and dangerous only in one, through their excess."
- Christian Nestell Bovee
(Related: Excess, Fire)

"It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives to it its sweetness; it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it."
- Christian Nestell Bovee
(Related: Kiss, Affection, Passion, Sweetness)

"We are minor in everything but our passions."
- Elizabeth Bowen
"I felt I really wanted to back off from music completely and just work within the visual arts in some way. I started painting quite passionately at that time."
- David Bowie
(Related: Music, Time, Work, Painting)

"More by example than by word, my father taught me logical reasoning, compassion, love of others, honesty, and discipline applied with understanding."
- Paul D. Boyer
(Related: Love, Father, Discipline, Honesty, Compassion, Example, Understanding, Word)

"I think he had a strange, passionate devotion to the truth and a horror at what he saw going on."
- Ben Bradlee
(Related: Truth, Devotion, Horror)

"Probably my mother. She was a very compassionate woman, and always kept me on my feet. And I think part of it is just the way you are, the way you're raised. And she had the responsibility for raising me."
- Ed Bradley
(Related: Mother, Feet, Responsibility, Woman)

"You can find more traditional Shakespeare than we do. But what we want to bring to these works is energy, passion, freshness."
- John Bradshaw
(Related: Energy, Passion, Shakespeare, Want)

"Ardent love or desire introduced, as passionately longing to please and glorify the Divine Being, to be in every respect conformed to him, and in that way to enjoy him."
- David Brainerd
(Related: Love, Being, Desire, Longing, Respect)

"A love for humanity came over me, and watered and fertilised the fields of my inner world which had been lying fallow, and this love of humanity vented itself in a vast compassion."
- Georg Brandes
(Related: Love, Compassion, Humanity, Lying, World)

"I find myself enjoying a deeper love than I ever imagined was possible in the form of my daughter and certainly in the union with my wife. It makes everything else, including work, which is one of the things I'm most passionate about, pale by comparison."
- Benjamin Bratt
(Related: Love, Work, Wife, Daughter)

"Maybe you are the "cool" generation If coolness means a capacity to stay calm and use your head in the service of ends passionately believed in, then it has my admiration."
- Kingman Brewster, Jr.
(Related: Admiration, Coolness, Service)

"This is the point being missed by readers who lament Liquor's lack of hot sex scenes, probably because they aren't old enough to understand that a passionate relationship could be about anything other than sex."
- Poppy Z. Brite
(Related: Sex, Being, Liquor, Old)

"A passion for politics stems usually from an insatiable need, either for power, or for friendship and adulation, or a combination of both."
- Fawn M. Brodie
(Related: Friendship, Politics, Power, Passion)

"I never wanted to dilute my private passion for the art by airing and arguing it in public."
- James Broughton
(Related: Art, Passion, Public)

"She was deeply passionate about the sacred feminine."
- Dan Brown
"The young women in my classes are feisty and clever and believe, often with the passion of youthful optimism, that feminism is a battle already won. I worry for them - and for my daughters, too."
- Louise Brown
(Related: Women, Optimism, Battle, Daughters, Feminism, Passion, Worry)

"Moral passion without entertainment is propaganda, and entertainment without moral passion is television."
- Rita Mae Brown
(Related: Entertainment, Passion, Propaganda, Television)

"Art is moral passion married to entertainment. Moral passion without entertainment is propaganda, and entertainment without moral passion is television."
- Rita Mae Brown
(Related: Art, Entertainment, Passion, Propaganda, Television)

"I became a lesbian because of women, because women are beautiful, strong, and compassionate."
- Rita Mae Brown
(Related: Women, Lesbian)

"As reason is a rebel to faith, so passion is a rebel to reason."
- Thomas Browne
(Related: Faith, Passion, Reason)

"Men live by intervals of reason under the sovereignty of humor and passion."
- Thomas Browne
(Related: Humor, Men, Passion, Reason)

"The passion of hatred is so long lived and so obstinate a malady that the surest sign of death in a sick person is their desire for reconciliation."
- Jean de la Bruyere
(Related: Death, Desire, Hatred, Passion)

"So, when the discussion about not using the term feminist came up at a conference workshop, I couldn't believe it. The more I listened, the more I felt the need to express my passion about my identity as a feminist."
- Betty Buckley
(Related: Identity, Passion)

"Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else's skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too."
- Frederick Buechner
(Related: Peace, Knowledge, Compassion, Feeling, Joy, Skin)

"In times such as these, people should recognize that evil knows no borders, knows no limits and knows no compassion. Those around the globe that value freedom must continue to persevere even in the darkest of times."
- Michael Burgess
(Related: People, Compassion, Evil, Freedom, Limits, Value)

"No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear."
- Edmund Burke
(Related: Fear, Acting, Mind, Passion)

"He had no failings which were not owing to a noble cause; to an ardent, generous, perhaps an immoderate passion for fame; a passion which is the instinct of all great souls."
- Edmund Burke
(Related: Cause, Fame, Instinct, Passion)

"Passion for fame: A passion which is the instinct of all great souls."
- Edmund Burke
(Related: Instinct, Passion)

"The person who grieves suffers his passion to grow upon him; he indulges it, he loves it; but this never happens in the case of actual pain, which no man ever willingly endured for any considerable time."
- Edmund Burke
(Related: Time, Man, Pain, Passion)

"There is a boundary to men's passions when they act from feelings; but none when they are under the influence of imagination."
- Edmund Burke
(Related: Imagination, Men, Feelings, Act, Influence)

"Our highly qualified teachers not only work hard, but they care about each and every student that enters their classroom. I thank you, Montana teachers, for your sense of duty and compassion to our precious future generation."
- Conrad Burns
(Related: Work, Care, Classroom, Compassion, Duty, Future, Montana, Sense, Teachers)

"I am passionately interested in understanding how my country works. And if you want to know about this thing called the United States of America you have to know about the Civil War."
- Ken Burns
(Related: War, America, Country, states, Understanding, United, Want)

"I do like to work with young directors because it's such a difficult business that I think after directors have been around a while sometimes, not always, but sometimes their passion gets siphoned off because they get hurt."
- Ellen Burstyn
(Related: Business, Work, Hurt, Passion)

"Travellers, like poets, are mostly an angry race: by falling into a daily fit of passion, I proved to the governor and his son, who were profuse in their attentions, that I was in earnest."
- Richard Francis Burton
(Related: Son, Passion, Poets)

"Today we affirm a new commitment to live out our nation's promise through civility, courage, compassion and character."
- George W. Bush
(Related: Character, Courage, Commitment, Compassion, Nation, Promise, Today)

"Brooke and I share some similarities. We're both passionate, fiercely loyal people. But she is far more outlandish than I'd ever be, particularly with her body and her sexuality. Brooke has made herself weak for men - she only gained self-confidence from their attention."
- Sophia Bush
(Related: Men, People, Attention, Body, Self, Sexuality)

"Sometimes you have to find the passion. It comes from the inside... Everyone has to find it for themselves."
- Candace Bushnell
(Related: Passion)

"Every man hath a general desire of his own happiness; and likewise a variety of particular affections, passions, and appetites to particular external objects."
- Joseph Butler
(Related: Happiness, Desire, Man, Variety)

"God Almighty is, to be sure, unmoved by passion or appetite, unchanged by affection; but then it is to be added that He neither sees nor hears nor perceives things by any senses like ours; but in a manner infinitely more perfect."
- Joseph Butler
(Related: God, Affection, Appetite, Passion, Senses)

"The final causes, then, of compassion are to prevent and to relieve misery."
- Joseph Butler
(Related: Causes, Compassion, Misery)

"The private interest of the individual would not be sufficiently provided for by reasonable and cool self-love alone; therefore the appetites and passions are placed within as a guard and further security, without which it would not be taken due care of."
- Joseph Butler
(Related: Care, Interest, Security, Self)

"Happiness or satisfaction consists only in the enjoyment of those objects which are by nature suited to our several particular appetites, passions, and affections."
- Joseph Butler
(Related: Happiness, Nature, Enjoyment, Satisfaction)

"However, without considering this connection, there is no doubt but that more good than evil, more delight than sorrow, arises from compassion itself; there being so many things which balance the sorrow of it."
- Joseph Butler
(Related: Balance, Being, Compassion, Connection, Delight, Doubt, Evil, Sorrow)

"Every one of our passions and affections hath its natural stint and bound, which may easily be exceeded; whereas our enjoyments can possibly be but in a determinate measure and degree."
- Joseph Butler
(Related: May, Measure)

"Both our senses and our passions are a supply to the imperfection of our nature; thus they show that we are such sort of creatures as to stand in need of those helps which higher orders of creatures do not."
- Joseph Butler
(Related: Nature, Imperfection, Senses)

"Compassion is a call, a demand of nature, to relieve the unhappy as hunger is a natural call for food."
- Joseph Butler
(Related: Food, Nature, Compassion, Hunger)

"Pain and sorrow and misery have a right to our assistance: compassion puts us in mind of the debt, and that we owe it to ourselves as well as to the distressed."
- Joseph Butler
(Related: Compassion, Debt, Mind, Misery, Pain, Right, Sorrow)

"There is no such thing as a life of passion any more than a continuous earthquake, or an eternal fever. Besides, who would ever shave themselves in such a state?"
- George Byron
(Related: Life, Passion, State)

"As long as I retain my feeling and my passion for Nature, I can partly soften or subdue my other passions and resist or endure those of others."
- Lord Byron
(Related: Nature, Feeling, Passion)

"The dew of compassion is a tear."
- Lord Byron
(Related: Compassion, Dew)

"Out of chaos God made a world, and out of high passions comes a people."
- Lord Byron
(Related: God, People, Chaos, World)

"Man's love is of man's life a part; it is a woman's whole existence. In her first passion, a woman loves her lover, in all the others all she loves is love."
- Lord Byron
(Related: Life, Love, Existence, First, Man, Passion, Woman)

"Man is born passionate of body, but with an innate though secret tendency to the love of Good in his main-spring of Mind. But God help us all! It is at present a sad jar of atoms."
- Lord Byron
(Related: Love, God, Atoms, Body, Help, Man, Mind, Present)

"Passion is very important to me. If you stop enjoying things, you've got to look at it, because it can lead to all kinds of depressing scenarios."
- Nicolas Cage
(Related: Passion)

"It's a family that's loaded with grudges and passion. We come from a long line of robbers and highwaymen in Italy, you know. Killers, even."
- Nicolas Cage
(Related: Family, Grudges, Italy, Passion)

"My motivation for running for Senate was not for the stature of being a senator, but because I wanted to make a difference on issues I feel passionate about."
- Herman Cain
(Related: Motivation, Being, Difference, Running, Senate)

"I'm interested in everthing but passionate about nothing."
- Jeanne Calment
(Related: Nothing)

"A taste for truth at any cost is a passion which spares nothing."
- Albert Camus
(Related: Truth, Nothing, Passion, Taste)

"How can sincerity be a condition of friendship? A taste for truth at any cost is a passion which spares nothing."
- Albert Camus
(Related: Friendship, Truth, Nothing, Passion, Sincerity, Taste)

"The real passion of the twentieth century is servitude."
- Albert Camus
(Related: Passion)

"If you have only one passion in life - football - and you pursue it to the exclusion of everything else, it becomes very dangerous. When you stop doing this activity it is as though you are dying. The death of that activity is a death in itself."
- Eric Cantona
(Related: Death, Life, Dying, Football, Passion)

"I think you do better when you are really up for it, cause passion goes up."
- Jim Capaldi
(Related: Cause, Passion)

"Relativism is not indifference; on the contrary, passionate indifference is necessary in order for you not to hear the voices that oppose your absolute decrees."
- Karel Capek
(Related: Indifference, Order)

"Compassion is a two way street."
- Frank Capra
(Related: Compassion)

"One I've been passionately committed to, of course, is women's ministry; I believe solidly in it as a Gospel issue and we've found our way through that."
- George Carey
(Related: Women)

"There is a passion for perfection which you will rarely see fully developed; but you may note this fact, that in successful lives it is never wholly lacking."
- Bliss Carman
(Related: Successful, Fact, May, Passion, Perfection, Will)

"It is, perhaps, better to be valued as an object of passion than never to be valued at all."
- Angela Carter
(Related: Passion)

"Where ambition can cover its enterprises, even to the person himself, under the appearance of principle, it is the most incurable and inflexible of passions."
- Angela Carter
(Related: Ambition, Appearance)

"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these."
- George Washington Carver
(Related: Life, Being, Will)

"I have always loved truth so passionately that I have often resorted to lying as a way of introducing it into the minds which were ignorant of its charms."
- Giacomo Casanova
(Related: Truth, Lying)

"Man is free; yet we must not suppose that he is at liberty to do everything he pleases, for he becomes a slave the moment he allows his actions to be ruled by passion."
- Giacomo Casanova
(Related: Actions, Liberty, Man, Passion)

"I continue to have a special pride and passion for AOL, and I strongly believe that AOL - once the leading Internet company in the world - can return to its past greatness."
- Steve Case
(Related: Greatness, Company, Internet, Leading, Passion, Past, Pride, World)

"It's stunning to me what kind of an impact even one person can have if they have the right passion, perspective and are able to align the interest of a great team."
- Steve Case
(Related: Interest, Passion, Perspective, Right)

"If you're doing something new you've got to have a vision. You've got to have a perspective. You've got to have some north star you're aiming for, and you just believe somehow you'll get there, which kind of gets to the passion point."
- Steve Case
(Related: Vision, Passion, Perspective)

"I was not an outstanding student. I did a reasonable amount of work. I got generally good - pretty good grades, but I was not that passionate about getting straight A's."
- Steve Case
(Related: Work, Pretty)

"I think the support of the other team at AOL and everybody's really shared passion and belief about this and - saying that some day everybody was going to be on line."
- Steve Case
(Related: Belief, Day, Passion, Saying, Support)

"I am convinced that this approach, a mainstream Democratic approach, commands the strong support of the American people, and presents a sharp and compassionate contrast to the Republican abortion position which offers no real hope or commitment to mother or child."
- Robert Casey
(Related: Mother, People, Hope, Abortion, American, Commitment, Contrast, Republican, Support)

"And as a child I was filled with passionate admiration for acts of civic courage I had seen performed by an elderly military doctor, who was a friend of my family."
- Rene Cassin
(Related: Family, Friend, Courage, Admiration, Elderly, Military)

"In less than eighteen months, it prepared a first draft which it submitted to the General Assembly and which, at the end of one hundred sessions of elevated, often impassioned discussion, was adopted in the form of thirty articles on December 10, 1948."
- Rene Cassin
(Related: December, Draft, End, First, Months)

"In the earliest days, this was a project I worked on with great passion because I wanted to solve the Defense Department's problem: it did not want proprietary networking and it didn't want to be confined to a single network technology."
- Vinton Cerf
(Related: Technology, Defense, Network, Passion, Project, Want)

"Do what you're passionate about."
- Lacey Chabert
"When a man and a woman have an overwhelming passion for each other, it seems to me, in spite of such obstacles dividing them as parents or husband, that they belong to each other in the name of Nature, and are lovers by Divine right, in spite of human convention or the laws."
- Nicolas de Chamfort
(Related: Nature, Husband, Laws, Lovers, Man, Name, Obstacles, Parents, Passion, Right, Woman)

"All passions exaggerate; and they are passions only because they do exaggerate."
- Nicolas de Chamfort
"We're also passionate about music and very critical about the music that we listen to."
- Will Champion
(Related: Music)

"Purity of speech, of the mind, of the senses, and of a compassionate heart are needed by one who desires to rise to the divine platform."
- Chanakya
(Related: Heart, Mind, Purity, Senses, Speech)

"Jump out the window if you are the object of passion. Flee it if you feel it. Passion goes, boredom remains."
- Coco Chanel
(Related: Boredom, Passion)

"For one heat, all know, doth drive out another, One passion doth expel another still."
- George Chapman
(Related: Passion)

"I believe passionately that everyone has a particular God-given ability."
- Prince Charles
(Related: God, Ability)

"The thirst for powerful sensations takes the upper hand both over fear and over compassion for the grief of others."
- Anton Chekhov
(Related: Fear, Compassion, Grief, Sensations)

"Well, it's still a bit uncertain, but I will do the consulting, and I'll see how I can contribute. But I'm sure whatever I do will involve the space program. That's where my passion is."
- Leroy Chiao
(Related: Consulting, Passion, Space, Will)

"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."
- Julia Child
"Happy is he who has laid up in his youth, and held fast in all fortune, a genuine and passionate love of reading."
- Rufus Choate
(Related: Love, Fortune, Reading, Youth)

"The generous abundance of her passion, without guile or trickery, was like a white flame which penetrated and found response in depths of his own sensuous nature that had never yet been reached."
- Kate Chopin
(Related: Nature, Abundance, Passion)

"He only employs his passion who can make no use of his reason."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
(Related: Passion, Reason)

"I've lost a little bit of my fire... I don't want to say I've lost my passion."
- Roger Clemens
(Related: Fire, Passion, Want)

"The resultant tales from life are stirring reader interest, survivor passions and unease among Britons."
- Francis X. Clines
(Related: Life, Interest)

"Probably my worst quality is that I get very passionate about what I think is right."
- Hillary Clinton
(Related: Quality, Right)

"Ismail Merchant was just the most seductive, passionate, outrageous, driven, genius of a man."
- Glenn Close
(Related: Genius, Man)

"What President Bush has done speaks more than words about his feeling of compassion and commitment to people."
- Thad Cochran
(Related: People, Commitment, Compassion, Feeling, President, Words)

"Hope arouses, as nothing else can arouse, a passion for the possible."
- William Sloane Coffin, Jr.
(Related: Hope, Nothing, Passion)

