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"I was sent to a nice Church of England girls' school and at that time, after university, a woman was expected to become a teacher, a nurse or a missionary - prior to marriage."
- Kate Adie
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"I lived in England to learn English. When I went to England for the first time, it was like being on the Moon. I had no friends, I couldn't speak the language. I was very isolated."
- Jean Alesi
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"American troops have not only occupied Ulster but are arriving in increasing numbers in England."
- John Amery
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"It came as a great shock to me when I heard that England and Soviet Russia had become allies. So much so that I thought that the people responsible in London were acting in a manner that no longer coincided with British imperial interests."
- John Amery
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"The New England conscience does not stop you from doing what you shouldn't-it just stops you from enjoying it."
- Cleveland Amory
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"The situation in America is when it starts moving there, all the bands from England move over to America and work from there, so that they're available all the time for everyone that wants them in person."
- Benny Anderson
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"An important impression was my father's one Sabbatical year, spent in England and Europe in 1937."
- Philip Warren Anderson
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"I hope to read a Harry Potter novel soon, to see what it's all about. I admit to being annoyed that many good light fantasy writers have had trouble getting published, in England and elsewhere, when it is obvious the readers were waiting for us all along."
- Piers Anthony
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"King of England, and you, duke of Bedford, who call yourself regent of the kingdom of France... settle your debt to the king of Heaven; return to the Maiden, who is envoy of the king of Heaven, the keys to all the good towns you took and violated in France."
- Joan of Arc
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"I feel I have had a very interesting life, but I am rather hoping there is still more to come. I still haven't captained the England cricket team, or sung at Carnegie Hall!"
- Jeffrey Archer
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"You know there are no secrets in America. It's quite different in England, where people think of a secret as a shared relation between two people."
- W. H. Auden
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"It's frightening how easy it is to commit murder in America. Just a drink too much. I can see myself doing it. In England, one feels all the social restraints holding one back. But here, anything can happen."
- W. H. Auden
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"England is so defined, the class system, your education. I think what was unique about the Canterbury scene."
- Kevin Ayers
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"People in England were coming up to me, saying, My mother and father turned me on to your music. This happened to me 20 years ago. When I was 40 they were saying that."
- Roy Ayers
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"That science has long been neglected and declining in England, is not an opinion originating with me, but is shared by many, and has been expressed by higher authority than mine."
- Charles Babbage
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"It is therefore not unreasonable to suppose that some portion of the neglect of science in England, may be attributed to the system of education we pursue."
- Charles Babbage
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"In England, the profession of the law is that which seems to hold out the strongest attraction to talent, from the circumstance, that in it ability, coupled with exertion, even though unaided by patronage, cannot fail of obtaining reward."
- Charles Babbage
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"The sea from Dunkirk to Dover during these days of the evacuation looked like any coastal road in England on a bank holiday. It was solid with shipping."
- Douglas Bader
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"Let us never forget this: since the day of the air, the old frontiers are gone. When you think of the defense of England you no longer think of the chalk cliffs of Dover; you think of the Rhine. That is where our frontier lies."
- Stanley Baldwin
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"Since the day of the air, the old frontiers are gone. When you think of the defense of England you no longer think of the chalk cliffs of Dover; you think of the Rhine."
- Stanley Baldwin
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"I mean the interesting thing I think would be if something happened like, what happened in England where all these kids that all of a sudden can't afford the ticket prices."
- Lester Bangs
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"Who knows but that England may revive in New South Wales when it has sunk in Europe."
- Joseph Banks
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"Life was very simple. My parents had come from the North of England, which is a fairly rugged, bleak, hard-working part of England, and so there was not the expectation of luxury."
- Roger Bannister
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"My introduction to track racing was through the background of cross country running, which is not a sport perhaps as popular in America as it is in England."
- Roger Bannister
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"Here in England we live at a slower pace, have more time to enjoy things - like good jazz."
- Chris Barber
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"I was really small when jazz broke through in England and I can still remember sneaking off to the living room to listen to it on the radio - much to my parent's disapproval."
- Jeff Beck
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"We are the last remaining country to allow ourselves two breaks in the season. You just have to look at England, Italy and Spain, they play right through the season. We on the other hand take six weeks off in the winter until the end of January, and that is a luxury."
- Franz Beckenbauer
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"Since Sven Goran Eriksson took over, England have been fantastic."
- Franz Beckenbauer
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"I love scoring goals for England and playing for England. That's one of the reasons I didn't retire - I love playing for my country."
- David Beckham
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"We stay as a team. I might be England captain, but that doesn't mean I get treated differently."
- David Beckham
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"In England, David and I are big fish in a small pond. But in L.A., we are tiny, tiny, tiny fish in a big pond."
- Victoria Beckham
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"I love England though; I've been back a few times and just love it. My favorite thing to do there is going to museums and all the castles. Oh, and my husband and I went mountain biking across England on our honeymoon!"
- Catherine Bell
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"If only Vivien Leigh had stayed in England, that part would have been mine."
- Joan Bennett
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"I love England. It's no coincidence it's the first place I moved to for a more cosmopolitan life, which is the only thing Iceland lacks."
- Bjork
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"Watch MTV and you can see what the music scene is like in England. The Spice Girls? Not a lot of creativity in the commercial area. There are still great musicians in England, but not a lot being heard that much."
- Jimmy Carl Black
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"Hendrix was big in England. We all became good friends and I am still in touch with Noel Redding."
- Jimmy Carl Black
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"The Royal Navy of England hath ever been its greatest defense and ornament; it is its ancient and natural strength; the floating bulwark of the island."
- William Blackstone
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"I do not intend, we do not intend, that any party shall survive, if we can help it, that will lay the confiscating hand upon Americans in the interest of England or of Europe."
- Richard Parks Bland
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"The academy awards in England; it's a classy affair as well."
- Brenda Blethyn
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"When I was in England doing Romeo and Juliet as a child star, I was interviewed by the British press, who are even more vicious and cruel than the Americans. So I have been extremely guarded ever since."
- Claire Bloom
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"I came back out here from England and I was there for a while and it was beautiful and it is just great to see London going from Spring to Summer and Autumn."
- Orlando Bloom
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"England is a nation of shopkeepers."
- Napoleon Bonaparte
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"The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as well as more recent attacks in Madrid, Spain, and London, England, showed in a very tragic way just how vulnerable many areas of the world are to these sorts of actions."
- Jo Bonner
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"I think we are going to see exciting cricket all the way. We are watching the two best teams in the world-and I think England will eventually go on to pip Australia by a single Test."
- Ian Botham
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"I think England will win a Test. My concern is Australia will probably win two."
- Geoffrey Boycott
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"There was still food rationing in England and life was difficult all through my 2 year stay in Oxford."
- Sydney Brenner
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"So I quit my job and went to the New England Culinary Institute for the full two years and worked in the restaurant industry after that until finally I thought I had a grasp on what I needed to do what I do."
- Alton Brown
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"Oh, to be in England now that April's there."
- Robert Browning
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"Tea-shops were to become my favourite haunts in England."
- Zola Budd
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"It's nice because working in England I'm know for working in television and theater when you get a chance to come out, it is quite fun to be out from behind the mask. You need to let people know who you are."
- Jeremy Bulloch
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"I have also just finished three weeks on a soap opera in England. The soap opera is a rather famous one called Crossroads. It was first on television 25 years ago, and it has recently been brought back. I play the part of a businessman called David Wheeler."
- Jeremy Bulloch
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"The history of England, who has always dealt most harshly with her vanquished foe in the few European wars in which she has taken part in modern times, gives us Germans an idea of the fate in store for us if defeated."
- Bernhard von Bulow
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"Mr. Chamberlain desires to avert the threat to England's peace by making England, in alliance with Germany, stronger than her rivals and so to force them to renounce their hostile intentions against her."
- Bernhard von Bulow
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"The Gentlemen of England serve under the greatest cad in Europe."
- John Burns
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"In England the only homage which they pay to Virtue - is hypocrisy."
- Lord Byron
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"They say that the commons of England would first destroy the king's friends and afterward himself, and then bring the Duke of York to be king so that by their false means and lies they may make him to hate and destroy his friends, and cherish his false traitors."
- Jack Cade
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"This kind of music was just hitting England, so we were getting this following in clubs in Birmingham just cause we were trying to do something different."
- Jim Capaldi
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"Wherever on this planet ideals of personal freedom and dignity apply, there you will find the cultural inheritance of England."
- Karel Capek
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"We must get back to a very strong Christianity... Christianity shaped America and England, and we need to get back to those moral foundations that made us great."
- George Carey
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"It the British System is the most gigantic system of slavery the world has yet seen, and therefore it is that freedom gradually disappears from every country over which England is enabled to obtain control."
- Henry Charles Carey
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"As regards this country, in which protection has always to some extent existed, it is the best customer that England ever had, and our demands upon her grow most steadily and regularly under protection."
- Henry Charles Carey
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"In England, I'm a horror movie director. In Germany, I'm a filmmaker. In the US, I'm a bum."
- John Carpenter
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"When France resolved, along with England, to lend assistance in the legitimate defense of Poland, the realization burst on us that a conflict of awesome proportions was inevitable."
- Rene Cassin
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"My experiences in film and theatre in the States have been much more rigorous-in England there's an environment of, Let's try this."
- Kim Cattrall
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"When I was Governor of Massachusetts, we worked to get Sable Island gas into New England."
- Paul Cellucci
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"And they that rule in England, in stately conclaves met, alas, alas for England they have no graves as yet."
- Gilbert K. Chesterton
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"Be England what she will, with all her faults she is my country still."
- Charles Churchill
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"I had a place in England and was commuting from England to Australia, which is pretty stupid, but after two years I sort of knew what I wanted to do, more or less."
- Diane Cilento
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"Now the master paid a number of visits to England and, as a Cambridge man, it is a source of pride that he taught there for a longer period than elsewhere in my country."
- John G. D. Clark
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"For me, the great problem growing up in England was that I had a very narrow concept of what God can be, and it was damn close to an old man with a beard."
- John Cleese
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"I therefore declare, that if you wish any remission of the taxation which falls upon the homes of the people of England and Wales, you can only find it by reducing the great military establishments, and diminishing the money paid to fighting men in time of peace."
- Richard Cobden
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"I cannot separate the finances of India from those of England. If the finances of the Indian Government receive any severe and irreparable check, will not the resources of England be called upon to meet the emergency, and to supply the deficiency?"
