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"I just throw it out and see what happens. If it sounds and feels right, then I continue."
- F. Murray Abraham
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"I always wondered what hearing one's own obituary might sound like, and I sort of feel like I may have just heard part of it at least."
- Spencer Abraham
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"If you're a good singer, you're going to make anything sound good."
- Casey Abrams
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"We worked on solving the problem of voice communications in a noisy military environment. We established military codes that are highly audible and invented selection tests for personnel who had a superior ability to recognize sound in a noisy background."
- M. H. Abrams
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"I'm not Mr. Debonair Suave. I'm just a regular boy who goofs around, pulls pranks, and makes jokes. That doesn't sound very hot to me."
- Jensen Ackles
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"We have too many high-sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them."
- Abigail Adams
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"In my experience, problems most frequently arise from those who report for television, with little field experience in your area but an insatiable appetite for a sound bite."
- Alvin Adams
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"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
- Douglas Adams
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"I want to feel passion, I want to feel pain. I want to weep at the sound of your name. Come make me laugh, come make me cry... just make me feel alive."
- Joey Lauren Adams
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"If you have any trouble sounding condescending, find a Unix user to show you how it's done."
- Scott Adams
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"I prefer to sing in the shower because the acoustics make you sound great, baby."
- Naima Adedapo
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"They wanted me to do Scream 2, and I hate talking about movies I turned down, because it sounds judgmental. There's nothing wrong with horror movies. I enjoy watching them. The main reason I turn a part down is if I think I won't be good."
- Casey Affleck
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"I know this is going to sound cheesy and like I'm trying to be Miss America, but the most important responsibility a celebrity has is to set an example and be a role model."
- Clay Aiken
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"Well, there are certain words and emotions I don't want kids hearing, and I'm not changing because they think it's going to sell better. This is going to sound horrible, but I got 12 million votes doing what I did."
- Clay Aiken
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"I have witnessed how education opens doors, and I know that when sound instruction takes place, students experience the joys of new-found knowledge and the ability to excel."
- Daniel Akaka
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"As soon as it sounds fine, I'm on to the next thing, man."
- Damon Albarn
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"I don't think anyone has exhausted the range of sound possible in a conventional rock band, but people do become slaves to their own easiest techniques."
- Steve Albini
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"There is a lot of use of ProTools in professional studios, but this is mostly for the special effects it allows, not for sound quality. These special effects soon fall out of fashion, and I don't think this trend will define studios permanently."
- Steve Albini
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"It goes back to a style of moviemaking I remember seeing as a child, in movies like The Man With The Golden Arm, which I think was shot all on a sound stage."
- Debbie Allen
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"I was taken in by the bravado and the sounds of Mexico... not so much the music, but the spirit."
- Herb Alpert
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"It's - as opposed to tape where you have a magnetic tape that's excited by frequencies that you hit, digital was a process where musical sounds are transferred to numbers and stored as numbers."
- Herb Alpert
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"If you look at a record under a microscope, the high frequencies are short jagged edges... and the low frequencies are long swinging ones are deep bass sounds. When it cut it at half speed, you're getting more of those on the record."
- Herb Alpert
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"In horror movies today it's lots of fast cut shot and lots of loud noises on the soundtrack. I tried to do the opposite. Playing with silence for instance."
- Alejandro Amenabar
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"Our first record didn't come out on vinyl, so I think that might have had something to do with actually being in a position to make sure that it came out in vinyl this time. It sounds way better."
- Jeff Ament
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"Musically, I always allow myself to jump off of cliffs. At least that's what it feels like to me. Whether that's what it actually sounds like might depend on what the listener brings to the songs."
- Tori Amos
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"I'm not being evasive but I am saying I'm not a scientist and I'm not directly involved in the consultation however the science must be sound, it must be agreed and the consultation must be of a high quality or no one will have any confidence in the process."
- John Anderson
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"I know when I started I would have been happy to sound like the Beatles or Joe Tex or whoever. You want to sound like most bands, you want to sound like their records and that's how you learn your chops."
- Jon Anderson
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"If you want something that's going to provide you with a lot of challenges and a variety of different things to do, then you really can't beat a place like the Air Force. I don't mean this to sound like a recruiting pitch. But it's been a lot of fun."
- Michael P. Anderson
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"I was lucky enough to be the lady that was asked to be Maria in the Sound Of Music, and that film was fortunate enough to be huge hit. The same with Mary Poppins. I got terribly lucky in that respect."
- Julie Andrews
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"Too much work, too much vacation, too much of any one thing is unsound."
- Walter Annenberg
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"It is unsound for an independent editor to be a financial contributor to any cause which would cause any type of special pleading."
- Walter Annenberg
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"Some actors get fired up by the sound of the audience. I just want to retreat."
- Francesca Annis
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"I don't want what I am saying to sound like a prophecy or anything like an analysis of modern society... these are only feelings I have, and I am the least speculative man on earth."
- Michelangelo Antonioni
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"It sounds extraordinary but it's a fact that balance sheets can make fascinating reading."
- Mary Archer
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"All your travelling is together, you eat together, you're on stage as a band together, when you get to the sound-check the band and the crew are all together."
- Joan Armatrading
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"I found my sound early on. Look at U2: they haven't changed their music for 20 years. Anyway, many people come unstuck when they try to change what they do and what they are known for."
- Joan Armatrading
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"Hillary Clinton bothers me a lot. I realized the other day that her thoughts sound a lot like Karl Marx. She hangs around a lot of Marxists. All her friends are Marxists."
- Dick Armey
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"Punk is not just the sound, the music. Punk is a lifestyle."
- Billie Joe Armstrong
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"Shows were very different then - even as the headliner we did a very short set by today's standards and sound systems were really primitive. But the girls made it all worthwhile!"
- Peter Asher
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"Creationists make it sound as though a 'theory' is something you dreamt up after being drunk all night."
- Isaac Asimov
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"It's like taking over This Is Your Life from Eamonn Andrews - you just open your mouth and hope you sound like yourself. That's all you can possibly do."
- Michael Aspel
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"Death is the sound of distant thunder at a picnic."
- W. H. Auden
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"The maxim, that governments ought to train the people in the way in which they should go, sounds well. But is there any reason for believing that a government is more likely to lead the people in the right way than the people to fall into the right way of themselves?"
- Thomas Babington
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"Generally, you are held to a sound and that becomes your sound. That gets branded as your sound, and all the copycats start with it because the labels are looking for that sound."
- Randy Bachman
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"I have the ability to sing with emotion and feeling, but if you say I sound like Billie Holiday, that's cool. Let's look at who Billie was: she was this person, this singer, this beautiful diva who could move the audience with the slightest gesture of her hand."
- Erykah Badu
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"I was listening to the first record the other day, and it sounds remarkably contemporary."
- Chris Bailey
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"Of all the toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a sound when you jump on it."
- Stephen Baker
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"He who is not impressed by sound advice, lacks faith."
- Abu Bakr
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"I only sound intelligent when there's a good script writer around."
- Christian Bale
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"I knew that as a DJ from 1970 on up that I would eventually come with this sound. I brought out all these other break beats that you hear so much on a lot of these records."
- Afrika Bambaataa
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"The thing that's good about Hip Hop is that it has experimented with a lot of different sounds and music."
- Afrika Bambaataa
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"There's not a moment on it that will sound too familiar, as soon as it sounds comfortably familiar then we like to do something with it to take away that comfortable feeling."
- Peter Banks
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"The sibilant s is the most difficult sound to correct."
- Christine Baranski
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"In the beginning, there was silence. And out of the silence came the sound. The sound is not here."
- Daniel Barenboim
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"Sound is often talked about in a very subjective way, as if it had a colour. This is a bright sound, this is a dark sound. I don't believe in that because I think that is much too subjective."
- Daniel Barenboim
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"Obama sounded like Al Gore on global warming. The more the case for man-made warming falls apart, the more hysterical Gore gets about an imminent catastrophe. The more public support his stimulus bill loses, the more Obama embraces fear-mongering."
- Fred Barnes
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"When you are accompanied by the instrument - on an instrument like the lute-the lute and voice - you have this sound, and you feel how the music can be so touching and yet so simple."
- Cecilia Bartoli
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"The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers."
- Matsuo Basho
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"Well, if you find a note tonight that sounds good, play the same damn note every night!"
- Count Basie
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"I think that being in an environment is a much richer experience than just working on a soundstage."
- Kathy Bates
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"I don't try to make 15 musicians sound like two each."
- Les Baxter
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"I just decided that I would not put my professional life on hold to raise children. I know that sounds selfish to a lot of people and I don't know if what I'm doing is the right thing. But that's the way I'm doing it."
- Emmanuelle Beart
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"You have to figure out who the right person is to tell the story. And often, people who are very self-aware will only sound as if they are pontificating if they tell the story."
- Ann Beattie
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"But the Republican right-wing agenda, these people - Arnold and his patrons - felt it could be accomplished by circumventing the Legislature and spending money and organizing and giving sound bites."
- Warren Beatty
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"Let no man fear to die, we love to sleep all, and death is but the sounder sleep."
- Francis Beaumont
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"I hear a lot of bad TV commercials that try to sound like Where It's At. That pretty much turned me off from using the electric piano for a lot of years."
- Beck
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"The repercussions of what you put out and what people gravitate to in your music never registered at all. I never had that thing that maybe other bands have - a specific idea of what they are and what their sound is."
- Beck
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"I play the way I do because it allows me to come up with the sickest sounds possible. That's the point now isn't it?"
- Jeff Beck
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"I don't understand why some people will only accept a guitar if it has an instantly recognizable guitar sound. Finding ways to use the same guitar people have been using for 50 years to make sounds that no one has heard before is truly what gets me off."
- Jeff Beck
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"No matter how difficult and painful it may be, nothing sounds as good to the soul as the truth."
- Martha Beck
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"I think if you're writing from the heart, very often, the subject matter will adjust as you age... but you try to write the best song you can possibly write. For us, we have the same basic elements that make up the America sound."
- Gerry Beckley
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"Also in Norah Jones, now there's a voice that sounds and I don't mean disrespect but sounds a hundred years old that sounds incredibly experienced. It's just an exciting time."
- Gerry Beckley
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"Tones sound, and roar and storm about me until I have set them down in notes."
- Ludwig van Beethoven
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"For example, after developing a sound similar to an elephant trumpeting, I wrote the song Elephant Talk which gave my elephant sound an appropriate place to live."
- Adrian Belew
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"As you can appreciate over my lifetime I've developed a large vocabulary of sounds each requiring certain physical techniques often combined with a specific effect box."
- Adrian Belew
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"I was left with an urge to make the guitar sound like things it shouldn't be able to sound like."
- Adrian Belew
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"Every other movie is one of those action things. I mean, 'Lost in Space'? A bunch of good actors running around shooting at special effects on a soundstage? I took my kids to see that and felt like I was on an acid trip."
- Tom Berenger
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"It's not enough to hit the notes. There is no point in the singers just standing there and sounding wonderful if they're not connecting with the characters they are portraying."
- Bruce Beresford
"Micing it from two different angles in front of the speaker sounds huge, and it's so simple."
- Daisy Berkowitz
"We're approaching things quite differently this time, but it will still sound like Marilyn Manson."
- Daisy Berkowitz
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"Experimenting with different sounds is great, but when it comes down to it, you're still playing a guitar."
- Daisy Berkowitz
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"If you make it sound too much like a synth, it will just sound like a guitar part played on a synth."
- Daisy Berkowitz
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"I'm not interested in having an orchestra sound like itself. I want it to sound like the composer."
- Leonard Bernstein
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"The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach."
- Henry Beston
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"Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows."
- John Betjeman
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"Obviously the biggest change is that it's me by myself. When you don't have another band interpreting your songs or playing them the way that they have, it's bound to sound different."
- Nuno Bettencourt
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"It's hard to know exactly what it sounds like to me. I'm in the studio and I write it. and that's it."
- Nuno Bettencourt
"He seems determined to make a trumpet sound like a tin whistle."
- Aneurin Bevan
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"Push yourself again and again. Don't give an inch until the final buzzer sounds."
- Larry Bird
"This sounds horribly pretentious, but I like to think that if music hadn't existed, I could have invented it."
- Harrison Birtwistle
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"The residents and elected officials of Long Island have fought vigorously for many years and spent millions of dollars to preserve the quality of life that the Long Island Sound offers."
- Tim Bishop
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"The Long Island Sound is an environmentally unique estuary that needs to be protected."
- Tim Bishop
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"A statesman... must wait until he hears the steps of God sounding through events, then leap up and grasp the hem of His garment."
- Otto von Bismarck
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"The movie Spinal Tap rocked my world. It's for rock what The Sound of Music was for hills. They really nailed how dumb rock can be."
- Jack Black
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"What's the point of re-releasing an album? The original sounded good, why change something about it?"
- Ritchie Blackmore
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"When you're recording, if you're not really clean in your playing, it sounds like a mess."
- Ritchie Blackmore
"Now that the 90's are over and more time has gone by, the 80's sound fresh again."
- Nina Blackwood
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"Every band had their own distinctive sound, but it was pretty much dancing music and rhythmic music with a tremendous emphasis on copying the Cuban models."
- Ruben Blades
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"I'm definitely going to miss hearing the sound of that gun."
- Bonnie Blair
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"In fact at home I sometimes like to be quiet and hear the sounds of the world outside."
- Brenda Blethyn
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"I have never seen a game's graphics look so sharp and clean. The sound design for the game is also unique on the Xbox. The memory on this system allowed us to provide the user with 5.1 Dolby surround sound for home theatre owners."
- Don Bluth
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"I suppose any note, no matter how sour, sounds like a song if you hold onto it long enough."
- Dewitt Bodeen
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"All rock musicians are deaf... Or insensitive to mellow sounds."
- Marc Bolan
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"I love power. But it is as an artist that I love it. I love it as a musician loves his violin, to draw out its sounds and chords and harmonies."
- Napoleon Bonaparte
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"Not everybody likes or understands a drum solo, so I like to bring in effects and sounds to keep their interest."
- John Bonham
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"Working in the digital domain, you're using approximations of things; the actual sound wave never enters the equation. You deal with sections of it, and you're able to do so much more by just reducing the information to a finite amount."
- Sean Booth
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"A mate of mine said recently said a lot of stuff sounds like you're listening to it outside, but also like you're surrounded by it, and I think that's quite similar."
- Sean Booth
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"We did experiments with the Boston Symphony for many years where we measured the angles of incidence of sound arriving at the ears of the audience, then took the measurements back to MIT and analyzed them."
- Amar Bose
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"I loved music, and in my ninth year at MIT, I decided to buy a hi-fi set. I figured that all I needed to do was look at the specifications. So I bought what looked like the best one, turned it on, and turned it off in five minutes, the sound was so poor."
- Amar Bose
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"Barge traffic on the Mississippi River represents the most efficient, most cost-effective, most environmentally sound means of transporting commodity goods from this region of the country to market."
- Leonard Boswell
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"It's clear to me that there is no good reason for many philosophy books to sound as complicated as they do."
- Alain de Botton
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"A sound discretion is not so much indicated by never making a mistake as by never repeating it."
- Christian Nestell Bovee
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"To become a thoroughly good man is the best prescription for keeping a sound mind and a sound body."
- Francis Bowen
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"Performance art can involve the audience with taste, smell and sounds not available with electronic media and not practical with conventional theater. This is due to the usually small audience."
- Jack Bowman
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"I would listen to how they told the story, to what elements they used, to how it sounded, and that's who I patterned myself after, the people who were on CBS News."
- Ed Bradley
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"It's a video release as well so I have to be perfectly honest and go, probably not specifically for DVD, but there are extra bits on it that aren't on anything else, so as exciting as that sounds."
- Jo Brand
"I can't record in the morning because I sound like Barry White."
- Toni Braxton
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"One forgets too easily the difference between a man and his image, and that there is none between the sound of his voice on the screen and in real life."
- Bertolt Brecht
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"In the morning on Sunday, a drum is sounded at about 8 o'clock."
- William Brewster
"When I see a colour or hear a sound, I am aware of something, and not of nothing."
- Charles D. Broad
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"I love to have battles of the wits with people that can dish fast and dirty - and it leads to problems occasionally, 'cause I can sound mean without attempting to be mean."
- Alton Brown
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"You can't find the sound if you just love sleep."
- Dennis Brown
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"But when you have to deal with notes, and to be able to make a full definition of what a sound is - if you are not around that environment, then you'll find you lose that feel, that momentum, you lose all that."
- Dennis Brown
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"Sometimes I like to play the soundtracks to famous musicals so we can all sing along. South Pacific is one of my favorites. Our neighbors must hate us."
- Louise Brown
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"I thought the best thing you were supposed to do was find somebody and try to sound like them."
- Ruth Brown
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"I think there is always room for a timeless sounding rock band like us."
- Steve Brown
"Close to the Edge, Red, One of a kind, Discipline, Earthworks, The Sound of Surprise, all seem to me to be albums that captured the essence of the intention."
- Bill Bruford
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"I mean, Chris is, I'm sure, a wonderful guy. But in those days he also very, very late. For all appointments and departures and arrivals and sound checks and anything."
- Bill Bruford
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"The sweetest of all sounds is that of the voice of the woman we love."
- Jean de la Bruyere
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"Next to sound judgment, diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world."
- Jean de la Bruyere
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"The project which we developed, however, was for a sound piece and I was initially curious that a sculptor should be interested in working with a musician, especially on a project for radio."
- Gavin Bryars
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"Sometimes I write them down in musical notation as a trigger to remind me about certain directions to go. Or I can be specific about a sound I'm looking for."
- Harold Budd
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"The Apple has the fewest bells and whistles. It has simple sound and few graphics special effects. In a way, that is a weakness because markets for the other machines are getting bigger."
- Bill Budge
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"There are things they tell us that sound good to hear, but when they have accomplished their purpose they will go home and will not try to fulfill our agreements with them."
- Sitting Bull
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"But if people will laugh at my work and keep a sound roof over my head, who am I to complain?"
- Billie Burke
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"I've seen a study in the last year that digital sound actually induces stress in the listener."
- T-Bone Burnett
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"I've been to two stadium gigs in my life. One was James Brown and the other was Pink Floyd. They both sounded the same. I couldn't tell the difference between James Brown and Pink Floyd. I've never liked stadiums."
- Boz Burrell
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"John Barry was the first film composer I was aware of. As a teenager I owned several of his Bond soundtracks."
- Carter Burwell
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"Hopefully each film can be given a musical voice of its own, which is not to say that the instrumentation is always unique, but that the relationship between the sound and the image is unique."
- Carter Burwell
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"My favorite review described me as the cinematic equivalent of junk mail. I don't know what that means, but it sounds like a dig."
- Steve Buscemi
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"Well in the book Carrie was my alter ego. In real life, Sarah Jessica and I don't look anything alike. But people do say that we sound alike. Sarah Jessica is an adorable girl and she is very funny."
- Candace Bushnell
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"I never try and sound like Sabbath."
- Geezer Butler
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"Letters are like wine; if they are sound they ripen with keeping. A man should lay down letters as he does a cellar of wine."
- Samuel Butler
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"I can laugh on cue, and it sounds real. People laugh with me."
- Ruth Buzzi
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"Television sounded really different than the Ramones sounded really different than us sounded really different than Blondie sounded really different than the Sex Pistols."
- David Byrne
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"When we started, a lot of bands sounded really different from one another."
- David Byrne
"Presents don't really mean much to me. I don't want to sound mawkish, but - it was the realization that I have a great many people in my life who really love me, and who I really love."
- Gabriel Byrne
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"I guess by taking lessons early on, and really trying to play all the rudimentary stuff, and try to have it sound as good as my teacher. It took a lot of practice, which I enjoyed, and still do."
- Matt Cameron
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"Ben was more improvisational, and relied less on methodology, and basically is a guitarist who switched to bass, whereas Jeff has a more traditional approach to playing bass in a band, and has a great sense of what his band sounds like, and we lock up nicely."
- Matt Cameron
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"A lot of times, when a band finds success with a certain style or sound, they have a really hard time breaking away from that to grow as artists."
- Matt Cameron
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"In my last band, Soundgarden, I had a couple of different drummers sit in on some stuff and it was fun for me to kind of take a break and watch the band."
- Matt Cameron
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"Joining another big time rock band was the last thing I was looking for, but as the tour went on, I really dug playing to a lot of people, the band sounded great, and just being out there again, got me over my depression and so I decided to hop on board."
- Matt Cameron
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"When I first went on tour with PJ in '98, I was still in shock having gone through the Soundgarden break up."
- Matt Cameron
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"Besides, my usefulness here is destroyed because all of my friends think me a man of unsound mind."
- Alex Campbell
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"My friends all regarded me as a man of unsound mind because I held the view that my wife was with me in spirit always. I have lived with her spirit guiding me every day and she is with me now as I write this letter, and helps me to do as I am now doing."
- Alex Campbell
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"If it wasn't for 2 Live Crew videos wouldn't look like they do and rappers wouldn't sound like they do."
- Luther Campbell
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"The world is never quiet, even its silence eternally resounds with the same notes, in vibrations which escape our ears. As for those that we perceive, they carry sounds to us, occasionally a chord, never a melody."
- Albert Camus
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"In the last analysis sound judgment will prevail."
- Joseph Cannon
(Related: Judgment, Sound, Will)

"If we are to perpetuate the state, we must not only produce citizens, but good citizens - men and women of sound bodies, clear minds and clean souls."
- Arthur Capper
(Related: Men, Women, Sound, State)

"I see it as one of my jobs to make sure that, it sounds ridiculous, but to make sure the folks are eating, make sure folks are getting enough fluids, make sure folks are, you know, comfortable in the orbiter."
- Duane G. Carey
(Related: Eating, Jobs)

"And, one thing I definitely enjoyed personally, from a selfish point of view, was exploration and going to places that I had never been to before and learning, you know, meeting the people and getting to know, new sights and sounds, etc."
- Duane G. Carey
(Related: People, Exploration, Learning, Meeting)

"If someone talks about union, fidelity, a monogamous relationship, love, blessing; I would say it sounds like marriage to me. And blessing, you see, I think is undermining our sacrament of marriage."
- George Carey
(Related: Marriage, Love, Fidelity)

