Quotes and Sayings about Eating



"Once you've invested hundreds of hours in creating a coherent universe, your story's grown to around a half-million words and can't be written as anything less than a trilogy."
- Lynn Abbey
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"In athletics there's always been a willingness to cheat if it looks like you're not cheating. I think that's just a quirk of human nature."
- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
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"When eating an elephant take one bite at a time."
- Creighton Abrams
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"Moon rocks are OK when everyone is eating."
- Goodman Ace
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"We are totally committed to ending partition and to creating the conditions for unity and independence."
- Gerry Adams
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"It is always self-defeating to pretend to a generation younger than your own; it simply erases your own experience in history."
- Renata Adler
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"People should try eating no animal products for just ONE DAY a week."
- Casey Affleck
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"Nothing can substitute for just plain hard work. I had to put in the time to get back. And it was a grind. It meant training and sweating every day. But I was completely committed to working out to prove to myself that I still could do it."
- Andre Agassi
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"I can't walk by chocolate without eating it."
- Malin Akerman
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"In times of life crisis, whether wild fires or smoldering stress, the first thing I do is go back to basics... am I eating right, am I getting enough sleep, am I getting some physical and mental exercise everyday."
- Edward Albert
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"The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning."
- Mitch Albom
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"You have to work at creating your own culture."
- Mitch Albom
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"All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy."
- Scott Alexander
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"If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize."
- Muhammad Ali
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"Videos are more like photography. It's not as much about trying to tell a story as it is creating images."
- Tatyana Ali
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"Unlike the Reagan and Bush Administrations, with but one exception, the Clinton administration failed to reach out to Republicans in creating a new team, and eventually paid a political price."
- Richard V. Allen
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"I'd call him a sadistic, hippophilic necrophile, but that would be beating a dead horse."
- Woody Allen
"I am the one who got myself fat, who did all the eating. So I had to take full responsibility for it."
- Kirstie Alley
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"I don't believe you have to have eating disorders and mental illness to screw up."
- Kirstie Alley
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"At first, I see pictures of a story in my mind. Then creating the story comes from asking questions of myself. I guess you might call it the 'what if - what then' approach to writing and illustration."
- Chris Van Allsburg
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"An Oscar means a lot of things because it's like the ultimate award for a filmmaker so it feels great. But I think you have to consider awards with some distance and not get obsessed with it. When you're creating you shouldn't think about it."
- Alejandro Amenabar
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"That by listening to some music, by reading some books, by looking at paintings, and most important by hanging out with one another - by collaborating with one another and creating your own network - you can achieve something that is much better than what is out there."
- David Amram
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"There is no cure for emphysema, but you can start treating it and have a better quality of life."
- Loni Anderson
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"Contention is inseparable from creating knowledge. It is not contention we should try to avoid, but discourses that attempt to suppress contention."
- Joyce Appleby
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"One of the reasons to do documentaries is that. There's more sense of creating something, more sense of my own soul in the documentaries than in movies, because I don't write the movies I do."
- Michael Apted
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"Moral science is better occupied when treating of friendship than of justice."
- Thomas Aquinas
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"I design for real people. I think of our customers all the time. There is no virtue whatsoever in creating clothing or accessories that are not practical."
- Giorgio Armani
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"When it comes to eating, you can sometimes help yourself more by helping yourself less."
- Richard Armour
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"Research is creating new knowledge."
- Neil Armstrong
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"In mine opinion, love is fitter than fear, gentleness better than beating, to bring up a child rightly in learning."
- Roger Ascham
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"Young children were sooner allured by love, than driven by beating, to attain good learning."
- Roger Ascham
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"I am inclined to think that eating is a private thing and should be done alone, like other bodily functions."
- Sylvia Ashton-Warner
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"All sorts of computer errors are now turning up. You'd be surprised to know the number of doctors who claim they are treating pregnant men."
- Isaac Asimov
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"I never for a day gave up listening to the songs of our birds, or watching their peculiar habits, or delineating them in the best way I could."
- John James Audubon
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"When I was 11, I won my first nationals at Savannah, defeating Kelly Henry in the finals."
- Tracy Austin
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"Instead of creating new jobs, Republicans gave tax cuts to companies that send jobs overseas."
- Joe Baca
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"That made me think I could contribute more to society by looking at people on the autopsy table and feeding back the findings so that lots of people could benefit, rather than just treating patients one at a time."
- Michael Baden
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"Public opinion is a permeating influence, and it exacts obedience to itself; it requires us to drink other men's thoughts, to speak other men's words, to follow other men's habits."
- Walter Bagehot
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"It is a sign of a dull nature to occupy oneself deeply in matters that concern the body; for instance, to be over much occupied about exercise, about eating and drinking, about easing oneself, about sexual intercourse."
- David Bailey
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"I do adore food. If I have any vice it's eating. If I was told I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, I could put up with sausage and mash forever."
- Colin Baker
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"Actors are able to trick themselves into treating anything as if it's fantastic. It's a kind of madness really."
- Tom Baker
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"I was very much in my room with my marionette stage, you know, creating these incredibly boring things that I felt were so fascinating, and forcing my relatives to come, and charging money for them to see my little productions."
- Bob Balaban
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"You're creating a different world and the actor's job is to be able to convince the audience to enter into that world, whether it be actually something that you recognize from your own life or not."
- Christian Bale
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"But it all comes down to friendship, treating people right."
- Ernie Banks
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"When I am full, I stop eating."
- Tyra Banks
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"If I never do another movie, I will have had the privilege of working on one of the big Hollywood movies with top people, creating a world that can only be described as totally cinematic."
- Christine Baranski
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"Making cartoons means very hard work at every step of the way, but creating a successful cartoon character is the hardest work of all."
- Joseph Barbera
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"Creating fantasy is a very personal thing, but you can't take the process too personally."
- Joseph Barbera
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"Repeating a grade needs to be the last resort, not an automatic response to a child who is struggling to learn."
- Roy Barnes
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"By creating a Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District, we will give local governments a framework for working together on an issue that affects our whole state."
- Roy Barnes
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"We love to be with our family and friends and I can tell you that lots of eating will be involved."
- Julia Barr
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"Eating rice cakes is like chewing on a foam coffee cup, only less filling."
- Dave Barry
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"I do not like sports, unless you consider treating all humankind with love and respect a sport."
- Todd Barry
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"Not eating breakfast is the worst thing you can do, that's really the take-home message for teenage girls."
- Bruce Barton
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"Cereal eating is almost a marker for a healthy lifestyle. It sets you up for the day, so you don't overeat."
- Bruce Barton
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"Creating a nation requires the will of the people!"
- Edmund Barton
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"The U.S. military has done a phenomenal job of creating these facilities almost over-night and dealing with these sworn enemies of America with more respect and dignity than they ever would have considered according our officers had they captured any."
- Charles Foster Bass
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"I hate it when people come up to me when I'm eating."
- Shirley Bassey
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"As they say in Italy, Italians were eating with a knife and fork when the French were still eating each other. The Medici family had to bring their Tuscan cooks up there so they could make something edible."
- Mario Batali
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"To the solemn graves, near a lonely cemetery, my heart like a muffled drum is beating funeral marches."
- Charles Baudelaire
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"You don't get ulcers from what you eat. You get them from what's eating you."
- Vicki Baum
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"You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence."
- Charles A. Beard
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"It's really hard for me to commit, one way or the other. I was just always creating and seeing what came out."
- Beck
"Progressivism is the cancer in America and it is eating our Constitution, and it was designed to eat the Constitution, to progress past the Constitution."
- Glenn Beck
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"Of all the music that reached farthest into heaven, it is the beating of a loving heart."
- Henry Ward Beecher
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"You can't succeed in beating the insurgents unless you can convince the people that they can be protected."
- Rand Beers
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"I find it almost comforting to count calories, because it makes me conscious of what I'm eating. But on Super Bowl Sunday, I thought, 'Surrender to it. It's nacho time.' Then I ate nothing but Doritos all day."
- Kristen Bell
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"I find it almost comforting to count calories, because it makes me conscious of what I'm eating. But on Super Bowl Sunday, I thought, 'Surrender to it. It's nacho time.' Then I ate nothing but Doritos all day."
- Kristen Bell
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"I wear a lot of different hats - from writer to producer and artist. We all do 5 or 6 jobs, everything from creating our own graphic design to actually recording and the whole bit."
- William Bell
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"And each of us can practice rights ourselves, treating each other without discrimination, respecting each other's dignity and rights."
- Carol Bellamy
(Related: Dignity, Discrimination, Rights, Practice)

"Enthusiasm is not the same as just being excited. One gets excited about going on a roller coaster. One becomes enthusiastic about creating and building a roller coaster."
- Bo Bennett
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"Fears of creating new kinds of plagues or of altering human evolution or of irreversibly altering the environment were only some of the concerns that were rampant."
- Paul Berg
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"Our two biggest rivals had adjusted their whole season to this one aim of beating us. Of course, it is a big compliment that they were so motivated to stop us but it was very tough to face two matches like that so close together. Suddenly three trophies are down to one."
- Dennis Bergkamp
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"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly."
- Henri Bergson
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"For life is tendency, and the essence of a tendency is to develop in the form of a sheaf, creating, by its very growth, divergent directions among which its impetus is divided."
- Henri Bergson
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"Quotation, n: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another."
- Ambrose Bierce
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"Insurance - an ingenious modern game of chance in which the player is permitted to enjoy the comfortable conviction that he is beating the man who keeps the table."
- Ambrose Bierce
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"As the Nation's primary supporter of research in the physical sciences, the DOE Office of Science led the way in creating a unique system of large-scale, specialized, often one-of-a-kind facilities for scientific discovery."
- Judy Biggert
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"Far from creating a new formalism, what these can yield is something far transcending surface values since they not only embody form as beauty, but also form in which intuitions or ideas or conjectures have taken visible substance."
- Max Bill
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"I think acting is about forgetting yourself in order to give the best of yourself. It's passing through you more than you're creating it. You're not the flower, but the vase which holds the flower."
- Juliette Binoche
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"Animation is about creating the illusion of life. And you can't create it if you don't have one."
- Brad Bird
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"I'll never stop eating animals, I'm sure, but I do think that for the benefit of everyone, the time has come to stop raising them industrially and stop eating them thoughtlessly."
- Mark Bittman
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"I use computers for email, staying current with my own website as well as finding important information through other websites. I also use it for creating MP3 files of new music I'm working on."
- Clint Black
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"If you're working out in front of a mirror and watching your muscles grow, your ego has reached a point where it is now eating itself. That's why I believe there should be a psychiatrist at every health club, so that when they see you doing this, they will take you away for a little chat."
- Lewis Black
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"Our children's health and well-being are dependent on our commitment to promoting food access and good eating habits at home, at school and in the community."
- Rod Blagojevich
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"The psychology of brutality was worse than the beatings."
- John Blair
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"This is my ultimate fantasy: watching QVC with a credit card while making love and eating at the same time."
- Yasmine Bleeth
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"And I think the more money you put in people's hands, the more they will spend And if they don't spend it, they invest it. And investing it is another way of creating jobs. It puts money into mutual funds or other kinds of banks that can go out and make loans, and we need to do that."
- Michael Bloomberg
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"We were saving, saving, saving then going to France and blowing the money eating. She was a nurse and had never experienced fine dining but she loved it, too. Our mates thought it absurd."
- Heston Blumenthal
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"With movies, you are always in search is a good story, one that everyone will relate to and love. I love finding those stories and creating a visual world to tell the story."
- Don Bluth
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"Not creating delusions is enlightenment."
- Bodhidharma
"They know the importance of their mission and of America's commitment to combating and defeating terrorism abroad, and they know that they are making a real difference in bringing freedom to a part of the world that has known only tyranny."
- John Boehner
(Related: America, Commitment, Difference, Freedom, Importance, Mission, Terrorism, Tyranny, World)

"Thought is creating divisions out of itself and then saying that they are there naturally."
- David Bohm
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"Thought is constantly creating problems that way and then trying to solve them. But as it tries to solve them it makes it worse because it doesn't notice that it's creating them, and the more it thinks, the more problems it creates."
- David Bohm
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"When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images."
- Niels Bohr
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"I think repeating yourself is a sign of old age, telling the same joke again and again. Especially if they're jokes that don't make people laugh."
- Simon Le Bon
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"It is time that we take control and find a way to curtail the explosive costs of health care. Small businesses deserve a chance to channel these funds toward other needs, such as expanding and creating more jobs for the economy."
- Christopher Bond
(Related: Health, Time, Control, Care, Chance, Economy, Jobs, Needs)

"I have a desire to create more film, more beauty, more art, more love, but I don't feel desperate. It's not about creating or building a career."
- Lisa Bonet
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"The speed of movement towards independence will depend on Kosovo demonstrating that it is capable of treating minorities well. We have not always seen that."
- Emma Bonino
(Related: Independence, Will)

"We are creating a fabulous franchise with an incredible female action hero."
- Jan de Bont
(Related: Action)

"Yet would we die as some have done, beating a way for the rising sun."
- Arna Bontemps
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"You could be going to have supper with someone who happens to be male, and all of a sudden he is your boyfriend of nine months... and I am cheating on my existing boyfriend."
- Caprice Bourret
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"A sound discretion is not so much indicated by never making a mistake as by never repeating it."
- Christian Nestell Bovee
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"Our main agenda is to have ALL guns banned. We must use whatever means possible. It doesn't matter if you have to distort facts or even lie. Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed."
- Sarah Brady
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"My sisters like cooking at my place. It has a bit more room, and the food tastes a little bit better. A big pot of spaghetti and sauce, some warm French bread - works all the time. I think I've been eating pasta for 26 years."
- Tom Brady
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"Four months is a lot of living with that little life in you-thinking about it, eating right for it, nurturing it and all of a sudden, it dies."
- Christie Brinkley
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"I remember when we were in the World Cup in Australia and I had to win the singles against Tony Payne, best of seven legs, to win it. I was 2-0 down but ended up beating him 4-2."
- Eric Bristow
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"Sad will be the day for any man when he becomes contented with the thoughts he is thinking and the deeds he is doing - where there is not forever beating at the doors of his soul some great desire to do something larger; which he knows he was meant and made to do."
- Phillips Brooks
(Related: Soul, Thoughts, Day, Deeds, Desire, Man, Thinking, Will)

"In bad weather, I spent hours drawing action figures on paper, coloring them, backing them on cardboard, then cutting them out and creating whole stories around their lives."
- Terry Brooks
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"After all, you put a lot into creating a universe and everything that goes with it, and it seems a shame to use it only once."
- Terry Brooks
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"I have a good collection of cookery books. This is not so much because I like cooking, but because I like eating."
- Louise Brown
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"We must support initiatives that provide clear, concrete measures and milestones that our troops need for defeating the insurgency, building up Iraqi security forces, and handing over Iraq to the Iraqi people."
- Sherrod Brown
(Related: People, Building, Iraq, Security, Support, Troops)

"Thousands of Ohio families are going deeper and deeper in debt just trying to pay their heating bills, fill prescriptions, and buy groceries. The current minimum wage is simply not enough."
- Sherrod Brown
(Related: Debt, Trying, Wage)

"The administration needs to speak honestly with the American people. Exaggerating our progress in defeating the insurgency or in creating an Iraqi army paints a dangerous picture."
- Sherrod Brown
(Related: People, Progress, American, Army, Needs)

"Anyone who's tried to pay a heating bill, fill a prescription, or simply buy groceries knows all too well that the current minimum wage does not cut the mustard."
- Sherrod Brown
(Related: Wage)

"The reality in Iraq is that we are creating new terrorists and severely damaging the public impression of the United States in the Muslim world."
- Sherrod Brown
(Related: Impression, Muslim, Iraq, Public, Reality, states, United, World)

"The Olympic Games must not be an end in itself, they must be a means of creating a vast programme of physical education and sports competitions for all young people."
- Avery Brundage
(Related: Education, Sports, People, End, Games)

"The E.U. has moved to combat global terrorism by instituting common European arrest and evidence warrants and creating a joint situation center to pool and analyze intelligence."
- John Bruton
(Related: Intelligence, Terrorism)

"One must bear in mind that the expansion of federal activity is a form of eating for politicians."
- William F. Buckley, Jr.
(Related: Eating, Mind, Politicians)