- Richard Cobden
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"We'd played for years to half-empty clubs in England."
- Phil Collen
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"I received an OBE from the Queen, which probably doesn't mean anything in America but is quite nice in England - the Order of the British Empire for services to drama."
- Joan Collins
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"They are few in the midst of an overwhelming mass of brute force, and their submission is wisdom; but for a nation like England to submit to be robbed by any invader who chooses to visit her shores seemed to me to be nonsense."
- George Combe
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"I find respect for a mediocre British composer, as opposed to a really good American, ridiculous because they automatically respect a composer if he's from England."
- John Corigliano
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"I'd move to Los Angeles if New Zealand and Australia were swallowed up by a tidal wave, if there was a bubonic plague in England and if the continent of Africa disappeared from some Martian attack."
- Russell Crowe
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"Yeah, about sixteen to twenty weeks a year. For example, we can do America in six or seven weeks. You can do Europe in three weeks; England in two weeks. South America you could do in three weeks; Asia you could do in three weeks."
- Warren Cuccurullo
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"The right of petition is an old undoubted household right of the blood of England, which runs in our veins."
- Caleb Cushing
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"Men of New England, I hold you to the doctrines of liberty which ye inherit from your Puritan forefathers."
- Caleb Cushing
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"Upon the Constitution, upon the pre-existing legal rights of the People, as understood in this country and in England, I have argued that this House is bound to revive the Petition under debate."
- Caleb Cushing
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"And getting married this autumn was certainly an additional incentive to spend rather more time in England."
- Jill Dando
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"I don't think England is that gray but India is like a long drone."
- Ray Davies
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"In the western part of England lived a gentleman of large fortune, whose name was Merton."
- Thomas Day
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"Then we did what we called basically I suppose a club tour in England, which was the time I think that our second album came out, we club toured around the whole country where the venues were hold to five hundreds upwards to that sort of thing you know."
- John Deacon
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"There was always a lot of American music in England until, obviously when the Beatles came around, then there was a shift towards English music, but before then American music was the main thing."
- John Deacon
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"The previous year it had taken England all their time to beat the full German team in an international and I had taken with me the programme from that match."
- Dixie Dean
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"The people of England are the most enthusiastic in the world."
- Benjamin Disraeli
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"But I love filmmaking - I'm not ashamed of that. You're sort of vilified if you say that in England."
- Minnie Driver
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"You know, nobody eats in England. Three or four pints of English beer a night fills you. I can't say I'm very impressed with the food in America. it's all sort of bland. Like turkey sandwiches."
- Anne Dudley
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"It's easy to understand why the most beautiful poems about England in the spring were written by poets living in Italy at the time."
- Philip Dunne
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"I still like being in North of England and I keep a place there. But there are a lot of things about the Continent that are to be preferred. The social institutions work better, women have a better position in society and the food is another thing."
- Andrew Eldritch
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"The business of being a popular entertainer in England is just too hard."
- Andrew Eldritch
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"I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too."
- Elizabeth I
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"Though I am not imperial, and though Elizabeth may not deserve it, the Queen of England will easily deserve to have an emperor's son to marry."
- Elizabeth I
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"My mortal foe can no ways wish me a greater harm than England's hate; neither should death be less welcome unto me than such a mishap betide me."
- Elizabeth I
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"The president said that this is not removing a mole. You know, removing a mole, that's an outpatient sort of an operation. This was removing a cancer, removing a cancer takes more time."
- Gordon England
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"This is a war against terrorists. Not a war against a religion, but a war against terrorists."
- Gordon England
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"I apologize to coalition forces and all the families, detainees, the families, America and all the soldiers."
- Lynndie England
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"I was instructed by people in higher rank to stand there and hold this leash and look at the camera. We were doing what we were told."
- Lynndie England
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"I was used by Private Graner. I didn't realize it at the time."
- Lynndie England
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"I've heard attacks were made on coalition forces because of those. I apologize to the families of those who lost loved ones or were injured because of the photos."
- Lynndie England
"To all of us who have been charged, we all agree that we don't feel like we were doing things that we weren't supposed to, because we were told to do them. We think everything was justified, because we were instructed to do this and to do that."
- Lynndie England
"I still can't really believe it. They just told us, 'Hey, you're doing great. Keep it up.'"
- Lynndie England
"When I went back to England after a year away, the country seemed stuck, dozing in a fairy tale, stifled by the weight of tradition."
- Brian Eno
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"I love England and the historical aspect of it."
- Dennis Farina
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"In a few years there will be only five kings in the world the King of England and the four kings in a pack of cards."
- King Farouk
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"The first organised opposition by women to women's suffrage in England dates from 1889, when a number of ladies led by Mrs Ward appealed against the proposed extension of the Parliamentary suffrage to women."
- Millicent Fawcett
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"I didn't expect to be dropped by England."
- Rio Ferdinand
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"There is a huge responsibility on all of us to get England through. It would be one of the biggest disasters in sports history if we blew it and we must make sure it does not happen."
- Rio Ferdinand
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"No matter how much money you have or what kind of cocoon you live in, the reality is that you have lost a game of football and let England's fans down. We are bothered."
- Rio Ferdinand
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"Churchill knew the importance of peace, and he also knew the price of it. Churchill finally got his voice, of course. He stressed strategy, but it was his voice that armed England at last with the old-fashioned moral concepts of honor and duty, justice and mercy."
- Suzanne Fields
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"There was interest from clubs in Italy and England, I believe. But I've never been attracted by the way they play in Italy. Staying in Spain was always my preference."
- Luis Figo
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"Well, I've always thought that my career was in England, really. I used to do more in the theatre, and I felt that I should be there. It's not far is it? It's amazing the way that special FX have taken a quantum leap in what they're capable of doing."
- Albert Finney
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"I think England has served me very well. I like living in London for the reasons I gave. I have absolutely no intentions of cutting those ties. There is absolutely no reason to do so. Certainly not, so that I can have a swimming pool and a palm tree."
- Colin Firth
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"All of our affairs, since the union of crowns, have been managed by the advice of English ministers, and the principal offices of the kingdom filled with such men, as the court of England knew would be subservient to their designs."
- Andrew Fletcher
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"England is the paradise of women, the purgatory of men, and the hell of horses."
- John Florio
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"Everything was in stark and dreadful contrast with the trivial crises and counterfeit emotions of Hollywood, and I returned to England deeply moved and emotionally worn out."
- C. S. Forester
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"I was always ready to leave England for some absurd reason."
- Claire Forlani
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"The weather in England can really darken your spirits."
- Claire Forlani
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"You know what happened, you know, in 1938: France, England, you know, just sold out Czechoslovakia to Hitler."
- Milos Forman
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"England has always been disinclined to accept human nature."
- E. M. Forster
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"When I got there, all the pasta and science stuff hadn't quite caught on in England - things that were perfectly acceptable then wouldn't be tolerated now."
- Robbie Fowler
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"Coffee in England is just toasted milk."
- Christopher Fry
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"I always thought it hadn't influenced me very much, but I heard from many people from England that many motives from German fairytales are to be found in my books."
- Cornelia Funke
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"In the early 1930s, flying from England to Australia was the longest flight in the world. It was considered extremely dangerous and hazardous, pushing pilots to the limits of mechanical skills and human endurance. Aviation was young."
- Mary Garden
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"Victorian architecture in the United States was copied straight from England."
- Stephen Gardiner
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"Up until the War of the Roses there had been continual conflict in England."
- Stephen Gardiner
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"And though various organizations in America and England collected money and sent food parcels to these refugees, nothing was ever received by the Spanish."
- Martha Gellhorn
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"I've been working at performing for five years now. I've been working in Australia and Spain and England. When I was only 15 or 16, 1 was performing in bars; I could have had legal problems, but it's also the only way to get to know what music is all about."
- Andy Gibb
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"Shaking hands with the Queen of England was a long way from being forced to sit in the colored section of the bus going into downtown Wilmington, North Carolina."
- Althea Gibson
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"I once said the Queen of England could use some fashion advice."
- Kathie Lee Gifford
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"I kept an interested eye on the transfer window in England, which opened and closed last month, and the lack of frantic activity just goes to show the current financial state of the game right now."
- David Ginola
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"As a small child in England, I had this dream of going to Africa. We didn't have any money and I was a girl, so everyone except my mother laughed at it. When I left school, there was no money for me to go to university, so I went to secretarial college and got a job."
- Jane Goodall
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"The one major disappointment I have is that I didn't get a hundred against India in India. I got lots of runs against India in England including a double hundred I am very proud of."
- David Gower
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"Well, this week for example, I was just in Los Angeles making a documentary for German television on whales. They had tried to get me in England where they missed me."
- Wavy Gravy
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"Well I grew up in England, and I was in the London police."
- Tony Greig
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"If the union between England and America is a powerful factor in the cause of peace, a new Triple Alliance between the Teutonic race and the two branches of the Anglo-Saxon race will be a still more potent influence in the future of the world."
- Edward Grey
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"There's like a special group of people that come from different parts of the planet to study with me. It's nice. I just gave a workshop in Boston at the New England Conservatory, which was really nice."
- Charlie Haden
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"I won't go to England because they won't let my dog in."
- Uta Hagen
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"Christianity is part of the Common Law of England."
- Matthew Hale
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"It was easy to present figures demonstrating the contrast between lead work in the United States under conditions of neglect and ignorance, and comparable work in England and Germany, under intelligent control."
- Alice Hamilton
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"England is my wife, America my mistress. It is very good sometimes to get away from one's wife."
- Cedric Hardwicke
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"My heart is in the Church of England but not my mind."
- Alister Hardy
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"While the struggle for religious liberty had proceeded without large-scale bloodshed in New England and elsewhere in the United States, the struggle for political liberty had not fared so well."
- Paul Harris
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"It did not come naturally; in fact, it would be difficult to conceive of any more dogmatic and less tolerant people than the first settlers on New England shores."
- Paul Harris
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"If there ever was a militant religion, it was that of early New England."
- Paul Harris
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"Descendants of New England pioneers are proud of their ancestry and glad to proclaim the fact that so far as the United States are concerned, New England is in deed the cradle of religious liberty."
- Paul Harris
(Related: Ancestry, Deed, EnglFact, Liberty, Religious, states, United)

