Quotes and Sayings about Ending



"I'm not comfortable being preachy, but more people need to start spending as much time in the library as they do on the basketball court."
- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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"They realize that spending millions to save billions is just good business."
- Jack Abramoff
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"Rulers do not reduce taxes to be kind. Expediency and greed create high taxation, and normally it takes an impending catastrophe to bring it down."
- Charles Adams
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"I'm spending a year dead for tax reasons."
- Douglas Adams
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"We are totally committed to ending partition and to creating the conditions for unity and independence."
- Gerry Adams
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"The unionists also for their part, want to minimise the potential for change, not only on the equality agenda but on the issues of sovereignty and ending the union."
- Gerry Adams
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"The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks."
- Samuel Adams
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"If you have any trouble sounding condescending, find a Unix user to show you how it's done."
- Scott Adams
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"The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over."
- Aesop
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"Nobody I represent is pretending to be the pope or a role model for young people. People have to live their lives. They have the right to smoke if they want."
- Ben Affleck
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"What is it in us that makes us feel the need to keep pretending... we gotta let ourselves be."
- Christina Aguilera
"All lovely things will have an ending, All lovely things will fade and die; And youth, that's now so bravely spending, Will beg a penny by and by."
- Conrad Aiken
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"Money is a never-ending problem."
- Alvin Ailey
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"Is there an equality of power between America and Iraq? Definitely not; however, the Iraqi people are standing fast and are defending their land courageously."
- Bashar al-Assad
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"I didn't want to engage in a campaign where I was defending myself on those issues at every turn, so I just decided that I'd switch and run as a Republican."
- Rodney Alexander
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"Father, in spite of all this spending of money in learning Latin, I will be a painter."
- William Allan
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"We are spending $1 billion a week in Iraq."
- Tom Allen
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"Because of the wealth of fine music spread through the film, working on it held all the fun and excitement of attending a great concert."
- June Allyson
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"I have a hard time defending the production of candy, given that it is basically crack for children and makes them dependent in unwholesome ways."
- Steve Almond
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"It's great that people are basically spending their two weeks of vacation to come out and be with us in some weird part of the world. And I think we owe it to them to take 'em to some cool places."
- Jeff Ament
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"Dictatorships do cut down on rape, and pillage, not to mention sexual harassment, by the simple expedient of sending people to labour camps for life or cutting off their hands without a trial."
- Barbara Amiel
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"I always had this non-stop drive. I had to keep sending stories out and every once in awhile I'd get something accepted or get the little trickle of positive feedback."
- Kevin J. Anderson
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"Nothing. We're all friends and friendly. So when the cameras go down, depending on the mood or the nature of the material we're dealing with, there's usually a kind of a prevailing light attitude that's floating around."
- Richard Dean Anderson
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"Believe me, you lose more than a gallon of fluids during a race. You could lose between six and 10 pounds during a race, depending on hot it is."
- Michael Andretti
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"In order to experience everyday spirituality, we need to remember that we are spiritual beings spending some time in a human body."
- Barbara de Angelis
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"They keep extending these unemployment benefits to the point where people are afraid to go out and get a job, because the job doesn't pay as much as the unemployment benefit does."
- Sharron Angle
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"I don't believe in expending energy on something you can't do anything about. If there was some easy way of fixing things, I'd probably do it."
- Francesca Annis
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"The czar was always sending us commands - you shall not do this and you shall not do that - till there was very little left that we might do, except pay tribute and die."
- Mary Antin
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"He wasn't, but producers are by definition annoying because they have a different agenda from you. They're trying to stop you spending money and you're trying to not spend money, but at the same time we're great artists."
- Michael Apted
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"The chief qualification of a mass leader has become unending infallibility; he can never admit an error."
- Hannah Arendt
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"I believe we can and should have it all. Lower deficits but higher spending. More peace with a bigger military that goes off and kills terrorists and whatnot. A cleaner environment without forcing SUVs off the road."
- Craig Armstrong
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"So it wasn't actually that bad, it took a couple of weeks to sort of get used to uh, you know, standing around and pretending to have ice shoot out of your hand, but once you got used to that it uh, it was actually not that hard."
- Shawn Ashmore
"Well, there's a question as to what sort of information is important in the world, what sort of information can achieve reform. And there's a lot of information. So information that organizations are spending economic effort into concealing, that's a really good signal that when the information gets out, there's a hope of it doing some good."
- Julian Assange
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"Don't be condescending to unskilled labor. Try it for a half a day first."
- Brooks Atkinson
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"Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility."
- Saint Augustine
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"There is no gardening without humility. Nature is constantly sending even its oldest scholars to the bottom of the class for some egregious blunder."
- Alfred Austin
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"I do not believe that defending traditional marriage between one man and one woman excludes anybody or usurps anybody's civil rights and denies anybody their civil rights."
- Alan Autry
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"But you say, does it represent change? The change is that we are fighting an insurance industry that has killed health reform for generations. They're spending tens of millions of dollars right now to defeat this bill, and we're on the doorstep of winning a great victory for the American people."
- David Axelrod
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"You know, we - if, for example, Jerry Brown can withstand, you know, what will probably end up being $200 million of spending by his opponent and get elected governor of California, that will be a big victory in the nation's largest state."
- David Axelrod
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"Our choice of a reform framework dictated that we looked at the fundamental assumptions that had driven Nigeria's economy, society and policy hitherto and to seek ways of either abandoning or transcending those assumptions and their supporting institutions."
- Ibrahim Babangida
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"Some kinds of nails, such as those used for defending the soles of coarse shoes, called hobnails, require a particular form of the head, which is made by the stroke of a die."
- Charles Babbage
"True love stories never have endings."
- Richard Bach
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"Maybe if they start playing new rock bands videos, then maybe but there is no point in a guy like me spending 250 grand for a video that no one is ever going to see."
- Sebastian Bach
"After the $700 billion bailout, the trillion-dollar stimulus, and the massive budget bill with over 9,000 earmarks, many of you implored Washington to please stop spending money we don't have. But, instead of cutting, we saw an unprecedented explosion of government spending and debt, unlike anything we have seen in the history of our country."
- Michele Bachmann
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"What then is tragedy? In the Elizabethan period it was assumed that a play ending in death was a tragedy, but in recent years we have come to understand that to live on is sometimes far more tragic than death."
- George P. Baker
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"In the best farce today we start with some absurd premise as to character or situation, but if the premises be once granted we move logically enough to the ending."
- George P. Baker
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"People didn't stop spending money, they just spent it on things that complement their PCs."
- Stephen Baker
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"I would like to have the original ending to my Lord of the Rings instead of the one they released. In my original cut I had the victory at Helm's Deep as the final sequence."
- Ralph Bakshi
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"I have this theory that, depending on your attitude, your life doesn't have to become this ridiculous charade that it seems so many people end up living."
- Christian Bale
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"It was all a back-handed blessing, and my friends were the ones who kept the faith, read my work, and urged me to submit it to publishers (by sending it out for me - they would not hear no for an answer."
- Leslie Banks
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"When I became governor, spending actually increased 28 percent my first term. Revenue increased 42 percent my first term without raising anybody's taxes. We did it because we had more taxpayers with more taxable income. That's how you get the revenue up. We did that without raising anybody's taxes."
- Haley Barbour
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"I have a record as governor. I have a record of cutting spending. And I talked yesterday not only about we ought to cut spending, I talked about how we've cut spending in Mississippi and how if you did the same things in the federal government, you would save tens of billions of dollars a year."
- Haley Barbour
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"The problem with writing about religion is that you run the risk of offending sincerely religious people, and then they come after you with machetes."
- Dave Barry
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"We believe that electricity exists, because the electric company keeps sending us bills for it, but we cannot figure out how it travels inside wires."
- Dave Barry
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"It was Public Art, defined as art that is purchased by experts who are not spending their own personal money."
- Dave Barry
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"There's something liberating about not pretending. Dare to embarrass yourself. Risk."
- Drew Barrymore
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"The politician being interviewed clearly takes a great deal of trouble to imagine an ending to his sentence: and if he stopped short? His entire policy would be jeopardized!"
- Roland Barthes
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"I will continue my consistent record of voting for lower taxes, less spending and fewer regulations to make our government more effective and efficient while upholding our Constitution."
- Roscoe Bartlett
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"I was not extremely patriotic about Mother Russia. I played their game, pretending. You have to deal with, you know, party people, KGB. Horrifying."
- Mikhail Baryshnikov
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"There is no such thing as several Romanias, but only politicians who divide Romania depending on the interests of their parties and their clout."
- Traian Basescu
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"As the war on terrorism spreads and prolongs, the fruits of ending the threat of terrorism around the world will be tempered with a whole new series of problems to be addressed and resolved."
- Charles Foster Bass
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"The timing of death, like the ending of a story, gives a changed meaning to what preceded it."
- Mary Catherine Bateson
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"Reports also suggest that Ernst and Young and other large tax preparation firms are sending tax returns overseas for processing. But the IRS has no control over tax information once it's been sent to India or another country."
- Melissa Bean
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"But the Republican right-wing agenda, these people - Arnold and his patrons - felt it could be accomplished by circumventing the Legislature and spending money and organizing and giving sound bites."
- Warren Beatty
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"Defending the truth is not something one does out of a sense of duty or to allay guilt complexes, but is a reward in itself."
- Simone de Beauvoir
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"'Hello my name is the Republican Party and I got a problem. I'm addicted to spending and big government.' I'd like one of them just to stand up and say that."
- Glenn Beck
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"It's not just spending, it's not just taxes, it's not just corruption, it is progressivism, and it is in both parties. It is in the Republicans and the Democrats."
- Glenn Beck
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"The first year with the success that we had and let me point out that the time frame changes depending on which decade you look at it. In the seventies acts were kind of expected to do an album a year. If you look at the Beatles they were doing three a year."
- Gerry Beckley
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"Laughter is not a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is the best ending for one."
- Henry Ward Beecher
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"But I think the only thing that annoys me about that is if I suddenly find someone on commercial radio or something like that, mimicking my voice or actions and trying to promote a product and pretending it's me doing it."
- Richie Benaud
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"I don't think anyone's pushing for spending limits in the campaign."
- Craig Benson
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"A complete life may be one ending in so full an identification with the oneself that there is no self left to die."
- Bernard Berenson
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"An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it."
- William Bernbach
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"It is in spending oneself that one becomes rich."
- Sarah Bernhardt
"Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich."
- Sarah Bernhardt
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"Sending our youth to war is wrong."
- Michael Berryman
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"I left the ending ambiguous, because that is the way life is."
- Bernardo Bertolucci
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"They've gone to great length to disguise the fact that I'm not in the band, even sending out a photo to promoters with my picture in it which then winds up in some of the ads on the flyers."
- Jello Biafra
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"In the middle of a recession, where we're just climbing out of it, where the economy -unemployment is still at 9.7 percent, the idea of raising taxes and reducing spending is a prescription for disaster."
- Joe Biden
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"No one ever said that fighting the war against terrorism and defending our homeland would be easy. So let's support our troops, law enforcement workers, and our mission to keep our nation and our children safe in the days and years to come."
- Judy Biggert
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"Far from creating a new formalism, what these can yield is something far transcending surface values since they not only embody form as beauty, but also form in which intuitions or ideas or conjectures have taken visible substance."
- Max Bill
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"Transportation spending is a win-win proposition."
- Tim Bishop
"Paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell."
- Hugo Black
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"Government does not have a revenue problem; government has a spending problem. Government does not have a revenue problem; government has a priority problem. It is time that we begin to fine tune our focus and decide what the priority of government ought to be."
- Marsha Blackburn
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"In order to spur economic growth we need to put the brakes on out of control spending, lower Ohioans tax burden and create a most efficient and effective government."
- Kenneth Blackwell
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"Mine is the first generation able to contemplate the possibility that we may live our entire lives without going to war or sending our children to war."
- Tony Blair
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"When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do."
- William Blake
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"Listening is more important than anything else because that's what music is. Somebody is playing something and you're receiving it. It is sending and receiving."
- Carla Bley
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"You don't make spending decisions, investment decisions, hiring decisions, or whether-you're-going-to-look-for-a-job decisions when you don't know what's going to happen."
- Michael Bloomberg
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"Well, you have the public not wanting any new spending, you have the Republicans not wanting any new taxes, you have the Democrats not wanting any new spending cuts, you have the markets not wanting any new borrowing, and you have the economists wanting all of the above. And that leads to paralysis."
- Michael Bloomberg
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"People in the world can never imagine the length of days to those in asylums. They seemed never ending, and we welcomed any event that might give us something to think about as well as talk of."
- Nellie Bly
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"Well, as a former small businessperson - I understand what's going on, I think in the business community. And businesspeople around the country are looking at all the spending and all the debt. They're looking at all the policies coming out of this Congress and this administration the last two years, and they - it's created all this uncertainty."
- John Boehner
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"Why don't we stop the stimulus spending? There's still about $400 billion or $500 billion of the stimulus plan that has not been spent. Why don't we stop it? It's not working."
- John Boehner
"We have to deal with two issues. Spending and taxes."
- John Boehner
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"Spending time with America's soldiers is always inspiring."
- John Boehner
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"The American people are screaming at the top of their lungs to Washington, 'Stop! Stop the spending, stop the job-killing policies.' And yet, Democrats in Washington refuse to listen to the American people."
- John Boehner
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"I talked to a lot of employers who just are, are fearful of what's coming next out of Washington. It's all the spending, it's all the debt. It's their national energy tax, they want to call it cap and trade - more mandates, higher costs, more taxes. Their healthcare bill - more mandates, higher costs, higher taxes."
- John Boehner
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"I started out mopping floors, waiting tables, and tending bar at my dad's tavern. I put myself through school working odd jobs and night shifts. I poured my heart and soul into a small business. And when I saw how out-of-touch Washington had become with the core values of this great nation, I put my name forward and ran for office."
- John Boehner
(Related: Business, Dad, Soul, Heart, Values, Jobs, Name, Nation, Night, Office, School, Waiting, Washington)

"Earmarks have become a symbol of a Congress that has broken faith with the people. This earmark ban shows the American people we are listening and we are dead serious about ending business as usual in Washington."
- John Boehner
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"I have a hat. It is graceful and feminine and give me a certain dignity, as if I were attending a state funeral or something. Someday I may get up enough courage to wear it, instead of carrying it."
- Erma Bombeck
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"This emergency spending measure is certainly only the beginning, since we here in Washington will continue to work closely with the president and emergency agencies to ensure they continue receiving the funding they need."
- Jo Bonner
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"Members of al Qaeda and other affiliated organizations spent a great deal of time blending into the populations of several nations around the world and exploring all aspects of life there."
- Jo Bonner
(Related: Life, Time, Nations, World)

"Let peace, descending from her native heaven, bid her olives spring amidst the joyful nations; and plenty, in league with commerce, scatter blessings from her copious hand!"
- Daniel Boone
(Related: Peace, Blessings, Commerce, Heaven, Nations, Spring)

"When actors are being defensive and defending their position, that is when you get less than good acting."
- John Boorman
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"I said to Scott that the ascent seemed to be going slowly and that I was concerned descending climbers could possibly run out of oxygen before their return to camp IV."
- Anatoli Boukreev
"I explained I wanted to descend as quickly as possible to camp IV in order to warm myself and gather a supply of hot drink and oxygen in the event I might need to go back up the mountain to assist descending climbers."
- Anatoli Boukreev
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"A better ending could not have been scripted. Of course, if we had won, that would have been better."
- Bobby Bowden
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"Intimacies between women often go backwards, beginning in revelations and ending in small talk."
- Elizabeth Bowen
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"I think that candidates who have pending cases of blood crimes and economic crimes must be definitely banned."
- Francois Bozize
(Related: Blood)

"I'd watch my father get up at 5 o'clock and go down to the Eastern Market in Detroit to do the shopping for his restaurant, and get that business going and then go out on his vending machine business."
- Ed Bradley
(Related: Business, Father, Machine)

"Youth is the time of getting, middle age of improving, and old age of spending."
- Anne Bradstreet
(Related: Age, Time, Middle age, Old, Youth)

"A large part of acting is just pretending. You get to work with these other great make-believers, all making believe as hard as they can."
- Jeff Bridges
(Related: Work, Acting)

"One of the things I want to do that's outside the realm of acting and the arts - although both have their place in this - is ending childhood hunger here in America."
- Jeff Bridges
(Related: Acting, America, Childhood, Ending, Hunger, Want)

"There's no particular relationship between spending and educational results. Most education spending is actually on salaries, and that's allocated according to political muscle."
- Peter Brimelow
(Related: Education, Results)

"I think Bush has capitulated on affirmative action and government spending. Apart from that, he's OK, I guess. About the same as Howard Dean."
- Peter Brimelow
(Related: Government, Action)

"Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty."
- Jacob Bronowski
(Related: Knowledge, Adventure, Uncertainty)

"You will die but the carbon will not; its career does not end with you. It will return to the soil, and there a plant may take it up again in time, sending it once more on a cycle of plant and animal life."
- Jacob Bronowski
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"There is nothing inherently fair about equalizing incomes. If the government penalizes you for working harder than somebody else, that is unfair. If you save your money but retire with the same pension as a free-spending neighbor, that is also unfair."
- Arthur C. Brooks
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"Evidence can vary depending on the circumstances, the weather, and how long it has been hanging around."
- Pat Brown
(Related: Circumstances, Weather)

"It is past time for Republican leadership to answer for record deficits and reckless spending, both in Iraq and in the U.S. It's time for a plan to bring our troops home."
- Sherrod Brown
(Related: Home, Leadership, Time, Iraq, Past, Republican, Troops)

"Big government conservatives are spending trillions and wasting billions. Republicans are no longer the party of fiscal conservancy, but the party of runaway spending and corruption."
- Sherrod Brown
(Related: Government, Corruption, Party, Republicans)

"None of us takes amending the Constitution lightly. The plain fact is this amendment has been exhaustively studied and it really is time to act."
- Sam Brownback
(Related: Time, Act, Constitution, Fact)

"Organizations like the ACLU fought and won the good fight back in the 1960's, but it's clear that nowadays they've run out of useful things to do since they now spend most of their time defending the scum of the Earth from getting what they rightly deserve."
- Craig Bruce
(Related: Time, Earth, Fight, Now)

"There's always a great deal of business to be transacted in one's office. There are always visitors it seems to me, an unending stream of them, who come with letters of recommendation, or come actually on substantive business."
- David Bruce
(Related: Business, Letters, Office)

"It's rather like attending a university seminar where you are talking to a few gifted specialists who deliver a paper to an audience of their peers. That's one way of making music."
- Gavin Bryars
(Related: Music, Talking, University)

"I think women as well as men are concerned about jobs and the economy and spending and, and other issues. They're concerned that when their kids graduate from college they have an economy and they have a future in this country and they, they have the same opportunity that we've had and our grandparents have had."
- Ken Buck
(Related: Men, Women, Opportunity, College, Country, Economy, Future, Grandparents, Jobs, Kids)

"I'm coming to Washington, D.C., to do the people's work. And the people's work has to do with reducing spending and cutting budgets and, and trying to get a grip on the size of government."
- Ken Buck
(Related: Government, Work, People, Budgets, Trying, Washington)

"Chinese are wise in comprehending without many words what is inevitable and inescapable and therefore only to be borne."
- Pearl S. Buck
(Related: Words)