"In my experience, men are not necessarily less sensitive or compassionate than women are, and women are not necessarily any less aggressive or competitive than men are - as a matter of fact, often they are more so!"
- Andrew Cohen
(Related: Men, Women, Experience, Fact)

"And although I like to relax and have fun, my passion is my work."
- Benjamin Cohen
(Related: Work, Fun, Passion, Relax)

"Let judges secretly despair of justice: their verdicts will be more acute. Let generals secretly despair of triumph; killing will be defamed. Let priests secretly despair of faith: their compassion will be true."
- Leonard Cohen
(Related: Compassion, Despair, Judges, Killing, Will)

"The gift that has been given to me says much about our capacity for great compassion and generosity, and I hope it sends an inspiring message to others about the importance of organ donation."
- Steven Cojocaru
(Related: Hope, Compassion, Generosity, Importance, Inspiring)

"For me music is a vehicle to bring our pain to the surface, getting it back to that humble and tender spot where, with luck, it can lose its anger and become compassion again."
- Paula Cole
(Related: Anger, Music, Compassion, Luck, Pain)

"Sympathy constitutes friendship; but in love there is a sort of antipathy, or opposing passion. Each strives to be the other, and both together make up one whole."
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
(Related: Love, Sympathy, Friendship, Passion)

"All thoughts, all passions, all delights Whatever stirs this mortal frame All are but ministers of Love And feed His sacred flame."
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
(Related: Love, Thoughts)

"Whatever you have a passion for, then you must do. If you want to write, write about something you know about."
- Jackie Collins
(Related: Passion, Want)

"Few things are so deadly as a misguided sense of compassion."
- Charles Colson
(Related: Compassion, Sense)

"Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men."
- Confucius
(Related: Men, Wisdom, Courage, Compassion)

"Purity engenders Wisdom, Passion avarice, and Ignorance folly, infatuation and darkness."
- Cyril Connolly
(Related: Wisdom, Darkness, Folly, Ignorance, Infatuation, Passion, Purity)

"We must select the illusion which appeals to our temperament, and embrace it with passion, if we want to be happy."
- Cyril Connolly
(Related: Illusion, Passion, Temperament, Want)

"As in political so in literary action a man wins friends for himself mostly by the passion of his prejudices and the consistent narrowness of his outlook."
- Joseph Conrad
(Related: Action, Friends, Literary, Man, Passion)

"The literature of the inner life is very largely a record of struggle with the inordinate passions of the social self."
- Charles Horton Cooley
(Related: Life, Literature, Self, Struggle)

"Staid middle age loves the hurricane passions of opera."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Age, Middle age, Opera)

"The passion for money is never fickle."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Money, Passion)

"The passions are the same in every conflict, large or small."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Conflict)

"My passions have never jumped out of the fireplace and set fire to the carpet."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Fire)

"In bridge clubs and in councils of state, the passions are the same."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: State)

"Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment we rise above ourselves."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Compassion)

"One needs occasionally to stand aside from the hum and rush of human interests and passions to hear the voices of God."
- Anna Julia Cooper
(Related: God, Needs)

"Anything you build on a large scale or with intense passion invites chaos."
- Francis Ford Coppola
(Related: Chaos, Passion)

"The Browning love story? It is an ideal, all too rare, and yet I hardly think it strange. It would have been far stranger had the fates allowed those two brilliant passionate souls to beat themselves out in silence."
- Marie Corelli
(Related: Love, Silence)

"Nothing separates the generations more than music. By the time a child is eight or nine, he has developed a passion for his own music that is even stronger than his passions for procrastination and weird clothes."
- Bill Cosby
(Related: Music, Time, Clothes, Generations, Nothing, Passion, Procrastination)

"These are the sort of things that push you on in music - the curiosity, a passion for new ideas."
- Elvis Costello
(Related: Music, Ideas, Curiosity, Passion)

"I believe that music is connected by human passions and curiosities rather than by marketing strategies."
- Elvis Costello
(Related: Music, Marketing)

"Earth was not built for six billion people all running around and being passionate about things. The world was built for about two million people foraging for roots and grubs."
- Doug Coupland
(Related: People, Being, Earth, Running, World)

"The individual is capable of both great compassion and great indifference. He has it within his means to nourish the former and outgrow the latter."
- Norman Cousins
(Related: Compassion, Indifference)

"Skating everywhere is unpredictable, no amount of money or facilities is going to create a skating star. You have to have a skater who is dedicated, passionate, and willing to learn."
- Robin Cousins
(Related: Money)

"I have always hated celebrities lecturing people on politics. So forgive me. But I am passionate about this country. I am equally passionate about the potential of the people who live here."
- Simon Cowell
(Related: Politics, People, Country, Potential)

"Man may dismiss compassion from his heart, but God never will."
- William Cowper
(Related: God, Heart, Compassion, Man, May, Will)

"I never take on anything that is just for the money or just for, you know. I always have to connect with it in a very personal way because I believe the audience will sense whether I'm into it or not, so I don't take on projects that I'm not really passionate about."
- Deborah Cox
(Related: Money, Projects, Sense, Will)

"There's a passion about this because people take it very close to their hearts and they have grown up with James Bond - and so have I. But I was being criticized before I had presented anything, so it was name calling."
- Daniel Craig
(Related: People, Being, Name, Passion)

"I think one of the best words in the English language is compassion. I think it holds everything. It holds love, it holds care... and if everybody just did something. We all make a difference."
- Michael Crawford
(Related: Love, Care, Compassion, Difference, English, Language, Words)

"I look at the Samurai because they were the artists of their time. What I think struck me when I read Bushido is compassion. 'If there's no one there to help, go out and find someone to help.' That hit me, because I try to lead my life like that."
- Tom Cruise
(Related: Life, Time, Artists, Compassion, Help)

"I'm passionate about learning. I'm passionate about life."
- Tom Cruise
(Related: Life, Learning)

"The only burning passion I'm sure I have, is the passion for sex."
- Robert Crumb
(Related: Sex, Passion)

"Knowledge is not a passion from without the mind, but an active exertion of the inward strength, vigor and power of the mind, displaying itself from within."
- Ralph Cudworth
(Related: Power, Knowledge, Strength, Mind, Passion)

"The worst thing is to get involved with people who aren't passionate about what they're doing."
- Willem Dafoe
(Related: People)

"You shouldn't even be writing this story if you haven't heard me play live. You can't write with the passion you receive until you see a Dick Dale concert."
- Dick Dale
(Related: Passion, Play, Writing)

"I didn't see my character, Core, as a cannibal but as somebody who is extremely passionate and who doesn't have any conscience. She takes her passion to its complete extreme."
- Beatrice Dalle
(Related: Character, Conscience, Extreme, Passion)

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."
- Anthony J. D'Angelo
(Related: Learning, Passion, Will)

"Never let your persistence and passion turn into stubbornness and ignorance."
- Anthony J. D'Angelo
(Related: Ignorance, Passion, Persistence)

"Mostly, I spend my time being a mother to my two children, working in my organic garden, raising masses of sweet peas, being passionately involved in conservation, recycling and solar energy."
- Blythe Danner
(Related: Time, Mother, Being, Children, Conservation, Energy, Garden, Recycling)

"Now here I am playing a passionate young Irishman who would die for what he believes in."
- James D'arcy
(Related: Now)

"I went further and further back through the centuries to get a sense of perspective but now at least I understand why Irish history evokes such strong passions and emotions."
- James D'arcy
(Related: History, Emotions, Irish, Now, Perspective, Sense)

"The law has no compassion. And justice is administered without compassion."
- Christopher Darden
(Related: Compassion, Justice, Law)

"We obviously need more love in the world. And we obviously need more compassion and understanding. Our leaders need to really address these issues properly now."
- Dave Davies
(Related: Love, Compassion, Leaders, Now, Understanding, World)

"If we seek the pleasures of love, passion should be occasional, and common sense continual."
- Robertson Davies
(Related: Love, Common sense, Passion)

"My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose."
- Bette Davis
(Related: Purpose, Aggression, Today)

"No doubt Western civilization has in the past been full of wars and revolutions, and the national elements in our culture, even when they were ignored, always provided an unconscious driving force of passion and aggressive self-assertion."
- Christopher Dawson
(Related: Civilization, Culture, Doubt, Driving, Force, Passion, Past, Self, Unconscious)

"We must recognize the fact that many Nazis, Marxists and Fascists believe passionately in their fundamental rightness, and allow nothing to hinder them from their goal in the pursuit of their mission."
- Dorothy Day
(Related: Goal, Fact, Mission, Nothing, Pursuit)

"In his 4 years in the White House, President Carter worked to make the Federal Government more competent and compassionate and more responsive to the American people."
- Nathan Deal
(Related: Government, People, American, President, Years)

"The State of the Union may look rosy from the White House balcony or the suites of George Bush's wealthiest donors. But hardworking Americans will see through this president's efforts to wrap his radical agenda with a compassionate ribbon."
- Howard Dean
(Related: Americans, May, President, Radical, State, Will)

"I love music passionately. And because I love it I try to free it from barren traditions that stifle it."
- Claude Debussy
(Related: Love, Music, Traditions)

"We are ne'er like angels till our passion dies."
- Thomas Dekker
(Related: Angels, Passion)

"We are never like angels till our passion dies."
- John Denham
(Related: Angels, Passion)

"I also had a tremendous passion for art and read a lot."
- Nigel Dennis
(Related: Art, Passion)

"Therefore, vegetarianism alone can give us the quality of com-passion, which distinguishes man from the rest of the animal world."
- Morarji Desai
(Related: Quality, Man, Rest, Vegetarianism, World)

"I do not say that one who is vegetarian is full of compassion and one who is not, is otherwise. We sometimes find people, who are vegetarians, are very bad people."
- Morarji Desai
(Related: People, Compassion)

"We have to set our own agenda, we have to set our own standards, we have to be very strong about what we want, we have to be very strong about our passion and if it's not right for you, you shouldn't do it just because you're advised by so-called geniuses."
- Jackie DeShannon
(Related: Passion, Right, Want)

"Since its inception, our Nation has stood on the foundations of compassion and justice."
- Mike DeWine
(Related: Compassion, Justice, Nation)

"Until very recently men and women inhabited very separate spheres. There was always interconnection, passion, love. But men and women didn't hang out at the end of the day and chat about what their day was like at the office."
- Anita Diament
(Related: Men, Women, Love, Day, End, Office, Passion)

"Cows are my passion. What I have ever sighed for has been to retreat to a Swiss farm, and live entirely surrounded by cows - and china."
- Charles Dickens
(Related: Cows, Passion)

"There is only one passion, the passion for happiness."
- Denis Diderot
(Related: Happiness, Passion)

"To attempt the destruction of our passions is the height of folly. What a noble aim is that of the zealot who tortures himself like a madman in order to desire nothing, love nothing, feel nothing, and who, if he succeeded, would end up a complete monster!"
- Denis Diderot
(Related: Love, Desire, Destruction, End, Folly, Nothing, Order)

"Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things."
- Denis Diderot
(Related: Soul)

"One declaims endlessly against the passions; one imputes all of man's suffering to them. One forgets that they are also the source of all his pleasures."
- Denis Diderot
(Related: Man, Suffering)

"Western art is built on the biographical passion of one artist for another."
- Jim Dine
(Related: Art, Artist, Passion)

"The mind is no match with the heart in persuasion; constitutionality is no match with compassion."
- Everett Dirksen
(Related: Heart, Compassion, Mind, Persuasion)

"Man is only great when he acts from passion."
- Benjamin Disraeli
(Related: Man, Passion)

"Man is made to adore and to obey: but if you will not command him, if you give him nothing to worship, he will fashion his own divinities, and find a chieftain in his own passions."
- Benjamin Disraeli
(Related: Fashion, Man, Nothing, Will, Worship)

"Seven years is a long time, and he was there for me, when my mum died. He was very compassionate at that time. I couldn't have found anyone better in that situation."
- Mary Elizabeth Donaldson
(Related: Time, Years)

"Art is the most passionate orgy within man's grasp."
- John Donne
(Related: Art, Man)

"So I come before you with a budget that is honest in its discussion of our challenges, creative in its possible solutions, compassionate in its commitment to our most vulnerable, and balanced on the bottom line."
- James H. Douglas
(Related: Commitment)

"I just don't know that shame and fear need to be our teachers; rather, compassion, understanding, and love should be our guides."
- Kyan Douglas
(Related: Love, Fear, Compassion, Shame, Teachers, Understanding)

"When you're making pictures out of heartfelt passion, it hurts when someone calls them a calculated business move."
- Michael Douglas
(Related: Business, Passion)

"Ironically I think this is what sparked my interest in and passion for the NOAH, which is capable of creating all these old weird and wonderful sounds."
- Geoff Downes
(Related: Interest, Old, Passion)

"And I was desolate and sick of an old passion."
- Ernest Dowson
(Related: Old, Passion)

"People think that if you are a scientist you have to give up that joy of discovery, that passion, that sense of the great romance of life. I say that's completely opposite of the truth."
- Ann Druyan
(Related: Life, Romance, Truth, People, Discovery, Joy, Passion, Sense)

"What passions cannot music raise or quell?"
- John Dryden
(Related: Music)

"Thankfully, it became clear to me that when I compete, I lose my connection to the passion I have for my work."
- Olympia Dukakis
(Related: Work, Connection, Passion)

"My mother's passion for something more, to write a different destiny for a dirt-poor farmer's daughter, was to shape my entire life."
- Faye Dunaway
(Related: Life, Daughter, Mother, Destiny, Passion)

"So Liam and movies are obviously big passions, and I read and write."
- Faye Dunaway
(Related: Movies)

"I see journalists as the manual workers, the laborers of the word. Journalism can only be literature when it is passionate."
- Marguerite Duras
(Related: Journalism, Literature, Word, Workers)

"Ideas are cheap. Always be passionate about ideas and communicating those ideas and discoveries to others in the things you make."
- Charles Eames
(Related: Ideas)

"I'm just passionately in love with my kids."
- Sheena Easton
(Related: Love, Kids)

"I think that maybe that's my weakness, in that I don't know how to do it, so I just do what I do and try to do it as passionately and as well as I can."
- Aaron Eckhart
(Related: Weakness)

"You may call God love, you may call God goodness. But the best name for God is compassion."
- Meister Eckhart
(Related: God, Love, Compassion, Goodness, May, Name)

"Perhaps the mission of those who love mankind is to make people laugh at the truth, to make truth laugh, because the only truth lies in learning to free ourselves from insane passion for the truth."
- Umberto Eco
(Related: Love, Truth, People, Learning, Lies, Mankind, Mission, Passion)

"You can do and use the skills that you have. The schools need you. The teachers need you. Students and parents need you. They need your actual person: your physical personhood and your open minds and open ears and boundless compassion, sitting next to them, listening and nodding and asking questions for hours at a time."
- Dave Eggers
(Related: Time, Compassion, Listening, Open, Parents, Questions, Schools, Students, Teachers)

"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."
- Albert Einstein
(Related: Beauty, Nature, Compassion, Living)

"Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them!"
- Albert Einstein
(Related: Patriotism, Hate, Heroism, Name, Nonsense, Violence)

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."
- Albert Einstein
(Related: Talent)

"This battle for 'common-sense' gun control laws pits emotion and passion against logic and reason. All too often in such a contest, logic loses. So, expect more meaningless, if not harmful, 'gun control' legislation. Good news - if you're a crook."
- Larry Elder
(Related: Control, Battle, Emotion, Laws, Legislation, Logic, News, Passion, Reason)

"Jealousy would be far less torturous if we understood that love is a passion entirely unrelated to our merits."
- Paul Eldridge
(Related: Love, Jealousy, Passion)

"I would love to do more music, definitely. That is my true passion. Dance is first and then music."
- Carmen Electra
(Related: Love, Music, Dance, First, Passion)

"There is a sort of jealousy which needs very little fire; it is hardly a passion, but a blight bred in the cloudy, damp despondency of uneasy egoism."
- George Eliot
(Related: Fire, Jealousy, Needs, Passion)

"It is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind."
- T. S. Eliot
(Related: Blind, Light, Obvious, Passion)

"A toothache, or a violent passion, is not necessarily diminished by our knowledge of its causes, its character, its importance or insignificance."
- T. S. Eliot
(Related: Knowledge, Character, Causes, Importance, Passion)

"Food is a passion. Food is love."
- Hector Elizondo
(Related: Food, Love, Passion)

"If it's supposed to be a really passionate snog, you slip the tongue in."
- Jennifer Ellison
(Related: Tongue)

"Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Related: Passion, World, Youth)

"It is a fact often observed, that men have written good verses under the inspiration of passion, who cannot write well under other circumstances."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Related: Men, Inspiration, Circumstances, Fact, Passion)

"I'm a compassionate conservative."
- John Engler
(Related: Conservative)

"Like anything, you don't force kids to cook. It just becomes part of life - have them be around it, keep them informed - talk about it. I try to relay my passion for it in these ways. The second you try to force anything on your own kid, they rebel."
- Todd English
(Related: Life, Force, Kids, Passion, Talk)

"Control thy passions lest they take vengence on thee."
- Epictetus
(Related: Control)

"When love grows diseased, the best thing we can do is to put it to a violent death; I cannot endure the torture of a lingering and consumptive passion."
- George Etherege
(Related: Love, Death, Passion)

"This is my first visit to Africa, a region where President Bush has voiced a deep passion for fostering and encouraging economic development, investment and trade."
- Donald Evans
(Related: Development, Encouraging, Deep, First, Investment, Passion, President, Trade, Visit)

"But I say these things in an objective dispassionate manner because, you know, and I can't explain why, but being one of the greatest guitarists in the world simply is not very important to me."
- John Fahey
(Related: Being, World)