"If I write in my name to the agents of England and France residing in Asia and inform them that Japan is ready to make a commercial treaty with their countries, the number of steamers will be reduced from fifty to two or three."
- Townsend Harris
(Related: Countries, EnglFrance, Name, Will)

"If Japan had been near to either England or France, war would have broken out long ago."
- Townsend Harris
(Related: War, EnglFrance)

"If war should break out between England and Japan, the latter would suffer much more than the former."
- Townsend Harris
(Related: War, England)

"If you make a treaty first with the United States and settle the matter of the opium trade, England cannot change this, though she should desire to do so."
- Townsend Harris
(Related: Change, Desire, EnglFirst, Opium, states, Trade, United)

"It will be quite satisfactory if you open them gradually, as the circumstances may require; but the President assures you that this will not be the case if you make a treaty with England first."
- Townsend Harris
(Related: Circumstances, EnglFirst, May, Open, President, Will)

"I'm confident in my ability to maintain a career. I don't know if it will be doing either independent films or plays in New England."
- Randy Harrison
(Related: Ability, Career, England, Will)

"England and France were rivals, not only on the continent, but in the West Indies, in India, and in Europe."
- Albert Bushnell Hart
(Related: EnglEurope, France)

"The participation of the people in their own government was the more significant, because the colonies actually had what England only seemed to have, - three departments of government."
- Albert Bushnell Hart
(Related: Government, People, England, Participation)

"More emphasis was thus thrown upon the local governments than in England."
- Albert Bushnell Hart
(Related: England)

"The Stuart sovereigns of England steadily attempted to strengthen their power, and the resistance to that effort caused an immense growth of Parliamentary influence."
- Albert Bushnell Hart
(Related: Power, Growth, Effort, England, Influence)

"The only legitimate artists in England are the architects."
- Benjamin Haydon
(Related: Artists, England)

"It has always been difficult to get Big Bird to be very pretty. Big Bird in England is much more gorgeous."
- Jim Henson
(Related: England, Pretty)

"If anything, there's a difference in working with color in England and the color in the US."
- Jim Henson
(Related: Difference, England)

"Genetic studies in Iceland have found that many of the women who were the founding stock of Iceland came from England and what is now France. Some were probably captured and carried off in Viking raids only 40 generations ago."
- Keith Henson
(Related: Women, EnglFounding, France, Generations, Now)