"I have been a man of great sins, but He has been a God of great mercies; and now, through His mercies, I have a conscience as sound and quiet as if I had never sinned."
- Donald Cargill
(Related: God, Conscience, Man, Now, Quiet, Sound)

"It's all quotes, anyway, and it all sounds the same to me."
- Steve Carlton
(Related: Quotes)

"I'm in four different films this year, and I have four different accents. I sound different in every film. You have to love a character to play it well, and change in my work is what I want."
- Robert Carlyle
(Related: Change, Love, Work, Character, Film, Play, Sound, Want)

"Never play anything that don't sound right. You might not make any money, but at least you won't get hostile with yourself."
- Hoagy Carmichael
(Related: Money, Play, Right, Sound)

"The 'morality of compromise' sounds contradictory. Compromise is usually a sign of weakness, or an admission of defeat. Strong men don't compromise, it is said, and principles should never be compromised."
- Andrew Carnegie
(Related: Men, Compromise, Defeat, Principles, Weakness)

"I sat staring, staring, staring - half lost, learning a new language or rather the same language in a different dialect. So still were the big woods where I sat, sound might not yet have been born."
- Emily Carr
(Related: Language, Learning, Sound)

"I've always been a big fan of the American soul sound."
- Jose Carreras
(Related: Soul, American, Sound)

"The reporter claimed he was going to write the article from my point of view. Instead, he made me sound like a little idiot. It made me never want to do another interview again."
- Tia Carrere
(Related: Sound, Want)

"I know this sounds strange, but as a kid, I was really shy. Painfully shy. The turning point was freshman year, when I was the biggest geek alive. No one, I mean no one, even talked to me."
- Jim Carrey
"Take care of the sense and the sounds will take care of themselves."
- Lewis Carroll
(Related: Care, Sense, Will)

"I wanted this album to sound like a big crocheted blanket - to be warm yet to have a lot of space."
- Deana Carter
(Related: Sound, Space)

"I felt a responsibility to present a viable alternative to the popular electric sound."
- Ron Carter
(Related: Popular, Present, Responsibility, Sound)

"The Sound of Music was just such an honour to be in, because it was a movie that appeals to so many people, and they just loved it so much and they still love it to this day."
- Angela Cartwright
(Related: Love, Music, People, Day, Sound)

"Since September 11, security has been increased everywhere, and we have new IDs to get on to the Fox lot. I drove to the security gate, but realized I'd left my ID in my other car. I just broke into that voice - 'Hey, man, I'm Bart Simpson. Who else sounds like this?' The guard waved me through."
- Nancy Cartwright
(Related: Car, Man, Security, Voice)

"Not to sound too pathetic, but there have been long stretches where I haven't been able to get a job."
- David Caruso
(Related: Job, Sound)

"It's almost like he's started to sound even more exotic the more people started doing him. I don't know why, but there's just something about Al Gore that makes me laugh."
- Dana Carvey
(Related: People, Sound)

"I didn't know then that I would never be able to leave the sounds and smells of these sights behind me, but I was fiercely conscious of one thing-my ambition."
- Emanuel Celler
(Related: Ambition)

"For me, a hearty "belly laugh" is one of the beautiful sounds in the world."
- Bennett Cerf
(Related: World)

"It's funny, I had dinner with my dear friend John Spencer last night and I'm not in the first episode, but he's at the beginning of it and he was telling me about it and I thought this sounds very hot because I think this is definitely the last year of West Wing."
- Stockard Channing
(Related: Funny, Thought, Friend, Beginning, First, Night)

"The sound has grown and sweetened over the years as well, and you can hear it on many of my recordings and, most likely, will see and hear me playing it if you come to a live show."
- Tom Chapin
(Related: Sound, Will, Years)

"Envy is like a fly that passes all the body's sounder parts, and dwells upon the sores."
- Arthur Chapman
(Related: Body, Envy)

"Once I should have been, if not satisfied, partially, at least, contented with suffrage for the intelligent and those who have been soldiers; now I am convinced that universal suffrage is demanded by sound policy and impartial justice."
- Salmon P. Chase
(Related: Policy, Justice, Now, Soldiers, Sound)

"That strategy of buy and hold, which is the sound and sensible one for the individual, can have very dangerous and perverse effects for the market as a whole."
- Ron Chernow
(Related: Strategy, Sound)

"Whether I sound like Sammy or not is purely coincidence. You have got to hand it to him, he sings his ass off. There is no moss on that stone."
- Gary Cherone
(Related: Sound)

"I wouldn't say I worked with these people because I was looking for a particular vocal sound. I worked with them because I loved what they had done before-and because they really wanted to work with me."
- Melanie Chisholm
(Related: Work, People, Sound)

"A musical would be fantastic. The soundtrack would be great and I'd like to do acting."
- Melanie Chisholm
(Related: Acting)

"Try to love someone who you want to hate, because they are just like you, somewhere inside, in a way you may never expect, in a way that resounds so deeply within you that you cannot believe it."
- Margaret Cho
(Related: Love, Hate, May, Want)

"Either you repeat the same conventional doctrines everybody is saying, or else you say something true, and it will sound like it's from Neptune."
- Noam Chomsky
(Related: Saying, Sound, Will)

"For instance, he says I let him play golf, and he says, he lets me be miserable in my job. Now - that doesn't quite sound right, does it? But nonetheless, I think for the first time in my life, I'm not going to be miserable in my life when I come and work at CNN."
- Connie Chung
(Related: Life, Time, Work, First, Golf, Job, Now, Play, Right, Sound)

"I'm just experimenting with every different type of music you can imagine and seeing where my voice lies and what sounds best. I think when I do finally do the album it will be very eclectic - just loads of different stuff on it. That's what I am hoping."
- Charlotte Church
(Related: Music, Lies, Voice, Will)

"In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero
(Related: Health, Body, Mind)

"I mean, it didn't matter to me that there were people, it didn't matter that I was shy Just the sound was so captivating that it helped me to get rid of those inhibitions."
- Eric Clapton
(Related: People, Sound)

"I mean, the sound of an amplified guitar in a room full of people was so hypnotic and addictive to me, that I could cross any kind of border to get on there."
- Eric Clapton
(Related: People, Guitar, Sound)

"Music is the soundtrack of your life."
- Dick Clark
(Related: Life, Music)

"Darrell is really good in the studio. I mean, he has a real working knowledge of how the process works, and what sounds good coming back over tape, and how the stuff works together."
- Guy Clark
(Related: Knowledge)

"I think I've done more recording in the past 10 years than most people, but it's all been directed toward film composing and soundtracks. Just the same, it's been great."
- Stanley Clarke
(Related: People, Film, Past, Years)

"Usually, when I do a soundtrack, the music from the movie doesn't have anything to do with me personally. It's music to enhance to the film. My own stuff is more introspective and about what's on going in my head."
- Stanley Clarke
(Related: Music, Film)

"Theaters are great. They're designed to sound good, not for basketball."
- Les Claypool
(Related: Basketball, Sound)

"We may always depend on it that algebra, which cannot be translated into good English and sound common sense, is bad algebra."
- William Kingdon Clifford
(Related: Common sense, English, May, Sound)

"You know, the way art history is taught, often there's nothing that tells you why the painting is great. The description of a lousy painting and the description of a great painting will very much sound the same."
- Chuck Close
(Related: Art, History, Nothing, Painting, Sound, Will)

"Courtney Love is a loose cannon. She says what she thinks. She's wild on the red carpet. You get the best sound bites from Courtney Love."
- Steven Cojocaru
(Related: Love, Sound)

"Audiences always sound like they're glad to see me, and I'm damned glad to see them."
- Claudette Colbert
(Related: Audiences, Sound)

"In scoring, I usually start with a sound or group of sounds, searching out what feels right."
- Jim Coleman
(Related: Right, Sound)

"But Contra la Puerta was done mostly in the opposite way, starting with sounds and melodies."
- Jim Coleman
"That's what I was trying to say when we were talking about sound. I think that every person, whether they play music or don't play music, has a sound - their own sound, that thing that you're talking about."
- Ornette Coleman
(Related: Music, Play, Sound, Talking, Trying)

"I've been playing with Blackwell over 20 years. We used to play when I first went to Los Angeles. Blackwell plays the drums as if he's playing a wind instrument. Actually, he sounds more like a talking drum."
- Ornette Coleman
(Related: First, Play, Talking, Wind, Years)

"I think that those elements - light and sound - are beyond democratic. They're into the creative part of life."
- Ornette Coleman
(Related: Life, Light, Sound)

"Brute animals have the vowel sounds; man only can utter consonants."
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
(Related: Animals, Man)

"I usually hang around the room listening to a bit of last night's show. If there's one available, I go to the steam room every day for my voice. I spend half an hour there and then I eat, because I can't eat later than four o'clock. Then I go for a soundcheck. That's my day."
- Phil Collins
(Related: Day, Listening, Night, Voice)

"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost."
- Charles Caleb Colton
(Related: Friendship, Health, Sound, Value)

"My mother's very proud of the name she gave me. She thought it sounded rhythmically better. It doesn't really make a difference to me what people call me, but since my mother calls me Holly Marie when she's angry, I prefer just my first name."
- Holly Marie Combs
(Related: Mother, Thought, People, Difference, First, Holly, Name)

"You can't, in sound morals, condemn a man for taking care of his own integrity. It is his clear duty."
- Joseph Conrad
(Related: Care, Duty, Integrity, Man, Morals, Sound)

"He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense."
- Joseph Conrad
(Related: Power, Trust, Argument, Right, Sense, Sound, Word)

"It is vital that we provide North Dakota's children with nutritionally sound diets. That means ensuring that they are getting plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and are developing good eating habits for their future."
- Kent Conrad
(Related: Children, Eating, Future, Habits, Sound)

"The message here was not about indeterminacy, nor about immediacy, but about the control of sounds right there in your environment, and the process of composition as long-term growth of interests within that sound complex."
- Tony Conrad
(Related: Control, Growth, Environment, Right, Sound)

"When I prayed for success, I forgot to ask for sound sleep and good digestion."
- Mason Cooley
(Related: Success, Sleep, Sound)

"We wanted it more live and raw. We didn't want a studio sound."
- Alice Cooper
(Related: Sound, Want)

"The sound of the orchestra is one of the most magnificent musical sounds that has ever existed."
- Chick Corea
(Related: Sound)

"At risk of sounding foully pompous I think that writers' groups are probably very useful at the beginning of a writing career."
- Bernard Cornwell
(Related: Beginning, Career, Risk, Writers, Writing)

"Maybe I just never learned my harmony part, because what everybody says sounds odd to them sounds perfectly natural to me."
- Elvis Costello
(Related: Harmony)

"Big companies are like marching bands. Even if half the band is playing random notes, it still sounds kind of like music. The concealment of failure is built into them."
- Doug Coupland
(Related: Music, Failure)

"I don't know the vast majority of you personally, and it may sound kind of corny, but I really feel as if we've become friends through the years. And you've been with me during a lot of good times and some very difficult ones. I can't tell you how grateful I am."
- Katie Couric
(Related: Friends, Majority, May, Sound, Years)

"I think now, more than anytime I can remember, bands are sounding pretty similar whether they're English or American, from Manchester or London... or Leeds or Welsh or Irish."
- Graham Coxon
(Related: American, English, Irish, London, Now, Pretty)

"Like, Mission Of Burma to me always sounded almost like they were part of the British Arty New Wave. I kind of like that. I like not being able to tell the difference."
- Graham Coxon
(Related: Being, Difference, Mission)

"There's a focus that hasn't been there for ages and ages and some American bands are sounding quite English like they did in the late 70s and early 80s."
- Graham Coxon
(Related: American, English, Focus)

"Even in the beginning, when we knew there was a legal argument about how much our song sounds like his song, as one songwriter to another, I wasn't sure that Cat Stevens would take that as bad."
- Wayne Coyne
(Related: Legal, Argument, Beginning, Song)

"There is a lot of melody and things that sound familiar in hundreds of songs."
- Wayne Coyne
(Related: Songs, Sound)

"If you have a song that you think sounds like another song you should contact the publishing company and say I have a song here, let's cut a deal that lets everyone walk away feeling good."
- Wayne Coyne
(Related: Company, Feeling, Publishing, Song)

"I am not that thrilled about the way our records sound anyway. Don't get me wrong, I work hard on them and I want them to sound fantastic but I'm happy to have another interpretation of them anyway."
- Wayne Coyne
(Related: Work, Sound, Want, Wrong)

"When people tell you they saw your last picture - well, the way they say it sounds like they hope it was."
- Broderick Crawford
(Related: People, Hope)

"I want to do a collaboration or some kind of side thing or some soundtrack work. Because I've been doing this for years and years. I'd like to just step out and try something different."
- Jon Crosby
(Related: Work, Collaboration, Want, Years)

"Music really becomes the soundtrack to the major events to your life."
- Sheryl Crow
(Related: Life, Music, Events)

"A song that sounds simple is just not that easy to write. One of the objectives of this record was to try and write melodies that continue to resonate."
- Sheryl Crow
(Related: Objectives, Song)

"The advent of electronically synthesized sound after World War II has unquestionably had enormous influence on music in general."
- George Crumb
(Related: Music, War, Influence, Sound, World, World war)

"In a broader sense, the rhythms of nature, large and small - the sounds of wind and water, the sounds of birds and insects - must inevitably find their analogues in music."
- George Crumb
(Related: Music, Nature, Birds, Insects, Sense, Water, Wind)

"They put it on the page because it sounded good or it looked good or they read it in a book somewhere that this is how you structure a script or something, and they just don't get it. It's surprising."
- Macaulay Culkin
"Finally there was a moment when it just hit me. John wouldn't want me to sit on my butt for the rest of my life feeling sorry for myself or sorry for him. As cheesy as it sounds, he would have wanted us to go on."
- Kaley Cuoco
(Related: Life, Feeling, Rest, Want)

"I am a trial lawyer. Matilda says that at dinner on a good day I sound like an affidavit."
- Mario Cuomo
(Related: Day, Sound)

"But we live in a modern world, you know, and, and also it does seem to me that if you - that whatever talents you have, it... I mean it may sound a bit absurd but I, I think it's your, absolutely your duty to resolve them, you know?"
- Tim Curry
(Related: Duty, May, Sound, World)

"His venture sounds like a banana peel awaiting its victim."
- Charlotte Curtis
"I hope this doesn't sound pompous but I don't think of myself as famous, whatever fame I've got has come through what I've done and associations of things I've done."
- Peter Cushing
(Related: Hope, Fame, Famous, Sound)

"People just loved the sound because I kept it simple."
- Dick Dale
(Related: People, Sound)

"When I start playing I'm just a rollercoaster of sound. I don't know what's coming next, I never do, and I sit and sign and talk to the people afterwards."
- Dick Dale
(Related: People, Sound, Talk)

"My uncle gave me a trumpet, but I loved the Louis Armstrong sound and the Harry James sound and I played by ear and I played always soulful or very direct from the gut."
- Dick Dale
(Related: Sound)

"My philosophy is the thicker the wood the thicker the sound, the bigger the string the bigger the sound. My smallest string is a 14 gauge."
- Dick Dale
(Related: Philosophy, Sound, Wood)

"Every time I went into the studio some engineer tried to impress me with how they're going to capture my sound with all kinds of tricks. But they limited the sound and never allowed me to play how I felt."
- Dick Dale
(Related: Time, Play, Sound)

"I don't know many singers who actually do like the sound of their own voice."
- Roger Daltrey
(Related: Sound, Voice)

"I finally realized that yeah I did want to be an actor and it wasn't out of habit, but I needed to grow up for myself and then kind of re-enter the industry with a sound understanding of what my sensibilities and my values are as a relatively formed human being."
- Claire Danes
(Related: Habit, Values, Actor, Being, Sound, Understanding, Want)

"The Band is sounding real good. We've been doing some dates together and they've been going well."
- Rick Danko
"The tocsin you hear today is not an alarm but an alert: it sounds the charge against our enemies."
- Georges Jacques Danton
(Related: Enemies, Today)

"At one time they've been the most important thing to me. So I can't hear our records on the radio, I can't stand it, because they sound so out of what everyone else is doing."
- Ray Davies
(Related: Time, Sound)

"Locations are all tough, all miserable. I never left the sound stage for 18 years at Warners. We never went outside the studio, not even for big scenes."
- Bette Davis
(Related: Sound, Years)

"I just read that 81 percent of Americans are ready to vote for a woman. So it sounds like America is ready."
- Geena Davis
(Related: America, Americans, Vote, Woman)

"At first I was queasy; I'll never forget the sound of the scalpel cutting a body open. But it was so cool trying to work out how these people died."
- Jonathan Davis
(Related: Work, People, Body, First, Forget, Open, Sound, Trying)

"It is quite annoying that we have to change the sound we invented just to avoid sounding like people who simply copy us, but... it is flattering and of course challenging."
- Jonathan Davis
(Related: Change, People, Sound)

"This is going to sound strange, but I really didn't think I would pass 30. I don't know why or whatever, I just didn't. That's a very weird thing to say, I'm sorry. I don't know. Maybe it's because I was drinking so much as a youth."
- Kristin Davis
(Related: Drinking, Sound, Youth)

"Nothing ever sounds quite the way it does when you're standing right in the middle of it."
- Michael Davis
(Related: Nothing, Right)

"The one thing you don't want is that stale sound when you've done a line so much you can't find a fresh approach to it. Drop it."
- Sammy Davis, Jr.
(Related: Sound, Want)

"We talk of our mastery of nature, which sounds very grand; but the fact is we respectfully adapt ourselves, first, to her ways."
- Clarence Day
(Related: Nature, Fact, First, Talk)

"Did people think I sounded black? Totally, but that was a marketing tool as well, but also this is how I grew up and these are my influences."
- Taylor Dayne
(Related: People, Marketing)

"When I first came out, like a lot of the artists at that time, I had a very polished, very overproduced sound."
- Taylor Dayne
(Related: Time, Artists, First, Sound)

"Music is the arithmetic of sounds as optics is the geometry of light."
- Claude Debussy
(Related: Music, Arithmetic, Geometry, Light)

"But I've never considered myself any kind of heartthrob. It sounds painful."
- Gavin DeGraw
"I like the construction of sentences and the juxtaposition of words-not just how they sound or what they mean, but even what they look like."
- Don DeLillo
(Related: Sound, Words)

"I hardly ever watch my own work. I just end up picking myself apart! I can't even stand to hear myself on voicemail. the sound of my own voice is like nails on a chalkboard. The same goes for my records."
- Grey DeLisle
(Related: Work, End, Sound, Voice)

"As a vessel is known by the sound, whether it be cracked or not; so men are proved, by their speeches, whether they be wise or foolish."
- Demosthenes
(Related: Men, Sound)

"Best two rock voices I've heard in a last few years both have been from grunge bands: it's Eddie Vedder and the other one is Chris Cornell from Soundgarden."
- Bruce Dickinson
(Related: Years)

"Follow sound business trends, not fashion trends."
- Janice Dickinson
(Related: Business, Fashion, Sound)

"My recipe for dealing with anger and frustration: set the kitchen timer for twenty minutes, cry, rant, and rave, and at the sound of the bell, simmer down and go about business as usual."
- Phyllis Diller
(Related: Anger, Business, Kitchen, Sound)

"The phrase 'off with the crack of the bat', while romantic, is really meaningless, since the outfielder should be in motion long before he hears the sound of the ball meeting the bat."
- Joe DiMaggio
(Related: Meeting, Romantic, Sound)

"The BBC has the obligation to think big. And at the moment, that clarion call sounds an uncertain note to me."
- Jonathan Dimbleby
(Related: Obligation)

"The music industry's actions at the time of 9/11 and since have been actions driven by patriotism in most instances, and greed and stupidity to a lesser degree. Sounds like real life doesn't it?"
- Ronnie James Dio
(Related: Life, Music, Patriotism, Time, Actions, Greed, Stupidity)

"Those who have virtue always in their mouths, and neglect it in practice, are like a harp, which emits a sound pleasing to others, while itself is insensible of the music."
- Diogenes
(Related: Music, Virtue, Neglect, Practice, Sound)

"It seems that if one is working from the point of view of getting beauty in one's equations, and if one has really a sound insight, one is on a sure line of progress."
- Paul Dirac
(Related: Beauty, Progress, Sound)

"I never thought I'd live this long. It sounds funny because I still think of myself as a kid."
- Larry Dixon
(Related: Funny, Thought)

"I found my first novel difficult. I don't want to make it sound like it's any more difficult than driving a cab or going to any other job, but there are so many opportunities for self-doubt, that you just kind of need to soldier on."
- Anthony Doerr
(Related: Driving, First, Job, Self, Sound, Want)

"The color of the mountains is Buddha's body; the sound of running water is his great speech."
- Dogen
(Related: Body, Mountains, Running, Sound, Speech, Water)

"At the same time, one of the things I noticed was that the moment there was any kind of audio attached to virtual reality, it really improved the experience, even though the audio didn't feel like a sound engineer or composer had been anywhere near it."
- Thomas Dolby
(Related: Experience, Time, Reality, Sound)

"Melville brought to the task a sound knowledge of actual whaling, much curious learning in the literature of the subject, and, above all, an imagination which worked with great power upon the facts of his own experience."
- Carl Clinton Van Doren
(Related: Experience, Imagination, Power, Knowledge, Facts, Learning, Literature, Sound)

"The sound of the mandolin is a very curious sound because it's cheerful and melancholy at the same time, and I think it comes from that shadow string, the double strings."
- Rita Dove
(Related: Time, Melancholy, Shadow, Sound)

"Ironically I think this is what sparked my interest in and passion for the NOAH, which is capable of creating all these old weird and wonderful sounds."
- Geoff Downes
(Related: Interest, Old, Passion)

"With NOAH, you can create some stunning, yet original soundscapes. Therefore, as a performance tool, it really comes into its own because you can make one single performance which has a lot of detail."
- Geoff Downes
(Related: Performance, Detail)

"Young writers should definitely research the current sounds and styles."
- Lamont Dozier
(Related: Research, Writers)

"We wanted to guide the musicians, so we could create our own sound. We would never let the band just go in and play the chord sheets. We were very focused on what we had in mind for these productions."
- Lamont Dozier
(Related: Mind, Musicians, Play, Sound)