"I get satisfaction of three kinds. One is creating something, one is being paid for it and one is the feeling that I haven't just been sitting on my ass all afternoon."
- William F. Buckley, Jr.
(Related: Being, Feeling, Satisfaction)

"To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting."
- Edmund Burke
(Related: Eating)

"Women can stand a beating except when it is with their own weapons."
- Samuel Butler
(Related: Women, Weapons)

"A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne, the only true feminine and becoming viands."
- Lord Byron
(Related: Drinking, Eating, Woman)

"It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life."
- Julius Caesar
(Related: Life)

"So much of literary sci-fi is about creating worlds that are rich and detailed and make sense at a social level. We'll create a world for people and then later present a narrative in that world."
- James Cameron
(Related: People, Literary, Present, Sense, World)

"I am not for raising taxes in a recession, especially when it comes to job creators that we need so desperately to start creating jobs again."
- Eric Cantor
(Related: Job, Jobs, Taxes)

"Men are more prone to cheating, definitely."
- Blu Cantrell
(Related: Men, Cheating)

"Relativism is neither a method of fighting, nor a method of creating, for both of these are uncompromising and at times even ruthless; rather, it is a method of cognition."
- Karel Capek
(Related: Fighting)

"Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go."
- Truman Capote
(Related: Eating, Venice)

"But I don't want to lose touch with things like eating in Bob's Big Boy."
- Drew Carey
(Related: Eating, Want)

"I see it as one of my jobs to make sure that, it sounds ridiculous, but to make sure the folks are eating, make sure folks are getting enough fluids, make sure folks are, you know, comfortable in the orbiter."
- Duane G. Carey
(Related: Eating, Jobs)

"You know an odd feeling? Sitting on the toilet eating a chocolate candy bar."
- George Carlin
(Related: Eating, Feeling)

"But the approach to recording this album was kind of an organized, chaotic approach where I wanted to maintain and preserve that wild abandon to creating."
- Vanessa Carlton
"Food can become such a point of anxiety - not because it's food, but just because you have anxiety. That's how eating disorders develop."
- Vanessa Carlton
(Related: Food, Anxiety, Eating)

"As winter weather settles in around the country, millions of American families are facing skyrocketing home heating prices with even greater impact if cold temperatures persist into the spring."
- Russ Carnahan
(Related: Home, American, Country, Spring, Weather, Winter)

"I was trying to learn about Lyndon Johnson when he was young and creating his first political machine in the Texas hill country. I moved there for three years. You had to learn that world."
- Robert Caro
(Related: Country, First, Machine, Trying, World, Years)

"I don't think human beings learn anything without desperation. Desperation is a necessary ingredient to learning anything or creating anything. Period. If you ain't desperate at some point, you ain't interesting."
- Jim Carrey
(Related: Desperation, Learning)

"Desperation is a necessary ingredient to learning anything, or creating anything. Period. If you ain't desperate at some point, you ain't interesting."
- Jim Carrey
(Related: Desperation, Learning)

"Maybe there is no actual place called hell. Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they're eating sandwiches."
- Jim Carrey
(Related: Eating, Grandparents, Hell, Noses)

"For an adult, eating alone at McDonald's is admitting a kind of defeat."
- Jonathan Carroll
(Related: Defeat, Eating)

"If it weren't for Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor of television, we'd still be eating frozen radio dinners."
- Johnny Carson
(Related: Eating, Television)

"I was like one of those nauseatingly nice children. I was very, very well behaved and boring."
- Helena Bonham Carter
(Related: Children)

"Singling out political opponents for working against the ruling party is precisely the tactic of every tyrannical government from Red China to Venezuela. The first step in the process is creating unfounded public suspicion of political opponents, followed by arresting and jailing any who continue speaking against the regime."
- John Carter
(Related: Government, First, Opponents, Party, Public, Suspicion)

"My record label is treating me like I'm a new artist, which is exciting after all this time."
- Rosanne Cash
(Related: Time, Artist)

"There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before."
- Willa Cather
"My dad was a big believer in treating people well, oftentimes even when he himself wasn't well."
- Neil Cavuto
(Related: Dad, People)

"Good manners: The noise you don't make when you're eating soup."
- Bennett Cerf
(Related: Eating)

"Most of those who make collections of verse or epigram are like men eating cherries or oysters: they choose out the best at first, and end by eating all."
- Nicolas De Chamfort
(Related: Men, Eating, End, First)

"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door."
- Coco Chanel
(Related: Time)

"There's nothing like a good cheating song to make me want to run home to be with my wife."
- Steven Curtis Chapman
(Related: Home, Wife, Cheating, Nothing, Song, Want)

"Songwriting is a very mysterious process. It feels like creating something from nothing. It's something I don't feel like I really control."
- Tracy Chapman
(Related: Control, Nothing)

"Women eat while they are talking; men talk while they are eating."
- Malcolm De Chazal
(Related: Men, Women, Eating, Talk, Talking)

"Nevertheless the meaning is not that the blessed bread which is divided, which is offered, and which the apostles received from the hand of Christ was not the body of Christ but becomes the body of Christ when the eating of it is begun."
- Martin Chemnitz
(Related: Body, Christ, Eating, Meaning)

"For far too long, America has been without a comprehensive energy plan, and today consumers are paying the price - literally - at the pump and in their heating bills."
- Chris Chocola
(Related: America, Energy, Today)

"Having said that, I believe we must not compound the natural disaster of Katrina by creating a fiscal disaster in Congress - it is our duty to ensure that we reign in other government spending in any event, and especially in this time of national emergency."
- Chris Chocola
(Related: Government, Time, Congress, Disaster, Duty)

"When you are modelling, you are creating a picture, a still life, perhaps something like a silent film. You convey emotion but you are only using your body."
- Helena Christensen
(Related: Life, Body, Emotion, Film)

"We have a human rights interest. Then there is the immigration problem. The human-rights violations have caused people to take to boats and flood not only the United States, but other countries in the region, creating great instability."
- Warren Christopher
(Related: People, Boats, Countries, Rights, Human rights, Interest, states, United)

"Eating words has never given me indigestion."
- Winston Churchill
(Related: Eating, Indigestion, Words)

"I have never developed indigestion from eating my words."
- Winston Churchill
(Related: Eating, Indigestion, Words)

"Moving between the legs of tables and of chairs, rising or falling, grasping at kisses and toys, advancing boldly, sudden to take alarm, retreating to the corner of arm and knee, eager to be reassured, taking pleasure in the fragrant brilliance of the Christmas tree."
- Frank Howard Clark
(Related: Christmas, Kisses, Pleasure)

"I never felt that getting angry would do you any good other than hurt your own digestion, keep you from eating, which I liked to do."
- Septima Clark
(Related: Eating, Hurt)

"This perfection is the restoration of man to the state of holiness from which he fell, by creating him anew in Christ Jesus, and restoring to him that image and likeness of God which he has lost."
- Adam Clarke
(Related: God, Christ, Holiness, Man, Perfection, State)

"I'd be cheating everyone here, the staff and rest of my teammates, if I wasn't able to stay on top of my work. It was almost like therapy, to come back and get in an environment I'm comfortable with."
- Roger Clemens
(Related: Work, Cheating, Environment, Rest, Therapy)

"In childhood I developed a serious throat infection, and my heart stopped beating. I recovered from that illness with a voice that boomed forth like Kate Smith's!"
- Patsy Cline
(Related: Heart, Childhood, Illness, Voice)

"Are you eating it? Or is it eating you?"
- Larry Cohen
(Related: Eating)

"The essential meaning of perestroika for Gorbachev and his supporters was creating and acting on alternatives to failed and dangerous policies at home and abroad."
- Stephen Cohen
(Related: Home, Acting, Meaning)

"Let us never forget that terrorism at its heart, at its evil heart, is a psychological war. It endeavors to break the spirit and the resolve of those it attacks by creating a lose-lose situation."
- Norm Coleman
(Related: War, Heart, Evil, Forget, Spirit, Terrorism)

"It seems to me that in the western world, culture has something to do with appearance. A person that's out creating good stuff has got to appreciate someone when they take the time to have an appearance that goes with what they're doing."
- Ornette Coleman
(Related: Time, Appearance, Culture, World)

"I wanna keep creating those situations for myself so I don't have to be out front all the time. Then when I do have to be out front, I can do it to the max."
- Bootsy Collins
(Related: Time)

"Basically, though, I believe in eating well, not eating too much but eating a variety of foods."
- Joan Collins
(Related: Eating, Variety)

"And I think of that again as I've written in several of my beauty books, a lot of health comes from the proper eating habits, which are something that - you know, I come from a generation that wasn't - didn't have a lot of food."
- Joan Collins
(Related: Beauty, Food, Health, Books, Eating, Habits)

"'Urban Renewal' was sweet because I've been - unfairly, I would say - plonked in the middle of the road because of a handful of songs. It came at a good time for me, because you do take a bit of a browbeating and, as you get older, you become better at accepting it and realizing why it happens."
- Phil Collins
(Related: Time, Road, Songs)

"I'd always been on the giving end of music and creating."
- Jessi Colter
(Related: Music, End, Giving)

"It is vital that we provide North Dakota's children with nutritionally sound diets. That means ensuring that they are getting plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and are developing good eating habits for their future."
- Kent Conrad
(Related: Children, Eating, Future, Habits, Sound)

"My career is pretty much over. I'm out in the Valley eating soft-boiled eggs."
- Tim Conway
(Related: Career, Eating, Pretty)

"Party leads to vicious, corrupt and unprofitable legislation, for the sole purpose of defeating party."
- James F. Cooper
(Related: Purpose, Legislation, Party)

"Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off."
- Tommy Cooper
(Related: Drinking, Eating, Kids, Police, Yesterday)

"It's very difficult for me to dislike an artist. No matter what he's creating, the fact that he's experiencing the joy of creation makes me feel like we're in a brotherhood of some kind... we're in it together."
- Chick Corea
(Related: Artist, Brotherhood, Creation, Fact, Joy)

"Whether they are defending the Soviet Union or bleating for Saddam Hussein, liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of America's self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant."
- Ann Coulter
(Related: America, Difference, Idiots, Liberals, Self)

"If I like myself at this weight, then this is what I'm going to be. I don't have an eating disorder."
- Courteney Cox
(Related: Disorder, Eating, Weight)

"Eating without conversation is only stoking."
- Marcelene Cox
(Related: Conversation, Eating)

"Money is a way of creating scarcity."
- Peter Coyote
(Related: Money)

"If I don't work, I'll be sitting on the couch watching TV, eating popcorn and getting like a cow."
- Celia Cruz
(Related: Work, Eating)

"And it has become a kind of a truism in the study of creativity that you can't be creating anything with less than 10 years of technical knowledge immersion in a particular field."
- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
(Related: Knowledge, Creativity, Study, Years)

"I don't know how long I'll be trick or treating. Maybe I'll be 80 years old and still trick or treating."
- Kieran Culkin
(Related: Old, Years)

"We used to talk about wanting to get some money, but that's when hip-hop was based on your dreams and your fantasy. The whole thing now is the dreams and fantasies were achieved, and you don't want to make it the focal point. You can't keep beating that dead horse."
- Puff Daddy
(Related: Dreams, Money, Fantasy, Now, Talk, Want)

"Pear Drops were exciting because they had a dangerous taste. All of us were warned against eating them, and the result was that we ate them more than ever."
- Roald Dahl
(Related: Eating, Result, Taste)

"Guitar Player Magazine says Dick Dale is the father of Heavy Metal, blowing up 48 amplifiers, creating the first power amplifier."
- Dick Dale
(Related: Power, Father, First, Guitar)

"The Microsoft actions announced today are exactly the kinds of industry initiatives we need. Microsoft is using its resources to bring real privacy protection to Internet users by creating incentives for more websites to provide strong privacy protection."
- William M. Daley
(Related: Actions, Internet, Privacy, Protection, Today)

"Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad."
- Salvador Dali
(Related: Art, Honesty, Possibility, Cheating)

"I don't act in the way other actresses act, in terms of building or creating a character. I don't transform myself into the role, I invest myself in the role."
- Beatrice Dalle
(Related: Character, Building)

"Creating a character and living truthfully through her is a whole different ball game. It's all part of the same person but it's a much newer medium for me."
- Taylor Dane
(Related: Character, Living)

"We don't have a prayer of defeating the Red Threat of our generation without a long boom of almost unprecedented duration."
- Mitch Daniels
(Related: Prayer)

"Creating these messes that go from administration to administration and then you swoop in and clean them up - with that heroic Delta force - people not realizing that they were always there but doing different things than what we see them doing at the moment."
- Edwidge Danticat
(Related: People, Force)

"You can have information and ease of use and have artistic integrity at the same time. The art of being a good Web designer is getting yourself into that middle ground and treating it as a final destination instead of as a compromise."
- Mike Davidson
(Related: Art, Time, Being, Compromise, Information, Integrity)

"Money and corruption are ruining the land, crooked politicians betray the working man, pocketing the profits and treating us like sheep, and we're tired of hearing promises that we know they'll never keep."
- Ray Davies
(Related: Money, Corruption, Hearing, Land, Man, Politicians, Promises, Sheep)

"I'm always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning... Every day I find something creative to do with my life."
- Miles Davis
(Related: Life, Day, Future, Thinking)

"We are the nation the most powerful, the most armed and we are supplying arms and money to the rest of the world where we are not ourselves fighting. We are eating while there is famine in the world."
- Dorothy Day
(Related: Money, Eating, Famine, Fighting, Nation, Rest, World)

"Its going to be a squeeze, but we have got to put our men and women in uniform ahead of everything else. We've got to be treating our reservists fairly before we move on to other procurements."
- Mark Dayton
(Related: Men, Women)

"Let the teachers teach English and I will teach baseball. There is a lot of people in the United States who say isn't, and they ain't eating."
- Dizzy Dean
(Related: People, Baseball, Eating, English, states, Teachers, United, Will)

"When you - when you - and this is still going on today - are making your money by pushing paper around, when you should be making your money by investing venture capital in various job-creating things, that makes it much harder to recover."
- Howard Dean
(Related: Money, Job, Today)

"The next generation of women will enter a world in which they are perceived to have more opportunities for creating fulfilling lives than women have ever had before."
- Elizabeth Debold
(Related: Women, Will, World)

"I like people who are still actively creating in their life, who aren't set, I don't feel like I'm set. And I don't have any baggage, for better or worse. I don't have any plants or pets or kids. I can lock the door and go. I need to be with somebody for whom that's okay."
- Dana Delany
(Related: Life, People, Kids, Pets, Plants)

"It occured to me that eating is the only form of professionalism most people ever attain."
- Don DeLillo
(Related: People, Eating)

"There is only one real happiness in life, and that is the happiness of creating."
- Frederick Delius
(Related: Happiness, Life)

"There are a lot of things that go into creating success. I don't like to do just the things I like to do. I like to do things that cause the company to succeed. I don't spend a lot of time doing my favorite activities."
- Michael Dell
(Related: Time, Success, Cause, Company, Favorite, Succeed)

"The problem of how we finance the welfare state should not obscure a separate issue: if each person thinks he has an inalienable right to welfare, no matter what happens to the world, that's not equity, it's just creating a society where you can't ask anything of people."
- Jacques Delors
(Related: Finance, Society, People, Right, State, Welfare, World)

"Today is a celebration of hope for the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people can now take control of their government and their future by creating a society that protects the rights endowed to us by our creator - life, liberty and freedom."
- Jim DeMint
(Related: Government, Society, Life, People, Control, Hope, Freedom, Future, Rights, Liberty, Now, Today)

"An ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating acorns, but never looking up to see where they come from."
- Timothy Dexter
(Related: Eating, Man)

"At the time, nobody knew what it was. It had no name. When everything else is out of your control, you can control your eating. You end up cutting a lot of things off. Nothing reaches you. I was very happy then - that was the oddity."
- Susan Dey
(Related: Time, Control, Eating, End, Name, Nothing)

"This little kid pointed at me and said, 'You look disgusting!' That was the first time I thought maybe I did. I decided I'd better start eating. I'm just thankful that I made it through with relatively few scars."
- Susan Dey
(Related: Time, Thought, Eating, First)

"To create the power of competence without creating a corresponding direction to guide the use of that power is bad education."
- John S. Dickey
(Related: Education, Power, Competence, Direction)

"God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world."
- Paul Dirac
(Related: God, Mathematics, World)