"As a consequence, the Court ruled that the limits on campaign spending violated the First Amendment, but it accepted the $1,000 limit on individual contributions on the ground that the need to avoid the appearance of corruption justified this limited constraint on speech."
- James L. Buckley
(Related: Appearance, Corruption, Court, First, Limits, Speech)

"One camp accepts the Court's limits on contributions but urges the reinstatement of spending caps - even if this requires a constitutional amendment subjecting political speech, if not pornography, to government regulation."
- James L. Buckley
(Related: Government, Court, Limits, Pornography, Speech)

"I felt Brighton was a perfect ending to a really interesting career."
- Harold Budd
(Related: Career, Ending)

"There is no question at all that Manson was sending Tex, Sadie, Katie, and Linda out on his mission of murder."
- Vincent Bugliosi
(Related: Mission, Murder, Question)

"If we must die, we die defending our rights."
- Sitting Bull
(Related: Rights)

"Spending a weekend with Hitler would have been boring in the extreme, although you would have had a greater certainty in coming back alive."
- Alan Bullock
(Related: Certainty, Extreme, Weekend)

"One of the surest evidences of friendship that one individual can display to another is telling him gently of a fault. If any other can excel it, it is listening to such a disclosure with gratitude, and amending the error."
- Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
(Related: Friendship, Gratitude, Error, Fault, Listening)

"Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing."
- Edmund Burke
(Related: Hypocrisy, Nothing, Promise, Promises)

"Poetry is the art of substantiating shadows, and of lending existence to nothing."
- Edmund Burke
(Related: Art, Poetry, Existence, Nothing, Shadows)

"The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending, then having the two as close together as possible."
- George Burns
(Related: Beginning, Ending)

"I believe, however, that impending events will call us and we must respond but where, with whom, and how?"
- John Burns
(Related: Events, Will)

"I seldom go into a natural history museum without feeling as if I were attending a funeral."
- John Burroughs
(Related: History, Feeling)

"Every man hath a good and a bad angel attending on him in particular all his life long."
- Robert Burton
(Related: Life, Man)

"What was frustrating about Armageddon was the time I spent not doing anything. It was a big special effects film, and I wasn't crazy about pretending I was in outer space. It feels ridiculous."
- Steve Buscemi
(Related: Time, Film, Space)

"In almost every survey of consumers, they say they don't mind spending money. What they hate is the shopping experience."
- Alan Bush
(Related: Experience, Money, Hate, Mind)

"I'll be glad to reply to or dodge your questions, depending on what I think will help our election most."
- George H. W. Bush
(Related: Help, Questions, Will)

"States should have the right to enact laws... particularly to end the inhumane practice of ending a life that otherwise could live."
- George W. Bush
(Related: Life, End, Ending, Laws, Practice, Right, states)

"This way of life is worth defending."
- George W. Bush
(Related: Life, Worth)

"I will never relent in defending America - whatever it takes."
- George W. Bush
(Related: America, Will)

"For me, having a child is a really great responsibility because you've got something there that is depending on you for information and love until a certain age when it goes to school."
- Kate Bush
(Related: Age, Love, Information, Responsibility, School)

"I had friends but I was spending a great deal of my time alone and for me that was vital because there's an awful lot you learn about yourself when you're alone."
- Kate Bush
(Related: Time, Friends)

"Put no inscription over the grave, except the date of my birth and my death; and, wherever I am buried, let the funeral be perfectly private, with as few persons attending, and as little show and expense as possible."
- Isaac Butt
(Related: Death, Grave)

"Investment banking has, in recent years, resembled a casino, and the massive scale of gambling losses has dragged down traditional business and retail lending activities as banks try to rebuild their balance sheets. This was one aspect of modern financial liberalisation that had dire consequences."
- Vince Cable
(Related: Business, Financial, Balance, Banks, Consequences, Gambling, Investment, Years)

"Spending time at the Federal Reserve was a good learning opportunity for me. It helped me to understand economic philosophies and polices that I had not previously known about."
- Herman Cain
(Related: Time, Opportunity, Learning)

"Death doesn't frighten me; now I can think peacefully of ending a long life."
- Jeanne Calment
(Related: Death, Life, Ending, Now)

"From where I am sitting much of the country now sees the President the way I have seen him since the campaign. He is an ambitious leftist, with little understanding of economics, and with far-reaching goals to create significant and irreversible growth of government and redistribution of wealth through dramatic changes in tax, regulatory, and spending policies."
- Charles W. Calomiris
(Related: Government, Goals, Growth, Wealth, Country, Economics, Tax, Now, President, Understanding)

"There's another way we are getting behind business - by sorting out the banks. Taxpayers bailed you out. Now it's time for you to repay the favour and start lending to Britain's small businesses."
- David Cameron
(Related: Business, Time, Banks, Now)

"Ending up-front fees should make it far easier for all students to go to university as they will no longer have to pay up to /1,125 out of their loans at the start of each year. Student loans will also rise to meet average living costs."
- Anne Campbell
(Related: Ending, Living, Students, University, Will)

"I voted for the Defense of Marriage Act but I do not believe we should institutionalize a form of discrimination against any minority by amending the Constitution."
- Ben Nighthorse Campbell
(Related: Marriage, Act, Constitution, Defense, Discrimination, Minority)

"It is time for us to insist that we are accountable for the money that we are spending."
- Eric Cantor
(Related: Money, Time)

"I mean, the Obama position has been, 'We think government ought to be spending this money, not the people who earn it.'"
- Eric Cantor
(Related: Government, Money, People)

"The American people elected us here to cut spending so we can create an environment for jobs in America. The House has acted. We have demonstrated that we want to see spending, discretionary spending, brought down to levels of 2008. We've seen no counteraction. We have seen no position that has been expressed by the other side at all."
- Eric Cantor
(Related: People, America, American, Environment, Jobs, Want)

"Man will never be enslaved by machinery if the man tending the machine be paid enough."
- Karel Capek
(Related: Machine, Man, Will)

"Writing sessions can last an hour or sixteen hours, depending on how it's going."
- Orson Scott Card
(Related: Writing)

"We owe our troops more than rhetoric; we owe them a real plan. The Administration has yet to put forward a strategy for achieving stability in Iraq, ending the conflict, and handing over sovereignty to the people of Iraq and the new Iraqi government."
- Dennis Cardoza
(Related: Government, People, Strategy, Conflict, Ending, Iraq, Rhetoric, Stability, Troops)

"I was at college doing performing arts, and just spending all my time mucking about, and the lecturers thought I would be pretty good at stand-up, so I gave it a whirl."
- Allan Carr
(Related: Time, Thought, College, Pretty)

"Science has to be understood in its broadest sense, as a method for comprehending all observable reality, and not merely as an instrument for acquiring specialized knowledge."
- Alexis Carrel
(Related: Science, Knowledge, Reality, Sense)

"Each of us, having received several hundred dollars, we passed the time gloriously, spending our money freely - never thinking that our lives were risked gaining it."
- Kit Carson
(Related: Money, Time, Thinking)

"After clearing 9 metres of the descending passage, in about the middle of the afternoon, we came upon a second sealed doorway, which was almost the exact replica of the first."
- Howard Carter
(Related: First)

"I think here in America the space programme was such an enticing thing to be going on, that the thought of a family being able to go into space and live up there was really kind of mind-bending at the time."
- Angela Cartwright
(Related: Family, Time, Thought, America, Being, Mind, Space)

"By climbing a steeper road, the value and appreciation Delaware State students took and continue to take from their education and their experiences is just as great, if not greater, than students attending ivy league schools."
- Michael N. Castle
(Related: Education, Appreciation, Ivy, Road, Schools, State, Students, Value)

"The rich pay more in total taxes now than ever before - ever. It's true. Just like it's true that when the rich are convinced they're going to be taxed more, they spend less. And when the top few percenters don't spend, there goes all your spending, because they account for half of all retail spending."
- Neil Cavuto
(Related: Now, Taxes)

"The Democratic Party will never desert the freedoms of our people under the guise of pretending to protect them."
- Emanuel Celler
(Related: People, Party, Will)

"Even with not having a balanced budget at this time, I support tax cuts. That will help limit spending."
- Steve Chabot
(Related: Time, Tax, Help, Support, Tax cuts, Will)

"The only thing that stops God from sending another flood is that the first one was useless."
- Nicolas de Chamfort
(Related: God, First)

"So along with that is spending a lot of time with the ball. For me it was, I loved to juggle the ball in my front yard, and I always challenged myself - how many juggles can I get today? I think for players to get better, it's just about spending the time."
- Brandi Chastain
(Related: Time, Today)

"Second, we're spending a huge amount of money on technology so that everyone can check out laptops and portable phones. We're spending more money to write our existing information into databases or onto CD-ROM."
- Jay Chiat
(Related: Money, Technology, Information)

"The British regulatory system was revised, so that bigger profits were encouraged, which removed the option of big spending on programming. Quality just fell off a cliff, and all the old hands either left or were fired for being too expensive."
- Lee Child
(Related: Quality, Being, Old, Programming)

"Having said that, I believe we must not compound the natural disaster of Katrina by creating a fiscal disaster in Congress - it is our duty to ensure that we reign in other government spending in any event, and especially in this time of national emergency."
- Chris Chocola
(Related: Government, Time, Congress, Disaster, Duty)

"Anytime a large, emergency spending bill makes its way through Congress, the potential for mischief is great."
- Chris Chocola
(Related: Congress, Potential)

"It was still quite light out of doors, but inside with the curtains drawn and the smouldering fire sending out a dim, uncertain glow, the room was full of deep shadows."
- Kate Chopin
(Related: Deep, Fire, Light, Shadows)

"Someone has to stay on the line and say, no, we can do this by cutting spending and reducing the size of government. That's what I was committed to doing."
- Chris Christie
(Related: Government)

"Today is the day for the complaining to end and for statesmanship to begin. Today I am taking action to cut state spending and balance the budget this year."
- Chris Christie
(Related: Action, Balance, Complaining, Day, End, State, Statesmanship, Today)

"Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put."
- Winston Churchill
(Related: Ending, Will)

"I usually say Latina, Mexican-American or American Mexican, and in certain contexts, Chicana, depending on whether my audience understands the term or not."
- Sandra Cisneros
(Related: American)

"Dull would be the man who should merely tolerate this plan of social industry. Weak would be the position of him who should take an apologetic tone in defending it, or present its claims in a merely negative way, by exposing the evils and perils of the socialistic plan."
- John Bates Clark
(Related: Negative, Man, Present)

"We had this scene where I'm supposed to be bending over to get something. I thought it was kind of cute."
- Melinda Clarke
(Related: Thought, Cute)

"I knew that this was what I wanted to talk about on stage. There was no point being coy about it, or pretending that I wasn't gay. That was the substance of my whole act. If you took that away, there would be nothing left."
- Julian Clary
(Related: Act, Being, Gay, Nothing, Talk)

"I would have preferred to be successful here with a piece that cost me a huge amount of money and effort... rather than sending to Bohemia some ordinary works."
- Camille Claudel
(Related: Money, Successful, Effort)

"There are people walking around the streets of Kansas City who are unemployed, while one of our largest employers is not only sending jobs aboard, but then turning around and making a statement about preserving jobs."
- Emanuel Cleaver
(Related: People, Jobs, Walking)

"I don't believe in happy endings, but I do believe in happy travels, because ultimately, you die at a very young age, or you live long enough to watch your friends die. It's a mean thing, life."
- George Clooney
(Related: Life, Age, Friends)

"The Pentagon can't even audit its own books. It doesn't even know where its money is going. And we refuse to have the tough forces go on the Pentagon so that at least they are efficient with the money they're spending."
- Tom Coburn
(Related: Money, Books)

"Well, I think the president has clearly submitted us a tight budget, but it's what's called for if we're going to get spending under control and keep the economy moving in the right direction, with economic growth and job creation activity."
- Thad Cochran
(Related: Control, Growth, Creation, Direction, Economy, Job, President, Right)

"I've never really understood that. It's a funny thing; people sometimes accuse us of condescending to our characters somehow-that to me is kind of inexplicable."
- Joel Coen
(Related: Funny, People, Inexplicable)

"Often there's a BA crew, because half the time we stay at the same hotels, especially in Australia. I can remember spending quite a lot of time with crews around the pool there. They always make themselves known to us."
- Phil Collins
(Related: Time)

"I found that part of it towards San Salvador extending from north to south five leagues, and the other side which we coasted along, ran from east to west more than ten leagues."
- Christopher Columbus
"We are spending more money on bond holders than we are on our own citizens. It took 204 years to have this happen. The other party will not even allow a recorded vote on this issue so that we can see how people stand on that issue."
- Jim Cooper
(Related: Money, People, Party, Vote, Will, Years)

"Conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute have criticized Bush for his big increases in spending, which far exceed those of the Clinton era."
- Jim Cooper
(Related: Conservative)

"Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope."
- Bill Cosby
(Related: Love, Present)

"Whether they are defending the Soviet Union or bleating for Saddam Hussein, liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of America's self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant."
- Ann Coulter
(Related: America, Difference, Idiots, Liberals, Self)

"The letters were universally complimentary, and we designers loved hearing that our games were being enjoyed, but if they weren't sending us a picture of their screens most of those writers would have spent their time playing the game rather than writing letters."
- David Crane
(Related: Time, Being, Games, Hearing, Letters, Writers, Writing)

"One of the things I learned in law school is that there's nothing wrong or undesirable or dishonorable or destructive about amending the Constitution."
- Adrian Cronauer
(Related: Constitution, Law, Nothing, School, Wrong)

"You know, on the road, I never miss a meal. I eat five, six, seven times a day, depending on when I wake up and when I got to sleep. I never miss a training day. I always get my four days out of my seven."
- Warren Cuccurullo
(Related: Day, Road, Sleep, Training)

"Let your Medicine be somthing of the Nature of the Sign ascending."
- Nicholas Culpeper
(Related: Nature, Medicine)

"Now all of a sudden I'm so less interested in pretending to be a lot of other people, and much more interested in being me."
- Jamie Lee Curtis
(Related: People, Being, Now)

"I love performing and pretending - it's very easy for me."
- Jamie Lee Curtis
(Related: Love)

"I'm really proud of Gunsmoke. We put on a good show every week - one that families could all watch together without offending anyone."
- Ken Curtis
"Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement."
- Anthony J. D'Angelo
(Related: Self)

"When they call the slightest spending reductions 'painful', we will say 'If government spending prevents pain, why are we suffering so much of it?' And 'If you want to experience real pain, just stay on the track we are on.'"
- Mitch Daniels
(Related: Experience, Government, Pain, Suffering, Want, Will)

"The perverse presumption that places the burden of proof on the challenger of spending must be inverted, back to the rule that applies elsewhere in life: 'Prove to me why we should.'"
- Mitch Daniels
(Related: Burden, Proof)

"But if our nation goes over a financial Niagara, we won't have much strength and, eventually, we won't have peace. We are currently borrowing the entire defense budget from foreign investors. Within a few years, we will be spending more on interest payments than on national security. That is not, as our military friends say, a 'robust strategy.'"
- Mitch Daniels
(Related: Peace, Strategy, Financial, Strength, Borrowing, Defense, Friends, Interest, Military, Nation, National security, Niagara, Will, )

"If our nation goes over a financial Niagara, we won't have much strength and, eventually, we won't have peace. We are currently borrowing the entire defense budget from foreign investors. Within a few years, we will be spending more on interest payments than on national security. That is not, as our military friends say, a 'robust strategy.'"
- Mitch Daniels
(Related: Peace, Strategy, Financial, Strength, Borrowing, Defense, Friends, Interest, Military, Nation, National security, Niagara, Will, )

"I think that songwriting changed when groups started spending more time in the studio."
- Ray Davies
(Related: Time)

"I was 23, and that was my first professional job. Anybody who has curly hair knows you don't want it to be brushed out because it becomes a never-ending tangle."
- Judy Davis
(Related: First, Hair, Job, Want)

"The same undisciplined government spending and social engineering that has undermined our economy over the past 30 years has also been tearing at the social fabric of this land."
- Stockwell Day
(Related: Government, Economy, Engineering, Land, Past, Years)

"Generally my typical books have lots of twists and turns a big surprise ending and then usually another surprise at the end and ideally, as in Garden of Beasts, we get to the very end and we find at the last few pages that there's yet another surprise."
- Jeffery Deaver
(Related: Books, End, Ending, Garden)

"Similarly, establishing a firm timeline for bringing our troops home could accelerate the development of Iraqi security forces and deepen their commitment to defending their own country and their own government."
- Peter DeFazio
(Related: Government, Home, Development, Commitment, Country, Security, Troops)

"Justice is always violent to the party offending, for every man is innocent in his own eyes."
- Daniel Defoe
(Related: Eyes, Justice, Man, Party)

"You know, the Democrats want to balance the budget by raising spending and raising taxes. The Soviet Union had a balanced budget."
- Tom DeLay
(Related: Balance, Democrats, Taxes, Want)

"I felt that as long as we were being honest, and that we didn't bend the truth to accomplish another goal, to be entertaining or to be a happy ending, I was confident that we'd be able to tell the story the way it happened."
- Ted Demme
(Related: Truth, Goal, Being, Ending)

"You get involved with a character after spending a long time waiting, and this demands a lot of energy and concentration."
- Catherine Deneuve
(Related: Time, Character, Energy, Waiting)

"I have been defending Israel's right to exist, and to defend itself against terrorism, for many years-on college campuses, in television appearances and in debate."
- Alan Dershowitz
(Related: College, Debate, Israel, Right, Television, Terrorism, Years)

"I got attention by being funny at school, pretending to be retarded, and jumping around with a deformed hand."
- Leonardo DiCaprio
(Related: Funny, Attention, Being, School)

"To say that its wrong to feel this way is not the point; you do feel it. All you see is a flash of fire and, depending on your altitude, you don't even see that sometimes."
- James Dickey
(Related: Fire, Wrong)

"I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times."
- Everett Dirksen
(Related: First, Man, Principles)

"With me it was that defending the Communist Party was something worse than naming the names."
- Edward Dmytryk
(Related: Names, Party)

"I had this really great amazing thing happen where I almost finished the book and I really needed to come up with an ending and I decided to go back and re-read the book and see if I could come up with an ending."
- Cory Doctorow
(Related: Ending)

"It's weirder and more surprising than the other books. I think there are more places where it's just more reality bending, deliberately so. I think it's a lot more emotionally raw."
- Cory Doctorow
(Related: Books, Reality)

"It wasn't until I was 26 or 25 when I started sending work out to magazines."
- Anthony Doerr
(Related: Work)

"Chance is the one thing you can't buy. You have to pay for it and you have to pay for it with your life, spending a lot of time, you pay for it with time, not the wasting of time but the spending of time."
- Robert Doisneau
(Related: Time, Life, Chance)

"I submit that those who run the American military at the top, and those whose boots are on the ground and who run the machinery and equipment, are sending a signal: You asked us to do something. Give us some time and we will solve the problems and we will do it."
- Pete Domenici
(Related: Time, American, Military, Problems, Will)

"And it was back in the mid-1980s, and as I point out in a piece, that was when we are spending about eight percent of our gross domestic product on health care. And even then, we had the impression that so much of the excessive, aggressive medical treatment that took place at the end of life was not only unnecessary but it was cruel."
- Richard Dooling
(Related: Health, Life, Medical, Impression, Care, End, Treatment)