"I've encountered a lot of people who sound like critics but very few who have substantive criticisms. There is a lot of skepticism, but it seems to be more a matter of inertia than it is of people having some real reason for thinking something else."
- K. Eric Drexler
(Related: People, Reason, Skepticism, Sound, Thinking)

"My entire life has been an attempt to get back to the kind of feelings you have on a field. The sense of brotherhood, the esprit de corps, the focus - there being no past or future, just the ball. As trite as it sounds, I was happiest playing ball."
- David Duchovny
(Related: Life, Feelings, Being, Brotherhood, Focus, Future, Past, Sense)

"It's really the sound of the voices, the sound of the words, the sound of the sound that we're interested in."
- Anne Dudley
(Related: Sound, Words)

"Usually one or two things happen: Either you have an idea straightaway - the sort of sound that you want or the instrumentation or one particular sound that you want to feature - or you don't."
- Anne Dudley
(Related: Idea, Sound, Want)

"Mom always tells me to celebrate everyone's uniqueness. I like the way that sounds."
- Hilary Duff
(Related: Mom, Uniqueness)

"I write in that space between Ella's childhood and mine. I know it all sounds a bit sinister."
- Carol Ann Duffy
(Related: Childhood, Space)

"I mean this record does not sound like somebody's maiden voyage."
- George Duke
(Related: Sound)

"Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak."
- Alan Dundes
(Related: People, Light, Sound)

"Writing poetry makes you intensely conscious of how words sound, both aloud and inside the head of the reader. You learn the weight of words and how they sound to the ear."
- Helen Dunmore
(Related: Poetry, Sound, Weight, Words, Writing)

"I love the sea's sounds and the way it reflects the sky. The colours that shimmer across its surface are unbelievable. This, combined with the colour of the water over white sand, surprises me every time."
- John Dyer
(Related: Love, Time, Sea, Sky, Surprises, Water)

"As with sound, images are subjective. You and I may not see the same color red as red, but we will probably agree that the image on the screen is a digital image or film image, based on contrast, bit depth, and refresh rate."
- John Dykstra
(Related: Contrast, Film, May, Sound, Will)

"The radio makes hideous sounds."
- Bob Dylan
"What's important for me is to communicate the vision that I have in sound with the audience that's hearing it."
- John Eaton
(Related: Vision, Hearing, Sound)

"But nevertheless, it's music ultimately that matters in opera, and opera is a piece of music reaching out as a vision in sound reaching out to the world."
- John Eaton
(Related: Music, Vision, Opera, Sound, World)

"I think I was first to do live performances on a modern electronic sound synthesizer."
- John Eaton
(Related: First, Sound)

"Out of the simple consonants of the alphabet and our eleven vowels and diphthongs all possible syllables of a certain sort were constructed, a vowel sound being placed between two consonants."
- Hermann Ebbinghaus
(Related: Being, Sound)

"Call it my little gesture toward social conscience, but I like to think I'm teaching a certain number of people to read. Now that sounds pretentious!"
- David Eddings
(Related: People, Conscience, Now, Teaching)

"It is sound judgment to hope that in the not too distant future we shall be competent to understand so simple a thing as a star."
- Arthur Eddington
(Related: Hope, Future, Judgment, Sound)

"To the Master's honor all must turn, each in its track, without a sound, forever tracing Newton's ground."
- Albert Einstein
(Related: Honor, Sound)

"This is going to sound completely absurd, but I do sometimes feel like the enjoyment of an awards ceremony or the pride in the finished article hasn't ever surpassed the joy of doing the work, of making it. The doing it is really the bit I'm there for."
- Chiwetel Ejiofor
(Related: Work, Awards, Ceremony, Enjoyment, Pride, Sound)

"Sometimes I like them artificial and sometimes I like them real. And the reason is because sometimes I like a real close sound. And I like a very specific snare sound and I can't get that in the big room."
- Danny Elfman
(Related: Reason, Sound)

"It sounds really stupid, I hate making cosmic comments like this but, I just let it do what it wants to do."
- Danny Elfman
(Related: Hate)

"I can't get that live and I don't have the time to take the tape, after I've finished recording it, into a little studio somewhere else where I can get a different kind of percussion sound."
- Danny Elfman
(Related: Time, Sound)

"Yeah, I think the common denominator - and this is probably going to sound like Acting 101 - but the common denominator is belief in the character in the moment."
- Jenna Elfman
(Related: Belief, Character, Acting, Sound)

"Worldly faces never look so worldly as at a funeral. They have the same effect of grating incongruity as the sound of a coarse voice breaking the solemn silence of night."
- George Eliot
(Related: Effect, Faces, Night, Silence, Sound, Voice)

"My writing, like everything I do, comes profoundly from my heart. I believe that if you follow your heart you will be successful in one way or another. Old-fashioned as that might sound, the philosophy is true."
- Kim Elizabeth
(Related: Heart, Successful, Old, Philosophy, Sound, Will, Writing)

"The upward course of a nation's history is due in the long run to the soundness of heart of its average men and women."
- Elizabeth II
(Related: History, Men, Women, Heart, Nation)

"I have always felt that laughter in the face of reality is probably the finest sound there is and will last until the day when the game is called on account of darkness. In this world, a good time to laugh is any time you can."
- Linda Ellerbee
(Related: Time, Darkness, Day, Laughter, Reality, Sound, Will, World)

"The sound of 'gentle stillness' after all the thunder and wind have passed will the ultimate Word from God."
- Jim Elliot
(Related: God, Sound, Will, Wind, Word)

"At the Isle of Wight, the sound went out and kind of kept on going. And I wasn't... when I came off stage I was kind of unhappy about how we had played. But now, I listen back to those recordings and it's not bad."
- Keith Emerson
(Related: Now, Sound)

"If I had a stock of fabulous sounds I would just always use them. I wouldn't bother to find new ones."
- Brian Eno
"For me it's always contingent on getting a sound-the sound always suggests what kind of melody it should be. So it's always sound first and then the line afterwards."
- Brian Eno
(Related: First, Sound)

"I enjoy working with complicated equipment. A lot of my things started just with a rhythm box, but I feed it through so many things that what comes out sounds very complex and rich."
- Brian Eno
"As soon as I hear a sound, it always suggests a mood to me."
- Brian Eno
(Related: Sound)

"I take sounds and change them into words."
- Brian Eno
(Related: Change, Words)

"You get to actually see the music video on the TV in the pilot and we have the soundtrack playing at this big party. I thought that was sort of a cool moment, to actually have the A-Ha video is pretty cool."
- Will Estes
(Related: Music, Thought, Party, Pretty)

"I love the music, I love the times, so to me that was exciting personally just to play something that starts in 1986 with graduating high school, we've got a great soundtrack in the pilot."
- Will Estes
(Related: Love, Music, Play, School)

"When you're standing in front of an audience like this that is so enthusiastic and so much behind you, it is very hard to give a bad speech. Even a bad speech sounds good in a convention hall like this."
- Susan Estrich
(Related: Speech)

"In journalism it is simpler to sound off than it is to find out. It is more elegant to pontificate than it is to sweat."
- Harold Evans
(Related: Journalism, Sound)

"It's refreshing to hear something that's pop but doesn't sound like Britney Spears."
- Siobhan Fahey
(Related: Sound)

"They said I was a married mother of two but the record sounded like an indie album and they didn't know how to market it! This country is incredibly sexist, as is the music and media industry."
- Siobhan Fahey
(Related: Music, Mother, Country, Media)

"I sing in the car if I'm in LA, because you're like soundproofed."
- Jimmy Fallon
(Related: Car)

"The last sound on the worthless earth will be two human beings trying to launch a homemade spaceship and already quarreling about where they are going next."
- William Faulkner
(Related: Earth, Sound, Trying, Will)

"So just as I want pilots on the planes that I fly, when it comes to monetary policy, I want to think that there is someone with sound judgement at the controls."
- Martin Feldstein
(Related: Policy, Sound, Want)

"So the ideology was that: use sounds as instruments, as sounds on tape, without the causality. It was no longer a clarinet or a spring or a piano, but a sound with a form, a development, a life of its own."
- Luc Ferrari
(Related: Life, Development, Ideology, Sound, Spring)

"Whereas Schaeffer and Henry were working like samplers, their idea was to capture those sounds which couldn't be serially calibrated because they were too complex in character."
- Luc Ferrari
(Related: Idea, Character)

"Electronic music used pure sounds, completely calibrated. You had to think digitally, as it were, in a way that allowed you to extend serial ideas into other parameters through technology."
- Luc Ferrari
(Related: Music, Technology, Ideas)

"It's not a very high failure rate if you choose people that you really like the sound of."
- Bryan Ferry
(Related: People, Failure, Sound)

"Critics? How do they happen? I know how it happened to me. I would send a poem or story to a magazine and they would say this doesn't suit our needs precisely but on the other hand you sound interesting. Would you be interested in doing a review?"
- Leslie Fiedler
(Related: Needs, Sound)

"The power of sound to put an audience in a certain psychological state is vastly undervalued. And the more you know about music and harmony, the more you can do with that."
- Mike Figgis
(Related: Music, Power, Harmony, Sound, State)

"We meet before the movie and she gives you charts with sounds on them and makes a tape of examples. While they are setting up the scene, I go with her to the trailer and we go through the scene and correct the speech."
- Albert Finney
(Related: Speech)

"I don't want to sound smug but I am reasonably satisfied with how it's gone. I think it's fine."
- Colin Firth
(Related: Sound, Want)

"For instance, if you're playing a record with drums - horns would sound nice to enhance it so you get a record with horns and slip it in at certain times."
- Grandmaster Flash
(Related: Sound)

"Disco was brand new then and there were a few jocks that had monstrous sound systems but they wouldn't dare play this kind of music. They would never play a record where only two minutes of the song was all it was worth. They wouldn't buy those types of records."
- Grandmaster Flash
(Related: Music, Play, Song, Sound, Worth)

"What is American music? The most satisfying answer I've come across is that it was a kind of natural comfort with the vernacular which is diverse and regional; it's not one particular set of sounds."
- Carlisle Floyd
(Related: Music, American, Comfort)

"The Telecaster doesn't really sound that good for the kind of rock and roll that a lot of people played."
- John Fogerty
(Related: People, Sound)

"There's just not a lot of guys around playing like that these days; a lot of steel players are plugging into stomp boxes, trying to sound like Jeff Beck on a steel guitar."
- John Fogerty
(Related: Guitar, Sound, Trying)

"I wrote that song for my wife, and it's what some guy who's sitting under a tree would be singing to the woman of his life, telling her how wonderful she is. To me, that's more lasting than something that sounds like it belongs on a movie soundtrack."
- John Fogerty
(Related: Life, Wife, Singing, Song, Woman)

"Someone at Disney heard one of the records and called me in to do the sounds of Lucifer the Cat in Cinderella."
- June Foray
(Related: Disney)

"I think the potential for the program at the risk of sounding self-serving is large, some would say even limitless, so I'm excited about it and I think it can even pass next year."
- Harold Ford
(Related: Potential, Risk, Self)

"The third time you say a thing it sounds like a lie."
- Harrison Ford
(Related: Time, Lie)

"Surely the only sound foundation for a civilization is a sound state of mind."
- E. M. Forster
(Related: Civilization, Mind, Sound, State)

"Sometimes I think my writing sounds like I walked out of the room and left the typewriter running."
- Gene Fowler
(Related: Running, Writing)

"It sounds mercenary and it smacks of rats leaving the sinking ship. But get real, when everyone is bailing out, you don't want to be the last man standing."
- Robbie Fowler
(Related: Man, Want)

"Male and female gossip also sounds different, as women use more animated tones, more detail and more feedback."
- Kate Fox
(Related: Women, Detail, Gossip)

"If the prime directives were followed a little more accurately here on earth, I mean it sounds somewhat Pollyanna, but I think people would certainly get along better."
- Jonathan Frakes
(Related: People, Earth)

"I think the fans really wanna hear the songs the way they sound on the record."
- Ace Frehley
(Related: Fans, Songs, Sound)

"Keep your temper. A decision made in anger is never sound."
- Ford Frick
(Related: Anger, Decision, Sound, Temper)

"It's precisely the disappointing stories, which have no proper ending and therefore no proper meaning, that sound true to life."
- Max Frisch
(Related: Life, Ending, Meaning, Sound)

"In so many ways, it feels the same now when I play as the very first time I picked up the instrument. There's always this sound out there that's just a little bit beyond my reach and I'm trying to get there and that just sort of keeps me going."
- Bill Frisell
(Related: Time, First, Now, Play, Sound, Trying)

"Sound science must be a basis to governing our trade relations around the globe."
- Bill Frist
(Related: Science, Sound, Trade)

"One of the things I particularly enjoyed doing was taking raw sound from locations during the film, like the candy machine, and writing pieces of music to go with them, which is totally unnecessary within the context of the film, because they have their own logic."
- Fred Frith
(Related: Music, Film, Logic, Machine, Sound, Writing)

"Some things don't wind up sounding like you'd expect, which is just as well."
- Fred Frith
(Related: Wind)

"If you write songs you have an idea how they're going to sound."
- Fred Frith
(Related: Idea, Songs, Sound)

"I alone of English writers have consciously set myself to make music out of what I may call the sound of sense."
- Robert Frost
(Related: Music, English, May, Sense, Sound, Writers)

"The practical effect of a belief is the real test of its soundness."
- James Anthony Froude
(Related: Belief, Effect)

"Fame is the echo of actions, resounding them to the world, save that the echo repeats only the last art, but fame relates all, and often more than all."
- Thomas Fuller
(Related: Art, Actions, Echo, Fame, World)

"Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune."
- Thomas Fuller
(Related: Music, Time, Nothing)

"I remember really bonding with the first generation kids, the Chinese Canadian kids, and in high school bonding with the Latin kids and the East Indian kids. It was very interesting because it made me open to lots of musical sounds."
- Nelly Furtado
(Related: First, Kids, Open, School)

"Whether it's on top of a phone booth or a $200 million soundstage, it's about stories."
- Peter Gallagher
"Purity of personal life is the one indispensable condition for building up a sound education."
- Mohandas Gandhi
(Related: Education, Life, Building, Purity, Sound)

"If you feel you have the right key, you try to make some phrase or sound that will fit."
- Jan Garbarek
(Related: Key, Right, Sound, Will)

"I saw The Sound of Music when I was 10 and thought that it was the most beautiful singing I had ever heard."
- Lesley Garrett
(Related: Music, Thought, Singing, Sound)

"I played Liddy Dole last year and met her as well. From the artful way she phrased it, I still don't know if she had actually seen me play her. She made it sound like it was good, but that's just a gift they have."
- Ana Gasteyer
(Related: Play, Sound)

"I think I sound like Barry White."
- Gloria Gaynor
(Related: Sound)

"Estuaries are coastal bays, harbors, sounds and lagoons, places where rivers meet the sea."
- Jim Gerlach
(Related: Rivers, Sea)

"When my opera Plump Jack was performed in 1989, my first piano teacher sent me something that I'd composed when I was four. I remember I played it, and it still sounded like me. I'm the same composer I was then."
- Gordon Getty
(Related: First, Opera)

"I came from an era when we didn't use electronic instruments. The bass wasn't even amplified. The sound was the sound you got."
- Stan Getz
(Related: Sound)

"My dark sound could be heard across a room clearer than somebody with a reedy sound. It had more projection. My sound always seemed to fill a room."
- Stan Getz
(Related: Sound)

"I have a little dictaphone and if a sound takes my fancy or if a lyric comes to me in the middle of the night I'll just record it there and then."
- Barry Gibb
(Related: Fancy, Night, Sound)

"I'd never try to be that distinctive from the Bee Gees' sound. I'm very proud of being a Bee Gee and am always aware that I'll be identified as a Bee Gee."
- Robin Gibb
(Related: Being, Sound)

"Let's get one thing straight: there's no such thing as the Bristol sound."
- Beth Gibbons
(Related: Sound)

"Sounds like the blues are composed of feeling, finesse, and fear."
- Billy Gibbons
(Related: Fear, Feeling)

"From each one of them rose separate columns of smoke, meeting in a pall overhead, and through the smoke came stabbing flashes of fire as German shells burst with thudding shocks of sound. This was the front line of battle."
- Philip Gibbs
(Related: Battle, Fire, Meeting, Sound)

"I'll tell you what I did need to learn was tolerance, and I think I've been actually given a daily opportunity to practice that, and it's - it's - and I know that that sounds almost like a backhanded slap, and it is in a way because I haven't been successful at it every day."
- Mel Gibson
(Related: Opportunity, Successful, Day, Practice, Tolerance)

"We didn't go for music that sounded like blues, or jazz, or rock, or Led Zeppelin, or Rolling Stones. We didn't want to be like any of the other bands."
- Michael Giles
(Related: Music, Jazz, Want)

"I don't care much about music. What I like is sounds."
- Dizzy Gillespie
(Related: Music, Care)

"The REM and Nirvana successes don't mean much to me except as a potential distraction for bands who want to cash in on the trend. Don't try to sound like someone else. REM and Nirvana don't sound like anyone else."
- Greg Ginn
(Related: Potential, Sound, Want)

"I listen to everything that comes in. I'm not real worried about demo sound quality. I can hear through that sort of thing. If a band can play, then they can play."
- Greg Ginn
(Related: Quality, Play, Sound)

"For the man sound of body and serene of mind there is no such thing as bad weather; every day has its beauty, and storms which whip the blood do but make it pulse more vigorously."
- George Gissing
(Related: Beauty, Blood, Body, Day, Man, Mind, Sound, Storms, Weather)

"Most performers don't admit this, because it sounds negative and performers are not supposed to be negative, but when I was on the road, I was lonely."
- Tom Glazer
(Related: Negative, Lonely, Road)

"You know, it sounds corny, but I believe in myself. And I work hard."
- Arthur Godfrey
(Related: Work)

"As corny as it may sound, my true goal was to crack the Americana market."
- Arthur Godfrey
(Related: Goal, May, Sound)

"What can be more clear and sound in explanation, than the love of a parent to his child?"
- William Godwin
(Related: Love, Sound)

"I'm the most cynical person, and I know what that sounds like when you say, I don't drink and drive, and I don't. But I know people look at that with skepticism, and I understand."
- Tracey Gold
(Related: People, Skepticism)

"Laughter is the mind's intonation. There are ways of laughing which have the sound of counterfeit coins."
- Edmond de Goncourt
(Related: Laughter, Mind, Sound)

"This nation's elected leaders owe all Americans the duty of formulating an Iraqi policy based on sound analysis of the actual facts."
- Charlie Gonzalez
(Related: Policy, Americans, Duty, Facts, Leaders, Nation, Sound)

"It allows you to say things that sound very dramatic and get away with it. If you had characters in modern fiction say the same things as they're driving down the street in an Oldsmobile they'd sound ludicrous!"
- Terry Goodkind
(Related: Driving, Fiction, Sound)

"Independent media can go to where the silence is and break the sound barrier, doing what the corporate networks refuse to do."
- Amy Goodman
(Related: Corporate, Media, Silence, Sound)

"This happens to be that the power of laughter and love would beat out the power of fear every time. You know, I hate to sound corny about it but it's true, and I think that's what this movie is about."
- John Goodman
(Related: Love, Power, Time, Fear, Hate, Laughter, Sound)

"The Deep South has a completely different history, both good and bad, that is fascinating for everybody. It makes people work together who usually don't, and that sounds like a cliche in so many ways, but it actually happened... and it happened because of a beautiful idea."
- Genevieve Gorder
(Related: Work, History, People, Idea, Deep)

"I'm so used to talk-show hosts just giving you a sound bite and not really being interested."
- Genevieve Gorder
(Related: Being, Giving, Sound, Talk)

"Music is a reservoir... of sounds."
- Dexter Gordon
(Related: Music)

"I want to take some jams and really concentrate on hooking up with Page because, since he's the only one not next to me, and his sound is mainly coming from my monitor rather than through the air, it's a little harder for me to hook up with him."
- Mike Gordon
(Related: Sound, Want)

"This is my second bass that Paul built me. There were some changes that were made. Sometimes I think of changes that could be made having to do with both the sound and the feel. It's definitely a beautiful instrument."
- Mike Gordon
(Related: Sound)

"There's no way we could play a country song as well as a country band or a Latin song as well as a Latin band. We could never expect to do that. We just keep doing what we do, what we know how to do. We sound like ourselves."
- Mike Gordon
(Related: Country, Play, Song, Sound)

"Lately Fish and I have been hooking up more, which is a good thing because it's just been a struggle for me as a bass player to play with someone who's so creative on the drums, and lately it's been really good, especially during sound checks."
- Mike Gordon
(Related: Fish, Play, Sound, Struggle)

"I think one thing that helped the sound change, it's a real subtle thing; it's just one switch on my bass, it has three positions, and I usually boost the mid-range frequency, I lowered the frequency that I boost, and that goes out to the sound system, too."
- Mike Gordon
(Related: Change, Sound)

"I agree with the rest of the band, that a truly synthesized sound isn't really what I would want to go for."
- Mike Gordon
(Related: Rest, Sound, Want)

"Ummm... well, the only thing I want to do is stuff with people who care about what they're doing, which sounds obvious, but it's really not."
- Joseph Gordon-Levitt
(Related: People, Care, Obvious, Want)

"Our world faces a true planetary emergency. I know the phrase sounds shrill, and I know it's a challenge to the moral imagination."
- Al Gore
(Related: Imagination, Challenge, Faces, World)

"Our music over the years has been very cinematic. It's surprising we never really got into film soundtracks."
- Martin Gore
(Related: Music, Film, Years)

"Most of the basic truths of life sound absurd at first hearing."
- Elizabeth Goudge
(Related: Life, First, Hearing, Sound)

"The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service. The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless."
- Billy Graham
(Related: Christian, Feet, Praise, Service, Sound, Worship)

"Some autistic children cannot stand the sound of certain voices. I have come across cases where teachers tell me that certain children have problems with their voice or another person's voice. This problem tends to be related to high-pitched ladies' voices."
- Temple Grandin
(Related: Children, Ladies, Problems, Sound, Teachers, Voice)

"One of my sensory problems was hearing sensitivity, where certain loud noises, such as a school bell, hurt my ears. It sounded like a dentist drill going through my ears."
- Temple Grandin
(Related: Hearing, Hurt, Problems, School, Sensitivity)