"It is important to experiment and endlessly seek after creating the best possible flavors when preparing foods. That means not being afraid to experiment with various ingredients."
- Rocco DiSpirito
(Related: Being)

"So, when it comes to eating healthy, it's just doing the right thing. And it's not something you have to do 365 days a year, but I think it's something you have to do 25 days a month. Let's put it that way."
- Mike Ditka
(Related: Eating, Right)

"Some people are willing to pay the price and it's the same with staying healthy or eating healthy. There's some discipline involved. There's some sacrifices."
- Mike Ditka
(Related: People, Discipline, Eating)

"You see people who have been very heavy in their life who have taken that body, trimmed it down, firmed it up through discipline, exercise and being able to say no. Eating properly, that all comes into it."
- Mike Ditka
(Related: Life, People, Discipline, Being, Body, Eating, Exercise)

"Eating properly is great. I mean you cut the fat down, cut the cholesterol out, but still you got to get your rest and you got to have some form of exercise."
- Mike Ditka
(Related: Eating, Exercise, Rest)

"I've been into the habit of freezing white grapes and using them as a snack. Instead of eating peanuts or popcorn or something like that or pretzels, I just eat the white grapes."
- Mike Ditka
(Related: Habit, Eating)

"I think people who sample are cheating. It is like people who do collages. Use all of your own stuff."
- Bill Dixon
(Related: People, Cheating)

"As the temperature drops, the need for heating oil goes up."
- Christopher Dodd
(Related: Oil)

"Better biofuels are a really big deal. That means we can precisely engineer the molecules in the fuel chain and optimize them along the way. So, if all goes well, they're going to have designer bugs in warm vats that are eating and digesting sugars to excrete better biofuels. I guess that's better living through bugs."
- John Doerr
(Related: Bugs, Eating, Living)

"All my fans tell me what a glamorous life I have, but I tell them how hard I work and how many nights I spend alone with my dogs, eating chicken pot pie in my bedroom."
- Shannen Doherty
(Related: Life, Work, Dogs, Eating, Fans)

"I love the creating part of taking on a character. It is fun to be another person and create what it would be like to be that person."
- Jason Dohring
(Related: Love, Character, Fun)

"My favorite on screen moments are when you are really there and you know you're creating something. That's so exciting... it's why you come to work."
- Jason Dohring
(Related: Work, Favorite, Moments)

"Recognition should come to the reporter who uncovers public cheating or proves a convicted man innocent."
- Phil Donahue
(Related: Cheating, Man, Public)

"I think the idea of creating a television news source that is not beholden to corporate interests is nirvana."
- Phil Donahue
(Related: Idea, Corporate, News, Television)

"Ironically I think this is what sparked my interest in and passion for the NOAH, which is capable of creating all these old weird and wonderful sounds."
- Geoff Downes
(Related: Interest, Old, Passion)

"Some facts should be suppressed, or, at least, a just sense of proportion should be observed in treating them."
- Arthur Conan Doyle
(Related: Facts, Sense)

"Chess can be described as the movement of pieces eating one another."
- Marcel Duchamp
(Related: Chess, Eating)

"The mania started with insomnia and not eating and being driven, driven to find an apartment, driven to see everybody, driven to do New York, driven to never shut up."
- Patty Duke
(Related: Being, Eating)

"We have a group of friends of the museum who try to raise, if they can, periodically something to help us. Of course, the main thing about a building like this is its upkeep. It needs central heating and it needs central air conditioning."
- Katherine Dunham
(Related: Building, Friends, Help, Needs)

"The relation of repetitions for learning and for repeating English stanzas needs no amplification. These were learned by heart on the first day with less than half of the repetitions necessary for the shortest of the syllable series."
- Hermann Ebbinghaus
(Related: Heart, Day, English, First, Learning, Needs)

"I like creating these rhythmic patterns. These interlocking rhythmic things are really fun."
- Danny Elfman
(Related: Fun)

"About 10,000 years ago, males and females were acting equitably and were treating one another as equals, and then males took over the power, because they have physical power and physical strength."
- Jane Elliot
(Related: Power, Strength, Acting, Years)

"The purpose cannot be creating self-styled democracies, but rather encouraging steps that are conducive to establishing democratic rule at universal standards. Obviously, this would be a formidable journey."
- Recep Tayyip Erdogan
(Related: Encouraging, Purpose, Journey, Self)

"But, we have had the debate in our country now for a number of years as to whether or not free trade agreements are good for economic growth and economic opportunity in creating jobs and lifting people out of poverty."
- Donald Evans
(Related: People, Opportunity, Growth, Country, Debate, Jobs, Now, Poverty, Trade, Years)

"Last night I neglected to mention something that bears repeating."
- Ron Fairly
(Related: Night)

"Mental agitations and eating cares are more injurious to health, and destructive of life, than is commonly imagined, and could their effects be collected, would make no inconsiderable figure in the bills of mortality."
- William Falconer
(Related: Health, Life, Eating, Mortality)

"Violence is man re-creating himself."
- Frantz Fanon
(Related: Man, Violence)

"Everyone is treating it like a Hollywood story. In Madison, it's a neighborhood story."
- Chris Farley
(Related: Hollywood)

"Four years ago maybe we thought we were inferior to Brazil, subconsciously we didn't see ourselves beating them. Now we believe in ourselves, we can be on the pitch with any team in the world and think we can win."
- Rio Ferdinand
(Related: Thought, Brazil, Now, World, Years)

"And it was, it was not beating George Bush, believe it or not, the bottom line as far as I was concerned was introducing to the public who Gerry Ferraro was."
- Geraldine Ferraro
(Related: Public)

"Number one, I absolutely love making chocolate chip cookies. I mean, it's fun. It's exciting. Beyond the fact that I love making them, I love eating them."
- Debbi Fields
(Related: Love, Eating, Fact, Fun)

"Childhood obesity is best tackled at home through improved parental involvement, increased physical exercise, better diet and restraint from eating."
- Bob Filner
(Related: Diet, Home, Childhood, Eating, Exercise, Obesity, Restraint)

"At this point, I wouldn't be able to digest meat, and I don't like eating things with faces."
- Joely Fisher
(Related: Eating, Faces)

"Eating people is wrong."
- Michael Flanders
(Related: People, Eating, Wrong)

"But I had two very special people who helped to take my style to the next level. Thank God for my first MC Cowboy and my first student Grand Wizard Theodore, and to go out after creating this art form and finding everyone jamming to it - that too was pretty scary."
- Grandmaster Flash
(Related: Art, God, People, First, Pretty, Style)

"When somebody says that all statements are false, the obvious problem is that as an assertion it's self-defeating."
- Henry Flynt
(Related: Obvious, Self)

"I stuck with that size because I could bend the strings so well, and somewhere along the line I must have gotten it into my mind that I had small hands, so I was thinking I'd never be able to play a full-scale guitar, but I also felt like I was cheating or cutting corners."
- John Fogerty
(Related: Cheating, Guitar, Mind, Play, Thinking)

"Ford didn't know what to do with Mister Roberts that wasn't repeating what was successful in New York. He was trying to do things to the play that would be his in the film."
- Henry Fonda
(Related: Successful, Film, Play, Trying)

"Creating the fictional background for a game world isn't significantly different from creating a background for fiction."
- John M. Ford
(Related: Fiction, World)

"As a fashion designer, I was always aware that I was not an artist, because I was creating something that was made to be sold, marketed, used, and ultimately discarded."
- Tom Ford
(Related: Artist, Fashion)

"There's a million new people in the studio every day creating new stuff so I really had to be on my toes with this one so I could get it out before somebody else could."
- Willa Ford
(Related: People, Day)

"There are some guys you have problems beating because of their style - I always had difficulties with guys like Michael Chang and Andre Agassi because their returns were so good and they played so well in defence."
- Guy Forget
(Related: Difficulties, Problems, Style)

"If I were overweight because I ate too much, I would have far more of a complex. I would know if I just stopped eating and showed a little discipline I would be thin. But there's not a hell of a lot I can do about being short. You just gotta run with it."
- Michael J. Fox
(Related: Discipline, Being, Eating, Hell)

"Rita got the best of us. We took quite a beating. It's going to take a while to come back from this."
- Rick Fox
"We knew we?d never find someone called Rock Hard, which was our ideal name, and for a while we toyed with the idea of just creating the character but never letting him get seen."
- James Frank
(Related: Idea, Character, Name)

"I saw few die of hunger; of eating, a hundred thousand."
- Benjamin Franklin
(Related: Eating, Hunger)

"You can create a good impression on yourself by being right, he realizes, but for creating a good impression on others there's nothing to beat being totally and catastrophically wrong."
- Michael Frayn
(Related: Impression, Being, Nothing, Right, Wrong)

"I publish my own music. I'm creating my own songbook. It works that way for me; I'm very independent."
- David Friedman
(Related: Music)

"Red Carpet Enterprise has been really well received since one guy can install it in about an hour, and it makes it trivial to deal with software management issues like deploying updates and creating standard package sets for your various machines."
- Nat Friedman
(Related: Management, Machines, Software)

"What I've discovered is that in art, as in music, there's a lot of truth-and then there's a lie. The artist is essentially creating his work to make this lie a truth, but he slides it in amongst all the others. The tiny little lie is the moment I live for, my moment. It's the moment that the audience falls in love."
- Lady Gaga
(Related: Love, Work, Art, Music, Truth, Lie, Artist)

"And there never was an apple, in Adam's opinion, that wasn't worth the trouble you got into for eating it."
- Neil Gaiman
(Related: Eating, Opinion, Trouble, Worth)

"We ought to be beating our chests every day. We ought to look in the mirror, stick out our chests, suck in our bellies, and say, 'Damn, we're Americans,' and smile."
- Jay Garner
(Related: Americans, Day, Smile)

"My doctor said, for want of a better word, now that we've got medicines out here that can help, let's put you on one of them and say we're treating MS."
- Teri Garr
(Related: Help, Now, Want, Word)

"The CIA could not face up to the American people and admit that its former employees had conspired to assassinate the President; so from the moment Kennedy's heart stopped beating, the Agency attempted to sweep the whole conspiracy under the rug."
- Jim Garrison
(Related: People, Heart, American, Employees, President)

"We converse as we live by repeating, by combining and recombining a few elements over and over again just as nature does when of elementary particles it builds a world."
- William Gass
(Related: Nature, World)

"I like food. I like eating. And I don't want to deprive myself of good food."
- Sarah Michelle Gellar
(Related: Food, Eating, Want)

"I was about five years old when I was eating soup in our kitchen, and as I was lifting the spoon towards my mouth, it bent and broke in half."
- Uri Geller
(Related: Eating, Kitchen, Old, Years)

"Repudiating the virtues of your world, criminals hopelessly agree to organize a forbidden universe. They agree to live in it. The air there is nauseating: they can breathe it."
- Jean Genet
(Related: Forbidden, Universe, World)

"The transfer is a monumental occasion as the Iraqi people take control of their government and their future and forge ahead with creating a society governed by the tenets of life, liberty and freedom."
- Jim Gerlach
(Related: Government, Society, Life, People, Control, Freedom, Future, Liberty)

"The current system punishes communities which make the investment in creating landfills, only to have them filled by states which refuse to adequately address their waste issues."
- Paul Gillmor
(Related: Investment, states, Waste)

"Usually, in the studio, on this sort of thing... you just go out and have a play over it, and see what comes, and it's usually - mostly - the first take that's the best one, and you find yourself repeating yourself thereafter."
- David Gilmour
(Related: First, Play)

"Punk rock really came out of N.Y. as a philosophy before the groups were ever recorded. I had a kind-of intellectual interest in the idea of creating a new scene that could be a grassroots thing."
- Greg Ginn
(Related: Idea, Interest, Philosophy, Punk)

"Achieve success in any area of life by identifying the optimum strategies and repeating them until they become habits."
- Charles J. Givens
(Related: Life, Success, Habits)

"If you cannot work on the marriage or the women is a moron, staying married and cheating makes the most sense because divorce is disruptive to the family life and your bank account."
- Al Goldstein
(Related: Family, Life, Marriage, Women, Work, Bank account, Cheating, Divorce, Sense)

"For me working on the marriage and not making the easy choice of cheating was something that I could not do."
- Al Goldstein
(Related: Marriage, Cheating, Choice)

"During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet."
- Al Gore
(Related: Congress, Internet, Service, states, United)

"Our society's strong emphasis on dieting and self-image can sometimes lead to eating disorders. We know that more than 5 million Americans suffer from eating disorders, most of them young women."
- Tipper Gore
(Related: Women, Society, Americans, Dieting, Eating, Self)

"Eating disorders can have serious medical and psychological consequences which, left unchecked, can kill. Parents should address this issue and ask their children to discuss how they feel about themselves."
- Tipper Gore
(Related: Medical, Children, Consequences, Eating, Parents)

"Isolation is a self-defeating dream."
- Carlos Salinas de Gortari
(Related: Dream, Isolation, Self)

"In creating the Harry Potter artwork, I try to bring a certain amount of realism and believability to the characters and setting, but still add an element of wonder and the unknown."
- Mary Grandpre
(Related: Realism, Wonder)

"What we ought to see in the agonies of puberty is the result of the conditioning that maims the female personality in creating the feminine."
- Germaine Greer
(Related: Personality, Result)

"We cannot shun our values as an immigrant nation. This is a wrong path. And while possibly it is a short-term political victory based on division and based on creating a wedge issue that splits people in this country, it is a long-term defeat for this Nation."
- Raul Grijalva
(Related: People, Values, Victory, Country, Defeat, Nation, Wrong)

"I've just started school again, and it was a bit strange to start off with; it took me three or four days to get used to it. My friends have been great, they've been treating me normally."
- Rupert Grint
(Related: Friends, School)

"It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato."
- Lewis Grizzard
(Related: Thoughts, Eating)

"The writers led by Mike Scully are fantastic. And they're creating original stories that not only don't repeat what we've already done, they also don't repeat anything I've seen on television."
- Matt Groening
(Related: Television, Writers)

"We're on the path of creating monopoly business practices out of copyright law."
- Robin Gross
(Related: Business, Law)

"My mother had always taught me to write about my feelings instead of sharing really personal things with others, so I spent many evenings writing in my diary, eating everything in the kitchen and waiting for Mr. Wrong to call."
- Cathy Guisewite
(Related: Mother, Feelings, Eating, Kitchen, Sharing, Waiting, Writing, Wrong)

"An activist is one who is actively involved in creating community, whether that is locally in their neighborhood or internationally. It is an admirable quality."
- Jasmine Guy
(Related: Quality, Community)

"I always wondered if you clone your wife and have the cloned wife on the moon and the real wife down here, would that be considered cheating?"
- Luis Guzman
(Related: Wife, Cheating, Moon)

"As long as there are musicians who have a passion for spontaneity, for creating something that's never been before, the art form of jazz will flourish."
- Charlie Haden
(Related: Art, Jazz, Musicians, Passion, Spontaneity, Will)

"Art revolves around creating something that isn't there."
- Kathleen Hanna
(Related: Art)

"I remember seeing the song in some diners on the selection gadget that plays records at the table while you were eating. We were never told if the songs ever got on any charts."
- Phil Harris
(Related: Eating, Song, Songs)

"Marriage is a custom brought about by women who then proceed to live off men and destroy them, completely enveloping the man in a destructive cocoon or eating him away like a poisonous fungus on a tree."
- Richard Harris
(Related: Marriage, Men, Women, Custom, Eating, Man)

"Not only was it that I surprised people by beating Bret Hart, but it was a great match. They still rate it as one of the best wrestling matches of all time."
- Owen Hart
(Related: Time, People, Wrestling)

"It's kind of beating a dead horse if you're talking about going out and saying wrestling's fake, or this or that. People don't want to hear that. They want to hear, they wanted to find an inside story."
- Owen Hart
(Related: People, Saying, Talking, Want, Wrestling)

"Our economy is creating jobs and giving businesses the conditions they need to invest and succeed."
- Dennis Hastert
(Related: Economy, Giving, Jobs, Succeed)

"If you should see any Indians you will oblige me by repeating this prohibition to them."
- Benjamin Hawkins
(Related: Prohibition, Will)

"Every thought we think is creating our future."
- Louise L. Hay
(Related: Thought, Future)

"Twice the Republicans in the California legislature tried to block my seating because of my trips to Hanoi."
- Tom Hayden
(Related: Republicans)