"I have this massive love for the whole culture of pop music. It's my fascination, my ongoing passion."
- Siobhan Fahey
(Related: Love, Music, Culture, Passion)

"I believe that man will not merely endure; he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among the creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of kindness and compassion."
- William Falconer
(Related: Soul, Compassion, Kindness, Man, Spirit, Voice, Will)

"You need great passion, because everything you do with great pleasure, you do well."
- Juan Manuel Fangio
(Related: Passion, Pleasure)

"I believe that man will not merely endure. He will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance."
- William Faulkner
(Related: Sacrifice, Soul, Compassion, Endurance, Man, Spirit, Voice, Will)

"I'm a huge fan of Cabernet and Bordeaux, and am passionate about Pinot Noir and Burgundies."
- Raymond E. Feist
"You can only have one first born child. You may love all your children deeply and with passion, but there is something unique about the first born."
- Raymond E. Feist
(Related: Love, Children, First, May, Passion)

"There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life."
- Federico Fellini
(Related: Life, Beginning, End, Passion)

"Jessica Lange in Frances... was dramatic and passionate and one of the strongest performances I've seen a woman do."
- Sherilyn Fenn
(Related: Woman)

"My mother taught me about the power of inspiration and courage, and she did it with a strength and a passion that I wish could be bottled."
- Carly Fiorina
(Related: Power, Mother, Inspiration, Courage, Strength, Passion)

"In search of a complete education with the ideals of trust, faith, understanding and compassion, many families are turning to the structure, discipline and academic standards of Catholic schools."
- Mark Foley
(Related: Education, Faith, Trust, Discipline, Compassion, Ideals, Schools, Understanding)

"The strongest passion is fear."
- Jean de La Fontaine
(Related: Fear, Passion)

"Patience and time do more than strength or passion."
- Jean de La Fontaine
(Related: Time, Strength, Passion, Patience)

"She has no imagination and that means no compassion."
- Michael Foot
(Related: Imagination, Compassion)

"Of all the passions of mankind, the love of novelty most rules the mind. In search of this, from realm to realm we roam. Our fleets come loaded with every folly home."
- Shelby Foote
(Related: Home, Love, Folly, Mankind, Mind, Novelty, Rules)

"Anything is possible as long as you have the passion."
- Guy Forget
(Related: Passion)

"I think anybody over 30 plays parents because it happens in your thirties and so that's kind of a natural progression. But I'm definitely drawn to it. It's probably the most intense, passionate thing that happens to you as you get older."
- Jodie Foster
(Related: Parents)

"The best reason to make a film is that you feel passionately about it."
- Jodie Foster
(Related: Film, Reason)

"Most marriages recognize this paradox: Passion destroys passion; we want what puts an end to wanting what we want."
- John Fowles
(Related: End, Passion, Want)

"Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly."
- Rose Franken
(Related: Lovers, Silly)

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins."
- Benjamin Franklin
(Related: Passion, Reason)

"Who is wise? He that learns from everyone. Who is powerful? He that governs his passions. Who is rich? He that is content. Who is that? Nobody."
- Benjamin Franklin
(Related: Content)

"Man is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance."
- Morgan Freeman
(Related: Sacrifice, Soul, Compassion, Endurance, Man, Spirit, Voice)

"As long as she is talented enough and passionate about doing it herself then I will be happy and support her. I think I will be sensible - my parents said I could only do it if I got my education and so I had something to fall back on."
- Anna Friel
(Related: Education, Parents, Support, Will)

"There never was any heart truly great and generous, that was not also tender and compassionate."
- Robert Frost
(Related: Heart)

"I think we have all experienced passion that is not in any sense reasonable."
- Stephen Fry
(Related: Passion, Sense)

"A man in passion rides a horse that runs away with him."
- Thomas Fuller
(Related: Man, Passion)

"More and more the world is growing to love a lover, and one has only to read the newspapers to see how sympathetic are the times to any generous and adventurous display of the passions."
- Richard Le Gallienne
(Related: Love, Newspapers, World)

"A vow is a purely religious act which cannot be taken in a fit of passion. It can be taken only with a mind purified and composed and with God as witness."
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Related: God, Act, Mind, Passion, Religious, Vow)

"Justice and goodwill will outlast passion."
- James A. Garfield
(Related: Goodwill, Justice, Passion)

"There isn't as much passion and outrage in today's newspapers. That may be because of a corporate decision, but they've lost their personality."
- Michael Gartner
(Related: Decision, Corporate, May, Newspapers, Passion, Personality, Today)

"You must be passionate, you must dedicate yourself, and you must be relentless in the pursuit of your goals. If you do, you will be successful."
- Steve Garvey
(Related: Successful, Goals, Pursuit, Will)

"The girls are a complete joy and I love their passion. They argue with me like mad and I love that too."
- Bob Geldof
(Related: Love, Girls, Joy, Passion)

"The Dalai Lama said that he thinks mother's love is the best symbol for love and compassion, because it is totally disinterested."
- Richard Gere
(Related: Love, Mother, Compassion, Symbol)

"What we all have in common is an appreciation of kindness and compassion; all the religions have this. We all lean towards love."
- Richard Gere
(Related: Love, Appreciation, Compassion, Kindness)

"Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding."
- Louis Gerstner
(Related: Computers, Dreams, Love, Compassion, Machine, Spirit, Tools, Understanding)

"I understand by this passion the union of desire, friendship, and tenderness, which is inflamed by a single female, which prefers her to the rest of her sex, and which seeks her possession as the supreme or the sole happiness of our being."
- Edward Gibbon
(Related: Happiness, Friendship, Sex, Being, Desire, Passion, Possession, Rest, Tenderness)

"Well, if you look at the whole story, I mean there's only Jews and Romans in the story. I mean I just wanted to flesh that character out and make that a drama about the people around Christ when he was going through this passion."
- Mel Gibson
(Related: People, Character, Christ, Drama, Passion)

"It is easier to lead men to combat, stirring up their passion, than to restrain them and direct them toward the patient labors of peace."
- Andre Gide
(Related: Men, Peace, Passion)

"People like passion in politics."
- Ed Gillespie
(Related: Politics, People, Passion)

"I do not believe the American people are going to confuse hatred for passion."
- Ed Gillespie
(Related: People, American, Hatred, Passion)

"Football will always be my foremost passion."
- David Ginola
(Related: Football, Passion, Will)

"I was asked by a group to write a song on the theme of brotherhood. This was before women's liberation, when brotherhood meant men and women both, so I wrote the song. Since I had always been very fond of the Passion Chorale, I wrote words to that great piece."
- Tom Glazer
(Related: Men, Women, Brotherhood, Passion, Song, Words)

"Beauty is composed of an eternal, invariable element whose quantity is extremely difficult to determine, and a relative element which might be, either by turns or all at once, period, fashion, moral, passion."
- Jean-Luc Godard
(Related: Beauty, Fashion, Passion, Quantity)

"Revolutions are the produce of passion, not of sober and tranquil reason."
- William Godwin
(Related: Passion, Reason)

"There can be no passion, and by consequence no love, where there is not imagination."
- William Godwin
(Related: Imagination, Love, Passion)

"Passions are vices or virtues to their highest powers."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(Related: Vices)

"Countless as the sands of the sea are human passions."
- Nikolai Gogol
(Related: Sea)

"You can say I give you this information as a dispassionate observer."
- Bill Goldberg
(Related: Information)

"Passion can quickly slip to jealousy, or even hatred."
- Arthur Golden
(Related: Hatred, Jealousy, Passion)

"Pity and friendship are two passions incompatible with each other."
- Oliver Goldsmith
(Related: Friendship, Pity)

"When I say manage emotions, I only mean the really distressing, incapacitating emotions. Feeling emotions is what makes life rich. You need your passions."
- Daniel Goleman
(Related: Life, Emotions, Feeling)

"But my passion is racing cars. It's what I like to do in my off time."
- Mark-Paul Gosselaar
(Related: Time, Passion, Racing)

"But the Spain which emerged around 1960, beginning with its economic miracle, created by the invasion of tourists, can no longer result in impassioned dedication on the part of its intellectuals, and even less on the part of foreign intellectuals."
- Juan Goytisolo
(Related: Beginning, Dedication, Intellectuals, Result, Spain, Tourists)

"We all need to look into the dark side of our nature - that's where the energy is, the passion. People are afraid of that because it holds pieces of us we're busy denying."
- Sue Grafton
(Related: Nature, People, Energy, Passion)

"Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion."
- Martha Graham
(Related: Passion)

"I am so proud of Michigan's citizens for the kindness and generosity they have shown in assisting in this endeavor. It is truly heartwarming to see the compassion shown for those in need."
- Jennifer Granholm
(Related: Compassion, Generosity, Kindness)

"But my experience is that people who have been through painful, difficult times are filled with compassion."
- Amy Grant
(Related: Experience, People, Compassion)

"Art is accusation, expression, passion. Art is a fight to the finish between black charcoal and white paper."
- Gunter Grass
(Related: Art, Expression, Fight, Passion)

"What we know is that Shakespeare wrote perhaps the most remarkable body of passionate love poetry in the English language to a young man."
- Stephen Greenblatt
(Related: Love, Poetry, Body, English, Language, Man, Remarkable, Shakespeare)

"I am full of fire and passion. I am not ready yet for great concentration and passion."
- Zane Grey
(Related: Fire, Passion)

"With Whitney she has such a unique sound and powerful instrument that she made those songs her own. She might as well have written them because she brought such a power and passion to them that were very unique. She has a great gift."
- Justin Guarini
(Related: Power, Passion, Songs, Sound)

"It is above all by the imagination that we achieve perception and compassion and hope."
- Ursula K. Le Guin
(Related: Imagination, Hope, Perception, Compassion)

"I deliberately wrote a poem in my last book where I was suggesting that there are other passions as great as or more important than the passion of sex."
- Thom Gunn
(Related: Sex, Passion)

"The greatest gift is the passion for reading. It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, it excites, it gives you knowledge of the world and experience of a wide kind. It is a moral illumination."
- Moses Hadas
(Related: Experience, Knowledge, Passion, Reading, World)

"As long as there are musicians who have a passion for spontaneity, for creating something that's never been before, the art form of jazz will flourish."
- Charlie Haden
(Related: Art, Jazz, Musicians, Passion, Spontaneity, Will)

"The reason my voice is sounding more passionate is because I'm singing directly from the heart."
- Sammy Hagar
(Related: Heart, Reason, Singing, Voice)

"The introduction of religious passion into politics is the end of honest politics, and the introduction of politics into religion is the prostitution of true religion."
- Lord Hailsham
(Related: Politics, Religion, End, Passion, Prostitution, Religious)

"My father would tell anyone who would listen that this dentist thing he was doing was not his passion; cinematography was."
- Lasse Hallstrom
(Related: Father, Passion)

"I always need a couple of highlights to really spark the passion for a project."
- Lasse Hallstrom
(Related: Passion, Project)

"I'd heard a lot of Asian people were rooting for me, but I had no idea. I was stunned. They were... impassioned, especially compared to Japan. I couldn't even have anticipated that kind of welcome."
- Ayumi Hamasaki
(Related: People, Idea)

"I was passionate. I found something that I loved. I could be all alone in a big old skating rink and nobody could get near me and I didn't have to talk to anybody because of my shyness. It was great. I was in my fantasy world."
- Dorothy Hamill
(Related: Fantasy, Old, Shyness, Talk, World)

"When the sword is once drawn, the passions of men observe no bounds of moderation."
- Alexander Hamilton
(Related: Men, Moderation)

"Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of man will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice without constraint."
- Alexander Hamilton
(Related: Government, Justice, Man, Reason, Will)

"Only I discern Infinite passion, and the pain Of finite hearts that yearn."
- Robert Browning Hamilton
(Related: Infinite, Pain, Passion)

"If you don't love what you do, you won't do it with much conviction or passion."
- Mia Hamm
(Related: Love, Conviction, Passion)

"The passion and spontaneity in music is all gone."
- Jan Hammer
(Related: Music, Passion, Spontaneity)

"You have to lead people to get excited and be passionate and be activated by what you do."
- Taylor Hanson
(Related: People)

"The greatest gift is a passion for reading. It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, it excites, it gives you knowledge of the world and experience of a wide kind. It is a moral illumination."
- Elizabeth Hardwick
(Related: Experience, Knowledge, Passion, Reading, World)

"Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion."
- Thomas Hardy
(Related: Business, Vision, Completion, Leaders)

"Vice: Whatever was passion in the contemplation of man, being brought forth by his will into action."
- James Harrington
(Related: Action, Being, Contemplation, Man, Passion, Will)

"Anyone can like their job... To love your job is not enough, you must give your passion to your job."
- Zahi Hawass
(Related: Love, Job, Passion)

"I love snowboarding, but I would never want to do it competitively or at a professional level. Snowboarding is a spawn of skating, and skating is my passion."
- Tony Hawk
(Related: Love, Passion, Want)

"A strong passion for any object will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means."
- Henry Hazlitt
(Related: Success, Desire, End, Passion, Will)

"The time of illusion, then, is the beautiful moment of passion; it represents the artistic zone in which the poet or romance writer ought to be free to do the very best that he can."
- Lafcadio Hearn
(Related: Time, Romance, Illusion, Passion, Writer, Zone)

"I often imagine that the longer he studies English literature the more the Japanese student must be astonished at the extraordinary predominance given to the passion of love both in fiction and in poetry."
- Lafcadio Hearn
(Related: Love, Poetry, English, Fiction, Literature, Passion)

"And I seemed to discern a power and meaning in the old, which the more impassioned would not allow."
- Frederick Henry Hedge
(Related: Power, Meaning, Old)

"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."
- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
(Related: Nothing, Passion, World)

"Every man without passions has within him no principle of action, nor motive to act."
- Claud-Adrian Helvetius
(Related: Action, Man, Motive)

"By annihilating the desires, you annihilate the mind. Every man without passions has within him no principle of action, nor motive to act."
- Claude Adrien Helvetius
(Related: Action, Man, Mind, Motive)

"Well, I was passionately curious about what my body was doing, and when I got the lessons on how to meditate, it seemed really solid to me. It seemed real."
- Mariel Hemingway
(Related: Body)

"I think we should be passionately curious about what we do."
- Mariel Hemingway
"Something called 'the Oklahoma Standard' became known throughout the world. It means resilience in the face of adversity. It means a strength and compassion that will not be defeated."
- Brad Henry
(Related: Strength, Adversity, Compassion, Will, World)

"What unites Oklahomans today is what has always united us: Our unshakable faith. Our love of family and compassion for others. The unlimited promise of a hopeful future."
- Brad Henry
(Related: Family, Love, Faith, Compassion, Future, Promise, Today, United)

"Fear is the passion of slaves."
- Patrick Henry
(Related: Fear, Passion)

"The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years."
- Audrey Hepburn
(Related: Beauty, Soul, Caring, Passion, Woman, Years)

"Marriage is a series of desperate arguments people feel passionately about."
- Katharine Hepburn
(Related: Marriage, People, Arguments)

"So I was always passionate about it and felt that it was sort of the golden thread inside me in terms of what I was supposed to do in terms of work but I think I have relaxed a lot in terms of the actual experience and actually enjoy it more and enjoy the people more."
- Barbara Hershey
(Related: Experience, Work, People)

"But I think Steve's main contribution besides just the pure leadership is his passion for excellence. He's a perfectionist. Good enough isn't good enough. And also his creative spirit. You know he really, really wants to do something great."
- Andy Hertzfeld
(Related: Leadership, Excellence, Passion, Spirit)

"You can no more bridle passions with logic than you can justify them in the law courts. Passions are facts and not dogmas."
- Alexander Herzen
(Related: Facts, Law, Logic)

"I am truly horrified by modern man. Such absence of feeling, such narrowness of outlook, such lack of passion and information, such feebleness of thought."
- Alexander Herzen
(Related: Thought, Absence, Feeling, Information, Man, Passion)

"A religious man is a person who holds God and man in one thought at one time, at all times, who suffers harm done to others, whose greatest passion is compassion, whose greatest strength is love and defiance of despair."
- Abraham Joshua Heschel
(Related: Love, Time, God, Thought, Strength, Compassion, Defiance, Despair, Harm, Man, Religious)

"I find the public passion for justice quite boring and artificial."
- Patricia Highsmith
(Related: Justice, Passion, Public)

"I need to be surrounded by people as passionate and as dedicated as I am."
- Lauryn Hill
(Related: People)

"Men wholly bent on wordly treasures were the dupes of their own passions, rather than deceived by the writings or pretenses of those who claimed to be Alchemists."
- Ethan A. Hitchcock
(Related: Men)

"The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others."
- Adolf Hitler
(Related: Nation, Passion)

"All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people."
- Adolf Hitler
(Related: People, Emotions, Popular, Word)

"Sudden glory is the passion which maketh those grimaces called laughter."
- Thomas Hobbes
(Related: Glory, Laughter, Passion)

"Compassion is the antitoxin of the soul: where there is compassion even the most poisonous impulses remain relatively harmless."
- Eric Hoffer
(Related: Compassion, Impulses)

"Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life."
- Eric Hoffer
(Related: Life, Purpose, Hatred, Meaning)

"One of the marks of a truly vigorous society is the ability to dispense with passion as a midwife of action - the ability to pass directly from thought to action."
- Eric Hoffer
(Related: Society, Thought, Action, Ability, Passion)

"Our passionate preoccupation with the sky, the stars, and a God somewhere in outer space is a homing impulse. We are drawn back to where we came from."
- Eric Hoffer
(Related: God, Sky, Space, Stars)

"Animals often strike us as passionate machines."
- Eric Hoffer
(Related: Animals, Machines)