"I don't want to sound as if I'm doing something tremendously special. But I am a jazz fan."
- Norman Granz
(Related: Jazz, Sound, Want)

"Ellington is a writer and arranger, as well as a musician and leader. He does movie sound tracks."
- Norman Granz
(Related: Leader, Sound, Writer)

"We suspect Dr. Clutterbuck's sense of hearing must be injured: for him the 'ear trumpet' magnifies but distorts sound, rendering it less distinct than before."
- Robert James Graves
(Related: Hearing, Sense, Sound)

"I go where the sound of thunder is."
- Alfred M. Gray
(Related: Sound)

"Generally speaking, when a woman offers unsolicited advice or tries to help a man, she has no idea of how critical and unloving he may sound to him."
- John Gray
(Related: Idea, Advice, Help, Man, May, Sound, Woman)

"But if, on the other hand, we should be justified in rejecting it, if there testified on oath, then, supposing our rules of evidence to be sound, we may be excused if we hesitate elsewhere to give it credence."
- Simon Greenleaf
(Related: May, Rules, Sound)

"Warp was important to Thom about two years ago when he was looking for different sounds."
- Colin Greenwood
(Related: Years)

"Motion Picture Soundtrack on Kid A was another Coltrane inspiration."
- Colin Greenwood
(Related: Inspiration)

"There's the soundtrack to The French Connection II'I think It's my favorite soundtrack. It hasn't been released. I actually had to go and get the film and just make a recording of it to get the music."
- Jonny Greenwood
(Related: Music, Connection, Favorite, Film)

"I can remember soundtracks that you just can't separate from the film - It's just so intertwined, so important. Like the Hitchcock ones where they kind of inform each other and become this larger thing as a result."
- Jonny Greenwood
(Related: Film, Result)

"Even though my songs may sound very personal, to me most of them are fiction. It is a great way for me to be able to live a fantasy life as a writer because I get to be someone else, someplace else for three and a half minutes, just like the listener."
- Nanci Griffith
(Related: Life, Fantasy, Fiction, May, Songs, Sound, Writer)

"With Whitney she has such a unique sound and powerful instrument that she made those songs her own. She might as well have written them because she brought such a power and passion to them that were very unique. She has a great gift."
- Justin Guarini
(Related: Power, Passion, Songs, Sound)

"Look at any inspired painting. It's like a gong sounding; it puts you in a state of reverberation."
- Philip Guston
(Related: Painting, State)

"This was basically the first time I got to act in action scenes, with things blowing up all around me. It sounds corny, but I think every actor would like to - at least once in his or her career - play the person who saves the entire world."
- Lukas Haas
(Related: Time, Action, Actor, Career, First, Play, World)

"The pull between sound and syntax creates a kind of musical tension in the language that interests me."
- Marilyn Hacker
(Related: Language, Sound, Tension)

"If a policy is wrongheaded, feckless and corrupt, I take it personally and consider it a moral obligation to sound off and not shut up until it's fixed."
- David Hackworth
(Related: Policy, Obligation, Sound)

"The bass, no matter what kind of music you're playing, it just enhances the sound and makes everything sound more beautiful and full. When the bass stops, the bottom kind of drops out of everything."
- Charlie Haden
(Related: Music, Sound)

"The reason my voice is sounding more passionate is because I'm singing directly from the heart."
- Sammy Hagar
(Related: Heart, Reason, Singing, Voice)

"I don't believe in sampling some Tibetan music just to make it sound groovy, but you do your homework, you understand what you're doing with it."
- Jessica Hagedorn
(Related: Music, Sound)

"There were also horror shows on the radio. Very terrifying and thrilling to me as a kid. They had all these creepy sound effects. They would come on at ten o'clock at night, and I just would scare myself to death."
- Jessica Hagedorn
(Related: Death, Horror, Night, Sound)

"It sounds like something from a Woody Guthrie song, but it's true; I was raised in a freight car."
- Merle Haggard
(Related: Car, Song)

"I enjoy the videos with the sound off, where you can look at the belly buttons and everything. Really some pretty girls, but I don't know about the music."
- Merle Haggard
(Related: Music, Girls, Pretty, Sound)

"The best compliment I ever had is, one day I was in Nashville, some disc jockey said, Hey, that sounds like a Tom T. Hall song. Up until then there hadn't been any such thing."
- Tom T. Hall
(Related: Compliment, Day, Song)

"Some persons talk simply because they think sound is more manageable than silence."
- Margaret Halsey
(Related: Silence, Sound, Talk)

"It sounds odd coming from me, but I realize what I say and how I look has a great impact."
- Ayumi Hamasaki
"We incorporate various electronic devices - the echo plugs and things like that. Actually, all we're trying to do is make that sound musical. As opposed to just making sounds, we do musical things with them."
- Chico Hamilton
(Related: Echo, Sound, Trying)

"In fact, I had to make an enormous adjustment to this, not only in listening to it but in playing with it. It's a full sound. In some instances, you must have the volume to get the effect."
- Chico Hamilton
(Related: Effect, Fact, Listening, Sound)

"The more faithfully you listen to the voices within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside."
- Dag Hammarskjold
(Related: Will)

"All the sounds of the earth are like music."
- Oscar Hammerstein
(Related: Music, Earth)

"It's sometimes better to pretend I don't hear the sound of somebody in the nearby woods with a shotgun."
- Dashiell Hammett
(Related: Sound)

"With a guitar I would be able to express the things I felt in sounds."
- William Christopher Handy
(Related: Guitar)

"The blues - the sound of a sinner on revival day."
- William Christopher Handy
(Related: Day, Sound)

"When you repeat, in that wooden and perfunctory way, that our situation is better than others, that we're 'well-placed to weather the storm', I have to tell you that you sound like a Brezhnev-era apparatchik giving the party line."
- Daniel Hannan
(Related: Giving, Party, Sound, Weather)

"Music has no subject beyond the combinations of notes we hear, for music speaks not only by means of sounds, it speaks nothing but sound."
- Eduard Hanslick
(Related: Music, Nothing, Sound)

"There are accents in the eye which are not on the tongue, and more tales come from pale lips than can enter an ear. It is both the grandeur and the pain of the remoter moods that they avoid the pathway of sound."
- Thomas Hardy
(Related: Eye, Moods, Pain, Sound, Tongue)

"What hypocrites we seem to be whenever we talk of ourselves! Our words sound so humble, while our hearts are so proud."
- Augustus Hare
(Related: Sound, Talk, Words)

"If it comes out sounding like Dixieland jazz or classical or punk or rock or even slightly metal, that's because that's where I'm going to find inspiration."
- Ben Harper
(Related: Inspiration, Jazz, Punk)

"I'm very influenced by landscapes, not so much the way places look as the way the names sound. In this country we've got so many cultures, and the place names - the Spanish names and the Indian names, which are so incredibly musical."
- Emmylou Harris
(Related: Country, Names, Sound)

"The way they had the room that I was in set up, there was some sort of sound deadening platform that I had to stand on in order to get close enough to the microphone."
- Phil Harris
(Related: Order, Sound)

"Most bands have a sound that they're already identified with, so for the producer it becomes a process of helping them find their muse in the studio to make a record that will not only satisfy them artistically, but will also do something in the marketplace."
- Jerry Harrison
(Related: Sound, Will)

"Some artists want a producer to be a kind of svengali - someone who actually creates a sound for them."
- Jerry Harrison
(Related: Artists, Sound, Want)

"I think that technology has both introduced new sounds but also allowed an increasingly painterly approach to recording music as you can now paint over what you've done and more and more refine an existing performance."
- Jerry Harrison
(Related: Music, Technology, Performance, Now)

"If Americans want to see results instead of rhetoric, if taxpayers would like solutions instead of sound bites, and hard work instead of horse trading, I suggest you take a short look, and it won't take much longer, at the accomplishments of this Congress."
- Alcee Hastings
(Related: Work, Accomplishments, Americans, Congress, Hard work, Results, Rhetoric, Sound, Want)

"You can muck around with different guitars for certain bits, but you have to have your own sound. That's your benchmark, that's your sound. I also play a Black Beauty. It sounds amazing."
- Dan Hawkins
(Related: Beauty, Play, Sound)

"I wrote the book because I wanted to be able to share some things that I had learned and as pompous as that may sound, as you get to a certain point in life, you figure so what am I doing?"
- Goldie Hawn
(Related: Life, May, Sound)

"Universal suffrage is sound in principle. The radical element is right."
- Rutherford B. Hayes
(Related: Radical, Right, Sound)

"The first requisite of a sound monetary system is that it put the least possible power over the quantity or quality of money in the hands of the politicians."
- Henry Hazlitt
(Related: Money, Power, Quality, First, Politicians, Quantity, Sound)

"I've learned to look like I'm listening to long confusing plots of cartoons and comic books when I'm actually sound asleep or making grocery shopping lists in my head."
- Patricia Heaton
(Related: Books, Cartoons, Listening, Sound)

"Men are very competent in their workplace - and this is going to sound sexist - women are better at running households and juggling lots of things, kids and scheduling and that kind of thing."
- Patricia Heaton
(Related: Men, Women, Kids, Running, Sound)

"A lot of the fun lies in trying to penetrate the mystery; and this is best done by saying over the lines to yourself again and again, till they pass through the stage of sounding like nonsense, and finally return to a full sense that had at first escaped notice."
- Anthony Hecht
(Related: First, Fun, Lies, Mystery, Nonsense, Saying, Trying)

"I'd love to be popular in Barcelona. That sounds like a fun job."
- Bobby Heenan
(Related: Love, Fun, Job, Popular)

"There were no rules, other than that the song should sound good and be fun to play."
- Levon Helm
(Related: Fun, Play, Rules, Song, Sound)

"Drums just always sounded like the most fun part of that good music for me."
- Levon Helm
(Related: Music, Fun)

"I love horns, and the bigger the band, the better it sounds to my ear."
- Levon Helm
(Related: Love)

"Some records with drum machines on them sound phony and plastic. It all depends on how you use the tools."
- Don Henley
(Related: Machines, Sound, Tools)

"You do your work as fully as you can, and the ones who hear the sound join in."
- Lance Henriksen
(Related: Work, Sound)

"I didn't know that you were supposed to tune the guitar to an open chord, and I learned to play slide with a normal tuning. I think it's a little more melodic that way and doesn't sound so bluesy. Of course, if I could play like David Lindley or Ry Cooder, I'd be a happy man!"
- Ken Hensley
(Related: Guitar, Open, Play, Sound)

"You know how bad my voice sounds - well it feels just as bad."
- George Herman
(Related: Voice)

"I've always chosen my band members based on their sense of humor. It might sound stupid, but it means not only are they fun to live with on a tour bus for years, but humor implies intelligence."
- Kristin Hersh
(Related: Humor, Intelligence, Fun, Sense, Sound, Years)

"It was still quiet in the house, and not a sound was heard from outside, either. Were it not for this silence, my reverie would probably have been disrupted by reminders of daily duties, of getting up and going to school."
- Herman Hesse
(Related: Quiet, Reverie, School, Silence, Sound)

"For me, however, that beloved, glowing little word happiness has become associated with everything I have felt since childhood upon hearing the sound of the word itself."
- Herman Hesse
(Related: Happiness, Childhood, Hearing, Sound, Word)

"The big studio era is from the coming of sound until 1950, until I came in... I came in at a crux in film, which was the end of the studio era and the rise of filmmaking."
- Charlton Heston
(Related: End, Film, Sound)

"I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out."
- Bill Hicks
(Related: Sound)

"And it really is a good feeling to get up there and make that sound. I'm not stuck in a time warp, because I can use as many of the old songs as I want to, just the favorites."
- Dan Hicks
(Related: Time, Feeling, Old, Songs, Sound, Want)

"It's not about retro or modern, it's about this note or that note, which sounds better?"
- Dan Hicks
"I had different bands. I played with the Acoustic Warriors for the most part, without girl singers. It was the same kind of sound, acoustic guitar, bass, with violin and sometimes accordion, and the guys would sing, that kind of thing."
- Dan Hicks
(Related: Guitar, Sound)

"In English, the sounds and melodies I created were an inspiration to me, and words came to me as I explored the sounds, and from there I was able expand on the meaning."
- Utada Hikaru
(Related: Inspiration, English, Meaning, Words)

"Since I was doing all of it myself, I had to decide where I wanted to go with the songs, how to proceed with the chords, if the sound was alright, and all that detail on my own."
- Utada Hikaru
(Related: Detail, Songs, Sound)

"Shania Twain brought a whole other fan base to country music with her sound, the way the videos were produced."
- Faith Hill
(Related: Music, Country, Country music, Sound)

"The human voice sounds thicker with a chorus and reverb than a dry signal."
- Ken Hill
(Related: Voice)

"When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal."
- Napolean Hill
(Related: Goal, Defeat, Sound)

"When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal."
- Napoleon Hill
(Related: Goal, Defeat, Sound)

"The sound is the key; audiences will accept visual discontinuity much more easily than they'll accept jumps in the sound. If the track makes sense, you can do almost anything visually."
- Paul Hirsch
(Related: Audiences, Key, Sense, Sound, Will)

"These are bagpipes. I understand the inventor of the bagpipes was inspired when he saw a man carrying an indignant, asthmatic pig under his arm. Unfortunately, the man-made sound never equalled the purity of the sound achieved by the pig."
- Alfred Hitchcock
(Related: Man, Purity, Sound)

"Dialogue should simply be a sound among other sounds, just something that comes out of the mouths of people whose eyes tell the story in visual terms."
- Alfred Hitchcock
(Related: People, Eyes, Sound)

"If it's a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on."
- Alfred Hitchcock
(Related: Idea, Sound)

"The ultimate test of a finished account executive is his ability to write a sound marketing plan."
- Morris Hite
(Related: Ability, Marketing, Sound)

"As we get closer to the end of this Congress, we should be addressing the urgent needs of the American people - the war in Iraq, affordable health care, a sensible energy policy, quality education for our children, retirement security, and a sound and fair fiscal policy."
- Chris Van Hollen
(Related: Education, Health, War, Quality, People, Policy, American, Care, Children, Congress, End, Energy, Iraq, Needs, Retirement, Secur)

"Chicago sounds rough to the maker of verse. One comfort we have - Cincinnati sounds worse."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes
(Related: Chicago, Comfort)

"The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes
(Related: Kiss, Echo, Sound)

"A rich man cannot enjoy a sound mind nor a sound body without exercise and abstinence; and yet these are truly the worst ingredients of poverty."
- Henry Home
(Related: Abstinence, Body, Exercise, Man, Mind, Poverty, Sound)

"Independent minded girls that are naked sounds like a great start to something."
- Joshua Homme
(Related: Girls)

"From here it sounds great to say we'll all get together soon, but all I know is this: you can call me fifty days or fifty years from now and I'll be glad to see you."
- Richard Hooker
(Related: Now, Years)

"I know that sounds selfish, but you have to look at what it's doing to you personally - are you frustrated because of the way people perceive you, or are you happy enough about the things you've realized about yourself that you can tolerate the way people perceive you?"
- Shannon Hoon
(Related: People)

"I love music and I enjoy creating sounds. I got into making music when I was a child, starting with the spoons and the koto before moving onto the piano."
- Tobe Hooper
(Related: Love, Music)

"Because of all the concurrent stories going in 24 and its fast pace, it can be complicated in terms of the story, so I thought sound could help with the storytelling."
- Stephen Hopkins
(Related: Thought, Help, Sound)

"Each environment has its own signature. Sound tells a story: You make choices about what you're hearing, where to look, how you want to feel about what's going on."
- Stephen Hopkins
(Related: Choices, Environment, Hearing, Sound, Want)

"I directed 24's pilot. I felt we should follow the characters around as if we were a documentary crew, using available light, hand-held cameras, split screens, sound that isn't always what it should be, to suit the reality of the premise."
- Stephen Hopkins
(Related: Light, Reality, Sound)

"It's rare that scenes last more than 2 or 3 minutes, so sound helps segue from one scene to another."
- Stephen Hopkins
(Related: Sound)

"I've always been a bit of a sound freak in the movies I've done."
- Stephen Hopkins
(Related: Movies, Sound)

"Generally, I've got to say that all sounds, musics, noises since conception are bound to have influenced me."
- Hugh Hopper
"I don't like to sound egotistical, but every time I stepped up to the plate with a bat in my hands, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the pitcher."
- Rogers Hornsby
(Related: Time, Help, Sound)

"What the left says sounds very good but, in practice, it works out very badly."
- David Horowitz
(Related: Practice)

"When I think of Marilyn Monroe, and achieving her sound, I think of having a rather large bust. I think of her physically and I am just able to create her sound, because her physicality was so much to do with her sound."
- Jane Horrocks
(Related: Sound)

"The sounder your argument, the more satisfaction you get out of it."
- Edward W. Howe
(Related: Argument, Satisfaction)

"Universal peace sounds ridiculous to the head of an average family."
- Kin Hubbard
(Related: Family, Peace)

"This is going to sound really funny. I have a poster of Zac Efron on my wall! I think every girl has a poster of him in their room so, why not join the club!"
- Vanessa Hudgens
(Related: Funny, Sound)

"A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them."
- Victor Hugo
(Related: Mother, Children, Sleep, Tenderness)

"We concluded that you cannot rely on delta hedging alone. It sounds simplistic to say that now, but back then, this was the sort of thing people were only just beginning to realize."
- John Hull
(Related: People, Beginning, Now)

"To be a philosophical sceptic is, in a man of letters, the first and most essential to being a sound, believing Christian."
- David Hume
(Related: Christian, Being, First, Letters, Man, Sound)

"And then as we played more and more as a trio, it became more and more of a situation where we realized we really knew how to use the fourth member of the group - that space. The thing about the trio is that it's the biggest sound you can have with the smallest unit."
- Charlie Hunter
(Related: Sound, Space)

"I've done lots of songs for film soundtracks and things like that - stuff I'm not ashamed of, but that doesn't represent my legacy with the Pretenders."
- Chrissie Hynde
(Related: Film, Songs)

"Shows have been sold out. It's overwhelming, you know. I had no idea what to expect with this new sound and everything and just to see so many people just come out and embrace it, it's overwhelming."
- Vanilla Ice
(Related: People, Idea, Sound)

"We all feel love, and that might sound kind of corny, but I really feel that's what joins musicians together around the world."
- Enrique Iglesias
(Related: Love, Musicians, Sound, World)

"I mean I like pop music, and I like heavy music and, stuff that I like... the band I've signed on to our label right now; they're called The Sounds. They're kind of like a new-wave pop band."
- James Iha
(Related: Music, Now, Right)

"Musicians always come off sounding a little bit pretentious, and a little bit... I don't know, hypocritical, from what they do, talking about strong issues."
- James Iha
(Related: Musicians, Talking)

"When we did Top of the Pops for the third time, we decided to do it as a television program here called Come Dancing, which is not as rude as it sounds."
- Neil Innes
(Related: Time, Dancing, Television)

"My father is a real idealist, and he's all about learning. If I asked for a pair of Nikes growing up, it was just a resounding 'No.' But if I asked for a saxophone, one would appear and next day and I'd be signed up for lessons. So anything to do with education or learning, my father would spare no expense."
- Hugh Jackman
(Related: Education, Father, Day, Growing up, Learning)

"Acting is not about dressing up. Acting is about stripping bare. The whole essence of learning lines is to forget them so you can make them sound like you thought of them that instant."
- Glenda Jackson
(Related: Thought, Acting, Forget, Learning, Sound)

"When the baby dies, On every side Rose stranger's voices, hard and harsh and loud. The baby was not wrapped in any shroud. The mother made no sound. Her head was bowed That men's eyes might not see Her misery."
- Helen Hunt Jackson
(Related: Men, Mother, Baby, Eyes, Misery, Sound)

"I'm sorry if the following sounds combative and excessively personal, but that's my general style."
- Ian Jackson
(Related: Style)

"I think that George Lucas' 'Star Wars' films are fantastic. What he's done, which I admire, is he has taken all the money and profit from those films and poured it into developing digital sound and surround sound, which we are using today."
- Peter Jackson
(Related: Money, Profit, Sound, Today)

"I always dreamed of being Maria in The Sound of Music."
- Victoria Jackson
(Related: Music, Being, Sound)

"That was a time when I did love music, I couldn't get enough of what was going on. Maybe it was Nirvana that brought me back. I guess it was a comfort because something that sounded so right - and non-commercial - had become so influential, so immediately."
- Marc Jacobs
(Related: Love, Time, Music, Comfort, Right)

"At first acoustics attributed to the different sounds only a limited number of characteristic features."
- Roman Jakobson
(Related: First)

"The task is to investigate speech sounds in relation to the meanings with which they are invested, i.e., sounds viewed as signifiers, and above all to throw light on the structure of the relation between sounds and meaning."
- Roman Jakobson
(Related: Light, Meaning, Speech)

"Speech sounds cannot be understood, delimited, classified and explained except in the light of the tasks which they perform in language."
- Roman Jakobson
(Related: Language, Light, Speech)

"Now the identification of individual sounds by phonetic observation is an artificial way of proceeding."
- Roman Jakobson
(Related: Now, Observation)

"Linguistic sounds, considered as external, physical phenomena have two aspects, the motor and the acoustic."
- Roman Jakobson
"Instead of following one another the sounds overlap; a sound which is acoustically perceived as coming after another one can be articulated simultaneously with the latter or even in part before it."
- Roman Jakobson
(Related: Sound)

"Acoustic phonetics, which is developing and increasing in richness very rapidly, already enables us to solve many of the mysteries of sound, mysteries which motor phonetics could not even begin to solve."
- Roman Jakobson
(Related: Richness, Sound)

"A new era in the physiological investigation of linguistic sounds was opened up by X-ray photography."
- Roman Jakobson
(Related: Investigation, Photography)

"From a strictly articulatory point of view there is no succession of sounds."
- Roman Jakobson
"In poetic language, in which the sign as such takes on an autonomous value, this sound symbolism becomes an actual factor and creates a sort of accompaniment to the signified."
- Roman Jakobson
(Related: Language, Sound, Value)

"Even in moments of tranquility, Murray Walker sounds like a man whose trousers are on fire."
- Clive James
(Related: Fire, Man, Moments, Tranquility)