"This year's Veterans Day celebration is especially significant as our country remains committed to fighting the War on Terror and as brave men and women are heroically defending our homeland."
- John Doolittle
(Related: Men, War, Women, Country, Day, Fighting, Terror, Veterans)

"Familiar life, tending to sordidness, had been succeeded by remote life, generally idealized; historical detail had been brought in to teach readers who were being entertained."
- Carl Clinton Van Doren
(Related: Life, Being, Detail)

"The recent 'panic' to control greenhouse gas emissions and billions of dollars being dedicated for the task has me deeply concerned that US, and other countries are spending precious global funds to stop global warming, when it is primarily being driven by natural forcing mechanisms."
- Diane Douglas
(Related: Control, Being, Countries, Global warming)

"The one effective method of defending one's own territory from an offensive by air is to destroy the enemy's air power with the greatest possible speed."
- Giulio Douhet
(Related: Power, Enemy)

"In addition, I'll be attending women's health expos and medical conferences with the goal to promote dialogue between women and their health-care providers."
- Karen Duffy
(Related: Health, Medical, Women, Goal)

"Absolutely committed to spending the rest of my life as a spokesman for the rights of European Americans."
- David Duke
(Related: Life, Americans, Rights, Rest)

"Kubrick never explained the ending to us, or what his intentions were. He didn't intend for it to be a predictable film."
- Keir Dullea
(Related: Ending, Film, Intentions)

"I have learned so much from working with other poets, travelling and reading with them, spending days discussing poems in progress. There is the sense that we are all, as writers, part of something which is more powerful than any of us."
- Helen Dunmore
(Related: Progress, Poems, Poets, Reading, Sense, Writers)

"Spending two years on my uncle's ranch in Montana as a young man gave me the wisdom and the thrust to do westerns."
- Robert Duvall
(Related: Wisdom, Man, Montana, Years)

"I studied for my degree in London and consequently ended up spending five years away from Cornwall. I deliberately moved away from the coast to experience a different way of life."
- John Dyer
(Related: Experience, Life, London, Years)

"It's a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself."
- Dale Earnhardt
(Related: Battle, Ending, Trying)

"We accelerated our capital spending in the fourth quarter, particularly in international and next-generation network deployment, which should not only sustain future revenue growth but also drive significant cost reductions across all communications services."
- Bernard Ebbers
(Related: Growth, Future, Network)

"Lots of middle class people are running around pretending to be Cockney."
- Christopher Eccleston
(Related: People, Class, Middle class, Running)

"There is a lot of rubbish written about toilet humour - people saying it is childish and pretending it is beneath them - but there is no doubting the effectiveness of a really good willy gag."
- Adrian Edmondson
(Related: People, Saying)

"The way to Heaven is ascending; we must be content to travel uphill, though it be hard and tiresome, and contrary to the natural bias of our flesh."
- Jonathan Edwards
(Related: Travel, Content, Heaven)

"Compromise is but the sacrifice of one right or good in the hope of retaining another - too often ending in the loss of both."
- Tryon Edwards
(Related: Sacrifice, Hope, Compromise, Ending, Loss, Right)

"Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift."
- Albert Einstein
(Related: Nature, Joy)

"Depending on what your interest in theater is, I always recommend working on plays. It's a great way to be introduced to the field, and also a great way to be seen by agents and representation. I'm also a great advocate for studying acting at a drama school or a college."
- Chiwetel Ejiofor
(Related: Acting, College, Drama, Interest, School, Theater)

"Only in Washington does a decrease in the proposed increase equal a spending cut."
- Larry Elder
(Related: Washington)

"We do not see the sort of fundamental changes that would be necessary to reduce the trajectory of federal health spending by a significant amount and, on the contrary, the legislation significantly expands the federal responsibility for health care costs."
- Doug Elmendorf
(Related: Health, Care, Legislation, Responsibility)

"They ended up spending a total, their campaign plus the independent, about 1.3 million. I only ended up spending about - not only, but I spent about 2 million. But I had no intention of doing that until I was attacked with a negative ad by an independent group."
- Rahm Emanuel
(Related: Negative, Intention)

"The Appropriations Committee in the Senate is out of control, out of control on spending."
- John Ensign
(Related: Control, Committee, Senate)

"The President sends us a billion-page paper that shows how he would spend the money if he were spending the money. He doesn't have the authority to spend the money. He doesn't spend $1 of the money."
- Michael Enzi
(Related: Money, Authority, President)

"We are guilty for sending teams into foreign countries to advise them how to be like us."
- Arthur Erickson
(Related: Countries)

"Most people don't know who Ken Mehlman is. He's the chairman of the Republican Party, obviously, but what he's doing that Howard Dean isn't doing is spending a lot of time on the nuts and bolts of putting the party together."
- Susan Estrich
(Related: Time, People, Party, Republican)

"You will see the President being very, very tough on spending."
- Donald Evans
(Related: Being, President, Will)

"There couldn't have been a better Hollywood ending for us. It's beyond baseball. It's rooting for your family."
- Jimmy Fallon
(Related: Family, Baseball, Ending, Hollywood)

"Well, user feedback was excellent. Even when the software didn't work at all, there were few people who were avid users, and there were people who were just sending excellent feedback and excellent ideas."
- Shawn Fanning
(Related: Work, People, Ideas, Software)

"The Republican Party is in charge. They've been charge of the Congress and spending for 10 years."
- Chaka Fattah
(Related: Congress, Party, Republican, Years)

"Now, so, if you want to blame someone for wasteful spending, the Republicans are in the majority."
- Chaka Fattah
(Related: Blame, Majority, Now, Republicans, Want)

"Increased government spending can provide a temporary stimulus to demand and output but in the longer run higher levels of government spending crowd out private investment or require higher taxes that weaken growth by reducing incentives to save, invest, innovate, and work."
- Martin Feldstein
(Related: Government, Work, Growth, Investment, Taxes)

"A good opening and a good ending make for a good film provide they come close together."
- Federico Fellini
(Related: Ending, Film)

"And I have to tell you as a grandmother, I worry about the fact that my grandchildren are going to be paying for all the spending, including military spending, that has gone on and the tax cuts that have come through."
- Geraldine Ferraro
(Related: Fact, Tax, Military, Tax cuts, Worry)

"I think if you ask any of us here, we all dreamed of ending up on Saturday Night Live. I remember thinking, 'I'll just keep doing this as long as I can get away with it.'"
- Tina Fey
(Related: Ending, Night, Thinking)

"I'm still friendly with Dean. He still calls me on the phone from time to time. John Dean was fired and later ended up spending some time in prison for his role in Watergate."
- Fred F. Fielding
(Related: Time, Prison)

"Tis this desire of bending all things to our own purposes which turns them into confusion and is the chief source of every error in our lives."
- Sarah Fielding
(Related: Confusion, Desire, Error)

"I don't think that we necessarily lie. I mean, we make our living by pretending that we're someone else. I don't tell tall tales. I always tell the truth."
- Albert Finney
(Related: Truth, Lie, Living)

"I work with the options I have in front of me and my reasons for choosing a job can vary enormously depending on the circumstances. Sometimes I take a job because it's a group of people I'm dying to work with, and sometimes it can be a desire to shake things up a bit and not to take myself too seriously."
- Colin Firth
(Related: Work, People, Circumstances, Desire, Dying, Job, Options)

"David wasn't thinking of being king when he was tending sheep; he was just doing what God sat before him."
- John Fisher
(Related: God, Being, Sheep, Thinking)

"The type of mixing that was out then was blending from one record to the next or waiting for the record to go off and wait for the jock to put the needle back on."
- Grandmaster Flash
(Related: Waiting)

"Domestic travel and tourism-related spending has reached $1 trillion a year."
- Mark Foley
(Related: Travel)

"Getting close to books, and spending time by myself, I was obliged to think about things I would never have thought about if I was busy romping around with a brother and sister."
- Shelby Foote
(Related: Time, Sister, Brother, Thought, Books)

"You've got to either say you're going to cut taxes and find some spending cuts. I think we ought to reform long-term entitlement spending in the country, but you can't out of one side of your mouth say, 'Yes, we're for tax cuts, we're for spending discipline, and we're for bringing down the debt.'"
- Harold Ford
(Related: Discipline, Country, Debt, Tax, Reform, Tax cuts, Taxes)

"This may be done by grafting, by confining the roots, withholding water, bending the branches, or in a hundred other ways which all proceed upon the same principle."
- Robert Fortune
(Related: May, Water)

"Vetting and verifying information is one thing. Having our government sending out conflicting messages to the American people when conflict can be avoided is another."
- Vito Fossella
(Related: Government, People, American, Conflict, Information)

"Keep writing. Try to do a little bit every day, even if the result looks like crap. Getting from page four to page five is more important than spending three weeks getting page four perfect."
- Alan Dean Foster
(Related: Day, Result, Writing)

"Duty largely consists of pretending that the trivial is critical."
- John Fowles
(Related: Duty)

"You might be a redneck if... the blue book value of your truck goes up and down depending on how much gas it has in it."
- Jeff Foxworthy
(Related: Value)

"We must be both more conservative and more liberal than most students of Christian worship: conservative in holding exclusively to God's commands in Scripture as our rule of worship, and liberal in defending the liberty of those who apply those."
- John Frame
(Related: God, Christian, Conservative, Liberal, Liberty, Scripture, Students, Worship)

"I always approach comedy roles pretending they aren't funny."
- Brendan Fraser
(Related: Funny, Comedy)

"I'm starting to judge success by the time I have for myself, the time I spend with family and friends. My priorities aren't amending; they're shifting."
- Brendan Fraser
(Related: Family, Success, Time, Friends, Priorities)

"Now, if King Crimson accepts responsibility for innovating its own tradition, you can't accept responsibility for the audience. And there is an enormous tangible weight of expectation, which comes from an audience attending a King Crimson concert."
- Robert Fripp
(Related: Expectation, Now, Responsibility, Tradition, Weight)

"So, you can set up an orchestra down this end of the railway station playing one particular area, and simultaneously at the other end something completely different going on. And in the middle they meet, or not, depending."
- Robert Fripp
(Related: End)

"It's precisely the disappointing stories, which have no proper ending and therefore no proper meaning, that sound true to life."
- Max Frisch
(Related: Life, Ending, Meaning, Sound)

"In our day the conventional element in literature is elaborately disguised by a law of copyright pretending that every work of art is an invention distinctive enough to be patented."
- Northrop Frye
(Related: Art, Work, Day, Invention, Law, Literature)

"This success led my theoretical group to the chemical reactivity theory, extending more and more widely the range of compound and reactions that were discussed."
- Kenichi Fukui
(Related: Success, Theory)

"With weak balance sheets, banks tend to continue lending unprofitable businesses and leave them existing."
- Toshihiko Fukui
(Related: Balance, Banks)

"In the World War nothing was more dreadful to witness than a chain of men starting with a battalion commander and ending with an army commander sitting in telephone boxes, improvised or actual, talking, talking, talking, in place of leading, leading, leading."
- J. F. C. Fuller
(Related: Men, War, Army, Ending, Leading, Nothing, Talking, World, World war)

"It may not be proper for me, perhaps, to let my feelings carry me further am therefore resigned to stop here, if sir, you think my particular reasons following too free, or will give offense to the House, which I would be sorry to be thought capable of intending."
- Christopher Gadsden
(Related: Thought, Feelings, May, Will)

"The House of Commons, refused to receive the addresses of the colonies, when the matter was pending; besides, we hold our rights neither from them nor from the Lords."
- Christopher Gadsden
(Related: Rights)

"Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine."
- Robert C. Gallagher
(Related: Change, Machine)

"The beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy."
- John Galsworthy
(Related: Beginnings)

"They spend an awful lot of money on I-don't-know-what in Hollywood movies; I certainly didn't get any of it. But they sure do love spending money."
- Adam Garcia
(Related: Love, Money, Movies, Hollywood)

"If you put a ten dollar bill under the rug instead of spending it, that is capital formation. It represents ten dollars' worth of something that might have been immediately consumed, but wasn't."
- Garet Garrett
(Related: Worth)

"There is a basic lesson on financial crises that governments tend to wait too long, underestimate the risks, want to do too little. And it ultimately gets away from them, and they end up spending more money, causing much more damage to the economy."
- Timothy Geithner
(Related: Money, Financial, Economy, End, Want)

"By ending the Hussein regime, the United States has taken away yet another incubator of terrorism."
- Jim Gerlach
(Related: Ending, states, Terrorism, United)

"One of the biggest problems out there that I hear from my friends in the business community is that there's no lending, that it's tough to get a loan today."
- Alexi Giannoulias
(Related: Business, Community, Friends, Problems, Today)

"Spending on programs such as national defense and funding the operating budgets of all federal agencies represent only 39 percent of our yearly budget, an all-time low."
- Paul Gillmor
(Related: Budgets, Defense)

"As the cost of gasoline rises and our dependence on foreign oil continues to increase, the effect of sending over $100 billion each year to OPEC nations hurts every American."
- Paul Gillmor
(Related: American, Dependence, Effect, Nations, Oil)

"It is time we passed a balanced budget amendment and return this government to limited spending."
- Newt Gingrich
(Related: Government, Time)

"Success requires first expending ten units of effort to produce one unit of results. Your momentum will then produce ten units of results with each unit of effort."
- Charles J. Givens
(Related: Success, Effort, First, Results, Will)

"What do we tell our children? Haste makes waste. Look before you leap. Stop and think. Don't judge a book by its cover. We believe that we are always better off gathering as much information as possible and spending as much time as possible in deliberation."
- Malcolm Gladwell
(Related: Time, Children, Haste, Information, Waste)

"It takes between three and six hours to make each snowball, depending on snow quality. Wet snow is quick to work with but also quick to thaw, which can lead to a tense journey to the cold store."
- Andy Goldsworthy
(Related: Work, Quality, Journey, Quick, Snow)

"Where is the politician who has not promised to fight to the death for lower taxes- and who has not proceeded to vote for the very spending projects that make tax cuts impossible?"
- Barry Goldwater
(Related: Death, Fight, Tax, Projects, Tax cuts, Taxes, Vote)

"It's clear that the medium and long-run fiscal challenges facing the country have to do with the rise of entitlement spending, they have to do with the longer run imbalances that we've created in the structure of the system."
- Austan Goolsbee
(Related: Country)

"I just kind of conjured them up out of my subconscious and put them in order of ascending peculiarity."
- Edward Gorey
(Related: Order)

"I've seen neighborhoods that I would have never driven though because I'm riding my bike, because I'm looking for side roads, looking for maybe more hills or less hills depending if I'm exercising or not. You see a lot more, and you get the flow of a city a lot more."
- Stone Gossard
"I think racing and riding are two different elements of cycling. You either want to or not depending on what you want to get out of it."
- Mark-Paul Gosselaar
(Related: Racing, Want)

"I don't know the time frame exactly, but it's clear they're all going to want to start spending money again."
- Andrew Gould
(Related: Money, Time, Want)

"Fortunate people often have very favorable beginnings and very tragic endings. What matters isn't being applauded when you arrive - for that is common - but being missed when you leave."
- Baltasar Gracian
(Related: People, Beginnings, Being)

"We're failing when it comes to controlling spending."
- Lindsey Graham
"I have not made any suggestions about climate change. This is more about blending or shifting the conversation about the environment versus the economy. It's just such an old, outdated conversation."
- Jennifer Granholm
(Related: Change, Climate, Climate change, Conversation, Economy, Environment, Old)

"The civil unrest of recent days must come to an end, and the healing process must begin for the future of the community. We will provide assistance both in ending the violence and enabling the healing process in Benton Harbor."
- Jennifer Granholm
(Related: Community, End, Ending, Future, Healing, Violence, Will)

"Depending on what day of the week it is and what time of the month it is, I'm a good friend or not a good friend. I'm more or less a good mom or not a good mom, more or less a good mate or not a good mate. That's just life, whether or not you're public."
- Amy Grant
(Related: Mom, Time, Life, Friend, Day, Public)

"Educators are still spending way too much time trying to control what kids learn, bending the content to their own purposes, hoping beyond hope to change - by using technology - but not change too much."
- Daniel Greenberg
(Related: Change, Technology, Time, Control, Hope, Content, Kids, Trying)

"Look, I'm very much in favor of tax cuts, but not with borrowed money. And the problem that we've gotten into in recent years is spending programs with borrowed money, tax cuts with borrowed money, and at the end of the day that proves disastrous. And my view is I don't think we can play subtle policy here."
- Alan Greenspan
(Related: Money, Policy, Day, End, Tax, Play, Tax cuts, Years)

"Surely no issue unites us more than our appreciation for our military personnel who are bringing aid to devastated countries, defending us against terrorism, and fighting to make a free election possible in Iraq."
- Christine Gregoire
(Related: Appreciation, Countries, Fighting, Iraq, Military, Terrorism)

"I think today that it is essential that the Rwandan tribunal continues to prosecute efficiently. And if the U.N. fails to do that, it is sending entirely the wrong message to people who are in the position to complete these atrocities again."
- Tony Greig
(Related: People, Today, Wrong)

"I mention this fact as tending to support what I have often heard stated, namely, that a shark's sense of smell is so keen that, if men ever bathe in seas where they are found, a shark is almost sure to appear directly afterwards."
- George Grey
(Related: Men, Fact, Sense, Support)

"Everybody that loves Nancy loves it in a slightly condescending way. Nancy is comics reduced to their most elemental level."
- Bill Griffith
"I found out that you could audition by sending a picture of yourself and some information to Newsround."
- Rupert Grint
(Related: Information)

"I went to Ft Bragg and learned that Delta was indeed gearing up for the rescue. Still I was concerned the Reagan staff would not be willing to take the risk of sending an official military force into Laos."
- Bo Gritz
(Related: Force, Military, Risk)

"Anyone who agrees to be interviewed must decide where to draw the line between what is public and what is private. But the line can shift, depending on who is asking the questions."
- Terry Gross
(Related: Public, Questions)

"I stood up as best I could to their disgusting stupidity and brutality, but I did not, of course, manage to beat them at their own game. It was a fight to the bitter end, one in which I was not defending ideals or beliefs but simply my own self."
- George Grosz
(Related: Beliefs, End, Fight, Ideals, Self, Stupidity)

"Community means people spending time together here, and I don't think there's really that."
- Marilyn Hacker
(Related: Time, People, Community)

"Thank you for sending me a copy of your book - I'll waste no time reading it."
- Moses Hadas
(Related: Time, Reading, Waste)

"Those who are seeking ways to tap into the potential of e-mail will find themselves in a position to capitalize on the pending explosion in Internet usage."
- Alexander Haig
(Related: Internet, Potential, Will)

"Once the mass of the defending infantry become possessed of low moral, the battle is as good as lost."
- Douglas Haig
(Related: Battle)

"Rising health care spending occurs because it is beneficial, not a burden on the economy."
- Robert Hall
(Related: Health, Burden, Care, Economy)

"Our democracy is not a product but a continual process. It is preserved not by monuments but deeds. Sometimes it needs refining; sometimes it needs amending; sometimes it needs defending. Always, it needs improving."
- Lee H. Hamilton
(Related: Deeds, Democracy, Monuments, Needs)

"Peace is not the product of a victory or a command. It has no finishing line, no final deadline, no fixed definition of achievement. Peace is a never-ending process, the work of many decisions."
- Oscar Hammerstein II
(Related: Peace, Work, Achievement, Victory, Decisions)