"Compassion alone stands apart from the continuous traffic between good and evil proceeding within us."
- Eric Hoffer
(Related: Compassion, Evil)

"There is in most passions a shrinking away from ourselves. The passionate pursuer has all the earmarks of a fugitive."
- Eric Hoffer
"I think that, as life is action and passion, it is required of a man that he should share the passion and action of his time at peril of being judged not to have lived."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes
(Related: Life, Time, Action, Being, Man, Passion)

"Through our great good fortune, in our youth our hearts were touched with fire. It was given to us to learn at the outset that life is a profound and passionate thing."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes
(Related: Life, Fire, Fortune, Youth)

"I have no respect for the passion of equality, which seems to me merely idealizing envy."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
(Related: Equality, Envy, Passion, Respect)

"Life is action and passion; therefore, it is required of a man that he should share the passion and action of the time, at peril of being judged not to have lived."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
(Related: Life, Time, Action, Being, Man, Passion)

"As life is action and passion, it is required of a man that he should share the passion and action of his time, at the peril of being not to have lived."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
(Related: Life, Time, Action, Being, Man, Passion)

"Violent passions are formed in solitude. In the busy world no object has time to make a deep impression."
- Henry Home
(Related: Time, Impression, Deep, Solitude, World)

"For me, forgiveness and compassion are always linked: how do we hold people accountable for wrongdoing and yet at the same time remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed?"
- Bell Hooks
(Related: Forgiveness, Time, People, Compassion, Humanity)

"Subdue your passion or it will subdue you."
- Horace
(Related: Passion, Will)

"Reason is a passion; an instinct, a drive."
- Bette Howland
(Related: Instinct, Passion, Reason)

"We asked ourselves what we wanted this company to stand for. We didn't want to just sell shoes. I wasn't even into shoes - but I was passionate about customer service."
- Tony Hsieh
(Related: Company, Customer, Service, Want)

"My passion is doing movies, and as long as I keep doing that, I'll be happy. I want to do movies, fun roles and dramatic ones. I love all of it."
- Vanessa Hudgens
(Related: Love, Movies, Fun, Passion, Want)

"My passion is doing movies, so as long as I keep doing that I will be happy."
- Vanessa Hudgens
(Related: Movies, Passion, Will)

"It's the youth movement we have. A lot of young guys with a lot of passion. It brings the fun back to the game."
- Tim Hudson
(Related: Fun, Passion, Youth)

"What I have to do now is figure where my passion is, and follow my heart; I've proven that if I have the passion for something then I can succeed. I haven't been listening to my heart in the last little while."
- Clara Hughes
(Related: Heart, Listening, Now, Passion, Succeed)

"Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them."
- David Hume
(Related: Office, Reason)

"Men are much oftener thrown on their knees by the melancholy than by the agreeable passions."
- David Hume
(Related: Men, Melancholy)

"I have seen in the Halls of Congress more idealism, more humanness, more compassion, more profiles of courage than in any other institution that I have ever known."
- Hubert H. Humphrey
(Related: Courage, Compassion, Congress, Idealism)

"Compassion is not weakness, and concern for the unfortunate is not socialism."
- Hubert H. Humphrey
(Related: Compassion, Concern, Socialism, Weakness)

"I've known Jan, probably, very well for, well, for over a decade. And the passion that Jan just showed the viewers in that particular piece is very real."
- Rex Hunt
(Related: Passion)

"I can't stomach the thought that we are passing down to the next generation a country that is less viable, less good, less competitive, less compassionate than the one we got."
- Jon Huntsman, Jr.
(Related: Thought, Country)

"From their experience or from the recorded experience of others (history), men learn only what their passions and their metaphysical prejudices allow them to learn."
- Aldous Huxley
(Related: Experience, Men)

"That is why, as soon as I felt a real attraction for my first passion which was the motorcycle, and in spite of the danger it could represent, they encouraged me."
- Jacky Ickx
(Related: Danger, First, Passion)

"All the dark, malevolent Passions of the Soul are roused and exerted; its mild and amiable affections are suppressed; and with them, virtuous Principles are laid prostrate."
- Charles Inglis
(Related: Soul, Principles)

"Man is primarily governed by passion and instinct."
- Muhammed Iqbal
(Related: Instinct, Man, Passion)

"They plan to ride into the White House on the Sweet Talk Express. Well, think again. Bush and Cheney are not compassionate conservatives. They are ruthless reactionaries."
- Patricia Ireland
(Related: Talk)

"I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message."
- Steve Irwin
(Related: Education, Enthusiasm, Being, Passion)

"My belief is that what comes across on the television is a capture of my enthusiasm and my passion for wildlife."
- Steve Irwin
(Related: Belief, Enthusiasm, Passion, Television, Wildlife)

"Since I was a boy, from this house, I was out rescuing crocodiles and snakes. My mum and dad were very passionate about that and, I was lucky enough to go along."
- Steve Irwin
(Related: Dad)

"All too often, academic departments defend their territory with the passion of cornered animals, though with far less justification."
- Bruce Jackson
(Related: Animals, Justification, Passion)

"Very few men imprisoned for economic crimes or even crimes of passion against the oppressor feel that they are really guilty."
- George Jackson
(Related: Men, Passion)

"Bee to the blossom, moth to the flame; Each to his passion; what's in a name?"
- Helen Hunt Jackson
(Related: Name, Passion)

"Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart."
- Phil Jackson
(Related: Heart, Mind, Open)

"We work n the dark - we do what we can - we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art."
- Henry James
(Related: Art, Work, Doubt, Madness, Passion, Rest)

"When Christopher and Charles passed away, I was completely depressed, I felt rejected and real down, and so Roscoe invited me because he had this spirit of compassion, and we had gone to school together, were friends and everything."
- Joseph Jarman
(Related: Compassion, Friends, School, Spirit)

"The theater, bringing impersonal masks to life, is only for those who are virile enough to create new life: either as a conflict of passions subtler than those we already know, or as a complete new character."
- Alfred Jarry
(Related: Life, Character, Conflict, Theater)

"The whole commerce between master and slave is a perpetual exercise of the most boisterous passions, the most unremitting despotism on the one part, and degrading submissions on the other. Our children see this, and learn to imitate it."
- Thomas Jefferson
(Related: Children, Commerce, Exercise)

"My characters are driven by a passionate desire for justice. They are rebellious and incorruptible."
- Tahar Ben Jelloun
(Related: Desire, Justice)

"He was so benevolent, so merciful a man that, in his mistaken passion, he would have held an umbrella over a duck in a shower of rain."
- Douglas William Jerrold
(Related: Man, Passion, Rain)

"To be reserved, secretive, with a passionate violence that causes suffering."
- Gwen John
(Related: Causes, Suffering, Violence)

"What is classical music if not the epitome of sensuality, passion, and understated erotica that popular music, even with all of its energy and life, cannot even begin to touch?"
- Lara St. John
(Related: Music, Life, Energy, Passion, Popular, Sensuality)

"I love tennis with a passion. I challenged Boris Becker to a match once and he said he was up for it but he never called back. I bet I could make him run around."
- Boris Johnson
(Related: Love, Passion, Tennis)

"My mother was the influence in my life. She was strong; she had great faith in the ultimate triumph of justice and hard work. She believed passionately in education."
- John H. Johnson
(Related: Education, Faith, Life, Work, Mother, Hard work, Influence, Justice)

"The reason Apple is really good, I think, and the reason their stores succeeded, is not just 'cause we know the big idea, but we have a real passion for the littlest detail. It's legendary in our products."
- Ron Johnson
(Related: Idea, Detail, Passion, Reason)

"Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged."
- Samuel Johnson
(Related: Act, Justice, Passion, Revenge, Vengeance)

"The wretched have no compassion, they can do good only from strong principles of duty."
- Samuel Johnson
(Related: Compassion, Duty, Principles)

"Love is only one of many passions."
- Samuel Johnson
(Related: Love)

"Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last."
- William Samuel Johnson
(Related: Curiosity, First, Passion)

"No, you're not allowed to be bossy when you're married. You have to learn compromise, and compassion and patience."
- Star Jones
(Related: Compassion, Compromise, Patience)

"Some people are passionate about aisles, others about window seats."
- Terry Jones
(Related: People)

"I believe that women have a capacity for understanding and compassion which man structurally does not have, does not have it because he cannot have it. He's just incapable of it."
- Barbara Jordan
(Related: Women, Compassion, Man, Understanding)

"It is reason, and not passion, which must guide our deliberations, guide our debate, and guide our decision."
- Barbara Jordan
(Related: Decision, Debate, Passion, Reason)

"My father was very intense, passionate and over-the-top. He was my hero and my tyrant."
- June Jordan
(Related: Father)

"The passions of the young are vices in the old."
- Joseph Joubert
(Related: Old, Vices)

"Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate."
- Jon Bon Jovi
(Related: Life, Nothing, Passion, Want)

"Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age."
- James Joyce
(Related: Age, Glory, Passion, World)

"Since I'm a mother and a wife, I have to have passion or the frustration would win out. But I love managing people. The product is second to managing the people. And marketing to consumers is so challenging because it is evolving constantly."
- Andrea Jung
(Related: Love, Mother, Wife, People, Frustration, Marketing, Passion)

"A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them."
- Carl Jung
(Related: Man)

"By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired."
- Franz Kafka
"When I perform Strauss, it is as if the music fits me like a glove. My voice seems to lie in a happy area in this music, which is lyrical and passionate at the same time."
- Kiri Te Kanawa
(Related: Music, Time, Lie, Voice)

"Children, even infants, are capable of sympathy. But only after adolescence are we capable of compassion."
- Louise J. Kaplan
(Related: Sympathy, Adolescence, Children, Compassion)

"In the First World War, there was the sudden passion of nationalism, and the killing took place because of these emotions. But the Soviet case is different, because you had systematic murder, like the Holocaust."
- Ryszard Kapuscinski
(Related: War, Emotions, First, Killing, Murder, Nationalism, Passion, World, World war)

"Love is the most terrible, and also the most generous of the passions; it is the only one which includes in its dreams the happiness of someone else."
- Alphonse Karr
(Related: Dreams, Happiness, Love)

"In every man there is an instinctive and passionate reaction if his person or liberty is attacked."
- Arthur Keith
(Related: Liberty, Man)

"I have had so many great moments, but I would have to say that dancing the Swan in 'Swan Lake' was such a unique and passionate experience for me. It was such bloody hard work, even at that very early age, that I would not want to try to replicate it again now."
- William Kempe
(Related: Experience, Age, Work, Dancing, Hard work, Moments, Now, Want)

"My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them."
- Jack Kerouac
(Related: Control, Failure, Fault)

"I think it's imperative to follow your heart and choose a profession you're passionate about, and if you haven't found that "spark" yet, if you're not sure what you want to do with your lives - be persistent until you do."
- Steve Kerr
(Related: Heart, Profession, Want)

"When we, through our educational culture, through the media, through the entertainment culture, give our children the impression that human beings cannot control their passions, we are telling them, in effect, that human beings cannot be trusted with freedom."
- Alan Keyes
(Related: Impression, Control, Children, Culture, Effect, Entertainment, Freedom, Media)

"Once people see this 'Unplugged,' I just want them to feel the spontaneity, to feel passionate... I want you to see another side of me, that's free, and feel where my head is, where whatever happens, happens. I want you to feel inspired."
- Alicia Keys
(Related: People, Spontaneity, Want)

"The paradox is really the pathos of intellectual life and just as only great souls are exposed to passions it is only the great thinker who is exposed to what I call paradoxes, which are nothing else than grandiose thoughts in embryo."
- Soren Kierkegaard
(Related: Life, Thoughts, Nothing, Paradox, Paradoxes)

"Because of its tremendous solemnity death is the light in which great passions, both good and bad, become transparent, no longer limited by outward appearences."
- Soren Kierkegaard
(Related: Death, Light)

"Faith is the highest passion in a human being. Many in every generation may not come that far, but none comes further."
- Soren Kierkegaard
(Related: Faith, Being, May, Passion)

"Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
(Related: Sacrifice, Progress, Goal, Concern, Justice, Struggle, Suffering)

"I danced with passion to spite the music."
- Gelsey Kirkland
(Related: Music, Passion)

"Bush promised a foreign policy of humility and a domestic policy of compassion. He has given us a foreign policy of arrogance and a domestic policy that is cynical, myopic and cruel."
- Joe Klein
(Related: Policy, Arrogance, Compassion, Foreign policy, Humility)

"I danced for 15 years of my life. Which was my love and my passion."
- Heidi Klum
(Related: Love, Life, Passion, Years)

"I'm passionate about everything, like my family and friends. Anybody I am talkin' to is gonna be bona fide real. There is no substitution for happiness. Period."
- Suge Knight
(Related: Family, Happiness, Friends)

"Labels don't mean anything to me. I'm trying to play as passionately as I'm able to. If they want to call that cool, that's fine. Just spell the name right, is the formula."
- Lee Konitz
(Related: Formula, Name, Play, Right, Trying, Want)

"Feminine passion is to masculine as an epic is to an epigram."
- Karl Kraus
(Related: Passion)

"I'm very glad to have something to be passionate about. I can't imagine a life without passion."
- Sylvia Kristel
(Related: Life, Passion)

"Tell the truth. Sing with passion. Work with laughter. Love with heart. 'Cause that's all that matters in the end."
- Kris Kristofferson
(Related: Love, Work, Truth, Heart, End, Laughter, Passion)

"It must have been so impossible to think about it and dare to do that, so they feel compassionate for her. I don't think the movie would work otherwise."
- Diane Kruger
(Related: Work)

"Few people have ever seriously wished to be exclusively rational. The good life which most desire is a life warmed by passions and touched with that ceremonial grace which is impossible without some affectionate loyalty to traditional form and ceremonies."
- Joseph Wood Krutch
(Related: Life, People, Desire, Grace, Loyalty)

"Once you win a National Championship, how do you do that again? How do you get the passion to do that again? We won it again right away, the next year. A lot of it had to do with the fact that I didn't give myself an opportunity to enjoy the first one."
- Mike Krzyzewski
(Related: Opportunity, Fact, First, Passion, Right)

"There is nothing heavier than compassion. Not even one's own pain weighs so heavy as the pain one feels for someone, for someone, pain intensified by the imagination and prolonged by a hundred echos."
- Milan Kundera
(Related: Imagination, Compassion, Nothing, Pain)

"I am a wanderer passionately in love with life."
- Aleksandr I. Kuprin
(Related: Life, Love)

"Righteous is the one who was able to demonstrate compassion in face of human suffering."
- Aleksander Kwasniewski
(Related: Compassion, Suffering)

"I just wish the crowd I was associated with was more passionate about what they were doing and less consumed with the commerce of the art form."
- Shia LaBeouf
(Related: Art, Commerce)

"We need to be more careful, but more compassionate. We must strike, not deal with terrorists, but to broaden our understanding of the world outside our borders."
- Ricardo Lagos
(Related: Understanding, World)

"I am an actress and acting is my passion... period!"
- Christine Lahti
(Related: Acting, Passion)

"Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion."
- Dalai Lama
(Related: Religion, Compassion, Kindness, Rebirth)

"All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives."
- Dalai Lama
(Related: Forgiveness, Love, Compassion, Religious, Traditions)

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."
- Dalai Lama
(Related: Compassion, Practice, Want)

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive."
- Dalai Lama
(Related: Love, Compassion, Humanity)

"Private passions tire and exhaust themselves, public ones never."
- Alphonse de Lamartine
(Related: Public)

"To work with a director that has emotional commitment and passion toward the characters, and the piece, and the experiences, it only enriches your work."
- Jessica Lange
(Related: Work, Commitment, Passion)

"For us, sons of France, political sentiment is a passion; while, for the Englishmen, politics are a question of business."
- Wilfrid Laurier
(Related: Business, Politics, France, Passion, Question, Sentiment, Sons)

"He submits to be seen through a microscope, who suffers himself to be caught in a fit of passion."
- Johann Kaspar Lavater
(Related: Passion)

"I don't want to do anything that I'm not passionate about."
- Jude Law
(Related: Want)

"Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you've got to say, and say it hot."
- David Herbert Lawrence
(Related: Nothing, Passion)

"The essential function of art is moral. But a passionate, implicit morality, not didactic. A morality which changes the blood, rather than the mind."
- David Herbert Lawrence
(Related: Art, Morality, Blood, Mind)

"Death is the only pure, beautiful conclusion of a great passion."
- David Herbert Lawrence
(Related: Death, Passion)

"This is the very worst wickedness, that we refuse to acknowledge the passionate evil that is in us. This makes us secret and rotten."
- David Herbert Lawrence
(Related: Evil, Wickedness)

"Nothing that comes from the deep, passional soul is bad, or can be bad."
- David Herbert Lawrence
(Related: Soul, Deep, Nothing)

"One never can know the whys and the wherefores of one's passional changes."
- David Herbert Lawrence
"Since obscenity is the truth of our passion today, it is the only stuff of art - or almost the only stuff."
- David Herbert Lawrence
(Related: Art, Truth, Passion, Today)

"I think enthusiasm is the answer to passionate writing."
- Jerome Lawrence
(Related: Enthusiasm, Writing)

"A play is a passion."
- Jerome Lawrence
(Related: Passion, Play)

"Try hard to find out what you're good at and what your passions are, and where the two converge, and build your life around that."
- Joshua Lederberg
(Related: Life)

"I admire bull riders for their passion and the uniqueness each one of them has."
- Chris LeDoux
(Related: Passion, Uniqueness)

"As great scientists have said and as all children know, it is above all by the imagination that we achieve perception, and compassion, and hope."
- Ursula K. LeGuin
(Related: Imagination, Hope, Perception, Children, Compassion, Scientists)