"When I slept it was literally in the midst of an arsenal. If I heard dogs bark more fiercely than usual, or the feet of horses in a greater volume of sound than usual, I stood to arms."
- Frank James
(Related: Dogs, Feet, Horses, Sound)

"Sometimes I just hit the keyboard in a way I'd like the rhythm of the tracks to sound."
- Richard D. James
(Related: Sound)

"It sounds really arrogant, but my music's my favourite music ever. I prefer it to anyone else's."
- Richard D. James
(Related: Music)

"I've been informed by both sides, jazz, western music, Asian music, African music, all sides, because I've been interested in the sound of the universe, and that sound is without limit."
- Joseph Jarman
(Related: Music, African, Jazz, Sound, Universe)

"People doing the kind of sound research that I'm interested in still have a difficult time."
- Joseph Jarman
(Related: Time, People, Research, Sound)

"But, yes, now I wouldn't do some of those soundtracks the way I did them."
- Maurice Jarre
(Related: Now)

"Some months ago, while I was preparing a new work, I told a young cinema executive my intention of including in a soundtrack two themes from Bach. But when he asked me which has been the last hit from that Bach?, then I knew that I had no longer place in cinema."
- Maurice Jarre
(Related: Work, Cinema, Intention, Months)

"My training in music and composition then led me to a kind of musical language process in which, for example, the sound of the words I play with has to expose their true meaning against their will so to speak."
- Elfriede Jelinek
(Related: Music, Example, Language, Meaning, Play, Sound, Training, Will, Words)

"So I like that sound, but I am not interested in being retro."
- Stephan Jenkins
(Related: Being, Sound)

"Doing something like that, quite radically changing your approach to sound in one go, could leave you high and dry. It's happened before where people have changed direction and then everyone's stopped liking their music."
- Tom Jenkinson
(Related: Music, People, Direction, Sound)

"I'm starting to play all the melodies with kind of keyboard sound but playing it from the bass guitar."
- Tom Jenkinson
(Related: Guitar, Play, Sound)

"I hate a word like "pets": it sounds so much Like something with no living of its own."
- Elizabeth Jennings
(Related: Hate, Living, Word)

"The goal is to normalize trade relations based on sound science and consumer protection."
- Mike Johanns
(Related: Science, Goal, Protection, Sound, Trade)

"We never considered ourselves to be a good band or anything, we just thought we were playing for fun and we wanted to play music that sounded like Black Sabbath or Soundgarden or the music we were into at that time."
- Daniel Johns
(Related: Music, Time, Thought, Fun, Play, Sabbath)

"I had to try and find a way to express happiness without sounding corny."
- Daniel Johns
(Related: Happiness)

"You see, money isn't everything - I know it sounds corny but I really mean it - success means a lot more."
- Glynis Johns
(Related: Money, Success)

"At noon, on the Fourth of July, 1826, while the Liberty Bell was again sounding its old message to the people of Philadelphia, the soul of Thomas Jefferson passed on; and a few hours later John Adams entered into rest, with the name of his old friend upon his lips."
- Allen Johnson
(Related: Soul, People, Friend, July, Liberty, Name, Old, Rest)

"This hype word bothers me though It always sounds like an accusation, what does it mean, advertising, column inches in the press? Bands themselves are never really responsible for all of that. That is something that happens to you when you sell millions of records."
- Holly Johnson
(Related: Advertising, Press, Word)

"I wanted to make the kind of records that I heard in the discos that I danced in at that time. Funky, electronic sounds, while the musicians in the band were more rock oriented. This I suppose created the sound we know as Frankie Goes To Hollywood."
- Holly Johnson
(Related: Time, Hollywood, Musicians, Sound)

"The clash of ideas is the sound of freedom."
- Lady Bird Johnson
(Related: Ideas, Freedom, Sound)

"Most government officials are rushing headlong to solve the problems of 50 years ago, with their ears assailed by the sound of snails whizzing by."
- Eric Johnston
(Related: Government, Problems, Sound, Years)

"I know it sounds crazy, but I have had far more connection with my parents after their deaths."
- Lynn Johnston
(Related: Connection, Parents)

"I listen to Helmet - and I love Helmet, they're a great band - but every song sounds the same."
- Adam Jones
(Related: Love, Song)

"That's the thing I like about my sound. It's real raw and very unsafe compared to a solid state kind of sound."
- Adam Jones
(Related: Sound, State)

"If I play anything that sounds like a solo, it's gonna sound like a lyric."
- Adam Jones
(Related: Play, Sound)

"I mean, Tool has a style, but we try to make all our songs sound different from each other."
- Adam Jones
(Related: Songs, Sound, Style)

"Nothing makes it easier to resist temptation than a proper bringing-up, a sound set of values - and witnesses."
- Franklin P. Jones
(Related: Values, Nothing, Sound, Temptation)

"Japan is quite weird because they wait for you to say something before they respond. You can literally hear a pin drop, they don't make a sound until you say something to the crowd."
- Kelly Jones
(Related: Sound)

"I don't try to sound like anyone but me anymore. If something is out of my element, I try to avoid it."
- Norah Jones
(Related: Sound)

"Just blow in it and sound bad for about a year and then make it sound a little bit better, and you get a little band together, and then you get a few jobs. You take four guys that sound half bad, but if they're 25 percent each, they can give 100 percent, you know?"
- Quincy Jones
(Related: Jobs, Sound)

"It sounds corny, but I've promised my inner child that never again will I ever abandon myself for anything or anyone else again."
- Wynonna Judd
(Related: Will)

"I am a fan of today's sound as long as we don't get too slick, and yet I am very reverent of my roots."
- Wynonna Judd
(Related: Sound, Today)

"I've always known I wanted to be an actor. It never crossed my mind to be anything else. I think I probably decided for sure when I saw 'Sounder'."
- Christopher Judge
(Related: Actor, Mind)

"People say that the Beavis voice doesn't sound like me or some other voices. Butt-Head I think sounds like me."
- Mike Judge
(Related: People, Sound, Voice)

"The circumstance is the incredible part, but I always knew in my heart that something was going to be out there, just for the world to notice me. It sounds so cocky, but it's happening."
- Kato Kaelin
(Related: Heart, Circumstance, World)

"The media works in sound bites. They can make you look like a genius or stupid."
- Kato Kaelin
(Related: Genius, Media, Sound)

"This sounds like my autobiography, but I thought this would be a good time to sound off about myself, as I think that I have been silent too long about my views and opinions."
- Bob Kane
(Related: Time, Thought, Autobiography, Opinions, Sound)

"Children can take lessons in that school via the Internet and can score extra points like e.g. in Geography or History. That sounds very promising and is a fantastic basis for future steps."
- Anatoly Karpov
(Related: History, Children, Future, Geography, Internet, School)

"I don't like being forced to reduce my thoughts to sound bites."
- Leon Kass
(Related: Thoughts, Being, Sound)

"My place in Scotland is in the middle of nowhere, so you've just got a keyboard, guitar, a little drum machine and you know if you can work stuff out like that, if you can hammer out songs that sound good just with those three things and a voice, you're on your way."
- Jay Kay
(Related: Work, Guitar, Machine, Scotland, Songs, Sound, Voice)

"Without sounding pompous, I really do feel that I have a set of standards that I must adhere to, even leaving aside considerations of what the readers expect."
- Jonathan Kellerman
"Now I listen to all kinds of music except rap, which all sounds the same to me."
- Moira Kelly
(Related: Music, Now, Rap)

"The one thing I do not want to be called is First Lady. It sounds like a saddle horse."
- Jackie Kennedy
(Related: First, Lady, Want)

"He's not a child but he's childlike, he's not a grown up, he's not a kid, maybe he sounds like an elf on helium, we'll play with it."
- Tom Kenny
(Related: Play)

"The real menace in dealing with a five-year-old is that in no time at all you begin to sound like a five-year-old."
- Jean Kerr
(Related: Time, Sound)

"I didn't do this for other people; I did this for me. I fought for this right for me - does that sound selfish?"
- Jack Kevorkian
(Related: People, Right, Sound)

"What is a poet? An unhappy person who conceals profound anguish in his heart but whose lips are so formed that as sighs and cries pass over them they sound like beautiful music."
- Soren Kierkegaard
(Related: Music, Heart, Sound)

"It's definitely going to be harder than it sounds to acquire millions of users in the U.S. It's going to be a lot of work, and you can't make light of that."
- Michael King
(Related: Work, Light)

"I'd also like to do a play. I've never done theater, and constantly changing and refining a performance is something I'd like to do, even though it may sound like work to some people - and it probably is work."
- Nastassja Kinski
(Related: Work, People, Performance, May, Play, Sound, Theater)

"Big Brother sounded like a silly stunt and that's what it is."
- Nigel Kneale
(Related: Brother, Silly)

"I know guys in my hometown that drive by feel and sound."
- Evel Knievel
(Related: Sound)

"Well, they put me in a booth and then did some nice things to the speaker to make it come out sounding ok."
- Don Knotts
"We should read music in the same way that an educated adult will read a book: in silence, but imagining the sound."
- Zoltan Kodaly
(Related: Music, Silence, Sound, Will)

"The most persistent sound which reverberates through man's history is the beating of war drums."
- Arthur Koestler
(Related: History, War, Man, Sound)

"To me, the appeal of opera lies in the fact that a myriad of singers and instruments, each possessed of different qualities of voice and sound, against the backdrop of a grand stage and beautiful costumes, come together in one complete and impressive drama."
- Junichiro Koizumi
(Related: Drama, Fact, Lies, Opera, Sound, Voice)

"Sound is the first thing that we tune into."
- Lee Konitz
(Related: First, Sound)

"I could stop and say, Well that was a D minor, G seven, but I really don't want to know that. I just want to know that there's a combination of notes that makes a sound."
- Lee Konitz
(Related: Sound, Want)

"Everybody should have his personal sounds to listen for - sounds that will make him exhilarated and alive or quiet and calm."
- Andre Kostelanetz
(Related: Quiet, Will)

"One of the greatest sounds of them all - and to me it is a sound - is utter, complete silence."
- Andre Kostelanetz
(Related: Silence, Sound)

"We spent a lot of time on that record with the sound and recorded it on the Paramount sound stage which is this huge room where the sound is reflected but the reflection is so late and comes from so far away that it doesn't blur the music but gives you a room nonetheless."
- Leo Kottke
(Related: Music, Time, Reflection, Sound)

"I think that open tunings are a trap really because it's really hard not to sound like an open tuning when your using one and that gets old as well as what you learn in one open tuning is going to stay there."
- Leo Kottke
(Related: Old, Open, Sound)

"When the audience is awful you can still have a great night and people will walk out thinking they had a great time even though there was loads of loudmouths and the sound was terrible."
- Leo Kottke
(Related: Time, People, Night, Sound, Thinking, Will)

"The sound principle of a topsy-turvy lifestyle in the framework of an upside-down world order has stood every test."
- Karl Kraus
(Related: Order, Sound, World)

"It sounds so trite but in relationships, you have to communicate."
- Peter Krause
(Related: Relationships)

"The moral effect of the thundering of one's own artillery is most extraordinary, and many of us thought that we had never heard any more welcome sound than the deep roaring and crashing that started in at our rear."
- Fritz Kreisler
(Related: Thought, Deep, Effect, Sound)

"Suddenly, at about ten o'clock, a dull thud sounded somewhere far away from us, and simultaneously we saw a small white round cloud about half a mile ahead of us where the shrapnel had exploded. The battle had begun."
- Fritz Kreisler
(Related: Battle)

"Back then I didn't think a woman like that, or a relationship like that, could exist with complete freedom and no jealousy or possessiveness. I thought it sounded too good to be true and I was certainly convinced it wasn't the life for me!"
- Sylvia Kristel
(Related: Life, Thought, Freedom, Jealousy, Woman)

"Perhaps it sounds ridiculous, but the best thing that young filmmakers should do is to get hold of a camera and some film and make a movie of any kind at all."
- Stanley Kubrick
(Related: Film)

"The sound of laughter is like the vaulted dome of a temple of happiness."
- Milan Kundera
(Related: Happiness, Temple, Laughter, Sound)

"The death tax is unfair, inefficient, economically unsound and, frankly, immoral."
- Jon Kyl
(Related: Death, Tax)

"People don't want to suffer. They want to sound good immediately, and this is one of the biggest problems in the world."
- Steve Lacy
(Related: People, Problems, Sound, Want, World)

"The soprano turned out to sound to me like the right hand on the piano."
- Steve Lacy
(Related: Right, Sound)

"It starts with a single sound. If there's something in that sound, then it's worth continuing."
- Steve Lacy
(Related: Sound, Worth)

"It's very important to go through periods where you sound just rotten and you know it, and you have to persevere or give up."
- Steve Lacy
(Related: Sound)

"I still love the whole history of jazz. The old things sound better than ever."
- Steve Lacy
(Related: History, Love, Jazz, Old, Sound)

"Register is very important. Music sounds best in a certain register."
- Steve Lacy
(Related: Music)

"You have to sound sad first of all, then maybe later you can sound good."
- Steve Lacy
(Related: First, Sound)

"I can't tell you exactly how I found it. It was just a process of writing a lot of stories and reading a lot of stories that I admired and just working and working until the sentences sounded right and I was satisfied with them."
- Jhumpa Lahiri
(Related: Reading, Right, Writing)

"My basic approach to interviewing is to ask the basic questions that might even sound naive, or not intellectual. Sometimes when you ask the simple questions like 'Who are you?' or 'What do you do?' you learn the most."
- Brian Lamb
(Related: Questions, Sound)

"And so they pitched the show to me. It sounded like a good idea. We pitched the show back, and got it sold and got it on the air. And that's kicking the tail."
- Judge Mills Lane
(Related: Idea)

"What I'm dealing with is sound. I don't pretend to be dealing with music. I'm just dealing with sound elements, textures and sounds."
- Bill Laswell
(Related: Music, Sound)

"The atmosphere defines the environment of sound."
- Bill Laswell
(Related: Environment, Sound)

"Sound comes out of a life experience."
- Bill Laswell
(Related: Experience, Life, Sound)

"If you listen to really deep ambient records that don't move too much, very still records, long after those records are finished, you might find yourself listening for hours to the sound of the room."
- Bill Laswell
(Related: Deep, Listening, Sound)

"I start by using Chinese and many of the sounds of other languages are similar."
- Andy Lau
"It is a sound principle of finance, and a still sounder principle of government, that those who have the duty of expending the revenue of a country should also be saddled with the responsibility of levying and providing it."
- Wilfrid Laurier
(Related: Finance, Government, Country, Duty, Responsibility, Sound)

"I don't want to sound facetious, but humour is the key to the soul. You know what I mean?"
- Martin Lawrence
(Related: Soul, Key, Sound, Want)

"It sounds like something on a very trite T-shirt, but life is what happens."
- Nigella Lawson
(Related: Life)

"I still sing because I love the sound of applause, because it's who I am, and because I still can."
- Brenda Lee
(Related: Love, Applause, Sound)

"It sounds kind of strange, but Jail time was almost a good experience for me."
- Tommy Lee
(Related: Experience, Time)

"Dick Mills was in charge of sound effects and all the rest then, and he put the voice through a ring modulator or whatever gizmos he'd got at the time to make it sound a little more electronic."
- John Leeson
(Related: Time, Rest, Sound, Voice)

"It couldn't sound like a dog, because K9 isn't a dog, but I made it sound as mechanical as possible."
- John Leeson
(Related: Sound)

"John legend is a nickname that somebody started calling me a while ago and part of it is 'cos I sound like an old man when I sing."
- John Legend
(Related: Man, Old, Sound)

"But to me the actual sound of the words is all important; I feel always that the words complete the music and must never be swallowed up in it."
- Lotte Lehmann
(Related: Music, Sound, Words)

"A buoyant, positive approach to the game is as basic as a sound swing."
- Tony Lema
(Related: Positive, Sound)

"Sony could have $50 million and a sound stage and A-list actors and never make the same film. The constraints on this film became the essence of this film, became the power of this film."
- Joshua Leonard
(Related: Power, Actors, Film, Sound)

"Back home everyone said I didn't have any talent. They might be saying the same thing here but it sounds better in French."
- Alan Jay Lerner
(Related: Home, Talent, Saying)

"If the only way a library can offer an Internet exhibit about the New Deal is to hire a lawyer to clear the rights to every image and sound, then the copyright system is burdening creativity in a way that has never been seen before because there are no formalities."
- Lawrence Lessig
(Related: Creativity, Rights, Internet, Sound)

"I've never related to the work geek at all-it sounds much more horrible than nerd. Like a freak biting a chicken's head off in a sideshow."
- Jonathan Lethem
(Related: Work)

"No one can write like Vallejo and not sound like a fraud. He's just too much himself and not you."
- Philip Levine
(Related: Fraud, Sound)

"A young man who wishes to remain a sound atheist cannot be too careful of his reading."
- C. S. Lewis
(Related: Man, Reading, Sound, Wishes)

"I think we're quite unique in that we do have our own sound and approach and we don't really care what's going on elsewhere... we've never wanted to be part of another trend or movement."
- Alex Lifeson
(Related: Care, Sound)

"It may sound terrible, but I often say that the military saved me from a conventional life in the United States and I've never really thanked them for it, because I haven't exactly been pro-military in my work."
- Robert Jay Lifton
(Related: Life, Work, May, Military, Sound, states, United)

"It was indeed not very sound. However, those who had taken it, were in a fairer way of recovery than the others at the end of the fortnight, which was the length of time all these different courses were continued, except the oranges."
- James Lind
(Related: Time, End, Sound)

"When the wedding march sounds the resolute approach, the clock no longer ticks, it tolls the hour. The figures in the aisle are no longer individuals, they symbolize the human race."
- Anne Morrow Lindbergh
(Related: Wedding, March, Race)

"We deliberately used elements from Brazilian music and from African and Asian music. Now people can hear that but then it sounded so abstract, they couldn't hear it."
- Arto Lindsay
(Related: Music, People, African, Now)

"A sound mind in a sound body, is a short, but full description of a happy state in this World: he that has these two, has little more to wish for; and he that wants either of them, will be little the better for anything else."
- John Locke
(Related: Body, Mind, Sound, State, Will)

"I don't want to sound pompous, but I really think your gender doesn't necessarily dominate your sexual activity."
- John Lone
(Related: Gender, Sound, Want)

"To be with the same person for the rest of your life just sounds so drab."
- Eva Longoria
(Related: Life, Rest)

"Doubt yourself and you doubt everything you see. Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere. But if you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubt and judgment. And you can see forever."
- Nancy Lopez
(Related: Doubt, Judges, Judgment, Sound, Voice)

"We listened to a lot of Rolling Stones and Beatles records when we were recording. They were really good at not playing loud, but generating really big sounds out of everything."
- Mike Lowry
"Well lately I have listening to a lot of movie soundtracks."
- Mike Lowry
(Related: Listening)

"You can say that Wayne Coyne sounds like Neil Young."
- Mike Lowry
"Apart from a few simple principles, the sound and rhythm of English prose seem to me matters where both writers and readers should trust not so much to rules as to their ears."
- F. L. Lucas
(Related: Trust, English, Principles, Prose, Rules, Sound, Writers)

"I don't think so, in so far as I always aspired to play the way I do now but just couldn't get the sounds out always due to technical limitations - now I can pretty much play what I hear in realtime."
- Gary Lucas
(Related: Limitations, Now, Play, Pretty)

"Sound science must be our guide in choosing which problems to tackle and how to approach them."
- Frank Luntz
(Related: Science, Problems, Sound)

"We decide based on how people look; we decide based on how people sound; we decide based on how people are dressed. We decide based on their passion."
- Frank Luntz
(Related: People, Passion, Sound)

"When I started in this business, everybody said the Democrats were the better communicators because they sounded like social workers, and Republicans were awful because they sounded like morticians. In some cases. they actually dressed like morticians."
- Frank Luntz
(Related: Business, Democrats, Republicans, Workers)

"I'm always making Butcher Holler sound like the most backward part of the United States-and I think maybe it is."
- Loretta Lynn
(Related: Sound, states, United)

"Perhaps no person can be a poet, or even enjoy poetry, without a certain unsoundness of mind."
- Thomas B. Macaulay
(Related: Poetry, Mind)

"Thing, body, matter, are nothing apart from the combinations of the elements, - the colours, sounds, and so forth - nothing apart from their so-called attributes."
- Ernst Mach
(Related: Body, Nothing)

"Recounting their histories, people often sound like interested bystanders to their own lives."
- Hugh Mackay
(Related: People, Sound)

"As usual the Liberals offer a mixture of sound and original ideas. Unfortunately none of the sound ideas is original and none of the original ideas is sound."
- Harold MacMillan
(Related: Ideas, Liberals, Sound)

"I reject any path which rejects life, but I can't help loving Sufism because it sounds so beautiful. It gives relief in the midst of battle."
- Naguib Mahfouz
(Related: Life, Battle, Help)

"The call of love sounds very hollow among these immobile rocks."
- Gustav Mahler
(Related: Love)

"I was going to be living there and I didn't want to sound like a foreigner all my life."
- John Mahoney
(Related: Life, Living, Sound, Want)

"America is a hurricane, and the only people who do not hear the sound are those fortunate if incredibly stupid and smug White Protestants who live in the center, in the serene eye of the big wind."
- Norman Mailer
(Related: People, America, Eye, Sound, Wind)

"I inherited a sick economy and passed on a sound one. But one abiding regret for me is that, in between, I did not have the resources to put in place the educational and social changes about which I cared to much; I made only a beginning, and it was not enough."
- John Major
(Related: Beginning, Economy, Regret, Sound)

"God transforms, so to speak, this air into words, into various sounds. He makes you understand these various sounds through the modifications by which you are affected."
- Nicolas Malebranche
(Related: God, Words)

"There's no point that an album should sound like a watered down version of another album."
- Stephen Malkmus
(Related: Sound)

"What producers did was mostly recording in the studio, so it never changed our sound just that much."
- Stephen Malkmus
(Related: Sound)

"A good voice isn't so important. It's more important to sound really unique."
- Stephen Malkmus
(Related: Sound, Voice)

"I left because I could no longer make records that sounded less and less like me. I tried to please people instead of believing in my own strength, until the only thing I could do was walk away."
- Melissa Manchester
(Related: People, Strength)