"In this financial year we will be spending at least $1.5 billion on foreign aid and we cannot be sure that this money will be properly spent, as corruption and mismanagement in many of the recipient countries are legend."
- Pauline Hanson
(Related: Money, Financial, Corruption, Countries, Will)

"Give the enemy not only a road for flight, but also a means of defending it."
- Thomas Hardy
(Related: Enemy, Road)

"Patience, that blending of moral courage with physical timidity."
- Thomas Hardy
(Related: Courage, Patience, Timidity)

"See, when I paint, it is an experience that, at its best, is transcending reality."
- Keith Haring
(Related: Experience, Reality)

"I do not intend to dispute in any way the need for defence cuts and the need for government spending cuts in general. I do not share a not in my backyard approach to government spending reductions."
- Stephen Harper
(Related: Government)

"Writers can write outside their ethnicity or sex depending how open and vulnerable they wish to be."
- Jim Harrison
(Related: Sex, Open, Writers)

"The old charters of Massachusetts, Virginia, and the Carolinas had given title to strips of territory extending from the Atlantic westward to the Pacific."
- Albert Bushnell Hart
(Related: Old)

"I'm not a happy-ending person. I want to know what happens once Cinderella rides off with Prince Charming."
- Melissa Joan Hart
(Related: Want)

"Unending was the stream, unending the misery, unending the sorrow."
- Karl Amadeus Hartmann
(Related: Misery, Sorrow)

"When Medicare was created for senior citizens and America 's disabled in 1965, about half of a senior's health care spending was on doctors and the other half on hospitals."
- Dennis Hastert
(Related: Health, America, Care, Doctors, Hospitals)

"Today, nearly 40 percent of a senior's healthcare spending is on pharmaceutical medications."
- Dennis Hastert
(Related: Healthcare, Today)

"One way we gave small businesses more money to invest was by extending tax provisions on expensing. This allows businesses to immediately write off things like equipment, without being burdened by depreciation requirements."
- Dennis Hastert
(Related: Money, Being, Tax)

"137 years later, Memorial Day remains one of America's most cherished patriotic observances. The spirit of this day has not changed - it remains a day to honor those who died defending our freedom and democracy."
- Doc Hastings
(Related: America, Day, Democracy, Freedom, Honor, Spirit, Years)

"But I am just as appalled that my experience, knowledge, dedication and service relative to defending the United States against biological warfare has been turned against me in connection with the search for the anthrax killer."
- Steven Hatfill
(Related: Experience, Knowledge, Connection, Dedication, Service, states, United)

"I'd have to say the whole experience in making The Neverending Story. I had an incredible time."
- Noah Hathaway
(Related: Experience, Time)

"Ireland is where strange tales begin and happy endings are possible."
- Charles Haughey
(Related: Ireland)

"I'm tired of hearing sin called sickness and alcoholism a disease. It is the only disease I know of that we're spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year to spread."
- Vance Havner
(Related: Disease, Hearing, Sickness, Sin)

"As an actor, I think a mistake that any storyteller can make is to play the ending."
- John Hawkes
(Related: Mistake, Actor, Ending, Play)

"New technologies such as solar systems or hybrid cars aren't created overnight. By extending these tax credits we are giving this industry time to grow, branch out and succeed."
- J. D. Hayworth
(Related: Time, Tax, Giving, Succeed)

"Without needing to be theoretically instructed, consciousness quickly realizes that it is the site of variously contending discourses."
- Seamus Heaney
(Related: Consciousness)

"The Western poet and writer of romance has exactly the same kind of difficulty in comprehending Eastern subjects as you have in comprehending Western subjects."
- Lafcadio Hearn
(Related: Romance, Difficulty, Writer)

"I want to get a vending machine, with fun sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass. You'll be mad, but it will be too late."
- Mitch Hedberg
(Related: Fun, Machine, Want, Will)

"It is not good to see people who have been pretending strength all their lives lose it even for a minute."
- Lillian Hellman
(Related: People, Strength)

"As a kid, you run around the house pretending to be a superhero, and now to be doing it as a job, I feel very lucky."
- Chris Hemsworth
(Related: Job, Now)

"The Eagles ended on a rather abrupt note, although in retrospect I realize now that it had been ending for quite some time."
- Don Henley
(Related: Time, Eagles, Ending, Now)

"We thought it would be fun to try to design a show that would work well internationally and so that' s what we're intending to do with Fraggle Rock, and we are indeed now selling it around the world."
- Jim Henson
(Related: Design, Work, Thought, Selling, Fun, Now, World)

"Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending."
- Jim Henson
(Related: Life, Ending)

"Acting is a nice childish profession - pretending you're someone else and, at the same time, selling yourself."
- Katharine Hepburn
(Related: Time, Selling, Acting, Profession)

"Modesty: the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it."
- Oliver Herford
(Related: Art, Charm)

"Whoever happens to give birth to mischievous children lives always with unending grief in his spirit and heart."
- Hesiod
(Related: Heart, Children, Grief, Spirit)

"The level of taxation is driven by spending. Less spending leads to lower taxes."
- Gregory D. Hess
(Related: Taxation, Taxes)

"I've been arguing this for months. This is not our war. This is not a war we should be in. Australia's better spending its time negotiating with North Korea."
- John Hewson
(Related: Time, War, Months)

"A hard beginning maketh a good ending."
- John Heywood
(Related: Beginning, Ending)

"The first rule of hurricane coverage is that every broadcast must begin with palm trees bending in the wind."
- Carl Hiaasen
(Related: First, Trees, Wind)

"And if I lost I would have gone back to 12 weeks of vacation, because I was successful enough that I was spending much more time on non-profit boards and traveling a lot."
- John Hickenlooper
(Related: Time, Successful, Traveling, Vacation)

"I hate crowds of people pretending to be happy on one night of the year, where they get drunk and obnoxious by the end of the night."
- Kenny Hickey
(Related: People, Crowds, End, Hate, Night)

"You should never feel comfortable. There is something wrong if you are. You should always feel under threat, on the edge of your seat and pushing yourself. Win one and you want to win more. It's never-ending."
- Damon Hill
(Related: Want, Wrong)

"Since signing with Universal, I have been working closely with Gary Ross, the director, producer and screenwriter. We have spent many hours on the phone, and I've been sending him information and items that have been useful to the writing process."
- Laura Hillenbrand
(Related: Information, Writing)

"Having a lot of people suddenly depending on me to get the job done was a marvelous motivator. The book and movie deals seemed to flip a switch in my head, and off I went."
- Laura Hillenbrand
(Related: People, Deals, Job)

"A lot of people thought I wasn't doing anything because I was spending a lot of time socialising and going out, but I've always managed to get work actually done."
- Damien Hirst
(Related: Time, Work, Thought, People)

"Mothers always find ways to fit in the work - but then when you're working, you feel that you should be spending time with your children and then when you're with your children, you're thinking about working."
- Alice Hoffman
(Related: Time, Work, Children, Mothers, Thinking)

"It is plain that, when it comes to inferior officers, Congress itself can pass a law sending these nominees to the President with him having the authority to put them on the bench without the advice and consent of the Senate."
- John Jay Hooker
(Related: Advice, Authority, Congress, Law, President, Senate)

"Attending that Convention and talking with those people and many others convinced me that I should become a blogger in my efforts to reform the government and uphold the integrity of the Constitution and the laws made in furtherance thereof."
- John Jay Hooker
(Related: Government, People, Constitution, Integrity, Laws, Reform, Talking)

"I think I would say 'The King's Speech' is surprisingly funny, in fact the audiences in London, Toronto, LA, New York commented there's more laughter in this film than in most comedies, while it is also a moving tear-jerker with an uplifting ending."
- Tom Hooper
(Related: Funny, Audiences, Ending, Fact, Film, Laughter, London, Speech)

"He stands erect by bending over the fallen. He rises by lifting others."
- Douglas Horton
"What the American public wants in the theater is a tragedy with a happy ending."
- William Dean Howells
(Related: American, Ending, Public, Theater, Tragedy)

"It's fun being able to suit up and go and kick butt and not have to worry about memorizing dialogue. It's a whole different way of acting because you're not depending on the words at all, you're really depending on everything else that you have."
- Kelly Hu
(Related: Acting, Being, Fun, Words, Worry)

"Pray a little more, work a little harder, save, wait, be patient and, most of all, live within our means. That's the American way. It's not spending ourselves into prosperity or taxing ourselves into prosperity."
- Mike Huckabee
(Related: Work, American, Prosperity)

"Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings."
- Victor Hugo
"They believed that Britain was in Ireland defending their own interests, therefore the Irish had the right to use violence to put them out. My argument was that that type of thinking was out of date."
- John Hume
(Related: Argument, Ireland, Irish, Right, Thinking, Violence)

"The first thing you've got to remember is that it's your clients' money you're spending."
- Richard M. Hunt
(Related: Money, Clients, First)

"Depending on what I'm working on, I come to the writing desk with entirely different mindsets. When I change form one to the other, it's as if another writer is on the scene."
- Evan Hunter
(Related: Change, Writer, Writing)

"Anybody depending on somebody else's gods is depending on a fox not to eat chickens."
- Zora Neale Hurston
(Related: Gods)

"Pretending to be other people is my game and that to me is the essence of the whole business of acting."
- John Hurt
(Related: Business, People, Acting)

"I am not an enormous believer in research being the be-all and end-all. I get suspicious when I read about actors spending six months in a clinic, say, in order to play someone who is sick."
- John Hurt
(Related: Actors, Being, End, Months, Order, Play, Research)

"Politics is when you say you are going to do one thing while intending to do another. Then you do neither what you said nor what you intended."
- Saddam Hussein
(Related: Politics)

"Without peace and without the overwhelming majority of people that believe in peace defending it, working for it, believing in it, security can never really be a reality."
- King Hussein I
(Related: Peace, People, Majority, Reality, Security)

"Economy does not lie in sparing money, but in spending it wisely."
- Thomas Huxley
(Related: Money, Lie, Economy)

"The superior man is the providence of the inferior. He is eyes for the blind, strength for the weak, and a shield for the defenseless. He stands erect by bending above the fallen. He rises by lifting others."
- Robert Green Ingersoll
(Related: Strength, Blind, Eyes, Man, Providence)

"And Oliver North was really a good soldier, up to the last moment, shoving memos into the shredder and defending the policy to the end."
- Bobby Ray Inman
(Related: Policy, End)

"President Bush's proposal to focus our resources on sending humans to Mars is intriguing, but it is not the most compelling reason that Americans ought to focus our interest on the Red Planet."
- Jay Inslee
(Related: Americans, Focus, Interest, President, Reason)

"Like most things that happen with Sabbath, it happened all of a sudden. I was intending on doing some recording, but out of the blue, Sharon called up and said she wanted us to do these gigs with Ozzy. I said that if everybody else was up to it then I would love to do it."
- Tony Iommi
(Related: Love, Sabbath)

"My answer to those who oppose my appointment as CEO is that this is really a decision of the YWCA. They want to strengthen their grassroots to advocate on behalf of women's and children's empowerment and ending racism."
- Patricia Ireland
(Related: Women, Decision, Children, Empowerment, Ending, Racism, Want)

"I want to reach young women and to get them involved in the mission of the YWCA, economic empowerment of women and girls, and ending racism."
- Patricia Ireland
(Related: Women, Empowerment, Ending, Girls, Mission, Racism, Want)

"I don't begin a novel or a screenplay until I know the ending. And I don't mean only that I have to know what happens. I mean that I have to hear the actual sentences. I have to know what atmosphere the words convey."
- John Irving
(Related: Ending, Words)

"My submission to you is we're fighting the war on terror not overseas but in our own streets, and we'd be spending vast more fortunes to try to be a defensive country to protect ourselves rather than an offensive country to spread democracy wherever people yearn for it."
- Johnny Isakson
(Related: War, People, Country, Democracy, Fighting, Terror)

"I had been plunged into a different world. I found myself spending half my time answering weird questions on book tours in the Midwest. People would stand up and explain to me the situation in their office and ask me whether they should resign or not."
- Kazuo Ishiguro
(Related: Time, People, Office, Questions, World)

"America has global trade with plenty of nations that provide inexpensive labor, but it's better for us when they're in our own hemisphere, rather than sending that business halfway around the world."
- Ernest Istook
(Related: Business, America, Labor, Nations, Trade, World)

"As long as our government is administered for the good of the people, and is regulated by their will; as long as it secures to us the rights of persons and of property, liberty of conscience and of the press, it will be worth defending."
- Andrew Jackson
(Related: Government, People, Conscience, Rights, Liberty, Press, Property, Will, Worth)

"The goldenrod is yellow, The corn is turning brown, The trees in apple orchards With fruit are bending down."
- Helen Hunt Jackson
(Related: Trees)

"I like spending time at home. In Paris, people drop by and have a bite to eat, or they drop by and watch Friends on TV. I take my dog to the office there, and I walk to work sometimes."
- Marc Jacobs
(Related: Time, Work, Home, People, Friends, Office, Paris)

"It's not your salary that makes you rich, it's your spending habits."
- Charles A. Jaffe
(Related: Habits)

"It is conventional to call "monster" any blending of dissonant elements. I call "monster" every original inexhaustible beauty."
- Alfred Jarry
(Related: Beauty)

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it."
- Thomas Jefferson
(Related: Liberty)

"I'm concentrating on staying healthy, having peace, being happy, remembering what is important, taking in nature and animals, spending time reading, trying to understand the universe, where science and the spiritual meet."
- Joan Jett
(Related: Nature, Science, Time, Peace, Animals, Being, Reading, Spiritual, Trying, Universe)

"I'm finding myself really angry over spending and the deficit. I'm finding myself really angry over what's happening in the Middle East, the decision to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely. I'm angry about cap and trade. And I've been on record for a long time on the failed war on drugs."
- Gary Johnson
(Related: Time, War, Decision, Afghanistan, Drugs, Trade)

"Regardless of my legislation, spending has to be stopped."
- Gary Johnson
(Related: Legislation)

"You cannot spend money in luxury without doing good to the poor. Nay, you do more good to them by spending it in luxury, than by giving it; for by spending it in luxury, you make them exert industry, whereas by giving it, you keep them idle."
- Samuel Johnson
(Related: Money, Giving, Luxury, Poor)

"I have serious concerns about whether it's prudent to give any foreign country substantial leverage over the U.S. economy. Instead of spending $80 billion on important programs here at home, we're sending this money overseas just to pay interest on our debt."
- Tim Johnson
(Related: Money, Home, Country, Debt, Economy, Interest)

"I've always felt that life is a novel, and part of it is written for you, and part of it is written by you. It's up to you to write the ending, ultimately."
- Lynn Johnston
(Related: Life, Ending)

"After I got this job at the syndicate, I started sending them money so they could go on trips and do the things they could never afford to do. All the while, I never knew that my mother was socking money away."
- Lynn Johnston
(Related: Money, Mother, Job)

"When we played with the Rollins Band, we'd keep songs going until we felt like ending it."
- Adam Jones
(Related: Ending, Songs)

"I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. We need all hands on deck, fighting for the future."
- Van Jones
(Related: Time, Conscience, Energy, Fighting, Future, Past)

"In a bad marriage, friends are the invisible glue. If we have enough friends, we may go on for years, intending to leave, talking about leaving - instead of actually getting up and leaving."
- Erica Jong
(Related: Marriage, Friends, May, Talking, Years)

"My parents, and especially my mother, encouraged by the director of the local school which I was attending, wanted in spite of everything to send me to a National School of Arts and Crafts so that I could later become an engineer."
- Leon Jouhaux
(Related: Mother, Parents, School)

"Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a chance in a million that you can do something, anything, to keep what you want from ending, do it. Pry the door open or, if need be, wedge your foot in that door and keep it open."
- Pauline Kael
(Related: Chance, Ending, Open, Want, Will)

"No more waking up at noon, updating FC for an hour, and spending the rest of the day cashing FC checks and watching porn? It was a hard decision, but, like, I'm a man now."
- Philip J. Kaplan
(Related: Decision, Day, Man, Now, Rest, Waking)

"I had 16 other prisons that I needed to pay attention to, and we did. And I had 3,400 soldiers who were depending on me to take care of them, and I did."
- Janis Karpinski
(Related: Attention, Care, Soldiers)

"I hate the Communists and have for many years and don't feel right about giving up my career to defend them. I will give up my film career if it is in the interests of defending something I believe in, but not this."
- Elia Kazan
(Related: Career, Film, Giving, Hate, Right, Will, Years)

"We get on well and it won't be too much trouble spending so much time with him. He has a strange way of sleeping as he likes to kick off all the blankets and just have them up by his chest."
- Robbie Keane
(Related: Time, Trouble)

"There is an electric fire in human nature tending to purify - so that among these human creatures there is continually some birth of new heroism. The pity is that we must wonder at it, as we should at finding a pearl in rubbish."
- John Keats
(Related: Nature, Fire, Heroism, Human nature, Pity, Wonder)

"Then, as the day progresses, depending on how the product is coming in - for instance, the fish man will fax us and say black bass is great - throughout the day, we'll also make judgment calls and adapt to what's available."
- Thomas Keller
(Related: Day, Fish, Judgment, Man, Will)

"The fact that so many of your people are today residents and citizens of the United States, lending their influence to our civic and economic life, which has meant so much to our development."
- Frank B. Kellogg
(Related: Life, People, Development, Fact, Influence, states, Today, United)

"Later, after flying in the Navy for four or five years, spending some time on an aircraft carrier, I applied to and was accepted in a program where I went to graduate school first and then to the Naval Test Pilots School."
- Mark Kelly
(Related: Time, First, Flying, Navy, School, Years)

"We have increased conservation spending, enacted legislation that enables us to clean up and redevelop abandoned brownfields sites across the country, and implemented new clean water standards that will protect us from arsenic."
- Sue Kelly
(Related: Conservation, Country, Legislation, Water, Will)

"In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility - I welcome it."
- John F. Kennedy
(Related: History, Danger, Freedom, Generations, Responsibility, World)

"My intent was to carry out my duty as a doctor, to end their suffering. Unfortunately, that entailed, in their cases, ending of the life."
- Jack Kevorkian
(Related: Life, Duty, End, Ending, Suffering)

"We must take away the government's credit card. With limits on both tax revenue and borrowing, the Federal government would finally be forced to get serious about spending cuts."
- Alan Keyes
(Related: Government, Borrowing, Credit, Tax, Limits)

"Pakistan has made no mention of ending our tests. We have a missile program, and it is in the national interest whatever we want to do."
- Ayub Khan
(Related: Ending, Interest, Tests, Want)

"To tell you the truth, in my work, love is always in opposition to the elements. It creates dilemmas. It brings in suffering. We can't live with it, and we can't live without it. You'll rarely find a happy ending in my work."
- Krzysztof Kieslowski
(Related: Love, Work, Truth, Ending, Opposition, Suffering)

"One minute we can be in a small club, the next minute we can be in a coliseum, and the next minute we can be in a small auditorium. It varies, depending on the promoter, the budget, and the travelling distance."
- Ben E. King
"Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation."
- Coretta Scott King
(Related: Ending, Freedom, Struggle)

"I've never had to turn my hand to anything for monetary gain, other than pretending to be somebody else. I'm deeply fortunate."
- Ben Kingsley
(Related: Gain)