"We were married for almost 45 years. We fought all the time, it wasn't a great love or anything, it wasn't a great, all-consuming passion. She was just there. A lot of people were startled because we didn't seem devoted but we were."
- Hugh Leonard
(Related: Love, Time, People, Passion, Years)

"My mother was passionate. She was stubborn, the dominant one in the family. She dominated my father."
- Hugh Leonard
(Related: Family, Mother, Father)

"I don't think, there's no possible way for me, anyway, to play a character that I haven't found some sort of sublime compassion for and I related to Deborah on a way that almost, initially, almost in a way maybe someone in the audience might."
- Tea Leoni
(Related: Character, Compassion, Play)

"As an instrument for practical action, law is responsive to the wisdom of its time, which may be wrong, but it carries forward, sometimes in opposition to this wisdom or passion, a memory of received values."
- Edward Levi
(Related: Wisdom, Time, Action, Values, Law, May, Memory, Opposition, Passion, Wrong)

"Some people feel guilty about their anxieties and regard them as a defect of faith but they are afflictions, not sins. Like all afflictions, they are, if we can so take them, our share in the passion of Christ."
- C. S. Lewis
(Related: Faith, People, Christ, Passion)

"Man is to be found in reason, God in the passions."
- Georg C. Lichtenberg
(Related: God, Man, Reason)

"Compassion is no substitute for justice."
- Rush Limbaugh
(Related: Compassion, Justice)

"What began as a revolt in response to the King of Great Britain's repeated injuries against the colonies, soon became a passionate and glorious call to fight for the beginnings of a new country."
- John Linder
(Related: Beginnings, Country, Fight)

"In government offices which are sensitive to the vehemence and passion of mass sentiment public men have no sure tenure. They are in effect perpetual office seekers, always on trial for their political lives, always required to court their restless constituents."
- Walter Lippmann
(Related: Government, Men, Court, Effect, Office, Passion, Public, Sentiment)

"When it began I wrote this passionate letter to people I knew, studio members, of course, and other people with whom we have worked over the years and I said come and teach our students."
- James Lipton
(Related: People, Students, Years)

"All men are liable to error; and most men are, in many points, by passion or interest, under temptation to it."
- John Locke
(Related: Men, Error, Interest, Passion, Temptation)

"But music raises a lot of issues. Music is something that matters to people a lot, and they put a lot of passion into it. And I think when you have an area like that, you're gonna find a lot of issues coming up."
- Kurt Loder
(Related: Music, People, Passion)

"Lincoln did more than any other man to put the stamp of righteousness, to put the stamp of compassion, on the name of America."
- Henry Cabot Lodge
(Related: America, Compassion, Man, Name, Righteousness)

"I can appreciate anybody's passion for anything."
- Kristanna Loken
(Related: Passion)

"You need the words, you need the script, you need the material, you need the commitment, you need the passion, it's like we depend on writers, we depend on producers, directors depend on us and once things are in the divine order as they happen."
- Nia Long
(Related: Commitment, Order, Passion, Words, Writers)

"It is foolish to pretend that one is fully recovered from a disappointed passion. Such wounds always leave a scar."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(Related: Passion, Wounds)

"Ambition is so powerful a passion in the human breast, that however high we reach we are never satisfied."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(Related: Ambition, Passion)

"John Henry Newman was as English as roast beef, even if he lacked a passion for cricket."
- Clifford Longley
(Related: Cricket, English, Passion)

"During the session of the Supreme Court, in the village of -, about three weeks ago, when a number of people were collected in the principal street of the village, I observed a young man riding up and down the street, as I supposed, in a violent passion."
- Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
(Related: People, Court, Man, Passion)

"Inspiring passion in family and friends has more enduring value than just staying alive for them."
- Alex Lowe
(Related: Family, Friends, Inspiring, Passion, Value)

"Endurance is the crowning quality, And patience all the passion of great hearts."
- James Russell Lowell
(Related: Quality, Endurance, Passion, Patience)

"Where passion leads or prudence points the way."
- Robert Lowth
(Related: Passion, Prudence)

"We decide based on how people look; we decide based on how people sound; we decide based on how people are dressed. We decide based on their passion."
- Frank Luntz
(Related: People, Passion, Sound)

"In fact, in more cases than not, when we are rational, we're actually unhappy. Emotion is good; passion is good. Being into what we're into, provided that it's a healthy pursuit, it's a good thing."
- Frank Luntz
(Related: Being, Emotion, Fact, Passion, Pursuit)

"I have seen how effective language attached to policies that are mainstream and delivered by people who are passionate and effective can change the course of history."
- Frank Luntz
(Related: Change, History, People, Language)

"I will know how to hold you just by the look in your eye, I will never forget - not even on the day that I die. This is a promise of my passion for you, smile at me and make it true."
- Diana Lynn
(Related: Day, Eye, Forget, Passion, Promise, Smile, Will)

"I think I infuse the music with a new passion. Part of this is because I have fallen in love: I am in love with the New York Philharmonic. The chemistry has just been right. Beyond expectation."
- Lorin Maazel
(Related: Love, Music, Expectation, Passion, Right)

"And in a way, that's been a help to me, because I take great passions for a particular poet - sometimes it lasts for many years, sometimes only for a while. This happens to everybody."
- Norman MacCaig
(Related: Help, Years)

"A celebrity name is never enough for an intelligent mass market... truly successful businesses are born of passion and heartfelt interest."
- Elle Macpherson
(Related: Successful, Celebrity, Interest, Name, Passion)

"Great passions, my dear, don't exist: they're liars fantasies. What do exist are little loves that may last for a short or a longer while."
- Anna Magnani
(Related: May)

"I was a crazy young man who let himself be blinded by his passions and obeyed only the impulses of the moment."
- Gustav Mahler
(Related: Impulses, Man)

"There is no man who desires as passionately as a Russian. If we could imprison a Russian desire beneath a fortress, that fortress would explode."
- Joseph De Maistre
(Related: Desire, Man)

"It is very much the theme of our President, President Thabo Mbeki, whose passion is for Africa to work together, and for Africans to get up and do things for us. We are trying as women to do things for ourselves."
- Miriam Makeba
(Related: Women, Work, Passion, President, Trying)

"We need to get some people in here. There's no passion out there. There's always an excuse. Nobody wants to step up and be a pro."
- Jeff Malone
(Related: People, Passion)

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."
- Nelson Mandela
(Related: Life, Living, Passion)

"No habit or quality is more easily acquired than hypocrisy, nor any thing sooner learned than to deny the sentiments of our hearts and the principle we act from: but the seeds of every passion are innate to us, and nobody comes into the world without them."
- Bernard de Mandeville
(Related: Quality, Habit, Act, Hypocrisy, Passion, World)

"Because impudence is a vice, it does not follow that modesty is a virtue; it is built upon shame, a passion in our nature, and may be either good or bad according to the actions performed from that motive."
- Bernard de Mandeville
(Related: Nature, Virtue, Actions, May, Modesty, Motive, Passion, Shame, Vice)

"A studio recording is perfection, but emotion and passion come only when you turn on the machine and go for the groove. If you do that with no mistakes, it sounds beautiful."
- Chuck Mangione
(Related: Emotion, Machine, Mistakes, Passion, Perfection)

"I have enough love to last me a lifetime! Thank God I'll never lose my imagination and my passion. That's really what it is. I'm still passionate about what I do."
- Teena Marie
(Related: Imagination, Love, God, Passion)

"I still have a passion for the music, which is such a beautiful thing. I still wake up in the middle of the night out of a dream and have a melody in my head, and run to my piano."
- Teena Marie
(Related: Music, Dream, Night, Passion)

"I think I have a passion for playing the game. I love to play, and I want to play at a high level. You have to do the right things in order to continue at that level."
- Dan Marino
(Related: Love, Order, Passion, Play, Right, Want)

"It's better for me to go up against someone's passion with my passion and then clarifying something that he wrote. Then I know how to work around certain things."
- Penny Marshall
(Related: Work, Passion)

"It's all magic to me. Country to punk rock, all of it. Chopin to Kurt Cobain. But it always all comes back to punk for me, because that was the last time, punk rock or grunge rock, was the last time that passion ruled the airwaves."
- James Marsters
(Related: Time, Country, Magic, Passion, Punk)

"The force of passion is balanced by the force of interest."
- Jose Marti
(Related: Force, Interest, Passion)

"Dispassionate objectivity is itself a passion, for the real and for the truth."
- Abraham Maslow
(Related: Truth, Passion)

"There is a Passion natural to the Mind of man, especially a free Man, which renders him impatient of Restraint."
- George Mason
(Related: Man, Mind, Passion, Restraint)

"In this case they're doctors. But having passion for your work and to take risks in order to better human kind. That's a pretty big theme. It's pretty inspiring."
- Mary Stuart Masterson
(Related: Work, Doctors, Inspiring, Order, Passion, Pretty)

"Well, I had this little notion - I started writing when I was eleven, writing poetry. I was passionately addicted to it; it was my great refuge through adolescence."
- Harry Mathews
(Related: Poetry, Adolescence, Writing)

"I haven't lost faith in human nature and I haven't decided to be less compassionate to strangers."
- Armistead Maupin
(Related: Faith, Nature, Human nature, Strangers)

"Self-pity comes so naturally to all of us. The most solid happiness can be shaken by the compassion of a fool."
- Andre Maurois
(Related: Happiness, Compassion, Fool, Self)

"Creativity is not merely the innocent spontaneity of our youth and childhood; it must also be married to the passion of the adult human being, which is a passion to live beyond one's death."
- Rollo May
(Related: Death, Creativity, Being, Childhood, Passion, Spontaneity, Youth)

"I like giving people something they don't want to miss the next time. It's a show with little twists and turns and curves. It has me being silly and stupid and compassionate and completely deep."
- John Mayer
(Related: Time, People, Being, Deep, Giving, Silly, Want)

"There's so much importance in honoring your everyday hero. It doesn't take money. It doesn't take connections. What matters is that people get involved. Whether your passion is gun control or food or whatever it may be, everybody needs to stop being so self-absorbed."
- Debi Mazar
(Related: Food, Money, People, Control, Being, Importance, May, Needs, Passion, Self)

"Make no judgements where you have no compassion."
- Anne McCaffrey
(Related: Compassion)

"Compassion is contempt with a human face."
- John McCarthy
(Related: Compassion, Contempt)

"Every actor and actress is possessed of the absorbing passion to create something distinctive and unique."
- Hattie McDaniel
(Related: Actor, Passion)

"There's nothing wrong with the free-enterprise system. But it has to have some compassion."
- Jim McDermott
(Related: Compassion, Nothing, Wrong)

"Terrible and sublime thought, that every moment is supreme for some man and woman, every hour the apotheosis of some passion!"
- William McFee
(Related: Thought, Man, Woman)

"Our understanding of the world around us is constantly being redefined and expanded, and so therefore, it is wiser to be passionate about seeking for truth than knowing it."
- Bryant H. McGill
(Related: Truth, Being, Understanding, World)

"There are a lot of things you can do with a law degree background, but I just didn't have a passion for it."
- Matthew McGrory
(Related: Law, Passion)

"Happiness and peace will come to earth only as the light of love and human compassion enter the souls of men."
- David O. McKay
(Related: Happiness, Love, Men, Peace, Compassion, Earth, Light, Will)

"Technology has been, and always will be, my one true passion professionally."
- John McKinley
(Related: Technology, Passion, Will)

"They weren't impatient for the boys to turn into cartoons again. They awarded sympathy, gave compassion. Because deep down they had found parts of themselves in the characters. You said it George."
- Audrey Meadows
(Related: Sympathy, Boys, Cartoons, Compassion, Deep)

"I now bid farewell to the country of my birth - of my passions - of my death; a country whose misfortunes have invoked my sympathies - whose factions I sought to quell - whose intelligence I prompted to a lofty aim - whose freedom has been my fatal dream."
- Thomas Francis Meagher
(Related: Intelligence, Dream, Death, Birth, Country, Freedom, Now)

"These things will destroy the human race: politics without principle, progress without compassion, wealth without work, learning without silence, religion without fearlessness and worship without awareness."
- Anthony de Mello
(Related: Politics, Religion, Work, Progress, Wealth, Awareness, Compassion, Learning, Silence, Will, Worship)

"I take this art very seriously and passionately. I love what I do. You can't help but grow. That's not to say you don't make mistakes or make bad choices, but that's part of the art. Painters paint bad paintings."
- Christopher Meloni
(Related: Art, Love, Choices, Help, Mistakes)

"The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind."
- H. L. Mencken
(Related: Mankind, Occupation)

"We believe very passionately that an international approach is necessary to achieve some of these goals."
- Robert Menendez
(Related: Goals)

"Traveling is the only passion that doesn't need to feel shy in front of intellect."
- Lennart Meri
(Related: Intellect, Passion, Traveling)

"The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another."
- Thomas Merton
(Related: Idea, Awareness, Compassion, Living)

"When you're passionate about something, you want it to be all it can be. But in the endgame of life, I fundamentally believe the key to happiness is letting go of that idea of perfection."
- Debra Messing
(Related: Happiness, Life, Idea, Key, Perfection, Want)

"Saving lives is not a top priority in the halls of power. Being compassionate and concerned about human life can cause a man to lose his job. It can cause a woman not to get the job to begin with."
- Myriam Miedzian
(Related: Life, Power, Being, Cause, Job, Man, Woman)

"The qualities of an exceptional cook are akin to those of a successful tightrope walker: an abiding passion for the task, courage to go out on a limb and an impeccable sense of balance."
- Bryan Miller
(Related: Successful, Courage, Balance, Passion, Sense)

"President-elect Bush spoke in a forceful and candid manner that it is his passion that all children should have access to a first class education."
- George Miller
(Related: Education, Children, Class, First, Passion, President)

"Honest criticism means nothing: what one wants is unrestrained passion, fire for fire."
- Henry Miller
(Related: Criticism, Fire, Passion)

"It is first and foremost very hard work! But I have a wonderful part and I do have fun. The company, cast and crew of 'Passions' are wonderful to work with."
- Juliet Mills
(Related: Work, Company, First, Fun)

"The voice of passion is better than the voice of reason. The passionless cannot change history."
- Czeslaw Milosz
(Related: Change, History, Passion, Reason, Voice)

"He who reigns within himself and rules passions, desires, and fears is more than a king."
- John Milton
(Related: Rules)

"I had, early in life, a love for staging, but it is fast dying out. Nine hours over a rough road are enough to root out the most passionate love of that kind."
- Maria Mitchell
(Related: Love, Life, Dying, Road)

"There's nothing particularly physical that I find attractive in a man. It's men with a passion for something that I find attractive."
- Rhona Mitra
(Related: Men, Man, Nothing, Passion)

"No matter what Aristotle and the Philosophers say, nothing is equal to tobacco; it's the passion of the well-bred, and he who lives without tobacco lives a life not worth living."
- Moliere
(Related: Life, Living, Nothing, Passion, Worth)

"There's nothing quite like tobacco: it's the passion of decent folk, and whoever lives without tobacco doesn't deserve to live."
- Moliere
(Related: Folk, Nothing, Passion)

"I am certain that the Lord, who notes the fall of a sparrow, looks with compassion upon those who have been called upon to part, even temporarily, from their precious children."
- Thomas S. Monson
(Related: Children, Compassion)

"We must not let our passions destroy our dreams."
- Thomas S. Monson
(Related: Dreams)

"There is no passion so contagious as that of fear."
- Michel de Montaigne
(Related: Fear, Passion)

"There is no nation so powerful, as the one that obeys its laws not from principals of fear or reason, but from passion."
- Charles de Montesquieu
(Related: Fear, Laws, Nation, Passion, Reason)

"Large parties given to very young children... foster the passions of vanity and envy, and produce a love of dress and display which is very repulsive in the character of a child."
- Susanna Moodie
(Related: Love, Character, Children, Dress, Envy, Vanity)

"The passion for setting people right is in itself an afflictive disease."
- Marianne Moore
(Related: People, Disease, Passion, Right)

"If you invent the Mini Cooper, pour all your energy and passion into it and it gets made, you should be on a roll. In the film industry you have to start again the next day."
- Estelle Morris
(Related: Day, Energy, Film, Passion)

"We have to bring the humanity and compassion back."
- Shelley Morrison
(Related: Compassion, Humanity)

"The president is being denounced for not taking the kind of pre-emptive action in Afghanistan that he has been so passionately denounced for taking in Iraq. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't."
- Ferdinand Mount
(Related: Action, Afghanistan, Being, Iraq, President)

"And I think because of the passion of every English player and every English supporter, and every English journalist for the game, most of the game is played with passion, love for football and instinct, but in football you also have to think."
- Jose Mourinho
(Related: Love, English, Football, Instinct, Passion)

"Nevertheless the passions, whether violent or not, should never be so expressed as to reach the point of causing disgust; and music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music."
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(Related: Music, Charm, Disgust, Horror)

"It is a great consolation for me to remember that the Lord, to whom I had drawn near in humble and child-like faith, has suffered and died for me, and that He will look on me in love and compassion."
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(Related: Love, Faith, Compassion, Will)

"Perhaps misguided moral passion is better than confused indifference."
- Iris Murdoch
(Related: Indifference, Passion)

"I don't have a burning passion to live in America per se but I would certainly like to work there."
- Cillian Murphy
(Related: Work, America, Passion)

"My passion is New York and the vitality that makes it special."
- Michael Musto
(Related: Passion, Vitality)

"Literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions known to man."
- Vladimir Nabokov
(Related: Butterflies, Literature, Man)

"Football is a passion that she holds dear to her heart. She's really going for her dream and there are obstacles in the way, but deep down she knows what she wants, and she pursues that."
- Parminder Nagra
(Related: Dream, Heart, Deep, Football, Obstacles, Passion)