"If people around the world knew how well people at Guantanamo Bay are treating prisoners, they would not fall prey to the accusations that some in our Chamber are making. They are all receiving judicial review."
- Robin Hayes
(Related: People, Accusations, World)

"I'm still growing I take each day, one day-at-a-time. I'm always thinking and dreaming. As long as this heart keeps beating, there will be new things coming along."
- Roy Haynes
(Related: Heart, Day, Thinking, Will)

"Is woman a religion? Well, perhaps you will have the chance of judging for yourselves if you go to America. There you will find men treating women with just the same respect formerly accorded only to religious dignitaries or to great nobles."
- Lafcadio Hearn
(Related: Men, Women, Religion, America, Chance, Religious, Respect, Will, Woman)

"I know all about cheating. I've had six very successful marriages."
- Bobby Heenan
(Related: Successful, Cheating)

"I never subscribe to the stay-at-home policy. I'm not sick of the road or sick of eating in good restaurants around the country. I like to travel."
- Levon Helm
(Related: Travel, Policy, Country, Eating, Restaurants, Road)

"Buzz has reduced my range. Running safely with him means using fewer and shorter routes, with multiple laps per day or multiple returns there per week. Neither of us minds repeating ourselves. This is what runners do."
- Joe Henderson
(Related: Day, Running)

"Often when a person can't get past stress, she will turn to overeating, drinking or smoking, which can become a greater problem than the stress itself."
- Marilu Henner
(Related: Drinking, Past, Smoking, Stress, Will)

"Technology has a great advantage in that we are capable of creating dinosaurs and show them on the screen even though they are extinct 65 million years. All of a sudden, we have a fantastic tool that is as good as dreams are."
- Werner Herzog
(Related: Dreams, Technology, Years)

"Well I think all I would say on that is, when we were in opposition in Britain and Hawke and then Keating were in power here, Labor was in power here, we learnt a huge amount from the ALP's experience here."
- Patricia Hewitt
(Related: Experience, Power, Labor, Opposition)

"Of everyone else who was running, and there were some very talented people, none of them had anywhere near the experience I had in hiring people, holding them accountable, creating systems for accountability."
- John Hickenlooper
(Related: Experience, People, Hiring, Running)

"The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail."
- Napoleon Hill
(Related: Men, Failure, Majority, Persistence)

"The privatization plan weakens Social Security and threatens our economic security by creating trillions of dollars in new debt."
- Ruben Hinojosa
(Related: Debt, Security)

"Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something."
- Eric Hoffer
(Related: Trust, Cheating, Feeling, Right, World)

"It is useless to contend with the irresistible power of Time, which goes on continually creating by a process of constant destruction."
- E. T. A. Hoffmann
(Related: Power, Time, Destruction)

"Color is a plastic means of creating intervals... color harmonics produced by special relationships, or tensions. We differentiate now between formal tensions and color tensions, just as we differentiate in music between counterpoint and harmony."
- Hans Hofmann
(Related: Music, Harmony, Now, Relationships)

"Singing songs like 'The Man I Love' or 'Porgy' is no more work than sitting down and eating Chinese roast duck, and I love roast duck."
- Billie Holiday
(Related: Love, Work, Eating, Man, Singing, Songs)

"Well, when I think of steroids I think of an image. You have the advantage over someone, which is a form of cheating. I guess it wouldn't be right unless it was legal for everybody. Reason it's not legal for everybody is because it can hurt people seriously."
- Evander Holyfield
(Related: Legal, People, Cheating, Hurt, Reason, Right)

"I love music and I enjoy creating sounds. I got into making music when I was a child, starting with the spoons and the koto before moving onto the piano."
- Tobe Hooper
(Related: Love, Music)

"The eating of burning brimstone is an entirely fake performance."
- Harry Houdini
(Related: Performance, Eating)

"In all feats of fire-eating it should be noted that the head is thrown well back, so that the flame may pass out of the open mouth instead of up into the roof, as it would if the head were held naturally."
- Harry Houdini
(Related: Fire, May, Open)

"Eating coals of fire has always been one of the sensational feats of the Fire Kings, as it is quite generally known that charcoal burns with an extremely intense heat."
- Harry Houdini
(Related: Eating, Fire, Kings)

"Another method of eating burning coals employs small balls of burned cotton in a dish of burning alcohol."
- Harry Houdini
(Related: Alcohol, Eating)

"All forms of self-defeating behavior are unseen and unconscious, which is why their existence is denied."
- Vernon Howard
(Related: Behavior, Existence, Self, Unconscious)

"I don't go long without eating. I never starve myself: I grab a healthy snack."
- Vanessa Hudgens
(Related: Eating)

"If I'd seen a grown man beating a crippled boy, of course I'd intervene. If my father died and left my mother destitute, it's your instinct to take care of her. So when I started to think about it in those terms, it started to make sense to me."
- Charlie Hunnam
(Related: Mother, Father, Care, Instinct, Man, Sense)

"If you are ever at a loss to support a flagging conversation, introduce the subject of eating."
- Leigh Hunt
(Related: Conversation, Eating, Loss, Support)

"If you ever have to support a flagging conversation, introduce the topic of eating."
- Leigh Hunt
(Related: Conversation, Eating, Support)

"When a man keeps beating me to the draw mentally, he begins to get glamorous."
- Zora Neale Hurston
(Related: Man)

"And people coming up asking for autographs, there's only one time when it kind of bothers me: when I'm eating."
- Enrique Iglesias
(Related: Time, People, Eating)

"The problem is, when you come back in you're sweating, so I wait until the very last minute before putting on my shirt so that it's not covered in sweat."
- Paul Ince
"I do not think our priorities are misplaced when we are looking at creating a whole new class of children from these gay marriages who could end up completely dependent on the State, on the taxpayers - the American people."
- James Inhofe
(Related: People, American, Children, Class, End, Gay, Priorities, State)

"There are many alternatives to embryonic stem cell research, alternatives with great potential. We need to support these and oppose creating life for the sole purpose of destroying it."
- Ernest Istook
(Related: Life, Purpose, Potential, Research, Support)

"We've outpaced Japan and Europe in creating new jobs, but there's major competition from India and China. It's not enough to make income tax cuts permanent."
- Ernest Istook
(Related: Competition, Europe, Tax, Income, Jobs, Tax cuts)

"Americans should be free to recognize our religious heritage; doing that is not the same as creating a government-sponsored religion."
- Ernest Istook
(Related: Religion, Government, Americans, Religious)

"I've done my time in being broke in Indonesia. Eating Goat soup. Australia's a developed country, you've got a lot of taxes, rents are high and its quite difficult to survive as an artist especially when you are just coming up."
- Andrew Jack
(Related: Time, Artist, Being, Country, Eating, Taxes)

"Sofia is so active, and she made The Virgin Suicides, which I thought was great - all these things are inspiring to me, not in terms of creating a particular dress, but just in terms of knowing that there is this type of woman out there."
- Marc Jacobs
(Related: Thought, Dress, Inspiring, Woman)

"We are creating a unique experience. It's starts with how you see the building from a distance."
- Helmut Jahn
(Related: Experience, Building)

"May we be saved from evil thoughts and deed of enemies of world peace who find pleasure in creating havoc and perpetrating all forms of carnage."
- Yahya Jammeh
(Related: Peace, Thoughts, Deed, Enemies, Evil, May, Pleasure, World)

"In the Arab world, there is no link between the cultural habits of peoples and the ways of thinking and creating of modern intellectuals. They are two separate worlds."
- Tahar Ben Jelloun
(Related: Habits, Intellectuals, Thinking, World)

"I get bored very easily. I have a voracious appetite and I do not feel alive if I'm repeating something I'm good at. So I'm always looking for new challenges."
- Jewel
(Related: Appetite)

"If you spend a whole afternoon just eating popcorn and watching football, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if that's all you do, you get swept along with the tide, without any idea of where you're going."
- Roland Joffe
(Related: Idea, Eating, Football, Nothing, Wrong)

"Kinda when I stopped eating was on our second album, just as it felt like everything was so out of control."
- Daniel Johns
(Related: Control, Eating)

"I start sweating and shaking and having panic attacks if I am not at home."
- Daniel Johns
(Related: Home)

"I'm always active in trying to educate people when it comes to eating animal products, testing on animals, and the health benefits of being vegan, although I'm probably not the best person to be talking about the latter at the moment."
- Daniel Johns
(Related: Health, People, Animals, Being, Benefits, Eating, Talking, Testing, Trying)

"Your destiny is in your hands. Creating the life you want is only, and always, up to you."
- Darren L. Johnson
(Related: Life, Destiny, Want)

"They don't give you gold medals for beating somebody. They give you gold medals for beating everybody."
- Michael Johnson
(Related: Gold)

"Treating your adversary with respect is striking soft in battle."
- Samuel Johnson
(Related: Battle, Respect)

"Simply cutting the taxes for America's wealthiest families is clearly not creating the needed new jobs, and that strategy is unlikely to succeed in the future."
- Tim Johnson
(Related: Strategy, America, Future, Jobs, Succeed, Taxes)

"I've told Billy if I ever caught him cheating, I wouldn't kill him because I love his children and they need a dad. But I would beat him up. I know where all of his sports injuries are."
- Angelina Jolie
(Related: Love, Sports, Dad, Cheating, Children)

"I think the same way about theatre, you go out there and you are creating a world for a moment that can actually have a real impact on people, present some kind of story that gives you something to think about when you walk away, feeling enriched - if it works out well."
- Jeffrey Jones
(Related: People, Feeling, Present, Theatre, World)

"I'm not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat."
- Michael Jordan
(Related: Day)

"The commune movement is part of a reawakening of belief in the possibilities for utopia that existed in the nineteenth century and exist again today, a belief that by creating the right social institution, human satisfaction and growth can be achieved."
- Rosabeth Moss Kanter
(Related: Belief, Growth, Possibilities, Right, Satisfaction, Today, Utopia)

"The perfect date for me would be staying at home, making a big picnic in bed, eating Wotsits and cookies while watching cable TV."
- Kim Kardashian
(Related: Home, Bed, Eating)

"As bad as it might be to destroy a creature made in God's image, it might be very much worse to be creating them after images of one's own."
- Leon Kass
(Related: God)

"In our racist, sexist society, Christmas is the 8 hours when we stop killing each other and gratutious over eating is encouraged so that the starving and other people in the world can die!"
- Lloyd Kaufman
(Related: Society, People, Christmas, Eating, Killing, World)

"We ought instead of retreating should follow up the enemy and take Richmond. And in full view of all responsible for such declaration, I say to you all, such an order can only be prompted by cowardice or treason."
- Philip Kearny
(Related: Cowardice, Enemy, Order, Treason)

"I was born in Middlesex, England, which is really London."
- Charles Keating
(Related: England, London)

"You know, working as an actor, I'm always working within my own imagination."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Imagination, Actor)

"Well I was out in the garden moving rocks on the day of the Emmys. I was just playing in the dirt."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Day, Garden)

"Well I don't write, I attempt to scribble here and there. And no, nothing ever so grand as being published."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Being, Nothing)

"The Emmy will have no effect on me, from the standpoint that you've still got to wash your bowl after breakfast."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Effect, Will)

"It does make you a better director and a better actor."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Actor)

"Indeed, the actor's lot is a much harder one than that of the director's, from one simple standpoint: The actor has to play the eight shows a week."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Actor, Play)

"In film and television we are oftentimes so pampered that the truths are withheld."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Film, Television)

"I indeed had only one scene, one speech, one little speech, but it was with Robin Williams."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Speech)

"I have two delightful sons, who I love dearly."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Love, Sons)

"I believe the director's primary role is to create an atmosphere where his company can be created."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Company)

"Computers rather frighten me, because I never did learn to type, so the whole thing seems extraordinarily complicated to me."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Computers)

"Am I 53 or 54? I think I'm 54. I was born in 1941. So this year I'll be 55."
- Charles Keating
"In the theatre, the actor is given immediate feedback."
- Charles Keating
(Related: Actor, Theatre)

"I think there are a number of bishops - and I put Cardinal Mahony in that category - who listen too much to his lawyer and not enough to his heart."
- Frank Keating
(Related: Heart)

"With or without a Social Security fix, Americans don't have enough assets to retire on. There has to be a much larger debate."
- Frank Keating
(Related: Americans, Debate, Security)

"I try to use the Australian idiom to its maximum advantage."
- Paul Keating
"If one takes pride in one's craft, you won't let a good thing die. Risking it through not pushing hard enough is not a humility."
- Paul Keating
(Related: Humility, Pride)

"Beating up on the so-called elite media has a nice populist ring to it."
- Bill Keller
(Related: Media)

"It is for us to pray not for tasks equal to our powers, but for powers equal to our tasks, to go forward with a great desire forever beating at the door of our hearts as we travel toward our distant goal."
- Helen Keller
(Related: Travel, Goal, Desire)

"Each novel is harder than its predecessor because I must work harder at not repeating myself. However, I enjoy the challenge. This is the greatest job in the world."
- Jonathan Kellerman
(Related: Work, Challenge, Job, World)

"We have mistaken the nature of poverty, and thought it was economic poverty. No, it is poverty of soul, deprivation of God's recreating, loving peace."
- Thomas R. Kelly
(Related: Nature, Peace, Soul, Thought, God, Poverty)

"Terrorism is a psychological warfare. Terrorists try to manipulate us and change our behavior by creating fear, uncertainty, and division in society."
- Patrick J. Kennedy
(Related: Change, Society, Fear, Behavior, Terrorism, Uncertainty)

"Some people have such a talent for making the best of a bad situation that they go around creating bad situations so they can make the best of them."
- Jean Kerr
(Related: Talent, People)

"NAFTA recognizes the reality of today's economy - globalization and technology. Our future is not in competing at the low-level wage job; it is in creating high-wage, new technology jobs based on our skills and our productivity."
- John F. Kerry
(Related: Technology, Economy, Future, Globalization, Job, Jobs, Productivity, Reality, Today, Wage)

"I love eating in it, brushing my teeth and swallowing the toothpaste in it. I love punching the ceiling with my fists when I'm lost or I can't find a parking space."
- Laura Kightlinger
(Related: Love, Eating, Space)

"I still think my whole career was accidental. I didn't pursue it. I feel like I'm cheating sometimes."
- Ben E. King
(Related: Career, Cheating)

"Hunger also changes the world - when eating can't be a habit, then neither can seeing."
- Maxine Hong Kingston
(Related: Habit, Eating, Hunger, World)

"Secretary Rumsfeld used to represent parts of our district in the 1960s. I think that he and his team have done a masterful job in defeating Iraqi forces quickly and decisively."
- Mark Kirk
(Related: Job)

"It's fun to get out in the field. I really enjoy that. It's fun creating."
- Tom Kite
(Related: Fun)

"Orson Welles was one of these people who was defying everything the doctors told him he wasn't supposed to be doing. He was really enjoying himself when he was eating what he wanted to eat."
- Eartha Kitt
(Related: People, Doctors, Eating)

"The main thing is healthy eating, exercise, which I do for special events, like if it's Sports Illustrated, or the swim suit catalogue for Victoria's Secret, or my own calendar that I did for the year 2000."
- Heidi Klum
(Related: Sports, Eating, Events, Exercise)

"There was a certain point in my life where I had to decide that I was going to take my future and Nicole's and not wallow in what happened to me because when you do that, you just keep repeating what's been happening and at some point you have to make a choice."
- Boris Kodjoe
(Related: Life, Choice, Future)

"The most persistent sound which reverberates through man's history is the beating of war drums."
- Arthur Koestler
(Related: History, War, Man, Sound)

"And it's tough traveling. You know, the hotels and the airports and all that. That part, eating and getting around to the hotel room and then going on."
- Harvey Korman
(Related: Eating, Traveling)

"You're creating an intimacy that everybody feels, that it's their experience, not yours. I'll never introduce a song and say, now this song is about 'my' broken heart."
- Diana Krall
(Related: Experience, Heart, Intimacy, Now, Song)

"I believe every chess player senses beauty, when he succeeds in creating situations, which contradict the expectations and the rules, and he succeeds in mastering this situation."
- Vladimir Kramnik
(Related: Beauty, Chess, Expectations, Rules, Senses)

"I have, in my partner George Roberts, a person who is the most wonderful man in the world to me. He's like a brother to me. Creating with him, being side by side with him, in whatever we try to do, is a real pleasure to me."
- Henry Kravis
(Related: Brother, Being, Man, Pleasure, World)