"The river is constantly turning and bending and you never know where it's going to go and where you'll wind up. Following the bend in the river and staying on your own path means that you are on the right track. Don't let anyone deter you from that."
- Eartha Kitt
(Related: Right, Wind)

"When I got to Princeton I made a point of attending the Philosophy Club and listening to the lectures, but I didn't get involved in any discussions in those clubs. I guess after the first year, I dropped that."
- Stephen Cole Kleene
(Related: First, Listening, Philosophy)

"Goods move in response to price differences from points of low to points of higher price, the movement tending to obliterate the price difference and come to rest."
- Frank Knight
(Related: Difference, Rest)

"It's time to stop defending a system that is clearly in dire need of reform, stop issuing reports and setting up new roadblocks, and start providing Americans with prescription drugs that are both safe and affordable."
- Herb Kohl
(Related: Time, Americans, Drugs, Reform)

"It is my duty to voice the suffering of men, the never-ending sufferings heaped mountain-high."
- Kathe Kollwitz
(Related: Men, Duty, Suffering, Voice)

"We need to stop spending money on those weapons systems that do not advance national security."
- Lawrence Korb
(Related: Money, National security, Weapons)

"The biggest fool in the world is he who merely does his work supremely well, without attending to appearance."
- Michael Korda
(Related: Work, Appearance, Fool, World)

"But when I was a teenager, the idea of spending the rest of my life in a factory was real depressing. So the idea that I could become a musician opened up some possibilities I didn't see otherwise."
- Wayne Kramer
(Related: Life, Idea, Possibilities, Rest)

"You were told how much space so it was a matter of whether you could send in two paintings or three paintings, you know, pending where the show was being held. You did submit work to be accepted. Once you were accepted that was it. You did your own selection of what went in."
- Lee Krasner
(Related: Work, Being, Space)

"The procedure was that an artist got a mural and then he would have anywhere from two to ten assistants depending on the size of the mural and how many assistants he needed, or she needed."
- Lee Krasner
(Related: Artist)

"But quite honestly, personally, I was much more concerned - I mean, there's not much I can do about my appearance obviously other than spending four hours in hair and makeup."
- Diane Kruger
(Related: Appearance, Hair, Makeup)

"There are kids don't want to do something because they're afraid of looking stupid to their peers. There comes a time when they start protecting themselves, instead of extending. I want to make sure that they're always trying to extend themselves."
- Mike Krzyzewski
(Related: Time, Kids, Trying, Want)

"If we remove ourselves from the world, we are pretending that we can follow our own individual enlightenment and let the rest of the world go to hell, so to speak."
- Satish Kumar
(Related: Hell, Rest, World)

"I am convinced that it is not the fear of death, of our lives ending that haunts our sleep so much as the fear... that as far as the world is concerned, we might as well never have lived."
- Harold Kushner
(Related: Death, Fear, Ending, Sleep, World)

"Many thousands of youth have been deprived of the benefit of education thereby, their morals ruined, and talents irretrievably lost to society, for want of cultivation: while two parties have been idly contending who should bestow it."
- Joseph Lancaster
(Related: Education, Society, Morals, Want, Youth)

"Maturity: Be able to stick with a job until it is finished. Be able to bear an injustice without having to get even. Be able to carry money without spending it. Do your duty without being supervised."
- Ann Landers
(Related: Money, Being, Duty, Injustice, Job)

"To work on the actual location I think is great. This thing of going to Canada and pretending you're in New York, it's terrible."
- Jessica Lange
(Related: Work, Canada)

"When you start thinking about taking pictures, sending an e-mail, receiving an e-mail, speaking into your phone and have it transcript voice into text and then sent as an e-mail, it's mind-boggling."
- Steve Largent
(Related: Mind, Thinking, Voice)

"In our society, daily experience teaches the individual to want and need a never-ending supply of new toys and drugs."
- Christopher Lasch
(Related: Experience, Society, Drugs, Want)

"John the Baptist, who we are told was related by blood to Jesus, was preaching the impending judgement of God, urging repentance and moral reform, and baptizing in the Jordan River those who responded."
- Kenneth Scott Latourette
(Related: God, Blood, Preaching, Reform, Repentance)

"It is a sound principle of finance, and a still sounder principle of government, that those who have the duty of expending the revenue of a country should also be saddled with the responsibility of levying and providing it."
- Wilfrid Laurier
(Related: Finance, Government, Country, Duty, Responsibility, Sound)

"It is a matter of public shame that while we have now commemorated our hundredth anniversary, not one in every ten children attending Public schools throughout the colonies is acquainted with a single historical fact about Australia."
- Henry Lawson
(Related: Children, Fact, Now, Public, Schools, Shame)

"It was an instinct to put the world in order that powered her mending split infinitives and snipping off dangling participles, smoothing away the knots and bumps until the prose before her took on a sheen, like perfect caramel."
- David Leavitt
(Related: Instinct, Order, Prose, World)

"China is a civilization pretending to be a nation."
- Michael Ledeen
(Related: Civilization, Nation)

"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind."
- Bruce Lee
(Related: Wind)

"They saw a Dream of Loveliness descending from the train."
- Charles Godfrey Leland
(Related: Dream)

"Depending on how we start the season, I can play center or wing... It doesn't matter to me."
- Mario Lemieux
(Related: Play)

"The ending is one of my blackest, utterly without hope of any sort."
- Donna Leon
(Related: Hope, Ending)

"Borrowing is not much better than begging; just as lending with interest is not much better than stealing."
- Doris Lessing
(Related: Borrowing, Interest)

"If you factor in not just who's doing what at home, but how much more time working fathers are spending on work outside the home, on average they spend two hours more per day outside the home."
- James Levine
(Related: Home, Time, Work, Day, Fathers)

"Increased awareness and education could be a great help toward improving spending and saving habits and increasing participation and contribution levels to retirement plans."
- Ron Lewis
(Related: Education, Awareness, Habits, Help, Participation, Retirement)

"It is incumbent upon each of us to improve spending and savings practices to ensure our own individual financial security and preserve the collective economic well-being of our great society."
- Ron Lewis
(Related: Society, Financial, Security)

"Will some reporter, or some Republican on the Sunday shows, please ask why tax cuts raid the non-existent Social Security Trust Fund but all the Democrats' new spending doesn't? Will someone please ask that?"
- Rush Limbaugh
(Related: Trust, Democrats, Tax, Republican, Security, Tax cuts, Will)

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it."
- Abraham Lincoln
(Related: Government, People, Country, Exercise, Right)

"If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it."
- Abraham Lincoln
(Related: First)

"Spending and tax cut decisions must be both fiscally responsible and fair to our working families. I believe that fiscal responsibility is the way to create prosperity for America and secure the retirement of America's seniors."
- Blanche Lincoln
(Related: America, Decisions, Tax, Prosperity, Responsibility, Retirement)

"The thing with pretending you're in a good mood is that sometimes you can."
- Charles de Lint
"The first script I got was Narc and I really responded to it; it reminded me of a '70s type movie, I really liked the characters, I didn't anticipate the ending."
- Ray Liotta
(Related: Ending, First)

"There's nothing like spending an evening with an audience every night."
- John Lithgow
(Related: Evening, Night, Nothing)

"I hope no one will think of... sending me to Pearl Harbor."
- Charles A. Lockwood
(Related: Hope, Will)

"The shows are so different from each other, depending on whether I play with my band, Nine Stories, other musicians, an orchestra, only one or two members of my band."
- Lisa Loeb
(Related: Musicians, Play)

"Think on a 50-year scale, which is a much more natural time-scale for global warming. The US is right now spending about 200 million dollars annually on research into renewable energy."
- Bjorn Lomborg
(Related: Time, Energy, Global warming, Now, Research, Right)

"Build today, then strong and sure, With a firm and ample base; And ascending and secure. Shall tomorrow find its place."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(Related: Today, Tomorrow)

"And I love the idea of spending the whole day in bed with my lover."
- Jennifer Lopez
(Related: Love, Idea, Bed, Day)

"Mental communication without verbalization... all space is made up of waves and we are constantly sending and receiving messages from our brain."
- Tina Louise
(Related: Communication, Space)

"Pour not on the comforts you want, but upon the mercies you have. Look rather at God's ending in afflicting, than to the measure and degree of your affliction."
- Christopher Love
(Related: God, Affliction, Ending, Measure, Want)

"If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences."
- H. P. Lovecraft
(Related: Religion, Truth, Conformity, Consequences, Followers, Quest)

"If it hadn't been for the Cold War, neither Russia nor America would have been sending people into space."
- James Lovelock
(Related: War, People, America, Russia, Space)

"Hate is ravening vulture beaks descending on a place of skulls."
- Amy Lowell
(Related: Hate)

"I never mind scrubbing floors, vacuuming or bending and carrying stuff. Each time I do it I think, this is instead of going to the gym."
- Joanna Lumley
(Related: Time, Mind)

"Because we have so much eye candy and mind candy, spending so much time trying to pay the rent, all of this conspires to keep us from thinking too hard or taking action from that. Our time is stolen. So much of our daily life is stolen."
- Lydia Lunch
(Related: Life, Time, Action, Eye, Mind, Thinking, Trying)

"Build me a son, O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid, one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory."
- Douglas MacArthur
(Related: Son, Victory, Defeat, Will)

"Men shrink less from offending one who inspires love than one who inspires fear."
- Niccolo Machiavelli
(Related: Love, Men, Fear)

"The folks celebrating Jim Bunning are seeing him as an anti-government, anti-spending activist. But to embrace Jim Bunning is to embrace a strange record, if you really are a libertarian, if you really are a deficit hawk, if you really care about spending and responsibility."
- Rachel Maddow
(Related: Care, Responsibility)

"In the theatrical works we love and admire the most, the ending of the drama generally takes place offstage."
- Gustav Mahler
(Related: Love, Drama, Ending)

"It is a good idea to know which publishers publish which stories. For example, there is no sense in sending a picture book text to a publisher who does not publish picture books."
- Margaret Mahy
(Related: Idea, Books, Example, Sense)

"As the time goes by, you change, your learn new things, your attitude is different. For the moment, I'm still enjoying ski racing so much that it would be difficult for me to think about ending my career."
- Hermann Maier
(Related: Time, Change, Attitude, Career, Ending, Racing, Ski)

"You will certainly not doubt the necessity of studying astronomy and physics, if you are desirous of comprehending the relation between the world and Providence as it is in reality, and not according to imagination."
- Maimonides
(Related: Imagination, Astronomy, Doubt, Necessity, Physics, Providence, Reality, Will, World)

"To be always intending to make a new and better life but never to find time to set about it is as to put off eating and drinking and sleeping from one day to the next until you're dead."
- Og Mandino
(Related: Life, Time, Day, Drinking, Eating)

"The increase in straight-ticket party voting in recent years means that competitive congressional races can tip one way or the other depending on the showing of the candidates at the top of the ticket."
- Thomas E. Mann
(Related: Party, Voting, Years)

"First, his job approval ratings have been trending down for many months, a trend that has accelerated in recent weeks as the war on terrorism has been supplanted in the public's mind by corporate scandals, stock market declines, and a growing sense of economic insecurity."
- Thomas E. Mann
(Related: War, Approval, Corporate, First, Insecurity, Job, Mind, Months, Public, Sense, Terrorism)

"I was made to believe there was a plan in place for ending Donald's previous marriage. I pulled away because I wanted to allow him the time to deal with his wife."
- Marla Maples
(Related: Time, Marriage, Wife, Ending)

"Contemporary thinkers would say that man is continuously transcending himself."
- Gabriel Marcel
(Related: Man)

"In our Nation, approximately 22.5 million children ride school buses to and from school each day, which accounts for 54 percent of all students attending grade school."
- Kenny Marchant
(Related: Children, Day, Nation, School, Students)

"Each work has its own space, which should neither be conceived as a sort of cage nor regarded as extending to infinity."
- Marino Marini
(Related: Work, Infinity, Space)

"Ending racial discrimination in jury selection can be accomplished only by eliminating peremptory challenges entirely."
- Thurgood Marshall
(Related: Discrimination, Ending, Jury)

"Greek philosophy seems to have met with something with which a good tragedy is not supposed to meet, namely, a dull ending."
- Karl Marx
(Related: Ending, Philosophy, Tragedy)

"We've never played at this place before. This place is big, and I'm kinda nervous, so we're going to make it feel small by pretending we're in a... bedroom. We'll hang off the edge of the bed, take off our shoes and get naked!"
- Dave Matthews
(Related: Bed)

"I've always believed you can get closer to the truth by pretending not to speak it."
- Armistead Maupin
(Related: Truth)

"I spent 20 years of my life building up Queen, and now I'm spending years of my life trying to get away from it."
- Brian May
(Related: Life, Building, Now, Queen, Trying, Years)

"The universe of mortgage lending has gotten to the point where there is a place in it for everybody."
- Joe Mays
(Related: Universe)

"I AM what is called a Feminist. Thirty years ago I left a monastery and began a sane human existence. Within two or three years, I find, I was defending the rights of women."
- Joseph McCabe
(Related: Women, Existence, Rights, Years)

"The American people want us to stop spending. And so let's just give them some certainty. Let's extend the tax - the existing tax cuts. And then let's give some more tax breaks to small businesses and large. And then maybe the American people will have some confidence."
- John McCain
(Related: People, American, Certainty, Confidence, Tax, Tax cuts, Want, Will)

"My goal was to do the best job I could in governing the state of Wisconsin, in some cases making very tough decisions to have to bring our spending in line with the resources we had at the state level."
- Scott McCallum
(Related: Goal, Decisions, Job, State)

"My hobby of not attending meetings about recycling saves more energy than your hobby of recycling."
- John McCarthy
(Related: Energy, Meetings, Recycling)

"Liberty, as it is conceived by current opinion, has nothing inherent about it; it is a sort of gift or trust bestowed on the individual by the state pending good behavior."
- Mary McCarthy
(Related: Trust, Behavior, Liberty, Nothing, Opinion, State)

"He is not in the least arrogant. The last album was written in a room in Sussex. He was like a mad professor, spending all day writing and then coming out with brilliant tunes."
- Linda McCartney
(Related: Day, Writing)

"Because what's going on now, and this applies mostly to television stations in the largest markets too, but TV stations basically are now the primary receivers of campaign spending."
- Robert McChesney
(Related: Now, Television)

"The fact is, if our primary legislative goals are to repeal and replace the health spending bill; to end the bailouts; cut spending; and shrink the size and scope of government, the only way to do all these things it is to put someone in the White House who won't veto any of these things."
- Mitch McConnell
(Related: Health, Government, Goals, End, Fact)

"If my life were a song, what would it be? 'A Never Ending Road of Musical Good Times'."
- Paul McDonald
(Related: Life, Ending, Road, Song)

"It's phenomenally important to me that, if I'm going to be spending years on a project, I need to be interested in the whole thing. I'm not there to be on my own. And if I'm going to be with these people, I'd best be interested in their work."
- Mary McDonnell
(Related: Work, People, Project, Years)

"The attempt is that we want to get a couple of minutes under our belt, depending on how good the tests are and take that into Hollywood. The fallback is we're going to DVD anyways. We've got that covered."
- Todd McFarlane
(Related: Hollywood, Tests, Want)

"Well, I started conducting kind of by accident. I wanted to give myself a special birthday present for my fortieth birthday, and I was living in San Francisco at the time and I started attending some of the concerts and then simply dropping hints."
- Bobby McFerrin
(Related: Birthday, Time, Accident, Living, Present)

"To come up with the ending to a story and then work backwards is like tying your shoe with one hand only."
- Donald McKay
(Related: Work, Ending)

"Everybody is just at the start of this huge process of trying to unravel what's going on with the 4,400, where they've been and why they're back and what they're trying to do with us in the present. And we're trying to work out what messages they're sending us."
- Jacqueline McKenzie
(Related: Work, Present, Trying)

"It should come as no surprise to any of us that the solution to ending bickering in families is to talk to one another more often without blaming, making judgments, or insulting one another."
- Donald C. Medeiros
(Related: Ending, Solution, Talk)

"Just about every year, Congress passes another crime bill - spending billions of dollars to build more prisons, to place more band-aids on society's scars."
- Carrie P. Meek
(Related: Society, Congress, Crime)

"Let's stop pretending we can arrest our way to safety and security. Despite all the fine work that policemen and women do, we have got to find other solutions to deter crime."
- Carrie P. Meek
(Related: Women, Work, Crime, Safety, Security)

"I want to share with the American people that President Bush and the Republican majority in just 4 years have borrowed $1.05 trillion from foreign nations. That is selling our country to other nations because of the spending that is going on."
- Kendrick Meek
(Related: People, Selling, American, Country, Majority, Nations, President, Republican, Want, Years)

"I always think of the character as being me. But me wearing a 'coat', which may be a different way of speaking, moving or regarding other people. To me, acting is pretending, just like kids playing, only you pretend as if it were really, really real."
- Fred Melamed
(Related: People, Character, Acting, Being, Kids, May)

"The reason why I hate working in theatre is the tedium of memorisation. But once that is done, then you feast on this never-ending meal. If you play it correctly, every night is fraught with very high stakes that are very difficult to find in everyday life."
- Christopher Meloni
(Related: Life, Hate, Night, Play, Reason, Theatre)

"Heaven have mercy on us all - Presbyterians and Pagans alike - for we are all somehow dreadfully cracked about the head, and sadly need mending."
- Herman Melville
(Related: Heaven, Mercy)

"Court TV. I can't stop watching it. I am absolutely obsessed! If I'm not reading a book or spending time with my husband, my friends or my dog, I am watching Court TV."
- Debra Messing
(Related: Time, HusbCourt, Friends, Reading)

"I hate to play a tournament in which I'm not contending. It's just not any fun for me."
- Phil Mickelson
(Related: Fun, Hate, Play)

"There is no credible evidence of the current exceptional global warming trumpeted by the IPCC. The IPCC is no longer behaving as an investigative scientific organization or pretending to be one. Their leaders betrayed the trust of the world community."
- Grant Miles
(Related: Trust, Community, Global warming, Leaders, World)

"If I see an ending, I can work backward."
- Arthur Miller
(Related: Work, Ending)

"Just put down 9/11... I think, on most things I'm liberal, except on defending ourselves and keeping half the money. Those things I'm kind of conservative on."
- Dennis Miller
(Related: Money, Conservative, Liberal)

"The American flag, Old Glory, standing tall and flying free over American soil for 228 years is the symbol of our beloved country. It is recognized from near and afar, and many lives have been lost defending it."
- Jeff Miller
(Related: American, Country, Flying, Glory, Old, Symbol, Years)

"Reconciliation is a special budget procedure to change entitlement and tax laws. It cannot be filibustered and requires only a simple majority in the Senate to be passed. It is primarily intended for deficit and mandatory spending reduction."
- Jeff Miller
(Related: Change, Tax, Laws, Majority, Senate)

"With a nation at war against terrorism and our men and women on the front line defending our homeland from abroad, resources need to be prioritized and allocated properly."
- Jeff Miller
(Related: Men, War, Women, Nation, Terrorism)

"I continue to vote against such spending increases, but sometimes I think some of my Republican colleagues forgot that we were sent here to shrink the federal government, not to grow it."
- Jeff Miller
(Related: Government, Republican, Vote)

"Every American knows there are government expenses that are absolutely not necessary. I disagree with the very idea that our government is spending $2.4 trillion in the most efficient manner."
- Jeff Miller
(Related: Government, Idea, American)