"I discovered freedom for the first time in England."
- Emperor Hirohito
(Related: Time, EnglFirst, Freedom)

"In England, it's thought to be morally suspect to worry about what your surroundings look like."
- Howard Hodgkin
(Related: Thought, England, Worry)

"They'll always be an England, even if it's in Hollywood."
- Bob Hope
(Related: England, Hollywood)

"Land, in England, is valuable, because we have highly-paid artisans to consume the produce on the spot."
- Joseph Hume
(Related: England)

"Fortunately for England, all her imports are raw materials."
- Joseph Hume
(Related: England)

"At the present moment the people of England are only three-quarters fed, and the result of this improvement in the export of our manufactures would be, that they would be entirely fed."
- Joseph Hume
(Related: People, England, Improvement, Present, Result)

"I left my country because I was forced to, and I do not think that I am going to lose my language because I live in England."
- Guillermo Cabrera Infante
(Related: Country, England, Language)

"We then took a shortened version of what we'd been doing in the pubs, with the best gags and things like that, out to cabaret clubs and things in the north of England for six weeks. And we became a big success."
- Neil Innes
(Related: Success, England)

"At age 10 or 12 he's going to boarding school in the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight is, of course, down at the bottom of England just off South Hampton."
- Jeremy Irons
(Related: Age, England, School)

"Our family arrived in England in 1960. At that time I thought the war was ancient history. But if I think of 15 years ago from now, that's 1990, and that seems like yesterday to me."
- Kazuo Ishiguro
(Related: Family, Time, War, History, Thought, England, Now, Years, Yesterday)

"In England the judges should have independence to protect the people against the crown. Here the judges should not be independent of the people, but be appointed for not more than seven years. The people would always re-elect the good judges."
- Andrew Jackson
(Related: People, EnglIndependence, Judges, Years)

"It was doing very well; it was doing particularly well outside of England. It was a very big seller for Carlton Television. But it was getting more and more expensive to do."
- Derek Jacobi
(Related: England, Television)

"We did an album one time called White Mansions, about the civil war, but it was written by a guy from England. His looking at it from over there and it not being a part of his history made it so he could be objective."
- Waylon Jennings
(Related: History, Time, War, Being, England)

"The best thing I know between France and England is the sea."
- Douglas William Jerrold
(Related: EnglFrance, Sea)

"I've got a farm in England where I breed horses."
- Davy Jones
(Related: England, Horses)

"Around the property I have here, I'm about to put an all weather race track. I'm about to build stables. I'm about to ship over a couple of my thoroughbreds from England."
- Davy Jones
(Related: England, Property, Race, Weather)

"I have English family in Northhampton and have been to England numerous times."
- Steve Kanaly
(Related: Family, EnglEnglish)

"The poet laureate of England talked about murdering Jews on the West Bank."
- Steven T. Katz
(Related: England)

"I was born in Middlesex, England, which is really London."
- Charles Keating
(Related: England, London)

"My state has the highest child poverty rate in all of New England, above the national average."
- Patrick J. Kennedy
(Related: England, Poverty, State)

"There's a lot of people who don't understand the circle crops in England. Pure enigma."
- Ken Kesey
(Related: People, England)

"I do not care so much for the death of my gunner, as for other passages of my voyage, for I have good friends in England that will bring me off for that."
- William Kidd
(Related: Death, Care, EnglFriends, Will)

"Continuity is one of the things I like about New England."
- Tracy Kidder
(Related: England)

"In England, it's now Sir Ben. Mister has just disappeared. It's not even on my passport anymore. They've taken Mister away from me."
- Ben Kingsley
(Related: England, Now)

"Y'all are so cute and y'all talk so proper over here. I love England."
- Beyonce Knowles
(Related: Love, Cute, England, Talk)

"My father was in the coal business in West Virginia. Both dad and mother were, however, originally from Massachusetts; New England, to them, meant the place to go if you really wanted an education."
- John Knowles
(Related: Business, Dad, Education, Mother, Father, England)

"In my opinion, the form of Government may be different in different countries, according to their circumstances, their wishes, their wants. England loves her Queen, and has full motive to do so."
- Lajos Kossuth
(Related: Government, Circumstances, Countries, England, May, Motive, Opinion, Queen, Wishes)

"The most serious charge which can be brought against New England is not Puritanism but February."
- Joseph Wood Krutch
(Related: EnglFebruary)

"Growing up in New England, being schooled and classically trained, it needed to shake, it needed to evolve."
- Emeril Lagasse
(Related: Being, England, Growing up)

"Will I return to England? I don't know. I'll think it over."
- Lillie Langtry
(Related: England, Will)

"My agent tells me I am drawing the largest salary ever paid in the halls of England. Wonderful, isn't it? for a quiet, rural gardener like myself."
- Lillie Langtry
(Related: England, Quiet)

"No, men and women of the Irish race, we shall not fight for England. We shall fight for the destruction of the British Empire and the construction of an Irish republic."
- James Larkin
(Related: Men, Women, Destruction, EnglFight, Irish, Race)

"I am a subject of the British Crown, but whenever I have to choose between the interests of England and Canada it is manifest to me that the interests of my country are identical with those of the United States of America."
- Wilfrid Laurier
(Related: America, Canada, Country, England, states, United)

"I am quite prepared, if we can do it without any disrespect to the Crown of England, to bring our titles to the marketplace and make a bonfire of them."
- Wilfrid Laurier
(Related: England, Titles)

"In the event of a victory over Germany by Soviet Russia and England, Bolshevism in Europe would inevitably follow. Under these circumstances I would prefer to see Germany win the war."
- Pierre Laval
(Related: War, Victory, Circumstances, EnglEurope, Germany, Russia)

"I'm not called Jude Law, I have three names; I'm called 'Hunk Jude Law' or 'Heartthrob Jude Law'. In England anyway, that's my full name. That's the cheap language that's thrown around, that sums you up in one little bracket. It doesn't look at your life. But if one looks beyond, there is actually a little bit more."
- Jude Law
(Related: Life, England, Language, Law, Name, Names)

"The people of England have been led in Mesopotamia into a trap from which it will be hard to escape with dignity and honor."
- T. E. Lawrence
(Related: People, Dignity, England, Honor, Will)

"Figo is as important to England as Beckham is."
- Mark Lawrenson
(Related: England)

"England are numerically outnumbered in the midfield."
- Mark Lawrenson
(Related: England)

"Why on earth do we want closer connection with England? We have little in common with English people except our language. We are fast becoming an entirely different people."
- Henry Lawson
(Related: People, Connection, Earth, EnglEnglish, Language, Want)

"On the same line of reasoning, if Australians were to be Australians, or rather if Australians were as separate from any other nation as Australia from any other land, there would be no jealousy between them on England's account."
- Henry Lawson
(Related: England, Jealousy, Nation)

"In England and America people tend to graze all day long, but I think it's such a waste to be constantly picking at food because you then can't enjoy a proper full meal when the time comes."
- Nigella Lawson
(Related: Food, Time, People, America, Day, England, Waste)

"When my father arrived in Kenya, he had found the Kikuyu way of life similar to that of the British at the time the Romans invaded England 2,000 years ago."
- Louis Leakey
(Related: Life, Time, Father, England, Years)

"I felt that in time simple stone tools would be found in early Pleistocene in England."
- Louis Leakey
(Related: Time, England, Tools)

"I was a star in England, but I've never been a star in America. Now I am."
- Anna Lee
(Related: America, England, Now)

"The New England Journal of Medicine reports that 9 out of 10 doctors agree that 1 out of 10 doctors is an idiot."
- Jay Leno
(Related: Doctors, England, Medicine)