"The only character I ever remember actually creating in a flash of inspiration was George Liquor. God planted that in my head in an instant."
- John Kricfalusi
(Related: God, Inspiration, Character, Liquor)

"The meaning of life is not to be discovered only after death in some hidden, mysterious realm; on the contrary, it can be found by eating the succulent fruit of the Tree of Life and by living in the here and now as fully and creatively as we can."
- Paul Kurtz
(Related: Death, Life, Eating, Living, Meaning, Now)

"My heart was beating out of my chest."
- Swoosie Kurtz
(Related: Heart)

"To those of you who study history, economics, sociology, literature and language I present the challenge of the utilization of the enormous resources in our grasp to the problem of creating a genuinely good life for yourselves and your children."
- Polykarp Kusch
(Related: Life, History, Challenge, Children, Economics, Language, Literature, Present, Study)

"Music is one of those things that is constantly going in my head all the time. It's sort of like the evolution and creation of doing food, or my philosophy about wine. It's always beating in my head, so it keeps the spirit moving."
- Emeril Lagasse
(Related: Music, Food, Time, Creation, Evolution, Philosophy, Spirit, Wine)

"What you need to do is get that tape measure out, and start measuring that gut. Then you start working out and you start eating properly till that gut gets down close to it was when you were in your 20's. Then you'll find out what your weight should be."
- Jack LaLanne
(Related: Eating, Measure, Weight)

"Look at the average American diet: ice cream, butter, cheese, whole milk, all this fat. People don't realize how much of this stuff you get by the end of the day. High blood pressure is from all this high-fat eating."
- Jack LaLanne
(Related: People, American, Blood, Day, Eating, End, Pressure)

"Our approach was very simple. It was about creating a universal language. A show that will be attractive toward every people coming from all over the world. And that was a big thing."
- Guy Laliberte
(Related: People, Language, Will, World)

"Some men like a dull life - they like the routine of eating breakfast, going to work, coming home, petting the dog, watching TV, kissing the kids, and going to bed. Stay clear of it - it's often catching."
- Hedy Lamarr
(Related: Life, Men, Home, Work, Bed, Eating, Kids, Kissing, Routine)

"Congress should stop treating veterans like they're asking for a hand out when it comes to the benefits they were promised, and they should realize that, were it not for these veterans, there would be nothing to hand out."
- Nick Lampson
(Related: Benefits, Congress, Nothing, Veterans)

"But this Veterans Day, I believe we should do more than sing the praises of the bravery and patriotism that our veterans have embodied in the past. We should take this opportunity to re-evaluate how we are treating our veterans in the present."
- Nick Lampson
(Related: Patriotism, Opportunity, Bravery, Day, Past, Present, Veterans)

"Sometimes I only succeed in beating myself to death."
- Burt Lancaster
(Related: Death, Succeed)

"Dreaming is one thing, and working towards the dream is one thing, but working with expectations in mind is very self-defeating."
- Michael Landon
(Related: Dream, Expectations, Mind, Self)

"Upon the union of the male germ cell with the female egg cell, a new cell is created which almost immediately splits into two parts. One of these grows rapidly, creating the human body of the individual with all its organs, and dies only with the individual."
- Christian Lous Lange
(Related: Body)

"I can finally go home and tell the constituents, law enforcement, and leaders in Washington state that Congress is treating the meth problem with the same urgency and commitment that local communities have been treating it with for years."
- Rick Larsen
(Related: Home, Commitment, Congress, Law, Leaders, State, Washington, Years)

"The actual getting into the gym and working out process was easier, but the eating was harder. I had to eat every two hours. At one point, my trainer said, 'Put anything in your mouth. Go to McDonald's, get the biggest shake possible. I just need to get calories in you.' Because my body fat at the time was only, like, 7.5%."
- Taylor Lautner
(Related: Time, Body, Eating)

"At one point I had to shove as much food in my body as possible to pack on calories. My trainer wanted me to do six meals a day and not go two hours without eating. If I would cheat on eating one day, I could tell - I'd drop a few pounds."
- Taylor Lautner
(Related: Food, Body, Day, Eating)

"I was eating bad stuff. Lots of sugar and carbs, junk food all the time. It makes you very irritated."
- Avril Lavigne
(Related: Food, Time, Eating)

"It is quite true, as some poets said, that the God who created man must have had a sinister sense of humor, creating him a reasonable being, yet forcing him to take this ridiculous posture, and driving him with blind craving for this ridiculous performance."
- David Herbert Lawrence
(Related: God, Humor, Performance, Being, Blind, Driving, Poets, Sense)

"One can no longer live with people: it is too hideous and nauseating. Owners and owned, they are like the two sides of a ghastly disease."
- David Herbert Lawrence
(Related: Disease)

"The violence in the world comes about because we human beings are forever creating barriers between men who are like us and men who are not like us."
- Edmund Leach
(Related: Men, Violence, World)

"Not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct."
- Denis Leary
(Related: Decision, Eating, Instinct)

"Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system."
- Bruce Lee
(Related: Living, Man, Style)

"A personal offense is like a scratch on a phonograph record. I couldn't move my thoughts beyond my pain. It kept repeating, as if I were stuck within its grooves. There was only one way to play beyond it. I had to forgive them, so my heart could take its form again."
- Laurel Lee
(Related: Heart, Thoughts, Pain, Play)

"When you're that successful, things have a momentum, and at a certain point you can't really tell whether you have created the momentum or it's creating you."
- Annie Lennox
(Related: Successful)

"Isn't it amazing the way the future succeeds in creating an appropriate past?"
- John Leonard
(Related: Future, Past)

"We're all given some sort of skill in life. Mine just happens to be beating up on people."
- Sugar Ray Leonard
(Related: Life, People, Skill)

"What's lucky about my career in general is that I stumbled into what every writer most wants. Not repeating myself and doing strange things has become my trademark."
- Jonathan Lethem
(Related: Career, Writer)

"It's those moments, those odd moments that you look for and sometimes by creating this kind of loose atmosphere you find those little moments that somehow mean a lot to an audience when they really register right."
- Barry Levinson
(Related: Moments, Right)

"A university is a college with a stadium seating over 40,000."
- Leonard L. Levinson
(Related: College, University)

"A man who is eating or lying with his wife or preparing to go to sleep in humility, thankfulness and temperance, is, by Christian standards, in an infinitely higher state than one who is listening to Bach or reading Plato in a state of pride."
- C. S. Lewis
(Related: Wife, Christian, Eating, Humility, Listening, Lying, Man, Pride, Reading, Sleep, State, Temperance, Thankfulness)

"I still go to a salon where a gal does my hair, and I don't know if it's because I'm a celebrity but by the time I leave there, we are eating chicken and talking and screaming."
- Jenifer Lewis
(Related: Time, Celebrity, Eating, Hair, Talking)

"The provisions contained in this plan will ensure that the United States has the infrastructure necessary to meet energy needs through future decades, easing dependence on unpredictable foreign oil markets, and creating thousands of new jobs for American workers."
- Ron Lewis
(Related: American, Dependence, Energy, Future, Jobs, Needs, Oil, states, United, Will, Workers)

"Unless you're involved with thinking about what you're doing, you end up doing the same thing over and over, and that becomes tedious and, in the end, defeating."
- Sol LeWitt
(Related: End, Thinking)

"It's about how to bring together the seemingly contradictory aspects of the memorial, which is about a tragedy and how it changed the world, but also about creating a vital and beautiful city of the 21st century."
- Daniel Libeskind
(Related: Tragedy, World)

"Yet you should practice the greatest possible love and confidence in treating with Him."
- Alphonsus Liguori
(Related: Love, Confidence, Practice)

"People aren't just paying more to fill their gas tanks or when they pay for their heating bills for their home; they are paying more at the grocery store, on air travel and for many other daily expenses."
- Dan Lipinski
(Related: Travel, People, Home)

"The time has come to stop beating our heads against stone walls under the illusion that we have been appointed policeman to the human race."
- Walter Lippmann
(Related: Time, Illusion, Race)

"The only thing my old man ever gave me was a beating."
- Sonny Liston
(Related: Man, Old)

"I have many memories of waking up to eat breakfast that my mother carefully prepared for us and her saying, what do y'all want for lunch, and as we're eating lunch, what do y'all want for dinner? It's always about the next meal."
- Lisa Loeb
(Related: Mother, Eating, Memories, Saying, Waking, Want)

"There are no golden geese. There are only fat geese eating the food that could nourish more athletic opportunities for women."
- Donna A. Lopiano
(Related: Food, Women, Eating, Geese)

"If we gave up eating beef we would have roughly 20 to 30 times more land for food than we have now."
- James Lovelock
(Related: Food, Eating, Land, Now)

"In creating, the only hard thing is to begin: a grass blade's no easier to make than an oak."
- James Russell Lowell
(Related: Oak)

"A man can make himself put down what comes, even if it seems nauseating nonsense; tomorrow some of it may not seem wholly nonsense at all."
- F. L. Lucas
(Related: Man, May, Nonsense, Tomorrow)

"The masses are in reality their own leaders, dialectically creating their own development process."
- Rosa Luxemburg
(Related: Development, Leaders, Reality)

"We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction."
- Douglas MacArthur
(Related: Direction)

"Beating the drums for Hawaii is not hard to do... the place just grows on you."
- James MacArthur
"And now, dear sister, I must leave this house or the retreating army will make me a prisoner in it by filling up the road I am directed to take."
- Dolley Madison
(Related: Sister, Army, Now, Road, Will)

"I just try to try to keep an attitude that I don't know what I'm doing. Not to the point where I'm beating myself up, but I just go in thinking that I have a lot to learn. And I hope I still have that attitude 30 years from now."
- Tobey Maguire
(Related: Attitude, Hope, Now, Thinking, Years)

"If you're sitting in the audience, you probably can't see the preparation and work that goes into creating a great scene or a great part, but I can assure you that a good film depends on lot of different things falling perfectly into place."
- Tobey Maguire
(Related: Work, Film, Preparation)

"I started working around eigth grade. I remember doing a Doritos commercial where there were four days in a row of eating them, and I will tell you, I have not eaten many Doritos since."
- Tobey Maguire
(Related: Eating, Will)

"I think the Democratic Party realizes, having lost two presidential elections, we need to do a better job of creating a farm team."
- John Mahoney
(Related: Elections, Job, Party)

"I lost races because I wanted too much to win them in beating my rivals."
- Hermann Maier
"Every moment of one's existence one is growing into more or retreating into less. One is always living a little more or dying a little bit."
- Norman Mailer
(Related: Dying, Existence, Living)

"To be always intending to make a new and better life but never to find time to set about it is as to put off eating and drinking and sleeping from one day to the next until you're dead."
- Og Mandino
(Related: Life, Time, Day, Drinking, Eating)

"So instead of beating myself up for being fat, I think it's a miracle that I laugh every day and walk through my life with pride, because our culture is unrelenting when it comes to large people."
- Camryn Manheim
(Related: Life, People, Being, Culture, Day, Pride)

"You have certain writing tools but generally creating something from nothing makes one quite mad and Cynthia and I are quite mad you know."
- Barry Mann
(Related: Nothing, Tools, Writing)

"I couldn't feel good about myself hanging out in Armani clothes when my girlfriend can't even pay her heating bill. I'd feel foul and I'd be embarrassed."
- Shirley Manson
(Related: Girlfriend, Clothes)

"He's part of the product and will make no bones about creating that image to bring the value up in his product, bring the value up in everything he touches."
- Marla Maples
(Related: Value, Will)

"Words, yes, formulating things, creating something from your heart, it is something very necessary, yes."
- Sophie Marceau
(Related: Heart, Words)

"What power can poverty have over a home where loving hearts are beating with a consciousness of untold riches of the head and heart?"
- Orison Swett Marden
(Related: Home, Power, Heart, Consciousness, Poverty)

"Everything we talk about is about beating the Packers, the Bears and the Vikings. Obviously there are other teams in the league, but if you can dominate and be on top of your division you are always in the playoff hunt. It's time for us to win that thing."
- Steve Mariucci
(Related: Time, Talk)

"He who looks in the crystal ball ends up eating glass... They're way, way close."
- Mary Matalin
(Related: Eating)

"Your voice is vibrant for only a certain part of your life. There are some records I've always wanted to make, and I don't know if I want to waste this time beating on the door of the charts."
- Kathy Mattea
(Related: Time, Life, Voice, Want, Waste)

"And on the war, I think my numbers would be a lot higher if I were out there beating the drum for this war. In fact, I don't think it, I know it. But I can't be for the war."
- Chris Matthews
(Related: War, Fact, Numbers)

"Nobody has money right now. And eating is very important, but it doesn't need to be expensive. And to make - it doesn't need to be fancy, as long as it's fresh and simple. The simpler it is, the more fancy it actually comes out tasting."
- Debi Mazar
(Related: Money, Eating, Fancy, Now, Right)

"I almost fainted. There was no family history. I had been eating a vegetarian diet and I exercised."
- Rue McClanahan
(Related: Diet, Family, History, Eating)

"They could have been nice to me instead of treating me like an idiot."
- Norma McCorvey
"First of all there is always that artistic challenge of creating something. Or the particular experience to take slum life in that period and make something out of it in the form of a book. And then I felt some kind of responsibility to my family."
- Frank McCourt
(Related: Experience, Family, Life, Challenge, First, Responsibility)

"Pete Rozelle used television to get the game to the American public by creating the Super Bowl and making it the biggest sporting event in the world."
- Will McDonough
(Related: American, Public, Television, World)

"The Establishment center... has led us into the stupidest and cruelest war in all history. That war is a moral and political disaster - a terrible cancer eating away at the soul of our nation."
- George McGovern
(Related: War, History, Soul, Cancer, Disaster, Eating, Nation)

"Here were these college kids beating the Soviets and going on to the Olympic Gold Medal. To me, that's the greatest upset of all time in any sport that I can think of."
- Jim McKay
(Related: Time, College, Gold, Kids)

"For 200 years we've been conquering nature. Now we're beating it to death."
- Tom McMillan
(Related: Death, Nature, Now, Years)

"I'm addicted to creating and writing."
- Bret Michaels
(Related: Writing)

"Those children who are beaten will in turn give beatings, those who are intimidated will be intimidating, those who are humiliated will impose humiliation, and those whose souls are murdered will murder."
- Alice Miller
(Related: Children, Murder, Will)

"You've got bad eating habits if you use a grocery cart in 7-Eleven."
- Dennis Miller
(Related: Eating, Habits)

"The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you're hungry again."
- George Miller
(Related: Food, Eating, Trouble)

"By giving the public a rich and full melody, distinctly arranged and well played, all the time creating new tone colors and patterns, I feel we have a better chance of being successful. I want a kick to my band, but I don't want the rhythm to hog the spotlight."
- Glenn Miller
(Related: Time, Successful, Being, Chance, Colors, Giving, Public, Want)

"Then again, my case was all about the misappropriation of source code because I wanted to become the best hacker in the world and I enjoyed beating the security mechanisms."
- Kevin Mitnick
(Related: Security, World)

"I'd love to talk to Joaquin Phoenix because he's a very private guy. Also, he's creating a new kind of sexy leading man. To me, his face is new and might be legendary someday."
- Isaac Mizrahi
(Related: Love, Leading, Man, Talk)

"I think about that "empty" space a lot. That emptiness is what allows for something to actually evolve in a natural way. I've had to learn that over the years - because one of the traps of being an artist is to always want to be creating, always wanting to produce."
- Meredith Monk
(Related: Artist, Being, Space, Want, Years)

"Well, we like to let down our hair and pep it up at the dances, but we keep it slower when we broadcast. We have to please everybody, and that softer music appeals to the larger amount of people. It's like eating too much cake. You have to have your steak too."
- Vaughn Monroe
(Related: Music, People, Eating, Hair)

"Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads."
- Marianne Moore
(Related: Art, Poetry, Gardens)

"And then Dick called and said, I'm going to do a special called Dick Van Dyke and the other woman, that would be you, because every time I try to check into a hotel with my wife, they look at me as though I'm cheating on Laura."
- Mary Tyler Moore
(Related: Time, Wife, Cheating, Woman)

"Creating a character on or off the stage is an escape."
- Roger Moore
(Related: Character)