"As a taxpayer, I want to assure you that Republicans are doing everything we can to reduce wasteful spending."
- Jeff Miller
(Related: Republicans, Want)

"It's not that Shakespeare is frivolous, but you spend your time just getting people to dress up in other people's costumes and pretending to be people that they're not, and you think, after the years go by, well, what on earth was all that about?"
- Jonathan Miller
(Related: Time, People, Dress, Earth, Shakespeare, Years)

"In the year since we brought things into the open with a clean breath of fresh air at City Hall, we have learned about corrupt spending practices and unethical conflicts of interest that waste your money... and keep Dallas from being the great city of our dreams."
- Laura Miller
(Related: Dreams, Money, Being, Interest, Open, Waste)

"It's wasteful spending like this that not only forces tax increases and cuts in vital services... but also really make you wonder: who is City Hall looking out for?"
- Laura Miller
(Related: Tax, Tax increases)

"A sexual revolution begins with the emancipation of women, who are the chief victims of patriarchy, and also with the ending of homosexual oppression."
- Kate Millett
(Related: Women, Ending, Revolution, Oppression, Victims)

"Youth is in a grand flush, like the hot days of ending summer; and pleasant dreams thrall your spirit, like the smoky atmosphere that bathes the landscape of an August day."
- Donald G. Mitchell
(Related: Dreams, Day, Ending, Spirit, Summer, Youth)

"I never minded George Steinbrenner spending obscene amounts of money to put the best product on the field."
- Jay Mohr
(Related: Money)

"We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elects a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons."
- Michael Moore
(Related: Time, War, Man, President, Results)

"But today, government is taking those rights from us, pretending that it gives us our rights. Indeed, those rights come from God, and it was recognized throughout our history as such."
- Roy Moore
(Related: Government, History, God, Rights, Today)

"The reason Ronald Reagan gets slammed for having so badly exacerbated the problem of deficit spending is that he so plainly deserves it."
- Daniel Keys Moran
(Related: Reason)

"When Tony was madly in love with me, his relationship with Vanessa Redgrave was ending."
- Jeanne Moreau
(Related: Love, Ending)

"They're different kinds of challenges depending upon what phase of life I'm in."
- Alanis Morissette
(Related: Life)

"We need to stop spending money on death, the war in Iraq and on enhancing the lives of the people in our own country."
- Dick Morris
(Related: Money, War, Death, People, Country, Iraq)

"There's so many companies that are spending so much money on 17-year-olds... I can't compete with that. I'm not that guy anymore, they can't dress me up and roll me out there and make me look good. I am what I am!"
- Bob Mould
(Related: Money, Dress)

"It got to the point in the late 70s and early 80s that I was spending so much money buying golden age comics that I could only justify it if I got work in the media."
- Bill Mumy
(Related: Age, Money, Work, Buying, Media)

"Anyway, in the mid 80's I was spending a fortune buying old Golden Age books from the late 30's and 40's and I was making personal appearances at a lot of sci fi and comic book conventions all around the country here so that I could find books for my collection."
- Bill Mumy
(Related: Age, Books, Buying, Country, Fortune, Old)

"That's something I think is growing on me as I get older: happy endings."
- Alice Munro
"I am still interested in the long or serial poem, but have written a few smaller things. I may start sending to journals again in a year or so... that's about it."
- George Murray
(Related: May)

"Security is still the most important issue facing Washington state residents and millions of Americans - the security of having a job, of access to affordable health care, of a quality education, and of protecting our homeland and defending our nation."
- Patty Murray
(Related: Health, Education, Quality, Americans, Care, Job, Nation, Security, State, Washington)

"Pretending to be other people helped bring me out of my shell and shed my inhibitions."
- Michael Musto
(Related: People)

"First, I used some of my own experiences and observations from attending a public high school. Secondly, I joined in some Internet chat rooms for gays and lesbians."
- Ellen Muth
(Related: First, Internet, Public, School)

"In London there was an article about all these girls bending it like Beckham, and in India there's this big wave of girls playing football. Wow! I can't believe a movie's done this!"
- Parminder Nagra
(Related: Football, Girls, London)

"Lebanon is caught in a cycle of threats. And it is our duty to be strong and capable of defending our country. But we will not clarify or explain what we do or do not possess."
- Hassan Nasrallah
(Related: Country, Duty, Will)

"I haven't reported my missing credit card to the police because whoever stole it is spending less than my wife."
- Ilie Nastase
(Related: Wife, Credit, Police)

"I'm either shooting nine grams of coke a day or spending two hours at the gym. There's no middle ground."
- Dave Navarro
(Related: Day)

"If I feel strongly, I say it. I know I can do more good by being vocal than by staying quiet. I'd have a whole lot more money if I lied, but I wouldn't enjoy spending it."
- Martina Navratilova
(Related: Money, Being, Quiet)

"I then remained in Berlin until Dec. 1938, spending my time between pictures at my villa on the Riviera."
- Pola Negri
(Related: Time)

"Amending the U.S. Constitution, the document most sacred to those who love freedom and liberty, is a delicate endeavor and should be done only on the basis of the most clear and convincing evidence that a proposed amendment is necessary."
- Ben Nelson
(Related: Love, Constitution, Freedom, Liberty)

"My greatest happiness is to serve my gracious King and Country and I am envious only of glory; for if it be a sin to covet glory I am the most offending soul alive."
- Horatio Nelson
(Related: Happiness, Soul, Country, Glory, Sin)

"Every western I did and will do; I will do it for the never ending young kid inside of me."
- Franco Nero
(Related: Ending, Will)

"You know it's very difficult to be an actor, and to have people depending on you to say the right line, at the right time, and to not be able to hear your cues! I can't tell you how many times I would've had to have said What? if I didn't have my hearing aids. So my hearing aids are a life saver, and they allow me to practice my craft."
- Leslie Nielsen
(Related: Life, Time, People, Actor, Hearing, Practice, Right)

"Get into a line that you will find to be a deep personal interest, something you really enjoy spending twelve to fifteen hours a day working at, and the rest of the time thinking about."
- Earl Nightingale
(Related: Time, Day, Deep, Interest, Thinking, Will)

"I am said to be difficult of acquaintance, unwilling to meet any one half way, and showing a social manner which is easy, not diffident, but formal and unresponsive, tending constantly to hold people off."
- Albert J. Nock
(Related: People, Acquaintance)

"I think everyday people on the street who have never been affiliated with the tea party movement are alarmed with the spending and the debt that we have."
- Kristi Noem
(Related: People, Debt, Party, Tea)

"I am honored that my freshman class colleagues have put their trust in me to represent our historic class at the leadership table. The incoming freshman class of Representatives is large and diverse but we share many common goals including cutting wasteful spending, getting our economy back on track and making government smarter and more efficient."
- Kristi Noem
(Related: Government, Leadership, Trust, Goals, Class, Economy)

"We want to reduce the size of government in half as a percentage of GNP over the next 25 years. We want to reduce the number of people depending on government so there is more autonomy and more free citizens."
- Grover Norquist
(Related: Government, People, Want, Years)

"A large family and Democrats have a lot in common: teenagers and Democrats are always happy spending other people's money."
- Anne Northup
(Related: Family, Money, People, Democrats, Teenagers)

"Average Americans are going to win this, not me. And not just your organization, not just the providers of health care, but the American people are going to cause this to happen. But they have to keep sending those cards and letters."
- Charlie Norwood
(Related: Health, People, American, Americans, Cards, Care, Cause, Letters)

"This unchecked spending is growing faster than our economy, faster than inflation, and far beyond our means to sustain it."
- Jim Nussle
(Related: Economy, Inflation)

"There are patriots who opposed the war in Iraq and there are patriots who supported the war in Iraq. We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes, all of us defending the United States of America."
- Barack Obama
(Related: War, People, America, Iraq, Stars, states, United)

"We need earmark reform, and when I'm President, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely."
- Barack Obama
(Related: Money, President, Reform, Will)

"Our combat mission is ending, but our commitment to Iraq's future is not."
- Barack Obama
(Related: Commitment, Ending, Future, Iraq, Mission)

"What do you think a stimulus is? It's spending - that's the whole point! Seriously."
- Barack Obama
"We were a Western civilisation, an English speaking civilisation, both NZ and Australia, and we had all these influences coming from both Great Britain and America to us; sending us their culture in the shape and form of movies and television."
- Richard O'Brien
(Related: Movies, America, Culture, English, Television)

"Does defending liberalism leave you friendless and perhaps wondering about your breath?"
- Phil Ochs
(Related: Liberalism)

"Anyway, the title The War of the Insect Gods came before we had that ending, before we knew they had become gods. That we knew the evolutionary cycle they went through. Before we even knew anything about that. We had an ending."
- Michael O'Donoghue
(Related: War, Gods, Ending)

"I don't see novels ending with any real sense of closure."
- Michael Ondaatje
(Related: Ending, Sense)

"I see the poem or the novel ending with an open door."
- Michael Ondaatje
(Related: Ending, Open)

"Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue."
- Eugene O'Neill
(Related: God, Grace, Man)

"The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it."
- George Orwell
(Related: War, Ending)

"In this one book are the two most interesting personalities in the whole world - God and yourself. The Bible is the story of God and man, a love story in which you and I must write our own ending, our unfinished autobiography of the creature and the Creator."
- Fulton Oursler
(Related: Love, God, Bible, Autobiography, Ending, Man, World)

"There is a measure needing courage to adopt and enforce it, which I believe to be of virtue sufficient to redeem the nation in this its darkest hour: one only; I know of no other to which we may rationally trust for relief from impending dangers without and within."
- Robert Dale Owen
(Related: Trust, Courage, Virtue, May, Measure, Nation)

"If, amid the multitude of contending counsel, you have hesitated and doubted; if, when a great measure suggested itself, you have shrunk from the vast responsibility, afraid to go forward lest you should go wrong, what wonder?"
- Robert Dale Owen
(Related: Measure, Responsibility, Wonder, Wrong)

"One of the things I wanted to introduce in The Same Sea beyond transcending the conflict, is the fact that deep down below all our secrets are the same."
- Amos Oz
(Related: Conflict, Deep, Fact, Sea, Secrets)

"It is not a field of a few acres of ground, but a cause, that we are defending, and whether we defeat the enemy in one battle, or by degrees, the consequences will be the same."
- Thomas Paine
(Related: Battle, Cause, Consequences, Defeat, Enemy, Will)

"You are not a beautiful, unique snowflake... This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time."
- Chuck Palahniuk
(Related: Time, Life, Ending)

"I think President Obama is trying to deceive the public in pretending that he was not a part of Congress that has made some decisions in the past that got us to where we are today."
- Sarah Palin
(Related: Congress, Decisions, Past, President, Public, Today, Trying)

"To reduce deficit spending and our enormous debt, you reign in spending. You cut the budget. You don't take more from the private sector and grow government with it. And that's exactly what Obama has in mind with this expiration of Bush tax cuts proposal of his."
- Sarah Palin
(Related: Government, Debt, Tax, Mind, Tax cuts)

"I spend a good portion of my dinner-party conversation defending America because no matter what the political agenda, it's still a fantastic, amazing place."
- Gwyneth Paltrow
(Related: America, Conversation)

"By depending on the great, The small may rise high. See: the little plant ascending the tall tree Has climbed to the top."
- Saskya Pandita
(Related: May)

"Send it to someone who can publish it. And if they won't publish it, send it to someone else who can publish it! And keep sending it! Of course, if no one will publish it, at that point you might want to think about doing something other than writing."
- Robert B. Parker
(Related: Want, Will, Writing)

"It was not pre-arranged. It just happened that the driver made a demand and I just didn't feel like obeying his demand. I was quite tired after spending a full day working."
- Rosa Parks
(Related: Day)

"Art has two constant, two unending concerns: It always meditates on death and thus always creates life. All great, genuine art resembles and continues the Revelation of St John."
- Boris Pasternak
(Related: Art, Death, Life)

"I don't have a problem with fame. I got into this business intending to be very successful, but I wanted it to be at my price."
- Jason Patric
(Related: Business, Successful, Fame)

"Deficits mean future tax increases, pure and simple. Deficit spending should be viewed as a tax on future generations, and politicians who create deficits should be exposed as tax hikers."
- Ron Paul
(Related: Future, Tax, Generations, Politicians, Tax increases)

"It's become very popular in contemporary films to have the twist ending."
- Bill Paxton
(Related: Ending, Popular)

"The reality is that during the Reagan years, for instance, we doubled the amount of revenue that we were sending to Washington, D.C. after the tax cuts took effect."
- Mike Pence
(Related: Effect, Tax, Reality, Tax cuts, Washington, Years)

"All we're getting from the Democratic majority in Congress and from this White House is more bailouts, more spending, more planned stimulus, more deficits and debt, and the American people have had it."
- Mike Pence
(Related: People, American, Congress, Debt, Majority)

"For more than forty years, the United States Congress has shamelessly used payroll taxes intended for Social Security to fund big government spending."
- Mike Pence
(Related: Government, Congress, Security, states, Taxes, United, Years)

"Sometimes I think they should set up an asylum for people like that... a whole slew of paparazzi defending their positions."
- Robin Wright Penn
(Related: People)

"There are a few directors around who I have some excitement about spending my $7 at the theatre watching their movies."
- Sean Penn
(Related: Movies, Excitement, Theatre)

"You see, greatness for a state doesn't require some huge monument for all to see. It is not a journey to a particular destination - but a commitment to follow a course of constant and never-ending improvement."
- Sonny Perdue
(Related: Greatness, Commitment, Improvement, Journey, Monument, State)

"Now, I learned soon enough, that among the three, two don't trust the third one - the third one is the government. Both industry and unions feel the government is a talking organization and a spending organization."
- Shimon Peres
(Related: Government, Trust, Now, Talking)

"We will be sending our own observers in to monitor the electoral process."
- Alan Garcia Perez
(Related: Will)

"We can't have deficit spending in Texas. You have to balance your budget every two years."
- Rick Perry
(Related: Balance, Years)

"Getting plenty of sleep is always great. It really is. I have a girlfriend who's sending me a slant board."
- Bernadette Peters
(Related: Girlfriend, Sleep)

"Every year, I have to spend another hour working out. Pretty soon I'll be spending eight hours working out just to fit in the costume. I have the feeling that the minute I stop doing the character, boom, Roseanne Barr."
- Cassandra Peterson
(Related: Character, Feeling, Pretty)

"Owing to the difficulty of obtaining horses, Mr. Henry returns from this place. In descending the Mississippi I will request him to pay his respects to you."
- Zebulon Pike
(Related: Difficulty, Horses, Will)

"My point is cutting spending shouldn't be reliant on the debt limit though. It's something we have to do. The good news for America is, leaders in both parties, the president, believe that we have to have significant deficit reduction. So the intent is there. And I think what America is going to demand is that our leaders come together."
- David Plouffe
(Related: America, Debt, Leaders, News, President)

"And I taught acting for years, and without knowing it that was the real thing that started bending me toward directing."
- Sydney Pollack
(Related: Acting, Years)

"To the extent that I come from a deeply religious tradition and have been contending with those beginnings all of my life - that constitutes the subject of much of my early fiction."
- Chaim Potok
(Related: Life, Beginnings, Fiction, Religious, Tradition)

"All of us grow up in particular realities - a home, family, a clan, a small town, a neighborhood. Depending upon how we're brought up, we are either deeply aware of the particular reading of reality into which we are born, or we are peripherally aware of it."
- Chaim Potok
(Related: Family, Home, Reading, Reality)

"And meanwhile, the storytellers like me and Anderson, Silverberg... we tell stories. People like them. They want to know how it comes out, they want to know what the ending is."
- Jerry Pournelle
(Related: People, Ending, Want)

"It is the quality of lending over the quantity of lending."
- Lewis Thompson Preston
(Related: Quality, Quantity)

"The impending teacher shortage is the most critical education issue we will face in the next decade."
- David E. Price
(Related: Education, Will)

"And so we go over the cliff fiscally, and our Republican friends try to pin the blame on discretionary domestic spending, including spending for security. We pass budget resolutions that fall far short."
- David E. Price
(Related: Blame, Friends, Republican, Security)

"I think the Tea Party movement is great. I think anybody who has been frustrated over the last few years with the Republicans and Democrats, when they were trying to grow government and have spending and we weren't focusing on creating jobs and get our private sector growing again, I think that's when people started to wake up."
- Ben Quayle
(Related: Government, People, Democrats, Jobs, Party, Republicans, Tea, Trying, Years)

"I think that when we look out with our underfunded liabilities and our national debt over $14 trillion, I think if we are part of that movement to get our government spending under control, I think that would be a tremendous legacy to leave."
- Ben Quayle
(Related: Government, Control, Debt)

"Life is not so much about beginnings and endings as it is about going on and on and on. It is about muddling through the middle."
- Anna Quindlen
(Related: Life, Beginnings)

"The future is built on brains, not prom court, as most people can tell you after attending their high school reunion. But you'd never know it by talking to kids or listening to the messages they get from the culture and even from their schools."
- Anna Quindlen
(Related: People, Court, Culture, Future, Kids, Listening, School, Schools, Talking)

"So instead of talking about theoretical ways of ending the war and violence, I say that we have to get rid of the individual asholes in each office and situation."
- Colin Quinn
(Related: War, Ending, Office, Talking, Violence)

"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle and end."
- Gilda Radner
(Related: Beginning, End, Ending, Now, Poems)

"The draft is white people sending black people to fight yellow people to protect the country they stole from red people."
- James Rado
(Related: People, Country, Draft, Fight)

"Republicans let this happen over and over, and there is never anyone to stick up for them. They spend too much time defending themselves."
- Johnny Ramone
(Related: Time, Republicans)

"The President is destroying the fabric of America with a combined policy of war, tax cuts for the wealthy, and reductions in spending for domestic needs."
- Charles Rangel
(Related: War, Policy, America, Tax, Needs, President, Tax cuts)

"The odds against an adoptee ending up as the child of the President of the United States are staggering. But then, so are the odds against a movie star becoming president."
- Michael Reagan
(Related: Ending, President, states, United)

"We're in greater danger today than we were the day after Pearl Harbor. Our military is absolutely incapable of defending this country."
- Ronald Reagan
(Related: Country, Danger, Day, Military, Today)

"Usually I like to improvise. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the piece, I like to improvise because I think it brings certain freshness and a reality to it, as long as it doesn't go too far out of the box."
- Robert Redford
(Related: Nature, Reality)

"I enjoy spending time at home or going out for a quiet meal in a restaurant."
- Jamie Redknapp
(Related: Home, Time, Quiet)

"We should begin to remind people they are always after your money and if you are on something around average earnings you really don't have that spare capacity to pay for all these follies that Labour keep spending their money on."
- John Redwood
(Related: Money, People)

"I came to Congress to help reduce spending."
- Dave Reichert
(Related: Congress, Help)

"I believe there should be no arbitrary date set for withdrawal and yet no permanent, unending deployment. No cut and run, yet measured progress in helping a people who want to be free without an illusion of overnight success."
- Rick Renzi
(Related: Success, People, Progress, Illusion, Want)

"So on May 1, 1987, at Gary's invitation, I agreed to see him one last time - to confront him face-to-face about his sincerity and with the intention of ending our brief relationship."
- Donna Rice
(Related: Time, Ending, Intention, May, Sincerity)

"I prefer surveying for a week to spending a week in fashionable society even of the best class."
- Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards
(Related: Society, Class)