"Sound character provides the power with which a person may ride the emergencies of life instead of being overwhelmed by them. Failure is... the highway to success."
- Og Mandino
(Related: Life, Power, Success, Character, Failure, Being, May, Sound)

"We had to go all through the night thinking that our baby was dead. When God showed him to us, he wasn't dead, he was sucking his thumb. God had him safe and sound. He is a miracle. He is so healthy, so perfect, and God has really, really blessed us."
- Barbara Mandrell
(Related: God, Baby, Night, Sound, Thinking)

"A studio recording is perfection, but emotion and passion come only when you turn on the machine and go for the groove. If you do that with no mistakes, it sounds beautiful."
- Chuck Mangione
(Related: Emotion, Machine, Mistakes, Passion, Perfection)

"There's a lot of music that sounds like it's literally computer-generated, totally divorced from a guy sitting down at an instrument."
- Aimee Mann
(Related: Music, Computer)

"It's never what you say, but how you make it sound sincere."
- Marya Mannes
(Related: Sound)

"It's never been more important for borrowers to arm themselves with knowledge and build sound financial-management skills."
- Robert Manning
(Related: Knowledge, Financial, Sound)

"I would say our sound is soul pop."
- Taryn Manning
(Related: Soul, Sound)

"It could be fun to sing with Prince or Michael Jackson. Justin Timberlake has an amazing new sound now."
- Taryn Manning
(Related: Fun, Now, Sound)

"I like the feeling that I'm giving young women self-confidence. It sounds so cliched, but it can be very moving."
- Shirley Manson
(Related: Women, Feeling, Giving, Self)

"I need three million dollars to make a low-budget, intellectual, artistic, exciting, erotic movie with a great soundtrack."
- Ray Manzarek
"I have always adhered to two principles. The first one is to train hard and get in the best possible physical condition. The second is to forget all about the other fellow until you face him in the ring and the bell sounds for the fight."
- Rocky Marciano
(Related: Fight, First, Forget, Principles)

"There were times I used to go to parties when I was, you know, like 15-, 16-years-old, and I'd always bring my guitar, and all my friends would be like, sing one of the Smokey songs. And everything I sang was his music, and I could sound just like him."
- Teena Marie
(Related: Music, Friends, Guitar, Songs, Sound)

"The poet knows himself only on the condition that things resound in him, and that in him, at a single awakening, they and he come forth together out of sleep."
- Jacques Maritain
(Related: Sleep)

"There are some sounds that English singers find quite difficult to manipulate."
- Neville Marriner
(Related: English)

"One thing we were looking for from the start was players who really fit together, who sounded in tune."
- Neville Marriner
"If it's not going to sound like Terrapin Station, what's the point of playing Terrapin Station?"
- Branford Marsalis
(Related: Sound)

"We played it as long as we could play it on that CD and I think it might be 50 minutes, maybe. What you have to do is play a couple of songs and then get off the stage because everything that trails it sounds stupid."
- Branford Marsalis
(Related: Play, Songs)

"I like to make records sound good. I'm more like a reducer than a producer. If an artist cannot produce themselves, what's the point?"
- Branford Marsalis
(Related: Artist, Sound)

"I sounded like myself. People be saying I sound like Miles or Clifford Brown."
- Wynton Marsalis
(Related: People, Saying, Sound)

"The first time I ever played the trumpet in public, I played the Marine Hymn. I sounded terrible."
- Wynton Marsalis
(Related: Time, First, Public)

"There was a time - and I used to get made fun of a lot - that all I collected was soundtracks."
- Jason Marsden
(Related: Time, Fun)

"I ran into Snoop one night. I was in the studio later, and I got this beat and thought he would sound great on it. I called him and he came right through that night."
- Angie Martinez
(Related: Thought, Night, Right, Sound)

"If Bill jumps into something that relies on a lot of cymbals, I'll jump into something that relies on a lot of skin sounds; if he goes into metal tones, I'll go into wood, and so on. I basically play in his holes."
- Pat Mastelotto
(Related: Play, Skin, Wood)

"On the other hand, there are only so many people who really knew how she was exactly, like what did her accent sound like, and the fact that she developed profound deafness when she was first running the Harriet Lane."
- Mary Stuart Masterson
(Related: People, Fact, First, Running, Sound)

"There is no relation to sound for deaf people. It is a totally different mental process."
- Richard Masur
(Related: People, Sound)

"I can hear you and I can watch your mouth move, and then I put together the sounds and the visual image, and I can understand the words as I integrate the two signals."
- Marlee Matlin
(Related: Words)

"We should be the natural home for younger voters. But today we're not. Because too often we sound like people who just don't like contemporary Britain."
- Francis Maude
(Related: Home, People, Sound, Today)

"We should be the natural home for young mothers. But we're not. Because too often we sound like people who think the only good mother is a married mother."
- Francis Maude
(Related: Home, Mother, People, Mothers, Sound)

"We should be the natural home for the millions of Britons of immigrant origin. But we're not. Because too often we've sounded like people who wish they hadn't come here at all."
- Francis Maude
(Related: Home, People)

"I'm pretty basic as far as technique is concerned. I don't use many gadgets, and I like the sound my guitar makes, anyway."
- Brian May
(Related: Guitar, Pretty, Sound)

"The extent to which all people in our society are made to count, and believe that they count, is not just a measure of decency; it makes sound economic sense."
- Mary McAleese
(Related: Society, People, Decency, Measure, Sense, Sound)

"I literally have meetings at eight o'clock in the morning, and I finish at nine o'clock at night. It sounds pathetic, but I don't even have time to go shopping."
- Stella McCartney
(Related: Time, Meetings, Night)

"There is a lot of room for improvement in Social Security. We owe our children the most financially sound system possible. They will have paid into it their entire working lives. They deserve to be protected by it. for our children and grandchildren."
- Mitch McConnell
(Related: Children, Improvement, Security, Sound, Will)

"I worry about kids and all they are exposed to. Kids get so bombarded with hard, commercial sounds. They don't even have a chance to develop the softer part of themselves without fear of being ridiculed."
- Susannah McCorkle
(Related: Fear, Being, Chance, Kids, Worry)

"I hate to sound like Julie the cruise director but it's people that I think about all the time."
- Bruce McCulloch
(Related: Time, People, Hate, Sound)

"Of course, we wrote the songs accordingly and performed and recorded them that way. At that time, we really thought it was right, but you know, seen in retrospect, it made the album sound forced, and not really great."
- Mark McGrath
(Related: Time, Thought, Right, Songs, Sound)

"I don't want to make that sound like I'm preaching from a mountain top when I say you have to give your family everything, because I know it's hard for people. I'm lucky to be in a position where you can establish those ground rules and make it that way."
- Tim McGraw
(Related: Family, People, Preaching, Rules, Sound, Want)

"I always got a kick out of it when they called it the California Sound because it really came out of Liverpool and Greenwich Village."
- Roger McGuinn
(Related: Sound)

"We have closely monitored the ups and downs of recruiting and retention trends for many years and have been quick to sound the alarm when challenges came into view."
- John M. McHugh
(Related: Quick, Sound, Years)

"I'm kind of the town pump. I think I have a pretty good ear for what sounds good in this style."
- Michael McKean
(Related: Pretty, Style)

"I keep these songs in my head until I get behind the microphone. I never spend more than 30 or 40 minutes singing the vocal or it will sound mechanical. There are always mistakes, but it's about feeling more than being perfect."
- Brian McKnight
(Related: Being, Feeling, Mistakes, Singing, Songs, Sound, Will)

"Well rounded forms gives smooth sounds; sharper or angular forms give harder and harsher sounds."
- Norman McLaren
"At the risk of sounding hopelessly romantic, love is the key element. I really love to play with different musicians who come from different cultural backgrounds."
- John McLaughlin
(Related: Love, Key, Musicians, Play, Risk, Romantic)

"Most sermons sound to me like commercials - but I can't make out whether God is the Sponsor or the Product."
- Mignon McLaughlin
(Related: God, Sermons, Sound)

"Darkness is to space what silence is to sound, i.e., the interval."
- Marshall McLuhan
(Related: Darkness, Silence, Sound, Space)

"So I have a friend who works for me once a week. She's got e-mail, so anybody that must send an e-mail, they send it to her and she faxes it to me. Sounds like a long way of doing things, but it works for me."
- Marian McPartland
(Related: Friend)

"When an aggressor force continually launches attacks from a particular base of operations, it is sound military strategy to take the flight to the enemy."
- Timothy McVeigh
(Related: Strategy, Enemy, Force, Military, Sound)

"I find it hard to get excited by just a sound. I have to have a song there, then I'll find what used I can make of that sound within the song."
- Christine McVie
(Related: Song, Sound)

"Strong men have sound ideas and the force to make these ideas effective."
- Andrew Mellon
(Related: Men, Ideas, Force, Sound)

"Look, I hate to sound like Pollyanna, but I literally can't wait to get to work in the morning. I've got steady jobs, I've got my health, and I'm here in the greatest city in the world. I'd be a pig not to be grateful."
- Christopher Meloni
(Related: Work, Health, Hate, Jobs, Sound, World)

"It doesn't take a majority to make a rebellion; it takes only a few determined leaders and a sound cause."
- H. L. Mencken
(Related: Cause, Leaders, Majority, Rebellion, Sound)

"Years ago, I thought up the name Queen. It's just a name. But it's regal, obviously, and -sounds splendid."
- Freddie Mercury
(Related: Thought, Name, Queen, Years)

"I hate the way chorus boxes sound."
- Pat Metheny
(Related: Hate, Sound)

"I realized that equipment really had little to do with why I sound like the way I sound."
- Pat Metheny
(Related: Sound)

"I think I have a basic sound aesthetic that is in most of what I do."
- Pat Metheny
(Related: Sound)

"No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently."
- Agnes de Mille
(Related: Life, Decisions, Destiny, Sound)

"I worked very hard, but I think it's unfair to make it all sound like it's all David's fault."
- Liza Minnelli
(Related: Fault, Sound)

"I just want to do everything. I don't want to sound soppy or too cliched, but that's the way it is."
- Kylie Minogue
(Related: Sound, Want)

"If you listen to nature, all the sounds are done in a confident way. I'm trying to do that."
- Roscoe Mitchell
(Related: Nature, Trying)

"You listen to Handel operas, right? And there are a thousand of them, right? And they all sound alike. If I look back on my work, maybe it's the same thing."
- Isaac Mizrahi
(Related: Work, Right, Sound)

"People say it's really the press who create those soundbites about fashion. That's what sells magazines and clothes."
- Isaac Mizrahi
(Related: People, Clothes, Fashion, Press)

"For my part, if I consider poetry as an object, I maintain that it is born of the necessity of adding a vocal sound (speech) to the hammering of the first tribal music."
- Eugenio Montale
(Related: Music, Poetry, First, Necessity, Sound)

"I'm pursuing soundtrack work in the southern California area and down the line I plan to make a moody, intense acoustic album. Not all acoustic, but an acoustic - oriented guitar record that I've already written most of the material for."
- Ronnie Montrose
(Related: Work, Guitar)

"One always has to remember these days where the garbage pail is, because it's so easy to make sounds, and to put sounds together into something that appears to be music, but it's just as hard as it always was to make good music."
- Robert Moog
(Related: Music)

"A sculptor is a person who is interested in the shape of things, a poet in words, a musician by sounds."
- Henry Moore
(Related: Words)

"A man generally has two reasons for doing a thing. One that sounds good, and a real one."
- J. P. Morgan
(Related: Man)

"In the late 60s and early 70s, I did get interested in voices, and in narration and embodying the voice, making the poem sound like a real person talking."
- Robert Morgan
(Related: Sound, Talking, Voice)

"Mars is really different, into art. Lydia Lunch is more energy. James Chance is more commercial in a different way, in funk and jazz. They were all doing original things, trying to create their own sound and music. I think they're all great."
- Ikue Mori
(Related: Art, Music, Chance, Energy, Jazz, Sound, Trying)

"I still think that I'm playing instruments, not just pushing buttons and there it goes. It's interactive and alive with the sound and the manipulation and it plays like instruments."
- Ikue Mori
(Related: Manipulation, Sound)

"I got tired of different drum sounds so you buy different effects for more manipulation."
- Ikue Mori
(Related: Manipulation)

"Hip Nip just sounds groovy. A drummer laid it on me."
- Pat Morita
"It is at least 10 times more difficult to get a good synthesiser sound than on an acoustic instrument."
- Giorgio Moroder
(Related: Sound)

"Too many of these writers in the music papers, they are misunderstanding everything. The disco sound is not art or anything so serious."
- Giorgio Moroder
(Related: Art, Music, Sound, Writers)

"The disco sound, you must see, is not art or anything so serious."
- Giorgio Moroder
(Related: Art, Sound)

"I come from a background of experimental music which mingled real sounds together with musical sounds."
- Ennio Morricone
(Related: Music)

"I also used these realistic sounds in a psychological way. With The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, I used animal sounds - as you say, the coyote sound - so the sound of the animal became the main theme of the movie."
- Ennio Morricone
(Related: Sound, Ugly)

"Thus the slogan should be reversed: Catholics taught the world what music is supposed to sound like, and, more importantly, what it is supposed to mean."
- Richard Morris
(Related: Music, Sound, World)

"So many of the sounds that contemporary composers were trying to create were to be found in the traditional musics of the world. That was encouraging but also little daunting to think that you had to work so hard to be new and yet it was old."
- Robert Morris
(Related: Work, Encouraging, Composers, Old, Trying, World)

"I do remember, though, when I discovered the third! I was about five years old - it was a very pleasing sound. I remembered that if I hit one note, then skipped one and played the next, I could get this really good sound."
- Robert Morris
(Related: Old, Sound, Years)

"College on for sure... I'm scared to say it cause it sounds like a family movie, but if my kid was 7, 8, 9 I would take her to this quickly and gladly!"
- Rob Morrow
(Related: Family, Cause, College)

"The freedom to make a fortune on the stock exchange has been made to sound more alluring than freedom of speech."
- John Mortimer
(Related: Fortune, Freedom, Sound, Speech)

"Yazoo was Vince's sound ultimately. At the time Vince and I got together he had only recorded one album with Depeche and Depeche were to go on to greater things."
- Alison Moyet
(Related: Time, Sound)

"The sense organs experience the external light, sound, etc. with difficulty; the different sense organs only have a so-called specific receptivity for particular stimuli."
- Johannes P. Muller
(Related: Experience, Difficulty, Light, Sense, Sound)

"A day spent without the sight or sound of beauty, the contemplation of mystery, or the search of truth or perfection is a poverty-stricken day; and a succession of such days is fatal to human life."
- Lewis Mumford
(Related: Life, Beauty, Truth, Contemplation, Day, Mystery, Perfection, Poverty, Sight, Sound)

"We can't afford big symphonies but we commission works that sound rich and symphonic because of the nature of the instrumentation and the people we work with."
- Graeme Murphy
(Related: Nature, Work, People, Sound)

"I was able to interpret the difference between the sharp, quick sound and the slow, deep sound of percussion and manipulate it, get a third sound out of things, if the beats were rapid enough."
- Sunny Murray
(Related: Deep, Difference, Quick, Sound)

"Austin sounds a little bit like Aston Martin, which is the type of car James Bond would drive."
- Mike Myers
(Related: Car, Martin)

"Neil's effect on the band was immediate and very fulfilling. He adds a certain edge to the sound and, of course, he is an incredible musician. We became a better band because of the inclusion of Neil Young."
- Graham Nash
(Related: Effect, Sound)

"I think Stills has been playing better than ever. I know a lot of it sounds self-serving, but he truly has."
- Graham Nash
(Related: Self)

"I've been listening to a lot of Hollies stuff lately, and it's beginning to sound pretty good to me."
- Graham Nash
(Related: Beginning, Listening, Pretty, Sound)

"People do not want words - they want the sound of battle - the battle of destiny."
- Gamal Abdel Nasser
(Related: People, Battle, Destiny, Sound, Want, Words)

"The path of sound credence is through the thick forest of skepticism."
- George Jean Nathan
(Related: Skepticism, Sound)

"Latin music has many international influences - pop, rock, country, Brazilian sounds, and alternative styles."
- Ednita Nazario
(Related: Music, Country)

"With technology now, you can go in and sing a song, and for $100,000, you will sound flawless."
- Vince Neil
(Related: Technology, Now, Song, Sound, Will)

"Although housing sales and starts have cooled to more typical levels, the housing market remains strong and sound. Without the expansion of homeownership and the strength of our housing market, our nation would not have the economic growth we are experiencing today."
- Randy Neugebauer
(Related: Growth, Strength, Nation, Sales, Sound, Today)

"It would appear that we have reached the limits of what it is possible to achieve with computer technology, although one should be careful with such statements, as they tend to sound pretty silly in 5 years."
- John von Neumann
(Related: Technology, Computer, Limits, Pretty, Silly, Sound, Years)

"It's a 360-degree sound experience. Like you're in the middle of the band. A lot of people have the technology to play the format, so why not put it out there. It sounds great."
- Aaron Neville
(Related: Technology, Experience, People, Play, Sound)

"It's valid that the Strokes and the Pleased have been influenced by some of the same bands. But it's invalid in the sense that we listen to the Strokes and try to sounds like them. I think that they are a good band."
- Joanna Newsom
(Related: Sense)

"I am producing sounds that people are not used to hearing from the harp."
- Joanna Newsom
(Related: People, Hearing)

"I am consciously trying not to make it sound Celtic or African."
- Joanna Newsom
(Related: African, Sound, Trying)

"I am consciously not trying to bring in World Music elements. The ways that I work and feel are completely different in how they sound than someone playing the Kora in Africa would play it."
- Joanna Newsom
(Related: Music, Work, Play, Sound, Trying, World)

"Songs like the Buck Owens tune, for example, are very simple and straightforward, and recording it really gave me a chance to get into and get a sense of Buck's personality, a feel for that whole Bakersfield sound."
- Juice Newton
(Related: Chance, Example, Personality, Sense, Songs, Sound)

"Yeah, she's a maverick! And I'm going to say this, and please don't take it the way it sounds. But, Sarah Palin to the GOP, this is what I've got to say: She is very much like herpes - she's not going away. Okay? That's it."
- Chuck Nice
"He has the finest, fundamentally sound golf swing I've ever seen."
- Jack Nicklaus
(Related: Golf, Sound)

"Useless knowledge can be made directly contributory to a force of sound and disinterested public opinion."
- Albert J. Nock
(Related: Knowledge, Force, Opinion, Public, Public opinion, Sound)

"I read about this hotel that was great, down in the south of the island, not in a touristy area. I had no particular desire ever to go to Jamaica, but I thought, what the hell? Sounds nice. Let's go!"
- Jeremy Northam
(Related: Thought, Desire, Hell)

"Some things can be perfectly expressed by sound alone and images would only be disturbing. Other times, sound would be possible, but visuals are much stronger and closer to what I want to express and then again, they sometimes overlap perfectly."
- Alva Noto
(Related: Sound, Want)

"One often thinks that using 2 different things like visual and sound lead to 2 different conclusions - to a different content - but in in my case it is all one."
- Alva Noto
(Related: Content, Sound)

"I usually create sounds and have different generators running over it. You know you can open a word-file as a picture or the other way round. I do the same with sounds."
- Alva Noto
(Related: Open, Running, Word)

"I made a lot of different experiments with tapes at that time, until I finally realized around 1995, that sound is an interesting subject for me. Ever since then sound got more and more integrated into my art works, musically as well as physically."
- Alva Noto
(Related: Art, Time, Sound)

"My first day at MGM they decided to bring this lion out, male, and it was not the best time for him to see me. All of a sudden he thought I was in heat and this lion went into the dressing room, which was just a trailer on the sound stage, and went crazy."
- Kim Novak
(Related: Time, Thought, Day, First, Sound)

"In the absence of sound oversight,responsible businesses are forced to compete against unscrupulous and underhanded businesses, who are unencumbered by any restrictions on activities that might harm the environment, or take advantage of middle-class families, or threaten to bring down the entire financial system."
- Barack Obama
(Related: Financial, Absence, Environment, Harm, Sound)

"I know a girl who cries when she practices violin because each note sounds so pure it just cuts into her, and then the melody comes pouring out her eyes. Now, to me, everything else just sounds like a lie."
- Conor Oberst
(Related: Lie, Eyes, Now)

"This Halloween, the most popular mask is the Arnold Schwarzenegger mask. And the best part? With a mouth full of candy you will sound just like him."
- Conan O'Brien
(Related: Popular, Sound, Will)

"But for the first time, we haven't made a huge leap forward in sound from our last album. Fans who own Kid A should be able to get their heads around it."
- Ed O'Brien
(Related: Time, Fans, First, Sound)

"I do talk less now because the sound of my voice saying over and over the things I said years ago embarrasses and depresses me. Why do I say the same things over and over?"
- Carroll O'Connor
(Related: Now, Saying, Sound, Talk, Voice, Years)

"More people need to understand the games secular liberals play. Here's one rule-of-thumb: No matter how bad a story sounds - particularly if it sounds bad - recognize the pattern of defamation."
- Marvin Olasky
(Related: People, Games, Liberals, Play)

"My poems - I don't even like the sound of that, in a way. Not that anyone else wrote them. But we know that only people who are really close to us care about our personal experience."
- Sharon Olds
(Related: Experience, People, Care, Poems, Sound)

"I don't want to make it sound like a hotbed of lesbianism but I did have a number of relationships."
- Jean O'Leary
(Related: Lesbianism, Relationships, Sound, Want)

"My trumpeting sounds like a goose farting in the fog."
- Alex O'Loughlin
"The poem, for me, is simply the first sound realized in the modality of being."
- Charles Olson
(Related: Being, First, Sound)

"I sound like Homer. I mean Winslow Homer."
- Charles Olson
(Related: Sound)

"All my concerts had no sounds in them; they were completely silent. People had to make up their own music in their minds!"
- Yoko Ono
(Related: Music, People)

"Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."
- George Orwell
(Related: Appearance, Language, Lies, Murder, Sound, Wind)

"We went into that knowing that we were never going to sell a major record 'cause we didn't sound like these bands, so I just thought this was an opportunity for us to make the kind of records that we wanted and make some money at the same time."
- Buzz Osborne
(Related: Money, Time, Thought, Opportunity, Sound)