"The super power that I would choose would be compassion. Because that's what I think it takes to make it through life-an understanding, a give and take. It saves an awful lot of resentment."
- Craig T. Nelson
(Related: Power, Life, Compassion, Resentment, Understanding)

"When there's that forgiveness present and compassion, it just helps you live so much easier."
- Craig T. Nelson
(Related: Forgiveness, Compassion, Present)

"When rough times have fallen upon our state in the past, Texans have always responded with generosity and an eagerness to help. The compassionate response to the fires has proven that this community spirit is alive and well."
- Randy Neugebauer
(Related: Community, Generosity, Help, Past, Spirit, State)

"My father was the most rational and the most dispassionate of men."
- Simon Newcomb
(Related: Men, Father)

"In music the passions enjoy themselves."
- Friedrich Nietzsche
(Related: Music)

"I have lived and slept in the same bed with English countesses and Prussian farm women... no woman has excited passions among women more than I have."
- Florence Nightingale
(Related: Women, Bed, English, Woman)

"Americans admire a people who can scratch a desert and produce a garden. The Israelis have shown qualities that Americans identify with: guts, patriotism, idealism, a passion for freedom. I have seen it. I know. I believe that."
- Richard M. Nixon
(Related: Patriotism, People, Americans, Freedom, Garden, Idealism, Passion)

"In my teens, I developed a passionate idolatry for a teacher of English literature. I wanted to do something that he would approve of more, so I thought I should be some sort of a scholar."
- Trevor Nunn
(Related: Thought, English, Literature)

"Homo sapiens is the species that invents symbols in which to invest passion and authority, then forgets that symbols are inventions."
- Joyce Carol Oates
(Related: Authority, Inventions, Passion)

"My passion and energy get mistaken for anger."
- Gary Oldman
(Related: Anger, Energy, Passion)

"Rather like Batman, I embody the themes of the movie which are the values of family, courage and compassion and a sense of right and wrong, good and bad and justice."
- Gary Oldman
(Related: Family, Courage, Values, Compassion, Justice, Right, Sense, Wrong)

"You have to take strength from the people that love you and the people that love Barbara and the huge number of expressions of sympathy and compassion and support. That has been extremely moving."
- Ted Olson
(Related: Love, Sympathy, People, Strength, Compassion, Support)

"A surging, seething, murmuring crowd of beings that are human only in name, for to the eye and ear they seem naught but savage creatures, animated by vile passions and by the lust of vengeance and of hate."
- Baroness Orczy
(Related: Eye, Hate, Lust, Name, Vengeance)

"The natural man has only two primal passions, to get and to beget."
- William Osler
(Related: Man)

"Competition is such a virtue, and everybody's so busy competing, they have no time for compassion."
- Major Owens
(Related: Time, Virtue, Compassion, Competition)

"A tiny radish of passionate scarlet, tipped modestly in white."
- Clementine Paddleford
"And what do Democrats stand for, if they are so ready to defame concerned citizens as the "mob" - a word betraying a Marie Antoinette delusion of superiority to ordinary mortals. I thought my party was populist, attentive to the needs and wishes of those outside the power structure. And as a product of the 1960s, I thought the Democratic party was passionately committed to freedom of thought and speech."
- Camille Paglia
(Related: Power, Thought, Superiority, Delusion, Democrats, Freedom, Needs, Party, Speech, Wishes, Word)

"Writing is a passion I have never understood, yet a storyteller is all I have ever wanted to be."
- Ruth Park
(Related: Passion, Writing)

"Nothing is so intolerable to man as being fully at rest, without a passion, without business, without entertainment, without care."
- Blaise Pascal
(Related: Business, Being, Care, Entertainment, Man, Nothing, Passion, Rest)

"No deep and strong feeling, such as we may come across here and there in the world, is unmixed with compassion. The more we love, the more the object of our love seems to us to be a victim."
- Boris Pasternak
(Related: Love, Compassion, Deep, Feeling, May, World)

"Great passions may give us a quickened sense of life, ecstasy and sorrow of love, the various forms of enthusiastic activity, disinterested or otherwise, which comes naturally to many of us."
- Walter Pater
(Related: Life, Love, Ecstasy, May, Sense, Sorrow)

"And the fifteenth century was an impassioned age, so ardent and serious in its pursuit of art that it consecrated everything with which art had to ad as a religious object."
- Walter Pater
(Related: Art, Age, Pursuit, Religious)

"One of the most beautiful passages of Rousseau is that in the sixth book of Confessions, where he describes the awakening in him of the literary sense. Of such wisdom, the poetic passion, the desire of beauty, the love of art for its own sake, has most."
- Walter Pater
(Related: Art, Love, Beauty, Wisdom, Desire, Literary, Passion, Sense)

"Not to discriminate every moment some passionate attitude in those about us, and in the very brilliancy of their gifts some tragic dividing on their ways, is, on this short day of frost and sun, to sleep before evening."
- Walter Pater
(Related: Attitude, Day, Evening, Gifts, Sleep, Sun)

"You can take a handful of dollars, a good story, and people with passion and make a movie that will stand up against any $70 million movie."
- Jason Patric
(Related: People, Passion, Will)

"We need a government that is what we are at our best. Smart, efficient, pragmatic and compassionate."
- Deval Patrick
(Related: Government)

"It seems that the small movies are a little more risky and cutting-edge. You've got your big commerce and you've got your small films that you're more passionate about."
- Robert Patrick
(Related: Movies, Commerce)

"Before I was humiliated I was like a stone that lies in deep mud, and he who is mighty came and in his compassion raised me up and exalted me very high and placed me on the top of the wall."
- Saint Patrick
(Related: Compassion, Deep, Lies)

"Passion is the thing that sustains you in acting. If you're doing it for fame and money, don't even bother because it will never happen. The last thing I ever expected was to be paid for this."
- Scott Patterson
(Related: Money, Acting, Fame, Passion, Will)

"The music itself could never take the place of my own passion in life."
- Luciano Pavarotti
(Related: Life, Music, Passion)

"Passion is a sort of fever in the mind, which ever leaves us weaker than it found us."
- William Penn
(Related: Mind, Passion)

"Passion is the mob of the man, that commits a riot upon his reason."
- William Penn
(Related: Man, Mob, Passion, Reason, Riot)

"My philosophy of leadership is to surround myself with good people who have ability, judgment and knowledge, but above all, a passion for service."
- Sonny Perdue
(Related: Leadership, People, Knowledge, Ability, Judgment, Passion, Philosophy, Service)

"Why cannot we correct the baneful passions, without weakening the good?"
- Zebulon Pike
"I think that passion and love and pain are all bearable, and they go to make love beautiful."
- Robert Plant
(Related: Love, Pain, Passion)

"But life is long. And it is the long run that balances the short flare of interest and passion."
- Sylvia Plath
(Related: Life, Interest, Passion)

"With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion."
- Edgar Allan Poe
(Related: Poetry, Purpose, Passion)

"If you have a great passion it seems that the logical thing is to see the fruit of it, and the fruit are children."
- Roman Polanski
(Related: Children, Passion)

"The passion for office among members of Congress is very great, if not absolutely disreputable, and greatly embarrasses the operations of the Government. They create offices by their own votes and then seek to fill them themselves."
- James K. Polk
(Related: Government, Congress, Office, Passion)

"I'm a very passionate believer in the unity of knowledge. There is one world of reality - one world of our experience that we're seeking to describe."
- John Polkinghorne
(Related: Experience, Knowledge, Reality, Unity, World)

"Passions are the gales of life."
- Alexander Pope
(Related: Life)

"Our passions are like convulsion fits, which, though they make us stronger for a time, leave us the weaker ever after."
- Alexander Pope
(Related: Time)

"On life's vast ocean diversely we sail. Reasons the card, but passion the gale."
- Alexander Pope
(Related: Life, Ocean, Passion)

"The ruling passion, be it what it will. The ruling passion conquers reason still."
- Alexander Pope
(Related: Passion, Reason, Will)

"He fell in love with himself at first sight, and it is a passion to which he has always remained faithful. Self-love seems so often unrequited."
- Anthony Powell
(Related: Love, First, Passion, Self, Sight)

"Those who are compassionate when they should be tough will be tough when they should be compassionate."
- Dennis Prager
(Related: Will)

"The true God He has extension, and form, and dimensions. He occupies space; has a body, parts, and passions; can go from place to place. He can eat, drink, and talk."
- Orson Pratt
(Related: God, Body, Space, Talk)

"The time at our disposal each day is elastic; the passions we feel dilate it, those that inspire us shrink it, and habit fills it."
- Marcel Proust
(Related: Time, Habit, Day)

"Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a time to honor the greatest champion of racial equality who taught a nation - through compassion and courage - about democracy, nonviolence and racial justice."
- Mark Pryor
(Related: Equality, Time, Courage, Compassion, Day, Democracy, Honor, Justice, Martin, Nation, Nonviolence)

"I have maintained a passionate interest in education, which leads me occasionally to make foolish and ill-considered remarks alleging that not everything is well in our schools."
- Philip Pullman
(Related: Education, Interest, Schools)

"Strength of mind rests in sobriety; for this keeps your reason unclouded by passion."
- Pythagoras
(Related: Strength, Mind, Passion, Reason)

"Cows are amongst the gentlest of breathing creatures; none show more passionate tenderness to their young when deprived of them; and, in short, I am not ashamed to profess a deep love for these quiet creatures."
- Thomas de Quincey
(Related: Love, Cows, Deep, Quiet, Tenderness)

"Today, our actions must be motivated only by our intense desire to achieve a just and lasting peace. The compassion and charity of the American people should be reflected in this legislation, though sadly, they are silenced."
- Nick Rahall
(Related: Peace, People, Actions, American, Charity, Compassion, Desire, Legislation, Today)

"When one has love for God, one doesn't feel any physical attraction to wife, children, relatives and friends. One retains only compassion for them."
- Ramakrishna
(Related: Love, Wife, God, Children, Compassion, Friends, Relatives)

"I used to be married to a woman who pursued every spiritual trend with tremendous passion and dragged me along. I don't believe in anything. I'd seen mediums and readers."
- Harold Ramis
(Related: Passion, Spiritual, Woman)

"You cannot watch yourself dispassionately."
- Charlotte Rampling
"The Minnesota spirit of compassion and help for people in need has moved countless Minnesotans to step forward to provide relief for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina."
- Jim Ramstad
(Related: People, Compassion, Help, Spirit)

"Certainly it is wrong to be cruel to animals and the destruction of a whole species can be a great evil. The capacity for feelings of pleasure and pain and for the form of life of which animals are capable clearly impose duties of compassion and humanity in their case."
- John Rawls
(Related: Life, Feelings, Animals, Compassion, Destruction, Evil, Humanity, Pain, Pleasure, Wrong)

"The assumption is that the right kind of society is an organic being not merely analogous to an organic being, but actually a living structure with appetites and digestions, instincts and passions, intelligence and reason."
- Herbert Read
(Related: Intelligence, Society, Being, Living, Reason, Right)

"We can choose between the future and the past, between reason and ignorance, between true compassion and mere ideology."
- Ron Reagan
(Related: Compassion, Future, Ideology, Ignorance, Past, Reason)

"I admire the fact that the central core of Buddhist teaching involves mindfulness and loving kindness and compassion."
- Ron Reagan
(Related: Buddhist, Compassion, Fact, Kindness, Teaching)

"Just having hope ain't going to cut it. You've got to have hope, passion and skills."
- Tim Reid
(Related: Hope, Passion)

"I just love bikes. It's not the safest passion to have, but I guess it's better than Russian roulette."
- Ryan Reynolds
(Related: Love, Passion)

"The mother's battle for her child with sickness, with poverty, with war, with all the forces of exploitation and callousness that cheapen human life needs to become a common human battle, waged in love and in the passion for survival."
- Adrienne Rich
(Related: Life, Love, War, Mother, Survival, Battle, Exploitation, Needs, Passion, Poverty, Sickness)

"The mind's passion is all for singling out. Obscurity has another tale to tell."
- Adrienne Rich
(Related: Mind, Obscurity, Passion)

"The worker can unionize, go out on strike; mothers are divided from each other in homes, tied to their children by compassionate bonds; our wildcat strikes have most often taken the form of physical or mental breakdown."
- Adrienne Rich
(Related: Children, Mothers)

"I'm not a racist, that's what so insane about this, and yet it's said, it comes through, it fires out of me, and even now in the passion that's here as I confront myself."
- Michael Richards
(Related: Now, Passion)

"To be a clergyman, and all that is compassionate and virtuous, ought to be the same thing."
- Samuel Richardson
"The life of a good man is a continual warfare with his passions."
- Samuel Richardson
(Related: Life, Man)

"I'm not politically motivated. I used to be - passionately. I used to be very Left wing. Then I went very Right wing, and now I rest somewhere in the middle."
- Guy Ritchie
(Related: Now, Rest, Right)

"Vices are often habits rather than passions."
- Antoine Rivarol
(Related: Habits, Vices)

"Reason is the historian, but passions are the actors."
- Antoine Rivarol
(Related: Actors, Reason)

"This is the year of Katrina and Iraq. How the war ends is more important than how it began. However you feel about the war, you have to be compassionate and loving towards our troops."
- Geraldo Rivera
(Related: War, Iraq, Troops)

"To see those babies with no food for three of four days, old people sitting in the hot sun, when you see these poor people, you cannot help but being compassionate or affected."
- Geraldo Rivera
(Related: Food, People, Babies, Being, Help, Old, Poor, Sun)

"With years of experience doing whatever it takes to get to the bottom of each story, I am looking forward to covering the stories in the human dimension and impart the passion and visceral reactions the audience seeks."
- Geraldo Rivera
(Related: Experience, Passion, Years)

"I've made a connection with the television audience by being a proud Latino man. I am passionate for what I do, courageous in the face of peril, honest and straightforward."
- Geraldo Rivera
(Related: Being, Connection, Man, Television)

"Live with passion!"
- Tony Robbins
"Passion is the genesis of genius."
- Tony Robbins
(Related: Genius, Passion)

"I'm a guy who just wanted to see his name in the lineup everyday. To me, baseball was a passion to the point of obsession."
- Brooks Robinson
(Related: Baseball, Name, Obsession, Passion)

"We are incredibly heedless in the formation of our beliefs, but find ourselves filled with an illicit passion for them when anyone proposed to rob us of their companionship."
- James Harvey Robinson
(Related: Beliefs, Companionship, Passion)

"In the human heart new passions are forever being born; the overthrow of one almost always means the rise of another."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: Heart, Being)

"Jealousy is bred in doubts. When those doubts change into certainties, then the passion either ceases or turns absolute madness."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: Change, Jealousy, Madness, Passion)

"If we resist our passions, it is more due to their weakness than our strength."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: Strength, Weakness)

"If there be a love pure and free from the admixture of our other passions, it is that which lies hidden in the bottom of our heart, and which we know not ourselves."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: Love, Heart, Lies)

"The passions are the only orators which always persuade."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
"Those that have had great passions esteem themselves for the rest of their lives fortunate and unfortunate in being cured of them."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: Being, Rest)

"Great souls are not those who have fewer passions and more virtues than others, but only those who have greater designs."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
"Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: Absence, Fans, Wind)

"All the passions make us commit faults; love makes us commit the most ridiculous ones."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: Love, Faults)

"Passion makes idiots of the cleverest men, and makes the biggest idiots clever."
- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(Related: Men, Idiots, Passion)

"I am a passionate traveler, and from the time I was a child, travel formed me as much as my formal education."
- David Rockefeller
(Related: Education, Time, Travel)

"My passion and great enjoyment for architecture, and the reason the older I get the more I enjoy it, is because I believe we - architects - can effect the quality of life of the people."
- Richard Rogers
(Related: Life, Architecture, Quality, People, Effect, Enjoyment, Passion, Reason)

"Probably the happiest period in life most frequently is in middle age, when the eager passions of youth are cooled, and the infirmities of age not yet begun; as we see that the shadows, which are at morning and evening so large, almost entirely disappear at midday."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
(Related: Age, Life, Evening, Middle age, Shadows, Youth)

"Prejudice and passion and suspicion are more dangerous than the incitement of self-interest or the most stubborn adherence to real differences of opinion regarding rights."
- Elihu Root
(Related: Rights, Opinion, Passion, Prejudice, Self, Suspicion)

"Maybe if Graziano make another work or another sport I wouldn't have had this passion to be a rider."
- Valentino Rossi
(Related: Work, Passion)

"From my earliest days I had a passion for science."
- Joseph Rotblat
(Related: Science, Passion)

"Reason guides but a small part of man, and the rest obeys feeling, true or false, and passion, good or bad."
- Joseph Roux
(Related: Feeling, Man, Passion, Reason, Rest)

"People in independent film have a passion; they're not in it for the money."
- Gena Rowlands
(Related: Money, People, Film, Passion)

"I've always been passionate about geometry and the study of three-dimensional forms."
- Erno Rubik
(Related: Geometry, Study)

"I'm passionately involved in life: I love its change, its color, its movement. To be alive, to be able to see, to walk, to have houses, music, paintings - it's all a miracle."
- Arthur Rubinstein
(Related: Love, Change, Music, Houses)

"Without centuries of Christian antisemitism, Hitler's passionate hatred would never have been so fervently echoed."
- Robert Runcie
(Related: Christian, Hatred)

"Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in their operation."
- John Ruskin
(Related: Experience, Force, Intellect, Passion, Skill)

"You might sooner get lightning out of incense smoke than true action or passion out of your modern English religion."
- John Ruskin
(Related: Religion, Action, English, Passion)

"Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind."
- Bertrand Russell
(Related: Love, Knowledge, Longing, Mankind, Pity, Suffering)