"As state leaders, I think its important for us to provide our perspectives on issues we face every day - like access to school spending, access to health care and governing in a global economy."
- Bill Richardson
(Related: Health, Care, Day, Economy, Leaders, School, State)

"But tending machinery was one thing; defining what we were trying to do and why we were doing it, and developing ways to measure how well the job was done - this was something else again."
- Elliot Richardson
(Related: Job, Measure, Trying)

"You can have a laugh in Los Angeles, or you can weep in Los Angeles, depending on your attitude towards it."
- Miranda Richardson
(Related: Attitude)

"This is very similar to astronomy where different magnitudes are assigned to the brightness of an astronomical object, depending on the range of wavelengths being measured."
- Charles Francis Richter
(Related: Astronomy, Being)

"Incidentally, the usual designation of the magnitude scale to my name does less than justice to the great part that Dr. Gutenberg played in extending the scale to apply to earthquakes in all parts of the world."
- Charles Francis Richter
(Related: Justice, Name, World)

"The opponents of my budget propose taking $200 million out of our classrooms and instead spending it on a larger school employee pay raise. Our focus should be on making sure our children come first."
- Bob Riley
(Related: Children, First, Focus, Opponents, School)

"I knew when I grew up, I always wanted to be a liar, and if you're in television, you're lying because you're just pretending to be yourself much like I'm doing now."
- John Ritter
(Related: Lying, Now, Television)

"Any time you're trying to do a movie with a happy ending, it's very difficult because it's been done before and you don't want to be manipulative."
- Tim Robbins
(Related: Time, Ending, Trying, Want)

"In 1998, I founded the American Center for Law and Justice, probably the premier public interest law firm in America defending the rights of believers."
- Pat Robertson
(Related: America, American, Rights, Interest, Justice, Law, Public)

"The American Dream, the idea of the happy ending, is an avoidance of responsibility and commitment."
- Jill Robinson
(Related: Dream, Idea, American, Commitment, Ending, Responsibility)

"The business of a bank is to lend money; which amounts, nowadays, to lending credit."
- John Buchanan Robinson
(Related: Business, Money, Credit)

"From those few pending questions which the Commission would be called upon to solve at its fourth session, the most important one was the entry into force of the treaty."
- Alfonso G. Robles
(Related: Force, Questions)

"We have to bring stability to Iraq, otherwise we will be faced with a future dilemma of sending our loved ones into harms way to stop a civil war or the rise of a new tyrant born from the instability that we created."
- Jay Rockefeller
(Related: War, Future, Iraq, Stability, Will)

"You know, I've been attending so many banquets that I know what they're going to serve before I get there."
- Knute Rockne
"The artist is the confidant of nature, flowers carry on dialogues with him through the graceful bending of their stems and the harmoniously tinted nuances of their blossoms. Every flower has a cordial word which nature directs towards him."
- Auguste Rodin
(Related: Nature, Artist, Flowers, Word)

"I like to compare the holiday season with the way a child listens to a favorite story. The pleasure is in the familiar way the story begins, the anticipation of familiar turns it takes, the familiar moments of suspense, and the familiar climax and ending."
- Fred Rogers
(Related: Anticipation, Ending, Favorite, Holiday, Moments, Pleasure, Suspense)

"Where we're coming down is we currently have $787 billion of stimulus that's been passed. We're certainly focusing on spending that money as quickly and as efficiently and as transparently as we can. We think that's absolutely the right strategy."
- Christina Romer
(Related: Money, Strategy, Right)

"If you look at the studies coming out of the Congressional Budget Office, the number one thing that's going to blow a hole in the deficit as we go forward 20, 30 years is government spending on healthcare."
- Christina Romer
(Related: Government, Healthcare, Office, Years)

"When someone's acting for a scene, they can fool the camera. But in everyday life, unless you're watching and censoring yourself every minute, or spending all your time in the company of ladies, what you feel is bound to show in your eyes."
- Cesar Romero
(Related: Time, Life, Acting, Company, Eyes, Fool, Ladies)

"I don't like food that's too carefully arranged; it makes me think that the chef is spending too much time arranging and not enough time cooking. If I wanted a picture I'd buy a painting."
- Andy Rooney
(Related: Food, Time, Cooking, Painting)

"In a way, you might say that David Duke is the son of Willie Horton. Duke is more overt, of course, but he's really just pushing the same buttons and sending the same coded messages that the Horton ads did so effectively for the Bush campaign last year."
- Judd Rose
(Related: Son)

"Today a new faith is stirring: the myth of blood, the faith that along with blood we are defending the divine nature of man as a whole."
- Alfred Rosenberg
(Related: Faith, Nature, Blood, Man, Myth, Today)

"Our volunteer fire departments know their needs better than Washington, D.C. They need more flexibility on spending grant money from FEMA and Homeland Security."
- Mike Ross
(Related: Money, Fire, Flexibility, Needs, Security, Washington)

"No true believer could be intolerant or a persecutor. If I were a magistrate and the law carried the death penalty against atheists, I would begin by sending to the stake whoever denounced another."
- Jean-Jacques Rousseau
(Related: Death, Law)

"Mr. Obama plans to boost federal spending 25 percent while nearly tripling the national debt over 10 years. Americans know that this kind of spending will have economic consequences, including new taxes being imposed by the new progressives."
- Karl Rove
(Related: Americans, Being, Consequences, Debt, Taxes, Will, Years)

"There are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other."
- J. K. Rowling
(Related: Ending)

"The exciting new thing, call it Internet.2, would be where links were updated and moved depending on where people click. That would give you the kind of content screening that you don't get at the moment."
- Dave Rowntree
(Related: People, Content, Internet)

"I never went to a John Wayne movie to find a philosophy to live by or to absorb a profound message. I went for the simple pleasure of spending a couple of hours seeing the bad guys lose."
- Mike Royko
(Related: Philosophy, Pleasure)

"Advice to beginning SF writers? Write a lot, finish what you write, and when it's done, keep sending it out for quite awhile."
- Rudy Rucker
(Related: Advice, Beginning, Writers)

"I was bartending for a long time and going on auditions and was constantly being rebuffed."
- Mark Ruffalo
(Related: Time, Being)

"The one great thing about a continuing collaboration is that they know you. And if you're really lucky, they really believe in you and think that your talent has some unending bounds to it."
- Mark Ruffalo
(Related: Talent, Collaboration)

"Large fortunes are all founded either on the occupation of land, or lending or the taxation of labor."
- John Ruskin
(Related: Labor, Land, Occupation, Taxation)

"Ethics is in origin the art of recommending to others the sacrifices required for cooperation with oneself."
- Bertrand Russell
(Related: Art, Cooperation, Ethics)

"Every person who will learn the right way, and who will then continue diligently to follow that right way, is absolutely certain in time to possess great riches and all attending blessings."
- Joseph Franklin Rutherford
(Related: Time, Blessings, Right, Will)

"That's the real secret to job creation - not borrowing and spending more money in Washington."
- Paul Ryan
(Related: Money, Borrowing, Creation, Job, Washington)

"The debt and the deficit is just getting out of control, and the administration is still pumping through billions upon trillions of new spending. That does not grow the economy."
- Paul Ryan
(Related: Control, Debt, Economy)

"Since taking office, President Obama has signed into law spending increases of nearly 25 percent for domestic government agencies - an 84 percent increase when you include the failed stimulus. All of this new government spending was sold as 'investment.'"
- Paul Ryan
(Related: Government, Law, Office, President)

"Borrowing and spending is not the way to prosperity."
- Paul Ryan
(Related: Borrowing, Prosperity)

"Hiding spending does not reduce spending."
- Paul Ryan
"Look, I am not worried about Washington cutting too much spending too fast. I mean, the kinds of spending cuts we're talking about just right now are $100 billion out of a $3.7 trillion budget."
- Paul Ryan
(Related: Now, Right, Talking, Washington)

"If borrowing and spending all this money led to more jobs than we would be at full employment already."
- Paul Ryan
(Related: Money, Borrowing, Jobs)

"In fact, entitlement spending on programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security make up 54% of federal spending, and spending is projected to double within the next decade. Medicare is growing by 9% annually, and Medicaid by 8% annually."
- Jim Ryun
(Related: Fact, Security)

"The advice would be the same for any kind of fiction. Keep writing, and keep sending things out, not to friends and relatives, but to people who have the power to buy. A lot of additional, useful tips could be added, but this is fundamental."
- Fred Saberhagen
(Related: Power, People, Advice, Fiction, Friends, Relatives, Writing)

"French Yemeni relations are strong and good, they are relations depending on friendship and cooperation; my relationship with the president Chiraq are old and real."
- Ali A. Saleh
(Related: Friendship, Cooperation, Old, President)

"Olympism is a philosophy which, by blending sport with culture, seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of good example and respect for universal ethical principles."
- Juan Antonio Samaranch
(Related: Life, Culture, Effort, Example, Joy, Philosophy, Principles, Respect, Value)

"Peace is a never ending process... It cannot ignore our differences or overlook our common interests. It requires us to work and live together."
- Oscar Arias Sanchez
(Related: Peace, Work, Ending)

"The world is a perpetual caricature of itself; at every moment it is the mockery and the contradiction of what it is pretending to be."
- George Santayana
(Related: Contradiction, World)

"Isn't that the ultimate homeland security, standing up and defending marriage?"
- Rick Santorum
(Related: Marriage, Security)

"Every word, facial expression, gesture, or action on the part of a parent gives the child some message about self-worth. It is sad that so many parents don't realize what messages they are sending."
- Virginia Satir
(Related: Action, Expression, Parents, Self, Word)

"Spending waiting moments doing crossword puzzles or reading a book you brought yourself."
- Marilyn vos Savant
(Related: Moments, Reading, Waiting)

"Be able to blow out a dinner candle without sending wax flying across the table."
- Marilyn vos Savant
(Related: Flying)

"News reporting is a cycle: No matter how much you work at sending a message, it's only successful if it's received."
- Jessica Savitch
(Related: Work, Successful, News)

"I'm still trying to re-create a Ray Charles concert that I heard when I was fifteen years old, and all my nerve endings were fried and transformed, and electricity shot through me."
- Boz Scaggs
(Related: Electricity, Old, Trying, Years)

"Government is just spending too much money."
- Bob Schaffer
(Related: Government, Money)

"I would love to see the French spending money to restore Iraq."
- Bob Schaffer
(Related: Love, Money, Iraq)

"What I am defending is the real rights of women. A woman should have the right to be in the home as a wife and mother."
- Phyllis Schlafly
(Related: Home, Women, Mother, Wife, Rights, Woman)

"Israel is now sustaining a war for its own existence. A nation defending its citizens against terrorist bombings and a military and diplomatic onslaught by an array of Arab foes is practicing survival, not genocide."
- Jack Schwartz
(Related: War, Survival, Existence, Genocide, Israel, Military, Nation, Now)

"It is essential that there should not only be a limit on campaign spending but it should be required to say where that money is spent and how it is spent. I think there has been more abuse in campaign spending, actually, than in campaign contributors."
- Bill Scott
(Related: Money, Abuse)

"If we increase spending, we have got to raise taxes or any combination."
- Bobby Scott
(Related: Taxes)

"As I have traveled throughout my Congressional district, the one thing I heard loud and clear was simply please stop spending money you do not have, rein in spending, live within a budget."
- Tim Scott
(Related: Money)

"We do not have a revenue problem in D.C. or this county. We have a prioritization problem. When you create the priorities you fund the priorities of the country and you stop spending money when you get to zero."
- Tim Scott
(Related: Money, Country, Priorities)

"Young people don't want to be second to anyone. Everyone wants to be an overnight star. Look how many years I had to wait, how many roads I had to travel, how many songs I had to sing. And now I'm just beginning, never ending."
- Compay Segundo
(Related: Travel, People, Beginning, Ending, Now, Songs, Want, Years)

"After about the first Millennium, Italy was the cradle of Romanesque architecture, which spread throughout Europe, much of it extending the structural daring with minimal visual elaboration."
- Harry Seidler
(Related: Architecture, Europe, First, Italy)

"Major League Baseball has always recognized the influence that our stars can have on the youth of America. As such, we are concerned that recent revelations and allegations of steroid use have been sending a terrible message to young people."
- Bud Selig
(Related: People, America, Baseball, Influence, Stars, Youth)

"Avoid extremes: be moderate In saving and in spending; An equable and easy gait Will win an easy ending."
- Robert Service
(Related: Ending, Will)

"The jazz chord substitutions in a country song... that was another thing that bent people's ears. I guess that my favorites are the unique ones. It's not how fast you play. It's that unique blending of different stuff I'm most proud of."
- Brian Setzer
(Related: People, Country, Jazz, Play, Song)

"I did commercials since I was 16, and that's kind of acting, depending on what you're selling."
- Joan Severance
(Related: Selling, Acting)

"If slavery, limited as it yet is, now threatens to subvert the Constitution, how can we as wise and prudent statesmen, enlarge its boundaries and increase its influence, and thus increase already impending dangers?"
- William H. Seward
(Related: Constitution, Influence, Now, Slavery)

"If it be a sin to covet honor, I am the most offending soul."
- William Shakespeare
(Related: Soul, Honor, Sin)

"The United States has got to adopt a policy of befriending and creating allies around the world."
- Al Sharpton
(Related: Policy, states, United, World)

"Writing is truly a creative art - putting word to a blank piece of paper and ending up with a full-fledged story rife with character and plot."
- William Shatner
(Related: Art, Character, Ending, Word, Writing)

"Obviously this is the world descending into worse and worse standards of targeting civilians both in state violence in Iraq, Gaza and so on and the terrorist retaliation."
- Clare Short
(Related: Iraq, State, Violence, World)

"Government spending is being restrained, the economy is making progress and moving forward, and the pro-growth, tax cutting policies put in place have allowed businesses to grow, which has brought in additional tax revenue to help pay off the debt."
- Bill Shuster
(Related: Government, Progress, Being, Debt, Economy, Tax, Help)

"It's interesting, because in the corporate stuff there's a dichotomy there, depending on the creator. Even what, in essence, may be a very safe corporate approach, there is some stuff that is allowed to be pushed."
- Bill Sienkiewicz
(Related: Corporate, May)

"And time itself? Time was a never-ending medium that stretched into the future and the past - except there was no future and no past, but an infinite number of brackets, extending either way, each bracket enclosing its single phase of the Universe."
- Clifford D. Simak
(Related: Time, Future, Infinite, Past, Universe)

"Sports is the only entertainment where, no matter how many times you go back, you never know the ending."
- Neil Simon
(Related: Sports, Ending, Entertainment)

"I hate the industry even more now, no bands get nurtured anymore. Labels only spend money promoting acts they know will be Top Ten. I find it offensive spending $2 million on a video."
- Siouxsie Sioux
(Related: Money, Hate, Now, Will)

"In all candor, the Court fails to perceive any reason for suspending the power of courts to get evidence and rule on questions of privilege in criminal matters simply because it is the president of the United States who holds the evidence."
- John J. Sirica
(Related: Power, Candor, Court, President, Privilege, Questions, Reason, states, United)

"These happy endings all express the weak and sly promise that the world is not rotten and out of joint but meaningful and ultimately in excellent condition."
- Douglas Sirk
(Related: Promise, World)

"In journalistic terms, syndication is equivalent to ascending to heaven on a pillar of cloud."
- John Skow
(Related: Heaven)

"SF has at least the advantage of not depending on preconceptions."
- John Sladek
"Brian really kicked back on his own when Amanda was a baby. We had a long talk about it, and he was spending a lot of time in California working there and he didn't really want to spend all his time out there and have his children and his wife on the East Coast."
- Erika Slezak
(Related: Time, Wife, Baby, Children, Talk, Want)

"Human intelligence is a reflection of the intelligence that produces everything. In knowing, we are simply extending the intelligence that comes to and constitutes us. We mimic the mind of God, so to speak. Or better, we continue and extend it."
- Huston Smith
(Related: Intelligence, God, Mind, Reflection)

"In my experience, if you have to keep the lavatory door shut by extending your left leg, it's modern architecture."
- Nancy Banks Smith
(Related: Architecture, Experience)

"No, come to think of it, I don't think the Cure will end, but I can make up an ending if you want me to."
- Robert Smith
(Related: Cure, End, Ending, Want, Will)

"I gradually became persuaded that the subjects, without intending to, had revealed to me a basic truth about markets that was foreign to the literature of economics."
- Vernon L. Smith
(Related: Truth, Economics, Literature)

"The trip to Iraq confirmed that I made the right decision when I voted against lending Iraq the $18 billion the United States plans to use to help rebuild the country."
- Vic Snyder
(Related: Decision, Country, Help, Iraq, Right, states, United)

"I'm simply saying that there are advantages in sending a skilled diplomat who can always say, 'I'll get back to you on that, Mr. Minister'."
- Theodore C. Sorensen
(Related: Saying)

"Being is like pretending."
- Mira Sorvino
(Related: Being)

"Once in a while I'll get moved to do some exercise. It's something I long for but the biggest problem is bending down and putting my tennis shoes on. Once I go out I'm OK."
- David Soul
(Related: Exercise, Tennis)

"The real goal should be reduced government spending, rather than balanced budgets achieved by ever rising tax rates to cover ever rising spending."
- Thomas Sowell
(Related: Government, Goal, Budgets, Tax)

"I bought a house in LA, hanging out there and spending a lot of time in Toronto, but not much."
- Scott Speedman
(Related: Time)

"Love is life's end, but never ending. Love is life's wealth, never spent, but ever spending. Love's life's reward, rewarded in rewarding."
- Herbert Spencer
(Related: Love, Life, Wealth, End, Ending, Reward)

"When you read and understand a poem, comprehending its rich and formal meanings, then you master chaos a little."
- Stephen Spender
(Related: Chaos)

"I really feel kind of guilty spending 80 million dollars. People are starving in the world."
- Penelope Spheeris
(Related: People, World)

"Domestic discretionary spending on education and health care and the environment has been growing at 2 to 3 percent a year. He says we have to rein it in, but he ignores the spending category that is the big spike in the budget."
- John Spratt
(Related: Education, Health, Care, Environment)

"We can be tired, weary and emotionally distraught, but after spending time alone with God, we find that He injects into our bodies energy, power and strength."
- Charles Stanley
(Related: Power, Time, God, Strength, Energy)

"A player is said to have the opposition when he can place his King directly in front of the adverse King, with only one square between them. This is often an important advantage in ending games."
- Howard Staunton
(Related: Ending, Games, Opposition)

"In order to achieve optimal economic growth, Congress must adhere to sane spending guidelines while promoting smart policies devoted to growing businesses and creating jobs."
- Michael Steele
(Related: Growth, Congress, Jobs, Order)

"Argument is to me the air I breathe. Given any proposition, I cannot help believing the other side and defending it."
- Gertrude Stein
(Related: Argument, Help)

"To the Kenyan families, school doesn't really matter because none of them are going on to college. Almost all of drop out of school and so, they're spending their time learning things that are important to them."
- Robert Sternberg
(Related: Time, College, Learning, School)

"We live in an ascending scale when we live happily, one thing leading to another in an endless series."
- Robert Louis Stevenson
(Related: Leading)

"International lending banks need to focus on areas where private investment doesn't go, such as infrastructure projects, education and poverty relief."
- Joseph Stiglitz
(Related: Education, Banks, Focus, Investment, Poverty, Projects)