"An actor has to be very, very careful, as one of the most wonderful props - and actors love props - is a cigarette. There's so much to do with it: you can bring it up to your face, play with the smoke. It's just the greatest - ever since I was 16 and in acting school in England, I've been playing around with cigarettes."
- Melissa Leo
(Related: Love, Acting, Actor, Actors, England, Play, School)

"When I came to England at the very beginning of commercial television it was easy for me because I was only doing one or two shows a week at most. It was really a holiday."
- Richard Lester
(Related: Beginning, England, Holiday, Television)

"The Church in England is the Church of England."
- Joseph Barber Lightfoot
(Related: Church, England)

"My father died in 1930, but if you told him or anybody almost in that time that you'd be able to sit back in England and watch a cricket game in Australia, they'd have you put in the loony bin."
- Desmond Llewelyn
(Related: Time, Father, Cricket, England)

"Instead of having to be a member of the Royal Society to do science, the way you had to be in England in the 17th, 18th, centuries today pretty much anybody who wants to do it can, and the information that they need to do it is there."
- Seth Lloyd
(Related: Society, Science, England, Information, Pretty, Today)

"New England has a harsh climate, a barren soil, a rough and stormy coast, and yet we love it, even with a love passing that of dwellers in more favored regions."
- Henry Cabot Lodge
(Related: Love, Climate, England)

"If I could create an ideal world, it would be an England with the fire of the Elizabethans, the correct taste of the Georgians, and the refinement and pure ideals of the Victorians."
- H. P. Lovecraft
(Related: EnglFire, Ideals, Taste, World)

"When on my return to England I showed the cast of the cranium to Professor Huxley, he remarked at once that it was the most ape-like skull he had ever beheld."
- Charles Lyell
(Related: England)

"I know there's some kind of history to mountain music-like it came from Ireland or England or Scotland and we kept up the tradition."
- Loretta Lynn
(Related: History, Music, England, Ireland, Scotland, Tradition)

"Such night in England ne'er had been, nor ne'er again shall be."
- Thomas B. Macaulay
(Related: England, Night)

"It is time we in Scotland put England in its proper place and instead of our leaning on England and taking inspiration from her, we should lean and turn to Europe, for it is there our future prosperity lies."
- Hugh MacDiarmid
(Related: Time, Inspiration, EnglEurope, Future, Lies, Prosperity, Scotland)

"Spring has many American faces. There are cities where it will come and go in a day and counties where it hangs around and never quite gets there. Summer is drawn blinds in Louisiana, long winds in Wyoming, shade of elms and maples in New England."
- Archibald MacLeish
(Related: American, Cities, Day, EnglFaces, Spring, Summer, Will)

"Until the year 1967, it was a crime, for which you could be put in prison, to make homosexual love to someone in your own house. If they came in and caught you at it, you could be put into prison. This has changed - I'm talking about England, incidentally."
- Patrick Macnee
(Related: Love, Crime, England, Prison, Talking)

"It would be better that England should be free than that England should be compulsorily sober."
- William Connor Magee
(Related: England)

"Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise king born of all England."
- Thomas Malory
(Related: England)

"The air of England has long been too pure for a slave, and every man is free who breathes it."
- James Mansfield
(Related: England, Man)

"The sum and substance of female education in America, as in England, is training women to consider marriage as the sole object in life, and to pretend that they do not think so."
- Harriet Martineau
(Related: Education, Marriage, Women, Life, America, England, Training)

"It is too maddening. I've got to fly off, right now, to some devilish navy yard, three hours in a seasick steamer, and after being heartily sick, I'll have to speak three times, and then I'll be sick coming home. Still, who would not be sick for England?"
- John Masefield
(Related: Home, Being, England, Navy, Now, Right)

"We can talk about Manchester! I like coming here, it's a wicked city. It's my second favourite city in England after London. I like Liverpool too but there's a lot more to do in Manchester."
- Dave Mason
(Related: England, London, Talk)

"If you want to eat well in England, eat three breakfasts."
- W. Somerset Maugham
(Related: England, Want)

"You are as safe with me as you would be in the Bank of England."
- Robert Maxwell
(Related: England)

"There is a tone of morality throughout the rural districts of England, which is unhappily wanting in the large towns and the centres of particular manufactures."
- Henry Mayhew
(Related: Morality, England)

"Judged by the law of England, I know this crime entails upon me the penalty of death; but the history of Ireland explains that crime and justifies it."
- Thomas Francis Meagher
(Related: History, Death, Crime, England, Ireland, Law)

"England and Greece are friends. English blood was shed on Greek soil in the war against fascism, and Greeks gave their lives to protect English pilots."
- Melina Mercouri
(Related: War, Blood, EnglEnglish, Fascism, Friends, Greece)

"I love London. I love England. We were out in the countryside and I had the time of my life."
- Debra Messing
(Related: Life, Love, Time, England, London)

"On the Continent people have good food; in England people have good table manners."
- George Mikes
(Related: Food, People, England, Manners)

"When people say England, they sometimes mean Great Britain, sometimes the United Kingdom, sometimes the British Isles, - but never England."
- George Mikes
(Related: People, England, United)

"In England only uneducated people show off their knowledge; nobody quotes Latin or Greek authors in the course of conversation, unless he has never read them."
- George Mikes
(Related: People, Knowledge, Conversation, England, Quotes)

"I really wouldn't want to live in America. I found New York claustrophobic and dirty. I missed England when I was there, simple things like smells and the British sense of humor."
- Jonny Lee Miller
(Related: Humor, America, England, Sense, Want)

"We opened a design center in the South of England last year as part of our strategy for being close to our customers and developing innovative products for exciting new markets."
- David Milne
(Related: Design, Strategy, Being, England)

"Let not England forget her precedence of teaching nations how to live."
- John Milton
(Related: EnglForget, Nations, Teaching)

"The States which form the northern border of the United States westward from the Great Lakes to the Pacific coast include an area several times larger than France and could contain ten Englands and still have room to spare."
- John Moody
(Related: France, states, United)

"I am in Boston right now, in fact, to do work at the New England Historical Genealogical Library, where I'm trying to finish up tracing my lineage back to the seventeenth century."
- Rick Moody
(Related: Work, Boston, EnglFact, Now, Right, Trying)

"I grew up in the early '70s in New England."
- Thurston Moore
(Related: England)

"I had almost forgotten to tell you that I have already been to the Parliament House; and yet this is of most importance. For, had I seen nothing else in England but this, I should have thought my journey thither amply rewarded."
- Karl Philipp Moritz
(Related: Thought, England, Importance, Journey, Nothing, Parliament)

"To escape jury duty in England, wear a bowler hat and carry a copy of the Daily telegraph."
- John Mortimer
(Related: Duty, England, Jury)

"I think the best place to work in football is England."
- Jose Mourinho
(Related: Work, EnglFootball)

"I had been with the label since I was 21. The label wanted shiny pop but I didn't. I found a little independent and we've got all these great reviews in England and now it has gone gold."
- Alison Moyet
(Related: England, Gold, Now)

"So, Blair keep your England, and let me keep my Zimbabwe."
- Robert Mugabe
(Related: England)

"He was not only a bore; he bored for England."
- Malcolm Muggeridge
(Related: England)

"The people of England are never so happy as when you tell them they are ruined."
- Arthur Murphy
(Related: People, England)

"Like sex in Victorian England, the reality of Big Business today is our big dirty secret."
- Ralph Nader
(Related: Business, Sex, England, Reality, Today)

"My father in the film - which we probably haven't seen in previous movies, and in British Asian movies you could probably count on one hand - he says exactly why, actually why he's frightened for his daughter. He came to this country, England, and had a bit of a crappy time."
- Parminder Nagra
(Related: Movies, Time, Father, Daughter, Country, EnglFilm)