"I just love real characters, they're not pretentious, and every emotion is on the surface, they're regular working people. Their likes, their dislikes, their loves, their hates, their passions; they're all right there on the surface."
- David O. Russell
(Related: Love, People, Emotion, Right)

"They declaim against the passions without bothering to think that it is from their flame philosophy lights its torch."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Philosophy)

"Are not laws dangerous which inhibit the passions? Compare the centuries of anarchy with those of the strongest legalism in any country you like and you will see that it is only when the laws are silent that the greatest actions appear."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Actions, Anarchy, Country, Laws, Will)

"Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Life, Strength, Ambition, Cruelty, Lust, Revenge)

"Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Lust, Passion, Will)

"All, all is theft, all is unceasing and rigorous competition in nature; the desire to make off with the substance of others is the foremost - the most legitimate - passion nature has bred into us and, without doubt, the most agreeable one."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Nature, Competition, Desire, Doubt, Passion, Theft)

"What does it say about us that people who are considered defective are instinctively caring and compassionate?"
- Morley Safer
(Related: People, Caring)

"No mortal man has ever served at the same time his passions and his best interests."
- Sallust
(Related: Time, Man)

"Anger is the most impotent of passions. It effects nothing it goes about, and hurts the one who is possessed by it more than the one against whom it is directed."
- Carl Sandburg
(Related: Anger, Nothing)

"It is a revenge the devil sometimes takes upon the virtuous, that he entraps them by the force of the very passion they have suppressed and think themselves superior to."
- George Santayana
(Related: Devil, Force, Passion, Revenge)

"The passions grafted on wounded pride are the most inveterate; they are green and vigorous in old age."
- George Santayana
(Related: Age, Old, Pride)

"The idea is that the state doesn't have rights to limit individuals' wants and passions. I disagree with that. I think we absolutely have rights because there are consequences to letting people live out whatever wants or passions they desire."
- Rick Santorum
(Related: People, Idea, Consequences, Desire, Rights, State)

"We must act out passion before we can feel it."
- Jean-Paul Sartre
(Related: Act, Passion)

"Japan is the only country in the world to have suffered the ravages of atomic bombing. That experience left an indelible mark on the hearts of our people, making them passionately determined to renounce all wars."
- Eisaku Sato
(Related: Experience, People, Country, World)

"All men, even those we call savages, have been so tormented by the passion for strong drinks, that limited as their capacities were, they were yet able to manufacture them."
- Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin
(Related: Men, Drinks, Passion)

"Love is a passion that hath friends in the garrison."
- George Savile
(Related: Love, Friends, Passion)

"Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination."
- Diane Sawyer
"A continual atmosphere of hectic passion is very trying if you haven't got any of your own."
- Dorothy L. Sayers
(Related: Passion, Trying)

"The only sin passion can commit is to be joyless."
- Dorothy L. Sayers
(Related: Passion, Sin)

"I look for people who're passionate, dedicated to the text, and in whom I trust completely."
- Greta Scacchi
(Related: Trust, People)

"Biblical orthodoxy without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world."
- Francis Schaeffer
(Related: Compassion, World)

"The genuine priest always feels something higher than compassion."
- Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
(Related: Compassion)

"First of all, weren't all the best beatings in the trailer for "The Passion of the Christ"? I hate when the trailer gives away all the best stuff."
- Rob Schneider
(Related: First, Hate, Passion)

"Compassion is the basis of morality."
- Arthur Schopenhauer
(Related: Morality, Compassion)

"Why does God endow us with compassion?"
- Franz Schubert
(Related: God, Compassion)

"I respect people who feel things passionately. I do. But when someone is a judge, that is not what they should bring to the bench. It is not really passion, except in rare instances, that serves the bench well. It is, rather, an ability to understand the law and follow it."
- Charles Schumer
(Related: People, Ability, Law, Passion, Respect)

"My colleagues, while it is good that the Nation is finally focused on the critical issue of securing our ports, our rhetoric and our passion about Dubai must be matched by the funding necessary to keep our ports and our citizens safe."
- Allyson Schwartz
(Related: Nation, Passion, Rhetoric)

"The best way to deal with that is to live in a fully conscious, compassionate, loving way. Don't wait until you're on your deathbed to recognize that this is the only way to live."
- Morrie Schwartz
"There is no place, no country, more compassionate more generous more accepting and more welcoming than the United States of America."
- Arnold Schwarzenegger
(Related: America, Country, states, United)

"When the people become involved in their government, government becomes more accountable, and our society is stronger, more compassionate, and better prepared for the challenges of the future."
- Arnold Schwarzenegger
(Related: Government, Society, People, Future)

"I was born in Europe... and I've traveled all over the world. I can tell you that there is no place, no country, that is more compassionate, more generous, more accepting, and more welcoming than the United States of America."
- Arnold Schwarzenegger
(Related: America, Country, Europe, states, United, World)

"The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others."
- Albert Schweitzer
(Related: Life, Purpose, Compassion, Help, Will)

"Compassion, in which all ethics must take root, can only attain its full breadth and depth if it embraces all living creatures and does not limit itself to mankind."
- Albert Schweitzer
(Related: Compassion, Ethics, Living, Mankind)

"I can do no other than be reverent before everything that is called life. I can do no other than to have compassion for all that is called life. That is the beginning and the foundation of all ethics."
- Albert Schweitzer
(Related: Life, Beginning, Compassion, Ethics)

"Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace."
- Albert Schweitzer
(Related: Peace, Compassion, Living, Man, Will)

"And as I've gotten older, I've had more of a tendency to look for people who live by kindness, tolerance, compassion, a gentler way of looking at things."
- Martin Scorsese
(Related: People, Compassion, Kindness, Tolerance)

"There's a high school in Camden, New Jersey, I call the Jill Scott School. It's the Camden Creative Arts High School. Those teachers and kids are so passionate about what they do, and 98 percent of the senior class went on to college."
- Jill Scott
(Related: Class, College, Kids, School, Teachers)

"The artists who stand out to me have a passion for what they do. There are a lot of people who can sing. It's just like when you go to church and people are singing because it sounds good, not because it feels good. There's a difference."
- Jill Scott
(Related: People, Church, Artists, Difference, Passion, Singing)

"Age puzzles me. I thought it was a quiet time. My seventies were interesting and fairly serene, but my eighties are passionate. I grow more intense as I age."
- Florida Scott-Maxwell
(Related: Age, Time, Thought, Quiet)

"I do it because I want to exercise people's compassion and I do it because I really believe that for some reason what I do is important and meaningful."
- Kyra Sedgwick
(Related: People, Compassion, Exercise, Reason, Want)

"It is much easier to show compassion to animals. They are never wicked."
- Haile Selassie
(Related: Animals, Compassion)

"We should every night call ourselves to an account: what infirmity have I mastered today? what passions opposed? what temptation resisted? what virtue acquired? Our vices will abate of themselves if they be brought every day to the shrift."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(Related: Virtue, Day, Night, Temptation, Today, Vices, Will)

"Today my passion is still black and white. Today if I have an array of cameras in front of me the one I would reach for that I would feel most comfortable with would be a 4 X 5 View camera. I was once working in a sort of soft light situation."
- John Sexton
(Related: Light, Passion, Today)

"Passion, you see, can be destroyed by a doctor. It cannot be created."
- Peter Shaffer
(Related: Passion)

"I had too many big passions in life and it gets in the way of work. You can't concentrate properly on the one thing."
- Omar Sharif
(Related: Life, Work)

"I didn't want to be a slave to any passion anymore. I gave up card playing altogether, even bridge and gambling - more or less. It took me a few years to get out of it."
- Omar Sharif
(Related: Gambling, Passion, Want, Years)

"I can't say I gave up totally my passion for women but almost."
- Omar Sharif
(Related: Women, Passion)

"If O.J. had been accused of killing his black wife, you would not have seen the same passion stirred up."
- Al Sharpton
(Related: Wife, Killing, Passion)

"I think my passion is misinterpreted as anger sometimes. And I don't think people are ready for the message that I'm delivering, and delivering with a sense of violent love."
- Charlie Sheen
(Related: Anger, Love, People, Passion, Sense)

"Abraham Lincoln because he was a man filled with great compassion who believed that all men are created free and equal, and was not afraid to stand on that platform. The way Lincoln lived his life has served me well in mine."
- Sidney Sheldon
(Related: Life, Men, Compassion, Man)

"There is not a passion so strongly rooted in the human heart as envy."
- Richard Brinsley Sheridan
(Related: Heart, Envy, Passion)

"To be able to write a play a man must be sensitive, imaginative, naive, gullible, passionate; he must be something of an imbecile, something of a poet, something of a liar, something of a damn fool."
- Robert E. Sherwood
(Related: Fool, Man, Play)

"The future may be made up of many factors but where it truly lies is in the hearts and minds of men. Your dedication should not be confined for your own gain, but unleashes your passion for our beloved country as well as for the integrity and humanity of mankind."
- Li Ka Shing
(Related: Men, Country, Dedication, Future, Gain, Humanity, Integrity, Lies, Mankind, May, Passion)

"Sometimes people get passionate about the obscure jokes."
- Martin Short
(Related: People, Jokes)

"Follow your passion."
- Joel Siegel
(Related: Passion)

"Infinitely more important than sharing one's material wealth is sharing the wealth of ourselves - our time and energy, our passion and commitment, and, above all, our love."
- William E. Simon
(Related: Love, Time, Wealth, Commitment, Energy, Passion, Sharing)

"The very essence of literature is the war between emotion and intellect, between life and death. When literature becomes too intellectual - when it begins to ignore the passions, the emotions - it becomes sterile, silly, and actually without substance."
- Isaac Bashevis Singer
(Related: Life, War, Death, Emotion, Emotions, Intellect, Literature, Silly)

"There's a pattern when tours start - a pattern of infighting, of making up, of breaking up, of addiction. There's a pattern of going to jail. There's a pattern of passion for music."
- Nikki Sixx
(Related: Music, Addiction, Passion)

"I learned more complex ways to manipulate the manipulators, to bring attention to issues about which I felt passionate."
- Joey Skaggs
(Related: Attention)

"You need to eat normally and healthfully, and you need to exercise. I'm so passionate about this because I think people spend their lives not happy in their bodies."
- Courtney Thorne Smith
(Related: People, Exercise)

"But quite honestly I can't help being a passionate football supporter. If that's my sin, I'm guilty."
- Delia Smith
(Related: Being, Football, Help, Sin)

"Our enemies are our evil deeds and their memories, our pride, our selfishness, our malice, our passions, which by conscience or by habit pursue us with a relentlessness past the power of figure to express."
- George A. Smith
(Related: Power, Habit, Conscience, Deeds, Enemies, Evil, Malice, Memories, Past, Pride, Selfishness)

"The human animal differs from the lesser primates in his passion for lists."
- H. Allen Smith
(Related: Passion)

"It's often difficult for us to act compassionately, but sacred art eases the difficulty by ennobling us."
- Huston Smith
(Related: Art, Act, Difficulty)

"I think there's a passion for God like never before."
- Michael W. Smith
(Related: God, Passion)

"Passion is in all great searches and is necessary to all creative endeavors."
- W. Eugene Smith
(Related: Passion)

"Good habits, which bring our lower passions and appetites under automatic control, leave our natures free to explore the larger experiences of life. Too many of us divide and dissipate our energies in debating actions which should be taken for granted."
- Ralph W. Sockman
(Related: Life, Control, Actions, Habits)

"I was born and trained to communicate music, just as the sons were born and trained to hunt, and I was lucky to have grown up in Hungary, a country that lives and breathes music-that has a passionate belief in the power of music as a celebration of life."
- Georg Solti
(Related: Life, Music, Power, Belief, Country, Sons)

"The love of the famous, like all strong passions, is quite abstract. Its intensity can be measured mathematically, and it is independent of persons."
- Susan Sontag
(Related: Love, Famous)

"I don't want to express alienation. It isn't what I feel. I'm interested in various kinds of passionate engagement. All my work says be serious, be passionate, wake up."
- Susan Sontag
(Related: Work, Alienation, Want)

"I do not think white America is committed to granting equality to the American Negro. This is a passionately racist country; it will continue to be so in the foreseeable future."
- Susan Sontag
(Related: Equality, America, American, Country, Future, Will)

"From childhood I was passionately fond of music and wanted to be a musician. I have no recollection of any real desire ever to be anything else."
- John Philip Sousa
(Related: Music, Childhood, Desire)

"Passion is the drunkenness of the mind."
- Bishop Robert South
(Related: Mind, Passion)

"They sin who tell us Love can die: with Life all other passions fly, all others are but vanity."
- Robert Southey
(Related: Life, Love, Sin, Vanity)

"One of the most pervasive political visions of our time is the vision of liberals as compassionate and conservatives as less caring."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: Time, Vision, Caring, Liberals, Visions)

"But as coaches, we need to get a little more fire and passion and be more demanding that our guys get the job done. I think players will respond to that, and we'll see."
- Steve Spurrier
(Related: Coaches, Fire, Job, Passion, Will)

"Music is the career I'm lucky enough to get paid for, but I have other desires and passions."
- Layne Staley
(Related: Music, Career)

"I started making some proper decisions, getting things in order. It's kind of like cleaning up your house. I was looking for direction for what God wanted me to do - and that's when I got a call about The Passion."
- Scott Stapp
(Related: God, Decisions, Direction, Order, Passion)

"In my late teenage years, I developed a real passion for it, and wrote a lot of poetry."
- Danielle Steel
(Related: Poetry, Passion, Teenage, Years)

"To be exempt from the Passions with which others are tormented, is the only pleasing Solitude."
- Richard Steele
(Related: Solitude)

"I imagine my children are going to save me from my vanity and be my passion and fill whatever fears I have of the amazing time I'm having right now being gone."
- Gwen Stefani
(Related: Time, Being, Children, Now, Passion, Right, Vanity)

"What is music. A passion for colonies not a love of country."
- Gertrude Stein
(Related: Love, Music, Country, Passion)

"I hold that a writer who does not passionately believe in the perfectibility of man has no dedication nor any membership in literature."
- John Steinbeck
(Related: Dedication, Literature, Man, Writer)

"Our true passions are selfish."
- Stendhal
"The more a race is governed by its passions, the less it has acquired the habit of cautious and reasoned argument, the more intense will be its love of music."
- Stendhal
(Related: Love, Music, Habit, Argument, Race, Will)

"In love, unlike most other passions, the recollection of what you have had and lost is always better than what you can hope for in the future."
- Stendhal
(Related: Love, Hope, Future)

"The Clinton paradox: How could a president so intelligent, so compassionate, so public-spirited and so conscious of his place in history act in such a stupid, selfish and self-destructive manner?"
- George Stephanopoulos
(Related: History, Act, President, Public, Self)

"You desire that which exceeds my humble powers, but I trust in the compassion and mercy of the All-powerful God."
- Saint Stephen
(Related: Trust, God, Compassion, Desire, Mercy)

"Passion is the quickest to develop, and the quickest to fade. Intimacy develops more slowly, and commitment more gradually still."
- Robert Sternberg
(Related: Commitment, Intimacy, Passion)

"Our passion and principals are constantly in a frenzy, but begin to shift and waver, as we return to reason."
- Laurence Sterne
(Related: Passion, Reason)

"Lessons of wisdom have the most power over us when they capture the heart through the groundwork of a story, which engages the passions."
- Laurence Sterne
(Related: Power, Wisdom, Heart)

"The spiritual quest was always the predominant aspect of my life. It's always been there. But there's also an incredible passion connected to it; it's not just a dry investigative process. I have been extremely emotional about it, and that comes out in the songs."
- Cat Stevens
(Related: Life, Passion, Quest, Songs, Spiritual)

"The fact that the Prophet cared for every human being and tried his best to ensure their security in the hereafter must be the most telling of his compassionate and merciful characteristics."
- Cat Stevens
(Related: Being, Fact, Security)

"I was a single mom that raised two bright, beautiful, and compassionate girls."
- Connie Stevens
(Related: Mom, Girls)

"Having spent so much of my life with Shakespeare's world, passions and ideas in my head and in my mouth, he feels like a friend - someone who just went out of the room to get another bottle of wine."
- Patrick Stewart
(Related: Life, Ideas, Friend, Shakespeare, Wine, World)

"Well, I think when we can turn to the person sitting next to us and really see them with kindness and see ourselves reflected back - when there's some dignity and compassion traveling back and forth."
- Sharon Stone
(Related: Compassion, Dignity, Kindness, Traveling)

"I think it's really important that the people who are going to make decisions for other people have fair, truthful and compassionate regard for all people, not just some people."
- Sharon Stone
(Related: People, Decisions)

"The old interests of aristocracy - the romance of action, the exalted passions of chivalry and war - faded into the background, and their place was taken by the refined and intimate pursuits of peace and civilization."
- Lytton Strachey
(Related: Peace, War, Romance, Civilization, Action, Aristocracy, Chivalry, Old)

"Some people are filled by compassion and a desire to do good, and some simply don't think anything's going to make a difference."
- Meryl Streep
(Related: People, Compassion, Desire, Difference)

"What is exciting is not for one person to be stronger than the other... but for two people to have met their match and yet they are equally as stubborn, as obstinate, as passionate, as crazy as the other."
- Barbra Streisand
(Related: People)

"Men are allowed to have passion and commitment for their work... a woman is allowed that feeling for a man, but not her work."
- Barbra Streisand
(Related: Men, Work, Commitment, Feeling, Man, Passion, Woman)

"People who passionately want to believe that the world is basically simple react to this with a fury that goes beyond what I consider appropriate for discussing a programming language."
- Bjarne Stroustrup
(Related: People, Language, Programming, Want, World)