"I hate the word gothic but I would like to try doing something like that. A gothic sound, not rock, but gothic. There's a difference."
- Kelly Osbourne
(Related: Difference, Hate, Sound, Word)

"I found a sound that people really liked - I found this basic concept and all I did was change the lyrics and the melody a little bit. My songs, if you listen to them, they're quite a lot alike, like Chuck Berry."
- Buck Owens
(Related: Change, People, Songs, Sound)

"We hope that the elected officials will respond positively to a ground swell of letters, phone calls, e-mails and visits from parents. The law clearly states that the responsibility for giving a sound basic education to our children lies with New York State."
- Major R. Owens
(Related: Education, Hope, Children, Giving, Law, Letters, Lies, Parents, Responsibility, Sound, State, states, Will)

"It's quite complicated and sounds circular, but we've worked out a way of calculate a Web site's importance."
- Larry Page
(Related: Importance)

"There's an institution here called the National Sound Archive, and there's a character who works there, Paul Wilson. He takes a very special interest in the history of the music and advised Martin Davidson of the existence of these tapes."
- Evan Parker
(Related: History, Music, Character, Existence, Interest, Martin, Sound)

"I was 17 and just learning what high fidelity was, what good sound was, and learning the mechanics of tape machines. It was a real education, going right from the consumer end to the record factory."
- Alan Parsons
(Related: Education, End, Fidelity, Learning, Machines, Right, Sound)

"If it's just screaming - and I know this sounds so ridiculous - that gets old. But sometimes when there's literal chaos, it's like being in a war zone, and that's kind of exciting. You're just running through the crowd of people chasing after you and no one knows what's going on."
- Robert Pattinson
(Related: War, People, Being, Chaos, Old, Running, Zone)

"I used my mother's radio as a PA system. I'd take the telephone, the speaking part, and take those two leads off and lead them into the radio and the sound would come out of the speaker."
- Les Paul
(Related: Mother, Sound)

"I wanted something very dense, something that would sustain long and more pieces of wood that would be soft, sweet, for more of a mellow sound."
- Les Paul
(Related: Sound, Wood)

"Now I need to take a piece of wood and make it sound like the railroad track, but I also had to make it beautiful and lovable so that a person playing it would think of it in terms of his mistress, a bartender, his wife, a good psychiatrist - whatever."
- Les Paul
(Related: Wife, Now, Sound, Wood)

"A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central bank. Capitalism cherishes voluntary contracts and interest rates that are determined by savings, not credit creation by a central bank."
- Ron Paul
(Related: Money, Capitalism, Creation, Credit, Interest, Sound)

"The greatest thing is nobody cares that I'm fifty years old. They only care what I sound like."
- Rob Paulsen
(Related: Care, Old, Sound, Years)

"When you're special to a cat, you're special indeed, she brings to you the gift of her preference of you, the sight of you, the sound of your voice, the touch of your hand."
- Lester B. Pearson
(Related: Sight, Sound, Voice)

"Requiring valid, photographic identification is a common sense step to ensure voter integrity and sound elections."
- Sonny Perdue
(Related: Common sense, Elections, Integrity, Sound)

"This sounds an extraordinary statement to make, but in fact all truth is very ordinary."
- Brian Perkins
(Related: Truth, Fact)

"That rockabilly sound wasn't as simple as I thought it was."
- Carl Perkins
(Related: Thought, Sound)

"It's the group sound that's important, even when you're playing a solo."
- Oscar Peterson
(Related: Sound)

"I knew that collaborating on songwriting would be difficult for a lot of people, because I was known very much, for my independence and the fact that I wrote these quirky songs that were not typical structure, not typical sound - you know, really original stuff."
- Liz Phair
(Related: People, Fact, Independence, Songs, Sound)

"If I could find a white man who had the Negro sound and the Negro feel, I could make a billion dollars."
- Sam Phillips
(Related: Man, Sound)

"People say that I could sing the phone book and make it sound good."
- Edith Piaf
(Related: People, Sound)

"Adding sound to movies would be like putting lipstick on the Venus de Milo."
- Mary Pickford
(Related: Movies, Sound)

"Language is not merely a set of unrelated sounds, clauses, rules, and meanings; it is a total coherent system of these integrating with each other, and with behavior, context, universe of discourse, and observer perspective."
- Kenneth L. Pike
(Related: Behavior, Language, Perspective, Rules, Universe)

"It sounds cliche, but success is your friends, your family, what you do, and if you're happy when you wake up."
- Michael Pitt
(Related: Success, Family, Friends)

"Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue."
- Plato
(Related: Education, Music, Soul, Virtue, Sound)

"He whom the gods love dies young, while he is in health, has his senses and his judgments sound."
- Titus Maccius Plautus
(Related: Love, Health, Gods, Senses, Sound)

"By that I mean, I think that it is true that politics and political heroes have to satisfy our need to be greater than mortal in some way, and that's led them into creating illusions, sound bites, focus groups that tell you what to do."
- Sydney Pollack
(Related: Politics, Focus, Heroes, Sound)

"I like music that's more offensive. I like it to sound like nails on a blackboard, get me wild."
- Iggy Pop
(Related: Music, Sound)

"Who shall decide when doctors disagree, And soundest casuists doubt, like you and me?"
- Alexander Pope
(Related: Doctors, Doubt)

"Sound strategy starts with having the right goal."
- Michael Porter
(Related: Strategy, Goal, Right, Sound)

"I never consciously said, 'I want to be an actor.' It sounds stupid, but it's kind of like being a painter or something. You don't say, 'From today on I'm going to be a painter.' It's not something conscious - you've just been painting pictures all your life."
- Franka Potente
(Related: Life, Actor, Being, Painting, Today, Want)

"A general loathing of a gang or sect usually has some sound basis in instinct."
- Ezra Pound
(Related: Instinct, Sound)

"Free love sounds great."
- Laura Prepon
(Related: Love)

"We should like to have some towering geniuses, to reveal us to ourselves in colour and fire, but of course they would have to fit into the pattern of our society and be able to take orders from sound administrative types."
- J. B. Priestley
(Related: Society, Fire, Sound)

"We should like to have some towering geniuses, to reveal us to ourselves in color and fire, but of course they would have to fit into the pattern of our society and be able to take orders from sound administrative types."
- Joseph Priestley
(Related: Society, Fire, Sound)

"As the poet has expected, the alarms now are sounded, for - and it must be said again - the birth of a poet is always a threat to the existing cultural order, because he attempts to break through the circle of literary castes to reach the center."
- Salvatore Quasimodo
(Related: Literary, Now, Order)

"At the point when continuity was interrupted by the first nuclear explosion, it would have been too easy to recover the formal sediment which linked us with an age of poetic decorum, of a preoccupation with poetic sounds."
- Salvatore Quasimodo
(Related: Age, First)

"A bass should sound like a bass with the thump of the finger against the wood, like it began with stand up."
- Suzi Quatro
(Related: Sound, Wood)

"Some pacifists have carried the sound idea of the prime importance of security too far, to the point of declaring that any consideration of disarmament is superfluous and pointless as long as eternal peace has not been attained."
- Ludwig Quidde
(Related: Peace, Idea, Consideration, Importance, Security, Sound)

"Not to sound egomaniac or anything, but just to get under people's skin like that, and for them to believe in you and believe strongly enough to write... it's flattering and it helps you during the day."
- Glenn Quinn
(Related: People, Day, Skin, Sound)

"The President's announcement sounded less like a national energy plan than like a page from an election-year play book. This Administration's plan to reduce obscene oil company profits is to regulate them less."
- Nick Rahall
(Related: Company, Energy, Oil, Play, President)

"Rhythm and sounds are born with syllables."
- Jean Philippe Rameau
"Now between the meanings of words and their sounds there is ordinarily no discoverable relation except one of accident; and it is therefore miraculous, to the mystic, when words which make sense can also make a uniform objective structure of accents and rhymes."
- John C. Ransom
(Related: Accident, Now, Sense, Words)

"A hundred years ago, of course, the question that the German Composers' Co-operative asked itself sounded a lot more fundamental: How do you create a fair share for those who ensure that works can actually be performed at all?"
- Johannes Rau
(Related: Composers, Question, Years)

"It was rehearsing in the studio, at which point they were setting up the sound, and once we'd got the thing together they'd actually record it, without us knowing sometimes!"
- Noel Redding
(Related: Sound)

"In the late '70s I started to search for the perfect sound - whatever that might be, before that I was mainly interested in drugs, insanity and the rock'n'roll lifestyle."
- Lou Reed
(Related: Drugs, Insanity, Sound)

"In serial music, the series itself is seldom audible... What I'm interested in is a compositional process and a sounding music that are one in the same thing."
- Steve Reich
(Related: Music)

"Why would you create a movie for black people if you don't understand the history and perspective of the people you are doing it for? You need historical perspective to make sound decisions."
- Tim Reid
(Related: History, People, Decisions, Perspective, Sound)

"Then my first film was something called Cannibal Girls, which sounds like a horror movie but was actually kind of a goofy comedy with horror elements. Like a horror spoof."
- Ivan Reitman
(Related: Comedy, Film, First, Girls, Horror)

"As simple as it sounds, we all must try to be the best person we can: by making the best choices, by making the most of the talents we've been given."
- Mary Lou Retton
(Related: Choices)

"Modern instruments were designed to throw sound all in one direction."
- Marc Ribot
(Related: Direction, Sound)

"A good interpreter can take a piece of bad music and make it sound pretty decent, while a bad interpreter can take good music and make it sound cheap. I can tell that some people have a bad taste, and unlike on the piano, they smear around a lot, that is bad taste."
- Ruggiero Ricci
(Related: Music, People, Pretty, Sound, Taste)

"Of course the most difficult thing on the violin is always intonation. The second one is rhythm. If you play in tune, in time with a good sound that's already high level. Those three are the main things."
- Ruggiero Ricci
(Related: Time, Play, Sound)

"Depend upon yourself. Make your judgement trustworthy by trusting it. You can develop good judgement as you do the muscles of your body - by judicious, daily exercise. To be known as a man of sound judgement will be much in your favor."
- Grantland Rice
(Related: Body, Exercise, Man, Sound, Will)

"I think that every band tries to mature their sound through their existence, you know?"
- Adam Rich
(Related: Existence, Sound)

"Every drummer that had a name, had a name because of his individual playing. He didn't sound like anybody else, So everybody that I ever listened to, in some form, influenced my taste."
- Buddy Rich
(Related: Name, Sound, Taste)

"You got to play the flute as a flute, like that. You can't play like a tenor concept on soprano; it sounds wrong. But some guys do it, and they think it's O.K., but not so!"
- Jerome Richardson
(Related: Play, Wrong)

"But I would lie on the floor and analyze everything. I'd listen to all the strings and the background vocals on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and try to pick out the different instruments."
- Kevin Richardson
(Related: Lie, Night)

"I remember lying on the floor of the living room with headphones on when I was four or five years old, listening to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack."
- Kevin Richardson
(Related: Listening, Living, Lying, Night, Old, Years)

"It sounds ideal, a sort of beach childhood. But it wasn't really. I didn't use the beach very much at all."
- Miranda Richardson
(Related: Beach, Childhood)

"Well, you know it was so different from when you rehearsed. You're out there with your guitar and trying to get a sound, but it doesn't sound anything like what you expect!"
- Jonathan Richman
(Related: Guitar, Sound, Trying)

"When I cut my hair, the whole sound changed, my style changed."
- Rihanna
(Related: Hair, Sound, Style)

"Out of doing all that experimentation with sound I decided I wanted to do it with live musicians. To take repetition, take music fragments and make it live. Musicians would be able to play it and create this kind of abstract fabric of sound."
- Terry Riley
(Related: Music, Musicians, Play, Repetition, Sound)

"He was making all kinds of sounds apparently with his mouth, and shaking his head and I thought, gosh, is he trying to stop the orchestra? Is it all wrong? It was just unbelievable."
- Robert Ripley
(Related: Thought, Trying, Wrong)

"One of my favorites is 'The Sound of Music'. When Julie Andrews runs through the hills singing her head off, I always wish that a gust of wind would blow her skirt up."
- Mark Roberts
(Related: Music, Singing, Sound, Wind)

"A lot of people told me that I'm committing musical suicide with my sound."
- Kid Rock
(Related: People, Sound, Suicide)

"If it looks good, you'll see it. If it sounds good, you'll hear it. If it's marketed right, you'll buy it. But... if it's real, you'll feel it."
- Kid Rock
(Related: Right)

"You make the movie through the cinematography - it sounds quite a simple idea, but it was like a huge revelation to me."
- Nicolas Roeg
(Related: Idea)

"I think we did a pretty good role, linking, being a sounding board really and a driving force, especially from the bottom up. I think that part of this is bottom up as well as top down."
- Richard Rogers
(Related: Being, Driving, Force, Pretty)

"Get someone else to blow your horn and the sound will carry twice as far."
- Will Rogers
(Related: Sound, Will)

"Watching the scenes out of New Orleans, if you turn down the sound it could be the Sudan or any Third World country. But it's not. it's the United States of America."
- Al Roker
(Related: America, Country, Sound, states, United, World)

"I think I'm going to put together a compilation under Disney's name of my songs that I've done for them - because I've done six or seven by now! The latest was for the Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack. So that's the next thing that's coming out."
- Christy Romano
(Related: Diaries, Disney, Name, Songs)

"The goal of long-run economic growth without asset price bubbles is not only achievable, but is something we should expect if we put a sound regulatory framework in place and if policymakers remain vigilant."
- Christina Romer
(Related: Goal, Growth, Sound)

"I completely love playing and designing games and always will. I am so into games that I listen to game music all day. That may sound strange, but you can guarantee I'm a hardcore gamer and would never let you down by designing a crappy title."
- John Romero
(Related: Love, Music, Day, Games, May, Sound, Will)

"Without sounding too pretentious, I was sort of a slave to the narrative. When the narrative cracks in, I have to go where it takes me. I had to go to the Bohemian Grove. It was the obvious end to the book."
- Jon Ronson
(Related: End, Obvious)

"Actually, I never liked Dylan's kind of music before; I always thought he sounded just like Yogi Bear."
- Mick Ronson
(Related: Music, Thought)

"The world must be filled with unsuccessful musical careers like mine, and it's probably a good thing. We don't need a lot of bad musicians filling the air with unnecessary sounds. Some of the professionals are bad enough."
- Andy Rooney
(Related: Careers, Musicians, professionals, World)

"Not only our future economic soundness but the very soundness of our democratic institutions depends on the determination of our government to give employment to idle men."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
(Related: Government, Men, Determination, Future)

"Even the Congressional Budget Office and the Social Security trustees appointed by the president say that Social Security is financially sound, without any changes for the next 40 to 50 years."
- James Roosevelt
(Related: Office, President, Security, Sound, Years)

"Playing to me, in those years, sounded like a house on fire."
- Leonard Rose
(Related: Fire, Years)

"For the sound we produce, everybody is equally important. Each of us has a very different personality and that is what keeps Bush alive."
- Gavin Rossdale
(Related: Personality, Sound)

"It sounds so trite, but my private life is mine."
- Portia de Rossi
(Related: Life)

"I've been in the studio experimenting on making a CD of my own. I'm trying out different producers, styles, sounds. With music, as opposed to acting, you are not playing a character. You are showing people who you are. I really want to have my spirit in it."
- Emily Rossum
(Related: Music, People, Character, Acting, Spirit, Trying, Want)

"You'll find that empty vessels make the most sound."
- Johnny Rotten
(Related: Sound)

"You may be right that people say: 'You know what, we had Obama. He was inexperienced. The guy had great rhetoric, sounded good, looked good, but has turned out to be an utter disaster. I want someone where I have confidence and credibility that they're up to the job and that I can trust what they tell me.'"
- Karl Rove
(Related: Trust, People, Confidence, Credibility, Disaster, Job, May, Rhetoric, Right, Want)

"This may sound trite, but bad things happen to good people, and when you're facing terrorism, natural disaster, you can have every wonderful plan in place, but I am a realist."
- Warren Rudman
(Related: People, Disaster, May, Sound, Terrorism)

"My vision is that our country should be integrated in the EU, to transfer a part of our independence there. It is also our duty to do it, if we want to establish trade and a sound economy. This is the vision that I am working on and I will continue to work in the future."
- Ibrahim Rugova
(Related: Work, Vision, Country, Duty, Economy, Future, Independence, Sound, Trade, Want, Will)

"I had always said to myself that forty was the cut off point of my apprenticeship which may for some people sound like a very long one, but the novel as art is a middle-aged art."
- Jane Rule
(Related: Art, People, May, Sound)

"Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit."
- Salman Rushdie
(Related: Habit, Being, Earth, Names)

"If I were asked for a one-sentence sound bite on religion, I would say I was against it."
- Salman Rushdie
(Related: Religion, Sound)

"You just kind of have faith. If that sounds kind of mystical, it's because I really don't know how it works, but I trust that it does. I try to write the way I read, in order to find out what happens next."
- Richard Russo
(Related: Trust, Faith, Order)

"We need to reclaim our American system of limited government, low taxes, reasonable regulations, and sound money, which has blessed us with unprecedented prosperity. And it has done more to help the poor than any other economic system ever designed."
- Paul Ryan
(Related: Government, Money, American, Help, Poor, Prosperity, Sound, Taxes)

"And I think I find, I know a lot of people around, in different cities, and so it's not - it might sound strange - but it's not that hard to say good-bye, because I know there's other people where I'm going. I can sort of fit in in a lot of places."
- Joe Sacco
(Related: People, Cities, Sound)

"The more defects a man may have, the older he is, the less lovable, the more resounding his success."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Success, Man, May)

"Night, the beloved. Night, when words fade and things come alive. When the destructive analysis of day is done, and all that is truly important becomes whole and sound again. When man reassembles his fragmentary self and grows with the calm of a tree."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
(Related: Day, Man, Night, Self, Sound, Words)

"These days people wallow in enormous masses of sound."
- Aulis Sallinen
(Related: People, Sound)

"This continuity of sound and form was something that I became really interested in from working with Ligeti. He was always going on about how form has to be continuous."
- Esa-Pekka Salonen
(Related: Sound)

"My music wouldn't sound the way it does if I hadn't had the experience of conducting."
- Esa-Pekka Salonen
(Related: Experience, Music, Sound)

"The sound was my greatest concern. There were certain difficulties getting used to the way every musician can hear his or herself, the way each of them relates to the musician in the next seat."
- Esa-Pekka Salonen
(Related: Concern, Difficulties, Sound)

"I love a visceral sound, the kind that hits you in the belly."
- Esa-Pekka Salonen
(Related: Love, Sound)

"A lot of the stuff I've accumulated over the last few years of touring I thought was really interesting. Like sounds, sound bites, and beats even, but they weren't good dance beats they weren't ones anyone would want to rap over or anything."
- Eric San
(Related: Thought, Dance, Rap, Sound, Want, Years)

"I came here when I was almost 22. I'm perfectly bilingual, but I'm never going to sound like Sandra Bullock."
- Roselyn Sanchez
(Related: Sound)

"A linguistic system is a series of differences of sound combined with a series of differences of ideas."
- Ferdinand De Saussure
(Related: Ideas, Sound)

"Be able to sneeze without sounding ridiculous. That means neither stifling yourself or spraying your immediate vicinity."
- Marilyn vos Savant
"Hearing, which, by the motion of the air, informs us of the motion of sounding or vibrating bodies."
- Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin
(Related: Hearing)

"My first love was the sound of guitar."
- Boz Scaggs
(Related: Love, First, First love, Guitar, Sound)

"And um, when I came back to England I put a very complex soundtrack on it, featuring everyone from Jimi Hendrix, right through to Neil Diamond, you know, everybody that was kind of popular who was kind of popular at that time."
- Gerald Scarfe
(Related: Time, England, Popular, Right)

"In contrast, traditional classical music starts from an abstract musical schema. This is then notated and only expressed in concrete sound as a last stage, when it is performed."
- Pierre Schaeffer
(Related: Music, Contrast, Sound)

"The whole problem of the sound-work is distancing oneself from the dramatic."
- Pierre Schaeffer
(Related: Sound)

"Sound is the vocabulary of nature."
- Pierre Schaeffer
(Related: Nature, Sound, Vocabulary)

"People who share the same language, French or Chinese or whatever, have the same vocal cords and emit sounds which are basically the same, as they come from the same throats and lungs."
- Pierre Schaeffer
(Related: People, Language)

"Take a sound from whatever source, a note on a violin, a scream, a moan, a creaking door, and there is always this symmetry between the sound basis, which is complex and has numerous characteristics which emerge through a process of comparison within our perception."
- Pierre Schaeffer
(Related: Perception, Sound)

"Handcuffing the ability of states and localities to develop clean fuels in the cheapest possible way, using local resources, is not sound or sensible policy."
- Jan Schakowsky
(Related: Policy, Ability, Sound, states)

"The decision came from the publisher. It certainly was cleared by Chicago. And then they come out with these fine sounding words about relation to readers and their obligation. It has nothing to do with that."
- Robert Scheer
(Related: Decision, Chicago, Nothing, Obligation, Words)

"I have always known that it comes from deep within myself. I always knew what sound I wanted, and how I wanted to play. I knew everything, it just had to be developed."
- Michael Schenker
(Related: Deep, Play, Sound)

"The heavy guitars are the ones that sound good. They are not that comfortable, but they do sound great."
- Neil Schon
(Related: Sound)

"Yes, I was invited to make the sound environment at a booth of a huge electronic company, during the Hanover Industrial Fair in 1973. It was a job. Slightly good paid. But not as much as my producer then told the press."
- Klaus Schulze
(Related: Company, Environment, Job, Press, Sound)

"Aside from rabid Islamists, no one who wishes to be taken seriously can publicly say anything bad about the old Jews of Europe without sounding like reactionary troglodytes."
- Jack Schwartz
(Related: Europe, Old, Wishes)

"The artists who stand out to me have a passion for what they do. There are a lot of people who can sing. It's just like when you go to church and people are singing because it sounds good, not because it feels good. There's a difference."
- Jill Scott
(Related: People, Church, Artists, Difference, Passion, Singing)