"In terms of soccer, it wasn't really a thing that girls did. In England it more kind of Net Ball and Hockey and stuff like that in athletics. It's to each their own, really."
- Parminder Nagra
(Related: England, Girls, Soccer)

"Time passed by. I had furnished steam hammers to the principal foundries in England. I had sent them abroad, even to Russia. At length it became known to the Lords of the Admiralty that a new power in forging had been introduced."
- James Nasmyth
(Related: Power, Time, England, Russia)

"England expects that every man will do his duty."
- Horatio Nelson
(Related: Duty, England, Man, Will)

"When Robert Frost was alive, I was known as the other new England poet, which is to be barely known at all."
- Howard Nemerov
(Related: England)

"Though born in Nova Scotia, I am of almost pure New England descent."
- Simon Newcomb
(Related: England)

"In Japan, Australia, and England there is such a strong youth culture."
- Marc Newson
(Related: Culture, England, Youth)

"In my judgment, if we had pursued this course, the zones would have been of short duration. England would have been compelled to take her mines out of the North Sea in order to get any supplies from our country."
- George William Norris
(Related: Country, England, Judgment, Order, Sea)

"It is said, that in Holland Interest is lower than in England."
- Dudley North
(Related: England, Interest)

"When I was at Stratford, the very first thing that I was commissioned to work on was trying to make a musical out of the documentary material about the General Strike, which was the next big historical event in England, after the First World War."
- Trevor Nunn
(Related: War, Work, EnglFirst, Trying, World, World war)

"The bump I was trying to hide could be the future king of England."
- Bruce Oldfield
(Related: EnglFuture, Trying)

"You seem in England to be entirely ignorant of the temper of our people."
- Peter Oliver
(Related: People, England, Temper)

"A family with the wrong members in control; that, perhaps, is as near as one can come to describing England in a phrase."
- George Orwell
(Related: Family, Control, England, Wrong)

"England is very interested as well, and other countries if I could speak the languages!"
- Miranda Otto
(Related: Countries, England)

"As I absorbed life here and understood it better, I just completely fell in love with England."
- Gwyneth Paltrow
(Related: Life, Love, England)

"Our New England climate is mild and equable compared with that of the Platte."
- Francis Parkman
(Related: Climate, England)

"Why should Ireland be treated as a geographical fragment of England - Ireland is not a geographical fragment, but a nation."
- Charles Stewart Parnell
(Related: England, Ireland, Nation)

"Terry said he had this new kid and his wife didn't want to live in England. He wanted to tour. He hated being in the studio. Terry liked seeing various bars the world over and getting smashed out of his brain. He was a sort of latent Keith Moon."
- Andy Partridge
(Related: Wife, Being, England, Moon, Want, World)

"I met Jack Bruce, one of my heroes, in a studio while doing some recording. England had just beat Scotland in a big football match and I saw Jack trying to break into this refrigerator in the lounge, drunk out of his brain, and I didn't know what to say."
- Andy Partridge
(Related: EnglFootball, Heroes, Scotland, Trying)

"The problem is that in our country, they make it almost impossible for politicians to win anything. In England it's easier to win a libel suit."
- Rand Paul
(Related: Country, England, Politicians)

"In England, literary pretence is more universal than elsewhere from our method of education."
- James Payn
(Related: Education, England, Literary)

"In England, we don't have any guns whatsoever."
- Simon Pegg
(Related: England)

"I was born in London, England, in 1938, a few months before the war, and spent the first years of my life there, although I was evacuated a couple of times for short periods. My schooling was very interrupted, both by frequent moves and by ill health."
- Anne Perry
(Related: Health, Life, War, EnglFirst, London, Months, Years)

"England is better only because I stand out there as 'unusual'."
- Emo Philips
(Related: England)

"In general, science journalism concerns itself with what has been published in a handful of peer-reviewed journals - Nature, Cell, The New England Journal of Medicine - which set the agenda."
- Michael Pollan
(Related: Science, Nature, England, Journalism, Medicine)

"Leaving England was a painful decision, and we still have some regrets about it. However, at that time, the research environment for theoretical chemistry was clearly better in the U.S."
- John Pople
(Related: Time, Decision, EnglEnvironment, Research)

"Our children were mostly brought up and educated in the Churchill suburb east of Pittsburgh. Each summer, we took them back to England for an extended period."
- John Pople
(Related: Children, England, Summer)

"Oh, the ignorance of us upon whom Providence did not sufficiently smile to permit us to be born in New England."
- Horace Porter
(Related: England, Ignorance, Providence, Smile)

"I started off in England and very few people knew I was Australian. I mean, the clues were in the poems, but they didn't read them very carefully, and so for years and years I was considered completely part of the English poetry scene."
- Peter Porter
(Related: Poetry, People, EnglEnglish, Poems, Years)

"My agent set up a meeting with George Lucas. They were casting in England."
- David Prowse
(Related: England, Meeting)

"Russia will not soon become, if it ever becomes, a second copy of the United States or England - where liberal value have deep historic roots."
- Vladimir Putin
(Related: Deep, England, Liberal, Russia, states, United, Value, Will)

"Then my own TV chat show in England in 1989."
- Suzi Quatro
(Related: England)

"After moving to England I did some recording and eventually formed an English band, this was together for quite a few years with only a keyboard replacement. The band had no name, just my name."
- Suzi Quatro
(Related: EnglEnglish, Name, Years)

"For better or worse, MTV sort of bridges the whole country together almost like the BBC does in England. It's opened up everything so wide that it's possible for everyone to have different ideas."
- Joey Ramone
(Related: Ideas, Country, England)

"I've had two or three injuries when with England and it's been a bit bizarre."
- Jamie Redknapp
(Related: Bizarre, England)

"It's a unique situation as well because England is a small country, so it makes it easy for the fans to travel. If we play down in London, they get buses and we'll get three or four thousand fans come down. They'll all sit in the same area and show their support for the team."
- Claudio Reyna
(Related: Travel, Country, EnglFans, London, Play, Support)

"I have a group of people, about 40, in a local church in Surrey in England, who pray for me regularly."
- Cliff Richard
(Related: People, Church, England)

"New England is the home of all that is good and noble with all her sternness and uncompromising opinions."
- Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards
(Related: Home, England, Opinions)

"When I get off the plane in England I always feel about two inches shorter."
- Alan Rickman
(Related: England)

"I think worrying things are going on in England - a real apathy."
- Alan Rickman
(Related: Apathy, England)

"Boy George is all England needs - another queen who can't dress."
- Joan Rivers
(Related: Dress, England, Needs, Queen)

"In England, there are so many TV commercials with nudity in them, and there are so many TV programs that show nudity on a regular basis. It's becoming more of a norm."
- Mark Roberts
(Related: England, Nudity)

"The Full Monty, ah, it's superb. The Full Monty showed how life really is in certain cities of England."
- Mark Roberts
(Related: Life, Cities, England)

"I did a long concert tour in England and Denmark and Sweden, and I also sang for the Soviet people, one of the finest musical audiences in the world."
- Paul Robeson
(Related: People, Audiences, Denmark, England, World)

"Nobody is that thick-skinned that it doesn't hurt you. Still, you always know what happens in football. I have got used to criticism, I suppose, having been high profile with England and Man U."
- Bryan Robson
(Related: Criticism, EnglFootball, Hurt, Man)

"Ireland and England are like two sisters; I would have them embrace like one brother."
- Boyle Roche
(Related: Brother, England, Ireland, Sisters)

"Here in New England, the character is strong and unshakable."
- Norman Rockwell
(Related: Character, England)

"The law reports in newspapers contain perhaps the only real history of England that has any relation to truth."
- Robert Baldwin Ross
(Related: History, Truth, England, Law, Newspapers)