"What we see is what they're trying to sell us. It's not true nostalgic as much as it is repeating old material because it's less expensive than new material."
- Rick Moranis
(Related: Old, Trying)

"The sun would come up over the ocean, and we'd be eating scrambled eggs before we shot some stuff. It was a vacation in the sense that it was the best working conditions."
- Marguerite Moreau
(Related: Eating, Ocean, Sense, Sun, Vacation)

"Technology is permeating every single thing we do... And to the extent that we can better expose our young people to all the different ways that technology can be used, not just for video games or toys, we're planning for the future."
- Marc Morial
(Related: Technology, People, Future, Games, Planning)

"No man is lonely eating spaghetti; it requires so much attention."
- Christopher Morley
(Related: Attention, Eating, Lonely, Man)

"By creating useful job descriptions and making clear what qualifications should be expected, the Department aims to help improve schools' ability to recruit the right people."
- Estelle Morris
(Related: People, Ability, Help, Job, Right, Schools)

"You've got all these books on self help, getting to know yourself, doing the right thing, eating the so-called right foods, even down to what books you have on your shelves. People are encouraged to look to themselves first as opposed to being a part of society."
- Samantha Morton
(Related: Society, People, Being, Books, Eating, First, Help, Right, Self)

"I like creating images."
- Kate Moss
"Once my doctor began treating my kidney disease, my greatest challenge was the constant exhaustion. Fortunately, my doctor explained that anemia was causing my exhaustion and that people with serious illnesses, like kidney disease, may be at increased risk for anemia."
- Alonzo Mourning
(Related: People, Challenge, Disease, Exhaustion, May, Risk)

"To do so, we are creating a Fairness for Switzerland Committee that will not only disseminate some of the facts, but also protect a relationship that is important to all of us in North America."
- Peter Munk
(Related: America, Committee, Facts, Will)

"Philosophy! Empty thinking by ignorant conceited men who think they can digest without eating!"
- Iris Murdoch
(Related: Men, Thinking)

"The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow."
- Rupert Murdoch
(Related: Will, World)

"No one was creating and I always wanted to be created on."
- Graeme Murphy
"Moreover, health center services save money and lives by treating diseases before they become chronic conditions, require hospital care or require a trip to the emergency room."
- Tim Murphy
(Related: Health, Money, Care)

"It will always be the same possibilities, in sum or on the average, that go on repeating themselves until a man comes along who does not value the actuality above idea. It is he who first gives the new possibilities their meaning, their direction, and he awakens them."
- Robert Musil
(Related: Idea, Direction, First, Man, Meaning, Possibilities, Value, Will)

"My parents would read those books to me as well but they used to make me starving when I was a kid because they were always eating ham sandwiches with the crusts off and drinking ginger beer."
- Mike Myers
(Related: Beer, Books, Drinking, Eating, Parents)

"My God, he looks like he's beating a chicken."
- Byron Nelson
(Related: God)

"It's all about creating a back story for the character and developing emotional responses that are true to life in relation to the character. It isn't necessary to live a tragic life to create from that place."
- Corin Nemec
(Related: Life, Character)

"I have my ethics and morals. I have my anchor point of what is right and wrong in real life, but I'm not afraid to entertain any and every aspect of personality in relationship to creating a character."
- Corin Nemec
(Related: Life, Character, Ethics, Morals, Personality, Right, Wrong)

"I did private study for about a month, five days a week, six hours a day. I came to understand the character in ways that I never would've previous to that. I was so innocent in respect to ways of creating characters."
- Corin Nemec
(Related: Character, Day, Respect, Study)

"I'm crazy about westerns. I need to do a western once in a while. It's like you know, eating bread, eating pasta, drinking wine. It's in my blood. I need it."
- Franco Nero
(Related: Blood, Drinking, Eating, Wine)

"Is marijuana addictive? Yes, in the sense that most of the really pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating."
- Richard Neville
(Related: Life, Sense, Worth)

"After two years of hard work and debate, Congress has passed a highway bill that will help fuel our economy by creating roughly 500,000 new jobs, as well as address many critical transportation needs in Ohio and the 18th Congressional District."
- Bob Ney
(Related: Work, Congress, Debate, Economy, Hard work, Help, Jobs, Needs, Will, Years)

"When you make a drama, you spend all day beating a guy to death with a hammer, or what have you. Or, you have to take a bite out of somebody's face. On the other hand, with a comedy, you yell at Billy Crystal for an hour, and you go home."
- Robert De Niro
(Related: Death, Home, Comedy, Day, Drama)

"If any man, out of an humour, should turn all his Estate into Money, and keep it dead, he would soon be sensible of Poverty growing upon him, whilst he is eating out of the quick stock."
- Dudley North
(Related: Money, Eating, Man, Poverty, Quick)

"Making movies is eating candy. It's a very expensive candy, so you value when you can do it. So when you can do it twice at once, it's like, you know, a kid in a candy store!"
- Phillip Noyce
(Related: Movies, Eating, Value)

"The fact that we don't keep repeating tests in the same arena is not because the probability of the hypothesis showing its falsity in other arenas goes up after it has passed tests in one arena."
- Robert Nozick
(Related: Fact, Tests)

"Society as a whole is better off when information is available to the public. Whether you are talking about how to prevent disease, or about who does the best job of treating disease, it is useful to provide as much information to the public as possible."
- David Obey
(Related: Society, Disease, Information, Job, Public, Talking)

"We had an awfully good ball club that was capable of beating anybody. They were that good."
- John Oldham
"In the summer we graduated we flipped out completely, drinking beer, cruising in our cars and beating up each other. It was a crazy summer. That's when I started to be interested in girls."
- Ed O'Neill
(Related: Beer, Drinking, Girls, Summer)

"We are all dreamers creating the next world, the next beautiful world for ourselves and for our children."
- Yoko Ono
(Related: Children, World)

"When the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century brought a rapid increase in wealth, the demand of workers for a fair share of the wealth they were creating was conceded only after riots and strikes."
- John Boyd Orr
(Related: Wealth, Revolution, Workers)

"The guy who knows about computers is the last person you want to have creating documentation for people who don't understand computers."
- Adam Osborne
(Related: Computers, People, Want)

"I don't know why you are treating me like this. The only thing I have done is carry a pistol into a movie."
- Lee Harvey Oswald
"Part of treatment for drugs and alcohol is you abstain from these, but with eating disorders you can't abstain from food so the treatment is longer than drugs and alcohol."
- Carre Otis
(Related: Food, Alcohol, Drugs, Eating, Treatment)

"High gas prices are eating away at consumer's disposal income and could lead to a further economic downturn, especially for those whose livelihood depend on gasoline and diesel fuel."
- Major R. Owens
(Related: Eating, Income)

"Did perpetual happiness in the Garden of Eden maybe get so boring that eating the apple was justified?"
- Chuck Palahniuk
(Related: Happiness, Eating, Garden)

"Contrary to what the politicians and religious leaders would like us to believe, the world won't be made safer by creating barriers between people."
- Michael Palin
(Related: People, Leaders, Politicians, Religious, World)

"The administration says, then, there are no downsides or upsides to treating terrorists like civilian criminal defendants, but a lot of us would beg to differ."
- Sarah Palin
"It's a prizefight. Get off the stool, take your beating, go back to your corner, rest, and take a beating again. Believe in your own talent. Marry well."
- Bruce Paltrow
(Related: Talent, Rest)

"We have to be careful about creating more rules."
- Paul Parker
(Related: Rules)

"You know that everyone thinks that in order to do South Park we must be wild, crazy, rock and roll stars. But the truth is we're just wholesome middle-American guys. We enjoy soda pop, baseball and beating up old people just as much as anybody."
- Trey Parker
(Related: Truth, People, Baseball, Old, Order, Stars)

"Anyway, I collapsed in France in the middle of a tour. I hadn't been eating properly, I was getting very phobic about audiences, and I collapsed in pure fright."
- Andy Partridge
(Related: Audiences, Eating, France)

"From the described experiment it is clear that the mere act of eating, the food even not reaching the stomach, determines the stimulation of the gastric glands."
- Ivan Pavlov
(Related: Food, Act, Eating)

"God is creating at every moment of the world's existence in and through the perpetually endowed creativity of the very stuff of the world."
- Arthur Peacocke
(Related: God, Creativity, Existence, World)

"He can't even be at a casual read and not be creating the whole thing in his mind. I remember feeling very awed about how much he still seems to be so in love with it, and so dedicated to making everything really real and really spontaneous."
- Amanda Peet
(Related: Love, Feeling, Mind)

"This empire, unlike any other in the history of the world, has been built primarily through economic manipulation, through cheating, through fraud, through seducing people into our way of life, through the economic hit men. I was very much a part of that."
- John Perkins
(Related: History, Life, Men, People, Cheating, Fraud, Manipulation, World)

"I don't feel that the conductor has real power. The orchestra has the power, and every member of it knows instantaneously if you're just beating time."
- Itzhak Perlman
(Related: Time, Power)

"Could it think, the heart would stop beating."
- Fernando Pessoa
(Related: Heart)

"The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done."
- Jean Piaget
(Related: Education, Men, Women, Goal, Generations, Schools)

"The Arthritis Prevention, Control and Cure Act of 2005 is bipartisan legislation directing funding and promoting education and research toward the goal of preventing, treating and curing arthritis."
- Charles W. Pickering
(Related: Education, Control, Goal, Act, Cure, Legislation, Prevention, Research)

"The job of an actor is the same in all of them, really. I mean, you're just creating a character that you hope people will believe, so it doesn't make that much of a difference really."
- Rosamund Pike
(Related: People, Character, Hope, Actor, Difference, Job, Will)

"There is no harm in repeating a good thing."
- Plato
(Related: Harm)

"By that I mean, I think that it is true that politics and political heroes have to satisfy our need to be greater than mortal in some way, and that's led them into creating illusions, sound bites, focus groups that tell you what to do."
- Sydney Pollack
(Related: Politics, Focus, Heroes, Sound)

"With a movie you're creating from the beginning this particular work, let's not call it work of art, because very few movies are works of art, let's just call them bits of popular culture, whatever they are, sometimes very rarely by accident a movie becomes a work of art."
- Sydney Pollack
(Related: Art, Movies, Work, Accident, Beginning, Culture, Popular)

"Now that I know how supermarket meat is made, I regard eating it as a somewhat risky proposition. I know how those animals live and what's on their hides when they go to slaughter, so I don't buy industrial meat."
- Michael Pollan
(Related: Animals, Eating, Now)

"No man in the world has more courage than the man who can stop after eating one peanut."
- Channing Pollock
(Related: Courage, Eating, Man, World)

"When I say artist I mean the man who is building things - creating molding the earth - whether it be the plains of the west - or the iron ore of Penn. It's all a big game of construction - some with a brush - some with a shovel - some choose a pen."
- Jackson Pollock
(Related: Artist, Building, Earth, Man, Pen)

"It is said that the effect of eating too much lettuce is 'soporific'."
- Beatrix Potter
(Related: Eating, Effect)

"Drug use, within entire teams continues unabated. It is planned and deliberate cheating, with complex methods, sophisticated substances and techniques, and the active complicity of doctors, scientists, team officials and riders. There is nothing accidental about it."
- Richard Pound
(Related: Cheating, Doctors, Nothing, Scientists)

"You can sell nothing for a mark-up for a while, but only until something starts eating away at it. Now I can go home and click on Yahoo, call my sister and talk over a microphone for free."
- Michael K. Powell
(Related: Home, Sister, Eating, Nothing, Now, Talk)

"I wait for the next opportunity to have something to do with food. If I get rested, my mind just starts creating new dishes - click, click, click."
- Paul Prudhomme
(Related: Food, Opportunity, Mind)

"Terrorism has once again shown it is prepared deliberately to stop at nothing in creating human victims. An end must be put to this. As never before, it is vital to unite forces of the entire world community against terror."
- Vladimir Putin
(Related: Community, End, Nothing, Terror, Terrorism, Victims, World)

"I just want to keep creating stuff, work regularly and learn how to use a computer properly."
- Paul Putner
(Related: Work, Computer, Want)

"I think the Tea Party movement is great. I think anybody who has been frustrated over the last few years with the Republicans and Democrats, when they were trying to grow government and have spending and we weren't focusing on creating jobs and get our private sector growing again, I think that's when people started to wake up."
- Ben Quayle
(Related: Government, People, Democrats, Jobs, Party, Republicans, Tea, Trying, Years)

"To the mind, God is a perfect criminal. He has done such a perfect crime by creating this world that mind cannot trace how He did it. That is why the mind always freaks out about God."
- Prem Rawat
(Related: God, Crime, Mind, World)

"You can tell alot about a fellow's character by his way of eating jellybeans."
- Ronald Reagan
(Related: Character, Eating)

"You get so weak from eating pears that you fall down, and then they come and take you away on a stretcher."
- Oliver Reed
(Related: Eating)

"The silent majority really is a liberal majority, even though the word liberal has taken a real beating over the last 20 years by radical conservatives."
- Robert Reich
(Related: Liberal, Majority, Radical, Word, Years)

"But when, in the first setting out, he takes it for granted without proof, that distinctions found in the structure of all languages, have no foundation in nature; this surely is too fastidious a way of treating the common sense of mankind."
- Thomas Reid
(Related: Nature, Common sense, First, Mankind, Proof)

"This is real human drama, we're not creating some amusement park ride for the summer. Even though the movie is really exciting to watch, it's got a real pathos behind it."
- John C. Reilly
(Related: Amusement, Drama, Summer)

"I'm angry when we have to use state dollars to fill holes in our low-income heating assistance program because there isn't enough support from Washington."
- Jodi Rell
(Related: State, Support, Washington)

"I'm interested in giving business an opportunity by improving the tax environment to invest and grow with Pennsylvania, to expand and put more money in capital investment and creating jobs."
- Ed Rendell
(Related: Business, Money, Opportunity, Environment, Tax, Giving, Investment, Jobs)

"Creating new jobs for Pennsylvanians continues to be my highest priority throughout the Commonwealth."
- Edward G. Rendell
(Related: Jobs)

"Gardening is how I relax. It's another form of creating and playing with colors."
- Oscar de la Renta
(Related: Gardening, Colors, Relax)

"When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her."
- Adrienne Rich
(Related: Truth, Possibility, Woman)

"Art, whose honesty must work through artifice, cannot avoid cheating truth."
- Adrienne Rich
(Related: Work, Art, Truth, Honesty, Cheating)

"To have everything written for you... It's not really creating. That's why I think symphony drummers are so limited. They 're limited to exactly what was played a hundred years before them by a thousand other drummers."
- Buddy Rich
(Related: Years)

"I don't give the devil credit for creating nothing."
- Little Richard
(Related: Credit, Devil, Nothing)

"Shame is a fitter and generally a more effectual punishment for a child than beating."
- Samuel Richardson
(Related: Punishment, Shame)

"Since she got a cause and stopped being funny. I think she's real funny, but lately it's all been hearts and flowers and tears and saving teenagers and creating a role model. And that ain't funny. No giggles there."
- Andy Richter
(Related: Funny, Being, Cause, Flowers, Tears, Teenagers)

"The interesting thing is, while we die of diseases of affluence from eating all these fatty meats, our poor brethren in the developing world die of diseases of poverty, because the land is not used now to grow food grain for their families."
- Jeremy Rifkin
(Related: Food, Eating, Land, Now, Poor, Poverty, World)

"The 10 largest antitrust law firms in the United States have gone into the federal courts charging Monsanto with creating a global conspiracy in violation of the antitrust laws, to control the global market in seeds."
- Jeremy Rifkin
(Related: Control, Law, Laws, states, United)

"Music can also be a sensual pleasure, like eating food or sex. But its highest vibration for me is that point of taking us to a real understanding of something in our nature which we can very rarely get at. It is a spiritual state of oneness."
- Terry Riley
(Related: Food, Music, Nature, Sex, Eating, Oneness, Pleasure, Spiritual, State, Understanding)

"At the same time, much of it seems to have to do with recreating things we or others had already done; it seems rather derivative intellectually; is there a dearth of really new ideas?"
- Dennis Ritchie
(Related: Time, Ideas)

"We're quite volatile as individuals, but that doesn't work exponentially when we are together. Relationships are about eating humble pie."
- Guy Ritchie
(Related: Work, Eating, Relationships)