"I'm seeing and hearing lots of B to B instruments, and everybody isn't, you know, using them... a lot of these guys are trying to do it on conventional guitars, although that has its own sound, and maybe its okay."
- John Sebastian
(Related: Hearing, Sound, Trying)

"My style is a very universal sound, which is very close to where I grew up."
- Jon Secada
(Related: Sound, Style)

"You can't get a good crew and a good sound system, and a good light system if you do a small tour. If you want the best, those guys want a commitment of about 4 to 6 months. And I'd want the best people and the best stuff."
- Bob Seger
(Related: People, Commitment, Light, Months, Sound, Want)

"Lean your body forward slightly to support the guitar against your chest, for the poetry of the music should resound in your heart."
- Andres Segovia
(Related: Music, Poetry, Heart, Body, Guitar, Support)

"It's not about how loud you turn the amp up. That's not what makes it sound big. What makes it sound big is fooling around with different delays and reverb settings."
- Brian Setzer
(Related: Sound)

"Elvis is not so difficult as Johnny Cash because his voice is so distinctive. If you try to copy Johnny Cash, it's just going to sound dumb."
- Brian Setzer
(Related: Dumb, Sound, Voice)

"Obedience is the primary object of all sound education."
- Elizabeth Missing Sewell
(Related: Education, Obedience, Sound)

"Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."
- William Shakespeare
(Related: Life, Nothing, Poor, Shadow, Sound, Walking)

"The man that hath no music in himself, Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils."
- William Shakespeare
(Related: Music, Man)

"The empty vessel makes the loudest sound."
- William Shakespeare
(Related: Sound)

"This character in the film, these things that he says which sound like advice and wise things, they are very common for Orientals. It's all the tradition."
- Omar Sharif
(Related: Character, Advice, Film, Sound, Tradition)

"The man with a toothache thinks everyone happy whose teeth are sound. The poverty-stricken man makes the same mistake about the rich man."
- George Bernard Shaw
(Related: Mistake, Man, Poverty, Sound)

"Around '75 when the recession hit, club owners started going to disco because it was cheaper for them to just buy a sound system than it was to hire a band."
- Tommy Shaw
(Related: Sound)

"Some people just come in, do it and they know it's right. It turns out better than you imagined it was going to sound. When that happens, you take it as a gift."
- Jules Shear
(Related: People, Right, Sound)

"I don't think you can contrive any sound."
- George Shearing
(Related: Sound)

"When there is an original sound in the world, it makes a hundred echoes."
- John A. Shedd
(Related: Sound, World)

"It's not an act. I love it. It's totally original. People go, 'What's going on with this guy? Why does he sound so weird? What is going on in his brain. I don't know. Just one day I suddenly woke up with a new brain."
- Charlie Sheen
(Related: Love, People, Act, Day, Sound)

"A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds."
- Percy Bysshe Shelley
(Related: Darkness, Solitude)

"There is just a major difference between the sound of analog tape and digital tape."
- Kenny W. Shepherd
(Related: Difference, Sound)

"I know that if I went to other studios, like in Vancouver, that those are set up to be as professional and as true, so it's just a different flavour, it's a different sound, but I think both have their place."
- Billy Sherwood
(Related: Sound)

"When we started the band, it was because we were waiting for a sound that never happened. We got tired of waiting, and we decided to just do it ourselves."
- Mike Shinoda
(Related: Sound, Waiting)

"A good sacrifice is one that is not necessarily sound but leaves your opponent dazed and confused."
- Nigel Short
(Related: Sacrifice, Sound)

"Listen to the sound of silence."
- Paul Simon
(Related: Silence, Sound)

"There's something about the sound of a train that's very romantic and nostalgic and hopeful."
- Paul Simon
(Related: Romantic, Sound)

"The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenements halls and whispered in the sounds of silence."
- Paul Simon
(Related: Silence, Words)

"I was singing about six notes higher than I had to, in a range that kept me up in a bubblegum sound."
- Nancy Sinatra
(Related: Singing, Sound)

"Don't let people treat you like you're stupid. If it sounds too good to be true, it is."
- Sinbad
(Related: People)

"An actor who knows his business ought to be able to make the London telephone directory sound enthralling."
- Donald Sinden
(Related: Business, Actor, London, Sound)

"I am not a sound bite person. I prefer to run at the mouth."
- Marina Sirtis
(Related: Sound)

"I use my hands like a sculptor, to mold and shape the sound I want, to clarify."
- Leonard Slatkin
(Related: Sound, Want)

"My ship was also in better condition than when she sailed from Boston on her long voyage. She was still as sound as a nut, and as tight as the best ship afloat. She did not leak a drop - not one drop!"
- Joshua Slocum
(Related: Boston, Sound)

"For there is a sound reasoning upon all flowers. For flowers are peculiarly the poetry of Christ."
- Christopher Smart
(Related: Poetry, Christ, Flowers, Sound)

"Oh, that sound? I'm in the hot tub, reading a novel."
- Jane Smiley
(Related: Reading, Sound)

"Drums all have their own particulars - each drum has a place where they sound the best - where they ring out and resonate the best, and the head surface isn't too loose or too tight, mainly so you get a good rebound off of the head."
- Chad Smith
(Related: Sound)

"And then when I found my sound, it took me two and a half weeks to find my sound and when I did I pulled out all the stops, all the stops I could find."
- Jimmy Smith
(Related: Sound)

"It takes a great man to give sound advice tactfully, but a greater to accept it graciously."
- Logan P. Smith
(Related: Advice, Man, Sound)

"Like I can't cry for myself so I will let this song take all of the things inside I can't let anyone else see and offer it up, as if the sound were some kind of god, and my pain is some kind of sacrifice."
- Robert Smith
(Related: God, Sacrifice, Pain, Song, Sound, Will)

"He was so good with the kids on the set. He just knew exactly how to handle them. The baby would cry and Vin would hold him and do all these weird sounds and the baby would stop crying. It was really cute."
- Brittany Snow
(Related: Baby, Cute, Kids)

"A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true."
- Socrates
(Related: Morality, Values, Illusion, Nothing, Sound)

"I mean, I don't want to sound - of course it's very nice, people come up and say appreciative things about my work. But the loss, in terms of privacy and anonymity, is no small thing to me."
- Todd Solondz
(Related: Work, People, Loss, Privacy, Sound, Want)

"Am I sounding better or am I just getting used to my voice?"
- Brett Somers
(Related: Voice)

"If you're dealing with a musical in which you're trying to tell a story, it's got to sound like speech. At the same time it's got to be a song."
- Stephen Sondheim
(Related: Time, Song, Sound, Speech, Trying)

"I want to state upfront, unequivocally and without doubt: I do not believe that any racial, ethnic or gender group has an advantage in sound judging. I do believe that every person has an equal opportunity to be a good and wise judge, regardless of their background or life experiences."
- Sonia Sotomayor
(Related: Life, Opportunity, Gender, Sound, State, Want)

"I hardly have any spare time! But when I do, I garden a lot - I love plants and flowers."
- Soundarya
(Related: Love, Flowers, Garden, Plants)

"I like cooking but I don't know much and whenever I enter the kitchen, my mother sends me out! Because whenever I try a dish from a book, it comes out bad."
- Soundarya
(Related: Mother, Cooking, Kitchen)

"Not at all, I wanted to go into medicine. I took science in college. But my dad was a Producer - Director in Kannada films, and someone saw me, and one thing led to another."
- Soundarya
(Related: Dad, Science, College, Medicine)

"Luckily I have a brother who looks after my administration and my money, because I'm a total spendthrift."
- Soundarya
(Related: Money, Brother)

"If I have to do something, I feel I should do it perfectly, and ofcourse, Hindi language is a problem."
- Soundarya
(Related: Language)

"I'd like to be known for my character."
- Soundarya
(Related: Character)

"Everyone tells me that I have a very sweet face! I'd like to change that. I wish I had a more flexible face!"
- Soundarya
(Related: Change)

"But if I had to do it, handle money, then I think I could be responsible, yes."
- Soundarya
(Related: Money)

"As far as I'm concerned I've never had a problem with anybody, no rivalry."
- Soundarya
(Related: Rivalry)

"Although working with Amitabh Bacchan was a different experience altogether, I just enjoyed it."
- Soundarya
(Related: Experience)

"I love hats, shoes, outfits, handbags, and ethnic jewelery."
- Soundarya
(Related: Love)

"Composers are the only people who can hear good music above bad sounds."
- John Philip Sousa
(Related: Music, People, Composers)

"Another night I dreamed I heard heavenly music sounding in my ears, and a flock of sheep was gathering round it. When the music ceased, the sheep leaped for joy, and ran together, shaking their heads; and one shook his head almost off, and seemed to have nothing but ears."
- Joanna Southcott
(Related: Music, Joy, Night, Nothing, Sheep)

"Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: History, Past, World)

"I lost interest in firearms because we had a dog that was scared to death of the sound of a rifle shot."
- James Spader
(Related: Death, Interest, Sound)

"I see no reason to keep silent about my enjoyment of the sound of my own voice as I work."
- Muriel Spark
(Related: Work, Enjoyment, Reason, Sound, Voice)

"I'm from the streets of New York. I know what tough talk sounds like."
- Aries Spears
(Related: Talk)

"As a matter of traditional and sound constitutional doctrine, an amendment to the Constitution should be the last resort when all other measures have proved inadequate."
- Arlen Specter
(Related: Constitution, Doctrine, Sound)

"It's been a straight strip, I must tell you, I've enjoyed it all the way. If I'm saying things to make it sound like it's hard, hard work, it's not. It's beautiful work. It's fun work. It's everything you'd ever want to do."
- Aaron Spelling
(Related: Work, Fun, Hard work, Saying, Sound, Want)

"The first issue of The Register was printed in London, and gave a glowing account of the province that was to be - its climate, its resources, the sound principles on which it was founded."
- Catherine Helen Spence
(Related: Climate, First, London, Principles, Sound)

"I maintain that many an inventor, many a diplomat, many a financier is a sounder philosopher than all those who practice the dull craft of experimental psychology."
- Oswald Spengler
(Related: Practice, Psychology)

"It's time to let science and medicine, not politics and rhetoric, lead us to good, sound policy."
- Eliot Spitzer
(Related: Politics, Science, Time, Policy, Medicine, Rhetoric, Sound)

"We have as many planes of speech as does a painting planes of perspective which create perspective in a phrase. The most important word stands out most vividly defined in the very foreground of the sound plane. Less important words create a series of deeper planes."
- Konstantin Stanislavisky
(Related: Painting, Perspective, Sound, Speech, Word, Words)

"The soundtrack of O Brother is the most publicity I've gotten. I don't feel that I have lost any of my old fans, but I have gained new ones."
- Ralph Stanley
(Related: Brother, Fans, Old, Publicity)

"Creed's sound is my sound."
- Scott Stapp
(Related: Sound)

"Gene Autry was the most. It may sound like a joke - Go and have a look in my bedroom, It's covered with Gene Autry posters. He was my first musical influence."
- Ringo Starr
(Related: First, Influence, May, Sound)

"If you're not Prince, you're never going to sound like Prince."
- Gwen Stefani
(Related: Sound)

"I don't like the sound of all the lists he's making."
- Ben Stein
(Related: Sound)

"All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature."
- Rudolf Steiner
(Related: Nature, Soul, Language, Now, Secrets, Whisper)

"A win by an unsound combination, however showy, fills me with artistic horror."
- Wilhelm Steinitz
(Related: Horror)

"When I decided to take writing seriously, I did a lot of reading and analyzing of the books I liked, and came up with what I thought were pretty sound plotting and structure basics."
- George Stephen
(Related: Thought, Books, Pretty, Reading, Sound, Writing)

"We are busy planning the launch of the channel. I am busy planning all kinds of events that go on the channel without me. I have started producing a sound for the channel."
- Howard Stern
(Related: Events, Planning, Sound)

"Because I don't play guitar any more, African harmonies and rhythms have been an inspiration to me. I love the raw origin of the sound. It complements my voice and words naturally."
- Cat Stevens
(Related: Love, Inspiration, African, Guitar, Play, Sound, Voice, Words)

"No matter what policy initiatives we take on, we are going to need a permanent repository for nuclear fuel based on the law and sound science."
- Craig Stevens
(Related: Science, Policy, Law, Sound)

"I work very hard on all my poems, but most of the work consists of trying not to sound as if I had worked. I try to make them sound as natural as possible, but within a quite strict form, which to my ears has a lot to do with musical rhythm and sound."
- Anne Stevenson
(Related: Work, Poems, Sound, Trying)

"We immigrants can sometimes sound a little hysterical about this because we come from places that have tried this and we know where it leads. Anybody who's lived in countries with socialized health care knows that it becomes the dominant political issue."
- Mark Steyn
(Related: Health, Care, Countries, Sound)

"Kids now are so used to surround sound and the power in theater speakers, that the concert hall is a disappointment to them."
- David Ogden Stiers
(Related: Power, Disappointment, Kids, Now, Sound, Theater)

"Or in other works I have also projected the sound in a cube of loudspeakers. The sound can move vertically and diagonally at all speeds around the public."
- Karlheinz Stockhausen
(Related: Public, Sound)

"In particular what is most important to me is the transformation of a sound by slowing it down, sometimes extremely, so that the inner of sound becomes a conceivable rhythm."
- Karlheinz Stockhausen
(Related: Sound)

"But being quiet and meditating on sound is something completely different and will be discovered very soon by a lot of people who feel that the visual world doesn't reach their soul anymore."
- Karlheinz Stockhausen
(Related: Soul, People, Being, Quiet, Sound, Will, World)

"I became aware that all sounds can make meaningful language."
- Karlheinz Stockhausen
(Related: Language)

"And I'm always interested when other musicians are trying to discover new worlds of sound."
- Karlheinz Stockhausen
(Related: Musicians, Sound, Trying)

"And I'll never forget the first time I took the possibility to project sound every day for six or seven hours with special devices which were built for me."
- Karlheinz Stockhausen
(Related: Time, Possibility, Day, First, Forget, Project, Sound)

"The media. It sounds like a convention of spiritualists."
- Tom Stoppard
(Related: Media)

"My grandmother played the piano, and I used to toddle over there and pick out little things that sounded good to me."
- Billy Strayhorn
"After a sound drubbing followed by half a day's fasting, I felt more like laughing than like crying; and, in half a while, all was forgotten and my wickedness began afresh and worse than ever."
- Stijn Streuvels
(Related: Day, Sound, Wickedness)

"Doesn't anyone here think this sounds like a vision of hell? While we are all competing or dying, when will there be time for sex or music or books? Stop the world, I want to get off."
- Howard Stringer
(Related: Music, Time, Sex, Vision, Books, Dying, Hell, Want, Will, World)

"I don't really want to be doing high budget, where they've got cranes and everything. That just sounds boring, having to do the same thing over and over again."
- Rider Strong
(Related: Want)

"If I'm playing a violin thing, for instance, I tend to respond to that sound with the way I finger."
- Andy Summers
(Related: Sound)

"If the guitar synthesizer is really going to stand as a synthesizer on its own, it needs to develop a more characteristic sound; I don' think it's gotten there yet."
- Andy Summers
(Related: Guitar, Needs, Sound)

"I'm better for it and I prefer to keep things simple and see what sounds I can get out of my head and hands rather than relying on a sound that someone else created."
- Andy Summers
(Related: Sound)

"My favorite sounds are the high, spacey ones that are very ambient."
- Andy Summers
(Related: Favorite)

"The most obvious thing you can't do with a guitar synthesizer is to really sound like a guitar."
- Andy Summers
(Related: Guitar, Obvious, Sound)

"From the first moment on the set I was consumed with curiousity about the technical side of shooting a sound picture."
- Gloria Swanson
(Related: First, Sound)

"The fuss that actors began making about the difficulty of shifting to sound struck me as perfectly foolish."
- Gloria Swanson
(Related: Actors, Difficulty, Sound)

"Well, I am very happy that I was able to play a part in bringing music from the streets onto the radio and into modern culture, I worked very hard and always believed in the sounds I was creating."
- Ice T
(Related: Music, Culture, Play)

"Ultimately I am happy that everybody is embracing hip hop and the sounds from the streets."
- Ice T
"Composition gives proper meaning to the natural streams of sound that penetrate the world."
- Toru Takemitsu
(Related: Meaning, Sound, World)

"I know that doesn't sound very radical and webby of me to say that but I think the New York Times is important. I also think there's an occasional piece that will pop out."
- David Talbot
(Related: Radical, Sound, Will)

"After Watergate, which happened when I was in college, I became increasingly inspired by journalism as a way to change the world. It sounds corny, but to wake the public up, to serve a higher cause."
- David Talbot
(Related: Change, Cause, College, Journalism, Public, World)

"I'm a big collector of vinyl - I have a record room in my house - and I've always had a huge soundtrack album collection."
- Quentin Tarantino
"I've always thought my soundtracks do pretty good, because they're basically professional equivalents of a mix tape I'd make for you at home."
- Quentin Tarantino
(Related: Home, Thought, Pretty)

"There is no man more dangerous, in a position of power, than he who refuses to accept as a working truth the idea that all a man does should make for rightness and soundness, that even the fixing of a tariff rate must be moral."
- Ida Tarbell
(Related: Power, Truth, Idea, Man)

"We wanted to get everyone back focused on the fact we are playing live again. It really does sound great."
- Andy Taylor
(Related: Fact, Sound)

"From doing Power Station, it was like, it's the same guys, but it doesn't sound like them. When we were in Duran, the labels and management wanted more Duran stuff so they could sell it."
- Andy Taylor
(Related: Power, Management, Sound)

"And I tell ya, when I sit in that sound booth and started reading the script and starting to get into the character, man, it's an easy jump for me, because I understand what it's all about."
- Lawrence Taylor
(Related: Character, Man, Reading, Sound)

"I do to keep things sounding fresh. Sometimes just changing the running order of the show is a good idea."
- Mick Taylor
(Related: Idea, Order, Running)

"My sound is very smooth. Not to be to cliche, but really sensual and sultry."
- Paul Taylor
(Related: Sound)

"Fortunately, as we all know, it's impossible for anybody but Jimmy Smith to really sound like Jimmy Smith."
- Benmont Tench
(Related: Sound)

"The President had every reason to believe that the text presented to him was sound... These 16 words should never have been included in the text written for the president."
- George Tenet
(Related: President, Reason, Sound, Words)

"I conceived of an instrument that would create sound without using any mechanical energy, like the conductor of an orchestra. The orchestra plays mechanically, using mechanical energy; the conductor just moves his hands, and his movements have an effect on the music artistry."
- Leon Theremin
(Related: Music, Effect, Energy, Sound)

"But a large symphony orchestra basically is a repertory company and it has a very enormous repertoire and it is important for the performers to be able to know how to shift focus so that they instantly become part of the sound world that a particular repertoire demands."
- Michael Tilson Thomas
(Related: Company, Focus, Sound, World)

"Some are reputed sick and some are not. It often happens that the sicker man is the nurse to the sounder."
- Henry David Thoreau
(Related: Man)

"The past is an old armchair in the attic, the present an ominous ticking sound, and the future is anybody's guess."
- James Thurber
(Related: Future, Old, Past, Present, Sound)

"The appreciative smile, the chuckle, the soundless mirth, so important to the success of comedy, cannot be understood unless one sits among the audience and feels the warmth created by the quality of laughter that the audience takes home with it."
- James Thurber
(Related: Home, Success, Quality, Comedy, Laughter, Mirth, Smile)

"There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls."
- Howard Thurman
(Related: Life, Sound, Will)

"It is difficult to write about any form of mental disease, especially your own, without sounding as if you were examining a bug under glass."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Disease)

"The main cause of my difficulties stemmed from the tragedy of my daughter's unsound birth and my inability to face my feelings."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Daughter, Feelings, Cause, Difficulties, Tragedy)

"I'm not trying to sound pretentious, but we did sell 12 million records on the first album, so we did get paid a little bit."
- Justin Timberlake
(Related: First, Sound, Trying)

"The many sounds of Memphis shaped my early musical career and continue to be an inspiration to this day."
- Justin Timberlake
(Related: Inspiration, Career, Day)

"I like things that sound like maybe they shouldn't belong."
- Mary Timony
(Related: Sound)

"It may sound a bit like an army barracks, but the truth of the matter is: there must be some time laid aside for arranging, time for working on either a book or an article - I've written two articles in the last four months for the New York Times book review section."
- Mel Torme
(Related: Time, Truth, Army, May, Months, Sound)

"God tells me how the music should sound, but you stand in the way."
- Arturo Toscanini
(Related: Music, God, Sound)

"Most people say they talk to me and I sound older."
- Michelle Trachtenberg
(Related: People, Sound, Talk)

"As far as I'm concerned, "whom" is a word that was invented to make everyone sound like a butler."
- Calvin Trillin
(Related: Sound, Word)

"Experience taught me a few things. One is to listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper. The second is that you're generally better off sticking with what you know. And the third is that sometimes your best investments are the ones you don't make."
- Donald Trump
(Related: Experience)

"I've never been able to arouse any interest in myself for digitally produced sound, and so the computer turns me off."
- David Tudor
(Related: Computer, Interest, Sound)

"Most electronic equipment uses the principle of amplification. You need filters, modulators and mixing equipment which have gain stages. By piling these components up, I was able to work without any sound generators and I made several pieces in that manner."
- David Tudor
(Related: Work, Gain, Sound)

"People like me sound like a lot of big cannons."
- Mao Tse Tung
(Related: People, Sound)

"I wanna record these girls individually. And then, I wanna cut a blues album on me. But all of it, original stuff, you know. When I listen to the blues today, it's like they all sounds similar. I wanna do something different, to try to add to the blues flavor."
- Ike Turner
(Related: Girls, Today)

"I think my mission is to become the greatest human I can. I know that sounds pompous, but what else do we have?"
- Kathleen Turner
(Related: Mission)

"My sense of divine brings with it a strange sound of music with its glories, a marvellous melody sounding like a multitude of flutes."
- Paul Twitchell
(Related: Music, Sense, Sound)

"I was in California when this journalist made a blanket statement about the fact that she did not think that black men and women had the kind of love relationship that Rebecca and Nathan had in Sounder."
- Cicely Tyson
(Related: Love, Men, Women, Fact)

"Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate."
- Sun Tzu
(Related: Fate)