"Playing live, you can't survive, certainly not in England. We used to work daytime jobs and play gigs at night. It was very exhausting."
- Gavin Rossdale
(Related: Work, England, Jobs, Night, Play)

"I went to England in the '70s, and I was in my early 20s. There was still a residue of that era of being an underclass or colonial. I assume it must have been a more aggressive and prominent attitude 40 years before that, because Australia internationally wasn't regarded as having much cultural value. We were a country full of sheep and convicts."
- Geoffrey Rush
(Related: Attitude, Being, Country, England, Sheep, Value, Years)

"I was born in Bournemouth, England, in 1943."
- J. Philippe Rushton
(Related: England)

"I'm a working-class kid from a blue-collar New England family."
- R. A. Salvatore
(Related: Family, England)

"England was incredibly dull and everything exciting seemed to be in America."
- Gerald Scarfe
(Related: America, England)

"And um, when I came back to England I put a very complex soundtrack on it, featuring everyone from Jimi Hendrix, right through to Neil Diamond, you know, everybody that was kind of popular who was kind of popular at that time."
- Gerald Scarfe
(Related: Time, England, Popular, Right)

"Ridley and I talk every day. Our family is very close because we're from North England."
- Tony Scott
(Related: Family, Day, England, Talk)

"Some of my ancestors were religious dissenters who came to America over three hundred years ago. Others were abolitionists in New England in the eighteen forties and fifties."
- Pete Seeger
(Related: America, England, Religious, Years)

"You will never have great tennis champions from England because of the cold and dark, but most of all because people only care about the sport for two weeks a year, and then they're on to something else. There's just not a great love of the sport there."
- Monica Seles
(Related: Love, People, Care, England, Tennis, Will)

"We... our war began September the 3rd 1939, with the invasion of Poland by Germany, and thereafter the great state of danger in England at that time, with the bombings, necessitated the evacuation of children."
- Peter Shaffer
(Related: War, Time, Children, Danger, England, Germany, State)

"I made, over the years in Cambridge, several very good American friends, and America appeared to me, a land of promise in every sense of that word, a land of freedom from the inhibitions and restrictions that I felt in England."
- Peter Shaffer
(Related: America, American, EnglFreedom, Friends, Land, Promise, Sense, Word, Years)

"I was born in Liverpool in England, and I lived there for the first nine years of my life."
- Peter Shaffer
(Related: Life, EnglFirst, Years)

"England and America are two countries separated by the same language."
- George Bernard Shaw
(Related: America, Countries, England, Language)

"My affiliation with England is borne out by the fact that I do come back for periodic visits."
- George Shearing
(Related: EnglFact)

"I got a divorce eleven years later on the grounds of cruelty, which is still not easy in England."
- Dinah Sheridan
(Related: Cruelty, Divorce, England, Years)

"I remember my second game for England - we lost 2-0 to Norway, I was subbed and didn't do myself justice and I thought that was the end of my England career."
- Teddy Sheringham
(Related: Thought, Career, End, England, Justice)

"What you have is two men seeking the White House; they're both products of prominent New England families. They both went to private boarding schools. They both went to a prestigious university."
- Mark Shields
(Related: Men, England, Schools, University)

"I played for 30 years, 20 with England and I did it by setting goals."
- Peter Shilton
(Related: Goals, England, Years)

"I look a hundred and weigh 110 - you won't love me when you see the wreck England has made me."
- Wallis Simpson
(Related: Love, England)

"The New England conscience doesn't keep you from doing what you shouldn't - it just keeps you from enjoying it."
- Isaac Bashevis Singer
(Related: Conscience, England)

"More and more do I see that only a successful revolution in India can break England's back forever and free Europe itself. It is not a national question concerning India any longer; it is purely international."
- Agnes Smedley
(Related: Successful, EnglEurope, Revolution, Question)

"There are the manufacturing multitudes of England; they must have work, and find markets for their work; if machines and the Black Country are ugly, famine would be uglier still."
- Goldwin Smith
(Related: Work, Country, EnglFamine, Machines, Manufacturing, Ugly)

"Never had there been such an attempt to make conquest the servant of civilization. About keeping India there is no question. England has a real duty there."
- Goldwin Smith
(Related: Civilization, Conquest, Duty, England, Question)

"The natural barriers between England and Scotland were not sufficient to prevent the extension of the Saxon settlements and kingdoms across the border."
- Goldwin Smith
(Related: England, Scotland)

"But if anyone supposes that there was no commercial fraud in the Middle Ages, let him study the commercial legislation of England for that period, and his mind will be satisfied, if he has a mind to be satisfied and not only a fancy to run away with him."
- Goldwin Smith
(Related: EnglFancy, Fraud, Legislation, Mind, Study, Will)

"He told me I didn't understand, that we were from the bleak industrial wastes of North England, or something, and that we didn't understand the Internet. I told him Fall fans invented the Internet. They were on there in 1982."
- Mark E. Smith
(Related: EnglFans, Internet)

"Then years back, when I moved to California, I happened to see a book about fashions of 19th-century Victorian England, only four pages of which was devoted to the dress of the working class."
- Martin C. Smith
(Related: Class, Dress, England, Years)

"There is a huge antipathy in England between the north and the south, the working class and the owning class."
- Martin C. Smith
(Related: Class, England)

"The fact is that I loved being in England."
- Martin C. Smith
(Related: Being, EnglFact)

"If the people in Britain knew the nature and disposition of the New England people as well as we do they would not find so many friends in England as I suppose they do."
- Nathaniel Smith
(Related: Nature, People, EnglFriends)

"Horses pretty much broke as a record in England."
- Patti Smith
(Related: England, Horses, Pretty)

"What a pity it is that we have no amusements in England but vice and religion!"
- Sydney Smith
(Related: England, Pity, Vice)

"It's really sort of morbid, but she said her mother wanted to see me all her life. And when she died, she made just one request: that a picture of me be put into her casket. So somewhere in England, I'm in a casket."
- Hank Snow
(Related: Life, Mother, England)

"England is one of my favorite places. The fans are just so crazy."
- Britney Spears
(Related: EnglFans, Favorite)

"My first crush was Hayley Mills when I was a little kid in England. I used to kiss her picture goodnight."
- Rick Springfield
(Related: Kiss, EnglFirst)

"It's such a performance to bring stuff into America. It's a great luxury when I am in England."
- Terence Stamp
(Related: Performance, America, England, Luxury)

"I knew that I had a following here in England, and if I came over here maybe I could cultivate it, but I never dreamt it would be as great as it has been."
- Edwin Starr
(Related: England)

"One day, out of irritation, I said, you know all of those years with the Royal Shakespeare Company, all those years of playing kings and princes and speaking black verse, and bestriding the landscape of England was nothing but a preparation for sitting in the captain's chair of the Enterprise."
- Patrick Stewart
(Related: Company, Day, England, Kings, Nothing, Preparation, Shakespeare, Years)

"I miss England. I miss the weather. I've spent moss of the last 25 years on tour. I'm ready to come home."
- Sting
(Related: Home, England, Weather, Years)

"I learned to change my accent; in England, your accent identifies you very strongly with a class, and I did not want to be held back."
- Sting
(Related: Change, Class, England, Want)

"A man builds a house in England with the expectation of living in it and leaving it to his children; we shed our houses in America as easily as a snail does his shell."
- Harriet Beecher Stowe
(Related: America, Children, EnglExpectation, Houses, Living, Man)

"In the literature of France Moliere occupies the same kind of position as Cervantes in that of Spain, Dante in that of Italy, and Shakespeare in that of England. His glory is more than national - it is universal."
- Lytton Strachey
(Related: EnglFrance, Glory, Italy, Literature, Shakespeare, Spain)