"I think one can achieve a very pleasant lifestyle by treating human beings, fellow human beings, very well."
- Rene Rivkin
"Directing is creating a whole. You're able to combine different elements and create a film that is unique and true to your vision."
- Tim Robbins
(Related: Vision, Film)

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love."
- Tom Robbins
(Related: Love, Time, Waste)

"There was a period which I refer to as the 'Golden Age of Jazz,' which sort of encompasses the middle Thirties through the Sixties, we had a lot of great innovators, all creating things which will last the world for a long, long time."
- Sonny Rollins
(Related: Age, Time, Jazz, Will, World)

"I'm creating the kind of games that I like right now. I'm not being held back by technology."
- John Romero
(Related: Technology, Being, Games, Now, Right)

"There are too many games being developed by people that have no business creating games."
- John Romero
(Related: Business, People, Being, Games)

"And a special thank you to the citizens of Massachusetts: You are paying all the taxes, creating all the jobs, raising all the children. This government is yours. Thank you for letting me serve you. I love this job."
- Mitt Romney
(Related: Government, Love, Children, Job, Jobs, Taxes)

"I am in favor of stem-cell research. I am not in favor of creating new human embryos through cloning."
- Mitt Romney
(Related: Research)

"Our economy is on the move and we are creating thousands of new jobs, but we need to keep our foot on the gas pedal."
- Mitt Romney
(Related: Economy, Jobs)

"Art is not a treasure in the past or an importation from another land, but part of the present life of all living and creating peoples."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
(Related: Art, Life, Land, Living, Past, Present, Treasure)

"The methods of peace propaganda which aim at establishing peace doctrine by argument and by creating a feeling favorable to peace in general seem to fall short of reaching the springs of human action and of dealing with the causes of the conduct which they seek to modify."
- Elihu Root
(Related: Peace, Action, Argument, Causes, Doctrine, Feeling, Propaganda)

"Unauthorized use of these MP3 files is really creating a problem for artists in the music community."
- Hilary Rosen
(Related: Music, Artists, Community)

"We are going after a targeted group of businesses that are creating opportunities for themselves using other people's property. The Internet has very little to do with this."
- Hilary Rosen
(Related: People, Internet, Property)

"Whoever undertakes to create soon finds himself engaged in creating himself."
- Harold Rosenberg
""Empathy" is the latest code word for liberal activism, for treating the Constitution as malleable clay to be kneaded and molded in whatever form justices want. It represents an expansive view of the judiciary in which courts create policy that couldn't pass the legislative branch or, if it did, would generate voter backlash."
- Karl Rove
(Related: Policy, Activism, Constitution, Liberal, Want, Word)

"Marriage is like twirling a baton, turning hand springs or eating with chopsticks. It looks easy until you try it."
- Helen Rowland
(Related: Marriage, Eating)

"Hating the Yankees is as American as pizza pie, unwed mothers, and cheating on your income tax."
- Mike Royko
(Related: American, Cheating, Tax, Income, Mothers)

"In my teaching, I enjoyed creating models to clearly communicate my thoughts."
- Erno Rubik
(Related: Thoughts, Teaching)

"We'll engage in pretty extreme violence in the world but, you know, the one thing that comes to humans as easily as eating or breathing or sleeping, is sex."
- Mark Ruffalo
(Related: Sex, Eating, Extreme, Pretty, Violence, World)

"Visit with your predecessors from previous Administrations. They know the ropes and can help you see around some corners. Try to make original mistakes, rather than needlessly repeating theirs."
- Donald Rumsfeld
(Related: Help, Mistakes, Visit)

"You can't really describe how difficult it is to deal with. It is any athlete's worst nightmare to be accused of cheating by taking drugs. It really is very difficult to put into words how it makes you feel."
- Greg Rusedski
(Related: Cheating, Drugs, Words)

"I think what makes compelling fiction or cinema is when you're basically taking the most intense moments of experience and you're creating a song or a narrative out of it."
- David O. Russell
(Related: Experience, Cinema, Fiction, Moments, Song)

"For guys playing sports at a high level, for money, I can't put my finger on it, but in a man's world of sport, there is something visceral to beating another man."
- Kurt Russell
(Related: Sports, Money, Man, World)

"Are we interested in treating the symptoms of poverty and economic stagnation through income redistribution and class warfare, or do we want to go at the root causes of poverty and economic stagnation by promoting pro-growth policies that promote prosperity?"
- Paul Ryan
(Related: Causes, Class, Income, Poverty, Prosperity, Want)

""Sex" is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other."
- Marquis de Sade
(Related: Appetite, Drinking, Eating, Modesty, Restraint)

"Digital imaging allows both groups to rise above the limitations of mess and clutter and mechanics, and apply our talents to creating images limited only by our imaginations."
- Buffy Sainte-Marie
(Related: Limitations)

"True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery
(Related: Happiness, Deeds, Joy, Zest)

"The most important political task facing the out-of-power party - the Democrats for now - is creating a villain to run against. It's certainly easier than developing some grand new ideas or policies on which to campaign."
- Pat Sajak
(Related: Ideas, Democrats, Now, Party)

"So It's not like I go from being this disciplined person who has to get up and go to work to now I just lay around all day in my underwear eating Cheerios. I have this structure. I still have to do this and the difference is I'm doing this for me and my company."
- Eriq La Salle
(Related: Work, Being, Company, Day, Difference, Eating, Now)

"Well that's the point: People don't normally take away things from films anymore. You go and see a $100 million film, half an hour later, your biggest concern is what are you going to be eating."
- Eriq La Salle
(Related: People, Concern, Eating, Film)

"We simply have to become more competitive as a state if we're going to be successful in creating jobs, bringing capital investment and raising income levels here in South Carolina."
- Mark Sanford
(Related: Successful, Income, Investment, Jobs, State)

"Knowledge is not eating, and we cannot expect to devour and possess what we mean. Knowledge is recognition of something absent; it is a salutation, not an embrace."
- George Santayana
(Related: Knowledge, Eating)

"I think sometimes what happens is that all of this feeling out of control manifests itself in trying to control your body; whether it's an eating disorder or talking about getting your nose fixed, as if that's going to be the solution to all the pressure."
- Susan Sarandon
(Related: Control, Body, Disorder, Eating, Feeling, Pressure, Solution, Talking, Trying)

"Solving a problem created by debt... by creating more debt is a fool's errand."
- Olivier Sarkozy
(Related: Debt, Fool)

"Every age has its own poetry; in every age the circumstances of history choose a nation, a race, a class to take up the torch by creating situations that can be expressed or transcended only through poetry."
- Jean-Paul Sartre
(Related: Age, History, Poetry, Circumstances, Class, Nation, Race)

"In general, the philological movement opened up countless sources relevant to linguistic issues, treating them in quite a different spirit from traditional grammar; for instance, the study of inscriptions and their language. But not yet in the spirit of linguistics."
- Ferdinand de Saussure
(Related: Grammar, Language, Spirit, Study)

"Those persons who suffer from indigestion, or who become drunk, are utterly ignorant of the true principles of eating and drinking."
- Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin
(Related: Drinking, Eating, Indigestion, Principles)

"Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale."
- Elsa Schiaparelli
(Related: Life, Companionship, Eating, Goodwill, Importance, Joy, Pleasure)

"After Madrid, we intensified our investigative efforts once again, and we are in the process of bringing about expansions in security laws and creating an index file system."
- Otto Schily
(Related: Laws, Security)

"Men should stop treating feminists like ladies, and instead treat them like the men they say they want to be."
- Phyllis Schlafly
(Related: Men, Ladies, Want)

"First of all, weren't all the best beatings in the trailer for "The Passion of the Christ"? I hate when the trailer gives away all the best stuff."
- Rob Schneider
(Related: First, Hate, Passion)

"I also think it's very important to consider how the food will feel to the person eating it."
- Sally Schneider
(Related: Food, Eating, Will)

"I would wake up in Moscow or somewhere else, my heart beating fast, feeling bitter and helpless."
- Alfred Schnittke
(Related: Heart, Feeling)

"There is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five, by constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity."
- Arthur Schopenhauer
(Related: Age, Absurdity, May)

"So this anchoring in some way, in some important way in the past without repeating the past, but on the basis of the past building something new: that is what is important."
- Gunther Schuller
(Related: Building, Past)

"The New York Times' was enigmatic: 'Some unimaginable gravitational force is pulling our entire galaxy in the opposite direction.' End of article. If you stop and think about that, we are recreating ourselves."
- Dwight Schultz
(Related: Direction, End, Force)

"Europe has always represented a major strategic opportunity to achieve our goal of creating and building an enduring global brand."
- Howard Schultz
(Related: Opportunity, Goal, Building, Europe)

"Small businesses are vital contributors to our economy. They are the economic engine that is creating jobs, exploring innovation, and expanding opportunities for Americans in every community across the Nation."
- Allyson Schwartz
(Related: Americans, Community, Economy, Innovation, Jobs, Nation)

"For the most part this is a place to find down-to-earth advice on everyday cooking, eating, food shopping, cooking equipment, and nice things to put on your table."
- Arthur Schwartz
(Related: Food, Advice, Cooking, Eating)

"Avoid context and specifics; generalize and keep repeating the generalization."
- Jack Schwartz
"With the success of the last three or so years, when a lot of people start treating you differently, there's a danger that you may start to think of yourself differently. You rely on your friends to say, 'Hey, wake up!'"
- David Schwimmer
(Related: Success, People, Danger, Friends, May, Years)

"Cheating on a quiz show? That's sort of like plagiarizing a comic strip."
- Paul Scofield
(Related: Cheating)

"Obviously, there has to be a profound change in direction. Otherwise, interest on the national debt will start eating up virtually every penny that we have."
- Bobby Scott
(Related: Change, Debt, Direction, Eating, Interest, Will)

"Do not make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans or they will treat you like dogs."
- Martha Scott
(Related: Mistake, Dogs, Will)

"The key to successful missionary work is a close relationship between the missionaries and the members. Creating an environment in working with members that will bring more into the Church."
- Richard G. Scott
(Related: Work, Successful, Church, Environment, Key, Missionaries, Will)

"But Gladiator is one of my favourite adventures because I really loved going into the world. I loved creating the world to the degree where you could almost smell it."
- Ridley Scott
(Related: World)

"When you succeed at creating your own world, whether it's in any realm - like Tolkien was able to do - and people are able to enter that world, it's a special thing."
- David Selby
(Related: People, Succeed, World)

"To keep creating something with this type of music, you have to take it out of the box."
- Brian Setzer
(Related: Music)

"And the camera position, the organization, looking for repeating forms, shapes, trying to set up a visual rhythm seemed to come very natural. All of a sudden I was in a forest of aluminum and steel rather than a forest that we might think of in a traditional sense."
- John Sexton
(Related: Sense, Trying)

"To make the child in your own image is a capital crime, for your image is not worth repeating. The child knows this and you know it. Consequently you hate each other."
- Karl Shapiro
(Related: Crime, Hate, Worth)

"The United States has got to adopt a policy of befriending and creating allies around the world."
- Al Sharpton
(Related: Policy, states, United, World)

"Science never solves a problem without creating ten more."
- George Bernard Shaw
(Related: Science)

"Statistics show that of those who contract the habit of eating, very few survive."
- George Bernard Shaw
(Related: Habit, Eating, Statistics)

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
- George Bernard Shaw
(Related: Life)

"Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of voice, but out of chaos."
- Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
(Related: Chaos, Invention, Voice)

"I woke up an hour before I was supposed to, and started going over the mental checklist: where do I go from here, what do I do? I don't remember eating anything at all, just going through the physical, getting into the suit. We practiced that so much, it was all rote."
- Alan Shepard
(Related: Eating)

"I love the feeling of creating pictures in someone's mind just by spelling out the right lyrical combination."
- Billy Sherwood
(Related: Love, Feeling, Mind, Right, Spelling)

"The election is over, and even though there are people who have different ideologies and beliefs, from now on we must all embrace each other, creating a harmonious and unified new Taiwan through our love and tolerance."
- Chen Shui-bian
(Related: Love, People, Beliefs, Now, Tolerance)

"You're telling the story, creating the sets, doing the lighting, the designing, and establishing the pace."
- Bill Sienkiewicz
"Two, I actually learned a lot of things that served me very well when it came to repeating performances on stage, because it is a craft and you do need a technique for it."
- Ron Silver
"I was eating in a Chinese restaurant downtown. There was a dish called Mother and Child Reunion. It's chicken and eggs. And I said, I gotta use that one."
- Paul Simon
(Related: Mother, Eating)

"Am I eating chicken or tuna?"
- Jessica Simpson
(Related: Eating)

"While American taxes pay for much of the research and development that goes into creating the new, life-saving drugs, American consumers continue to subsidize the cost of the drugs for consumers across the world."
- Michael K. Simpson
(Related: Life, Development, American, Drugs, Research, Taxes, World)

"The insurgents are Baathists and Sunnis in Iraq who have as their goal a separate and distinct one of toppling the government that is there and creating their own."
- Ike Skelton
(Related: Government, Goal, Iraq)

"We were building a - what I thought was a fantastic company. We had great people. We were changing - we were changing the way the marketplace operated. We were creating a market for natural gas and electricity that had never existed before."
- Jeffrey Skilling
(Related: Thought, People, Building, Company, Electricity)

"While other industries have suffered, the nonprofit arts world continues to build in strength while it encourages the growth of innumerable small businesses on its periphery, thereby creating more jobs."
- Louise Slaughter
(Related: Growth, Strength, Jobs, World)

"People are treating the Stewart case as seriously as Enron when it's really over trivia."
- Allan Sloan
(Related: People, Enron)

"There are three reasons why this book came into being. First, throughout the 33 years I've been writing recipes - although I'm not vegetarian myself - I have greatly enjoyed creating vegetarian recipes, and cooking and serving them at home."
- Delia Smith
(Related: Home, Being, Cooking, First, Writing, Years)

"Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed... I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself."
- Delia Smith
(Related: Food, Eating)

"I trust, that your readers will not construe my words to mean, that I would not have gone to a 3 o'clock in the morning session, for the sake of defeating the Nebraska bill."
- Gerrit Smith
(Related: Trust, Will, Words)

"I prefer the Chinese method of eating. You can do anything at the table except arm wrestle."
- Jeff Smith
(Related: Eating)

"The great thing about being a writer is that you are always recreating yourself."
- Martin C. Smith
(Related: Being, Writer)

"Well, the U.S. is running a current account deficit; we are creating lots of investment opportunities in the United States that exceed our own domestic savings rates, so the issue here is to encourage higher savings rates in the United States."
- John W. Snow
(Related: Investment, Running, states, United)

"Now I know that that is just the phenomena of eating this way. Most all of my letters say I hit a plateau and then one morning I woke up and the melt had happened."
- Suzanne Somers
(Related: Eating, Letters, Now)

"I started dieting. I dieted, dieted, dieted and tried all the diets and I would lose and then I would go back to normal eating and would put it on and then some."
- Suzanne Somers
(Related: Dieting, Eating)

"I made a lot of friends over the years and I would always look at what they were eating. All of them were skinny. I would think that I would like to eat like that."
- Suzanne Somers
(Related: Eating, Friends, Years)

"I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating."
- Sophocles
(Related: Cheating, Honor)

"I've been on sets where things weren't relaxed because someone was creating tension for no reason."
- Kevin Spacey
(Related: Reason, Tension)

"There is no doubt that our nation's security and defeating terrorism trump all other priorities."
- Arlen Specter
(Related: Doubt, Nation, Priorities, Security, Terrorism)

"I was starting to become impotent through this diet and couldn't perform. How many people who are taking the little blue pill, if they started to change what they are eating most of the time, could change the way their sex life is?"
- Morgan Spurlock
(Related: Change, Diet, Life, Time, Sex, People, Eating)

"If programmers deserve to be rewarded for creating innovative programs, by the same token they deserve to be punished if they restrict the use of these programs."
- Richard Stallman
"The prisoners for better security against conversation shall have a canvas bag put over the head of each and tied around the neck, with a holes for proper breathing and eating, but not seeing."
- Edwin M. Stanton
(Related: Conversation, Eating, Security)

"I've done the Rolling Stones eating each other."
- Ralph Steadman
(Related: Eating)

"In order to achieve optimal economic growth, Congress must adhere to sane spending guidelines while promoting smart policies devoted to growing businesses and creating jobs."
- Michael Steele
(Related: Growth, Congress, Jobs, Order)