"The more irrational of us are worried about the millennium ending - as if a date would really matter."
- Sting
(Related: Ending)

"I was tortured fifteen times, that's total submission. They did that with shutting off your blood circulation with ropes, giving you claustrophobia and pain at the same time, bending you double."
- James Stockdale
(Related: Time, Blood, Giving, Pain)

"Depending on which day, and how I am feeling on that day, I have a different favorite song on the album. One day it might be 'Karma', and other days it is 'Stay For A While'"
- Angie Stone
(Related: Day, Favorite, Feeling, Song)

"I think, with never-ending gratitude, that the young women of today do not and can never know at what price their right to free speech and to speak at all in public has been earned."
- Lucy Stone
(Related: Women, Gratitude, Free speech, Public, Right, Today)

"The principle of the endless melody is the perpetual becoming of a music that never had any reason for starting, any more than it has any reason for ending."
- Igor Stravinsky
(Related: Music, Ending, Reason)

"I'm a terrible patient, and I find that doctors can be very condescending."
- Sherry Stringfield
(Related: Doctors)

"You've seen how they make movies like Star Wars and stuff. They're never really there. They're in front of a green screen just pretending to be jumping around."
- Rider Strong
(Related: Movies)

"I realized that I wanted to play characters and do traditional theatre. I wanted to make believe again. I like putting on a costume and pretending to be someone else for a few hours, and I have a great respect for playwrights."
- Lusia Strus
(Related: Play, Respect, Theatre)

"I became good at defending myself, but as far as I was concerned, that was a transient skill."
- Jock Sturges
(Related: Skill)

"I want a private life, I truly do. I'm not just pretending to want one like lots of celebrities."
- Donna Summer
(Related: Life, Want)

"The most significant piece of advice my father gave me early on about acting was, don't get caught acting. Really believe in what you're doing and then commit to it. Even if it feels uncomfortable, even if you feel that you're gonna look like an ass. It's all acting, but find the truth in a moment as opposed to just pretending you have and rather than trying to act your way out of it."
- Kiefer Sutherland
(Related: Father, Truth, Act, Acting, Advice, Trying)

"The generality have considered that disease is but a confused and disordered effort in Nature, thrown down from her proper state, and defending herself in vain."
- Thomas Sydenham
(Related: Nature, Disease, Effort, State)

"In the life of the spirit there is no ending that is not a beginning."
- Henrietta Szold
(Related: Life, Beginning, Ending, Spirit)

"The issue of remittances where we have millions of Mexicans working in the United States sending back dollars. He said they send back 10 billion dollars a year."
- Tom Tancredo
(Related: states, United)

"Pretending that we live doesn't make us alive."
- Serj Tankian
"Rather than showing themselves to be an ally to the middle class by ending the AMT or repealing it for years to come, my Republican colleagues refused to include it in today's legislation and America's middle class will surely suffer that choice greatly."
- Ellen Tauscher
(Related: America, Choice, Class, Ending, Legislation, Middle class, Republican, Today, Will, Years)

"I started being a songwriter pretending I could do it, and it turned out I could."
- James Taylor
(Related: Being)

"We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly - spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order."
- Susan Taylor
(Related: Time, Opportunity, Mind, Order, Quiet)

"It is being alleged that the Federal Government is 'cutting' spending. In fact, we are not 'cutting' anything. Defense spending under this budget would rise by 4.3 percent over last year. Other discretionary spending would also rise."
- Craig L. Thomas
(Related: Government, Being, Defense, Fact)

"Sending our young men and women into battle is perhaps the most serious course of action a Nation can undertake."
- Bennie Thompson
(Related: Men, Women, Action, Battle, Nation)

"I believe our flag is more than just cloth and ink. It is a universally recognized symbol that stands for liberty, and freedom. It is the history of our nation, and it's marked by the blood of those who died defending it."
- John Thune
(Related: History, Blood, Freedom, Liberty, Nation, Symbol)

"Chaplin was notoriously strict with his sons and rarely gave them spending money."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Money, Sons)

"I do not recall spending long hours in front of a mirror loving my reflection."
- Gene Tierney
(Related: Reflection)

"I think it's the broadest source of dissatisfaction amongst Republicans, out-of-control spending."
- Pat Toomey
(Related: Republicans)

"If you don't get spending under control, eventually you're going to have a big tax increase."
- Pat Toomey
(Related: Control, Tax)

"A lot of my audience are in their 50s. But they want me to pretend to continue to be pretending."
- Pete Townshend
(Related: Want)

"Inequality makes everyone unhappy, the poor most of all, and that is well within the remit of the state. More money gives less extra happiness the richer we get, yet we are addicted to earning and spending more every year."
- Polly Toynbee
(Related: Happiness, Money, Inequality, Poor, State)

"Salvation is from our side a choice, from the divine side it is a seizing upon, an apprehending, a conquest by the Most High God. Our "accepting" and "willing" are reactions rather than actions. The right of determination must always remain with God."
- Aiden Wilson Tozer
(Related: God, Determination, Actions, Choice, Conquest, Right, Salvation)

"Man appears for a little while to laugh and weep, to work and play, and then to go to make room for those who shall follow him in the never-ending cycle."
- Aiden Wilson Tozer
(Related: Work, Man, Play)

"Only by contending with challenges that seem to be beyond your strength to handle at the moment you can grow more surely toward the stars."
- Brian Tracy
(Related: Strength, Stars)

"China gets their oil from Libya. Why isn't China involved? They're going out spending billions of dollars a day on trying to take over the world economically. And we're spending billions and billions and billions of dollars on policing the world. Why isn't China involved with Libya? That - we don't get oil from Libya, China does."
- Donald Trump
(Related: Day, Oil, Trying, World)

"I have an unending desire to be better and make myself a better person, better mother."
- Tanya Tucker
(Related: Mother, Desire)

"I would certainly choose my jobs depending on the actions of the character. I won't do anything that has to do with child abuse or women's abuse."
- Kathleen Turner
(Related: Women, Character, Abuse, Actions, Jobs)

"I often play women who are not essentially good or likable, and I often go through a stage where I hate them. Then I end up loving and defending them."
- Kathleen Turner
(Related: Women, End, Hate, Play)

"I've been spending this last month trying to find four outfits to wear to the different premieres of The Two Towers. It's hard work."
- Liv Tyler
(Related: Work, Hard work, Trying)

"The state is out of control, the state is on a spending binge, the state has to stop putting itself in a hole that's getting deeper and deeper and deeper."
- Peter Ueberroth
(Related: Control, State)

"Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life."
- John Updike
(Related: Life, Earth, Grace, Rain, Sky)

"The story was such that I couldn't make a graceful ending and then make a graceful new beginning. I could have, but I didn't want to. So, it isn't the most graceful way of writing a story. This new story is, I think, is pretty good stuff. I'm pleased with it anyway."
- Jack Vance
(Related: Beginning, Ending, Pretty, Want, Writing)

"Economists report that a college education adds many thousands of dollars to a man's lifetime income - which he then spends sending his son to college."
- Bill Vaughan
(Related: Education, Son, College, Income, Man)

"I am waiting for the decision, which is not depending of me, to know if the trial will be in Iraq, in the states, or in international court. Of course, the decision is not mine."
- Jacques Verges
(Related: Decision, Court, Iraq, states, Waiting, Will)

"Macbeth is contending with the realities of this world, Hamlet with those of the next."
- Jones Very
(Related: World)

"Somewhere between 50 to 60 percent of the food you eat has been touched by immigrant hands, and it is fair to say some of them are not here as they should be here. But if you didn't have these folks, you would be spending a lot more - three, four or five times more - for food, or we would have to import food and have all the food security risks."
- Tom Vilsack
(Related: Food, Security)

"Myth is, after all, the neverending story."
- Joan D. Vinge
(Related: Myth)

"Easy was, like, spending time with Jennifer on set. Difficult stuff about character is, it was a little bit like just being the only one with no superhuman powers."
- Goran Visnjic
(Related: Time, Character, Being)

"The real truth is that the Obama administration is professional at bullying, as we have witnessed with ACORN at work during the presidential campaign. It seems to me they are sending down their bullies to create fist fights among average American citizens who don't want a government-run health care plan forced upon them."
- Jon Voight
(Related: Health, Work, Truth, Government, American, Care, Want)

"If we cling to the institution of Islam, then we tend to defend it against whatever we see as a danger to it, so because of this we see now that many people are defending states, defending territories, defending everything institutional in the belief that they defend Islam."
- Abdurrahman Wahid
(Related: People, Belief, Islam, Danger, Now, states)

"It doesn't matter to me if it has a surprise ending or not. I usually go for the material or the project."
- Donnie Wahlberg
(Related: Ending, Project)

"We shall not yield to violence. We shall not be deprived of union freedoms. We shall never agree with sending people to prison for their convictions."
- Lech Walesa
(Related: People, Prison, Violence, Yield)

"I caution against beginning or ending a quotation with ellipses."
- Bill Walsh
(Related: Beginning, Caution, Ending, Quotation)

"In recent years, we have been sending a clear, consistent signal about the harms of drugs, particularly marijuana, which for most young people is the first illegal drug that they are exposed to."
- John Walters
(Related: People, Drugs, First, Years)

"There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else."
- Sam Walton
(Related: Money, Boss, Company, Customer, Fire)

"Republicans in Congress boosted the economy by cutting taxes and ending programs that don't work."
- Zach Wamp
(Related: Work, Congress, Economy, Ending, Republicans, Taxes)

"The pro-growth policies and spending restraint of Conservatives work."
- Zach Wamp
(Related: Work, Restraint)

"The progress of the American Revolution has been so rapid and such the alteration of manners, the blending of characters, and the new train of ideas that almost universally prevail, that the principles which animated to the noblest exertions have been nearly annihilated."
- Mercy Otis Warren
(Related: Progress, Ideas, American, Revolution, Manners, Principles)

"My mother never gave up one me. I messed up in school so much they were sending me home, but my mother sent me right back."
- Denzel Washington
(Related: Home, Mother, Right, School)

"It's a miracle was the last track recorded for the album, we based it on the rhythm from the middle of 'Late Home Tonight, where there's Graham Broad playing lots and lots of drums with me shouting in the background, pretending to be a mad Arab leader."
- Roger Waters
(Related: Home, Leader)

"North Carolina's approach in crafting its law ensured the creation of the best possible law and, consequently, North Carolina is now the acknowledged leader in addressing predatory lending."
- Mel Watt
(Related: Leader, Creation, Law, Now)

"After spending three years of my life looking into this, I am more convinced than ever that the U.S. government's responsibility for the drug problems in South Central Los Angeles and other inner cities is greater than I ever wrote in the newspaper."
- Gary Webb
(Related: Life, Government, Cities, Problems, Responsibility, Years)

"What I am saying is, all health care has a problem with costs. Medicare is growing slower than the private insurance plans. Why? Because of their efficiency. They don't have to give money to shareholders. Why should be defending shareholders?"
- Anthony Weiner
(Related: Health, Money, Care, Efficiency, Saying)

"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story."
- Orson Welles
(Related: Ending, Want)

"Once the command of the air is obtained by one of the contending armies, the war becomes a conflict between a seeing host and one that is blind."
- H. G. Wells
(Related: War, Blind, Conflict)

"Why don't we call on the credit card companies to be accountable? They need to be held accountable for their predatory lending practices."
- Paul Wellstone
(Related: Credit)

"There is in every one of us an unending see-saw between the will to live and the will to die."
- Rebecca West
(Related: Will)

"The President has a short time to let people know that he is serious about getting spending under control."
- Paul Weyrich
(Related: Time, People, Control, President)

"These days, our senses are bombarded with aggression. We are constantly confronted with global images of unending, escalating war and violence."
- Margaret J. Wheatley
(Related: War, Aggression, Senses, Violence)

"Hence no force, however great, can stretch a cord, however fine, into a horizontal line which is accurately straight: there will always be a bending downwards."
- William Whewell
(Related: Force, Will)

"We began a series of court battles for nine months, while I was attending classes by telephone."
- Ryan White
(Related: Court, Months)

"There's five cameras, I don't know how many people in the audience... depending on where we're taping, there can be anywhere from 300 to 5,000 people, so the contestants are nervous."
- Vanna White
(Related: People)

"Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them."
- Alfred North Whitehead
(Related: Civilization, Thinking)

"The irony here is this administration is spending more money on climate change research and development than any administration in all the rest of the industrialized world combined."
- Christine Todd Whitman
(Related: Change, Money, Development, Climate, Climate change, Irony, Research, Rest, World)

"Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one."
- Oscar Wilde
(Related: Friendship, Beginning, Ending, Laughter)

"So my idea of neurotic is spending too much time trying to correct a wrong. When I feel that I'm doing that, then I snap out of it."
- Gene Wilder
(Related: Time, Idea, Trying, Wrong)

"In the lexicon of the political class, the word "sacrifice" means that the citizens are supposed to mail even more of their income to Washington so that the political class will not have to sacrifice the pleasure of spending it."
- George Will
(Related: Sacrifice, Class, Income, Mail, Pleasure, Washington, Will, Word)

"At some point we must realize that actively defending against radical Islamic teachings is not a matter of cultural relativity. It is a matter of universally recognized human rights."
- Armstrong Williams
(Related: Rights, Human rights, Radical, Relativity)

"If you look closely you can see that they are all interconnected, symbolic of a never-ending circle in which it is simply impossible for the dog to catch the rabbit."
- Kit Williams
"I just broke up with my boyfriend, and I've been spending more time alone than I'd like."
- Lucinda Williams
(Related: Time, Boyfriend)

"I experienced a lot of loss after his death. I lost my city because of all the paparazzi descending upon us. I actually lost my journal during that time, oddly enough. I literally couldn't hold on to anything."
- Michelle Williams
(Related: Death, Time, Loss)

"An awful lot of gay pop stars pretend to be straight. I'm going to start a movement of straight pop stars pretending to be gay."
- Robbie Williams
(Related: Gay, Stars)

"It's a tough job to tell a story when the audience already knows the ending, and the ending is bleak."
- Walter Jon Williams
(Related: Ending, Job)

"We receive His peace when we ask Him for it. We keep His peace by extending it to others. Those are the keys and there are no others."
- Marianne Williamson
(Related: Peace)

"We are not held back by the love we didn't receive in the past, but by the love we're not extending in the present."
- Marianne Williamson
(Related: Love, Past, Present)

"There's no future in spending our present worrying about our past."
- Tom Wilson
(Related: Future, Past, Present)

"Raft told me how to walk with him in a scene: We'd start off in a long shot normal, and about the time we got together in a close-up, I'd be bending my knees so I'd be shorter."
- Marie Windsor
(Related: Time)

"That's kind of the weird thing that M. Night Shyamalan has sort of unleashed upon the world is this need for every movie to have these ridiculous endings."
- Alex Winter
(Related: Night, World)

"I don't believe in happy endings."
- Jeanette Winterson
"Man has to awaken to wonder - and so perhaps do peoples. Science is a way of sending him to sleep again."
- Ludwig Wittgenstein
(Related: Science, Man, Sleep, Wonder)

"You get tragedy where the tree, instead of bending, breaks."
- Ludwig Wittgenstein
(Related: Tragedy)

"I think one has to say it's not just simply a matter of capturing people and holding them accountable, but removing the sanctuaries, removing the support systems, ending states who sponsor terrorism. And that's why it has to be a broad and sustained campaign."
- Paul Wolfowitz
(Related: People, Ending, states, Support, Terrorism)

"You gotta know when it's time to hang up. But when I finally go, let me go out on stage, my perfect ending. Don't let me go when I'm sick or asleep. Let me be in motion."
- Bobby Womack
(Related: Time, Ending)

"I love all of Albert Brooks' work from Defending Your Life back to his first film, Real Life, but am sorry that he seems to have lost his edge in his more recent work."
- Douglas Wood
(Related: Life, Love, Work, Brooks, Film, First)

"Just look at the messages today's media are sending everybody, from TV and commercials to actors and singers. Kids are just drowning in that 24-7 and it's getting really bad."
- Evan Rachel Wood
(Related: Actors, Kids, Media, Today)

"After 9/11 and the impending actors' strike of a few years ago, roles dried up for everyone."
- Alfre Woodard
(Related: Actors, Years)

"Is this administration, the Clinton administration, an administration that needed defending?"
- Judy Woodruff
"Watergate provides a model case study of the interaction and powers of each of the branches of government. It also is a morality play with a sad and dramatic ending."
- Bob Woodward
(Related: Government, Morality, Ending, Play, Study)

"If kind parents love their children and delight in their happiness, then he who is perfect goodness in sending abroad mortal contagions doth assuredly direct their use."
- John Woolman
(Related: Love, Happiness, Children, Delight, Goodness, Parents)

"Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers."
- William Wordsworth
(Related: Waste)

"The world is too much with us; late and soon, getting and spending, we lay waste our powers: Little we see in Nature that is ours."
- William Wordsworth
(Related: Nature, Waste, World)

"The politicians in Washington are spending trillions of dollars of our money. When are Americans going to stand up and say enough is enough?"
- Joe Wurzelbacher
(Related: Money, Americans, Politicians, Washington)

"Providing a writer isn't put off by conventions - and some are - attending them can be a nice break from the necessary isolation of writing."
- Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
(Related: Isolation, Writer, Writing)

"I refer to calls for humanitarian intervention in the affairs of another state - a new idea, this - even when they are made under the pretext of defending human rights and freedoms."
- Boris Yeltsin
(Related: Idea, Rights, Human rights, State)

"Time has changed and now is the age of spending."
- Zhang Yimou
(Related: Age, Time, Now)

"People have become shallower. They view spending, entertaining, seeking leisure and enjoying as the main objectives of their life."
- Zhang Yimou
(Related: Life, People, Leisure, Objectives)

"Fortunately any of the songs we've recorded can be extremely fulfilling to perform depending on the variety of circumstances that surround any given show."
- Dwight Yoakam
(Related: Circumstances, Songs, Variety)

"The tendency of philosophers who know nothing of machinery is to talk of man as a mere mechanism, intending by this to imply that he is without purpose. This shows a lack of understanding of machines as well as of man."
- Arthur Young
(Related: Purpose, Machines, Man, Nothing, Talk, Understanding)

"It's a blue album, but it's not a blues album. I'm not pretending all of a sudden now I'm blues."
- Neil Young
(Related: Now)

"I had no idea that I would ever get involved with something like lending money to poor people, given the circumstances in which I was working in Bangladesh."
- Muhammad Yunus
(Related: Money, People, Idea, Circumstances, Poor)

"But there's not enough time in life to go sit at a party, have a drink, and make idle conversation. There's too many important things to do. Just being together with my husband, spending time alone, which I have very little of."
- Pia Zadora
(Related: Life, Time, HusbBeing, Conversation, Party)

"I want to increase our spending on research and development by 25%. That's something the U.S. does very well. That dynamism alongside a welfare state in the European community - that's the synthesis I want to achieve."
- Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
(Related: Development, Community, Research, State, Want, Welfare)

"It isn't necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia."
- Frank Zappa
(Related: Ending, Fire, Nostalgia, World)

"What troubles me is the Internet and the electronic technology revolution. Shyness is fueled in part by so many people spending huge amounts of time alone, isolated on e-mail, in chat rooms, which reduces their face-to-face contact with other people."
- Philip Zimbardo
(Related: Technology, Time, People, Revolution, Internet, Shyness)