"Just as the British subject loves England despite her faults, so we must insist that all Germans who were part of the old Germany and helped shape her, recognize the greatness and worthiness of present-day Germany."
- Gustav Stresemann
(Related: Greatness, EnglFaults, Germany, Old, Present, Worthiness)

"We have seen... that, although England is by far the richest nation of Europe, we have already outstripped her in the race after wealth, and we have only begun the development of our vast resources."
- Josiah Strong
(Related: Development, Wealth, EnglEurope, Nation, Race)

"After that he turned to the question of invading England. Hitler said that during the previous year he could not afford to risk a possible failure; apart from that, he had not wished to provoke the British, as he hoped to arrange peace talks."
- Kurt Student
(Related: Peace, Failure, England, Question, Risk)

"Farming implements are as cheap in Sydney as in England."
- Charles Sturt
(Related: England)

"Praise the Lord, O England's Jerusalem: and Netherland's Zion, praise ye the Lord! He hath secured your gates, and blessed your possessions with peace, even here, where the threatened torch of war was lighted."
- Peter Stuyvesant
(Related: War, Peace, England, Possessions, Praise)

"The design of those commissioners, frigates and warlike force is directed rather against Long Island and these your Honors' possessions, than to the imagined reform of New England."
- Peter Stuyvesant
(Related: Design, EnglForce, Possessions, Reform)

"I'm an anglophile. I visit England regularly, sometimes three or four times a year, at least once a year."
- George Takei
(Related: England, Visit)

"There is probably nothing wrong with art for art's sake if we take the phrase seriously, and not take it to mean the kind of poetry written in England forty years ago."
- Allen Tate
(Related: Art, Poetry, England, Nothing, Wrong, Years)

"I lived a normal life for a number of years. I had kids. I lived up on a farm in Gloucestershire in rural England, and just kind of got back to reality again."
- Roger Andrew Taylor
(Related: Life, England, Kids, Reality, Years)

"I like Target. I like the ones in the Midwest, personally. We don't really have those in England yet."
- Roger Andrew Taylor
(Related: England)

"It is to the middle-class we must look for the safety of England."
- William Makepeace Thackeray
(Related: England, Safety)

"And it was only released in London last week, so when I go back to England Monday or whatever, I am expecting heaps of adulation. I'm hoping there is. If that doesn't happen I will be disappointed."
- David Thewlis
(Related: England, London, Will)

"I don't think the Republicans would appreciate the comparison, but they're exactly like the Labor Party in England in the 1970s. They're letting their extremists take them straight down. The same thing is going to happen - they had to disappear for a while and when they reinvented themselves they did it with moderates, they did it with Tony Blair."
- Evan Thomas
(Related: England, Labor, Party, Republicans)

"Shortly after that, we got management problems over in England, and Judas Priest asked me to join."
- Glenn Tipton
(Related: Management, England, Problems)

"Despite Japan's desires and efforts, unfortunate differences in the ways that Japan, England, the United States, and China understood circumstances, together with misunderstandings of attitudes, made it impossible for the parties to agree."
- Hideki Tojo
(Related: Circumstances, England, states, United)

"At the Imperial Conference on December 1, it was decided to make war against England and the United States."
- Hideki Tojo
(Related: War, December, England, states, United)

"What a revolting contrast exists in England between the slavery of women and the intellectual superiority of women writers."
- Flora Tristan
(Related: Women, Superiority, Contrast, England, Slavery, Writers)

"England is nothing but the last ward of the European madhouse, and quite possibly it will prove to be the ward for particularly violent cases."
- Leon Trotsky
(Related: England, Nothing, Will)

"You have the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, the Presbyterians, the Wesleyans, represented in each school, and they are each to take alternate days."
- Charles Tupper
(Related: Church, England, School)

"The show I did in England catered to a broad range of people. I like that. I don't want nouveau cult status, though I know we've got that sort of audience in the states."
- Tracey Ullman
(Related: People, England, states, Want)

"There is no pleasing New Englanders, my dear, their soil is all rocks and their hearts are bloodless absolutes."
- John Updike
"Johnny Rotten. He's a big fan of mine. I used to see him out in the audience in England and he'd stand up and holler. He's funny. Smart too, and a nice guy. Don't think he's a jerk because he isn't."
- Don Van Vliet
(Related: Funny, England)

"I'm William Wallace, and the rest of you will be spared. Go back to England and tell them... Scotland is free!"
- William Wallace
(Related: England, Rest, Scotland, Will)

"Whatever was the conduct of England, I am equally arraigned."
- Robert Walpole
(Related: England)

"You never find an Englishman among the under-dogs except in England, of course."
- Evelyn Waugh
(Related: England)

"I finished my studies in England, I opened my studio in London, and the first one-man exhibit I had on Bond Street, which was opened by the Austrian ambassador."
- Felix de Weldon
(Related: EnglFirst, London)

"In England we have come to rely upon a comfortable time-lag of fifty years or a century intervening between the perception that something ought to be done and a serious attempt to do it."
- H. G. Wells
(Related: Time, Perception, England, Years)

"I think in England you eat too much sugar and meat and not enough vegetables."
- Arsene Wenger
(Related: England)

"After a couple years of occasional lessons with Pass I moved to Boston to attend the New England Conservatory."
- Mark White
(Related: Boston, England, Years)

"I grew up in Cambridge in England, and my love of mathematics dates from those early childhood days."
- Andrew Wiles
(Related: Love, Childhood, England, Mathematics)

"I see by your letter to my father that you are rather afraid the French may invade England."
- William John Wills
(Related: Father, England, May)

"Furthermore, the spirit of enterprise which had its first intellectual development in England has especially flourished here as well as throughout all of Canada, while the same spirit has become less virile in the land of its origin."
- Charles E. Wilson
(Related: Development, Canada, EnglFirst, Land, Spirit)

"Scotland is the Canada of England!"
- Rainn Wilson
(Related: Canada, Scotland)

"Since fantasy isn't about technology, the accelleration has no impact at all. But it's changed the lives of fantasy writers and editors. I get to live in England and work for a New York publisher!"
- Terri Windling
(Related: Work, Technology, Editors, EnglFantasy, Writers)

"When I was younger, I was in love with everything about the British Isles, from British folklore to Celtic music. That was always where my passions were as a young girl, and so I studied folklore as a college student in England and Ireland."
- Terri Windling
(Related: Love, Music, College, England, Ireland)

"I've only been living in England for the last 10 years, if you don't count my student years."
- Terri Windling
(Related: England, Living, Years)

"I divide my time between homes in Arizona and England, six months a year in each place."
- Terri Windling
(Related: Time, England, Months)

"Yeah, we went to England to do a show and I got off the plane and I couldn't write my name or hold my hand up."
- Johnny Winter
(Related: England, Name)

"Perhaps that is why the novel flourished in England. You had these communities that would stay put and people would see one another all the time and cause one another to change and have the opportunity to observe the changes over time."
- Tobias Wolff
(Related: Change, Time, People, Opportunity, Cause, England)

"I got private lessons in keyboard at Julliard, before New England Conservatory of Music in Boston."
- Bernie Worrell
(Related: Music, Boston, England)

"I have never had the opportunity to play in England, so I know little about it."
- Zinedine Zidane
(Related: Opportunity, England, Play)

"The England team must always be respected. They always fight to the end."
- Zinedine Zidane
(Related: End, EnglFight)

"That generation of Germans, along with volunteers from Denmark, Holland, even England and the Free India division and so on, we Europeans were alert and awake to the danger of Bolshevism."
- Ernst Zundel
(Related: Danger, Denmark, England)

"Now I am discovering the world once more. England has widened my horizon."
- Stefan Zweig
(Related: England, Now, World)