"Most countries are static, and they need to do is keep having babies. But America's like this big old clanking smoking machine that just lumbers across the landscape scooping up and eating everything in sight."
- Neal Stephenson
(Related: America, Babies, Countries, Eating, Machine, Old, Sight, Smoking)

"I think it's important that people think about what they are doing and that includes what they are eating. I am 61 now and attitudes towards drinking and driving have changed radically since I was a student. People change their notion of what is responsible. They will increasingly ask about the carbon content of their food."
- Nicholas Stern
(Related: Change, Food, People, Content, Drinking, Driving, Eating, Now, Will)

"Creating a believable world on the ship was very important, and technically they got better and better and better at showing the ship too."
- Patrick Stewart
(Related: World)

"Never interrupt me when I'm eating a banana."
- Ryan Stiles
(Related: Eating)

"The process of creating is related to the process of dreaming although when you are writing you're doing it and when you're dreaming, it's doing you."
- Robert Stone
(Related: Writing)

"The important part of the present development is the anti-capitalist sentiment that is permeating our people."
- Gregor Strasser
(Related: People, Development, Present, Sentiment)

"When you're creating a character out of nothing, you have to make all the guesses as to how they walk, how they talk, how they think. It was all there on the table for us to pick and choose for Murrow."
- David Strathairn
(Related: Character, Nothing, Talk)

"As far as luxury goes, about the only thing I do is... I go first class all the way. I live on the road, so when I'm out there, I'm getting the nice hotel suite, I'm getting the luxury car, I'm eating the good food, and I make sure I take care of myself on the road."
- Trish Stratus
(Related: Car, Food, Care, Class, Eating, First, Luxury, Road)

"As far as wrestling goes, as long as my body is able to withstand the physical beating, I will keep wrestling."
- Trish Stratus
(Related: Body, Will, Wrestling)

"Just as appetite comes by eating, so work brings inspiration, if inspiration is not discernible at the beginning."
- Igor Stravinsky
(Related: Work, Inspiration, Appetite, Beginning, Eating)

"Success to me is having ten honeydew melons and eating only the top half of each slice."
- Barbra Streisand
(Related: Success, Eating)

"It was a struggle treating Claude Rains as my lover, but we were friendly. It was no great love affair."
- Gloria Stuart
(Related: Love, Struggle)

"Playing Christ, I began to feel shut away from the world. A newspaper became one of my biggest luxuries. I noticed that some of my close friends began treating me with reverence."
- Max von Sydow
(Related: Christ, Friends, World)

"Don't bother me while I'm eating, or when I'm coming out of the crackhouse or something. Just let me get going."
- Wanda Sykes
(Related: Eating)

"Permissiveness is the principle of treating children as if they were adults; and the tactic of making sure they never reach that stage."
- Thomas Szasz
(Related: Children)

"Well, I am very happy that I was able to play a part in bringing music from the streets onto the radio and into modern culture, I worked very hard and always believed in the sounds I was creating."
- Ice T
(Related: Music, Culture, Play)

"The most important basis of any novel is wanting to be someone else, and this means creating a character."
- Antonio Tabucchi
(Related: Character)

"We will never forget the passengers of Flight 93, who courageously confronted the terrorists, defeating another planned attack on America. They are the heroes for our times."
- Bob Taft
(Related: America, Forget, Heroes, Will)

"I was not created to be occupied by eating delicious foods like tied up cattle."
- Ali ibn Abi Talib
(Related: Eating)

"I received from my experience in Japan an incredible sense of respect for the art of creating, not just the creative product. We're all about the product. To me, the process was also an incredibly important aspect of the total form."
- Julie Taymor
(Related: Art, Experience, Respect, Sense)

"Beating Pakistan is always special because they are a tough team and we have a bit if a history regarding Pakistan."
- Sachin Tendulkar
(Related: History)

"Dinner was made for eating, not for talking."
- William Makepeace Thackeray
(Related: Eating, Talking)

"It's true, you can never eat a pet you name. And anyway, it would be like a ventriloquist eating his dummy."
- Alexander Theroux
(Related: Pet, Eating, Name)

"Over the near term there is clearly the opportunity to work with Microsoft to do to a better job of creating a more secure Windows experience for users around the world."
- John W. Thompson
(Related: Experience, Work, Opportunity, Job, Windows, World)

"Amplifying acoustic instruments more than a little is really cheating, and everything becomes a compromise."
- Richard Thompson
(Related: Cheating, Compromise)

"Zac Efron would make us feel guilty for eating big dinners. He'd say, "Do you really want to eat those carbs?" It was like, "Thanks a lot!""
- Ashley Tisdale
(Related: Eating, Want)

"I realistically eat every hour and 15 minutes. I watch the clock to see when I eat again. I'm almost upset that I'm not eating now."
- Michael Todd
(Related: Eating, Now)

"But how odd that in this heathen nation of empty pews, where churches' bare, ruined choirs are converted into luxury loft living, a Labour government - yes, a Labour government - is deliberately creating a huge expansion of faith schools."
- Polly Toynbee
(Related: Faith, Government, Churches, Living, Luxury, Nation, Schools)

"I have no desire to crow over anybody or to see anybody eating crow, figuratively or otherwise. We should all get together and make a country in which everybody can eat turkey whenever he pleases."
- Harry S. Truman
(Related: Country, Desire, Eating, Turkey)

"But as far as the concept of HAL, who HAL was, his character - I had no role in creating him."
- Douglas Trumbull
(Related: Character)

"I mean, there's no arguing. There is no anything. There is no beating around the bush. "You're fired" is a very strong term."
- Donald Trump
"Women are responsible for creating their own roles."
- Kathleen Turner
(Related: Women)

"Treating your audience like thieves is absurd. Anyone who chooses to listen to our music becomes a collaborator."
- Jeff Tweedy
(Related: Music)

"The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself."
- Sun Tzu
(Related: Opportunity, Defeat, Enemy, Lies)

"The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy."
- Sun Tzu
(Related: Opportunity, Possibility, Defeat, Enemy, First, Old)

"For them to perceive the advantage of defeating the enemy, they must also have their rewards."
- Sun Tzu
(Related: Enemy)

"My role in 'Legally Blonde' was really rewarding, because I had so much fun working on the movie. I've had really rewarding experiences on tiny low budget films that you'll never see but where I had a cool time creating characters as well. I love almost all of the characters I've played."
- Alanna Ubach
(Related: Love, Time, Fun)

"I just initiated the project where I write music for somebody else to write the lyrics and also for the orchestra to perform. I've just initiated the project. That leads the project into creating an independent label outside of game music."
- Nobuo Uematsu
(Related: Music, Project)

"If men do not keep on speaking terms with children, they cease to be men, and become merely machines for eating and for earning money."
- John Updike
(Related: Men, Money, Children, Eating, Machines)

"That is a big danger, losing your inspiration. When I work in film and television I try to do each take a little differently. I never want to do the same thing twice, because then you're not being spontaneous, you're just recreating something."
- Karl Urban
(Related: Work, Inspiration, Being, Danger, Film, Losing, Television, Want)

"Playwrights are like men who have been dining for a month in an Indian restaurant. After eating curry night after night, they deny the existence of asparagus."
- Peter Ustinov
(Related: Men, Eating, Existence, Night)

"The tax collector must love poor people, he's creating so many of them."
- Bill Vaughan
(Related: Love, People, Tax, Poor)

"I like the idea of the artist going out in the world, creating a dialogue."
- James De La Vega
(Related: Idea, Artist, World)

"What is in question is a kind of book reviewing which seems to be more and more popular: the loose putting down of opinions as though they were facts, and the treating of facts as though they were opinions."
- Gore Vidal
(Related: Facts, Opinions, Question)

"When people speak of creating superhumanly intelligent beings, they are usually imagining an AI project."
- Vernor Vinge
(Related: People, Project)

"There's a real question at stake now. Is President Obama creating a civil war in our own country?"
- Jon Voight
(Related: War, Country, Now, President, Question)

"Obama is a very good actor. He knows how to play it. And he is very adept at creating this 'Obama' - this character who is there whenever the world needs something."
- Jon Voight
(Related: Character, Actor, Needs, Play, World)

"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity."
- Voltaire
(Related: God, Drinking, Eating, Necessity, Nothing, Pleasure)

"Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us."
- Peter De Vries
(Related: Eating, Gluttony)

"There is nothing worth having that can he obtained by nuclear war - nothing material or ideological - no tradition that it can defend. It is utterly self-defeating."
- George Wald
(Related: War, Nothing, Self, Tradition, Worth)

"Whether fuel cell system development in central Oregon, wind power generation along the Columbia Gorge, or geothermal energy in southern Oregon, investing in new energy sources makes America more energy independent while creating good paying, environmentally friendly jobs."
- Greg Walden
(Related: Power, Development, America, Energy, Jobs, Wind)

"I have always viewed the mission of Wikipedia to be much bigger than just creating a killer website. We're doing that of course, and having a lot of fun doing it, but a big part of what motivates us is our larger mission to affect the world in a positive way."
- Jimmy Wales
(Related: Positive, Fun, Mission, World)

"I'm in my usual state up here in the commentary box: high tension, heart beating like a trip hammer, whatever that is."
- Murray Walker
(Related: Heart, State, Tension)

"I feel good now. I've gained all my weight back after getting stoned for three weeks and not eating and not sleeping much. I've been coming by my mom's and eating food."
- Marc Wallice
(Related: Food, Mom, Eating, Now, Weight)

"The sad part about our past is that religions, ironically enough, are responsible for creating the most destructive idea that has ever been visited upon the human race: the idea that there is such a thing as 'better.'"
- Neale Donald Walsch
(Related: Idea, Past)

"The only think I like better than talking about Food is eating."
- John Walters
(Related: Food, Eating, Talking)

"It has become much more difficult to smuggle dangerous substances across our borders over the past three years, and this is creating real problems for drug traffickers."
- John Walters
(Related: Past, Problems, Years)

"I work with structure, but I go outside the box and give it my own spin. I adore the challenge of creating truly modern clothes - where a woman's personality and sense of style are realized."
- Vera Wang
(Related: Work, Challenge, Clothes, Personality, Sense, Style, Woman)

"I adore the challenge of creating truly modern clothes, where a woman's personality and sense of self are revealed. I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman."
- Vera Wang
(Related: People, Challenge, Clothes, Dress, Focus, Personality, Self, Sense, Want, Woman)

"Sometimes I get worried I'm getting too caught up in the nauseatingly oily smoothness of my own line, when all I'm trying to do is make it as clear as possible."
- Chris Ware
(Related: Trying)

"I go through a whole process with the actors first, building and creating characters, then I encourage them to sort of live in that character when they're in the screen."
- Keenen Ivory Wayans
(Related: Character, Actors, Building, First)

"And when we used to play and fight in the streets in Brooklyn and I would get hurt or something, my mother would always come out and save me. So that sort of postponed the inevitable about getting a good beating, without having somebody to come and save you."
- Sanford I. Weill
(Related: Mother, Fight, Hurt, Play)

"I'm a neurotic New York Jew by birth. Creating characters is second nature to me."
- Len Wein
(Related: Nature)

"We are constantly creating ourselves by what we move toward or away from."
- George Weinberg
"If there hadn't been women we'd still be squatting in a cave eating raw meat, because we made civilization in order to impress our girlfriends."
- Orson Welles
(Related: Women, Civilization, Eating, Girlfriends, Order)

"I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can't stop eating peanuts."
- Orson Welles
(Related: Eating, Hate, Television)

"The Law is never weary of again and again repeating its injunction of local unity of worship."
- Julius Wellhausen
(Related: Law, Unity, Worship)

"Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful."
- Margaret J. Wheatley
(Related: Consequences, Reflection)

"You know, I like to think that I will subscribe very much to the core Republican principles of small government. Making a small number of rules and getting out of the way. Keeping taxes low. Creating an environment for small businesses to grow and thrive."
- Meg Whitman
(Related: Government, Environment, Principles, Republican, Rules, Taxes, Will)

"Kazan was an old friend, I met him in 1938. He picked up radio jobs for eating money, so I met him on a couple of radio shows. Later on I was in a play he directed."
- Richard Widmark
(Related: Money, Friend, Eating, Jobs, Old, Play)

"I'm happy out of my mind. I like beating a lot of people."
- Michelle Wie
(Related: People, Mind)

"How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being."
- Oscar Wilde
(Related: Being, Man, Woman)

"I sometimes think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability."
- Oscar Wilde
(Related: God, Ability, Man)

"I think that God, in creating man, somewhat overestimated his ability."
- Oscar Wilde
(Related: God, Ability, Man)

"I was concerned about doing a sequel and repeating myself. That was before I read the script."
- JoBeth Williams
"I've been watching what I eat. When I was putting on all the weight, I was drinking Guinness and not eating. I didn't have room to because I was drinking all the time."
- Robbie Williams
(Related: Time, Drinking, Eating, Weight)

"The experience of creating my adventure games was, other than marrying my husband and bringing into the world my two sons, the most fulfilling, wonderful experience I ever had."
- Roberta Williams
(Related: Experience, HusbAdventure, Games, Sons, World)

"As we become purer channels for God's light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world. A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be."
- Marianne Williamson
(Related: God, Appetite, Fighting, Light, Sweetness, World)

"The human imagination has already come to conceive the possibility of recreating human society."
- Edmund Wilson
(Related: Imagination, Society, Possibility)

"I hated my brief fame. We had TV vans camped outside my house, reporters hounded me... people i'd know for years started treating me differently."
- Malcolm Wilson
(Related: People, Fame, Years)

"It was between the ages of 14 and 20 and I started off not eating at all, maybe an apple a day."
- Torrie Wilson
(Related: Day, Eating)

"Jobs are a priority for every country. Doing more to improve regulation and help entrepreneurs is the key to creating jobs - and more growth."
- Paul Wolfowitz
(Related: Growth, Country, Entrepreneurs, Help, Jobs, Key)

"I just had a full body cleanse. And am eating right and exercising a lot."
- Alfre Woodard
(Related: Body, Eating, Right)

"I love to play golf, and that's my arena. And you can characterize it and describe it however you want, but I have a love and a passion for getting that ball in the hole and beating those guys."
- Tiger Woods
(Related: Love, Golf, Passion, Play, Want)

"We can best help you to prevent war not by repeating your words and following your methods but by finding new words and creating new methods."
- Virginia Woolf
(Related: War, Help, Words)

"I came along at a time when the industry was eating its young."
- Chely Wright
(Related: Time, Eating)

"Am I worried people will say I'm repeating myself? Sure. One thought I had was to publish it as a novel but eventually I just decided to do what I wanted to do."
- Elizabeth Wurtzel
(Related: Thought, People, Will)

"One of the dreams of Zionism was to be a bridge. Instead, we are creating exclusion between the East and the West instead of creating bridges; we are contributing to the conflict between East and West by our stupid desire to have more."
- A. B. Yehoshua
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"My spine healed incorrectly. There were long periods when I'd be perfectly all right, and then there were many other times when I wasn't, when my back would give out and throw me down to the floor amid waves of nauseating pain."
- Dick York
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"This was something that was obsessing me and creating a writer's block. To get involved and get stuck in, get the proper information about what's going on has really helped."
- Thom Yorke
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"You cannot solve the economy in this country by creating government jobs."
- Don Young
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"I can't convince you to put the drink down if you're an alcoholic, you have to want to do that. I can't convince you to stop eating the cookies when you're a diabetic. You have to do that. And that takes responsibility."
- Don Young
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"The rockets and the satellites, spaceships that we're creating now, we're pollinating the universe."
- Neil Young
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"If you want to know the taste of a pear, you must change the pear by eating it yourself. If you want to know the theory and methods of revolution, you must take part in revolution. All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience."
- Mao Zedong
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"To make it more familiar to me, I ended up treating my swordplay scenes like choreography. So it was, 'One and two and three and four and five, and turn and step and down and up and lunge.'"
- Catherine Zeta-Jones
"So, one of the things I was doing with the aliens in The Quiet Invasion was creating that advanced society which had ideas about morality and proper use of natural resources that were radically different from ours, as the Europeans were from the American Indians."
- Sarah Zettel
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"To me this movie is about what is valuable. To one person it might be a stone; to someone else, a story in a magazine; to another, it is a child. The juxtaposition of one man obsessed with finding a valuable diamond with another man risking his life to find his son is the beating heart of this film."
- Edward Zwick
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