"Some major writers have a huge impact, like Ayn Rand, who to my mind is a lousy fiction writer because her writing has no compassion and virtually no humor. She has a philosophical and economical message that she is passing off as fiction, but it really isn't fiction at all."
- Theodore Sturgeon
(Related: Humor, Compassion, Fiction, Mind, Writer, Writers, Writing)

"The only thing I feel passionate about is my wife."
- Donald Sutherland
(Related: Wife)

"Many things are unknown to the wisest, and the best men can never wholly divest themselves of passions and affections... nothing can or ought to be permanent but that which is perfect."
- Algernon Sydney
(Related: Men, Nothing)

"If you feel like there's something out there that you're supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it."
- Wanda Sykes
(Related: Passion, Wishing)

"If you're passionate about your work, it makes the people around you want to be involved too."
- Wanda Sykes
(Related: Work, People, Want)

"The grief of the keen is no personal complaint for the death of one woman over eighty years, but seems to contain the whole passionate rage that lurks somewhere in every native of the island."
- John Millington Synge
(Related: Death, Complaint, Grief, Woman, Years)

"I've always admitted that I'm ruled by my passions."
- Elizabeth Taylor
"If you've been playing for a few years, especially in a group context, you'll see if you have the ability or the passion to want to carry on. It's something that you have to be dedicated to and you've got to love, no matter what happens."
- Mick Taylor
(Related: Love, Ability, Passion, Want, Years)

"The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions."
- Alfred Lord Tennyson
(Related: Happiness, Life, Absence, Man)

"The book of female logic is blotted all over with tears, and Justice in their courts is forever in a passion."
- William Makepeace Thackeray
(Related: Justice, Logic, Passion, Tears)

"Wars begin in the minds of men, and in those minds, love and compassion would have built the defenses of peace."
- U. Thant
(Related: Love, Peace, Men, Compassion)

"It's passionately interesting for me that the things that I learned in a small town, in a very modest home, are just the things that I believe have won the election."
- Margaret Thatcher
(Related: Home)

"I just owe almost everything to my father and it's passionately interesting for me that the things that I learned in a small town, in a very modest home, are just the things that I believe have won the election."
- Margaret Thatcher
(Related: Home, Father)

"Death is an endless night so awful to contemplate that it can make us love life and value it with such passion that it may be the ultimate cause of all joy and all art."
- Paul Theroux
(Related: Art, Death, Life, Love, Cause, Joy, May, Night, Passion, Value)

"Houses are one of my passions. I probably should have been an interior decorator."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Houses)

"Being religious means asking passionately the question of the meaning of our existence and being willing to receive answers, even if the answers hurt."
- Paul Tillich
(Related: Answers, Being, Existence, Hurt, Meaning, Question, Religious)

"My daughter is a good, caring, compassionate person. To me that's the true meaning of success, even though the marriages didn't work out. My success with my daughter is all that matters."
- Charlene Tilton
(Related: Success, Work, Daughter, Caring, Meaning)

"My Lords temporal, today is the day to rise up against the regiment of Lords spiritual and proclaim the values of enlightenment, compassion and common sense."
- Polly Toynbee
(Related: Values, Common sense, Compassion, Day, Spiritual, Today)

"Anger is a momentary madness, so control your passion or it will control you."
- G. M. Trevelyan
(Related: Anger, Control, Madness, Passion, Will)

"Passionate love, I take it, rarely lasts long, and is very troublesome while it does last. Mutual esteem is very much more valuable."
- Anthony Trollope
(Related: Love)

"With out passion you dont have energy, with out energy you have nothing."
- Donald Trump
(Related: Energy, Nothing, Passion)

"Compassion automatically invites you to relate with people because you no longer regard people as a drain on your energy."
- Chogyam Trungpa
(Related: People, Compassion, Energy)

"America is hope. It is compassion. It is excellence. It is valor."
- Paul Tsongas
(Related: Hope, America, Compassion, Excellence, Valor)

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."
- Harriet Tubman
(Related: Change, Dream, Strength, Passion, Patience, Stars, World)

"There is no poison on earth more potent, nor half so deadly, as a partial truth mixed with passion."
- Michael J. Tucker
(Related: Truth, Earth, Passion, Poison)

"Yoga is about compassion and generosity towards others. It means being mindful of the world around us."
- Christy Turlington
(Related: Being, Compassion, Generosity, World, Yoga)

"Crimes of Passion, which is one of the best films I've done, will live strongly in my resume, even though it didn't do well."
- Kathleen Turner
(Related: Passion, Will)

"I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights."
- Desmond Tutu
(Related: Compassion, Rights, Want)

"I lost my sense of trust, honesty and compassion. I crashed down and became what I consider an emotional mess. I've never been so miserable in my whole life. I just wanted to go to bed and never get up."
- Shania Twain
(Related: Life, Trust, Honesty, Bed, Compassion, Sense)

"Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses."
- Lao Tzu
(Related: Love, Heart, Senses)

"I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures."
- Lao Tzu
(Related: Compassion, Patience, Simplicity)

"It was a lot of fun being a child actress. It suited me. I don't think it suits everybody, but I was in it because I had a passion, not because my parents wanted me to make money. If other kids want to do it, and they really like acting, go for it."
- Alanna Ubach
(Related: Money, Acting, Being, Fun, Kids, Parents, Passion, Want)

"The West German population would protest passionately if it knew what secret meetings between the federal chancellor, McCoy, and foreign and Nazi generals are planning."
- Walter Ulbricht
(Related: Meetings, Planning, Population, Protest)

"As you get older, you realize it's work. It's that fine line between love and companionship. But passionate love? I'd love to know how to make that last."
- Tracey Ullman
(Related: Love, Work, Companionship)

"I shall strive not to be guilty of adding any fuel to the flames of hatred and passion which, if continued to be fed, promise to burn up whatever is left by the war of decent human feeling in Europe."
- Eamon de Valera
(Related: War, Europe, Feeling, Hatred, Passion, Promise)

"Passion and strife bow down the mind."
- Virgil
(Related: Mind, Passion)

"Anyone who seeks to destroy the passions instead of controlling them is trying to play the angel."
- Voltaire
(Related: Play, Trying)

"I think it's safe to say that each of us has at least one issue we are passionate about and struggle with, issues that robs us of our peace, our joy and our ability to experience love."
- Lindsay Wagner
(Related: Experience, Love, Peace, Ability, Joy, Struggle)

"Pets have more love and compassion in them than most humans."
- Robert Wagner
(Related: Love, Compassion, Pets)

"At the end of the day, love and compassion will win."
- Terry Waite
(Related: Love, Compassion, Day, End, Will)

"Chase your passion, not your pension."
- Denis Waitley
(Related: Passion)

"The seas are quiet when the winds give o'er; So calm are we when passions are no more!"
- Edmund Waller
(Related: Quiet)

"I met the president when he was president-elect at a meeting in Austin. He spoke of his faith. He spoke of his desire for a compassionate conservatism, for a faith-based initiative that would do something for poor people."
- Jim Wallis
(Related: Faith, People, Conservatism, Desire, Meeting, Poor, President)

"Plot, rules, nor even poetry, are not half so great beauties in tragedy or comedy as a just imitation of nature, of character, of the passions and their operations in diversified situations."
- Horace Walpole
(Related: Nature, Poetry, Character, Comedy, Imitation, Rules, Tragedy)

"It would be nice to feel that we are a better world, a world of more compassion and a world of more humanity, and to believe in the basic goodness of man."
- Barbara Walters
(Related: Compassion, Goodness, Humanity, World)

"Public emergencies may require the hand of severity to fall heavily on those who are not personally guilty, but compassion prompts, and ever urges to milder methods."
- Mercy Otis Warren
(Related: Compassion, May, Public)

"When people protest and are upset with a movie, it becomes a big hit. They hated Passion of The Christ, it worked out pretty well for the box office. So let's get that going."
- Denzel Washington
(Related: People, Christ, Office, Passion, Pretty, Protest)

"There's something in the moment when you can make them laugh or cry and show and incredibly compassionate side of life. I find that a really exemplary way to live."
- Gedde Watanabe
(Related: Life)

"Passion has always been important to me. That won't change. What changes in a woman's perspective. I mean, I have two kids now. I'm a single parent balancing motherhood and my career. That changes the equation."
- Jody Watley
(Related: Change, Career, Kids, Motherhood, Now, Passion, Perspective, Woman)

"When you're a girl, passion can dominate the equation, but as you grow up relationships evolve. Mad passion can grab you at first, but it can't last forever."
- Jody Watley
(Related: First, Passion, Relationships)

"One can say that three pre-eminent qualities are decisive for the politician: passion, a feeling of responsibility, and a sense of proportion."
- Max Weber
(Related: Feeling, Passion, Responsibility, Sense)

"Difficult as it is really to listen to someone in affliction, it is just as difficult for him to know that compassion is listening to him."
- Simone Weil
(Related: Affliction, Compassion, Listening)

"For, quite literally, the whole world today is looking for us to take the lead in carrying out those obligations imposed on the American people as a whole by the beautiful, compassionate and courageous principle of noblesse oblige."
- Robert Welch
(Related: People, American, Today, World)

"I passionately hate the idea of being with it; I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time."
- Orson Welles
(Related: Time, Idea, Artist, Being, Hate)

"No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else's draft."
- H. G. Wells
(Related: Draft, Passion, World)

"The future will belong to those who have passion and are willing to work hard to make our country better."
- Paul Wellstone
(Related: Work, Country, Future, Passion, Will)

"Acting will always be my first passion, it's what I live to do and I hope to be lucky enough to do it the rest of my life."
- Devon Werkheiser
(Related: Life, Hope, Acting, First, Passion, Rest, Will)

"I have a garden, and I'm passionately interested in young people."
- Mary Wesley
(Related: People, Garden)

"If you have real passion for a career in game shows, be willing to serve an apprenticeship; it's the best way to learn."
- Randy West
(Related: Career, Passion)

"It is the soul's duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion."
- Rebecca West
(Related: Soul, Duty, Passion)

"No matter how fast I could do it with the digital camera I don't think I would get the same thing out of it. The passion I have for formulating an idea stands alone. It is the important essence of what I do."
- Kim Weston
(Related: Idea, Passion)

"What I had to prove was that I had a dedication and a desire and a passion to do the work and everything else would fall in place because I have a vision that I want to portray and it did and I do it. I don't sell anything."
- Kim Weston
(Related: Work, Vision, Dedication, Desire, Passion, Want)

"If you have this passion for music, you don't stop doing it - it chooses you and doesn't release you."
- Tina Weymouth
(Related: Music, Passion)

"To know your ruling passion, examine your castles in the air."
- Richard Whately
(Related: Passion)

"My wife is the most awesome person in the universe. She's made this experience much less miserable for me, with her compassion, patience and understanding."
- Wil Wheaton
(Related: Experience, Wife, Compassion, Patience, Understanding, Universe)

"My desire, my passion, was to help moms with practical encouragement."
- Lisa Whelchel
(Related: Desire, Encouragement, Help, Passion)

"His passion has aroused the best and the beast in man. And the beast waited for him in the kitchen."
- Theodore White
(Related: Kitchen, Man, Passion)

"Aaron is a very passionate, maniacal writer so the scripts really come from him, but he is very open to... y'know, we'll plan ideas and we'll certainly tussle about stuff when the script comes out. So, to a certain extent, he's very interested. If there's some problem or something that doesn't ring true, he wants to know why and he wants to correct it or fight for it."
- Bradley Whitford
(Related: Ideas, Fight, Open, Writer)

"With care, and skill, and cunning art, She parried Time's malicious dart, And kept the years at bay, Till passion entered in her heart and aged her in a day!"
- Ella Wheeler Wilcox
(Related: Art, Time, Heart, Care, Cunning, Passion, Skill, Years)

"Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship."
- Oscar Wilde
(Related: Friendship, Men, Women, Love, Passion, Worship)

"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation."
- Oscar Wilde
(Related: People, Thoughts, Opinions, Quotation)

"Many of those who once were so passionately in love with Christ now run about pursuing their own interests. They're burdened down with stress and problems, chasing after riches and the things of this world."
- David Wilkerson
(Related: Love, Christ, Now, Problems, Stress, World)

"America is a giving nation and very compassionate."
- David Wilkerson
(Related: America, Giving, Nation)

"Politics should share one purpose with religion: the steady emancipation of the individual through the education of his passions."
- George Will
(Related: Education, Politics, Purpose)

"I don't think of myself as a role model. I do try to live in a compassionate, considerate and positive way. The only advice I can offer is to find what you love to do, find the joy in it, and express yourself through your passion."
- Barry Williams
(Related: Love, Positive, Advice, Joy, Passion)

"Pope John Paul, a man of peace and compassion, was one of the most revered leaders of our time."
- Bill Williams
(Related: Peace, Time, Compassion, Leaders, Man)

"I realized a while back that I have an innate ability to be compassionate, and I saw that the strength of compassion is something that healers have and healers use.'"
- Ricky Williams
(Related: Strength, Ability, Compassion)

"May we not succumb to thoughts of violence and revenge today, but rather to thoughts of mercy and compassion. We are to love our enemies that they might be returned to their right minds."
- Marianne Williamson
(Related: Love, Thoughts, Compassion, Enemies, May, Mercy, Revenge, Right, Today, Violence)

"If history and science have taught us anything, it is that passion and desire are not the same as truth."
- E. O. Wilson
(Related: History, Science, Truth, Desire, Passion)

"Blind faith, no matter how passionately expressed, will not suffice. Science for its part will test relentlessly every assumption about the human condition."
- E. O. Wilson
(Related: Science, Faith, Blind, Will)

"Robert Jordan, whether he's writing with passion or not, I don't know."
- Terri Windling
(Related: Passion, Writing)

"When I was younger, I was in love with everything about the British Isles, from British folklore to Celtic music. That was always where my passions were as a young girl, and so I studied folklore as a college student in England and Ireland."
- Terri Windling
(Related: Love, Music, College, England, Ireland)

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."
- Oprah Winfrey
(Related: Power, Energy, Passion)

"It could be my British need for discipline that makes me admire the American appetite for freedom and passion."
- Steve Winwood
(Related: Discipline, American, Appetite, Freedom, Passion)

"My three Ps: passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you've got to be a filmmaker."
- Robert Wise
(Related: Perseverance, Passion, Patience)

"Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love."
- Stevie Wonder
(Related: Love, Mother, Compassion)

"The movies I like to make are very rich and full of passion. Some people see me as an action director, but action is not the only thing in my movies. I always like to show human nature - something deep inside the heart."
- John Woo
(Related: Movies, Nature, People, Heart, Action, Deep, Human nature, Passion)

"Orwell was the sort of man who was full of grievances. He was very loyal. Once he got to know you, he was extremely loyal. He hated passionately and irrationally."
- George Woodcock
(Related: Man)

"I love to play golf, and that's my arena. And you can characterize it and describe it however you want, but I have a love and a passion for getting that ball in the hole and beating those guys."
- Tiger Woods
(Related: Love, Golf, Passion, Play, Want)

"My own brain is to me the most unaccountable of machinery - always buzzing, humming, soaring roaring diving, and then buried in mud. And why? What's this passion for?"
- Virginia Woolf
(Related: Passion)

"Faith is a passionate intuition."
- William Wordsworth
(Related: Faith, Intuition)

"A man that is ashamed of passions that are natural and reasonable is generally proud of those that are shameful and silly."
- Mary Wortley
(Related: Man, Silly)

"Time has the same effect on the mind as on the face; the predominant passion and the strongest feature become more conspicuous from the others' retiring."
- Mary Wortley
(Related: Time, Effect, Mind, Passion)

"Any guy that's not working with the same amount of intensity and passion that I do, I don't want to know."
- Zakk Wylde
(Related: Passion, Want)

"I think a lot of times it's not money that's the primary motivation factor; it's the passion for your job and the professional and personal satisfaction that you get out of doing what you do that motivates you."
- Martin Yan
(Related: Money, Motivation, Job, Passion, Satisfaction)

"A lot of people don't enjoy their job, they may even hate it, but I am lucky enough to be able to make a living through my passion."
- Martin Yan
(Related: People, Hate, Job, Living, May, Passion)

"The creations of a great writer are little more than the moods and passions of his own heart, given surnames and Christian names, and sent to walk the earth."
- William Butler Yeats
(Related: Heart, Christian, Earth, Moods, Names, Writer)

"The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity."
- William Butler Yeats
(Related: Conviction)

"Show your bluebell passion with every step you take. Infuse your corporeal mind, body and spirit with atomic sense of urgency, purpose and apple juice."
- Isabel Yosito
(Related: Purpose, Body, Mind, Passion, Sense, Spirit)

"Someone like Russell Crowe is questioned for his passion for music, and whatever he does, music is just in his heart and soul. All he wants to do is music."
- Tina Yothers
(Related: Music, Soul, Heart, Passion)

"I stopped acting because I had other passions I wanted to pursue."
- Tina Yothers
(Related: Acting)

"Men who care passionately for women attach themselves at least as much to the temple and to the accessories of the cult as to their goddess herself."
- Marguerite Yourcenar
(Related: Men, Women, Temple, Care)

"In how many lives does love really play a dominant part? The average taxpayer is no more capable of a 'grand passion' than of a grand opera."
- Israel Zangwill
(Related: Love, Opera, Passion, Play)

"Great wisdom is generous; petty wisdom is contentious. Great speech is impassioned, small speech cantankerous."
- Zhuang Zi
(Related: Wisdom, Speech)

"My passion for the game comes from the city of Marseille itself. Unfortunately I can't go back there as much I want to because I play a lot here and abroad."
- Zinedine Zidane
(Related: Passion, Play, Want)

"After doing psychology for half a century, my passion for all of it is greater than ever."
- Philip Zimbardo
(Related: Passion, Psychology)